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MHS Baseball, Softball District Champs!

After so many years, it is almost expected that the MHS Dragon baseball and softball teams claim the title of District 5 2A Champions. In fact, it might be bigger news if they lost. Years of work, training, teaching, and dedication to their sport has demonstrated over and over again the talent and ability that these teams have. Continuing their impressive streak, the Malad softball and baseball teams clinched the victory on Thursday, May 9.

The Dragons, led by Head Coach Bo Clark, easily claimed the number one spot in their tournament, beating Bear Lake twice. In their first matchup, Malad only managed a 3-0 lead over the Bears. But as they faced off for the second time, the Dragons stepped up to win with a commanding 13-2 lead. The scoring started early as they put their run on the board in the opening inning. They put some real distance between them in the second inning as they scored five more runs to make it 6-0. Scoring in each of the remaining innings, the Dragons solidified their win and their place in the upcoming IHSAA 2A State Baseball Tournament.

The Lady Dragons, under Head Coach Bri Adams, won their 12th consecutive district championship title as they bested each of their district opponents. Over their three games West Side, Bear Lake, and Soda Springs, the team tallied an impressive 41-1 score in only 13 innings. The Lady Dragons will be the team to beat as they compete in Orofino, Idaho for their 5th state title. For the full story and game stats, continue reading on page 16.

Despite weather delays, the Dragons were once again able to claim the 2A Fifth District Baseball Championship on their home field after

Lake. Playing on this year’s team were, Front row L-R:

Elections Next Tuesday—Final Campaign Push underway

Elections for state offices as well as a number of county positions are scheduled for next Tuesday at the Oneida County Event Center. Unless you have already submitted an absentee ballot, the Event Center will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to cast your vote. A few clarifications for voters: while the polls will officially close at 8 p.m., anyone who is in line by then will be allowed to vote. Because the election is a primary election, there are several ballots, which are different based on the registration of the voter. Most Oneida County voters, according to past trends and available data, will be voting on Republican ballots, but ballots for Democratic, Nonpartisan, Libertarian, and Constitution voters will also be available. Anyone who has not registered yet, or needs to re-register or update their registration can do so at the polling location in the form of Election Day Registration, which can be explained by the staff on site at the Event Center.

As the last week two weeks of active campaigning culminate, activity among the candidates has increased in intensity. Last week, a debate/discussion forum was hosted at the Victory Baptist Church, moderated by Pastor Jack Harwell and organized by Harry Sherman. Candidates for the Sheriff position John Christophersen,

Jonathan Hayes, and Doug Williams were each asked a series of questions selected from those submitted to the organizing group, and eventually responded to each of them in turn. The questions covered some of the basic aspects of law enforcement from the sheriff’s position, such as “would you apply the laws consistently, regardless of who was in violation of them,” “how would you deal with corruption if it were discovered in public officials,” “what would you do in your

position beyond administration?” and so on. The candidates answered that series of questions in more or less the same manner, stressing that corruption in public officials should never be tolerated and should be dealt with as quickly and severely as possible, and that all laws should be applied consistently regardless of who is involved. Each candidate had a person-

Daring armed prison break in France kills two (CNN)French authorities launched a manhunt on Tuesday after gunmen ambushed a prison convoy in Normandy to break out an inmate, killing two guards and wounding three others.

The violent incident, extremely rare for that part of northern France, took place as the vehicle was transporting a prisoner from court to a nearby prison, according to French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti said. A manhunt is underway to find suspects who carried out the prison break and the inmate, a 30-year-old who had been convicted of burglary and is being investigated for a kidnapping related to death, according to the French national prosecutor in charge of organized crime, which has already opened an investigation into the incident. CNN is not naming the inmate at this time.

Average hourly wages for Idaho workers rose 8.3% last year, statewide average $26.75. Wages grew 7% — or $1.67 — on average across Idaho’s population centers from 2022 to 2023. Idaho’s capital city saw the highest growth. The Boise metropolitan area wages grew 10.3%, the Idaho Department of Labor announced. Wage growth varied across other Idaho population centers — from as high as 8.7% for the Logan, Utah, metropolitan area that includes some small eastern Idaho counties, to as low as 0.2% in Idaho Falls. Pocatello saw 8.1% growth, Twin Falls saw 7.3%. Since so many residents of southeast Idaho communities work in other areas, the averages are potentially somewhat misleading. As you can see from the data, Idaho Falls stayed essentially static, while Pocatello and Logan saw large growth.


to oust Speaker Johnson fails

Efforts by a small group of U.S. House Republicans to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from his leadership role failed Wednesday night, ending weeks of infighting about whether the Louisianan should remain the head of that chamber. Republican lawmakers joined by Democrats voted 359-43 to table, or set aside, the so-called motion to vacate. Reps. Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher, voted in favor of tabling the motion.

Oneida County Democrats Caucus in McCammon

Although most Oneida County presidential voters most likely already voted in the GOP caucus earlier in the season, any Oneida County Democrats who would like to caucus for the presidential election can attend the state event at the McCammon Public Library on 808 Center street in McCammon from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on May 23 to do so. Bannock County itself has two locations for the caucuses, but due to the small numbers in Marsh Valley and surrounding areas, a caucus has been set up for those voters, including Oneida County. While the outcome is not really in question, the following candidates have qualified for the ballot in the state: Biden, David Olscamp, Jason Palmer, Armando Perez-Serrato, Dean Phillips, and Marianne Williamson.

Oneida County's News
1879 Malad City, Idaho May 16, 2024 |Vol. 144 No. 20 $1.50 Sample Ballots Pg. 8-9 High School Graduates Pg. 11-13 Sports Pg. 14-16 Dragon Doings Pg. 2 Gun Club Round Robin Pg. 4 Oneida County Hall of Fame Pg. 6 NEWS
defeating Bear Cael Seamons, Holdyn Higley, Ky Willie, Brooks Blaisdell, Dawsyn Peterson, Easton Green, Kayson Neal, Back row L-R: Timmy Jensen, Rydon Montgomery, Carter Blaisdell, Brycen Howe, Kurt Ward, Ryan Hubbard, Brady Showell, Carter Carey, and Sawyer Poulson. Photo Krishele Jensen Candidates Doug Williams, John Christopherson and Jonathan Hayes spoke at an event at the Victory Baptist Church last week, one of the many campaign events as the election draws to a close. The Lady Dragon 2A District 5 Champion team Back row L-R: Coach Aysha Maddox, Coach Bri Adams, Hadley Summers, Anistyn Tovey, Adley Kimberling, Hallie Horsley, Kaitlyn Pickett, Tylee Venable, Marin Brown, Kylee Tanner, Kallie Daniels, Coach Arlene Shulz, and Coach Rachel Green. Front row L-R: Kialey Pickett, Bostyn Combs, Teagan Daniels, Riglee Peterson, Brylee Oglesbee, Liddia Gonzalez, Aubrey Shulz, and Logan Maroney.

Malad Takes on Envirothon!

Last week on Monday, April 29th and Tuesday, April 30th, six students from Malad High School traveled to Challis, ID with FFA advisor Lexie Evans to compete in Envirothon ‘24. These students were Kimball Carter, Mathilde Dickerson, Emma Lloyd, Caleb Roe, and Jenetta Jacaway (alternate). The theme of Envirothon ‘24 was “Renewable Resources for a Sustainable Future.” On Monday, the team spent the day learning about forestry, aquatics, soil, and wildlife. The teams would cycle between each station, given a 45-minute lecture about each area by people who worked in the field. Each team was then quizzed on these four categories, where Malad took first place in the forestry exam! Mathilde Dickerson, a team member whose focus area was forestry, said “It was such a great experience. Even with all the prior preparations, all the forestry studying I did beforehand, I still learned so much and was so excited when we won the forestry award!”

On Monday evening, a guest speaker spoke about the importance of renewable resources, the most sustainable resources, and the cheapest and most efficient methods of sustainability. The teams were then quizzed on this speech where, once again, Malad’s team took first place. After this presentation and exam, every attendee was introduced to the problem in which they would have two and a half hours to come up with a solution using no resources except the notes they took throughout the day. This solution would then be presented in front of a panel of judges.

The problem involved providing a plan to achieve the fictional town, Envirotown’s, energy goal, which was to attain a net zero in carbon emissions by 2050. The teams were given information regarding pre-existing industries within the

Dragon Doings

town, natural resources within and surrounding the town, population density, and other pertinent information. Malad’s team came up with three ideas: to build a hydroelectric dam on the adjacent river, to build a wood biofuel factory next to the logging facility, and to implement small but impactful changes on local farmlands.

After two and a half hours, split in half between Monday night and Tuesday morning, the team then presented their solutions to a panel of three judges. After an anxious wait, all of the teams met back in the main area to have lunch while they announced the top five teams, who would be moving on to the next round and presenting in front of a larger panel of judges and all attendees.

When Malad’s team was announced in the top five teams, the members were shocked. Kimball Carter, team captain, said he was “Surprised. Really, really surprised. I wasn’t expecting it.” Emma Lloyd, a team member, said it felt “amazing” when their team was announced, “I completely blanked.”

The elation from the team was immeasurable, and they were excited to have placed in the top five and have the opportunity to go to nationals. After a long hour of waiting, Malad’s team was ready to present in front of everyone, more confident than the first time. The presentation went well and the team was feeling great. After presenting, Malad’s team awaited the results eagerly.

In the final awards ceremony, where Malad’s team accepted their two awards in forestry and the current issue exam, they were awarded Outstanding Presentation! The team was beyond excited to have placed first in presentations and fifth overall! It was a great experience for Malad’s team, and they are grateful to have been sponsored by the Oneda Soil and Water Conservation District, allowing them to attend this year and bring home four plaques for Malad.

2024-2025 Class Elections

We, the students of Malad High School, are so excited to embark on the 2024-2025 school year with our newly elected student body and class officers. The new and upcoming study body officers are as follows : President: Zach Richardson; Vice President: Katie Coatney; Secretary: Brycen Talbot; Public Relations: Pagie Wilson; Pep Rep: Baylee Owens. For the Senior Class Presidency, it is as follows: President: Aubree Palmer; Vice President: McKenzie Leckie; Secretary: Teagan Daniels; Pep Rep: Anistyn Tovey. The Junior Class Presidency is as follows: President: Boston Burbidge; Vice President: Jack Willie; Secretary: Jaylee Ekstrom; Public Relations: Emma Bird; Pep

Rep: Adi Schow. For the Sophomore Class Presidency, it is as follows: President: Drake Morison; Vice President: Jaxon Blasiedell; Secretary: Carter Smith; Pep Rep: Emree Hanks; Public Relations: Paityn Ward. The new and upcoming Freshman Class Presidency is as follows: President: Dawson Beutler; Vice President: Apen Bingham; Secretary: Brielle Bastian; Public Relations: Val Oseguera; Pep Rep: Kallee Talbot. When asking new Senior Class President Aubree Palmer, and Junior Pep Rep Adi Schow about their excitement for the new year they replied, “We cannot wait for the new school year!” Aubree remarked, “I love watching others grow in leadership positions, but there is no other office where you can get closer to your student body like at Malad High School!”

C M C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 2 Hands of Hope Home Health and Hospice now helping serve patients of Oneida County and surrounding areas. Provides care to individuals of all ages. Medicare/Medicaid certi ed. Hands of Hope Home Health and Hospice Also o ering OT, ST and PT in all four counties Give us a call at 208-760-3091
Sophomore Class Presidency Student Body Senior Class Presidency Junior Class Presidency Freshman Class Presidency

al story of holding friends and family to the same standard of the law they would expect themselves to be held to.

The backgrounds of each of the candidates was also presented, with Hayes representing the youngest candidate and having a background that includes teaching and work at Northrup Grumman in addition to law enforcement and work with the County GOP, Christophersen having worked with both the city and county in the capacity of law enforcement as well as career as a diesel mechanic and in the area of trucking, and Williams with an ongoing high-level role in the Sheriff’s office as well as work at Promontory Point. Each had interesting personal reasons for becoming involved in and remaining dedicated to law enforcement.

The question about how the new sheriff would be involved in day-today policing is especially relevant as the department has been short-handed for a number of months, and will need the sheriff to be highly active with ongoing casework. All three candidates stated that they would plan to be very hands-on in addition to the required administrative duties.

Other questions were more specific to the local environment, with the candidates asked about issues such as the relationship the sheriff foresaw with the Peacekeepers group and how they would respond to any attempts at “gun seizure”. While both questions were more complicated than short answers would permit, since as a law enforcement official the sheriff is obligated to follow statutory regulations about liability and so on, the candidates expressed a willingness to and eagerness to work with local organizations in the community who were interested in aiding law enforcement. The Peacekeepers is a citizen-led group that was formed to support the local police in the event of civil unrest. Groups such as Neighborhood Watch and Community patrol organizations were also mentioned.

On these and many other topics raised through the series of questions the candidates expressed a lot of shared values and fundamental principles. The differences between them were primarily expressed in terms of focus and temperament. All three have served or are serving in law enforcement capacities in the past, with Doug Williams currently serving as the Chief of Deputies, John Christophersen having formerly served with the Sheriff’s Office and now working with the City in Code Enforcement, and Johnathon Hayes having served as a State Trooper in Idaho.

Later in the week, the same sheriff’s candidates joined candidates for the other elected offices at Ireland Bank for a meeting of the Oneida County Deputies. The Deputies are another organization formed to help support law enforcement in a variety of ways. The Deputies are primarily involved with sponsoring activities, educating members about various county issues, coordinating with the sheriff, and raising funds to support the department. Throughout the year, the group typically brings in public officials and speakers to address its members on issues of importance to the safety and policing of the city and county. Last week, the candidates were given time to introduce themselves and present their platform positions.

Candidates for Commissioner seats Brian Jeppsen and Kirk Willie (District 3), and Bill Lewis and Drew Pettis (District 1), and Sheriff (Christophersen, Hayes, and Williams) joined the group to briefly present their candidacies. Candidates for other positions were invited, but not in attendance.

The County Commissioner race for districts 1 and 3 involves two incumbents, Bill Lewis and Brian Jeppsen, and two challengers, Drew Pettis and Kirk Willie respectively. Lewis focused on his goals of maintaining high quality county employees, keeping taxes low and combating drug and


My name is Brian Jeppsen. I have had the wonderful opportunity to serve this county for the past 17 months as the District 3 County Commissioner. I have had stewardship responsibilities for and the privilege of woring with the following organizations: Economic Development, Emergency Services, Veterans / American Legion, Senior Citizens, SICOG (Southeast Idaho Council of Governments)

I am driven by a desire to serve and to unify in an effort to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest amount of people.

I have a History of Community Service:

• US Air Force Reserve Veteran

• EMT (10 years)

• Iron Door Theater / Malad Valley Theater Guild (Founding Board Member)

• Scouting (20+ years) local, district and national level leader / trainer

• Crisis Center Board member

• Assisted with organizing several fundraisers for needy community members and causes

• Lifelong service in various church capacities

• Co-instructor of Constitution Class (5,000 Year Leap)

Current Community Involvement:

• Oneida County Interfaith Council

• Oneida County Deputies Organization

• Oneida County Emergency Support Group (Peacekeepers)

• Malad Area Chamber of Commerce

• Certified NRA Firearms Instructor

• Bow Hunter Education Instructor (35+ years)

My pledge to the great citizens of Oneida County:

• Public Safety is TOP PRIORITY:

• Increase support for local law enforcement and emergency services as well as County Roads & Bridges

• Measure all local legislation against the Idaho and US Constitutions and adhere to the same.

• Open communication - Listen to understand

• Seek for and engage the voice of the people of Oneida County

• Strive for unity in public matters, based on the best interests of the people

• Assist in creating a safe community for all liberty-minded individuals

• Encourage responsible and sustainable growth and development within our county

• Promote open communication and cooperation between all public entities within the county

• Promote the proper role of government, as stated in the inspired Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

addiction problems. Pettis focused on expanding meeting times and access, as well as developing county policies that were different from those of surrounding counties. Jeppsen stressed the importance of encouraging managed growth in order to keep businesses prospering, and also maintaining vigilance against threats. Willie also talked about the importance of monitoring growth, and working to make a county where all stakeholders were represented.

After the candidate presentations, Sheriff Arner Jones updated the members of the Deputies about law enforcement issues in Oneida county, including some intriguing information about two cold cases that have been on the books for a number of years. In the triple homicide case from the Holbrook area, some addi-


Kirk Corbridge, May 17

William Crowther, May 17

Parley Davis, May 17

Marlee Johnson, May 17

Geoff Green, May 17

Kendon Seamons, May 17

Kevin Smith, May 17

Lisa Willie, May 17

Cory Daniels, May 18

Blake Ward, May 18

Scott Blackner, May 19

Philip Bott, May 20

Dean Evans, May 20

Edward Evans, May 20

Heidi Hannah, May 20

Michael Laub, May 20

tional leads have opened up that are being explored by the Sheriff’s office and other agencies that may lead to additional arrests or charges. In the much older cold case involving the kidnapping and murder of Patricia Campbell and Tina Anderson from 1981, new forensic evidence has potentially been found that may finally lead to a resolution to the longstanding mystery of who perpetrated the crimes and why. More information will be made available as it develops. As the campaigns draw to an end, voters are reminded that even if they do not plan to vote on any of the political candidates on the ballot, the May 21 election also includes a levy to support the library in the construction and upgrading of its facilities. It is not necessary to vote for every position in order to submit a ballot.

David Boel, May 21

Janet Deschamps, May 21

Don Eliason, May 21

Daniel Evans, May 21

Connie Price, May 21

Shery Schwartz, May 21

Ronda Crowther, May 22

Sherel Francom, May 22

Trevor Hess, May 22

Joan Nielsen, May 22

Tyrell Thomas, May 22

Regene Jones, May 23

Mindy Smith, May 23

Christopher Martin, May 23

Derek Peterson, May 23

Jack Blackner, May 23

ATC Awards Scholarship Aid to High School Seniors

The ODeen K. Redman Memorial Scholarship fund, now in its tenth year, is continuing to champion the academic journeys of five graduating seniors from ATC's service areas. This year, ATC is proud to award five $1,000 scholarships to Boston Andersen (Butte County High School), Ellie Erickson (Declo High School), Alyssa Hawley (Mackay High School), MaKayla Marshall (Malad High School), and Haven Hitt (Raft River High School). Post High School graduation, Boston will be attending BYU-Idaho in Rexburg to study business management. Ellie is set to study dental hygiene at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. Alyssa and Haven are both gearing up for a future in the medical field, with Alyssa studying physical therapy and Haven studying nursing at Idaho State University. MaKayla will be studying veterinary technology at Bridgerland Technical College. "It fills my heart with joy to carry on the legacy of my grandfather, by awarding five deserving local kids with scholarships," Kyle Redman, a Scholarship Committee Member said. "Each year, we find ourselves in a difficult but reward -

ing position of selecting five recipients from a pool of exceptional candidates." The memorial scholarship, a tribute to ATC’s former President and CEO, ODeen K. Redman, has awarded $56,000 to graduating high school seniors since its inception. The financial support is a testament to ODeen’s legacy, a man who was not only a civic leader but a visionary, catalyzing ATC’s transformation from simple switchboard operations to advanced fiber optic communications.

About ATC Communications

Since its founding in 1929, ATC Communications has been delivering cutting-edge technology to rural Idaho and Utah for nearly a century. The family-owned and operated company is nestled in the heart of Albion, Idaho with satellite offices in Arco and Malad, Idaho. ATC serves over 4,000 subscribers in a 4,000 square mile area, covering six counties and two states. Beyond bringing telecommunications technology to rural Idaho and Utah, ATC takes pride in giving back to the community through high school scholarships, youth club sponsorships, and community service projects.

13th Annual ONEIDA COUNTY HALL OF FAME Dinner and Induction Ceremony

Thursday, May 23 at 6:00 p.m. at Event Center

Inductees: Gloria Jean Thomas (Education & Public Service) Spence & Debbie Horsley (Public Service, Business & Education)

$25 per ticket

Reserve your seat by calling Susan Wittman (208-709-6888) or Malad City Office (208-766-4010)

C M C M May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 3
I would appreciate your support. Remember to Vote May 21. Paid for by Candidate Randy Willie for Precinct Chair 4
Elections continued from page 1

Malad Gun Club’s Annual Round Robin Trap Shoot

At the end of a three-weekend trap shooting event at the Malad Gun Club, awards were presented on Sunday afternoon May 5 for the top teams and individuals. The shoot was another successful year. There was a total of 30 teams this year. Here are the weekly results for teams: Week one was Team #19. Shooters were Jon Hicks, Rick Christensen, Mike Roberts, Colton Fielding, and Carysn Campbell. Week two was Team #26. Shooters were Doug “Doogie” Williams, Shane Francis, Craig Bisseger, Angie Nixon and Hailey Smith. Week three was Team #17. Shooters were Brian Nielsen, Tyler Nelson, Joey Thornton, Dax Woodmancy, and Tonya Thorpe. Top weekly guns were, week one Kenny Clough shooting 49 out of 50, week two Derrick Porter shooting 50 out of 50, week three was tied with four shooting 48 out of 50 targets Kenny Clough, Jon Hicks, Jon Beesley, and Sam Serna.

The Gun Club every year does a fund raiser and donates it back to an organization of the community. This year they raised $1000 which was donated to the American Legion Post #65.

Thank you to all the Gun Club officers for keeping this going every year, Doug Williams, Tyler Hunter, Brad Chelette, Marty Hill, Garen Atkinson, Shane Hansen, and Jeff “Heffer” Thomas. The trap boys play a big part in this event. They are as follows, Jace Blaisdell, Ryker Conger, Lincoln Barry, Logan and Troy Cottam.

A special thanks and recognition were given to the following sponsors: Malad Rock Products, Thomas Market, Advantage Rental and Pawn, Bubbas Trailer, Mueller Glass, Lance Fisher w/Clear View Windows, Justin Heywood, Chet and Ruby Warner, Shane and Stephanie Hansen, Franks CanAm, Central Service, and all who donated to the raffle.

C M C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 4
Garen Atkinson presents Garry White, with a check for $1000. 1st Place Team Overall with a 721/750. From left to right, Kenny Clough Jr., Chy Bench, Sam Serna, and Randy Thompson 2nd Place Team Overall with a 714/750, from left to right, Shane Francis, Doug “Doogie” Williams, Angie Nixon, Craig Bisseger, and Hailey Smith (Danny Smith pictured) 3rd Place Team Overall with a 712/750, from left to right, Andre Webb, Dustyn Thorpe, Wes Evans, Preston Snitker, and Samantha Wakley Overall High-Class, from left to right, Sam Woodword photo bombing their picture, High D; Jon Beesley, High A; Preston Snitker, High B; Festus Macfarland, High C; Cooper Fielding, High E; Chy Bench High Individuals, from left to right, High Sub-Junior; Jaxson Purser, High Vet; Rick Christensen, High Lady; Megan Thomas, High Gun Overall; Jon Hicks, High Junior; Kenny Clough Jr.

Re-elect Bill Lewis

Oneida County Commissioner

It is my privilege to serve Oneida County citizens as your County Commissioner.

My focus is on:

• Fiscal Responsibility in how your tax dollars are spent.

•  To Plan for Smart Growth.

I will do my best to make decisions and policy that will help ALL residents  of  Oneida County.

I have no personal agenda.

I love Oneida County, the people, and our way of life!

I will work to plan for a great future!

I would greatly appreciate your vote this year!

we thrive with Unconstitutional Laws?

Should Oneida County be Autonomous?

Text questions to: (208) 317-4136

Kirk Willie

Oneida County voters, I am asking for your vote. I wanted to share my beliefs with each of you as we move into our election week.

Reasons I am running for Commissioner:

• I love Oneida County, the people, the traditions, the beauty of the valley and everything about it.

• I want to make a place that our next generations can and still want to call home.

My priorities as a Commissioner:

• Be proactive and forward thinking.

• Prepare our county for the future to prevent an increased tax burden on residents.

• Increase community involvement. More opinions create better understanding and improved decisions.

• Try and find a way to improve roads.

• Protect natural resources.

What is my opinion of the development code:

• Needs some revisions and changes as it is.

• Needs to protect both existing and new property owners and rights.

• Needs to protect our natural and limited resources such as water.

• Needs to have a plan to deal with growing demands on county roads

• Needs to prepare for impacts to our hospital,fire, EMT’s and other emergency services.

• Needs to make sure we have an adequate landfill or waste disposal.

• Needs to address all environmental impacts.

I am not anti-growth, by addressing and solving these issues we can still promote healthy and safe growth to our county. Government has a tendency to move slowly, kicking the can down the road. We are too late to the game for this to continue. We have got to be proactive and aggressive in preparing for the future of our county. I also believe to get this right it will take the help and input from many Oneida County residents. Please always feel free to call or text with input, questions or concerns. (208)-766-3684

Please remember to vote, Kirk Willie Paid for by Candidate

May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 5
My Driving
Fiscal Conservative Support Law Enforcement Support Emergency Responders Accessible
and Open Meetings
Paid for by Candidate VOTE MAY 21ST Paid for by: Vote Clay Handy; Bryce Morgan, Treasurer INTEGRITY FAMILY VALUES COMMON SENSE “Idahoans value integrity, honesty, and character. I will continue my work to protect family and community, individual liberties, and our children’s future by wise use of Idaho’s resources. Thank you for the opportunity to serve District 27” Go to for more information

Oneida County Hall Of Fame Ceremony inducts Class of 2024

The 13th Oneida County Hall of Fame induction has been scheduled for Thursday, May 23 at the Oneida County Event Center at 6:00 p.m.

This year’s inductees are Gloria Jean Thomas, for her contributions in the areas of Education and Pub -

Gloria Jean Thomas was born in 1950 in Malad, Idaho, the oldest child of Boyd and Edith Jones Thomas. She graduated from Malad High School in 1969 as co-valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar. To everyone’s surprise, she won the MHS Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award and placed second in the state competition.

After receiving the INEL (now INL) four-year academic scholarship awarded to the two Idaho high school graduates with the highest ACT scores, Jean went to Idaho State University where she was first chair clarinet in the band and the Idaho State Civic Symphony. She was a member of the women’s service/honor clubs, including Mortarboard. She was voted “Student of the Semester” by the ISU Student Senate during her senior year. She graduated with Highest Honors in 1974 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and music.

Jean received a Master of Science in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University and worked in residence life at Wichita State University and Marquette University before earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Colorado State University.

Jean graduated from Brigham Young University with a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration (emphasis in school law) in 1988. Her dissertation, “Teacher-Employer Relations: A Legal Reference Guide for Public School Educators,” won the 1989 Edgar L. Morphet Dissertation Award from the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration and was published by WestLaw.

Jean began her career as a professor in higher education at the University of North Dakota in the Graduate Department of Educational Administration, teaching all

Spence Horsley was born in 1946 in Malad, the son of E. Raymond and Maxine Petersen Horsley. In 1959 the Horsley family moved to Downey where they purchased Downata Hot Springs. Spence attended school in Downey and was a 1964 graduate of old Marsh Valley High School. In high school, he was active in sports, participating in basketball, baseball, football, and track and also teaching swimming at Downata.

He attended Ricks College for a year before serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the East Central States Mission. After returning from his mission, Spence married Deborah Field in the Idaho Falls Temple. He continued his education at Ricks and then Idaho State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and audiology. He worked in the public schools in Montpelier in the special needs programs for three years.

Seeking a new adventure, the Horsleys moved to California where Spence attended the California College of Mortuary Science. He received highest honors and received the Ma Green Award for excellence in the profession pursuit. The family moved to Malad in 1976, where Spence was employed with the Benson Funeral Home. Spence and Debbie purchased the funeral home in 1978 and then built the Marsh Valley Funeral Home in 1979.

A love of service led Spence to run for Malad City Council, where he served for two years before running for Mayor. He served as Malad City Mayor for 19 years. Through the years, Spence has served on the Oneida School Board, Chamber of Commerce, Malad Lions Club, and several civic committees. He was the Master of Ceremonies

lic Service, and Spence and Debbie Horsley for their contributions in the fields of Public Service, Business and Education. The Oneida County Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have contributed to the history and improvement of the

county during their careers. At last year’s ceremony, Terrill Schwartz and M. Joe Davis were inducted. The ceremony was the first after a disruption in the annual event due to restrictions put in place during the COVID 19 events of 2020 and

school law courses. She was elected to full membership on the Graduate Faculty in 1989 and was granted tenure in 1993, becoming 1 of 11 female tenured professors from a college other than nursing.

In 1995 Jean’s father suffered a stroke, and she resigned from UND to move back to Malad. She taught algebra at Malad Middle School for one year while the regular teacher was recovering from having a baby.

In 1997 Jean began teaching at Idaho State University as a professor in the Graduate Department of Educational Leadership where she taught K-12 and higher education law and finance. She served as the coordinator for the department’s assessment process for 10 years. She was awarded emeritus status when she retired from ISU in 2016.

While in higher education, she authored or co-authored 11 books, book chapters, or monographs and 12 articles published in professional journals; she presented research at 21 national professional conferences.

Jean was inducted to Beta Gamma Sigma (National Business Honor Society), Golden Key National Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi (National Arts and Humanities Honor Society), and Phi Delta Kappa (National Education Honor Society).

After coming back to Malad, Jean concentrated her writing efforts on grants for her community because “if the money is out there, Malad ought to get its share.” From 1998 through 2023, Jean wrote 438 grants valued at approximately $4 million. She has written grants for all schools in Oneida School District, Malad City, Oneida County, the Oneida County Hospital, and several other organizations in Oneida County.

Jean received the Boy Scouts of America Grand Teton Council Community Service Award in both 2004 and 2016. She was named the Malad City/Oneida County Community Volunteer of the Year for 2004 and received the Samaria Days Volunteer Award in 2017. She received the Malad Elementa -

for the Malad Junior Miss program. He has always considered serving on the Oneida County Veterans Memorial Committee as a crowning accomplishment. (Being in the funeral home business, he saw how the veterans were honored when they passed away, so it was a special honor to be involved in completing the beautiful monument in downtown Malad.) He was a charter member of the Oneida County Hall of Fame Committee and of the Oneida County Deputies. He served on the Malad Middle School Building Committee. Spence was elected as Oneida County Coroner, a position that he held for over 30 years.

Debbie Field Horsley was born in 1949, the daughter of Harvey and Daisy Amonette Field. She grew up in the small farming community of Grant, Idaho, just west of Rigby. She graduated from Rigby High School in 1967.

subsequent years. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $25, however, event organizers would prefer that guests RSVP with Susan Wittman at 208-709-6888 or City Hall at 208-766-4010. Biographies of the inductees are presented below:

ry School Volunteer Award in 2003 and a Special Recognition Award from MathCounts in 2011. In 2023 she received the Esto Perpetua Award from the Idaho State Historical Society for her work in preserving the history of Malad Valley. Jean has co-chaired the Malad Valley Welsh Festival since its inception in 2005. She is chair of the Oneida Education Foundation and the Oneida Pioneer Museum Board. She was a member of the Oneida County Veterans Memorial Committee and organized the memorial dedication ceremony. She was an original member of the Oneida County Hall of Fame Committee. She is the president of the Malad Valley Welsh Society and serves on the Oneida County Hospital Foundation. Until recently she taught private piano and organ lessons and worked with participants in the Junior Miss (now Distinguished Young Woman) program. She is a volunteer reporter for The Idaho Enterprise.

Jean began playing the organ for the Malad First Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she was in 8th grade and has been a church organist for nearly 60 years. She played the piano for weekly services at the Malad Presbyterian Church for 1 year and helped organize that church’s 140th anniversary program. She currently plays the organ for Mass at Malad’s St. Paul’s Catholic Mission Church. She taught Relief Society for 30 years and served as a counselor in one stake and two ward Relief Societies. She served as president of the Malad Stake Relief Society for 5 years.

Jean is very grateful that she was able to move back to Malad and is honored to be selected for the Oneida County Hall of Fame.

Light Advisory Board and the Oneida County Hospital Board and Foundation. She was the charter chairman of the Malad Junior Miss program in 1981. She was involved in the Malad High School Senior Recognition Night. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and has written two books.

She was active in student government and was a member of the Rigby Troyettes.

She attended Ricks College, where she received her associate degree, majoring in elementary education, Twenty years later, she returned to college to obtain her bachelor of science degree. She then began her love of teaching at Malad Elementary School, where she taught hundreds of students over the next 19 years.

While a teacher, Debbie began the Malad Elementary School Veterans Program to honor the men and women of our community who had given their all. She loved working with the veterans and combining the children’s talents with the touching stories of our veterans. She also began a Rendezvous Day, where students learned and participated in mountain man activities.

Debbie served on the Utah Power and

Spence and Debbie have been active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have served in many leadership callings. They served as missionaries in the Cleveland Ohio/ Kirtland Mission, the Rochester/Palmyra New York Mission, at the Joseph Knight/Josiah Stowell Homesites in Pennsylvania, and as site guides at the Kirtland Temple. They also served for two years at the Brigham City Temple. Debbie served at the Church Conference Center in Salt Lake for four years. They are currently serving as missionaries at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City. They were selected by the Malad City Chamber of Commerce as the Grand Marshals for the July 4th Parade in 2022.

Spence and Debbie are the parents of five sons and one daughter: Dr. Brett (Amy) of Logan, Utah; Dr. Scott (Shelly) of Arvada, Colorado; Dr. Bryan (Jennifer) of Alpine, Utah; Dr. Erik (Julia) of Herriman, Utah; Brad (Kristen) of Malad, Idaho; and Heidi (Dr. Marcus Harris) of Hyrum, Utah. They have 29 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren with one more on the way.

We both feel we have been blessed beyond measure to live in this beautiful valley and to associate with the very best people. To have raised our family here and to have worked and served this community will always be our greatest success.

C M C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 6
Gloria Jean Thomas Spence and Debbie Horsley

Aaron K. Bergman (#8878)

BEARNSON & CALDWELL, LLC 399 North Main, Suite 270 Logan, Utah 84321 (435) 752-6300 - Phone (435) 752-6301 – Fax

Email: abergman@

For emails, please cc

Attorneys for Applicant


In the Matter of the Estate of:


Case No: CV36-24-0059

Judge: David A. Hooste


Notice is hereby given that MARLA SWOPE of Malad, Oneida County, Idaho has been appointed as Personal Representative of the Estate of BAYLOR SWOPE, Deceased, by order of the District Court of Oneida County, Idaho in Probate Case No. CV36-240059.

Notice is further hereby given to all creditors of the Estate of BAYLOR SWOPE, pursuant to the provisions of Idaho Code § 15-3-801 to (1) deliver or mail their written claims to the Personal Representative, Marla Swope, 430 South Depot Road, Malad, Idaho 83252; (2) deliver or mail their written claims to the Personal Representative’s attorney at the offices of Bearnson & Caldwell, LLC, 399 North Main Street, Suite 270, Logan, Utah 84321; or (3) file the written claims with the Clerk of the District Court at 10 Court Street, Malad City, Idaho 83252, within four months after the date of the first publication of this Notice, or such claims will be forever barred. All

creditor’s claims must be presented in accordance with the provisions of Idaho Code § 15-3-801.

DATED this 30th day of April, 2024.


/s/ Aaron K. Bergman

Name of Attorney

Attorneys for Personal Representative #5603-5-2-9-16-24-T3


In the matter of the Estate of: CHARLES DON ATKINSON, Deceased. Case No. CV36-23-0144


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that MATTHEW THOMAS ATKINSON has been appointed personal representative of the estate of the above-named decedent. All persons having claims against the decedent or the estate are required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or said claims will be forever barred.

Claims must be presented to the undersigned at the address indicated and filed with the Clerk of the Court.

DATED this 6th day of November, 2023.


By: /s/ Nathan R. Palmer

Attorney for Personal Representative P. O. Box 1391 Pocatello, Idaho 83204-1391 Telephone: (208) 232-6101



Notice is hereby given that a Primary election will be held in Oneida County on Tuesday May 21st, 2024.

Polls will be open at 8:00 a.m. and remain open until 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of voting.

Precinct Locations





Oneida County Event Center 459 South Main Malad, Idaho, 83252

Please use west entrance


scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on June 13, 2024 at the Oneida County Courthouse. Objections may be filed by any person who can show the court a good reason against the name change.

Date: April 29, 2024 CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT By: Dale Davis

Penny Dorene Spillett

Typed/Printed name #5607-5-9-16-23-30-24-T4


Mail out Precincts

New voters will register at the clerk’s office. 10 Court St. Malad, Idaho, 83252


Penny Dorene Spillett

492 N Main Malad City, Idaho 83252 307-747-5866


IN RE: Penny Dorene Spillett

Case No. CV36-24-0060

NOTICE OF HEARING ON NAME CHANGE (Adult or Emancipated Minor)

A petition to change the name of Penny Dorene Spillett now residing in the City of Malad, State of Idaho, has been filed in the District Court in Oneida County, Idaho. The name will change to Penny Dorene Williams. The reason for the change in name is: Divorce.

A hearing on the petition is


Legal notice i9s hereby given that the ONEIDA PLANNIHNG AND ZONING COMMISSION will hold a public hearing on JUNE 5, 2024, at 6:00 P.M. at Oneida County Event Center to consider the following: APPLICATION #24-0020

APPLICATION BY: Oneida County Planning and Zoning Commission PROJECT SUMMARY: The Oneida County Planning and Zoning Commission are making a proposed amendment to the Zoning District Map to include the legal description of Malad City Impact Zone and legal description of the Airport Overlay District. You are invited to attend the public hearing and offer comments for consideration.

WRITTEN COMMENTS regarding this application must be received by the Oneida County Planning and Zoning office, no later than five (5) business days May 30, 2024 prior to the public hearing.



Legal notice is hereby given that the ONEIDA PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION will hold a public hearing on June 5, 2024, at 6:30 P.M. at Oneida County Event Center to consider the following: APPLICATON #: 24-0021

APPLICATION BY: Oneida County Planning and Zoning Commission

PROJECT SUMMARY: Oneida County Planning and Zoning Commission propose an amendment to the Oneida County Development Code. Propose amendments may be found on the Oneida County Web site. You are invited to attend the public hearing and offer comments for consideration.

WRITTEN COMMENTS regarding this application must be received by the Oneida County Planning and Zoning office, no later than five (5) business days, May 30, 2024, prior to the public hearing.


C M C M May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 7 Malad Business Professionals ET KUSTOM SALES Dealer - Dreams Carports Carports • Sheds • Barns • AUTO GLASS • Windshield & Glass Replacement Window Chip Repairs 65 Bannock St. • Malad • 766-4515 • Window Regulators & Motors • Door Handles Most Replacement Parts Serving Our Community Since 1935 45 West 100 North • Malad City, ID Phone: 208-766-4733 Hours: Mon-Fri 8-6 • Saturday 8-5 Closed Sunday Shop Online at our new website HESS Lumber & Home Center KANINE KORNER DOG GROOMING and Boarding “Big or Small, We Groom ‘em All” Emily Jo Christiansen 553 North 400 West (208) 406-4204 CUSTOM TIMBER FRAMES • PERGOLAS • PAVILIONS • TREE HOUSES • LIVE EDGE TABLES + SLABS 801-336-8690 “If a job’s worth doing, It’s worth doing right!” Follow us on @ BCTIMBERS Specializing in • Equine • Auto Home • Commercial • Trucking • Rodeo Licensed in ID, UT, and WY Call or Text 208-766-6205 Josh Paskett Licensed Agent Utah and Idaho 208-766-3152 Malad City, Idaho Natalie Paskett Licensed Agent Idaho 208-339-0557 Malad City, Idaho FLINDERS Realty & Exchange, Inc. Selling Quality Real Estate to Quality Buyers Working Ranches • Fishing Properties • Residential Ag Properties • Building Lots Listing and Selling Utah, Idaho’s Finest Properties FERREEELECTRIC.COM Follow us on Facebook and instagram @ferreeelectric Sam Ferree Owner/Master Electrician Licensed and Insured 801-703-4799 Email: Salt Creek Realty 208-643-4200 Marie Robbins - Broker - 208-760-0156 Shelly Williams – Sales Agent 208-220 -1454 215 E 50 S. #4, Malad City, ID 83252 Advertise here! Call Shelly Williams at The Idaho Enterprise 208-766-4773 Open Mon. - Fri 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. THE COPY CENTER At The Idaho Enterprise 208-766-4773 100 E. 90 S. Malad NOTICES


5 YEARS AGO (2019)

Roy Johnson, a longtime member of the Malad American Legion, Ernest W. Jones Post 65, was named by the Post as the Legionnaire of the Year at the annual banquet, held on Thursday, May 9.

In announcing the award, Post Commander Rick Madsen said that Johnson is always willing to donate his time to Legion activities. He is a past commander of the Malad Post, and even though he has health issues, he is always available to help with such activities as putting in footstones, going to Legion baseball games, attending funerals and helping in any way that he can.

During the American Legion Banquet, held Thursday night, May 9, Geneal White, Secretary/Treasurer of the American Legion Auxiliary announced that JaNae Daniels, daughter of Cory and Jill Daniels of Malad, and currently a junior at Malad High School, would be attending Girls State representing the Malad Auxiliary.

The Malad High School track team competed in a delayed 2A Fifth District Track meet on Thursday, May 9 and 10, at West Side High School. Malad had several competitors get personal and season records. Those who qualified to compete at state are Hunter Hubbard, Jenna Peterson, Bayla Tripp, Ella Ward, Kai Miler, and Davis Larsen.

The Malad High School softball team hosted the 2A Fifth District Tournament on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 7 – 9, on Harding Field behind Malad Elementary. This team includes Bree Daniels, Britlyn Hubbard, Abby Goddard, Halli Hannah, Raychel Willie, Managers Gill Leckie and Abbie Price, Coach Christie Schow, Peyton Sweat, Coach Robert Hannah, Shaelie Ketchell, Coach Merrill Dorius, Madi Green, Kodie Phillips, Hallye Green, Sierra Hooste, Stephie Briggs, Jeni Alder, Rebekah Smith, Maggie Willie, Coach Troy Hubbard, Shaylee Broadus, Coaches Heidi Hubbard and Brie Adams.

Malad High School baseball team entered the 2A Fifth District Baseball Tournament as the top seeded team in the district, earning the right to host the tournament. They ended the two-day


May 23

Contact Pamela Mills RD, LD, CDCES 208-766-2231 or email

Victory Baptist Church

Streaming Live Sermons on our Facebook Page @11 am Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8 448 South Main, Malad 208-766-4288

Malad Little League Sign Ups

tournament as the District Champions, punching their ticket for a return trip to the 2A Idaho State Baseball Tournament, held Thursday through Saturday, May 16 – 18, in Orifino.

Team members include Tyler Wilson, Brayden Deschamps, Traven Ward, Tom Simpson, Peyton Briggs, Trevor Howe, Coaches Evan Howe and Billy Peabody, Hunter Atkinson, Tanner Olsen, Grady Combs, John Evans, Stetson Clark, Dylan Hunt, Hayden Degn, Coach Tony Gibbs, Karson Thorpe, Jake Blaisdell, Coach Justin Howe and Connor Wright. 10 YEARS AGO (2014)

The Malad High School Class of 2014 has selected Jason Dahlke to be their Commencement speaker when the class holds their Commencement exercises Wednesday, May 21, at Malad High School. Along with Mr. Dahlke, Bryn Haycock and Jacob Tubbs will address their classmates, earning the ranking of Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Class of 2014. Sixty-four graduates will be presented their diplomas that evening.

Hall of Fame inductees for 2014 are Dr. O.H. Mabey and Dr. Helen Jeane Jones.


The Oneida County Fair Board Is Accepting Bids for the following:

Oneida Horse Races - Food Booth & Beer Booth, July 27, 28, August 3, 4, 10 & 11, 2024

Oneida County Fair Food Booth & Beer Booth, August 12-17, 2024

Please submit bids for each event. Bids should be submitted by June 1, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. to: Oneida County Fair Board P.O. Box 13, Malad City, ID 83252 or email Any Questions –call 208-390-3601

The Fair Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

PICK UP REGISTRATION FORMS at the City Office, 59 Bannock Street or QR Code below Questions call: 435-760-6950 or 435-713-5245


Major League Age 11-12 $45

Minor League Age 9-10 $45

Pitching Machine Age 7-8 $40

Coach Pitch/T-Ball Age 4-6 $40


Pinto Age 5-7 $40

Mustang Age 8-10 $45

Pony Age 11-14 $45


Bring check to Malad City Hall or Venmo: Oneida Recreation (click on business tab after search)

May 19, 2024: REGISTRATION DUE. Drop off at Malad City Hall. Softball Games M/W First Game June 3, 2024 Baseball Games T/Th First Game June 4, 2024

Registration after May 19, 2024Fees will be $45/$50

Malad Dragons earned their 11th consecutive 5th/6th District Baseball title last week to qualify for state. This year’s team included Chase Davis, Tucker Hess, Hayden Green, Derek Checketts, Zack Jeppsen, Brody Hubbard, Griffin Green, Josh Jensen, Nishon Neal, Gage Cherry, Braxton Clark, Dylan Thorpe, Garret Larsen, Jaxon Christiansen and David Ferguson Coaches are Bobbie Green and Dennis Evans.

The Lady Dragons won the District Championship for the third year in a row. Team members are Alex Ward, Terrie Valentine, Cina Blaisdell, Kyley Thorpe, Kori Peterson, Tru Peabody, Paige Robbins, Bailey Hill, Karsyn Willie, Taya Thorpe, Chayce Rohweder, Emma Sands, Aspen Hubbard, Cassidy Broadus, Breanna Murphy and Manager Nicole Tavoian. Coaches for the team are Scott Ray, Ginny Neal, Paula Thorpe, Matt Ward Robert Hannah and Dave Mills.

The Dragon Track team sent several athletes to state. Those athletes were Brett Hansen, Rachael Bullcreek, Brett Roedl, Taylar Williams, Ilan Anderson, Robert Wray and Michael Gallegos.

15 YEARS AGO (2009)

Former Idaho Governor, John V. Evans, will be keynote speaker during the Malad High School Class of 2009 Commencement Exercises.

Also addressing the class will be

Valedictorian Kathy Evans and Salutatorian Zach Hoyt. The night is under the direction of the Senior Class officers, with Student Body President Josh Wray as the Master of Ceremonies.

Fifty-three graduates will be presented their diplomas that evening.

Prior to Commencement, the Charter Class of the Oneida Hall of Fame, comprised of distinguished individuals originally from Oneida County, will be honored. Former Governor John V. Evans- Politics and Business, LaDell Anderson - Athletics, and the late Mabel Jones Gabbott - Humanities and Fine Arts, are the first inductees - the “Class of 2009.”

Stone Elementary Teacher, Apral Ipsen, has been named the 2009 Idaho Teacher of the Year by the Idaho Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee.

The Lady Dragons claimed first place in the Fifth District 2A Softball Tournament. The team members are Meagen Lish, Madi Jones, Kayla Thomas, Melissa Winward, Mechelle Hill, Sadie Sweeten, Abbie Lewis, Laci Lavaka, Amy Hatch, Beth Blaisdell, Amber Neal, Katrina Martin, Emma Jenkins, Hilary Stayner, and Ashley Richards. The Coaches for the team are Carol Rindlisbacher, Scott Ray, Don Young, Matt Ward and Justin Howe.

The Malad High School Baseball team is headed for Boise to compete in the Idaho 2A State Baseball Tournament. Varsity Baseball Team members are, Chase Nieffenegger, Chris Hess, Tyrell Hubbard, Kaden Goddard, Trevor Thorpe, Jade Clark, Blake Harrison, Bubba Crump, Dylan Estep, Skyler Thorpe, Jeremy McClellan, Brayden Hill, Bracken Gibbs, Kelly Daniels and Jake Ihler. Coaches for the team are Doyle Williams, T.C. Williams, Dennis Evans, Bobby Green and Austin Williams.

20 YEARS AGO (2004)

Reporting in the monthly Hospital Board Meeting, administrator Todd Winder told Trustees that the hospital is back in the business of offering CT scans. A faster, more up-to-date unit has been installed in a small building constructed last winter north of the emergency entrance. The machine is as new as anything in the area, Winder said, and in fact is identical to the one the Bear River Valley Hospital uses.

Sample Ballots

C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 8
15 YEARS AGO (2009) Teacher of the Year Apral Ipsen

Sample Ballots


Notice is hereby given that a Primary election will be held in Oneida County on Tuesday May 21st, 2024.

Polls will be open at 8:00 a.m. and remain open until 8:00 p.m. for the purpose of voting.

Precinct Locations

Malad-1 Oneida County Event Center

Malad-2 459 South Main

Malad-3 Malad, Idaho, 83252

Malad-4 Please use west entrance

May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 9
Curlew-5 Mail out Precincts Holbrook-6 New voters will register at the clerk’s office. 10 Court St. Malad, Idaho, 83252


Malad Elementary Breakfast

All Breakfast Served with Juice or Milk

Monday, May 20 - Cereal Assortment, Sausage Egg Biscuit, Fruit

Tuesday, May 21 - Cereal Assortment, Apple Cinnamon Texas Toast, Fruit

Wednesday, May 22 - Cereal Assortment, Breakfast Pizza, Fruit

Thursday, May 23 - Cereal Assortment, Muffin, Fruit

Malad Middle Breakfast

All Breakfast Served with Juice or Milk

Monday, May 20 - Cereal Assortment, French Toast, Fruit

Tuesday, May 21 - Cereal Assortment, Morning Round, Fruit

Wednesday, May 22 - Cereal Assortment, Breakfast Pizza, Fruit

Thursday, May 23 - Cereal Assortment, Long John Donut, Fruit

Malad High Breakfast

All Breakfast Served with Juice or Milk

Monday, May 20 - Cereal Assortment, French Toast, Fruit

Tuesday, May 21 - Cereal Assortment, Morning Round, Fruit

Wednesday, May 22 - Cereal Assortment, Breakfast Pizza, Fruit

Thursday, May 23 - Cereal Assortment, Long John Donut, Fruit

Choices of Milk, Fresh Fruit & Veggies Served Daily in all Schools

Curlew Senior Citizens’ Menu

Every meal served with Juice/ Milk/Coffee

May 21 - Sweet & Sour Chicken, Fried Rice, Oranges, Breadstick, Dessert

May 23 - Pulled Pork Sandwich, Salad Bar, Fruit, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Roll, Dessert

Malad Elementary Lunch

Monday, May 20 – Mini Corndogs, Baked Fries, Food Choice – Celery Sticks or Mandarin Oranges

Tuesday, May 21 – Chicken Nuggets, Fries, Food Choice – Green Beans or Fruit Cocktail

Wednesday, May 22 – Quesadilla, Fries, Food Choice – Corn or Peaches

Thursday, May 23 – PBJ Sandwich, Chex Mix, Cheese Stick, Food Choice – Carrot Sticks or Applesauce

Malad Middle Lunch

Monday, May 20 – Chicken Bacon

Ranch Wrap, Chips, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Celery Sticks or Fruit Cocktail

Tuesday, May 21 – Nachos w/Beef, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Corn or Watermelon

Wednesday, May 22 – Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Green Beans or Peaches

Thursday, May 23 – Deli Sandwich, Chips, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Carrot Sticks or Applesauce

Malad High Lunch

Monday, May 20 – Chicken Bacon

Ranch Wrap, Chips, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Celery Sticks or Fruit Cocktail

Tuesday, May 21 – Nachos w/Beef, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Corn or Watermelon

Wednesday, May 22 – Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Green Beans or Peaches

Thursday, May 23 – Deli Sandwich, Chips, Salad Bar, Food Choice – Carrot Sticks or Applesauce

Malad Senior Citizens’


Every meal served with Juice/ Milk/Coffee

May 17 - Navajo Tacos, Peaches, Dessert

May 22 - Steak St. Louis, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Roll, Dessert

Grandparents Only

Not recommended for parents or kids...

If we are smart, we learn from history. I spent last Wednesday morning with Malad Elementary’s third graders at the Oneida Pioneer Museum. Energetic kids who were happy to be out and about, but they came to the rug and listened intently as I shared a few stories about our history and what it has taught me.

First of all, the kids did some thinking when I shared the Boyd Thomas story of running into cans of Big C Flour while on KP duty in Italy during WWII. “It was like getting a postcard from home,” according to Boyd. Lesson learned: This valley serves. Our people value our freedom, and we support our soldiers with products from home.

Next, who knew The Church of the Seven Gables once sat right on the spot where Draylyn Jones now eats her dinner? The real lesson learned from this stately building is that you finish what you start. The church was built in the late 1800s, except they never got a proper roof on it. When they were able to finish the structure years later in 1898, materials were damaged from extended exposure and the building was only used until 1927 when it was declared unsafe and had to be torn down.

Gerald’s Fish is the best example I know of getting strength by being in nature. Kadean, Gerald’s wife, had passed away at the end of July in 1991. Gerald went fishing at Daniels Reservoir on September 10, 1991, and came home with the catch of a lifetime. I remember when he pulled into Sandy’s house next door

and called us all over to see what he had landed. “Kadee sent that fish to my hook,” was all Gerald could say. It had been a good day on the lake. That taxidermized fish hangs on the west wall of the museum and reminds us all that when we are down, outside is a good place to go. Frank Clark and Old Eph, a smart 10-foot bear, take the cake for adventure and doing hard things. Frank was a sheepherder from Malad who pastured his flock in Logan Canyon where Old Eph became his sworn enemy because of the havoc the bear raised on the sheep camps. Yet on August 23, 1923, when Frank finally got the best of the bear with his last bullet to Eph’s head he said, “I think I felt sorry I had to do it.” About 90% of Malad kids think the big bear skin on the west wall is Old Eph… it is not, but an oil painting depicting Frank and Eph’s final battle hangs next to the skin. Eph’s skull, after resting in the Smithsonian for years was returned to Utah and is currently in the basement of the USU library, another reminder of the majesty of nature and the decisions we sometimes must make.

So, history adds to our Good Life if we take the time to learn. Mark your calendars for May 26, the Saturday before Memorial Day and the Museum’s Annual Bake Sale and Opening. Come see Gerald’s Fish, Big C Flour cans, a replica of the Church of the Seven Gables and Frank Clark fighting Old Eph. There are lots of other treasures as well. Along with taking home some baked goods you just might learn something.


MAIELI’S THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE – Neck or Whiplash Issues or for just a great massage. Call Maieli Murray (626) 3370772 (1-52)

Annual Grand Opening and Bake Sale

Saturday, May 25, at the Museum Bake Sale Hours: Noon - 2:00 p.m.

Regular Museum Hours beginning on May 25: Tuesday - Saturday -- 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Museum will be open on Memorial Day May 27, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m

Tuesday, May 28, at NJR Memorial Hospital

Call and Schedule Your Appointment Today! Call Mary Jo at 208-766-2231

Stephen Sutton Dr. Robert Perkins Dr. Josh Wray Open Monday thru Friday 208.904.3614

150 S. Main St. #16 Malad, ID 83252

ANNOUNCEMENTS, MALAD AA/NA MEETINGS, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m., Saturday, 7:00 p.m., Call: Rick M. 208-766-3584; or Gary B. 435-2303734; or AA Hotline 208-235-1444. (1-52)


1866 U.S. Congress authorizes the nickel 5 cent piece (replaces silver half-dime)

1876 Pharmacist Charles E. Hires presents "Hires Root Beer" at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1881 World's first electric tram enters service in Lichterfelder (near Berlin)

1884 Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo receives patent for first espresso machine

1939 U.S. food stamps are first issued in Rochester, New York

1965 The Campbell Soup Company introduces SpaghettiOs under its Franco-American brand

ANNOUNCEMENTS, MALAD ALANONWe are only a phone call away. For information on meetings, call 208-220-5295 or 208-251-9808. (1-52)

1975 Junko Tabei from Japan becomes first woman to reach summit of Mt. Everest

1986 "Top Gun", directed by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise premieres

1991 Queen Elizabeth ll becomes first British monarch to address U.S. congress

1993 Farmer Sugeng finds 1.2-million-year-old Pithecanthropus lX skull

2013 Human stem cells are successfully cloned

2020 118-year-old American department store JC Penney files for bankruptcy

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Winona Young

Best Wishes to Our Graduates From These Community Leaders & Businesses

Malad Valley Dental

Dr. Ed Thorpe, D.D.S.

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~ KC Oil & RV Park

Famous Aggie Ice Cream

1 Bannock St. • 208-766-2759

~ KJ’s Super Store

226 E. 50 S. • 208-766-4950

~ Thomas Market

170 S. Main St. • 208-766-4030

~ Malad Rock Products

Concrete • Asphalt Recycling

Arena Sand • Gravel • Road Base Travis 208-351-2995

~ Malad Drive In 12 W. 100 N. • 208-766-4316

~ Oneida Family Dental

150 S. Main St. • 208-904-3614

Do It Best Hess Lumber and Home Center

45 W. 100 N. • 208-766-4733

Malad City Office Mayor and Council 59 Bannock St. • 208-766-4010

~ Horsley Funeral Home

132 W. 300 N. • 208-766-4330

Edith’s Collective Floral, Idaho Gifts • Outdoor Venue 801-580-4762 Kelly Neal Cfd

~ Thomas Electric & Furniture 45 N. Main St. • 208-766-4950 ATC Communications 89 N. Main St. • 208-766-2882

~ NAPA Hess Truck • Auto • Ag 100 Hess Dr. • 208-766-7278

~ Mountain State Insurance Congratulations Graduates! 138 S. Main St. • 208-766-4746

~ Hess Pumice Products, Inc. 208-766-4777

~ The Idaho Enterprise 100 E. 90 S. • 208-766-4773

Bamma Wamma’s Soda Pop 88 Bannock St. • 208-339-2340

~ ET Kustom Sales & Auto Glass 65 Bannock St. • 208-766-4515

~ Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital Oneida County Clinics Long Term Care 150 N. 200 W. • 208-766-2231

Northern Title Co. of Idaho 20 N Main St. • 208-766-7700

~ Sinclair Central Service Best wishes Class of 2024 Garen & Kathleen Atkinson 102 Bannock St. • 208-406-2235

~ Dude Ranch Café 65 N. Main St. • 208-766-4327

~ Albert's Service & Up the Creek Congratulations Class of 2024 17 S. Main • 208-766-4502

C M C M May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 11
Cianna Searle

We Salute the Malad High School

Graduating Class of 2024

C M C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 12
Porter Allen Tommy Angell Azure Ashby Brynlee Bastian Baylor Bean Preslie Bennett Sarah Beyler Mayson Brees Charli Briscoe Alexander Carr Cache Carter Kolton Cox Brookelyn Daniels Mathilde Dickerson Ike Dredge Lex Driskel Addler Garrett Jaylyn Green Rylee Hammer Oaklie Hebdon Hallie Horsley Ryan Hubbard Curtis Huckaby Gage Hurd Brookelin Isaacson Sadie Jensen Timothy Jensen Bryce Jones
Marshall Benjamin Martin Caleb Mathews Zion
Adley Kimberling MaKayla McCullough
Congratulations! to the 2023 Graduates Wherever the road takes you after graduation, we wish you much happiness and success. Up, Up & Away! MaladDRIVE-IN Congratulations! Kolton Cox, You’ve come so far and accomplished so much! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see all you do! Love, Dad, Mom, Abbie, Saige & Crew Sawyer Poulson, All the years of hard work and dedication have paid off. Congratulations Son! I'm so proud of you! The many opportunities coming your way will encourage and direct you. One accomplishment after another, further shaping the outstanding man you are. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for you and blessed to be cheering you on from the sidelines. Love Dad We are so excited for what your future holds! We love you and will be supporting you every step of the way! Love, Mom, Dad, Janalie, Auston, Joshua, Ashlee, Natalie, Eric, Kristle and of course Finlee, Parker, and Oliver Timmy,
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”
Albert Einstein
C M C M May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 13
We Salute the Malad High School Graduating Class of 2024
Karlee Palmer Benjamin Peterson Kaitlyn Pickett Jace Potter Sawyer Poulson Kendall Reeder Drew Blythe Reyes Cianna Searle Collin Spencer Alexus Tarbet Talon Thomas Braylen Tripp Chloe Udy Porter Ward
Hunter Wray Blaiz Wright Winona Young Congratulations! Ryan, Congratulations! We are proud of you and can’t wait to see where life takes you. Love Mom, Dad, Noah, Hunter and Aspen Sadie, We are so proud of you and will be cheering you on through your next adventure. Your Biggest Fans, Your Family Brookelyn, We can't believe the big day is finally here! We are so proud of you! Congratulations on becoming a graduate. We are so excited to see what your future holds! Go out there and enjoy life, make a difference, and be who you truly are. We love you, Dad, Mom, Kallie, Carter and KaDee Mathilde, Congratulations! With love and pride today and always. Your Family CONGRATULATIONS! ODEEN K. REDMAN $1,000 Scholoraship Recipients Alyssa Hawley Mackay High School Boston Anderson Butte County High School Ellie Erickson Declo High School MaKayla Marshal Malad High School Haven Hitt Raft River High School Sadie, You did it! We are so proud of you! Congratulations. You are capable of doing great things. Love you. Dad and The Jensen Family Dear Sawyer, Don't do anything stupid! Love, Mom, Chris, and Saunder
Blake Williams Conner Worrell

4x100 Relay


District V 2A District Meet Tue, May 7 - Wed, May 8

Bear Lake High School, ID

4. Chase Martin, Matt Briscoe, Zach Richardson, & Justin Toone 49.62

4x200 Relay

4. Matt Briscoe, Chase Martin, Zach Richardson, & Justin Toone 1:43.62

Shot Put Varsity

6. Mordecai Charles 34’ 2”

11. Lex Driskel 30’ 4”

14. Rhone Gleckler 29’ 3”

15. Tavin Barnes 28’ 8” PR

Auron Dirilo 25’ 9.5” PR

DJ Crowther 24’ 4”

Leif Allen 24’ 0” Marshall Asay 22’ 0”

Discus Varsity

7. Lex Driskel 110’ 1”

14. Auron Dirilo 83’ 5.25” PR

15. Rhone Gleckler 81’ 3.5”

18. Mordecai Charles 73’ 10.5”

Jeremiah Peterson 65’ 4”

DJ Crowther 63’ 7”

Tavin Barnes 62’ 1.25”

Leif Allen 62’ 0.5”

Marshall Asay 60’ 1.5”

High Jump

2. Braylen Tripp 6’ 2”

5. Jes Schow 5’ 6” PR

Pole Vault

2. Braun Nalder 12’ 0” PR

13. Justin Toone 10’ 0”

Long Jump

1. Braylen Tripp 21’ 2”

7. Braun Nalder 18’ 7”

9. Jes Schow 18’ 0” SR

12. Matt Briscoe 17’ 6”

16. Cameron Allen 16’ 7”

18. Zach Richardson 16’ 2”

Triple Jump 1. Braylen Tripp 43’ 10”

3. Braun Nalder 40’ 11” PR 5. Matt Briscoe 39’ 3.5” 8. Boston Burbidge 37’ 10” 16. Brex Martinsen 30’ 11”

Womens Results

100 Meters

2. Oaklie Hebdon 12.76

Bella McCullough 15.60 Abbie Cox 15.96

200 Meters

3. Halie Palmer 26.74 PR 10. Jenna Talbot 29.97 PR

400 Meters

2. Oaklie Hebdon 57.86

3. Brynlee Bastian 1:00.08 PR 9. Jenna Talbot 1:08.53 PR

800 Meters

2. Brynlee Bastian 2:23.13 PR 6. Joni Beck 2:38.46 1600 Meters 4. Cally Coleman 5:55.58

3200 Meters 3. Cally Coleman 12:53.49 5. Joni Beck 13:50.36 PR

100m Hurdles 2. Kaycee Venable 17.49

300m Hurdles

4x200 Relay 4. Brynlee Bastian,



C M C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 14
Mens Results 100 Meters 20. Chase Martin 12.82 Jeremiah Peterson 12.89PR Caden Jeppson 13.18 Cameron Allen 13.48 200 Meters 15. Jeremiah Peterson 26.19 PR 17. Chase Martin
Cameron Allen
Kaden Hatch
PR Caden Jeppson
400 Meters 4. Porter Allen 53.61 PR Caden Jeppson 59.45 PR 11. Jeremiah Peterson 59.53 13. Cameron Allen 1:00.67 15. Brex Martinsen 1:02.46 800 Meters 2. Brycen Talbot 2:05.26 SR 8. Brex Martinsen 2:24.23 10. Colt Coleman 2:27.21 1600 Meters 2. Brycen Talbot 5:00.82 3. Boston Burbidge 5:01.59 4. Levi Angell 5:06.44 5. Parker Price 5:14.87 PR 9. Colt Coleman 5:28.37 10. Porter Allen 5:36.04 11. Carter Smith 5:37.41 14. Jaxon Blaisdell 5:42.99 PR Leif Allen 7:12.57 PR 3200 Meters 1. Brycen Talbot 11:01.53 2. Levi Angell 11:15.46 5. Parker Price 11:35.53 6. Porter Allen 11:39.48 PR 9. Colt Coleman 11:59.06 11. Carter Smith 12:18.13 13. Jaxon Blaisdell 13:09.92 300m Hurdles
Braun Nalder 44.86 PR
4x100 Relay 4. Izzy
Oaklie Hebdon 46.57
Kaycee Venable 48.86 PR
Haycock, Jenna Talbot,
McCullough, & Abbie Cox
Mikell Keetch, Halie Palmer, & Kaycee Venable 1:49.96 4x400 Relay 3. Joni Beck, Mikell Keetch, Kaycee Venable, & Halie Palmer 4:27.06 SMR 800m 1. Izzy Haycock, Mikell Keetch, Halie Palmer & Brynlee Bastian 1:54.82 Shot Put 11. Miley Palmer 25’ 6.5” 15. Tylee Wright 23’ 2” 17. Purity Miller 22’ 10.5” 20. Kaylee Nalder 22’ 8.5” Drew Reyes 21’ 5.5” Hope Briggs 21’ 0.5” Cora Asay 15’ 11” PR Lea Dore 15’ 10.5” Discus Varsity 8. Miley Palmer 79’ 10” SR 17. Tylee Wright 64’ 5.5” PR 19. Kaylee Nalder 61’ 8” Purity Miller 52’ 3” PR High Jump 6. Brynnlee Jones 4’ 2” Pole Vault 11. Bella McCullough 6’ 6” PR 11. Abbie Cox 6’ 6” Long Jump 3. Izzy Haycock 14’ 3.5” PR 4. Jayda Kimberling 14’ 2” 8. Brynnlee Jones 13’ 2” Triple Jump 1. Oaklie Hebdon 35’ 4.5” PR 2. Mikell Keetch 31’ 8” PR 4. Jayda Kimberling 29’ 10.5” PR 6. Izzy Haycock 28’ 9.5” 7. Brynnlee Jones 28’ 9.25”

Rodeo regular season nears end with several Malad standouts

Allison Eliason

On their third weekend of rodeo, the Malad High School Rodeo Club and District 9 participants competed at the Oneida County Fairgrounds for their back to back rodeo beginning the evening of Friday, May 10. While Malad’s club may be small, the various cowboys and cowgirls have not only competed but found their way to the top more often than not.

Over the two day event, the Malad rodeo team competed against other participants from around south eastern Idaho, northern Utah and south eastern Wyoming. Throughout the course of the spring and fall rodeo season, the contestants have been accumulating points earned by placing in the top ten for each rodeo. At the end of the season, the cowboys and cowgirls that have tallied up the most points will qualify to compete in the state high school rodeo held in Pocatello, Idaho mid June.

Competing for Malad this season is Bella Smith in breakaway roping, barrel racing, pole bending and team roping. Of the six rodeos thus far, Bella has won the breakaway twice and barrel racing once. Bella is currently sitting in sixth place in the breakaway standings.

Easton Wrigley, competing in barrel racing, goat tying, and pole bending, has found great success as well, sitting in tenth place in both goat tying and pole bending. Rounding out the cowgirl side of Malad’s team is Karsen Thornock, competing in barrel racing and pole bending.

Ruger Smith has been a standout as he has competed in steer wrestling and tie down roping with more than five top three finishes. Ruger and Branson Parker partner in the team roping and have tallied up a handful of points in the events as well.

Riding bulls for the Malad club are Rusty Foy and Ike Dredge, both which have had qualified rides. Alex Marshall also competes in the team roping and steer wrestling, but due to an injury, has been unable to compete in all of the rodeos. Cooper Branch of Stone competes in the team roping events as well, managing a few points over the weeks.

The Oneida County cowboys and cowgirls will compete in their final weekend of rodeos in Preston, Idaho on May 16, 17 and 18 at the District rodeos.

Friday, May 10

Bareback Riding

District 8 High School Rodeo Grace, Idaho

1. Lincoln Reeder 68.0

Team Roping

Lincoln Reeder (HD) & Trenton

Talbot (HL) NT

Saturday, May 11

Bareback Riding

1. Lincoln Reeder 67.0

Team Roping

Lincoln Reeder (HD) & Trenton Talbot (HL) NT

District 9 High School Rodeo Malad, Idaho

Friday, May 10

Barrel Racing

5. Bella Smith 18.126

15. Easton Wrigley 18.921

18. Karsen Thornock 19.084

Breakaway Roping

Bella Smith NT

Bull Riding

2. Ike Dredge 53

Rusty Foy NT

Goat Tying

8. Easton Wrigley 12.220

Pole Bending

12. Easton Wrigley 23.350 15. Karsen Thornock 24.388 Bella Smith 40.692

Steer Wrestling

3. Ruger Smith 9.420

Team Roping

8. Cooper Branch (HD) & Jason Stephens (HD) 30.960

Bell Smith (HD) & Mylee Dolan (HL) NT



MHS Track shines at Districts; Many Athletes headed to state

Track season wouldn’t truly be track season without a little weather whiplash that ranges from blistering heat to blustering, gusting wind to even a blanket of snow covering the field. As the season moves along, it’s the hope that the warm weather will move in and the cold and wind will finally move out. But as the MHS track team can affirm, sometimes even the most important track meets are plagued with even the worst of weather.

Hosted by Bear Lake High School, the Dragon track team competed in the District 5 2A two day meet beginning on Tuesday, May 7. The Malad athletes arrived to find snow on the ground, near freezing temperatures and a quickly changing schedule of events. As the meet officials attempted to juggle the day to provide the best possible outcome for their less than favorable circumstances, the Dragons did what they could to stay warm, fueled, and focused before they competed. Many preliminary events were canceled or postponed the opening day in hopes that the following day would prove somewhat better.

Through it all, the MHS athletes demonstrated their commitment and dedication, even in the midst of the toughest circumstances. At the very meet they had been working for all season and on track to set new personal records in many of their events, the track team chose to lean into the wind and give it their best effort. For many, it was enough and they were able to compete well and punch their ticket to the upcoming state meet. But for others, the unfavorable circumstances led to subpar performances that ultimately finished out their 2024 track season.

To qualify for the state level track meet, athletes must place in the top three of their event or finish with a time, jump, or throw that could compete at that same level. With the improvements seen throughout the season, the Dragons were sure that several of their competitors would qualify for state. At the end of the day, 13 athletes qualified across the 25 events that they competed in, something their coaches were extremely proud of.

The coaches attribute their success not only to the talent and hard work of their participants, but also

to their team mindset. Rather than focusing solely on what they could accomplish as an individual, the athletes began to recognize how they could help their teammate find greater success in their meets. Whether it was giving up an event to allow space for another Dragon racer or taking a position on a relay team, they chose to compete in ways that not only showcased their talent, but allowed their teammates the best chance as well.

Qualifying for the state track meet for the MHS men’s team is Brycen Talbot as he won second place in the 800m, and 1600m, and first place in the 3200m. Boston Burbidge also qualified in the 1600 m in second place. Levi Angell managed a second place finish in the 3200m to qualify for state as well. Braylin Tripp also qualified for multiple events as he won first place in the long jump and triple jump, and second place in the high jump. Braun Nalder surprised the competition as he pulled out a new personal record in both pole vault and triple jump to qualify for the state track meet.

The Lady Dragon track team is excited to be competing in fifteen different events, including their medley relay, 4x200 and the 4x400. Oakley Hebdon qualified in three races including the 100m, 400m and her specialty, the 300m hurdles, as well as in the triple jump. Bryn -

lee Bastian punched her ticket to state in the 400m and 80m as well as running in the medley and 4x200 relay. Halie Palmer took second place in the 200m to qualify in addition to running in the 4x200 and medley relays.

Cally Coleman managed a strong third place finish in the 3200m. Freshman Kaycee Venable took

second place in both the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles while also racing on the 4x400 relay team. Mikell Keeth contributed to the three qualifying relay teams as well as taking second place in the triple jump. Izzy Haycock set a new personal record as she finished in third place in the long jump in addition to stepping up and running on the medley team. Joni Beck also helped the Lady Dragon 4x400 relay team qualify with their third place finish. As the season comes to a close for many of the MHS track and field athletes, there are many that deserve a round of applause for their great accomplishments throughout the season. A fair number of participants signed up for the spring sport to stay active or for the social scene, only to find that they had real talent and potential in the sport. The coaches shared that seeing their athletes grow and improve in their various events was such an exciting part of the season. Despite the tough circumstances for their final meet, they watched them step up and compete in big ways.

The qualifying athletes will compete at the two day IHSAA State Track and Field Championship Meet in MIddleton, Idaho on May 17 and 18. See full results on our Facebook page.

C M C M May 16, 2024 The Idaho Enterprise 15
Allison Eliason
(HD) & Ruger Smith (HL)
Down Roping 1. Ruger Smith 11.980
May 11 Barrel Racing 12. Easton Wrigley 18.418 Bella Smith 23.245 Karsen Thornock 24.131
Bella Smith 2.370 Bull Riding Rusty Foy NT Ike Dredge NT Goat Tying 13. Easton Wrigley 11.980 Pole Bending 11. Karsen Thornock 23.261 19. Bella Smith 26.265 Easton Wrigley 36.752 Steer Wrestling 2. Ruger Smith 13.89 Team Roping Branson Parker (HD) & Ruger Smith (HL) NT Cooper Branch (HD) & Jason Stephens (HD) NT Bell Smith (HD) & Mylee Dolan (HL) NT Hadley Bayles (HD) & Alex Marshall (HL) NT Tie Down Roping 2. Ruger Smith 13.190
Breakaway Roping 1.
Brynlee Bastian, Halie Palmer, Mikell Keetch and Izzy Haycock took first place in the medley relay. Braylin Tripp won first place in the long jump and triple jump. Brynnlee Jones competed in the high jump

MHS Dragons District Champs!

The Malad Dragons enjoyed the sweet victory of claiming yet another district championship title after they hosted the 2A District 5 baseball tournament beginning Wednesday, May 8.

Having a bye as the number one seed of the tournament, Malad first played the winner from the Soda Springs vs Bear Lake matchup, which resulted in a BLHS win. The Dragons took to the field on the chilly Wednesday evening in what was a highly defense dominated game.

Malad was led from the mound by Ryan Hubbard who struck out 10 of the batters he faced, throwing 60 strikes of his 78 pitches. Over the seven inning game, the hurler only allowed 2 hits, while not walking any on base.

In the event that the Bear hitters did connect with the ball, the Dragon defense was ready to snag the out. Brycen Howe at first base picked up seven putouts, each out off the assist of one from Hubbard, Brady Showell at third base, and Carter Blaisdell behind the plate.

The Dragon offense didn’t pick up until the fifth inning of the game as Peterson punched in the first run. Getting on base after being hit by the pitch, Peterson advanced to second base as Blaisdell hit a high ball towards third base. Hubabrd followed with a single ground ball to left field to bat Peterson in for the first score of the game.

Malad scored two additional runs in the bottom of the sixth inning. Kurt Ward smacked a hard double bagger to center field before stealing third base on a risk that played out perfectly. Ward finished his way back to home after Briggs hit a grounder that was

fumbled by the first baseman. Briggs punched in the final score of the game two plays later.

Ready to seal the deal, the Dragons came out swinging, literally, in their second matchup against Bear Lake as they defeated Soda Springs once again. The MHS hitters connected with the pitch early in the game, Blaisdell doubling in the opening inning to bat in Peterson for their first run.

The scoring really took off as they stacked up five runs in the bottom of the second, beginning with Carter Carey’s triple line drive to left field to send in Jensen and Cael Seamons. Green followed with a base hit to bat in Ky Willie who stepped in as courtesy runner for Carey. Peterson followed at the plate to bat in Green on a hit to shortstop, and rounded out the scoring for the inning as Hubbard made his way on base after a Bear Lake dropped third strike.

The Dragons continue to rack up runs throughout the remaining three innings to lead the Bears 13-2. Hubbard led the team from behind the plate with 2 runs on 1 hit on 3 at bats with 2 RBIs. Howe spearheaded the defensive efforts from the mound as he pitched 4 innings, allowing 2 hits on 5 runs, walking 1 and striking out 5. Ward came in as relief pitcher for the final inning where he struck out 1 and walked 1.

The senior Dragon players were recognized following their Wednesday game as their final home game of the regular season was canceled. The Senior players included Hubbard, Jensen and Sawyer Poulson, all who have been a part of the Dragon baseball program for several years and contributed in large ways to their success.

MHS Softball “12-peat District Champs”!

“12-peat district champions.” That is how MHS softball Head Coach Bri Adams described her team after they won the 2024 2A District 5 tournament, a tradition that has been a part of the Lady Dragon softball program for more than a decade.

Throughout the tournament, Malad easily defeated all of the opposing tournament teams as they took down West Side 15-0, Bear Lake 11-1, and Soda Springs 15-0. In their opening game against the Pirates, the Lady Dragons made it a short but sweet game as they stacked up 15 runs before the end of the third inning.

Scoring seven runs in both the first and second inning, it only took a single run to end the game in the bottom of the third. Hadley Summers, slap hitter for Malad, hit a line drive on her first pitch and made her way to second base on a West Side error. Aubrey Shulz fol-

lowed at bat to punch in Summers with a single line drive to second base.

Boston Combs pitched for the Lady Dragons as they went up against West Side, allowing 3 hits over the 3 innings game, walking 4 and striking out 1.

Hallie Horsley at first base contributed 4 putouts, with second baseman Brylee Oglesbee and Combs each adding 2.

Adley Kimberling collected 3 hits in 3 at bats, scoring 2 runs and sending in 2 RBIs. Brining some power, Kimberling hit a triple in the first inning and two doubles in the second.

Bear Lake put up a bit more of a challenge as they played the Lady Dragons in their second game of the day. Malad remained scoreless after the opening inning and only picked up a single run in the second and third innings. But things began to pick up in the fourth as they strung together five runs on five hits, including home runs by Horsley,

Riglee Peterson, and Kaitlyn Pickett.

The Bears picked up the only run against the Lady Dragons of the district tournament in the top of the fifth innings off a double to right field. Liddia Gonzalez pitched against Bear Lake for the opening 5 innings, allowing 1 run on 3 hits, walking 1 and striking out 7. Freshman Gonzalez went an impressive 68-49 on her pitch to strike count against Bear Lake.

In a surprising turn of events, Soda Springs snuck by Bear Lake to play against Malad in the championship game Thursday, May 9. But they were still no match for the Lady Dragons as strung together 15 runs on 15 hits over the 4 inning game.

Peterson went 4 for 4 at the plate, including 2 home runs, a double and a single to score 2 runs and bat in 6 more. Kimberling, Combs and Horsley each added their own home runs to the tal-

ly. The slugfest really took off in the second inning as the Lady Dragons had 9 runs on 9 hits, including three of the five home runs of the game. Logan Maroney led the team in putouts as she contributed 6 with 1 assist. Horsley added 4 more outs at first base with Oglesbee and Pickett managing 1 putout each. Peterson pitched the four inning game, allowing zero runs on 2 hits, walking zero and striking out 6. With such a dominating season record as well as state titles, the Lady Dragons are headed to state with a large target on their backs. Coach Adams shared, “We are the team to beat at a tournament that will have some really good teams there. We have the talent and ability to win again, we just have to show up ready to play the game we love. In the end, we play it because we love it. We always do our best when it is about enjoying the game.”

C M C M The Idaho Enterprise May 16, 2024 16 Wednesday, May 8 Malad vs Bear Lake 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H Bear Lake 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 Malad 0 0 0 0 1 2 - 3 5 Lineup AB R H RBI BB E. Green 3 0 0 0 0 D. Peterson 2 1 0 1 1 C. Blaisdell 2 0 2 0 1 R. Hubbard 3 0 1 1 0 S. Poulson 2 0 0 0 1 T. Jensen 3 0 0 0 0 B. Showell 3 0 1 0 0 B. Howe 2 0 0 0 0 K. Ward 1 1 1 0 0 H. Higley 2 0 0 0 0 C. Briggs 1 1 0 1 0 Team Totals 24 3 5 3 3 Pitching IP H R BB SO R. Hubbard 7 2 0 0 10 Team Totals 7 2 0 0 10 Thursday, May 9 District Championship Game Malad vs Bear Lake 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H Bear Lake 0 0 0 2 0 - - 2 5 Malad 1 5 3 2 2 - - 13 11 Lineup AB R H RBI BB E. Green 2 2 1 1 1 C. Seamons 1 1 0 0 0 D. Peterson 3 2 1 1 1 C. Blaisdell 3 0 2 1 0 K. Ward 1 1 1 0 0 R. Hubbard 3 2 1 2 0 S. Poulson 3 0 0 0 0 T. Jensen 2 2 1 0 1 B. Showell 3 1 2 1 0 B. Howe 1 0 0 0 0 K. Willie 1 1 0 1 0 C. Carey 3 1 2 3 0 Team Totals 26 13 11 10 3 Pitching IP H R BB SO B. Howe 4 5 2 1 5 K. Ward 1 0 0 1 1 Team Totals 5 5 2 2 6
The Baseball Seniors were honored with their parents after the first game of the district tournament. They include (left to right) Brittny and Todd Hubbard with son Ryan, David and Krishele Jensen with son Ti.
Malad vs West Side Wednesday, May 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H West Side 0 0 0 - - - - 0 3 Malad 7 7 1 - - - - 15 13 Lineup AB R H RBI BB R.Peterson 2 2 2 1 0 B. Combs 2 2 2 1 1 L. Maroney 3 1 2 2 0 H. Horsley 3 2 1 1 0 A. Kimberling 3 2 3 2 0 K. Pickett 2 0 0 0 0 H. Summers 1 2 0 0 0 A. Shulz 2 1 1 1 1 T. Daniels 2 1 1 0 0 B. Oglesbee 1 2 1 1 1 Team Totals 21 15 13 9 3 Pitching IP H R BB SO B. Combs 3 3 0 4 1 Team Totals 3 3 0 4 1 Malad vs Bear Lake Wednesday, May 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H Bear Lake 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 1 3 Malad 0 1 1 5 1 3 - 11 11 Lineup AB R H RBI BB R. Peterson 4 2 2 3 0 B. Combs 4 1 1 1 0 L. Maroney 3 2 1 2 1 H. Horsley 2 2 1 1 2 A. Kimberling 3 1 1 0 0 K. Pickett 2 1 2 2 0 A. Shulz 2 1 2 1 0 H. Summers 3 1 1 0 0 B. Oglesbee 3 0 0 0 0 Team Totals 26 11 11 10 3 Pitching IP H R BB SO L. Gonzalez 5 3 1 1 7 R. Peterson 1 0 0 0 1 Team Totals 6 3 1 1 8 Malad vs Soda Springs Thursday, May 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H Soda Springs 0 0 0 0 - - - 0 2 Malad 3 0 1 2 - - - 15 15 Lineup AB R H RBI BB R. Peterson 4 2 4 6 0 B. Combs 2 1 1 1 0 L. Maroney 3 2 2 1 0 H. Horsley 2 2 1 2 1 A. Kimberling 3 1 2 2 0 K. Pickett 2 1 1 0 1 A. Shulz 1 1 0 0 0 A. Tovey 1 0 0 0 0 T. Daniels 2 1 2 2 0 H. Summers 1 1 0 0 0 B. Oglesbee 2 2 1 0 0 T. Venable 1 1 1 0 0 Team Totals 24 15 15 14 2 Pitching IP H R BB SO R. Peterson 4 2 0 0 6 Team Totals 4 2 0 0 6
Adley Kimberling sliding into home plate for the run. Second baseman, Brylee Oglesbee, makes the play after shortstop, Riglee Peterson, tosses over the ball.

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