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A word from the Editor

Hello Readers Dear Readers Welcome to the February issue. At last we get January out of the way, and can now look forward to Spring time coming. So, did you manage to stick to your Resolutions? Dry January perhaps, giving up smoking? Getting fit? I’m sure they’ll be lots of you trying your very hardest to continue with these. This issue sees a new article from Alan Cattell, an interesting read from his book “Bingley and Surrounds, forgotten moments from History”. The article is about the first ever broadcast from Bingley of a ground breaking and

This is my new look welcome page. I decided that I have far too much to talk about so I dedicated a whole page to myself.

popular BBC radio show which would eventually run for 21 years. We welcome back Steve Warrillow who is the Warden at Denso Marston Nature Reserve in Baildon. Steve is continuing to contribute to the magazine on a monthly basis, bring you up to date on the goings on down on the reserve. We also welcome David Hestletine, Councillor for Bingley. David will be sharing information with Bingley Hub readers on a quarterly basis, bringing you up to date with the latest news from the council offices.

Dog Fouling in Bingley This is a subject close to my heart, and many other residents in various areas of Bingley and Rural Villages. A walk to school one morning for me and my two children, resulted in my 6 year old son standing in some dog mess, in his brand new shoes. Not a happy child and definitely not a happy mummy. After a subsequent debate on Facebook with friends, it turns out not just Harden is rife with this problem, but other areas of Bingley. I have two doggies myself and always make sure that when I walk them, whether it be round

the housing estate in which I live, or to one of the many dog walking destinations we have on our doorstep; St Ives, Goit Stock, Harden Moor, Mrytle Park, that I take my doggie bags with me. They cost as little at £1.50 for 100, so why do irresponsible dog owners choose not to scoop their poop? I recently learned that there is a local campaign for Dog Fouling in the Bingley area. The campaign is called Bingley Green Dog Walkers. Run by local volunteers, the campaign is all about uniting

• I am so pleased to announced that our brand new website is now available to view online, albeit still a work in progress, as it will be updated every given moment that we have something to share with you. You will find lots of interesting stuff on there, from articles we have previously published, to new articles. We are soon to be launching our business directory for Bingley. So you can search the website for your favourite shops details. Also we will be adding interesting facts and places you can go to in Bingley, such as the Five Rise Locks, Goit Stock, St Ives Park etc. etc. Basically our shiny new website; courtesy of Simon at overt Marketing Ltd, is an online magazine. not just the magazine - but much more !!! 4


dog owners and non dog owners to make a cleaner, dog-poo free town and villages. People who choose to make a pledge will get free dog poo bags and a lovely green arm band to wear. If you would like to know more about the Bingley Green Dog Walkers, you can visit their Facebook page at www. Alternatively, contact them on email at bingleygreendog@ next issue, we are hoping to focus more on this campaign.

Keep an eye out on there for competitions, places to go for days out, restaurant reviews etc. Find us at there is a contact form on the website, which can be used to contact us for anything ! Whether you’d like to submit an article to us, or ask us a question about History of Bingley - these messages will come straight through to me. Don’t forget if you are Social Media Mad - you can always follow us and become a fan, on Facebook - just type www. into your search engine browser (i.e. google, yahoo etc). thanks for reading - until next month! Kimberley x






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Local History

1946 - The BBC in Bingley In this months local history feature our historian Alan Cattell looks at the first ever broadcast from Bingley of a ground breaking and popular BBC radio show which would eventually run for 21 years. Alan has given kind permission for a chapter from his book “Bingley and Surrounds Forgotten Moments from History” to be printed.

Christmas 1947- Wilfred Pickles and June Whitfield appear locally in Cinderella at the Bradford Alhambra 6


This article looks at the first broadcast of a famous BBC Quiz show in 1946 and the reasons why Bingley was chosen as the venue for that first broadcast. This is particularly poignant as the school hall location where the broadcast was actually recorded was demolished in 2011 as part of the redevelopment of Beckfoot School, Bingley. Background to the Quiz Show itself The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton managed to attract 24 million viewers to the BBC and ITV together. Can you imagine a weekly radio show which between 1946 and 1967 regularly pulled in 20 million listeners? Have a Go That show was called Have a Go, a quiz show which was hosted by Wilfred Pickles who was born in Halifax and was essentially the first BBC broadcaster to have a regional accent. At the time he was the biggest attraction on the radio and his show over the years would start with a piano played by amongst others, Violet Carson (later to star as Ena Sharples in Coronation Street) and the audience singing his signature tune “Have a Go Joe”. From the first show in March 1946 until 9th August 1946 the programme was aired on Home Services North under the title of Have a Go Joe. From 16th September 1946 until the last show in 1967 the programme was known as Have a Go and was broadcast on BBC Manchester for the Light Programme. Wilfred Pickles The show made Wilfred Pickles, his wife Mabel and Barney Colehan (one of a number of Producers), household names who became nationally famous due to the catch-phrases used by Wilfred Pickles.These included: • “Ow Do, Ow are Yer?” (to contestants and the audience) • “Are you courtin?” (to younger contestants) • “What’s on the table Mabel?” (a reference to local produce offered as additional prizes) • “Give em the money Mabel” (or when Barney Colehan assisted) - Give em the money Barney”. Listeners were attracted to the show because it involved ordinary people who were encouraged to share intimate secrets or treasured memories in return for “having a go” at a quiz for which local produce and money prizes were offered.

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Tel: 01274 567428 Prize Money Originally the prize money for the four questions asked was 2/6d (12.5p), 5 shillings (25p), 10 shillings (50p) and £1 which were awarded in increments up to a total of £1/17/6d (£1.87.5p) Wilfred and the show travelled nearly 400,000 miles over the 21 years that the programme was broadcast, presenting the shows once per week at factories, village and church halls, community centres, hospitals and other venues around the United Kingdom. Why was Bingley selected as the venue for the first ever broadcast? The reasons were that there were two significant coincidences: In late 1945 John Salt the great grandson of titus Salt, and who had been the BBC’s North American Director, returned to the UK to take up the position of Northern Programme Director in Manchester. Salt contacted Wilfred Pickles and asked him if he would be interested in presenting a quiz show which involved ordinary people in answering simple questions for small cash prizes. The provisional working title for the show originally suggested was Quiz Bang (no doubt a play on words of the wartime phrase whizz bang referring to the sound made by a high velocity shell). This did not prove popular and Pickles suggested an alternative title, namely Have a Go Joe. At a similar time the Editor of the Bingley Guardian newspaper Mr E B Gillespie challenged the BBC to organise a talent show in Bingley as he thought that there was much unrecognised talent locally. As a result, the BBC contacted the Bingley Guardian expressing interest in organising the talent auditions and recording a new Quiz Programme idea from Bingley. Enquiries were made as regards booking the Princess Hall, Bingley but this was already booked and an alternative venue – the Modern School (now Beckfoot) was found. An advertisement in the Bingley Guardian on February 8th 1946 read:

the Recording on 16th February In the event it was felt locally that perhaps the BBC had run the talent show auditions as a means of being able to attract a large audience and satisfy their primary aim of recording a new quiz show. Altogether, 1000 people attended the evening Audition and Quiz. the talent Auditions Private auditions were held in the afternoon and public auditions in the evening. As a result of these, the BBC Producer Philip Robinson promised to send details of Mabel Price a soprano of Bingley and Fred Richards a baritone from Baildon to the BBC Variety Producer for further consideration. Connie Baxter (piano) of Bingley was also highly commended and her details were forwarded to the BBC Music Department with a strong recommendation for a further audition. the Quiz Ten volunteers took part in the Quiz with Corporal Peter Robinson (Bingley), William Ingham (Bingley), Geoffrey Chadwick (Eldwick), Joan Harding (Crossflatts) and Mrs Hallam (Bradford) successfully getting all four answers right and winning £1/17/6d each. Mrs Taylor (Bingley), Mrs A Baxter (Bingley), Wilfred Tetley (Bingley), Betty Wilkinson (Bingley) and Mrs Ellis (Bingley) contributed £1/15/0 shillings to the Jackpot by virtue of having got some answers wrong. This Jackpot was won by Geoffrey Chadwick who was the first to answer a mental arithmetic problem within the allocated thirty-seconds. Memorable Moments According to A Dictionary of Catch Phrases – British and American (1992) Wilfred Pickles used his favourite catchphrase to introduce the first broadcast in his broadest Yorkshire accent with the words “Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen of Bingley “ow do” and “ow are yer?” The Bingley Guardian records that the audience answer was “Alright Wilf” and that all the way through the show, Pickles actively encouraged audience responses and participation. The Bingley Guardian also notes that one of the contestants, William Ingham, introduced himself to Wilfred Pickles as “Pauline Walker’s Husband”. Jack Bailey of Bingley informs me through Sheila

| 7

Local History Donaldson of Bingley Local History Society that after the war he was a business colleague of William Ingham, for whom he had the greatest respect. William told Jack about the broadcast. William was married to Pauline Walker who was a milliner in Park Road. As her shop was quite successful and well known locally, many people did refer to William as Pauline Walker’s husband. After Have a Go was broadcast there was a fair amount of teasing from Bingley people who claimed that he had introduced himself in that way just to get more publicity for his wife’s shop!

Bingley Guardian Another contestant Wilfred Tetley had some banter with Wilfred Pickles about sharing the same Christian name. He was an employee of the Bingley Guardian and mentioned this proudly and loudly during his introduction which ensured that the newspaper received indirect publicity that it had not anticipated (?) It may not be exactly what the BBC had expected either! The newspaper reports of the event that I have researched all make specific comment about the relaxed nature of both Philip Robinson and Wilfred Pickles and their encouragement of the audience and contestants to enjoy the occasion to the full. This was to be one of the prime reasons for the success of Have a Go over the next 21 years. Precedent and history were surely being made in Bingley that February evening. the Broadcast on March 4th The Radio Times for the week of the broadcast stated: Monday 4th March 1946 8.30 – 9.00 “Have a Go Joe The Quiz visits Bingley, Quiz Master, Wilfred Pickles, Music by Jack Jordans Quiztet. Produced by Philip Robinson (BBC recording) The original recording was cut so that the broadcast was exactly 30 minutes in length, to fit in with BBC scheduling. This meant that two of the lower scoring quiz contestants were not included in the final broadcast. The Bingley Guardian of 8th March 1946 8


included an article under the headline Bingley Makes History: “History was made for Bingley on Monday evening (4th March) when following the visit of the BBC to the town on February 16th, the Quiz recorded on that occasion was heard “on air” from 8.30 to 9 o’clock on the Northern Home Service. It is the first time Bingley itself actually has been given a broadcast.” It seems from newspaper reports in the national, Bradford and Keighley press that the BBC visit to and broadcast from Bingley was a resounding success for all concerned. the Legacy of the Bingley Broadcast The claim by the Editor of the Bingley Guardian “Now that we have been “on air,” perhaps we can say the Guardian has been able to make Bingley WORLD NEWS!” may have been rather over-zealous. His further statement “Certainly, we can say that money could not have bought the publicity which the town has received through the BBC effort” was much nearer the mark. It would also appear that the approach used by “Pauline Walker’s Husband” may have been the right one after all! What is certain is that Bingley as the first in a series of over 1000 broadcast locations of Have a Go by Wilfred Pickles, played an important part in setting the format and template for the success of the programme which was to follow. Death of John Salt Sadly, John Salt of the BBC whose vision for the show brought it from an idea, to a national favourite died on 26th December 1947 at the age of 42. Consequently he was never to realise the full impact of his contribution to the runaway success of the show over its 21 year existence. As if in tribute to John Salt, Wilfred Pickles experienced a busy and productive period the year after establishing Have a Go through the first broadcast from Bingley. During 1947 Pickles was featured in six documentaries titled Pleasant Journey, produced by Olive Shapley, the wife of John Salt. Over the period bridging Christmas 1947 and New Year (shortly after John Salt’s death), Wilfred appeared as Buttons in pantomime at the Bradford Alhambra opposite June Whitfield as Cinderella. The pantomime was broadcast on the BBC Home Service on January 21st 1948. Alan Cattell - Bingley February 2014

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Safer routes to School The Bingley Hub would like to welcome our new contributors, David Heseltine, John Pennington and Mark Shaw, our Bingley councillors. They will be bringing us up to date with matters concerning Bingley and surrounds. David has submitted the first update, with the next one following in our May issue. Work is going apace with the improvements and extension to Trinity All Saints C of E Primary School to provide improved and additional space for pupils. As part of these improvements we were keen to see the route to school and the management of traffic around the site improved. Parents had contacted us at one of our regular surgeries with a petition highlighting concerns with the school run; as a result our local highways department has been successful in securing funding as part of the planning process to tackle the issues raised. The scheme design will be available soon as the council consult with residents around the site.

Sainsbury and Aldi

Bingley residents were disappointed that Sainsbury were not going ahead with their town centre development, we have recently been in contact with Sainsbury and the Councils Economic Development Department to maintain the pressure so that Sainsbury comes good on its promises to clear the site and sell it. Sainsbury are currently working 10


Local development, are you concerned?

Councillor David Heseltine on a timetable for the demolition which will include survey works, contact appointment etc. Aldi have lodged a planning application (13/04347/MAF) to build a store on the former Lilycroft Mills site, as we write this it is still pending consideration by the planning department, hopefully Bingley will have good news soon on this development, which will regenerate a derelict site, offer an alternative shopping venue and provide job opportunities for local residents.

The Labour run council want to concrete over at least an additional 115 acres of Bingley countryside, on top of sites that are already allocated for development, in their assault on the green fields that make Bingley and villages special, to provide an additional 1400 houses while 100’s of acres of brown field sites have remained undeveloped and many derelict for years, throughout the Bradford district. The council has to further consult on the Core Strategy which details the strategies for delivering their ambitions as approved by Council in December, at this satge a formal 6 week period for representations is required. As yet they still have not confirmed the exact start date but it is likely to be mid Feb closing out by end of March. If you wish to contact us our details can be found at under the find your councillor link or

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Bingley Youth Cafe - Turning peer pressure into peer support Bingley Youth Café is an open access youth provision for young people aged 13 – 19 (25 with a disability) managed by Shipley and Bingley Voluntary services and core funded by the Big Lottery. Now almost at the end of its’ 3rd year, the café continues to work with partners such as Bradford Youth Service to deliver quality youth work to the young people of Bingley and Bingley rural. Young people from the youth café recently embarked on applying for their own funding to run their own health related activities. The funding bid to Bradford Council’s Youth Opportunity Fund was successful, enabling the group to order a variety of resources aimed at educating young people about the dangers of alcohol and smoking. Paula Stone the Youth Café Development worker said “We are thankful of the support from the Youth Opportunity Fund which

is enabling us to broaden our activities to young people. We hope that young people will feel more informed about health and make some positive choices.” The project runs until the end of March 2014. All activities at the café are free and supervised by qualified youth workers who are on hand to offer support and guidance. For more information or to get involved please contact Paula Stone on 01274 561305 or email

New seating arrives at St Ives History Garden The Friends of St Ives have just received a welcome addition to their History Garden; a circular seat. The seat has come from the Bradford Urban Garden, created in the West Park area of Bradford City Centre, which was created when the proposed development there was very slow to start. It was designed to cheer up the area and was funded by the Postcode Lottery. Now the development has commenced the six seats there were up for grabs and 15 community groups applied. Names were drawn out of a hat and FOSI was lucky enough to win one.

We have somewhat appropriately placed the seat around our Mulberry Bush and hope children will enjoy singing the age old nursery rhyme “ Here we go round the Mulberry Bush” and with all ages sitting around the tree. Bradford council Parks manager Martin Bilj organised the transportation and installation and he and his team are pictured here, in the pouring rain with the work in progress.

My Community HUB




Treat your other half this Valentine’s Italien Chocolate Cake Ingredients: • 150g Dark Chocolate at least 70% cocoa solids • 100g Flaked Almonds • 175g Caster Sugar • 100g Butter • 50g Amaretti Biscuits • 4 Eggs • Zest of 1 orange and the juice • Fruit to decorate on the top • Icing Sugar for dusting Method: Pre heat oven to Gas Mark 4 - 180oC - 350F. Line an 8inch tin. Melt chocolate in a bowl. In a food processor, add biscuits, almonds, sugar and orange juice & zest and whizz until the texture is gritty. Now add the butter and beaten egg and whizz again until blended in. Next add all this mixture to the bowl with the melted chocolate and combine. Put the mixture into the

prepared baking tin and bake in the oven for 40 mins. The cake will crack so don’t work as when it is cool you can decorate it with fruit and a sprig of mint and dust with icing sugar. (That covers the imperfections!) Enjoy

Recipe supplied by Adele, Made 2 Measure Contact Adele on 07801 270703

The Bradford Camera Club Written by tony Caunt We should see some snow this month or next and if we are luck or unlucky (depending on your point of view) we photographers’ need to grasp the opportunity whenever we can, as the picture shows from last March when we got a great dollop of the white stuff cutting off most of our back lanes around Wilsden. One needs to take some care when photographing snow as the glare can over expose your picture, so try to focus on something that is neutral as in this picture the lane area is ideal or the trees. There are opportunities to take good pictures all the year round and in all types of weather, at home or abroad, inside or out in your garden. If you do capture that extra special image why not take it down to the meeting room at Carlton House, 46 Little Horton Lane, BD5 0BA where the Bradford camera club meets every Thursday from 7.30 pm or call Allan Ogilvie on 01274 884187 or Debbie Alstead on 01274 824758 or look up our web site we would love to see you. The programme for February is, on the 6th Images from the Yorkshire Photographic Union’s Annual exhibition 2013. On the 13th John Holroyd of 14


Photo: Judy Caunt Saltaire with show 35mm slides illustrating his trip to Finland and then on the 20th the members will have a tutorial (this is ideal for any new people who want to improve their photography) On Thursday 27th it will be the 2nd round of The Mitchell & Metcalfe competition.

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All that jive! It’s a fact! every time STRICTLY COME DANCING hits our TV screens, many thousands of people around the country get the urge to learn to dance. One of the most popular choices being the JIVE, because of its vibrancy, energy and looks so amazing when performed. The JIVE has the feel of a modern dance but in fact it has evolved over 80 years! Starting out in America as Charleston based Swing in the late 1920’s/early 30’s then changing slightly as the 30’s unfolded into Swing Jazz before in the 1940’s it evolved yet again into Swing Jive. Each generation adding new moves and techniques. In the U.K. we knew nothing about JIVE until the American G.I’s were stationed here in their thousands from 1942 onwards during the 2nd World War and with them they brought their own style of dance and music. Suddenly almost overnight the sleepy dance halls of England were transformed as JIVE dancing became the dance to learn across the land with the younger generation of English society, whilst the ‘oldies’ still preferred their Quicksteps and Waltz’s. The Quickstep dance beat though was ideal for this ‘new’ form of dancing, so at many 1940’s events it was not unusual to see the ‘Jivers’ in the centre of the floor doing their thing, whilst the rest would be ‘Quickstepping’ around the edges of the dance floor. As the late 1940’s/early 50’s dawned Big Bands and were replaced by 4, 5 or 6 piece combo’s and with them came a much raunchier/livelier style of 16


music. So once more JIVE took on a ‘new’ direction and the result was Rock & Roll. Very similar to Swing Jive but slightly faster in tempo. JIVE is a dance that has never fallen out of favour even though it has gone through several changes over the decades and is still hugely popular today with all ages. In recent years there has been a massive resurgence in Jive dancing and approximately 1,500 dedicated jive clubs and dance schools now exist throughout the U.K. Yorkshire being one of the hot bed area’s in the country, with dance events held every weekend across the county. If you are interested in learning to JIVE and becoming part of a fantastic social scene or you are a Jiver already and want to add new moves to your repertoire. The nearest dance school in this area is run by JIVE CLASS based at the OctagonLive on Bradford Road, Sandbeds (near Keighley). Their eight week courses held on Wednesday nights for absolute beginners from 7.30pm and Intermediates from 8.30pm are ideal for anyone reading this article who now have itchy feet and want to learn. Next 8 week course starts on 19th March 2014. If that is you and require to know more, you can contact JIVE CLASS by phoning 07745 117619 or 07771 863283 e-mail them at jiveclass@ or visit their website at www.

Learn to JIVE in just 8 weeks! with

Jive Class at the OctagonLive, Bradford Road, Sandbeds (near Keighley) BD20 5LY

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Reserve ramblings

Reserve Ramblings are happy to be BACK! After a short break, we are pleased to welcome back Steve Warrillow, warden at the Denso Marston Nature Reserve, Baildon. Steve will be bringing us up to date with his “ramblings”; of all things happening down at the reserve. The reserve is open to the public all year round. Why not take a walk down there with the kids one weekend. It is situated on Otley Road, Baildon. Mid winter, instead of snow, hawthorn has begun to break its buds, snowdrops stretching from out of a cold earth and midges dance up and down in the winter sun and what fantastic sun rises and sunsets; skies filled with fire and clouds, fisting their way through the sky and all this as I walk around the Denso Marston Nature Reserve. I check for hibernating newts, they have moved on much too early, and the titmice flit between nest boxes. Nesting will start sooner this year by the looks of things. Will winter suddenly kick at us in February, piling snow everywhere? This time last year, we were under snow and we were wishing it would just go away. Now I wish it would return, the reserve in winter snow looks

stunning and what’s better than walking around looking at the ground and finding prints, mostly dogs, some of squirrels and sometimes of deer, but if you are lucky you may find tiny prints, then a hole, a wood mouse or a short tailed field vole forced out from beneath the snow to look for food, like something we have dropped or fresh budding plants. As these creatures scurry around desperately searching for food, whilst on the lookout for foxes or an owl waiting patiently for a quick snack. Recently four foxes were seen down on the reserve including two cubs, which was nice to see as I haven’t seen cubs for a number of years. They

appear to be doing well, last year was a good breeding year for most our wildlife down on the reserve, now that another year has started we have a full programme of events lined up, some new walks including a celebration of nettles. We have some bird watching walks both early morning and evening walks. We will be doing a lot of wildlife monitoring on the reserve this year. We have already started with mammal trappings, we have caught a short tailed field vole, he/she has been caught a few times, I’ve named him Albert. Over the year we will be doing bird surveys, insect surveys and many others.

If you want to find out what events we are running during 2014 please go to our website or you can call me on 07919 525913. 18


Home & Beauty

Freshen up February... By Jane Richards Spring is on its way ..... and now is a good time to do all the jobs we never seem to have the time to get around to. Through the spring and summer the garden seems to take up so much of our time. February is alway a good time to clean out the bedroom drawers etc and make space for the summer

wardrobe to come. Sorting through the kitchen cupboard and getting rid of all those out of dates packets and tins you have been meaning to throw away. It’s good to freshen up the walls and wood work with a coat of paint giving the kitchen a new make over. The kitchen can be the heart of any family home so it’s good to be free from clutter and find a place for everything and everything in it’s place. At Divine Shabby Chic we offer some fabulous storage solutions from peg tins to bread tins. Beautiful wall hangings to hooks for your tea towel or oven gloves.

So go on, make a start and “Freshen Up February “ around the home. Have Fun !!!!!!! Jane

Who’d have thought?

February’s beauty tips and tricks! Ooh La La’s would like to tell you about a few beauty tips we found interesting .... • Rubbing coffee on thighs to combat cellulite. • Applying baking soda on teeth to make them whiter. • Rinsing hair with raw eggs or beer to make it appear shiny. • Dabbing toothpaste on spots and insect bites to help to heal them. • Brush talcum powder through hair to freshen it up • Shave legs with hair conditioner for less shaving rash. • Keep nail polish in fridge to last longer . • Whitening toothpaste to get rid of fake tan on palms. • Rub fresh strawberries in your face to get rid of freckles. • Cold teaspoons applied to eyes 20


to reduce puffiness. • Pinching cheeks to give a natural blush. • Tea bags on tired eyes. • Cucumber on eyes to freshen them up.

to make an appointment at ooh La La’s Cullingworth please contact nicola or Jane on 07826 831 603.

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One potato, two potato Potatoes are hugely versatile and are a staple ingredient of many meals in one form or another boiled, mashed, chipped or baked. Freshly dug and lightly boiled with mint or, cooled and eaten with salads ; they just can’t be beaten. There are numerous ways of growing potatoes. It is vital with early varieties and a good idea with maincrops to chit the seed tubers first before planting; this means allowing them to produce sturdy shoots. Buy your seed potatoes in late January/February and stand them rose end up (the rose end has the most eyes) in egg boxes or similar in a light, frost-free place. The tubers are ready to plant when the shoots are about 2.5cm (1in) long. Once planted, when the stems are about 23cm (9in) high, start earthing up by carefully drawing soil up to the stems and covering to produce a flattopped ridge about 15cm (6in) high. This can be done little and often or in one go. Newly emerging foliage is susceptible to frost damage. You can prevent this by earthing up the soil around the shoots or by covering them with fleece. It is also possible to grow them in large containers. Line the bottom 15cm (6in) of the container with potting compost and plant the seed tuber just below this. As the

new stems start growing, keep adding compost until the container is full. Keep crops well watered in dry weather. A liquid feed of a balanced general fertiliser every fortnight can help increase yields. Seed potatoes now in stock.

• We are thrilled to have a stunning range of bulbs for fantastic summer borders and patio pots. Our range comprises of many favourites but also a number of “New” flowers. There is nothing more satisfying than a garden in full bloom, with bulbs generating an array of colour. You would be mad not to plant a few bulbs and watch them delight for years to come! While you are in picking up your summer flowering bulbs, don’t forget to pick up your onion sets, potatoes, and garlic, which can be harvested in late summer or Autumn.

Come and see us online Search Woodbank Nurseries - Harden on Facebook

Key Jobs for February • As long as the ground isn’t frozen, the key job this month is to cultivate and prepare seedbeds, covering them with clear polythene, cloches or fleece to warm up the soil before sowing. • Check that greenhouse heaters are functioning properly by investing in a maximum / minimum thermometer to enable accurate monitoring of greenhouse temperatures. • Don’t forget to ventilate your greenhouse on sunny days to prevent botrytis (mould) forming on your plants. • Cover rhubarb with a rhubarb forcer to exclude light and encourage early pickings of long tender stalks.

Don’t forget your loved one on Valentine’s - 14th February

Anyone can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart. Send valentine flowers to your “Someone Special”. Every year we look at the colours and trends for the season to make sure our floral collection reflects everything about Valentine’s Day. trust Fleuriste to deliver a gorgeous bouquet, guaranteed to impress this Valentine’s. We have a fabulous selection of gifts and cards available too.

Harden Road, Harden, West Yorkshire, BD16 1BE tel: 01274 562971

ACW Garden Centre, Canal Road, Bradford, BD2 1AL tel: 01274 392344


Spring will soon be upon us so lets talk “Gardening Leave” Gardening leave is when an employee gives an employer notice of termination of employment, or an employee resigns, but is required to serve out a period of notice at home (or “in the garden”). During this period the employee continues to receive all salary and benefits (unless expressly excluded by the Contract) but is prohibited from commencing employment with new employers until the gardening leave period has expired. Why do employers use “Gardening Leave?” Gardening leave is commonly used by employers to prevent employees who are due to leave the company from being privy to confidential or sensitive information; having access to clients or customers; or from encouraging other employees to leave. If the employee has a new job with a competitor, gardening leave may be used by the employer to ensure that information is not gained and passed to the competitor. During the gardening-leave period, the employees access to certain information is usually restricted or altogether denied. However, they are still under a contract of employment and can be asked to return to work by the employer. Contractual Provisions Whether an employer can send an employee on gardening leave usually depends on whether the contract of employment contains a term to this effect. If there is no clause in the contract that provides for gardening leave, the employer cannot force an employee to take unless the employee agrees. For an employer to be able to rely on the ability to place an employee on “gardening leave” the contract of employment should include, as a minimum, a provision that the employer is under no obligation to provide work to an employee. This provision should be stated to apply throughout the duration of employment, not just when notice to terminate has been given. Whilst an employee is on gardening leave, he may be subject to the following rights and restrictions: • He may not be required to attend work or undertake any work. • He is still subject to the terms of his employment contract. 24


• He is still subject to contractual duties, such as a duty of confidentiality and must maintain obligations such as good faith. • If requested by the employer, the employee must return to work during the gardening-leave period. • The employee is still entitled to full pay and any company benefits, including bonuses. • He may be required to take any outstanding annual leave. • He may be prohibited from contacting any clients, customers, suppliers or contacts of the employer without prior consent. • He may be prohibited from working elsewhere or commencing employment with a new employer or on a self-employed basis during the garden-leave period and he may not be allowed to make any statements in respect of the employer to the media. In addition, the employer can, in some circumstances, require the employee to carry out work which is different from the duties they normally carry out; or appoint someone to carry out their duties for them (at their discretion). If an employee has been put on gardening leave and feels that it is unfair or breaches the terms of their contract of employment, they should seek legal advice. Employees need not assume that, by merely being placed on garden leave, they are prevented from doing anything, employees may also wish to seek advice on what activities they can undertake during gardening leave without breaching any terms of their employment contract or the terms of their gardening leave. For your FREE consultation, contact me on 07715 672698 or email me at

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Pet advice

Winter weight problems in your dogs & cats Often when owners of pets come into the surgery this time of year, when their pet is weighed we find that their pet has put on weight. Sometimes their owners will say that their cat goes out less at this time of year or their dog does not want to go out as far as they do in the summer. This is very true, in cold or wet weather; cats often go out less often and for shorter periods. Some dogs love to go out for walks in any weather but some dogs do not like to go much in bad weather. Sometimes it is the owner who does not want to go out for walkies in the rain & sleet. I can’t think why not. Also the shorter days don’t help. Often the owner says that usually the pet loses this weight gain in the summer, with some pets this is true but a lot loose only some of this weight gain and the next winter they gain more weight. Of course some owners can suffer from weight gain this time of year for similar reasons. Weight gain can cause or worsen medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis. Also some diseases can cause weight gain, such as an over active adrenal gland or an under active thyroid gland. An examination & blood test often can detect these conditions. Many vets including Airedale Vets offer a free service where you can bring in your pet for a free weighing and/or free advice. If the weight gain is not too great, just cutting back a bit on the food your pet normally gets is all you need to do. Some pet food manufacturers produce a light version of their regular food. This usually contains less fat & less calories. You need to be a bit careful as some claim to be light but with some, their fat content can be quite high. If you need a bit more help most vets can offer special pet foods which are formulated to help your pet lose weight. For your pet to lose weight it must eat food that contains less calories than it uses, so you have to give your pet less calories than normal. One way to do this is to give less of their normal food. This will give them less calories but also provides less vitamins, minerals and protein but just because your pet needs less calories, it does not mean that they need less vitamins, minerals or proteins. A kinder and healthier option is to give a low calorie diet food, so they can eat more than they can with regular food and be less hungry, and also give healthy levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Some diets contain other ingredients to help your 26


pet lose weight in a way that makes it easier for your pet and yourself. One of these diets is the new Hills Metabolic Diet. This diet helped 96% of dogs lost weight in 2 months, 90% of dogs completed the weight loss programme. With cats it is clinically proven to safely provide 28% body fat loss in cats in two months. Also it is clinically proven to avoid weight regain following a weight loss programme. 81% of cats lost weight in two months at home. 90% of clients completed the weight loss programme. However we do not recommend that the owners eat this diet.

36 Devonshire Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 2AU Tel: 01535 609040

Caring for your pet as if it was our own Airedale Veterinary Group has surgeries in both Wilsden & Keighley.

All consultations are by appointment.

Please ring: 01535 609040

We have full medical, surgical & dental care for your pets. Everyone who works at Airedale Vets does so because they love animals. The owner of the practice has been caring for injured and sick animals from the age of fourteen. All of the team are pet owners and so understand the bond between the owner and the pet. We love animals as much as you do. The practice is about caring for animals and we are here to keep your pets healthy and happy!

1st Practice in the area to have the latest dog vaccine. This is at no extra cost to you. We also have the latest rabbit vaccine.

Please visit our new website for details: Peter Eccles, BVSc MRCVS

Airedale Animals Ltd. (Airedale Veterinary Group) 36 Devonshire Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 2AU.

Also at Wilsden, Bradford, BD15 0EQ Ring 01535 609040 for both surgeries Email:

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Bingley based Bathroom & Kitchen showroom invest in a new website Simply Bathrooms & Kitchens added their new Kitchen Showroom in Leonard Street, Bingley back in October 2012. After gaining a great reputation in the design and installation of Bathrooms they expanded to add Kitchens, making them the biggest showroom in the area. Rapidly gaining an equally good reputation for Kitchens they are still surprised at how many local people still don’t know where they are. Tucked away in the back streets of Bingley, they really are a hidden local gem. Their new website: www.simplybathrooms is going live as you read this and will be an ongoing project as they add new galleries and link with all the social media sites. It gives viewers an idea of what to expect from their showroom.

As a family run business they are very proud of the personal service they offer and always go that extra mile to make sure you get every detail of your dream Bathroom or Kitchen just perfect. With full design, planning & installation services all in-house, a stunning local showroom, no pushy sales people and a great range of quality big brands - Michele & Rick are confident that they can be competitive, whilst giving a better service than most. Please have a look at their new website, if you like what you see and would like to speak to somebody then Michele would be happy to advise you. Please call on: 01274 566 100.

Unit 2 Leonards Place, Leonard Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 1DP Email:



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The Rotary Club of Bradford West By Tony Caunt When writing this, Christmas wasn’t long gone and the members of the club were very busy bringing some good cheer to folk who are not as fortunate as they are. Tony Caunt was helped by the children of Harden, Wilsden and Keelham Primary schools to fill “shoe boxes” with toys, clothes for young and not so young children and household goods for the adults in Eastern Europe. The rotary shoe box scheme is for children helping children who are not as fortunate as we are here in England and the children of from the schools filled 193 boxes which was a fantastic achievement. Also children from Queensbury, Russell Hall and Shibden Head schools collected an enormous amount of toys which the Rotarians collected and took to The Bradford Blenheim Project which is a refuge for homeless and abused women and children. The members also collected socks and chocs for the Bradford soup run where the homeless and desperate people who live on the streets of Bradford go for warm clothing and food.

Some of the students with the array of toys The members also enjoyed themselves with the International dinner where some £400 was raised for the charity account and then at their last lunch on the 12th December the members and friends were entertained by the choir of St. John’s C of E Primary school, Bierley at Sandal Farm Restaurant. A further £500 was raised by members for the St. Martins in the Fields appeal and the Bradford Soup Run. This Friendly club likes to work and play and if you should be interested in joining then call John Ellis on 07970 253371 or look us up at www. The programme So far is: February 13th will be Rotarian Annette France giving he job talk and then on the 20th there will be a business meeting followed by Jessica Leighton on the 27th February who is a pupil at Thornton Grammar School who will share her Visit to Auschwitz with the members.



your local independent card shop

Personal, friendly service, which is tailored to individual business needs Services include: • Book keeping • Tax returns • VAT returns • Budgets and forecasting • Management accounting

Call me now for your free, no obligation meeting Mobile: 07552 244556 Tel: 01535 517917 Email: Website:


Lets Celebrate




Bespoke Handmade Wedding Stationery & Invitations For All Occasions Our Wedding Stationery is truly unique from Invitations to Place Cards, Save The Date, Reply Cards, Table Plans etc. We create beautiful Invitations to complement your colour scheme & theme. Ask about packages for your stationery so you budget for your special day. Celebrating a Birthday, Christening, Engagement or Anniversary. Why not send something special to your guests. Tues - Fri: 10.30am - 4pm Sat & Sun: 10.30am - 1pm Appointments available out of hours (please ask)

156A Queen’s Court, Main Street, Bingley BD16 2HR Tel: 01274 270483 Mob: 07712 622697 Email: Website:

mother’s day Sunday 30th March


easter - sunday 20th april EASTER CARDS ARE AVAILABLE IN-STORE

Tel: 07758 826057

11 CHAPEL LANE, BINGLEY, BD16 2NG monday to friday 9AM-5PM and saturday 9AM-4:30PM

Professional Local Handyman Service For all your jobs, big and small... Tel: 01535 275328 Mob: 07985 283871 Local tradesman based in Harden, Andrew Gregson HND Building Construction and City and Guilds Carpentry and Joinery. • House Repairs • Bathrooms • Driveways • General DIY • Kitchens • Paths & Patio’s Contact: 01535 275328 Mobile: 07985 283871

Cat’s Corner b is pleased to be ly feature, Bingley Hu ing at the homing nth mo ing nu nti co r en pp In ou te news of what is ha bringing you up to da to be working with such a fantastic ed as ts in our region. centre. We are ple re-home unwanted ca charity, which helps

Common cat myths Here at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, we place a great deal of emphasis on neutering. It is the only humane way to reduce the number of unwanted kittens being born. As you can probably guess, we hear many reasons why people haven’t neutered their cats, and often we hear the reasons once we are being asked to help with litters of kittens. Here are some of the more common “mating myths” we encounter: Cats should have one litter, they should be able to experience motherhood There is no medical evidence to suggest that cats should have one litter. Even if you want them to experience motherhood they will not remember the experience. Mating is also a very painful experience for a female cat: the tom cat’s penis has little barbs which catch on her vagina as he withdraws after mating. This promotes ovulation (release of eggs). Because cats do not ovulate until they are mated, the queen will continue to call even after she has been mated, and will remain in season for several days. It is not uncommon for a cat to be mated 10-20 times on the first day she is calling and then several times over the next few days. The screams that are heard when cats mate are the female cats screaming in pain as the tom cat withdraws. She won’t get pregnant, she’s under a year old Cats can come into season, get mated and get pregnant from when they are just five months old. She may not be mature enough to successfully raise the litter, and therefore abandon them or fail to socialise them properly. Likewise, because she is not yet fully grown, she could struggle to deliver them safely. A five-month old cat having kittens is the equivalent of a human teenager having a baby. My cats won’t mate because they are brother and sister This is a common misconception, but cats will in fact mate with their siblings, their parents and even with their own offspring. They simply don’t recognise those boundaries. Once a female cat comes into season, her body is hard-wired to mate and reproduce. She will choose the best tom cat(s) she can find. If she is unable to go outside but is locked indoors with her brother, she will almost certainly 32


mate with him. Kittens born from such matings may suffer severe deformities and often don’t survive. Neutering is cruel, it hurts the cats Neutering is done under general anaesthetic and can only be undertaken by a registered veterinary surgeon. Painkillers are administered before the cat wakes up and these last for several days. Cats heal very quickly and by the time the painkiller wears off, the healing process is very much underway. Most cats are sleepy the day of the operation due to the anaesthetic, but return to normal the next day – playing, eating and sleeping. Neutered queens (female cats) can continue to feed their kittens almost as soon as they wake up from the operation. Neutered kittens usually bounce around very quickly afterwards too and show no signs of pain or slowing down. Again, it is in fact mating that really hurts the cats! She has already had a litter of kittens, she won’t want any more/she is nursing kittens so she can’t get pregnant again Female cats can come into season when their kittens are about five weeks old, and can successfully mate while still feeding their current litter. As well as creating too many kittens, allowing her to have litter after litter will stop her regaining her weight and health after each litter, and she will become very thin. Constant mating will also expose her to a whole host of viruses and bacterial infections brought in by the tom cats she mates with. These are some of the mating myths we encounter on a regular basis. We’ll share a few more with you in the next edition of Community Hub. For enquiries please call Yorkshire Cat Rescue on 01535 647184 or visit

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Dog of the month - Polly Hi I’m Polly. I was wondering if anyone out there could give me a new home? I love being outside so if you want a buddy to go running or walking with then I’m your girl. I just love to play and chasing balls is my favorite game ever!!! I’ve been told I’m very intelligent but I don’t like to brag. However if you fancied trying something new like fly ball or agility then we could learn together? So what do you think ? Am I your new best friend? Hopefully Yours Polly Breed - Border Collie Cross Age - 3 years old • Neutered • Housetrained • Nervous of other dogs • Unknown with cats • Good with older children • West Yorkshire Contact us via our adoption form at

For further information on this dog, or about the Rescue centre, please get in touch with Enza 07738231734 or

Harden Players Perform Jack and the Beanstalk Harden Players pantomime for 2014 is Jack and the Beanstalk. Performances will take place at Harden Congregational Church from February 13th to 15th and again from the 20th to the 22nd. Evening shows start at 7.30pm and Saturday matinees at 2.00pm. Not only does our hero Jack have to contend with a giant twice the height of the stage but there are two timing villains, bumbling detectives and a cow 34


called Daisy to add to the mayhem. Will Jack win the treasure and the heart of the beautiful Jill or will the giant grind everyone up into flour? Will the Dame’s baking be triumphant or will her soggy bottom let her down? Come along and find out. Tickets are available from Harden Newsagents and Post Office at £5.00 for Thursdays and £6.00 for Fridays and Saturdays. We look forward to welcoming you.

To advertise call Alex or Kim on 01535 275355 or email

“Bingley’s Little Secret” “Where you feel special, unique and where style is created” Liberties & Co is a family run business established in 2004. Owner and award winning nail enhancement expert, Emma Harrison has built a well earned reputation for being the very best at what she does. In an industry saturated by nail salons and mobile nail technicians, Emma's passion, attention to detail, commitment to the very best customer service, and the day to day involvement of her family in running the business, has set Liberties & Co head and shoulders above the rest. The location is a hidden beauty spot in Bingley, situated in a waterfront location ... a fab place to go with friends for the ultimate pamper day. A place where you can take your time to relax. Isn't that what being pampered is all about? Emma and the team will look after you and make sure you are completely satisfied with the result. Emma recently won a gold award at a prestigious Industry awards ceremony called Worldskills UK. She came in first place in the category "Nail Technology Advanced Enhancements".

Nails - Offering Award Winning Nail Services in Enhancements, Manicures, Pedicures and more.

Hair - Experience our creative colouring and cutting services with our artistic hairdressers.

Services offered at the salon are: Nail enhancements; using only the very best in nail technology : CND Acrylic System Rockstar, Minx, CND Shellac Hand and Foot Treatments Manicures & Pedicures Beauty Therapy, Spray Tanning & UV Tanning Creative Cutting & Hair Styling

Beauty - Enjoy a full range of beauty treatments that will immerse you into total relaxation.

Bridge House, Riverside Buildings Bailey Hills Road, Bingley BD16 2RJ Tel: 01274 787779 Email: Facebook: search Liberties&Co

Bingley Arts Centre -

home of Bingley Little Theatre

Bingley Arts Centre, at the heart of Bingley Town includes a 350 seat theatre which can also be configured as a large open space. As well as a varied programme of entertainment, the Arts Centre is home to “Bingley Little Theatre” who present eight plays each year along with a programme of studio activities.

What’s On Guide See our itinerary below


Saturday 15 February at 8:00pm Showaddywaddy. Showaddywaddy have long been established as Europe’s most successful ever exponents of retro-inspired Rock ‘n’ Roll. The record speaks for itself! The demand for these legendary performers is a testament to their outstanding reputation as live artists. Congratulations to Sarah Granby, who won 2 tickets to see Showaddywaddy through a competition held in December’s and January’s issue and online at Bingley Hubs Facebook page.

24 February - 1 March 2014 at 7:30pm Bingley Little Theatre - The Right Thing. A drama by John Turley.

5 March - 7:30pm - 10:00pm The Lindisfarne Story. Lindisfarne: The story of the legendary Geordie band in words and music It’s ten years since legendary Tyneside group, LINDISFARNE, closed a remarkable 33 year music career. Their best-selling album, Fog on the Tyne, took them to the top of

Bingley Arts Centre

Main Street, Bingley BD16 2LZ

the UK charts, and songs likeRun For Home and Meet Me On the Corner have helped place them in people’s hearts as one of the region’s best-loved bands. In this joyful celebration, exmembers Ray Laidlawand Billy Mitchell perform many of the band’s classic songs. They tell the inside story of Lindisfarne’s rise to fame, their concert tours, recording sessions, festival, radio & TV appearances and tales from behind the scenes. 7th & 8th March - 7:30pm 9:15pm Starbound. Featuring Students from Technique Dance Academy

Tickets: Adults and Children over 12 - £8.00. Concessions (60+ and children under 12) - £5.00.

3rd March - 2-4pm & 5-7.30pm Open sessions. “most adults in the UK can give blood” Please call 0300 123 23 23 to book an appointment Save a life - Give Blood visit or call 0300 123 23 23 to register.

Telephone: 01274 519814 Box Office: 01274 567983 11am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays

For further information on any of our shows, visit our website at

No call out charges

Plastering and tiling

All work fully guaranteed


City & Guilds qualiďŹ ed

General plumbing maintenance

Full bathroom suite installation Digital & pumped showers

Covering Bingley and surrounding areas

Call Phil on 01274 512642 Mobile: 07810 362 557 Email: PR Plumbing The Bungalow, Longwood Avenue, Bingley BD16 2RX

Cricket news

New Players Needed Wilsden Cricket Club is a community based club with 2 senior and 5 junior teams playing in the Craven and District and Upper Airedale Junior Cricket Leagues. We have opportunities for new players of all ages to join and become part of this successful local Club. If anyone is interested in joining our Club then please contact us.

Building A New Pavilion In 2013 Wilsden Cricket Club was delighted to be awarded a Sport England Inspired Facilities grant to complete a new Pavilion, and the building project for this is due to start in February. Whilst much of the building work is covered by the grant, the Club still needs support from both its members and the local community to complete the project. You can help by offering your skills, like electrics and plumbing, painting, or simply a helping hand. Local businesses can also help, as the Club will need fixtures, fittings, and finishing materials. So if you want to get involved in this project, however small your contribution will be, please get in touch.

Winter Nets and Coaching Wilsden CC train on Tuesday’s at Parkside School and Bradford Grammar School. These weekly sessions provide an excellent opportunity to advance all cricket skills and we always welcome new players along. under 9s 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Parkside School under 11s and under 13s 7pm to 8pm at Bradford Grammar under 15s and under 17 and Seniors 8pm to 9:30pm at Bradford Grammar

For all information about Wilsden Cricket Club and to register your interested in helping or joining, please contact Mark Humphreys tel: 07877 763523 or Email:

Advertising | Marketing | Social Media | PR | Events Graphic Design | Web Design & Development | Print Management


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...are you confused about these terms or what kind of marketing you should be doing?

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Puzzles Proudly sponsored by Jon Beasley:

Tel: 01274 567428

BrainWave Down 1. Sartor (6) 2. Evening (5) 4. Make better (5) 5. Asinine (7) 6. Food store (6) 7. Laconic (5) 9. Fish (5) 14. Wandered (7) 16. Type of musical scale (5) 17. Begins (6) 18. Bet (5) 19. Combined (6) 21. Path (5) 23. Relating to a city (5)













17 20







Sudoku B

6 9 8

7 2 6 9 3 5 1 8 4

Crossword and Sudoku Answers

5 7 6 9 8 4 3 1 9 8 3 7 1 2 4 5 1 2 4 5 3 6 7 8 1 6 7 3 8 4 5 2 9 9 5 3 7 1 6 8 9 2


4 9 7 2 5 6

8 9

4 2 8

8 4 1 5 8 8 1 7 2 4 8 6 6 1 4 9 2 3 4 3 5 1

4 3 8 2

2 3

2 6 3 7 8


4 7

4 3



1 3 7

2 3 5 7

3 7 8 6 2 1 4 9

2 5 3 7 9 2 9 8 1 7 7 8 4 6 5 2 1 7 1 2 9

1 5 3 6 8

7 4 9 1 5 8 6 2 6 8 2 4 3 9 1 5 1 5 3 6 2 7 4 9 1 5 8 9 4 3 7 7 8 5 1 6 9 4 6 4 3 7 2 5 8 9 7 2 6 3 8 1 3 1 7 8 5 2 6 8 2 6 9 4 1 7 3

Sudoku A

Down: 1: Tailor, 2: Night, 4: Amend, 5: Fatuous, 6: Larder, 7: Terse, 9: Trout, 14: Rambled, 16: Major, 17: Starts, 18: Wager, 19: United, 21: Trail, 23: Urban. Across: 1: Tandem, 3: Lawful, 8: Ingot, 10: Elector, 11: Options, 12: Drone, 13: Wrath, 15: Amass, 20: Tempt, 22: Adjourn, 24: Release, 25: Robot, 26: Saddle, 27: Atoned.







2 3 9 5 4

Across 1. Bicycle for two (6) 3. Legal (6) 8. Metal bar (5) 10. Voter (7) 11. Choices (7) 12. Stingless male bee (5) 13. Ire (5) 15. Accumulate (5) 20. Entice (5) 22. Recess (7) 24. Let go (7) 25. Automaton (5) 26. Riding seat (6) 27. Repented (6)




We are a small practice based in the centre of Bingley offering a personal service at competitive rates. Our services include: • Sole traders • Limited companies • Self assessment • PAYE/VAT • Business plans • Cash-flow projections

Give us a call to see how how we can help you with your business. 30 Park Road, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 4JD

T: 01274 567272 E: W:

What’s on

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What’s on and where February Sunday 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd 12:00pm - 4.30pm Shipley Glen Tramway. The Shipley Glen Cable Tramway is the oldest working cable tramway in Great Britain (cliff lifts excepted). Dating from 1895, the line was built to serve the local beauty of Shipley Glen, near Saltaire in West Yorkshire. Prod Lane, Baildon, Shipley BD17 5BN. For more information visit or Tel: 01274 589010.

Monday 10th February Harden and District WI. Our annual evening of FUN AND GAMES - we might play dominoes, beetle, or some other game the committee come up with! Our WI currently has a membership of about 40 and we hold our meetings on the 2nd Monday of every month (except August) at 7.30 pm in the Family Room of St Saviour’s Church in the village centre.  We are always very pleased to see new faces at our meetings and visitors are very welcome to come along to meet us. For further information about any of our events, please contact Vicky Furness 01535 272673. Wednesday 12th

Mondays: 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th Fridays: 7th, 14th, 21st & 38th Saturdays: 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd 9.30am - 4.30pm Shipley Open Market provides a focal point to the town centre; the open market operates on a Monday selling a selection of second-hand items and bric-a-brac. On a Friday and Saturday, a wide selection of goods and fresh food products are available on over 40 stalls Market Square, Shipley, Bradford, BD18 3QB. Tel: 01274 432245.

Open Mic Night at Foundry Hill Bar & Lounge. Usually on the Second Wednesday of every month, everyone is welcome to sing or play, just bring along an instrument. A sound system is available, but feel free to bring along your own. Wellington Street, Bingley, BD16 2NB. Tel: 01274 566 144 for tickets. Visit for more information. Wednesday 12th 7.15pm British Cactus & Succulent Society. At Shipley Library. All welcome to attend. Thursday 13th 7.30pm

Sons of the Desert. Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society. East Bowling ILP Club, Leicester Street, (off Wakefield Road A650,) BD4 7HS. Films, raffles, family friendly. Meeting is on the first Friday of every month.

Local film evening. Led by Martyn Webster. At Church House. Talks and presentations are given regularly at Church House on Old Main Street (just by the Parish Church) in Bingley. The postcode for SatNav users is BD16 2RH. There is a charge of £2 for each event, but no membership or joining fee. All welcome!

Saturday 8th 3pm

Sunday 16th 10am to 1pm

Friends of Denso Marston Nature Reserve. An Evening Roost. Come and see how many birds and others come to roost. Walks start on Otley Road at the Public Footpath, opposite the lay by near St James Church. Duration is about two

Saltaire Cricket Club Table Top Sale. 50p Admission.The Club will be holding another of its popular table-top sales at the Victoria Hall, commencing at 10am. There will be a number of stalls, a small cafe & there will also be a cash draw.

Friday 7th



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hours. All walks are led by the warden unless stated otherwise.

Why not go and pick up a bargain or hire a table? Or donate something such as: books, CDs, DVDs for the club to sell on. Contact the club on 01274 787908. See more at: whats-on/forthcoming-events. At Victoria Hall, Victoria Road, Saltaire, West Yorkshire, BD18 3JS. Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd CAMRA Bradford Beer Festival. Price dependent on day. Bradford’s most popular beer festival returns to Saltaire for another year! Showcasing over 100 Real Ales, Cider & Perry, Fruit Wines and International Beer, this is an excellent opportunity to be able to sample beers of all varieties. During the festival, there will be food on all days and entertainment during most sessions. Please note: No under 18′s will be allowed entry at any time. Photographic ID may be required for proof of age; suitable identification: provisional/full driving license or passport. See more at: At Victoria Hall, Victoria Road, Saltaire, West Yorkshire, BD18 3JS.

To advertise call Alex or Kim on 01535 275355 or email

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but hey its worth a try. It might even be fun to listen to some new vinyl without years worth of scratches. So without further ado... what have you bought on vinyl since the start of record club in September 2010? And what do you want to share with us? Let us know... otherwise it’ll just be another night of Andy’s music! To kick start things Andy has chosen Restless Idylls by Tropic of Cancer (2013). You can vote for the other albums to be played on the night. The Kirkgate Centre, 39a Kirkgate, Shipley BD18 3RR. Visit for more information. Monday 24th - Saturday 1st March

Saturday 22 February – Sunday 2 March 2014 Skylanders SWAP Force™ Spectacular. Free entry. Join us for a week of swappable unstoppable fun with Skylanders SWAP Force™. Take inspiration from your favourite Skylanders characters to make your own Swap Box and create an animation, as well as play the latest Skylanders game – Skylanders SWAP Force™ – on PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 3 consoles. We can’t wait for you to join us in the fight to help save Skylands. It will be a week of unstoppable family fun, and a chance to learn more about the making of the game too!Entry the Museum is free but there may be a small charge for some activities. We are expecting to be busy between 11:00 and 2pm; queuing systems will be in operation at busy times. Tel: 0844 856 3797. Email: National Media Museum, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1NQ. Saturday 22nd 7.30pm - 11.30pm Record Club. 12” new Vinyl. Vinyl record sales are at their highest levels for more than a decade. Boosted by events such as Record Store Day, vinyl records are having somewhat of a resurgence So, to try get away from an image of a few “old” blokes sat in a darkened room reminiscing about the good old days (not that there’s anything wrong with that), we thought it might be a good opportunity to embrace the new, and celebrate the continued success of our much loved format. Its not guaranteed to make us any younger (shame), it might even make us run back to our beloved old records with added gusto,

The Right Thing. A gripping drama as a Lancashire family battles with change and uncertainty as the men return from war. Nelson, in 1945, is the backdrop for a new play by award-winning writer, John Turley. “The Right Thing” follows the fortunes of a Lancashire family battling with a time of change and uncertainty as the men return from war.We see the main character changed by war, struggling to fit back in and accept the new order of things. What will happen? This is a play that achieves that rare thing – it grips you from the start, keeps you there, and you want to see how it concludes.Will it be happy? Will it be sad? A play that will entertain all and strike some familiar chords. Bingley Arts Centre, Main Street, Bingley BD16 2LZ. Tel: 01274 519814. www. Tuesday 25th February 7.45pm Soroptimist Internation. A talk by Councillor John Pennington on the renovation of The Midland Hotel, Bradford. At Eldwick Memorial Hall.

MARCH Saturday 1st - Saturday 8th March Soroptimist Internation. We will be holding a display at Bingley Library. Friday 7th 7:30pm Michael McGoldrick, John Doyle and John McCusker with support from Bella Gaffney. Tickets £14. Another cream of the traditional music crop trio. After a memorable show in 2012, Michael McGoldrick, player of the flute and whistler, John Doyle, on the guitar and vocalist, and John McCusker, playing the fiddle and whistling, return to Saltaire. Stalwarts of the Transatlantic sessions, all three are involved in a huge range of musical projects and line-ups, but there are many who are delighted that they have made time to tour together again. Three performers with a close musical understanding, bringing the breadth of their musical experience together in a trio with no weak link and

brimming with creativity Tickets available from Fanny’s Alehouse, Saltaire, or from the Jumbo Records website. See more at: At Victoria Hall, Victoria Road, Saltaire, West Yorkshire, BD18 3JS. Saturday 8th 4pm Friends of Denso Marston Nature Reserve. An Evening Chorus. For those who can’t get up at 4am it’s a 4pm chorus instead. Walks start on Otley Road at the Public Footpath, opposite the lay by near St James Church. Duration is about two hours. All walks are led by the warden unless stated otherwise. Tuesday 11th March 9:30am - 6pm Open Day. Between 9:30am – 2pm – a variety of organizations will be on hand to offer advice and information on a variety of topics, covering health, work and rest. FREE Entry. 3 - 6pm. Aimed at families, teenagers and those young at heart, local groups and organizations will be on hand to share taster sessions and fun activities. Poppies Café will be open throughout the day serving hot tasty homemade meals and snacks. Cottingley Cornerstone Centre, Littlelands, Cottingley, Bingley BD16 1AL. Wednesday 12th 7.15pm British Cactus & Succulent Society. Welcoming Peter Berresford from Skipton to talk about his travels in Mexico. All welcome to attend. Thursday 20th March 7 - 7.30pm start Soroptimist Internation of Bingley. A fashion show by Adress of Baildon in aid of Soroptimist International Rainbow Showers, Bingley Youth Cafe & Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Tickets £8 including a glass of wine. There will also be a raffle. Cottingley Cornerstone Centre, Littlelands, Cottingley, Bingley BD16 1AL. Saturday 22nd March 10am - 4pm Faery Market. A hugely popular event which carries with it a real buzz. There will be a variety of stalls with a mystical theme selling everything from bespoke jewellery, clothes and cakes to gifts and treats. Treatment such as massage, reiki will also be available and Poppies Bar and Café will also be open providing nourishment for the body. There will also be a free craft making table for the little ones, so parents can shop at leisure. FREE Entry. Cottingley Cornerstone Centre, Littlelands, Cottingley, Bingley BD16 1AL.



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