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Every one is responsible for their own health There are more than 50 thousand kinds of mushrooms in the world; of which the one most talked about today is Agaricus. Agaricus itself has more than 200 strains. Sun Chlorella Agaricus uses "Himematsutake Iwade Strain 101" (scientific name “Agaricus blazei Murill”) mushroom which is grown in Brazil. The fruiting bodies in Agaricus blazei Murill contain β-(16)-D-glucan protein complexes and RNA-protein complexes, which help maintain health, and its mycelia section contain glucomannan. In addition, it is discovered to be rich in vitamins and minerals, much higher than Lingzhi, Reishi, Maitake and Shitake. Why is Sun Chlorella Agaricus used as a Natural Alternative? Sun Chlorella A, on its own, has benefited many people with a wide range of health problems. Amongst the many Agaricus products available in the market, only Sun Chlorella Agaricus’s world patented formula contains Agaricus blazei, Chlorella Growth Factor and Mycelium which is optimum for building the body’s defences against harmful radicals.

Sun Chlorella Agaricus

Sun Chlorella Agaricus attacks and destroys harmful body cells by improving the body’s natural healing power, thereby boosting one’s immune system. According to R&D studies on Agaricus blazei Murill as an Alternative Therapy, there are many Agaricus products which does not even achieve 30% immunity level. However, C.G.F. and Agaricus combined together have been shown to achieve suppression levels of up to 90%. We are becoming increasingly susceptible to lifestyle-related diseases as our bodies are exposed to stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, as well as exposure to chemicals such as air contaminants, food additives and preservatives, and residual agricultural chemicals contained in food.

Take Sun Chlorella Agaricus ~ The Natural Alternative to better health!


1. This voucher can only be used at Tisco Pte Ltd and Non-exchangeable for cash. 2. Valid only for purchase of Sun Chlorella Agaricus and not valid with other promotions. 3. One voucher applies to one single invoice only and expires on 31st August 2010.

Tisco Pte Ltd Tel: 65-63444966 Website:

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Solax Adjustable Bed

The Perfect Bed for Your Homecare or Rehabilitation Needs Suitable for:

Advantages 3 Zonal Support System

Transferable Elderly

Quality Pocketed Spring for Backcare

Post Elderly/ Discharge

No Stigma, Psychological Boost Post Pregnancy

Single to King Size

German Technology Motor

Feet & Leg Adjustment

Additional Accessory

Exclusively available at


Anyone with conditions as Acid Reflux, Backpain, Breathing Difficulties

IN-HOUSE PROMOTION - 7% GST absorbed - Free disposal - Free Delivery


For the first 30 customers only! Watch TV



Solax Bed-Shop Pte. Ltd. No. 36 Kaki Bukit Crescent, Singapore 416264 Tel.: (+65) 6284-8647 Email: Website:



SGH, NUH, SACH & Kim Keat


meeting your home healthcare needs

Homecare Departments of Mount Elizabeth Gleneagles Alexandra

FACTS Our tendons... Our body’s rubber bands By observing the diagram of the human body on this page, we can easily recognize all the space that our muscles, ligaments and tendons occupy. The tendon is composed of thick, white fibres of collagen that are held tightly against one another. These fibres are made up in large part by collagen. Our ligaments act like a connection between the bones. Our tendons act like ties to our internal structure for our muscles and our bones. The tendons and the ligaments of our body act like rubber bands of different sizes. Since our tendons are used to bind our musculature to our bones, and to maintain elasticity and suppleness, our tendons necessitate a large amount of collagen, particularly after an injury or from aging.

Why collagen is better than glucosamine? In the composition of cartilage we find 67% of collagen versus 1% of glucosamine. Glucosamine is an aminosaccharide contrary to collagen which is a molecular complex containing amino acids. Glucosamine is found in interesting quantities only in the liquid of the synovial membrane. Collagen is also found in the synovial membrane but in larger quantities because the protein structure is more abundant in the body. Glucosamine acts more like a lubricant in the joints while collagen contributes to the global regeneration of the joint at all levels: tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, membranes and synovial liquid (lubrification).



Blood vessel





Collagen fibers

Tendon Muscle

Genacol® and Genacol® Instant are Canadian products internationally recognized for their effectiveness.

CALL FOR YOUR FREE BOOKLET FOR MORE INFORMATION Distributes and provides supplies to private clinics SHOW ROOM: No. 3 Lorong Liput #02-08 Holland V Shopping Mall S’pore (277725)

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Singapore Health Jul - Aug 2010  

One day, not too far into the future, a full body checkup will involve just taking a picture of the eyes. Meanwhile, some liver cancer patie...

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