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freshman survival guide

Dear Class of 2026,

Welcome to Mounds View High School. We know that starting this new chapter in your life is probably nerve-racking and stressful, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Every upperclassman, teacher, and even principal, has been in the same position you are now. The entire Mounds View staff is here to help you in a multitude of different ways. If you ever have any questions, don’t shy away from emailing your dean or asking a teacher to meet. Self-advocating is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. What you learn about yourself in the following years will help direct you through the rest of your life, so it is essential you use these next four years to explore your interests. Mounds View offers many opportunities when it comes to unique classes, clubs and athletics. Never be afraid to try new things as this is the time to learn what you enjoy doing and what your skills are. As you begin to pick different classes and activities, keep in mind the importance of balance. We know you have probably heard this a lot lately, but it’s some of the most important advice you will be told. Don’t overload yourself by taking too many difficult classes or joining too many extracurriculars to a point where you’re going to be exceptionally stressed and unhappy. As important as it is to challenge yourself, don’t do it at the expense of your wellbeing. In short, your high school experience is what you make of it. These next four years will go by fast so try to enjoy them. It might not seem like it today but soon enough you’ll be graduating. We hope our advice is useful.

Best of luck, The 2022-2023 Viewer Staff


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Tuesday, September 6, 2022



#1: A Ti-84.

Step 1: learn from other's mistakes

#4: Waterbottle. #5: Phone and laptop chargers. #6: Gum.

#7: At least ssix folders #8: Various shighlighters.

#9: Motivation.

- Ari Eschenbacher, 12.

- Rachel Zou, 12. “I was in the wrong class for the first ten minutes.”

#2: Various colored pens.

#3: Earbuds

“My freshmen fail is when I would go to the vending machine every day after school. Which is normal, every kid did it. But everytime I would somehow choose the wrong snack and have to buy multiple different ones.”

“One time at the very beginning of freshman year, I asked a student in the hall to the directions to Mr. Cart wright’s classroom. They gave me some directions, but I still had no clue where his classroom was.”

- Sarafina Dillon, 12. “After being amused by almost every single club in high school, I decided to be a part of seven clubs. It was not a wise decision. I had to immediately drop three of them to maintain a healthy schedule.”

“I never could find a classroom based on a room number and so the first few days I was late to almost every class. Don’t be like me and assume you’ll figure out where you’re going. You should always ask for directions if you need them. There’s nothing wrong with doing that.”

- Shivam Vashishtha, 12.

- Tyler Quattrin, 11.

Step 2: listen to their advice “Not skipping class and making sure you’re paying attention in class will help you succeed.” - Sophie Murray, 10.

“If you try to be a kind person, you’re probably going to have better friends.” - William Overbo, 11.

#10: The snewest issue sof the sViewer.

“Planners really saved my life by keeping me organized so I didn’t forget any homework.”

- Kati Belina, 12.

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Maya Betti Tyler Quattrin Maya Betti, Tyler Quattrin Sarafina Dillon Michael Wang Rachel Zou, Ariana Eschenbacher Maya Gjelhaug, Rachel Zou Morghan Larson Sarafina Dllion Iris Ren


Shivam Vashishtha Michael Wang Sarafina Dillon, Ariana Eschenbacher, Morghan Larson

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022


Step 3: Faces you must know

Principal Rob Reetz

Principal Reetz grew up in Forest Lake. He was a football and track athlete in high school. His goal at that time was to be on sports talk radio so he went to the University of Minnesota Duluth to get a degree in communications. While at UMD he became a Teacher’s Assistant in the Communications Department and decided he wanted to teach. He moved to Minneapolis where he attended Augsburg College, earning a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Upon completing his degree, Principal Reetz was hired to teach and coach at Irondale High School. After crushing it in the classroom, Reetz was offered multiple opportunities to lead. This included working for Mounds View Schools as a Professional Learning Specialist for two years, and then as a principal at Chippewa Middle (for four years) and Edgewood Middle (for three years). While Principal at Chippewa, Reetz returned to two things he’s always loved, football and sports broadcasting. He’s been providing a live stream of Mounds View Football for the past five years. He is both proud and excited to be Principal at Mounds View High School. Away from work Principal Reetz likes to run, enjoys live music, reading, and watching Minnesota sports teams. He and his wife Liz and their two daughters (Grace, 13 & Mae 11) live in Mendota Heights. As for advice for students, Reetz feels strongly that it is critical for every student to find an activity, club, or sport that they enjoy. He stressed the importance of connecting with as many people in our school community as possible. He is big on relationships, and very much wants Mounds View High School to be a happy, healthy community. In short, be a good human -- treat one another kindly and with compassion.

Your deans and their advice: Jeff Nowak

Dean of Students Mim-Ra

Meghan Childs

Dean of Students Gb-Ka

There are several extracurricular activities at MVHStake advantage of these great opportunities to meet new people and build your community. There are also a wide variety of classes offered and high school is a great time to explore your interests!

Ryan Poepard

Dean of Students Rb-Tal

Make 9th grade the year to make Mounds View your home. Make connections with staff, make new friends, and most importantly try our new things. Join a club, activity or sport. They make your future memories and the journey so much more enjoyable.

Not pictured: Dean of students A-Cha (Voss) or Chb-Ga (Eckman).

1. Surround yourself with other kids who make good decisions and have high character. 2. Don’t compare yourself to all your friends and other kids. Believe in yourself! 3. Don’t ever go it alone. If you are struggling, ask for help. We are always here for you!

Ellen Elmquist

Dean of Students Kb-Mil Stay on top of school work. It is a long semester with many assignments in classes. Students who don’t stay on top of their work may become overwhelmed and give up.

Sarah Hatalla

Dean of Students Tam-Z

Do not be afraid to ask questions! Any adult will be happy to to help you.


Tuesday, september 6, 2022

Step 4: Places to Know The Viewer Room:

The coolest room in the buliding.

Upper Commons:

Another common spot to talk to friends in between classes. Unlike the lower commons, there is no furniture. It overlooks the Lower Commons.

Student Services:

Student services is where your dean can be found. Be sure to check in with your dean if you have any questions regarding schedules, sports and extracurricular activities.

Library (ILC):

The ILC is where students spend their free periods, hang out before or after school, or study anytime it is open.

College & Career Center:

The CCC is available to students to help plan for life after high school. There is a wide variety of resources for students.


In the Auditorium, students are able to attend assemblies, concerts, school musicals and presentations throughout the school year.

Main Level (100s)

Cafeteria: Here in the Cafeteria you can pick up and eat your lunch and breakfast. Eating outside is available during the warmer months.

Mustang Activity Center:

Lower Commons:

The second floor of the MAC is wear the school’s walking track is located.

A popular spot to hang out before and after school, especially with the newly added furniture.

Mustang Activity Center:

The first floor of the MAC features four basketball courts. This is where your gym classes and indoor sports will be held.

Kauls Court:

Here is where various teams play throughout the school year and where pep fests are held. Attending sports events is a great way to support your teams and meet new friends!

Fitness Center:

The Fitness Center is where many sports teams work out after school.