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Prom Night SAFETY April 12, 2017


Cossatot River High School - April 15th Acorn High School - April 15th Mena High School - April 22nd

196 Highway 980 • 394-5290

1317 Highway 71 South, Mena


479.394.4248 104 Port Arthur Avenue Mena, AR 71953-3344

Mena, Hatfield & Wickes


Live Mariachi Band 5-6 pm Saturday, April 22nd 1506 Hwy. 71 S, Mena • 479-394-6521

Supercenter 67 600 Hwy. 71 N

710 4th Street • Mena, AR Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 am-6 pm Sat. • 9 am -12:30 pm Sun. • Closed

• In the weeks before the prom, set aside time to talk with your teenager about the prom and about safety. • Participate in your teen’s prom preparations. While your teen is preparing for the big night, it’s a good idea to have some open discussions about safety issues, including driving, drinking, and post-prom parties. • Discuss what limits and guidelines you want to set with your teen. • Be sure your teenager has safe transportation for the entire evening. Provide transportation if needed. • Stress that under no circumstances should he/she get into a car with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs. • Make a backup plan just in case. • Decide if you want to revisit discussions you’ve had in the past about sex and about risky behaviors. • Talk with your teen about peer pressure. • Make sure you know your teen’s date or the friends they’ll be going with. • Consider holding a post-prom party at your home. • On the night of the prom if your teen plans on attending a party before or afterwards, get the address and phone numbers. • Remind your teen to call home if there is any change in plans. • If your teen plans on sleeping at a friend’s house, contact the friend’s parents to confirm the arrangements. Have your teenager call you once he/she reaches his/her friend’s house. • If you’re available on prom night, let your teen know that if he/she runs into trouble you’ll pick him/her up, regardless of the time.


Prom Safety  
Prom Safety