Jesus in Bethlehem and Judea

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This is Bethlehem today. 1

Shepherds watched sheep on these hills near Bethlehem. 2

Angels told the shepherds a special baby was born in Bethlehem. 3

Today we remember where Jesus was born in Bethlehem.


We remember Jesus was a special baby.


Imagine baby Jesus sleeping here. This is a manger where animals eat. 6

Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus across this desert to keep Him safe in Egypt. 7

John the Baptist went across the desert to pray at the River Jordan.


John the Baptist told people about God. They went in the water to promise to love God more. 9

Jesus came to the River Jordan. Jesus took off His shoes. John the Baptist dipped Jesus in the water.


The Holy Spirit came like a dove. A voice said, “This is my Son. Listen to Him.”


Today we remember baby Jesus was special. We remember He is the son of God. 12

PLACES & PEOPLE B et hlehem

River Jo rda n

E gypt


Jo seph

Jo hn (B a pt ist )

Ma ry

Little Mustard Seed Library BOOK 1 Little Mustard Seed Library books are written for all ages, especially beginning readers. Read these books aloud & talk about them ! Mustard Seed Training created this set of high-interest religious books to promote reading, prayer, and peace. You can download copies at We recognize that there is a lot of debate about the exact locations and timing of the events of Jesus' life. There is evidence for and against the statements in this book. Our goal is simply to help readers of all ages imagine how the birthplace and baptism of Jesus might have looked by showing how similar places look today. CR ED I T S Photos were taken on a 2019 pilgrimage to Jerusalem by pastor Quincy Wheeler. They were originally shared as a series of Facebook posts, then adapted for the Mustard Seed Library. Meagen Farrell of Mustard Seed Training edited and produced the series.

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Subjects: Travel, Religion

JESUS IN BETHLEHEM AND JUDEA invites you to imagine the life of Jesus from His birth in Bethlehem until His baptism in the River Jordan. Written and photographed by Pastor Quincy Wheeler. He lives in Ohio with his wife and children. They see the Risen Christ everywhere they walk and talk, even today. Many thanks to the East Ohio United Methodist Foundation for funding his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Pastor Quincy tasting Saint Peter's Fish from the Sea of Galilee

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