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The Jewellery Quarter Controlled Parking Zone: Common Questions Answered Below is a list of common questions and answers about the new Controlled Parking Zone. Where and at what times will the controlled parking scheme operate? The attached plan shows where the new controlled parking scheme will operate. The scheme will allow vehicles displaying either a resident or business permit to park in the designated permit parking bays as indicated on the signs next to the marked bays. The Jewellery Quarter Controlled Parking Zone as indicated on the plan will operate 8am – 6pm, seven days a week and this will be shown on signs at the entry points of the zone. This means that during these times kerb space in the zone will be subject to some form of parking control. There are a number of exceptions where the parking restrictions vary from the operating time of the zone and these will be individually signed. Pay & Display bays and Permit bays will only operate between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday. Outside of these times (i.e. Sunday and overnight) they are free and available for anyone to park in and it will not be necessary to display a permit or pay & display ticket. Other exceptions include disabled persons blue badge holder bays, the car club bay and coach bays. Why do I have to pay for a permit? The charge for your permit contributes towards the City Council's costs of operating the scheme, administering the permits and maintaining sign and road markings. How much will I pay for a permit? Residents will pay £195 for a permit. Local employees will pay £245 for a permit. Please note that these charges are subject to periodic review and may change. There is a limit on the number of permits available for residents and local employees. Depending on the take up the numbers available to each may be reviewed. How often are permits issued? Permits last for one year. How do I display my permit? Residents and local employees will have to display a permit, issued by Birmingham City Council, in their vehicle windscreen in a similar way to their tax disc. How many permits can I apply for? Residents can apply for a permit for every vehicle that is registered to them at an address within the scheme area. You will need a permit for each vehicle you intend to park in the designated parking bays. Permits are issued per vehicle and will display the vehicle registration number. The owner of the vehicle must live at the property to which the permit has been issued. Local employees can apply for only one permit each. There is a limit on the total number of permits available for this scheme with the total number of available Resident Permits and Business Permits being equivalent to the number of Permit Bays.

Will I need a permit to park off-road? You will not need a permit to park on your drive or in a private parking area. Will I need a permit for loading and unloading? You will not need a permit for loading or unloading as it is legal to load or unload on double or single yellow lines, if you are clearly seen to be doing so and are not causing an obstruction and as long as there is not a loading restriction in place which would be identified by yellow ‘blips’ marked onto the edge of the kerb. Loading and unloading is only permitted for a maximum of 20 minutes on yellow lines. Across the zone there are a number of designated loading bays which will allow loading/ unloading for up to a maximum of 30 minutes. I am disabled. Do I still have to buy a permit? If you are a resident and a blue badge holder you should still apply for a permit and you will receive your first permit free of charge. However the normal charge will apply for additional permits for that household. Local employees who are blue badge holders and do not have parking provided by their employer can park free of charge in the pay and display bays and in the Jewellery Quarter multi-storey car park on Vyse Street. In addition a number of new disabled person blue badge holder bays are being implemented across the zone. Where will my visitor’s park? During the operational times of the zone, resident and business visitors can use the pay & display bays or the off-street car parks in the area. Outside of the operating times of the scheme permit bays and pay & display bays will be free to park in. Will there be enough parking bays for all residents? The number of permits will be limited and we cannot guarantee that there will be a permit available for every resident or local employee. However, it would be very unlikely that all permit holders would require a parking bay at the same time and therefore we will keep this under review and depending on the take up and use of the bays it might be possible to issue additional permits if there is demand. Which vehicles are eligible for a resident permit? Any resident whose postal address is within the zone indicated on the plan and is the owner of a passenger vehicle or a goods vehicle that does not exceed 5 tonnes (maximum gross weight) or a solo motorcycle are eligible to apply for a permit. Which vehicles are eligible for a business permit? Any person whose normal place of work is within the zone indicated on the plan may apply for a business permit to park a passenger vehicle, a goods vehicle that does not exceed 5 tonnes (maximum gross weight) or a solo motorcycle. Where can I park? You must refer to the signs erected throughout the zone next to the marked parking bays. These will advise when and where permit parking is allowed in the relevant bays.

Parking Scheme Q and A  
Parking Scheme Q and A  

Jewellery Quarter Parking Scheme - Question and Answers issued by Birmingham City Council