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For Immediate Release: Date: July 12, 2012 Contact: Scott Ponuick Popkum Motor Park - Sales & Marketing Phone: 778-808-9100 email: or Website: Event:

Popkum Motor Park is pleased to announce the opening of the long awaited and completely re-designed Motocross track. A crew of a dozen people working 12 hours days with the help from millions in machinery have produced what will surely be an epic destination and first for British Columbia. The result is an OffRoad Recreational Vehicle Park within an hour of Vancouver. Event Details Who: Popkum Motor Park - Track Phone 778.255.RIDE (7433) What: Off-Road motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to the official weekend re-opening of Popkum Motor Park. Where: 54500 Bridal Falls Road, Rosedale, BC, Canada, V0X 1X1 When: July 13 – July 15, 2012

Time: 12pm – 8pm daily

Media We are encouraging off-road motorcycle enthusiasts to come visit and explore the re-development that have taken place at Popkum Motor Park first hand. Popkum Media Contact – Scott Ponuick or Jaye Smith or

General Public Press Release: OFF ROAD ENTHUSIASTS UNITE! It’s time that an off-road facility was designed and built to provide off-road enthusiasts with the playground that we have all dreamt of and secretly salivating over to one day have a chance to play……THAT DAY HAS ARRIVED! BC off-road enthusiasts and motoheads need to unite in support of the goal “to build the premier off-road motor park in BC” if not Canada. Popkum Motor Park has been redesigned with an emphasis on creating a facility catering to off-road enthusiast like never before in once all stages of development are complete! Popkum Motor Park currently offers two newly re-designed motocross tracks. A mini track for beginners with emphasis on bikes under 80cc and big bike motocross track where riders will enjoy an array of wide bowl turns, elevation changes, drops and new jumps including the “4th Gear Step-Up to Heaven”. All existing sections have been re-designed to challenge riders of varying skill levels and ability. Tracks were built up off level grade/ground using screened soil which allows for superior drainage and excellent traction. The onsite screening compound means that rocks will be no larger than ½ - ¾ of an inch in diameter and the track will always have new soil added when needed to ensure optimal conditions. The design goal was to create tracks that could be enjoyed by enthusiasts rain or shine in the spring through fall. Maintenance of the tracks will be accomplished on a daily basis using a variety of machinery prior to opening ensuring that the tracks are in optimal shape all the times. Popkum Motor Park has at its disposal; Track Groomer, Excavators, Bulldozers, Tractors, 6x6 Dump Trucks, 2 Watering Trucks, Land Leveling Equipment, Brush Clearing Equipment, and Screening Equipment all in an effort to create a “Field of Dreams for Motoheads”. Riders interested in knowing if they are getting faster or slower will be able to find out. Popkum Motor Park has installed the “MYLAPS” timing system which will enable those riders who wish to rent or buy a lap timer the ability to find out there progress. Friends will be able to one up each other, set the daily fast lap or break their own fast lap time, all posted on the web site. If you like trails Popkum has not forgot about you! Initially the facility has a trail that travels around the perimeter of the facility. This “Family loop” around the Park is expected to be completed and ready for use in the August 2012. Future plans include the creation of a widespread trails network which will grow over several years with the assistance and cooperation of all neighbouring groups.

Popkum is working to manage access to the nearby mountain ranges beside the park offering endless miles of untouched terrain for riders marked with degrees of difficulty similar to a ski hill based on the Green, Blue and Black premise. The trails network will accommodate any off-road bike, ATV or Side X Side. GPS units will also be made available for rental (as needed) to ensure that every offroad enthusiast visiting Popkum has a safe, fun experience without the fear of being alone if you are lost or hurt in the back country. In another first for BC. Popkum Motor Park will begin construction of a dedicated Trials / Enduro-Cross Obstacle Area comprised varying sized boulders, logs, tires, water and anything else we can throw at it. Oops almost forgot there is a small practice oval dirt track for those who wish to practice corners or a little dirt trackin and sliding! Last but not least and by far the most important – SAFETY! Popkum Motor Park has an emergency plan in place in the event of an unfortunate accident or any other unforeseen circumstances occur. Surrounding the perimeter of the facility will be a crushed rock road that will allow emergency access to our dedicated onsite safety personnel to attend to any incident that arises. We are concerned about every off-road enthusiast’s safety and well-being when enjoying Popkum! We are also concerned about your SECURITY with onsite staff patrols.


For more information please contact; Scott Ponuick @ Jaye Smith @ Phone: 604.467.4792


When: July 13 – July 15, 2012 Time: 12pm – 8pm daily Popkum Motor Park is pleased to announce the opening of the long awaited and completely...