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Photos by: Billy “Bigwave” Rainford Allison Kennedy


SCOTT SPORTS Podiums in MX1 & MX2 at Walton Walton, ON.CAN (August 22, 2012) - Mica Sport Canada in conjunction with SCOTT Sports would like to congratulate Bobby Kiniry, Topher Ingalls, Brad Nauditt, Dakota Alix, Jason Burke, Liam O’Farrell, Richard Grey, Nathan Bles, Morgan Burger, Kyle Murphy, Davey Fraser and all the other SCOTT Sports Athletes that rode this week at Walton Raceway. With the final round of the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals in the books, MX1 class OTSFF rider Bobby Kiniry finished up the season with a strong second place overall. Not only was Bob’s riding super consistent week after week, he didn’t miss the podium in all nine rounds. Bob accomplished this, all while racing 6 of 10 AMA outdoor national rounds throughout the summer.

MX1 Podium (Kiniry) 2rd Overall

MX1 Podium (Kiniry) 2rd Overall

Scott Athlete Topher Ingalls started the race only 6 points in front of Jared Allison, but after the first moto and a 14th place finish he found himself now 2 points back from 3rd OA. In the second moto, Topher rode to a 3rd place finish two spots in front of Jared Allison securing 3rd OA in the points. Topher became the first privateer to finish out the season on the podium and did this with no mechanic and no one to travel with in the last few rounds.

“It was quite the adventure, kept my head down and charged all the way to the end”, “I am looking forward to returning to Canada next summer to defend my number”. -Topher Ingalls “I had the pleasure of working with Topher last year, so when he came to me at the beginning of the season and told me that he would be coming back up to Canada to race; I knew I wanted him on our gear. Topher called me two weeks prior to Nanaimo and said he was going to run the entire series East to West as a privateer. After last season, I knew he had it in him and he would be even faster after running AMA West coast supercross all winter making the night shows week after week.” Davis Brode Marketing coordinator Mica Sport Canada

MX2 Podium (Ingalls) 3rd Overall

Final Overall Results MX1    1st ‐ MATT GOERKE#5 442  2nd ‐ BOBBY KINIRY#7 375             Scott Goggles 3rd ‐ DUSTY KLATT#2 316  4th ‐ GAVIN GRACYK#273 252  5th ‐ TYLER VILLOPOTO#161 230   6th ‐ MORGAN BURGER#26 207          Scott Goggles 7th ‐ TYLER MEDAGLIA #11 182  8th ‐ JASON BURKE#30 181               Scott Goggles/ Gear  9th ‐ COLTON FACCIOTTI #1 175  10th ‐ SHAWN MAFFENBEIER #6 155  11th ‐ JOSHUA CLARK#55 139  12th ‐ TIM TREMBLAY#777 114  13th ‐ LIAM OFARRELL #31 86           Scott Goggles/ Gear 14th ‐ JARED STOCK#38 77  15th ‐ BROCK HOYER#29 ‐ 76 

Final Overall Results MX2    1st ‐ TEDDY MAIER#3 (406)  2nd ‐ JEREMY MEDAGLIA#15 (386)  3rd ‐ TOPHER INGALLS#19 (263)       Scott Goggles/ Gear 4th ‐ JARED ALLISON#20 (261)  5th ‐ BRAD NAUDITT#18 (230)         Scott Goggles/ Gear 6th ‐ KAVEN BENOIT#12  227  7th ‐ PARKER ALLISON#23 219  8th ‐ SPENCER KNOWLES#28 201  9th ‐ RICHARD GREY#37 196        Scott Goggles 10th ‐ DYLAN KAELIN#22 180  11th ‐ KYLE BEATON#108 168  12th ‐ ROSS JOHNSON#239 101  13th ‐ NATHAN BLES#27 99   Scott Goggles  14th ‐ ZACH DEIANA#215 83  15th ‐ KEYLAN MESTON#60 80  Become a Fan by clicking “Like” @ https://www.Facebook/scott.sports is the Scott Sports fan page is Mica sport fan page For more information on SCOTT products, please visit or follow us on Twitter @scottmotosports SCOTT SPORTS, Inc., established in 1958 and located in Sun Valley, Idaho, is a leading international manufacturer of premium bike accessories/equipment, running shoes, Motosport and Wintersport products.

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