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Civil Engineering Services: Site Design & Planning Stormwater Management Water/Wastewater Utilities Traffic, Roadway & Lighting Design Environmental Assessment Structural Design Inspection Services

500+ Employees 38 Offices 9 States 112 South Sanford Avenue Sanford, FL 32771 407-647-6623

Steve Cockerham, PE | Rosemary Aldridge, PE, CHMM | Brandon Simpson, EI | Mike Radford, PE

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EDITOR Dear Friends,

Queridos Amigos:

Can you believe we are celebrating the third anniversary of MSM? What a proud accomplishment! When you have a passion for bringing the community together, it’s never referred to as work, it is pleasure. Being a founder of the first positive bilingual lifestyle publication in town has been a challenge for me as I try to produce only the best to promote our city, our diversity and the amazing people who live here. I pour my heart into every issue as I strive to make people proud of Sanford and I show off all the wonderful assets our City offers! I have owned my home right here in Sanford for the last 6 years, and I am a witness to the transformation of this city!

¿Pueden creer que estamos celebrando el tercer aniversario de MSM? ¡Qué orgullo de logro! Cuando existe el deseo de unir a la comunidad, nunca se le llama trabajo… Es un placer.

I would like to congratulate our MSM Advertisers. Without their support, it would be impossible to produce a top-quality magazine. Thank you to my dedicated Contributors and Staff for all your hard work and contributions. And most importantly, thank you to all of our readers! Without you, there would be no purpose for this Magazine.

Ser la fundadora de la primera publicación bilingüe de estilo de vida positivo en la ciudad ha sido un desafío para mí porque trato de producir solo lo mejor para promover nuestra ciudad, nuestra diversidad y a las personas extraordinarias que viven aquí. ¡Pongo todo mi corazón en cada tema, mientras me esfuerzo por hacer que la gente se sienta orgullosa de Sanford y presumo de todos los maravillosos recursos que ofrece nuestra ciudad! He tenido mi propia casa aquí en Sanford durante los últimos 7 años, ¡y soy testigo de la transformación de esta ciudad! Quisiera felicitar a nuestros anunciantes de MSM. Sin su apoyo, sería imposible producir una revista de primera calidad. Gracias a mis dedicados colaboradores y a mi equipo por todo su arduo trabajo y contribuciones. Y lo más importante, ¡gracias a todos nuestros lectores! Sin ustedes, esta revista no tendría ningún propósito.

To celebrate our growth as an established, credible magazine, we have exciting changes planned for the new year. We will have a new digital/marketing plan, new format, increased number of copies, new distribution plan in/out of Seminole County and a new office space in Downtown Sanford, Florida!!

Para celebrar el crecimiento que hemos alcanzado como una revista consolidada y creíble, hemos planificado interesantes cambios para el año entrante. Tendremos un nuevo plan de marketing/digital, nuevo formato, mayor número de copias, nuevo plan de distribución dentro y fuera del condado de Seminole y una nueva oficina en el centro de Sanford, Florida.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and best wishes for all of you in 2018!

¡Feliz Navidad, felices fiestas y los mejores deseos para todos ustedes para el año 2018!

Stay tuned, more surprises are coming…

Permanezcan atentos, se acercan más sorpresas ...


Perla B. Crosby - is the founder, Editor-in-Chief and publisher of My Sanford Magazine. Her goal was to produce a local magazine that would foster unity and promote good will in Sanford’s culturally diverse community. This was accomplished and the magazine has been declared a resounding success. Preceding her long career as a Diplomat in Rome, Italy, Perla served as the Director General of Tourism in Italy where she founded a successful Tourist and Business Magazine.
































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VO L U M E 4 , I S S U E 5 D E C 2 0 1 7 - F E B 2 0 1 8 | Q U A R T E R LY

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Perla B. Crosby

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Jennifer Luce


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Sunday through Thursday 10:30AM TO 10:00PM Friday & Saturday PM 10:30AM TO 11:00pm 4520 W State Rd 46, Sanford, Fl 32771 Phone: 407.322.8564



The oldest restaurant in town is celebrating their 40th anniversary in December 2017. That’s right, the Colonial Room is the longest-running restaurant in downtown Sanford. They’ve gone through multiple locations and owners, but now reside on the corner of Park Avenue and First Street, under the ownership of Michelle Simoneaux. Known for its vintage aesthetic, oldies music and comfort cooking, Colonial Room was made to make you feel at home. Right in the heart of Sanford, guests will feel full and satisfied with the restaurant’s low-cost, home-style soups, salads and sandwiches, like tuna melts and turkey clubs. Simoneaux started working at the restaurant 25 years ago for the original owner. With zero restaurant-owning experience, she realized the restaurant was going to disappear if she didn’t step up to take it. In hopes of keeping it in her family, she already has her daughters helping her. “And my grandkids will work here,” she said, laughing.

Colonial Room Staff

She, along with her longtime staff, memorize orders and accept late walkins. The work never stops. “I love it. It’s my heart and soul,” she said. “On my birthday, people say I am not supposed to be working. I say, ‘If you do something you love, it’s not work.’” They stay true to the original owner’s recipes, with just a few additions, like Michelle’s chicken salad. It breaks her heart when they get bad critiques. “I lose sleep over it,” she said as her eyes glossed over. “I honestly wake up to satisfy the people here.” The regulars, she says, are what make the place so successful. Though they have short hours, some customers come in twice a day, for breakfast and lunch. She wonders where these committed people will eat if they were closed.

Jean Michels and Michelle Simoneaux

In 2014, the building of the original location sold. That’s when their customers, Sanfordites and local residents, stepped up to make sure the Colonial Room stayed. “They didn’t want to see the restaurant go,” Simoneaux said. “The community has shown the Colonial Room so much love and support. I get emotional thinking about it. Because I thrive to make everybody feel like family.” While sharing her sentiments on the Sanford community, a regular customer came in at closing time. The customer was sick was inquiring about soup. Simoneaux gave her complimentary homemade soup and wished her well. This is notable dedication of the diner.

Michelle and her daughters

Nikki is a writer/ photographer in Central Florida. Finding stories in her city is an adventure she lives for. She loves photographing people in their most natural element—laughing, crying, connecting with their world. Her work can resonate with anyone who wants to feel a spark of emotion. She resides in downtown Sanford with her pup, Cookie, and a cuddly fur family of felines.


Jean Michels is a 72-year-old Sanford resident who has frequented the Colonial Room ever since she was 16 years old. She visited with her parents, then had children of her own. When her kids were young, she would bring them to the restaurant after mass to teach them how to behave in public. She says the people are friendly, the staff cares, and the food is good. Simoneaux remembers her order, as Michels always orders the turkey bacon triple decker for lunch. Throughout her life, she highly recommended the restaurant so “you get a sense of what a down hometown is.” “It’s like coming home. Michelle is a wonderful Christian woman. She helps the poor. She’s always been that way,” Michels said. “The Colonial Room is unique. If you order the turkey bacon triple decker and a slice of peanut butter pie, you’re set.”

Welcome to

Classic American Food DINE IN | DELIVERY | ORDER OUT | CATERING 107 WEST FIRST STREET Historic Sanford, Florida 32771

Delivery 407-320-0799


TO THE WAYNE DENSCH PERFORMING ARTS CENTER! But what will Phantasmagoria bring to the tale that is new and interesting? Phantasmagoria has its own signature style, a mix of storytelling and becoming the story itself. Mix that with our physical aesthetic, dance, combat and puppetry and you have a whole new “Christmas Carol” to love and enjoy. Celebrate the Season as Phantasmagoria presents its own unique adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic holiday tale “A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story of Christmas” This critically acclaimed Victorian Performance Troupe will bring its tapestry of movement, dance, puppetry, projections, music and storytelling to the stage as one of the most famous ghost stories of all times comes alive! A true tale of the past, present and future – with the glory of redemption! TWO SHOWS at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center in Sanford, FL SANFORD, FL Saturday, December 23 @ 2pm and 7:30pm, Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Sanford, FL (For tickets visit Many in Central Florida and beyond get to experience year-round performances from the critically acclaimed Victorian performance troupe “Phantasmagoria.” The Sanford, Florida based troupe of circus/sideshow/ horror performers play throughout the year with special events and main stage/touring shows. Their Halloween season offerings feature the best of horror literature, folklore and legend along the lines of Poe, H.G. Wells and much more. This year, for the first time, they are creating a brand new show for a very different holiday season, and what better story to bring to the stage for a troupe fascinated by ghostly literature, but the greatest ghost story ever told? Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol, a Ghost Story of Christmas”. “It is one of the most relevant ghost stories of the last few centuries,” says DiDonna, a Sanford native. “When it was first published in 1843 it took the world by storm, and today, 174 years later, it is still tradition for so many people.” 6

Additional shows around Central Florida: ORLANDO, FL December 15th, 16th and 17th @ 2pm – Lowndes Shakespeare Center, Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL (For tickets visit DELAND, FL Thursday December 21st @ 8pm - Athens Theater in Deland, FL - ONE NIGHT ONLY! (For Tickets visit EUSTIS, FL Friday, December 22 @ 8pm - Historic State Theatre in Eustis, FL ONE NIGHT ONLY! (For tickets visit

John DiDonna Creator/Director/Writer, Phantasmagoria Orlando Program Chair/Artistic Director, Valencia College Theater Theatrical Columnist, Central Florida Top 5 Co-Producing Artistic Director, The Empty Spaces Theatre Collaboration jdidonna@valenciacollege. edu 407.314.4272 (cell) www.facebook. com/PhantasmagoriaOrlando Linkedin:

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Brought to you by the Sanford Community Redevelopment Agency.

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How can the CRA help you? We offer 1. New construction Grant

5. Special Events Grant

2. Commercial Loan Subsidy/

6. Promotional Activity Grant

Redevelopment Grant 3. Facade Improvement Grant 4. Relocation Grant

7. Light Up Sanford 8. Window Staging

To find out more about CRA grants visit or call Sonia Fonseca at

407 562 2820




You may know A.Clore as an interior design center, but it also acts as a store-front to many handmade bath items. Lather up with soap and scrubs, bedazzle yourself with jewelry, or find your suitable scent in the variety of soy- and coconutbased candles. Grab your holiday smells, like spearmint. Not only can you purchase products, but gift cards for the interior design services are offered as well for a lasting surprise!

HobbyTown USA for is for the person who has a hobby or collection. From boats to planes and cars to trucks, HobbyTown has it all! This also includes toys for children. It’s perfect for any person who loves to build and create, as their art kits can help with DIY projects.


A.CLORE 116 S. Palmetto Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 407-328-0730

TOTALLY YOURS Find faith-based gifts at the newlyrelocated Totally Yours. Formerly on SR 46, the shop is now on First Street, next to the Colonial Room. Discover a variety of presents for pet lovers, moms and dads, and those who love all-American things. The store also acts as a library and study center where their goal is to help people grow spiritually and never forget God.


TOTALLY YOURS 105 E. First Street Sanford, FL 32771 407-321-8855


Boxelder is the ultimate gift shop in downtown Sanford. With an American-made focus, they feature fragranced soy candles, kitchenware, bar accessories, bath products, jewelry, cards and more. They have new arrivals just in time for the holidays! “Frasier fir” is a new candle product line from Thymes and it “smells like you just cut open a Christmas tree.” Finish it off with complimentary gift wrap!



BOXELDER 278 S Palmetto Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 407-323-6060


HOBBYTOWN USA 1758 Rinehart Rd. Sanford, FL 32771 407-321-4003



Hit the mall for your jewelry needs! There you’ll find AA Jewelers, Venetian Jewelers, and Zale’s. With these stores, you’re bound to find glistening goods for the diamond lover. From rings to necklaces to earrings, buy a gift that shines. SEMINOLE TOWNE CENTER MALL 200 Towne Center Cir. Sanford, FL 32771 407-323-2262

DICK’S SPORTING GOODS Dick’s has you covered for the athletes, campers, and sports lovers. They have a huge store full of gear, clothing, and equipment. You’ll find goods like hammocks, paddle boards, and tennis tables. There’s lots of fun right here. DICK'S SPORTING GOODS Seminole Towne Center Mall, Upper Level 200 Towne Center Cir. Sanford, FL 32771 407-324-5800

WORLD MARKET For the lover of multicultural goods, World Market is the place to shop. They have seasonal specials, like Christmas decorations as well as gift baskets. You won’t find the ordinary here; eclectic is their aesthetic. You’ll find a variety of imported housewares, furniture, food, and more. WORLD MARKET 2251 W Ball Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771 407-302-0263




in Downtown Sanford? You bet! L E O N KO N I E C Z N Y You’re Belgian and have a desire to share your love of Belgian cuisine, beer, and heritage. So, you decide to open the biggest and best Belgian bar in all of Florida. Where do you open it? Why, in Sanford, Florida, of course! And you do it just before the street in front gets ripped up for a year of reconstruction. Is that a good business plan? Well, fast-forward to the expanded location a block or so away and come into Buster’s Bistro, Sanford’s (and Florida’s) biggest and best Belgian beer bar and restaurant. Come for the beer, have some of the food, and you can thank your lucky stars you did—you will not go away disappointed. Buster’s Bistro opened in Sanford at the very beginning of Sanford’s evolution into a craft beer & bar destination. While the early going may have been tough, Pauli and Harvey and their loyal staff persevered, and now a few years later, you’ll find Buster’s often packed and spilling out onto the sidewalk. We had brunch there on Sunday afternoon recently and the place was full by noon! Not only that, but the food was awesome. We have eaten at Buster’s many times and never been disappointed. Our Sunday brunch was a delight again. This time I had the pierogi. What, you say? Pierogi? In a Belgian bar/restaurant? Don’t argue with good food and a Belgian take on it. My pierogi was excellent! It was four tender, pillows of lusciousness topped with scrambled eggs, lardons, and garnished with both a Mornay sauce and a red pepper sauce that boasted a lot of flavor. We also had the Belgian Benedict (their take on eggs benedict, served on a Belgian waffle). It also was delicious. Come for the brunch but it is only available on Sunday. It’s popular and with good reason. We’ve also enjoyed dinner at Buster’s several times and they even have a late-night bar menu—perfect for late night Sanfording, as many locals know. The Pita Shwoarma is excellent! The pork in it is so tender it literally melts in your mouth. One of the best soups I have had in recent years is their Tomato Bisque. I detected a hint of garam masala in it and the flavor was superb. It would be a good meal in and of itself. We’ve had a lot of Buster’s

fare from the Smack Burger to the distinctly Belgian Voul-Au-Vent, to Tikka Masala Curry Frites (fries) that are flavorful, hand cut and delicious. And they even come with a few dipping sauce choices. Don’t forget the Croque or the Goulash. Trust me when I say either option is a must have! And then there’s the Belgian beer—the selection is phenomenal, including some on tap. If you are looking for run-of-the-mill American lagers, go elsewhere. But if you want flavorful beer, try the beer and/wine at Buster’s. The bartenders and waitstaff are very knowledgeable and can help you find just what your taste buds desire. Come for the beer but stay and have some of the food. Trust me, you will go away satisfied. And the prices are relatively modest. You will often find live music at Buster’s on the weekends. Always a fun time at Busters! Buster’s recently won best brunch in Sanford from My Sanford Magazine, as well as best bartender (Percy JP Buster). How can you argue with Sanford’s best? Buster’s Bistro is on one of the original, early-to-the-party craft places in Sanford. They started in a smaller location with a limited beer and food menu. Their newer location boasts a full menu with liquor options as well. You can get anything that you want at Buster’s Bistro Restaurant and Bar. Visit Buster’s as soon as you have a chance! Leon is a local Central Florida foodie and food blogger who’s been writing about Sanford And Seminole County area “good eats” restaurants for the past 7 years. He’s big into eating at local mom ‘n’ pop shops (small businesses) where high quality ingredients, love, and a dose of home cooking make all the difference. While he occasionally (rarely) eats at the big chains, he claims it’s only to remind him where a real quality dining experience lurks—in the small restaurants which are the heart and soul of every neighborhood and community.

M Y S A N F O R D M A G A Z I N E | CO M M U N I T Y & P E O P L E • 9



Re a d e r s ’ C h o i c e Awa rd s C e l e b ra t i o n Thank you all for joining us this year at our Best of Sanford Awards Celebration where My Sanford Magazine Readers selected the best of the best in categories such as the best breakfast, family restaurant, fine dining, desserts, and so much more! The event was held at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center right here in Sanford! Many of our own residents attended and brought guests to watch the ceremony as over 70 categories received special recognition. It was such a rewarding experience for everyone involved and we can’t wait to do this again next year! Thanks again to all who participated.


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(407) (407) (407) 878-5848 878-5848 878-5848

3950 3950US USHwy. Hwy.17-92 17-92Ste. Ste.1000 1000 Casselberry, FL 3950 3950 3950 USUSHwy. USHwy. Hwy. 17-92 17-92 17-92 Ste. Ste. Ste. 1000 1000 1000 Casselberry, FL

(407) 767-HURT Casselberry, Casselberry, Casselberry, FL FLFL (407) 767-HURT

(407) (407) (407) 767-HURT 767-HURT 767-HURT


(386) (386) (386) 860-5448 860-5448 860-5448

900 W. W. 25th St. 900 Sanford, FL 900 900 900 W. W. W. 25th 25th 25th St. St. St. Sanford, FL (407) 878-5848 Sanford, Sanford, Sanford, FLFLFL (407) 878-5848

SeHabla Habla EspaĂąol EspaĂąol rYYY4KXGTC%JKTQ rYYY4KXGTC%JKTQcom Se com S E H A B L A E S PA Ă&#x2018; O L | W W W. R I V E R A C H I R O.C O M Se Se SeHabla Habla HablaEspaĂąol EspaĂąol EspaĂąolrYYY4KXGTC%JKTQ rYYY4KXGTC%JKTQ rYYY4KXGTC%JKTQ com com com

150225BEACON 150225BEACON 150225BEACON

821DeBary DeBaryAve. Ave. 821 Deltona, FL 821 821 821 DeBary DeBary DeBary Ave. Ave. Ave. Deltona, FL (386) 860-5448 Deltona, Deltona, Deltona, FL FLFL (386) 860-5448

M Y S A N F O R D M A G A Z I N E | CO M M U N I T Y & P E O P L E â&#x20AC;˘ 14





“By bringing my concepts, vision, and enthusiasm to historic Sanford, FL, and creating a creative space to collaborate. I can now offer the absolute attention to detail to any unique design project. My youthful ideas and mature sense of style combined have created a niche in the design world and as I have built my brand, I realized that clients need to have everything in one place, saving time and money.” “Traer mis conceptos, mi visión y mi entusiasmo al histórico Sanford, Florida, y crear un espacio creativo para colaborar. Ahora puedo ofrecer el máximo grado de atención y cuidado en los detalles a cualquier proyecto único relacionado con el diseño. La combinación de mis ideas juveniles y mi desarrollado sentido del estilo han creado un nicho en el mundo del diseño y, al construir mi marca, me di cuenta de que los clientes necesitan tener todo en un solo lugar, ahorrando tiempo y dinero.”


This year I became a member of Leadership Seminole Class 27 and I have had the privilege to see some of the wonderful accomplishments we have made and the impact that can happen when community leaders come together. We are happy to be supporting The Christian Sharing Center, Boys Town and Pathways to Care with several of their functional needs. Q. YOU OPENED A.CLORE INTERIORS IN DOWNTOWN SANFORD-CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT? R. In 2012, we established our first studio on Park and 13th and moved to Palmetto Ave. in 2015. We love being downtown and are very excited to be part of a growing community like Sanford. Our studio gets so much support from the community and we find it funny that people will stop in just for the smells. Being able to provide our customers with one of a kind products and services makes me a happy designer. It’s also a pleasure to be involved in events like the Holiday Tour of Homes and providing design services to the members of the Historic District of Sanford. Q. WOULD YOU PLEASE SHARE A BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF YOUR BACKGROUND? R. Little did I know that an elective interior design class at Lake Mary High School would culminate into an associate’s degree from Seminole State College and a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. And now, a prominent Interior Design business and an influential part of the community. As a licensed interior designer, I can provide clients both residential and commercial services that aid in the design process from start to finish. We use several CAD programs and systems to provide a high-quality consultation experience and work with the best in the field to make the design dream a reality. Additionally, continuing my education and learning about the newest products is something I find very important as I am able to provide a higher level of service to my clients. Q. WHAT INFLUENCED YOU TO PURSUE A CAREER IN INTERIOR DESIGN? R. From an early age, often times you would find me rearranging the bedroom I shared with my younger sister. Even back then, my goals were becoming clear; to create a comfortable and functional space in which to love and live well. My mom would even record Trading Spaces on VHS and I would watch my favorite designers do amazing transformations. When I learned that interior design was a profession, I turned all my focus to creating a career. I got my first job at a design firm helping with CAD work and installing model homes, I was hooked. After high school, I took photography and art classes at Seminole State College and finished with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from Florida State University. Q. WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT WORKING IN SANFORD? R. Sanford is a wonderful place to work and live! From the day time festivals to night time block parties, restaurants, shopping and river views, there’s always something great going on! By bringing my concepts, vision, and enthusiasm to historic Sanford, FL, and creating a creative space to collaborate. I can now offer the absolute attention to detail to any unique design project. My youthful ideas and mature sense of style combined have created a niche in the design world and as I have built my brand, I realized that clients need to have everything in one place, saving time and money. There is also a passion for helping others with in me that speaks volumes in the community, as a member of the Rotary Club of Lake Mary I work closely with the youth to help encourage good will. I also volunteer time at Seminole State College serving on several committees to raise funds for student scholarships and currently serve on the executive team for the Alumni Association as Vice Chair. Being able to give back to those that gave to me is important, as is my community involvement.

Our firm also gets many clients outside of the Sanford area and my team has the pleasure to work with several NBA and NFL athletes, Elected Officials, Disney/Celebration Resorts and businesses throughout Central Florida to make their design dreams a reality. Because our transformations are visually striking, functional, and timeless, the success of our work has been showcased on several design shows and renowned media outlets like HGTV,, Bloomingdales, Home and Garden Shows, and more. I also enjoy writing, blogging, posting and tweeting about the latest and greatest in the design and A.Clore Interiors world. Q. YOU RECENTLY HAVE BEEN SELECTED AS PRESIDENT OF AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS (ASID FLORIDA NORTH)-WHAT DOES MEAN TO YOU? R. A couple of my greatest accomplishments are becoming a Florida NCIDQ licensed interior designer (#ID6200) and member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). As a leader of my profession, I currently serve as the ASID Florida North President in 2017-18 and a member of the ASID Government and Public Affairs Council. My goal for ASID is to advocate the profession of Interior Design and continue to further develop my knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the industry. In September, we were awarded 1st place in the Commercial category for a project we worked on here in Sanford, Next Horizon. Q. TELL US ABOUT YOUR PARTICIPATION IN FOX35. R. One of my favorite ways to share my design expertise is by creating segments for Fox35 Good Day Orlando. For the past three years, I have been providing design trends, tips and tricks to viewers (and my Instagram followers, of course). It is always a fun challenge to try and get everything I want to say into a LIVE 3-minute segment. Did I mention, live? Yes, our segments are not taped and I am typically responsible for the topic, script/ content, products, setup and breakdown. Luckily, my amazing team and I have made this a seamless process. Being on FOX has brought many exciting opportunities and we are excited to explore more partnerships in 2018! Q. WHAT MAKES AMBER SUCCESSFUL? R. To me, success would be continuing to grow and adapt to the ever changing world of design and technology. Being a listener and making sure to identify the needs of our clients to achieve their goals. More beautiful creations and transformations, (i.e. helping more people) that would be success. Looking forward to 2018, our very own custom pillow, accessory and furniture line will be making a debut! I would not be successful without the love and support of my God, family and friends. They are the ones that have truly believed in me and continue to lift me up. M Y S A N F O R D M A G A Z I N E | CO M M U N I T Y & P E O P L E • 15

P. ¿SERÍA TAN AMABLE DE COMPARTIR CON NUESTROS LECTORES UN BREVE RESUMEN DE SU TRAYECTORIA? R. Poco me podía imaginar que una clase optativa de diseño de interiores en la escuela secundaria Lake Mary High School culminaría en un diplomado del Colegio Estatal Seminole y en una licenciatura de la Universidad Estatal de Florida. Ahora, además, ha terminado siendo un prestigioso negocio de diseño de interiores y, finalmente, en parte influyente de la comunidad. Como diseñadora de interiores con licencia, puedo ofrecer a nuestros clientes servicios —tanto residenciales como comerciales— que ayudan en el proceso de diseño de principio a fin. Utilizamos varios programas y sistemas CAD para dar una experiencia de alta calidad en la consulta, y trabajar con los mejores de la industria con el fin de hacer realidad el sueño del diseño. Además, continuar mi educación y aprender sobre los productos más novedosos es algo que considero muy importante, ya que puedo ofrecer un servicio de mayor nivel a mis clientes. P. ¿QUÉ LA INFLUENCIÓ A PERSEGUIR UNA CARRERA EN EL DISEÑO DE INTERIORES? R. Muchas veces, y desde muy temprana edad, me encontraba reorganizando el dormitorio que compartía con mi hermana menor. Incluso en aquel entonces, mis metas se iban viendo claras: crear un espacio cómodo y funcional donde amar y vivir bien. Mi madre incluso grababa el programa Trading Spaces en VHS y veía a mis diseñadores favoritos hacer transformaciones increíbles. Cuando supe que el diseño de interiores era una profesión, me centré completamente en hacer de ella mi carrera. Conseguí mi primer trabajo en una empresa de diseño ayudando con el trabajo de diseño CAD, y me quedé atrapada en la instalación de casas modelo. Después de la escuela secundaria, tomé clases de fotografía y arte en el Colegio Estatal Seminole y terminé con una Licenciatura en Diseño de Interiores de la Universidad Estatal de Florida. P. ¿QUÉ ES LO QUE MÁS LE GUSTA DE TRABAJAR EN SANFORD? R. ¡Sanford es un lugar maravilloso para trabajar y vivir! Desde festivales de día hasta celebraciones en los barrios, restaurantes, tiendas y vistas al río, ¡siempre está pasando algo grandioso! Traer mis conceptos, mi visión y mi entusiasmo al histórico Sanford, Florida, y crear un espacio creativo para colaborar. Ahora puedo ofrecer el máximo grado de atención y cuidado en los detalles a cualquier proyecto único relacionado con el diseño. La combinación de mis ideas juveniles y mi desarrollado sentido del estilo han creado un nicho en el mundo del diseño y, al construir mi marca, me di cuenta de que los clientes necesitan tener todo en un solo lugar, ahorrando tiempo y dinero. También hay en mí una pasión por ayudar a los demás que dice mucho sobre la comunidad, y como miembro del Rotary Club de Lake Mary, trabajo muy estrechamente con los jóvenes para ayudar a fomentar la buena voluntad. También soy voluntaria en el Colegio Estatal Seminole, y ayudo en varios de sus comités recaudando fondos para las becas estudiantiles. Además, actualmente soy miembro del equipo ejecutivo de la Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos en calidad de vicepresidenta. Es importante ser capaz de retribuir a quienes previamente me dieron su apoyo y su confianza, al igual que la participación en la comunidad. Este año me convertí en miembro de la Clase 27 de Liderazgo de Seminole y tuve el privilegio de ver algunos de los éxitos maravillosos que hemos alcanzado y el impacto que puede resultar del trabajo conjunto de los líderes comunitarios. Nos complace apoyar a The Christian Sharing Center, Boys Town y Pathways to Care con varias de sus necesidades de funcionamiento. P. USTED ABRIÓ A.CLORE INTERIORS EN EL CENTRO DE SANFORD. ¿PUEDE HABLARNOS SOBRE ESTE LOGRO? R. En 2012 abrimos nuestro primer estudio en las calles Park y 13rd y nos 16

mudamos a la avenida Palmetto en 2015. Nos encanta estar en el centro de la ciudad y estamos muy emocionados de ser parte de una comunidad en crecimiento como Sanford. Nuestro estudio recibe mucho apoyo de la comunidad y nos parece divertido que la gente se detenga solo para curiosear. Poder ofrecer a nuestros clientes productos y servicios únicos me hacen una diseñadora feliz. También es un placer participar en eventos como el Holiday Tour de Homes y ofrecer servicios de diseño a los miembros del Distrito Histórico de Sanford. Nuestra empresa también obtiene muchos clientes fuera del área de Sanford y mi equipo tiene el placer de trabajar con varios deportistas de la NBA y la NFL, funcionarios electos, resorts en Disney y Celebration y negocios a lo largo de toda Florida Central para hacer realidad sus sueños de diseño. Debido a que nuestras transformaciones son visualmente impactantes, funcionales y atemporales, el éxito de nuestro trabajo se ha exhibido en varios programas de diseño y medios de comunicación de renombre como HGTV,, Bloomingdales, Home and Garden Shows, entre otros. También me gusta escribir, bloguear, publicar y twittear sobre lo último y lo mejor en el mundo del diseño y de A.Clore Interiors. P. RECIENTEMENTE HA SIDO NOMBRADA PRESIDENTA DE LA SOCIEDAD AMERICANA DE DISEÑADORES DE INTERIORES (ASID FLORIDA NORTH): ¿QUÉ SIGNIFICADO TIENE ESA DESIGNACIÓN PARA USTED? R. Dos de mis mayores logros han sido convertirme en una diseñadora de interiores con licencia NCIDQ (# ID6200) de Florida y ser miembro de la Sociedad Americana de Diseñadores de Interiores (ASID). Como una líder en mi profesión, en la actualidad soy presidenta de ASID Florida North para el periodo 2017-18 y miembro del Consejo de Gobierno y Relaciones Públicas de ASID. Mi objetivo para ASID es abogar por la profesión de diseño de interiores y continuar desarrollando aún más mis conocimientos y experiencia en todos los aspectos de la industria. En septiembre obtuvimos el primer lugar en la categoría comercial para un proyecto que trabajamos aquí en Sanford, Next Horizon. P. CUÉNTENOS SOBRE SU PARTICIPACIÓN EN FOX35. R. Una de las formas que más me gustan para compartir mi experiencia en el diseño es crear segmentos para Fox35 Buenos días, Orlando. En los últimos tres años, he estado dando a los espectadores (y a mis seguidores de Instagram, por supuesto) tendencias de diseño, consejos y trucos. Siempre es un desafío divertido intentar decir todo lo que quiero decir en un segmento en vivo de 3 minutos. ¿He mencionado que es en vivo? Sí, nuestros segmentos no están grabados y normalmente soy responsable del tema, guion/contenidos, productos, montaje y desmontaje. Afortunadamente, mi increíble equipo y yo hemos hecho de este un proceso perfecto. ¡Estar en FOX ha traído muchas oportunidades emocionantes y estamos ansiosos por explorar nuevas colaboraciones en el 2018! P. ¿QUÉ HACE QUE AMBER TENGA ÉXITO? R. Para mí, el éxito continuará creciendo y adaptándose al siempre cambiante mundo del diseño y la tecnología. Ser una oyente y asegurarme de identificar las necesidades de nuestros clientes para lograr sus objetivos. Creaciones y transformaciones más hermosas (es decir, ayudar a más personas), eso sería el éxito. ¡Con las expectativas en el 2018, ya que nuestra línea personalizada de almohadas, accesorios y muebles harán su debut! No tendría éxito sin el amor y el apoyo de Dios, mi familia y mis amigos. Ellos son los que realmente han creído en mí y continúan levantándome.

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Dream of spending a long weekend in the mountains? Want to visit a country estate fit for a railroad tycoon? Think you could visit a dozen craft beer breweries in one day? Make Asheville, North Carolina your next destination! We so often hear comparisons between Asheville and Sanford as both cities are very passionate about craft and supporting local. So, for our Thanksgiving holiday we decided to gather the family to visit the festive, cooler climate community. BREWERIES, BILTMORE, AND THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY Having visited Asheville about a decade prior to this trip, we were amazed to see the growth that has happened in that time. The preservation of Downtown Asheville’s architecture creates an eclectic atmosphere with many options for food and drink. A highlight for any craft beer connoisseur are the 60+ breweries in and around Asheville. Many are located downtown and within walking distance of each other. Check out the South Slope Brewing District for both obscure and high-profile brews. This more industrial side of Asheville has found a new purpose with old warehouses being converted to brew houses, restaurants, and apartments. Like Sanford, Asheville is also no stranger to historic preservation. The Biltmore Estate, home of the grandson of famed industrialist and philanthropist Cornelius Vanderbilt, is truly a marvel to visit. It is America’s largest home with 250 rooms, including 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces. It is also a shining example of heritage tourism which the National Trust for Historic Preservation defines as “traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past.” Sanford is currently developing its own heritage tourism and is inspired by other heritage tourism-minded cities like Asheville, Charleston, Savannah, and St. Augustine. The Blue Ridge Parkway should also be on anyone’s bucket list. Drive one of the most scenic routes in America for beautiful views and hiking trails. There is no admission fee and most of the things to do along the way are free. Packing for a picnic will certainly be a memorable afternoon. Asheville has indoor and outdoor activities for every season and personality. It’s also a pet-friendly town so don’t hesitate to take your furry loved-one with you!


TRAVEL SPECS MILES TO ASHEVILLE: 650 GETTING THERE By Car: Sanford to Asheville is an eight to ten hour drive, depending on how many stops you make. If you have the time, take the opportunity to spend a night in the historic city of Savannah on your way! By Plane: If you’re a little shorter on time and don’t enjoy sitting in the car for hours on end, we highly recommend booking a flight on Allegiant, flying out of super-convenient Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) and landing an hour later in Asheville (AVL). Both airports are an absolute breeze to navigate and make going through security an almost pleasant experience. Pro tips: Catch an Uber to SFB and only pack a carry-on! WHERE TO STAY In Asheville: Go traditional and save some money by renting a mountain cabin! But if twisted mountain roads aren’t your cup of tea, splash out on a night or two at The Grove Park Inn (an historic resort visited by many presidents and notables) or at one of the hotel options on the Biltmore Estate.

hogs come from local farms - they’ll even tell you the name of the pig your barbecue came from! In Sanford: The Tennessee Truffle on First Street provides its own take on Southern food. Visit Memphis-born Chef Nat for biscuits at breakfast, or spoil yourself with a three-course dinner. If you’ve got the blues head to Fuel BBQ for beef brisket and check out The Alley next door featuring live music most evenings. WHERE TO DRINK In Asheville: One World Brewing in Downtown Asheville was a highlight for us. We had a nine-beer flight which were all delicious and well-developed. Pro tip: Visit breweries earlier in the day when they are not as busy if you’d like to chat with the bartenders and brewers. Sovereign Remedies, also in Downtown Asheville, is the spot for craft cocktails and a soothing atmosphere. In Sanford: We are fortunate to have a diverse bar scene here in Sanford. A unique way to explore them is on a pub crawl via LimoCycle. You’ll be able to visit breweries and cocktail bars on a pedal-powered tour bus. Make it family-friendly with a LimoCycle scavenger hunt tour!

In Sanford: Stay in Sanford’s version of a mountain cabin - the Floating Bungalow. Take in the view of Lake Monroe from your tiny home on the water. Check for reservations. WHAT TO SEE In Asheville: Visit the Biltmore Estate during the holidays if possible! The decorations are not to be missed. If you’re feeling extra festive, book a Candlelight tour to experience the first Vanderbilt family Christmas in 1895. In Sanford: Pathways to History is a series of tours that highlight the history and heritage of Sanford. These walking/driving tours are available for the Commercial Historic District, Residential Historic District, the African American history of Goldsboro and Georgetown, and more! Pick up a guide at Sanford City Hall, the Welcome Center, or Sanford Museum, or visit www. WHERE TO EAT In Asheville: Tupelo Honey Cafe is an Asheville-based restaurant reviving Southern food with responsibly sourced ingredients (several locations in and around Asheville). Try the grits! Buxton Hall Barbecue is an Eastern-Carolina style barbecue restaurant set in a building that once served as a roller rink and boat show room. The

About Nelson and Christina…. Nelson, a Sanford native, is the business manager at his family business Harrell & Beverly Transmissions & Auto Repair. The shop has been in Sanford since 1959. Christina is a Florida native who grew up in Altamonte Springs. She is a graphic designer for the University of Central Florida, where she and Nelson met in 2001. They were married in 2005 and moved into Sanford in 2006. Since then they have been active in the Downtown Sanford community. With friends, they created the Love Your Shorts Film Festival in 2010. Nelson has served as the Festival Director and as President of the Sanford Historic Trust. Christina has freelanced for several nonprofits in Sanford, started the H.S.S. Tweed Ride, and co-produced “A Tribe Called Sanford.” They are both enjoying promoting Sanford through their latest creative adventure, Drink Sanford, sharing all things beverage related in the city.

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Sanford, Florida: A Tourism Destination LISA HOLDER

"Sanford, Florida is a traveler’s dream and on the path toward becoming a true destination city. Whether you’re a new family with young children, recently retired or somewhere in between, Sanford has something for everyone to discover..." Sanford is evolving into a true destination city for both residents and visitors. The city offers many enticing, mouthwatering, diverse restaurants, microbreweries, and annual events that are attracting visitors from around the Central Florida region, the United States and abroad, adding to the colorful fabric of Sanford and ultimately growing the local economy. Sanford, Florida is a traveler’s dream and on the path toward becoming a true destination city. Whether you’re a new family with young children, recently retired or somewhere in between, Sanford has something for everyone to discover, offering many reasons to visit this historic city. Outdoor parks, great performing arts, sailing, heritage tourism, wonderful local shops, the incredible RiverWalk, a ton of fun events for all ages, microbreweries and great local fare, all represent just a snippet of what you can explore while visiting the city. Referring to Sanford as a tourism hotspot in a tourism dependent state like Florida, is certainly evolving into a reality, with the influx of new people discovering our city every day. This notion is solidified with the Orlando Sanford International Airport, bringing 3 million passengers annually into our city and the Amtrak AutoTrain annually serving 239,000 passengers at the Sanford station, which is more passengers than any other Amtrak station in the state. Needless to say, this is solid data to capitalize on. We have something special to offer visitors in this growing and appealing historic city.

energy. Downtown Sanford’s friendly locally owned businesses adds to the unique qualities that are attractive to residents and visitors alike. The opportunity for moving people around with ease now exists through the new (free) trolley service, funded by the Sanford Community Redevelopment Agency. This service supports the growing interest in Sanford also offering alternative transportation choices for SunRail riders who arrive at the Sanford station to get to downtown, where all the action is. Sanford has a nightlife, great restaurants, theater performances, outdoor movies and more. The Uber Pilot Project offers folks in Sanford’s neighboring cities such as Maitland, Altamonte, Longwood and Lake Mary to take an Uber here, receiving a 20% discounted fare each way (courtesy of the destination city). This is a great incentive to leave the car keys and your cares behind. Located in the heart of historic downtown Sanford, is the Sanford Welcome Center, at 230 E. First St., also a stop on the trolley route. The Welcome Center is a VISIT FLORIDA Partner and designated Certified Travel Information Center, offering an inviting place to all visitors. Inside the historic, quaint, 100 year old building you will encounter a friendly smile from the Welcome Center Staff who will share their expertise on what to see and where to go while visiting, you can even bring home a Sanford-centric souvenir, available at the Welcome Center too! Discovering new attractions, enjoying experiences with your friends and family that create life-long memories against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Monroe, is what Sanford offers. We invite you to visit hip and historic Sanford, while planning a leisurely day-trip or adding Sanford as a stop within your overall tourism plans to Central Florida. Sanford’s around the corner from everything, with a bit of everything! So stop by and explore Sanford, Florida today!

Lisa Holder is the Communications Officer for the City of Sanford, she holds a Master of Public Administration and is a Navy Veteran. Lisa hails from Miami, FL via NY & was drawn to Sanford because of the beautiful waterfront and the City’s endless possibilities. “If you dream it, you can do it.”

As tourism opportunities continue to grow, our city is alive with contagious

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It turns out that the two towns, one thousand one hundred and ninety-seven miles apart, have a few things in common. Both downtowns sit on the South side of a large and gorgeous lake. Both towns feature turn-of-the-century architecture and brick streets in the business districts. In the adjacent neighborhoods of both towns you will find hundred year old wooden homes, tree canopies, and lots of picket fences. The two towns are now connected, but for very different reasons. One town is where Tim Raines was born and raised, and the other town is where he will live on forever. Both towns will now share as bookends of his baseball career, one as the town where it started, and one as the town that will perpetually celebrate it. Tim started his trek from Sanford to Cooperstown when he began playing baseball as kid growing up here. At Seminole High School in the 1970’s he was a four-sport athlete and at the time wasn’t even sure which sport he would actually pursue a career in. We all now know which way he decided to go, and after a 23 year Major League career, it turned out to be a very long path, straight to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I, on the other hand, started my trek from Sanford to Cooperstown last Friday . . . With my girlfriend Kaitlin, it was an early morning Allegiant Air flight to Plattsburgh NY and then a beautiful 4-hour drive in a compact rental that got me there later that day. Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown is a magical time for any baseball fan. Once a year, it’s a place to immerse yourself in a baseball fantasyland that cannot be replicated anywhere else. It’s a live Norman Rockwell painting where grown men with real jobs turn into pre-adolescent teens at the mere sight of a player from their childhood. I had been there before to watch my favorite player, Cal Ripken Jr., get inducted ten years earlier. This year, armed with a press pass, and previous experience of what not to do, I was excited to chase Tim around all weekend. While we both took completely different routes to Cooperstown that weekend, our paths were finally about to cross. 22

I got my first chance Saturday afternoon at The Clark Sports Center just south of downtown Cooperstown. It was a “bullpen” type of press conference where all five new inductees were simultaneously available to the press. I staked out a good spot in the Tim Raines corner and eagerly awaited his arrival. With a few minutes to kill, I began to look around the room at all of the other members of the press. It wasn’t long before I was recognizing people whose articles I had read in major publications or broadcasters who I had seen on TV. I suddenly realized how out of place I could begin to feel if I let myself think those thoughts, so the internal pep-talk began . . . “I’m from Sanford, home of Tim Raines. I came a long way to be a part of this. I’m a grown man with a real job too”, as I justified my existence in the room. I had decided my goal was to just enjoy watching the press conference from my front row position and not get in the way of the professionals who had real questions, and actual real jobs. But, my internal pep-talk kept on . . . “You didn’t come all this way NOT to ask a question. Why don’t you ask a question? You need to ask him a question” as I scrambled to formulate a question. Turns out, those other guys are really, really, good at their jobs. I found it very difficult to get a question into the scrum while also trying to maintain a polite deference to the pros. As time wound down, and it was announced that there was time for just one more . . . sense of urgency on full tilt, I took the last question! The only problem was that all of my ideas for inquiries had been asked by others as the minutes ran out. So, I quickly adopted a new strategy that really isn’t so new, I talked to him as one Sanfordite to another. I opened by explaining to him about how happy and excited we all were down here about his ultimate achievement. Looking back, his body language seemed to relax a bit when he heard the mention of his hometown. We then shared a good laugh when I suggested he might have a new swagger in his step the following day when he is inducted into

The Hall of Fame. “Well I hadn’t thought about that, but I’m definitely floating on air” he chuckled. As the hard-hitting questions continued, I asked about the probability of him shedding a tear during his big speech. “Actually, I have a bet with my sons that I’m not. Now if I look out there and see my parents cry, I may have a little emotion. I’m going to try my best to hold it back, but if it happens, it happens.” The following day is the actual induction ceremony. In front of an estimated 50,000 fans, all spread out over many acres of rolling green hills, the ritual takes place. First the returning members of the Hall are introduced one-byone in a stream of living history. Then the new inductees take center stage, alongside their newly etched plaques, with each having time allocated for their speech. Tim was slotted to give his speech last. It was a warm sunny day and the remaining crowd of Montreal Expo Jerseys definitely did not mind the heat. Raines gave a very humble, a very small-town speech, mentioning his hometown several times in the process. He spoke of growing up in Sanford with Ned and Florence Raines as parents and their influence on his upbringing. He spoke of being raised by them along with his brothers and sisters. He thanked his four kids, his wife, and his in-laws. He thanked his High School coaches, fellow MLB players who had an impact on his career, and many others who helped along the way.

And for the record . . . . while he did not technically shed tears, there were a few throat clearings and sniffles that he quickly attributed to a possible impending “cold”. As I left the venue, I felt very proud for the “Rock”. As a kid I had loosely followed his career, and most recently learned a lot more about him as a player. This is a rare instance where I have gained a new favorite player 15 years after he hung up his spikes. But, Cooperstown can do that to you, no matter your age, or what your current job is . . . and it helps when said player goes on to proudly represent the town you call home. I am also excited for his friends and relatives who still call Sanford their home. We all now have a connection with immortality, which doesn’t happen too often to us here in Sanford. For more on native son Tim Raines, stop by the Sanford Museum 520 E. First Street, they have an excellent display dedicated to him as well as a treasure trove of all things historic Sanford!

Mike runs a business in downtown Sanford, is the proud owner of a Sanford Historic home and is better known around town as “Maggie’s Dad.” He also claims to have the largest baseball memorabilia collection the city . . . and dares you to challenge him otherwise.

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during the protests and who had worked on community organizing efforts. The training couldn’t have been timelier, as I was in the process of working with the Goldsboro Heritage Advisory Committee on creation of the Historic Goldsboro Walking/Driving Tour. The committee met over the course of many months to discuss various people, places, and themes which influenced the development of Goldsboro. The common thread to these discussions was the adverse impact of segregation and the local struggle for civil rights.

In June 2017 I was fortunate enough to participate in the National Trust for Historic Preservation Leadership Training program. My attendance and travel were made possible by scholarships from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Sanford Historic Trust. The training brought together a handful of preservationists from across the country to envision the re-use of the A.G. Gaston Office Building. The building is located within the recently created Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument (established in January 2017), now a unit of the National Park System. The site recognizes nationally significant events that took place in Birmingham during the modern Civil Rights Movement; events which helped to ensure the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. On the first morning of the training our group toured the buildings and public spaces that comprise the site, and our tour guides passionately conveyed the history which made these sites important. As we stood in Kelly Ingram Park and looked across the street to the 16th Street Baptist Church, it was impossible for me to not be moved by this glimpse into our nation’s dark past. I thought about the four young schoolgirls who perished when their church was bombed. I recalled historic footage I had seen of non-violent protestors being sprayed with high pressure hoses, and snarling German Shepherds terrifying the protestors. My week in Birmingham was a truly moving experience which was made more powerful by interviewing local stakeholders and community leaders, some of whom were present 24

The Goldsboro Walking/Driving Tour brochure provides a great overview of the community’s history, but there is so much more of the community’s rich story to be told. The committee will resume meeting in 2018 to work on the creation of heritage markers for Historic Goldsboro Boulevard. The Goldsboro Heritage Advisory Committee members are Commissioner Velma Williams, Kenneth Bentley, Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright, Thelma Mike, Marva Hawkins, Francis Oliver, Reverend Ronald Merthie, and Annie O’Niel. On November 15, 2017 the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced the African-American Cultural Heritage Action Fund to save places that tell the stories of African-Americans’ contributions and achievements in the development of our nation. I will be monitoring the development of this fund carefully to see how it may benefit Sanford’s African-American historic places and heritage. For more information visit: (Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument), (Historic Goldsboro online tour), and (African-American Cultural Heritage Action Fund). Christine Dalton works as the Historic Preservation Officer and Community Planner for the City of Sanford. Christine is passionate about historic places. She teaches Historic Preservation at her Alma Mater, Rollins College. Her interests include all things historic, sailing, teaching, mentoring, and the arts.

Perfect Bubbles (AND AFFORDABLE)

Wines for the Holiday Season & Valentine’s Day Y E L LY M A RY M O N TA LV O, CMS SOMMELIER AND WSET LEVEL 2 WINES & SPIRITS

Holidays are the perfect time to splurge a bit and to expand your wine budget. It is also the perfect time to expand our horizons and venture into trying new wines that we otherwise will never drink. Since wine will be the guest star to our dinners it presents an excellent opportunity to pair it with new and exciting varietals while enticing and surprising our guest. Nevertheless, for most of us choosing the right wine (and pairing) proves to be a daunting task so we resort to the usual suspects. Life is too short to drink the same wine so I am here to help ease your stress level and simplify selecting the perfect wine for your celebration. Oh… all of the wines are under $20! CHRISTMAS Oh Christmas! My favorite holiday of the year! The cooler climate allows for trying drier and richer wines that can pair with any dinner… from a traditional ham to a classic roast. The varietals and wine featured here are perfect for the most magical time of the year! 1. Cabernet Sauvignon - This varietal is planted all over the globe with different approaches and tasting notes in each region. Nevertheless, Sonoma and Napa Cabernet Sauvignons are the most popular and predominant in our part of the world. Those are big and full-bodied wines with some herbal earthiness, green pepper licorice, dark cherries and plum notes all depending on the region presented. If they receive the French Oak treatment, then vanilla, licorice and leather notes will be predominant. Due to these characteristics Cabs are hugely popular during the cooler Christmas season. Our favorites are RouteStock Cellars (Napa) and Justin Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles). 2. Tempranillo - I am always an advocate of trying something new and different. This is where Tempranillo enters the game. The Spanish region of Rioja has a strong tradition of producing top notch Tempranillos at affordable prices. Tempranillos are medium to full-bodied wines with predominant red fruits (think strawberries) in cooler climates or dark fruit (blackberries) in warmer climates. Some of them are aged in French Oak barrels to smooth its tannins. We recommend Marques de Riscal Rioja which has widespread recognition and consistently scores over 90 points with wine critics. 3. White Wines - Don’t let the cooler climate discourage you from a refreshing yet smooth white wine. Christmas season is perfect for Grüner Veltliner. I am so glad that Grüners are finally catching up and our market is opening to this varietal. It is the signature drink of Austria with high acidity, and dry, light citrus notes. Without a doubt this is my favorite white varietal and whenever I see it in a wine list I make sure to order it. Try Leth Steinagrund Grüner (Austria). Perfect pairing for smoked salmon or any seafood dish. NEW YEAR’S AND VALENTINE’S DAY We all love our bubbles to welcome the New Year as a celebratory occasion. This is where explanations are necessary. We are all guilty to mistakenly call any sparkling wine “champagne.” If you want to appear knowledgeable when buying wine, remember this-a champagne can ONLY be called so if it 26

comes from the highly regarded Champagne region in France. The varietals typically used are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Everything else is called sparkling wine. Within the category of sparkling wines, each region names its own. For instance, in Spain it is called Cava and in Italy Prosecco. They are produced using different methods and with entirely different taste profiles. Finding true Champagnes for under $20 is truly challenging and quality will suffer. Thank God there are many other options to choose from! 1. Cava - Cava is the sparkling wine of excellence from Spain using the same traditional method from champagne. The varietals that are used are usually Macabeo and Xarelo. Traditionally present medium alcohol level and dry taste with flavors of biscuit, dough and a touch of cream. This is a delicious and affordable wine perfect for New Year’s. We recommend Dibon Cava or Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava. 2. Prosecco - this is without a doubt one of the most popular sparkling wines. Traditionally Italian, Glera is the main varietal which imparts sweeter notes and smoother over tones. Prosecco does not utilize the traditional Champagne method but rather the Charmat method-low to medium alcohol with more citrus and sugary notes. We recommend La Marca Prosecco or Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero. 3. Champagne - If you want to go ahead and splurge a bit then Champagne is always the way to go to bring the New Year in with style. Always full flavor, higher alcohol with beautiful apple, biscuit and yeast tones, Champagne is just the top notch of the night. We recommend Nicolas Feuillate Champagne or Pieper Heidsieck Brut. Gruet Blanc de Noirs is not champagne but rather a sparkling wine from New Mexico that is to die for and produced utilizing the traditional Champagne method and the best part… it is under $20! DESSERT We can’t forget about dessert with all the delicious offerings during the holidays, so make sure to always have a bottle of Ruby Port, Moscato d’ Asti or sweet Riesling to close your banquet in style. Happy Holidays and remember… drink safely and responsibly and always pass the key (or call an Uber!) CHEERS! Yellymary is a Court of Masters Sommelier and WSET Level 2 Wines & Spirits certified. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Mary (as known to her friends) had the opportunity to travel Europe at a young age and it was there where she developed a passion for all things wine and started developing her palette. After living in Germany for two years (her husband is a German native) she decided to move back to Puerto Rico to pursue her Law Degree at the University of Puerto Rico. Once completed her formal education she then decided to move to Florida to follow her passion. Along with her husband, she owned a successful wine bar in Clermont for 5 years in which she curated the wine list along with wine club memberships and management. She is dedicated to making wine easy and fun to learn as it never should be a daunting task to the guest. Through her career Mary has attended many seminars including the Bordeaux Blending Wine Seminar hosted by Certified Sommelier Tony Porcellini. She and her husband decided to relocate to Sanford in early 2017 and are close to open Luisa’s Cellar in Downtown Sanford.




As an estate planning attorney, the legal work required can generally be divided into two categories – I either help families execute a customized and tailored plan to handle matters in a very straightforward manner when someone passes away, or I help families to navigate the Florida default guidelines that await those who do not prepare for the inevitable. Trust me, it is far easier to make a plan before Florida makes one for you. As you enter a new year, here are 8 reasons why planning your estate should be one of your resolutions:

1 2 3 4

PLANS MUST BE MADE BEFORE SOMETHING HAPPENS Do not procrastinate! Often a family calls me when a loved one is past the point where they are able to execute legal documents. Powers of Attorney, Health Care Surrogates, and Living Wills can be invaluable tools if prepared and ready to be implemented when needed. When something has already happened, there is little that can be done. SAVE YOUR FAMILY TIME Without a plan, assets such as a home or bank accounts held by the deceased usually need to go through a probate court for title to these assets to be legally passed to the lawful beneficiaries. These proceedings take time, often several months or more, during which the home cannot be sold, the accounts not accessed to pay funeral expenses, and more. SAVE YOUR FAMILY MONEY If probate is necessary, these matters must be handled by a licensed Florida attorney. The filing fees the county charges alone are significant, and often more than the estate planning documents themselves. SAVE YOUR FAMILY DRAMA The worst part of my job is navigating through this process with a grieving family who does not agree on how the assets should be divided. From arguing over furniture to used cars, I have seen it all happen to wonderful families. Leave them a road map.

5 6 7 8

PEACE OF MIND By far, the most frequent feedback I receive from clients is the ‘peace of mind’ they experience when things are cared for. It feels equally good for the beneficiaries, who now know they do not have a lengthy and expensive chore left to them. IT’S NOT DIFFICULT Meet with an estate planning attorney to discuss what assets you own, your family situation, and who you would like to receive these items (and how)! Generally, within a week they will be ready to sign. Easy as that. IT’S NOT EXPENSIVE Most estate planning work is done for a flat fee per document. I provide my clients up front the exact cost, which includes the filing and recording fees, notary stamps, and any other associated costs. No hidden fees and very affordable. PLANS ARE EASY TO MODIFY OR AMEND Life changes. And when it does, amendments or codicils are simple, cheap, as easy to implement. We are not using tablets and chisels. Make a plan today, and adjust it later if needed.

Daniel relocated to Central Florida in 2007 after nearly 10 years of active duty service in the United States Air Force. He is currently an attorney living and running his legal practice in Sanford, and teaches American history at both the University of Central Florida and Seminole State College. Daniel also holds a position in the Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce, and is very charity, community, and civic minded regarding all things Sanford.



I was recently asked to write down my thoughts on how local Sanford couples have made their relationships work. It made me reflect on my own marriage of 26 years, 4 months, 13 days, and some hours to my husband, Brian. Initial conclusion: I really have no clue. We dated for over 4 years, so that means he’s put up with me for about 30 trips around the sun. We’ve been through everything from me managing to lock both sets of keys in the car on a camping trip where we were miles from nowhere to the Valentine’s Day he came home with no gift. Seriously, no gift on Valentine’s Day from the guy who painted me a watercolor Winnie-the-Pooh the first year we were together when he was a poor college student. I like getting stuff, no matter what it is. He thinks we have too much stuff. And he thinks about important things way more than I do, like where the car keys are at all times. Opposites can’t attract that much. Perhaps he just really fell for the person he thought would annoy him the most for the rest of his life. With sincere curiosity and a great excuse to pry the relationships of others, I set out ask a few questions to get some answers from four very lovely couples here in Sanford. 28

in Love

Tom Abbott and Leon Konieczny were long time Lake Mary residents who decided to design and build a house in the Sanford Historic District. You read that correctly. They built a house together and they are still together. Intriguing, isn’t it? The way they met eight years ago is also intriguing. Online. They chatted for a while and Tom came over and, according to Leon, they’ve been chatting for real ever since. And dining out-they love to visit Sanford’s great restaurants. They also love riding bikes around Sanford-to all our great restaurants. They especially love to promote Sanford-while eating at Sanford’s best restaurants. Married in a quiet ceremony two years ago, Tom and Leon are among the most compatible couples I’ve ever met. They’ve quickly become a beloved pair in Sanford and enjoy attending nearly every event our small town has to offer. They also enjoy their home filled with Tom’s artwork and in the kitchen, Leon’s famous pierogis. But even these two don’t always agree. There was the matter of the tiled kitchen backsplash Leon felt unnecessary when they were building their house and the bar stools Tom thought would clutter the space around the kitchen island. “We had to figure those things out, “said Tom, “but we just get along and it’s easy.”

And rest assured, their house has both a beautiful backsplash and bar stools Leon moves out of the way so Tom can vacuum.

down the aisle at her wedding to another local restaurateur, Paul Williams. The grandchildren are a delight to everyone.

I asked Tom what he thought the secret to a good relationship is and he said he needed a day to think about it. It’s been more than 48 hours and I’m still waiting.

On a side note, that old house they didn’t buy is where Brian and I now live. And it’s within easy walking distance to see Brad and Anne at their restaurant.

I recently had the pleasure of spending the evening with Lisa and Johnny Holder. Lisa is the City of Sanford’s Communications Officer and Johnny is an instructor and mentor at Full Sail University. They are both busy with their jobs, but find as much time to spend together as possible. They married almost three years ago in Sanford’s Touhy Park after meeting through match. com in 2013. Yes, another success for the internet. Johnny had not filled in all of the questions the service had asked, but Lisa liked his picture and they agreed to meet and got along really well. They were both devoted single parents, not really expecting to find their perfect “match.” In fact, Johnny had never tried an online dating service before. Their upbringing was similar, both in small towns in New York. Though Lisa is Jewish and Johnny Catholic, they found their faith foundation was something they had in common.

The fourth couple who graciously agreed to speak to me about their story was Steve and Margie Chusmir. Their relationship is over thirty years strong. Steve sums up their success succinctly, as is his way: “You just have to love each other.” Steve always says just the right thing.

They did, however, discover a couple of differences early in their relationship on a trip for the wedding of Lisa’s brother. “We were going across this bridge and I looked over and the gas gauge was on empty,” says Lisa. Johnny insisted he knew how far his car could go on empty, but this bridge was the Sunshine Skyway Bridge which soars 430 feet into the air at its highest and spans a little over 4 miles over Tampa Bay. According to Lisa, it has no convenient gas stations on the end where they exited. Johnny broke in and said, “She’s the one who recharges her phone when it’s still at 98%.” Johnny likes to be a little more on the edge. When Lisa stayed by Johnny’s side during a serious health scare, he knew he’d found the right lady. “It didn’t scare her away,” laughed Johnny. It wasn’t that he needed someone to take care of him, but having her close by during a crisis pretty much sealed the deal for Johnny. As we talked, their kindness and compassion for everyone was obvious as was the joy in their voices when they spoke about each other. When I asked them what they thought makes relationships work, they both agreed - it takes work. Maybe so, but the Holders sure make it look easy. Anne McNamara and Brad Plummer knew each other long before they became a couple. In 1994 Brad owned a landscaping business and was a bartender at a Lake Mary establishment where Anne and her then-husband frequented. Anne divorced and a few years later ran into Brad again. This time, he was in the mortgage business and bartending at another restaurant. He passed Anne a note with his phone number, not wanting to appear too forward. Anne’s just not the kind of girl to call a fella, so a few weeks went by. She and her daughter, Katie, were in the restaurant again and Brad inquired why Anne had not called him. Katie immediately picked up a cocktail napkin and wrote down her mom’s phone number.

In 1984, Margie was working in the little crafting shop she owned in Ft. Lauderdale when Steve, a police officer at the time, walked in and asked if she had been the one who called about a recent theft. She took one look at him and said that it was not her but if she’d known he would respond, she would have. Everyone in the store turned and stared as Steve left. He returned later in the day to ask her out. They agreed on a date. Steve came in a few days before and hand painted a mug to show her his “crafty” side. Margie acknowledges she was impressed, but the mug was really ugly (It has since gone missing, but I’d really love to see it). Steve had dated quite a bit and admits he would sometimes run into others he had asked out previously when in Margie’s company. Steve once had to “hide behind his napkin” in a restaurant because he’d dated one of the waitresses. Awkward moments aside, Steve and Margie married in 1986 and chose to make Sanford their home twenty years ago. They enjoy the community and have become very involved in seeing it grow. Margie and Steve work diligently with local organization showcasing Sanford. They share a love of preservation and often tour other cities to see what makes them successful. While Steve doesn’t go into as much detail as Margie when it comes to decorating and antiques, he enjoys looking. And he tells her how beautiful she is every single day. My quest is over for now and I have gained some wonderful insights into love and relationships. Making a relationship work has no clear rules from what I’ve gleaned, so now I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Maybe Brian and I aren’t that opposite. I mean, the very year after not getting me a gift, we adopted a dog on Valentine’s Day which may get him off the hook for the next century. Maybe it takes thinking of “we” a lot more than thinking of “me.” Or maybe it’s like comedian George Burns once said: “Love is like a backache. You can’t see it on x-ray, but you know it’s there.”

Yep, Katie did it. And thirteen years later, Brad and Anne are the proprietors of one of Sanford’s hottest restaurants, The District Eatery, Tap & Barrel located on West 2nd Street. They worked together with local artisans, creating a restaurant which showcases the existing architecture of Sanford’s Historic District. “We were kind of looking at this old house in the District,” said Anne. But there was also a great place to open a restaurant which was a long-time dream of Brad’s. Instead of buying the house, they spent many months renovating a space to accommodate the perfect gathering spot. Anne had the vision and Brad made it happen. Of course, it required a lot of elbow grease from both of them, but their relationship stays strong. Their secret to a long-term relationship is easy. They just get along. Even though they might have different ideas, Brad says they’ve had very few disagreements over the years. He never had children of his own and considers himself so fortunate to have Anne’s son and daughter in his life. Her son is Chef Extraordinaire at The District and Brad recently walked Katie MY SAN FOR D MAGA Z I N E | LI F E ST YLE • 29




11:30 pm

Craft Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead & House Sodas Dog and Kid Friendly




Monday Open Mic 6-9

Tuesday Trivia 7-9

Wednesday Ladies Night

Thursday Night is Randall Night

Fri/Sat Live Music

Yoga on Tap @ 10:30 am

4th Saturday, Sanford Avenue Street Party 5-9

Sunday Brunch 11-2, Live Music

Open for Lunch M-F 11:30







M-W 11:30-10 Thur 11:30-11 Fri 11:30-12 Sat 12:00-12:00 Sun 11-9



Dear Readers,


On behalf of my entire Colonial Room staff, I would like to thank you for your love, support and for voting us as the Best of Sanford in two categories.


Michelle Simoneaux, Owner

Colonial Room Restaurant Hours

Monday-Thursday 6:30am to 2:30pm Sunday- 7:00am to 2pm Sunday Buffet- 7:00am to 12:00pm


Address: 105 E 1st St, Sanford, FL 32771 Phone: (407) 323-2999

First Friday of every monthAll you can eat fish fry $ 8.95 Live music as well as extended hours until 8pm

Catering Services and Banquet Meeting Room available for special occasions.

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The Orlando Sanford International Airport has come a long way since it was known simply as “the Base.” On November 3rd, the Airport celebrated their 75th anniversary of the commissioning of Naval Air Station Sanford which trained pilots and crew in World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War. The 75th celebration was a WW II era salute to veterans featuring a PV-1 Ventura Bomber being restored by local volunteers and “Sanford’s Lucky Star,” a model who looked like she jumped right off the nose art. The PV-1 was also the centerpiece of a 3-D “Virtual Groundbreaking” showing what the the state-of-the art airport will look like after the $60 million expansion. It will include 36,000 square feet of new construction and 100,000 square feet of renovations. The 3-D Video flew through the terminal demonstrating how the WWII Bomber will be installed on a ledge high above the passengers as they check into a streamlined terminal with four new gates. A record breaking number of passengers chose SFB this year due to the “Simpler, Faster, Better” experience. And all indications show Orlando Sanford International Airport will continue its record growth in the coming year. Serving almost 3 million passengers annually, they are the 84th busiest airport in the United States and the 32nd busiest for take-offs and landings. Allegiant, the Airport’s largest carrier, continues to add new routes with

Dedication of Commemorative Painting of the PV-1 Ventura by artist Sam Lyons

service to over 70 non-stop destinations. Via Air now provides non-stop service to Charlotte with global connections and Interjet is flying to Mexico City four days a week. However, the airport will never outgrow community service. Airport leaders just announced an Aviation Career Program in partnership with Seminole County Public Schools and Seminole State College. And in December, they will host their first annual “Aviation Day” where thousands of students will roam the tarmac getting a hands-on experience in learning about aviation careers. In addition to its commitment to education and career development, the airport continues to be a catalyst for economic development throughout the region. They are now working on a strategic plan to develop nonaviation airport property, much of it located along E. Lake Mary Boulevard, and a redevelopment plan for the Airport Commerce Park. Meanwhile, plans for the Airport’s first hotel continue to move forward, along with the identification of other ancillary needs specific to the airport’s passengers, flight crews and on-site businesses.

Airport President Diane Crews being interviewed by the media on delivery of Allegiant's first New Airbus 320

FULMORE CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Ronald Fulmore, Sr.; Dr. Ronald Fulmore, II

CONTACT INFORMATION: Sanford 1400 S. Park Ave Sanford, FL 32771 Phone: 407-732-7751 S. Orlando / Kissimmee 9753 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32837 Phone: 407-270-4661 Downtown Orlando 1500 W. Gore Street Orlando, FL 32805 Phone: 407-425-6578 Altamonte Springs 781 Maitland Ave Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Phone: 407-339-2888 Website:

OUR STORY: Fulmore Chiropractic has many years of experience in treating back and neck pain with care and compassion. Involved in an automobile accident over 30 years ago, Dr. Ronald Fulmore, Sr. was left paralyzed on the right side of his body for a year and a half. He had been told about chiropractic, gave it a try and over time began to heal. Dr. Fulmore was eventually restored to 100% heath and decided to dedicate his life to helping others in the same way that he was once helped. OUR PRACTICE: Dr. Ronald Fulmore (Dr. Ronald as he is known at the office) is aided by a loyal staff of over 25 years, including his wife, Mrs. Fulmore, a graduate of the University of Florida who holds dual degrees in exercise science and occupational therapy and is an experienced dietitian and nutritionist. They were joined by their son, Dr. Ronald Fulmore, II (Dr. Ron) in August of 2010 to continue in a family tradition of providing excellent health care. He is a Lynn Business School graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida. In 2005.

Dr. Ron II led the Stetson Hatters’ Soccer Team to a Division I Championship where he was crowned MVP. In lieu of pursuing a professional soccer career, he matriculated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange. Florida completing the required eight years to receive the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. “My dad is my hero,” he says, “I want to be as good as him if not better.” Passionate about chiropractic and the patients he serves, Dr. Ron makes his best effort to ensure his patients feel comfortable and help them feel better as soon as possible. OUR PHILOSOPHY: Chiropractic treatment improves function, flexibility and energy flow to release healing powers that are locked inside the body. The health care profession entails something Dr. Fulmore calls a “synergistic balance” between non invasive health care treatment, proper exercise, and a healthy diet. “Through this dynamic,” he says, “people will be able to enjoy their bodies and their lives in a fuller, more flexibility and energy flow, and dignified manner.



CALENDAR & EVENTS For the most recent event updates & even more events, please be sure to visit or download the free Sanford365 mobile app. Better yet, never miss a thing in Sanford and subscribe to our weekly email newsletter!


Sanford offers fun events literally every week. With many monthly highlights like Alive After 5 (our very favorite themed street party that attracts thousands of people to historic downtown every 2nd Thursday of the month), the Sanford Art Walk and the Food Truck Fiesta (both events every 3rd Saturday of the month) and Sanford’s newest addition, the Sanford Avenue Block Party (every 4th Saturday) we’re certainly spoiled here in town. But which ones are the events that stand out every year? Below is a list of our favorite events in Sanford (Please note: some dates are not confirmed yet! For the most up to date event info please download the free Sanford365 mobile App).

2018 C L A U D I A M U N D LO S

February LOVE YOUR SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL February 8-11, 2018 Always held around Valentine’s Day, this short film movie festival keeps winning the hearts of local, national and international guests. MARDI GRAS STREET PARTY Feb. 17th, 2018, 4pm-9pm Sashay in the streets of Downtown Sanford and experience a taste of New Orleans with food, drinks and music.

March PINTS N’ PAWS March 24th, 2018 This unique craft beer festival in Downtown Sanford is one that you can share with your favorite pet - and best of all, 100% percent of the proceeds from this event go to charity for our four-legged friends!

April BREWS AROUND THE ZOO April 14th, 2018, 6pm-10pm Visit the Zoo after dark for an adult-only beer and wine tasting event benefitting the Zoo. Light fare from popular local restaurants, live music, special animal encounters and more make this event so wildly popular that tickets sell out quickly.

May ST. JOHNS RIVER FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS May 5th & 6th, 2018 Sanford’s very own art festival attracts thousands of visitors every year. See Art-in-Action from live artist demonstrations and create your own piece of artwork at workshops scheduled during the weekend.

June BEST OF SANFORD My Sanford Magazine Readers’ Choice Award


Re a d e r s ’ C h o i c e Awa rd s C e l e b ra t i o n


July STAR SPANGLED SANFORD July 4th, 2018, 4-10pm Sanford is the place to celebrate the 4th of July! Before watching the spectacular fireworks over Lake Monroe, families and friends spend a beautiful day at Fort Mellon Park with live bands, food and drinks while the kids play on the playground and cool off on the splash pad.

September ST. JUAN’S PIRATE FESTIVAL September 21st & 22nd, 2018 This quirky street festival has become a local favorite as pirates roam the streets of Downtown Sanford. The event usually gets kicked off with a pirate pub invasion the night before the event.

October SANFORD OKTOBERFEST October 11th-13th, 2018 One of Sanford’s biggest events of the year, Oktoberfest by now has almost everyone wearing Dirndls and Lederhosen. Authentic music, food and of course German beer make this event a success year after year.

November SANFORD BEER WEEK November (14th-20th, 2018) and Sofas & Suds, November 18th, 2018 Sanford Beer Week is, as the name suggests, a week full of beer centric events. With 2 craft breweries and 2-3 more slated to open in the next year, Downtown Sanford is the perfect place to celebrate beer! The highlight of this event is always Sofas and Suds where local businesses race their modified couches against each other. Who will be the fastest and who will be the crowd favorite?

December HOLIDAY TOUR OF HOMES December 1st, 2018 The annual Holiday Tour of Homes is definitely one of the highlights of the holiday season as guests tour beautifully decorated historic homes. If this event won’t get you in the holiday spirit we don’t know what will! CHRISTMAS IN THE SQUARE December 7th, 2018, 6pm The annual lighting of the Christmas tree on Magnolia is an all-time favorite for young and old. Enjoy festive music and even a visit from Santa. PARADE OF LIGHTS December 15th, 2018, 6pm Watch dozens of decorated holiday floats on First Street during the annual Parade of Lights and get excited about the holidays.

M Y S A N F O R D M A G A Z I N E | T H I N G S TO D O • 3 5

Downtown Directory

Art, Galleries & Performing Arts 119 230 211 204 211 109

Lake Monroe

Beauty & Wellness 218




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Veterans Memorial Park

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Civic Center


Senior Center

110 204 530 114 105 307

Ft Mellon Park & Splash Pad



0 40


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E 4TH ST 400 406 408 410 412 414 416 418 420 430 440

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E 5TH ST 500 502 504 506 508 516



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200 307 117 201 309 209 115 345

Downtown Directory

Monthly Downtown Events Consult online directory for event times.

111 208 111

Alive After 5 Second Thursday of each month, 1st Street

Farmer’s Market Saturdays, Magnolia Square

Art Walk Third Saturday of each month, Welcome Center

Food Truck Bazaar Third Saturday of each month, 2nd & Palmetto

Celery City Cruisers Last Saturday of the month, RiverWalk

Movie in the Square First Friday of each month, Magnolia Square

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1st Street Lounge The Alley Best Fish & Chicken Wings The Breezeway Restaurant & Bar Buster’s Bistro Caffe Di Riverwalk Celery City Craft Christo’s Colonial Room Restaurant The Corner Café Deviant Wolfe Brewing Company The District Ellen’s Wine Room El Zocalo Mexican Restaurant Fuel Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café Little Fish Huge Pond Mattie’s Delectable Desserts Moon’s Subs Monroe’s on the Lake Hotel & Banquet Hall Negril Spice Jamaican Restaurant Palate Coffee Brewery Rabbitfoot Records and Lounge Ricky’s Chicken Riverwalk Pizzeria Roots Raw Juice Bar Sanford Avenue Tavern Sanford Brewing Company The Smililng Bison St John’s River Steak & Seafood Restaurant Taste of Thyme Café Tennessee Truffle Wekiva Basin Brewery West End Trading Company The Wet Spot Wondermade Artisan Marshmallows Wop’s Hops Brewery Zorba’s Restaurant







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Ambassador Hair Salon American Spa Nails Beauty in the Shadows Betty Annes Unisex Hairstyling Beverly’s Haircutting Services Brownstone Hair by M. K. First Impressions Barber Shop Hair N Motion Kenneth Ray Hair Design La Chic Styles Salon Nicole Depass Massage Peggy’s Hair Boutique Sanford Barber Shop Studio 315

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Cindy’s Dance Studio Creative Sanford, Inc. Gallery on First Hollerbach’s Art Haus Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery Lochwood Perfoming Arts Center

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Antidote Apothecary & Spa Antiques & Dustibles BFF by My Beachy Style Doc Paper Scissors Dragon’s Lair Sports & Cellular Family Dollar Store Goodwill Ken’s Coins Lilly’s Vintage Antiques & Collectables Magnolia Square Market Maya Books & Music Rough Around the Edges Sanford Flower Shop Sanford Homebrew Sanford Supermarket String Theory Creations Treehouse Fine Furniture & Antiques Tuned Up Music Center Washburn Imports

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Historic Sanford Welcome Center Limo Cycle Tours Sanford Chamber of Commerce Sanford City Hall Sanford Museum St Johns Rivership Company U Sail of Central Florida

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Mexico City, Mexico Destinations may change without notice. Check with airlines for current list.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands Brussels, Belgium Charters from United Kingdom


My Sanford Magazine Winter 2017  


My Sanford Magazine Winter 2017