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I have a calendar in my office with Western scenes that illustrate insights into the life of cowboys, horses, and life on the range. For the month of September, the Tim Cox artwork shows five mounted cowboys out on a late summer/early fall hardscape in the late afternoon. By the dress of three in shirtsleeves, it isn’t an early morning ride with the full moon in the west; but rather a mild post-sunset afternoon clop, clop return to the ranch house picturing a threesome verbally reviewing the work of the day and perhaps planning tomorrow’s workload. As this year passes out of another unforgettable summer, and as we prepare for the lovely fall weather, for which this part of the Great Basin is renowned, it’s good to slow down and reflect on our work in the elements, with our workmates, and appreciate each good, productive “day.” Plans easily roll off our tongues as we look forward to this month of September as the weeks roll toward cooler weather (maybe even with increased precipitation), perhaps a good harvest from our vegetable plots, perhaps even some good ballgames. Summer wear will be tossed, stored away for next May-June, or donated to collection agencies to be recycled to the benefit of others less fortunate. I personally hope to see less “Help Wanted” signs in our local businesses – not because businesses close down, but because the desire to be employed, to earn and use good income from employment to benefit family, self, and society increases –

By Mayor Robert Hale

as more and more employable come work for the benefit of themselves and society. And what of another favorite topic: Education. It makes a big difference in everyone’s life when each person learns skills that can be shared with customers, employers, neighbors, family, and friends. Undereducated citizens are soon displaced by AI (artificial intelligence), machinery, electro-tools, or left behind because they are unprepared for the future as commerce and industry advances beyond their current or former skills. Continuing education, whether formal or informal, is an absolute requisite to find value in the future. Never stop learning! Learn a new skill or a new tool. Learn a new language: if you know Spanish, learn English better; if you know English, learn Spanish, French, Portuguese. Or why not learn English better? Never stop learning! The day a bird stops learning, it gets caught by a predator; the day a businessperson stops learning, a competitor advances right into their territory or product line and whisks away their customer’s cash flow. There are so many examples! You’ve seen our young students on the streets– school has started up again. Your driving skills must be ever alert at certain hours of the day and in certain locations in city traffic. Drive defensively! Drive like your mother or father instructed you from the passenger seat while she/he sat there white-knuckled as you were learning the pedals, gear shift knob, mirrors, dials and observing everything going on inside and outside the glass bubble of the vehicle that a driver commands. You are precious and we want you home every night!

UTOPIA Fiber Has Fully Connected Midvale City

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The Heart of the Matter

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Roger Timmerman, CEO, UTOPIA Fiber announced happily today that every address in Midvale, Utah can sign up for service, completing UTOPIA Fiber’s high-speed fiber network throughout the thriving Salt Lake City suburb. Now, all 35,000 residents, anchor institutions, and businesses in Midvale can access the fastest residential and business internet speeds in the United States. Notably, Midvale City, is one of the original 11 cities that founded the UTOPIA Fiber network. “Completing Midvale City is especially gratifying because its city leaders shared UTOPIA Fiber’s vision of a net-neutral, fiber-connected future. At the time, residential fiber networks were virtually unheard of in the United States, so my predecessors had to pioneer many modern-day best practices through trial and error,” explained Timmerman. “Now, much of the key learnings gleaned from building UTOPIA Fiber’s original cities, like Midvale, are influencing national broadband policy and innovative funding mechanisms,” he added. Today, UTOPIA Fiber is laying approximately 45 miles of fiber conduit every few weeks and is fully building cities in months, not years. Investors have taken notice as UTOPIA Fiber—through its financial arm Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA)—has raised nearly $300 million in the last decade, with over $100 million in the last 15 months alone. A portion of a $52 million capital raised in February was used to quickly complete Midvale City.

“The people of Midvale City are reaping the rewards of sticking with UTOPIA Fiber through the network’s early years,” said Robert Hale, Mayor of Midvale City. “Midvale residents and businesses not only have access to the fastest speeds in the nation, they also have access to Smart City services like free public WiFi, and UTOPIA Fiber’s revolutionary air quality monitoring and early-wildfire detection systems.” Midvale City joins a long list of Utah cities that UTOPIA Fiber has completed including Brigham City, Centerville, Morgan, Perry, Layton, Lindon, Tremonton, West Point, and Woodland Hills. According to Timmerman, the network has an extensive pipeline of upcoming fiber projects throughout the state. “The mission is plain and simple: Enhance quality-of-life by connecting everyone to high-speed fiber, and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” he said. Today, UTOPIA Fiber provides fiber-to-the-home services in 16 cities, and commercial services in over 50. It operates as an Open Access network, meaning that UTOPIA Fiber builds the infrastructure and allows private sector ISPs to offer net-neutral internet services through public fiber lines. Service starts at $65/month for 250/250 Mbps and residents have the option to choose speeds up to 10 Gbps (up to 100 Gbps for business) from 15 local providers—the fastest internet speeds in the nation.

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(Parking Lot) Lot) Midvale City Hall (Parking Holden Street Street 7505 S Holden

7505 Sentrance Holden(Holden Street Enter from the southwest Street) and exit Enter from the southwest entrance (Holden Street) and exit out from of thethe southeast entrance onto Main Street. Enter southwest entranceonto (Holden Street) and exit out of the southeast entrance Main Street. out of the southeast entrance onto Main Street.

Acceptable items items Acceptable Acceptable items

Documents Documents Cell Documents Phones Cell Cell Phones Phones Computers & Laptops Computers & Laptops Computers & Laptops Keyboards Keyboards Keyboards iPods/MP3 Players iPods/MP3 Players iPods/MP3 Players Hard Drives Drives HardHard Drives Stereos/DVD Players Stereos/DVD Players Stereos/DVD Players Fax Fax Machines Machines Fax Machines

NOT Accepted Accepted NOT NOT Accepted Televisions Televisions Televisions CRT Monitors CRT CRTMonitors Monitors Cracked LCDs Cracked CrackedLCDs LCDs Printers Printers Printers

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Questions? CallCall 801-567-7235 Questions? 801-567-7235 Questions? Call 801-567-7235

Monday through Thursday, 6:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 6:30 a.m. to to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Enter from the southwest southwest entrance entrance (Holden (Holden Street) Street) and and exit exit southeast entrance entrance onto onto Main Main Street. Street. out of the southeast

Acceptable items Documents Cell Phones Laptops Computers & Laptops Keyboards Players iPods/MP3 Players Hard Drives Stereos/DVD Players Players Fax Machines

NOT Accepted Accepted NOT Televisions Televisions CRT Monitors Monitors CRT Cracked LCDs LCDs Cracked Printers Printers This program program is is strictly strictly for for Midvale Midvale This residents and and their their residential residential items items residents

801-567-7235 Questions? Call 801-567-7235 Thursday, 6:30 6:30 a.m. a.m. to to 5:00 5:00 p.m. p.m. Monday through Thursday,

For more information, visit or call 801-567-7235


Water and Sewer Rate Increase After careful analysis and discussion, Midvale City passed a water and sewer rate increase effective with September 2021 billings. For water customers, the actual increase depends on water consumption and service area. An “average” residential water user will see an increase of $1 to $5 per month. Larger water users (such as commercial and multi-family apartment complexes) will see increases ranging from $66 to $83 per month for water. Sewer rates will increase 10%. Why is this Increase Needed? The City hired an independent engineering firm to create a Drinking Water System Master Plan, which looked at the current and future needs of the water system. The Plan identified over $23 million in projects, along with another $2 million in annual needs for existing system replacement (such as pipes). Currently, sewer rates do not cover improvements needed for the system. After this Plan was created, the City hired a separate consultant to perform a Comprehensive Water and Sewer Financial Sustainability Plan to develop a model to fund the needed improvements. Both water and sewer systems have served the City well for many decades, and the City wants to make sure both systems service current and future residents for decades to come. How does the New Water Structure Work? The new water rate structure still has a “base” fee, which is charged regardless of the amount of water used and does not include an allowance for water usage. Water usage is now charged based on four “tiers” (instead of just a “peak” and “off peak” rate), with the cost of water going up as more water is used. Simply put, the more water used, the more that is charged for water. This type of rate structure encourages conservation and allows users more control over the effect of the rate increase.

What Other Alternatives did the City Look at? The water and sewer rate review process began earlier this year and was discussed at four City Council meetings, the City Council budget retreat in April, and the Town Hall in August. The City looked at 4 different scenarios. To ease the overall increase, the City will put most of its American Rescue Plan Act funds from the Federal government towards water projects and will gradually increase repair and replacement funds up to the recommended $2 million per year. Where can I get More Information? The City’s website contains all the information presented at the Town Hall. A “Frequently Asked Questions” flyer is also available on the website, which answers many common questions presented to the City. If you have any additional questions about the increases, please contact Utility Billing at (801) 567-7200.

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Midvale City Newsletter | September 2021  

Midvale City Newsletter | September 2021  

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