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February 15, 2017 • Community News – St. Louis County •

COMMUNITY VOICES Trumpets, sirens and other noises By Larry Brown The hub bub and environment of life include many sounds and signals that affect our behavior, choices and decisions on how we decide to continue our existence while here on earth. Sounds can be distractions, warnings, or illuminations depending on how we receive and interpret them. When I attended Charles Sumner High School, I was placed in an accelerated advisory group for “smart kids” as a freshman and remained in that group throughout my high school career. The advisory room was in the basement right next to the band room. Every morning before school actually started, the band would practice. I would always notice that as the band members were “tuning up” their instruments, the sounds emitted were very discordant, distracting and nerve racking! However, when the bandleader or conductor arrived and started the real practice, the discordance turned into beautiful and melodic musical renditions. So the disruptive forces that plagued our studying and preparation for the school day, as the band members “tuned up,” were replaced by harmonic renditions that calmed our souls and spirits and allowed us to go to our classes

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and achieve good grades. Throughout life, I have often reflected on this experience, and have sought and waited for that “harmony” of “noises” to occur so that I am able to continue on a positive path as I move through time. Does that siren mean danger or help? Does that explosion mean foul play or celebration? Does random verbal expression mean fact or fickle fancy? Often this all depends on how you receive it into your spirit. In these days and times, with the expansion of social and electronic media, it is so easy to become influenced or at the very least, severely distracted, as we journey through life. A solid starting belief that will keep you anchored through all these trumpets, sirens, and other noises is to sincerely adopt a respect for all human life. To that end, our ministry has adopted a slogan “I’m Alive, Let Me Survive” and is producing t-shirts with that slogan, hoping that many, many people will wear them, as well as adopt the respect that the slogan requests. We know that “as a man thinks, so will he act.” We ask people to purchase one for themselves and/ or make $10 charitable donations for each shirt which

will allow us to give them to young people, senior citizens and people who reside in high crime areas. Together we can make our communities more wholesome for everyone this year. Donations may be sent to Grace Chapel Ministries, P.O. Box 952, Florissant, Mo.63032, or contact us at 314-995-5013 with your requests. Larry Brown is Chairman of the Board and co-founder of Worknet, Inc., which has a national ten year contract with the Social Security Administration to find jobs for people with disabilities who are interested and qualified to enter the traditional workforce. He is also cofounder and president of Grace Chapel Ministries, former president of National Cable Training Centers, and president of Woodstock Industrial Products Group. The opinions expressed in this column are the columnist’s alone and do not reflect the opinion of the owners or staff of Community News.

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These students at Ritenour High School have achieved the honor of being TV and Radio 2017 IBS finalists.

Ritenour High School broadcast awards finalists IBS honors excellence in programming, on-air personalities, public service efforts and outstanding stations with the IBS Trophy Awards. KRHS radio and TV staff members are finalists in the following individual categories. Multiple KRHS broadcasts became finalists in the following categories: Best Campus News Coverage, • Best TV news station: KRHS TV News Staff • Best Logo: Will Rivers • Best Station Promo Poster: Thomas Dyer • Best Radio Newscast: Jordan Thrasher, Tristan Talton, Dylan Toeniskoetter – KRHS News for Oct 11th • Best News Feature Story: Demetri Parezo – Ritenour Way: Buxman Thanksgiving; Gabi Anderson – Ritenour Way: Hispanic Christmas Holiday • Best Spot News: Calin Hogan – METC eNews: Makerspace Bus

Best TV News Report, Best News Feature Story, Best TV Sports Report and Best TV Commercial/Promo. Below are names and categories of the KRHS Media work that has been identified as finalists in the IBS Trophy Awards program:

• Best PSA: Ethan Diefenbrock – Overland Autumn in the Park • Best Use of Sound Effects: Israel Rendon – KRHS Station ID • Best Commercial Spot: Gabi Anderson – Overland Business Association Halloween Party • Best Sports Talk Program: Andrea Wanta and Michaela Reed – Coach Talk • Best Sports Update: Demetri Parezo – Huskies Zone ‐Sept 16th

• Best Campus News Coverage: Gabi Anderson – Ritenour Way: Start 2nd Semester; Nathan Owens: Homecoming Dress Code; Toni Akins-Homecoming Fashion; Cassidy Schatz – Homecoming Music

• Best Sports Interview: Robyion Hughes – KRHS Athlete of the Week ‐Bishop

• Best Political News Coverage: Calin Hogan – KRHS411: The Paris Attacks

• Best Radio Faculty Advisor: Jane Bannester

• Best Public Affairs/Event Promotion: Jordan Thrasher, Dylan Toeniskotter, Tristan Talton, Austin Barnes – Video Game Night Public Event/Promotion • Best Staff Training Method: KRHS • Best Station Facilities: KRHS • Best Station ID: Gabi Anderson – KRHS Station ID

• Best TV News Manager: Mekaila Warren • Best TV Creative Services Director: Mekaila Warren • Best TV Advisor: Jane Bannester

• Best TV News Report: Mekaila Warren – Media Seniors Reflect on KRHS, Ritenour Business Technology Showcase, Gateway2Change Spreads Message to Rochester; Will Rivers, Nick Klingerman and Brandon Pellitier – Hazards of Hazing • Best TV Sports Program: Demetri Parezo, Gabi Anderson – RHS Sports Weekly ‐RHS Female Kicker • Best TV Play-by Play: Calin Hogan, Ashley Smith, Sara Tolley – KRHS Live Stream: Ritenour vs Pattonville Football • Best TV Station Promotion: KRHS Staff – KRHS Media Promotion • Best TV Commercial/Promo: Darrell Lathan – 2016 Operation Grad Commercial; Brendon Klohr – Yearbook Drone Ad; Mekaila Warren – Introduction to Ritenour Revolution and #PlantPositivity for Gateway2Change • Best Podcast: Calin Hogan – What is Ritenour Made Of?

• Best Newscast: KRHS Staff – May 2016; March 25 2016; August 2016

• Best Facebook: KRHS Staff – KRHS Media Facebook page

• Best TV Sports Report: Andrea Wanta – Ritenour vs Pattonville Rivalry; Calin Hogan – MMA Bellator Justin Lawrence

• Best YouTube: KRHS Staff – Krhs Media

• Best Twitter: KRHS Staff – KRHSMedia • Best Social Media: KRHS Staff – Instagram and Snapchat

CN: February 15, 2017  

Saint Louis County Weekly Community News Community News, Greater North County, Florissant, Hazelwood, Black Jack, Bellefontaine Neighbors,...

CN: February 15, 2017  

Saint Louis County Weekly Community News Community News, Greater North County, Florissant, Hazelwood, Black Jack, Bellefontaine Neighbors,...