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Time Critical Care As a Level 1 STEMI Center, Boone Hospital can now help more Mid-Missourians who have a heart attack.

Heart care team members from left to right: Daniel Garcia, Scrub Tech; Kristi Baden, RN; Anthony Spaedy, MD; Kelley Hanenberger, RN; Jacob Rosendale, Monitor Tech; Jerri Clair, RN


n 2010, Boone Hospital Center nurse Kristi Baden witnessed Boone Hospital Center’s STEMI team in action when her 97-year-old grandfather had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. The emergency medical response team began treating Kristi’s grandfather in the ambulance as they transported him to Boone Hospital’s cardiac catheterization lab. Kristi was able to watch the process from admission to discharge. “I witnessed a great team in action,” Kristi says. “The hand-off from EMS to the cardiac cath lab was timely and efficient. Even the smallest task, like offering a pillow to my aunt at his bedside, made a great impact.” Before long, Kristi’s grandfather returned to working his farm in Blackwater, Mo. Several years later, Kristi, still inspired by what she’d seen, took a position as Boone Hospital Center’s STEMI coordinator. For many years – both before and after Kristi saw the STEMI team save her grandfather’s life – Boone Hospital Center



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has strived to provide timely care for patients diagnosed with ST-elevated myocardial infarction, or STEMI, a type of heart attack that requires immediate medical attention. “In 2007, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services started a task force to develop a plan to treat people with a Time Critical Diagnosis, like trauma, stroke, and STEMI,” Kristi explains. The plan included public health education on the importance of calling 911, creating regional emergency transport protocols, and standardizing patient handoff. In 2018, Boone Hospital Center was designated a Level 1 STEMI center by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. This designation – the state’s highest honor – is part of the state’s Time Critical Diagnosis (TCD) plan and allows Boone Hospital to act as a heart attack resource for Mid-Missouri patients and health care facilities. This designation gives patients better access to life-saving procedures and helps EMS teams and

hospitals improve communication and patient outcomes. As a Level 1 STEMI center, Boone Hospital Center has an on-call cardiac catheterization team – available 24 hours a day, every day – to receive and treat patients. Boone Hospital can perform percutaneous coronary intervention procedures to open blocked arteries. Emergency medical responders can start an EKG as soon as they reach the patient and take anyone having a STEMI to the nearest facility capable of providing required care. Boone Hospital’s Level 1 STEMI designation reflects our sustained efforts to provide patients with timely care. Tony Spaedy, MD, an interventional cardiologist with Missouri Heart Center, says that, while the designation will help more MidMissourians, “It won’t dramatically change what we’ve been doing for years, which is to treat patients as best and as skillfully as we can, with the best team.” By Jessica Park

My Boone Health Summer 2018  
My Boone Health Summer 2018