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EDITOR Dear Readers,

My Sanford Magazine has been pleased to serve the Sanford community, and it is my pleasure to announce our next step. In addition to being available throughout Sanford, the spring issue is being mailed to homes in Lake Mary and Heathrow. Also, in partnership with Sanford 365, we are including an inserted calendar of events for Sanford and other nearby cities called “Things TO DO Seminole.” In order for this mailing to remain affordable, we have made some minor changes to the magazine. The heavy paper you may be used to will be exchanged for slightly thinner paper. However, the quality and design you are accustomed to will remain the same. I am very glad that so many people in Sanford know about this positive lifestyle magazine, but there are people living in other communities who still need to hear about how and why Sanford has become a destination! We at My Sanford Magazine are excited to welcome them as readers and to tell them about all the amazing things Sanford has to offer. Noteworthy in that regard is the recent grand opening of the Office of Tourism at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center. We want to say thank you to our readers and our loyal advertisers, and we want to welcome the new ones. This magazine is made possible thanks to your support.

This spring, as we get ready for Mother’s Day, I am reminded of my mother. She taught me respect and instilled in me the value of education. She gave me so much, which leads me to give back to my family, friends, and community. My Sanford Magazine is one of the ways I try to honor her memory. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Mother’s Day, and happy reading!


Perla B. Crosby - is the founder, Editor-in-Chief and publisher of My Sanford Magazine. Her goal was to produce a local magazine that would foster unity and promote good will in Sanford’s culturally diverse community. This was accomplished and the magazine has been declared a resounding success. Preceding her long career as a Diplomat in Rome, Italy, Perla served as the Director General of Tourism in Italy where she founded a successful Tourist and Business Magazine.

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SANFORD SPOTLIGHT GLEMAN & SONS CUSTOM WOODWORKS My Sanford Magazine disclaims all liability for any and all advertisements, promotions, articles, and other affiliated content contained within this publication. The opinions of the authors are those alone. We do not accept any liability for information or advice provided by any advertiser, sponsor, or associated business provided in this magazine. REPRODUCTION OR USE IN PART OR IN WHOLE OF THE CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION IS PROHIBITED.

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Memorial Day began as “Decoration Day” in 1868, birthed from the carnage of a great Civil War, as a sacred day to remember those who fell, sacrificing their all to protect our very way of life. Memorial Day is not a day we celebrate our victories or extend honors to valiant and conquering heroes. On Memorial Day, we remember that freedom’s value is gauged when the Unknown Soldier places their very being into the eternal abyss, tendering payment of life in exchange for our liberty and the right to live free of compulsion, fear, or enslavement. Freedom is the foundation we rest all else upon. Words, no matter how sincere and impassioned, are found lacking when held against heroic actions. Weigh our tributes and remembrances alongside their sacrifices upon the scales, and you will observe a grave imbalance. We reserve one day out of the year to honor our ancestors, friends, and fellow citizens who have died protecting us from both internal and external threats. In exchange, our fallen have provided for the very establishment and preservation of a country and government where we are granted the opportunity to live peacefully and free. As mere words pale in comparison to their actions, it should be incumbent upon us to let our action overtake our rhetoric. For it is only we, the living, who can make their heroic deaths worthwhile. And it is our charge to do so by making this nation something worth dying for. Each of us, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or political affiliation can do this in our own unique way, and in doing so, we honor our fallen. I encourage you all to pledge yourselves to making this community and this country something to be proud of, so as to never commit the injustice of taking the valiant sacrifices for granted.

Daniel relocated to Central Florida in 2007 after nearly 10 years of active duty service in the United States Air Force. He is currently an attorney living and running his legal practice in Sanford and teaches American history at both the University of Central Florida and Seminole State College. Daniel also holds a position in the Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce, and is very charity, community, and civic minded regarding all things Sanford.

THEN & NOW U.S. Post Office Building, Sanford Florida C H R I S T I N E D A LTO N, A I C P The U.S. Post Office Building in Sanford was constructed in 1917. The exterior of the building is mostly original, with few alterations done in its 100-year existence. James Westmore was the supervising architect for the project. The Classical Revival style building is constructed of red pressed brick and trimmed in Georgia sandstone. The building served as Sanford’s Post Office until 1962, when a new post office opened nearby. The building has since been used as the Sanford Library, and is now home to the Historic Sanford Welcome Center. Prior to our lives being dominated by technology, written forms of communication were extremely important. The post office served an important role in communities, as people looked forward to hearing from family, friends, business associates, and others through the mail. Take a moment to imagine the time period in which the building was constructed – during the height of World War I. Visualize the memories and emotions that 4

were experienced in the building and on its front steps as letters from service members were anxiously torn open and read. Think about the clothes people wore, and how they may have looked and spoken. Let your mind transport you twenty-five years later in time and visualize the same scene, this time with 1940s wartime in mind. As you can imagine, the impact of this building on the community over the past century has been profound. Next time you pass the building or walk through its doors, feel free to wish it a happy 100th birthday, and many more!

Christine Dalton works as the Historic Preservation Officer and Community Planner for the City of Sanford. Christine is passionate about historic places. She teaches Historic Preservation at her Alma Mater, Rollins College. Her interests include all things historic, sailing, teaching, mentoring, and the arts.


It’s always a good time to visit Sanford – fly in through our International Airport, and stay in a locally owned Airbnb or at a bed and breakfast. There are plenty of things to do and see around the city, but many of our favorites don’t require wheels, just a present mind and a good pair of walking shoes. Here are a few don’t-miss spots: TAKE IN THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF THE LAKEFRONT Sanford sits on the south shore of Lake Monroe, with direct access into the St. Johns River. Step back in time at the Sanford Museum (520 E. First Street) Sit a spell at Café di Riverwalk (225 W. Seminole Boulevard) and have a light breakfast on Lake Monroe – you can’t beat the view! Grab a coffee to go and head across the street to the asphalt path that runs along the lake. Enjoy the scenery and keep an eye open for gators and even manatees depending on the time of year! EXPLORE SANFORD’S HISTORIC DISTRICTS Did you know that Sanford has not one, but two historic districts? Head south to First Street and you’ll find the Commercial district. Here you’ll step back into time and see buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Take a stroll down up and down First Street, taking the time to pop into any of the various shops that interest you. Some of our favorites are old-school bookstore Maya Books and Music (204 E. First Street), unique and eclectic gift shop Magpies Modern General (215 E. First Street) and Wondermade (you NEED a box of their delicious craft marshmallows – 214 E. First Street). Finally, don’t miss Sanford’s favorite landmark, the clock, located in Magnolia Square. Once you’ve checked out all that the Commercial District has to offer, head south on Palmetto Avenue and don’t forget to check out the gift/home decor shop, Boxelder (278 S. Palmetto Avenue). Stroll down oak-shaded sidewalks, taking in one of Sanford’s oldest streets. The Old Sanford Residential Historic District was recognized and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. There are over 400 historic homes in the district. As you stroll down the streets of the district, you’ll note that the streets are laid out on a grid, numbered streets run east-west. The original neighborhood was well-planned and includes parks, schools and churches.

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CHECK OUT ECLECTIC SANFORD AVENUE Once you’ve worn yourself out shopping and walking around, head east to Sanford Avenue, downtown’s favorite newly revitalized area. Here you’ll find eclectic shops, restaurants and bars. Stop in grab an authentic Belgian beer and frites at Buster’s Bistro (300 S. Sanford Avenue), and wander across the way to Little Fish Huge Pond (401 S. Sanford Avenue), taking in the diverse and interesting décor while you pony up to the bar. If you’re lucky you might get to take in some live music while you’re there! @sanfordbrewing

Tammy is a lifelong Sanford resident and currently serves as Chairman of the City of Sanford's Historic Preservation Board. She splits her time between her family and the corporate world where she works as an HR Benefits Administrator. You can catch her on the front porch spending time with her husband Jeb and two little girls - Sloane, 5 and Sawyer, 2.

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400 South Sanford Avenue, Sanford, Florida

FULMORE CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Ronald Fulmore, Sr.; Dr. Ronald Fulmore, II

CONTACT INFORMATION: Sanford 1400 S. Park Ave Sanford, FL 32771 Phone: 407-732-7751 S. Orlando / Kissimmee 9753 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32837 Phone: 407-270-4661 Downtown Orlando 1500 W. Gore Street Orlando, FL 32805 Phone: 407-425-6578 Altamonte Springs 781 Maitland Ave Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Phone: 407-339-2888 Website:

OUR STORY: Fulmore Chiropractic has many years of experience in treating back and neck pain with care and compassion. Involved in an automobile accident over 30 years ago, Dr. Ronald Fulmore, Sr. was left paralyzed on the right side of his body for a year and a half. He had been told about chiropractic, gave it a try and over time began to heal. Dr. Fulmore was eventually restored to 100% heath and decided to dedicate his life to helping others in the same way that he was once helped. OUR PRACTICE: Dr. Ronald Fulmore (Dr. Ronald as he is known at the office) is aided by a loyal staff of over 25 years, including his wife, Mrs. Fulmore, a graduate of the University of Florida who holds dual degrees in exercise science and occupational therapy and is an experienced dietitian and nutritionist. They were joined by their son, Dr. Ronald Fulmore, II (Dr. Ron) in August of 2010 to continue in a family tradition of providing excellent health care. He is a Lynn Business School graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida. In 2005.

Dr. Ron II led the Stetson Hatters’ Soccer Team to a Division I Championship where he was crowned MVP. In lieu of pursuing a professional soccer career, he matriculated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange. Florida completing the required eight years to receive the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. “My dad is my hero,” he says, “I want to be as good as him if not better.” Passionate about chiropractic and the patients he serves, Dr. Ron makes his best effort to ensure his patients feel comfortable and help them feel better as soon as possible. OUR PHILOSOPHY: Chiropractic treatment improves function, flexibility and energy flow to release healing powers that are locked inside the body. The health care profession entails something Dr. Fulmore calls a “synergistic balance” between non invasive health care treatment, proper exercise, and a healthy diet. “Through this dynamic,” he says, “people will be able to enjoy their bodies and their lives in a fuller, more flexibility and energy flow, and dignified manner.


Grand Opening

SANFORD TOURISM OFFICE After 10 remarkable years, the Sanford Welcome Center took the next step and celebrated the Grand opening of the Sanford Tourism Office on February 27th in downtown Sanford, Fl. Sanford city officials, the Board of Directors, volunteers of the Welcome Center, Tourism Committee, VisitFL and Orlando North representatives as well as many wellwishers packed the building to toast and celebrate the Tourism Office and all the new opportunities to #exploresanford.




Driving around Sanford, you can’t help but notice how new homes are being built non-stop. And they’re selling quickly in this very active real estate market! Anyone who has ever set foot in a model home knows how the perfect setting seemingly thought up straight from your favorite Pinterest boards instantly creates the desire to move right in. And that even though you literally just stopped in to kill some time and look for “decorating ideas” - or at least that’s what you told your better half. Addicted to the smell of “new” and of course always pointing at those low energy bills, you simply cannot afford not to buy it.



"What would my home sell for in TODAY'S market?"


Visit to find out instantly and for free if NOW is really the best time to sell!

But is new right for you and your family? We’ve put together 6 thought provoking questions for you so you can get closer to the answer.


With new homes being built typically in the suburbs, your work commute time might increase. Is some extra sleep in the morning something you are willing to sacrifice?


Do you like nature? Most new home communities offer little to no large trees and lush landscaping. It might take decades to grow a decent sized tree to build that tree house for your kids.


Would you mind visiting relatives not finding your home again after their morning walk? This might in fact be a plus for some, but honestly, would cookie cutter homes bother you after the home honeymoon has ended?


Are you willing to risk the occasional nail in your tire and all the dust and noise created during the construction of your neighbors’ homes?


Would you mind your neighbors peeking down at you while you are enjoying your backyard? The biggest complaint we get from buyers about homes in new(er) developments is the fact that some builders squeeze in home after home which results in little space between homes and therefore little privacy.


Do you mind sidewalks that end in nowhere? Those things, admittedly one of my biggest pet peeves, are symptomatic for new developments. Be sure to check how “well connected” your new neighborhood is to avoid frustration later.

There are lots of pros about new construction homes, with the number 1 thing being low energy bills due to their eco-friendliness. You’d be surprised how much energy bills between a newly built home versus a resale can differ. At the end of the day, it all boils down to preferences and priorities. That’s why we ask all of our buyers to write down their top 3 must haves for their new home. Sometimes these may change during the time we spend looking at homes, but we like to remind our clients of these priorities to keep them on their path to their dream home. 8

Jose Rodriguez & Claudia Mundlos Charles Rutenberg Realty



We’ve put together a LIST OF ALL NEW CONSTRUCTION IN SANFORD below. The complete info can be found at As certified new home co-brokers and realtors with over 22 years of combined experience in negotiating with builders on behalf of our clients, we always stay on top of current new construction inventory as well as client incentives. Whether you are going new or resale, having an experienced realtor by your side is the single most important thing you need for a successful real estate transaction. Astor Grande Retreat at Oregon Somerset at Sanford Farms Miller Estates (Custom Homes) Riverbend Kensington Reserve Reagan Pointe

Markham Square Serenity Cove Windsor Square Wyndham Preserve Thornbrooke at Towne Center Walden Cove

Claudia is a local realtor who has literally been selling Sanford for over 10 years. Together with her husband Jose Rodriguez, she is part of one of Seminole County’s most successful real estate teams at Charles Rutenberg Realty. You can follow their daily real estate adventures at JoseandClaudia. com. An avid blogger, she has grown a following of well over 10,000 with her web site where she actively promotes and portrays her beloved Sanford as the great town it is. Due to her extensive background in public relations and social media she recently also became part of Sanford’s new Tourism Office. Claudia resides in Sanford with her husband and two boys (ages 5 and 7).

211 East 1st St. Sanford, FL 32771 Phone · 407·323·2774

shows, events, education and conversations with working artists

Making art an experience!



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3950 3950US USHwy. Hwy.17-92 17-92Ste. Ste.1000 1000 Casselberry, FL 3950 3950 3950 USUSHwy. USHwy. Hwy. 17-92 17-92 17-92 Ste. Ste. Ste. 1000 1000 1000 Casselberry, FL

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900 W. W. 25th St. 900 Sanford, FL 900 900 900 W. W. W. 25th 25th 25th St. St. St. Sanford, FL (407) 878-5848 Sanford, Sanford, Sanford, FLFLFL (407) 878-5848

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821DeBary DeBaryAve. Ave. 821 Deltona, FL 821 821 821 DeBary DeBary DeBary Ave. Ave. Ave. Deltona, FL (386) 860-5448 Deltona, Deltona, Deltona, FL FLFL (386) 860-5448

M Y S A N F O R D M A G A Z I N E | CO M M U N I T Y & P E O P L E • 14


Q. WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT LIVING IN SANFORD? R. We don’t really leave Sanford for much, my husband does for work but I can truly say, I don’t. All of our needs are met here, employment, dining, entertainment, health and wellness, arts and culture. As the Communications Officer for the city, living and working in Sanford is pretty satisfying even better when we had the opportunity to purchase a 1920 Spanish Mediterranean Elton Moughton home last spring, just 1.5 miles from city Hall and the beauty of Lake Monroe.



A typical Saturday for us is a 2-minute drive to downtown, a visit to the Farmer’s Market, to pick up some homemade soaps, and maybe a piece of hand-crafted jewelry ordained with crystals. We stop by Maya’s Bookstore for a warm welcome and to see what interesting books and classic vinyl we can bring home and listen to later in the afternoon, then it’s a walk to lunch across the street, a stop in the tea room to browse, maybe buy a chachki or two, and a visit to Mattie's for coffee and a delectable dessert. Sipping the coffee, we drive a minute to the city’s Sanford Museum to check out the cool history of our historic home then a zip and a turn & we’re finally back home, relaxing. Right back to downtown in the evening to catch happy hour at the Bison and maybe a mystery at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. Knowing city government is providing its best services for me as a resident, that’s icing on the cake. Q. WHAT DO YOU FEEL ARE SOME OF YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS? R. Raising my son, Noah, as a single parent, who has grown into an all around respectful young man, citizen and student studying Music at UCF. All the while working full time, saving for his college, going back to school to get my graduate degree to make a better way for us. Another big accomplishment was serving my country for 4 years in the Navy, leaving for 8 weeks of boot camp, a couple months after graduating high school, and at 18 years old, my first-duty station, being Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, living there for 1 year, on just 45 square miles of naval base. Q. WHAT SETS SANFORD APART FROM OTHER CITIES IN CENTRAL FLORIDA? R. My husband Johnny and I were exercising on the RiverWalk at dusk, the moon was full, brilliantly shining down on the rippling water. It was a windy, cool night, with few people out (because of the wind and cold air) and as we walked past the marina, the sailboats were swiftly swaying on the waves of the water, the sound of the clanging halyards made for a one of a kind moment, a memory that only solidifies why I live and work in Sanford. This diverse scenic beauty is walking distance to a historic, thriving, downtown filled with local businesses to choose from truly, a one of a kind city in the Central Florida region. Q. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT WORKING AS THE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER FOR THE CITY OF SANFORD? R. I’m blessed to be able to work in the Communications field for municipal government and for such a diversely populated city such as Sanford, that also has an international airport and Amtrak Station. I’m working in the field I was educated in, BS in Communications with a major in Advertising and a Masters Degree in Public Administration, promoting/ marketing city services/projects…and most importantly, promoting citizen engagement. I’m dedicated and passionate about my role at the city. I’m able to take my real-life experiences as a Sanford resident and translate those moments into advertising and marketing the assets of Sanford. I also really enjoy my interactions with the diversity of our public, our customers, and providing them with the important information they need. In my role, I get to work with all the City Departments and that makes each day interesting I work in the City Manager’s office at City Hall and report to the City Manager, Norton Bonaparte.

“I’m dedicated and passionate about my role at the City. I’m able to take my reallife experiences as a Sanford resident and translate those moments into marketing the assets Sanford has.” “Estoy comprometida, y me apasiona el rol que tengo en la ciudad. Mis propias experiencias de vida como habitante de Sanford, me sirven para promocionar los recursos y activos que tiene Sanford.”

fue una decisión que tomé cuando tuvimos la oportunidad de comprar, la pasada primavera, una casa histórica de estilo mediterráneo español de 1920 ya renovada, a tan solo 1.5 millas del ayuntamiento y de la belleza del lago Monroe. Un sábado típico para nosotros es manejar durante dos minutos hasta el centro de la ciudad, visitar el mercado de productores agrícolas y comprar unos jabones caseros y, tal vez, algunas joyas artesanales con cristales curativos. Hacemos una parada en la librería Maya con su cálida acogida para ver qué libros interesantes y vinilos clásicos podríamos llevarnos a casa para escuchar luego por la tarde. Después, damos un paseo hasta el otro lado de la calle para almorzar una estupenda comida griega; hacemos una parada en el salón de té para buscar, y quizás, comprar unos chahckis, y nos detenemos en Matties para un café y un delicioso cupcake de terciopelo rojo. Mientras bebemos a sorbitos el café, manejamos un minuto hasta el Museo de Sanford para echar un vistazo a la genial historia de nuestra casa histórica. De ahí damos media vuelta, y finalmente estamos de regreso en casa para descansar. Volvemos al centro de la ciudad por la tarde para alcanzar el happy hour en el Bison y, tal vez, un espectáculo o una actuación sorpresa en el Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center. Saber que el Gobierno municipal está haciendo lo mejor para mí, como residente, es la guinda del pastel. Eso es lo que más me gusta de vivir en Sanford. P. ¿CUÁLES CONSIDERAS QUE SON ALGUNOS DE TUS MAYORES LOGROS? R. Debido a una delicada decisión, opté por criar a mi hijo Noah como una verdadera madre soltera. Un hijo que se ha convertido en un respetuoso jovencito, ciudadano y estudiante universitario. Todo este tiempo estuve trabajando a jornada completa, ahorrando para sus estudios, y volví a la escuela para obtener mi licenciatura y hacer las cosas de la mejor manera para nosotros.

His years of city management experience, professionalism and leadership allow me to continue to grow in my career and perform at my best every day. In addition, my experience as Communications Officer only adds to my volunteer work as Vice President of the Sanford Welcome Center, Committee Member of the Sanford Tourism Office, Board Member of the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center and most recently representing the city of Sanford as Board Member on the newly created Florida League of Cities Florida Municipal Communicators Association Inc. Q. WHAT RECOMMENDATIONS WOULD YOU GIVE TO ANYONE WHO IS LOOKING TO MAKE SANFORD THEIR NEXT HOME? R. Experience the people, the atmosphere, see the new development, the evolution of Sanford and its natural beauty. I would also recommend taking the City’s free Citizens Academy Course. It’s a fantastic way to educate yourself on the local government- the government that you are receiving all your essential services from, water, sewer, roadways, police and fire. Make decisions about living here based on your own interactions. Come see for yourself what Sanford offers, throughout the entire city. Sanford’s overall access to a superb public education system for your children, transportation networks and healthcare only adds to this great city. I’m a newbie myself, 6.5 years in Sanford. I understand there are multi-generations of proud Sanfordites still living throughout Sanford which means the city is being led in the right direction and I’m honored to be part of it. P. ¿QUÉ ES LO QUE MÁS TE GUSTA DE VIVIR EN SANFORD? R. Realmente no nos alejamos de Sanford; mi esposo sí lo tiene que hacer por cuestiones laborales, pero yo puedo decir, sinceramente, que yo no. Todas nuestras necesidades se satisfacen aquí: el empleo, la gastronomía, el entretenimiento, la salud y el bienestar, el arte y la cultura. Como oficial de Comunicación de la ciudad, vivir y trabajar en Sanford es grandioso y 12

Otro gran logro fue servir a mi país durante 4 años en la Marina, un par de meses después de graduarme de la escuela secundaria fui durante 8 semanas el campamento de entrenamiento básico. Y a los 18 años me fui a mi primer lugar de destino la Estación Naval Bahía de Guantánamo, en Cuba, donde viví durante 1 año. P. ¿QUÉ DIFERENCIA A SANFORD DE OTRAS CIUDADES DE FLORIDA CENTRAL? R. Mi esposo Johnny y yo estábamos haciendo ejercicio por RiverWalk al atardecer; la luna estaba llena, brillando espléndidamente sobre el agua ondulante. Era una noche ventosa y fresca, y con poca gente debido al viento y al aire frío. Cuando pasamos junto al puerto deportivo, los veleros se balanceaban sobre las olas y el sonido de las drizas convirtió ese instante en un recuerdo verdaderamente único; un recuerdo que solo consolida el por qué vivo y trabajo para Sanford. Esta belleza paisajística está a poca distancia de un centro histórico floreciente, donde abundan los negocios locales. Verdaderamente es una ciudad única en la región de Florida Central. P. ¿QUÉ ES LO QUE MÁS TE GUSTA DE TRABAJAR COMO OFICIAL DE COMUNICACIÓN PARA LA CIUDAD DE SANFORD? R. Me siento afortunada de poder trabajar en el ámbito de la comunicación para el Gobierno municipal, para una población tan diversa de una ciudad ·de verdad¸ como Sanford, que tiene aeropuerto internacional, Amtrak, etc. Estoy trabajando en el ámbito en el que me formé, pues soy licenciada en Comunicación con especialidad en Publicidad y una Maestría en Administración Pública. Se trata de una combinación de temas relativamente nuevo para el Gobierno local: la promoción y el marketing de servicios y proyectos de la ciudad... Y lo más importante, promover la participación ciudadana. Estoy comprometida, y me apasiona el rol que tengo en la ciudad. Mis propias experiencias de vida como habitante de Sanford, me sirven para promocionar los recursos y activos que tiene Sanford.

También disfruto mucho de mis interacciones con el gran crisol que es nuestro público, nuestros clientes, y proporcionándoles la información importante que necesitan. En mi rol, puedo trabajar con todos los departamentos de la ciudad y eso hace que cada día sea interesante. Trabajo en la oficina del Administrador de la Ciudad que está en el ayuntamiento e informo al administrador municipal, el Sr. Bonaparte. Sus años de experiencia administrando la ciudad, su profesionalidad y liderazgo me permiten florecer y rendir al máximo todos los días. Además, mi experiencia como oficial de Comunicación no hace más que sumar a mi trabajo voluntario como vicepresidenta del Sanford Welcome Center, como miembro del Comité de la Oficina de Turismo de Sanford, como miembro de la junta directiva del Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center y, desde hace poco tiempo, representando a la ciudad de Sanford como miembro de la junta directiva de la recién creada Liga de Ciudades de Florida, Asociación de Comunicadores Municipales de Florida. Q. ¿QUÉ RECOMENDARÍAS A UNA PERSONA QUE BUSCA ESTABLECER SU HOGAR EN SANFORD EN UN FUTURO CERCANO? R. Que conozca a su gente, que experimente su ambiente, que vea su nuevo desarrollo, la evolución de Sanford y su belleza natural. También recomendaría tomar el curso gratuito de la Academia de la Ciudadanía de la ciudad; es una manera fantástica y completa de aprender más acerca del Gobierno local del que los residentes estamos recibiendo todos nuestros servicios básicos como el agua, el alcantarillado, la infraestructura, la policía y los bomberos. Que tome la decisión de vivir aquí en base a sus propias interacciones, que venga a descubrir lo que Sanford tiene para ofrecer a lo largo y ancho de toda ciudad. El excelente sistema de educación pública para sus hijos, la red de transporte y la atención médica no hacen más que sumar a esta gran ciudad. Yo misma soy nueva aquí, solo llevo 6 años y medio en Sanford. Entiendo que, si hay varias generaciones de orgullosos sanforditas todavía viviendo aquí, es que la ciudad de Sanford está yendo por buen camino, y me enorgullece formar parte de ella.



Trolley Talk S O N I A F O N S E C A , M B A , F R A-R A

On October 1, 2017, the City of Sanford launched a FREE trolley service to provide transportation from both the Amtrak Auto Train and Sunrail to 9 stops within the City.

El 1 de octubre de 2017, la Ciudad de Sanford lanzó un servicio de trolley GRATUITO para proporcionar transporte desde Amtrak Auto Train y Sunrail hasta 9 paradas dentro de la ciudad.

Since then, more than 10,000 riders have enjoyed the free service provided by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

Desde entonces, más de 10,000 pasajeros han disfrutado del servicio gratuito provisto por la Agencia de Re-desarrollo de la Comunidad (CRA).

Now, the CRA has embarked on improving the service by providing a live feed for those that plan visits to the City! Riders will be able to use a trip planner to determine the best mode of transportation to reach their destination. This upgrade includes integration with Google Maps, Lynx, Sunrail, Lyft and Uber!

El CRA se ha embarcado en mejorar el servicio al proporcionar un live feed para aquellos que planifican visitas a la ciudad. Los pasajeros podrán usar un planificador de viajes para determinar el mejor modo de transporte para llegar a su destino. ¡Esta actualización incluye integración con Google Maps, Lynx, Sunrail, Lyft y Uber!

Now with the addition of a 4-diamond hotel, new office space, retail, housing and entertainment venues, it is time to visit Sanford. When you visit Sanford, be sure to take advantage of the Welcome Center for tourism information and stop by the Sanford Museum for a bit of local history.

Ahora con la adición de un hotel de 4 diamantes, nuevos locales de oficinas, tiendas, viviendas y lugares de entretenimiento, llego la hora de visitar nuestra ciudad. Cuando visite Sanford, asegúrese de aprovechar el Welcome Center y de información turística y además, visite el Museo de Sanford para conocer un poco de la historia local.

We look forward to seeing you around town!

¡Esperamos verte en nuestra ciudad!




V I N C E H O S K I N S, K E V I N B R O W N - M A N A G E R , A S H L E Y F E R R E I R A , R A N A E A N D E R S O N, D E R E K K E N D R I C K , M I K E J A C K S O N

Exclusive Sleep Diagnostic System "Dream Machine" Free In Home Design Services Free Delivery (See Store For Details) Hudson’s Furniture Store has been around for over 38 years and is known as America’s number one furniture store. Their complimentary Design Services can make the home of your dreams come true, both in-store and in-home. Hudson’s is a family owned business where both the CEO and President, Josh and Adam, are very actively involved in the day to day operations of the company. In fact, Josh takes pride in knowing his employees by name. His reviews on Glassdoor speak volumes about the type of business leader he is. Their employees follow up with customers and the exceptional customer service they provide sets them apart from any furniture store in the industry. When speaking with the General Manager, Kevin Brown, he talked about the friendly atmosphere at Hudson’s where employees can bring suggestions to make their business an awesome place to work. “We have an open-door policy here at Hudson’s. If we don’t like something, we change it,” Kevin said confidently. Kevin has been in the business for over thirty years and brings his wealth of knowledge as he manages three locations. One of their newest competitive advantages is called “The Dream Machine.” This machine maps out the best mattress based on an individual’s body and the way they sleep. When they lay on a mattress, the Dream Machine 16

measures their pressure points and helps narrow down specific choices for customers based on their own body composition. The Dream Machine is very interactive and gives an idea of what kind of bed will work best for each customer. It even helps couples decide on a happy medium or what will work best for both people. Customer satisfaction has gone up significantly since Hudson’s started using the Dream Machine. Hudson’s is open to the public seven days a week. Their Sanford location is conveniently located to highways such as Interstate 4 and Route 46. The Sanford location receives test products and samples first, some of which a regular furniture store may never even see. The outlet always has awesome deals and is known for their well-liked mattress selections. Popular brands such as Broyhill, Flexsteel, and Southern Motion are just a few of the good quality furniture brands that Hudson’s offers and their furniture is built to last! Hudson’s offers furniture that has the perfect blend of style and function for your home, business and recreation needs. The next time you are looking to update your home with new furniture, stop by Hudson’s Furniture Outlet in Sanford and you are guaranteed to find the best value in Central Florida!

Living Room

Dining Room



Award Winning Art Studios • Charming Restaurants • Pubs • Unique Shops • Alive After 5 Mayfair Country Club • Paw Park • Farmers Market • Sanford Museum • RiverWalk The Central Florida Zoo • Performing Art Theaters • Seminole Towne Center Mall Seminole State College • Buehler Planetarium


The bathroom is the one room that should feel relaxing, indulgent and calm. Unfortunately, if you have a family home, sometimes the bathroom can become overrun with plastic duckies and bath bubbles, and we don’t always have a big budget to spend on décor. So, I have a few tips on how you can update your current bathroom space. Trust me; there are ways to create a luxury bathroom without spending a fortune! To begin your bathroom journey, you’ll want to think carefully about the colors you’ll use. If you would like a clean hotel feel, then go for simple whites and creams, while adding dark woods, or copper toned accessories. If you would like something more fun and vibrant, still use simple whites as your background and add in the spice with colorful accessories and toiletries. Try not to overpower the room with a complex theme; only 2 main colors should be used to keep the space elegant and simple. Well thought out lighting is another way to help make your space feel more luxurious! Spotlights, wall lights, and illuminated wall mirrors or cabinets will always add that decadent touch and give your space a more professional feel. Make sure to add your lighting element during your early stages of design. Because of this, you will want to give the whole scheme plenty of thought before you make any final decisions. The easiest and most effective way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom is through accessories! Think of items like Voluspa Candles, fluffy towels, divine soaps by Submerge Bath & Body, and fragrances to add a grand touch to your space. All items can be found at the A.Clore Interiors Boutique. Luxury bathroom accessories are easy to find and an inexpensive way to add a little spice to your bathroom interior. For my last tip of richness, clear away all the clutter! We tend to accumulate a collection of bath and beauty products, so having a stylish storage to hide it all away is the perfect way to help update your bathroom. Divide your favorites into coordinated containers, and add a storage unit, hooks, and cabinets to ensure all your products are hidden away from view until you need them. These are just a few of my special tips to get your bathroom in tip-top shape! With the right colors, accessories, and the perfect lighting, you can achieve your own luxurious bathroom without the grand cost! Try a few of these budget friendly tips, and see the difference you can make in your bathroom!

Amber Clore is a Florida Registered Interior Designer and rising star who combines on-trend creative talent with practical, technical design training and expertise. She is the owner of A.Clore Interiors, a vibrant evolutionary design firm in downtown Sanford, FL. Amber is recognized as an emerging leader in industry and local community and serves as President Elect for the American Society of Interior Designers Florida North Chapter. Her passion is to provide a one of a kind design experience for her clients that capture their distinct individual style. Because her transformations are visually striking, functional, and timeless, Amber’s success has been showcased on several design shows and renowned media outlets like HGTV, Houzz. com, and as Fox35 Good Day Orlando’s on-air design exert. Her youthful energy and mature sense of style have created a niche in Sanford, Central Florida and the design world.




LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER: FROM SANFORD TO NEW ORLEANS IN A RICH CULTURAL EXCHANGE Y E L LY M A RY M O N TA LV O, C M S S O M M E L I E R A N D W S E T L E V E L 2 W I N E S & S P I R I T S C E R T I F I E D was so highly regarded. After that let down, we headed back to Bourbon Street where we visited some tourist shops and bars and finished in what we considered the royal crown of the trip: 21st Amendment Jazz Bar. They had an outstanding authentic roaring jazz band that would also play some Cajun music along with classic jazz.

If there is something that I enjoy more than wine, it’s traveling. When I was offered the opportunity to chronicle my trips with my culinary experiences, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. Owning your own small business limits your time availability, but offers you flexibility on your days off. While working on the opening of our wine bar, I received an email from Allegiant Airlines alerting a great deal: $28 each way from Sanford Airport to New Orleans. New Orleans has always been on our bucket list and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. When we travel, I search for restaurants beforehand that can handle my allergies and offer a thrilling wine list. So, I had each one of our eating spots panned out along with hangout spots, always with room for adventure. We were starving at that point, so we headed to our first dining destination. Bacchanal Wine is something so picturesque that words might not be enough. We walked in to be received with a small, dark, and cozy wine shop that leads to a narrow hallway into a gorgeous patio with plenty of seats and staged with live jazz. Oddly enough, there are no waiters, so you must order your dinner and drinks at the bar. Their menu offers a great selection of tapas, which I love. Their wine selection was broad and simple enough to navigate. It reminded me so much of my business concept, so we were happy to see a full house of people enjoying it too. Overall, it was a good experience and it did not break the bank. We headed to The Jazz Playhouse. With music as a passion and New Orleans being the birthplace of Jazz, this made me so excited. The Jazz Playhouse is located inside the ostentatious Sonesta Hotel. Opulent decorations welcome you into this beautiful lounge in sharp contrast with the bustle and hustle from Bourbon Street. We enjoyed a bread pudding paired with a ruby port to die for. On our second day, we started later and decided to take it easy. We went to the French Quarter and enjoyed the staple and classic Café de Monde. As a fan of Anne Rice novels, this was a must for me and did not disappoint. We did some shopping and strolled the Jackson Square while enjoying some neat art along with great music. We also visited the Garden District to check out the Garden Bookstore. Whenever visiting a town, I always love to browse and shop at their local bookstores. We picked some local selections, drove around the district and determined we needed to come back the next day with a tour. We both love craft beer and coming from Sanford where we have such a booming local brewery scene, checking NOLA beer scene was a must. That lead us to Wayward Owl Brewing Company. They kept some of the original seating and created a unique setting. Their beer selection was outstanding with over 10 beers on tap. Later, we headed to dinner at Marcelo’s Restaurant and Wine Bar in the warehouse diner, as we wanted to have a nicer dinner. This was the low point of our culinary experience. The food was underwhelming and the service (or lack of) had us wondering how this place 20

During our third day, we participated in a Garden District Tour and Lafayette Cemetery Tour. Coming from Puerto Rico, I couldn’t understand the fascination with these cemeteries. Once you visit NOLA cemeteries the stories are rich and intense. Our tour guide was fabulous and we visited all the typical celebrity homes but were in awe with the beautiful architecture. We love to visit places off the beaten path and so we landed in the West End and visited the Brieux Carre Brewing. They have a unique approach where they use a five-barrel system with 12 beers on tap. They have been open for a year and their beers are a work in progress. In that same interest of finding unique spots, we found St. Roch Market and we could not believe our eyes. It was reminiscent to what the project Henry’s Depot wishes to accomplish here in Sanford. An open space with multiple food vendors that are sure to cater every palate. Our last day was hectic, as we still had plenty of places we wanted to check out. We headed to Magazine Street to find a bunch of pleasant locally owned and quaint shops without the chaos of the French Quarter. We also visited Uptown NOLA and it was there where we found Simon’s Market, a nice concept of deli/supermarket with natural and organic food supplied by local growers and farmers. We also visited two local comic shops (Crescent Comics and More Fun Comics) and another bookstore. We couldn’t finish our trip without more breweries so we visited The Courtyard Brewery, Second Line Brewing, and NOLA Brewing Company. All enjoyable, but left with the conclusion that Central Florida has a much more solid brewing scene and we’re excited to see what comes to Sanford. In sum, New Orleans is a rich and culturally diverse city that needs to be on your bucket list. If you notice, we did not dwell on reviewing the usual suspects or common tourist spots, as we all can easily find those online. We decided to offer an insight in an approach more oriented to the local craft scene and things that resonate with our Sanford community. NOLA is much more than Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. I am not a fan of big cities and the noise level and chaos that comes with it. That’s why we decided to call Sanford home, and while in NOLA decided to visit more quaint and small spots. NOLA offers something for everyone and is certainly a vibrant town that has resurged from the ashes to show that it still has life and their culture is what defines it. Laissez les bon temps rouler and enjoy the good times! Yellymary is a Court of Masters Sommelier and WSET Level 2 Wines & Spirits certified. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Mary (as known to her friends) had the opportunity to travel Europe at a young age and it was there where she developed a passion for all things wine and started developing her palette. After living in Germany for two years (her husband is a German native) she decided to move back to Puerto Rico to pursue her Law Degree at the University of Puerto Rico. Once completed her formal education she then decided to move to Florida to follow her passion. Along with her husband, she owned a successful wine bar in Clermont for 5 years in which she curated the wine list along with wine club memberships and management. She is dedicated to making wine easy and fun to learn as it never should be a daunting task to the guest. Through her career Mary has attended many seminars including the Bordeaux Blending Wine Seminar hosted by Certified Sommelier Tony Porcellini. She and her husband decided to relocate to Sanford in early 2017 and close to open Luisa’s Cellar in Downtown Sanford.

10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VEGAN FOOD NIKKI NAMDAR YOU CAN GET ALL THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED One of the most frequently asked questions about veganism is, will I get all the nutrients I need? The answer is yes. If you eat a plant-based diet rich in whole foods, from greens to beans, you will load up on iron, fiber, and protein. The only supplement I suggest you take, vegan or not, is B12. Although foods fortified with B12 (some plants milks, cereals and soy products), it’s best to take a supplement to absorb the proper amount. SOY IS NOT THE ENEMY Unless you have a soy intolerance or allergy, don’t be afraid! Soy is not bad for you. In fact, studies have suggested it decreases the risk of prostate cancer. There are many benefits to soy products like tofu. Soybeans are considered a complete protein and could have just as much as steak. Additionally, there is no direct link between soy and breast cancer or soy lowering testosterone. YOU CAN BE GLUTEN-FREE AND SOY-FREE People worry that going vegan means more gluten and soy, but that’s not true. Alternatives such as tempeh and jackfruit can act as your “meat” in many dishes. Brands like Beyond have gluten- and soy-free products, even food such as burgers. And perhaps most importantly, load up on beans and legumes! THERE ARE DELICIOUS MEAT ALTERNATIVES Gardein, Beyond, Morningstar, Field Roast, Tofurky and more have meat-free options for you, from sausages to bacon, hot pockets to lasagna. If you miss a certain type of food, I guarantee there’s an alternative for it, or a recipe! ANYTHING YOU EAT CAN BE MADE VEGAN Love pizza, sushi, burgers, and Phillies? Don’t worry, you won’t have to give them up as vegans. Just veganize it! Collect cookbooks, like Nom Yourself and Thug Kitchen, to help you with your day-today cooking. I also highly recommend you get on social media, delete any temptation, and start searching for inspiration on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. GOING OUT TO EAT ISN’T DIFFICULT Don’t be nervous when going out to eat. Many restaurants these days have vegan options, or customizable menu items. You can even opt for side items, like rice, beans, and sautéed veggies.

Welcome to

Classic American Food DINE IN | DELIVERY | ORDER OUT | CATERING 107 WEST FIRST STREET Historic Sanford, Florida 32771

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But be sure to ask if even these items are vegan, though. Some restaurants and cultures add cream, butter, or meat broths for flavor. YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT MAKES SOMETHING NON-VEGAN Vegans often joke that we have trust issues. We are constantly reading through every ingredient on a label! Some items may seem like they’re vegan, but brush up on certain things like casein (derived from animal’s milk) and l-cysteine (sourced from feathers or human hair) that are found in some foods. Even alcohols can be filtered through isinglass, also known as fish bladder. SOME THINGS YOU ALREADY LOVE ARE ACCIDENTALLY VEGAN Do you love Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos or Oreo cookies? No worries—these are what we call “accidentally vegan!” Check out PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) list of accidentally vegan foods. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what is still an option for you. IT’S DELICIOUSLY CREATIVE If you didn’t love cooking before, you’ll love cooking when you’re vegan. Is there a special family recipe you want to figure out how to make vegan? Or a unique way of making your favorite food? Imagine Thanksgiving without the bird as your centerpiece, but instead a tofurky roast or nutloaf with sides of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Yes, it’s absolutely possible. All you have to do is try out different alternatives and ingredients. IT’LL MAKE YOU HUNGRY FOR MORE It’s unlikely that you’ll meet a vegan who isn’t a foodie. Most of us are on the search for more. We get excited to go out and eat, even checking menus and asking questions in advance. Eating will become more than a necessity, but an adventure.

Nikki is a writer/photographer in Central Florida. Finding stories in her city is an adventure she lives for. She loves photographing people in their most natural element--laughing, crying, connecting with their world. Her work can resonate with anyone who wants to feel a spark of emotion. She resides in downtown Sanford with her pup, Cookie, and a cuddly fur family of felines.

The Legacy of Mr. Joseph N. Crooms and Croom’s Academy PA S H A B A K E R

Mr. Joseph N. Crooms started his local career as a teacher and principal of the 7th Street Elementary School and in 1910, he was transferred to Hopper Academy, both schools were located in the Georgetown Community. Along with his wife, Mrs. Wealthy Crooms, an educator, they both raised money to complete the newly built Hopper Academy, purchased books to enlarge the curriculum to include 1st-7th grade, bought playground equipment, and beautified the grounds with lighting and trees. Mr. Crooms taught at Hopper Academy for over 15 years. In 1926 Crooms Academy was constructed and named by the Board of Education for the appreciation of sacrifices and to honor Mr. Crooms as the Principal of Hopper Academy and the newest Seminole County High School for Black Children. After the school was built, Mr. Crooms purchased the adjoining 7-1/2 acres and rented it to the Seminole County School Board for Social Studies, English and Home Economic classes. Mr. Crooms last and telling effort was to raise funds, to meet the needs of the youth and fill the gaps of positive prevention to school accreditation. For Croom’s Academy to be accredited, the school needed a library and a certified librarian. Mr. Crooms made his voice heard by teachers, students, parents, churches, and the business community in Seminole County, until he met his goal of $7,300. Mr. Croom’s words at the dedication of the new library were “this is a memorial library to the Negroes of Sanford, Seminole County, Florida and elsewhere." In 1970, all schools in Seminole County by the order of the Federal Government had to be integrated. There were to be no more segregated schools in Sanford or Seminole County. Croom’s Academy was on the list to be closed.


A group of Ku Klux Klan members in Sanford tried to burn down the school, to stop white’s from attending classes at Croom’s Academy. The Klan was unsuccessful in their efforts, and again the Seminole County School Board decided to close the door on Croom’s Academy. In 1984 the Concerned Citizen Task Force- A group of African Americans from Sanford and Seminole engaged the Orlando Law firm of Norris Woolfork, to utilize legal action against the Seminole County School Board. The Letter to the Seminole County School Board was signed by Mrs. Martha Mckinney, Chairwoman of the Concerned Citizens Task Force. In May of 1985, the Seminole County School Board was found guilty and told to uphold the Federal Court of the Middle District of Florida’s ruling. Two years after the Judge’s verdict, the doors of Croom’s Academy were open to all students. Mrs.Martha Mckinney, Mr.Earl C. Myers, Mr.Calvin Collins, Jr., Mr.Willie King, and Mr.Billy Lewis, were designated as Amicus Curiae by the Middle District of the Court of Florida. To learn more about the history and legacy of Mr. Joseph N. Crooms and Croom’s Academy, please visit the Croom’s Academy Memorabilia Museum @ 1215 Historic Goldsboro Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771 or www. Photo Credit: Croom’s Academy Memorabilia Museum Mr. Joseph N. Crooms Mrs. Wealthy R. Crooms Croom’s Academy- Class of 1940



They are the digital natives, children born who do not remember a time before the internet, video games and video chats with the grandparents. For these young explorers, who often can operate a tablet before they learn to walk or talk, their reality growing up in the 21st century and competing with the world, now just a click away, will look much different than past generations. As parents we have the responsibility to establish a safe relationship with technology. When we make a conscious effort to model technology use, we are teaching children by example. Making a conscious effort to put your phone away during conversations with your child, establishing eye contact and being present during a conversation models the importance of mindfulness and human connection. I learned that principle, when my 7 year old daughter Valerie asked me the reason I was checking my social media when talking to a relative on the phone that enjoys really long conversations. Suddenly, I realized the impact of my actions. Second, I am a firm believer of engaging children in the process of establishing household rules. Start by providing some examples of rules for technology use that you consider essential such as “not to use technology during family meal time”. Then involve the children in creating other rules with you, and write them in their language. Keep the list simple, post it in a place that children can see it and discuss the consequences of not following the rules. Discuss each rule individually, ask for examples and discuss how other people feel when we break the rules to illustrate the point. The strategies of modeling technology use and engaging children in the process of creating the rules allows you to promote critical skills and introduce social skills at a young age.

Marnie Forestieri is Chief Learning Officer and CoFounder of Amazing Explorers Academy®. She is an entrepreneur with a passion for education and innovation. Marnie and the education team have been nationally recognized for their collaboration to design a line of STEM toys for Kaplan and for authoring (STEM PLAY). Marnie holds a BS in business administration, a Director’s credential and CDA (Child Development Associate). Prior to launching her own business, Marnie started her career as a journalist for CNN International and later became a vice president in a telecommunications company. of the year” and the winner of the “Center of the Year award by FACCM.





Garden Grow?


Mary, Mary, quite contrary How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells And pretty maids all in a row. What strange rhymes we learn as children! I’ve often wondered what made Mary so contrary. Since moving to Central Florida in 2010, I think perhaps Mary was trying to garden here in Seminole County. I wouldn’t call myself inexperienced; I love to dig in the dirt. My husband, Brian, and I have owned homes in seven of these United States and have always reworked their landscaping. Now we’ve moved into a rambling, old, green house in Sanford’s Residential Historic District. I’ve dubbed the place Casa Verde, and while it may not be anyone else’s vision of a dream house, it’s mine. I intend to live here for a long time and would love to create a vibe one of my favorite bloggers, Frances Schultz, describes as “something between a garden shed and a manor house.”


But how? There are many questions about sun, soil, irrigation, and what to grow anywhere you live, but our area is pretty persnickety. We learned this the hard way. Our prior home in Sanford was a townhouse with a small courtyard. We thought it would be easy to have a small oasis between the dwelling and the garage. Wrong. The only successful plant out of many we tried was a little tree I brought from Alabama. It entered the state with only one leaf hanging on for dear life. Not one to give up easily on any living thing, I placed it in a sunny spot inside where it outgrew its pot, then a larger pot, and then another, still larger pot. We decided to buy a really large pot and set it outside in the courtyard. It was fascinating to watch it do so well. Before too long, it was as tall as the second story, and reminiscent of the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors. It burst its terra cotta pot, and sent roots deep into the ground, where we feared it would invade the foundation of the townhouse. Armed with an axe and a box of contractor-sized trash bags, Brian chopped the ficus down, leaving the refuse collectors shaking their heads at how so much debris could come from so small a space. I learned the little tree from a market in Alabama was nicknamed ‘strangler fig’. I also learned how quickly invasive species can take over. If not careful, your garden can turn into a jungle almost overnight. The inability to cultivate such a small space at the townhouse left me a bit bewildered. Upon moving to Casa Verde in January 2017, I thought my problem was solved. The foundation plantings were lovely and freshly planted. Despite being a southern girl, I was not a huge fan of the azaleas and planned to dig them up myself if I couldn’t cajole Brian into it. All I planned to do was plant annuals which totally satisfies my need to dig in the dirt and provide the instant gratification of vivid color. Expensive, but I suppose there are worse habits. The hot summer of 2017 was not at all kind to the landscape at Casa Verde, and September’s Hurricane Irma was downright rude. A few overnight freezes in early 2018 have pretty much zapped everything. I fear I’ve become an overzealous pruner. On the bright side, the few scraggly azaleas are probably down for the count. And this has given me a great reason/excuse to



pose the question asked of Mary to a few of my neighbors here in the District whose gardens I admire: “How does your garden grow?” If you’re taking a stroll in Sanford’s Historic District and see a perfect little red truck driven by a precious lady in starched overalls and round glasses, that’s likely to be Brenda Boland. Originally from Lake Eerie, New York, Brenda moved to Sanford in 2011. She’s pondered a bit herself about all things gardening and landscaping around her distinctive white, black, and red cottage on one of our avenues. (Brenda has a knack for finding just the right pop of red.) Small palm trees are abundant in her yard and around the house. I asked about the palms and she replied, “You know when you live in New York, you always think of Florida and palm trees.” I was intrigued by her many small, manageable palms, especially the Robellini (pygmy date) Palm. Many other tropical plants seemed barely nipped by the recent cold weather, but Brenda never covers anything up when the forecast calls for freezing temperatures. She does have a few plants in pots so she can move them into more protected areas, which works when the hot summer sun threatens as well. Having tropical plants in containers also helps contain their growth. Brenda is a brilliant lady; advice taken, even though I’ll never take my eye off of another contained plant. Brenda describes herself as a ‘DIY gardener’ and notes we are fortunate to live in a community of helpful, longtime residents who love to share their gardening expertise. They also love to share bromeliads, cardboard palms, and other ‘volunteer plants’ threatening to overcrowd the landscape. The pair of large oak trees in front of the Boland’s house were planted years ago by a neighbor who still lives two doors away. He offers excellent advice on how to deal with the plants we love. Brenda learned from him it’s best to leave the frost-bitten brown leaves on plants until the threat of freeze warnings is over, so the freshly pruned areas aren’t exposed to the elements. More good advice, though it’s hard to look at droopy hibiscus leaves. Another Sanford gardener I am proud to know and call my new friend is Noma Prescott. Not only is Noma excellent at growing pretty flowers and shrubs, she also holds a green thumb in vegetable gardening. I admire someone who grows actual food. You won’t find eighty-something year young Noma sitting idly by watching all this Florida sunshine go to waste. Her collards are doing well right now, and because of the frost they will be sweeter. She is intrigued by the brussels sprouts she just started and explained the sprouts will develop on the stalks. I explained how I know that only because I’ve seen them for sale at the grocery store that way. I mentioned how Brian and I once grew our own tomatoes when we lived in Ohio. The master admitted she has a hard time growing them here in Sanford. We spent a while talking about ways to use tomatoes in many delightful ways because we are, after all, both southern girls who love to cook. A native of Northwest Florida, Noma spent time in Tennessee before moving

to Sanford about two years ago. She’s found gardening to be a bit different here. She cuts to the real nitty gritty of the issue - the soil. She is a believer in keeping many plants in pots because it’s easier to get a better soil mixture. It also makes adding slow release fertilizer easier. As far as flowers and shrubs, she has her likes and dislikes. She isn’t a fan of the Burford Holly as foundation plants, but they are healthy. (I should offer to trade her some almost-dead azaleas). Noma’s pink and gold shrimp plants look fantastic, so I asked her pruning advice: “Years ago, Kim, I heard the best time to prune is when your knife is sharp.” Noma also advises keeping that knife sharp to cut away the parts of your plants where pests reside. It’s also important to squish them before you discard them since they might get back on something else you’re trying to grow. I think I have another job for Brian. Linda Kuhn is a longtime resident, former mayor of Sanford, and one of the proprietors of Diamond Glass located right here in the Historic District. She is also a wealth of knowledge for all things Sanford. We often admire her lawn and garden when we walk our dog. It’s along one of our many routes. I was excited to speak with Linda and talk about the conditions we face in our area and how it impacts our gardens. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a great deal to share about Florida-friendly plants. Unlike many of us, Linda has a lot of shade in her yard, so she has luck with Impatiens pretty much all year. They give her the most bang for her gardening buck. It makes me a little jealous because the SunPatiens I planted last year were sun-withered by early summer. Linda advises to find the shadiest areas, even for SunPatiens. A recommendation for sunny areas is garlic vine which will bloom from summer into fall. African iris is another favorite and does well in the sun. Linda also loves Bougainvillea! She has a different take on the bush/ shrub/tree. The plant is not just another pretty face with its showy blooms. A hedge of prickly Bougainvillea adds a level of security to your property. Linda’s background in law enforcement makes her practical in many ways. The planting beds around Casa Verde are nearly down to a clean slate, but it’s exciting to put my own spin on things and try some tropical plants, a few things in containers, and some vines. And you can bet there will be a be a Bougainvillea or two. Now, armed with lots of advice, I owe my gardening friends much appreciation. It’s gratifying to live in a community where neighbors, though shy about their accomplishments, love to share. Brenda, Noma, and Linda, I thank you for your wellsprings of knowledge. You all are most kind and have been so very helpful. I hope we’ve all helped a few gardeners become a little less contrary. And if anyone has had any gardening luck with silver bells, cockleshells, or pretty maids all in a row, please let me know. P H OTO S B Y C H E RY L TA L A M A S MY SANFORD MAGAZINE | LIFESTYLE





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Gleman & Sons



“If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It from Farm House to Club House” If you’ve been anywhere near Pinterest, Instagram, or HGTV lately, you can’t help but notice that custom woodworking is HUGE – but did you know that Sanford has a major custom woodworking outfit right here in our backyard? Gleman & Sons Custom Woodworks traces their humble beginnings back to 2004 in their backyard in Mims, FL. They were utilizing a vendor called Cramer Lumber, who had a location in Sanford, for all their wood. When the building happened to become available, they jumped at the opportunity to purchase it, recognizing that Sanford’s central location would be a perfect hub for their growing business. They have since earned a reputation for custom, one of a kind wood pieces that are created to become family heirlooms, passed down for generations. Hand crafted to last generations, all of our woodwork is designed and built in-house; guaranteeing a unique, one-of-a-kind finished product. We fabricate custom furniture, interior & exterior design projects, home goods, art installations, custom reclaimed wood flooring and wallboard, and much more. Gleman & Sons is a family business, with patriarch Jon Gleman serving as Principal, son Jon Adam Gleman specializing in Development and Sales, and son Adrian Gleman as Head of Production. “My best advice for success in a family business is to identify your roles so there is no question who does what. Create a handbook and follow it, and keep business as business and family as family.” They currently employ 16 people locally and plan to add 4 more employees soon to head up their expansion into E-commerce. One of Jon Adam’s favorite tales of the family business is the time that his little girl visited one weekend, leaving her little Razor Scooter in the warehouse. On Monday morning when everyone came in and saw it, the guys all went to Walmart and bought themselves little scooters, riding them all around inside the warehouse. “It was pretty funny,” laughs Jon Adam, “they were all different colors, including pink!” “Woodworking has become popular again because it adds warmth to homes and breaks up the white, modern, metal and pristine looks,” says Jon Adam. “Reclaimed wood adds a home comfort for both men and women. For women, it’s romantic and homey and for guys it reminds them of working with their hands, farming, and good old blood, sweat and tears.” Jon Adam

J O N A D A M G L E M A N, J O N G L E M A N, A D R I A N G L E M A N

recommends adding an accent wall to bring reclaimed wood into your home to add character to a room. Gleman & Sons Custom Woodworks is proud to be environmentally friendly and their vendors such as Cramer Lumber is a sustainable source. Cramer plants, harvests and then replants trees, producing new species every 20-25 years on land set aside specifically for this purpose. They have quickly built their reputation through large projects both on a local scale and statewide. Their amazing custom work can be seen right here in Sanford at the new Bahama Breeze location on Rinehart Road. From that protocol, Gleman and Sons have been asked to repeat that design in 12 brand new Bahama Breeze restaurants opening in 2018. In 2017, they completed two projects that they’re incredibly proud of – the interior of the Marriott’s Waterline Boutique Hotel in Anna Maria Island, FL as well as transforming the Historic Diesel Power Plant in Vero Beach into the now American Iconic Brewery. “These projects were the ones that really established Gleman & Sons as a true millwork company,” states Jon Adam. It is not just all business at Gleman & Sons, either, as they enjoy interacting with the community in a variety of ways. They recently held a free, 4 hourlong workshop with 17 Girl Scouts, who spent the day receiving woodwork education and doing hands-on activities. They even had a chance to see how computers are programmed and used in modern day woodworking production including laser engraving. “We love giving back to our community and hosting workshops which are currently free,” says Jon Adam. “We are open to groups contacting us so that we can get more involved and share our passion, while teaching others and keeping this tradition alive.” Gleman & Sons was recently honored to have been chosen by American Express Merchants Division to be highlighted in their 2018 spotlight (only 3 merchants were chosen nationwide)! Production wrapped up in late January, so look for their commercial online soon! In addition, Gleman & Sons was awarded "Top Family Owned Business of 2017” by the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. Want to learn more? Visit Gleman & Sons on the web at http://www., or contact them at 407-497-7709. To stay in touch and learn more about future events, check out and Like their Facebook page at






Fortunately for us Sanfordites, Sanford has a great variety of locally owned restaurants in and near the downtown area. There is literally something for everyone within a few blocks. No excuse to go away hungry! But it all depends on what you are looking for. You can check various online services, blogs, web sites, etc., and search for restaurants by various categories, or you can read on and really get to know all that downtown Sanford has to offer by our unique categories. Ever-Changing, Always Fresh and Up-to-Date: If you want a new surprise nearly every time you visit, coupled with excellent taste and presentation in a funky and fun atmosphere, then you need to head over to The Smiling Bison. Chef Josh Oakley constantly changes the menu, depending on what fresh ingredients are available and on his inspiration of the day. Chef loves his smoker, so you’re liable to find something with good smoke flavor, maybe it’ll be the smoked fish dip or his homemade pepperoni on a pizza. But whenever you go and whatever you order, you know it will be fresh, unique, made to order, and fantastic. Party Time, Polka Time, Pork Schnitzel Time, and Prosit Time: The Willow Tree Café was made just for you. The best German restaurant outside of Germany excels at bringing you the whole Gasthaus experience, highlighted with Gemütlichkeit. Warmth, friendliness, good cheer, great food and cold German beer is found at the Willow Tree. Celebrating 15 years, they’ve been around for a long time for a reason. Opa! Greek and Italian: Yes, Sanford has it, and it’s the best. The Greek and Italian food offerings at Zorba’s Greek Restaurant have something for everyone. From the hearty meat-eater to the vegan, they always delight. They claim they have a “famous lasagna,” and it is indeed that good. Do you like Dolmathes? Me neither until I tried them at Zorba’s they are outstanding. The variety of their menu means you will always find something that trips your trigger. Fine Southern Cuisine: The Tennessee Truffle excels at bringing the finest of southern cuisine. Be it the morning’s southern biscuits with sausage gravy (truly outstanding) or the evening’s latest creation, Chef Nat Russell’s menu is ever morphing, using the freshest of local ingredients. His pickled shrimp put all others to shame and his take on shrimp and grits is truly memorable. Though you may never know what his latest creation will be, you can be sure of one thing: it’ll be delicious! Gourmet Comfort Food and Drink: You must try The District. Fresh Mahi? You bet. Fantastic braised short-ribs? Yum! What about a truly awesome filet? Of course, and cooked exactly as you want. They also have a great happy hour Tuesday through Friday in the bar, with some outstanding small plate specials, often my evening meal. It is well worth a visit. Slice and a Sandwich, Philly-style: The newest addition to downtown is Mr. Z’s, serving true Philadelphia-style cheese steaks (on a genuine Amoroso roll). The pizza (by the slice or create your own whole pie) is a traditional 28

New York-style pizza (yes, you can fold it). Calzone, Stromboli, you name it, you’ll find it here. And as a bonus, they are open late 7 days a week. Shooting the Breeze: It’s easy to do at The Breezeway. While their indoor seating is limited, their outdoor breezeway is the place to be. Often featuring live local music, they have a fantastic menu. The sandwiches are my favorite. Ask for the “Sanford,” but be prepared to eat. Or try the “First Street” which is my favorite. More and More to Munch On: Want a true Diner Experience? Try the Colonial Room, always top notch and easy on the wallet. Need a quick bite and a fantastic dessert? Mattie’s Cupcakes has it all for you, as well as fantastic cupcakes and other desserts. Is a quick pizza in the cards for you? Better head over to Christos. What about a soup, salad and sandwich? Corner Café is calling you. How about some real smoked BBQ? You can fuel up at Fuel BBQ. They have the best brisket ever! All their meats are smoked right out back, so you know it’s fresh and delicious. In the mood for some Jamaican? Give Negril Spice a try. Where else in Sanford can you get Oxtail that is extremely tasty? And if you just need a quick bite, try Magnolia Market or Taste of Thyme. Both are sure to please your palate. Just a Few Blocks Away: Within a few blocks you can find more great food. On Marina Isle, you can try Riverwalk Pizza, featuring all their great pizzas. And if a river view is important to you, try St. John’s River Steak and Seafood, arguably the best view in town, right on the St. John’s River. Head the other way a bit, down Sanford Avenue, and El Zocalo gives you great authentic Mexican flavors. Bar Food: As if the above were not enough choices, we have a number of local bars that also server great food, not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill bar food. Buster’s Bistro is the king, but you’ll find scrumptious food also at the Sandford Brewing Company and Wops Hops. Other traditional bar food can be found at West End, Celery City, and Stranded Sailor. Don’t forget to have a nightcap at The Imperial or Bitters & Brass, you’ll be glad you did. Whatever your taste, whatever your desire, whatever food you are longing for, downtown Sanford has it. You could eat three meals a day, every day, for a week and not have sampled all the good food that downtown Sanford has to offer. Why not get started today?

Leon is a local Central Florida foodie and food blogger who’s been writing about Sanford And Seminole County area “good eats” restaurants for the past 7 years. He’s big into eating at local mom ‘n’ pop shops (small businesses) where high quality ingredients, love, and a dose of home cooking make all the difference. While he occasionally (rarely) eats at the big chains, he claims it’s only to remind him where a real quality dining experience lurks—in the small restaurants which are the heart and soul of every neighborhood and community.

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