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Leena Salim SALES MANAGER Elaine Ho ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Zin Win Mar PHOTOGRAPHY Nay Mone, Wai Yan, Lwin Ko Taik Cover photo by Nay Mone. ART & PRODUCTION Mai Aye Mya Thida, Kyaw Kyaw Tun, Win Lwi, ABOUT MYANMORE Myanmore is the leading englishlanguage lifestyle content producer in Yangon. Through we provide daily updated listings of events, directories, editorials and much more. We’re the answer to the question “What’s Happening today?” and you can find us online, in social media, subscribe to our newsletter or pick up our Weekly Guide. Myanmore also provides marketing & communication services to help companies get better return from their campaigns, as well as creating new marketing channels.

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A Night out in Yangon City





WANG LI JUN Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

TELL US ABOUT YOU I was born in Shanghai and I moved to Singapore for my education at 13. Two years ago I got engaged and moved to Yangon. My husband is part of the Citimart family. I was working in Singapore before I decided to move here. My husband reloacated to Yangon about four years ago. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN SURVIVING WORKING HERE In Singapore I was working with Unilever. Premier has a few channels; food service n retail distribution so I’m quite familiar with the retail part but for food service it’s a totally new area for me. It’s exciting as the hotel, tourism and F&B industry has been blooming for the past two years. I also love eating and exploring different restaurants so it’s easy for me to pick up tips in this industry. HOW MUCH CHANGE HAVE YOU SEEN SINCE YOU’VE BEEN HERE? ND HOW MUCH FURTHER CAN IT GO? Let’s first talk about new hotels and restaurants. When Myanmar first opened, there was a sudden surge of new businesses, foreign businessmen and investors. People are very interested in the market. Everything comes so suddenly that we couldn’t meet the demand. That’s why hotel rates have been going up. Now two years after this whole development, people recognised the demand. Everywhere we go; hotels, restaurants, everybody is talking about expansion or setting up new hotels. Tourists places like Bagan and Inle Lake, there are so many new hotels being built. The rate of growth is very fast. In terms of restaurants, when you see more expats and tourists coming in n tourists is where

Li Jun

Operations Manager | Premium Distribution

you see big growths in the numbers of restaurants. They correspond with the nationalities of the growth. Meaning now that we are seeing more Japanese investments you will also see more Japanese restaurants here. WHAT ABOUT STANDARDS In the past people don’t place too much on quality and standard. People know about it but perhaps they don’t care as much. Now everybody is changing their mentality. People want to invest in food quality, in consulting foreign chefs to improve food quality. Focus more on hiring people w international experience to continuously give training to staff. This is a huge change I see. I also see that trainees are

INTERVIEW 6 Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

more interested to learn. DO YOU THINK MYANMAR IS READY FOR EXPANSION I always feel or sense that one day Myanmar or Yangon will be like Bangkok. Not just for this industry but the whole country. I spoke to a lot of people and what I’ve learnt is that, within the government now, they don’t seem to know exactly wat they want to do. On one hand they want to liberalise- all the regulations, all the new laws, all are very open but when it comes to the actual implementing, you can still sense resistance, delay in approving a lot of things. So now what we also feel is that within da government, they don’t know exactly how fast they want to grow. It’s not just in one industry it’s in every industry. IS THAT A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING? I would say it’s always good to think about what u want to do rather follow blindly just

because everyone is doing it. Myanmar now has the advantage of taking so many lessons from all over the world and in this region and I think they can take their time to consider what is best for them. TELL ME ABOUT THE NIGHTLIFE IN YANGON TWO YEARS AGO There are very limited places. You don’t even think about going out in the evening. 50th St Bar has been around for a long time but sometimes it also depends on the crowd. You want to go with a fun crowd and enjoy the atmosphere as well. When I first came here I rarely go to any of the night places. But of late you hear about this or that place that just opened and you see your friends going to these places. So yes Yangon is more exciting now. Thank goodness

Best Japanese restaurant 1. Fuji Japanese Restaurant 2. Kobe- Ya 3. Shik-Tei @Parkroyal Hotel 4. Dining Fukurou 5. Kohaku Japanese Resturant @ Chatrium Hotel Best Korean Restaurant 1. Her’s Korean Food 2. Han Kook Kwan - Korean BBQ 3. Arirang Restaurant 4. Hanil Kwan 5. Pyongyang Koryo Best Chinese Restaurant 1. Fook Mun Lau 2. Summer Palace @ Traders Hotel 3. Golden Duck 4. Western Park 5. Phoneix Court @ Parkroyal Hotel Best Thai Restaurant 1. Sabai @ DMZ 2. Green Elephant Restaurant 3. Mai Thai 4. Le Nacha 5. Pandonmar Restaurant Best Southeast Asian Restaurant 1. Monsoon

1. Acacia Tea Salon 2. Union Bar & Grill 3. Sharky’s 4. L’Opera Italian Restaurant 5. Café Napoli Best Fine Dining 1. L’Alchimiste 2. Water Library 3. Le Planteur 4. Aux Saisons 5. The Standard Best Patio 1. Sigature, The garden Bistro 2. Isola Garden Café & Restaurant 3. Governor’s Residence 4. L’Alchimiste 5. Happy Noodle & Café Best Sunday Brunch 1. Agnes @ Kandawgyi Palace 2. Traders Café 3. Inya Lake Hotel 4. Union Bar 5. 50th Street Bar, Café & Restaurant

1. Water Library 2. Le Planteur 3. Acacia Tea Salon 4. La’ Maison 20 5. The Governor’s residence Best Café 1. Acacia Tea Salon 2. 365 Café 3. Coffee Club Myanmar 4. Bar Boon 5. Coffee Circle Best Bar 1. Escape Gastro Bar 2. 50th Street Bar 3. Union Bar & Grill 4. Bar one 4 5. Vista Bar Best Club 1. GTR Club 2. DJ’s Bar 3. Flamingo Bar 4. Café Liberal 5. Pioneer Club Best Night 1. REHAB @ Flamingo 2. Fab Party @ Flamingo 3. Limbo @ Union Bar & Grill 4. Balle de Salsa @ 50th St. Bar 5. Strand Hotel Happy Hour

Best Burger Place New Comer 1. Café Thiripyitsaya 2. Union Bar & Grill 3. Cousin’s Grill 4. Sharky’s

1. Mojo 2. Flamingo 3. Ya Kun Family Cafe 4. Easy Café 5. BBQ


Best Western Restaurant

Best Service


1. Feel Myanmar 2. Aung Thukha 3. Min Lan Mote Tee 4. Shan Yoe Yar 5. Taing Yin Thar

2. Singapore Kitchen 3. Mom’s Kitchen 4. Linkage Restaurant 5. Ya Kun Family Cafe

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Best Myanmar Restaurant

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Arirang Green Elephant






DJ Bar


Pyongyang Koryo

Cousin’s Grill

Acacia Tea Salon

Dining Fukurou

La Maison 20

Escape Gastro Bar

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Bar One 4


Inya Lake Hotel

Taing Yin Thar

Han Kook Kwan




Water Library

Western Restaurant

Shan Yoe Yar

Le Planteur

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


Traders Hotel

Bar Boon

BBQ Chicken

Ya Kun Kaya Toast


Chatrium Hotel

Union Bar & Grill

9 Monsoon

50th Street Bar

Nervin Cafe

Cafe Liberal

Cafe Napoli

Park Royal Hotel 365

The Garden Bistro

Vista Bar

The Standard

Golden Duck

Aung Thukha

Coffee Club


Singapore Kitchen Pioneer Bar Flamingo Bar

Le Nacha

The Governors Residence

Min Lann

Sharkey’s Coffe Circles


Cafe Thiripyitsaya


Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


EDITOR’S NOTE So this is it, folks. This is Yangon’s first official Dining and Nightlife Guidebook for the first half of 2014. We at MYANMORE hope that this guide will be of value to the visitors and residents alike. This guidebook is pretty straightforward- they are categorized according to their specific genres. There are repeated establishments under different categories. No, it’s not a typothey are good. This project started because we realize Yangon didn’t have a proper Dining and Nightlife guidebook. With the burgeoning scene, it makes sense to have one. We started with a lot of categories and narrowed it down to these 17 categories. Then the hours began to pile up.. We call it the PEOPLE’S CHOICE because we acknowledge that this is about you. No establishment can thrive or survive without the support of its fans. So we opened up a platform and we gave you, the consumer, a chance to vote for your favourites. We gave you a voice to pick your choice. And goodness, you lot had loads to say didn’t you? We expected numbers but we didn’t expect a tsunami. Numbers had to be recounted again and again ‘til we were cross-eyed. Despite that, we were elated. This means that Yangonites are a mature bunch and they know what they want. Coincidentally, the Myanmore team assigned to this project also know what they want - a bonus (hint hint, Boss!). Nevertheless, we are gobsmacked with the responses and we appreciate how the nominees have been very cooperative in making numerous trips to provide us with amazing photos.

Leena Salim


Other have been very pro-active in helping us spread the word to promote MYANMORE AWARDS through word of mouth, social media and on their premises. It’s a win-win situation. We have also come up our very own MYANMORE’S PICK because as much as we give you the freedom to vote, we too have a voice, and we want to be heard. We humbly think you are tops. To all the nominees, we acknowledge your dedication and hard work. Well done! To the winners, you are the crème de la crème of the industry. Congratulations! We also want to sincerely thank all our sponsors, supporters, advertisers and imaginary friends for making this project possible. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… Yangon’s very own… Dining and Nightlife Guide

Icons in the Guide  = Operating Hours ? = Address  = Contact number , = Average spending per person . = Event dates

Feel Myanmar P 6am - 8.30pm ? 124, Pyihtaungsu Avenue St, Dagon Tsp ‚ (09) 5019643, (09) 5116872 , 1,000 - 5,000 kyats

Feel Myanmar is a good way to get acquainted with authentic Myanmar cuisine. You get to choose from smorgasbords of many dishes and then dine amongst the locals. Your food is brought to your table with other accompanying dishes and condiments. The servers are knowledgeable and service is very efficient. It’s usually crowded all year round so you’re always surrounded with a rambunctious envi-

ronment. There a sweet dessert offered at the end of each meal to complete your culinary experience. There’s a high chance that your food might be served cold and the curries are oil galore.

Aung Thu Ka P 9am - 9pm ? 17(A), West Shwegondine Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 525194 , 1,000 - 5,000 kyats

You can’t get any more local than Aung Thu Ka. If you want local food and ambience, this is

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Myanmar cuisine is as diverse as its local ethnic groups. From kyay oh from the Chinese, chapatis from the Indians, mot tee from Rakhine state, Shan tofu from Shan state, mohinga from the Burmen and si byan from Hin state, it’s easy to see why Myanmar restaurants attracts both locals and foreigners.



Go early for lunch if you want your food to be somewhat warm. Ambience is non-existent but that’s what makes it special.

Min Lan Mote Tee P 11am - 10pm (closes on every 23rd of the month) ? 17(A), West Shwegondine Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 5502459 , 1,000 - 8,000 kyats

Locals are crazy about Min Lan Mote Tee for their seafood and Rakhine noodles. Ask anyone dining there at any one time and they will recommend you different items from the menu but the crab and prawns are most definitely their bestsellers. Seafood are made fresh and served with their famous green chilli sauce. This restaurant packs them in ‘til late every night.

perience with distinctive dishes promises you a unique experience through different parts of Shan state. Set in a renovated historic building made of reclaimed wood, there’s a bar area to have your drinks and private room upstairs where food is nicely presented. A variety of obscure Shan dishes yet unheard of for adventurous diners who wishes to have an authentic Shan cuisine awaits.

Taing Yin Thar P 10am - 10pm ? 5A, Corner of MayKha Rd and Parami Rd, Ma Yan Khone Tsp ‚ (01) 660792 , 7,000 - 15,000 kyats

Shan Yoe Yar is the very first Shan-style fine dining restaurant in Myanmar. Its culinary ex-

Whereas other restaurants would offer food from a certain state or region, Taing Yin Thar offers you a wide selection of ‘national cuisine’ from all over Myanmar. Using only natural products grown locally, their master cooks whipped up their signature dishes of regional flavours. They’re happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and the staff are known for their hospitality. Set at the top of Inya Lake, it is the perfect place for those wanting an overall experience of Myanmar cuisine in one sitting.

Emerald Traditional Cuisine

Danu Phyu Daw Saw Yi

? 96, Inya Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 526749

? No. 96, Yango Insein Rd, Kamaryut Tsp ‚ (01) 511565

The Serenity Restaurant

Karaweik Palace Restaurant

? 114/ B, Inya Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 524 890

Kandawgyi Pat St, Kawareik Garden recreation Zone. Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp (01) 290546

Seafood is sold at market prices so be sure to ask for a rough estimate price before you order.

Shan Yoe Yar P 6am - 10pm ? War Tan St, Lanmadaw Tsp ‚ (01) 221524 , 7,000 - 15,000 kyats

Shwe Palin Tea House ? 37, Hantharwaddy Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 538 736

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



it. The restaurant gives you a true impression of a local kitchen with plastic chairs and tables and basic cutlery. Food is ordered from the buffet counter and is then brought to your table. As Myanmar food goes, it’s usually cooked fresh in the morning and laden with oil and with local prices.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT Japanese cuisine is defined as traditional-style Japanese food characterised by the use of seafood, vegetables and rice. But the Japanese have diversified immensely in the past century or so that western influences have been seen included in their menus. Traditional or modern, they are here in Myanmar and we love them either way.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant P 11am - 10pm ? Hanthawaddy Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 514776, (09) 73022338 , 5,000 – 15,000 kyats

decent hole in your pocket. Whereas the staff are attentive, they might not necessarily be knowledgeable in giving you advice.

Shiki- Tei @ Parkroyal Hotel Fuji Japanese Restaurant is popular especially amongst the young local crowd. Customers mostly repeat ones - rave about their salmon. The sushi and sashimi are a delight and made fresh. Servers are efficient and attentive. This establishment has a warm and casual ambience which makes one feel welcomed and immediately settled in. Business meetings are also seen done there as it possesses a no-fuss environment with suitably- matching décor.

P 11am - 2.30pm, 6 -10.30pm ? 33 Alan Pya Phaya Rd, Dago Tsp ‚ (01) 250388 , 15,000 – 40,000 kyats

Shiki-tei has been getting consistently good reviews from tourists including those from its own motherland. Guests have an option of dining at the sushi counter or in one of the tatami rooms. It serves traditional and authentic yet

Although is it referred to as a restaurant, it really is mainly a sushi bar with a few bento sets thrown in.

Kobe- Ya P 11am - 11pm ? 615/B, Marlar St, Pyay Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 535072, (09) 420015401 , 12,000 – 30,000 kyats

Kobe refers to cuts of beef and one of KobeYa’s specialty is of course the much –talked about beef, imported from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Meat from the black Tajima-ushi strain of wagyu cattle, raised with strict tradition, is flavourful, succulent and tender. These thinly sliced meats, served cold, are considered to be a delicacy. You’ve never had kobe beef before? Well, you should. You might just like it They are on the pricey side so expect to burn a

innovative Japanese fare in a modern setting. The Family Buffet Dinner is available five nights a week from Wednesdays to Sundays for those with ravenous appetites. Ala- carte menu, also well-presented, make this a pleasant culinary experience. Those looking forward to the buffet, be reminded that good food doesn’t come cheap here.

JAPANESE 15 P 11am - 10pm ? 81C, New University Avenue Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 542871, (09) 5417048 , 15,000 - 25,000 kyats

Dining Fukurou is relatively new in Yangon but yet has been gaining a steady and good reputation amongst the community. Their set lunch menus are palatable and reasonably priced. Besides being sticklers for serving only the freshest, they are also masters at making your plate of sashimi look like a work of art. There’s an option for private rooms upstairs seiza-style seating for those who enjoy the experience. Owners are hands-on and the servers are helpful. They fill-up pretty quickly so expect some delays with service. Art takes time.

Daruma Japanese Restaurant

Kohaku Japanese Restaurant @ Chatrium Hotel P 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm ? 40 Natmauk Rd, Tamwe Tsp ‚ (01) 544500 Ext.6231 , 10,000 - 45,000 kyats

Perhaps one of the reasons Kohaku attract a lot loyal fans is simply because of the combination of superior Japanese food in an attractive and pleasant setting. The tropical pool and Asianinspired garden of the Chatrium Hotel makes dining there relaxing and even more enjoyable. Their buffets goes above and beyond your expectation.Kohaku is a popular venue for business meetings on weekdays and with groups of families dining out on weekends. This would be something to worry about if that important lunch business meeting is set here and Japanese fare is not your thing.


? Yangon International hotel, Ahlone Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (09) 49270271

? 76, Saya San Rd ‚ (01) 554748

Grill Restaurant MARU

Ureshii Kitchen

? 134, Shwe Taung Tan St (Upper Block), Lanmadaw Tsp ‚ (01) 1221568, (09) 420308350

? 111, Shwe Taung Tan St, Lanmadaw Tsp ‚ (01) 224 810

Little Tokyo ? 168 (c) Dhamazedi Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 731 85168

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Dining Fukurou

The Korean influence in Myanmar is evident in almost everywhere you look - from the fashion to the drama series. And let’s not start with the Gangnam- style phenomena. The same goes with Korean cuisine. The menu from Korean Restaurants ranges from the traditional to the more western-influenced fare.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



Han Kook Kwan

Pyongyang Koryo

P 11am - 3pm, 5-10pm ? 24-B Pyi Thu St, 7 Miles Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 662757, (09) 43154726 , 8,000 - 15,000 kyats

P 5pm-11pm ? A-5 Saya San Rd, Bahan Tsp , 4,000 - 10,000 kyats

Han Kook Kwan separates itself from other Korean restaurants with a different outdoor concept- Korean barbeque in Tiki huts. If you do get to sit outdoors you get to see the cooks grilling the meats and also an added bonus – a mill wheel in the middle of the pond. Various meats come with assorted kimchi sides and they are served as soon as they are grilled. Servers are friendly and efficient. It seems they expect a minimum order of two dishes if you come solo. Also being in close proximity with the grillers means you leave smelling like the meat you just ate.

It seems all the reviews that have been written about this establishment say one common thing- this is a unique but somewhat bizarre dining experience. A bevy of identical North Korean female servers also double up as multitalented performers on stage when the clock strikes eight. North Korean cuisine is not to be confused with that from the south where there are many accompanying side dishes. The main feature in most of the menu is kimchi plus an assortment of others like hot-

Her’s Korean Food ? 33 B-1, Ayeyeiknyein, Parami Rd, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 663636 , 3,500 - 6,000 kyats

Her’s Korean Restaurant has grown from strength to strength. From a humble café two years ago, they now have three branches. Peo-

Lovers of Korean food would remember that Hanil Kwan used to have their restaurant on Pyay Road for many years. Back then they were one of the first to introduce Korean cuisine to locals. It was an acquired taste- until Korean movies came along. Since moving to their new premises at Okkala Road, business has been booming. They thnik it’s because they are very generous with their free side dishes. We think it is because of the secret ingredient in their kimchi.

Arirang Restaurant P 9.30pm - 9.30am ? 197, U Chit Maung Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 49335172 , 7,000 - 15,000 kyats

ple would suffer long queues just to have their fix of Pork Bulgogi and Bibimbap, their two most popular dishes. The pork meat is sliced into bite-sized, succulent and pieces. They are especially delicious when dipped into the Korean soy paste mixed with chilli and garlic. Although Bibimbap can be served either hot or cold, their customers seem to prefer their Bibimbap served hot. They attract big groups of locals and also family of tourists.

Arirang is a popular Korean folk song literally meaning beautiful dear. Makes no sense, really. A lot of translation has been lost in history that even the Koreans themselves don’t really know. What we do know here is that Arirang Restaurant has been around for three years in Yangon. They are a family- run business serving home-cooked Korean food and they do it with love. They’re so good that they attract not just the locals but also the expats. As with any humble family-run business, do not expect Michelin-star service. They are also not easy on the wallet.

Gangnam Restaurant

KPC Korean Restaurant

? 62A, Kabaraye Pagoda Rd, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 650689

? 49, Nagar Yon Pagoda Rd, 8 1/2 mile, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 651167

The Seoul


? 142, Parami Rd ‚ (09) 49284888

? 75/2, Lower Kyi Myin Daing Rd ‚ (01) 215929


P 10am - 10pm ? 9.5 miles, Okkalar Rd, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 662475 , 5000 - 8,000 kyats


Hanil Kwan

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

pots, soups, curries- all of which are equally tasty. Kimci here, kimchi there, kimchi everywhere. Enough said.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT From steaming dim sum to succulent Peking duck, from spicy Sichuan to soupy Min cuisine, the Chinese Restaurant category comprises restaurants that serve all manner of, what else – Chinese Cuisine.

Fook Mun Lau

Golden Duck

P 10am - 2.30pm, 5 - 10pm on weekdays P 8.30am - 2.30pm, 5-10pm on weekends ? 102, Corner of Kabaraye Pagoda Rd & OakPoneSeik Rd, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 656878, (01) 656789 , 15,000 - 50,000 kyats

? Kan Taw Mingalar Garden Compound, Shwedagon Pagoda Rd ‚ (01) 240216 , 5,000 - 8,000 kyats

It is the epitome of grandeur in Chinese restaurants. It looks like the ones you see on TV – its classy exterior matches its opulent interior. It has gained popularity with its gamut of Chinese and especially its fresh seafood cuisine. Dim sums are now available from breakfast to feed the hungry. Staffs are always friendly and attentive. Seafood is always sold according to their current market price hence there is no set price. Be sure to enquire for a rough estimate before you order.

Summer Palace @ Traders Hotel ? 223 Sule Pagoda Road ‚ (01) 242828, Ext. 6519, 6441 , 15,000 – 25,000 kyats

Following Traders hotel standard of excellence, dining at Summer Palace is not just about having a tasty meal, it’s about being treated like a king as you dine. The food is still Chinese style but is given a modern gourmet twist. Whether you’re there in a small group, a big one or a party in one of their private rooms, you can be ensured that dining at Summer Palace will leave a lasting good impression. With their extensive menu, the saying ‘too much of a good thing is not necessarily good’ comes to mind.

Golden Duck has seen repeat customers time and again not just for its top quality food, but also for its magnificent view. A table by the glass wall gives you the picturesque lake and the famous Shwedagon temple. It’s a big restaurant with large tables so hosting big groups for dining makes this an ideal venue. A lot of praises have been sung about their tender and fragrant roast duck. Prices are reasonable and the quality of service is commendable. An overall pleasant dining experience Whereas the roast duck gets praises, the others in the menu gets mixed reviews.

Western Park ? Tha Khin Mya Park, Ahlone Tsp ‚ (01) 225143, 226949 , 4,000 – 10,000 kyats

It seems the town of Yangon and visitors who make frequent trips here cannot get enough of restaurants that offers good Peking Duck. Western Park is one of such restaurants. Besides the food being a good price point, they also have a performance of duck-carving at


There seem to be a growing number of whiskydrinking groups of men enjoying their liquid beverage more than what is on the menu. This may be seen as unfavourable to some.


your table which makes it an added visual bonus. Other dishes on the menu are also commendable.

P 11am- 2.30pm, 6-10.30pm ? 33 Alan Pya Phaya Rd, Dago Tsp ‚ (01) 250388 , 8,000 – 15,000 kyats

Phoenix Court gives its diners what they want and more - unlimited flow of dim sum for lunch and an all-you-can-eat buffet for dinner. Nestled in Parkroyal hotel, diners get to choose from a variety of live seafood displayed in tanks and also from the extensive Cantonese and Sichuan menu. Consistency in good service, food and presentation makes it a favourite dining restaurant for those who appreciate value for money. Some of their dishes may be doused with too much oil for your liking but we were told that is the magic ingredient. You be the judge.

White Rice Restaurant ? Nat Mout Rd, Kandawgyi Lake ‚ (01) 556 837

Royal Garden ? Natmauk Rd, Kandawgyi Nature Park, Central Forest Zone, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 546923

Shwe Kaung Hot Pot ? 18, Ko Min Ko Chin Rd, Shwegon Dine, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 559 339

Dynasty Bistro at Market Place ? 430/A, City Mart Marketplace, Dhamazaydi Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 523 840 Ext 109

Tiger Hill Chinese Restaurant At Chatrium Hotel ? 40 Natmauk Rd, Tamwe Tsp ‚ (01) 544 500

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Phoneix Court @ Parkroyal Hotel

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST THAI RESTAURANT Thai cuisine needs no introduction. You see a selection of Thai menus in a lot of restaurants everywhere. A good Thai restaurant has to have the right combination of sweet and sour, spicy and salty flavours to make a good Thai cuisine.

Sabai @ DMZ ? 162, Dhama Zedi Road, Yangon, Myanmar ‚ (951)525078 , 4,000 – 10,000 kyats

Sabai @ DMZ is part of the Sabai chain of Thai restaurants in Yangon. It is a presentable, midmarket and Western-friendly restaurant. It is popular amongst the expats and the upper middle-class locals. It serves authentic Thai cuisine like tom yum, satay and seafood. The mansion is cleverly divided into many rooms for those who prefer privacy in a date, on a business dinner or in a group. Servers are efficient, speak English and the food is served in a timely manner.

traditional sweet dessert for it is not something you would want to miss. Food here although local fare, is a bit pricey.

Not all of us are crazy about the taste and smell of piquant fish sauce or be able to stomach the spiciness of tom yam soup so do remember do ask for less of these ingredients.

Mai Thai Restaurant P 10am - 10pm ? 197 / 1-3, West Shwe Gone Dine 5th St, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 383662, (01) 375158 , 5,000 - 15,000 kyats

Green Elephant Restaurant P 9am - 10pm ? Attia Rd, Kamaryut Tsp ‚ (01) 537706, (01) 536498 , 5,000 – 15,000 kyats

Green Elephant was born out of one lady’s need to get healthy and substantial food in Myanmar. It has since grown from strength to strength especially with the expat community. It is one of the go-to place to have your first asean meal if you’re not up for the challenge of having street food. The restaurant is decorated with eye-catching furnishings and knickknacks. Service is attentive from the moment you walk in and prompt with giving suggestions for the undecided. Make room for their

Mai Thai has been put to the taste test time and again from folks of different walks of life and has most times passed with flying colours. Thai dishes are served with a dash of Chinese fusion. Servings come in hearty big portions so best to share them. Thai-food aficionados have sworn it’s as consistent and as authentic as those in Thailand. Also a plus point, they are Halal certified. They attract a lot of big groups so the place gets noisy but one can’t isn’t bothered whilst enjoying good food. Service is at times a little slow. Perhaps a combination of juice and spicy Thai food is not recommended for those with weak tummy-s.


Pandonmar Restaurant

P 10am - 2pm, 5 - 10pm ? 85, Shin Saw Pu Rd, San Chaung Tsp ‚ (09) 450013761 , 7,000 - 12,000 kyats

P 11am - 11pm ? 105/107, Kha Yae Pin Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 538895 , 8,000 – 15,000 kyats

Le Nacha probably has the best Thai and Northern Thai food in Yangon. They had started with a high standard of balanced representation of authentic Thai dishes enhanced with the traditional flavours and they have kept to it. They have also included in their extensive menu a big range of European cuisines. Set in a refurbished house, the décor is also top-notch.

Set in a restored colonial villa with a garden setting complete with big balls of warm lights in the trees makes this restaurant a potentially pleasant place to chill and enjoy your dining experience. You would probably have seen them in brochures handed out by hotels. Serving Thai and Burmese dishes, it boasts a strictly no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and use less cooking oil for the health conscious yet retaining the home-cooked flavour. Reasonable priced and well trained servers.

Quality food does come in a high price here and it seems these folks are trying to squeeze in as many cultures into one menu. Our recommendation – just go for their Thai fare.

Some nights are packed with busloads of tourists on a package tour so it can be a killjoy.

Thai Kitchen

Swe Thai Restaurant

? 126 A-1, Dhamazedi St & Inya Traffic Corner, Bahan Tsp ‚ 09-730 37799

? 34, New University Ave Rd, Kokkine, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 704067

Bangkok kitchen

Pan Swel Taw Restaurant

? Kandawgyi Natural Park, Nat Mauk Rd, Opposite of Chatrium Hotel, Tamwe Tsp ‚ (09) 49316569

? 228, Ahlone Rd, Ahlone Tsp ‚ (01) 652959

Phai Lin ? 69, Pyay Rd, 6 1/2 Mile ‚ (01) 525403

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Le Nacha

By definition Southeast Asia covers the south of China, east of India, west of Papua New Guinea and north of Australia. South East Asian restaurants have a difficult task of merging flavours from these areas. It’s a tough one, but once you get it right, everybody’s happy.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



Monsoon P 10am - 11pm ? 85-87 Theinbyu Rd, Botatung Tsp ‚ (09) 51295224 , 6,000 – 12,000 kyats

Diners at Monsoon are spoilt for choice with their extensive list of cuisine from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. It is set in a colonial building with photos of old Yangon mounted on yellow walls of high ceilings located in the downtown area. With soft lighting, chill-out music and ceiling fans spinning above, it gives the place a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. The wide range of food

can easily leave one overwhelmed. We suggest you start with drink. Service is known to be slow. Perhaps the laidback ambience has rubbed off on the staff.

Singapore Kitchen P 10am - 3am ? 330 Ahlone Rd, International Hotel Compound, Dagon Tsp , 3,000 – 6,000 kyats

Singapore Kitchen, although smaller, may perhaps remind one of Newton Circus in Singapore. Both are surrounded by car parks, and the establishment itself is nothing to look at

SOUTHEAST ASIAN Mom’s Kitchen P 10am - 3am ? Lay Daungkan Rd, Tamwe Tsp ‚ (01) 545871 , 4,000 – 8,000 kyats

Mom’s Kitchen brings a slice of home closer to you. It satisfies your cravings with food that you grew up with. Popular dishes like Char Kway Teow and Carrot Cake are done just way your favourite restaurant made it back home. The restaurant has ample seats for an intimate get-together or a big gathering. It is perfectly situated next to a shopping centre for when a retail break is needed. Service is well-organized and timely. Not all the staffs speak English though, so pointing to the picture in the menu helps.

Linkage Restaurant P 10am - 3am ? 221, 1st floor, Mahar Bandoola Garden St, Downtown , 7,000 – 12,000 kyats

Linkage is a restaurant run with a cause - to provide livelihood strategies to street children and youth by giving them vocational trainings. It sits in a pretty corner on the second floor of the ever crowded downtown area. The patio is a quaint little area where you can dine and watch the world go by. The walls are decorated

Ya Kun Family Cafe P 9am - 9pm ? 380 Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Parkson Department Store , 3,000 - 6,000

The name Ya Kun is synonymous with Singapore’s great aromatic coffee, and crispy brown toast grilled to perfection. Ya Kun Family Cafes bring a Singapore dining experience to Myanmar. The store serves up its popular Ya Kun’s favourites, done the same way since it began in Singapore in 1944. In addition, tantalising Singapore Signature dishes like Nasi Lemak Istimewa, Laksa and Mee Rebus has been winning fans since its debut. The servers are friendly and cheerful. The café is brightly lit and spacious and inviting.

Cafe Bellagio ? 81 New University Ave Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 544 930

Muses ? 485B, Pyay Rd, Kamaryut Tsp ‚ (01) 503380


with beautiful paintings. The set-up, as with the service gives an aura of a personal touch. The food is outstanding so it’s not unusual for customers to find themselves back. Finding Linkage for the first time might be a puzzle as the street numbers don’t add up. Try looking up – they’re on the second floor.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

but that belies its popularity. Throngs of cars and people come every day for their sumptuous variety of comfort Asian food we have grown to love. There’s a patio area outside for those wanting a casual alfresco feel. Waiters are helpful and speak English. Cooks are fast and skilled. If you ask them nicely they might let you into the kitchen to see them at work. This is not a fine dining affair, folks. No starched table cloth and crystal glasses here.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST WESTERN The Western Restaurant category comprises restaurants that serve non- Asian cuisine yet incorporating local products and ingredients in their menu. Over the years, locals have referred to them as European restaurants. We know they meant Western restaurants.

Acacia Tea Salon P 10am - 10pm ? 52, Saya San Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 554739 , 20,000 - 40,000 kyats

Walking into Acacia Tea Salon, enshrouded in historical architecture and pristine landscape, enhances the feeling one has of French-inspired elegant serenity. Settle into one of their cozy Moroccan-inspired rooms indoors or be amongst the balmy breeze surrounded by greenery outdoors. Be astounded by their superbly-crafted international bakeries and classical French pastries for afternoon and high teas. For lunch and dinner, their sophisticated Mediterraneaninspired menu simply takes your breath away. And did we mention they serve tea? Acacia offers a variety of Signature teas, herbal teas and special blend teas to suit any occasion.

Union Bar & Grill P 7am - 1am ? 42 Strand Rd, Botahtaung Tsp ‚ (01) 554739 , 15,000 - 30,000 kyats

Union Bar and Grill has one of the best setting and ambience for a western restaurant. You’re not alone in thinking this is some-

Their menu favours more towards gourmet so do not expect big portions.

Sharky’s P 7am - 10pm ? 117, Dhamazedi Rd ‚ (01) 524677, (01) 373009 , 20,000 - 30,000 kyats

Sharky’s is an institution. With ‘Food and Passion’ as their tagline, Sharky’s has won hearts with their concept of ’slow-cooked’ food. Simple gourmet food is made with no more than five ingredients. They’re passionate about making their ingredients in-house. Ye Htut Win, the owner, is always generous with imparting his experience about the food they grow and the meats they cured as he gives you a tour. Don’t just stop there- try the ice-cream which are created by his brother. Every time you dine at Sharky’s, you aren’t just fulfilling an appetite but you are also appreciating a labour of passion and love for good food.

L’Opera P 10am - 11pm ? 62D, Kan Yeik Thar, U Htun Nyein St, Ma Yan Gone Tsp ‚ (01) 665516, (01) 660976 , 15,000 - 30,000 kyats

L’opera is a little bit tucked away but once you get there a feeling of wonderment embraces you. Set in an old colonial building and surrounded by manicured gardens, it has a breathtaking view of Inya Lake. Established since 1997 and under the guidance of an Italian Chef and Managing Director, they have been serving and entertaining diners with an authentic Italian dining experience. Wood-fired oven pizzas, homemade pastas and delectable des-

Your orders will take time to arrive so do help yourself to the bread.


serts are just some in a varied menu of Italian cuisine made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

P 10am - 9.30 pm ? 41, Corner of Golden Hill Avenue Rd & Innya Myaing Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 538557 , 4,500 - 8,000 kyats

Café Napoli reminds you of any bistros or cafés on the streets of Italy. What makes it popular is its simplicity. It’s all about good ol’ Italian food that we know minus the fancy names and décor. It is the place to run to to get your savoury mouth-watering pizza. Their paella and lasagne keep people coming back for more. Food is great and prices are even better. As said above, the setting is simple with pasta and canned tomatoes everywhere. Not the kind of place to impress that first date.

ONYX P 11:00 am - 11:00 pm ? 135, Dhamazadi Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 524271

The Emporia Restaurant @ Chatrium Hotel P 9:00 am – 10:30 pm ? 40 Natmauk Rd, Tamwe Tsp ‚ (01) 544 500 Ext. 6253

Bistro Lounge P 11:30 am – 10:00 pm ? 129, Dhammazedi Rd, Savoy Hotel ‚ (01) 526 289

Peppers P 9:30 am -9:30 pm ? 83, University Avenue Rd ‚ (01) 548 046

Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant P 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm ? 20 Malikha Rd, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 661 983


Cafe Napoli

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

thing that you see in Melbourne or Europe. It has a decent space with well thought- out classy furnishing for you to enjoy your meals, whether it’s for a business lunch or a dinner date. Executive Chef Rick Nay has expertly designed a menu that combines high-end comfort food with some adapted classics. Focussing on seasonal produce, they offer cuisines that blend authentic Myanmar with the West.

It is not about just going somewhere for a meal. It is the experience from the moment you walk in right up to your exit. The Fine Dining category picks restaurants who give their patrons the finest dining experience, top–notch service and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014




Water Library

P 11am - 10pm ? 5, U Tun Nyein St, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 660612 , 12,000 - 35,000 kyats

P 11.30am - 2pm, 6-10pm ? 83/95 Corner of Manawharri and Pyay Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 221721, (01) 214361 , 30,000 - 60,000 kyats

At the bank of Inya Lake sits L’Alchimiste, a French fine dining restaurant set in a grand colonial house. The gardens bordering the lake and outdoor patio gives the impression as if you had stepped back in time to another era. Its French owner is an amiable host. The menu is simple in that it is not extensive as they normally do in Yangon. Offering French cuisine with a local twist, the chef makes it a must to say hello. The staff pays attention to details. Desserts are a definite must to complete the night at L’Alchimiste.

Opposite the Thai Embassy sits a 100-year old British colonial building, which has now been turned into an elegant restaurant and bar with a spacious terrace area called Water Library. Surrounded by a beautifully- manicured landscape, its soft-coloured interior sets you into an intimate dining mood. Swedish master gourmet chef Gabriel Hedlund and Danish sous chef Martin Ceccarelli Sorensen bring you a fine dining experience based on the New Nordic Cuisine ideology to promote natural produce as a basis for new dishes both in


Aux Saisons


P 11am – 10pm ? 31/A Kan Yeik Tha Rd ‚ (01) 661125 , 8,000 – 30,000 kyats

Next to the ever-popular Escape Bar is where you find Aux Saisons, a two-storey restaurant on Yeiktha Street. Classy with contemporary furnishings, it serves fine dining fare to its customers daily. The spacious room upstairs is decorated with impressive sculptures, a pleasant balcony and private booths for intimate diners. Guests have especially been known to rave about their Braised Lamb Shank and Red Wine Risotto. Their Manager is a charming and welcoming man. Soft music and soft lighting makes this an evening of exceptional food and ambience. As fine dining restaurants go, prices are on the high side.

The Standard P 11am – 11pm ? 10K, Shwe Taung Gyar St, Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 425323908 , 15,000 – 40,000 kyats

this restaurant. Guests get to choose from the carefully-crafted ala carte fare or enjoy the 5-course Chef’s Tasting menu.

Le Planteur P 1.30am - 2pm, 6-10pm ? 83/95 Corner of Manawharri and Pyay Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 221721, (01) 214361 , 30,000 - 60,000 kyats

Set in a British colonial house, Le Planteur offers a unique fine dining experience. It has seen the likes of the rich and famous like Mick Jagger, the prince of Cambodia and the President of Switzerland through its doors. Whether you

The posh Golden Valley district has another addition to this neighbourhood. Since The Standard opened its doors, Yangonites have been enjoying their first ever-elegant steakhouse where they can enjoy the pairing of good wine and steak. The restaurant boasts an open kitchen, a regulated wine cellar, a handicap access and a bar and lounge on the second floor with live music. The menu features impressive Wagyu steaks imported from Australia, salmon from Norway, and lamb from New Zealand and organic vegetables from Thailand. Seeing these being plated is an art and its something for guests to enjoy.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

are dining under the stars at the back garden or in the elegant building, the graceful Swiss owner is always around to ensure each guest is well-taken looked after. With a great selection of Indochine cuisine and fine wines, Le Planteur is definitely makes it an outstanding night to remember

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST PATIO DINING Being in a patio area is like having the best of both worlds. You’re outdoors, yet shaded. You’re chilling and relaxed but the world buzzes by around you. It is the perfect place to just sit back and do absolutely nothing.

Signature, The Garden Bistro P 9:00 am - 10:00 pm ? Kan Yeikthar St, Near U Htaung Bo Roundabout, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 546 488 , 2,000 - 10,000 kyats

Situated at the foot of the Shwedagon is Signature, the Garden Bistro. Talk to different folks who frequent this place and they will tell you which time of the day they like to come by. Some like to be there in the early morn, when the sun is just peeking out to have their usual bacon and eggs meal. Some like to be here to escape the nasty afternoon heat under the fans and a cold, cold beer. Apparently that is the quietest time of the day there. Others prefer to be here when the sun sets and enjoy a family dinner al fresco. Whatever their preference, it seems they all prefer to be here at the Garden Bistro.

Isola Garden Café & Restaurant P 10am-10pm ? 80 University Avenue Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 532124, (01) 514230 , 10,000 – 20,000 kyats

Isola Garden Café & Restaurant, situated at University Ave, is an accumulation of an indoor and outdoor restaurant, a garden and a boutique where guests get to enjoy the best of dining, relaxing and retail therapy all within the same premises. The extensive outdoors opens up to a lush garden and stunning view of Inya Lake. They are known for having the perfect setting for many a wedding ceremony as lovers take their wedding vows and pledge their eternal love. Surrounded by families and loved ones, it’s a precious once-in-a-lifetime

memory that can never be replicated and will remain for a very long time.

L’Opera P 11am-10:30pm ? 62D, Kan Yeik Thar, U Htun Nyein St, Ma Yan Gone Tsp ‚ (01) 665516, (01) 660976 , 18,000 - 40,000 kyats

There is certain magic in the air every time one is near something as majestic as the Inya Lake. At L’opera, the feeling of wonderment embraces you as you take in the lovely view from their manicured gardens. It’s a great place to impress your date as you take a romantic walk around the garden compound and be back to your outdoor table with a bottle of champagne and delectable Italian cuisine waiting. If you ask her nicely, the ever-lovely Manager Lisa will


L’Alchimiste P 11am - 10pm ? 5, U Tun Nyein St, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 660612 , 12,000 - 35,000 kyats

tude. Times like these where one gets to be one with nature, is invaluable.

Happy Cafe & Noodle P 8.30 am - 9.30 pm ? 62, Inya Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 525112 , 3,000 - 7,000 kyats

Some places just seems so set in their natural beauty it seems as if they had not moved on with the changing times. The gardens bordering the lake and outdoor the patio at L’Alchemiste gives the impression as if you had stepped back in time to another era. Set in a magnificent colonial house, it is a place you would go to for an invaluable time alone with a book or for a quiet reflection as you sit outdoors and watch the sun go down. The French owner will be more than happy to recommend you a drink to accompany this momentary soli-

Happy Café & Noodle at Inya Road is a favourite hangout place amongst the young locals for mainly three reasons; Firstly, they serve local food and the service is fast. Secondly, prices are reasonable. Most importantly, there’s a big patio outside. The seats outdoors are always full everyday with repeat customers in groups of three or four. Happy Café & Noodle seems to have found them a happy home for gatherings amongst friends and families surrounded by simple local food. Judging by their immense popularity, we say in this case, the customer is always right.

My Garden

Zephyr Coffee & Restaurant

? Ahlone Rd, People Park, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 372 822

? Seinn Lann So Pyay Garden, Inya Rd , Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 502 720

Alamanda Inn Bar & Restaurant

Chew Q

? 60B, Shw Taung Kyar St ‚ (01) 534 513

? 11 A, Kan Yeik Thar Rd, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (09) 36174447

Zawgyi House ? 372, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Pabedan Tsp ‚ (01) 256355, 380398

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

arrange your very own guitarist to serenade sweet melodies as you pop the bottle of bubbly. Score!

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST SUNDAY BRUNCH Sunday is usually the day where most of us take it easy. It’s the one day we go sans alarm clocks and we sleep in. Restaurants with Sunday Brunch let us do just that and more – have breakfast and lunch way past noon. Perfect.

Agnes @ Kandawgyi Palace Hotel P 11am - 2pm, 6pm -10.30pm ? 62D, Kan Yeik Thar, U Htun Nyein St, Ma Yan Gone Tsp ‚ (01) 665516, (01) 660976 , USD 29

Sometimes on a lazy Sunday it feels wrong to do anything else but sleep. Oh and of course you gotta eat; but only when you are well and ready. And that usually means it would be

mid-day. A brunch sounds like a perfect idea – breakfast and lunch in the afternoon. It’s the perfect setting, located on the edge of the Kandawgyi Lake. The chef makes such scrumptious French-inspired cuisine that slowly wakes up your palate. Marry that with a glass of champagne and you are ready to face the rest of the day.


Union Bar & Grill

P 12pm-3pm every Sunday ? 223 Sule Pagoda Rd, Downtown ‚ (01) 382919, (01) 382912 , USD 34

P 7am - 1am ? 42 Strand Rd, Botahtaung Tsp ‚ (01) 554739 , USD 22

The thing that makes people keep coming back to Sunday Brunch at Traders Cafe is simple; they have high-quality food, free-flowing drinks, and warm and efficient service. From the seafood to sashimi, salads to soups, roasts to curries, it appeals to all taste buds. The dessert section alone will give you a sugar rush just from looking at them. Wine, beer, juices and hot drinks are aplenty. Someone will always come around with a specially made dish from the kitchen that’s not on the buffet spread. Service always comes with a smile and the managers are very friendly. What’s not to love?

It’s Sunday and you don’t want to eat in. You want to take a nice and easy walk around town. You want to have a late easy lunch and catch up on news and online. Head on over to Union Bar and Grill and you can have just that. The servers there are attentive the restaurant is always inviting. Order your set brunch, have a prosecco and catch up online with their free wifi. Executive chef Rick Nay infuses seasonal Myanmar produce with a Western twist producing high-end comfort food with some adapted local classics.

Orchid Restaurant @ Inya Lake Hotel P 11.30am – 2.30pm every Sunday ? Inya Lake Hotel, Pagoda Rd ‚ (01) 9662866, (01) 9662857-59 , USD 27

The only thing better than having brunch on a lazy Sunday is to have that surrounded by lush gardens and a breathtaking lake. Orchid Restaurant at the Inya Lake Hotel knows this will appeal to your senses. Be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of innovative international cuisine by their team of talented chefs. Sit back and enjoy the spread and the freeflowing drinks including wines and beers in this colonial-style hotel. It’s a new experience that will certainly evoke memories of a bygone era unlike any other.

50th Street Bar, Café & Restaurant P 10.30am - 2.30pm, every Sunday ? 9/13, 50th St, Botahtaung Tsp ‚ (01) 397060 , 7,000 – 20,000 kyats

If you had been at 50th St Bar on a Saturday night to party then probably being there for a Sunday brunch would be like a deja-vu moment – only quieter. And the bar looks somewhat different during the day. Regardless, they have one of the best brunches in town. The chef knows the first meal of day needs to be easy yet equally pleasurable. Sit back and enjoy watching sports on TV and their free wifi and Sunday papers. Brunch at 50th St Bar is just like your home away from home.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Traders Cafe

The Best Burger joint has to have burgers like the ones you see on TV - thick chunky meat with melted cheese and tomatoes, sauce and lettuce sandwiched in between toasted buns. The juices dribble down your chin as you sink into your first bite. You know you’re in Burger heaven.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



Café Thiripyitsaya P 7am - 10pm ? 9, Inya Rd, Block 10, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 525001 Ext: 8401 , 4,000 - 10,000 kyats

Residences of Inya Road are very fortunate indeed. Not only is the area considered to be the upscale part of Yangon but that is also where ‘The Best Burger in Town” is reputed to be. This is evident from the big signage at the entrance of Café Thiripyitsaya, underneath Sakura Residence. Their smoked bacon and cheese burger is a combo of good quality grilled meat that is both moist and succulent. The thick sesame buns are toasted to a nice colour. Fries are


sliced thin and their salad is made fresh. Are you hungry yet?

Union Bar & Grill

You’ve asked the girl out on a date and she said yes. Actually, you just want to go to Union Bar and Grill for one of their burgers but eating alone isn’t attractive. They do have one of the best settings for a western restaurant. You’re not alone in thinking that this is something that you would see in Melbourne or in Europe. Union’s Beef Sliders comes as a trio of thick beef patties stacked in between smoky ketchup and garlic mayonnaise. Their infamous Union Burger is another mouth-watering assemble that is, as they say, “to die for”.

Cousin’s Grill P 12 - 10.30pm ? 28A Kokine Swimming Pool St, Sayar San Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 546633, (09) 5062045 , 3,000 - 8,000 kyats

Sharky’s P 7am - 10pm ? 117 Dhamazedi Road, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 524677 , 15,000 - 40,000 kyats

It’s easy to get lost in Yangon where street numbers are just for show. Look for YKKO along Sayar San Road and you’ll find Cousins Grill next to it when you see the American flag. If you’re craving for some simple American food then this is the place to go for ribs, tacos and burritos. But folks here really drool for their burgers. One of the more popular ones is their Animal Style Burger, a combo of succulent grilled meat with sautéed onions and a dollop of Thousand Island dressing. Makes one go, “Ooooohh”.

Ye Htut Win the owner of Sharky’s, is always generous with imparting his experience about the food they grow and the meats they cured. You know he’s on a roll when you get a tour of their warehouse at the back area. They’re passionate about making their ingredients inhouse. Sharky’s is an institution. With ‘Food and Passion’ as their tagline, they have won hearts with their concept of ’slow-cooked’ food. Simple gourmet food is made with no more than five ingredients. Their mother-of-allburgers is the Ultimate burger with free-range organic local beef, foi gras and onions is out of this world.


Gallery Bar @ Traders Hotel

? 285, Ground Flr, The Corner of 6th Street & Anaw Ya Htar Rd, (2) Ward, Lanmadaw Tsp ‚ (09) 2500 86 204

? 233 Bogyoke Rd, Downtown ‚ (01) 242828


? 26B, Bo Yar Nyunt St, Dagon Tsp ‚ (09) 420 305 666

? Junction Square, Btw Kyun Taw Rd and Pyay Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (01) 527 242 ext. 3053

Fatman Steak

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


P 7am - 1am ? 42 Strand Rd, Botahtaung Tsp ‚ (01) 554739 , 15,000 - 30,000 kyats

The Service category applauds establishments who go the extra mile and who understand the need to provide a service that goes far beyond the proverbial ‘service with a smile’. We give kudos to these restaurants.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



Water Library

into an intimate dining mood.

P 11.30am - 2pm, 6-10pm ? 83/95 Corner of Manawharri and Pyay Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 221721, (01) 214361 , 30,000 - 60,000 kyats

Le Planteur

Swedish chef Gabriel Hedlund, Danish sous chef Martin Ceccarellii Sorensen and their F&B team at the old colonial building now known as Water Library bring you a top- notch fine dining experience with their shrewd attention to details. Their service is faultless whether or not this elegant restaurant and bar is full. Let one of their knowledgeable staff recommend you a bottle of wine from their extensive wine collection, especially one that complements your food as you enjoy the spacious terrace area outdoors. Surrounded by a beautifully- manicured landscape, its soft-coloured interior will set you

P 10am - 9.30 pm ? 22 Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd ‚ (01) 541997 , 18,000 - 40,000 kyats

The owners of La Planteur and their staff are meticulous and personable with their interaction and attention towards all their guests. . They have seen the likes of the rich and famous such as Mick Jagger, the prince of Cambodia and the President of Switzerland through their colonial doors. Can’t decide what to have? Let the well- trained servers guide you to an unforgettable culinary journey. To top it all off, enjoy the shuttle back to your hotel in a 1950s Morris car, compliments from Le Planteur.


Acacia Tea Salon P 10am - 10pm ? 52, Saya San Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 554739 , 20,000 - 40,000 kyats

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


You know it’s going to be a good day when, the moment you walk in, everyone is just so nice and welcoming. It’s like the planets have alignedthe staff are generous with their free samples of pastries, your favourite seats at the patio is available, they pull out your chair for you to sit, pull out another one for your bag, everything you ordered arrived so quickly and so it the free wifi connection. The servers are always smiling and alert and to top it off, the chef appears from the kitchen with a freshly baked plate of cookies. Now that’s what I call service.

La Mason 20 P 10am - 11pm ? 22B, Kaba Aye Pagoda Rd, Yankin Tsp ‚ (01) 664204, (01) 667504 , 8,000 - 15,000 kyats

Located close to Hotel Micasa and Sedona is a quaint colonial-style building, La Mason. Its classic custom-made paintings, puppets, tables and chairs are creatively designed by French interior designer Jacques Langer. This gives the restaurant a cosy, simple and classic European character to its interior. The bartender, who doubles up as a manager, makes excellent cocktails. He and his team of are attentive and are set on making your dinner an unforgettable one. They listen to your food and drink preference and whip up dishes according to your dietary needs. It’s hard not to leave La Mason without a huge smile of a very satisfied customer.

The Governor’s Residence ? 35 Taw Win Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 229880 , 30,000 - 50,000 kyats

The Governor’s Residence Hotel is group of restaurants and bars within the historic colonial-style hotel compound run by Orient Express. Surrounded by luxuriant gardens and lotus ponds, it is the perfect setting to laze on colonial-style armchairs or to dine by lantern light at night in one of the Residence’s restaurants or bars. The staff are alert and convivial. They are ubiquitous but never intrusive. Nothing you request would be too much of a trouble. The management and staff of the Governor’s Residence may arguably be the one last few ones that know how to properly host.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST CAFE A great café ideally should all have these attributes - a wide selection of food and drinks, comfortable seats, and the right ambience. Plus points if the staff speak English. Most importantly, your coffee does not come in one of those super sweet three-in-one sachets.

Acacia Tea Salon ? 52, Saya San Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 554739 , 20,000 - 30,000 kyats

The architecture and landscape surrounding Acacia Tea Salon almost makes you feel like you are in one of those grand villas in France and funnyman Woody Allen is going to open the door to greet you. Thank goodness he didn’t. What’s also good are the French pastries and other mouth-watering snacks they have there. The croissants are fresh, buttery and crispy. The macaroons melt in your mouth. The chef sometimes comes out with freshly-baked cookies gratis – perfect with your cup of cappuccino. And did we mention they serve tea? Acacia offers a variety of Signature teas, herbal teas and special blend teas to suit any occasion.

365 Cafe P 24 hours ? 5 Thamada Hotel, Ahlanpya Pagoda Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 243047, (01) 243639-41, Ext: 32 , 2,000 – 5,000 kyats

The fact that this is a 24-hour joint makes it a happy day, all day. It means regardless of where you are, what time it is or how famished you think you are, there will always be somewhere

you can go to fulfil that need. Conveniently located on the ground floor of Thamada Hotel, it is the halfway point to have that so-delightfulyet-so-sinful ice-cream that you deserve on a hot day. It is the stop-spot for a quick-bite of a juicy cheeseburger to ease a rumbling tummy. With a menu that comes in volumes of an eclectic mix from Asia and abroad, there’s something for everyone

Coffee Club Myanmar P 9am - 7pm ? Level 1, Corner of 11th St and Maha Bandoola St, Downtown ‚ (09) 43207764 , 3,000 – 6,000 kyats

Coffee Circle

The most obscure places are often always the best find. It seems Coffee Club Myanmar is a gem of a find. Follow the aroma of coffee beans up the stairs to Yangon’s first café that serves authentic European coffee. Nothing beats a cafe spoiling you with samples of their freshlybaked pastries. Even better is when their wifi is free and it works-fast! Their cozy and funky setting makes it easy to lounge and read with a cup of latte or to have a quick deli sandwich lunch and the much-needed cold drink to beat the Yangon heat.

Coffee Circle has a modern, stylish design setting with an option to be seated outdoors. It is a no-frills café that pretty offers what is expected of a café. They serve Asian and Western meals. For coffee buffs, we hear their espressos are strong and perk you up. Their frappes are selling like hot cakes. Their food come in big portions. This is the place to chill and hang out and get away from the three-in-one coffee culture. It is the place to have simple meals. It is the place to have your casual dates on a lazy day.


BB Cake & Coffee

? 23, A-1, Hleden Rd, Kamayut Tsp ‚ (09) 73050361

? 48, Coner of Parami Road and Myint Zu Street, Yankin Township ‚ (09) 42118 0670

Cocoon Café and Bar ? 22/24 Shinsawpu Rd and corner of Baho Rd, 9th Floor ‚ (01) 500 863

Gusto Cafe ? 150, Dhamazedi Rd, Next to Monument Bookstore ‚ (09) 36214523

? 107 (A) Dhammazedi Rd ‚ (01) 525157 , 3,000 – 6,000 kyats

Yangon Bakehouse ? Pearl Condo, Block C, Ground Floor ‚ (01) 557448, ext 818


Bar Boon is your home-away-from-home kinda café. It has everything you need- western menu with light meals, thirst-quenching drinks, fast wifi connection and a casual ambience. Located right next to Scotts market, it’s a recovery-stop after plodding through the streets and the kick-start before you continue on your journey. It’s a welcome change - a yuppy hang-out with healthy salads, great coffees and, from what we hear, the best Dutch apple pie in town. On a typically hot day, the air-cpnditioning indoors and the misting fans are a huge welcome. Expect expat prices with local service. The only thing that’s moving fast is the internet speed.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

P 8am- 9pm ? 380 Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Downtown ‚ (09) 420321058 , 3,000 – 10,000 kyats


Bar Boon

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST BAR This category is pretty self-explanatory. It’s your favourite go-to place after a long day where the servers greet you by name, the bartender knows your usual poison and you see familiar faces around. You immediately relax. Bar you say?  It feels more like home.

night, a Quiz night or if you’re just simply there for a spot of pool game and a cold beer, there would always be someone to bond with. Customers there are mostly a fun bunch of regulars so it’s not unusual for some folks to break into a spontaneous groove on the dance floor or to jam with the band.

Escape Gastro Bar ? 31D, Kan Yeiktha St, Yankin Tsp ‚ (01) 660737

Escape Gastro Bar has been delivering what they promised – a new concept of tempting molecular cocktails, artfully-plated food creations and ingenious event parties. It doesn’t hurt too, to have the occasional celebrity stop-over and a string of beautiful people to pump up the atmosphere. Hats off to the mixologist- their cocktails are legendary. Whether its indoors or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs, undoubtedly, it is the quintessential place to plan your next escape. It may be too fancy-shmancy for some of us who like it ol’ skool. Loud pumping music may also not be conducive for having conversations.

50th street bar ? No. 9/13, 50th St, Botahtaung Tsp ‚ (01) 298096

50th Street Bar earned Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award 2013 for it’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s highly- recommended go-to place to meet people. Whether it’s on nights with live bands, a Salsa Dance

It’s pretty much the same every week so unless you’re a creature of habit, it can get quite lame.

Union Bar & Grill ? 42 Strand Rd ‚ (09) 420101854

Classy and trendy bars such as Union Bar naturally attract the right kind of crowd. It’s the place you see gorgeous ladies with suave men. It’s the place you get all dressed up for to go and have a dirty martini. They make great cocktails and if you ask the bartenders, they’ll whip up something special just for you. The music is just right for conversations – except for DJj nights when everyone easily gravitates to the dance floor. It’s a high-brow kinda bar - not the kind of place where most people would be comfortable in shorts and t-shirts. They won’t stare. But they might as well.

Bar one Four ? 14A, Kan Bawza St, Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 73029342

Bar one4 is a hit for the young and young at heart. Since its inception, this gastro pub has been attracting chic hip-hop fans and shisha

BAR 39 It’s gets too dark outdoors at night so trying to decipher the menu is a challenge. No lift to the rooftop. Music is more of a miss than a hit. lovers. It’s not unusual to find the place packed with fashionably dressed and shorts-andtshirt types gathered around the same table, with bottles of whiskey and plates of food even on a weekday night. Minimalist décor with basic colours gives this joint an unassuming air of understated coolness. If you’re not into loud music, hookah smoke fumed into your food and questionable toilet hygiene, then highly likely this is not for you.

Mojo ? 135, Corner of Innya and Dhammazedi Rd ‚ (01) 511 418

Gossip Bar ? Mya Yeik Nyo Hotel, Poolside, Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 73113544

Gallery Bar @ Traders ? 233 Bogyoke Rd, Downtown ‚ (01) 242828

Strand Bar

Vista Bar ? No. 168, Corner of Shwegondaing Road and Old Yay Tar Shay St, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 559481

Vista Bar has one of the best combination views of the sunset and Shwedagon Pagoda.

? 92, Strand Rd ‚ (01) 243 377 ext: 1722

Sports Bar ? 20, Pearl St, Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel, Shwe Taung Gyar Ward (2), Bahan Tsp ‚ (09) 731 32161

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Add a couple of well-deserved mojitos, and you’ll feel like you’ve hit gold. It gets busy later in the night with a steady stream of expats and locals. Tapas are served in portions good for sharing. Top the night with a round of highly recommended shisha.

What makes a club so good that you would go there week after week, or night after night? The Best Club has to encompass good music, an awesome DJ, a large dance floor, enough seating, good music, stiff drinks, party people and a kick-ass sound and light system. Oh and did we mention good music?

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



GTR Club

DJ’s Bar

? Pagoda Rd, Inya Lake Hotel Compound ‚ (09) 73090680

? Pagoda Rd, Inya Lake Hotel Compound ‚ (09) 5116767

One of the plus points of GTR against other similar clubs is probably that the womenfolk you see there are not working girls out for their prey but genuinely there for the music and a dance. So ladies, yes it’s safe. It’s relatively good, clean fun. The DJ plays familiar hits through a decent sound system. They attract a more affluent young local crowd with just a handful of foreigners. There’s usually no cover charge and the club gets crowded by midnight. Smokers – sorry but it’s one of the only places where smoking is only allowed in the outdoor area.

The good thing about DJ Bar and GTR is that they’re right next to each other so club hopping is an attractive option you are inclined to do so. At DJ Bar there is usually no entrance fee but club-goers have been known to be charged with a 10,000 kyats fee on weekends. There’s a separate bar and seating area where most of the working girls hang out. Their bouncers are alert especially when the place gets packed, which is pretty much every night. It does get too loud and very noisy but then again it is a club, not a library.

Cafe Liberal

It is the type of place you bring a date to have a touchy-feely wild dance. Not recommended for a decent quiet conversation.

Flamingo Bar ? No. 330, Ahlone Rd, Yangon International Hotel Compound, Dagon Tsp ‚ (09) 73090680

Flamingo Bar has set itself apart from the others with its unique underground vibe akin to the likes in London and Ibiza. It feeds on the growing hunger for sounds yet unheard of in Yangon. An edgy and rustic warehouse look makes this club a hot favourite with expats and locals. International and resident local DJs entertain and educate with their deep knowledge and focus on dance music. Themed-nights throughout the week make it a great night out for everyone.

Pioneer Club ? No. 330, Ahlone Rd, Yangon International Hotel Compound, Dagon Tsp ‚ (09) 51216001-4

Pioneer is one of the first that gives Yangon a taste of a club scene and to date still remains one of the better ones. It is considered to be one of the top destinations for club-goers. It is a big club by Myanmar standards accompanied by an excellent lighting system. The entrance fee comes with a drink. A larger percentage of younger locals make up a majority of the patrons as compared to expats and tourists. As with other clubs in Yangon, expect working girls prowling around and they might not necessarily be as discreet in offering their services.

If you’re not into house, techno, trance, electro and progressive music then this is not for you.


JJ’s Nightclub

? 88A, University Avenue Rd ‚ (01) 536 047

? Mingalar Mon Market, 4th Flr, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp ‚ (09) 73150095

The Music Club on Park Royal ? 33, Alan Pya Pagoda Rd, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 250 388

Casa Entertainment ? 7 Floor, Thein Gyi Zay Block D, Latha Tsp ‚ (01) 240600

Brave Bar ? 318 Kamayeiktar St, Mayangone Tsp ‚ (01) 421116000

41 Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Since moving to their current premises by the Chatrium hotel, Café Liberal has been attracting more die-hard fans on a weekly if not daily basis. This swanky club boasts three separate areas- the dance floor, the chilled-out bar section and the VIP balcony upstairs. It is infamous as the last pit-stop to complete your night. Mostly a local crowd of dance crowd so there’s hardly much space left. The DJ plays ‘til wee hours of the night. By that we mean almost ‘til the crack of dawn.


? Nat Mauk St, Next to Chatrium Hotel

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


BEST NIGHT You know you’ve had a fantastic time when you check the time and realise it’s almost sunrise. You have lost track of time but yet you want the party, like the Energizer bunny, to go on and on and on. We salute those who make these events happen, week after week.

REHAB @ Flamingo ? No. 330, Ahlone Road, Yangon International Hotel Compound, Dagon Tsp . Every Saturday of the month

Rehab @Flamingo Bar is not just about music as a form of entertainment, it’s also about music as a platform to educate. Local and International underground DJs take turns to bring you an orbit of house music, London-style. From Nu-Disco to Progressive, it transform devotees into a thumping room full of House tribe. Flamingo Bar gives it the right underground vibe with its bare walls and an edgy, warehouse feel. It is the place to re-energise, rejuvenate

and rehabilitate. House music has evolved through the years with variations of bass, beats and rhythms. There are no catchy melodies and deep lyrics here. It is an acquired taste.

FAB party @ Flamingo ? No. 330, Ahlone Road, Yangon International Hotel Compound, Dagon Tsp . Last Saturday of the month

Once a month, the LGBT and their allies have a coming-out (pun intended) FAB party at Flamingo Bar organised by YG Events. It’s a night

This is no Sunday church, folks. They are vibrant, colourful and they do know how to have a good time. So let’s all just get along, shall we?

Limbo @ Union Bar & Grill ? 42 Strand Rd, Downtown . One Saturday a month

Since its genesis, Limbo @ Union Bar has taken off to such a high there was no turning back. Once a month on a Saturday night, international DJs - the likes of DJ Leo, DJ LRJ and invited special guests - man the decks. It’s like payday, everyone wants to come out and play and before you know it, it’s a house full of fun and beautiful people. Their knowledge of reading the crowd and building up the beats makes the ringing in your ears the next day so worth it. House music or the likes of it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Calle de Salsa @ 50th Street Bar ? No. 9/13, 50th Street, Botahtaung Tsp . Every second Tuesdays of the month

There’s nothing drearier than realising Tuesday is just an extension of the misery that was Monday. All that changed when 50th Street Bar started Calle De La Salsa on the second Tuesday every month. Live Dj playing Latin music attract savvy dancers and their equally awkward counterparts doing Salsa, Mambo, Meringue or Bachata moves with much abandon. Others too shy to Cha-cha can be seen crowding around, fingers snapping and feet tapping. Not happening on a weekly basis means one week goes back to being more miserable than the other for Latin music buffs.

Strand Hotel Happy Hour ? 92 Strand Rd, Strand Hotel, Kyauktada Tsp . Every Fridays

Happy hour at the Strand Hotel always packs it in on Friday nights. It signifies the end of a long week and the promise of a grand weekend. The old-world charm of this hotel settles you in as you gear up for whichever way you want the rest of your night to be. Half-priced deliciously-concocted drinks, gratis snacks and its extended happy hour helps set the mood tremendously. Service is a little slow and it gets busier as the night goes on so your drinks will come - as they say- slowly but surely.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



to dance, chat, drink, flirt and let loose with no judgements. DJ Bay Tar spins his all-embracing magic mix of pop, dance and the prerequisite gay anthems such as Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out of my Head. Drinks are cheap, the crowd is scintillating and the parties are wicked – just fabulous, faaabulous darling!

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014



Ya Kun Family Cafe P 9am - 9pm ? Parkson Dept Store, 380 Bogyoke Aung San Rd , 3,000 – 6,000 kyats

The Ya Kun name started in a tiny sunny island called Singapore in 1944. Since then as Singapore bloomed and progressed, so did the Yakun brand. From UAE to China, from Korea to Indonesia, from Japan to the Philippines, it has grown into a signature brand that folks have known, trusted and grown to love. Since their inception in Myanmar, it’s not a surprise that Yangonites and Ya Kun have been inseparable. With full-bodied Robusta coffee, signature

toasted bread and a lather of that rich Ya Kun’s signature kaya- we dare say it’s the Ya Kun way, all the way.

MOJO P 6pm- midnight (Mon- Sat) 12pm - midnight (Sunday) ? 135 Inya Rd, Bahan Tsp ‚ (01) 511418 , 7,000 - 20,000 kyats

The motors behind Mojo, now under a new management, believe that Mojo is about sharing and the Mediterranean. They believe in gathering around tables, hence the many seating arrangements meant for group. They believe in good food and sharing, hence the yummy tapas and platters. They believe in good music, hence the event parties that see us dancing, sometimes on table-tops, ‘til early hours. And they believe in good party drinks – well those who have been partying there


would know what we mean. Mojo has shown us that sharing the Mediterranean way, is really caring.

Flamingo Bar

Easy Cafe P 7.30am – 9.30pm ? 30A/C1, Bo Yar Nyunt St, Dagon Tsp ‚ (01) 220722 , 3,000 - 7,000 kyats

Easy Café started as a dream. A dream to start anew. A dream to make a new home away from home. With a little leap of faith and a lot of courage, Javier and Melissa moved to their new home in Yangon. Easy Café, an Asian/ Western/ gourmet/ fusion cafe was born from the same strain of thought- to create a comfortable haven that is your home away from home. To ‘make it easy, take it easy and have it easy’ for every guest that saunters in to discover the delights of their new home.

BBQ P 10am - 9pm ? 119, Junction Mawtin, Anawratha Rd & corner of Lann Thit St, Lanmadaw Tsp ‚ (01) 218152-60 Ext: 1119 , 8,000 - 10,000 kyats

BBQ Chicken was started in 1995 by Genesis Co., Ptd in Korea. Since then both have made quantum jumps. With 3,000 stores and 10

brands, Genesis is growing as the best and largest dining franchise company in Korea. BBQ Chicken is now Korea’s No.1 Chicken Restaurant. In Myanmar, we can now enjoy the BBQ Chicken experience at 3 new branches. We suspect BBQ will continue to make giant strides here. After all they are a testimony to their brand name. BBQ is barbeque to us. To them it means the Best of the Best Quality.

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014

Their vision was to have a forward thinking bar with a unique underground vibe and a commitment to promote cool international sound to an eclectic crowd in Yangon. Since their inception, and within a short period, this vision has been fully realised and more. They have been consistently and successfully organizing concert events and introducing new sounds to their weekly parties. Their Black Party, Fab Party and Rehab Party see music lovers and party freaks through their doors every week. They work hard to give us great parties, we party hard to show our appreciation. Everyone’s happy. Everybody wins.


? 330, Ahlone Rd, Yangon International Hotel Compound, Dagon Tsp

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


A NIGHT OUT IN YANGON CITY Ask any long-term Yangon resident and they will tell you that there were times when there were few, if any, options available if one wanted a drink late into the night. The term Nightlife in Yangon barely existed. That has changed drastically, and more and more venues are opening up on a regular basis, while the venues that previously existed are busier as the country opens itself up. Compare it to New York, or even neighbouring Bangkok and you’re likely to be disappointed by the options on offer in terms of nightlife in Yangon, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do or nowhere to go. Trendy bars, relaxing rooftops, nightclubs and late night Karaoke bars are all viable options for those looking for something to do late into the night in Yangon.

The Downtown Experience Start the evening with a civilised drink in the impressive Gallery Bar at Trader’s Hotel (corner of Sule Pagoda and Bogyoke Aung San roads), where you can grab a 2 for 1 drink before 8pm. After that venture into the Indian Quarter on Anawratha Road where options for cheap and delicious eats are aplenty. From here, a 10 minute walk to 19th Street (turn left at Anawratha road and 19th Street) will find you plenty of bars to finish the evening in a friendly, lively atmosphere.

A weekday with a visitor Most people living in Yangon have had a visitor who are in the mood to experience the city on a weekday. A good bet is to start off with drinks at Union Bar, followed by 50th and end the night with drinks and a dance at Pioneer. If you are on the other side of the city, consider going to Escape bar, usually fairly busy any day

By: Isaac Malone

of the week. Around midnight you can head over to GRT or DJ Bar for some loud music.

The Myanmore Pub Crawl Whilst at Myanmore we encourage responsible drinking, now and again it’s ok to get yourself out into the city and enjoy yourself in a variety of venues – which is why we’ve come up with ‘The Myanmore Pub Crawl’. Unfortunately, with the city’s layout, it is pretty difficult to take in a pub crawl that is entirely in walking distance, but with the relatively cheap cost of taxis, it is relatively easy to ferry yourself about town at little cost. Of course, there are variations to a Yangon Pub Crawl but Myanmore has put together its very own Pub Crawl for the city. We are of course open to other ideas. Start in the north of the city at Kosan Bar, Hledan (18 U Tin Lin Chan Street – shortly after Hledan junction, just off Insein Road at Giordanos) It is the perfect spot for some daytime beers and to take in the lively street. From here, you might have to detour very slightly to Super Win Bar (turn left on Insein Road and it’s 100 metres along on your left). It is one of the city’s liveliest and most popular beer stations. A short taxi ride takes you to Friendship Bar (corner of Dhamazedi and Inya roads) for some relaxing outside beers. If it’s after 6pm then Vista Bar (168 West Shwegonedine road) is open. A short taxi ride is worth the breathtaking view of sunset at Shwedagon before a brief walk to the Shwegone junction beer station. Suitably inebriated by now, another taxi ride takes you to 19th Street, which is likely you start warming up around 7.30 pm. If you’re still standing by this point, end the night at 50th Street Bar, which is lively practically every night of the week.”

Space Bar

Jam it @ Flamingo

Limbo Christmas Disco @ Union

Limbo @ Union

Friday the 13th @ MOJO

FAB @ Flamingo Jam it @ Flamingo

Space Bar

Spaceman Band @ Union

Space Bar

Dining & Nightlife Guide / January 2014


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MYANMORE's Dining & Nightlife Guide 2014  
MYANMORE's Dining & Nightlife Guide 2014  

A selection of the best restaurants, cafe, bars and clubs in Yangon. Same places were nominated for the MYANMORE AWARDS in January 2014.