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mayor’s message Lehi Family Week is a wonderful thing to celebrate. It gives us a chance to reflect on the blessings of life and the blessings of those around us. No matter where we live or how far from home we travel, we always know that someone is waiting and praying for us. It really doesn’t matter if you have a large family, a small family, or don’t have a blood relative to be found. Someone somewhere does care for you. You can count on that! It may be family, a neighbor, a friend, or someone across town. Each of us should take the time to share that kind of relationship with someone in our community. Both friends and family can bring peace of mind and feelings of love. I would hope that every citizen $

in our community and in surrounding communities will take the opportunity to attend the Lehi Family Week activities. They provide a chance to strengthen the values we have and the blessing in our lives. Let’s not forget that family is about a relationship, not a blood line. So take a neighbor and enjoy the wholesome activities that will be going on all week. Take a look at the schedule; you’re sure to find plenty to do and enjoy. Memories are made up of the things we do and who we do them with, not the things we forgot to do or wish we had done. Come to all the events and tell them you are a guest of the mayor. Let’s love more, forgive more, do more, appreciate what we have, stop worrying about

what we want, and be grateful that we have a community who cares about each other and our families. Gratefully your Mayor, Bert Wilson

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DANCE STUDIO The Dance Academy

27 East Main St. Lehi

801-766-9533 Owned by Lehi Resident Jill W. Trane


Lon W. Sorensen • 444 W. Main • Lehi


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Your Birth. Your Way. My last pregnancy caused me to be a bit more anxious due to my age. During my lengthy labor, the nurses were so patient, responsive, and attentive to my needs. Even though I had given birth previously, I was grateful for the extra time they took to educate, empower, and encourage me. Each nurse listened to my desires and concerns, and explained birth and pain management options. I can tell you the name of every team member because they left a lasting impression. Their dedication and knowledge were crucial in allowing me to have the birth experience I desired. American Fork Hospital is my family’s hospital. - STEPHANIE LUTZ For more information on Stephanie’s story visit:

170 North 1100 East, American Fork, Utah | 801-855-3300 | |

lehi family week 2017 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Lehi Family Week Kick-off Night including: • Lehi Family Week Outstanding Families & Business Recognition • Lehi Family Week Youth Choir • Lehi Family Week Speaker: Sam Payne


Jack and Jill’s Lanes: Bowling and laser tag (6-9 p.m.)BOGO + Up to 2 topping pizzas for $10, 24 oz. drink for $1 a person Thanksgiving Point: • $5 discount to the Museum of Ancient Life, and the Museum of Natural Curiosity • $5 per table discount to the Harvest Restaurant for lunch or dinner • Residents must show ID for discount. Cahoots Fitness: (6 a.m.) Free HIIT and Weights (High Intensity Interval Training) fitness class for moms only. (8:10 a.m.) Free Sculpt & Burn

schedule of events fitness class and (10:35am) Ballet Barre fitness class for Moms and Movement Preschool or Baby Steps class for kids 5 and under (Reserve a spot at: http://www. html). Lehi Pieology: (only 11 a.m.-9 p.m.) Create your own personalized pizza for $5. Original crust (Mention family week to receive offer) Lehi Jamba Juice: (7 a.m.-10 p.m.) $1 smoothie for the price of a regular sized smoothie. (Mention family week to receive offer)


Hutchings Museum: (11 a.m.-5 p.m.) Half price admission Mountain Point Medical Center Hospital: • Pictures & Pancakes with Santa (4 -7 p.m.): $3/ person or $10/family, • Storytime with Mrs. Claus • Free Santa picture

• Crafts and much more fun. Cahoots Fitness: (6 a.m.) Free High Fitness class for moms only. (8:10 a.m.) Free Yoga fitness class and (10:35am) High Fitness class for Moms and Movement Preschool or Baby Steps class for kids 5 and under. (Reserve a spot at: http://www. html). Lehi Pieology: (only 11 a.m.-9 p.m.) Create your own personalized pizza for $5. Original crust (Mention family week to receive offer) Lehi Jamba Juice: (7 a.m.-10 p.m.) $1 smoothie for the price of a regular sized smoothie. (Mention family week to receive offer)


Hutchings Museum: (11 a.m.-5 p.m.) Half price admission Legacy Center: (9 a.m.-9 p.m.) Halfprice Swim Cahoots Fitness: (9:20 a.m.) Free Turbo Kick box fitness class for Moms and Movement Preschool or Baby Steps class for kids 5 and under (Reserve a spot at: http://www. html).

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 Outlets at Traverse Mountain

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Cahoots Fitness: (8am) Free special Thanksgiving Day workout! Moms Only! (Reserve a spot at: http://www. html). Enjoy Thanksgiving!


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Santa Parade down Main Street at 5:00 p.m., tree lighting at Lehi Main Street Plaza. Family Square Dance Legacy Center north gym 6-9 p.m.


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR I am a grandmother! Yes, I know I don’t look a day over 30 but it’s true! My eldest daughter and her husband had a baby boy in July! He weighed 4 pounds 11 ozs - 3 weeks premature. He now weighs over 11 pounds! I share this announcement because that little baby boy is the center of our attention! Everyone waits to hold him (must have clean hands) and we realize his face and body are filling out and he’s beginning to smile and recognize our faces. There’s something about that new addition that binds our family together! It’s JOY! We love him dearly and know his future will be bright. Our family has been so blessed - not only with the birth of our grandson, but with the marriage of two more daughters. We have scored in the sons-in-law department and feel very fortunate that our daughters have chosen wonderful spouses! I want to thank my amazing committee: Cindy Sloan, Melanie Hansen, Wendy Shoop, Josh Walker, Dann Goff and Susan Brown for all the time they’ve sacrificed to make this week-long city celebration such a fun time for you and your family! We also want to thank Monica Bennett and Bonnie Slade for directing and accompanying the Lehi Family Week Youth Choir! Such amazing talent in Lehi! We live in a beautiful area and in such a supportive community! I hope you count your blessings this

Thanksgiving and make sure you put Family and Lehi at the top of your list. Life has its challenges - cherish your family. Don’t take your spouse for granted! Express gratitude for the thoughtful things they do to make you happy. Love your children and tell them how blessed you are to be their Mom or Dad! Put away your phones and talk with your children - it’s the time you spend with them they’ll remember most! We welcome your volunteer help - please contact Melanie Hansen at the Lehi City office for specifics. Happy Thanksgiving! Heather Miller - 2017 Family Week Chairman

From the




THE NORBY FAMILY Traumatic attack brings Lehi family closer People often want life to be like a pleasant, sunny, 80-degree day: perfect and beautiful. In reality, however, storms blow through, bringing trials and difficulties. Richard Norby of Lehi knew this while lying on the floor of the Brussels, Belgium, airport, his left leg and foot shattered by a terrorist’s bomb. He also knew that God prepares people for these trials. “So laying on the floor of the airport, I didn’t have to ask myself well, where’s God now, we’re out serving Him and this happens,” Norby said. “That wasn’t an issue for me. In fact, the thing that I knew most at that time was that He was aware of me and the others, the other (LDS) missionaries and the other people, He was aware of us and knew where we were and knew what we were feeling. So if He knew that, I didn’t have to worry about where He was. I knew where He was.” Richard and his wife, Pam, were serving in the France Paris Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints when Richard gave three other young missionaries a ride to the airport. They were in the terminal when a terrorist detonated a suitcase bomb nearby. It was the morning of March 22, 2016.

Richard was burned over 35 percent of his body and suffered many shrapnel wounds. He lost most of the soft tissue on his left leg below the knee. Now, 20 months after the attack, Richard is still under a doctor’s care but said most of his wounds have healed and he can walk around fairly well. He is still receiving treatment to heal some bed sores that appeared during the weeks his foot was kept immobile. Despite the trauma of the whole experience, the Norby family has been brought closer through it. “It is a tremendous bonding experience,” Richard said about trials such as his. “We’ve always been close as a family, but it strengthened our faith. Our devotion to God has always been a family affair, but it’s been strengthened now. The family is paramount in our life …. This was just another strengthening episode.” The Norbys’ son Jason and daughter Chelsea flew to Belgium two days after the accident and stayed for more than a week. Their daughters Tiffany and Brittany came later to help their mother Pam pack and prepare to return to Utah. Another daughter, Chalese, was unable to go because she was fulfilling other family commitments.

“I flew in specifically for Dr. Baird’s treatment plan from Hawaii and I would definitely do it again!!! His treatment has definitely helped my quality of life where I can walk briskly for a couple miles, swim, stand for household chores, ect.” ~Annette S., Hawaii

Dr. Paul Baird 785 E. 200 S. • Suite 6A • Lehi (Next to Macey’s)

801-766-4741 10

Richard & Pam Norby

In addition to their own immediate family, the Norbys have experienced the love and service of their LDS ward families through Richard’s injury and convalescence. Members of the Brussels ward they had been attending rallied to help out in many ways. The Norbys lived in Lehi before they left on their mission, and members of their Lehi ward were quick to visit and provide other help when the Norbys returned to Utah even though they were living in a Salt Lake City apartment in order to be closer to medical treatment. Their original Lehi home, which they moved into in

June of 2006, was eventually sold because it had stairs that would be difficult for Richard to navigate. The couple loves Lehi, however, and after their time in Salt Lake City they moved into a Lehi apartment. Just a few weeks ago, they moved into a Lehi home next door to their son. Members of their son’s ward - now their ward - have already been serving them. Richard said he has made a list titled “Lessons I’ve Learned from Brussels.” One of those lessons is based on an Arab proverb: “Too much sun makes a desert.” Scriptures tell of people having to cross the wilderness to reach the promised land, he said, and teaching one such story in seminary once prompted Norby to write his thoughts on a sticky note and paste it inside his scriptures. The words say: “The storms aren’t always stilled. At times He prepares me against the storms. He could breeze me to the promised land, but instead he prepares me to withstand the storms.” “If you compare a desert with Hawaii, you realize that the storm clouds and the winds and the rain are what cause the flowers to blossom and the trees to grow,” Richard said. In addition to their five children, the Norbys have 16 grandchildren.


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the robison family Family, service important to the Robisons While Wayne and Dianne Robison of Lehi were raising their eight children, everything they did centered around family. “I believe that family is everything, that we do our best to raise confident, happy children to be adults, good citizens, and we make our best effort to have that happen,” Dianne Robison said. “We just feel like we love them and we wanted them to have the best secure and happy life that we could, so we tried to make that happen.” From the beginning of their life in Lehi, the Robisons had a certain lifestyle in mind for their family. They moved in 1990 from a small property Bakersfield, Calif., to 1.3acre lot in Lehi where they built a home and kept farm animals such as cows and sheep. This was before Lehi’s development explosion, and the area was rural and quiet. “We just wanted a place for our kids to be able to play wild and free,” Dianne said. The children attended Lehi schools and all graduated from Lehi High School. Wayne worked at an oil refinery in Salt Lake City and Dianne was a stay-at-home mom. She studied teaching in college and while she never

completed the degree, she utilized what she had learned in the home. Over the years, Wayne and Dianne have served the Lehi community in many capacities. They’ve helped with fundraisers and Scouting activities and served as part of their local school’s PTA. They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have served in various callings in the church, including working with missionaries at the Provo Missionary Training Center for five years while Wayne was in a branch presidency there. They currently serve as temple workers in the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple. Earlier in their marriage, Wayne worked as a police officer in Pleasant Grove and he once served as a city councilman in Cedar Hills. They made sure to include their children in service while they were growing up. From the time the children were young, the Robison family has done a service project around Christmastime; their efforts have included making blankets for a veterans home and doing Sub-for-Santa projects. They also sought out service opportunities during the rest of the year for the whole family to participate in such as working at homeless


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Wayne & Dianne Robison Family

shelters or doing quiet service behind the scenes without the other family’s knowledge. “We wanted them to look outside of their own selves and see that there were so many people in the world

that had less than they did and help them to develop a feeling of gratitude and responsibility to care for others, that we’re all part of a human family and it’s our responsibility to care for one another,” Dianne said. While they prefer not to be the leaders of a project, they are very good “worker bees,” Dianne said, and people know they can ask the Robisons for help. “We just feel a great sense of gratitude for our lives and all the things that we’ve had and been able to do and the blessing of family,” she said. “We just feel it’s important for us to do our part to make the world a better place and do the best we can.”


the welcker family Welckers work to benefit children’s future Professionally, both Mark and Molina Welcker work to benefit the city of Lehi through promoting it to businesses and visitors and helping the community grow and be the best it can be. However, this work also influences their family life as they hope to create a community where their children can go to school, get great jobs and raise their own families. “You’re planting a seed for your kids’ future,” Mark Welcker said. “You’re teaching them to love and understand how blessed they are to live in this area because it really is an amazing place to live.” Mark Welcker works as president and CEO of the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce, which serves the communities of Lehi, Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. Under his leadership, the Lehi chamber has won six awards from the Utah State Chamber of Commerce in areas ranging from Best Community Partnership to Fastest Growing Chamber and Best Weekly Communication. When he took the Lehi chamber position five years ago, the chamber only had about 80 members. That number has risen to about 225 members today and continues to increase.

With the Lehi population booming and major corporations locating in the area, “We’ve really had a great opportunity to grow just because of what’s been going on around us,” Mark said. Molina Welcker has spent the last two decades as director of conferences and catering at Thanksgiving Point. She oversees more than 1,300 events annually there, which include everything from large corporate events and company parties to weddings and small get-togethers. She’s hosted visitors and dignitaries including the governor of Utah, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and political figures Mitt and Ann Romney and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. “She (Molina) grew up here and so she absolutely just loves Lehi,” Mark said. Molina attended Lehi Elementary School and graduated from Lehi High School. She attended Brigham Young University studying photography and food science and obtained the job as a director at Thanksgiving Point at age 21. Mark grew up in Highland, graduated from American Fork High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in

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Mark & Molina Welcker Family business management at Utah Valley University. He served a mission for the LDS Church in Nashville, Tenn., and was self-employed for many years as a loan officer and mortgage broker. Then a friend suggested Mark apply for the chamber job, and Mark decided to go for it. Molina and Mark met while Mark was working as an account manager for Wonder Bread and Hostess products and made deliveries to Kohler’s in Lehi where Molina worked in the deli. Early in their marriage, Mark tried to convince her to move out of northern Utah County - just for a while - but Molina insisted they remain in the area she loved. The Welckers now have two children: Thomas, 13, and Ethan, 8. Both attend American Heritage School in American Fork where they sing with their school’s chorus, and both have been playing guitar since age 5. Thomas also runs cross country and has been involved in 4-H and Scouting. He has a strong interest in community service, having spent more than 200 hours working on projects such as cutting out Christmas stockings for newborn babies at Mountain Point Medical Center and mentoring other children through a program at Thanksgiving Point. Ethan is in a reading club at school and loves to go out and make friends. Molina has spent many hours volunteering at her children’s school, and she and Mark served as volunteers during the 2002 Olympics. “I think you have a responsibility to give back to something that you’ve benefited from,” Mark said. “Both Molina and I have benefited so much from growing up in this area … so because I benefited from that and she did too, we feel like we have an obligation to give back. It’s just part of being a good citizen, a good resident of the area.”




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family friendly business of the year Chick-fil-A a long-time supporter of Lehi community Dusty Pyne opened his Lehi Pointe Chick-fil-A restaurant just two months ago, but his business has already been serving the Lehi community for many years. Pyne’s first Chick-fil-A location opened seven years ago at 183 N. West State Rd. in American Fork. “Since we’ve opened, we’ve been very actively involved in the community,” Pyne said. That community, however, has been much larger than just American Fork; over the years, Pyne’s business has served schools and other organizations throughout northern Utah County, including Lehi. “Anyone that’s approached us from Lehi, we’re very happy to be



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involved and just support them,” he said. That service has included being part of the annual Halloween event at Lehi’s Legacy Center every year for the past seven years. The business budgets money every year for schools and has aided many elementary schools inside and outside Lehi through donating prizes or providing food for various events. Pyne’s restaurant has also supported the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, which operates at Skyridge and Lehi high schools. This program teaches high school students leadership principles and then helps them organize studentled community service projects. Last year, students at Skyridge High hosted a prom for special needs students as their project, Pyne said. His business has also been part of the annual Walk With Angels event held in Lehi. This event provides an opportunity for the community to show its support for parents of

chick-fil-a special needs children. “We know who our customers are, we know where our customers are coming from,” Pyne said. “It’s important to take care of them. It’s a relationship, it’s not just a transaction.” Ultimately, service in the community is only part of what makes a business a good fit for families. “Really, what makes us family-friendly is how you’re treated in the restaurants,” he said. Both the American Fork and Lehi Chickfil-A locations have play areas for children, and employees are happy to assist through carrying trays of food to tables and providing place mats so families have a guaranteed clean eating surface. “Everyone knows that if you say thank you in Chick-fil-A, they’re going to say, ‘My pleasure,’ and that really is a mindset,” Pyne said. Chick-fil-A also has delicious food that children will actually eat, he added. Pyne’s new location, the Lehi Pointe Chick-fil-A, opened in September at 3470 N. Digital Drive. It is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Chick-fil-A locations are closed on Sundays so team members can enjoy a day or rest and time with family and friends. “We’ve enjoyed working with the city (of Lehi) for years and years. The restaurant being within city limits is just another opportunity for us to serve,” Pyne said. “It’s just another venue to positively impact our community.”

“Families Helping Families Locally”



http: //www. ha bitatuc .o rg/do nate-now. htm


Vo lunteer individua lly, a s a fa mily, o r a s a co mpa ny o n a build s ite


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MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER SAM PAYNE Entertainer’s stage presence, original stories turns heads Payne’s performance of his original stories and jazz-inflected folk music has turned the heads of critics and audiences around the west. Alone or part of Savoy, his jazz quartet, Payne’s arresting stage presence, his craft as a poet/storyteller, and his soaring tenor voice have established him as an enduring and engaging performer; the songwriter’s songwriter. A veteran of the Timpanogos and Weber storytelling festivals, Payne has brought his peculiar stories and jazz-inflected folk tunes to halls in Canada, Bulgaria, Tokyo, and from coast to coast in the United States. He’s played storytelling festivals large and small, including the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and the Weber Storytelling Festival. In addition to maintaining a career as a performing artist, he serves as the school director of Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts, and hosts “The Apple Seed: Tellers and Stories,” a daily radio show on the art of storytelling. Find more information about Sam and his work at

Sam Payne

215 North Center Street, Lehi

801-768-3900 • 18

“Let’s talk about storytelling: Sam Payne is a master at it.” --Carma Wadley, Deseret News “Listening to the lyrics--that song about his grandfather; Holy Cow! Some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard.” --Glenn Beck, the Glenn Beck Program “Payne, known for his jazzed folk tunes and flair for good stories, is a ‘must see’ show full of entertainment that’s just right for audiences across the board.” --Rich Panessa, Southern Utah Songwriters Association “Hence, as a public service to anyone who enjoys


thoughtful, energetic, jazz-inflected folk -- and even to people who think “jazz-inflected folk” sounds iffy, but who enjoy a good guitar sound and strong vocals -- I am opening the bag, and letting out the cat: Sam Payne rocks.” --Cody Clark, The Daily Herald “He’s one of the best in his field … the consummate performer. The connection he makes with people onstage or in person is a rare thing that many artists don’t have the ability to do.” --Earl Madsen, Sounds of Zion “The songwriting is fun, sublime, and masterful. The lyrics are poetic and profound. There are life lessons hidden in his songs, and when found they are more powerful than just stating the truth. More true than truth. Highly, highly recommended.” --Tim Jones, Deseretbook. com “Payne delivers his riveting folktales with passion, emotionally stirring hooks, and an almost supernatural ability to tell a story.” --Kevin Jones, “The Independent” magazine “Payne is one of those few musicians who can successfully combine both songwriting and stage performing. He can write poignant and meaningful lyrics, combine them with a melodic hook, and perform them in a voice that makes you want to close your eyes and drift away.” --The Spectrum


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youth choir Youth Choir to perform November 19 The Lehi Family Week Youth Choir will perform two special numbers during the week’s opening event on Sunday, Nov. 19, at Skyridge High School Auditorium (3000 North Center). The youth have been working hard and are excited to be performing “Let Me Fly” by Robert DeCormier and “Pilgrim Song” arranged by Ryan Murphy. The Lehi Famly Week Youth Choir is a group brought together each year specifically to perform as part of Lehi Family Week. Monica Bennett, Lehi High School Choir Director is serving as director of the youth choir this year and will be accompanied by Bonnie Slade. Announcements were sent out to local churches and schools in Lehi inviting youth to participate, and all who were interested were accepted. Those in the choir range in age from 12 to 18. The choir has been rehearsing in a local LDS Church stake center and will have met for a total of five rehearsals before the performance. Several local


businesses enjoy the idea of a youth choir and have donated gifts in appreciation for the time the youth have put in to the choir.

The Lehi Family Week Youth Choir will perform two numbers at the week’s opening event on Sunday, Nov. 19.

our nation’s foundation: families Denise H. Rohan, National Commander of the American Legion Family First is the theme for my year as your national commander. And what better way to recognize our families, the foundation of this nation, than during National Family Week, Nov. 19-25. I encourage all members of the American Legion Family to initiate and engage in local activities during National Family Week that promote, encourage and celebrate healthy families and communities. As the nation’s largest veterans service organization, our commitment to the men and women of our armed forces and their families never wavers. Together, we must act to ensure that no military family endures unnecessary hardships caused by service to their country. By doing so, we ensure that The American Legion is serving its veterans, servicemembers and their families. There are Legion-supported organizations that you can work with during National Family Week that may have resources that you can use to support your week of activities.

These organizations include: Focus on the Family ( Alliance for Children and Family ( Administration for Children and Families (www.acf. Let’s show our communities that we are a family that not just takes care of our own members, we stand ready to take care of our active-duty military and their families, we take care of our veterans and their families and when you look at our four pillars and all of our programs, we take care of our entire nation’s families.



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mountain point medical center Mountain Point Medical Center to host Santa visit on Tuesday, November 21 Lehi Family Week is excited to partner once again with Mountain Point Medical Center for one of the best traditions to hit the community! On Tuesday, November 21, Jolly ol’ Saint Nick will be making an early visit to Lehi. Bring your entire family over and enjoy breakfast- for Dinner! Santa’s Helpers will be serving up Pancakes, Bacon, fruit, and juice. Once you’ve finished with your meal, stick around for some great Holiday activities including Story Time with Mrs. Claus, crafts and games for kids of all ages, and a Teddy Bear Clinic (bring your favorite stuffed animal and find out what it’s all about)! We are also asking for each family that attends to bring 2 cans of food to be donated to the local food bank for the holiday season!


Pictures and Pancakes with Santa Date: Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017 Place: Mountain Point Medical Center, 3000 N Triumph Blvd. Lehi, Time: 4:00-7:00 p.m.

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santa event Of Course, what’s a Holiday celebration without the Head Elf? Mr. Claus will be there ready to take pictures with all the kids. In fact, each family will receive a FREE printed picture taken with Santa. Not only that, but Santa likes to come with presents… so don’t be surprised if you leave with a special gift before the night is out. Mountain Point Medical Center is excited to sponsor Lehi Family Week and continue this wonderul tradition for the community. This event is the perfect activity for you and your family… entertainment for kids, no cooking for mom, and it’s a great way to kick off the Holiday Season. So, haul out the ivy, dash through the snow, and make your way over to enjoy Pancakes with Santa!

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stonehaven to offer free dental exams, x-rays To show its appreciation for the community it serves, Stonehaven Dental will offer free dental exams and X-rays on Tuesday, Nov. 21, as part of the Lehi Family Week celebration. The exams and X-rays will be available at Stonehaven’s Lehi location at 181 N. 1200 East between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Available for anyone who has not had an appointment at Stonehaven this past year.) Residents are asked to call Stonehaven Dental and reserve an appointment for the free exams and X-rays before Nov. 21. To make an appointment, call (801) 8550858. Stonehaven Dental has been operating in Lehi since 2005 and is excited to be a part of Lehi Family Week. Known for offering all types of dental services in the convenience of one locations, Stonehav-

en is a perfect fit for families. Free exams and X-rays are offered for all new patients and services range from pediatric dentistry to orthodontics, wisdom teeth extraction, cosmetic dentistry and crowns. “We can take care of your family of five all in one visit,” said Mary Hegerman, Stonehaven marketing manager. Stonehaven Dental is certified in IV sedation for patients who have a fear of dentists. This method, which is different from oral sedation, allows patients to peacefully relax during their entire appointment. Participating in Lehi Family Week fits in with Stonehaven Dental’s mission to be a contributing member of the community. Each year Stonehaven offers a day-long event called Stonehaven Smiles which allows people to go in and get a free cleaning and other services.

The business provides scholarships each year for local high school students and recently completed its Halloween candy buy-back program, gathering more than 200 pounds of candy that will be donated to Operation Gratitude and shipped to soldiers overseas for Christmas. Stonehaven Dental dentists also travel each year to countries such as Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic to provide dental services for people in those areas of the world. To schedule your appointment with Stonehaven Dental and experience its family-friendly services, call (801) 855-0858.

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santa parade - square dance SANTA PARADE & TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY Join us for our annual Santa Parade and Tree lighting ceremony. The Santa parade starts at 5:00 p.m., Saturday, November 25, from Lehi High School and will go west on Main to Main Street Plaza. The tree lighting ceremony will include a children’s choir, hot chocolate, cookies, and a visit from Santa!

SQUARE DANCING SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Come over to the Legacy Center at 6 p.m. and enjoy a great evening of Square Dancing! We are excited to have Ray Rhea Square Dance Caller run our Square Dance event this year. They have provided dance calling and dance lessons in Utah, and surrounding areas for years. Their team got started with a summer round dance class more than 40 years ago. They held that same class the next year and have grown from there. We want to express appreciation to Lehi Bakery and Walgreens for their generous donations for this event.

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chamber message As Lehi residents, we are facing many challenges that, if handled correctly, will yield long lasting benefits. One of these challenges that we are all familiar with is the ever-growing traffic concern. One of the most frustrating drives that many of our resident’s deal with daily is the stretch of road along I-15 from Lehi Main, up through the point of the mountain. As a chamber we decided to be proactive in finding a solution. Our Vision Statement reads: The Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce will be recognized as the leader and catalyst to facilitate business opportunity and prosperity in north Utah County. We recently had the perfect opportunity to live up to our vision statement. In 2016, we started working on a plan to help secure funding for the muchneeded I-15 core infrastructure

projects. Working with elected officials at the local and state level, major employers and developers in north Utah County, and community leaders in education, we came together to write a “letter of support” that was signed by all involved. Our letter focused on Utah’s tremendous growth since the great recession and identified key, critical need areas that needed to be addressed. One of the areas identified was north Utah County. We stressed that the inadequate transportation infrastructure was having a major impact on the future of our economic development. One of the first things a major employer looks at when contemplating a move to a city such as Lehi are the roads. We made the point that investing in needed infrastructure now while interest rates are

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Andrew Badger low versus several years from now when rates and construction costs will likely be much higher was the right decision to make. The letter was emailed two times to each Representative and Senator during the 2017 Legislative Session. Many phone calls were also made to garner support. Being a very tight budget year and with many other pressing needs, we weren’t overly confident if we would obtain the needed votes. In the end SB277 passed almost unanimously in both the House and Senate with the help of our local elected officials who helped champion our cause. Rep. Kay Christofferson indicated that our letter had a significant impact in the passage of the bond. The employers that are coming to north Utah County are generally fantastic companies to work for that provide living wage jobs with excellent benefits. If the growth is going to continue, then we feel it is imperative that we are doing everything we can to attract the very best companies. We want our children to be able to receive a quality education and find a career locally rather than leave the state. As Chairman of the Board for 2017 it has been a phenomenal opportunity working with the chamber and chamber members to accomplish this goal. Sincerely, Andrew Badger Chairman Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce

health tips - dr. paul baird Holiday burnout - signs and solutions During the Holidays do you feel constantly tired, or life is just “too hard,” or your get up and go just got up and went? Watch out for Holiday Burnout! The symptoms you might experience are: 1. Mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. 2. Lowered immune system response, turning into increased illness. 3. Withdrawal from personal relationships or those things that typically bring you joy. Anytime stress increases we run the risk of burnout. As I talk with patients, many say they don’t have much stress…that is until we realize that stress can come from one of the following 5 sources: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Chemical or Spiritual Stress. When we become out of balance in any of these areas…our body recognizes it as stress and burnout begins. Here are 3 helpful solutions which can help you recover from or prevent burnout: 1. Slow down and take some time for yourself to rest, relax and reflect. One way to do this is to look at your sleeping habits of when you go to bed and the first thoughts that you think when you wake up. Going to bed earlier will give you energy and allow your body, mind

and spirit to repair and recharge. 2. Just say no! Let go of unnecessary commitments that are a burden. It is easy to get burdened doing so many things that we think we should do, but we really don’t want to. This holiday season pay more attention to who and what you are giving your time to and determine if the commitment is truly necessary for you at this time. 3. Lean on loved ones or professionals for the emotional support you need. It is ok to ask for and to receive help. The Beatles had it right when they sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” We are all in this together and there are days when we need help. Ask for it and accept it when it comes. One last thing…one of the best ways to help your body better accommodate stress is through regular chiropractic care. This allows your body to function at a more optimal level which will reduce your chances of burnout. I hope that implementing one (or all) of these suggestions will help you have the happiest of holidays. For more information on how chiropractic can help, please contact Dr. Paul Baird at 801-766-4741 or see our ad on page 10.


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family procamation A Proclamation for the Family Whereas, families are the cornerstone of our nation and community; and Whereas, Lehi has a tradition of providing a wholesome community where families want to live and raise their children; and Whereas, strong marriages and strong parents are major keys to strong families; and Whereas, the strength of our community, in the future, depends on the success of our children and youth; and Whereas, Lehi has a tradition of promoting a drug free and a crime free community; and Whereas, it is important to respect the differences of families whether they be religious, political, cultural, or other. Now, therefore, I Bert Wilson, Mayor of Lehi City together with the Municipal Council of Lehi, do hereby proclaim and support 2016 as “Lehi Year of the Family” and proclaim the week of November 20-26, 2016 as “Lehi Family Week”. And encourage educators, community organizations, business leaders, and religious leaders to support families, youth and children with the appropriate MENTION THIS AD AND WE’LL GIVE YOU A activities and programs that will create the most family 2¢ BONUS PER POUND ON ALUMINUM CANS! CELEBRATING 24 friendly, youth friendly, and child friendly community in Looking for a close convenient place to turn YEARS! THANKS TO your scrap in cash? We buy all types of metals! the world. We offer competitive prices & fast

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2017 Lehi Family Week Magazine  

Check out this year's events and activities for Lehi Family Week. Read about some of the amazing families that live and serve in Lehi as we...

2017 Lehi Family Week Magazine  

Check out this year's events and activities for Lehi Family Week. Read about some of the amazing families that live and serve in Lehi as we...