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Fun for the Single Soul

Lauren Hladchuk Lulu Scarves and Accessoires EXECUTIVE BIO:



Olive Oil Etcetera

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Though A Child’s Eye

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Editor’s Desk Readers Respond to our January Issue:


he reason there are so many publications in this world, so many news and media outlets and so much water cooler gossip to go around is that there is just always something new to talk about. There are over seven billion people in this world that have something to say and there is always an earthquake, a riot, a celebrity hook-up, a political issue, a religious calling, a new author, or a random Snapple cap for them to talk about. And yet, all seven billion of us don’t really talk to one another these days. Sure, we’ll talk to our blog, our Facebook Wall or in the comments section of some Huffington Post article that makes us mad - but any worldly communication always seems to take place behind some sort of virtual veil. And, you can’t really tell the person from the text beyond our ability to write in shouty caps lock, end sentences with a bunch of exclamation, toss in a smiley face or add an “lol” (because, really, what online sentence doesn’t either start or end with an “lol” these days?). We’re not really looking into each other’s eyes, seeing the hand gestures that go with our words or really communicating. Technology is great, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to sound like I was born in 1935, complaining about how those youngsters are clicking away on “them laptop things.” I’m guilty of everything I wrote about above. But, I also get sad about that fact. I, for instance, suck at the phone - at placing, returning or even answering phone calls. It’s just easier to text, or email or IM or Facebook message - you can write your “lol” without actually having to go to the effort of laughing out loud (or smiling, for that matter) when you’re feeling lazy about it. But, I know I miss out on a lot with that terrible phone-aversion habit. We can all admit that there isn’t as much of a connection in social media connections. You gain 500 sort of friendships but can’t really maintain a handful of those “bury a dead body with you” real friendships. And then, in the end, you’re left alone holding that shovel and digging that hole. Just once a week - just once! - let’s call someone with a question instead of texting them. I know I get pleasantly surprised when some of my friends randomly call me, just because. So let’s be that “just because” call to someone else. Hell, Facebook while you do it...but do it. It’ll be worth it. —Maria

“True friends stab you in the front” - Oscar Wilde 2 Insight•February 2013

I am currently a Temple University student and I can confirm that housing is terrible! I am so thankful that they are adding more housing to the university. It is very difficult to find somewhere to live around there, so all students are very excited. — Steven, Philadelphia In your article How to Cure a Hangover: What Really Works! I do not agree that greasy “comfortfoods” should necessarily be on the list. They may make you feel better, but with how the country is battling obesity these days it may not be healthy. A better alternative for this would be warm soup. — Kim, Bethlehem It is really interesting to see how our body is connected with time. I have read the previous Forever 27 article, as well as the January article on You Are More Likely to Die @ 11 A.M. and it fascinates me to see how the world is connected. We have a biological clock, and that clock is more likely to run out in the morning. However, there are scientifically proven data as to why. — Matt, Old City


Issue 18 • February 2013


Editor’s Desk 2 Letter from the Editor Readers Respond to our January Issue 4 Prizes and Rewards Word on the Street 5 Spotlight on Philadelphia’s Notable African-Americans 6 Cannons Used to Smuggle Drugs Over Border 7 Ph-un in Philadelphia Valentine’s Day Fun for the Single Soul 8 Brain Activity Makes It Easier to Scam Older People 9 Executive Bio: Lauren Hladchuk, Lulu Scarves and Accessories 10 Insight Poll Conversation Starters 11 Love and Marriage Through a Child’s Eye 13 Community Spotlight: Olive Oil Etcetera 14 One in 25 Adolescence Attempts Suicides in the U.S.

15 Got Coffee? Elephant Dung Coffee a Delicacy U.S. Milk Industry in Crisis Healthy Living 16 New Gene Mechanism May Slow Cell Growth, Lead to Cancer Therapies




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17 Men: Healthy Gums Equal No Erectile Dysfunction National Condom Day


Entertainment and Media 18 Top Five Reasons to Go to the Movies in February 19 Oscar Predictions 20 The Carrie Diaries Ruining Sex and the City? 21 Facebook Envy: It’s Real! Sex Just as Good with Condoms 22 Why We Remember Our 20s best 23 Spa Review: Original Xpressionz 24 Dress to Impress: This Season’s /“In” and “Out.” 25 The Fast Route Through IKEA


Sports and Athletics 26 The College Bowl Problem 27 Another Victory for Alabama Philadelphia Sixers Basketball Schedules

Science and Technology 28 BBM Update Allows Users to Utilize Voice Chat The Earth Could Have Been a Snowball 29 Hotmail No Longer Hot: Microsoft pushes Outlook Career and Finance 30 9 Rules of Thumb to Insure Financial Security Young Shoppers Can Now Shop Safely Online 31 Top 3 Marketing Trends for 2013 A Dose of Insight 33 Our Advice Column Horoscope 34 February Predictions


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Editor’s Desk: Maria Krishtul Word on the Street: Olga Astreika and Angele Douglas Health: Olga Astreika and Angele Douglas Entertainment and Lifestyle: Maria Krishtul Sports and Athletics: Matt Balick Technology: Matt Balick Career and Finance: Angele Douglas Dose of Insight: Elina Khusid February 2013•Insight 3

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Rescue Rittenhouse Spa!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy a relaxing day at the spa! $20


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African Americans


hirley Franklin – Born in Philadelphia, Shirley Franklin became the first black woman to be elected mayor of any major Southern city and was the first female to hold the post as mayor of Atlanta. Graduating from Philadelphia High School for Girls, she was educated at Howard University and the University of Pennsylvania.


lain Locke – As the first African American Rhodes Scholar, Locke was known as the “dean” of the Harlem Renaissance, a period of cultural movements in the African American culture. A brilliant author and distinguished scholar, he was a great contributor to critical race theory.


arian Anderson – One of the most celebrated singers of the 20th century, Anderson became an important figure in the civil rights movement, becoming the first black artist to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. She is also famously known for performing at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after Constitution Hall refused to allow her to perform before an integrated audience.

February 2013•Insight 5

Word on the Street

Spotlight on Philadelphia’s Notable



espite the legalization in a few states in recent past, marijuana remains an illegal drug. However, that has not stopped attempts by those who wish to import that, and other drugs, into the country. Now, officials in Arizona report that drug cartels are making use of cannons to smuggle drugs over the border. U.S. Border Patrol agents have recently revealed the recovery of over thirty canisters filled with marijuana in the vicinity of the Colorado River at the U.S.-Mexico border. With the aid of pneumatic, gas-powered cannons, the canisters were fired over a range of about 500 feet and successfully landed in U.S. territory, containing nearly 85 pounds of marijuana with a street value nearing $43,000. In recent years, the U.S. Border Patrol has stepped up its efforts to curtail the smuggling of illegal drugs into the country, placing agents from Arizona through to Texas. As a result, the drug cartels have had to constantly create inventive ways for its drugs to gain entry into the country. It is estimated that the illegal drug trade is a $360 billion industry, worldwide, and is known as the primary way drug cartels finance their criminal activities.

6 Insight•February 2013


in Philadelphia! Philadelphia’s got a lot going on in February. My Insight Magazine is here to make sure you are in the center of all of the action! Check out the shows, events, and exhibitions going on now and coming soon.

02/8–10. Philadelphia Tattoo

Convention. Join one of the largest tattoo conventions in the country! Tattoo artists, burlesque dancers, tattoo contests, live bands and more!

02/9. Cupid’s Chase 5K Run. The Cupid’s

Chase 5K Run supports Community Options, Inc. (COI) COI is a national nonprofit organization that develops housing and employment support for people with developmental disabilities.

02/8–10. Manayunk on Ice. Shrug off the winter blues and join us for three days of live carvings and winter fun for the whole family.

02/24. Yoga and Wine Tasting. Enjoy a one

hour Vinyasa yoga class and after, savor a private tasting of Crossing’s award winning wines followed by a private tour.

02/1–28. African American History

Month. Visitors at the Constitutional Center can participate in a variety of events in honor of African American History Month. National Constitution Center, 525 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Valentine’s Day Fun Single Soul



or us single people, Valentine’s Day can look a little depressing. No one wants to sit around and watch happy couples ogle all over each other. After all, most misery loves company. Unless you have a date for Valentine’s Day, no one really looks forward to it and watching the same old romantic movies, with Ben & Jerry ice cream, while crying can get older after a while. So this Valentine’s Day spice it up a little with these great alternatives! Spend the night out on the town with some of your closest girlfriends! No one said Valentine’s Day HAS to consist of a guy celebrating a romantic relationship. On this day, you can also take the time to appreciate other important friendships you have in your life. Throw you and your friends a girl’s party! Grab a few girls and exchange small Valentine’s Day gifts, over a glass of wine and some chick-flick movies. Reconnect with other family members. Spend time with your mom or sisters watching chick-flicks and enjoying each other’s company. It’s nice to view the holiday outside of the love life. Take the day off to pamper yourself. Leave the sad romantic movies for another time, and on this day take advantage of deals going on at the mall. Spoiling your self once in a while never hurts! Even though Valentine’s Day is mainly for lovers, you shouldn’t limit your self and still enjoy the day with these fun alternatives. You don’t have to be alone, and you definitely don’t have to be upset if you don’t have a date!

February 2013•Insight 7

Photos ©

Brain Activity Makes It Easier to Older People



t is becoming easier and easier to scam these days and anyone can fall into the scamming trap. However, new studies suggest that older people are more likely to get scammed, due to brain changes. Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles concluded that older people are unable to process cons and scams the way younger people can. The brain activity in certain regions makes it harder for older people to decipher what is a scam and what is not. Researchers performed several experiments to test the brain capacity of the adults. They were asked to choose between trustworthy, neutral and untrustworthy people in photographs. While younger people are able to identify who looks “untrustworthy” quicker, older people took a little longer to pick up the clues. When something looks shady in a situation, the brain region called anterior insula lit up in younger people. However, in older people there was hardly any activity there. Scientists believe that with age, that region of the brain begins to degrade or the neurons do not get transmitted properly. Older people also looked at the positive side of a situation, making it easier to fall into the hands of a scammer.

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8 Insight•February 2013



Lauren Hladchuk

Lulu Scarves & Accessories By Olga Astreika


auren Hladchuk, a recent graduate from Philadelphia University is the owner and head designer of a beautiful online boutique. Majoring in business and graphic designing, Lulu Scarves & Accessories was first started in January 2012, as a Capstone project for Hladchuk’s university. Though the passion for Lulu grew on Hladchuk and that’s when she decided to expand the concept through different avenues. The boutique offers shoppers some of the finest handmade rustic touches to the essential winter accessories. While it’s still winter time, Lulu Scarves & Accessories carries 100% hand knitted scarves, gloves and hats. However, just in time for spring, the boutique will introduce their new spring collection, carrying graphic t-shits and lightweight knits for the warmer days. Check out Insight Magazine’s interview with the gifted creator of Lulu Scarves & Accessories. Insight: What would you say is today’s “style” like? Hladchuk: I think today’s “style” in 2013 is forecasting breezy lightweight knits and sheer fabrics, bright neon colors, layers of patchwork and ruffles. Part of everyone’s style should be paired with confidence (and one of Lulu’s pieces)! February 2013•Insight 9


Insight: Who is your favorite designer? Hladchuk: Narrowing down a few of my favorite high-end designers would be Maje, Channel, and Alice and Olivia. For more of an everyday, affordable look I like to dig for vintage finds and mix them into my own wardrobe! I love Rachel Roy’s collections along with the style of Free People’s pieces. I also find Tory Burch’s journey in the fashion industry inspiring because she grew up around the same parts as I did and her pieces are to-die for! Insight: What creates a great brand? Hladchuk: I believe that today’s market can be repetitive and overwhelming for today’s consumer. Establishing a unique culture and point of view for buyers creates a great lasting brand. You can find Lulu Scarves & Accessories on their website at, on Twitter and Instagram, @luluscarves.

Conversation Starters:

Insight Poll:

] True Black Widow Spiders have the most potent spider venom, which can cause swelling up to 6 in.

Which of these do you believe has the most influence on what you buy, where you eat, or the movies or TV shows you watch?

] Most donated red blood cells can be stored for fortytwo days. ] An elephant’s trunk contains about 100,000 different muscles ] English contains the most words of any language, including 455,000 active words and 700,000 dead ones. ] Abraham Lincoln was a mill manager, postmaster and lawyer before he became president. ] The human heart can create enough pressure to squirt blood at a distance of 30 ft.

10 Insight•February 2013

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Love & Marriage

Through A Child’s Eye By Olga Astreika


s a parent, many of us wonder what our kids think about love and Valentine’s Day. We surveyed a few kids and here is what crosses some of their minds when they are presented with the thought!

Kristina, 6

1. Why do people get married? • When they fall in love they want to get married, build a life together and have kids. —Aniyah, 5. Daniel, 9. Kristina, 6. Elvin, 7. Samuel, 7. Chase, 12. 2. What is the best age to get married? • 18-26. —Elvin, Aniyah, Daniel, Samuel, Kristina, Chase. 3. If you see two people on the street, how can you tell they’re in love? • They keep their heads close to each other, smile at each other, and saying nice words to each other. —Elvin • See them hug and kiss. —Aniyah, Daniel, Samuel, Chase • Because they like each other. —Kristina

Elvin, 7

4. When should two people kiss each other? • Middle school. —Daniel • When the person stops talking. —Kristina. • An appropriate age is 12 to start kissing, but as you get older, kissing becomes less of a big deal, and happens often. —Chase 5. What do people who are married usually do for fun? • They have kids ... and spend time with them, go to places together. —Elvin, Samuel • Go on a honeymoon, bowling or go to the movies. —Aniyah, Daniel, Chase 6. How would everything be different if people didn’t get married? • They would be friends, go out together, and would be nice to each other. —Elvin • They would be lonely and there wouldn’t be kids. —Daniel, Samuel, Kristina • There would be fewer divorces, and relationships would break up more often. —Chase

Sam, 9.

7. What is the most important thing in a marriage? • To be really happy and have kids. —Elvin, Aniyah, Daniel, Samuel, • To be quite when the other person is talking. —Kristina • That you truly love the person you marry, and would do anything for each other. —Chase February 2013•Insight 11

8. What does falling in love feel like? • It feels like you’re really happy and want to kiss this person. —Elvin • Just want to kiss them on the cheek. —Aniyah • Feels like you’re about to cry. —Samuel • When all you think about is this person and you want to be with them every second of the day. It’s hard to know if you love someone or not though. —Chase

Elvin, 7

9. Why do couples hold each others hands? • Because they always want to stay together and love each other. —Elvin, Daniel, Aniyah, Samuel • Because they’re going to get married. —Kristina • So they can be close to each other, even when they’re not looking at each other. They want to know the other one is there. —Chase 10. What is the most important thing for someone to be a good husband/wife? • To take care of your wife and kids. —Elvin, Samuel • Hug each other. —Aniyah • To open and be willing to do anything to keep the relationship they’re in alive. —Chase 11. How do you make someone fall in love with you? • I would buy her flowers, play together and talk to her a lot. —Elvin • By saying “hi”, having fun and being you. —Aniyah, Kristina • Have them always be next to you. —Samuel • You can’t really. If they don’t truly love you for whom you are, then a relationship will never work between the two of you. —Chase Daniel, 9.

13. When you’re in a marriage or in a couple, what is the best way to end a fight fast? • You have to say sorry and hug and kiss. – Elvin. Daniel, Samuel, Kristina, Chase 14. How can you tell two married people are mad at each other? • When they argue with each other. – Elvin, Aniyah, Daniel, Samuel, Kristina

15. What is the best present to give to the person you love? • Toys or jewelry. – Kristina • A kiss and a ring. – Samuel • Gold Rolex watch. – Daniel • A baby bottle when you’re pregnant and new clothes. – Aniyah • Chocolate hearts and flowers. - Elvin

12 Insight•February 2013


Olive Oil Etcetera

Photos ©Bill Hock

By Olga Astreika


cated in the heart of Doylestown, PA, Olive Oil Etcetera has been selling some of the finest olive oils and balsamic vinegars since September 2011. Christopher and Christina Haber, the owners of Olive Oil Etcetera did not always have a dream to open up an olive oil shop, but both have always worked in the food industry and their interest has always been food. “We view cooking as fun and have always liked trying new recipes in the kitchen. We love to eat out and try new foods as well!” Stated the couple. Their journey began back in 2009 when the couple was out of the state for a wedding. They were wondering the small town and walked into their first olive oil and vinegar shop. “We were like kids in a candy shop, tasting everything and mixing flavors. We talked to the owners and were just so excited to have found this place, but upset that we lived so far.” As they left the store, Christopher and Christina were joking about opening something similar back in their hometown. When they arrived home, the business planning began and this is how they got here today! Living the plan that began the fun project! Medical research recommends that everyone consume at least 2 tablespoons of olive oil. It carries healthy fats and contains many other health benefits such as aiding people from cancer. However, tasty olive oil and vinegar are not the only products that Olive Oil Etcetera carries. The unique company offers other beauty products such as lotions, soaps, body butter and more! “Years ago, olive oil was first used on the body as opposed to consumption. It was mixed with natural herbs or smoothed on the body or hair as is. People claim it hydrates and smooths skin better than other oils. Our products do not use artificial ingredients that dry out the skin.” Explained Christina. This is what makes Olive Oil Etcetera so unique! There is something in there for everyone, even if you’re not a fan of cooking. The most popular product in the store is traditional balsamic. It is thick, syrupy and sweet. You can’t possibly go wrong with that! Typically used for baking, cooking and drizzling, but more recipes can be found online! So if all this does not make you want to run and cook, we don’t know what will! You can find the location, directions and more information about Olive Oil Etcetera on their website at! We promise, you’ll fall in love with the taste. February 2013•Insight 13



nnually, more than one million people commit suicide and according to a new study, nearly one in 25 U.S. teens attempts it, while one in eight teens has thought about it. Teenage years are a very vulnerable time, most suicide attempts or thoughts occur in adolescent years. The most recent results are based on an in-person interview with more than 6,500 teens in the U.S. Teens were asked about their suicidal thinking, plans as well as attempts. Parents of the teens were also asked to fill out a questionnaire. Researchers found that a little over 12 percent of the interviewed youths have considered suicide, and almost four percent of them have made a plan or attempted suicide. Matthew Nock, a psychologist who worked on this study found that the teens who reported thinking or attempting suicide had a visible mental disorder, which included depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or a drug or alcohol abuse problem. More than half of those teens were already seeking treatment for their disorder. Although most teens are seeking treatment for their suicidal behavior, psychologists are still searching for a way to stop them. If parents believe their child is thinking about suicide, they should consider having their child evaluated.

Want to advertise in Insight? Visit to learn how. 14 Insight•February 2013

G t C ffee? Elephant Dung C ffee a Delicacy


ove over Folgers and Maxwell House; a new coffee harvested from elephant dung has hit the market and is all the rage. The coffee, which connoisseurs can purchase at $50 a serving, is heralded for its earthy flavor and smooth palate, particularly thanks to the process used to make it. Currently the world’s priciest coffee (at $500 per pound), the technique used to produce the coffee starts with a herd of twenty elephants in a remote section of Northern Thailand who eat up to seventy-two pounds of raw Arabica coffee cherries. Once the elephant eats the coffee, the stomach acid breaks down the coffee protein, which strips away the bitterness in regular coffee, and, a day later, the farmers pluck the coffee cherries from the dung the elephant produces. After a thorough washing, the beans are extracted from the cherries, which are then brought to a roaster in Bangkok. Those who have been ever so lucky to sample the coffee describe it as “very interesting” and “very novel,” saying there’s “something wild” about the exotic brew. The coffee is not yet available everywhere, as the maiden batch sold out before it could hit the market. The coffee produced now is only available in a few luxury resorts in Asia, although the farmers anticipate production to increase in 2013.


Photos ©


ith today’s booming soda and energy dink industry, the U.S. milk consumption is gradually declining. This raises a red flag for farmers, milk processors and grocery chains. Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management Inc., finds this as a crisis to the industry. Since 1975, milk consumption has fallen more than 30%, and it is still falling rapidly. On the other hand, sales for yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have risen. To increase milk sales, companies are producing more convenient packages and health-oriented varieties. This is targeting the fitness buff population. One of the main reasons that there may be such a sharp decline in milk sales is due to the increase in retail pricing. There has been an incredible increase in the costs for grains fed to dairy cows, which impacts the retail pricing of milk. In 2011, prices rose by more than 9.2%, but last year they only rose slightly. However, there has been possible talk that this year prices may rise to more than $7.00 per gallon. Some consumers may no longer find milk from cows as healthy as they once did. This is another reason milk sales have dropped. Korger, which is a private dairy company, has plans to start selling its own milk brand called CARBMAster, delivering more protein and lower sugar than conventional milk. The milk industry may have a difficult time getting the consumers back, but they are definitely hoping for the best.

February 2013•Insight 15


ou may have never heard of the term “oncogene-induced senescence (OIS)”, however it represents an important process in the fight against cancer growth. Oncogene-induced senescence is considered a safeguard mechanism that may prevent aged or abnormal cells from further expansion. In relation to cancer growth, this means cancer cells would be prevented from expanding past its current location, particularly to other areas of the body. A study in the American Journal of Pathology, published this month, highlights research by scientists at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, which finds that there are processes in which genes can be prompted to attack pre-malignant cells to prevent further growth. This is exciting news and represents one step closer to preventing cancer. With worldwide cancer rates set to explode upwards of 75% by the year 2030, this news is welcome in the fight against the disease.




new vaccine has shown promising results in the fight against leukemia. The trial, presented at the DNA Vaccines 2012 conference in California, is a part of a multi-phase trial involving thirty-one patients who suffer from chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), a bone marrow stem cell disorder. The vaccine, developed by the University of Southhampton (UK), is a DNA vaccine-based immune therapy developed to treat leukemia. The vaccine has been shown to be incredibly efficient in killing tumor cells and has been shown to be safe and well tolerated in trial hospital patients. While there is still work to be done, this is a huge breakthrough in the fight against the disease, its time to progression, and the improvement of overall survival. Leukemia accounts for at least 300,000 new cases and 222,000 deaths worldwide each year.

16 Insight•February 2013


Healthy Living





DAY MEN: Healthy Gums Equals No Erectile Dysfunction


new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that men with inflamed gums who treat the condition can decrease the incidence of erectile dysfunction after only three months. The study compared men in their thirties with erectile dysfunction with a group of men without erectile dysfunction issues. It was revealed that men with severe periodontal disease, a group of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, resulting in inflammation of the gums, were three times more likely to suffer from erection problems than men with healthy gums. Why is this? Researchers point out that erectile dysfunction is caused mainly by problems with blood vessels and psychological issues, which are some of the risk factors in severe periodontal disease. Additional factors include age, body mass index, household income, and educational level, which speaks more towards awareness and good hygiene practices. To avoid this, doctors suggest learning how to brush correctly and visiting the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings.


n February 14th, right in time for Valentine’s Day, we celebrate National Condom Day. Condoms date back to at least several centuries ago, and since being invented have changed so much. For most of their history, condoms have been a form of protection against sexually transmitted disease, as well as a form of protection against unplanned pregnancies. Through out the years, many different forms of contraceptives have been invented, such as birth control pills which were approved by the FDA in the 1960s, birth control shots, flexible rings and more. However, even with these inventions, condoms are still around. First condoms were created from animal membrane, but rubber condoms gained the most popularity in the mid-19th century. Today, there are many different brands, styles, and even flavors of condoms. The condom business is still highly popular delivering men and women the best satisfaction.

February 2013•Insight 17

Entertainment & Media



to Go to the Movies in February


2/1—Warm Bodies

Call it a modern day Romeo and Juliet . . . with zombies. If you read into the symbolism, it’s a cute tale about the power of human connection. But, you don’t have to read into anything to enjoy it. After a zombie epidemic, R (Nicholas Hoult) encounters Julie (Teresa Palmer), a human survivor, and rescues her from a zombie attack. The two form a special relationship as they fight for survival. Along the way, R becomes more human and, in the process, manages to start transforming the other zombies. It’s all pretty cool.


2/1—Stand Up Guys

This is one of those movies you see for the cast, even if you don’t know what it’s about. Luckily, it’s also one of those movies that is really good in addition to having a killer cast. After 28 years in prison for accidentally killing the son of a crime boss, newly paroled gangster Val (Al Pacino) reunites with his former partners in crime, Doc (Christopher Walken) and Hirsch (Alan Arkin) for a night on the town. As the old friends reminisce we find out that Doc has orders to kill Val. We get to watch as the dilemma unfolds.

18 Insight•February 2013


2/8—Identity Thief

Comedy of the season! Jason Bateman plays a mildmannered businessman who learns his identity has been stolen. He hits the road to Florida in order to find the thief, who turns out to be Melissa McCarthy. Bateman and McCarthy play off each other like only comedic pros can. McCarthy, of course, steals the show— upstaging her own performance in last year’s Bridesmaids.


2/8—Side Effects

Ace director Steven Soderbergh reteams with his Contagion screenwriter Scott Z. Burns for this amazing psychological thriller. Emily (Rooney Mara) and Martin (Channing Tatum) are a successful New York couple whose world unravels when a new drug prescribed by Emily’s psychiatrist (Jude Law)—intended to treat anxiety - has unexpected side effects. It’s refreshing to see Channing Tatum in such a serious role and Rooney Mara once again proves her acting chops.


2/14—A Good Day to Die Hard

What else does someone look for on Valentines day besides the fifth installment of the Die Hard series? Bruce Willis reprises the lead role of John McClane, who travels to Russia to help his estranged son, Jack (Jai Courtney), out of prison, but is soon caught in the crossfire of a terrorist plot. We obviously all know that Willis, once again, saves the day (as he must); but, it sure is fun to watch him do it.




ark your calendars, for the best and last of the awards season is upon us! The Oscars are being held on February 24th and, once again, we want to test your Hollywood guessing skills! Let us know who you think will win each of these key Oscar categories. Send in your guesses before the Oscars air and all those of you who guess all of the categories correctly will win your choice of our February prizes! BEST PICTURE q Amour q Life of Pi q Argo q Lincoln q Beasts of the Southern Wild q Silver Linings Playbook q Django Unchained q Zero Dark Thirty BEST ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE q Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook q Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln q Joaquin Pheonix, The Master q Hugh Jackman, Les Misérables q Denzel Washington, Flight

BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE q Amy Adams, The Master q Sally Field, Lincoln q Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables q Helen Hunt, The Sessions q Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook BEST DIRECTOR q Amour, Michael Haneke q Beasts of the Southern Wild, Benh Zeitlin q Life of Pi, Ang Lee q Lincoln, Steven Spielberg q Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell

BEST ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE q Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty q Quvenzhané Wallis, Beasts of the Southern Wild q Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook q Naomi Watts, The Impossible q Emmanuelle Riva, Amour BEST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE q Alan Arkin, Argo q Robert De Niro, Silver Linings Playbook q Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Master q Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln q Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained January 2013•Insight 19



any of us have missed Sex and the City since it went off the air and the two SATC movies didn’t do much to quell that. Maybe that is why when execs announced that The Carrie Diaries was going to hit the small screen our ears perked up? The new show is based on Candace Bushnell’s book by the same name (Bushnell also wrote the book that SATC was based on) and focuses on the backstory to the Carrie Bradshaw character. And, by “back,” we mean waaay back — the show features a teenage version of Bradshaw in Connecticut, in the 1980s! The show pretty much sounds like SATC light, meant to be consumed by a younger generation that vaguely know of SATC, but, perhaps, didn’t watch all of Samantha’s escapades. Yet SATC loyalists are turning their noses up on the show for not staying true to what they feel is the true character of Carrie Bradshaw. Basically, they’re nitpicking. For one thing, SATC told us that Carrie’s dad ran out on her when she was young. Meanwhile, Diaries opens to a young Carrie whose mom just died over summer break and whose amazingly loving dad is trying to help her cope. Other SATC fans point out that it was repeatedly made clear on the show that Carrie came from a working middle class background. Diaries, however, depicts a Carrie Bradshaw that lives in an affluent Connecticut town and is part of a pretty well-off family. Some fans just complain that young carrie star, AnnaSophia Robb is too pretty — that Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie was just not as mainstream pretty. Either way, the show’s producers and even Sarah Jessica Parker herself stand by it. Proponents argue that the show is not meant to be a prequel based on the show. Instead, producers are basing it off of Bushnell’s novel — which is really the culprit that deviates from the SATC script. Others just point out that spin-offs and prequels get some artistic license and that inconsistencies between it and the original shows are pretty common. A few episodes into the new series, and the debate rages on. I guess we will wait and see! 20 Insight•February 2013

SEX Just as Good with CONDOMS

N envy:


A study conducted by two German universities found rampant envy on Facebook. Facebook seems to be helping to fund the world’s antidepression drug industry, because the researchers found that one in three people felt worse after visiting the site and generally more dissatisfied with their lives, while people who browsed without contributing were affected the most. These people were envious. More specifically, they were “lonely, frustrated and angry,” said the researchers. The study shows some fun specifics. Vacation photos were the biggest cause of resentment, it seems. Social interaction - like birthday greetings and comments on posts - were the second most common source of envy. And who, might you ask, is just the envious of them all? The study says that people in their mid thirties were the most affected and deeply envious of family happiness, tied only with women in general and their envy over physical attractiveness. So, ultimately, Facebook makes you hate life. Eh, I guess that’s just another reason to go read a book.

o glove, no love! That’s been the saying. But many men have responded with one complaint or another about how condoms make intercourse significantly less enjoyable. Well there is a team of scientists at the Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion that you can cite to shut that man up! Of the group tested by this study, nearly 28% of men and about 22% of women said they’d use condoms — a higher figure than the 2008 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which had it at 10% of women. But, more to the point, the study’s subjects reporting findings that sexual arousal, ease of erection, overall pleasure and orgasm weren’t much different in those that did use condoms than those that didn’t. The findings point out that heightened sexual pleasure isn’t really about condoms, but about lubricant. Most people that used a lubricant and applied it outside of the condom as well as a bit on the inside tip of the condom said they enjoyed their “experience” much more.

February 2013•Insight 21



he twenties are the best years. So say thirty and forty-somethings that reminisce about them; so say teenagers that are eagerly awaiting them; so say shows like Girls, based totally about how funny and awkwardly awesome they are; so say a bajillion movies that take place while the main characters are in their twenties. In fact, so says you - according to new studies. Essentially, scientists found that autobiographical memories are not distributed equally over our lifespans. In English, that means we remember more from our late adolescence and early adulthood than any other time in our lives. This phenomena is called the reminiscence bump. One theory as to why this happens is that around our twenties is when we have the speediest, most fiery brains and are able to store memories in a more efficient, enhanced way. We don’t have that kind of 4G brain when we’re kids and we don’t have it when we get old. So, that theory does hold water. Another theory suggests that our twenties are really when A LOT of things start happening to us for the first time in our lives. Our brains get stimulated and in that excitement are more eager to write this stuff down in its memory bank. As life goes on and apartment hunts, spouses, kids, job changes, moving, your first this, your first that, etc becomes more normal (and therefore less thrilling and new) for the brain, it’ll just take less of it down. In a sense, the argument is that our brains get relatively unimpressed with us and remember less. There are other theories, but all point to the same conclusion: you’ll never forget your twenties!

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Spa Review

Original Xpressionz


rowing up in Northeast Philadelphia, Diana I. Cherubin, founder of Original Xpressionz has always had a strong passion for hair and make up. “I was always amazed by the different colors and textures of hair and the versatility of make-up,” explained Cherubin. Located right in Northeast Philadelphia, Original Xpressionz offers clients some of the best services! Everything from haircuts, hair color, relaxers, coils, perms and even artificial eyelashes and much more, the salon works to make every women feel amazing about her self. When you walk through the door, Original Xpressionz wants you to feel welcomed. The modern look of the salon provides an absolutely inviting atmosphere. The reception area is set up with a television, magazines and complimentary coffee, tea, water, soda and even wine! Who wouldn’t want a glass of fine wine before being pampered? No clients are ever over booked, so the wait is typically very short if any. You’re in a rush? Don’t worry you’ll be in and out for your services! At Original Xpressionz clients are their number one priority because they know that every hardworking women and mother deserves to be pampered and spoiled in an intimate setting. The salon only uses top of the line products such as Mizani and Paul Mitchell, according to the texture and previous chemical services the client has received in the past. But don’t worry you don’t have to keep track of the services because the salon does it for you! The staff at Original Xpressionz is fully knowledgeable about the products being used. They are equipped to provide any services the clients may want. The salon strives to make sure clients are satisfied with each visit and returns time and time again! We know the lines at a salon can sometimes be horrendous, so rather then waiting next time just schedule your appointment at Original Xpressionz! We promise you will receive only the best service out there and you will return time and time again! So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today because every beautiful woman deserves to be pampered! 2901 Unruh Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19149. (215) 305-1124

February 2013•Insight 23

Dress to Impress Out In THIS SEASONS “IN” AND “OUT”



2 1 3

3 4

5 5


1. Stella colored jeans—Neon Orange. $79.90

1. Bell bottom jeans. $44.99

2. Classic clutches. $139

2. Big shoulders bag. $88

3. Tablets. $399

3. Computers Dell Inspiron. $499.99

4. Thermal Coat. $160

4. Fur coat. $66

5. Red lipstick. Revlon. $7.99

5. Nude lipstick. Revlon $7.99

24 Insight•February 2013



veryone knows that if you’re planning on going to IKEA, you devote a day to it. You browse their fake houses and take a moment to pretend you live in each one, you stop to ponder how people come up with some of the stuff they’ve got in there and then eventually you go and try to hunt down what you need in that maze of a store. You don’t just breeze through Ikea; it can’t be done. Or can it? The key to a speedy Ikea trip: the exit doors. Every IKEA has those weird exit doors that lead you to another section of the store. But we never go through them because they seem like these weird black holes that take us to some random place. So, instead, we stick to the standard IKEA route. But if Ikea needs to be a quick trip for you, use the doors! There is a psychology behind the Ikea layout that is supposed to keep you there for a while. It’s meant to disorient you and make you forget why you came there in the first place. The concept is called the Gruen Transfer. When you use the exit doors, you upset that psychology because you’re, essentially, entering at the end of a very well planned maze. There you can look up what you need on the computers in the actual store room without any of the browsing IKEA usually traps you into doing. Voila! You’ve only wasted an hour. Congratulations!

February 2013•Insight 25



labama won the BSC National Championship on January 7, making them National Champions. But in reality, that win isn’t what made them Champions. After the championship game, the coaches vote on the best team in the country, assuming they will pick the team that just won the bowl. But who knows if they will even vote for the winners? Why leave it up to opinion and not the facts? This bowl system is destroying college football and the strong majority of its fans are begging for a new system. In college football, there are a series of bowls, most of which are opportunities to make the schools and NCAA rich. Large companies and organizations sponsor the smaller bowls and then name the bowls as a type of advertisement. In reality, these small bowls mean nothing at all. Then, there are the BSC Bowls, the ones that actually count for a little bit of something: the Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, and the BSC National Championship. Other than the National Championship game, these bowls’ only significance is the pride of winning the bowls. But, the National Championship game is the only one that determines the best team in the nation. How is that fair? After a long, grueling season, only two teams get a shot to play for a championship? In every other sport, professional and college, this is not the case. There is playoff systems setup to determine the champion. College football finally understands that the bowls are failing and will finally change the current BSC bowls to a four game playoff in 2014. There will two semi-final games, and a National Championship game, but is that even enough? Who is to say that teams that are ranked lower than number four wouldn’t have come closer, or even beat, Alabama in the National Championship game? Despite the progress that will be made in 2014, more sustainable change needs to take place in the future for college football.

THE LUXURY LIFESTYLE A dedication to fulfilling my clients’ wishes and a passion for the Philadelphia landscape give me an edge in the world of real estate that places my clients second-to-none. So please allow me to fulfill your real estate dreams, as well as the opportunity to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Jason Kravitz Realtor Licensed in PA & NJ Fluent in English and Russian 226 West Rittenhouse Square #102, Philadelphia, PA 19103 O.215-735-2225|C.267-324-4141|

26 Insight•February 2013

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Sports & Athletics



n Monday night, one of the most exciting college football games of all time was set to take place. Number one ranked Notre Dame faced number two Alabama, two great defenses facing off. In the end, the highly anticipated game that was hyped up to be one that would go down in history actually was nowhere near “close”. Alabama crushed the Irish 42-14. The Alabama defense completely shut down the Notre Dame attack, as well as pummeling Notre Dames highly regarded defense. Alabama’s star players shined. AJ McCarron passed for 264 yards while game commentators admired his girl friend on national television; how appropriate that was is being strongly debated. Eddie Lacy, Alabama’s running back, also had 140 yards rushing with a touchdown. Both Lacy and McCarron have decided to stay in college, making it appear that the Tide will be the best team in the nation to start next season just like they have been in the end of the last two. Alabama hoisted the trophy at the end of the game, their third in four years, making this current era of Alabama football a clear dynasty, with Nick Saban at the helm. And he isn’t going anywhere either. Saban strongly declared in a press conference the day after he won the national championship he is staying in Tuscaloosa. We will see next year if any team can knock off the red hot Tide and Nick Saban powerhouse combination.

Think you knowwho will win?

Email or Facebook message us with your information and guesses. Right answers get a point towards our annual prize (see Editors Desk for more detail).

Sixesrs Basketball Schedule

02/1 vs. Sacramento 7:30 pm 02/4 vs. Orlando 7:00 pm 02/6 vs. Indiana 7:00 pm 02/9 vs. Charlotte 8:00 pm 02/11 vs. Los Angeles 7:00 pm 02/13 vs. Milwaukee 8:00 pm 02/20: vs. Minnesota 8:00 pm 02/23 vs. Miami 7:30 pm 02/24 vs. New York 7:00 pm 02/26 vs. Orlando 7:00 pm 02/28 vs. Chicago 8:00 pm

February 2013•Insight 27




ood news for Blackberry users. The company recently announced an updated feature, allowing users to converse with any of their messenger contacts using a Wi-Fi signal, in addition to allowing users to talk via text while using voice, allowing chatters to send pictures or private statements. Other useful updates include the ability to voice chat while checking emails or reading text messages, the addition of a wider emoticon selection, and the ability to change the color of chat bubbles. Currently, the updated features are only available on Blackberry OS 6 but the company is planning on adding those features to earlier versions later this year. 28 Insight•February 2013



hen the sun began rotating more than 4.5 billion years ago, it was not as warm or bright as it is today. Through out the years, all that grew gradually as more and more of its fuel ignited. For the first several billion years, the earth was more than 25 percent dimmer than it is today. If the sun was to drop down to the same magnitude as before, the earth would be covered in ice. Back then, the earth was not frozen, but it was covered in vast liquid which many arcs of island chains. For many years now, scientists have been attempting to determine how the sun has kept the Earth out of an ice age for billions of year. The answer must be the planet’s early atmosphere, though carbon dioxide levels were not high enough to do the job alone. Researchers have found evidence that the early atmosphere was composed of 10 percent hydrogen, allowing the earths temperature to rise up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what kept the planets liquid from freezing and converting the earth into a large snowball.


Science & Technology

BBM Update Allows Users to Utilize

Microsoft Pushes Outlook


or many of us, was our first experience with an email account; sending and receiving email was never so fun and cool. Now, Microsoft, which acquired the web-based email service in 1997 for $400 million, is slowly but surely replacing the email service with, complete with a new interface, tools, and user-friendly software, looking to push the boundaries of email. Last month, Microsoft began to actively market the new email service, particularly in an effort to win back GMail users, which seems to be effective due to a third of current users migrating over from Gmail, a Google email service. While the move over to Outlook is not currently mandatory of Hotmail users, it eventually will be. However, representatives from Hotmail are ensuring that users will have an even better experience with the new service, promising a sleeker interface as well as plans to support IMAP in the future, the number one requested feature of the new service. Hotmail, launched in 1996, has just over 325 million users worldwide, making it the largest email service. Fortunately, for current Hotmail users, the use of their or addresses will still be allowed, but new users will only be able to choose from the new or email domains.

TECHNOLOGY FACT: The sun is actually white, and only appears yellow to us due to atmospheric scattering of blue lights.

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No Longer Hot:

9 Rules

of Thumb

to Ensure

Financial Security



arents, ever get nervous when your young one wants to purchase items online? Well, thanks to Virtual Piggy, you can now put your worries to rest; the platform allows children under the age of 18 to shop safely and securely online. Dr. Jo Webber, who has a doctorate in quantum physics, founded the company in 2008 with children in mind. The company was created in Philadelphia, but based in Hermosa Beach, California. Long gone are the days when kids saved pocket change and went to the corner store; now, with this platform, kids can safely make online purchases to retailers who market to them. Kids using the service are required to have a “Parent Account”, which allows parents to monitor the account, set spending limits or limit purchases to specific retailers. The platform is partnered with Paypal to provide the service, with Virtual Piggy collecting 1.5% of each transaction from the retailer. The service is free and now open to the general public. 30 Insight•February 2013


Career & Finance


e all love financial advice. However, sometimes it can be too drawn out, too specific, or irrelevant for your situation. Fortunately, Time magazine’s resident financial guru, J.D. Roth, highlighted a few quick rules we should all live by in order to create or maintain financial security. m Cars: buy used or buy new and drive for 10 years. m Retirement: base the amount you save on your expenses before retirement, not on your income. Don’t touch it until retirement. m Salary: always pay yourself first, even before bills. m 401K: always take the employer match on your 401(k) m Loans: never co-sign m Interest: avoid paying interest on anything that loses value m Taxes: don’t try to cheat and pay what you owe. m Payments: save an emergency fund THEN pay off high-interest debt THEN invest.· m Purchases: If you’re not willing to pay cash, it makes no sense to buy it on credit.


Marketing Trends for



ny successful businessperson knows how vitally important it is to keep up with new business trends; not doing so can prove detrimental to the bottom line. Recently, the experts over at Entrepreneur magazine set forth the top marketing trends for the New Year. MAKE WEBSITES COMPATIBLE FOR MOBILE DEVICES With more than 75 percent of the world having access to a mobile device, the value of offering a website with mobile compatibility is a no-brainer. Additionally, mobile applications allow for the transfer of new information, new formats, and new resources for the consumer. FOCUS ON INBOUND MARKETING Now, when consumers visit websites, they attribute pride and value in the company with the aesthetic of the website. In other words, if the website looks dysfunctional, then the company must be too. Be sure to spend more dollars on producing amazing content, web design, and inbound analytics. REBOUND OF LOYALTY MARKETING Because it’s more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, from a marketing budget perspective, it is vitally important to connect with consumers, make them feel appreciated, and ensure their satisfaction through feedback and incentives to return. By doing this, you can ensure the clients will keep coming back for more.

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ou Y h WisereHere W XOXO February 2013•Insight 31

A Dose of Insight


have allergies to cats, and my girlfriend brought home a cat she adopted. When I told her that she should have consulted with me; we got into a huge argument and she called me a “horrible person.” Does me reacting like this make me heartless and a horrible person? Or does it make her uncaring? ✽ Her reaction was completely inappropriate. She simply needs to understand that she cannot be a “cat lady” and date you simultaneously. I can certainly understand her love for animals, but in no way should it supersede her love for you and your well- being. Knowing that you are allergic, why would she bring a cat home to begin with? It’s important that you know her reasoning behind this. Maybe there is a deeper issue that is lingering behind the cat adoption. I think that you should sit down with her and have a serious conversation where you both lay your feelings out for each other. With any luck, she will come to

her senses and apologize for grossly overreacting. If you care enough to compromise, suggest adopting an animal together that won’t have you break out in hives or make your throat close up. If this gesture is still not good enough, it’s time for her to make a choice: you or the cat. Hopefully, your relationship will survive this, and not end up in the litter box.



y parents are punishing me by not letting me drive my car. I do not understand what they are trying to prove with this? The fact that they have power over me? Why would they have given it to me for my 18th birthday then? Is punishment supposed to be to deprive your child of belongings that technically belong to them? Stupid! ✽ I don’t think your parents are trying to prove that they have power over your car. They do have power over it because it’s theirs. For as long as it is technically theirs, and your only means of transportation, they will use it is a way to make sure you’re not screwing up. It’s not necessarily fair, but for as long as you are dependent on them, they will use it as a bargaining tool. Nothing in life is free; almost everything you receive has more strings attached than the balloons at the 32 Insight•February 2013

Macy’s Day Parade. Take this opportunity to make some decisions about your life. Find a way to work and become independent as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can buy your own car. Once you get a taste of independence and accomplishment, you will never want to go back. If they truly see your dedication to do something great with your life, they will most likely back off anyway.


y daughter’s boyfriend asked me to meet his parents for a family dinner. Does this mean that there may be a proposal in the near future, or is he only being nice?

✽ Well unless his parents are some sort of strange swingers; yes, I think it’s fair to assume that a proposal might be on the horizon. More than likely your daughter and her boyfriend mutually decided to take their relationship to the next level by having both families meet. The intention is certainly to make it clear that they want their families to feel comfortable together for potentially years to come. They probably want to get each family familiar with one another before

there is any type of life-altering announcement. If I were you, I would definitely start entertaining the idea but I would not say anything to your daughter. Not only might it ruin the surprise, but she will most likely get her hopes up tremendously. If things don’t go exactly the way you predict, you wouldn’t want to see her hurt or disappointed. That being said, I would anticipate a ring within 6 months.


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s a joke I sent a letter to my friend to inform him that his girlfriend has been cheating on him. It was a harmless joke; however, with it came a disaster. My friend found out that his girlfriend actually does cheat on him and he is now demanding details from me. He has asked me numerous times how and what I knew. Worst part of it all, his girlfriend is also a friend of mine, she’s asking me how I could do that to her. I have officially lost two best friends. What do I do? ✽ I’m going to have to grab a shovel to help you dig yourself out of this mess. You obviously tried to pull an Ashton Kutcher, but ended up “punk’ing” yourself instead. First, give your friend some time to cool off. One day, he should really thank you for exposing the fact that his girlfriend was getting around more than the 2013 flu strain. Of course it stings right now, but he should be grateful that he’s no longer wasting time on someone that clearly does not love him. Ultimately, you did something

stupid, but it’s not your fault that she was never faithful to him. I’m confident that eventually you and your friend will be able to look back at this and laugh. Just don’t play any more pranks on him or he’ll start thinking you’re a jinx. As far as the girl is concerned, just explain to her that you stumbled into this by accident and never intended to hurt her. You should also probably tell her that if she doesn’t cheat, she runs no risk of getting caught. Just putting that out there. February 2013•Insight 33


Aries (March 21-April 20). This month, take charge of your daily wants and needs. Several minor changes will occur through out the month, but nothing major. On February 6th, 2013 you might find your self in a disagreement with an older female friend or colleague. Though be aware of potential controlling people in your life, and keep a firm grip over your own path. Taurus (April 21st–May 21st). 2013 is a journey for you! Take any new opportunity that you are presented with, meet new people, visit places you have never been to before, and learn something new. This month, expect a bit of a roller coaster ride with many people you are typically good with. Many people around you have a negative through, but the best thing to do is ignore the negativity. Gemini (May 22nd–June 21st). This month you will be asked to choose among two options. People typically make the mistake of jumping to the wrong conclusion and pick the wrong option. Do not make any important decisions too fast, especially when it comes to your career and money this month. Cancer (June 22nd–July 22nd). This month will be a month of different surprises and unexpected events. An unpleasant problem with money, loss, theft or failure to pay a credit may arise. Be aware of your finances. Leo (July 23rd–August 23rd). February is a great time for you career! You will find growth in most of the areas that you work in. Try to avoid any animosity with people closest to you. Virgo (August 24th–Sept. 22nd). In February, you will be greeted with a lot of love and affection. You might have fallen in love in the previous month, but this month will be different. You relationship will become a huge chapter of February. This month will also bring you a lot of luck and happiness in marriage. You will both accomplish what you have wanted to as a couple.

34 Insight•February 2013

Libra (Sept. 23rd–Oct. 23rd). This month, Venus will enter your house of couples, allowing you to focus on a significant relationship. You will be in the mood to flirt, romanticize, and be adventures. Don’t be scared to be spontaneous Libra, bringing you a month full of opportunities! Scorpio (Oct. 24th–Nov. 22nd). Your work and health is the most important this month. Try to direct all of your energy on this. Several problems may arise, such as your loved one may be diagnosed a serious health problem. But do not freak out, the last decade of the month will be a pleasant one filled with rich in offers. Sagittarius (Nov. 23rd–Dec. 21st). ). If you are currently not happy with your job or career, this is the month to make your move! You stand a good chance of landing the interview you have been waiting for, do great on an exam, and also write an amazing work report. You are ready to explore new things in your life and take action, but financially you may not be ready. Capricorn (Dec. 22nd–Jan. 20th). February does not look like a very exciting month for you, but rather a quiet one. Toward the end of the month it may pick up for you, you may even meet someone special. You are getting pretty bored with your career and personal life, and you’re ready to take action. But first, you should reevaluate your needs. Aquarius (Jan. 21st–Feb. 18th). You may feel low activity, low immunity and energy in the beginning of the month. Stay away from controversy connected with high school drama. An issue may arise about competition with those closest to you, but try to control your anger. Pisces (Feb. 19th–March 20th). This month will be the peak point for your relationships. Though it has calmed down for a while, this month will pick up. If you’re single, you might just meet the special someone. So keep your eyes and ear open for new options.

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