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BRADBURN BRIEF Dear Sandy Resident, November is a time to gather with loved ones and reflect on those things we are grateful for. I am grateful for the last four years and the opportunity to serve our community. It has been one of the hardest and most rewarding times of my career. I am also thankful for good people who are willing to run for office. It is not always an easy job but we have an abundance of qualified candidates running for city council and Mayor. You can learn more about the candidates at sandy. Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd! If you have not returned your ballots, make sure you get those postmarked by November 2nd to have your vote count. If you need more information about rank choice voting, ballot drop off or polling locations visit Sandy City was recently named the 30th Best City to Live in the United States by 24/7 Wall St. on their recent list of the Top 50 states to live in America. Sandy was the only city on the list from Utah. "Sandy offers residents access to over 30 parks and a downtown area with a range of shopping and dining options as well as museums and entertainment venues," the article states. The article also cites Sandy's job market as a reason for it's placement on the list of Best U.S. Cities. "The city, located less than 20 miles south of Salt Lake City, has a relatively strong job market," the article says. "Over the last five years, an average of only 2.8% of the labor force in Sandy has been unemployed, well below the comparable 5.3% national average jobless rate. Over the same period, the city has added thousands of jobs." You can read the entire article at Lastly, remember that you can always connect with us to get more information by going to our City websites and SandyNow. com and by accessing our social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (@SandyCityUtah) and YouTube (SandyCityUT) for daily updated information. You can also contact me at To sign up for emergency notifications visit Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Mayor Kurt Bradburn I S S U E # 87

N OV E M B ER – D E C E M B ER 2021

Join Us for Unplug & Reconnect

Things you can do to contribute to a more sustainable community! As part of Sandy Sustainability 360°, we are launching a set of Unplug & Reconnect public campaigns to help Sandy City become more sustainable as a whole including City Hall, partner, and resident efforts. If 2021’s drought taught us anything, it showed us that the community comes together in a time of need having saved over 1 billion gallons of water this year. With air pollution, tapped resources, and consumer waste, the time has come for Sandy to be a leader and example regarding green initiatives and renewable energy, to create a brighter sustainable future for the next generation. Between now through the end of 2022, Sandy will be providing education and contests to engage the community to participate in energy-efficient programs and take sustainability actions. TIPS TO GET WINTER READY! Our first initiative is Winter Ready. With the chilly winter season comes the added cost of keeping your place cozy and comfortable. As temperatures lower, heating bills rise, and your energy use risks a significant increase. Fortunately, we have some win-win solutions that will conserve energy while saving you on those monthly bills. 1. Wattsmart Homes – Rocky Mountain Power offers a plethora of incentives for energy upgrades for home owners and renters alike. Visit for heating and weatherization incentives. 2. ThermWise – Schedule an appointment with Dominion Energy to evaluate your home efficiency to help you create a personalized and actionable home energy plan at 3. Renewable Energy – With five simple steps, you can generate your own renewable energy! Thanks to Rocky Mountain Power, you can now connect to the electric grid using your own private system. Learn more: (search Customer Generation) As you take steps to “unplug & reconnect” with us, join us on social media @sandycityutah in November and December to share what you are doing to be eligible to win a prize! P A G E


America Recycles Day is November 15 Recycling Right is all about the Right Stuff

QUICK TIPS from Sandy City Fleet Management Pre-winter Vehicle Preparation

Help make Sandy City’s community recycling program clean and successful by only placing accepted materials into curbside recycling carts You don’t need to be a recycling fanatic to be an ace recycler. When you put only clean and accepted recyclables loosely (never bagged) into your green curbside recycling carts, you are helping keep our city’s recycling program clean and successful. Once Waste Management (WM) collects the materials from your recycling cart, those items are literally on-the-road destined for their next life. Materials move from your cart to a WM truck and on to a processing facility where cardboard, paper, plastics, and metal cans are sorted, baled by the ton, and sent to manufacturers that use the materials to make new products. Did you Know? • An aluminum beverage can recycled today is back on the shelf as a new can in about 60 days. • 10 plastic water bottles create enough material to make a T-shirt. • Plastic bottles and jugs can be broken down to make clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks, carpeting construction materials, and more. • A ton of paper recycled can save 17 trees. • Recycled cardboard shipping boxes are used to make more boxes, cereal and cracker paperboard boxes, paper toweling, writing paper, and even furniture.

Closing the Loop on Recycling Sustainability practices start with reducing waste and recycling accepted materials, but the recycling lifecycle doesn’t end there. It’s important to buy products made from recycled materials to complete the recycling loop. Read product labels and watch for the “Made with Recycled Materials” tag. This includes watching for product packaging made from recycled paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, or metal. You can find these greener products in mainstream stores, specialty boutiques, craft fairs, and online. Putting your buying power behind products that embrace recycling helps create demand for these green-minded products and keeps the cycle of recycling strong. Studies have shown that at least 30 percent of all the trash we produce is recyclable. This America Recycles Day we can all make an effort to recycle better and recycle more. Make a difference by recycling only clean metal food and beverage cans, paper, cardboard, and household plastics shaped like bottles, jugs, and tubs. Keep trash, food, and plastic bags out of your recycling cart to help keep the recycling stream clean. Recycling Education Resources • For more information about recycling in Sandy City, visit • To learn more about how to Recycle Right or access WM recycling education resources visit • If you are interested in learning how your recyclables are processed locally, go to YouTube and search Modern Recycling: Tours WM’s Salt Lake MRF.



As we transition to winter, Sandy City Fleet Management recommends several things you can do right now to ensure your car operates successfully throughout the winter months. 1. Check your engine antifreeze levels. Antifreeze keeps your engine from freezing during those extremely cold days. You can also directly check your antifreeze levels by following the instructions in your car’s manual. Adding more antifreeze is very simple, if you need to do it. 2. Check your tire pressure and tread depth. Good tires are the key to staying on the road and keeping safe when the weather is questionable and snow and ice are falling from the sky. You can do your part to ensure your tires are in good shape with just a few simple steps. First, check your tire pressure with a simple gauge sold at any auto supply store. You should also make sure your tires have appropriate amounts of tread on them. The simple test is the “Lincoln test” – just insert a penny into your tire’s tread with the top of Lincoln’s head pointing inward toward the tire. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need to replace the tire before winter weather begins. You may also want to consider installing winter tires before the season begins, as they will make all the difference when it comes to getting around. 3. Use winter windshield wiper fluid. Not all windshield wiper fluid is the same. Ordinary fluid that you use in the spring, summer, and fall often becomes worse than useless in the winter, as it freezes quickly upon contact with your windshield. 4. Check your engine oil level and your battery. Low oil levels will damage your engine and season changes will drain weak batteries and leave you stranded in your car. If you have an old battery, have it tested at a local auto parts supply store. 5. Put a “winter supply” box in your car. Having a box full of winter supplies in your trunk can make all the difference when something goes wrong while traveling on a cold winter day. Here is a quick list of items you should include in that box: flashlight, first-aid kit, blankets, gloves, a bag of sand (for traction), ice scraper, some high-energy snacks (like nuts or jerky), water, and a shovel for digging out of deep snow. All these items are useful for operating a motor vehicle in the winter months. During winter weather driving, remember to slow down and increase your following distance.

Fall Leaf Collection

Cardboard Recycling in Sandy

Waste Management will be collecting bagged leaves that are placed on the parkstrip or non-paved area adjacent to your home. Please follow the guidelines listed below for your area of the city. • Residents who live north of 9400 South: Place leaves on the parkstrip by 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 15. • Residents who live south of 9400 South: Place leaves on the parkstrip by 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 29. Please put your leaves in plastic bags with the tops sealed to prevent the wind from blowing them throughout the neighborhood. Bagged leaves that are left out on Monday will be picked up anytime during the week indicated. This service is unavailable to businesses, apartments, condominiums, mobile home parks, or anyone not a resident of Sandy City. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (801) 568 2999.

Due to the increase of online purchases, Sandy City and Waste Management would like to make it easier for residents to recycle their cardboard packaging. For this reason, we are providing a cardboard dumpster at the following location for residents: • Sandy City Public Works 8775 S. 700 W. Open Monday–Friday, from 7 a.m.–4:30 p.m. The cardboard bin is located inside the Maintenance Entrance gate on the north end of the property adjacent to the glass recycling dumpster. If you have problems locating the bin, please check in at the office.

Thanksgiving Waste Collection Since the Trans-Jordan Landfill will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, your regularly scheduled service on Thursday and Friday will be delayed one day.

I S S U E # 87

N OV E M B ER – D E C E M B ER 2021




We are proud to have the IMA Family at Alta Canyon. IMA Utah is a family-owned dojo that is run by Shihan Marius and his two sons, Nicolae and Elijah. Friday night class at Alta Canyon Sports Center from 5–6 p.m. Sign up today:

9565 S. Highland Drive, Sandy, Utah 84092 PLAY & LEARN PRESCHOOL

Children will enjoy their day at Play & Learn Preschool with a variety of games and activities. There is playtime, class time, lunch, and more playtime. Our teachers work hard to make learning fun and engaging. Registration is now open online.


Beginner, intermediate, and advanced! Director and instructors are experienced tumbling teachers with 15+ years of experience. For more info, contact Whitney at (801) 440-8505.



League will be held every Tuesday for 6 weeks. Registration is available online and in-person. Members $45. Non-Members $55.

There are so many benefits to group fitness! Motivation, structure, proper form, variety, accountability, and FUN to name a few. Check out the full schedule online.

River Oaks Golf Course 9300 South Riverside Drive, Sandy, Utah (801) 568-4653 WINTER “INDOOR” GOLF LESSONS

Wintertime is a perfect time to make big swing changes that will give you big results in 2022. All winter long, 2016 Utah PGA Teacher of the Year Ryan Holt will be teaching indoor lessons at River Oaks Teaching Academy. Using high-speed video analysis, a pressure pad, and sensors that measure weight transfer, Ryan can get the most out of your swing. Whether you want big changes or just to keep the rust off, Ryan can help you out. B A N Q U E T R O O M AT S A N D Y C I T Y




If you are looking for holiday gifts, we match and beat any price in the valley for golf equipment. Anything from soft spikes to full sets of golf clubs! We do advanced fittings for FREE with the purchase of the equipment. Gift certificates for lessons and fittings are also available. Email Ryan at or call (435) 840-3102.


Book your corporate event today! Our calendar fills up quickly so plan ahead and get your spot today. Our tournament package is a turnkey operation. You send us your guest names, preferred special contest and any sponsorship sign, and we will get it all set up for you. Call PGA Professional, Skyler Doran at (801) 568.4650.


Come celebrate the holidays with us inside the beautiful banquet room. We are conveniently located inside the River Oaks Clubhouse, 9300 S. Riverside Drive (700 W.) in Sandy. This facility is perfect for receptions, ceremonies, wedding and corporate luncheons, family gatherings, business meetings, class reunions, golf tournaments, and upcoming holiday parties. Book now to reserve your date. For bookings, or more information contact Kelly Christensen at (801) 231-5250.



NOVEMBER JOBS CORNER Full-Time/Part-Time, Benefitted

Part-Time, Non-benefitted

• • • •

• • • • •

Chief Engineer - Public Works Professional Building Inspector Street Maintenance Worker Justice Court Clerk

Crossing Guard Custodian Official/Referee/Scorekeeper Recreation Site Supervisor Camp Counselors



Fraud Prevention Tips from Sandy Police Department

Protect yourself from fraud and scams: • Do not share numbers or passwords for accounts, credit cards, or Social Security. • Watch out for deals that are too good today that pressure you to act quickly. • If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

JR. JAZZ BASKETBALL Registration deadline is Nov. 14. Practices begin Dec. 6. Games begin Jan. 3, 2022. More details available:

WANTED: JR. JAZZ REFEREES Apply today at GREAT PAY! (Must be at least 14 years old)

TURKEY TROT 5K RUN Register now for our Annual Turkey Trot 5K on Nov. 13. Time: Location: Registration Fee: Online Registration: Packet pick-up: Late Registration: Late Registration Fee:

10 a.m. Lone Peak Park (Gazebo) - 10140 S. 700 E. $25/individual or $20/family or groups Closes on Thursday, Nov. 11 at 7 a.m. Friday, Nov. 12 from 8 a.m. –5 p.m. - 440 E. 8680 S. Nov. 11-13 in person only! $30/individual or $25/family or groups

Day of race registration at Lone Peak Park from 9–9:45 a.m. To register or for more information visit

Common types of scams to look out for: • Social Security scams. Scammers pretending to be from Social Security Administration and try to get your Social Security number or money. • Fishing scams. Scammers emailing or texting messages to trick you into giving them personal information. • Unemployment benefits scams. Imposters filing claims for unemployment benefits. Classic warnings of possible fraud scams: • Calling or emailing you, claiming to be from the government and asking you to pay money. • Asking you to wire the money, send money by courier, or put money on a prepaid card and send it to them. • Asking for access to your ATM cards, bank accounts, credit cards, or investment accounts. • Asking you to pay upfront to receive a prize or a gift.

BY THE NUMBERS Community Arts - 2021

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Spring Youth Sports Registration for soccer, girls softball, boys baseball, & T-ball/ coach pitch begins Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022 Adult Softball Registration begins Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022 (for returning 2021 spring & fall teams)

I N P E R S O N R E G I S T R AT I O N : Sandy Parks & Recreation - 440 E. 8680 S. Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (801) 568-2900

O N L I N E R E G I S T R AT I O N : (available for most sports & programs) I S S U E # 87

N OV E M B ER – D E C E M B ER 2021

• 26 events • 14 concerts • 4 theatrical productions • 3 visual art shows • 6 sold out concerts • 8 free events • 800+ youth artists and actors







First Aid, CPR and AED Class

9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Station 31: 9010 S. 150 E.


Babysitting Academy

3:30–6:30 p.m.

Station 31: 9010 S. 150 E.

NOV 17

First Aid, CPR and AED Class

6–10 p.m.

Station 31: 9010 S. 150 E.

NOV 29

Light Up the Cairns

5–7 p.m.

Sandy City Hall


First Aid, CPR and AED Class

9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Station 31: 9010 S. 150 E.

DEC 6-19

Sandy Snowman Scavenger Hunt

Facebook / Instagram


First Aid, CPR and AED Class

Station 31: 9010 S. 150 E.

6–10 p.m.

All events subject to change due to COVID-19. Go to for more events. 6