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JUNE 2022

City Hall – 7505 South Holden Street • Midvale, UT 84047


Marcus’s Message

By Mayor Marcus Stevenson

As mayor, I’m committed to be transparent, honest, and open in my communication to residents. That’s why it’s important to me that I let you know a property tax increase is being proposed for this year. The fact that our city will be considering a property tax increase in our current time of high inflation and cost of living increases, is not something I take lightly. However, just as inflation is impacting all of us, the same is true for our city. That’s why I wanted to explain the reasoning behind this proposed increase and describe the budgetary challenges we face as a city. Before I go on, I’ll also add that all of this is tentative and things do, and will, change. It’s mid-May as I write this, and by the time you read this, things could have changed drastically. Only a small amount of your property taxes come to Midvale City. While looking at my own property taxes, last year I paid a total of $2,367, of which $182 went to Midvale City. This was a mere 7.7% of the property tax I paid. The largest part of our property taxes goes to our schools and Salt Lake County. So, what exactly is your Midvale City property tax going towards? It’s simple: Unified Police Department. Every cent of property tax collected by Midvale City pays for law enforcement, but it only covers 31% of the total cost. This means the other 69% of our law enforcement is funded by sales tax and other smaller revenue streams. Just a year ago, our member fee to Unified Police Department was $9.2 million, but that is increasing to $11.7 million – a $2.5 million increase that our city must come up with. Projections show that our current property tax rate will now only cover 23% of our entire police costs and that 45% of our entire general fund budget will go to law enforcement services. Understanding how much (or rather how little) our property taxes cover our contract cost with the Unified Police Department, and how much of our general fund budget is dedicated to law

enforcement, becomes critical in understanding how challenging it is to keep costs low while providing the daily services that we all expect to have as residents. As far as Midvale City’s own budgetary increases are concerned, we are proposing to fund a cost-of-living increase for all our employees. Last year we had 32% of our staff turnover, which meant services for our residents were impacted as staff tried to cover multiple jobs. That’s why we are proposing an 8% cost of living pay increase for all employees to help our city stay competitive in the job market and ensure that the critical services we provide are maintained for our residents. Outside of this, the budgetary requests from our staff were minimal, as we work to keep costs as low as possible. We expect in the upcoming fiscal year that our city revenues will increase by 10% and our expenses will increase by 14%. This means we are left with approximately a $700,000 funding deficit that we must make up for by either increasing property taxes, using our rainy-day fund to help offset the cost for this year, cutting back city services, or some combination of these options. At this point, projections show that by using property taxes to cover this entire deficit, a 26% property tax increase would be necessary (a $48 increase for the average homeowner per year). However, by using some of our rainy-day funds, we could cut that back to 10.8% (a $20 increase for the average homeowner per year) or use both rainy-day funds and cut back city services to do a 4.8% increase (a $9 increase for the average homeowner per year). As I stated at the beginning, much of this is still in the air at the time of this writing, but any proposed property tax increase would need to be announced by June 22nd, which is why I feel it’s so important to be transparent about these budgetary restrictions our city faces and I hope our residents see how hard we working to keep costs low in these uncertain times with inflation and cost of living increases.

June Classes and Special Meals COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM at Midvale Senior Center Midvale Senior Center will be hosting The Aging Mastery Program that will be held on Tuesdays starting June 14 through August 23 at 1:00 PM. The program covers Navigating Longer Lives, Exercise and You, Sleep, Healthy Eating and Hydration, Financial Fitness, Medication Management, Advance Planning, Healthy Relationships, Falls Prevention and Community Engagement. With the rising gas, housing, and inflation costs; we will be hosting a Money Matters Series of classes. Topics include Protect Yourself from Scams and Financial Exploitation, Tax Relief, AARP Smart Driver Course, Vital Aging: Ways to Live on Less, and Surviving Rent Increases on a Fixed Income. Call for dates, times and to register. We will be having two special lunches in June. We will be celebrating Father’s Day on Friday, June 17, and will be serving Pot Roast. On Tuesday, June 21, we will be celebrating Juneteenth and will be serving Grilled Bratwurst. To register for the Aging Mastery Program, Money Matters classes, or lunch call 385-468-3350.

Midvale is happy to announce the reestablishment of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This team along with other CERT team members from around the county prepare citizens to respond effectively in disaster. CERT trains residents to prepare their families and neighborhoods to mitigate, respond to and recover from disaster. Our goal is to strengthen our community and make it more resilient, neighborhood by neighborhood. If you are interested in CERT or have further questions, please contact our Emergency Manager Brad Jewett at BJewett@unifiedfire.org

In The Middle of Everything


Connecting Midvale

New e Paradime t S art Ta.m. 9:00

Save the Dates August 1 & 2 Neighborhood Block Parties

Wednesday, August 3 Midvale Arts Council Hall of Honors

Friday, August 5 Midvale Arts Council Summer Concert Series

Saturday, August 6 Harvest Days Parade, Festival, Concerts & Fireworks

Saturday, August 6 Baby Goat Yoga Kids Activities Bingo Food Trucks Carnival Games Basketball Tournament Booth Vendors

Evening Concerts Featuring Coco's Rumba Libre Crescent Super Band



The Midvale City Harvest Days Festival Committee is pleased to announce that plans are underway for the annual Harvest Days Festival. The festival will take place on Saturday, August 6, 2022, at Midvale City Park. Harvest Days is an honored tradition that brings a fun-filled day that residents look forward to every year. In addition to free live entertainment, fireworks, parade, baby goat yoga, and activities, Midvale Harvest Days provides a venue for area merchants, artists, and home crafters to display and sell their products in a family-oriented atmosphere. Vendors can participate FREE OF CHARGE. Prospective vendors can visit the Harvest Days website (www.MidvaleHarvestDays.com) to complete the online application. Spaces fill up quickly. So, please submit your application as soon as possible.


Water Efficient Landscaping (Xeriscaping & Localscaping) Implementing waterwise practices in your landscape can help conserve a great deal of water. Xeriscaping and localscaping are two waterwise landscaping techniques that incorporate native, drought-resistant plants and arrange them in efficient, water-saving ways. Both approaches conserve water while creating a simplified landscape that is more resilient and sustainable in Utah’s climate. Localscapes was developed by a team of horticulturists, landscape designers, maintenance professionals, irrigation experts, and members of the water industry. The goal was simple: create a landscaping approach that takes all the complex and confusing science behind landscape design and simplifies it to create landscapes that thrive in Utah. Plus, a localscaped yard uses two-thirds less water than a traditional Utah landscape.

Does Midvale City allow localscaping?

Midvale allows, and encourages, localscape design in landscaping a property. An excerpt on landscape requirements from one of Midvale’s single-family zones: “…yard and setback areas visible from street access, including park-strips…shall be landscaped. Landscaping shall include the treatment of the ground surface with live materials such as, but not limited to, sod, grass, ground cover, trees, shrubs, vines, and other growing horticultural plant material. In addition, a combination of xeriscape plantings and designs that may include other decorative surfacing’s such as bark chips, crushed stone, mulch materials, decorative concrete or pavers shall also meet landscaping requirements”. As is stated, xeriscape (or localscape) is allowed, with no minimum or maximum coverage. If you are considering replacing, updating, or even installing new landscape on your property, “localscape” away!

Saving water saves you money

Adopting waterwise landscaping techniques can help you save money on yard operation and maintenance costs. Midvale City partners with Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District to provide rebates and free workshops to further encourage residents to be water smart. Learn more about these great programs that are really making a difference:


Become a part of the landscaping movement spreading throughout Utah. If you’re localizing your landscape, you may be eligible for some rewards! Create an account on utahwatersavers.com to see if you qualify.

Conservation Garden Park

Conservation Garden Park models the best use of water in Utah landscapes and empowers communities to make the most of our shared water resources. Jordan Valley Water’s Conservation Garden Park showcases landscapes suited for Utah’s unique climate that are not only beautiful and easier to maintain but are also designed to efficiently use water. A variety of community classes are held at the Conservation Garden Park ranging in topic from irrigation to vegetable gardening. These classes will teach you how to conserve water in a beautiful and lush landscape.

Utah Water Savers

From rebates to free landscape consultations, utahwatersavers.com is helping Utahns save both money and water. Visit utahwatersavers.com today to create a free account and start saving! Most of the programs listed on this page are available.

Bringing Life and Color to Midvale’s Historic Main Street TRANSFORMING MIDVALE’S HISTORIC MAIN STREET INTO AN ARTS, CULTURE, AND FOOD DISTRICT Midvale’s historic Main Street will be overrun with talented muralists, scissor lifts, and ladders, and bathed in hundreds of gallons of paint during the Midvale Main Street Mural Festival on Saturday, June 18, 2022, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The festival, a partnership between Midvale City and ALL CAPS Art Gallery, brings talented muralists to adorn building walls, enliven streetscapes, and beautify the community. Attendees can expect to see a variety of styles and will be able to witness the creative process in action. In addition to the art, there will be festivities for the whole community from music to food trucks, and vendors. Whether you make it to the festival or not, it’s worth making a trip to marvel at the finished masterpieces. The Redevelopment Agency of Midvale City is working to transform Midvale’s Main Street into an arts, culture, and food district. The Midvale Main Street Festival is an early step towards achieving this goal. Beautifying public areas improves the quality of life for Midvale residents and enhances Midvale’s unique culture, identity, and community spirit. To learn more about the future of Midvale’s historic Main Street visit www.MidvaleCity.org/mainstreet.