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causalies. Anyway the advent of 2121 has seen a break through in the fight against the deadly corona virus. Massive research iniated in 2020 managed to produce different kinds of vaccines to combat the disease. Almost a year ago aer the Covid 19 pandemic begun, several vaccines have been rolled out across the world. Although these vaccines have been produced at record speed with processes running parallel to save me, there have been many checks and balances to ensure their safety. According to the World Health Organisaon (WHO) there are safe, effecve and built to save lives. Contrary to what some people would say Covid 19 vaccines have sll been subjected to the same scienfic regulatory rigour as an other vaccines and has shown to be safe. Currently millions of people across the world have been vaccinated. This is a relief from the uncertainty of finding a cure for the virus. People can be protected from the virus by being vaccinated. However the Covid 19 vaccine though being produced in mass in Europe, India and the United States of America it has become the preserve of the rich naons with enough resources. This leaves the poor countries at the mercy of the producers who can only supply them with the vaccines aer meeng the contractual obligaons with the rich naons. This will adversely affect the poor naons and put them at the boom of the ladder when it comes to the procurement of the vaccines at the same me exposing the people of these naons to death which could be avoided.

This has caused the WHO to come up with a soluon to cater for the poor and underdeveloped countries. In this regard it came up with COVAX (Covid 19 Vaccine Global Access Facility). As vaccine naonalism rears its ugly head COVAX is the only best way of geng billons of doses to lower income and middle income countries. It is an enty run by a coalion that includes the Vaccine Alliance known as GAVI and WHO and is funded by donaons from governments, mullateral instuons and foundaons. Its mission is to buy corona virus vaccines in bulk and send them to poorer naons that can not compete with the wealth naons in securing contracts with the major drug companies. Shipments of corona virus vaccines through COVAX have already begun with countries like Eswani, Uganda, Somalia and Rwanda already benefing form this iniave.

The roll out program for Covid 19 vaccine seems to be the same worldwide, as those in the high risk factor being priorized over others. In South Africa the first people to be vaccinated were the health workers together with the South African President. These were followed by members of the Defense Forces and the Police and members of other government departments. The elderly people were next on this rollout program with the rest of the populaon being vaccinated as soon as more doses are made available. It is very important to note that vaccinaon is voluntary and is free of charge. The vaccinaon of the South African President publicly was to show confidence in the vaccine and this paid dividends as many people responded by being vaccinated. The same rollout procedure was implemented in Zimbabwe.

This has opened up many sectors of the economy as people can go to work as long as they follow the Covid 19 guidelines. Schools which were closed most of last year are now operaonal with pupils back in classes and most teachers having been vaccinated in South Africa. It is hoped that by the end of the year a big percentage of the South African populaon will have been vaccinated. Currently South Africa has vaccinated over 250 000 of its people and aims to vaccinate 40 million people by the end of the year, while Zimbabwe aims to vaccinate a third of its 15 million populaon also by the end of the year. This is good news to the Agro Industry as we need more people in the fields to enhance producon. Lockdowns are disrupve and economical hazardous. To date some farmers are sll reeling from the effects of the past lockdowns. As a result the vaccine roll out plan is a blessing to the farmers and the whole economy. I am aware that they are some of us who are skepc of the corona virus vaccine, I urge you to get vaccinated as the vaccines have been declared safe by WHO and our own governments. Let us act wisely and protect ourselves from this deadly virus.

Unl our next edion enjoy your reading.

Best Regards

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either with South Africa suffering the
Last year most of the world was forced to lock down as the
19 pandemic claimed millions of
across the globe. Our region Southern Africa was not spared
most 25 Cover Africa’ Own Agriculture Journal November December 2022 > Issue 6 Vol #5 20 Kooljet Reliable Refrigeration Systems 24 Perry Opens New Office & Training Facility In Uganda 19 IEEE Expert Lightning Protection Consulting and Grounding Design BIOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS ARE IMPACTING AGRICULTURE
Goodwill Sibanda
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Grinding, Rolling and Mixing Plants
02 06 Anglo Agriparts 12 Food Processing and packaging equipment for the African market 13 EMT –Fertiliser Blender and Bagging projects established in Africa 16 The Humane Slaughter Association –Providing Technical Advice And Support For Over A Century 18 Refrigeration Systems Designed To Maintain The Optimal Relative Humidity In Potato Storages To Avoid Product Weight Loss 20 24 Perry Opens New Ofce & Training Facility In Uganda
Buschhoff TOURMIX

Mobile Grinding, Rolling and Mixing Plants Buschhoff TOURMIX 02

Mode of Operaon and Economic Use

Mobile grinding, rolling and mixing plants are mobile concentrated-feed plants. They produce mixed feed from self-produced grain and components for pigs, sheep, ruminants and poultry. With these plants the lessor can offer his clients the possibility to use their grain in the most effecve way – as animal feed.

Mixed feed of any structure and fineness

can be produced. The hammer mill is sucking the grinding stock; its grinding output amounts, it depends on type, as many as 25 tons per hour. 72 hard-metals hammers serve to reach a uniform quality of the finished material.

The rolling output is similar to the hammer mill. Different types of grains, such as peas and beans, can be crushed without problems.

The finished product can be added by admixtures, such as crushed soy, mineral feed and the like. The components are dosed by weight and carefully mixed in the feed mixer. Even soy oil can be added to the mix. The mixer's capacity is up to 7 tons of feed.

The finished mixed feed is discharged via a swivel screw or a pneumac discharge system into silos or other appropriate storage facilies. The conveying capacity is

Farming- Solutions

36 to 60 tons per hour.

In many cases, shredding or crushing as outside service is more economic for the farmer than the use of an own staonary plant.

With mobile concentrated-feed plants the lessors dispose of robust plants which are on the latest technical state. The high capacity and the problem-free operaon of mobile concentrated-feed plants guarantee safe yields, as evidenced by efficiency quotaons.

The plant can be run 12 months per year; annual outputs of more than 10,000 tons are possible.

Some Technical Details

The plant is driven by a Mercedes Benz turbocharged Diesel engine of 260 kW (354 h.p.) with high torque.

Magnec separators prevent metallic parts from geng into mill or crusher

The hammer mill with its 72 hard-metalhammers ensures high grinding output and long lifeme. The desired finished material fineness is obtained by use different punched-plates or wire-mesh screens.

The oponal crusher includes two massive cast steel rollers. For the purpose of saving the surface, one of the rollers is hydraulically prestressed and allows springing apart for foreign objects passing through the rollers. By changing the hydraulic roller prestressing it is also possible to modify the crushing quality From the operator's panel the crushing gap can easily be modified for different stocks and structures to be crushed. Hence, there are no problems even when crushing maize, peas and beans. The roller is overload-protected.

The rotary piston blower ensures uniform and high conveying capacity. It is standardequipped with safety valves on both sucon and compression sides. An automac dust separator serves for effecve separaon and dust-free waste air

The mixer is suspended in a weighing appliance. The weight of the mixer content is permanently indicated. The mixing stock can be checked through a sampling nozzle. Appliances for sucon and proporoning of soy oil are oponal.

A hydraulic lng mechanism simplifies admixture feeding.

Bulk components not to be shredded or crushed can be sucked and conveyed directly into the weigh mixer.

The weigh mixer is discharged either by the pneumac discharge system or the 6.0 m long swivel discharge screw. It can be lied or lowered from the operator's cabin, too.

The enre plant is controlled by the operator from his cabin; it includes all operang and control elements, such as indicators of speed, working hours, oil pressure, cooling water temperature, tank content, as well as manometers for sucon, compression and hydraulic oil pressures.

The cabin is of ergonomic design, weatherproof, lockable and protected against dirtying on moon.

The conveying hoses of 90 or 100 mm diameter.are arranged on large trays, providing good accessibility

Spotlights are available to illuminate the working place.

Their robustness and reliability have proved for more than 50 years. Mobile grinding, rolling and mixing plants or mobile grinding and mixing plants (without roller) can be supplied as second-hand plants, too.

Mobile Grinding, Rolling and Mixing Plants Buschhoff TOURMIX 02


Water plays a very pivotal place in agriculture and needs to be conserved for future use. However floods can damage homes, fields and other water reservoir's which can lead to great damage to infrastructure. Crops could be destroyed and fields eroded. Unsuspected rainstorms and water leaks can happen in a flash hence it is ideal to keep flood barriers at home. Water leaks may cause water tanks and reservoirs to loose water at a rate which cannot be manageable flooding everything in its way This then calls for flood barriers to be installed especially for those homes below sea-level and low lying areas which can quickly be overcome by water. Sand bags are usually the go to method for flood protecon though they are other more convenient products that require less physical labor to aid against damaging water flow. Water filled barriers specifically the coffer dams are the most effecve. AquaDam easy flood barriers can be installed within minutes on any surface. These act as a door dam, keeping

unwanted water outside. The tapped water can be used for agriculture and other uses. AquaDam can be used as full closed water storage units or can be used to form the perimeter of an above ground temporary water soluon ideal for the provision of water for agricultural purpose The AquaDam is a temporary water- filled barrier which can control and divert water. It consists of two flexible water ght inner tubes, side by side, contained within a woven safer sleeve. The inner tubes are filled with water. Giving form to the AquaDam and creang a temporary highly effecve barrier. These can also be used as a series of small dams when joined together. When the first pool is full water is released into the next pool forming small dams which can store huge amounts of water. The barrier can be removed by releasing the trapped water or by using the trapped water for other acvies. In agriculture AquaDams have proved popular

as they are easy to erect and trap water which is then pumped into storage tanks. Water which could have had a devastang effect on property is diverted and stored for good use. The small erected dams can be used as water reservoirs for future use.

AquaDams are very easy to use and can be removed within a very short space of me unlike sandbags which tend to assume a permanent structure. The equipment can be packed and stored if no longer required and can be reused as long as it is not damaged.

AquaDams have been used effecvely in diverng water as a perimeter shield erected around homes in low laying areas. They can also be used in construcon when water needs to be diverted from the construcon site providing a cheap and effecve as of doing it. In short AquaDams are water controlling water. In Southern Africa

AquaDam South Africa are the specialists in this field.

Farming- Solutions
Water Controlling Water® Phone: +1 707-764-5099 Fax: +1 707-243-2541 California Headquarters 121 Main Street / PO. Box 144 Scoa, California USA 95565 AquaDamFloodControlandBarrier The AquaDam is a temporary water-filled barrier which can control and divert water. It consists of two flexible waterght inner tubes, side by side, contained within a woven outer sleeve. The inner tubes are filled with water, giving form to the AquaDam, and creang a temporary, highly-effecve water barrier. Contact us today to find out more information or for a free quote on AquaDams for your flood control projects scan for web

Futureco Bioscience invests in biocontrol solutions in Africa

Agriculture is, and will remain for years to come, the main driver of economic development in Africa. Horcultural crops as corn, maize, wool, coon, tobacco, tea, coffee, sugar cane, nuts, seeds, grapes, orchards and cut flowers are important sources of both cash and nutrion. Insect pests and diseases, however, can reduce yields by up to 80% and farmers oen resort to usingchemicalpescidetomigatetheproblem.

Given the concerns posed by pescides and their long term negave effects, already visible in the environment, the use of biological products is highonthelistofnear-termacviesidenfiedin acon plans both naonal and regional level in Africa. Moreover, while the Food and Agriculture Organizaon of the United Naons (FAO) emphasizestheneedofalternavestopescides, the markets for African products exportaon, especially Europe, require compliance with strict maximum residue limit (MRL) standards, pushing African farmers to adopt clean soluons. The issue to overcome remains the limited access to informaon and the products availability that, even for biological control products that are already present in the market, varies greatly betweencountries.

The development of biocontrol products requires specific skills and competencies, connuous innovaon in technology and logisc and markeng strategy focused on specific customer

needs.Addionally,compliancewithanumberof complex requirements covered by plant protecon product legislaon makes this process not available to all companies. Created in 2004 and based in Olèrdola (Barcelona), Futureco Bioscience is an agro-biotechnology company dedicated to research and innovaon in crop protecon and nutrion products. Characterized sinceitscreaonbyanecologicalandsustainable approach, and a focus on regenerave agriculture, the company is disnguished byits in house organizaon. Research, development and manufactureofitsproductshappenenrelyinits own headquarters from which the products are marketed globally Futureco Bioscience, following its goals of increasing its horizon and promong a culture of sustainable and environment-respecul agriculture, is determined to push forward the current market of their clean products (bioesmulants and biocontrol)inAfrica.

BESTCURE®, a biofungicide-biobactericide based on a botanical extract of citrus species, was the first biopescide of the company Futureco Bioscience marketed in Africa. Inially registered in South Africa in 2012 for the control of grey mold (Botrys cinerea) in vines, and black rot (Xanthomonas camprestris) in tomatoes. More crops and diseases (Xanthomonas arboricola in Prunus and Alternaria in tomato) were later included in its authorizaon The product is

currently being registered in Morocco and is already authorized in various countries on the Americanconnent.

The acve substance of the bioinseccide NOFLY®, based on the entomopathogenic fungus Paecilomyces fumosoroseus strain FE 990, has beenauthorizedinEuropein2013andregistered, forthefirstmeinAfrica,inKenyain2014(under the brand name PACYLOS®) Registered in Moroccoin2018,itisintheregistraonprocessin Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast and it is already approved for its use in several European countries, USA and Lan America. The use of NOFLY® is recommended for the control of different species of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci, Trialeurodes vaporariorum, Aleurodicus dispersus, Lecanoideus floxisimus) and thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis). Nevertheless, several fieldtrialscarriedoutinKenya(2013),IvoryCoast (2018) and Mali (2017-18) showed that NOFLY® is able to control also aphids in beans, the coon bollworm Helicoverpa armígera, the coon leaf roller Haritalodes derogata, the sucking pest Jacobiella fascialis and the spiny bollworm Earias sp.incoon.

Avoiding the indiscriminate use of broadspectrum inseccides that can wipe out pests' natural enemies in Africa is possible, and should be a priority: Futureco Bioscience products are thenaturalwaytodoit.

Farming- Solutions

Anglo Agriparts

Anglo Agriparts is a family run, father & son business based in Hampshire, England. We specialise in replacement parts and accessories for a wide range of modern, classic and vintage tractors including: Ford New Holland, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Case Internaonal Harvester, Fiat, Fordson, Ferguson and David Brown. The owner, and Father, Alastair McHarg, was an engineering apprence at the age of 16. He has been involved in the Internaonal Tractor Parts business since 1972 and started his own company in 2001. This focused on OE business, supplying parts to original tractor manufacturers.

In 2013, along with his son John McHarg, they launched Anglo Agriparts as our aermarket sector of the business. We're proud of our OEM heritage, which has

allowed us to launch our aermarket brand from our OEM supply base.

As a supplier to two of the top global agricultural Original Equipment Manufacturers, Anglo knows quality. Due to the volume nature of OEM business, Anglo are able to negoate the most compeve pricing in order to give you guaranteed quality at the best prices.

As me has moved on, so has our business. We have grown in sales, staff and warehousing. In August 2015 we moved to our new 10,000 sq. headquarters. Customers can speak with like minded enthusiasts, passionate about what they sell. We understand the business and understand your needs. We are always looking to expand our company and partnerships from around the world. “A company is nothing without it's

people”, and we can proudly say, we have built a strong knowledgeable team who understand the UK and export market and can provide a reliable, well established service.

John has taken Anglo into the next generaon, commissioning an online retail site, developing new products, growing the warehouse and sales teams and developing trade accounts across the middle east and Africa. The family heritage remains strong with Alastair sll greatly involved in the day to day running of the company.

This year Anglo launched our Next Generaon Range, exclusively designed and developed for Anglo Agriparts. We are commied to connually invesng in product development and sourcing the best quality manufacturers from around the globe.

Farming- Solutions

Food Processing and packaging equipment for the African market

BMPE is the leading supplier of superior quality New and Refurbished Food Processing and packaging equipment to the African market. Providing a professional service to the Food Industry Founded by Olaf Blömker and built on his experience of over 30 years in the industry He has vast knowledge not just on equipment but also deboning, meat processing, recipe formulaon, packaging, technological Informaon, producon flow and the legal understanding surrounding the business.

Imporng machines for our clients across Africa, ensuring that they benefit from the highest quality at a compeve price. We are proud to represent the following companies:

· Nowicki - Meat Injectors, Ice Generators, Separators, Cooking Pots, Tumblers, Crate Washers, Grinders, Bowl Cuers, Cookers, Coolers

· Risco - meat processing machines and systems.

· Stalam - Radio Frequency & Microwave Heang

· Kolbe - Meat Processing Equipment

· Lorenzo Barroso – Clips, Loops, Clippers and Tiers, Spool Clips-

· Italian Pack – Packaging Machines

· AVS Agric - Compact Abaoir & Meat Processing Soluons

· Bastra - Smokers and Cookers

· Bizerba - Labelling, Weighing & Food Processing Equipment

· Nock - Ice flakers and Slicers, Derinders,

Skinning Machines

· Ice-Ups -Flake Ice Machines, Seawater Ice Machines, Direct Cooling Ice Machines, Fruit and Vegetable Vacuum Coolers

· Colimac – Packaging Machinery

· Reepack – Packaging Machinery

· SuperVac - Vacuum Packing Machines

· AWE – Food Processing Equipment

· Alco – Food Processing Equipment

· Graeff - Professional cung technology

· Schiwa - Slicing Soluons

· Saccardo - Vacuum Packing Machines

· PSS - Meat Processing Machinery

Services Offered:

· Project planning

· Complete layout designs

· Product Flow Management

Farming- Solutions

· Consultaon

· Turn Key Soluons

· Product Development

We also offer contracted Preventave Maintenance Service for the refurbishment of machines and have access to all significant brands of spares. This is a workable soluon to help preserve the mint condion of your assets – especially if it is subjected to strenuous working condions on a daily basis.


Before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, Crate washers have become one of the most sought aer hygiene equipment in the broader spectrum of all Food companies. Giving the producer the utmost hygiene standards required within the industry keeping their processes internal and external bacteria free. This standard has become a huge requirement in passing audits and keeping factories safe from listeriosis, salmonella etc.

Nowicki has a wide range of washers to meet every hygiene requirement. The MP 300 is designed to wash all kinds of plasc containers, covers of containers giving opmal washing effects. It is available in a modular version (with possibility of extension of the inial washing module and/ or the air blow-off module).

· Water heang systems: electric, steam, electric-steam, gas, oil and hot water

· Guiding mechanism for washed containers

· Mechanical conveyor for containers transport with a speed regulaon

· Touch screen control panel

· Closed water circulaon system

· Stainless steel centrifugal pump

· Regulaon and distribuon of rinsing water in terms of: intensity of rinsing, refreshing of tank water,

· overflow system allowing water savings in the washer in case of temporary lack of a container in the tunnel


Chemical dosing

In addion to our washers we are also passionate about the benefits of RF Defrosng (Radio Frequency), its ability to safely and rapidly defrost meats, poultry and fish without compromising quality or hygiene.

Manufacturers are realising that there's nowhere to hide when it comes to food safety, and a crical hazard point is defrosng.

As the Market leader in packaging and food processing equipment in Sub Sahara Africa

we represent many processing plants in the territory

We believe in supporng our customers in the same way that they support us. This ensures that BMPE is The Food System Technology Specialist.

the African market
Food Processing and packaging equipment for

EMT –Fertiliser Blender and Bagging projects established in Africa

EMT, a manufacturer of Ferliser Blending and Bagging Equipment, has been heavily involved in the development of the African ferlizer industry. The company, based in the Netherlands, has a long list of references, in total we have installed more than 460 projects in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company has exported to more than 20 African countries in the previous years, as can also be found on the website.

One of the most recent larger installaons on the connent has been a Weighcont Connuous Blender Line with small bag bagging lines. The company Glofert in Ghana has invested in a machine line with a capacity of 80 tons per hour. With its machine installaon Glofert can connuously produce blends and bag the ferlizer through 2 bagging lines of each 40

tons per hour. The company is a local Ghanaian company that is directly selling the ferliser to their local distributors. Ghana has a strong presence of Ferlizer blenders with EMT equipment including LDC – Chemico and Yara. Of which also Yara has recently expanded their facility with machines of EMT

Analysing the African market as a whole we can see Ethiopia as a big investor with EMT Blender and bagging lines on 4 different locaons.

In the Sub Saharan countries South Africa has the highest presence of companies running with EMT equipment, but as Botswana, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Nigeria, Togo, South Africa and Zimbabwe. These local companies are running with blending and bagging equipment from the Dutch company.

The African market is constantly in need of further development in its agricultural sector. Currently Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria have projects running together with EMT.

New developments in the area but also outside of Africa is the upcoming from coang for Urea and/or Blended ferlizers. Almost all of EMT's blending equipment is suited for liquid adding so that the impregnaon of for example Urea, can be done in the same machine line. Also standalone coang units have been developed which are solely focussing on coang one type of ferlizer, usually urea, with an inhibitor.

The years of experience in the ferlizer field have made EMT one of the largest well known machinery producers in the world. Its combinaon of blending lines and bagging lines which are supplied and

Farming- Solutions

constructed by 1 Producer makes EMT a good partner for all types of customers. All machines are pre-assembled and tested in the EMT factory. The machines are all engineered to make them fit in to a container or truck/trailer. This is for easy transport to the customers. The installaon is done by the EMT Supervisor with help of the customer technicians. The whole machine set up is then a turn key set-up. With the different machines EMT is supplying all types of companies, from the local distributors to the mulnaonal producers, can always find the right machine line which fits into their budget and capacity request. For contact see the EMT website or contact the local distributor of EMT equipment

EMT –Ferliser Blender and Bagging projects established in Africa

The Humane Slaughter Association –

Providing Technical Advice And Support For Over A Century

The Humane Slaughter Associaon works to improve the welfare of food animals during transport, markeng, slaughter and killing for disease control and welfare reasons. It is a registered charity, based in the UK, but works all over the world through research, educaon, training and technical advances, to improve standards and bring praccal and lasng improvements to the welfare of food animals across the globe.

The charity has gained an internaonal reputaon for being a knowledgeable and praccal organisaon, with a sound understanding of livestock and livestock handling. It provides educaon and training in the fields of transport, markeng and slaughter in the UK and around the world. Significant improvements connue to be achieved through working construcvely alongside agricultural, meat industry, veterinary and other welfare and professional organisaons.

Can we help you?

The HSA provides: Educaon and Training – courses and lectures, run by licensed personnel who have both theorecal and praccal knowledge of animal slaughter. These can be tailored to suit specific requirements and can be delivered at any suitable venue in the UK or abroad.

As part of its educaon and training iniaves, the charity also produces up-todate technical and educaonal publicaons on all aspects of animal handling, transport, slaughter and killing in a range of formats and languages, many of which are available to download, free of charge, from our website. These guidance and technical notes have been taken up widely by the industry and have been found to be very helpful for training and promoon of humane operaon pracces.

Funding for essenal research and other

projects through grants and awards. Independent advice to governments, other welfare organisaons and the food industry

As an independent organisaon, the charity is beholden to neither polical nor trade nor emoonal pressures and is thus able to play an unbiased role in promong the humane treatment of livestock.

Visits to markets and slaughterhouses to recommend and advise on improvements, where necessary. The HSA is oen approached for advice on animal welfare aspects of the operaon of equipment or

systems for handling, transport or killing of livestock. We welcome opportunies to observe and assess the operaon of new or modified technologies or systems used in the handling, transport or killing of farmed food animals.

Please see our website for more informaon on our work and to view and access the publicaons available. If you require advice on a parcular maer or would like to discuss something relevant to your facility, please email the HSA in the first instance at

Farming- Solutions

IEEE Expert Lightning Protection

Consulting and Grounding Design

The world's best and most crical experse for the proper implementaon of IEEE Standard 1692; which is a trease for mul-purpose communicaons and highvoltage installaons. We have found from forty one (41) years of experience, and special experse, that it's far too easy to "get it wrong" in cookie-cuer applicaons of the tried-and-true requirements of Standard 1692, leaving expensive equipment vulnerable to costly damage and weeks off line for extensive repair. The most important aspect in the applicaon of IEEE Standard 1692 is that the final protecon package design has to be perfectly correct in every aspect to provide failure-proof protecon. One small error in proper applicaon can make a protecon design package totally useless.

Ground Potenal Rise (GPR) isolaon and lightning protecon and grounding consulng and design for substaons, power plants and high-voltage corridors.

Ground Potenal Rise (GPR) isolaon and lightning protecon and grounding consulng and design for 911 PSAP sites,

PCS towers, radio and TV transmission towers.

Ground Potenal Rise (GPR) isolaon and lightning protecon and grounding consulng and design for military communicaon sites, high-rise buildings, swimming pools, police and fire staons.

Ground Potenal Rise (GPR) isolaon and lightning protecon and grounding consulng and design for railroad communicaon sites and railroad switching facilies as well as for every other kind of building, site and facility

We provide no products, only consulng, design, and recommendaons for the best lightning protecon and grounding installaons for substaons, electronic circuit boards, equipment components, power plants, high-voltage corridors, and broadband services for school systems.

GPR = A Ground Potenal Rise = A Ground Voltage Spike

A lightning strike to any grounded

structure or a high-voltage flashover from a power line to a grounded structure will cause the ground in the vicinity to rise in voltage to dangerously high levels, which can electrocute personnel standing on the ground in the area and damage or destroy electronic equipment connected to ground.

This site was created because Ground Potenal Rise (GPR), caused either by lightning strike or high-voltage electrical system power faulng to ground, causes unnecessary damage to manufacturing and storage facilies with crical storesincluding explosive munions, flight operaons equipment, communicaons towers and antennas, communicaons equipment, and crical electronic equipment as well as pung crical communicaon links and operaons and maintenance personnel at risk.

Praccing what you learn here will allow your company or organizaon to cut costs, remain operaonal even under severe lightning condions and may save your life or the life of a coworker

Farming- Solutions

Refrigeration Systems Designed To Maintain

The Optimal Relative Humidity In Potato Storages To Avoid Product Weight Loss

Relave Humidity (RH) is the measure of the quanty of water vapor in the air at a certain temperature. Maintaining desired pile temperature is important but equally important is to maintain the opmum humidity, explains JD Wasir, Sr. Vice President at Ontario, Canada based Kooljet Refrigeraon Systems.

“RH plays a vital role, as it affects the rate at which produce transpire,” JD Wasir says. “For the best potato storage condions, it is of great importance that opmum humidity

levels must be maintained during the storage season. In general, high relave humidity is required for storing spuds for a longer shelf life,” he says.

Wasir points out that produce lose moisture due to the vapor pressure difference between the product and the surrounding air High relave humidity reduces the vapor pressure difference between the potato surface and the unsaturated air, thus reducing vapor losses.

“A small temperature change can cause

dramac change in relave humidity. For example, potato storages maintained at 50°F at 90% RH will cause more shrinkage than a storage building maintained at 40°F and 90% RH. Keep in mind that potatoes are sold by weight and not by volume,” Wasir says. “The water loss not only deteriorates the product quality but also reduces the profit margins for the growers.”

He notes that any refrigeraon system is in effect a “natural” dehumidifier. When the outlet air temperature from the evaporator

Agri- Solutions

coil is reduced below the Air Dew Point temperature, the water condenses from the air, making the air drier According to Wasir, Kooljet Systems are equipped with Opmal Designed Evaporator Coils with a minimal temperature differenal between the evaporator coil temperature and produce storage temperature. The Minimal Evaporator Coil Temperature Differenal avoids air to cool below its dew point temperature. “Kooljet Systems helps to maintain high RH levels in the storage facility, and minimizes water loss from the produce, maximizing product quality and value.”

JD Wasir notes that Kooljet has a global footprint, and has been assisng farmers since 2001. Kooljet systems are used by many companies and potato operaons in Canada and elsewhere - including McCain Foods, Canada-China, and Calbee Potato in Japan.

Further informaon: On the web: JD Wasir, Sr. Vice President: or Tel: +1-519-752-2424 or 1-866-748-7786 (in North America)

Phtoto 1: Kooljet President, Pat Occhicone and Vice President, JD Wasir in the plant in Branord, Ontario, Canada.

Phtoto 2: Kooljet Vice President, JD Wasir with Thru the Wall Packaged refrigeraon unit. The Plug N Play type KOOLJET Refrigeraon Systems are shipped from the factory, filled with refrigerant, fully tested, and ready to run as soon as they are installed.

Refrigeraon Systems Designed To Maintain The Opmal Relave Humidity In Potato Storages To Avoid Product Weight Loss Phtoto 1
Phtoto 2

Moisture Monitoring During Grain Storage by Ergson GmbH

Grain is a staple food of the world's populaon. The demand for grain is increasing steadily due to the growing world populaon. Providing people with high quality food is a strategic and important issue for a country. It plays a significant role in the growth and future of our populaon.

Grain is nutrious and low in water which makes it suitable for storage. However, during storage there is a high risk of quality losses. It is esmated that up to a third of the grain harvested is lost before consumpon and sales. Aer harvest, grain connues to ripen. Moisture and thermal energy is released while the grain is stored in a closed container. This encourages the growth of mold fungus and insects. The two indicators temperature and humidity influence each other with regard to the shelf life and quality maintenance of grain. Warm and humid condions during storage promote early germinaon, outgrowth and infestaon of mold and microorganisms. An increase in microorganisms means that the grain spoils rapidly. Fungi are a big problem because they produce toxins.

In order to enable a long-term storage without quality losses, the grain must be kept in an ideal state. Monitoring physical quanes in the silo is of great importance in order to make an exact statement about the condion of the grain and to introduced prevenve measures at the right me.

Maintaining a certain humidity content inside the storage bin is important to prevent rong and fungal aacks. When a moisture development is recognized early, moisture-reducing measures such as drying, cooling and aerang can be iniated to protect the grain quality Sensor monitoring systems for grain silos

help to keep the grain healthy and in good quality condion over long me periods. Our GrainManagement System is a connuous temperature and humidity monitoring system. The monitoring system consists of sensor cables and devices measuring the condions inside the storage bin. Sensor cables are suspended from the silo roof and are distributed evenly within the storage bin. The cable soluon allows the temperature and humidity values to be measured at different heights of the stored grain bulk during the enre storage period. The sensor cables are protected by an outer protecon tube. They are built to various lengths to match the silo height. The spacing between the sensors may be a standard distance or customized to match the installaon. The sensors are polled individually for their data. A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) operates as an interface converter to digital sensors and other analog or digital signals. It is a unique equipment ideal as a signal converter between site sensors and PC.

The measured data can be read from a local site control room or with a mobile device from anywhere via cloud. Our program informs you via computer, tablet or smartphone with alarms at the right me to protect your grain.

Grain rong can thus be detected at an early stage. Pre-warning systems and informaon messages to the user offer great advantages in terms of economy, health and environmental protecon. Spoilage, breaking and shrinking of grains are avoided. The environment is protected with less waste, less use of chemicals and energy savings. Contaminaon of the grain can be reduced or even avoided by predicve monitoring.

Farming- Solutions

GrainSense – sales has started

Affordable by individual farmers:

GrainSense has aer years of development work and a long waing me of the first commercial version of their product, started sales and released the first batch of 30 grain quality measurement devices for the Swedish, Finnish and Balc markets.

GrainSense is the first grain quality measurement device that is affordable and field durable enough to be owned and used by farmers. The end-user internaonal sales price is 3.900 euro (tax 0%), including device, carry bag, measure cup, cap and 1 year warranty. A personal user account is needed for the use of the device; 250 euro/year (tax 0%), includes 4 grain species (inially available are wheat, barley, oats and rye, rapeseed will follow), updates and calibraons, unlimited data storage and possibility to share the measurement results.

“A lot of effort has been put to finalize the design, securing the infrastructure and ramping up the producon including an intensive tesng of the device, says GrainSense CEO Edvard Krogius. We are very excited and pleased to deliver the first devices to our commied community of farmers, Edvard Krogius connues.”

Big interest among the farming community: The GrainSense soluon has been developed in close collaboraon with individual farmers and farming organizaons. The feedback from farmers has confirmed that currently there are no suitable tools available to support farm-level decision-making in order to manage and opmize the protein content of crops.

Bringing the grain quality measurement pracce to the farm level: GrainSense has developed the world's first truly hand-held device for grain quality

measurement. The GrainSense hand-held device measures the protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate content of cereals and other crops – i.e. key determinants of the harvest value and processing cost. The device is baery powered, requires only a few grains and takes just seconds to make each measurement. The service includes a mobile applicaon with GPS posioning and cloud connecon, which supports a suite of valueadded services for improving producvity and profitability

Laboratory accuracy from field in seconds: For the first me, farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will be able to rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops in the field (even before harvesng) and make decisions that can significantly improve their producvity and profitability. The device will also enable meat producers to control and adjust the protein content of feed in real me, which can have a major impact on profitability

The unique features of GrainSense are:

It is 5 mes smaller than closest alternaves and baery-powered, and therefore convenient to use in field condions.

It is at least 3 mes less expensive than closest alternaves.

It takes just 30 seconds to make a measurement, including sample loading. It is the only device that can be used before harvest.

Anyone can use it without special training. It will include the most comprehensive package of value-added soware services providing aconable insights instead of plain data.

It has a potenal payback me shorter than one harvesng season.

Sales through distributors: GrainSense distributor partner Berner Ltd has started the sales and introduced the device on the Swedish, Finnish and Balc markets. “Wherever the GrainSense soluon has been introduced, we have seen exceponally strong interest in tesng and pre-ordering, says Kalle Erkkola, Head of Division, Berner Ltd. We are as well very excited indeed to see this device in field use, connues Kalle Erkkola.”

For more info visit: hp://www

23 Desalinaon Membranes
Farming- Solutions

Perry Opens New Office & Training Facility In Uganda

Perry of Oakley Ltd., a Brish company with a 73 year heritage in the design, manufacture and installaon of grain handling, drying and storage equipment, is pleased to announce the establishment of Perry East Africa Ltd, with registered offices in Kampala, Uganda. This will complement its exisng Africa office, Perry Africa Ltd., registered in South Africa. This is a clear indicaon of the importance Perry of Oakley Ltd., through its internaonal subsidiary Perry Engineering Services Ltd., places on the ever-expanding African market. David Perry, the third-generaon owner and Managing Director of Perry of Oakley Ltd., is pleased to announce that Perry East Africa will be opening a training facility in Uganda in

March 2021.

The aim of the facility is to provide hands on training for customers' employees in the professional operaon of grain handling and storage facilies. It will also give the opportunity for potenal customers to view their products and even spend me with the operators before they make purchasing decisions.

It is intended that the training will be without charge, as an indicaon of Perry's commitment to enhance the post harvest knowledge base in Uganda and East Africa as a whole, which means that as soon as a customer receives their Perry equipment they are already experienced in its use and

the theories behind post harvest technology

David Perry said “Since my early visits to Uganda and Sub Saharan Africa as a whole I have been excited by the agricultural prospects in these countries and we look forward to not only being able to promote our products at the training facility but to also enhance the overall post harvest knowledge in Uganda and East Africa as me goes on”.

Perrys look forward to working with their exisng partners and customers as they grow in East Africa.

For further informaon please contact

Farming- Solutions

Biological Solutions Are Impacting Agriculture

Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture, KZN based market leaders in BioManagement and BioSmulant soluons, aims to change the way food is grown.

This is the vision of Madumbi's founder and CEO, Andre Fox. Andre is a visionary leader in the agricultural industry, recognised for successfully pioneering and navigang the biological conversaon in an environment resistant to change.

Today, there is no doubt that change is upon us. Environmental issues are at the forefront of every conversaon and the current Covid19 pandemic is set to challenge every norm. Now, more than ever, healthy, sustainable food producon is in the spotlight. Bioraonal soluons are expected to play a

crical role in meeng this demand. The biocontrol market is growing globally at between 15 – 17% CAGR. The organic market and the biocontrol market are oen incorrectly perceived to be the same, however it's important to note that the organic market is not driving the rapid growth of biocontrol. The organic market is growing at 11% CAGR and represents 10% of 1 the biocontrol market use .

There are many factors contribung to the rapid growth within biocontrol with some of the main ones being:

1. Consumer demand

2. The unsustainable cost of developing tradional pescides

3. Development of pest resistance

and the need for biological products as resistance management partners.

'There's a much higher level of acceptance now than there was ten to fieen years ago. Today's consumer is demanding residue-free, nutrient-dense food to feed their families and be safe doing so.' – Andre Fox, Madumbi CEO

The use of biocontrol products is not expected to displace tradional crop protecon products in the foreseeable 1future . However, the growth is ancipated by the increased usage of biocontrol products within Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems – a combined program of biocontrol and tradional products, for the best costbenefit, yield producon and sustainability

Farming- Solutions

Identifying And Tracking Animals Using Rfid Tags

Animals move from one farm to another and their movement cannot be controlled or stored like any other product. The manual process of data entering about the number of animal enters and exit from the farm is me consuming resulng in more possibilies of errors. RFID Technology is

largely used nowadays to track and record animal informaon, where direct line-ofsight is not praccal. RFID Tags aached to animals provide basic informaon about the animals.

Omnia Technologies provides a full range of specialized tags for use in managing

animals. Our innovave products meet all applicable standards and regulaons. Omnia RFID tags come in various different sizes and can be incorporated into ear tags. The tags can also be safely injected or embedded in a ceramic bolus and permanently placed into an animal's

Farming- Solutions

stomach. These tags help opmize producvity and livestock producon. For tracking pigeons, small size glass tags are embedded in pigeon rings.


Our ICAR approved glass tags are designed for livestock idenficaon. Omnia glass tags come in various different sizes. The glass tags can be safely injected using a syringe and permanently placed into animal body. The units are enclosed in biocompable glass, making them harmless to animals inside the body. These tags help opmize producvity and livestock producon and also keep a record of an individual animal. These are most commonly used for animal idenficaon.


Our ICAR approved animal ear tags for cale and sheep are made with special TPU material and is over-moulded making it more robust and durable in outdoor environment. It can be reusable or temperproof depending on applicaon. It is available with different chips and memory sizes including FDX and HDX animal modes, and can be made in custom colours also. The male pin is aached with female tag using an applicator


28 Idenfying And Tracking Animals Using Rfid Tags
CONTACT US: OMNIATECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. Sales & Marketing Office: 691, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Gurugram, Haryana-122016, INDIA Tel: +91-124-4203899, +91-1244101506 Fax: +91-124-4366410 Email:

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