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EXPLORE SANFORD'S SUMMER FUN “Walk in the Footsteps of Legends”





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CENTENNIAL PARK 09-29-18 12-7pm

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Your Local Airline is Expanding Dear Valued Guests:

Image by Kelly Clore with kabiki photography

It is my privilege and honor to welcome you aboard Via Airlines, one of the fastest growing airlines in the United States! With offices all across the nation, Via Airlines is proud to have set our Headquarters right here in Central Florida. For over 20 years our dedicated team of professionals has been striving to provide our guests with safe, low cost, high value flights to popular destinations from coast to coast. At Via Airlines, Safety is our #1 Priority. While Via Airlines is certified and held accountable to the same safety standards as the largest carriers in the U.S., we were in fact the first airline in the U.S. to be certified under the FAA’s newest and most stringent safety regulations.

via airlines pres. letter

Second only to Safety, Via Airlines is committed to providing our guests with convenient, nonstop flights to business and leisure destinations alike. At Via Airlines we know offering our guests low cost, high value flight options, while remaining focused on our guests’ experience and satisfaction, is the cornerstone to our past success and future expansion.

destinations throughout the Southeastern U.S. In addition to our original route of Orlando Sanford International Airport to Charlotte, NC, we recently launched nonstop service to destinations such as Jackson, Mobile and Montgomery. And we’ll be announcing additional exciting new destinations from Sanford in the very near future! And, to the west, from our focus city of Austin, we’ve recently added Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Little Rock, with more cities to be announced shortly! Though our name may be new to you now, it’ll be known nation-wide in the near future. So I invite you to sit back, relax, and let us pamper you like a Valued Guest with a warm smile and genuine hospitality. After all, that’s our style, and as we continue to expand our team and fleet of aircraft, enabling us to connect more and more cities across the county, we think you are going to love our style! On behalf of our nearly 200 member team, Welcome Aboard your new airline… Via Airlines!

Image by Kelly Clore with kabiki photography

Our network planning team carefully evaluates potential new destinations and ultimately select routes that have no existing direct service and those that are most likely to be successful, continuing to improve connectivity between Central Florida and multiple

Irit Vizer President and COO Via Airlines, Inc.


P H O T O C R E D I T: R E G G A R N E R


EDITOR Hello Friends,

My staff and I are so excited about the summer edition of My Sanford Magazine. It is full of good news! We are proud to announce that we have been selected by Via Airlines to be their seat-back magazine for all flights into and out of Orlando Sanford International Airport. Welcome, visitors! Relax, and learn about all this community has to offer while you flip through the pages of the magazine.

Sanford365 is a local calendar and events blog with more than 10,000 followers, and Community Marketing Online owns and These are two of the best digital marketing and social media outlets in the region, and we are excited to work with them in promoting all the great things that Sanford has to offer. It’s summertime, schools are out, and kids are ready to have fun. Why not get out and play? This issue contains ideas for building memories with family and friends, like making it your goal to visit all twenty-plus parks in Sanford. This summer issue contains articles that will help you get to know Sanford’s past, present, and future as well as tips from local residents about where to shop, where to eat, and what to do. We hope you take the opportunity to have so much fun in this historic, united, diverse, and unique city. Happy Summer!

Another exciting development is the collaboration project Stronger Together, which My Sanford Magazine will be working on with Sanford365 and Community Marketing Online.

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Fresh for Summer from The District Leon Konieczny

Open just over a year now, The District (Eatery – Tap & Barrel) in Historic Downtown Sanford continues to delight its patrons. When searching for a location for their restaurant concept, owners Brad Plummer and Anne McNamara knew they wanted to be in downtown Sanford. They found a historic building and did what it takes to make their idea come to fruition. Remodeling a historic building has its drawbacks—but also its rewards. Taking longer than hoped for to open, The istrict finall opened its doors in arch of 2017 and they haven’t looked back. And Sanford is glad to welcome them! I’d dub their food modern gastro-pub cuisine with a southern twist if I had to give it a name. Executive Chef Chris Mullen has assembled a superb menu of favorites that are a staple to the menu, both for lunch and dinner. But on top of that, he’s introduced weekly specials which capitalize on local and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Nothing says “summer” to me like fresh from the sea,


and a recent special was the pan seared diver scallops with a rum blood orange chili sauce served over a toasted grit cake and wilted spinach. And on another weekend, they had Florida Rock Shrimp, gentl grilled with a slight southwest air, a bit of corn and cilantro added to give a gentle “kick” to the sweet shrimp. But, one of the most memorable bites I’ve had there recently was their Southwestern Bacon Corn Chowder—it was outstanding and full of summer avor. irst, it was full of chicken in a rich, thick, velvety, lip-smacking-good, creamy sauce. Fresh sweet corn gave it the perfect texture and crunch. The smok bacon added a depth of avor, and ust a hint of cilantro at the finish gave it the spicy southwestern bite expected. This soup was outstanding and has appeared on the menu a few times. I suspect it’ll be back soon since it’s fresh corn season here in Florida. Recent lunch features, in addition to the standard lunch fare, have included a Shrimp Po-Boy with Boom-Boom sauce and a Cuban Sandwich. Monday through Friday The District boasts a robust happy hour with drink and food specials. I often have the pound of buffalo chicken wings, and occasionall the ahi fish tacos though the burger is a good standby choice too, cooked perfectly to order, and served with fries. ou ll not find a better burger in Sanford.

“You’ll not find a better burger in Sanford.” And then there’s the appetizer menu— sometimes that is my meal. The most outstanding item, in my mind, is the Ahi fish tacos the are amazing. hi tuna is rolled in sesame seed, slightly grilled and sliced. The Napa cabbage slaw with Wasabi Ponzi sauce gives a great crunch without taking away from the tuna. And the sriracha decorating the plate is perfect for dipping—for that extra heat. I love this dish. Then there is the pulled chicken dip—cream cheese, parmesan, peppers, red onions, sour cream, green chilies, green onions, and grilled sweet corn, served with house made “Dorito”

style chips. Wow, it is great for sharing with a group, too. But of course, dinner reigns supreme at The District, and their usual menu has something for everyone. The Mahi is fresh and comes in a good-size portion. One of my favorites is the braised short ribs, served over a wild mushroom risotto. A surprising (to me) hit is the Boursin Ricotta Gnocchi, trust me, you’ll love the bright, crisp avors. he filet is awesome, and cooked exactly as ordered, tender and juicy—and so is the pork chop. I could go on and on, but I’ve never had a bad meal or experience at The District. Don’t forget to ask about the specials, ou never know what gem ou ll find, like the perfectly medium-rare prime rib we stumbled upon recently! And now that summer is here, I m confident the ll have more surprises in store for me. What about the “Tap & Barrel” in their name? Well, with a dozen or more craft beers on tap and a selection of craft signature cocktails, there is something for everyone at The District. In all they do, The District does not skimp on anything. They include fresh ingredients and offer top of the line liquors and beers. They are attentive with Sanford-friendly service. They have it all. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, and happy hour is Monday-Friday from 4-7pm and on Saturdays 2-5pm. Reservations are recommended for dinner, though you’ll usuall find seating room in the bar, and that’s my favorite place to eat. Come for the food, and leave full, having made new friends...The District is truly among the best we have in Sanford. You will not be disappointed, nor ever go away hungry! Leon is a local Central Florida foodie and food blogger who’s been writing about Sanford And Seminole County area good eats restaurants for the past 7 years. He’s big into eating at local mom-npop shops (small businesses) where high quality ingredients, love, and a dose of home cooking make all the difference. While he occasionally (rarely) eats at the big chains, he claims it’s o nly to remind him where a real quality dining experience lurks—in the small restaurants which are the heart and soul of every neighborhood and community.

milk teas • fruit teas • boba • waffles • tea parties

we also have studio space rental available for events!

Photo credit: Reg Garner

on the Lake Charity Regatta

sandford _____ ladies regatta

Hosted by Lake Monroe Sailing Association

Katie Gardner

Under clear azure skies, the Lake Monroe Sailing Association held its Ladies on the Lake Charity Regatta on Saturday, April 28, in Lake Monroe. The regatta featured more than two dozen boats across four divisions, including a competitive eet, in which each entrant had a female skipper and a fun eet. he regatta benefited the Lifeboat Project, an organization headed by Founder and Executive Director Jill Bolander-Cohen that assists and advocates for victims of human trafficking. he organization provides an arra of counseling and training services and is active across Central Florida.

“We just wanted to get some ladies out sailing, and little ones,” she said, “and to raise money for a great cause.”

211 East 1st St. Sanford, FL 32771 Phone · 407·323·2774

Patti Miller, co-coordinator of the Ladies on the Lake event with Laura Marriott, was thrilled with how the event turned out. “We shows, events, education justand wanted to get some ladies out sailing, and conversations with working artists little ones,” she said, “and to raise money for a great cause.”

Making art an experience!

Jewelry ad gallery on first 211 East 1st St. Sanford, FL 32771 Phone · 407·323·2774

shows, events, education and conversations with working artists

Making art an experience!




YOU CAN GET ALL THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED One of the most frequently asked questions about veganism is, will I get all the nutrients I need? The answer is yes. If you eat a plant-based diet rich in whole foods, from greens to beans, you will load up on iron, fiber, and protein. The only supplement I suggest you take, vegan or not, is B12. Although foods fortified with B12 (some plants milks, cereals and soy products), it’s best to take a supplement to absorb the proper amount.

SOY IS NOT THE ENEMY Unless you have a soy intolerance or allergy, don’t be afraid! Soy is not bad for you. In fact, studies have suggested decreases of prostate cancer. Thereoff, are many benefitsWay to soy products grants. One pieceit that hetheisrisk particularly fond A Long from like tofu. Soybeans are considered a complete protein and could have just as much as steak. AdditionAntigonish, won first prize in its categor at a 200 show in New ally, there is no direct link between soy and breast cancer or soy lowering testosterone.

York. You can see this piece at the CFE Credit Union in Lake Mary. YOU CAN BE GLUTEN-FREE AND SOY-FREE

worry thatmost going vegan meansworks more gluten and soy, but that’s notBlue, true. Alternatives Some ofPeople Abbott’s recent include Into the Every-such as tempeh and jackfruit can act as your “meat” in many dishes. Brands like Beyond have gluten- and thing Issoy-free Coming Our Way, and Cuckoo’s Nest. These works highlight products, even food such as burgers. And perhaps most importantly, load up on beans and Abbott’s diverse style. Into the Blue is acrylic on canvas and canvas legumes! on canvas. Everything Is Coming Our Way, part of his Series of ARE DELICIOUS MEAT ALTERNATIVES ShapedTHERE Paintings, is acrylic and canvas on birch plywood. Cuckoo’s Gardein, Beyond, Morningstar, Field Roast, Tofurky and more have meat-free options for you, from Nest was torch cut and welded outIf you of miss steel andtype industrial salvage. sausages to bacon, hot pockets to lasagna. a certain of food, I guarantee there’s an You canalternative see and purchase for it, or a recipe! his work at his window-front studio in the Galler on irst or online at

Katie Gardner

him going north summer. GOING OUT TOevery EAT ISN’T DIFFICULTThis summer, he and Debe are looking forward creating new inrestaurants their rustic cabin meeting Don’t beto nervous when going out works to eat. Many these days have and vegan options, or customizable menu items. You can even opt for side items, like rice, beans, and sautéed veggies. their second granddaughter.

Kevin Abbott is known in Sanford as an accomplished and respected artist. But he is also a committed family man, a Sanford enthusiast, and a gifted storyteller.

Katie is a teacher who has made her home in Sanford since 2015. She and her husband enjoy going for walks downtown, going to farmers markets, and trying new recipes.

Abbott was born and raised in Southern Vermont. Between his family, the mountains, and the local art scene, he was never at a loss for inspiration. His grandfather was a bird enthusiast who photographed birds for the Audubon Societ , and his mother was a “Sunda painter. is love of fine art was solidified b the trips to museums that he took with his father and stepmother.

ost of the time, ou can find the bbotts at the Galler on First in downtown Sanford. Abbott was quick to sing the praises of the Galler on irst and the Jeanine a lor olk Art Studio. He calls it a smart and enjoyable place to be, and he describes the other artists exhibiting there as his best friends. He is impressed with the art scene in Sanford and he believes it is on the verge of taking off. Kevin’s work has been featured in more than one hundred exhibitions and he has received numerous awards and

SOME THINGS YOU A Do you love Spicy Swe dentally vegan!” Check vegan foods. You’ll be

IT’S DELICIOUSLY CR If you didn’t love cooki recipe you want to figu Imagine Thanksgiving with sides of mashed p is try out different alte

IT’LL MAKE YOU HUN It’s unlikely that you’ll get excited to go out a become more than a n

Nikki is a writer/p is an adventure s natural element-resonate with any downtown Sanfo

Welcome to

Kevin’s art career began in high school when he exhibited his first piece. e went on to receive formal training in commercial photography and spent time as a studio photographer. He then served in the U.S. Army as a photojournalist, and he credits the discipline and commitment he learned there with helping him perfect his craft. In the 1980s, Kevin began painting, and in the 1990s he started sculpting. For much of this time, Abbott and his wife, Debe, a fellow artist, had a studio outside Syracuse, New York. They enjoyed success and acclaim in their twent -five ears up north, but the decided it was time to move south, though they still maintain a home-based gallery in Bernhards Bay, New York. “Debe is a great woman,” Kevin said. “Not many women would be willing to go through all that we have to make our lives a reality.”

YOU WOULDN’T BEL Vegans often joke tha on a label! Some item (derived from animal’ in some foods. Even al

christo’s ad

face of kev

ANYTHING YOU EAT CAN BE MADE VEGAN Love pizza, sushi, burgers, and Phillies? Don’t worry, you won’t have to give them up as vegans. Just While Kevin enjoys and is committed his to craft, his family is veganizeclearly it! Collect cookbooks, like Nom Yourself and Thugto Kitchen, help you with your day-tocooking. I also highly recommend you get on media,ar delete any temptation, start his first day love. It was his famil s living insocial ake that inspiredand the for inspiration on platforms and Pinterest. move tosearching Sanford in 2011, and itlike is Instagram his family in New York that keeps

But be sure to ask if ev butter, or meat broths

Classic American Food DINE IN | DELIVERY | ORDER OUT | CATERING 107 WEST FIRST STREET Historic Sanford, Florida 32771

Delivery 407-320-0799


school's out for summer.


Finding Fun For Eveyone

sanford, fl Location : Red Barber Park 12


OUTDOOR ACTIVITY IDEAS Color Challenge Walking and hiking can be fun for everyone. Some days, a hiking trail or a walk in your neighborhood is all you’ll need. Other days, you may need a fun plan or challenge to help enliven your walk. One option is to plan a snapshot challenge. Choose a specific color or object to be the focus of your friendly competition. Grab your smartphones or cameras and pass them around to everyone in the family. As you stroll through town, each person can take photos and see who takes the most beautiful, fun, exciting, or silly picture of the object or color you chose. By the end of the summer, you could have enough photos to create a collage or photo book to help you remember your adventures. A couple places to consider for your walk or hike are the St. Johns River and Spring Hammock Preserve.

Hit the Pavement

GETTING OUT TO PLAY By Kelly Clore with kabiki photography

Summer is here, and with it the end of school days and the beginning of endless daylight. Many parents and children can’t wait for this season of fun and freedom, but it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to pass all of this newfound time. When the weather cooperates, summer is the season for adventures, and fortunately, Sanford has lots to offer when it comes to outside activities for the entire family to enjoy. Parks and playgrounds can be a great place to spend family time. Fort Mellon Park offers lots of play sets and slides, and when it gets too hot, the Splash Pad provides a wonderful way to cool off. Another option is Park on Park, which has a variety of playground equipment for kids of all ages and is perfectly located under sprawling shade trees. This summer, why not make it your goal to visit all of the twenty-plus parks in Sanford? Looking for ways to get out and explore small towns? Check out these ideas!

Want to explore Sanford at a faster pace? Jump on your bike or anything with wheels in this case. Sanford boasts great bike trails, including the Riverwalk Bike Trail. While your out and about bike over to First Street where Sanford has some great places to grab a beverage or a quick snack, check out one of our local favorites Boba Babes.

Rock Hunting If you want to combine creativity with exercise, grab some rocks and plan a painting day. Once your masterpieces are complete, take them on a rock hideand-hunt. Find rocks, leave rocks, and re-hide rocks all over Sanford. Here’s a hint: the Sanford Marina is a hot spot for rock hiding and is a nice place for a little family adventure. Even cooler hint : you can bring rocks from your town to ours!

Use and follow these tags and share your summer fun! Also see what others are doing in Sanford on social media! #MSMSUMMERFUN #SANFORDING #EXPLORESANFORD kelly clore is the owner of kabiki photography located in downtown sanford. the kabiki studio primarily focuses on newborns, seniors, child milestones, family portraits and headshots. Children Pictured : Summer, 2 Parker, 4 Hudson, 4 Ariyana, 5 Deagan, 6 Photography and Design | Kelly Clore Hair | Maria | Studio 105 Salon Clothing | Childrens Place




Hop, Skip, and a Jump: Sanford to Charleston Christina Grace Beverly & Nelson Beverly

Interested in planning a quick weekend getaway packed with history, architecture, and awardwinning southern fare? We visited Charleston for the first time over Easter weekend and discovered several things that will put Charleston on the list of places we’ll go back to time and time again.


I G S,


I S,

AND SOUTHERN CHARM Thanks to a Christmas gift from family, Nelson and I have discovered the best way to familiarize ourselves with a new-to-us destination and see multiple sites in a short amount of time, all while using our brain power and getting exercise. Big City Hunt ( is a smartphone app with fun, self-guided scavenger hunts in over 200 cities. We chose the “Charleston Treasures” hunt and covered eight miles of Charleston’s historic Old Town in four hours. You can also schedule a horse-drawn carriage tour with fascinating and entertaining narration (tours and horses are regulated by the city) or join a historic walking tour. Sanfordites will appreciate that the citizens of Charleston formed the nation s first community-based historic preservation organization in 1920. The group then spearheaded a movement in 1931 which led to the creation of the nation s first historic preservation laws for 138 acres of the city. Nicknamed the Holy City, Charleston is home to over 400 churches and from a rooftop view you can see the steeples dotting the landscape. Stay over on a Sunday morning to hear the church bells ringing out across the city. One of the sights that fascinated us the most were the rows of Charleston Singles. These beautiful, long, and narrow homes showcase


large porches with hospitality doors, a front porch door leading to the main entrance door. Historically and in true southern hospitality, an open porch door meant the occupant was home and ready to invite guests over to enjoy a cool breeze. If you have yet to visit Charleston, just know that it’s porch door is open and ready for you!

Travel Specs

MILES TO CHARLESTON: 360 GETTING THERE: By Car: Sanford to Charleston is a six to seven-hour drive, depending on how many stops you make. Plan accordingly and you can take a short detour for lunch in either St. Augustine or Jacksonville.

WHERE TO STAY: In Charleston: We scored a historic Airbnb apartment sandwiched between two mansions in a beautiful neighborhood. But if you have some extra cash and are looking for something a little more modern, check yourself into The Dewberry. This former federal building was built in 1964 and was renovated, repurposed, and opened as a hotel in 2016. The Dewberry perfectly marries mid-century modern with Southern Charm.

In Sanford: Enjoy the bustle of Sanford from your own porch at “The Shed” in Historic Downtown Sanford. Bring your bikes along to the 1910 bungalow and take in all that Downtown Sanford has to offer. Check for reservations.

WHAT TO SEE: In Charleston: Don’t leave Charleston without walking along the Battery at the southern tip of the city for a good look at Charleston Harbor. Meander into the surrounding neighborhood and admire the southernstyle mansions. If you have the time, venture out of the city to visit a colonial or antebellum mansion such as Middleton Place or Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Or spend a half day at Fort Sumter. History buffs can take the ferry and see the place where the first shot of the Civil War was fired.

In Sanford: Sanford’s version of the Battery is the RiverWalk; stroll the lakefront and pause at Veteran’s Memorial Park. Gather a group of friends and get even closer to the water by renting a pontoon boat at Boat Tree Marina. Take in the architecture of Sanford’s historic mansions during the

Holiday Tour of Homes, usually held the first weekend in December.

WHERE TO EAT AND DRINK: In Charleston: We highly recommend afternoon cocktails at The Dewberry Living Room Bar, Imbibe Magazine’s 2018 Bar of the Year. And you may just run into local resident Bill Murray at Husk, a beautiful restaurant using local ingredients and fresh seafood for their southern dishes. If you can’t get a reservation at this popular spot, then visit the Husk Bar next door for their inventive specialty cocktails. Finally, don’t leave town without having brunch at Millers All Day. The ambiance and the cornmeal pancakes with hickory syrup start any day off right.

Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour Open Mic, Trivia, Jazz Jam Live Music, Randalls, Kid Friendly

In Sanford: Begin your evening in Sanford with an aperitif at Bitters & Brass located on Sanford Avenue. They have a sensational classic cocktail menu as well as a delicious seasonal menu. For dinner, head on over to The District, serving local ingredients for their classic American fare menu.

Open Daily Monday Tuesday Wednesday 11:30 - 10:00

Thursday 11:30 - 11:00

Friday 11:30 - 12:00

Saturday 12:00 - 12:00

Sunday 12:00 - 9:00

About Nelson and Christina Nelson, a Sanford native, is the business manager at his family business Harrell & Beverly Transmissions & Auto Repair. The shop has been in Sanford since 1959. Christina is a Florida native who grew up in Altamonte Springs. She is a graphic designer for the University of Central Florida, where she and Nelson met in 2001. They were married in 2005 and moved to Downtown Sanford in 2006. Since then, they have been active in the Sanford community, using their talents to serve several nonprofits. They enjoy Sanford sunsets, bike rides in the Historic District, and taking the spirit of Sanford’s hospitality with them whenever they travel.


Restaurant * Brewery * TapRoom 400 South Sanford Avenue, Sanford, Florida


3rd Annual Juleps & Jockeys, Kentucky Derby Sanford Social

cant read these Jessica McCarty-Carvajal Photo credit: benevolence photography Even the rain can’t keep Sanfordites from dressing up in their best Derby attire. Our 3rd Annual Juleps and Jockey’s, Kentucky Derby Sanford Style took place this year on May 5th, 2018 at Celery City Craft. The beer garden was lined with casino tables and vendors. The smell of BB filled the air and the cheering of those gambling for charit filled the court ard. he drinks, live music, chatter and best dressed contests kept ever one bus until the final countdown for the race began. Besides, seeing ever one dressed their best and watching locals crowd around the TV cheering on their horses all the way in Kentucky really made us feel like the Derby was brought right to Sanford. Thanks to our joined efforts (Sanford365, Celery City, Ladies327 Supper Club, and of course our amazing guests) we were able to raise over 00 for reedom ide, Inc. a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives and e periences of individuals with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding and related activities.

A Taste of the 144th Kentucky Derby Gail Ford McQueen A Taste of the 144th Kentucky Derby, sponsored by the Pearlie Mae Ford Community Service Club of Sanford, Inc., was a charity event to raise scholarship funds to support local high school graduates. The Kentucky Derby theme was well displayed throughout the Sanford Civic Center as guests entered wearing their fashionable hats and attire to compliment the event. Watching the Kentucky Derby race, hat contests, door prizes, silent auction, Mint Juleps, and a photo op with a live horse were all a part of the memorable evening. A delicious meal was served as guests mingled, danced and en o ed the music that owed throughout the beautifully decorated venue. The guests raved about how lucky they were to be a part of such an engaging and elegant event that will help support students in the Central Florida community.


Photo credit: James O. Postell Jr.

EXPERIENCE LOCAL CRAFT DINING & DRINK Rosangela Parker Orlando North, Seminole County —with its cities of Sanford, Lake Mary, Altamonte and Oviedo, to name a few — is going through a culinary renaissance. The area is experiencing a surge of craft dining and drinking establishments owned and operated by locals. And adding even more effervescence is a burgeoning craft brew scene that now includes several microbreweries (some of which double as first-rate, family-friendly restaurants), a cidery, and numerous cocktail bars. These establishments are chef- and owner-driven, and strive to be unique and innovative. They use locally sourced farm fresh ingredients whenever possible. These chefs and entrepreneurs have a strong sense of community. They are connected with the area’s growing arts scene, entertainment hubs and cultural vibe. There are gastro-pubs, upscale wine restaurants, and intimate cafes, places that serve authentic German, Korean, Greek, Italian, Belgian, Jamaican, and so many other ethnic styles.

“It’s almost like Central Florida is the last frontier of beer,” The Smiling Bison, known for its house-made meats — sausage, bologna, salami, prosciutto — changes its menu every week. In fact, chef/owner Josh Oakley reckons his place has served some 500 different dishes in four years. “As famous as we are for our meats, it’s the local produce that drives our menu,” he says. “We work with over a dozen local farms, and when we find out what produce is available, we decide what meat, fish or pasta will go with it.” Let’s not forget the breweries, which is an even more recent phenomenon. “It’s almost like Central Florida is the last frontier of beer,” says Bo Hallowes, partner in the Sanford Brewing Company. “Word is catching on with people who are coming to Orlando from across the country.” Sanford Brewing also offers craft sodas, beer infused desserts and a variety of dishes to satisfy the palate.

Sanford’s Historic District has become a nexus of culinary activity, with an array of locally owned restaurants and eateries within walking distance. From craft sodas and teas to craft ice cream and marshmallows, there is something for everyone. Perhaps the person with the best perspective on the development of the destination’s culinary scene is Theo Hollerbach, chef/owner of Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café, an award-winning German restaurant that opened in Sanford in 2001. “We were one of the first restaurants to open at night, and we’ve gone from seven employees to more than a hundred. But the growth in restaurants overall has been remarkable. Downtown Sanford has become very ownership-driven. It’s not a corporate place.” Other Downtown Sanford restaurants include: Buster’s Bistro (Belgian), Best Fish and Chicken Wings (don’t let the name fool you, they offer authentic Korean cuisine, too), Zorbas (Greek), Negril Spice (Jamaican), Christo’s (Italian), and The Smiling Bison (gastro-pub).

Along with Sanford Brewing are Wop’s Hops Brewing Co., Deviant Wolfe Brewing, Inner Compass Brewing Company and Celery City Craft with more than 100 Florida craft beers on tap. These beer meccas are joined by Hourglass Brewing in Longwood, Red Cypress in Winter Springs and Bowigens Beer Company in Casselberry, which are part of the 17-stop Central Florida Ale Trail. All told, the energy is palpable in the Orlando North, Seminole County dining and drinking scene.

Rosangela is the Travel Trade Representative for Orlando North Seminole County Tourism. She has been a part of the tourism team for over 10 years serving the local tourism industry by fostering collaborative working relations, growing destination awareness and increasing the leisure travel market for Orlando North Seminole County. Rosangela possesses a bachelor’s degree in business and Information Management and is a resident of Sanford, Florida.




By PETE SANDS Nestled in the heart of Sanford, Florida is the city’s historic Mayfair Country Club. Dating all the wa back to 1 when General Joseph Finegan purchased the land for $40, Mayfair has seen over a century’s worth of history. The land was sold in 1870 to Henry Sanford who sold it to retired sea captain Charles Amory. Mr. Amory built a ship-shaped house on the property which is still used as the clubhouse to this day. In 1922 the land was sold again and turned into the golf course you see today. The club began gaining recognition and became a favorite site for the Major League Baseball team New ork Giants during their spring training, even becoming a regular stop for Hall of Famer Babe Ruth. In 1955 the club began hosting a G event. he “ a fair Inn Open”, named after the hotel that housed many famous faces passing through Sanford, saw great names like rnold almer, Gene

Sarazen, Sam Snead, Moe Norman, and Ben Hogan. Mr. Palmer never won the event, but his name is tied to the tournament in more ways than one. In 1956 Palmer took home his first professional check, banking 2 after finishing tied for si th. he a fair Inn pen later became the Citrus Open and is now hosted at the “King’s” Bay Hill Club.

In the early 2000’s, Mayfair saw two high category hurricanes come through, uprooting over 200 trees, unfortunately or fortunately, this opened the layout of the course greatly, giving golfers less defensive tee and approach shots. The course plays anywhere from 5007 yards to 6403 yards, depending on which sets of tees you choose.

In the early 1990’s, Mayfair’s name was still in the hearts and minds of golfing legends. In 1992, remarkable ball striker Moe Norman called the par-3 number 7 “the best par-3 hole in all of Central Florida.” Moe stayed at a fair during the G our Winter Swing in lorida and slept on the second oor of the clubhouse. He also worked in the pro shop to make extra money. Today, that hole plays the same as when Moe took it on years ago, 191 yards off the blue tees. Moe also called the par-4, number 4, the hardest par 4 without a single bunker.

Today the club is owned by the City of Sanford. he it has hired press Golf anagement to manage the club. Cypress has plans to build on the history of the club. In 2018, Mayfair brought back the Mayfair Inn Open, hosting over 60 amateur and professional golfers who battled in the same format as the greats once did. The club is also host to many weekly leagues and charity outings. Mayfair is open to the public and welcomes you to “walk in the footsteps of legends” the next time you visit Sanford.


Phantasmagoria Photo by Chris Bridges

St John's Rivership Co. Photo by Reg Garner

The Smiling Bison

Celery City Craft

The Historic Downtown Sanford district is a global destination featuring awardwinning restaurants, craft breweries, gastropubs, world-class events, one of Central Florida’s most vibrant art communities and a spectacular marina featuring fishing, boating and dinner cruises with live music. 20

SANFORD365 CALENDAR & EVENTS All dates are accurate at the time of publication. Ensure you check with the individual or organization responsible for the event before making plans. The publisher of this calendar is not responsible or liable for any expenditures you may incur related to your planning for or attending of the event.

WEEKLY: SANFORD FARMERS MARKET Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. | Magnolia Square, 200 East First Street Sanford From week to week you’ll find not only fruits and veggies, but locally, hand and homemade goods, all set to the soundtrack of local musicians who perform weekly at the market! This event maybe changes time and location. GOLDSBORO FARMERS MARKET

food and craft beers in a beautiful historic town. Great local restaurants, art galleries, gift shops, antique stores, nightlife and a variety of other unique businesses!



Saturdays 10-11am | Antidote Apothecary & Spa, 111 East 1st Street, Sanford, Florida 32771 A deeply relaxing Yoga experience combined with Halotherapy (aka salt room therapy). Please bring your own mat, one you don’t mind getting a little salty. KAFFEEKLATSCH BEI HOLLERBACHS


LIVE MUSIC! West First Fridays June 1, July 6, August 3, 2018 - 6pm-12am | West First Fridays on West 1st Street! Deviant Wolfe Brewing along with The Tennessee Truffle and Mr. Z’s will be offering new beer and food specials along with live music on the first Friday of every month!

The Sanford Shuffle is a community event in Downtown. Food Truck(s), Beer and Fun!


Sanford Library 150 N Palmetto Avenue, Sanford FL 32771

Traditional Farmers Market, Artisan Food & Craft Vendors.

On the third Saturday of each month, multiple venues in Sanford’s downtown historic district host the Sanford Art Walk, showcasing local talent along with opportunities to meet visiting artists. The event is free and runs from 6 to 9pm. Visit for a venue map. SANFORD FOOD TRUCK FIESTA! Every 3rd Saturday, 5:00pm - 8:00pm | 2nd Street and Palmetto Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 June 16 | July 21 | August 18 Enjoy some of Orlando’s best food trucks at the Sanford FL Food Truck Fiesta! CELERY CITY CRUISERS

Every third Friday, 7-9pm | June 15, July 20, August 17, 7-9pm | Sanford Shuffleboard Courts, 401 E. Seminole Blvd., Sanford.

Fresh, Local & Convenient Fresh fruits, veggies, honey, boiled peanuts, crafts and more!


Every 2nd Thursday | Celery City Craft 114 S Palmetto Ave.

9:00pm | Downtown Sanford FL, 230 E 1st Street Sanford, FL


Every Friday from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. | Westside Community Center, 919 S Persimmon Ave.

The Sanford Food and History Tour is a three-hour walk through the heart of Downtown Sanford.


Check http://www. departments-services/leisureservices/seminole-countylibrary/kids-page/story-time. stml for updated Calendar

Saturdays, 3-5pm | Magnolia Square Market 117 S Magnolia Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771

Tours are available Thursday – Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m. and reservations are required.


• June 14 - Blues, Burgers, and BBQ


Sanford Riverwalk at the Flagpole, Seminole Blvd & Park Avenue Sanford, FL 32771

• July 12 - Freedom Fest • August 9 - Back to School Jam Second Thursday of the month @5:00pm - 8:00pm | Downtown Sanford FL. AA5 is Central Florida’s largest recurring monthly street party with live music, local artists,

June 30 | July 28 | August 25, 5pm | Last Saturday of the month

June 16 | July 21 | August 18 Every third Saturday, 6:00pm -

Come down to the Riverwalk and enjoy some old tunes of the 50’s-70s and see gorgeous old-timers cruise along the Riverwalk.

SANFORD365 CALENDAR & EVENTS All dates are accurate at the time of publication. Ensure you check with the individual or organization responsible for the event before making plans. The publisher of this calendar is not responsible or liable for any expenditures you may incur related to your planning for or attending of the event.


story you know and love has been given the royal treatment!




Wed., Thurs, & Sat. 11am | Sunday 12pm | Saturday 7:30pm - Rivership BarbaraLee, 433 N. Palmetto Avenue

June 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 | Wayne Densch 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771

Experience the sights and sounds of the Central Florida Zoo in a whole new light! This exciting nocturnal adventure includes meeting Animal Ambassadors up-close and a guided flashlight tour of the Zoo. Registration required. Ages 5+.

Price includes: All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes and Sausage, Coffee, Tea and 1st Glass of Orange Juice PUPPIES, POSES & PINTS June 14 - 6:30-8pm | Celery City Craft 114 S Palmetto Ave, Sanford, Florida 32771 Pick a puppy, strike a pose, and enjoy a pint at Celery City Craft in Sanford (courtesy of Paul Williams)! Adoptable puppies will join us for some playful Yoga on the patio, and while we stretch Donna Neff, Master Dog Trainer, will help us teach the puppies a few poses of their own. A significant portion of the proceeds will benefit ADL Service Dogs, Training and Rescue. Puppies will be available for adoption after class. Please bring a yoga or exercise mat. Class starts at 6:30 pm. Cost: $25 per person, non-refundable. ALADDIN JR. June 19, 20 (10:00am12:00pm) and June 21 (7:309:30pm) | Wayne Densch 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771 Disney’s Aladdin JR. is based on the 1992 AcademyAward®-winning film and the 2014 hit Broadway show about the “diamond in the rough” street rat who learns that his true worth lies deep within. The

Horton the Elephant, the Cat in the Hat and all your favorite Dr. Seuss characters spring to life onstage in Seussical JR., a fantastical musical! Transporting audiences from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus. SUNSET AT THE ZOO June 21, July 19, August 16, 2018 @5:30pm-7:30pm | Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens 3755 W. Seminole Blvd. Sanford. Experience the sights and sounds of the Zoo at night during this exciting nocturnal adventure! The evening will begin in the Discovery Center with up close animal encounters. Fascinating night life will come to light as we venture into the Zoo for a guided flashlight tour and explore the Zoo after dark. This is a great program for families, but because it is a late-night program, children must be five years or older to attend. NIGHT HIKE AT THE ZOO


THE WIZARD OF OZ CLASSIC MOVIES ON MAGNOLIA June 28, 7:30-9:30pm | 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771 $5 cash at the door, Dorothy Gale is swept away from a farm in Kansas to a magical land of Oz in a tornado and embarks on a quest with her new friends to see the Wizard who can help her return home in Kansas and help her friends as well.


July 4th, 2018 4:00-10:00pm Ft. Mellon Park, 600 E. 1st Street Sanford, Florida 32771 Come early, stay late. Enjoy live music, great food, drinks and much more! Ft. Mellon Splash Pad. Fireworks above Lake Monroe! Cost: Free CHRONO TRIGGER: EPIC ORCHESTRAL TRIBUTE

SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR SEASON SHOWCASE! June 30, 7-10pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771 Join us as we pair up with some of the most talented arts groups in Central Florida to present a sample of what’s to come in our 2018-2019 season! We are excited to bring all our partners together in this unique fundraiser. Tickets are only $15 and don’t forget our full liquor bar! This proves to be a night you’ll never forget!

July 6, 7:30-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771 Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra (OCCO), a professional ensemble of Orlando’s finest musicians, kicks off its 2018 season with Chrono Trigger: Epic Orchestral Tribute.


TRIBUTE TO GLORIA ESTEFAN, CELIA CRUZ, SELENA, AND SANTANA July 7, 7:30-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771 TRIBUTE TO “ON YOUR FEET” ... In Concert...this rousing, joyous music revue pays tribute to the unforgettable rhythms and lyrics of Miami’s own musicindustry powerhouses, Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Featuring a nine- piece band, and the sublime vocals of female singer Nikki Torres. QUICK, HEALTHY MEALS FOR 1 OR 2 WEDNESDAY GARDENERS: HOUSEPLANTS July 11, 2018, 6-8pm | UF/ IFAS Extension Seminole County Auditorium 250 W. County Home Road Sanford, FL 32773 Houseplants are a wonderful way to bring a little of the outdoors in and improve your air quality. Learn what you need to know to grow houseplants successfully in your home.

For Paid Tickets, if you supply the container, we’ll supply one plant, planting medium, and gravel to create your own terrarium after the lecture is finished.

Terrariums are a great way to garden on a small scale, particularly during the heat of Florida’s summer. Learn what you need to know to have a successful and long-lived terrarium or simple vivarium.



Preforming Arts Center. Quadraphonic sound is the ultimate live audio-visual experience. Sit back while the sounds of Pink Floyd, Rush and Led Zeppelin are performed in ways you’ve never heard before. LOVE YOUR SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL SUMMER REWIND

August 11, 7:30-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771

July 28, 7:30-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771 Featuring Cece Teneal, the Aretha Franklin Tribute Show is a broadway-style music experience that takes music lovers on a trip down memory lane with stellar hits from Aretha Franklin’s 50-year musical entertainment legacy. GARDENERS: PLAN YOUR FALL VEGETABLE GARDEN

JUNIOR SUMMER TERRARIUMS July 21, 2018, 9am-12pm | UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County Auditorium 250 W. County Home Road Sanford, FL 32773

time for planting season! Fee covers Vegetable Gardening Booklet.

August 8, 2018, 6-8pm & August 11, 2018, 9am-12pm | UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County Auditorium 250 W. County Home Road Sanford, FL 32773 Come learn how to plan your fall vegetable garden just in


August 16, 7:26-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771

August 24 @ 8-11pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia Avenue, Sanford, FL 32771 Join the Love Your Shorts Film Festival for a selection of short films that were shown at the February 2018 festival. FILMS TO BE SHOWN are TBD Concessions available at theater (CASH ONLY) MUSIC, MONSTERS AND MAYHEM

Join us for a Classic Movie, brought to you by City of Sanford and the WDPAC! Tickets are $5 cash at the door only! QUADRAPHONIC SURROUND SOUND: PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN AND RUSH August 18, 7:30-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771

August 31 @ 7:30-10:30pm | Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Magnolia, Sanford, FL 32771

For the first time ever, Quadraphonic surround sound comes to the Wayne Dench

This riveting program of world premieres is inspired by folklore and literature.

Pasha “Posh” Baker




Born in 1 21 before the Great epression, Levi Coleman was born to parents Levi and Emma Lee Coleman in Elba, Alabama. Levi was the youngest of eight children and at the age of five his other was called to her heavenl home. He was raised by his two eldest sisters, llie and lla air. Growing up, life was hard in rural Alabama. During his school age years, evi s earl education was from Shad Grove Colored School and his Vocational Trade School learning was in Mobile, Alabama. Following Trade School, Levi wed Wilma King in 1942 in a ceremony at the Justice of the Peace. Shortly after, the couple welcomed two girls before leaving Elba, Alabama to journey to Goldsboro, lorida. In 1 , evi and Wilma packed their belongings, and caught a Gre Hound Bus to Sanford. They were looking forward to finding a new home in the all-black communit of Goldsboro, which the had heard so much about from a relative. Once coming to Goldsboro, the sta ed in a ver small house on 10th street, with Wilma’s Aunt, Mrs. Ollie Debose. A few days later they rented a room from rs. ar Golden and after a while, the purchased a house on 9th Street from her for $300 dollars.

Mr. Holcomb saw that he was more than just a laborer and had skills above what he was being paid. He was one of the best block and brick layers in Central Florida. When Mr. Holcomb retired, Levi was at the pinnacle of his profession; He was now ready to step out with his own onstruction Business. In ess than five ears he had a City, County, and State license to build New onstruction. e was the first Black Licensed Contractor in Seminole County. Levi’s block and brick work can still be seen all over the City of Sanford today. Levi Coleman was a successful business owner in Sanford, was married and was the father of 10 daughters…yes, 10 Daughters and 0 Sons. Levi Coleman passed away in 2004, preceded by his wife Wilma Coleman in 1989.

Levi Coleman is my Grandfather. Happy Father’s Day!

In Alabama, Levi was told go to Florida where there were orange trees in every yard. This was Mr. Coleman’s reason for coming to Florida and leaving labama. Getting a ob picking oranges was not easy, the work was hard labor and not what he expected. Early in the morning, on the way to an orange grove, on the back of a two-ton truck, the truck ipped over leaving him with a dislocated shoulder. That was his last day jumping on the back of a truck to the orange grove. Pictured: Levi Coleman

After healing from the accident, he found work with Holcomb Construction Company.

Pictured: Levi Coleman’s 10 Daughters, 9 are pictured, the oldest was in college at Savannah State University.

Photo Credit: Kevin Gardner

Sanford Social Katie Gardner The Celery City Cruisers marked thirty-two years of classic cars on Saturday, April 28. The club, the oldest car club in Central Florida, has held its monthl cruise on Seminole Boulevard at almetto venue for the past fifteen ears. ounder and resident avid Scott attributes the club s longevity to its members’ commitment. “We’re a small club, but we work hard,” he said. “We appreciate all the members, and we do a lot of things that other clubs don’t do.” The club’s monthly cruise draws up to 250 classic cars and is held on the last Saturday of each month. The cruise also features music, giveaways, and a cash drawing.




stemptom ad (same)

211 East 1st St. Sanford, FL 32771 Phone · 407·323·2774

kelly/bakiki photo (same)

shows, events, education and conversations with working artists

Making art an experience!




Da Rioma Ad (same) “Where Our Family Business “WhereOur OurFamily Business “Where “Where Our Family FamilyBusiness Business Business is Your Family’s Well-Being� isYour YourFamily’s Family’s Well-Being� Well-Being� is is is Your Your Family’s Family’s Well-Being� Well-Being� All Insurances Accepted, Including: All Insurances Including: All All All Insurances Insurances Insurances Accepted, Accepted, Accepted, Including: Including: Including: t "VUP "DDJEFOU *OTVSBODF t 8PSLFST $PNQ t "VUP "DDJEFOU *OTVSBODF t 8PSLFST $PNQ t "VUP "DDJEFOU *OTVSBODF t 8PSLFST $PNQ t "VUP "DDJEFOU *OTVSBODF t 8PSLFST $PNQ t "VUP "DDJEFOU *OTVSBODF t 8PSLFST $PNQ t .FEJDBJE t .FEJDBSF t 0CBNBDBSF t .FEJDBJE t .FEJDBSF t 0CBNBDBSF t .FEJDBJE t .FEJDBSF t 0CBNBDBSF t .FEJDBJE t .FEJDBSF t 0CBNBDBSF t .FEJDBJE t .FEJDBSF t 0CBNBDBSF

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(407) (407) (407) 878-5848 878-5848 878-5848

3950 3950US USHwy. Hwy.17-92 17-92Ste. Ste.1000 1000 Casselberry, FL 3950 3950 3950 USUSHwy. USHwy. Hwy. 17-92 17-92 17-92 Ste. Ste. Ste. 1000 1000 1000 Casselberry, FL

(407) 767-HURT Casselberry, Casselberry, Casselberry, FL FLFL (407) 767-HURT

(407) (407) (407) 767-HURT 767-HURT 767-HURT


(386) (386) (386) 860-5448 860-5448 860-5448

900 W. W. 25th St. 900 Sanford, FL 900 900 900 W. W. W. 25th 25th 25th St. St. St. Sanford, FL (407) 878-5848 Sanford, Sanford, Sanford, FL FL FL (407) 878-5848

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821DeBary DeBaryAve. Ave. 821 Deltona, FL 821 821 821 DeBary DeBary DeBary Ave. Ave. Ave. Deltona, FL (386) 860-5448 Deltona, Deltona, Deltona, FL FLFL (386) 860-5448

M Y S A N F O R D M A G A Z I N E | CO M M U N I T Y & P E O P L E • 14


Getting to Know Ms. Ollie Williams, a 98-Year-Old Sanfordite

Ms. Williams (pending) bilingual interview

Perla B. Crosby

s. llie Williams was born in 1 20 at home in Georgetown. Though she left Sanford for several decades of her life, she returned to Georgetown and lives in the same famil home she was born in. My Sanford Magazine spent time with her and learned a little bit about her life.

a Sra. llie Williams naci en 1 20 en su casa en Georgetown. Aunque dejó a Sanford durante varias décadas de su vida, regresó a Georgetown vive en la misma casa de familia en la ue naci . My Sanford Magazine pasó tiempo con ella, y aprendió un poco sobre su vida. Q. What was life like in Georgetown when you were growing up?

R. When I was a child, everyone in the neighborhood looked out for everyone else. The neighborhood was an extended family and the children were carefully watched. We had freedom to walk around and spend time with friends, but within limits. I was allowed to play several blocks away from home. If I strayed from these boundaries, my mom would know about it before I even got home. We had the protection of our family, friends, and neighbors. Georgetown was a ver close-knit communit . Q. Can you tell us a little about your family?

R. Family was extremely important to my mother. She was a seamstress who raised three children, mostly as a single parent. It was important that my siblings and I learn to be responsible. My older sister and younger brother each had our own chores and responsibilities and contributed to the household. Though my sister had cerebral palsy, she still learned how to cook for herself and washed her own clothes. My mother kept a very clean and tidy home, and I am very much like her in that regard. I have had three children of m own (two bo s and a girl), and five grandchildren. niece Faye Henderson lives nearby and helps me with many things; I’m lucky to have her. Q. I have heard that you attended Hopper Academy and Crooms Academy. What was it like when you were a child? R. Both schools were strict and education was a serious matter. This was during a time when if you misbehaved, your schoolteacher would smack you on the hand with a palmetto switch. My mother would always remind us that every time we left the house we represented her. I took that seriously and never once got the switch. I am still close with one of my earliest childhood school friends who I knew from Hopper Academy. She lives in Eatonville now and just turned one hundred years old. I make sure to talk with my friends and family members every week. It’s so important to maintain those connections.


Q. I know that you left the Sanford area for a while. What did you do while you were away? R. I moved to the Northeast and lived mostly in New York City. Throughout my twenties I worked mainly in department stores and took classes at the Royal Business School. I applied for many jobs and was eventually hired to work as the program coordinator for senior services b a real estate development firm that had multiple properties on the West Side of NYC. I was responsible for helping the senior citizens in buildings with all the services they needed— healthcare, social programs, transportation, etc. The job kept me busy and I was always running around the different properties, but I loved it. When I gave notice that I was leaving and moving to Florida, my manager said to me, “I’ll miss you, because I’d have never made it without you.” Q. In two years, you will celebrate your one-hundredth birthday. What do you do to take care of yourself? R. After being diagnosed with cancer, I thought to myself, “Ollie, it’s time to get serious about your health.” I took more time to rest and eat right. I walked everywhere—many people in Sanford knew me as the woman that walks. I feel that you have to always keep your mind and body active; that’s what I attribute my long life to.

“I’m sitting here right now wishing I could pack a bag and go to the airport! “ “Estoy sentada aquí ahora mismo deseando poder empacar una maleta e ir al aeropuerto!”

Q. Other than your career, what are some things that have been important to you throughout your life? R. Family, friends, church, and traveling are very important to me. I love to travel. I have traveled many places, including England, Spain, France, Hawaii, and Mexico. When I was still working, I traveled whenever I could afford to. I’m sitting here right now wishing I could pack a bag and go to the airport! I love experiencing other cultures.

P. He oído que asistió a Hopper Academy y a la Academia Crooms. ¿Cómo era cuando eras una niña? R. Ambas escuelas eran estrictas y la educación era un asunto serio. Esto fue durante una época en la que si te portabas mal, tu maestra te abofeteaba en la mano con un objeto. Mi madre siempre nos recordaba que cada vez que salíamos de la casa la representabamos. Me tomé eso en serio. Todavía estoy cerca de una de mis primeras amigas de la escuela de la niñez que conocí de Hopper Academy. Ella vive en Eatonville ahora y acaba de celebrar 100 años de edad. Me aseguro de hablar con mis amigos y familiares cada semana. Es muy importante mantener esas conexiones.

Ms. Williams (pending) bilingual interview

Q. You have served on several committees in Georgetown and have been involved in Historic Saint James A.M.E. Church. What would you like to tell us about that?

R. I was christened at Saint James A.M.E. Church in 1922; they still have the records. I remember the big, beautiful stained-glass windows from when I was a child. There was no air conditioning then, so the windows would be open and a large metal rod held them in place so we could get air in the church. There was a big wooden stove in the corner of the church that was used in the winter. I have been on the Georgetown eritage dvisor ommittee for man years and have helped to write the heritage markers on Sanford Avenue, as well as the Georgetown tour brochure Saint James is the church on the cover of the brochure. Q. What else would you like to tell us?

. I ust thank God ever morning when I wake up that care of me another day.

e has taken

P. Sé que dejaste el área de Sanford por un tiempo. ¿Qué hiciste mientras estabas fuera? R. me mudé al noreste y viví en la ciudad de Nueva York. A lo largo de mis 20 años trabajé en grandes almacenes y Tomé clases en la Real Escuela de negocios. Solicité muchos trabajos y eventualmente fui contratado para trabajar como Coordinador del programa de servicios para personas mayores por una empresa de desarrollo de bienes raíces que tenía múltiples propiedades en el West Side de NYC. Fui responsable de a udar a los ancianos en los edificios con todos los servicios que necesitaban – salud, programas sociales, transporte, etc. El trabajo me mantuvo ocupada y siempre estaba corriendo por las diferentes propiedades, pero me encantó. Cuando me di cuenta de que me iba y me mudaba a Florida, mi mánager me dijo “Te echaré de menos, porque nunca lo habría hecho sin ti”. Q. En dos años, usted celebrará su centenario cumpleaños. ¿Qué hace para cuidarse? R. después de haber sido diagnosticada con cáncer, pensé: “Ollie, es hora de tomar en serio tu salud”. Dediqué más tiempo a descansar y comer bien. Caminé por todas partes – mucha gente en Sanford me conocía como la mujer que camina. Siento que siempre tienes que mantener tu mente y tu cuerpo activos; a eso le atribuyo mi larga vida. P. Aparte de su carrera, ¿cuáles son algunas de las cosas que han sido importantes para usted a lo largo de su vida?

P. ¿Cómo era la vida en Georgetown cuando crecía? R. cuando era niña, todos en el vecindario cuidaban de todos los demás. El vecindario era una familia extensa y los niños eran vigilados cuidadosamente. Teníamos libertad para caminar y pasar tiempo con amigos, pero dentro de los límites. Me permitieron jugar varias cuadras lejos de casa. Si me apartara de estos límites, mi mamá lo sabría antes de que yo llegara a casa. Teníamos la protecci n de nuestra familia, amigos vecinos. Georgetown era una comunidad muy unida. P. ¿Puede contarnos un poco sobre su familia? R. la familia era extremadamente importante para mi madre. Ella era una costurera que crió a tres niños, sobre todo como madre soltera. Era importante que mis hermanos y yo aprendieramos a ser responsables. Mi hermana mayor y mi hermano menor tenían nuestras propias tareas y responsabilidades y contribuían a la casa. Aunque mi hermana tenía parálisis cerebral, ella aprendió a cocinar para sí misma y lavar su propia ropa. Mi madre tenía una casa muy limpia y ordenada, y yo soy muy parecida a ella en ese sentido. Tengo tres hijos (dos niños y una niña), y cinco nietos. Mi sobrina Faye Henderson vive cerca y me ayuda con muchas cosas; Tengo suerte de tenerla.

R. La familia, los amigos, la iglesia y los viajes son muy importantes para mí. Me encanta viajar. He viajado por muchos lugares, incluyendo Inglaterra, España, Francia, Hawai y México. Cuando todavía estaba trabajando, viajé siempre que podía permitirme. Estoy sentada aquí ahora mismo deseando poder empacar una maleta e ir al aeropuerto! Me encanta experimentar otras culturas. P. Usted ha servido en varios comités en Georgetown y ha estado involucrada en la histórica iglesia de Saint James A.M.E. ¿Qué le gustaría contarnos sobre eso? R. Fui bautizada en la iglesia de Saint James A.M.E. en 1922; todavía tienen los registros. Recuerdo sus grandes y hermosas vidrieras de cuando era niña. No había aire acondicionado entonces, así que las ventanas se abrían y una gran varilla metálica las sostuvo en su lugar, así que podiamos respirar aire natural en la iglesia. Había una gran estufa de madera en la esquina de la iglesia que fue utilizada en el invierno. e estado en el omit onsultivo de la herencia de Georgetown por muchos años y he ayudado a escribir los marcadores del patrimonio en la Avenida de Sanford, así como el folleto del viaje de Georgetown- Saint James . . es la iglesia en la cubierta del folleto. P. ¿Qué más le gustaría contarnos? R. Sólo que agradezco a Dios cada mañana cuando me despierto porque él me ha cuidado y regalado otro día.





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1. (clockwise) Big Sister, Megan Harkins, Rachel Parks, Shannon Nussbaum, Lenee Freeman, Janey Hallberg, Patti Hallberg, Dimple Oberai, Uli Branstetter 2. Janey Hallberg, Megan Harkins, Big Sister 3. Megan Harkins and Big Sister 4. Michelle Predko and Breanna Pichardo of Creations Catering & Events 5. Cheryl Deming, Megan Harkins, Big Sister

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Twenty plus years ago, Sarah Miller, while visiting family in her hometown of Sanford, Florida, stumbled upon her dream home. It is in an old Sanford neighborhood, across from a park where she went to Seminole High School. She immediately called her husband, John, who was on a business trip in D.C., and told him she had found their retirement home. After much thought, they purchased the house at 212 W 16th Street in Sanford. he house came with a ver outdated second- oor in-law apartment. Their original plan was for them to occupy the apartment and rent the downstairs. After one year of that arrangement and losing the downstairs tenant, they immediately moved downstairs - literally in the middle of the night. Before John’s retirement, he and Sarah traveled throughout the United States. They always chose to stay at Bed and Breakfasts, enjoying the local people and restaurants and shopping nearby. Sarah, being very social, always dreamed of opening her own Bed and Breakfast someday. After many years of improvements, replacing old decks and stairs, and most recentl a brand new, remodeled kitchen, the are finall read to open Sarah’s dream, their own B&B: A Rooftop Garden Apartment. The apartment, with original natural cypress paneling and heart of pine oors, e udes an old lorida feel. Since Sarah s son, eg Garner, is a well-known and accomplished local photographer, she displays his artwork of Florida landscapes on many of the walls. Due to her love of gardening, Sarah decided to establish deck harvesting. On the entry deck is her salad garden: all edible plants with herbs, lettuce, even a tomato and pepper plant, and a garden bench to sit and watch the onarch butter ies that visit. n the smaller west deck, she has “deckscaped it with owers and a fountain. It is a great place to look out over the many live oak trees and landscaped gardens and watch the sunset. Sarah is providing guests with organic coffee and tea, bottled cider, and craft beer, all from local downtown businesses, and she is encouraging her guests to “shop local” in her wonderful hometown of Sanford. You can find our Rooftop Garden Apartment at:




oto redit


Megan Harkins 4.



On March 31st, 2018, an opened courtyard gate welcomed guests as Sanford Historic District resident Cheryl Deming hosted a unique backyard baby shower for her daughter, Megan Harkins. An intimate group of friends, including the wee one’s big sister, gathered to celebrate his impending arrival. Event Planner, Nancy Kruckemyer (, showcased talented local vendors to create the woodland themed event. Jan, Gardener Extraordinaire from Cottage Gardens to Go, set up little touches of succulents, squirrels, birds, and whimsy along with tea service from The Rosie Lee Co. ( Michelle from Creations Catering & Events made sure the nibbles were plentiful, delicious, and perfect ( Dreamy Cake’s Chef Angel provided a sweet ending in the form of fanciful iced animal cookies and twig shaped pretzels ( John Pierce of JP Photography was on-hand to capture the afternoon with stunning photographs (


The 327

the 327 gents Club club article Gentlemen’s

Fostering Charity & Friendship While Supporting Local “I saw posts that commented on the need for Sanford’s men to be more in volved in our community,”

Daniel Lewis In late 2016, Mike Berren was inspired by posts on local community pages. “I saw posts that commented on the need for Sanford’s men to be more involved in our community,” said Berren, “and thought that as a husband and father working with other nonprofits alread , I could take the first step. ike brought in other communit -minded individuals like me, Jon Grubbs, and Zach Waters. he 2 Gentlemen s lub, a nonprofit organization that fosters charit and friendship while supporting local area causes and businesses, was launched in November 2016. Over the last 18 months, our group has thrown over 30 events, numbers over 250 members, and has greatly impacted the Sanford community.

local businesses while having a fun time.” This event brought over 50 patrons to 8 different locales, providing a boost to the local establishments. I particularly enjoyed planning the Poker Tournament for the benefit of So a speranza, a pro ect begun b local attorne and club member Gabriel dam to provide mobile academic assistance to low-income neighborhoods on a retro fitted bus. ur club filled Buster’s Bistro on a Wednesday to compete, ultimately presenting a check for 0 to dam s organization. We also held food drives to fill the Idyllwilde Elementary School pantry after Hurricane Irma, collected over 200 Thanksgiving baskets distributed through local food shelters, and helped collect socks for my law practice’s annual sock drive.


Charity & Supporting Local

Perhaps the club’s signature event is the Make a Splash pub crawl, the brainchild of Zach Waters, which provided admission to the splash pad at Ft. Mellon Park for 550 elementary students last summer. Waters desired to “do something for area children, as well as support

Social gatherings are another important aspect of what the club provides to the Sanford community. Club member Ameer Robinson started weekly basketball games which have brought men of all walks of life together to bond over friendl competition. Gu s have also attended a Sanford iver ats game, where member Jon Grubbs ashed his dance moves on the field as part of a contest, competed as teams in local escape rooms at Escape Artists, and invited families to a “West First St. Game Night, where games for all ages were set up in local businesses. With thousands of dollars raised for charity and dozens of friendships formed, the 2 Gentlemen s lub has been e actl what ike, Jon, Zach, and I imagined it could be, with a very bright future ahead.

Daniel relocated to Central Florida in 2007 after nearly 10 years of active duty service in the United States Air Force. He is currently an attorney living and running his legal practice in Sanford and teaches American history at both the University of Central Florida and Seminole State College. Daniel also holds a position in the Greater Sanford Chamber of Commerce, and is very charity, community, and civic minded regarding all things Sanford.


es n i Z f o d l r o W and the

Photo credit: Reg Garner

Jennifer Lindquist

of Bottom- Montage

Zines (pronounced zeens), short for magazines, are self-published creations from the crossing of writing, art and DIY culture. This cross-disciplinary craft is experiencing a renaissance and gaining wider recognition as a true public art form. Literally, zines are hand-made magazine/booklets that come in a broad variety of styles and sizes. They can be comic-style illustrations drawn with pencil or ink, collage images cut, torn and pasted, hand lettering or typeface print, usually reproduced by photocopier in small batches. They are often bound with a simple fold and staple, or twine stich. Whatever form they come in, there is a pretty obvious DIY quality to them, because the artists did DO IT THEMSELVES! They authored it, illustrated it in whatever medium and style inspires them, bound and published it by hand. In the fall of 2017 a group of local Sanford artists with a love for comics decided to organize for the purpose of supporting each other’s creative process, increasing the production and quality of their comic art, and of course, having fun. The Sanford Comic Collective (SCC) was born and became what it is today: a showcase of 8 local Sanford artists specializing in sequential art. The group’s humble beginnings started when artists Nick Criscitelli and Andrew McMillen were attending a sketch-group that met at RabbitFoot Records. When the sketch-group meetings began happening less frequently and eventually stopped completely, Nick and Andrew both realized how valuable the scheduled group work sessions were to them as artists, and they were missing it. They decided to take matters into their own hands and create a collaborative art group for themselves. Since they both had a deep appreciation for comic art and loved making their own comics they decided to make it the focus of the new group. The fact that most of their other artist friends in town were inspired by the idea sealed the deal.


Within months of the S s first official meeting, the group produced their first zine titled Sanford omic ollective Excerpts Volume 1, which debuted in the 2017 Orlando Zine Fest. The SCC is unique in Sanford’s visual arts scene as the only true collaborative community of artists. Membership requires a commitment to creating and completing 5-10 pages every 2 weeks. The group regularly meets for collaborative drawing/work sessions, offering its artists encouragement through accountability for continued progress, discussion, critique and comradery. Amongst them, the members have individually published 13 original zines to date and are working on the Sanford Comic Collective: Excerpts Volume 2, which they hope will be one of many quality pieces they will be exhibiting in the 2018 Orlando Zine Fest in December.

McMillen igned by Andrew llective Logo - des h Sechrest Sanford Comic Co hrest - photo by Jos Sec h Jos by gs drawin w McMillen Top - Montage of - photo by Andre d Comic Collective mbers of the Sanfor

by various me drawing samples

There are many opportunities to check out the work and happenings of the Sanford Comic Collective. They are planning a “Mini-Zine Workshop & Exhibit” for fall and several showcase opportunities before year’s end. Follow the SCC Facebook page for event details and for questions, send an email to: If you like drawing comics yourself, you can jump into a SSC weekly pick-up drawing session at Smash Comics, Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm.

Members of the Sanford Comic Collective

The Sanford Comic Collective drawing session and exhibit at “SMASH! Free Comic Book Day 2018” (from left to right, J.J. Morris, Priscilla Billingsley, Josh Sechrest, Andrew McMillen, Chloe Dillon, Nick Criscitelli) - photo by Andrew McMille

Jennifer is an artist best known for her large-scale abstract-modernist paintings. She has operated a private studio for the past 25 years, exhibiting and working by commission. Her latest mural project, “The Stack on French,” is now on the national registry of The Public Art Archive™. Lindquist is also an Arts Planning Specialist, a Public Art Commissioner for the City of Sanford, a certified CAD Drafter and licensed art educator (K-12, FDOE) working to advance the arts through innovative projects and programs. She is a member of the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals and Americans for the Arts.

the community to visit, pull weeds and learn. After an hour of weeding they have a guest speaker. On June 9th bee educator Jason Deeringer of BeeSerious.Inc will be speaking at 9 am.

“The garden grows so much more than vegetables,” said DiPace. “It grows community. But it takes a community of support to make that happen, and for that we are eternally grateful.”

The New

new community gardens

S anford Community is Reborn Sheila DiPace

On March 24th the Sanford Community Garden hosted a grand re-opening celebration, complete with a ribbon cutting with Mayor Jeff Triplett, surrounded by city leaders, gardeners, volunteers and supporters, who all were thanked by garden president, Sheila i ace. Gratitude was extended to Lowes of Sanford, Boy Scouts Troop 849, Sanford Parks and Recreation Division, supporters of the garden raf e and volunteers. Boasting twice the planting space with 47 beds at 4x16 feet, an expanded area for education, bat house, composters, Kid Plot, Herbal and Butter plots -the garden is bursting with life and happy gardeners.


In the new educational area, the Mayor’s Youth Council will be growing for the local Bo s and Girls lub. With funding the hope for a covered educational space where groups of children could learn everything from how to grow veggies to nature-based art or creative writing. “Children spend just minutes per day outdoors and are missing out on so much-and not just knowing where their food comes from but reverence for the planet and all its life forms. This spot with its 11-acre park is a perfect place to grow all kinds of creativity,” said DiPace. “We love this park so much we have officiall adopted it and conduct uarterly clean-ups.” This is a private organic garden, where residents rent plots annually, but on the second Saturday of each month it’s open to

Dipace received an award from Mayor Triplett during the May Commission meeting for her dedication and passion for the community garden. For more information or to get on the waiting list for a plot, go to

Sheila DiPace Sanford Community Garden President

The Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra aims to make Sanford its permanent residence

Daniel Cortes

the orlando contemporary (occo)

The Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra (OCCO) is an ensemble comprised of Florida’s top professional musicians. “Our mission is to promote the works of living composers and to serve the community through cultural enrichment,” says Music Director Todd Craven. “Hopefully our programming will be a gateway for audiences to experience the full spectrum of contemporary sounds ranging from commercial to esoteric.” OCCO aims to make Sanford its permanent residence. Showing on July 6, Chrono Trigger pic rchestral ribute features video game music b legendar figures asunori itsuda and Nobuo Uematsu arranged by Rebecca Tripp. Tripp has received almost 6 million YouTube views for her poignant orchestral arrangements and originals. You will also hear world premieres by Timothy William, Nathan Felix, and Ryan McQuinn. On August 31, Music, Monsters, and Mayhem, is inspired b folklore and literature. he program consists of r. ro Gifford s “ a hupacabra”, “Angel of the Odd by Dr. Randall Woolf”, and “Sketches of a Poet by Jamie Wehr”. Both concerts will be held at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center at 7:30 PM. To purchase tickets, please visit or call 407-321-8111. The ensemble has a Facebook page at if you’re interested in becoming part of our OCCO family! Daniel is Executive Director and Principal Violist of the Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra. He is a full-time musician who performs extensively with many of Florida’s professional orchestras and chamber ensembles.


What’s New for our Sanford Schools?

Tina Calderone, Ed.D.

What’s new for sandford schools

We’re very excited to share with our community that Seminole igh School s new th Grade enter, “ he dward Blacksheare Campus,” is set to open for Fall of 2018. The th Grade enter, named for longtime Sanford educator and former Crooms Academy Principal Edward Blacksheare, will be located at the current site of Millennium Middle School across from Seminole High’s main campus. In addition, Millennium Middle School will also be opening their brandnew campus location for Fall of 2018, which will be located directly next to Midway Elementary off of State Road 46/E. 25th Street.

As many of our residents are already aware, Seminole High School offers traditional comprehensive high school programming in addition to two magnet programs, which are the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) and Academy of Health Careers.

Part of the newly renovated 9th grade center will include a culinary lab and new media center. The 9th grade center will also be one of our first campuses to implement estorative Practices school-wide. For those of you not familiar with Restorative Practices, it’s basically a different approach to standard discipline procedures where the goal is to proactively build relationships and a sense of community in an effort to prevent con ict and wrongdoing. S (Social motional Learning) lessons will be implemented school-wide via advisement period. lso housed at the th Grade enter will be one of our newest Programs of Emphasis, PSI High. The letters PSI in PSI High stands for Problem Solving Incubator and it was recognized by the XQ Institute in 2016 with a $1 million grant award. So, what is PSI High exactly? PSI High is an immersive, full-time program where students work in an environment that looks like a high-tech office instead of a basic standard classroom. Rather than learn through traditional instruction, our students join teams with their peers and teachers to solve real community, business, and social problems.

Millenium Middle School Smith Aerial Photos

The ideal student for PSI High is passionate and wants to take control of his or her own learning. These learners will then use their interests, knowledge, and skills to earn high school credit through real-world, project-based work as our leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

In addition to the opening of the Seminole igh th Grade Center and new Millennium Middle School, we also have three brand new Sanford-area magnet schools coming online for the 2018-2019 school year! They are Idyllwilde Elementary – Future Ready Academy, which will feature the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), as well as College & Career Readiness; Pine Crest Elementary School of Innovation featuring Computer Science and Code to the Future programs; and Wicklow lementar School for Global athwa s, which will also feature the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), as well as Global competenc and World anguage ac uisition. The three new magnet schools are the result of a $15 million agnet Schools ssistance rogram ( S ) Grant that Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) received in September 2017. Through this project, the schools will introduce innovative educational practices to ensure effective instruction that allows students to meet high academic standards and master a rigorous curriculum.

“This is tremendous news for our district! We couldn’t be more excited for what this will mean for our students, families and community. This grant will go a long way towards transforming and increasing educational opportunities at these schools and across the district said r. Walt Griffin, Superintendent, SCPS.

ina as e ected to the Schoo oard in o em er and has since ecome a certified Schoo oard mem er Ca derone earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and then went on to receive a Master’s in Educational Administration and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida. Dr. Calderone has worked hard to build an extensive and successful career for herself. Her diverse background includes elements of education, marketing, sales, public relations, fundraising and training. Dr. Calderone is a proven community leader and passionate volunteer. Tina and her husband have been residents of Seminole County since 1989 and are active members of Sandando United Methodist Church. She is a proud parent of two children who have graduated from Seminole County Public Schools. Tina is thrilled to be serving our community through her elected position and is committed to ensuring that the best individual instruction is offered to all students.










Fulmore Ad (same) FULMORE CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Ronald Fulmore, Sr.; Dr. Ronald Fulmore, II

CONTACT INFORMATION: Sanford 1400 S. Park Ave Sanford, FL 32771 Phone: 407-732-7751 S. Orlando / Kissimmee 9753 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32837 Phone: 407-270-4661 Downtown Orlando 1500 W. Gore Street Orlando, FL 32805 Phone: 407-425-6578 Altamonte Springs 781 Maitland Ave Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 Phone: 407-339-2888 Website:

OUR STORY: Fulmore Chiropractic has many years of experience in treating back and neck pain with care and compassion. Involved in an automobile accident over 30 years ago, Dr. Ronald Fulmore, Sr. was left paralyzed on the right side of his body for a year and a half. He had been told about chiropractic, gave it a try and over time began to heal. Dr. Fulmore was eventually restored to 100% heath and decided to dedicate his life to helping others in the same way that he was once helped. OUR PRACTICE: Dr. Ronald Fulmore (Dr. Ronald as he is known at the office) is aided by a loyal staff of over 25 years, including his wife, Mrs. Fulmore, a graduate of the University of Florida who holds dual degrees in exercise science and occupational therapy and is an experienced dietitian and nutritionist. They were joined by their son, Dr. Ronald Fulmore, II (Dr. Ron) in August of 2010 to continue in a family tradition of providing excellent health care. He is a Lynn Business School graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida. In 2005.

Dr. Ron II led the Stetson Hatters’ Soccer Team to a Division I Championship where he was crowned MVP. In lieu of pursuing a professional soccer career, he matriculated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange. Florida completing the required eight years to receive the Doctor of Chiropractic degree. “My dad is my hero,” he says, “I want to be as good as him if not better.” Passionate about chiropractic and the patients he serves, Dr. Ron makes his best effort to ensure his patients feel comfortable and help them feel better as soon as possible. OUR PHILOSOPHY: Chiropractic treatment improves function, flexibility and energy flow to release healing powers that are locked inside the body. The health care profession entails something Dr. Fulmore calls a “synergistic balance” between non invasive health care treatment, proper exercise, and a healthy diet. “Through this dynamic,” he says, “people will be able to enjoy their bodies and their lives in a fuller, more flexibility and energy flow, and dignified manner.


All homes marketed and SOLD by Jose Rodriguez, Charles Rutenberg Realty





(Jose&Claudia) Real estate ad SOLD Q



"What would my home sell for in TODAY'S market?"

A Visit to find out instantly and for free if NOW is really the best time to sell!

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or ggies.



But be sure to ask if even these items are vegan, though. Some restaurants and cultures add cream, butter, or meat broths for flavor.

211 East 1st St. Sanford, FL 32771 Phone · 407·323·2774

YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT MAKES SOMETHING NON-VEGAN Vegans often joke that we have trust issues. We are constantly reading through every ingredient on a label! Some items may seem like they’re vegan, but brush up on certain things like casein (derived from animal’s milk) and l-cysteine (sourced from feathers or human hair) that are found in some foods. Even alcohols can be filtered through isinglass, also known as fish bladder.

shows, events, education and conversations with working artists C

SOME THINGS YOU ALREADY LOVE ARE ACCIDENTALLY VEGAN Do you love Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos or Oreo cookies? No worries—these are what we call “accidentally vegan!” Check out PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) list of accidentally vegan foods. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what is still an option for you.




IT’S DELICIOUSLY CREATIVE If you didn’t love cooking before, you’ll love cooking when you’re vegan. Is there a special family recipe you want to figure out how to make vegan? Or a unique way of making your favorite food? Imagine Thanksgiving without the bird as your centerpiece, but instead a tofurky roast or nutloaf with sides of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Yes, it’s absolutely possible. All you have to do is try out different alternatives and ingredients.





IT’LL MAKE YOU HUNGRY FOR MORE It’s unlikely that you’ll meet a vegan who isn’t a foodie. Most of us are on the search for more. We get excited to go out and eat, even checking menus and asking questions in advance. Eating will become more than a necessity, but an adventure.

Nikki is a writer/photographer in Central Florida. Finding stories in her city is an adventure she lives for. She loves photographing people in their most natural element--laughing, crying, connecting with their world. Her work can resonate with anyone who wants to feel a spark of emotion. She resides in downtown Sanford with her pup, Cookie, and a cuddly fur family of felines.

CONTINENTAL MakingCLEANERS art an experience! Satisfaction Guaranteed

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ADDRESS: 851 E, State Rd. 434 Suite 218 Longwood, FL 32750

PHONE: (407) 331-3332 1 31/05/2018 10:33 pm ALL DRY CLEARING DONE ON SITE Shantell Ad.pdf

Just one bite... and You’ll feel the Love

Soul food & Entertainment *











Historic Downtown Sanford 503 S. Sanford Ave., Sanford, FL 32771 407 - 878 - 7785 WE CATER WWW.ORDERSHANTELLS.COM

Brunch Buffet Every 4th Sunday


Thursday Nights

Steak, Cigars & Bring Your Own Whiskey Wednesday Nights

*Check our Facebook page to see upcoming events


Vintage accents: If you have furniture or ornaments that you consider old, take the opportunity to explore your creativity! Creating a timeless interior can add a lot of life to your house! Especially if you use nautical themes! After all, what is summer decor without a little sea inspiration?


8 easy ways to style your summer

Amber Clore ASID | NCIDQ

Summer is here and for many, this means it is time to redecorate and prepare our homes for these months! When getting your home ready for summer, the main objective is to clear out the clutter and bring the light and life that the warmer months provide. So, let’s discuss these 8 interior design tips on how you can capture the look of summer and make your home shine!


Keep only what you need: This is the most important tip to consider since summer is about space, light and air, not about clutter. Once you leave only the relevant objects in your room, you can also rearrange the furniture to maximize space. You can start adding other elements that we will suggest on the following tips, but remember to keep it simple. Natural lighting: With longer days, inviting natural light into your property will result in a brighter home! Big windows, strategically placed mirrors, and any opportunity your house has to add natural light into the interior, will help you bring the summer sun into your house. Additionally, rearrange your space to ma imize ow, take out items and move items around to allow for the best access to natural light and movement within the space.


Amber Clore is a Florida Registered Interior Designer and rising star who combines on-trend creative talent with practical, technical design training and expertise. She is the owner of A.Clore Interiors, a vibrant evolutionary design firm in downtown Sanford, FL. Amber is recognized as an emerging leader in industry and local community and serves as President Elect for the American Society of Interior Designers Florida North Chapter. Her passion is to provide a one of a kind design experience for her clients that capture their distinct individual style. Because her transformations are visually striking, functional, and timeless, Amber’s success has been showcased on several design shows and renowned media outlets like HGTV, Houzz. com, and as Fox35 Good Day Orlando’s on-air design exert. Her youthful energy and mature sense of style have created a niche in Sanford, Central Florida and the design world.


Bring the outside in! Summer is the perfect excuse to garnish your home with owers and plants because they can bring real life into any interior! Place them near windows, on the top of the coffee table, in the middle of the dining table, and so on... Summer is the perfect season to use owers because the can ourish in the sun creating a real summer aroma and a beautiful setting.


Add light to your nights: If you want to create the best summer night ambience and add an additional touch to your summer nights, you can place lanterns inside and outside. The backyard is a great idea to place these lights. ou can find lanterns everywhere, they come in affordable prices and you can customize your designs.


Embellishments: Take this season as the perfect opportunity to use cushions, wall hangings, and accessories!


Play with colors! Ice cream colors are going to be a huge trend this year! Try to choose your colors based on your favorite ice cream color. Introduce your selection of color on a single wall and use accessories with pastel hued vases, dining chairs and tableware.


Pile on pillows: Add pillows with different patterns and textures to add life to your sofa! This will transform your space into a bohemian interior or a cozy welcoming space. It depends on what kind of pillows you put together and the atmosphere you want to create.


BONUS 9. Recycling: Not only is it good for the planet, it’s trendy! Anything from repurposing disposable items to resurrecting forgotten items, recycling and DIY decor are here to stay! Take the risk to paint, create and transform items such as cans, plastic bottles and glass containers. You will be amazed at how these items bring life into your space! BONUS 10. Bring in summer scents: Our brains are stimulated with colors, smells, and textures, so create a multi-sensory environment that you enjoy. A good way to do this is by adding candles, scents to air conditioning, and oil diffusers. There is nothing better than walking into a fresh smelling home at the end of a hot summer day. Welcome this new season with these summer decorating ideas to freshen up your home décor. Using these tips, you can design your interior space and discover that it can be transformed into something unique, where you can relax and enjoy all summer long!









Spring 1 1/30/2018 3:15:20 PM

city of sanford Ad Photo credit: Reg Garner

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