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This is Little Falls /


DISCOVER THE MOST IDYLLIC SMALL CITY IN UPSTATE NY Little Falls, NY, is known as one of the friendliest and most stunningly beautiful small cities along the Erie Canal. Culture, beauty, and refinement, while often used to describe

play ball in the parks, swim, and kayak during the summer

large cities, is an equally apt description for Little Falls. It’s a

months and ice skate in the city park during the winter.

multi-faceted, multi-cultured, very walkable city filled with art

Technology and innovation play an essential role in the Little

galleries, one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, coffee shops, ex-

Falls lifestyle as well. Relocating businesses love the city for

cellent schools, a hospital, a movie theater, collegiate baseball,

its affordability, skilled talent, high-speed bandwidth, and easy

year-round events, and festivals.

access to the NY State Thruway and airports in Syracuse or Al-

The well-preserved historic architecture and a main street made

bany. The schools also take a proactive role in the preparation

for cinematography add to the allure of the city along with its

of the next generation of technology innovators through their

legacy of friendly, hard-working people who call it home.

STEM & STEAM programs and media, arts, and technology ini-

Even when people leave this city, they somehow find their way

tiatives. It’s a program unheard of for a city of this size.

back. There is something special about Little Falls. People describe it as an energy that you don’t find anywhere else. For

Little Falls is a treasured city…with modern amenities and a

those who live here, it’s a quality of life that has been perfectly

postcard perfect quality of life. Once you visit, you’ll want to call

preserved over the years where children still walk to school,

it home.

This is Little Falls /

3 Mayor Mark Blask Assessor 315-574-5244 City Treasurer 315-574-5241 City Clerk 315-574-5246

LITTLE FALLS - THE PERFECT PLACE TO CALL HOME Whether you’re considering Little Falls as your new home or business location, you won’t find a friendlier welcome than what you will receive from locals, schools, businesses, and city officials all wanting to make your relocation easier. In fact, the more you learn about Little Falls, the more you are going to love your new home.

City Secretary 315-823-2400 Codes Enforcement 315-574-5250 Urban Renewal 315-574-5249 Public Works 315-823-0211 Waste Water Treatment Plant 315-823-4626 Water Filtration Plant 315-823-3260 Garbage & Yard Waste Pickup 315-823-2400 City Engineer 315-574-5239

Our Schools - Preparing the Innovators & Leaders of Tomorrow Little Falls City School District has

wide range of technological oppor-

1,092 students in grades PK, K-12

tunities to prepare students to live

with a student-teacher ratio of 12

and work in a digital age with focus

to 1 (NY average is 13 to 1) and an

on STEM & STEAM programs, Gifted

overall Niche grade of B-. Schools

and Talented Programs and Media,

within the district include: Benton

Arts & Technology with the goal of

Hall Academy, Little Falls Middle

creating flexible, dynamic academic

School and Little Falls High School.

structures that meet the needs of all

The district is focused on creating a


Fire Chief 315-574-5221 Police Chief 315- 823-1123 City Website


This is Little Falls /


Table of contents 01 A City of Festivals and Events Little Falls is a City of events and festivals, with something planned for every month of the year. Page 6

02 A Historic Eye on the Erie Canal The harbor in Little Falls accomodates boats all during the canal’s open

Festivals There are festivals and events all

season, as well as activities for Canal Celebration. Page 8

year long.

03 Thinking of buying a house in Little Falls?

Page 6

Little Falls has a rich and varied architectural legacy originating from its formative years as a waypoint for one of the most important transportation routes in our contry’s history. Page 10

04 Golf and Collegiate Baseball Little Falls has a municiple nine-hole golf course, as well as the Diamond Dawgs, a Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League (PGCBL) team. Page 12

Residential If you are looking for a home filled with character and charm, we’re sure

05 Growing Microbrewery Location The first of two, and possibly three microbreweries have opened in Little Falls. Page 14

to have the perfect home for you.

06 Arts & Culture

Page 10

Little Falls has a fast growing group of artists who are moving here from Brooklyn and other locations. Page 20

07 Little Falls Film Commission Production companies have found that Little Falls is film-friendly. Page 26

Little Falls has an independent, daily


newspaper keeping you up-to-date with the latest local news, sports,

A designated New York State Oppor-

entertainment, and events.

tunity Zone within its boundaries.

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This is Little Falls /

First day of school at Benton Hall Academy (Elementary School) in Little Falls NY. Photographer: Dave Warner


This is Little Falls /


Festivals A City Filled with Activity Little Falls is a City of events and festivals, with something planned for every month of the year.

7 Must-attend events each year Think Local Little Falls and other event committees ensure that there is something to do during every month of the year in Little Falls. Here’s a sample of what you can expect. Art Walk is the third Thursday

month of August and runs through

in June each year and really

the weekend, celebrating the heri-

kicks off the full festival season in

tage of the Erie Canal and its impor-

hawk Valley Garlic & Herb Festival,

Little Falls. It allows you to explore

tance to our City.

which features local producers who


the work of over 70 local and regional artists, as well as experience interactive exhibits and demonstrations.


The second Saturday in September, features the Mo-

take advantage of the valley’s cli-


The Little Falls Cheese Festi-

mate and soils, that are ideal for

val is New York State’s pre-

growing these crops.

mier gathering of cheesemakers, The Bluegrass, Brews & BBQ

held the first Saturday in October.

Festival occurs the third Sat-

There are more than 120 cheeses,

urday in September and offers music

gourmet foods and live entertain-

Week attempts to bring attention to

for all ages, celebrating creative ex-

ment at the yearly one-day event.

all of the great places to eat that


pression and nurturing the art of songwriting.



Starting on the third Wednesday in March, Restaurant

there are in Little Falls. It follows a On the second Saturday in

pattern of the same kind of event

December, Christmas in Little

that is held in much larger cities

Canal Celebration begins the

Falls is an old-fashioned street cele-

across America, and features spe-

second Monday during the

bration with fun for the entire family.

cials from the participating venues.


This is Little Falls /


Little Falls Cheese Festival Main Street 1st Saturday in October

Mohawk Vally Garlic & Herb Festival Canal Place 2nd Saturday in September

Little Falls Harbor Rotary Park Events throughout the Summer and Week-long Canal Celebration

This is Little Falls /


A HISTORIC CITY ON THE ERIE CANAL The population of Little Falls today would, most likely, resemble the great visionaries and innovative spirit of its hardworking forefathers who made their livelihood embracing commerce along the banks of the Erie Canal in the early 1800s.

It’s a city that was born of water and raised with multiculturalism and diversity as its much-celebrated identity. Preserving these proud traditions can be seen throughout the city in its people, foods, and languages that continue to be passed on from one generation to the next. Many of the city’s residents are 3rd and 4th generation businessmen, craftsmen, farmers, and retailers mixed with an abundance of newcomers bringing unique skills and fresh perspectives. It’s a melting pot of like-minded people who cherish the city’s idyllic quality of life and entrepreneurial spirit…making it the kind of place you visit for a day and return for a lifetime. Known as one of the friendliest cities in Upstate New York, Little Falls continues to be that welcoming hub along the Erie Canal, attracting people every year from around the world.

This is Little Falls /


Little Falls Harbor is a popular stop for boats throughout the canal’s open season. Photographer Dave Warner

This is Little Falls /


This is Little Falls /


Residential gems Little Falls has a rich and varied architectural legacy originating from its early years as a waypoint for one of the most important transportation routes in our country’s history.

Little Falls has some of the

- Walkable town

area lakes

most well-preserved period

- Friendly neighbors

- Family-friendly events & festivals

homes in Upstate NY…at un-

- Quality schools

believable prices. Greek Re-

- Great healthcare

When you consider the City’s 2,445

vival, Italianate, Transition-

- Low crime rates

acres of prime real estate with as-

al, Beaux-Arts, 20th Century

- Collegiate baseball

sets like the 19th-century iconic

Commercial, Federal, Second

Diamond Dawgs

downtown, the Mohawk River’s

Empire, Gothic, Romanesque

- Golf

whitewater rapids, and the Erie Ca-


- Great pizza

nal, running through the center, it’s

Craftsman, Queen Anne, and

- Fine-dining and movie-theater

easy to visualize how these trea-

Cape Cod homes, all exist

date nights

sured resources hold the key to re-

within a well-defined historic

- Bowling leagues

building the community.


- Ice skating in the city park



- Snowmobiling in surrounding

The City offers an exceptional quali-

If you are looking for a home that in-


ty-of-life with great schools, quality

cludes any of the following, you’ll fit

- Cross-country skiing

healthcare including a hospital, full-

right in!

- Kayaking & Canoeing

time fire and police departments

- Fishing

and the safety of a family-friendly,

- Swimming in the city pool and

close-knit small city.

- Affordable property

This is Little Falls /

12 entertainment option for our community.


ou never know who (or what!) you’re going to run into when you “experience” a night at Veteran’s Memorial

Photo below: Veterans Memorial Park

What we strive to deliver is an “authentic” experience; meaning we want to bring you as close to the players and the action on the fifield as possible, and/ or allow your family

to spend quality time with one another in a fun and safe environment. Each season we’ll be rolling out new and exciting betweeninning promotions and games. We’re in the business of baseball yes, but we are more so in the business of creating lasting memories. That truly is the appeal of baseball in any community, but especially ours!


he Little Falls Municipal Golf course is a 9-hole public golf course located in the City of Little Falls, NY. The course is a short drive from NYS Thru-

Park! It offers so much beyond baseball. If you’ve already experienced DiamondDawgs Baseball on a beautiful summer’s night, then you know that we are more than just great baseball. If we haven’t had the privilege of hosting you yet, you truly do not know the fun you’re missing. The Mohawk Valley DiamondDawgs strives first and foremost to be an affordable, family friendly

Want to do something outside? try baseball, rock climbing or golfing...

This is Little Falls /


The MV Golf & Event Center is open to the public and offers a scenic 18-hole golf course, as well as a spacious event tent for weddings, showers, and other celebrations. Additionally, the Tin Cup Tavern & Grille offers a trendy dining experience with delicious food and refreshing drinks for way Exit 29A and is perfectly nestled in the Mohawk Valley & foothills of the Adirondacks.


he Mohawk Valley Golf & Event Center, formerly the Mohawk Valley Country Club, is owned and operated by Arc Herkimer, as of the 2020 season. The Mohawk Valley Country Club was established in 1907 and the Castle/Bailey family had been running the facility since 1972. It consists of an 18-hole golf course, restaurant and event space. A fire had destroyed the restaurant and clubhouse in April of 2017, but after rebuilding, they reopened in July 2017.

President, and CEO of Arc Herkimer said. He stated that they are going to try to appeal to a broader range of people and in some cases, not even golfers, who just want to come up there and “be part of our world. We’re really excited about it.”

Photo top: Little Falls Municipal Golf Course

Photo right: Mohawk Valley Golf & Event Center

customers to enjoy. “Our tag line for the organization is Building Community, and that’s what we see this club doing. There’s nothing that says building community more than an inclusive public setting where people with disabilities are working alongside and playing side-by-side. It sets up well for the mission of the organization,” Kevin Crosley,

Crosley feels that in the end, what they are doing with the golf course will bring national attention to the organization and the kinds of things that they will be doing there. “If we can do with the golf course what we’ve done with the other facilities that we’ve taken on, then it will be a positive thing for the region.”

This is Little Falls /


Little falls becoming hub for microbrewing A microbrewery or craft brewery is one that produces small amounts of beer, is independently owned, and focuses on quality, flavor and brewing technique.

The rumors about a microbrewery

February of 2016 and that he started

“In our seasonal area, which is about

starting in Little Falls were floating

working on the brewery eight months

2,200 square feet, we have ample

around for months, but until you ac-

before he had even done that. “Every-

seating even during the COVID situ-

tually walk into the facility that was

one who knows me knows that I lay

ation. We have an 18-foot bar and

renovated by Mike George at 56 W

awake at night thinking about things.

because we’re doing table service

Mill St, you can’t really picture it. And

I have a drive and a passion and love

with everyone, I think we can handle

when you do, it will blow you away.

for just doing stuff. I put a lot of that

things in here. As long as people don’t

passion into this.”

mind a little cold weather, we’ll keep

After four long years of hard work,

it open as long as we can. We may

Ironrock Brewing Company at 56

The building is about 5,000 square

even look at putting a little temporary

West Mill Street in Canal Place is

feet of space for brewing, serving,

heat in here,” said George.

officially open and for owner Mike

and eating, and is a massive space for

George, he says he’s both relieved

brewing in Little Falls. “We have two

He said that when you come to the

and excited. “We have an awesome

dining or seating areas, then we have

brewery, he feels that the seasonal

team that we’ve assembled here. My

our actual brewing facility. It consists

area is going to be the real attraction.

manager Carolyn has done a fantas-

of everything involved in the process

tic job and really taken the lead with

– our mash tun, our boiling kettle,

When the weather turns bad though,


our cooling capabilities and a sepa-

they have a smaller seating area that

rate room for our fermentation tanks,

has an L-shaped bar, with plenty of

He said that he came back to his

and lastly our own walk-in cooler and

seating. “The look of that room ties in

family’s business (George Lumber) in

storage,” he stated.

with what you see over here. We tried

This is Little Falls /

Photo right: The main seasonal area of the Ironrock Brewing





area. Photos bottom right: Mike George checks out the installation of one of his brewing tanks. The indoor bar area which is open yearround.

Part of the seasonal area of Ironrock Brewing Company.

to unify everything from the colors to the scheme,” he stated. They have also incorporated a lot of historical elements into the facility, from when it was Andrew Little & Sons Lumber Yard. “It’s a little bit smaller, and a more intimate space. So far, everyone who has seen the facility loves it,” he said. George said that not only do they have a lot of ideas, but they’re open to any that might come from the public. “Once things free up a little bit, you’re really going to see the place come to life.”


This is Little Falls /


New York State’s

You’ll find more New Y else. And with over 120 EVERYONE!


ark your calendar! The

will feature various New York

tertainment and musical acts all

Little Falls Cheese Fes-

State farm-produced cheeses,

along Main Street. The Little Falls

tival committee an-

from hard cheeses, goat chees-

Cheese Festival is New York State’s

nounced that the city’s seventh

es, spreadable cheeses, yogurts,

premier gathering of cheesemak-

annual Cheese Festival will be

cheese curds to ice cream and

ers, with an estimated 6,000 people

held Saturday, October 2, 2021.

gelato and more, with numer-

in attendance in 2019. Keep up to

Little Falls will welcome thou-

ous New York-based gourmet

date with planning and vendor an-

sands of visitors for food and

food and craft beverage vendors

nouncements by following the Little

fun at the event, which will run

to complement the cheeses. Ad-

Falls Cheese Festival on Facebook,

the length of Main Street from

ditionally, the festival will again

Instagram or visiting www.littlefall-

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The festival

showcase a variety of local en-

This is Little Falls /

Premier Gathering of Cheesemakers

York State cheesemakers here than anywhere different kinds of cheese, we have a cheese for



This is Little Falls /


celebrating food


he Think Local Little Falls’ An-

Bellico-Brodock said, “There is al-

were like,” Bellico-Brodock said. Ev-

nual Restaurant Week in Little

ways a variety of price ranges from

ery year they plan on a strong social

Falls is scheduled for the third

those restaurants that participate.

media contest that will encourage

week in March, and it follows a pat-

Each one gives us a special menu or

people to go to a restaurant, take a

tern of the same kind of event that

just one item that will be on special.

picture, and then use a hashtag on

is held in much larger cities across

Elaine Cobb, co-chair of Think Lo-

social media. Bellico-Brodock said,

America. Marica Bellico-Brodock is

cal said, “This year, our focus is on

“we pick a winner from those posts

the organizer for the event and she

highlighting our businesses within

and they have a chance to win a $50

said, “we’re a small city, but we have

certain categories, so this month

gift certificate to one of the partici-

a lot of restaurants, so we wanted to

we’re featuring our restaurants.”

pating restaurants of their choice.”

focus on restaurants that could do

“The response to last year’s event

Think Local provids the money for

either lunch or dinner.” They typically

was pretty good. The majority of the

the gift certificate and works hard

have at least eleven restaurants that

restaurants had a really good turn-

to give more exposure to participat-

participate each year. Lunch specials

out….people who might never have

ing restaurants using a strong social

run from 11 am -2 pm and dinner

gone to Canal Side, or Beardslee

media push up to and during the

will be served from 4 pm until 9 pm.

Castle had a chance to see what they


This is Little Falls /



he Canal Side Inn was purchased by Rock City Development in 2019 and it has become one of the cornerstones of several new businesses in

Canal Place. Neil Rosenbaum, one of the owners thinks that the most important thing is not what changed when they bought it, but what didn’t change. “When we undertook the renovation, and from the first day we started envisioning it, we felt that we had to maintain the feel and the ambiance that has been here.” An exciting aspect of all the improvements that were made gave the business the ability to book large groups of people for parties. “We spent a lot on lighting as well, and it highlights Bob Willman’s work very nicely,” he said. The menu has changed as well. “The previous menu had a 100% French feel to it, but we kept some the most popular dishes and then did some American French twitsts.” There were changes to the bar area. “I just think it’s a more inviting space,” said Chef John Luciano. “You’re going to sit there and feel like you want something to eat. The barstools are so comfortable. It’s just a different level bar when you come in here.”

This is Little Falls /


Globe trotting artist


picks City for studio

him why, be prepared to listen for at least an


hours worth of his travels around the world

liamsburg area before it became famous for

before he explains his arrival in the City.

arts and culture.

Saifan originally studied fashion design in Los Angeles,

“I was on South Fifth and Marcy and it was a grungy

attending the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design

neighborhood and I won’t give details, but it was really

& Manufacturing. While attending, he was required to

rough,” stated Saifan. “But that’s what happens, it’s

sketch and study color theory. “They introduced you to

cheap, and the artists move in.”

rtist Elias Saifan was born and raised in Brooklyn and now calls Little Falls his home. But, if you ask

nce he started painting, Saifan always managed to have a studio somewhere, combining living and

working. In Brooklyn, it was in the Wil-

watercolor, acrylic and oils, so I picked up paints and fabrics from class and that’s how I started painting,” he

A friend named Gavin Young Maloney invited Saifan up


to Little Falls. “It was the first time I’d been up here,” he stated and he loved it.

In the end, he didn’t do anything with the fashion knowledge that he had gained. He started painting in

“I saw Gavin again and he continued to tell me about

Los Angeles, but went into acting when he traveled

Little Falls and how inexpensive it was to live here,” said

back to Brooklyn. He said “I got into the American Acad-

Saifan. Maloney said “If you want to come back now,

emy of Dramatic Arts on Madison Avenue and did the

I’m in Albany and you can do whatever.”

acting, but painting really started taking over my life.”

This is Little Falls /

& s t Ar


e r u t l u C “By this time, Gavin was living here in Little Falls. He was telling me, look, there’s still cheap houses here. I sold some work, made some money in NYC and took that and bought a house here,” stated Saifan. He continued “I was paying about $2,200 a month for a place to live and a studio, so I had two choices in my head. I either live in Spain and that’s it, or I buy a house in Little Falls because it’s beautiful and I really love it.” Saifan said “Everywhere I go, it’s always an art town. Any place I am, it’s always going to be a place where I’m going to show my work. I’ve had some places where I’ve just had a little tiny room to show. At one point, it was a little Hostel room. I still invited people over to have a glass of wine, see my work, share ideas

Sophia Angelakis poses with one of her pieces of sculpture displayed at the art door gallery.

and play some music.”

This is Little Falls /


HEALTHCARE a small city with its own hospital Little Falls Hospital

standard of local health care with a 24-hour emergency departLittle Falls Hospital is Herkimer ment, staffed by board-certified physicians, cutting-edge imagCounty’s only provider of a 25ing services, orthopedic services bed acute inpatient and emergency care, short-term inpatient and rehabilitation, and same-day surgery. rehabilitation, as well as many other diagnostic and therapeutic Little Falls Hospital was founded services facility. in 1893 and is a voluntary, notfor-profit integrated health care Little Falls Hospital raises the

delivery system that is a proud subsidiary of the Bassett Healthcare Network. Little Falls Hospital has been the recipient of numerous national awards for the high-quality care it provides to patients. Little Falls Hospital is dedicated to providing high-quality care with compassion to all who need their services.

This is Little Falls /



sense of community and people have really come to-


gether, understanding that it creates a place where

me all over the globe – but there was always only

people want to come and live. Now we have this

one “home”. My wife and I decided to move back

great problem where everyone wants to move here

to Little Falls because we wanted our youngest son

and nobody wants to move out. We have a mixture

to enjoy the awesome childhood we both had. Peo-

of prosperity, new businesses coming into town,

ple sometimes ask what the best thing about Little

and just that close knit feel with a small town com-

Falls is and it doesn’t take me long to answer: the

munity that’s starting to show fantastic growth.

absolute sense of community you feel here.

randon Mosher - Little Falls is a wonderful community. We’ve really ticked up with the events and festivals. It’s created a true


rlando and Rachelle Guitian - We come from big cities – Miami and Houston. They’re not ideal for families – a lot of

people, a lot of crime and a lot of traffic. We don’t

ayor Mark Blask - I am grateful every day that I get to be the Mayor of such a super cool place. I left Little Falls af-

ter high school and joined the Navy. My career took


aniel Preston & Nathalia Hamid - A big part of my decision to move to Little Falls was to raise him here. The way I see it,

there are two possible outcomes. My son will marry

have that now. We wanted to give our son a more

his high school first love and have a family, giving

wholesome environment where he could just be a

me a chance to live long enough to see a grandchild.

kid. People are concerned with moving from a big

Or he will have higher ambitions, leave Little Falls

city to a little town because they think there might

to do what he has to do, and return to the City when

be nothing to do. We have more to do here than we

it’s his time to have a family. Either way I’m happy

did in Houston. And that’s saying a lot. But we find

to provide that continuity for him and his children. I

ourselves more fulfilled here and that we have better

think people take for granted that continuity is nor-

friendships and richer relationships.

mal, but I can tell you it’s increasingly rare.

This is Little Falls /


rock city centre Rock City Centre’s next-generation workspace is designed for a new breed of business professional who seeks an upscale, sophisticated environment with a strong focus on hospitality, health and safety, advanced technology, and the freedom to choose when, where, and how you work based on your mood and the task at hand.

This is Little Falls /


business When it comes to business relocation it usually boils down to property costs, and access to skilled labor.

The commercial property in Little Falls is some of the most desirable in terms of square footage and acquisition costs. The city is a bargain hunter’s dream when it comes to commercial and industrial options. Many of the available properties are historic brick or stone manufacturing facilities that harken back to the turn of the century commerce along the Erie Canal. Today, these extraordinary commercial spaces are becoming home to a variety of businesses, including helicopter parts, tank and vessel manufacturing, microbreweries, lodging, retail and coffee shops, antique centers and technology service companies. Little Falls also has a designated New York State Opportunity Zone within its boundaries. Opportunity Zones offer investors the ability to invest realized capital gains into real estate projects and businesses in qualified geographical areas. With seven colleges within 50 miles of Little Falls and a ready workforce trained in manufacturing, access to skilled labor can be checked off your list. Also, when it comes to transportation near Little Falls, it doesn’t get much more convenient with Exit 29A of the NY State Thruway at Little Falls, and two airports just over an hours drive away (Albany or Syracuse).

This is Little Falls /














welcome film productio

formed to promote the City as filmfriendly and serve as a go-between for production companies who want to do business within the City and surrounding area. Industries like motion pictures, television, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, and still photography are all supported by the Little Falls Film Com-

n Pl a

The Little Falls Film Commission was

mission. Photo: John Krasinski from ‘A Quiet

Movies like ‘A Quiet Place’ trans-

Place’ poses with a fan in

formed the normally busy center of

Little Falls after a visit.

the City to look like a deserted area.

This is Little Falls /


on crews L

ittle Falls is ideal for any number of movies that they plan on making over the next several years.

Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, and others. “This is the first time that I’m actually producing myself, so I’m bringing in other producers to help.” Stern said, “what we look for, and what I’m

Jay Stern, President of Boone Enter-

really impressed by in Little Falls, is the va-

tainment, and formerly with Route

riety, so that we can shoot the entire thing

One Films, Rat Entertainment, New

in one location basically.”

Line Cinema, and The Walt Disney

traying the triumph of the human

Company, and Ted Farnsworth,


“It looks like to me (in Little Falls) that there

CEO of Fortress Entertain-

are a lot of beautiful old buildings and a When Farnsworth was looking at

lot of different sorts of beautiful scenery.

some of the old buildings in Little

So anything that’s suburban in nature, we

Falls, he remarked, “these buildings

can probably shoot here. Something that’s

really play well for us, where they

rural we can shoot here, something that

look like they were from Germany in

needs old historical buildings, we can shoot

the 1940s. There are a lot of build-

here as well,” stated Stern.

ings here where you can really see the visuals.”

Stern said that Little Falls is ideal for any number of movies that they

Farnsworth said, “It’s a pretty large

plan on making over the next

budget for the three films, coming

several years.

ment Group, and former CEO of

in at between fifteen and twenty

MoviePass, have spent time scout-

million each. We’ll do a theatrical

ing locations in the City for three of

release, and Sony Pictures is our

their upcoming films.

partner on this for distribution. It’s exciting.”

Farnsworth has entered into a threepicture deal with Damascus Road

In the last couple of years, Farn-

Productions, underscoring different

sworth has done seven or eight

aspects of World War II with an em-


phasis on the Holocaust, a subject near and dear to his heart. The three movies will focus on courage and resilience with stories por-




My Little Falls, LLC

Bringing the News closer to home My Little Falls is a local media company covering the City of Little Falls, Town of Little Falls, Dolgeville, Salisbury, and the surrounding area. My Little Falls, LLC 590 Garden St / Little Falls, NY / 13365

Its mission is to generate interest in those communities and connect residents in a more meaningful way by facilitating deeper conversations about how news and events will shape the future of the area. Our print edition, the Mohawk Valley Express, is distributed the first

More information:

week of each month and focuses on the upcoming month’s activities. You can pick up a free copy of the paper at many local stores, restaurants, and businesses, or view the e-Edition online.

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