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maumee valley country day school / annual report/ fall 2012

mission statement Maumee Valley Country Day School’s mission is to enable students to become enlightened, compassionate and contributing citizens of our global community, while preparing graduates for their best opportunities in higher education. The school attracts motivated, able students who have a range of academic interests and diverse backgrounds, and whose families value education. Its challenging curriculum, student-centered school life and supportive community inspire and equip them for a lifetime of learning.

on the cover: Upper School students lock hands to form a tunnel for Lower School students to pass through during spirit week activities. graduation ceremony on June 1, 2012

autumn on campus


leadership administration Gary Boehm Head of School Gareth Griffith Head of Upper School Stephanie Harman Head of Middle School Mark Baker Head of Lower School Jarin Jaffee Director of Admission Jim Fish Athletic Director Roger Spurgeon Director of Technology Larry Anning Superintendent of Buildings + Grounds Kim Bedi Director of Finance Melissa E. Kuhl Director of Marketing + Communications Dan Karns Director of Advancement

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board of trustees

alumni council

executive officers

executive officers

David Francisco, President Fred Deichert, Vice President Virginia Secor Shaw, Secretary Stephen Hickey ’79, Treasurer

Sarah Ross Mills ’95, President Nabeel Jabarin ‘98, Vice President Kay Rathbun Foster ’58, Secretary



Rick Anderson Aaron Baker ‘90 Matt Buchanan Dr. Renee Buchanan Dr. Karen Davis Anisha Dayal Mary Fedderke Hon. Peter Handwork ‘59 Hon. Jeffrey Helmick Dr. Srini Hejeebu Rick Kaser Marlon Kiser W. Bruce Larsen Darryl Lippman Sarah Ross Mills ‘95 Ann Stranahan Yolanda Odom Taylor

Richard Andrews ‘59 Ron Birnbaum ‘89 Erickson Blakney ‘83 Mariana Brandman ‘05 Alexandra Bowe DeRosa ‘82 Stephen Foster ‘84 O. Danielle Goodwin-Avery ‘98 Joss Kiely ‘01 Monica MacAdams ’67 Nan Parfet Miller ‘46 Pieter Salverda ‘91 Melinda Bigelow Ward ‘61 Dr. James Willey ‘70

Trustee Emerita

Georgia Welles endowment fund trustees

Scott Parry ‘78, Chair Dean Kasperzak ‘76, Vice Chair John Bearss Fritz Byers Stephen Foster ‘57 Chris Johnson Gordon ‘76 Stephen Hickey ‘79 John Hoag Dennis Holman Bradford Koles ‘82 Nan Parfet Miller ‘46 Christine Wolfe Nichols ‘80 Jay Secor ‘69 Carter Smith Daniel Stranahan ‘88 Seksom Suriyapa ‘84 Jeffrey Twyman Barton Wagenman Hope Welles Frederic Wolfe ‘47

publication credits Editor: Melissa E. Kuhl Design: Studio Jot / Joss Kiely ‘01 Selected Photography: Cara Jones


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from the head of school Dear Friends, I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference that brought Chinese and American business leaders together to explore investment opportunities in Northwest Ohio. I was standing near the head of the buffet visiting with a local business person when a large group arrived and flooded the area. My colleague and I felt like rocks in a stream as a steady flow of people swirled around us, heading toward the food. We searched for, but were unable to find, the beginning of a line, and then realized that we simply needed to jump in. Soon we were swept along with the flow toward the food and the camaraderie of our new friends. I am struck by what an apt metaphor that experience is for the climate of change we find in schools today. From technology to global integration there are more opportunities now to enhance students’ educational experiences than ever. All schools, public and private, are being challenged to rethink what we do. As you no doubt know, and will read about in this issue of The Valley, Maumee Valley has a tradition of embracing new ideas, diversifying, and adapting to the times. The plan to construct campus housing is just the latest example of our school’s willingness to take entrepreneurial leaps when it is mission appropriate and benefits our students. Surfing the tides of change is only one responsibility of school leadership, another is honoring traditions. One such tradition at Maumee Valley is the generosity of our alumni, not just with monetary contributions, but also with time and wisdom. Erie Chapman ‘61, recognizes that there is value in the diversity of ideas and so he has created the Erie Chapman FoundationRenaissance Student Award. He presented the award to the first recipient, Linnea Johnson ‘14. In his talk Erie encouraged the students to “unpack their own gifts” and to avoid making decisions based on fear, but to “listen to the energy of love.” Erie reminds us that even as we surge forward, it is always important to remember the timeless lessons of the past. Best, Gary Boehm Head of School

graduation ceremony 2012


current news Toledo Bar Association Contest Congratulations to John Sullivan ’16 for taking first place in the Division III Toledo Bar Association’s Law Day Essay contest. John is one of nine winners in The Toledo Bar Association’s 2012 Caty Armstrong Memorial Law Day Essay Contest. His essay was chosen by a panel of celebrity judges for an outstanding essay regarding “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom.”

Students Excel on french Exam John Sullivan ‘16

Congratulations to Maumee Valley Country Day School students Lauren Kohler, Sofia Celli, Sarah Nathan, Katharina Hartung, and Jad Salem on their outstanding scores for the 2012 National French Exam. Each student finished in the top 5 percent on the exam receiving national recognition for their respective levels. Special recognition to Lauren, who obtained the top score in the state and country. Bien fait!

McMillan-Comeaux off to China

Fifth grade girls conference champions

Athnie McMillan-Comeaux ‘12 was selected to receive a 2012-13 National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) scholarship. The NSLI-Y Scholarship is sponsored by the U.S. government through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. American Councils manages the overall operations of the scholarship program. This scholarship is for summer in the Chinese language. The program took place in China. The NSLI-Y scholarship selection process is highly competitive. Each year, more than 3,000 students apply from all over the nation, and only 100 are chosen to participate.

2012 athletic success

Grant Macpherson and Stephen Shin ‘12 congratulate each other


current news

The 2011-12 athletic season was a tremendous success. In individual sports, Hawks could be found on the All State Tennis and Golf teams. Additionally, the girls’ field hockey team made it to the elite-eight round in the State Tournament, and the boys basketball team finished the season as conference, sectional, and district champions (22-2). But the success wasn’t limited to the high school sports. Last year fifth grade girls basketball team finished its undefeated season as regular and conference tournament champions. Coached by UI teacher Chris Fischl, the team finished the season 12-0. Fischl attributes the team’s success to the girls’ work ethic and selflessness “They did a great job coming together and understanding each other’s strengths and talents.”

Maumee Valley student develops app


Jonathan Buchanan, a fifth grader at Maumee Valley, was frustrated that the only time he could play his favorite game, ChipTrading, was during math class. Not allowing life’s small complications to stand in the way, he developed a new app and submitted it to Apple for approval. In May 2012, Apple made ChipTrading available for download for 99 cents, and 10-year-old Jonathan became perhaps the world’s youngest person to independently develop his own computer application. “My app, ChipTrading, helps kids my age and younger learn place value in math. I wanted to create this app because I play a physical version of the game with my friends a lot in math class, but we could only play it there. Then I had the idea to create an app so we could play it in other places and I could share the game with others” says Jonathan. At age 6, Jonathan had an interest in computers and web pages. His father, Matt, taught him how to build a basic website. “About a year later, I decided to learn a language that my dad didn’t know about. Three-quarters of a year later, I said I wanted to make an iOS app because I only was able to make websites and I wanted to have a new challenge. So we ordered an iOS book and I started studying the iOS programming language.” After spending time learning the iOS operating system, Jonathan created several programs that he beta tested and honed his programming skills. When he developed ChipTrading, it took him about three weeks to complete the coding and design. His parents, Renee and Matt, did not assist Jonathan with the coding or design, but offered their help when it came time to submit the finished work to Apple. “One of the most difficult programming challenges was getting the logic of the game to work right. It was tough, because I had to figure out all the formulas myself,” Jonathan said. ChipTrading is currently only available as an iPhone app, but Jonathan plans to create a universal version that includes both iPhone and iPad versions of the game. Jonathan’s next project is to enhance his social journaling platform, Daystream. This integrative platform will eventually allow ChipTrading players to post their scores to online Daystream journals.

jaffee new director of admission Jarin Jaffee, Maumee Valley’s Director of College Advising, Co-Director of the Global Education Program Advising and Dean of Students for the past seven years, began a new position this year at Maumee Valley as the Director of Admission. Jarin received his bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College and earned his Master of Science in Administration from the University of Notre Dame.

Jonathan buchanan ‘20 at work designing his ChipTrading app

download the ChipTrading Game ChipTrading is easy to learn and play. Roll the dice and allocate virtual chips in the color/value columns to match the running grand total. Each column is limited to a maximum number of chips, forcing you to use chips of higher value when appropriate. Once satisfied with the positions of your chips, check your answer. The game provides immediate feedback by letting you roll again if the chip allocation is correct. If incorrect, you can simply reallocate your chips and check your new answer. Play against yourself by seeing how high you can take your grand total before making a mistake or how far you can get in a set period of time. For a little competition, play with friends - see who gets to the highest value purple chips first or who gets the farthest in an agreedupon time period.”

current news




Raghd Abu Helal Bowling Green State University

Fang Gao Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Olivia Ann Paredes Miami University, Ohio

Moustafa Mahmoud Afifi University of Toledo

Tanner Joab Gauler Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Bailey Alexander Pickett Bowling Green State University

Raphael George Banoub The Ohio State University

Samuel Emory Gold University of Toledo

Nancy Elizabeth Ransom Ohio Wesleyan University

India Zia Bedi Case Western Reserve University

Alexander Charles Karcher Carthage College

Zayd Ghassan Safadi University of Michigan

Quinn Victoria Bergeon Allegheny College

Jonathan Walter Krueger University of Kentucky

Stephen Shin Boston University

Kristin T. Bigelow Miami University, Ohio

Delaney Taylor Lonsway University of South Carolina

Carolyn Liu Sowa Kenyon College

Joyce Autumn Chao University of Pennsylvania

Kalina Lou Babson College

Dixon Rathbun Stoddard Ohio Wesleyan University

Lynn Daboul University of Michigan

Haitham Mohammed Maaieh University of Michigan

Jared Thompson Sturt Point Park University

Genevieve Alese Danes The Ohio State University

Kelsey Ann Martinez Miami University, Ohio

Bill (Ruoyu) Su University of Virginia

Frederick L. Deichert IV Ohio Northern University

Trevor Earl Masters Denison University

Victoria Evelyn Towns Bowling Green State University

Mu Ding Michigan State University

Athnie Reid McMillan-Comeaux The Ohio State University

Julius Shalen Turner University of Toledo

Eric Quinn Esten Wheaton College, Massachusetts

Marc Jeffrey Nagel Kenyon College

Paige Faith Spencer Willey Swarthmore College

Noalle Khariman Fellah Oberlin College

Luke Alexander Odenthal University of Toledo

Ho-Kang Yu The Ohio State University

David James Fickel Jr. Ohio University

Israel Uchechukwumee Okeke University of Toledo

Alexander W. Zerby Miami University, Ohio

Nicholas Anthony Frasco College of William and Mary

Michael Scott Osthimer The College of Wooster

college attendance

2012 Graduation Awards Head of School Award Lynn Daboul National Merit Finalists Lynn Daboul, Athnie McMillian-Comeaux, and Trevor Masters National Merit Commended Scholars David (DJ) Fickel Tanner Gauler Paige Willey CUM LAUDE Sumit Banerjee Trevor Masters Athnie McMillan-Comeaux Joyce Chao Noalle Fellah Paige Willey Ruoyo Su Delaney Lonsway Honor Society India Bedi Kristin Bigelow Joyce Chao Lynn Daboul Genevieve Danes Eric Esten Noalle Fellah Nicholas Frasco Tanner Gauler Delaney Lonsway Haitham Maaieh Trevor Masters Athnie McMillan-Comeaux Marc Nagel Zayd Safadi Stephen Shin Carolyn Sowa Ruoyu Su


Paige Willey Ho-Kang Yu Alexander Zerby Departmental Awards English Prize Athnie McMillan-Comeaux Marian D. Parsons Writing Award Jennifer Lee French Prize Paige Willey Chinese Prize Athnie McMillan-Comeaux Spanish Prize Noalle Fellah Mathematics Prize Lynn Daboul Art Prize Spencer Bertsch Vocal Music Prize Carolyn Sowa J. Robert Carroll Music Award Stephen Shin Nick Frasco Rick Deichert Theatre Prize Athnie McMillan-Comeaux Alex Zerby History Prize Peter Funk Science Prize Trevor Masters

Bausch & Lomb Robbie Ariss RPI Sumit Banerjee Bolden Memorial Scholarship Noalle Fellah Israel Okeke Andersons Scholarship Ruoyo Su Global Scholar Joyce Chao Dorothy Jabarin Award Carolyn Sowa Doherty Award Brandon Peek Athletic Awards Didier Memorial Trophy (Outstanding Soccer Player) Moustafa Afifi Gosman Memorial Trophy (Sportsmanship) Kelsey Martinez Nick Frasco Outstanding Senior Woman Athlete Kristin Bigelow Donnie Taylor Basketball Award Genna Danes Jared Sturt Douglas Whipple Trophy (Outstanding Student Athlete) Rick Deichert Dixon Stoddard

graduation awards





scenes from the graduation ceremony


graduation ceremony



Lynn Daboul receives the Head of School Award from gary boehm


a maumee valley tradtion: graduation ceremony on the wolfe gallery steps and the bluestone plaza


2012 maumee valley lifers. bottom, From left: nick frasco, rick deichert, mickey osthimer, marc nagel, stephen shin, sam gold


top, from left: dixon stoddard, victoria towns, kristin bigelow, genna danes, jonathan krueger, alex karcher


bottom, from left: raphael Banoub, quinn bergeon, joyce chao, Genna danes top, from left: haitham maaieh, trevor masters, marc nagel, ISRAEL “izzy� okeke


welcome to the maumee valley alumni association, class of 2012!


june 1, 2012

graduation ceremony


faculty news kristin kowalski Kristin Kowalski joins Maumee Valley’s faculty as the new Middle and Upper School Art Instructor. Kristin holds a Master of Art Education from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design. Kristin has a strong background making and exhibiting art in a variety of media and a strong teaching background in ceramics.

heather benson Heather Benson is Maumee Valley’s new Director of the Early Learning Center Program. Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Master of Early Childhood Education from Vanderbilt University. She also completed doctoral coursework in Curriculum Development at Michigan State University. Prior to teaching Heather oversaw high-stakes educational assessments for 13 years at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and was a consultant for local schools and publishing companies.

samantha chaney Samantha Chaney is a 2012 graduate of Bowling Green State University. She is teaching Primary, Lower, and Middle School Spanish. Samantha completed her student teaching at Toledo’s Grove Patterson Academy and Rosary Cathedral Preschool.

lindsey duerr Lindsey Duerr is Maumee Valley’s new Director of College Counseling in the Upper School. Lindsey comes to us from The College of Wooster, where she worked for seven years as the associate director of Admissions, and where she received her bachelor’s degree. Lindsey earned a Master of Science in Educational Technology from Eastern Connecticut State University.


new faculty + staff hires


gareth griffith Gareth Griffith is the new Head of Upper School. Gareth and his family came to Maumee Valley from North Carolina where he served as the Chair of the English Department at Greensboro Day School for the past seven years. Gareth earned a Master of Art History from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a Master of Science from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

lindsay mckenney Lindsay McKenney is our new part-time science teacher in the Upper School. Lindsay has taught all over the country including high school science at schools in Illinois and Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education in Science from The Ohio State University.

adriana mcnally Adriana McNally is a new faculty member in the in our Global Languages department. A native of Argentina, Adriana is teaching Spanish for the Lower, Middle, and Upper schools. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Secondary Education from Holy Family University in Philadelphia, Penn., and a law degree from the Universidad del Salvador in Argentina.

kevin tolles Kevin Tolles joins the Middle School family as its new mathematics instructor. Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University. His recent teaching experience includes two years in the Mathematics department at La Plata High School in Maryland, and a yearlong student teaching position at Maumee Valley in 2010.

New faculty + staff hires


auction 2012 all aboard... the maumee valley express! The Maumee Valley Express pulled into the Toledo Amtrak Train Station on May 19th. It was a spectacular evening as the Maumee Valley community gathered to celebrate with an evening of fun while supporting the school. Co-Chairs Virginia Secor Shaw and Renee Buchanan welcomed over 350 people to the event – current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents and friends. Fifth Third Bank and Gilmore, Jasion and Mahler, Ltd were Virginia Shaw and Renee Buchanan

title sponsors for the night’s festivities. The event netted $250,000 to support school operations. We are grateful for everyone who bid on the 300+ silent and live auction items and to the 281 alumni, alumni parents, current parents, and local businesses who donated items to the silent and live auctions. We are grateful to all our hardworking volunteers who helped make the evening such a success, and to all who donated auction items. Guests raised their paddles in support of several improvements to The

Craig and Joan Fankhauser with Bret Green

Early Learning Center’s Playground, including new outdoor play equipment to better shape the skills of Maumee Valley’s youngest students. Attendees were able to bid on items such as prominent parking spots at Maumee Valley, artwork created by students and alumni, dream vacation packages and experiences, and homemade baked goods. You could also hear guests laughing as they took their chances on winning great prizes hidden inside a balloon at the “Balloon Pop.” The Maumee Valley community truly came together to enjoy one another, great food, spirits and all-around fun in one common goal – supporting Maumee Valley and its students. Thank you!

Cliff Oberlin, Hilary White, Lisa Oberlin and Dave White Jr. ‘80


current events

Artwork by 2011-12 Maumee Valley 2nd graders


annual reporT Dear Friends, This past year at Maumee Valley has been one of the best in the school’s 128 year history. Just a small sample of the tremendous opportunities and experiences in which Maumee Valley students participated are: • The school now has 1:1 technology with an iPad2 issued to every student in the Middle and Upper schools and the teachers have received the support needed to create amazing learning experiences with this technology in each student’s hand. • The school’s athletic program achieved tremendous success across a variety of sports and grades including an Elite Eight Tournament finish in the Girls Field Hockey and Conference, Sectional, and District Championships in Varsity Boys Basketball. • Seventeen percent of the students in our Senior Class were recognized as National Merit Scholars. • Six students were selected for All-State Orchestra. • The Quiz Bowl team won both the TAAC and Academic Challenge competitions and competed in the National Tournament. These opportunities were only made possible through the generosity of nearly 900 donors to Maumee Valley in fiscal year 2012. The annual fund exceeded its goal of $250,000 with the highest percent of alumni participation in the school’s history. The special event, All Aboard The Maumee Valley Express, not only reached its fundraising goal, but was also well attended by Maumee Valley’s current family and representatives of the Maumee Valley community: alumni, alumni parents, former board members and former faculty. With the use of mobile bidding, alumni and friends from across the country were able to participate, broadening the school’s base of support.

Judge Peter Handwork ‘59 and wife, Claudia, enjoying the 2012 Auction

The school’s Board of Trustees, made up of alumni, current parents, alumni parents and friends, take very seriously their roles in stewarding your gifts to the school as we enable students to become enlightened, compassionate and contributing citizens in higher education. Thank you, again, for your continued and generous support. Sincerely,


David Francisco

President of the Board, 2010-2013

from the board

Thanks to the generosity of over


donors, the faculty and staff are able to

support the students on their academic journey


July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

ANNUAL FUND Unrestricted Total (including memorial gifts)


ENDOWMENT Ashley Foreign Studies Award


Dorothy Jabarin Scholarship


James Reed Community Scholar Program


John E. & Caron G. Avery Endowment for Learning Differences


Peter Stevens Faculty Compensation


Robert T. Sullwold Award


Smead School for Girls Scholarship Other Endowment

Total Endowment

$320 $2,380 $8,686

BUILDING TOWARD ENDOWMENT The Chip Hankins Memorial Fund


RESTRICTED GIVING Total Restricted Giving


SPECIAL EVENT FUNDING All Aboard The Maumee Valley Express


Campaign for Maumee Valley-Pledge Payments Restricted Giving


Capital Campaign


Total Capital Campaign



$1,550,261 19

revenue 2011-12



expenses 2011-12 78% SALARIES + BENEFITS





annual report

philanthropy annual giving Donors are recognized by their giving levels to the annual fund from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012. Directed gifts are listed under current endowment gifts.

Cupola ($25,000+) Holly Beach Public Library Association

Dogwood ($15,000 to $24,999) Mrs. David K. Welles, Sr.

Trillium ($10,000 to $14,999) Ms. Joan Bayer Thompson Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. David K. Welles Jr. 1970

Maypole ($5,000 to $9,999) Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Deichert III Mr. Paul Goldner

Bluestone ($2,500 to $4,999) Dr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Bakos Mr. and Mrs. John Bearss Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boyk Mr. Douglas L. Creutz 1988 Entelco Foundation Mr. Phil Griffin 1975 and Ms. Kory Apton Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harris (Sue Draper 1951) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Helmick Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hickey 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howard 1953 McIntosh Family Foundation Mr. Henry Pahl Jr. 1952 Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Reed Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stranahan 1953 Mr. David R. Francisco and Ms. Patricia A. Wise

Smead Circle ($1,000 to $2,499) Ms. Catherine E. Baer 1973 Mr. Ron Birnbaum 1989 and Ms. Lisa Zwerling Mr. Gary Boehm and Ms. Bonnie J. Blankinship Mr. Matt Buchanan and Mrs. Renee Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Byers (Katherine Kaplan 1981) Mr. and Mrs. Byron S. Choka (Kitsy Sabin 1975) Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cohen 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Cowie 1988 Ms. Kimberly T. Danes Mr. Andrew Ekblaw 1972 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fedderke

Mr. and Mrs. Hart Fessenden (Nancy Boeschenstein 1946) Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frasco Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gordon (Chris Johnson 1976) Dr. Srini Hejeebu and Dr. Rashmi G. Hejeebu Ms. Jenifer Hollander 1988 and Ms. Ella Hollander 1921 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Karns Mr. and Mrs. Reeve W. Kelsey (Betsy Sabin 1973) Mr. Joss Kiely 2001 Dr. Scott Lee and Dr. Jean Kay-Lee Mr. Bing Li and Mrs. Linda Chen Mrs. Monica MacAdams 1967 and Mr. Michael C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clyde D. McKee (Taryl Johnson 1979) Mr. and Mrs. Yasuhiro Nakashima Mr. R. Richard Newcomb 1964 & Rev. Dr. Deborah J. Newcomb Mr. and Mrs. William A. Nichols (Christine Wolfe 1980) Mr. and Mrs. Eric Noll (Georgiana Williamson 1979) Ms. Shelly Orenstein and Dr. Michael Nagel Mr. and Mrs. Scott Parry 1978 (Frances Stranahan 1978) Dr. Martha Rogers Mr. Douglas A. Shelton 1961 Mr. Carter Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Twyman Adam 1998 and Mikaela Uhlman 1999 Vortex Foundation Ms. Leah Whitaker 2000 Mr. and Mrs. David White Jr. 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Wright 1957 Mr. and Mrs. David Ziegler Anonymous

Founders ($500 to $999) Mr. and Mrs. Larry Anning Mr. Jonathan S. Ayers 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Barney (Judith Kievit 1957) Mr. and Mrs. Lothar Bauerle Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Beck Blade Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William K. Block, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Burnett (Dale S. Shelton 1965) Mr. and Mrs. Archie Call III Amy Dana 1982 and Mr. Joe Profaci Ms. Nanette David Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dean (Lorraine DiMaio 1966) Dr. and Mrs. William DeHoff Mrs. Rebecca deWolfe 1964 Dr. and Mrs. Eric J. Dolgin D.O. 1971 Dr. and Mrs. Hossein El Gafy

annual report


Mr. David Elder 1990 and Mrs. Ekaterina Sarkisova Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Evanisko (Cynny Smith 1971) Ms. Kirsten Fedderke 1995 Ms. Ami N. Gignac 1992 Hon. and Mrs. Peter Handwork 1959 Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hoag Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Holman Mr. and Mrs. George M. Jones III 1962 Mr. Ebon Richard Jones 1962 Mr. Amir Khan 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Meinecke Mrs. Nan Parfet Miller 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Monday Mr. Stephen Parry 2007 Mrs. Smita and Dr. Yogesh Patel Mrs. Nuntanit Y. Pozios 1997 Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Solinger 1966 Mr. Roger Spurgeon Dr. Richard W. Steketee 1968 and Dr. Kathleen L. Irwin Ms. Marilyn Trimmer 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Webster (Adele Mather 1941) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Welles 1972 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yustick Mr. and Mrs. Tom S. Ziems 1956 Dr. and Mrs. David Zucker

Friendship ($250 to $499) Mrs. Sarah E. Abel 1952 Mr. and Mrs. Todd Alcroft 1988 Mrs. Mary Jo Anderson Dr. Geoffrey Beale 1963 and Mrs. Cindy Beale 1964 Mr. Frank S. Bell, Jr. 1955 Mrs. Carol Hampe Bentley 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bloomfield 1975 Dr. Alan Booth and Dr. Margaret Zoller Booth Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bowers 1959 Mrs. Rita Jaessing Brauneck 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Brobeck (Karen Bailey 1961) Mr. Charles F. Brown III Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Browne 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Channing E. Cecil Mr. and Mrs. William G. Chase Jr. 1958 Mr. Ralph Chipman 1962 Mr. and Mrs. V. Peter Clark Mr. and Mrs. Dean J. Conway (Cynthia Rowley 1971) Mr. and Mrs. John Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Gill Ms. Sharon Goldner 1993 Mr. James D. Gwyn 1956 Mr. John R. Hulse and Mrs. Vivian Folk-Hulse Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kurek 1973 Mr. David C. Maurer 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Fraser A. McAlpine 1971 Mrs. Sarah Ross Mills 1995 and Mr. Andy Mills Dr. and Mrs. Meredith Morgan (Emily Schwenzfeier 1965)


annual report

Mr. Mark Nelson 1967 and Mrs. Deborah Dixon Ms. Margot McIlwain Nishimura 1983 and David Nishimura Ms. Jill Posta and Mr. Geoff Milewski Mrs. Meredith Morse Prime 1962 Dr. Tracy B. Ravin M.D. 1991 Mr. Lamson Rheinfrank 1958 and Mrs. Sally Rheinfrank Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rosenberg 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Rosenthal Mrs. Beverly B. Seeman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Semmes (Luette Goodbody 1944) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sieberg Dr. Gail S. Steketee 1967 and Dr. Brian H. McCorkle Mr. and Mrs. Seksom N. Suriyapa 1984 Ms. Carol A. Taylor 1974 Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel R. Towns Mr. Barton Wagenman Mr. and Mrs. Darren D. Weisberg 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weisman Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wellstein (Berkley Welles 2002) Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. West 1977 Mr. and Mrs. William Winterer (Vicky Thompson 1961)

Centennial ($100 to $249) Drs. Bassam and Fadia Abaza Dr. and Mrs. Tammam Abdul-Aziz Mr. and Mrs. Barton Alexander 1969 Mrs. Lydia Allen 1963 and Mr. Mark Myers Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alpert (Lisa West 1980) Mr. and Dr. James Koustoumbardis (Angela Anagnos 1984) Mr. Thomas Ashley 1974 and Ms. Patricia J. Crapo Mr. and Mrs. Bob Augustyniak Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baker Mr. and Mrs. John J. Baker Mr. Terence M. Barron and Ms. Dianne Shuford Mr. John Barthold 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bathgate (Mimi Meyers 1962) Ms. Heather M. Beck 2005 Ms. Irene Bick 1973 and Mr. Edward Kister Mr. James O. Birr, Jr. 1961 Mr. Tyler Boehm 2001 and Ms. Jaimi Leess-Boehm Mr. Andrew C. Bohnengel 1967 and Ms. Lynn Forni Bohnengel 1967 Mrs. Nancy Woodward Book 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bowery (Blair Foster 1981) Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Briley 1963 Drs. Peter and Mary Burgi (Mary Hutton 1979) Mr. Jesse Phifer and Mrs. B. J. Butler-Phifer Mr. Thomas Cambisios Mr. and Mrs. Greg Campbell (Kathleen Campbell 1986) Mr. and Mrs. Emre Y. Celik 1994 Ms. Hadley T. Clark 1997 Mr. & Mrs. Justin P. Clark 1993 Mr. and Mrs. David F. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Crowl 1958 Ms. Kyle Cubbon 1972 and Mr. Spiros P. Cocoves Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Cunliffe Ms. Linda Cunning Dr. Vicki Davis 1965 and Mr. George Davis Mr. Brian Dawson 1992 and Mrs. Sarah Virginia Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. DeBrock 1953


Sachin Hejeebu ‘15, Kadar Jones ‘15, and Abi Raj ‘15 Ms. Lynda Dolgin-Duda 1969 and Mr. Steve Duda Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Dombkowski Ms. Catherine R. Donnelly 1967 and Mr. Steven Looney Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dotson (Darlene Bates 1984) Ms. Sallie Tasker Elwell 1954 Mr. Mark Eriksen 1970 Mr. Stephen L. Esquith 1966 and Mrs. Christine A. Worland Mr. Michael Esten Ms. Shiela Esten Mr. Richard Esten and Ms. Ellen Karp Mr. Harry Falconer 1955 Mr. Hans C. Fedderke 1998 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fish Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Foster 1957 (Kay Rathbun 1958) Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Garner 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gibbs (Deborah Lindsey 1964) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Glikbarg (Lynne Oakes 1964) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Glover Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Goldberg 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. David Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Harms 1992 Mr. David Hart 1963 and Mrs. Sarah A. McHugh Mr. Scott B. Hayes 1944 Mr. Christopher Hoag 1994 Ms. Lu Anne A. Hodges Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Homlar 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hottinger Mrs. Marjorie M. Hutton Mr. John Jameson Dr. and Mrs. Adil Karamali Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Karcher Ms. Ashley M. Kasperzak 1997 Ms. Amanda C. Kaufman 2005

Mr. John R. Kiely and Dr. Pamela Oatis Mr. and Mrs. James C. Koelsch Ms. Gretchen M. Koles 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Koupal 1955 Ms. Michelle LaRock 1993 Mr. and Mrs. George F. LeBoutillier 1963 (Stephanie Girard 1963) Dr. Bonnie Shelton Ledbetter 1952 and Dr. William B. Ledbetter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lonsway Dr. Tracey Mabrey 1981 Ms. Polina Makova Ms. Chantelle F. Marshall 1994 Ms. Lisa Knight Martin 1992 and Mr. Rupert Martin The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George H. Martin 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Martindale (Chris Hankins 1959) Mr. and Mrs. Clinton A. Mauk 1945 (Cornelia Lathrop 1947) Mr. and Mrs. Marshall McClung Jr. 1955 Ms. Elizabeth M. McNerney 1976 and Mr. Donald S. Bell Mr. Douglas McPherson 1972 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mihaly Dr. and Mrs. Scott B. Miller 1972 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Millhon 1987 Mr. Elliott Mills 1967 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Moore (Janet Abney 1965) Mr. David J. Mueller 1958 and Mrs. LeNien Mueller 1959 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Myers Ms. Linda Myers and Mr. William Potvin Dr. Arunan Nadarajah and Ms. Bonnie C. Rowe Mrs. Susan Nelson 1966 and Mr. Tom Johnson Ms. Lori Nonnemaker Mr. Don Ochs 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ostrow (Alyce Kelly 1953) Mrs. Janise B. Parry Dr. Jesal A. Patel 1991 and Dr. Shawn Dornhecker Mr. Leonard G. Phillipps Jr. 1959 Dr. Weikai Qu and Dr. Lijun Liu Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Reilly (Lynn Foster 1979) Dr. and Mrs. Adam Rettig (Nina Nigrovic 1989) Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Riddell (Emily Shepard 1955) Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Rollind Romanoff 1954 Ms. Virginia Rothman Mrs. Ann L. Russell 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Samborn 1968 Mr. Joseph Saul 1983 and Ms. Lisa Leutheuser Mr. James Seaman Mr. and Mrs. James J. Secor 1969 (Christine Robinson 1969) Dr. and Dr. Sameer Sharma 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Chan Shin Ms. Yasmin Sidiq 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sisco Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Smith 1969 (Susan Frost 1968) Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Smith (Carin Salverda 1976) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sowa

annual report


Mr. and Mrs. Adam Spector (Sylvia Katzner 1985) Dr. and Mrs. Ralph C. St. John Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stewart III 1984 Ms. Vicki J. Stouffer Mr. Josh Stranahan 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sturt Mr. and Mrs. John Suhrbier 1957 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sujaritchan 1990 Ms. Mary Summons 1993 Mr. Paul K. Sutherland 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor Ms. Alysia Tromblay 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Trosch (Sarah Weisman 1994) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tuschman 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Verner Mr. David Vnuck Mr. and Mrs. Mark Voss (Lisa Kowaleski 1981) Capt. and Mrs. Robert E. Walton Jr. 1965 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Ward 1967 Dr. and Mrs. David Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. West 1963 Mr. Bennett P. Whitaker 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Jon Whitbeck 1973 Ms. Stephanie White 1979 Mr. Jacob T. Will 2003 Dr. James C. Willey 1970 and Dr. Elisabeth B. James Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wirzylo Mr. Anthony C. Wu 2003 Ms. Eugenia C. Wu 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Zalecki (Leslie Van Hee 1984) Mr. Liguo Zhao and Ms. Xin Tian Mrs. Lisa Ziems Borras 1987 & Mr. Francisco Borras

Donors (up to $99) Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Albright (Star Haid 1966) Miss Sara E. Alloy 2001 Mr. Jordan Almester 2000 Ms. Joyce Anagnos Esq. 1986 Ms. Alice S. Applebaum 1965 Dr. Hillorie Applebaum 1967 and Mr. Dennis L. Sprecher Ms. P. Kate Arnos 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baer (Judy Ward 1962) Mr. Bernard R. Baker III 1964 Mr. Michael Baker 2001 and Ms. Michelle Scott Dr. Neil Barman 1992 and Dr. Linda K. Barman Mr. Rolland Barnes and Dr. Jami Barnes

Ms. Olivia N. R. Barry 1992 Mr. Michael A. Beck 2008 Mr. James Bircher 1986 Drs. Abraham and Martha Birnbaum Mrs. Carole Broer Bishop 1955 Ms. Margaret Blackburn Ms. Cory Blackstone 1997 Mr. Eric R. Blackstone 1994 Ms. Rachael Blair 1995 Mr. Erickson S. Blakney 1983 Mr. Willard M. Blakney 1979 Mrs. Katherine Z. Block 2000 and Mr. Vicente Undurraga 2000 Ms. Emily E. B. Boehm 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bohl 2000 Ms. Mariana E. Brandman 2005 Ms. Micheline Brewer 1989 Ms. Grace F. Brown Ms. Nancy Buccilli Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Carr Mr. and Mrs. William P. Carr 1945 Mrs. Mary Griffing Carr 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carver (Beth Morris 1968) Mr. Hyaat Chaudhary 1999 and Dr. Sheila Chaudhary Dr. D. S. Chauhan Ms. Sharon Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cohen 1979 Mr. and Mrs. David Corwin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Danes Mr. James H. Davis 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Willis F. Day (Mandy Rice 1975) Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dias Mrs. Cynthia Dosick Dyas 1995 and Mr. Mark Dyas Ms. Sara Emerson-Niles 1986 Mr. Richard Eyster 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fauver 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Carleton S. Finkbeiner 1957 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Finkbeiner 1963 Ms. Gesiel Fisch Mr. Adam R. Fish 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore Flues (Anne Louise Jamieson 1940) Mr. John W. Foster Jr. 1978 Mr. Stephen V. Foster Jr. 1984 Ms. Jenica Frank 2000 Mr. Nicholas Frasco 2012 Mr. and Mrs. Ben French (Kate Anderson 1997) Ms. Heather Fuller 2000

early learning students say thank you 24

annual report

Mr. Brian Gauler Mrs. Roslyn M. Gayler 1951 and Mr. Sam Spevack Ms. Darcy A. Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Gilmore 1994 Mrs. O. Danielle Goodwin-Avery 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graves (Susan Crosby 1956) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greeley (Nancy Patrick 1979) Mr. Jahmal Green 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Neil E. Greene 1955 (Joan Kelly 1955) Ms. Kelsy V. Grefe 2003 Mrs. Kathryn M. Guilbault Dr. Anurag Gupta 2000 Mr. William H. Guthrie 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Gwin (Marni Frank 1997) Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Hall 1987 Mr. and Mrs. David T. Hallenbeck 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Halvorson (Betsy Blair 1992) Ms. Kristi Hammond 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Harman Mr. Ross Harms 1994 Mr. Alok Harwani 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hebenstreit 1959 Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Herrera (Libby Gould 1950) Ms. Holly L. Hillyer 1996 Mrs. Donna Holt 1956 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hoover 1985 (Amy Pershing 1985) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard Ms. Rachel Hudson 2006 Mrs. Eleanor Hutton 1981 and Mr. Douglas Kidd Mr. and Mrs. William Hutton Jr. 1975 Mr. James M. Irons Mr. and Mrs. Jacob James (Natalie Hoag 2000) Ms. M. Christine Jauregui 1991 and Mr. Mitchell Hanley Dr. Tammy J. Jechura 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Johnson Mr. Richard O. Joseph Jr. 1964 Ms. Catharine Joyce 1972 Ms. Kristen Kaczynski Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Kanios Mr. Jerome F. Kapp Jr. 1970 Mr. Alex C. Karcher 2012 Ms. Hannah S. Kasperzak 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Jody M. Katzner 1982 Mr. James S. Katzner 1984 Mr. Ian J. Keil 2009 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Keller Mrs. Brooke C. Keller 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Kelly (Lynn Lieder 1976) Mrs. Lisa A. Kerscher 1985 and Mr. David A. Williams Dr. Zia Khan 1995 and Dr. Xhazia Khan Mr. Robert R. Khan 1993 Ms. Nadia Khan 1994 and Mr. Hector Martell Ms. Zeba Khan 1999 Ms. Zeenat Khan 1993 and Mr. Omar Siddiqui Mr. Mark E. Knapp 1985 Mr. Peter Koelsch 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Krueger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kuhl Mr. and Mrs. John Lafferty (Cynthia Hutton 1955)

philanthropy Mr. Matthew Lane 1995 Mrs. Lyda Langeberg 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Lavetter-Keidan Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Baptiste F. LeBoutillier 1988 (Nicole Frechette 1988) Dr. and Dr. Edger Lee (Audrey Bohnengel 1964) Ms. Esther Lehmann 2001 Ms. Hannah E. A. Lehmann 2000 Ms. Sophie B. Lehmann 2004 Mr. and Mrs. David Leitner Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Leizerman (Megan Dorf 2000) Mr. and Mrs. James Lerberg (Diane Kuehnle 1966) Mr. David Leuck 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Levin 1993 (Ilana Hyman 1993) Dr. and Mrs. Mingsheng Li Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Liebenthal 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lloyd (Midge Detgen 1958) Mr. Steven Lundholm 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Bevars D. Mabry Dr. Helen Mabry 1988 and Mr. Andrew Byars Mr. and Mrs. Ian MacGregor 1963 Mrs. Jeannie Mackowiak 1996 and Mr. Travis Mackowiak Ms. Abigail Madoff 2002 Mr. Lucas Madrazo 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Martinez (Lara Glowacki 1985) Mr. Leo Martinez 2000 and Mrs. Lauren Martinez Mrs. Diane M. McCauley Mr. Brian McMullen 1997 and Mrs. Katie McMullen Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen McNally Mr. John McNerney 1980 and Mrs. Kim Clark Mr. and Mrs. Rod Miller Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Mindreau (Elizabeth Rentz 1988) Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Moorman Mr. Christopher F. Motz 2005 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mowrey Mr. and Mrs. Brad Murdock (Jennifer Williamson 1986) Ms. Casey Myers 2001 Ms. Sonya Naganathan 2006 Miss Leah Nagel 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Newbern III (Sally Hagen 1966) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nuzum Mr. Broer Oatis 2005 Ms. Judith L. O’Brien 1959 Ms. Elizabeth Onasch 2001 Mr. Matthew Osterman 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Scott G. Osthimer Mr. David E. Palmer 1987 Mr. James H. Parks III 1974 Mr. Tirath Patel 2001 Mrs. Paula Secor Paterson 1947 Mrs. Corinne Edwards Patoff 1957 Dr. James L. Patrick MD PhD 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Patterson 1947

annual report


Dr. Deborah Payne, MPH 1986 Mrs. Nili Pearlmutter 1988 and Mr. Todd Bearson Mr. and Mrs. Bill Peattie (Catherine Mulrow 1979) Dr. Philip Peek and Dr. Elaine Bruckner Miss Denise Peksa Mr. and Mrs. Bill Peltonen (Cynthia Rhuland 1972) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillipps 1964 Mrs. Peggy Phipps 1964 Ms. Amanda Pietrosimone Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Plutynski 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Price Mr. Brooks Ralston 1994 and Ms. Kourtney Vahle Ms. E. Hydie Ralston Ms. Lisa C. Ralston 1991 Mrs. Kathryn Thomas Ramsey 1964 Dr. Emily Koelsch Rebori 1997 and Mr. Todd Rebori Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Recker 1986 Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Recker 1983 Ms. Caroline S. Redmon Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Reed Count and Countess Antonio Ricciardi (Pamela Heymann 1967) Mr. and Mrs. Todd K. Richards (Kara Fish 2001) Ms. Carol S. Robinson 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robinson (Ronata Bryant 1999) Ms. Mollie Boyd Robison 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robson (Megan Fish 2000) Ms. Monica A. Rostocki 2003 Mr. Josh Rothman 1976 Dr. Brent Rubin and Mrs. Ricki Rubin and Family Mr. Jesse Rubin 2006 Ms. Sharon Rupert 1956 Mr. Joseph Ryan Jr. 1964 Mr. Richard Saffran 1976 Mr. Pieter Salverda 1991 and Mrs. Shannon Salverda Mr. and Mrs. William H. Scharf 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Schetter Ms. Katharine Shelley 2001 Mr. William L. Shelley 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Sherwin (Sarah Breier 2000) Ms. Gretchen Pifer Shoop 1956 Mr. Daniel J. Siegel 1990 Mr. Eric Sills and Mrs. Sandra Kosek-Sills Mr. Stephen D. Smith 1978 Mrs. Lisa Smith 1967 Mr. and Mrs. Gavin T. Smith 1985 Mr. Bruce Sowatsky 1977 and Mrs. Heidi Whitfield Ms. Laura R. Sowatsky 1984 and Mr. Marck Bailey Mr. and Mrs. James Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spychala Ms. Anna Steinbock 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Blake S. Stoddard (Weezie Foster 1982) Ms. Lois Strauss Mrs. Sarah Strickland 1971 Ms. Pamela Summons Dr. and Mrs. James Sweeny 1952 Ms. Anita P. Tamirisa 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah B. Tasker 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Tate II (Jashonte Aldridge 1997)


annual report

Ms. Beverly B. Thierwechter 1965 and Mr. James Rotherham Ms. Pam Tomassetti Ms. Margot Urschel 1964 Pastor and Mrs. Tony Valentine 1971 Mr. Antonio L. Valone 2000 Mr. Connor A. Vargas 2011 Ms. Gretchen Verner 1988 Ms. Ruchika Vij 2005 Ms. Vanshika Vij 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wannamaker 1959 (Marjorie Dodd 1965) Ms. Susan B. Ward 1962 Mr. Jonathan Wasielewski 2002 Mr. and Mrs. John Weinberg Ms. Margaret M. Werner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wesener (Holly Walsh 2001) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Wiener 1960 Ms. Marilynn Willey 2010 Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Wolfe 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Jewel S. Woodard 1977 Mr. Randall Zachman 1971 and Ms. Carrie Call Mr. Michael Zerner 1972 Mr. and Ms. Benjamin D. Zoll 1995

THE SECOND century society The Second Century Society recognizes lifetime giving of $25,000 or more to Maumee Valley. Does not include outstanding pledges.

$1 million or more Ms. Joan Bayer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Stranahan 1953 Mrs. David K. Welles, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David K. Welles Jr. 1970

$500,000 to $999,999 Dr. and Mrs. William DeHoff Entelco Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gardner Needmor Fund Stranahan Foundation Toledo Community Foundation, Inc.

$250,000 to $499,999 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Deichert III Ms. Martha Wolfe Farmer* 1944 Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Kasperzak 1976 (Rebecca Swaney 1976) Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Knight* McMaster Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Reed Dr. Mary Stranahan 1963 Mrs. Virginia S. Stranahan* 1922 Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frederic D. Wolfe 1947

$100,000 to $249,999 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Anspach Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ashley* 1941 Mr. and Mrs. John Bearss Blade Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Block Sr. Buckeye CableSystem Dana Corporation Foundation Ms. Caroline D. Dickey* 1930 Edward E. Ford Foundation France Stone Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harris (Sue Draper 1951) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hickey 1979 Mr. and Mrs. William W. Knight* The LaValley Foundation Clement O.Miniger Memorial Foundation M&M Osterman Foundation Owens-Illinois Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Parry 1978 (Frances Stranahan 1978) Mr. Lamson Rheinfrank 1958 and Mrs. Sally Rheinfrank Mr. Michael Stranahan 1957 Mr. Daniel A. Stranahan 1988 Mr. and Ms. Joseph H. Swolsky 1969 Ms. Mary Anne Terry* 1933 Mr. Jules L. Vinnedge 1966 Vortex Foundation Mr. Hugh D. White Sr. 1955 Anonymous

$50,000 to $99,999 The Anderson Foundation John E. and Caron* G. Avery Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Bakos Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barnett Mrs. Carol Hampe Bentley 1949 Block Communications, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Boeschenstein 1943 Mrs. Harold Boeschenstein* The Commonwealth Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Cowie 1988 Ms. Anisha Dayal and Dr. Ned Lakshmipathy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duffy Fifth Third Bank of Northwestern Ohio, N.A. Mrs. Kate Thompson Foster* 1929 Mrs. Helen M. Foster* 1928 Ms. Juliet France* 1929 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Friedman Mrs. Peggy Gifford* Holly Beach Public Library Association Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Howard 1953 Mrs. Marjorie M. Hutton Mrs. Eleanor Miniger Jones* 1922 KeyBank Mr. John R. Kiely and Dr. Pamela Oatis Mr. and Mrs. Milton F. Knight, Jr. 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Philip LeBoutillier, Jr.* Mr. Michael A. Mahaffey

philanthropy Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Maurer McIntosh Family Foundation Mrs. Annette Reed Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson* D. Robinson III 1941 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sabin Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schwier (Priscilla Lamb 1957) Dr. Mark Seal Mr. Carter Smith Mr. and Mrs. Duane Stranahan, Sr.* Ms. Abbot B. Stranahan 1983 and Mr. David Ward Mr. Henry L. Thompson Jr.* 1933 Waite-Brand Foundation The Waters Foundation Mr. Peter C. Welles 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wellstein (Berkley Welles 2002) Mr. David R. Francisco and Ms. Patricia A. Wise

$25,000 to $49,999 Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Armstrong 1976 Mr. Charles Bennett and Ms. Holly Jensen Anderton Bentley Fund Berry Family Foundation Mr. George H. Blackstone 1966 Mr. and Mrs. William K. Block, Jr. Mr. Gary Boehm and Ms. Bonnie J. Blankinship Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boyk Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Byers (Katherine Kaplan 1981) Mr. and Mrs. V. Peter Clark Mr. David Dana Mr. Jeffrey Fantle Mr. and Mrs. Hart Fessenden (Nancy Boeschenstein 1946) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Foster 1957 (Kay Rathbun 1958) Mr. and Mrs. William R. Foster 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frasco Gilmore, Jasion and Mahler LTD Goldman, Sachs and Co. Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Grieser Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Holman Dr. and Mrs. Mark G. Issa Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Julius Mr. and Mrs. Reeve W. Kelsey (Betsy Sabin 1973) William and Elsie Knight Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Milton Knight* Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Krueger, Jr. Mrs. Prudence Hutchinson Lamb* 1923 Mr. Stanley Levison* Dr. and Mrs. David A. Lindsley Mrs. Helen McMaster Mrs. Nan Parfet Miller 1946 National City Bank Ms. M. Ann Sanford Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shaw

annual report


Dr. and Mrs. George Stranahan 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Duane Stranahan Jr. 1948 Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Sullwold Therma-Tru Corporation Mr. Steven Turner and Mrs. Teale A. Laney Dr. and Mrs. Gopinath R. Upamaka Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Urschel Dr. and Mrs. Charles Valone Mr. Barton Wagenman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Welles 1980 Mr. and Mrs. David White Jr. 1980 White Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Yordan (Christine Donnelly 1970) *Deceased

honorary + memorial gifts Gifts made in memory or honor of a friend, colleague, fellow classmate or loved one is an enriching testament to the life of Maumee Valley. In memory of Donald C. Ahrens, Sr. Dr. JoDee E. Ahrens In honor of Lisa West Alpert 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Byron West In honor of Larry Anning and Gary Boehm Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Cadigan In memory of Rosie Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Levin In memory of John Arnold 1959 Mr. Richard J. Andrews 1959

Ashley Foreign Studies and Travel Award in memory of Charley 1942 and Gerry 1943 Ashley Mr. Gary Boehm and Ms. Bonnie J. Blankinship Mrs. Donna Draper Burr 1953 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doar Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ervin (Sarah Mills 1974) Mrs. Sally Harms Mrs. Marjorie M. Hutton Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lundholm Mrs. Monica MacAdams 1967 and Mr. Michael C. Smith Mrs. Nan Parfet Miller 1946 Dr. Nicholas Nash Ms. Jena C. Pugh 2004 Mr. Lamson Rheinfrank 1958 and Mrs. Sally Rheinfrank Ms. Caroline Ross 1998 Mr. and Mrs. William O. Ross, Jr. (Becky Ashley 1969) Mr. Robert R. Seeman and Ms. Karin A. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Sutherland 1969 Wichita Collegiate School In honor of India 2012 and Zain 2015 Bedi Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mason In honor of Kathryn 2019 and Ralph 2022 Brennan Mr. Ralph Sciarappa In honor of the marriage of Susan Bryan and Kevin Hayes Peter Kanios, Robin Isenberg and Nichole Kanios 2014 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Meinecke In honor of Sandy Blackstone Carman 1964 Mrs. Sally Harrison Davies 1964 Mrs. Catherine Hoolahan 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Sterling (Leslie Frost 1964) Ms. Theresa S. Thompson 1964 In honor of Sharon Coffin Ms. Jenifer Hollander 1988 The Collins Family Endowment Dr. Karen Davis In memory of David E. Cook Ms. Jenifer Hollander 1988 In memory of Doris Coryell Linda Thomas Collins 1958 In memory of Hugh Coryell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holtan (Audrey Myers 1952) In honor of Emma Daugherty 2018 Mr. and Mrs. William White In memory of Harold Dean Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dean (Lorraine DiMaio 1966)

Auctioneer Pam Rose and Jay Griffith at the 2012 Auction 28

annual report

In memory of D’Arcy Didier 1964 Mrs. C. D’Arcy Didier 1964 Mr. John Preston 1963


In memory of Dr. Eric Elliot Mrs. Heather Elliot

In honor of John Lanz 2011 Mrs. Lillian Lanz

In honor of Ron Euton and Margaret Blackburn to the Winterim Travel Fund Ms. Jane E. Bishop Rev. and Mrs. Mike Denman

In honor of Audrey Bohnengel Lee 1964 Mrs. Kathy B. Didier Mr. Richard O. Joseph Jr. 1964 Dr. and Dr. Edger Lee (Audrey Bohnengel 1964) Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Light (Angelica P. Didier 1967) Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Sterling (Leslie Frost 1964)

In honor of Alex 2018 and Aaron 2022 Evans Mr. and Mrs. Gary Evans In memory of Martha Wolfe Farmer 1944 Ms. Pam Tomassetti

In memory of Douglas MacNichol 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Roland S. MacNichol 1943 Ms. Libbey S. Wade 1979

In memory of Bill Foley Mrs. Nan Parfet Miller 1946

In memory of George R. Mather, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James DeRosa (Alexandra Bowe 1982)

In memory of Donald Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Walbridge (Margaret Fraser 1947)

In honor of Samuel E. Gold 2012 Mr. and Mrs. Jerold H. Gold

In honor of the Maumee Valley Class of 1961 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Belt 1961 (Anne Douglass 1962) Mr. James O. Birr, Jr. 1961 Ms. Roberta C. Bowers 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Brobeck (Karen Bailey 1961) Rev. and Mrs. Erie Chapman III, J.D. 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Chipman 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fish (Mary McKechnie 1961) Dr. Elizabeth L. Glanville, Ph.D. 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Handwork Jr. 1961 Mr. and Mrs. James Hodder (Barbara Bohnengel 1961) Mr. John A. Meyer 1961 Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell (Marilyn Miller 1961) Mr. Don Ochs 1961 Ms. Joan E. Rupert 1961 Mr. Douglas A. Shelton 1961 Mr. and Mrs. John H. van Merkensteijn III 1961 Melinda Bigelow Ward 1961

In honor of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Green Mrs. Sarah E. Abel 1952

In honor of the Maumee Valley Lower School Teachers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Bigenho

In honor of Emily 2013, Jessie 2016 and Ellie 2019 Griffith Mrs. Bonita Buckley

In honor of the Maumee Valley Class of 1982 Amy Dana 1982

In memory of Jack Herrin Mrs. Bev Herrin

In honor of the Maumee Valley Muslim-American Society Dr. Kashk Dr. and Dr. Mohammed Maaieh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parry

In honor of Robert L. Gabriel III 2003 Ms. Theresa M. Gabriel In honor of Michael 2013 and Philip 2019 Gardner Mrs. Doris Bickford In memory of Al and Connie Getman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Dorrance Mr. and Mrs. John W. Foster 1956 (Joan McAuley 1956) Beneth and Lewis Morrow

In honor of Ella Hollander 2021 Ms. Jenifer Hollander 1988 In honor of Linda Hottinger Ms. Jenifer Hollander 1988 In honor of Katie Knotts 2004 Dr. and Mrs. F. Barry Knotts

In honor of the Maumee Valley Community Service Club (Jamaican Project) Ms. Connie M. Berezowski Ms. Jessica McDonough Ciosek Ms. Elizabeth Donaldson 1980 Mr. Ronald K. McCoy and Dr. Rosha C. McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sabin Mr. David R. Francisco and Ms. Patricia A. Wise

annual report


In memory of Martha Mennell 1941 Ms. Alice S. Applebaum 1965

In honor of Morgan Smith 2018 Mr. Paul Smith and Ms. Kathryn Barrett

In memory of Dan Morganroth 1964 Mrs. Sue Morganroth

In honor of Kelsie Snyder 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Snyder

In honor of Leah 2008 and Marc 2012 Nagel Ms. Shelly Orenstein and Dr. Michael Nagel

In memory of John B. Spitzer Mr. Lorry Spitzer 1970 and Ms. Diane Young-Spitzer

In honor of Martin Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Duggan (Bittin Foster 1986)

In memory of Ann Sprandel Mr. and Mrs. David Macannuco (Shawn Donaldson 1985) Mr. and Mrs. James Quick

In memory of Adolph Nelson Linda Thomas Collins 1958 In honor of Scott Parry 1978 Mr. Michael R. Barthold 1965 In memory of Arunkumar F. Patel, MD Dr. Toral A. Patel 1996 In honor of Ruth 2021 and Darwin 2023 Posta Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Posta

In memory of Lambie Guyton Stout 1987 Ms. Sandra Blackstone Carman 1964 Linda Thomas Collins 1958 Mr. and Mrs. John Fauver (Eugenie Lamb 1948) Ms. Jenifer Hollander 1988 Mrs. Nan Parfet Miller 1946 Mr. William Morley Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schwier (Priscilla Lamb 1957)

In honor of Stephen 1972, Jeffrey 1977 and Jenny Rayport Rabodzeenko 1980 Dr. Shirley Ferguson Rayport

In honor of Melinda Bigelow Ward 1961 Mr. J. Robert Foglia In memory of David K. Welles Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Anderson

In honor of Tom Read Linda Thomas Collins 1958

In memory of Carol Ann Zavac Mr. Chris Fischl and Ms. Amy Sweet

In memory of Jefferson D. Robinson III 1941 Ms. Sandra Carman 1964 In honor of Coach Jim Robinson Ms. Alice S. Applebaum 1965 In memory of Ruth Rudduck Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rudduck 1979 In memory of Jerry Sawicki for the Maumee Valley Music Program Ms. Jennifer Allen Thomas Beland and Laurel Luby David Broadway Salon, Inc. Ioan Duca Gilmore, Jasion and Mahler LTD Mr. and Mrs. Richard Glowacki Ms. Debra Guhl Gulf Coast Big Band, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Holman Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Kamm Sawicki Realty Company Toledo Board of Realtors Mr. David R. Francisco and Ms. Patricia A. Wise Mr. Mark Zyndorf


annual report

matching gift companies Amerisure Matching Gifts The Commonwealth Fund Dana Corporation Foundation Dow Jones and Company Hallmark Corporation Foundation JP Morgan Chase Foundation Lubrizol Foundation Owens-Illinois Inc. Washington Mutual Wellington International Management Company, LLP

in-kind goods + services Mr. and Mrs. Reeve W. Kelsey (Betsy Sabin 1973) Mr. Amir Khan 2000 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Nichols (Christine Wolfe 1980) Superior Impressions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Ziegler



Thanks to these sponsors, supporters and guests, the 2012 fundraising event was an overwhelming success. Dr. JoDee E. Ahrens Mr. and Mrs. Chris Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Anderson Mr. Dave Sandys Mr. John Helminiak Ms. Carolyn Jabs Ms. Jenny Miller Dr. Sonny Ariss and Mrs. Laila Ariss Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arrigo Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ashleman Mr. and Mrs. Bob Augustyniak Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Avery (Laura Julius 1988) Dr. Tiberiu Avram and Dr. Raluca Avram Mr. and Mrs. Aaron A. Baker 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baker Dr. and Mrs. Panagiotis Bakos Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee and Dr. Sunita Banerjee Ms. Holly Baumgartner Ms. Joan Bayer Mr. and Mrs. John Bearss Ms. Kimberly Bedi Dr. and Mrs. Garett Begeman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Bigenho Mr. Gary Boehm and Ms. Bonnie J. Blankinship Mr. and Mrs. William H. Booth Mr. and Mrs. Rob Brady Mr. and Mrs. William Brashear Mr. and Mrs. James Brennan, Jr. Ms. Susan Bryan-Hayes and Mr. Kevin Hayes Mr. Matt Buchanan and Mrs. Renee Buchanan Buckeye CableSystem Mr. Thomas Cambisios Mr. Joseph Chao and Mrs. Jane Chang Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chew Mr. and Mrs. Byron S. Choka (Kitsy Sabin 1975) Mr. Gerald Brandman and Dr. Emma L. Cintron Ms. Sharon Coffin The Commonwealth Fund Mr. and Mrs. William Connelly Mr. and Mrs. John Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. David Corwin Mr. and Mrs. Todd Dapkus Dr. Karen Davis Mr. and Mrs. William J. Davis III 1988 Ms. Anisha Dayal and Dr. Ned Lakshmipathy Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Deichert III Mr. and Mrs. James DeRosa (Alexandra Bowe 1982) Dr. M. Carmen Di Tore-Franco Mr. David Dick and Dr. Elizabeth Fowler Ms. Tammy Druckenmiller Edward Jones Dr. and Mrs. Hossein El Gafy

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philanthropy Virginia Secor Stranahan ‘22 Chair in Humanities, ext. by the Stranahan Family $590,088 This chair honors teachers in the humanities at Maumee Valley. It will allow the pursuit of enriching opportunities for study, travel, or other projects that will enhance one’s professional contributions to MVCDS and to teaching. Dream Odyssey , est. by the Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation, $295,498 The endowment provides a cash grant awarded annually to a chosen faculty or staff member to take an enriching journey – one they always wanted but didn’t have the means to make happen.

FINANCIAL AID + SCHOLARSHIPS Ashley Foreign Studies & Travel Award, est. by Gerry and Charley Ashley $41,400 This scholarship is awarded to one or more students and/or faculty traveling to a foreign country for Winterim or for other academic purposes. Dorothy Jabarin Scholarship, est. by Dr. Saleh Jabarin $61,034 This scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who shows interest in math or science and has a financial need. Hubert Rodney Boldon Memorial Scholarship Fund, est. by the Boldon Family $20,858 This scholarship is awarded to a freshman of financial need with academic potential who best exemplifies Mr. Boldon’s quality of leadership in school activities.


Current Market Value

John and Caron G. Avery Endowment for Learning Differences, est. by the Avery Family $43,831 This award is given for teacher training, purchase of materials, or salary support of staff who work with student with learning challenges. Edward E. Ford Foundation/Mahaffey, the E. E. Ford Foundation and Gail and Mike Mahaffey $161,314 This fund supports Upper School Exploration Fellowship for faculty professional development.

James M. Reed Community Scholar $105,202 This scholarship is awarded to an incoming minority student in 7th grade or higher with a financial need. Jenny Rheinfrank Barthold 1957 Scholarship, est. by Lamson “Choppy” Rheinfrank 1958 $203,579 This scholarship is awarded to an incoming student who has an interest in English and has a financial need.

Michael Doherty Memorial Scholarship Fund, est. by the Doherty Family Jerry C. Millhon Faculty Scholarship Fund, est. by various donors $24,175 This fund is a merit scholarship awarded to a member of the $929,554 8th grade class who exhibits “qualities that relate to Established in honor of Head of School Jerry C. Millhon who served from persistence, love of the outdoors and a silent strength.” 1974 to 1982 for support of faculty professional development and enrichment and for curriculum development.

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Robert T. Sullwold Award, est. by Chester and Delores Sullwold $42,193 This scholarship is awarded to an incoming student from a primary or secondary Toledo Public School who has financial need.

The 1950s Scholarship $11,927 This scholarship was created by members of the graduating classes from the 1950s to be awarded to children of alumni.

Smead School for Girls Scholarship $483,353 This scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman female who has a financial need. The recipient and her parents are recognized at the annual Smead Luncheon.

The 1980s Winterim Scholarship $15,750 This fund supports Upper School students traveling to a foreign country as part of a Winterim experience based on financial need.

Willis Stork Memorial Scholarship, est. by various donors $31,581 This scholarship provides financial aid to support racial and ethnic diversity in honor of Willis Stork, Head of School from 1938-1955.

Sonny and Laila Ariss Scholarship, est. by Dr. Sonny and Mrs. Laila Ariss $9,000 This is a merit scholarship for an Upper School student of financial need with an expressed interest in math and science.

Stranahan Scholarship Fund, est. by the Stranahan Foundation $1,079,193 This scholarship provides financial assistance for students in good standing in 1st through 6th grades.

RESTRICTED FOR OPERATIONS Paul Block Jr. Chair of Chemistry, est. by the Block Family, Blade Foundation $483,943 This fund was established in memory of Paul Block, Jr. because of his interest and work in chemistry to be used for science department needs. Collins Family Endowment, est. by Karen Davis $89,664 This fund supports the Ropes Course at Maumee Valley along with the Lower School Physical Education program. In addition, this fund supports the Global Education Speaker Series, the International Travel Program for students, or to otherwise enhance the preparation of Maumee Valley students for global citizenship. Fine Arts Maintenance Fund, est. by Fritz ’47 and Mary Wolfe $165,226 This fund provides support for the maintenance of the Smead Art Studio, Wolfe Gallery and Blue Stone Courtyard. Kasperzak Chair in Drama, est. by Sara Jane Kasperzak DeHoff $483,943 This fund was established in memory of Ronald M. Kasperzak, MV Trustee from 1971 to 1974, to support the Maumee Valley Drama Program. Peter Stevens Faculty Compensation Fund, est. by various donors $945,986 Named for Peter Stevens, Head of School from 1982 to 1990, this fund provides operating support for faculty and staff compensation. Georgia Welles Head of School Chair, est. by David K. Welles Sr. $782,375 This chair was established in honor of Georgia’s outstanding and continuous leadership over several decades serving in many roles. The income from this fund supports the leadership role of the Head of School.


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The Chip Hankins 1978 Memorial Fund $9,845 This fund was established in memory of Chip Hankins, a dearly beloved classmate.

MEMORIAL FUNDS Kathleen Blakey Memorial Fund, est. by various donors This fund supports the purchase of library materials.


Lazlo Koltay Memorial Fund $5,351 This fund provides support for Maumee Valley to host a daylong spring lecture series with an international theme. It also funds special projects related to soccer and/or financial assistance to a child for soccer camp or coaching. Marian Parsons Memorial Fund, est. by various donors This award is presented at graduation to a student with outstanding writing abilities.


Joseph Didier Memorial Fund, est. by various donors The Didier Memorial Trophy award is given at the annual Awards Ceremony.

OTHER Cadigan Fund for Advancement, est. by David K. Welles Jr. $43,073 This fund is used at the discretion of the Head of School to be used as needed to support various activities in advancing and creating goodwill for Maumee Valley. Niche Programming


general endowment gifts Unrestricted Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Reed General Scholarships Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bond 1955 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph High Mr. and Mrs. Jarin Jaffee Ms. Hannah E. A. Lehmann 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh P. Mitchell (Barbara Hargate 1960)

John and Caron G. Avery Endowment for Learning Differences in memory of Caron Avery 1959 Ms. Marsha Miller Krawetz 1959 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Martindale (Chris Hankins 1959)


The Chip Hankins 1978 Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Hankins 1953 Dorothy Jabarin Scholarship Dr. Saleh A. Jabarin James M. Reed Community Scholar Program Dr. and Mrs. David A. Lindsley Smead School For Girls Scholarship Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Sears (Cary Webb Hank 1957) Peter Stevens Faculty Compensation Fund Ms. Judith Donaldson Robert T. Sullwold 1971 Award Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Sullwold Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Sullwold 1971 Donald M. Taylor Scholarship Fund Mrs. Michelle Taylor Smith and Mr. Otis Smith Thekdi Science Fund Dr. J. Michael Collaco 1992 Sally Stahl Weber 1949 Contributed Scholarship Mrs. Sally Stahl Weber 1949

WEATHERVANE SOCIETY The Weathervane Society supports Maumee Valley’s mission beyond a lifetime by including a gift to the school in a bequest, life insurance, or other estate plans. Mr. Phineas Anderson Dr. Anthony Armstrong 1976 Mr. Thomas L. Ashley* 1941 Mr. Michael Barthold 1965 Ms. Joan Bayer Mr. James Black, II 1973 Ms. Caroline Carr Ms. Kathy Carroll Ms. Nancy Carroll Ms. Linda Collins Mr. Ron Cowie Mr. Bill and Ms. Sara Jane DeHoff Mr. William Edelen 1952 Ms. Cynthia Smith Evanisko 1971 Mr. Harry Falconer 1955 Mr. Jeffrey Fantle Mr. Charles “Rocky” Ford 1968 Mr. W. K. Foster Mr. Timothy K. Foster 1983 Ms. K. B. Foster Mr. Stephen V. Foster 1957 & Mrs. Kay Rathbun Foster 1958

Kindergarten students create their own mock starbucks Mr. Lawrence T. Foster 1979 Mr. Richard Glowacki Mr. Steven Hankins 1981 Mr. Bruce Hankins 1953 Ms. Sharon Hanna Mr. Frank Harris Ms. Page Howald Mr. P. Howard Mr. William Hutton Jr. 1975 Mr. Dean Kasperzak 1976 Mrs. Becky Swaney Kasperzak 1976 Mr. Frank P. Kistler 1969 Mr. Jon Lafferty Mr. George LeBoutillier 1963 Mrs. Stephanie “Stepper” Girard LeBoutillier 1963 Mr. Richard J. MacAdams Drs. Robert & Eleanor McCreery Mr. Jerry C. Millhon Mr. Peter M. Orser 1974 & Mrs. Laura Swaney Orser 1973 Mrs. Frances Stranahan Parry 1978 Ms. Roberta Pei 1974 Mrs. Barbara Reed Mr. Lamson “Choppy” Rheinfrank Jr. 1958 Mr. Carter Smith Ms. Abbot Stranahan 1983 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stranahan 1953 Mrs. Stephanie Dana Stranahan 1977 Mr. Seksom N. Suriyapa 1984 Mr. Joseph Swolsky 1969 Ms. Martha Lee Vinnedge Taylor 1971 Mr. Jules L. Vinnedge 1966 Mr. George C. Ward 1967 Mr. David K. Welles Jr. 1970 Mrs. Georgia Welles Mrs. Hope Welles Mr. Brent West 1977 Mrs. Lisa West Alpert 1980 Mr. Jeffrey C. Wright 1957 Mrs. Christine Donnelly Yordan 1970 Anonymous We work to the best of our abilities to report donors’ names and information accurately. Please contact the Advancement Office with any necessary edits.

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between the traditional and the global At the heart of Maumee Valley’s identity is both a loyalty to its history and tradition and the commitment to meet the needs of students living in a changing world. It is no surprise that after 128 years Maumee Valley’s community is thriving and reflects the mission “to enable students to become enlightened, compassionate, and contributing citizens of our global community.” The school community has grown and evolved in leaps and bounds from the changes that have taken place over the course of our long history.

the class of 1972 in seventh grade

Change hasn’t always arrived at Maumee Valley in the form of new buildings and alterations to the athletics program. Rather, the greatest legacy of change is written on the faces of the students, whose diversity spans the globe and bridges the gaps between various social groups and classes.


a global education

feature Maumee Valley’s first major evolution occurred in 1934, the year the Smead School for Girls moved to Reynolds Road and re-formed as a country day school. Maumee Valley also became a coeducational institution that year. The integration of boys into a girls’ finishing school was the primary impetus for strengthening the academic curriculum. Since then, Maumee Valley’s academic rigor has been a hallmark of the institution and the benefit of every graduate.

In the 1960s, when the nation was in upheaval over civil rights, Maumee Valley again evolved to meet the changing times. It became the first nonboarding independent school in the country to adopt ABC (A Better Chance) - a national program that gave financial assistance to minority, public school students to help them fund a college preparatory education. It was during this time that Maumee Valley first admitted African American, Asian, and Hispanic students, a demographic that comprises 22 percent of the student body today.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Maumee Valley experienced a generous influx of cultural diversity from Middle Eastern and Asian families who came to the Toledo area because of the Medical College of Ohio. By 1984, 100 years into the school’s history, 31 percent of Maumee Valley students identified themselves as non-Caucasian. Today, more than 40 percent of students are of an ethnic group other than European American/Caucasian.

Maumee Valley is now in the midst of yet another wave of evolution. Since its inception in 2008, the International Student Program (ISP), born out



is based on the premise that our most pressing need is to promote

a deeper understanding of the world, to produce wiser and more mature human beings. It is important to know something about

culture, the search for truth, to work hard and to enrich



- Former Head of school, Gordon Schofield, 1961

of the larger Global Education Program initiative, has helped the school

a global education


recruit bright and talented students from around the globe. But, like everything else of value at Maumee Valley, this latest development has its roots in a long and rich history.

In 1986, under Head of School Peter Stevens, Maumee Valley began admitting international scholars through the American Secondary Schools for International Students and Teachers (ASSIST). Since then, the school has received 41 international students through ASSIST, a program that brings two students a year from Europe. Additionally, Maumee Valley has benefited from a long-standing partnership with Ekebyskolan High School in Sala, Sweden, which sends an Upper School exchange student every Maumee Valley was the first independent non-boarding school in the country to admit students through the ABC program

other year. The depth of Maumee Valley’s commitment to international integration through programs like ASSIST is on full display along the flag covered walls of the school’s International Hallway.

And yet, Maumee Valley continues to push boundaries. The first major achievement for the ISP was the formation of two school partnerships with Yanshan University in Qinhuangdao, China, and Golegio Steiner School in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Both of these sister school relationships represent

Today, more than

40 percent

of maumee valley students are of an ethnic group other than European American/Caucasian

Maumee Valley’s commitment to advanced foreign language learning options in Spanish and Mandarin.

By 2009, the ISP was up and running and a board task force was established to give structure and oversight to the program. According to Director of Admission Jarin Jaffee, who helped drive the program early on, “We did not go into this thinking that this would become a full international program. We wanted to better serve our mission to prepare globally minded students.”


a global education

Over the past few years, the ISP task force considered and reviewed


admission requirements, student handbooks, host family and travel policies, recruitment and marketing materials, and housing needs for the program. The task force also studied enrollment and revenue figures

English teacher as a Second Language instructor.

“We wanted to better serve our mission to prepare globally minded students.”

Since the 2008 academic year, Maumee Valley’s international student

Jarin Jaffee, Director of Admission

related to the ISP, since program goals include increased revenue for the school. Another major achievement for the ISP was the addition of a fulltime international recruiter in the Admission Office and an Upper School

population has grown from five or six students a year through ASSIST to 12 students enrolled in 2009, 17 in 2010, to 27 in 2011. This academic year, 30 international students from six countries are attending Maumee Valley, enrolled in grades eight to twelve. The goal is to enroll an additional five international students per year until there are 40 international students in the Upper School, which comprises 20 percent of its population.

“These developments reflect our changing needs, as well as trends in international education across the country,” says ISP committee chair Shelly Orenstein. “We have spoken to many other independent schools that are experiencing growing interest from the international community. Universities, too, are working with increasing numbers of international students, and our work is informed by what is going on at the college level as well.”

President barack Obama with International student, Charles Bachelot ‘14, Jad Salem ‘13, and the Salem family

Maumee Valley also benefits from the increased revenue brought in by international student tuition. Currently, an international student’s tuition is roughly $16,000 more than the domestic rate. This difference is due to the additional cost of housing students with host families. Each Maumee Valley

a global education


host family receives an $8,000 stipend which is funded by international student tuition dollars.

Beyond the numbers, these students bring diverse and valuable personal experiences into Maumee Valley’s classrooms. Last year, a Maumee Valley international student presented his senior paper on immigration, and debated the assumption that immigration should be limited. His point of view was shaped by his experiences growing up in China as well as his years in the United States. Students hearing his presentation were rendering of new RESIDENCE HALL

better able to engage in this complex global issue through the personal experience of a friend and peer. These and many other experiences are what make the ISP successful not only for international students but for the entire student and family community at Maumee Valley.

Responding to the demand to expand this program, Maumee Valley recently announced plans to offer on-campus housing by building a 28bed residence hall to accommodate boarding students. Not only will the new building house the school’s growing international student population, it will also provide an independent school experience for families outside of the local area and children of alumni who no longer live in Toledo.

site plan showing location of the new facility

Maumee Valley continues to prepare students for lives and jobs in the 21st century and the diverse and increasingly global world they will encounter after they graduate. These students will need to communicate respectfully with co-workers, leaders, and business associates from all over the world in the course of their careers, and the exposure they receive at Maumee Valley to other cultures and points of view will help ensure they have the skills and attitudes they need to succeed.


a global education


alumni events the 78th Annual Smead Luncheon The Smead Luncheon is an annual tradition that honors the original Founder’s Day celebration. Every year, leaders of Maumee Valley’s alumni community honor classmates and alumni parents with awards that recognize special service and dedication to Maumee Valley Country Day School.

A large gathering of Maumee Valley’s alumni and faculty community came together for the 78th annual Smead Luncheon and Alumni KEYNOTE SPEAKER dr. audrey bohnengel lee ‘64

Awards Presentation on May 4, 2012. The school presented four awards to six distinguished alumni and alumni parents for their professional achievements and service to the school.

Nan Parfet Miller ’46 received the Lifetime Dedication Award and was introduced by longtime friends Fritz ’47 and Mary Wolfe. Dr. Audrey Bohnengel Lee ’64 was this year’s keynote speaker and received the Alumni Achievement Award. She was introduced by Rick Newcomb ’64, the 2011 Alumni Achievement Award Winner. Other distinguished awards were given to Carol Hampe Bentley ’49- Alumni Service Award (introduced by daughter, Kate MacPherson ‘73); Lisa West Alpert ’80- Alumni Service Award (introduced by classmate Christine Wolfe Nichols ’80); and former From left: Chuck Lundholm, Karen Lundholm, Nan Parfet Miller ‘46, Carol Hampe Bentley ‘49, Grace Ludwig ‘16, Lisa West Alpert ‘80, and Audrey Bohnengel Lee ‘64

faculty members and alumni parents Chuck and Karen Lundholm- Alumni Parent Dedication Award (introduced by faculty members Ron Euton and Colleen Sieberg). Incoming freshman Grace Ludwig ’16 was presented the Smead School for Girls Scholarship, a financial award for an incoming freshman female who exudes the kind of passion and resilience in character, thinking and maturity that founding sisters Mary and Marian Smead instilled in their students.


alumni news

alumni The 2012-13 Alumni Council slate was also presented to the alumni gathering for approval. The council slate received a unanimous vote of consent.

Following the Smead Luncheon, many alumni and friends joined the family of Lyman Spitzer ’67 on the Larry Anning Lawn, outside the new Upper School, for a formal dedication of the Lyman Spitzer memorial bench. Lyman’s classmates and wife, Patrice Spitzer, raised money to build a permanent memorial at Maumee Valley after Lyman passed away in 2011.


Carol Hampe Bentley ‘49 and Grace Ludwig ‘16

Founder’s Day was a tradition started in May 1908 at the Smead School for Girls by Mary Smead. It was a day set aside to commemorate not only the memory and ideals of the school’s co-founder, Miss Marian Smead, who died in 1889, but also to imbue alumni, faculty, and students with renewed pride and energy. Every year on that day, students, faculty and alumni gathered to listen to Mary Smead’s account of the Smead School’s move from Batavia, N.Y., to Toledo in the summer of 1884. (A Centennial History, 1984).

When the Smead School eventually moved to its current location in 1934

chuck and karen lundholm

and became Maumee Valley Country Day School, the Founder’s Day tradition continued on as the Smead Luncheon. For the past 78 years, this gathering has brought members of our alumni community together in celebration of our school’s long history and cherished values. It is also the annual meeting of Maumee Valley’s Alumni Association.

If you know of an alumna/us who best exemplifies the qualities of achievement, service, and dedication to MVCDS, please submit his or her name, contact information, and short biographical statement to alumni@

Monica MacAdams ‘67, Patrice Spitzer, Andy Bohnengel ‘67, Lynn Forni Bohnengel ‘67

alumni news


SMEAD AWARDS Alumni Achievement Award Recipients:

Lifetime Dedication Award Recipients:

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Patrick K. Day ‘88 Margot McIlwain Nishimura ‘83 Robert F. Bennett ‘85 Marc D. Rayman’74 Stephen D. Smith ‘78 Jeffrey F. Rayport ‘77 Harlan Jacobson ‘67 Clinton A. Mauk ‘45 Erickson S. Blakney ‘83 Bonnie Faulkner ‘61 Michelle Rhee ‘88 Jeffrey Vincent ‘77 Lud Ashley ‘41 R. Richard Newcomb ‘64 Audrey Bohnengel Lee ‘64

Alumni Parent Dedication Award Recipients:

Alumni Service Award Recipients:

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Hope J. Welles Ann Stranahan Carter Smith Robert Mauer Barton Wagenmann Georgia Welles Chuck Lundholm & Karen Lundholm

If you know of an alumna/us who best exemplifies the qualities of achievement, service and dedication to MVCDS, please submit his or her name, contact information, and short biographical statement to:


Geraldine Ashley ‘42 Chas McKelvy ‘48 Jules L. Vinedge ‘66 Stephen Stranahan ‘53 Kay Rathbun Foster ‘58 Martha W. Farmer ‘44 Lars Alenius ‘66 Frederic D. Wolfe ‘47 M. W. Childs/ P. W. Lamb ‘23 Caroline Dickey ‘30 Jeffrey C. Wright ‘57 Lamson Rheinfrank ‘58 Diana Knight Foster’ 57 Scott Parry ‘78 Nan Parfet Miller ‘46

alumni news

David K. Welles’70 Joseph H. Swolsky ‘69 Rebecca Ross ‘69 Rebecca Kasperzak ‘76 William J. Davis ‘88 John Barthold ‘63 Frances S. Parry ‘78 Stephen V. Foster ‘84 Scott Parry ‘78 Suzanne D. Albert ‘64 Betsy Kelsey ‘73 Priscilla Schwier ‘57 Dean Kasperzak ‘76 Christine Wolfe Nichols ‘80 Carol Bentley ’48 & Lisa West Alpert ‘80

alumni west coast swing Head of School Gary Boehm continued his annual swing along the West coast this spring to visit alumni. Those in attendance reconnected with old and new friends in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles during the week of April 9-13. Thank you to our gracious hosts for holding the events in their hometowns: Pieter Salverda ‘91 in Seattle, Fraser McAlpine ‘71 in San Francisco, and Ron Birnbaum ‘89 in Los Angeles. The 2013 West Coast Swing is scheduled for the week of April 8-12. San francisco gathering Seattle: Pieter Salverda ‘91, Bennett McPeck ‘94, Steven Lundholm ‘94, Jerry Millhon, Polk Millhon Prud’homme ‘90, Michael Baron ‘73, Deb Biebesheimer ‘71, Heather Beck ‘05, & Stephen Parry ‘07. San Francisco: Fraser McAlpine ‘71, Alice McAlpine, Bob Sullwold ‘71, Jane Sullowld, Tony Riley, Bonnie Riley, Jessica Riley Hale ‘98, Dylan Hale, Brian McMullen ‘97, Katie McMullen, George Sullivan ‘70, David Finkbeiner ‘63, Bobbie Bowers ‘61, Tony Plutynski ‘55, Sri Pangulur ‘99, and Morgan Fitzgibbons ‘02. class of 1982 Los Angeles: Ron Birnbaum ‘89, Lisa Zwerling, Emre Celik ‘94, Jason Gilmore ‘94, Eric Dolgin ‘71, Ted Koupal ‘56, Mollie Jones ‘87, Tyler Boehm ‘01, Jaimi Leess-Boehm, & Neely Upamaka ‘09.

class 0f 1982 reunion Members from the classes of 1982 and 1983 reunited in Toledo this summer. Some of the group met first on campus on July 20 for a light reception and a tour of the new building. The reunion festivities continued into the weekend with swimming and a picnic lunch at

class of 1982

the home of Tim ’83 and Areka Foster, followed by dinner at Weezie Stoddard’s ’82 home in Perrysburg. Alex Bowe DeRosa ’82 then hosted brunch for the group on July 22. It was great seeing everyone again: Jody Katzner ‘82, William James ’82, Michelle Marie Morgan ‘82, Anson Bowe ’82, Claudia Tambur ’82, Suzanna Patrick ’82, Alex DeRosa ’82, Kimberly Bruggemann ’82, Weezie Stoddard ’82, Leland McCoy ‘83, Janet Readus Turner ‘83, Chauncey Ferguson ‘83, Angela Abram ’83, Jonathon James ‘83, Deborah Lehman ’83, Erickson Blakney ‘83, Tim Foster ’83, and on Skype, Robert McCreery ’82, Mimi Murphy Davis’82, and Sloan Johnson ’82.

class of 1982

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Class of 1956 Ted Koupal recently donated his 1955-1956 JV and Varsity basketball scorebook to Maumee Valley. Ted was the team manager that season and kept great records of some of MV’s best-known basketball athletes: Tony Ayers ‘58, Jim Bowers ‘59, Bill Chase ‘58, Peter Detgen ‘57, Carty Finkbeiner ‘57, Lamson “Choppy” Rheinfrank ‘58, John Suhrbier ‘57, Jeff Wright ‘57, and Tom Ziems ‘56. 1

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Class of 1958 - Class Agent, Kay Rathbun Foster: Doc Briley’s new children’s chapter book, “Seafoam Wallflower and the Mysterious Ghost,” is for sale on,, and by print on demand at your local bookstore.


Class of 1962 - Class Agent, Mary Northup: Mary Northup moved to Raleigh, NC after living and working in Washington, D.C. since 1972. She built a rewarding career as a systems engineer, data processing manager and information policy analyst for companies like IBM, AEI, Price Waterhouse and even the Executive Branch of the United States government. Her work has had notable impact on the progress of technology integration into American business and public policy. Mary retired from government work to live in Raleigh and now raises Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Mimi Meyers Bathgate and her husband, Bob, have lived happily in northeast Ohio since 1983. Bob worked for The Lubrizol Corporation, a supplier of chemicals mainly to the oil industry, until he retired in 2004. Since then, Mimi and Bob have kept busy with assorted volunteer activities, golf, fishing, gardening and their two granddaughters. They also enjoy spending time at their cabin in central Pennsylvania.

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Class of 1964 - Class Agent, Sandy Blackstone Carman: sbcarman@bex. net Jim Petrarca’s mother, Marjory Petrarca, who taught second and third grades at Maumee Valley from 1960 on and helped launch the middle school concept with Al Getman, passed away in February 2012 at age 91. After leaving Maumee Valley, Marjory moved to St. Thomas and taught there until she moved back to this area to be with her children three years ago. There was a memorial service for Marjory on July 16th in Apponauge, R.I., - where the family was originally from before they moved here with Owens Corning Fiberglass. Jim currently lives in Riga, MI and deals in artificial turf in Ohio and Michigan. Margot Urschel was back in Toledo from June through September. She and high school boyfriend, Terry Horrigan, are happy to announce that they are together again. Margot and Terry spend the remainder of the year living in Fort Myers, FL. Margot recently retired from labor and delivery nursing in Dayton, OH and Melbourne, FL after 43 years.

Joe Ryan won the 2012 North California/Nevada Cyclocross Championship in the Senior Division.



Class of 1966 Milton “Tony” Knight’s company, New Waste Concepts Inc., was nationally recognized with the President’s “E” Award for Exports, the nation’s top recognition for success in increasing U.S. exports. Instead of a traditional six-inch layer of soil, New Waste Concepts makes a mix of old newsprint, clays, and polymers that can be laid a quarter-inch thick, saving space and money for landfill operators. According to Tony, the company’s soil remediation products also are growing the business in Canada, Europe, and Asia. In all, six Ohio companies were among the 41 honored at the White House by officials from the U.S. Department of Commerce this past May. The annual awards were created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. 4 Class of 1968 & 1969 - Class Agents, Richard Eyster: and Rick Davis: The classes of 1968 and 1969 recently connected for one of their quarterly mini-reunions on April 13 in Toledo. Classmates who attended were Steve Southerland ’69, Linda Dolgin Duda ’69, Jeff Day ’68, Jeff Smith ’69, Rob Black ’69, Dave Greenberg ’69, Debbie Kitzinger Brockman ’69 (all the way from Hawaii), and Sue Frost Smith ’68. Members of these classes should contact Rick Davis ’68 for more information at about ongoing reunion times and locations. 5 Class of 1970, 1976 – Class Agents, Jim Willey: and Stephen Goldberg: Deke Welles ’70, Dean Kasperzak ’76, Rick Sabin (father of alumna Katie Sabin ’11) and their friend Paul Betz met up for a skiing trip to Montana in February. The guys had a great time enjoying what little snow there was on the slopes.


Class of 1987 - Class Agent, Steven Smith Many of Lambie Stout’s classmates as well as current Maumee Valley parents have been instrumental in forming “Lambie’s Legacy,” and supporting “Cocktails for the Cure” and the Northwest Ohio “Komen Race for the Cure.” They include Laurie Julius Avery ‘88, Nicole Frechette LeBoutillier ’88, Heather Nitschke Westmeyer ‘88, Areka Foster, Jean Kay Lee, Mary Sabin, Virginia Shaw, Jarman Davis ‘88, Royce Haddad ‘87, Sandy Blackstone Carman ‘64, Kay Foster ‘58 and Weezie Foster Stoddard ‘82. The Class of 1987, led by Alex McPeck Beverly ’87, made a significant contribution in Lambie’s honor for last year’s Race for the Cure. Lambie was this year’s Northwest Ohio Komen Race for the Cure Memory Honoree. The race was held on September 30th. “Lambie’s Legacy” hosted the 3rd Annual Cocktails for the Cure on September 7th. This function was an Art, Auction & Pink Cocktails fundraiser benefiting Lambie’s Legacy: The Margaret Lamb Guyton Stout Fund & The Toledo Breast Care Center’s Lambogram Program, which provides free mammograms for those in need.



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Class of 1991 – Pieter Salverda: and Jahmal Green: Christine Jauregui ‘91 moved to the U.K. in August, where her husband obtained a year-long research fellowship. They are very excited to now be living near Mary Jauregui Walker ‘96 and her family. Christine is a management consultant specializing in social enterprise. Mary is a medical resident and will be giving birth to her second child in October. Chris and Mary’s sister, former MV student Elizabeth Beth Jauregui, from the class of ‘93, is now a mother of two and an attorney in southern Florida.



Class of 1992 - Class Agents, Ami Gignac: and Janine Dosick King Olivia Barry spent 10 of the past 12 years working as Eva Zeisel’s assistant. Zeisel, who was an internationally recognized designer of porcelain dinnerware until her death at 105 years old, taught Olivia much of her craft. Olivia is now established as an earthenware designer out of New York City and currently has work at Bloomingdales and Crate N’ Barrel. She also designed a dinnerware set for Royal Stafford in the UK. Olivia says she was inspired at a young age in the art of ceramics. Ann Tubbs, who was a pottery assistant at the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg, was one of Olivia’s early mentors. It was working with Ann that made Olivia “crazy about clay.” Olivia designs her lines by casting a prototype on the wheel, then submits them for factory re-design. 1



Class of 1995 - Class Agent, Sarah Ross Mills: Tanya Pipatjarasgit welcomed the birth of her new baby, Ashyr, on February 23, 2012. Baby boy Ashyr weighed 5 lbs, 14 oz. Parents Tanya and Brian and big sister Jasmyn are thrilled with their new addition. Sarah Ross Mills, daughter of alumna Becky Ashley Ross ’69, and granddaughter of alumni Charlie ‘43 and Gerry ’42 Ashley, gave birth to Grace Potter Mills on May 5, 2012. Grace weighed 7 lbs, 8 oz. 2

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Class of 1997 - Class Agents, Emily Koelsch Rebori: emkoelsch@yahoo. com and Michael Gerber: Brian McMullen works as the art director and a senior editor for a small San Francisco-based publishing company called McSweeny’s. Brian runs a children’s book department called “McSweeney’s McMullens.” Brian publishes several kids’ books a year, the most recent of which, “Keep Our Secrets,” features an innovative design with color-changing ink. Brian is also working on a food magazine called Lucky Peach as one of two designers for the magazine. One of McSweeny’s latest endeavors, “The McSweeny’s Book of Politics and Musicals,” features Brian and his son on the cover. This book was selected as a “Best of the Month” book on iTunes in July 2012.


Emily Koelsh Rebori welcomed Alexander James Rebori to her family on April 10th. Alex weighed in at 8 lbs, 5 oz. Big brother Will (3 years) is super happy to have a new playmate. Emily is a pediatrician and lives in New York.

4 50

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Marni (Frank) Gwin, who married Randy Gwin last year, gave birth to her first child on June 11, 2012. Camden Michael Gwin weighed 8 lbs, 5 oz. Both Marni and her husband, Randy, are both happy and healthy and having a blast getting to know their new son. 4

Ashley Kasperzak organized a pop-up gallery in downtown Toledo to coincide with the 42nd annual Glass Art Society’s Conference this June. The gallery show was a mini-retrospective of work by Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora C. Mace entitled “Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora C. Mace: A Glimpse at 32 Years of Collaboration.” It was a lot of work, but a beautiful show and an exciting week for Toledo and the history of glass. Class of 1998 - Class Agents, Danielle Goodwin Avery: olladanielle@gmail. com and Nabeel Jabarin :



Caroline Ross married Will Barney on June 9, 2012, at the Home Ranch in Clark, CO. Family and alumni in attendance included sister Sarah Ross Mills ‘95 and her husband, Andy Mills; mother Rebecca Ashley Ross ‘69, father Bill Ross, and friend of the family, Scott Parry ’78. 5 Class of 2000 - Class Agents, Allyson Migani Wall: amiganiwall@gmail. com and Anurag Gupta:



Elaine Stoll earned her J.D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in May 2011, and married Rebecca Borello in New London, CT in August 2011. Elaine was admitted to practice law in Ohio in November. She works as an attorney in Cincinnati at Montgomery, Rennie & Jonson.


Natalie (Hoag) James gave birth to her second daughter, Remi Juliana on March 6, 2012 at 5:49 pm. Remi weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz. and was 21.5 inches long. Everyone is safe and sound. Big sister, Jenica Belle (named after alumna Jenica Frank ’00), who is now 3 years old and currently attending a French immersion school in Denver, is an extremely proud and happy big sister. Natalie’s own sister, Nancy, who attended Maumee Valley for a time, now lives in Denver, CO. She graduated from Cook Street, a culinary school, in December and now works at the Cherry Hills Country Club as part of an internship program through the American Culinary Foundation. Nancy recently had the distinct pleasure of preparing appetizers and salads for John Elway (a member and frequent diner at the club) and Peyton Manning while the Broncos were courting their new QB. ` Anurag Gupta recently accepted a position at Harvard Medical School for a fellowship in clinical informatics. The prestigious fellowship is the National Library of Medicine Biomedical Informatics Research Training Program Masters in Medical Science in Biomedical Informatics at Harvard Medical School Center for Evidence Based Imaging, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.



Megan (Fish) Robson and her husband, Mark, have been living and working in the Toledo area for six years. They have two children, Maddock (4 years old) and Mackston (1 year old). Megan has been working for the city of Toledo and was recently promoted to Budget Analyst for the Finance Department. Mark is a Manager of Coaching Services for Altius Education. They both enjoy their children and careers and look forward to all the future 7 has to offer. Jordan Almester lives in Tampa, FL and is working for BMC Software as a Senior Global Support Sales Executive. Jordan also plays professional rugby for the Tampa Bay Krewe Rugby Football Club. Jordan travels the country with his team, playing rugby at a competitive level. He and his team won the 2010 National Championship and came in second place in the 2011 National Championship. In his spare time, Jordan enjoys working on his Jeep Wrangler and hanging out with friends at the beach. 8


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Class of 2002 - Class Agent, Sophia Afridi: Matt Osterman married Stephanie Wong on July 16, 2012, in Steamboat Springs, CO, with a number of MV alumni in attendance. Matt and Stephanie live in Denver where Matt works for New Planet Beer, a Boulder-based beer manufacturer specializing in gluten-free beer and whose mission is to philanthropically support eco-friendly organizations that make the planet a better place to live. Matt has been working for the company for the past year and a half, although the company itself is only two years old. New Planet Beer is distributed in 33 states including Ohio. 1 Aliyah Shahid married Ben Frumin on July 25, 2012, in San Francisco, CA. A number of Maumee Valley alumni were among the wedding guests: Tyler Boehm ’01, Sami Lea Lipman ‘02, Berkley Welles Wellstein ‘02, Amita Desai ‘02, Amirah Shahid ‘01, Lucas Madrazo ‘02, Katya Melkote ‘01 and Jen Kim ‘02. 2 Lucas Madrazo and his band, Inland Traveler, finished recording and producing their debut album this summer. They were able to complete the project by raising a total of $5480 through Kickstarter- an online fundraising tool. Lucas and his bandmates live and work in Brooklyn, NY.



Class of 2003 - Class Agents, Prathima Pangulur and Morgan Bayer: Emily Benavides recently left her position as the legislative assistant for Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL) in the U.S. House of Representatives. On April 2nd, Emily started working as the specialty media press secretary for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. In this position, Emily works as the digital content production specialist, focusing primarily on Spanish language content.




Class of 2005 - Class Agent, Mariana Brandman: marianabrandman@ Kyle O’Connell graduated this past May with a Master’s in Business Administration and Leadership from the University of Charleston. During grad school he worked as an assistant coach for the school’s baseball team. As an undergrad Kyle was a four-year letter winner and a threeyear starter for the Golden Eagles. He finished his career with a .355 batting average and garnered all-league honors the last two years at the shortstop position.



Kevin Ford graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Communications. He is currently employed by Import Automotive and is selling antique auto parts around the world.


Chris Motz graduated this May with a Master’s in Classical Archaeology from Tufts University. Chris will be starting a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati this fall. Meanwhile, he is currently on an archaeological excavation in Abruzzo, Italy, where he has been working since 2006. Chris also got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Ploy Keener, whom he met while they were students at Oberlin College. 5

5 52

class notes

Mariana Brandman began her Ph.D. in history at the University of Chicago this fall. She was awarded a fellowship to study American history and she plans to focus her research on the cultural history of American women during the early 20th century. Mari recently completed an internship at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., where she worked under the museum’s cultural historian. 6

Class of 2006 - Class Agent, Liz Seeman: Kristen Meister competed in the women’s high jump qualifying round at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials on June 28, 2012, in Eugene, OR, but did not place on the American Olympic team. 7

alumni ‘06

Zuri Hall was a guest co-host on BET’s “106 & Park.” “106” is the Top 10 music video countdown show that airs live, nationwide, network, Monday through Friday from 6-8 pm on the Black Entertainment Television. Zuri continues to co-host the lifestyle talk show in Dayton, OH called, “Living Dayton.”


Class of 2007 - Class Agents, Anna Steinbock: and Stephen Parry:



Eli Lipman, with partners Adam Goldberg and Mike Stevens, opened a new glass blowing studio in downtown Toledo. Gathered Art Gallery & Studios opened to the public on May 11, 2012. Eli is a recent graduate of Salem Community College in New Jersey, the only scientific glass blowing school in the country. Eli’s gallery offers a number of introductory glass-blowing lessons as well as rental space for local blowers. Class of 2008 Andrew Schmidt graduated with honors from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio on May 5th. Andrew majored in Management and International Studies. He has already secured a position at the Toyota USA company in Los Angeles beginning in January 2013. Once settled in LA, he plans to start an MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

‘08 7

Izzy Durham was awarded a 2012-2013 Fulbright Research Grant to conduct anthropological research in Cameroon on ethnic relations in the wake of the country’s current HIV/AIDS epidemic. Aaron Geller will finish his bachelor’s degree this June from Kalamazoo College. He began a Middle Eastern Studies program at Bar Ilan Graduate School in Tel Aviv, Israel, this fall. Aaron traveled to Israel five times during his college years, and fell in love with the country and its rich culture. Most recently, he completed a research study in Tel Aviv for his undergraduate thesis on the mass immigration of French Jews into Israel within the past 10-15 years. Aaron also spent time volunteering in soup kitchens and doing photography on the side. Photographs of Aarons’ work can be found on his website: Class of 2009 Kara Ford graduated this June from The Ohio State University with a degree in Political Science. She graduated magna cum laude in only three years. While at OSU Kara worked at the state House of Representatives as a page and was president of the OSU chapter of the ONE Campaign, a charity devoted to the fight against AIDS and poverty in impoverished nations. Kara volunteered at an orphanage in Ghana this summer and began law school this August at Ohio State. 4



Broadcast your news! Please contact your class agent or Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Leah Whitaker ‘00:

@ 419.381.1313 ext. 112

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in memoriam

remembering those alumni who are no longer with us

betty mauk ‘36 Betty Mauk, an untiring and persistent champion of an unobstructed downtown Toledo riverfront accessible to all and a Francophile nonpareil who with her crêperie brought a touch of Paris to Promenade Park, which was largely her creation, died June 26th in Kingston Residence of Sylvania. She was 93 years old. Mrs. Mauk was born Dec. 15, 1918, in Toledo, the youngest of eight. Her mother, Josephine Wright Blair, died during her birth. Her father, Albert Blair, Jr., whose father founded a family-run coal business, died five months later in the post-World War I flu pandemic that swept the globe. Several of the older Blair children went to live with their Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary at their home on Scottwood Avenue in the Old West End. Betty was born into the high society of Toledo, during the heyday of the fashionable Old West End. She traveled in the high society circles of Ottawa Hills and Perrysburg, which included The Blade’s late Society Editor Dorothy Rainie, among others.

betty mauk ‘36 (1918-2012)

Mrs. Mauk had a privileged upbringing, attending the former Smead School for Girls, which became Maumee Valley Country Day School in 1934, and the elite Connecticut boarding school Westover School in Middlebury. She also attended Mount Vernon College in Washington. Mrs. Mauk was 18 years old when she made her first trip to France, an Atlantic Ocean voyage with her Uncle Jim and Aunt Mary Blair, and returned at least 50 times over the course of her life. The first public flowering of her interest in all things French was her founding in 1964 of Alliance Française in Toledo, which emphasized the teaching and appreciation of French language and culture. The French consul general in Detroit in 1973 presented her a silver medal for her efforts on behalf of the French government. “She felt France was her second home,” her daughter said.


in memoriam

Mrs. Mauk was also a member of the Junior League of Toledo. She was a former docent at the Toledo Museum of Art and took classes there. She had a particular talent for sketching. She liked jazz and the Toledo Symphony. She was a French cook and tended a French garden. And she continued to exercise and take ballet at the University of Toledo until she was 80. “She was a multicultural person,” her daughter said.

“She had a wider view, and through dogged effort and persuasive and persistent phone calls to decision-makers and community leaders, including Paul Block Jr., the late co-publisher of The Blade, Promenade Park became a community attraction. She spent much time during that period hectoring and cajoling public officials into taking her calls and making her dream a reality. She loved Toledo and wanted everybody, anybody, of all levels of life, to enjoy the waterfront,” her daughter said. “She wanted to have the waterfront be seen from Summit Street, so everybody could enjoy the beauty of the river, visually.” Her work to sustain the beauty of the waterfront continued for the rest of her life, even though it has not remained unobstructed, despite her vision. Mrs. Mauk and her husband, William, married Oct. 18, 1941. He died March 13, 2007. Surviving are her sons, William, Jr., and Blair Mauk; daughters, Catherine Mather and Becky Powell; seven grandchildren, and two greatgranddaughters.


Mrs. Mauk was extremely devoted to Toledo and improving its aesthetics. In the early 1970s, Mrs. Mauk contacted the Toledo urban renewal agency with an idea for a riverfront park. Promenade Park opened in 1972 as a small parcel at the foot of Madison Avenue.

William Rheinfrank Foley ‘45 William Rheinfrank Foley ‘45 lived from July 7, 1927, to April 21, 2012. He was known by his friends and loved ones to be generous with his kindness and love to every life he touched. Will was born in Perrysburg, Ohio to Dr. Norman and Virginia Foley. He grew up in Perrysburg, graduated from Maumee Valley in 1945, earned his bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University and served as a Navy corpsman during WW II and the Korean War. He often reminisced about the adventures he had traveling the world with his grandmother, humorous and unusual experiences he had while serving in the Navy, and fond memories of his frat years. Will’s professional life included careers in banking and retail. His passion for connecting with and helping people shined in every occupation. After retirement, Will worked as a senior assistant even though he was older than some of his clients. He joked it was his job to remind folks how to find their “fountain of youth.” Will also held the honor of being one of Santa’s helpers for several years, insuring every child he met had their wishes reported directly to the North Pole. Will was a member of AA and maintained 17 years of sobriety. This was an accomplishment he never took for granted and he was humbly willing to share with all whom he met. Will had a gift for making perfect strangers feel as if they were old friends with him. Never too shy or busy to say hello and ask you how you were doing, he was a wonderful listener and an even better talker. His colorful (and sometime off-color) stories were full of humor, self-effacement, and joie de vivre. Will loved life and filled his life with love. He enjoyed singing loudly, dancing outrageously, eating delicious food, traveling, and most of all spending time with those he loved. He was always quick to offer an ear to listen, a snack to eat, a joke to laugh at, or a story to learn from and he had a talent for knowing which was appropriate for each moment. Whether it was with his wife, children, or grandchildren, Will loved wholeheartedly, unashamedly, and selflessly. His smile, his laughter, and passion for love and life will live on the hearts and souls of everyone who knew him.

William Rheinfrank Foley ‘45 (1927-2012)

in memoriam


Barbara Burke Lennihan Honey ‘49 Barbara (Babs) Burke Lennihan was born in Concord, MA, the third child of Richard and Dorothy Lennihan. Her father was a business man, managing, at various times and in various places, a woollen mill and a Macy’s store and he was for a time the head of the Small Business Association. They lived in Boston and for a time in Toledo, Ohio. But from before Barbara was born, the Lennihans had a house on Martha’s Vineyard where they would go every summer. This was her (and her children’s) spiritual home, her Turangawaewae, where she learned to sail and made fast, lifetime friends. Burke (as she preferred to be known as an adult) attended Maumee Valley Country Day School, Baldwin School for Girls in Bryn Mawr, PA and Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. She majored in drama and it was here that she met Dorothy Archibald of Lowry Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. When she finished college she travelled with her friend Dorothy around Europe for the summer. She then joined Dorothy on the boat to New Zealand, stopping in India and Ceylon. While staying with the Archibalds in Wellington, she got a job as a health assistant and was saving the fare to go home. She joined Wellington Repertory Theatre where she met Eric Honey. They were married in Cambridge, MA on New Year’s Day, 1955. They made their home in Paramata, New Zealand, where they lived for over 40 years. They had three children: Richard (a materials engineer) now living in Rhode Island, Tommy (dean of an art college) and Sandra (elementary school teacher), both of Auckland, New Zealand. Once the children were at school, Burke became a substitute teacher and then a math teacher at a local high school, Porirua College. She rose to become Head of Department before leaving to teach at the Correspondence School, a government provider of distance education.

Barbara Burke Lennihan Honey ‘49 (1931 – 2012)


in memoriam

Burke was a Protofeminist. She could do anything before the marching in the streets when they said girls can do anything. When the children grew too big to fit in a one bedroom and they decided to add on to the house, Burke made a model and took it to the architects who duly drew it up. Dick Tuppin, a neighbor and builder, built it and Burke became his hammer hand. She took night classes in joinery and made bedroom cabinets. She taught herself to knit and sew and make models. She maintained her interest in the theatre, actively participating as lighting designer, actor, and director with Mana Little Theatre, and leading several high school productions. Burke and Eric in retirement moved to Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Eric died in 2009 and in 2012 Burke suffered a series of strokes and moved to Auckland to be closer to Tommy and Sandra. She died peacefully on July 20, 2012, at Elizabeth Knox Rest Home, survived by her three children and 10 grandchildren.

Sasha G.M. Shaikh ‘95 Our beloved Sasha G.M. Shaikh, 35, passed away on May 18, 2012. Family and friends from around the globe gathered for a beautiful memorial reception in Pasadena, CA to celebrate his rich life and honor a passionate friend and talented individual. The profound effect that he had on such a diverse group of people is a beautiful testament to the difference one person can make in a short time on this earth. Sasha was born on June 16, 1976, in Hershey, PA. He graduated from Maumee Valley in 1995, and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in 1999, and a master’s degree in international diplomacy from the Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in 2007. Sasha was a bon vivant who enjoyed all that life had to offer. He enjoyed cooking, music, entertaining, and living life stylishly. His most recent creative pursuits included learning the French language and crafting silver jewelry, an art he was learning through a local fine arts class. He believed passionately in his friends, in keeping them close, and in cherishing these friendships. He was forever a funny man; if you were his friend, you would often fall victim to his practical jokes. He had a brilliant sense of humor and wrote numerous witty and insightful articles on contemporary issues encouraging his readers to consider a unique perspective. An avid writer, Sasha leaves behind hundreds of pieces, both fiction and non-fiction, much of it dedicated to humanitarian issues close to his heart. He wrote for as the DC South Asia Foreign Policy Examiner, and hosted a podcast dedicated to issues of his choosing called “Striking the Root.” He sought to encourage greater education about human rights issues ignored by the mainstream media. These included causes such as reducing gender-based violence and trafficking of women, and explored the connections between modern ethno-political conflict and the abuses of colonialism. A collection of his creative writings can be found on his blog, “Count Twist.” Sasha lived in Pasadena where he spent much of his free time as a political fundraiser for the Obama campaign. Sasha’s legacy is the boundless potential and goodness of humanity. He had a magnetic personality that touched everyone he met. His unflinching optimism, energy and passion for life were matched by an unwavering compassion for others. He was an inspiration to those who knew him. We shall all keep Sasha close to our hearts and uphold the principles he exemplified in his short life. Sasha, you have provided so much light to all of us - you will forever burn brightly in our hearts. Memorial contributions in Sasha’s honor can be made to the Sasha G.M. Shaikh Foundation, a foundation dedicated to humanitarian issues important to Sasha. Please contact Maheen Cleaver for more information at

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I will meet you there. -Jalaludin Rumi

Sasha G.M. Shaikh ‘95 (1976-2012)

Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people Living life in peace You, You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one... -John Lennon

in memoriam


alumni council letter from the alumni council president

Dear Alumni, As it has for many years, Maumee Valley continues to provide the finest possible education one can receive in the Toledo area. To this end, the Alumni Council is both excited to share the Maumee Valley student experience today as well as to connect alumni from around the country. As we move forward in the current school year, keep a lookout for all the opportunities to get involved in the alumni network. We are hosting alumni gatherings and networking opportunities in areas across the country, including: New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you are in the area of one of the alumni events, we hope you will attend. Please visit the school website or email for more information. We are also continuing to build the Maumee Valley network through publications, class agents and reunions. If you have an update to share from your life, are looking to connect with an old classmate, or have a class reunion coming up and need help planning it, contact Leah Whitaker ’00 in the Alumni Relations Office at


Finally, we are happy to welcome three new members to the Alumni Council this year. The 2012-13 Alumni Council slate was unanimously approved at the Smead Luncheon on May 5, 2012. Please welcome Dick Andrews ’59 (Perrysburg), Ron Birnbaum ’89 (Los Angeles), and Mariana Brandman ’05 (Chicago). The Alumni Council says goodbye to the following members whose terms expired last year. Thank you Lisa West Alpert ’80, Hans Fedderke ’98, and Bradford Koles ’82 for your dedication and years of service. We look forward to connecting again with you this year!



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Sincerely, Sarah Ross Mills ‘95



raise the weathervane update

...and now.

Alumni showed an impressive level of commitment to the Raise the Weathervane campaign last fiscal year. More than 460 alumni from every generation made a gift, helping bring the percentage of alumni giving to the annual fund to 21 percent. This is the highest level of alumni giving in the school’s history and we are extremely grateful for everyone’s generosity. The Weathervane is a meaningful piece of Maumee Valley’s educational legacy. Members of the class of 2012 recognized this when they carried on the tradition of being photographed on top of the Smead Building. The Alumni Council also recognizes the significance the Weathervane carries in the hearts of all of our alumni. The Council will continue its work of returning that symbol to the center of alumni outreach and communication. In that spirit, please join us in welcoming the class of 2012 into the Alumni Association of Maumee Valley Country Day School.

save the dates 21 november “Get-back day”

23-24 november class of ‘02 ten year reunion

c. 2012, Left to right: Rick Deichert, Jonathan Krueger, Dixon Stoddard, Marc Nagel, Nick Frasco, Mickey Osthimer, Alex Karcher.

If you have general questions, comments or concerns, or need to update your information, now is the time to contact the Alumni Relations Office:

@ 419.381.1313 ext. 112

29 december holiday hoops & holiday party

february chicago party

08-12 april west coast alumni swing seattle, san francisco, los angeles

grab a fork and join your friends at the Second “Top Chef Maumee Valley” Event! Teams will compete for tips for the honorary “Top Chef” designation. sample amazing foods from the Chef teams, participate in fun raffles and auctions, and have lots of fun. Come support your friends and your school!

03 may 79th annual smead luncheon

18 may top chef maumee valley

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The Valley November 2012  

MVCDS The Valley November 2012 | Volume 4 Issue 1

The Valley November 2012  

MVCDS The Valley November 2012 | Volume 4 Issue 1