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IT Services

Student Handbook

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IT Services

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Service Desk and CIT Card Office


Rules for Support


myCIT Student Email and Apps


Student Account and Home Drive


SmartCard, Print Station & Top-up


Student Wireless Internet


Code of Conduct


Blackboard e-Learning 10 Web for Student


Assistive Technology Service


Useful Contact Addresses


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All information contained in this booklet is correct at the time of print. (September 2012) Please refer to our student support website for the most up to date information. IT Services


Forgot your Student Account password? If you cannot remember your Student Account password, which is used for all IT Services such as accessing computers and myCIT email, please visit and reset your password by answering your personalised security question. Please see page 7 for more information

IT Services

Introduction Dear Students, In this section you will find a summary of the IT services here in CIT. Many of these services are still evolving and many have been recently deployed, so we welcome your feedback and patience. We also encourage students to regularly visit our student support portal to keep up to date with our latest developments. To use the IT services in CIT, it is essential that you are properly registered as a student. You need to do this with Admissions; all of your IT accounts and services are automatically created once you are registered. •

All new students will receive their student account details on registration, along with their Student ID card. Each new student will also receive a letter from the Admissions Office with their Student Password.

The majority of IT services will be accessed using your Student Account. Initially you will be provided with a temporary password but you will be asked to change this and create a security question on first login. If you cannot remember your Student Account password, please visit and click “Reset Password”. You will be provided with further instructions on how to reset your password by answering your personalised security question. It is critical that you register fully and keep your login details private. Without a CIT student card you will not be able to use the college’s IT services or avail of our IT support. Our mission statement: To deliver great IT services to all CIT students and staff. We hope you enjoy your time in CIT and that these services enhance your experience in the college. Paul Gallagher Vice President Finance & Administration


IT Services

Service Desk & CIT Card Office Table of Contents TextService Desk IT Location: Open Access, Library Building Telephone: 021 433 5050 Email: Website: Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri Saturday

9:00am – 9:45pm 9:00am - 5:00pm

Services Provided: • myCIT email support • Student password assistance • CIT Print Station maintenance • Student wireless access • Blackboard e-Learning • Web for Student

CIT Card Office Location: Ground Floor, Student Centre Telephone: 021 433 5290 Email: Opening Hours:

9:00am – 12:30pm 2:00pm – 4:30pm

Services Provided: • Issuing new CIT ID cards • Replacement of ID cards • Granting door access

Rules for Support • • • •


These desks can be very busy. Students are expected to be courteous and patient at all times. Emailing your query or request is the best way to get support, providing you can use your email (see page 11 for useful contact email addresses). Give as much detail as possible so we can give you the best support possible. A valid student ID card is required for assistance with computer access or password assistance.

IT Services

myCIT Student Email and Apps myCIT Student Email and Apps

Each student gets a myCIT Google email account with a capacity of over 25GB. Students should use this as their primary email account to work with the college, as very important information will be sent via this service. Your lecturers will send regular messages to this email address to inform you of important matters of relevance to you, such as class changes, assessments, placements, etc. The Exams Office will send you information concerning your personal exam timetables. It will be your responsibility to check your email regularly to obtain all such information. More information on your student email account can be found at Each student also gets a myCIT Google Docs account with a capacity of 10GB. This allows students to store documents online in a secure, virus-free environment. Though these files are not backed up, we highly recommend it as an excellent alternative to USB keys.

Using Your CIT Student Email Account How do I log in to my account? 1. In your internet browser, type and press the Enter key. 2. Click on the Student Mail link on the Applications Menu on the top of the screen. The Student Account login page is displayed. The login fields are visible at the top left of this page. 3. In the login fields, enter your full myCIT student email address (including and password. 4. Click Sign In. Initially you will be provided with a temporary password but you are asked to change this and create a personalised security question on the Web for Student website,


IT Services

myCIT Student Email and Apps How do I send and receive emails?

Emails are received in your account’s Inbox. To send an email, click the Compose Mail link on the left side of the page under the CIT Student Mail logo. Enter the recipient’s email address with your message subject and message. You may add attachments to your message, check spelling, and change text formatting if required.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you cannot remember your Student Account password, please visit, enter your Student ID and click “Forgot Pin?”. You will be provided with further instructions on how to reset your password by answering your personalised security question. If you require further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk in Open Access in the Library building. Our staff can assist you on presentation of your student card.

How should I deal with spam email?

Gmail and CIT have effective spam filters which work to prevent unwanted emails entering the system. However, if you do receive spam messages in your Inbox, you are advised to Report Spam using the link provided.

myCIT Student Portal -

This website was relaunched for this academic year and is your one-stop portal for accessing most CIT online services for students. From this site, you can access several existing services within CIT, such as: exam timetables and results; course timetables; Blackboard; student email; IT support; Web for Student; CITSU website; CIT website; and CIT calendar. It also features all the information you need to support your studies and student services at CIT.


IT Services

Student Account & Home Drive Each student receives a Student Account login in CIT. To access services such as your computer login, please log in using your Student ID number which may be found on the front of your student ID card. Initially you will be provided with a temporary password but you will be asked to change this and create a personalised security question on first login. Your account will be in the following format: Login name: Student Number (e.g. R00012345) Password: Student Password If you cannot remember your Student Account password please visit, enter your Student ID and click “Forgot Pin?”. You will be provided with further instructions on how to reset your password by answering your personalised security question. Should you require further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk in Open Access in the Library building. Our staff can assist you on presentation of your student card.

Home Drive (Network Share)

Each student will also receive a home drive on a CIT fileserver. This home drive (or H-Drive) will give each student 100MB of backed-up storage space on college systems. Once logged in, students can access this storage by clicking on their H Drive. Students should avoid the use of USB keys for storing critical information as the unreliability of these keys can lead to data loss.


IT Services

CIT vices

SmartCard, Print Station & Card Top-Up


Instructions on how to add credit online to your CIT Smart Card

The SmartCard ID is your primary form of campus identification and all students and staff members are required and expected to have a card with them at all times. You can obtain your card from the Card Services Office.


The SmartCard also acts as an electronic purse, which you can top-up online via Laser or credit card (minimum top-up of €10) or by using cash at the Card Services office in the Student Centre.

Support &


Information Computer Services

Your card will provide you with access to the following: • Campus copiers • Campus print services • Entry to the Library and book checkout • Entry to laboratories (dependant on course requirements) • Food service and shop purchases • Campus car parking facilities To find out more about your SmartCard, please visit our IT Services support website

Printing and Copying on Campus

CIT’s printing and photocopying stations are located in the IT Centre, Library and Tourism and Hospitality building. These pay-as-you-use services can be availed of with your SmartCard. To find out more about these, go to


IT Services

Student Wireless Internet CIT’s Student Wireless can be accessed in many areas across the campus including the Canteen/Atrium, Library, Student Centre and Open Access. More details on CIT Student Wireless are available from Steps to Using CIT Student Wireless: 1. Register for Student Wireless by following the steps found on our IT Services Support website ( You will need your Student Account login and password and will need to accept the CIT Acceptable Usage Policy. Remember, all internet activity will be logged by the college and you will be held accountable for all usage completed under your username. 2. Register your laptop/iPod/mobile device on this website. 3. Configure your laptop/iPod/mobile device for using Student Wireless. Enable wireless, scan for wireless devices and connect to CIT-Student. 4. Login at the prompt using your Student Account login.

Code of Conduct

All students must adhere to the Code of Conduct in order to use the internet and avail of CIT’s IT services and facilities. The full terms of the policy can be found at


IT Services

Blackboard e-Learning Blackboard e-Learning

The Blackboard e-Learning System is a Web-based server software platform that provides a repository for formal course documents and a storage area for work programmes, lecturer-uploaded notes, presentations and assessments, as well as assessment tools and other valuable resources. The Blackboard system is integrated with the CIT registration system, so that when you register for a course or module, you are automatically enrolled in the corresponding course on Blackboard. Your lecturer has the option to use Blackboard or not. If you are in a “Blackboard class”, your lecturer will announce it, and advise how the system will be used for the class. This site is accessible from the myCIT website or directly at and any queries on the system can be directed to

Web for Student -

Your Web for Student account is used for three main reasons: 1. 2.

To enrol for elective modules online. This should be done as soon as you have chosen your electives. To obtain your examination results online. Your results will be available at the end of each semester.

3. To manage your Student Account password and personalised security question for resetting passwords. It is essential that you enrol for your electives online so that your name is included in class lists, you can access Blackboard, your exam timetables are accurate and your results can be processed. If you do not enrol for your electives, you will not be included in any of these functions. Details on how to access your Web for Student account will be sent to your myCIT email account.


IT Services

Assistive Technology & Contacts Assistive Technology Service

The Assistive Technology Service provides computer access and Assistive Technology Services to students with disabilities at CIT who are registered with the Disability Support Service. The goal of the Assistive Technology Service is to enable students with disabilities to access computer systems, information resources, specialist software and online resources. The service also provides demonstrations of adaptive equipment, training and support, workshops, access to e-mail and other internet services. It currently consists of 16 computer stations which contain software that is useful for students who need support with various aspects of their study. The Disability Support Officer and the Assistive Technology Officer will be able to assist students in looking at equipment and software packages that will be beneficial to them during the time they are studying at CIT. The service also has various pieces of equipment to aid and support students with a wide range of disabilities or difficulties, from visual impairment to learning difficulties.

Useful Contacts Queries regarding:

Should be addressed to:

• Student Account • Network login • Wireless Internet • Printing Station issues • myCIT email

• Student ID Card Replacement

• Blackboard/e-Learning

• Registration and enrolment

• Exam timetables

• Exam appeals and related queries


IT Services

Cork Institute of Technology Telephone: 021 433 5050 Email: Website:

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IT Services Handbook 2012  

Student support booklet for IT systems at Cork Institute of Technology