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CRAIG GOULD RELEASES SECOND SINGLE "CAPTAIN OF THE SEAS" Taken from his debut album set for release in Spring 2022, Craig Gould introduces his second single release - a song that's as equal in beauty as it is in heartbreak - the compelling folk narrative "Captain of the Seas" "It was just after lunch. I called my wife, telling her something wasn't right. My heart was beating out of my chest. I didn't know what was happening. I was scared. I told her I was coming home, said goodbye, and made my way to get the train. I was meant to head to an important work trip, and being a proud man holding a senior management role, I didn't want to let anyone down; I thought a good night's sleep would sort me out and I'd be back at work tomorrow. As I got to the platform I started to feel like I was on fire. I felt heat travelling up me like never before. I pulled my coat off, but it made no difference. Sweat was pouring out of me and I felt like I was burning alive. I began to panic. I needed help. I began to look around for someone, anyone, then it started to go blurry and dark, darker and darker. I was terrified. The next thing I remember was asking myself why it was so cold. Had my wife turned the heating off? It felt so cold in bed? I wasn't in bed. I was on Platform 9 of Birmingham New St, covered in blood, with rail staff and paramedics around me trying to keep me conscious..." That was in November of 2016. Craig collapsed and hit his head off a concrete platform. He was admitted to hospital, with checks revealing that despite a heavy blow to his skull, he hadn't sustained any damage, or had a stroke as was first suspected. He was discharged from hospital that same day, only later being diagnosed with a severe mental breakdown due to stress and exhaustion. Burnout, followed by depression, crippling anxiety and PTSD. It took Craig years to get better, and he has always maintained that he only got through those darkest of days because of the family and friends he had supporting him.

Not all people have that support, and they are the ones who are not so fortunate to pull through. Craig knew how close he had been to the other side. It was this stark truth that inspired Craig to begin his project, and what leads us to his second single - "Captain of the Seas" - which is being released 5 years to the month of Craig's hospital admission. "I wanted to turn the anniversary date into a date to celebrate what we're trying to do and how far we've come. We can show people that you can get through those times, but we need to look out for ourselves AND each other" Featured Artists on the song include: BLÁNID: Guest vocals by this incredible talent, who's debut single "Fools Gold" received airplay on BBC R1, as well as being a featured artist on Netflix's "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf" ANNA CORCORAN: Anna again joins us on piano with her beautiful style and work. Anna has performed on recordings with Laura Marling and Robert Vincent. RUN REMEDY: The supreme multi-instrumentalist and folk singer/songwriter brings the whole story to life with her haunting violin. MILES MYERSCOUGH-HARRIS: Produced, mixed and mastered by this wonderful human at Under the Apple Tree Studios, UK. All of the profits from this release will be donated to CALM Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity that Craig is very proud to be working in partnership with. The song will be available in digital format for streaming and purchase from all reputable online music sources now. Artwork by


REVIEW Killer - 50 years later.

Pale Wizard Records launch 50 Years Later series with Alice Cooper, Killer - 50 years later. The Grand Mal, Green Lung, 1968, Ritual King, Mos Generator & More collaborate on the project.

The track list and artists for 'Killer: 50 Years Later'. 1. Under My Wheels (Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin) Performed by Green Lung 2. Be My Lover (Michael Bruce) Performed by The Grand Mal 3. Halo of Flies (Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith) Performed by Sergeant Thunderhoof 4. Desperado (Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce) Performed by Ritual King 5. You Drive Me Nervous (Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Bob Ezrin) Performed by 1968 6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce) Performed by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight 7. Dead Babies (Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith) Performed by Mos Generator 8. Killer (Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway) Performed by Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Bonus tracks available on Digital and CD copies 9. I'm Eighteen - Bonus Track Performed by Aluna 10.Billion Dollar Babies - Bonus Track Performed by Suns of Thunder

50 years ago Alice Cooper released the seminal album 'Killer', an album that influenced many bands of the era and beyond and helped to shape the landscape of heavy music. Now after five decades Pale Wizard Records have teamed up a plethora of amazing hard rock, stoner and psych underground acts to revisit Alice Cooper's 'Killer' to mark this milestone entitled 'Killer: 50 Years Later'. Each of the bands have performed their own cover of one of the tracks on the original 1971 release with a further four bonus tracks available on the digital and CD formats. The brainchild of Dan Flitcroft and Tim Hilleard of Pale Wizard Records, the album was created during the Covid pandemic, the bands and record label have overcome many of obstacles to put the tribute together and their hard work had most certainly paid off. With the tracks staying true to the overall feeling of the original, there are additional stylistic changes added that give each recording it's own unique sound. Alice Cooper fans will be sure to love the new renditions of their favourite tracks such as 'Desperado' (Ritual King), 'Killer' (Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell) to the epic 'Hale Of Flies' (Sergeant Thunderhoof). With the added bonus tracks, Pale Wizard Records have managed to successfully create a modern day tribute to a classic album. What better tribute is there than having so many bands influenced by your music, performing their own versions of the songs they love?

11. Muscle of Love - Bonus Track Performed by Possessor 12. Sick Things - Bonus Track Performed by Sound of Origin

GET YOURS NOW. Available right now on CD and Vinyl via Pale Wizard Records' website.


With stunning artwork created by Sara-Jane Swettenham, this really is the complete package. A fantastic album made all the more amazing by the fact it was put together in the middle of a global pandemic, proving that great music can overcome the greatest of challenges.


Release Brand New Single 'Hometown' Taken From Their Highly-Anticipated New Album Homesick Out 2022 on Polydor Records

Coming in fresh off the back of a rapturous sold out UK headline tour, Sea Girls waste no time in today dropping their brilliant new single 'Hometown' - taken from their highly-anticipated new album Homesick - out early 2022 on Polydor. Fully encapsulating the spirit of the record, 'Hometown' is an album opener to be proud of. Written on frontman Henry Camamile's first day home during the pandemic, it's an epic statement of intent, with Killerssized hooks – but one that's also real, grounded and focused on teenage high times in the flatlands of Lincolnshire. "'Hometown' is one of the most important songs I've written. It defines my philosophy." says Henry. "While writing songs for the new album, I had this intense love for life. Hometown is about people I knew growing up that aren't around anymore. I'm saying 'I see you' - it's a nod to them. I'm grateful for life and I am not going to jeopardise it in any way." A band well and truly into their stride, having sold out 1,000 copies of their zoetrope picture disc in hours,Sea Girls recently wrapped up what can only be described as one of the most highly-anticipated tours of the moment. Nearly two years in the making, the boys tore up eleven sold out shows, including a packed-to-the-rafters O2 Academy Brixton, with The Telegraph stating that the "show felt like the start of something brilliant and modern". Their debut album Open Up Your Head was also recently officially certified as a 'BRIT Breakthrough' album by the BPI having achieved over 30,000 OCC sales on a debut album. The band have also unveiled their special mini documentary 'Homesick At Night For Brixton' that lands today. Directed by band friend and long term collaborator Thomas Davis, the mini documentary features fan interviews and live performance clips from the band's recent sold out hometown Brixton Academy headline show.

Sea Girls - Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson and Oli Khan, deliver thirteen measures of guitar driven pop brilliance including 2 bonus Deluxe tracks. A deeply personal record, lead singer Henry Camamile returned to his childhood home in Lincolnshire at the wake of the pandemic, finding himself having to address and reflect on events from his past, both good and bad. A cathartic process, Henry leaves nothing to the imagination with his astute storytelling and candid lyrics. Delving into some of his darkest moments, the uplifting album comes as a sense of relief, a gratefulness for survival. Lyrically raw and packed to the brim with hooks, the band step into new realms with an added sense of maturity and a bigger ambitious sounding record. Teaming long-term producer Larry Hibbitt with Grammy Award winning Producers Jacknife Lee, Jonny Coffer and Cass Lowe to coproduce the record, Henry reflects on the process: "Imagine us locked down in the studio in rainy Brixton working with the producers remotely on the album in California's Topanga Canyon. That clashing of worlds is the sound of this record, the DNA. Making an album this way, remotely and 5000 miles apart, was a crazy idea and shouldn't have worked, but it did." Sea Girls, one of the most exciting guitar bands to have emerged in recent times, are the torchbearers for the next wave. Delivering singalong anthems for the masses, the band's journey is well and truly on its way. Search: @seagirls on Instagram, Twitter, facebook and sonicseagirls on TikTok


SHOWING NO SIGNS OF TAKING HIS FEARLESS FOOT OFF THE PEDAL, OLLY ALEXANDER AKA YEARS & YEARS HAS ANNOUNCED THE NEXT SINGLE FROM THE FORTHCOMING ALBUM ‘NIGHT CALL’. ‘SWEET TALKER’ PREMIERED MOMENTS AGO AS CLARA AMFO’S HOTTEST RECORD ON BBC R1 AND IS A HIGH ENERGY, HIGH OCTANE SMASH WHICH IS SURE TO FLOOD FESTIVE DANCE FLOORS WITH PURE FUN AND UNABASHED FRIVOLITY. Olly Alexander also confirmed with Clara that Years & Years will see out 2021 in style with a music extravaganza as BBC One plays host to The Big New Years & Years Eve Party that the entire nation is invited to. Years & Years will be joined by some very special guests guaranteeing to leave viewers starstruck as pop superstar Kylie Minogue and the legendary Pet Shop Boys join the party, with lots more surprises in store too. “I can’t quite believe the BBC are letting me entertain and party with the great British public this new years (&years) eve!!!” Olly comments. “I’m so excited!! I feel hugely privileged to be bringing in the new year for everybody tuning in, I promise it’s going to be an extremely fun and unforgettable televisual experience! I’ll be performing all my hits and collaborating with some iconic extra special guests, you can expect choreography, vocals, lights, outfits and wild joyful abandon! ” For new single ‘Sweet Talker’, Olly teams up with dance music giants Galantis in an ode to all the verbal virtuoso’s out there texting sweet nothings and promising the world, but seeing none of it through. Ghosting is part of modern romance but Olly won’t settle for it so decided to reclaim the narrative of his own encounters and relationships gone sour. Setting a new standard for songwriting in dance music since 2009, Galantis is a collaborative project led by Christian Karlsson aka Bloodshy (Little Mix, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Britney Spears). Years & Years’ third album ‘Night Call’ was announced recently with the new track ‘Crave’, alongside an incredible video featuring Olly and cast-mates from ‘It’s A Sin’ – the year’s definitive TV show, having recently won Best New Drama at the National Television Awards. Olly also recently teamed up with Kylie on the joyous ‘Second To Midnight’, the lead single from Minogue’s ‘Disco: Guest List Edition’ (and also featuring on the deluxe version of ‘Night Call’ upon its January 22nd release). The latest run of news saw the announcement of ‘The Night Call Tour’ for 2022 featuring a London date at The SSE Arena, Wembley. MUSIC NEWS MONTHLY

From its iconic artwork to its euphoric, rejuvenated sound, ‘Night Call’ is a thrilling new chapter for Years & Years. Throughout, Olly Alexander uses his platform to push the boundaries of mainstream superstardom, with a sound as inspired by pioneering figures like Sylvester as it is the club-ready world of French House. At the centre of it all is that mermaid of a muse: a beautiful icon luring men to their death, on an album partly about those searching for love (or a lover) but ultimately finding power in themselves. Embodying the new perspective of a character – like Ritchie in ‘It’s A Sin’ - also deeply influenced Olly’s songwriting, with songs that blur the line between fantasy and reality but are bound together by their explorations of queer life. Hedonistic and escapist, ‘Night Call’ captures that joy and anticipation of going out precisely because, says Olly, “I was writing from a fantastical space, stuck in the same four walls. I wanted to have as much pleasure as possible in the music.” As Years & Years, Olly Alexander has become one of the world’s most trailblazing modern pop stars. Across two hugely successful albums to date, the singer, actor, fashion icon and cultural vanguard has earned 5 Brit Award nominations, surpassed 4.4 billion global streams, and played triumphant shows ranging from Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage to The SSE Arena (with a homecoming date there now confirmed as part of 2022’s tour). Along the way, Olly has also become a fearless, once-in-a-generation voice on important discussions around mental health, and issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community all of which, in its own way, has taken him to ‘Night Call’, and the most essential Years & Years album to date. 'THE NIGHT CALL TOUR' DATES 19.05.2022 || Brighton || Brighton Centre 20.05.2022 || Bournemouth || Bournemouth International Centre 21.05.2022 || Birmingham || Birmingham Resorts World Arena 26.05.2022 || London || The SSE Arena, Wembley 28.05.2022 || Manchester || AO Arena Manchester 24.06.2022 || Dublin || The National Museum of Ireland 25.06.2022 || Glasgow || Colourboxx, Bellahouston Parkx

Listen to Sweet Talker at MUSIC NEWS MONTHLY


Danish duo ALSACE return to the new music scene to unveil ‘Gimme Love’ – the first single and teaser from their forthcoming debut album. With an addictive 70’s pop nostalgia, ‘Gimme Love’ weaves seductive basslines with warming synths, finessed with the smooth vocals of Kristoffer Juul as the final superb touch. A sleek, modern disco track, ‘Gimme Love’ explores the euphoric highs of meeting someone new and the thrills of those dreamy relationship early days. Speaking on the track, ALSACE (Kristoffer Juul and Emil Lyngdorf Steffensen) said “’Gimme Love’ is a song about meeting someone new and amazing. Someone who takes you places you’ve never been before, places inside yourself that you could never imagine existed. At first it seems frightening and intimidating but every fibre in your body drags you towards it and there’s no way you cannot tag along - the ‘what if’s’ are simply too exciting.” ‘Gimme Love’ follows on from the energetic grooves of ‘Air France’ which rounded up over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. Crafting a slew of new releases while sharing studio time with Daniel Lynas (A$AP Rocky, Kanye West) and Grammy-nominated Chris Geringher (Drake, Rihanna), ALSACE look set to excel into mainstream acclaim – destined for further attention and column inches in 2022. Garnering hundreds-of-thousands of listeners in such early-doors, ALSACE are a sure-fire one to watch in the new year as fans eagerly await their forthcoming debut album.


FOLLOWING THE 50TH ANNIVERSARIES OF THE ERADEFINING ALBUMS 'TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN' AND 'MONA BONE JAKON' IN 2020, YUSUF / CAT STEVENS CELEBRATES THE SUCCEEDING ALBUM THAT IMMORTALISED HIS STATUS AS A FORERUNNER IN THE SINGERSONGWRITER MOVEMENT. THE 1971 MULTI-PLATINUM SELLING LANDMARK RECORD 'TEASER AND THE FIRECAT' IS CELEBRATED WITH A NEW 50TH ANNIVERSARY SUPER DELUXE EDITION BOX SET, AVAILABLE NOW VIA UMC / ISLAND RECORDS. To mark the release a new music video for "Morning Has Broken" is now available. Created under Yusuf's direction, the video brings together contemporaneous images of Cat Stevens in 1971, included in the new Super Deluxe Edition box set. "Morning Has Broken" was adapted from a traditional hymn with words by British author Eleanor Farjeon. The song's message beautifully reflected Cat's growing spiritual awareness in the early 1970s; a sense of wonderment, awe and gratitude for the miracle of creation is expressed through praise for the coming of the new day. Cat arranged the song, giving it his own inimical sense of style and passion and invited Rick Wakeman of YES to record the now legendary piano part.

"Morning Has Broken" has now been streamed hundreds of millions of times across streaming platforms, with the Teaser and the Firecat album now clocking up a total of over a billion streams.

The album was the biggest selling in Australia in 1972, and was also awarded the first Gold Cassette in the country. Cat Stevens achieved phenomenal success with his early work, but it was 'Teaser and the Firecat', his third LP with Island Records, that propelled Cat Stevens into superstardom, spawning some of his most unforgettable hits including "Moonshadow", "Peace Train" and "Morning Has Broken"; songs by a youthful spiritual seeker, wise beyond his years that would lay the pretext for a poignant new wave of soulful troubadours and poets. Later, "The Wind" would see 'Teaser and the Firecat' celebrated anew, rising to prominence following the song's use in Wes Anderson's much celebrated film 'Rushmore' as well as the Oscar-winning Cameron Crowe film, 'Almost Famous'. Through his spell-binding gift for songwriting and his introspective vision, Cat delivered a universal sense of hope and peace in 'Teaser and the Firecat' that still resonates profoundly to this day.

Half a century later, 'Teaser and the Firecat' has been given the ultimate treatment in a brand new Super Deluxe Edition set; the most in-depth and definite version of the album possible. Presented in a remastering of of Yusuf's original artwork, the release includes: 41 previously unreleased audio tracks and 21 live video performances on disc for the first time, amongst an entire CD and LP of studio demos and alternate mixes; a stunning 44-page, 12" soft cover replica of the original 'Teaser and the Firecat' book, hand written and illustrated by Yusuf in 1972, and now featuring text in 10 languages; and a 108 page hard-cover 12" essay book, alongside a host of other rarities across 4CDs, Blu-Ray, 2 LPs and 7" vinyl. The set is presented in a rigid clamshell box and is the latest in a series of boxsets - so far consisting of 'Back To Earth', 'Mona Bone Jakon' and Tea for the Tillerman' - that celebrate the albums in full depth with the direct involvement and direction of Yusuf and his son Yoriyos, who curates and designs each boxset. Also available is a slimmed down version of the Super Deluxe Edition, including the 108 page book in a soft cover format, along with the 4CDs and Blu-ray, housed in a rigid slipcase. Other 50th Anniversary reissue formats include a 2CD Deluxe Edition, plus 1CD and 1LP Remasters. The 50th anniversary remaster of the album was mixed by David Hefti on CD and LP, the Super Deluxe Edition also includes a CD of previously unreleased studio material and bonus tracks, an alternate version of the album on

LP, as well as a third and fourth CD featuring 23 live performances from 1971. The 50th Anniversary remaster was completed at Abbey Road Studios, and was overseen by original album producer, Paul Samwell-Smith. The set includes a remastered 7" single of "Moonshadow", backed with a previously unreleased Spike Milligan narration of the track from the 1977 'Teaser and the Firecat' animated video. The 50th anniversary edition also includes an exclusive vinyl LP, tracklisted with 5 live performances at Montreux in 1971 and six BBC Recordings, as well as a Blu-Ray disc featuring a restored version of the 1977 animated video for "Moonshadow", a live performance of "The Wind" from 2020, plus 21 live TV performances. Also featured in the collection is "Bitterblue²", a newly recorded version of the classic 'Teaser' album track. Yusuf's rich vocal, sung a full octave lower than the original, imparts a new sense of experience and gravity to the song whose lyrics seem to resonate with a whole new level of meaning: "I've been waiting a long time/To be back beyond." Alongside the 50th anniversary 'Teaser and the Firecat' celebrations, 2021 has seen Yusuf / Cat Stevens partner with New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds to

produce Peace Train, a children's book celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic song's original release. Featuring joyful illustrations and the timeless lyrics of the much-loved peace anthem, this hopeful picture book – now a New York Times bestseller itself – continues Yusuf's commitment to children's education and shared love for people of all cultures and identities. Elsewhere, July 2021 saw a special Record Store Day release of the 1971 'Harold And Maude' soundtrack, featuring iconic songs from 'Tea for the Tillerman' and 'Mona Bone Jakon' and, 'If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out' and 'Don't Be Shy'. 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Editions of 'Teaser and the Firecat' are available now via UMC / Island.



LIVE Festive fun in Newcastle from the legendary rockers.

The Darkness played a full set featuring ‘Givin’ Up’, ‘Black Shuck’ and ‘Friday Night’ which were received as you would expect from a fanbase that knows every word of every song from their back catalogue. It was great to see that their new tracks have also gone down well with their fans, with tracks like ‘Sticky Situations’, ‘Its Love, Jim’ and ‘Eastbound’ all getting a great reception from the Newcastle crowd. The Darkness have managed to do something that many bands struggle with when creating a new album that tours so well alongside their established tracks.



After such a long time away from performing live thanks to recent world events, it is no surprise that Dan, Frankie, Rufus, and Justin appear to be loving every second of their tour, and it shows. You could see in the faces of the audience that this show was exactly what they needed. Topping off the set with ‘Get Your Hands Off My Woman’ and their massive hit ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ the band left the stage. There had been many outfit changes during KID BRUNSWICK the show, from black leather to spangly gold pants, but nothing quite like the outfit change taking place as the crowd cheered for more.

What does the world need now more than ever? Rock and roll, of course, and a ruddy good laugh. It is serendipitous that the antidote to your worldly woes has been touring the UK, spreading happiness and joy with every string pluck. Rock icons The Darkness have been touring with their brand-new shiny album, ‘Motorheart’ and we were lucky enough to catch their show at Newcastle’s O2 Academy. ‘Motorheart’ is the band’s seventh studio album and feels as fresh as their first. On a cold December evening, the good people of Newcastle filled the Academy, with people of all ages, eager to get their fix of live music to warm the cockles. There was a definite buzz in the air as the crowd waited for the support act, ‘Massive Wagons’ to take the stage. The Lancastrian rockers got the crowd going with a high energy set featuring ‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’, ‘Pressure’ and ‘Bangin in Your Stereo’. Vocalist Barry "Baz" Mills gave it his all and really got the crowd pumped up. A great band with a dedicated following of their own, Massive Wagons showed Newcastle how to rock a room. Check out Massive Wagons at . The crowd were suitably warmed up and ready for headliners The Darkness to kick their proverbial butts with a set crammed full of old school ‘classics’ alongside tracks from their new album ‘Motorheart’. As the house lights dimmed and the intro to ‘Welcome Tae Glasgae’ played, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. As the band walked on stage, the crowd went wild with cheers and whooping from all corners of the theatre. 'Welcome Tae Glasgae' is the opening track on the album and makes for a great show opener. Going straight from Glasgae into ‘One Way Ticket To Hell', the band kept the momentum going with ‘Growing On Me’ getting the crowd well and truly rocking the house down. Lead vocalist Justin Hawkins has got crowd interaction down to a fine art. There are few bands who connect more with their fans than The Darkness. At one point, a flat cap made its way onto the stage. After briefly acknowledging it as a traditional Geordie flat cap, Justin took a run up and booted it back into the audience to rapturous applause. A member of the audience very kindly threw him a bottle of hand sanitiser to help kill off those bugs.


To the delight of everyone, The Darkness came back to the stage, dressed in some pretty special outfits. Frankie was dressed in a massive princess outfit, Dan donned a pretty snazzy Marshall Christmas jumper, and Rufus appeared back behind the drums dressed as a Christmas tree. Justin was dressed in red and wearing a Santa hat as he sang a rendition of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ which the crowd took over, singing the line ‘I’ll save it for someone special’ to which Justin replied ‘You guys are special to me’ before belting out the opening to the final song of the night, ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)'. With the crowd thoroughly rocked and also rolled, The Darkness left the stage. The people of Newcastle and beyond can sleep well at night, safe in the knowledge that live rock music is in good hands thanks to The Darkness. A fantastic performance, as always, from a group that never gets stale. The UK leg of the tour continues with shows in Nottingham, Birmingham, and London before they head off to Europe and the USA in 2022. Their new album, ‘Motorheart’ and tickets for their tour are available right now. Visit for more information.

Massive Wagons

All photos copyright David Weddle 2021


release debut EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ alongside latest single ‘Freaky Love’

Speaking about the EP, vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford states: “I think this EP signifies a new era for us, even despite us being a new band. The newer songs somehow seem to reflect our identity as we’ve become more accustomed to finding our sound. It’s the spark in the long awaited ignition of us as we are now, a more hard hitting version of ourselves. “It’s a collection of stories and experiences that are there to be absorbed by the listener and to provide some escapism from this crazy world for a few minutes. The songs have been tested so many times live now that we’ve been dying to capture their essence and give the people something to take home with them and keep forever. This is just the start of the archive.” Prior to the release of ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ comes it’s third single ‘Freaky Love’, due for release December 10th. Lyrically, the track sees the band exploring the conversation of individualism and “celebrating the weird”. Freaky Love is “a haven for outcasts, acting as a hub to confide in the ‘freakiness’ of eachothers deep desires”, explains Rainsford.

​ ormed in 2019 by Oli Rainsford, Dan Smith and Harry Pritchard, Krooked Tongue is F a Bristol-based alternative-rock three-piece known for their frenetic live shows and brooding lyrical commentary. The trio are set to release their long-awaited debut EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ on February 11th 2022. Krooked Tongue released their debut single ‘I Wanna Steal Your Car’ in 2019 to critical acclaim, which soon saw them embarking on their first UK tour. Interest in the band quickly grew, leading them to establish working relationships with the likes of ENTS 24 and Laney Amps. 2020 saw the cancellation of their second UK tour and the postponement of shows alongside the likes of Dinosaur Pile-Up and Turbowolf, as well as festival slots at Boardmasters and 2000 Trees. They’ve instead spent the last year honing in on a more refined studio sound with Josh Gallop of Phoxjaw at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, working to help replicate their formidable live act. The product of their recording efforts comes in the form of ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ their four-track debut EP due for release February 11th. Each track is a standalone single in it’s own right, resulting in an all killer, no filler affair. Throughout the course of the EP, listeners are taken on a journey through a collection of stories, each as lyrically visceral as the next. Dripping with Krooked Tongue’s signature swagger, the EP in its entirety is a brazen example of the band’s new musical direction and what’s to come; Bursting with walls of distorted grungefuelled riffs, aggressive basslines, tight, punchy drums and Rainsford’s sinister, crooning vocals.


Freaky Love sounds like sex personified. Combining threatening bass notes, hypnotic hooks, addictively heavy riffs and lust-filled lyrics “Ooo all your freaky love, yeah it turns me on, all that weird love, you’re a freak and more” which Rainsford chants in a throaty, soulful murmur. Freaky Love is due for release December 10th and will be available on all major platforms. EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’ will be released on February 11th 2022 and will be available on all major platforms. KROOKED TONGUE ARE: Oli Rainsford - Vocals, Bass Dan Smith - Guitar Harry Pritchard - Drums


Rate My Takeaway Releases a Christmas (knacker) cracker

In his YouTube videos Danny is always warm and welcoming to his fans when they recognise him, even inviting them to come and get a selfie with him. With everything that we have all experienced over the last year or two, 'Santas Takeaway' is the perfect tonic. Funny and foot tappingly fun, Danny and his team have smashed it out of the park with this festive delight. The track is co-written with Jin Jin and produced by Toddla T and Keys by Adrian McLeod. The video was created with Josh Gudgeon & The Team at Get Your Media General release from 3rd of December 2021, you can check out 'Santas Takeaway' by visiting Available on all major music streaming platforms.

Now then guys! What is in store for you ears this Christmas? Well everybody's favourite takeaway reviewer and YouTuber, Danny aka Rate My Takeaway has recorded a real festive treat for his fans and followers. His debut single 'Santas Takeway' is a little Christmas (knacker) cracker. Recorded with the help of his merry elves and of course Cameraman, Danny has created the quintessential feel good Christmas track. Could it make the number one spot? Why not? It is certainly catchy enough, in fact at the time of writing I am still singing it.

Proceeds from the track will help to support The Trussell Trust and MIND, you can find out more about the charities by visiting their websites: and FOLLOW DANNY ON:





Not only has Danny created a great track, he has only gone and made a video for it as well! The video features the now world famous table and chair along with a polar bear, a sleigh and of course the man himself - Santa of course. The video also sees Danny meeting some of his fans which is something that he clearly loves to do.


NEW REVIEW Taking a look at a failing relationship and the realisation that it just isn't working, the lyrics highlight the differences that have driven the relationship apart. 'Not On The Same Page' is full of stunning vocal harmonies which underpin the track. A great piece to wrap up a great EP.

CONTRAST We review the latest E.P. 'Turn The Page'

'Turn The Page' is just over thirteen minutes long and its thirteen minutes well spent. Contrast certainly have a gift for telling a story and the talent needed to make it engaging. Definitely one to watch. 'Turn The Page' is available to stream right now. For more information visit



Contrast are: Lead Vocals & Guitar: JG Bass: Will P Guitars & BV's: Huw MJ Drums: Corey McM

Songs written by JG & produced by Alex Quinn

'Turn The Page' is the latest EP released by Contrast. A four track exploration of modern times. Kicking off with 'Modern War', the band delve into the contentious issue of fake news, media influence and the effects it has on societies across the world. ​A great opener with a steady beat and great guitar work ' Modern War' is Green Dayesque in its sound, particularly on the vocals. Taking a step into a more upbeat tempo, 'Uncertain Times' takes a more personal viewpoint on the effects of the pressure in today's world. Carrying on the theme of modernity 'Uncertain Times' is a realistic assessment of society as it currently is. It is a toe tapper for sure and a great example of Contrast's musical ability. Taking a step further into the EP, track 3 'Born Out Of Line' is a cracker. An outstanding vocal performance and a chorus so catchy you'd make your local fisherman green with envy, it makes 'Crisis' an instant classic. Contrast have obviously worked hard on the composition and production of the track, and that hard work shows. Mastered at the famous Abbey Road studios, Contrast have certainly followed in the footsteps of rock royalty and made their own mark on the music world. Contrast top off the EP with a stunning little number, 'Not On The Same Page'.





Pop icon Anastacia has announced her 'I'm Outta Lockdown – The 22nd Anniversary' European tour. Pre-sale begins 24th November, general on sale 26th November at 10am Via Kicking off in Switzerland, the huge European tour has stops in Rome, Berlin and Oslo, before heading back for a UK leg which includes a massive date at London's Hammersmith Eventim Apollo on November 8th 2022. The mega voice behind massive hits including multi-platinum 'I'm Outta Love' and 'Left Outside Alone', Anastacia is one of the most recognisable voices of our time. The tour is Anastacia's first since 2018 in support of her seventh studio album 'Evolution', which became her sixth album to reach the UK Top 10. In October 2021, Anastacia took part in and won The Masked Singer Australia. To date, Anastacia has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

'I'm Outta Lockdown – The 22nd Anniversary' EU/UK dates SEPTEMBER 18 SEP – Switzerland, Geneva Theatre du Leman 19 SEP – Switzerland, Zurich Samsung Hall 21 SEP – Italy, Milan Teatro Arcimboldi 22 SEP – Italy, Rome Teatro Brancaccio 24 SEP – Italy, Catania Teatro Metropolitan 26 SEP - Italy Florence Teatro Verdi 27 SEP – Italy, Bassano del Grappa Palabassano2 29 SEP – Switzerland, Locarno PalaExpo Fevi OCTOBER 01 OCT – Germany, Ulm CCU 02 OCT – Germany, Stuttgart Beethovensaal 04 OCT - Czech Republic, Prague O2 Universum 05 OCT – Germany, Nuremburg Meistersingerhalle 06 OCT – Austria, Vienna Stadthalle F 08 OCT – Germany, Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle 09 OCT – Germany, Dusseldorf Mitsubishi Electric Hall 11 OCT – Germany, Berlin Admiralspalast 12 OCT – Germany, Hannover Kuppelsaal 14 OCT – Germany, Hamburg Laeiszhalle 16 OCT – Sweden, Gothenburg Trädgårn 17 OCT – Norway, Oslo Konserthus 19 OCT – Denmark, Hillerød Royal Stage 21 OCT - The Netherlands, Groningen De Oosterport 22 OCT - The Netherlands, Tilburg O13 24 OCT - The Netherlands, Amsterdam Melkweg 26 OCT – Luxembourg, den Atelier 27 OCT – Belgium, Antwerp De Roma 30 OCT – UK, Basingstoke The Anvil 31 OCT – UK, Brighton Dome NOVEMBER 01 NOV – UK, Birmingham Symphony Hall 03 NOV – UK, Ipswich Regent Theatre 04 NOV – UK, Manchester Bridgewater Hall 06 NOV – UK, Cardiff St David's Hall 08 NOV – UK, London Eventim Apollo 09 NOV – UK, Bath Forum 10 NOV – UK, Oxford New Theatre 12 NOV – UK, Stoke Victoria Hall 13 NOV – UK, Newcastle O2 City Hall 15 NOV – UK, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Tickets go on general sale via Full tour dates/information at



PLANET 'Need More'

Already marking 2022 as one for the ages, PLANET have just announced their debut album Information Overload set to drop in the spring alongside a 13-date UK and Ireland tour. Comprised of Took, guitarist Tommy Peppitt, drummer Harry StewartWeeks and bassist Jimmy Weaver, PLANET’s signature alt-pop sound has captured international acclaim from the likes of ROLLING STONE, NME, CLASH and WONDERLAND alongside over three million Spotify streams to date. Rising in sound and vision with each release, PLANET are geared up for a momentous year that is destined to bring further attention and acclaim. Watch this space 2022 UK and Ireland Tour Dates


One of Sydney’s finest indie exports, PLANET return to the new music scene to unveil latest single and visual ‘Need More’. Another guitar driven delight, ‘Need More’ soars with blazing electrics and luscious drumming for an upbeat indie-rock groove. Lead vocalist and frontman Matty Took delivers another emotive performance, lyrically exploring the need for someone to fill the space in life meant for someone special. Accompanied by a dim, red-hued video where we see the quartet’s friendship bond, it visually mirrors the heavier rock-edged sound from the band, contrasting to some of their previous dream-pop anthems. Speaking on the track, Took said “‘Need More’ has been in the vault for a few years but pretty much with only the pre-chorus done. There were a few variations of it slow, fast, folky... ultimately, we decided to revamp it with a fat beat and big guitar strums.”

11th May – The Garage, London 15th May – Gorilla, Manchester 16th May – The Castle and Falcon, Birmingham 17th May – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 19th May – Leadmill, Sheffield 20th May – G2, Glasgow 21st May – The Mash House, Edinburgh 22nd May – Riverside, Newcastle 24th May – O2 Academy, Liverpool 25th May – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham 26th May – Thekla, Bristol 27th May – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

28th May – The Grand Social, Dublin

Guitarist Tommy Peppitt added “It’s the first time we’ve had a piano feature more prominently on a track. We also explored the synth world a bit and tried to push the song a bit further sonically. For me, it’s definitely a bit of a curveball track on the album and I can’t wait to play it live.” On the inspiration behind the video, the band said “Out of all the singles, we wanted this track to have a clip that focused on lighting a bit more and re-creating that feeling of being at a live show. It was directed by Paul Liddle and produced by Jeremy Hancock from HOWL production company. They took our simple idea and helped heaps in bringing it to life. Was a really fun clip to shoot.”


"Didn't Want To Fall In Love With You"

FUTURERADIOBAND.CO.ZA Following the successful releases of the first two singles from their upcoming second studio album, Identity, Future Radio is moving at an accelerated pace with the latest addition, Didn't Want To Fall In Love With You. Not only will this be the bands most commercial release of 2021, but through combining several social media campaigns and creative follower involvement strategies, it also promises to be their biggest. Whilst staying within the rock genre, Future Radio is evolving and showing diversity with this pop-punk inspired track, reminiscent of songs by Machine Gun Kelly and Blink 182. The track embodies a catchy secondary guitar hook, a half-time bridge breakdown, characterised by contextually relatable lyrics and the value of storytelling. The song revolves around the perils of being friend zoned and falling in love, even though you know you're heading for heartbreak. "I am sure everyone will, in some way or form, relate to this topic": said songwriter and vocalist, Johnny Future. He further disclosed that the first songs he learned to play on the guitar were punk songs, so this was a bit of a full-circle moment for him. Drikus Roets, the visual creator behind the animations, gave us an exciting peek into what will happen in the next video. "In this episode, our protagonist is faced with various challenges, hardships and setbacks. Will he be able to overcome them and ultimately shape his identity?". Similarly, Future Radio achieves their unique vision of being unrestrained by the typical confines of music-making by remaining authentic and creating their own identity within the industry. Their previous releases, "Towards The Sun" and "State of Emergency" has been very well received by both the industry and their devoted fanbase. Some highlights include being playlisted on numerous radio stations as well as both songs being playlisted on official Spotify playlist. The band gave word that this will be the last release for 2021 but they look forward to working with new strategic partners in the upcoming months and will continue sharing their journey on all social media platforms.


London EC24 4NE







Written by Sebastian Kole (Alicia Keys, Alessia Cara) and produced by GRAMMY® Award-Winning producer Neff-U (Michael Jackson, Doja Cat). “It’s about falling for someone but reminding them and yourself that you won’t allow them to play you, no matter how hard you fall,” says AiyanaLee. “You might just end up breaking their heart instead.” Aiyana-Lee is no stranger to reinventing herself. At 15, Aiyana-Lee and her mother moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being a singer, writer and performer. Combining elements of pop, R&B and soul with poignant, heartfelt lyrics, Aiyana-Lee’s powerhouse vocals have already captivated listeners and amassed nearly 3 million streams of her recent single “Bedroom” and “Rich Kids,” a fiery exploration of her personal tenacity against materialism and prioritizing self-love. Growing up surrounded by music — her uncle was David Ruffin of The Temptations, and her grandfather was famed American soul singer Jimmy Ruffin — she began singing at age two. Jumping on stage whenever she had the chance, she’d grab the mic and belt out lyrics as a toddler when her mother brought her on tour. An artist whose vocal depth speaks for itself, Aiyana-Lee is the most recent signing to legendary music executive L.A. Reid’s entertainment company HITCO.

The irish post-punk alternative indie rock band, Movment, has just released the single and music video of "We all must go''. Although guitars and bass are at the heart of their sound, it is hard to ignore the electronics that have infiltrated Movment's core. An inquest into the journey to the Big Black River that awaits us, where it's going, nobody knows... We all have to slip into it sometime. We are on the banks of it all the time. It is a journey that is inevitable. We all must go. Movment will release a new album, TRANSFORMATION, on Distort The Scene on 02 December 2021. The lead track from the album is WE ALL MUST GO. The 10 tracks were recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, Ireland & mixed at Milocco, London and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab. Movment are more dark than light, more strong than weak, more direct. Movment make observations on life and living. They mean what they say. There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation, due in December 2021, explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now. It explores What We Are. Movment have been through it before. They examine What Way Should It Be. Their time is NOW! There is nothing we cannot do!

With athletic vocals that are both powerful and emotive, Aiyana-Lee’s voice is a refreshing, powerful sight to behold. Stay tuned for more to come from Aiyana-Lee this Autumn. INSTAGRAM: @aiyanaleeofficial


VONA VELLA Release new single “RAINY DAYS”

Izzy and Dan rushed to the closest studio to get the song recorded and, in the process, they created their band name: We were flicking through a flower encyclopaedia and found 'Vona'; we experimented with lots of words and landed on Vona Vella. Finding the band name was all quite a rush, as we were originally called Izzy and Dan which was very boring. It's pronounced Vona like 'Donna' but with a V. Morcheeba’s remix of “Sun” proved an instant viral hit, racking up 800K+ streams and eventually landing at the ears of none other than Peter Doherty; Peter immediately fell in love with their glorious harmonizing vocals and signed them up to his own label Strap Originals.

Returning after the gripping Autumn single “Driving to L.A”, Leicestershire duo Vona Vella continue to unveil their forthcoming debut EP Go Outside Forever (released Jan 28th) via the tender “Rainy Days” – out via Strap Originals.

Despite still being in the early stages of life as Vona Vella, Izzy and Dan are heavily involved in all aspects of the band and possess a clear artistic vision of who and what Vona Vella is

Defined by stripped back, bare piano production to match the emotionally raw lyrics of “Rainy Days” – which explore coming to terms with the reality of who somebody is as opposed to the fantastical version created of them – the accompanying “Rainy Days” visual offers viewers an intimate opportunity to witness the musical chemistry between Vona Vella (Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham) as they candidly play the song together.A bold contrast to the bright, dreamy, escapist feel of “Driving to L.A” produced by Mike Moore (Baxter Dury, Liam Gallagher), the exquisite piano backdrop composed for “Rainy Days” paired with Vona Vella’s striking harmonies proves a wonderous new side to their multifaceted, versatile sound.

With Vona Vella already achieving significant co-signs from important industry figures recognizing the duo’s potential, it’s clear that the alluring Izzy and Dan are already on to a winning formula – expect plenty more from Vona Vella in 2022 and beyond.

Speaking about “Rainy Days”, Vona Vella said the following: “Rainy Days is about the realisation that you’ve done all you can to help someone, and the only way they can get through their struggles is if they solve them on their own. It’s a struggle from two different perspectives; on one side there’s the person trying to help, without any luck, and on the other side is the other person not listening by trapping themselves inside and the only way to get out is through their own initiative.”

Vona Vella support dates w/ The Libertines:


The release of “Rainy Days” follows the recent announcement that Vona Vella will be joining The Libertines at selected dates of the band’s Giddy Up a Ding Dong Tour – including two at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town – as a huge opportunity which will no doubt continue to expose Vona Vella to future fans. Vona Vella is comprised of twenty-year-old singer, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Izzy Davis and Dan Cunningham. The band officially formed in Autumn 2020, after Ross Godfrey from the band Morcheeba heard their (then-unreleased) single “Sun” and decided to remix it. .


29th November – Birmingham, O2 Academy 4th December – Liverpool, Uni The Mountford Hall 7th December - Leicester, O2 Academy 10th December – London, O2 Forum Kentish Town 11th December - London, O2 Forum Kentish Town 14th December – Nottingham, Rock City


French band Whisper release new single "Fly" and EP details

Whisper is a band that mixes indie folk with the intensity of heavy rock riffs. Their compositions brought them to discover the expression of our modern society, playing together an alternative rock with atmospheric variations. The group's cohesive strength is its different musical origins.

The French band formed by musicians Brice Bach (composer, singer and guitarist), Vianney Carbuccia (bass, arrangements, sound engineer), Julien Nicolas (drums, arrangements), has just finished the structures of 5 songs. Brice started recording some songs at home, then with the (Polydor) producers, at the same time he decided to form a band to record and play live. Thus, the band WHISPER was born.

The trio's first song and music video "Fly" was released on November 15, 2021 on all streaming platforms. Its next release is already scheduled for December 21st and is called "Call My Name". Whisper's first EP, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022, also incorporates some French flair influences into its indie rock (folk) atmosphere.

American metal band Low Gear unleash the heavy new album "Siktunes Redux" Low Gear writes music that comes from their sum total of their experiences . They express it with heavy music. They sing about the reality of being sick , and the reality of letting it go and being an omnipresent power with strength and desire and a drive to have success and achieve in life your dreams and what all humans deserve. And when They show up, its gonna get loud, its gonna get heavy, and your gonna fuckin know who we are. The band released their new official worldwide CD "Siktunes Redux". The first single release was "Mexican Radio" a cover from the monster New Wave Stars "Wall Of Voodoo'' from the 80'sis one of the coolest remakes you'll eer hear. The second single "Chemical Burn" will break your fucking beak. Its heavy rhythmic energetic drive is soon to be a hit , dominating the metal charts. The entire CD is heavy, and solid metal. Low Gear will be streaming their next concert event on New Years Eve, Dec 31st 2021. You can buy your tickets now to the live streaming event now at Check out the bands hub to many other sites . Also you can contact the band directly. The tickets are only $10 dollars to view the extremely awesome live performance by Low Gear. Merch is available at Listen to Low Gear on Spotify or iTunes, or Deezer, Amazon Prime, Napster, Pandora, etc. Watch videos from Low Gear on YouTube. Low Gear recently landed sync licensing deals with Netflix for 2 upcoming shows. And is generating a lot of interest from some major players in the business. Low Gear was brought to life by the drummer/sound engineer, "Gotti." His vision for the band and its sound developed from his life experiences of personal conflict , pain, anger, and his love for music and his expertise in creation. The trials of life early on mirror a great many souls around this world. His grip on reality and desire for success would drive his passion and talents to a creative pinnacle to manifest what is , Low Gear. The members of Low Gear were recruited one by one from some of the best bands in Dallas, Texas. Each position was filled with the exact elements necessary to forge the structure he envisioned. Mucky: Guitarist, long time friend of Gotti and bandmate in previous projects. A rhythmic genius and monster creator of heavy guitar sound signed his inclusion in blood. Goat, Bass Guitar, absolute timing and impeccable precision , his inclusion was set. The creative process was simple, but the professional demands were exhaustive. Sam, Guitars, brimming over with musical creatives that perfectly complimented the music's call for contrast in its modeling process. The Minister Roach, Singer, Frontman, Poet, expressive to a fault, his all contained pain and suffering from a life completely grown from seeds of suffering on display through a window with a sign that read " look at my hell." Reckless and notorious for self destructive and illegal activity. Yet Gotti would hone and direct Roach, and render him a strength and guarantee that life's experiences are to be experienced, then freed, through expression, not to digest and suffer its bitter thorn for eternity. These are the ingredients of Low Gear and its music. Its expression. Its creative design was built with the intention to mirror the pain of life's experiences , those experiences that all lives, all embodied souls on this planet endure. We replicate the emotional fire of living, we contort and form a musical shape with words that are the translation of the musical expression.





EVOLUTIONARY SLEEPER ​releases a fusion between post rock and hardcore in new single.

SUPERDAMNED- 'Waiting For The Night' Superdamned, an alt-rock, poppunk, hard rock three piece from London formed by multiinstrumentalist and singer songwriter Jonathan Wilson. are hitting the airwaves hard with their single 'Waiting For The Night' taken from the forthcoming album 'First Blood'. ​ elodic and heavy with glorious M vocals, Superdamned have a sound that will resonate with most fans of the heavier side of the musical scale. 'Waiting For The Night' is engaging and keeps the old toes tapping from start to finish. Full of energy and clearly talented musically and vocally, Superdamned wouldn't be out of place on anyone's playlist. With 'First Blood' due for release in early 2022 and 'Waiting For The Night' scheduled for release on December 3rd, there is plenty for to look forward to.

A verifiable master of mischief, instrumental Metal mayhem, and savage melody – Evolutionary Sleeper is a one-man army of amplified awesomeness. Exploring the extremities of sound from atmospherically inspired ambience to the fired-up intensity of his professional guitar technique at maximum potential, Evolutionary Sleeper is breaking out of the UK & into the worldwide scene by holding absolutely nothing back. From punishing Hardcore riffs, to the stunning serenity of Post-Rock vibes – the powerful emotion & passion on display throughout Evolutionary Sleeper's music is undeniable; and just as wildly addictive. With his brand-new single "Where Wolves Once Roamed" officially released, Evolutionary Sleeper unleashed his extraordinary hybrid style upon the online realm, exploding into the spotlight with the full support of an absolutely wicked video instantly racking up thousands of hits daily. Through the uncanny connection between the man & his music, Evolutionary Sleeper is generating sound with genuine substance – an authentic bridge across the expanse of music that links its most euphoric melodies directly to the mysterious nature of twisted Metal, exploring every opportunity in between. Ready to seize the momentum of his groundbreaking debut and surge into the years to follow, creating sensory experiences unlike any other – join Evolutionary Sleeper as he redefines the instrumental scene. After introducing a punishing new fusion that expertly blurred the lines between melodic Post-Rock and the extreme intensities of Hardcore/Black Metal sound through a scorching pair of ferocious singles last year – "Where Wolves Once Roamed" & "The Sorrow We Have Sown" – the anonymous UK- based artist known as Evolutionary Sleeper returns to take his hybrid music further into the beyond with a scathing lineup of three tracks on the Labyrinthian EP this December 11, 2021. Only this time, he's not alone. MUSIC NEWS MONTHLY


Released via Sony Music, available digitally on November 24th and have an international physical release on January 28th. The opening track, ‘yoake’, was released a week ahead of the album on November 17th. Regarding the forthcoming album vocalist and guitarist Jean-Ken Johnny says, “We've completed our first studio album in three and a half years. We never stopped during Covid and progressed step by step, resulting in a big gift of a two album series for our fans. For now, here is the first album - we are very happy with the result, including the track listing. Hope you enjoy it.” Break and Cross the Walls I is the band’s sixth studio album and their first since 2018’s Chasing the Horizon. The eagerly-anticipated new full length was originally conceived as an ambitious two-disc set but recording sessions became affected by the prolonged world Covid situation and, so as to not disappoint fans with a longer wait, it was decided to release the set as two consecutive albums. Break and Cross the Walls II is scheduled to be released in spring 2022 as a companion piece to Disc 1. Break and Cross the Walls I includes tracks such as the recently released ‘Merry-Go-Round’, opening theme of the popular TV anime My Hero Academia, Godzilla vs Kong (Japanese edition) movie theme song ‘INTO THE DEEP’, 2020 NHK soccer theme song ‘Change the World’ and ‘Remember Me’, the main theme for Japanese TV drama Radiation House II. In addition to many other hit songs including ‘86 Missed Calls feat. Patrick Stump’, the album will reveal seven brand new songs with a total of 14 tracks on the record.


MAN WITH A MISSION will also undertake a Japanese arena tour playing a set list featuring songs chosen from across their ten year career. 2020 saw MAN WITH A MISSION release a trilogy of albums, including MAN WITH A “BEST” MISSION, MAN WITH A “REMIX” MISSION and MAN WITH A “B-SIDES & COVERS” MISSION, to commemorate their 10th anniversary. The albums topped the Japanese album chart and the latter made global history as the first ever B-sides album to top a national album chart. The band also released the career-spanning documentary MAN WITH A MISSION: THE MOVIE -TRACE THE HISTORY-, which captures their rise from cutting their teeth in small rock clubs to flourishing into the stadia conquering behemoth they are today, which is set to continue for many more years to come.

CHARLI TAFT Releases new single 'Sentiment' from her forthcoming debut album. Instagram: @charlitaft The incomparable rising UK R&B star Charli Taft makes a stunning return via “Sentimental” – a classic R&Bfunk number, served as the latest slice from Taft’s upcoming 2022 debut album.

Instantly enticing listeners with its opening funk guitar grooves and hip-hop flavoured beat, “Sentimental” is an outstanding throwback evocative of the late ‘90s / early ‘00s golden years of R&B, elevated by Taft’s honeyed harmonies akin to icons like Brandy and Faith Evans.

Co-writing all of her music and produced by Charli’s partner in crime, the acclaimed GRAMMY winning producer Daniel “Obi” Klein (Method Man, Fat Joe), “Sentimental” emerges as a nostalgic yet undeniably fresh uptempo blues bop about being stuck in an impossible situation with someone that you just can’t bring yourself to leave. “Sentimental” is further marked by an impressive music video directed by underground Korean visionary MADSCENE (BamBam, N.Flying); defined by edgy, fashion-forward cinematography, the striking “Sentimental” clip depicts Charli strutting through vibrant night-time settings in the city of Seoul, distinctly capturing the vibe of MTV’s 90’s and 2000’s heyday. Sharing her thoughts on “Sentimental”, Taft said the following: “Sentimental” is a record that sonically really sets the tone for my album. On the one hand, the lyrics are personal and intimate; I’m generally an optimistic person and I always want to see the best in people, so I’ve definitely left myself open to heartbreak in the past and I think so many people can relate to that. On the other hand, the track has this soulful, hip-hop bump. I love exploring that push-pull in my music. Even when I’m singing a song about heartbreak, I still want people to feel good when they hear it. Obi and I knew we wanted to make something 2000’s inspired with a nostalgic, organic feel. We were playing songs to get us in the mood, including one track we absolutely love called “Alright” by Freeway; listening to that record gave us such a good feeling that we ended up carrying all that energy forward and we made “Sentimental”. I wanted the music video to have a grainy, underground feel that would complement the track. MUSIC NEWS MONTHLY

It was filmed during a twelve-hour shoot on my last day in Seoul. Obi and I had just finished up a weeklong writing camp so we had a really tight schedule to fit everything in. As soon as we started shooting, the energy was amazing and everyone gave everything they had, even in the insane July heat! As a major frontrunner in bringing back the nostalgic R&B vibes of yesteryear but in her own matchless style, Taft has over the years built a major reputation for herself by quite famously injecting her signature take on music into the Korean music scene; with her credits amassing over 120M+ streams to date, she is at the heart of much-loved hits by some of the country’s most commercially successful names including LOONA (“Eclipse”, “Sweet Crazy Love”, “Puzzle”), Taeyeon (“Christmas Without You”), Red Velvet (“Automatic”, “Time Slip”), SuperM (“Step Up”) and Taemin (“Ace”). Also a bona fide rising solo star in her own right, Taft’s growing catalogue of instinctively irresistible original music – including the slinky, slick pop in “Like Me”, gritty hip-hop vibes of “Love Like You”, as well as recent singles “Oh!” and “Money Can’t Buy” London – has earnedEC24 support 4NE from the likes of Complex and Billboard alongside spins by legendary radio tastemakers including Trevor Nelson, MistaJam and Adele Roberts. With Charli also landing in the studio with the legendary new jack swing pioneer Teddy Riley (Janet Jackson, Blackstreet) and her work placed on a notable project alongside Babyface, one of her biggest idols, all of these elements come together to position Charli as one of today’s most genuinely credible R&B prospects with solid potential and heavyweight co-signs. With a slew of gripping singles still on the horizon for 2022, Taft’s debut album is fastly shaping up to be one of next year’s most anticipated and polished pieces of work; but for now, listeners are invited to enjoy “Sentimental” before experiencing the true magic of Taft’s upcoming album.



Chasing August

'Finding Christmas' Instagram: @wearechasingaugust Twitter:@chasingaugust FB:/wearechasingaugust SOUND ON HIGH - 'Be.' Londonderry group Sound On High have just released their newest single, "Be.".

Well, it's Christmas, and what would Christmas be if there wasn't a feel good tune to hum along to?​ Chasing August have helped to carry on the tradition of the festive single with "Finding Christmas".

Glorious vocal harmonies, which are as velvety smooth as a very smooth velvety thing, blend seamlessly with stunning acoustic guitar work.

The lads paint a picture of the perfect Christmas, with jingling bells in the background to affirm the seasonal feel of the song.

Creating great music is something that Sound On High prides themselves on, and they certainly don't disappoint with "Be." This is a little stunner. It's both haunting and atmospheric.

Go on, let Chasing August get you in the festive mood.

The duo, who are longtime friends, plan to take on the world one powerbalLAD at a time. Well, they are one step closer to their goal with "Be." contributing a fair few steps from my toes tapping. Do your ears a favour and treat them to a few minutes of Sound On High. "Be." is available to stream right now. Visit their website for more info.

With plenty of Ho Ho Ho to go around, Chasing August have ticked all the boxes with this one. Cheesy in all the right ways, stuffing more festive cheer into 4 minutes and 30 seconds than Cliff managed in 6 decades.

Available to stream right now. Search for Chasing August on instagram, Facebook and Twitter. About Chasing August in their own words: We are Chasing August! Anthemic Alt Rock band from The Midlands. Delivering a unique take on modern alternative rock music with melodic vocals over high octave guitars and catchy choruses that will linger in your head for days. ​ or fans of Deaf Havana, Kings of Leon & Biffy Clyro F Chasing August are: Jack / Alex / Lewis


Interview withTjim Garagepunk duo Tjim have recently released their debut EP 'sn:ze' alongside an epic self made video for track 'Sally Burger'

We were able to catch up with Tjim to find out more about them, their new EP and their plans for the future.

Read on to learn more about this up and coming, unsigned band.

Who is Tjim? We're two classmates, turned mates, turned bandmates, turned flatmates. There's Felix, who plays guitar, sings lead vocals, records, produces, mixes, and writes the songs. There's Herman, who plays bass, sings backup, helps with recording, and helps with writing songs. You have recently released your EP "sn:ze" featuring the song 'Sally Burger', could you explain a little bit about the story behind the track? Felix: Well, I had this riff. Our songs tend to be pre-written by me, and then I ask Herman for his thoughts, but for this riff I wanted us to write together. A lot of the time when writing songs, I like to come up with a challenge or a quirk, just to switch up the process. The chosen challenge for 'Sally' was to write and record the whole song in a day. I can be quite the perfectionist, and I'd gotten tired of that. So we sat in a room and wrote the song based on this riff, which took a couple of hours, started recording, and finished it the next day. We failed the challenge, but a song done in a weekend made me very happy. The video is very creative, how was it put together and by who? Herman: Thank you, it was made by me. It is a stop motion animation, all the movements are me taking a photo then moving everything a little bit then taking another photo. I then put together the thousands of images and it becomes a video. The whole process took about 5 months working on it on and off. I knew from the beginning that it would be super time consuming and I needed to work in a way which made the process as simple and fun as possible. I bought a bunch of random magazines and books with interesting imagery and started cutting until I had a nice collection of characters, structures and objects. Instead of writing a story and trying to find pictures that would fit, I created the story around the pictures I found. The workflow is similar to the way we made the song as well so I think it is fitting. The video benefited from it as well because I would never have been able to come up with anything this surreal if I planned ahead.


Who would you say are your main musical influences? For the sound we're currently going for: The Strokes, The White Stripes, Jonathan Richman, The Moldy Peaches. We're also gonna add Sex Bob-omb from the Scott Pilgrim movie. The way the guitars are distorted and the nonsensical/silly lyrics have really been inspiring to us for some reason. You are currently unsigned, is being signed to a label something you are looking into or do you enjoy the freedom that comes with being independent? Felix: Can't say we've been reaching out to any labels, not that I'm against the idea. I enjoy creative freedom. I really just want to make stuff, so if a label would make me able to focus more on making cool shit and less on marketing, booking gigs, and other administrative stuff, then I would probably be down to sign. However, I'm not desperate for a deal. We're making music with or without a label. What does the future hold for Tjim? Felix: In a thousand years, our songs will be heard all across the galaxy. In a hundred years, we'll still be making music. In ten years, we will have released at least five albums, each one with its own distinct sound. In one year, we will have played our first gig. London In one month,EC24 our 4NE debut album will be ready for release. In one week, our first interview will have been released. In one day, we will be eating toast as a late night snack.

You can check out Tjim in the following places: tjim.bandcamp.comas well as YouTube and Spotify -search for Tjim

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