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Monster Energy Motocross Nationals – Nanaimo Saturday Media Day Photos So we are one day in on the 18 day schedule for the 2012 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals. For 2012 the CMRC and Monster hosted a very well laid out Media Crawl and Press Conference. Unfortunately the rain caused a few issues but all in all it was a solid day and everyone is ready to get it started tomorrow. Here are a few pics from today’s media crawl and press conference. Don’t forget to tune into the LIVE button tomorrow on for live audio from every lap of every moto

OTSFF Rockstar Motovan Yamaha riders Richard Grey and Bobby Kiniry are ready to go. Grey is very excited to be part of a factory team, the chance to go to each round, and gain experience. He could be a big surprise this summer.

Yamalube Blackfoot Direct Troy Lee Designs team of all three Allison brothers, Jared, Parker and Bryton are ready. They looked golden today!!

Bryton Allison has made the jump to pro alongside his big brothers. He’s looking to just have fun this summer and ride hard each time on the track.

Gavin Gracyk made a home in Canada for many years. He went back to the US and struggled but has now come back to the place he enjoys the most when riding his bike. He will be riding for Redemption Racing. He is very excited to be back in Canada

Ryan Lockhart says his rider Kyle Keast is ready to win this year.

Kyle Beaton is healthy, thin, and ready to shut the critics up in 2012 by winning the 2012 MX2 title on his Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki

Teddy Maier, the 2009 MX2 champion, is back in MX2 after a solid year in MX1. Will that transfer into another title? Only time will tell.

The press conference is ready to go. Does anybody else seeing something missing in this picture? Where are #1 and #2?

A big group in media, industry, and fans showed up to hear what all the riders had to say.

President of the CMRC, Mark Stallybrass opened up the press conference.

Food was served up to everyone that attended the media crawl. Here team manger Iain Hayden mows down on a delicious footlong.

Bobby Kiniry rode the first two rounds of the AMA series and placed 12th at both. There are a lot of people picking him for the win tomorrow.

The people’s champ, Kyle Keast, is in the best shape of his career. Mix that in with being back in his comfort zone of Machine Racing and his ultra fast YZ450F. This could be the year Keast wins some races.

The most calm of all the riders at this conference was GDR TLD Honda’s Tyler Medaglia. After coming off back-to-back MX2 titles he knows what it will take to win championship, and he’s prepared to do it takes to win the MX1 title.

The biggest surprise of 2011 was Shawn Maffenbeier. He says he is even more prepared for 2012. He is looking to break into the top five.

Tyler Villopoto has the name but does he have the speed to win? We will find out tomorrow what this kid is made of. If anything he seems like a good dude and very excited to race in Canada.

Matt Goerke says he is going to win. He’s healthy, fit, and feels he is in the best position of his career to claim this title. Pundits, as of today, have Bobby Kiniry and Matt battling for the win tomorrow. The gate drops at 11:45 local time. Follow that link at the top to tune in LIVE tomorrow. Cheers!!


OTSFF Rockstar Motovan Yamaha riders Richard Grey and Bobby Kiniry are ready to go. Grey is very excited to be part of a factory team, the c...

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