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MAYOR’S MESSAGE The January 2021, in an article titled “ Holladay’s Future Depends On All Of Us”, the City Council announced our intention to consider the Holladay Citizen Advisory Group’s (CAG) recommendation for a property tax increase as part of this year’s budget process. Holladay has not raised property taxes since our incorporation in 1999. We have subsequently added significant amenities and associated infrastructure, to include City Hall Park, Knudsen Park, Fire Station #104 and the Holladay Village development, to name a few. They are wonderful additions to the city, many of which were constructed using grant dollars, but substantially increased the maintenance burden of the aging infrastructure we inherited twenty-one years ago. Anyone that owns a home knows you can do a little now or a lot later, but you will not escape the responsible investment required to properly maintain your assets. The city is no different. Our challenge as a community is deciding what we want to look like 20 years from now? The Holladay@20 campaign was launched to both celebrate how far we have come, but to also pause to consider the steps we must take to thrive for another 20 years. I’m proud of the foundation we laid, but also feel an obligation to provide future councils with the tools they will need to sustain our city in a manner that will make future generations proud to call Holladay home. This process started two years ago with the formation of the Holladay Citizen Advisory Group - 8 residents were tasked with reviewing our budget, analyzing the long and short-term improvement needs of the city and recommending responsible funding options. They presented their findings in May (view their recommendation, www.Holladay20. com). The Covid crisis forced us to delay the pubic engagement piece in 2020. Though we are far from recovered, we feel the tools are in place to engage

our citizens and receive the feedback that will facilitate a fully informed decision by our City Council. As part of the Citizen Advisory Group process, a comprehensive web site was developed, www.Holladay20.com. It hosts informational videos, surveys, general information about everything property taxes, the CAG Recommendation Report and more! Our staff made every effort to organize the data in a manner that will allow our citizens to dive in to the details to any level they choose. We encourage you to log on to the site when you have questions or concerns, or if you just want to educate yourself on the process. By the time our Council approves the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget (June 2021), we will have spent 3 years on this project. It has been a data driven and transparent endeavor from start to finish. Whether through virtual Town halls, in-person Town halls, public hearings, emails to your Council representative, or phone calls, we would appreciate your input. The decision to implement the increase the CAG recommended, to adjust their recommendation or to reject an increase will be substantially driven by the feedback we receive from our residents. Finally, this is not the easy path. I’m proud to be part of a Council that has the courage to address these pressing needs. We believe we have a responsibility to present our residents with the facts that have been presented to us. I don’t want my property taxes to rise, none of us do. But I think we all understand that inflationary forces and depreciating infrastructure are simple realities. The costs cannot remain unchanged forever. It’s up to all of us to do our due diligence and determine the proper timing and appropriate level of funding to maintain the critical infrastructure of our city. I feel we have provided the tools you will need to engage in this very important dialogue and debate. We welcome the opportunity. Respectfully, Rob Dahle, Mayor

Canal Trails Study – We want to hear from you. In the spring of 2019, the City of Holladay asked residents about projects that were most important to improving residents’ quality of life. 48% of residents who responded indicated that trail system developments were most important. To help achieve that goal, and after receiving a grant for this purpose, the City has spent the last year studying the feasibility of trails along canals owned by Salt Lake City Public Utilities that run throughout the City. We have identified potential routes, and last summer conducted a number of in person, outdoor open houses designed to provide information about the project and gather input from residents. Residents have another opportunity to provide input on the potential for a trail system. Through the month of February, residents can view options and answer questions online. Please visit the City’s website at cityofholladay.com for a link to the survey, or visit the survey directly at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/holladay_canal_trail_open_house

2021 Pet Resolutions Salt Lake County Animal Services Did you get a pet this holiday season? Or did you forget to vaccinate or license your pet in 2020? At Salt Lake County Animal Services, we recommend getting these services done to ensure your pet is healthy and ready to get going for the New Year. 1. VACCINATE: Make sure they are up to date on vaccinations. Pet illnesses and diseases are preventable if you vaccinate your pet. Veterinary visits are booked out far in advance at this time, so call and make an appointment right away. 2. MICROCHIP: At Salt Lake County Animal Services, on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 2 PM- 4 PM, there are DRIVE-UP, microchipping and licensing clinics, at 511 W 3900 S. Any pet in Salt Lake County with a current pet license can receive a FREE microchip with proof of license. Microchipping is one of the best ways to get an animal back to their owner as quick as possible. Questions? Email animal@slco.org. 3. LICENSE: By Utah state law, pet owners must license a pet by the time they are five months of age or within 30 days of moving into an area or acquiring the pet. Find out more about licensing on our website. Or call to make an appointment at 385-468-7387. The shelter is open Mon-Sat, 10 AM-6PM. Dispatch is available 24/7 for animal emergencies: 801-840-4000.


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Cash Prizes!



Cash Prizes!

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2020 – A Year We Won’t Soon Forget By Gina Chamness, City Manager 2020 was a year unlike any other in recent memory, and will not soon be forgotten. In the 20 years or so since Holladay incorporated, the City had not declared an emergency. Last year saw three – an earthquake in March that fortunately spared the City of significant damage, a windstorm in September which did significant damage to the City’s tree canopy and left portions of the City without power for several days, and of course the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through all the unprecedented events of the last year, Holladay’s elected officials, members of the City’s boards and commissions, and city staff have continued with their work to serve this community. Following are highlights of some of the City’s key accomplishments in a very unusual year. You can view the full list on the City’s website. Specifically, in response to the pandemic, the City: • Moved to virtual meetings for City Council and Planning Commission, conducted via Zoom and shared to Facebook Live in real time • Created website building permit portal for electronic submittal of some permits, reducing the need for visits to City Hall, and began reviewing some plans electronically • Began accepting credit cards for permits to eliminate necessity of in-person payment requirements • Conducted significant outreach for Stormwater Fee, Holladay Crossroads Zone, and Holladay @ 20 using new, virtual tools for engagement including Facebook Live, videos and other virtual events, and • Conducted two local business surveys to help target local business assistance, and gave away personal protective equipment giveaway events for city businesses and residents.

While looking a little different than previous years, the regular work of the City continued. Specifically, Holladay elected officials, Planning Commissioners and/or staff: • Entered into a nonexclusive license agreement with Google Fiber to provide broadband services. • Issued 1079 permits, including right of way and building permits, including the first construction permit for Block D of the project • Completed conceptual design for a Skatepark, coming soon to City Park • Approved a Stormwater Utility Fee in November 2020, with implementation likely in late spring/early summer 2021, and • Completed mill and overlay work on six streets, crack seal, chip seal and slurry seal on other streets throughout the City. Finally, through work of tremendous City volunteers, supported by staff, Holladay: • Held 4 drive in music concerts, organized by the City’s Arts Council and supported with donations • Held a socially distanced, restricted Fine Arts Show and Plein Air event, sponsored by the City’s Arts Council • Held a Tree Giveaway for City residents, organized by the City’s Tree Committee • Held a virtual Interfaith Council service, Holladay’s traditional kickoff to the holiday season, along with members of many congregations throughout the City, and • Held a virtual Tree Lighting ceremony, continuing a favorite City tradition. 2020 challenged all of us in a way we could not have anticipated a year ago. Members of the City Council, members of our boards and commissions, and City staff rose to this challenge, creatively rethinking plans to reflect the new reality, while continuing the City’s day to day activities. I’m incredibly grateful for and proud of the work everyone did this past year, and am hoping for a much, much calmer 2021.

HOLLADAY HISTORICAL COMMISSION The Holladay Historical Commission is delighted to make available, at a minimal cost ($10 per copy) copies of the Second Edition of “HolladayCottonwood PLACES and FACES”, Editor Stephen L. Carr. The book is a compilation of stories and events that occurred in the pioneer community that was initially known as: Big Cottonwood”. This book would make a great gift for yourself or family and friends. If interested, please contact Committee Members: Sandy Meadows at 801277-2857, Lyman Losee at 801-277-1957, or Robert Falck at 385-237-7518.

City Of Holladay • 4580 South 2300 East • 801.272.9450 • www.CityOfHolladay.com

CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS: Rob Dahle, Mayor rdahle@cityofholladay.com 801-580-3056 Sabrina Petersen, District 1 spetersen@cityofholladay.com 801-859-9427 Matt Durham, District 2 mdurham@cityofholladay.com 801-999-0781 Paul Fotheringham, District 3 pfotheringham@cityofholladay.com 801-424-3058 Drew Quinn, District 4 dquinn@cityofholladay.com 801-272-6526 Dan Gibbons, District 5 dgibbons@cityofholladay.com 385-215-0622 Gina Chamness, City Manager gchamness@cityofholladay.com

PUBLIC MEETINGS: City Council – first and third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. Planning Commission – first and third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

CITY OFFICES: Mon-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. • 801-272-9450 4580 South 2300 East • Holladay, UT 84117 Community Development Finance Justice Court Code Enforcement


801-527-3890 801-527-2455 801-273-9731 801-527-3890

Emergency 911 UPD Dispatch (Police) 801-743-7000 UFA Dispatch (Fire) 801-840-4000 Animal Control 385-468-7387 Garbage/Sanitation 385-468-6325 Holladay Library 801-944-7627 Holladay Lions Club 385-468-1700 Mt. Olympus Sr. Center 385-468-3130 Holladay Post Office 801-278-9947 Cottonwood Post Office 801-453-1991 Holliday Water 801-277-2893 Watermaster - Big Cottonwood Tanner Ditch system - Art Quayle 801 867-1247

Resolve to be More Prepared: Water By Julie Harvey Municipal Emergency Management Planner To assist community member in increasing their disaster readiness and resilience each month I will be presenting information provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (https://www.fema. gov/ or https://www.ready.gov/) or the Do 1 Thing website (https://do1thing.com/). For February, create or check your water storage to have enough water on-hand for your family to last AT LEAST three days (72 hours). Store at least one gallon of water per person per day for three days, for drinking and sanitation. This should be about three gallons per person. A normally active person needs about three quarters of a gallon of fluid daily, from water and other beverages. However, individual needs vary depending on age, health, physical condition, activity, diet and climate. Take into account that nursing mothers and ill people require extra water. Don’t forget to add water for your pets! If you have room, add extra water for sanitation and hygiene.

Impact of Salt on Groundwater

Get Involved in the Conversation at Virtual Town Halls The Holladay City Council has kicked-off a 8-month process to consider a property tax increase as part of the fiscal year 2021-22 annual budget. The Council Members are hosting two town hall sessions to start the community conversation with residents to determine the best path forward for Holladay. Both sessions will cover the same information.

Property Tax Virtual Town Halls

Thurs, Feb 11, 2021 Session 1 at 12 pm -OR- Session 2 at 6 pm Instructions on how to join each virtual meeting will be posted on the City's website on February 9 in advance of the town hall sessions. Both sessions will have the same agenda.

Public Process Process Timeline Timeline


Good water quality is integral to a healthy environment and for maintaining a clean groundwater drinking source. Below are some facts about the impact salt has and some tips to reduce the use on driveways and sidewalks: 1. Apply salt wisely. If you’ve applied salt to your sidewalk, driveway or parking lot and it gets wet, you can’t just remove the excess. Once chlorides enter the ground or surface water, they never go away. One 50 lb. bag of salt can contaminate over 10,000 gallons of water. 2. Some fish species are negatively affected by concentrations of less than 1000 parts per million of Sodium Chloride, about 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of salt in 5 gallons of water. 3. A spreader to evenly distribute salt. 4. Keep salt bags stored inside a plastic bucket or a covered space.

Want to learn more? Watch the video series at ww.holladay20.com/propertytax.

Holladay's future depends on all of us!

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Can't join us for a town hall? Share your questions or comments on ww.holladay20.com by clicking on the "contact" menu button and completing the comment form. A video recording of the town halls will also be rebroadcast for viewing on a future date. Check the project website for updates.


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Holladay City Newsletter | February 2021