Jesus in Jerusalem

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We are going to visit the city of Jerusalem, where Jesus died and rose. 1

Jesus and His friends climbed these steps to go into the city. They were singing songs to praise God. What songs do you like to sing to God ? 2

This is the Golden Gate. Jesus entered this gate riding on a donkey. People shouted, “Hosanna ! Hosanna in the highest !” 3

During Passover, Jesus ate dinner with His friends in a room like this one. He said, “Love one another as I love you.”


After dinner, Jesus and His friends went out to the Garden of Olives to pray. Some of the olive trees in this picture were alive back then. 5

Some soldiers took Jesus and put Him in a dark and cold pit like this. Jesus still prayed and trusted God. What do you say to God when you are hurt ? 6

Leaders asked Jesus questions. They did not want people to believe Jesus was sent by God. Some soldiers hit Jesus on hard stone like this. Jesus said, “God forgive them.” 7

Jesus carried His own cross through the streets. Jesus never did anything wrong, but He was punished. 8

This is Calvary, where Jesus died on the cross. Today the stone is inside a church. On the cross Jesus asked God to forgive all the bad things we have done. 9

This is an old tomb in Jerusalem. Jesus' friends were very sad when His body was put in the tomb. “How could God's son die ?” they wondered. 10

On the third day, some of Jesus' friends went to visit the tomb. It was empty ! The women told Jesus' other friends the good news : Jesus was alive !


Jesus is still alive today. He is in heaven and in our hearts. You can pray to Jesus and ask for His help. He will be there when you need Him. 12


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Little Mustard Seed Library BOOK 3 Little Mustard Seed Library books are written for all ages, especially beginning readers. Read these books aloud & talk about them ! Mustard Seed Training created this set of high-interest religious books to promote reading, prayer, and peace. You can download copies at We recognize that there is a lot of debate about the exact locations and timing of the events of Jesus' life. There is evidence for and against the statements in this book. Our goal is simply to help readers of all ages imagine what Jesus might have experienced in Jerusalem by showing them how similar places look today. CR ED I T S Photos were taken on a 2019 pilgrimage to Jerusalem by pastor Quincy Wheeler. They were originally shared as a series of Facebook posts, then adapted for the Mustard Seed Library. Cracked Stone and Empty Tomb on pages 9 & 11 taken by Ray White on the same trip, used with permission. Jeruzalem, de berg Zion on page 4 taken by Willem can de Poll, public domain. Meagen Farrell of Mustard Seed Training edited and produced the series.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 3.0

Word Count 307

Flesch Reading Ease 90.3

Subjects: Travel, Religion

JESUS IN JERUSALEM invites you to think about what Jesus may have seen, heard, and felt during His death and resurrection. Written and photographed by Pastor Quincy Wheeler. He lives in Ohio with his wife and children. They see the Risen Christ everywhere they walk and talk, even today. Many thanks to the East Ohio United Methodist Foundation for funding his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Pastor Quincy tasting Saint Peter's Fish from the Sea of Galilee

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