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Mycotoo’s signature approach always starts with defining “The Why” in creating authentic experiences that stay true to your vision. We are the entertainment development company. Our collaborative process fosters an uncommonly strong level of commitment, culture, fun and trust that is essential to building vibrant design teams. Since our founding, Mycotoo has opened two theme parks featuring globally recognized properties, produced eight live show events and is currently overseeing the development of multiple indoor entertainment centers around the world. We work with retail property owners, developers, brands, studios, architectural groups and municipalities to deliver experience design and entertainment.  Our approach balances creativity with concentrated business acumen to successfully develop and execute immersive and entertaining experiences that are feasible, profitable and most of all…unique!

Mycotoo’s team of award-winning storytellers bring passion, enthusiasm and seasoned expertise to their creation of themed entertainment, film, television, theatre, interactive design, museums and live events.

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Master Planning


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Indoor Entertainment Centers

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Retail Entertainment

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Mycotoo fosters strategic relationships by investing in a variety of projects in technology, agriculture and sports & leisure. Â Our expertise in strategic planning and experience design helps our partners craft, execute and expand their vision. We are proud to bring our expertise in experience design to new markets, including:


MY-CULTIVER is a collaborative partnership that integrates food and plant science with world-class experience design to offer tangible solutions to today’s industrial and agricultural challenges. This joint venture is centered on the entire culture of food: Activating how to yield superior food product, Educating on how to improve systems to provide better food, and Celebrating the harvested food. (More at


URBAN ADVENTURE is an exciting new destination, sports, entertainment and lifestyle experience that is being developed in a number of key international markets worldwide. Specifically responding to changing consumer demand for more experiential and interactive leisure, Urban Adventure is designed as a modern, vibrant leisure anchor that can help drive substantial footfall for large scale, mixed use developments, retail-leisure destinations, integrated tourism resorts and urban regeneration projects. (More at

Mycotoo is currently developing original, fully immersive entertainment experiences that are scalable, repeatable and catered to regional markets world-wide. These franchises include exciting and immersive experiences that are modular, scalable and feasible.


SNOWPLAY: Crystal Hollow is a scalable retail, dining and snow-based entertainment development. It features a wide variety of attractions and scalable & repeatable experiences for the whole family. This gated park includes 13 themed areas, designed to cater to different interests. With repeatable guest experiences as the ultimate goal, SNOWPLAY: Crystal Hollow offers flexibility in programming and integration into key markets worldwide.


HAMELIN is a new horror experience: a classic fairytale inspired by the legendary tale of the Pied Piper... with a deadly new twist. The Hamelin franchise taps into the horror market. This annual Halloween event, to be performed over 20+ nights every October, features fully themed environments, area entertainment, walk around characters, a VIP scare lounge and the ultimate “choose your haunt” super maze. Hamelin’s business model is built as a scalable franchise with expansion into film, graphic novels, video games and consumer products.


HASBRO IMAGINATION CENTER. Discover a family entertainment center dedicated to the unlimited possibilities of play.

Mycotoo, in collaboration with Hasbro, has developed a new indoor entertainment experience that is designed to unleash the creativity of the next generation of innovators, inventors, and artists. Introducing: Hasbro’s Imagination Center, that features meaningful experiences of imaginative and creative play that encourage discovery and exploration in a dynamic, immersive environment. This 5,000 sq meter experience is scalable and serves as an entertainment anchor for retail properties and mixed use developments. It features over 20 unique and creative playbased attractions inspired by Hasbro properties including Monopoly, Play-Doh, Mr. Potato Head, FurReal, Tinker Toys and Spirograph.

Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony, Nerf, Playskool, Tinkertoy, and Transformers are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. 2017 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Experience Design


Licensing & Brand Development


Creative & Talent Direction


Project Management


e know how to get things done! Mycotoo’s signature appeal consists of our strong commitment to developing brands from a story-driven perspective, and our track record of delivering on that vision. We work seamlessly with architectural groups, operators, engineering firms and general contractors to ensure timely execution. Simply put: We serve as the Entertainment Producers for our partners. Here’s how we deliver:

Master Planning


Strategic Planning

Client Representation

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WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT US... “The stellar team at Mycotoo is that most rare combination of wildly innovative creativity, steadfast project management, along with strong business insight, ever with an eye to a smooth production and sustainable ongoing operation. From day one, they came to the table with an expert lineup, already fluent in our brand, ready to tackle the unique challenges before them. This kind of collaboration is altogether exceptional and made for a phenomenal experience.” - Zane JENSCH, Vice President of Attractions & Exhibits, Nickelodeon “Two important reasons- Integrity and Creativity. Mycotoo has the highest standards in Integrity. They always work with clients on fair market pricing and then follow through with deliverables that exceed the task. This company integrity emulates from the executive level to set a standard for the entire companyAs for Creativity, Mycotoo has some of the best creative minds and talents in the business. They always strive for the new and influential concepts to tell a story and move their audiences in emotional ways.” - Don BURGESS, President, Creative Integrity Corporation “I am a fan of Mycotoo because they are a strong blend of creativity and organization. It’s one thing to develop Innovative ideas, but Mycotoo has the ability to turn great concepts into memorable experiences.” - Scott STERNER, Director of Entertainment & Events, Six Flags Entertainment LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM AT WWW.MYCOTOO.COM

Photo: Alice in Winterland, The Queen Mary Opposite Page: Alice in Winterland, Motiongate, Family Entertainment Center Concept Art



Photo: The New Special Effects Show, Universal Studios Hollywood Opposite Page: The Blade Runner 2049 Experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2017


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