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A note from your Neighbor,

Take Note ///////////

Mayor Maryann Edwards Maryann Edwards and her family have lived in Temecula for 27 years. She and her husband of 37 years raised 3 children, and are now proud grandparents of a beautiful baby granddaughter. Maryann has served as a Temecula Traffic Commissioner, School Board Member, City Council Member, and Temecula’s mayor in 2009 and now in 2014. She is the President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County.

Happy New Year!

As 2014 is off and running in a positive direction, let us not forget that it was only a few short years ago that the country was hip-deep in the worst recession in more than 50 years. Riverside County gained notoriety posting some of the highest unemployment numbers and foreclosures in the U.S. But, like the rugged individuals we Temeculans have come to admire, we dug in, banded together, supported those who needed it most, and emerged on the other side, pressed down but not crushed. We are wiser, more cautious, and more connected as a community and ready to jump back into the game. And jump we have! Businesses are doing much better and new businesses are opening, home prices are rising at a more reasonable pace, Temecula’s unemployment rate is down to 6%, and homes are selling at a fast pace. It’s a great time to share Temecula with entrepreneurs

and eager young families looking to become part of our wonderful city. Over the course of the next year, I’ll be sharing practical, fun, and funny information about Temecula. I’ll answer some of the many questions I get every day as I’m out and about, and I’ll share some touching stories about the remarkable people who live and work here, and love Temecula as much as you and I.

So if you have a burning question about a project, city ordinance, your city government, our great schools, or if you have a suggestion or idea for the benefit of all Temecula residents, fire up your computer and email me at maryann.edwards@citycouncil.org. I’ll choose a couple of questions and comments for each issue of MyTemecula Magazine. «

I have a question?

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Publisher’s Note /////////

elcome to the first issue of MyTemecula Magazine. We are happy to bring you a positive, upbeat magazine that celebrates our community as well as the people who live and work here! For as long as I can remember, I’ve genuinely loved getting to know what makes people tick. Their stories fascinate 2003 me. I connect with people on an emotional level and believe that often, when we meet someone there is something to be gained: one or both parties will leave with something they needed to hear or learn. I’ve learned so much from people I’ve crossed paths with and I’ve also had many opportunities to share lessons from my own life experiences. It’s so inspiring to see how people overcome the obstacles in their paths and find the strength to reach their goals. Over time I’ve collected stories from friends and strangers, which I have shared whenever I can help someone else through their own challenges. I have plenty of experience navigating challenges to share as well. The desire to connect with others is just part of being human. Many of us have so much going on we don’t always have time to chat with the neighbors. My goal is to bring these connections right to you. When I’m impressed with someone, it seems natural to share it, both directly to the person and to others. I call this positive gossip. It’s the kind of gossip we should all take part in. ;) I plan to share these impressive people with you. MyTemecula Magazine will focus on local people who are doing extraordinary things: people like our neighbor, Charity Prestifillipo, who saw a need and decided to make a difference in the lives of others. People like this months “Rising Star,” 16-year-old Michaela Reed, who shares her talents by volunteering with youth in the community. This is a magazine is all about connection. We want to introduce you to your neighbors as well as to the businesses that help to strengthen our community. Our goal is to make this magazine better and better each month. With this in mind, we are open to any suggestions, constructive criticism and/or ideas that will make this magazine a “must read.” We seek to make this magazine as unique as our community. Therefore, we welcome your contributions. If you’ve ever wanted to be published, this is a great opportunity. Please e-mail story submissions and ideas to tracy@mycommunitymagazines.com. Your neighbor,

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/////////// Feature


body has the wisdom to heal itself W By Barbara Bigham

hen Dr. Terry Rondberg moved to Temecula after working forty years in the alternative health care field, he planned to retire. “It seemed like such a peaceful, restful place,” he says. “A place where the natural beauty and friendly atmosphere combined to create a kind of serene retreat.” It wasn’t long before he realized first impressions were deceiving. “This area definitely has a quiet, tranquil side to it,” he admits. “But I quickly realized it’s really a dynamic, energetic place with a vibrant community of people interested in everything from world culture to natural health. There’s too much to do here to even consider retiring.” Instead, Dr. Rondberg opened the new Temecula Wellness Center to use the skills and knowledge he’d accumulated during his four decades of being involved in integrative medicine and clinical research. Terry is a diplomate of the College of Energy Medicine; a diplo-


| MyTemeculaMag.com

mate of the College of Mind-Body Medicine; he has a chiropractic degree; and is a certified massage therapist. He also studied acupuncture at the Beijing Hospital in China as well as Ayurvedic Medicine in Northern India. At 63, Terry brims with a level of health and enthusiasm more common in a man decades younger. He follows a workout schedule that starts with an early morning meditation followed by a daily four-mile walk and loves going to the gym and yoga classes. Not bad for a man who was told, 30 years ago, that he suffered from a rare type of cancer and wouldn’t make it past his 33rd birthday. Terry had been diagnosed with Adrenal cancer and looked for hope from his medical doctor. As there had been no survivors of this form of cancer ever noted, he was told to put his affairs in order. He would not accept this. As a young chiropractor that lived a healthy lifestyle, Terry couldn’t understand how this happened to him. He

Photos by Christian Thomas

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used his knowledge in research and natural health and committed himself to an intense self-designed regime. “I walked out of the M.D.’s office and began a green juice program which also included bodywork, chiropractic, exercise, meditation, yoga, and a positive attitude. I never accepted the possibility that I would die of cancer.” He’s never had chemotherapy; however, Terry beat his cancer leaving his medical team astonished. He continued with his green juice since then and he’s been cancer-free ever since. “The body has the wisdom to heal itself” he states emphatically. “We just have to make sure there is no interference.” Interference in your body’s ability to send and receive signals can include dietary garbage, pollution, “electromagnetic smog” from our computers and cell phones, interruptions in the body’s natural pathways, and more. Although retired from chiropractic, Dr. Rondberg still serves as the president of the World Chiropractic Alliance, a nonprofit organization founded in 1989, with thousands of members worldwide. This time around Terry has chosen to focus the new Temecula Wellness Center on energy healing: something he is very passionate about. After years of studying and researching the most advanced natural health care techniques, he knew he wanted to use an integrative approach that honored the body’s own innate intelligence and ability to heal itself. “Science, including quantum physics, has proven that we’re all electromagnetic as well as chemical beings,” he explains. “When energy flows through our systems properly, not only can we prevent illness, the body’s intelligence always strives to regulate and heal itself of any abnormal condition.” Yet, his extensive investigation made him aware of a missing ele-

ment in the currently available techniques: a way to relieve tension from what’s called the sub-occipital triangle an area in the upper cervical area, known as the brain stem. When these muscles are tight or tense they affect the membrane covering the brain and the spinal column, called the duramater. This can lead to painful trigger points that can cause headaches (even migraines), back and neck pain, and referred pain throughout the body. More critically, the muscle tension can cause mechanical deformation of the brain stem, which disrupts functioning of the cardiac and respiratory control centers located in the brain stem. To address this serious problem, Dr. Rondberg developed the Bioenergy Therapy, which is specifically aimed at releasing the tension in this area and correcting any tension or dysfunction of muscles, fascia, nerve and blood vessels in the upper neck. “By working directly on the muscles in the sub-occipital triangle region, rather than on bones in various areas of the body or spine, the ‘Bioenergy Therapy’ directly affects the brain, where all pain, stiffness and dysfunction, originate,” Dr. Rondberg explains. “After releasing tension in this area, the brain will always strive to adapt to stress so you can express your greatest health potential.” Terry’s past awards and accomplishments read like a “Who’s Who” in alternative medicine: President of the World Chiropractic Alliance, the only chiropractic organization to be recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information; founder and publisher emeritus of The Chiropractic Journal and the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research; author of the book “Chiropractic First,” which has sold more than two and a half million

Feature ///////////

copies; being appointed a special member of the Department of Defense Chiropractic Advisory Committee in 2005; and too many more to list. “I’m proud of all those achievements,” Terry admits. “But they were in the past. I always strive to live in the present moment and what I’m doing now to help bring health and wellness to the people in this community is really important to me.”

The Center has a peaceful atmosphere and includes a fourstation wellness circuit which takes about 15 minutes to complete. STATION 1 The Power Plate is a revolutionary whole body vibration system that delivers 20-50 vibrations per second to the body. “The technology actually stems from experiments conducted by the Soviet space program back in the 1960s,” Dr. Rondberg explains. It’s since been shown to offer a wide range of health benefits: accelerating rehabilitation in physical therapy; boosting strength, balance, and endurance; speeding up recovery after an intense workout; and increasing bone density. STATION 2 Dr. Rondberg analyzes the body for energy interference and make the necessary corrections using Bioenergy Therapy, so the brain can return to doing what it does best: helping us to better adapt to internal and external stressors, making possible our highest expression of health and vitality. MyTemeculaMag.com |


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/////////// Feature STATION 3 Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) has been shown to assist the body to heal and prevent more than 200 health disorders. It recharges the 75 trillion cells of the body and stimulates the body's energy meridians. PEMF got a boost of attention on the “Dr. Oz” show, when Dr. Oz called it one of the most important breakthroughs in pain management he has ever come across. He added, “With Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy you don’t just feel better, you are better.” In this station, you will be able to relax as you lie down on the PEMF mat for about 8 minutes.

STATION 4 The final station on the circuit focuses on hydration, a widely misunderstood and ignored aspect of health. The Temecula Wellness Center educates clients on the absolute importance of consuming enough liquids offering members free ionized alkaline water and teaching how to make a specially formulated organic green juice consisting of a blend of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Besides the wellness circuit, they’ve seen a phenomenal turnout of people participating in their 21 day cleanse program. Using all-natural, organic ingredients in addition to a healthy diet, the program is designed 8

| MyTemeculaMag.com

to rid the body of toxins to improve function. Although not the goal, weight loss is often a side effect of flushing the pollutants from the cells of the body. Both Terry and the center’s Director, Ruth Kincaid (also Terry’s fiancée), feel blessed to witness so many people experiencing incredible, life-changing results. Recently one of their members reported that he was dismissed from his diabetic clinic and taken off several medications. Dr. Rondberg doesn’t take the credit. “Their own body’s wisdom is responsible for getting and staying well,” he emphasizes. “We help them correct interference caused by stress, and allow their bodies to express themselves as they were designed to, but the real credit goes to a far greater power than me. I often remind my patients that God does the healing and the doctor collects the fee.” The monthly membership fee is very reasonable (about $2.50 a day) for unlimited visits. A month of visits are included when doing the 21 day cleanse. Although the Center has only been open since March 2013, it has attracted a large membership that keeps Dr. Rondberg and his Director/Fiancée Ruth Kincaid very busy, which is just the way they like it. “Why slow down when you’re feeling this good?” he asks with a grin. Terry’s energy and enthusiasm aren’t all directed towards his work, however. He lives life to the fullest and is enjoying all that the Temecula Valley offers. “Best of all,” he says, “I’m getting to enjoy it with my fiancée, Ruth, who works side-by-side with me at the Center has also dedicated her life to wellness and serving others.”

Dr. Terry enjoys spending time with two grown daughters and their children. “There’s nothing like having grandchildren to keep things in perspective,” he notes. “We spend a lot of our lives doing things for ourselves and our peers. But when you have grandchildren, your attention shifts to the future generations. You want to leave a legacy to them so their lives will be healthier, happier, and more fulfilling.” «

Our mission is to help you live a healthier, happier and more energized life. To learn more about Dr. Rondberg and his approach to a wellness lifestyle, visit the Temecula Wellness Center at 28780 Old Town Front St. Ste. D-7, or go to TemeculaWellnessCenter.com The Center is open Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. No appointment is required. Walk-ins are welcome. Or you can call 951-699-5000 for an appointment. Dr. Rondberg is available for speaking engagements, or you can visit the center and receive a free tour of the facilities and information on the complete wellness system.

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/////////// Rising Star

Michaela Reed:

Sharing a Passion for Music Via Volunteerism


By Rebecca Flansburg

any people have hopes and dreams of stardom, but sixteen year-old Michaela Reed is pursuing her dream while using her talent to help inspire others. Music has been a huge part of Michaela’s (pronounced Mi-shay-la) life since she was a child. She has spent the last few years not only honing her talent for singing, but using her experiences to help other kids discover their dreams while tirelessly volunteering at the Pechanga Boys & Girls Club and lending a hand at her local church, Mountain View. “I began volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club because I used to be a member there,“ Michaela shared. “Now I try to go as often as I can after school because I enjoy helping kids with homework, encouraging them to be creative and just being a friend and listening ear for them.”


| MyTemeculaMag.com

Much of what Michaela does with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club centers around her talents as a singer and performer. Using her skills, Michaela works to inspire and encourage members of the club to create their own music, perform plays, have impromptu jam sessions and she even helps them deal with and overcome stage fright. “One of my favorite parts of my work at the Boys & Girls Club is when I first show up and the kids run up to me excitedly asking what

by the Oak Grove Center. She has helped with multiple community events for the Boys & Girls Club as well. Besides accumulating over 350 volunteer hours and working on her music, Michaela participates in several high school activities including: track team, performing arts, and a DIY Club. Michaela’s got some adventures ahead in 2014: she recently landed a role in the musical Little Shop of Horrors at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater; she’s been

are going to do today?” Michaela smiles. “It’s so rewarding watching these kids’ creativity bloom when we work on projects together. We have so much fun putting together programs like the Christmas Pageant or even the Halloween Party that incorporates music and performing.” Michaela also eagerly lends her singing talents to fundraisers like the upcoming Rock the Oaks: benefitting the Arts & Autism event hosted

nominated as Youth of the Year by the Boys & Girls Club; and she plans to try-out for the hit show, X-Factor, in LA later this year. After high school, her dream is to attend Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. The future looks bright for this young performer! Her remarkable talent, love of helping others and desire to reach her goals make Michaela Reed a Rising Star to applaud.

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Who’s Crawling on Whom?

/////////// Business Buzz / Ultra Steam Cleaning


eet Rod Spencer, Regional (Southern California) Manager of Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems, a family-owned and operated carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning business. This is not your typical carpet cleaning operation: they do top quality work that is incomparable to traditional steam cleaning. Health is their primary goal when cleaning carpets, mattresses, and upholstery: the beautiful results are just a side benefit. Rod’s sister-in-law manages administrative tasks in the main office located in Utah, while he and three of his brothers participate in the hands on cleaning and assessment of needs. You see, they always meet with a new client before the job is scheduled to thoroughly evaluate the client’s cleaning needs. This “carpet audit” allows them to give an honest and accurate price, with no surprise additions during cleaning. This enables him to plan for specific problems such as pet stain removal. Ultra Steam has been serving Southern California since 2003, and is known for their superior customer

There are a range of health

problems that can be caused by the living critters (dust

mites) that are in our carpet, mattresses, and furniture.

service and the fact they settle for nothing less than a delighted customer. All services performed by Rod and the Ultra Steam Cleaning team comes with a 100% money back guarantee. One thing Rod wishes more people knew is the range of health problems that can be caused by the living critters (dust mites) that are in our carpet, mattresses, and furniture. Most people don’t realize that 7590% of dust is actually dead skin cells: the favorite snack of dust mites. These mites are a common cause of asthma and allergies. It’s not the mites themselves that cause the aggravation; it’s what they leave behind. Eh-hem… Yes, we’re talking about poop. Removing those yucky guys and their droppings is

Ultra Steam’s main goal. There are plenty of carpet cleaners that can improve the looks of your carpet, but very few that use the proper solutions and put in the time required to clean for your health. The Ultra Steam team is focused on giving you the healthiest clean ever. In fact, Rod shares, “If a client is not looking for this level of cleaning, I am honest and respectfully suggest they call another carpet cleaner.” If you’d like to have the healthiest clean carpets, raise your expectations. Rod and the Ultra Steam Carpet Cleaning team will not disappoint. They promise to provide the most thorough cleaning ever, or it’s free!

UltraSteam Cleaning Systems www.ultrasteamclean.com 951-252-2311 Serving the Temecula Valley and Beyond 12

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Ask the Expert /////////////

Running on Empty

Caring for the Seniors in Your Family


id you know nearly one in every four Americans is a family caregiver? It’s a role that brings significant rewards along with equally significant challenges. You may have heard of the term “Sandwich Generation.” This refers to someone who is caring for kids at home and also has the responsibility of caring for an aging relative – usually a parent. Many people in this situation report having difficultly managing the stress that comes with trying to do so much. Family Caregivers may find that their task lists are never-ending and that they have very little time for themselves. Their nightly sleep is often interrupted, which in addition with everything else can lead to feelings of anxiety, irritability, guilt, etc. All of these negative emotions add to stress, weaken your immunity and lead to illness. The reality is we can’t do it all.

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of nonmedical in-home care, assisted living placement services and skilled home health care. Family Caregivers who recognize the need for outside help can actually provide better care to their kids and their parents. There are many services that can offer relief and improve the quality of life for the entire family in this scenario. These non-medical services— such as companionship, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, shopping and errands can help a senior feel more independent, and can also help provide a respite for family caregivers. In order to provide the best care to your family, it’s important to take care of yourself. Scheduling time for you on the calendar can help to keep you running on a full tank. Consider planning the following: • EXERCISE: do something you like – walk, bike, dance, or swim. Move every day. • NUTRITION: Make sure you are eating plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein to keep you going.

• TAKE A BREAK: make arrangements for fill-in help (family, friends, volunteers or professional caregivers). Use this time to focus on yourself. • TAKE CARE OF YOU: just like you make sure your loved one gets to the doctor regularly, make sure you get to your annual check-ups, and follow-up care. • INDULGE: treat yourself to a foot massage, manicure, nice dinner out or a concert to take yourself away from the situation, and to reward yourself for the wonderful care you are providing to your family. • SUPPORT: find a local caregiver support group, which will help you understand that what you are experiencing is normal for someone in your role as Family Caregiver. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Remember, that taking care of YOU will allow you to be a better caregiver to your loved ones. Rebecca Prouty, Senior Care Advocate

By Rebecca Prouty

Always Best Care of Temecula Valley

41593 Winchester Road, Suite 200 Temecula, CA 92590 rprouty@abc-seniors.com www.abc-temecula.com (951) 375-4588 MyTemeculaMag.com |


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//////////// Blazing Tales


kay, it’s Saturday morning and I’m up, I’m out and I’m happening. My name is Blaze. They say I’m a Vizsla but really I’m just a dog. A fast dog. A really fast dog. In fact, I can run so fast that I can catch a piece of meat before it hits the ground in the kitchen. Today is one of those lucky ones because my dad (my people dad, not my dog dad) left the screen door open and I’m going on an adventure. First I’ll see if Maggie, the dog next door, can get away and join me. Maggie likes to chase cats with me. She’s not as fast as I am though, cuz she got a big old scratch once when we were teasing the cat next door. That old cat can’t get me. I’m too quick for Mr. Whiskers. Oops, what’s this? I hear Dad hollering my name. I guess he noticed the door was unlatched. I’ll go back just as soon as I get a little thirsty. He’ll get over it.


| MyTemeculaMag.com

BLAZE DAYS Too bad, Maggie’s at the vet today so I guess I’m running solo. Usually when I get out on an adventure I end up with stickers between my paws so I need to be careful where I’m walking. Once I got some stickers stuck in the fur on my rear and I thought I’d go crazy. They were poking me so bad, but I couldn’t reach them with my teeth! My dad had to pull them out one by one. He was laughing the whole time. That’s just plain mean. He says that’s what happens to naughty dogs, who sneak out and run thru a field of weeds. Hey, I could’ve gotten them out myself if I had hands instead of paws. Oh, look! It’s the neighbor from across the street. I think his name is Honey because his wife is always calling him that. Honey and his wife are unloading groceries. I wonder if there’s anything tasty in those bags. Maybe I’ll just go have a peek. This is where it’s real important to be

fast. Now they’re both inside, so I race over there like a flash of lightning and jump into the back of their big car. I’ll just stick my nose in these paper bags and check it out. Pickles? Yuck, no thanks! What’s this? Beef jerky? Yessss! I take off like a bolt with my prize. Yeah!!! Who’s the dawg? I’m the dawg! Who’s the dawg? I’m the da“Blaze!” Uh oh, caught! It’s Honey. “Blaze!!” and Honey’s wife. “Blaaaaze!!!” and Mom. Mom says, “Blaze! Drop it.” I drop it, lower my head and give them my saddest eyes ever. Maybe I can convince them that I was helping to carry in the groceries? Mom looks mad. She apologizes to the neighbors and walks me home by the collar. She shuts and locks the front door then shouts, “Who left the screen door open?” Guess, Dad’s busted too!


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MyTemeculaMag.com |


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/////////// Feature / Twin Cities Realty

27710 Jefferson Ave. 102 Temecula, CA (951) 699-3788 TwinCitiesRealty.com


Strength in Adversity

By Tracy Blanscet

Vanessa Ruelas is a woman of strength. However, had she not been through the fires of adversity, she may have never discovered what she was capable of. Vanessa is living proof of inspirational writer, William Arthur Ward’s words, “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” 16

| MyTemeculaMag.com

MyTemecula_issue1_Layout 1 2/3/14 2:21 PM Page 17

ifteen years ago, Vanessa found herself in an uncomfortable position. Her husband was gone and she was left to raise their three children alone. “There was literally nobody there to help us. Nobody,” she recalled. She was numb and needed a push in the right direction: that push finally came from her mother. “You love people and you’d be a great real estate agent,” she told Vanessa. Before the struggling little family knew it, “grandma” arrived from Arizona to help care for them while Vanessa attended school for the next five months. Her mom was right; Vanessa was a natural at real estate. She began her realty career with gusto! That first year, she concentrated on learning from the top producers. By establishing habits based on their strengths she soared to the top in no time at all. She was named “Rookie of the Year” in her first year as a realtor and became the top sales agent in her office for the next five years! She was confident in her abilities and happy at home, where her relationships with her daughter and two sons were tightly knit. Then something happened that changed her focus. A neighbor of hers had been going thru financial difficulties, unbeknownst to Vanessa, and lost her home. “This couple lost everything, their rentals, their home, and their savings,” remembers Vanessa regretfully. She was upset with herself for not knowing. During the recession, especially at the beginning, people had a lot of shame in losing their jobs, their homes, and everything they worked for. Understandably, people didn’t want to talk about it; but Vanessa felt such guilt about not asking questions or being more available. Vanessa felt she could have prevented her neighbors from losing everything if she had known the situation they were in. It brought back the memories of her own struggles and having no one there to help. She determined then and there not to lose


Feature / Twin Cities Realty /////////////

In 2013, the Twin Cities staff tallied over 90 volunteer hours per month sight of helping her neighbors and others in the community in their times of need. This desire to serve others became a driving force in Vanessa’s personal and business life. Vanessa opened 1 Mitigation in 2007, with the purpose of helping people through tough economic times. She became a specialist in short sales, intending to help protect struggling homeowners during their financial hardships. “The average agent really isn’t aware of all of the options there are for homeowners. There are so many programs available to help those who are at risk of losing their homes,” she explains. With 1 Mitigation, the goal was to explore every option. If someone had to short sell, at least they could get moving money or other benefits to help them transition. Vanessa built lasting relationships with these individuals and showed them how to recover, rebuild, and even rebuy. 1 Mitigation, was successful in accomplishing the goals Vanessa set. They were able to help many families during the economic downturn and continue to be a resource today. In 2012, Vanessa started a second business in the real estate industry, Twin Cities Realty. She dreamed of creating a team of conscientious, community-involved realtors that would be dedicated to strengthening community, thru charitable financial contributions, volunteerism, and solid, supportive relationships with others. Now, two years later, she beams when talking about her remarkable team of agents. “We earn our living from our community and we share the vision of giving back and strengthening the community through our attention and efforts. Every realtor on our team donates financially to the charity of his or her choice, but the time they spend serving in our community is even more valuable.” In 2013, the Twin Cities staff total tallied over 90

volunteer hours per month in Temecula and the surrounding areas! Whether they are supporting veterans, children, burn victims, animals, the Ronald McDonald House or other projects, this team knows that building strong relationships is key. With two thriving businesses, Vanessa still had some big hurtles to jump along the way. Just after starting Twin Cities Realty, her best friend lost a family member to breast cancer. Vanessa was 50, but had never had a routine mammogram and didn’t even know where to start. She researched the options and began at Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center (www.michellesplace.org), a local nonprofit that provides breast cancer screening, education and support services. They helped her arrange her first mammogram and after finding abnormal results, put her on the fast track to diagnosis and treatment. “I really credit Michelle’s Place,” Vanessa says gratefully. “They gave me sage advice that I feel saved my life!” Doctors found stage 3c micro papillary carcinoma. Within three weeks, the cancer grew from the size of a dime to the size of a grapefruit! The surgeon explained that at that large size, success was less likely, so she was placed on chemotherapy to attempt to reduce the size of the mass before surgery. After eight rounds of chemotherapy failed to shrink the aggressive cancer, Vanessa underwent a radical double mastectomy. Cancer was found in 16 of the 30 lymph nodes they removed. She continued on chemotherapy and radiation therapy after the surgery and is still taking medication to suppress the hormone that feeds the cancer. Through the entire harrowing journey, Vanessa never spent a moment feeling sorry for herself. She realized immediately that she wanted to model for her daughters and others MyTemeculaMag.com |


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//////////// Feature / Twin Cities Realty People don’t need to compare themselves to one another; rather we should each strive for our own personal best. how to get through this. She considered her realty team family as well, and never forgot for a moment that others were depending on her. “Each of my realtors had families to support and I didn’t want to let any of them down because of my health issues. I felt obligated to beat this for all of them.” Her staff was amazed at her personal strength. Other than taking a week and a half off after the surgery and a few days when she had an allergic reaction to a medication, she never missed a beat! She was at work everyday with a smile and encouraging words. “If you didn’t know her, you would never know that she had health issues. You never hear her complain,” describes realtor, Rosie Boyts. “When you have a positive attitude while you


| MyTemeculaMag.com

are fighting a tough fight, it makes everyone else see how small the ‘small stuff’ really is. She is inspiring to me personally and makes me want to be better at everything that I do.” “Vanessa leads by example,” sums up realtor, Leslie Lawson. “She doesn’t ask us to do anything she is not willing to do herself. In a tough situation, Vanessa will roll up her sleeves to work right along with us.” As a leader, Vanessa puts her heart into helping each member of her team reach their potential. “Everyone is not the same,” explains Vanessa. “One agent might be a single mom and I want to support her as a parent by creating goals that allow for that, while another agent might be an emptynester with all kinds of time to put in.” People don’t need to compare them-

selves to one another; rather we should each strive for our own personal best. The team at Twin Cities Realty is top-notch: they live, work, and volunteer in this community. They are our neighbors. As a great community is made up of great families, a quality business is made up of quality individuals. Scottish philosopher, Thomas Carlyle writes, “Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.” If that is true, our neighbor, Vanessa Ruelas, is truly a gem! «

j b

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Homemade /////////////


//////////////////////Laundry /////////////////////////////////////////// Soap


magine the days when your grandmother or great-grandmother lived: many of the products we buy at the store today were made right in their own kitchens!

This recipe for homemade laundry soap came from our neighbor, Maryjane Bigler. You can find other old fashioned recipes and ideas on her blog at thebeehivecottage.blogspot.com. The laundry soap smells fantastic! Plus, it’s affordable at less than 10 cents per load and perfect for sensitive skin. It’s great to know exactly what’s going into the mix. 3 bars Fels Naptha* Bar Soap grated *Castile, Zote, Ivory or another bar soap also works.

You will need: 4 lbs. Borax 4 lbs. Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 4 lbs. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda




Your grandmother may have hand grated her bar soap, but we put ours through the food processor. The Fels Naptha bar is pretty soft and will clean off easily.

Pour in all of the other ingredients and mix with a large serving spoon.

5 4

Mix and store in airtight two gallon container. Use 1 to 2 tablespoons per load.

Try adding your favorite essential oil if you’d like it to have a different scent. I really enjoy the smell of the Fels Naptha bar, but if I use other soaps, I will sometimes add lavender essential oil. You can also try using pink or lavender colored soap to make it prettier if you wish. «

MyTemeculaMag.com |


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“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” ~ Cicero


| MyTemeculaMag.com

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Thinking outside the box of Traditional Healthcare

Business Buzz /////////////

For one affordable monthly fee patients have access to unlimited office visits, urgent care, x-ray, dermatology, minor surgeries, osteopathic manipulation (chiropractic), they even get a gym membership!


emecula Medical Group is a full service concierge family practice and urgent care, which opened its doors about a year ago. Headed by a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Richard Rawson is a graduate of Des Moines University, and served as a Captain and Squadron Surgeon in the US Army, before transitioning to private practice. Concierge medicine is also known as direct care. There is a lot of variation in concierge care from payment, to structure and operation, but usually this type of practice will charge a monthly or annual fee, which may or may not be in addition to other charges. According to the Physicians Practice Journal, an average physician sees 3,000-4,000 patients annually compared to 1,000 or less in a concierge practice. This

reduced patient load means more quality time with each individual resulting in better care. Dr. Rawson’s concept is intriguing: For one affordable monthly fee ($125/individual, $75/minor, $350/ family) patients have access to unlimited office visits, urgent care, x-ray, dermatology, minor surgeries, osteopathic manipulation (chiropractic), and they even get a gym membership! No co-pays or deductibles. Besides providing high quality care, Temecula Medical Group educates families about the alternatives to Obamacare. “It is rewarding to show people a way to comply with the new healthcare laws, while maintaining high quality care at an affordable rate,” explains Dr. Rawson. This type of plan in conjunction with a catastrophic insurance (covers only hospitalization and serious illness or injury), can really be the answer for people trying to navigate all of the changes in healthcare, while receiving high quality service. If you think you know all about what’s available insurance-wise, think again. They have definitely done the research in finding resources for their patients,

with catastrophic coverage starting at $45/individual or $135/family. (which exempts members from ObamaCare) Patients have been extremely pleased with the service at Temecula Medical Group. Most medical practices have administrators with no medical background, who dictate the amount of time doctors are allotted with each patient. This practice is different. Having the time to truly look at all of the factors surrounding health problems gives Dr. Rawson the ability to ask questions, look for causes, and find solutions rather than writing a quick prescription. Patients around the country are discovering the benefits of concierge care: optimal health is attainable when you have a direct relationship with your doctor rather than having insurance or non-medically trained administrators direct your care. As people around the country scramble to deal with the Obamacare problem, the Temecula Valley is fortunate have a terrific choice for affordable, high-quality care, thanks to Dr. Rawson and the Temecula Medical Group. « 44054 Margarita Rd, #1 Temecula, CA 92592 951.302.2526 TemeculaMedicalGroup.com MyTemeculaMag.com |


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Eat Your Way to Healthier Teeth

//////////// Ask the Expert / Your Teeth

By Andrew Tibbitts, D.D.S.


he adage of “Only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep” is true. However, there is another element often overlooked in having a healthy mouth: your diet. Sometimes we take for granted that the food and fluid we consume gets access to our body through our mouth, and our mouth is loaded with hardened rock-like food mulchers called teeth. Our diet and the condition of our oral environment play essential roles in keeping our pearly white grinners. In case you have not heard: sugar is bad for your teeth. Some of the most caustic perpetrators are

In case you have not heard: sugar is bad for your teeth. Some of the most caustic perpetrators are soda, sports drinks, sweetened beverages, and hard or chewy candies. soda, sports drinks, sweetened beverages, and hard or chewy candies. The bacteria in your mouth have a feast on these sugars and produce acid, which puts holes (aka: cavities) in your teeth. Other, less known, harmful foods are some close cousins to these sweets including sugar-free sodas, lemons, and starchy foods like breads and crackers. You may think to yourself that sugar-free sodas and natural juices have no added sugar therefore they must not damage your teeth, but the problem is that these foods and beverages create an acidic environment that rots your teeth for up to an hour after swallowing! This is where the healthy foods come in to play. Calcium, Vitamins C and D, polyphenols and fiber all contribute in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Calcium and Vitamin D have a duel affect in strengthening bone and also hardening enamel as our teeth develop. This is why such a heavy emphasis is placed on children and adolescents consuming adequate milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. Vitamin C contributes to the development of the collagen networks that make our

gingiva (gums) and strengthens our oral immune system. Polyphenols are found in many fruits and vegetables and have shown promise in suppressing the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Fiber rich foods, especially crisp fruits and vegetables, aid in mechanically removing food and debris from our teeth. In addition, all of these foods help to stimulate our body’s natural immune system within the mouth, saliva. One of the best defenses to bacteria in your mouth is to neutralize the acidic environment. Saliva is the body’s natural oral antacid. It is also loaded with antibodies designed specifically to take down invading bacteria. Problem is, if you have insufficient saliva, your oral immune system is compromised. Chewing sugar-free gum after a meal, nibbling on cheese, having a glass of milk or water are all healthy ways to get you salivating and fending off the post-meal acidity. These are just a few tips we give our patients about doing something more than brushing twice a day and flossing daily. «

40710 California Oaks Road Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 677-5113 www.mymurrietadentist.com 22

| MyTemeculaMag.com

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Chocolate /////////////


e LOVE chocolate: its flavor, its aroma, its texture… Mmmm… In fact, we love it so much that over a billion people eat chocolate every day. It’s the gift of choice for Valentine’s Day with over one billion dollars in U.S. sales in just one week before the holiday! Surprisingly, many of us don’t realize that at the heart of chocolate is a little bean called cacao (cuh-cow). Cacao comes from a tree whose origins in Mesoamerica, date back thousands of years. What is so special about cacao? This small bean possesses some impressive health-promoting properties that are increasingly supported by science. Most notable is its antioxidant content. Cacao contains potent compounds such as flavonols, polyphenols, procyanidins and epicatechins that are known to fight cancer, support the immune system, and provide a host of other benefits. Cacao is also rich in several B vitamins; minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc; amino acids; and mood-boosting chemicals like phenylethylamine (PEA) and theobromine. However, all chocolate is not created equally. Dark chocolate is known to have higher amounts of cacao and less of the filler ingredients that can take away from our health. Dark, healthy chocolate can support the health of most of the body’s major systems. Some of these health benefits include: • Superior antioxidant protection • Increased cardiovascular support • Anti-aging effects • Healthy inflammatory response • Significant energy boost • Improved immune function • Enhanced blood-sugar control • Increased ability to maintain a healthy weight • Controlled appetite and cravings • Improved mood and emotional health When choosing your chocolate look for at least 72% cocao. For the ultimate healthy chocolate it should be cold processed to retain all of the benefits, as enzymes are destroyed in heat processing. This Valentine’s Day, make your gift of chocolate a gift of good health. Tracy King Chocolate Makes Life Sweet, LLC XOCAI Healthy Chocolate 951-704-6367 chocolatemakeslifesweet@gmail.com www.facebook.com/chocolatemakeslifesweet

MyTemeculaMag.com |


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//////////// Meet your Neighbor

Charity Prestifillipo: Choosing to make a Difference “The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.” -Joy J. Golliver


By Adria Poindexter

t the young age of nine, Charity had a small role in the movie Airplane II, but her acting career was short-lived. The commute from Temecula to Los Angeles proved to be too much of a burden. However, a passion for all things Hollywood never left her. Charity moved to the Temecula Valley from Irvine with her family in 1980, when the city boasted only one stop sign. Her dad was given the opportunity to open a lumberyard in Wildomar. Charity remembers her mother asking her dad, “Where are you TAKING me?” After graduating from Temecula Valley High School she attended the Royal College of Beauty with aspirations in cosmetology, but life took her in other directions. When she married her husband Alex, she also gained a daughter, Mirella, and soon they added sons, Luca and Logan, to their family. In 2006, an employee of the family’s Italian restaurant passed


| MyTemeculaMag.com

away in her sleep, leaving behind a three-year-old son. Charity, bereft about the young mother, wanted to do something to raise money towards a trust fund for this child. She put together a concert event, with people in the community donating all kinds of services and products. The event raised over $20,000 for the little boy’s future! It seemed Charity had a gift for bringing together the community for a good cause. The following year, a very close family friend was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine. Charity knew she could also do something to help raise funds for this man’s mounting medical bills. Thus began the concept of Charity for Charity, a nonprofit to benefit local community members struggling with extraordinary, often terminal, medical conditions. Over 180 people attended the first Hollywood-style event that year! Now known as “Stars of the Valley,” Temecula’s own version of

the Golden Globes has become a signature event in the community. Each year the board of the nonprofit selects recipients from a list of applicants. The beneficiaries (three in 2014) are given star-studded treatment including formal attire and makeovers. They attend the red carpet event as VIP guests complete with a throng of paparazzi. While creating wonderful memories for the recipients and their loved ones, the event also gives supporters the opportunity to see and meet the recipients of their donations. The evening includes awards presented to community members nominated in several categories and culminates in the granting of a wish to each of the selected beneficiaries. All in all the evening is a delight while serving a wonderful purpose. Charity clearly loves bringing joy to others and has used her gift for entertaining to lift spirits and bring smiles to those going through challenging times. «

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MyTemeculaMag.com |


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The Four Essential Plans

Ask the Expert / Law /////////////

By Samuel G. Lockhart, Esq


hen I speak to business owners about planning, they rarely disagree with the need to prepare for the future. Instead, they typically agree that a plan is necessary, but then proceed to tell me how they do not have the time to plan or that they have set some benchmark in time or financial success that once reached will trigger their “planning phase.” It is like focusing on flying to the moon with the idea that you will figure out how to make it back to earth once you get there. Wouldn’t it be better to plan for the roundtrip? Roundtrip business planning for every business owner should include: (1) an Estate Plan; (2) a Personal Financial Plan; (3) a Business Plan; and (4) a Succession Plan.

for Every Business Owner

The first, and most important plan, is your estate plan. A welldrafted estate plan provides for the orderly distribution of your assets (no matter how large or small) upon death to your heirs; grants powers of attorney to an individual to act in your stead if incapacitated; and provides instructions for end of life care. For business owners, an estate plan can also identify an individual to assist in the temporary operation and disposition of your business upon your death or if your become disabled. In order to truly understand the importance of leaving behind a set of rules and instructions for your family and business associates, take some time to contemplate the needs of your home and business if you were to pass away today with no estate plan. A personal financial plan is also of great import for every individual and particularly for a business owner. Meet with a financial planner. Most will not charge you for a consultation. And be sure to pick one that allows you to move at your own pace and does not feel like a car salesman who is pushing you to buy the most expensive car on the lot, because, well, it is the most expensive car on the lot. A business plan is absolutely crucial to the success of any business. As with all plans, they are living documents – meaning that a good plan allows for as many course LEGAL COUNSEL TO CLOSELY HELD BUSINESSES AND BUSINESS OWNERS

corrections as are necessary on your way to your ultimate destination. A well drafted plan will help you to balance work and play, allowing you to enjoy the ride. You can find sample business plans for free online and business plan templates may also be found on most word processing software. The process of drafting (and re-drafting) a business plan is an incredibly informative experience and will allow you see the forest, despite those pesky trees. Succession planning is not just for those looking to retire in the next three to five years. Succession planning is about maintaining value in the business you worked so hard to build. The folly of many small businesses is their extreme dependence on the company’s founder. While the founder is healthy and working the business flourishes, but remove the founder and the business may be less than worthless – i.e. it may not even be able to repay its debt. Succession planning will provide a plan for the continued financial viability of the company not only after the founder’s eventual retirement, but also in the event of his or her untimely exit from the business. Sir Winston Churchill summed up the need for planning best when he stated;

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” 41856 IVY STREET, STE 207 MURRIETA, CA 92562 PH: (951)461-8878 FAX: (951)823-5715 MyTemeculaMag.com |


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//////////// Recipe



Cherry Tomatoes STUFFED




A recipe from your neighbor

} Barbra Brooks


15 cherry tomatoes 3 Tbsp mayonnaise 2 Tbsp freshly grated Parmesan cheese 1 tsp chopped fresh basil leaves 1 cup of bacon, crisply cooked, drained and crumbled Dash of garlic powder


Cut the top off of the tomatoes and scoop out the seeds and pulp using a sharp knife or a melon baller. Place each tomato upside down on a paper towel to drain. Combine all of the other ingredients in a small bowl. Stuff each tomato with the mixture. Refrigerate for 2 hours to let the flavor infuse. Serve with parsley garnish.


| MyMurrietaMag.com

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Kids Cup Golf Tournament The Boys & Girls Club of Southwest County is holding it’s 14th annual Kids Cup Golf Tournament at Bear Creek Golf Club on Monday, April 7, 2014. The proceeds will benefit youth in the communities of Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elsinore. These funds help to support the clubs in providing exceptional youth development programs that are affordable to all families. The Boys & Girls Clubs are dedicated to “inspiring youth to be all they can be!” For information on golfer fees or sponsorship, please contact Director of Development, Beth Soltysiak at 951-699-1526 x 107 or email beths@bgcswc.org.

Community ///////////// Corner city limits to Lake Skinner is expected be set in motion this month. The plan allows for the building of new hotels, restaurants, bed-and-breakfast inns and wineries. It extends the Wine County area to south of Temecula Parkway, also known as Highway 79 south.

French Valley Parkway

Wine Country Plan

Expect a lot of changes to take place in our valley in the next few years. The plan to transform the Wine Country area of Temecula into a vacation resort spot will begin soon. The Temecula Valley Wine Country Community Plan, which encompasses nearly 19,000 acres from the

The first phase of the French Valley Parkway, a longawaited exit designed to relieve congestion at the southbound Interstate 15 Winchester Road offramp, is set to open in the first part of 2014. Officials with the city of Temecula, the lead agency on the $200 million French Valley Parkway project, expect the offramp to open in February along with a wider southbound Winchester Road offramp. The goal is to shrink the long line of cars that forms ahead of the Winchester Road offramp, the gateway for business parks to the west and The Promenade mall to the east. The French Valley ramp initially will allow drivers to head west only. Years away still, plans for phase two include building a bridge over I-15, which will allow motorists to go east as well. MyTemeculaMag.com |


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//////////// Student of the Month

DECEMBER ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Great Oak High ASH KAPUR

Linfield Christian High KATIE KOSTECKA



These are our kids. Temecula’s kids.

For more information, or to sponsor this program chair, contact Brooke Nunn, Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce (951) 676-5090

Program founder, Sally A. Myer, closes each event with a quote by John C. Maxwell:

Temecula Preparatory School OMAR KHALED


Temecula Valley High PARKER YOCUM

Chaparral High RACHEL BUDD

JANUARY //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Chaparral High HALEY KNAPP


REPUTATION ______ “Do the right thing. Be faithful, diligent, consistent.

Temecula Valley High MARITZA MASSOL


Build a reputation that is positive and one that adds value to the lives of others. Then guard it and protect it and build on it every day.” 30

| MyTemeculaMag.com

Linfield Christian High WILL CAMPBELL

Great Oak High McKenna Wade

Photographs by Blinkit Photography – www.blinkitphotography.com

ach month, a senior from each of the high schools in Temecula is recognized for their hard work and dedication, at the Chamber of Commerce Student of the Month program. Local dignitaries, business owners, high school principals, proud parents, and others gather to listen to their stories. Those who attend, are moved by these amazing, young people. We share their pains and their victories; we celebrate their accomplishments; cry with them for their struggles; and rejoice in their ability to overcome.

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Local Postal Customer


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MyTemecula Feb 2014  

Welcome to the premier issue of MyTemecula magazine, the publication that focuses on the positive in our community. We love introducing you...

MyTemecula Feb 2014  

Welcome to the premier issue of MyTemecula magazine, the publication that focuses on the positive in our community. We love introducing you...