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Global Virtue Private Limited

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In our quest for brand excellence, we utilize various marketing tools to deliver breakthrough projects and effective messages. Global Virtue Pte Ltd is a hybrid business consulting/marketing communications firm, located in Singapore. We are a team of seasoned, senior level consultants who develop winning business strategies and provide the marketing horsepower required to produce clear, measurable and recognizable results. Global Virtue is a small company that makes big things happen for companies of all sizes, in a variety of industries and geographic locations. To that end, Global Virtue had documented success helping clients to increase revenue, create a competitive advantage, differentiate themselves from the competition and improve efficiencies. But don’t just take our word for it. Check us out and put us to the test.

Global Virtue objective is simple: To provide profitable results & healthy brand equity to our clients. All great companies have core values. They are the guiding principles and desired behaviors that embody how a company and its people are expected to operate. Values support and guide the decision making of every company, helping the company accomplish its mission and attain its vision in an appropriate manner. Values reflect and reinforce the desired culture of Global Virtue. Global Virtue believe the foundation of our business success rest on unyielding honesty, trustworthiness and responsibility for Global Virtue actions, striving to do the right thing and to fulfill our promises to one another, our customers, partners and stakeholders.



At Global Virtue, we only hire well qualified employees with impeccable communication skills to serve our clients in a more effective manner. We are a different kind of web design and development company. We believe in helping our clients expand their online strategies through robust websites with innovative internet marketing. Our team consists of directors, senior managers, designers, developers, and SEO professionals for web design, web development, software development and search engine optimization. Our extensive background in web development and web design, marketing and merchandising, with experience across working on hundreds of projects, has enabled us to create a rich database. We have made it possible to turn out comprehensive and refined design and development solutions that completely satisfy our clients. We are the solution to all your online business needs. Teamwork and perseverance reign supreme at eSparkinfo. Our team of devoted professionals works hard to successfully complete each and every project and make sure that they meet or exceed the client’s expectations.


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Our Brand – My Holiday Club

Our company motto is: “Serve others the way you want to be serves”. Price is only half the battle won – it got to be added with an efficient and excellent customer service. We want you to be comfortable venturing out and exploring new cities or destination, not just because it’s featured on our website. We want My Holiday Club to be close to our customer’s heart when it comes to their holiday experience with less or no disappointment. From the moment you made your booking to the day you travel until the day you’ve returned, we want to monitor and seek your kind feedback to share your holiday experience to other individual or family members. My Holiday Club grew to avoid unethical Timesharing companies in Singapore and ASIA per se. Noticing bad publicity and negative feedbacks from forum and many other related resource due to the ripped off deal made by these hit and run companies, My Holiday Club strive to offer public some similar or equivalent accommodation/s offered by those Timesharing companies but does not require to purchase a Timeshare contract or own any Timesharing Resort Unit/s. We came up with the idea for My Holiday Club as an antidote to a common ailment for us: there are so much cool destinations, but the choice can be overwhelming. With so many options, sometimes the easiest thing is to do is to travel to familiar country, or just stay at home and watch a movie. As a result, we miss out on trying the entire amazing adventures offer in other countries or cities.

Branding is our future asset and we took pride in our development to strive towards our success.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Global Virtue is founded in the premise of doing GOOD. This is the reason why we contribute 10% of all our efforts to reach out to non-profit and charity organizations. If you belong to one of these two categories and require help, we are able to assist (on a pro-bono basis) in the implementation of Direct Sales Management Systems, Donor Management Systems and Website Development. If you are interested in any of the above services or would like to speak to us on other requirements. At Global Virtue, we are an enterprise with a

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We’ve developed a simple but complete process for web design and web development.Our Process that works for our business is consisting of six stages from concept to completion without unnecessary delays and cost overruns. Website Development & Design The world of web design is constantly changing. Last year’s breakthrough design ideas are old news today. GV Design stays on top of the latest trends by providing free access to education and other resources for our designers.

E-Commerse The Internet is the best place to sell stuff. Where else can you reach an unlimitedaudience while keeping underlying costs low by automating sales processes and cutting conventional shopkeeping costs? E-Commerce success, however, depends on what you’re selling.

Social Media Campaign Is your brand engaging? GV Design offers Facebook app development services. Social media networking is the key to a successful marketing strategy. Build viral Facebook applications that dramatically increase your brand reach and user engagement.

Content Management System (CMS) Your website is never “done”. Updating your site is essential, and requires the use of a Content Management System (CMS). There are many systems to choose from, so our choice of a CMS usually depends on the required functionality and scalability requirements of the project.

SEO & Internet Marketing Each page needs to have the main SEO tags such as a title, description, and keywords. Search engines also like smart URLs. Google will rely on these when indexing your pages. 5

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Global Virtue Private Limited 61 Shun Li Industrial Park, Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, # 04 – 16, Singapore 417943 Tel +65 6748 5339 Email

Global Virtue Company Profile  

Global Virtue is a hybrid business consulting/marketing communications firm, located in Singapore. We are a team of seasoned, senior level c...

Global Virtue Company Profile  

Global Virtue is a hybrid business consulting/marketing communications firm, located in Singapore. We are a team of seasoned, senior level c...