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New album, 'About Last Night...' Released July 15th on Polydor Records

Conceived by Mabel as the world went into lockdown – and completed as life IRL picks up pace – 'About Last Night...' is a vivid and hyperreal journey from the anticipated beginnings to the messy end of the best night out that never was. Each track transports the minutiae– getting ready to go out; feeling invincible; clocking an ex; crying in the bathroom; stumbling home – and transforms the normality into the magical. Throughout, Mabel once again switches up her effortless way with modern pop: influences span the liberated euphoria of noughties club-culture (dance-pop, house, translatlantic R&B) with deeper themes of expression and inclusion as gained from obsessively re-watching 'Paris Is Burning', 'Pose' and 'Drag Race' during lockdown. It's this emotional space that (in Mabel's own words) "brought her back to life" – here is a young woman processing her own, life-changing formative years growing up in the public eye, and taking charge of her narrative through this fantastical space.

The feel-good blueprint of 'About Last Night' was conceived between Mabel's West London home, Angelic studios in Oxford, and some of Los Angels' most inspiring creative spaces (including the former hilltop residence of Frank Sinatra). Early on in the process, Mabel began to assemble a collective of creatively aligned collaborators including friends and frequent songwriting partners Raye, MNEK, Kamille and Jax Jones. Impressed by his work with childhood hero Robyn on 'Impact', Mabel also teamed up with new faces like SG Lewis, before completing the project between lockdowns in the US with collaborators from pop's top table: Stargate (Rihanna, Katy Perry), Tommy Brown (Ariana Grande, Victoria Monet), Jozzy (Beyoncé, Lil Nas X) and Aldae (Justin Bieber). Mabel first teased what she had been working on with first single 'Let Them Know – an unapologetic anthem about dressing up with nowhere to go, and projecting confidence for anyone who needs it. 'Good Luck' distilled influences of heartbreak and female solidarity into perfectly realised pop, before the darker side of 'About Last Night...' was previewed on 'Overthinking': an escapist but unflinchingly honest snapshot of when nightlife meets social anxiety, and how to find your way back to yourself. The Mabel of 2022 is a young woman living in full and self-actualised power, intent on making music that will empower anyone who needs it. 'About Last Night...' focuses on the tiny, fleeting choices that constitute a big night out - but also those decisions that can be truly life-changing. Here is a record essentially about learning to live for the moment, and the hard-won wisdom that whatever there is to say 'About Last Night...' can wait until tomorrow, when the sun will come up again.


Sting's latest album, The Bridge showcases the 17-time Grammy Award winner's prolific and diverse songwriting prowess, with an array of songs representing styles and genres explored throughout his unrivalled career. Written and recorded in the early stages of the pandemic, the eclectic collection, produced by Sting and Martin Kierszenbaum, features Sting's quintessential sound as he takes listeners on a musical journey. To celebrate the release, Sting performed a private concert at the Panthéon in Paris as part of FIP's 50th anniversary, under Foucault's pendulum (pendulum installed in evidence of the earth's rotation). Now, a Super Deluxe version of The Bridge will be released on June 17th and will include six tracks recorded at the Pantheon, as well as "Por Su Amor", the Spanish version of his song "For Her Love", in duet with Latin American singer/songwriter KURT. The new collection was mixed by Grammy Award winner Robert "Hitmixer" Orton.

photo credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

SUPER DELUXE EDITION To be released on June 17th as 2CD & 2LP

This new edition will be available in 2CD and 2LP formats and released in advance of Sting's "My Songs Tour" European summer leg, including various music festivals, followed by the newly announced Fall dates. Complete tour itinerary can be found at: To date, "Sting Live At The Panthéon" program, was exclusively available on Arte Concert's website and garnered more than 5 million views since its release. This 30-minute acoustic concert will once again be promoted by Arte Concert with additional broadcasts scheduled on Arte in France and Germany, beginning May 30th.

WITH MARCH! Find out more about March at Alt rock five piece MARCH! recently released their new EP "Youthless". We caught up with bass player Cam to find out what the future holds for MARCH!. How would you describe the March sound? It's hard to say really, we've released songs overtime that all share a lot of different styles. 'Can't slow down' was sorta pop punky, and then 'new generation' was more anthemic. Our more recent songs have been fairly heavier though, more like an alternative metal style than previous songs. I guess we've only began to really refine our style.

Who are your main musical influences? We all love so many different bands, and they all have definite influences on our songwriting. I think if we were to pin it down to our like top 5 current influences, it would probably be Vukovi, My Chemical Romance, Periphery, Architects and Paramore. What are the band dynamics? Would you say there is a natural leader in the band or do you all have equal creative input when it comes to writing? In the physical dynamics, we'd probably all agree that Rosie is the face of the band, but that's pretty much where the differences end. In terms of song ideas we all pitch different things, normally starting with Olly, George or myself coming up with a demo idea, then Rosie writing lyrics to the songs and Ben muddles with drum ideas. So we all take part in the songwriting aspect of the band. You have just released your latest single "Addict". What was the inspiration behind the song? We were so happy to release 'Addict' in the build up to the EP, its such a awesome song to play live, always puts us in a good mood! the inspiration behind the song is mainly about the hardships of addiction. So many people go through terrible times with addiction, and we feel like these people do not need to suffer alone, which is why we made this song.

The new EP, "Youthless" has just dropped. Do you have a favourite track and why? We are beyond excited to say that our debut EP has finally been released! This project has been such a fun and exciting journey for us all to go on, from recording in studio, to the photoshoots, to the music video. It's been a fantastic experience and is definitely something we shall be doing again! We all have our own favourites for many reasons. My personal favourite is 'Mechanical Heart', mainly cause it have such a massive feel to it that i always love to play (plus Olly's solo just blows our minds whenever he plays it). Whereas George's may be 'Damage is Done' cause of how much he loves screaming his lungs out during the breakdown!

But that's what makes this EP great, we all have our own little favourite pieces about it, and that's exactly what we want for people who listen to our music; to enjoy the different styles we bring to the table.

As a five piece there must be a lot of differing musical tastes, what is the most unexpected or unusual music choice in the band? Everyone has their own little quirky genres that they listen to, thats a super tricky question to answer really, cause we all have such an ecletic taste, it makes it hard to narrow down. It's a matchup of midwestern emo, country/folk, EDM, and a whole other bunch of random stuff!

What plans do March! have for the rest of 2022? Now that our EP has been released, our main plans for the rest of the year is to primarily just get out gigging, we've got a cpuple support gigs coming up this year, as well as playing at the Icebreaker festival in Portsmouth which is gonna be epic! Got some extra stuff in the works currently... But you'll just have to wait for that one when it comes around. In the mean time, we just hope everyone enjoys the new music, and comes down to soke shows to rock out with us!

‘This Sceptred Veil’

When the world turned upside down in March 2020, all touring, writing and recording plans were thrown out of the window and the band were collectively forced to rethink their entire working relationship. At the tail end of 2020, they began collecting their ideas, riffs and rough recordings to begin work on the next album. What transpired was an epic 68 minutes of huge riffs, introspective atmospherics and melancholic yet uplifting melodies. Recorded with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath and mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator), This Sceptred Veil sees the band explore darker and denser territory than their previous albums.

Sergeant Thunderhoof are delighted to announce the release of their fourth studio album ‘This Sceptred Veil’, due for release June 3rd 2022 on Pale Wizard Records; the follow up to 2018’s critically acclaimed full-length ‘Terra Solus’. Sergeant Thunderhoof formed in 2013 by sheer accident. Each member had previously worked together in other bands over the years and one night during a jam session, what transpired was a debut LP Zigurat which took everyone, the band included, by surprise. They quickly hit upon a sound which incorporated their love of dark, brooding and soulful grooves, super rich melodies and thick, fuzzy low end rhythm sections. The band rapidly picked up steam, performing alongside the likes of Elder, Mos Generator, Siguriya, Karma to Burn, Kamchatka, Desert Storm and King Buffalo, building a loyal and growing listener base along the way. n the seven years that followed, Sergeant Thunderhoof have amassed a rich and varied back catalogue including 3 studio albums, a live full length, an epic split LP with Howling Giant, numerous compilation appearances for the likes of Ripple Music and Magnetic Eye Records and even a surprise tribute to Kate Bush. With the momentum firmly on their side, the band entered 2020 with a number of tours and releases planned including the follow up to their 2018 LP ‘Terra Solus’. I

Speaking about the album, vocalist and lyricist Dan Flitcroft says, “I decided early on that I wanted to explore the rich history of our surrounding area in the South West of England, whilst incorporating the story of ‘The Sergeant’ which we have been cultivating since the very start of the band. Right from the debut record ‘Zigurat’ I was keen to introduce the idea that the name of our band represented a mythical, time travelling figure which could help inspire new ideas and themes. When the Pandemic hit, it forced me and my family to make more use of our immediate environment, and we are so lucky in our part of the world to have such amazing history and sights on our doorstep. I researched many mythical, semi-factual stories regarding the ancient history of England (Avalon), amongst some fantastical tales revolving around the idea of the Biblical figure of Christ. I’m particularly pleased with ‘This Sceptred Veil’ as it feels, at least to me, like a rich and focussed body of work. The finale of Avon & Avalon Parts 1 & 2 which close the album really capture the darkness, light, paranoia, fear and redemptive qualities of which we were all feeling throughout the pandemic. I always steer clear of politics or current events in our music as we like to keep everything in the world of The Hoof. However, listening back now, I can certainly hear a lot of the cynicism, sadness, hope and decay of my life at the time. I think the pandemic forced me to confront my own mortality and perceived failings. Now I am a Father, it occurred to me that my actions have profound consequences on those around me.” This Sceptred Veil is due for release June 3rd 2022 and will be available on all major digital platforms, CD and vinyl

Check out the full LooseFest 2022 lineup, including who is appearing where, for one of this summer’s hottest weekend music festivals. Mixing together international headliners, retro, pop, disco, tech house and ‘under-theradar’ buzz acts across multiple all-weather stages, festival goers can expect a carnival funfair with a ferris wheel and street food village. Up to 60,000 people are expected to attend the two day event. Promising huge festival production and an even bigger atmosphere, LooseFest will be one of the largest music festivals ever to take place in the North of England and will be located on the city of Newcastle’s famous Town Moor. Festival goers can expect a stream of talented artists including Mabel, who is set to take to the stage on Sunday 31st July, Joel Corry who will join the Saturday 30th July headliner Black Eyed Peas, Patrick Topping, Paul Woolford, Disciples, Flip n Fill, Clean Bandit and Tinchy Stryder, at what is expected to be a major event on the UK music calendar this summer.

Who’s heading the LooseFest 2022 lineup? Black Eyed Peas, Joel Corry, Patrick Topping, Mabel, AJ Tracey, Jamie Jones, Hybrid Minds, Wilkinson and Roger Sanchez head this year's lineup with additional sets from Example, Clean Bandit, Jonas Blue, Sigala, Alan Fitzpatrick, BruC, Dimitri from Paris and Solardo, among others. The full lineup by stage is listed here.

When will the LooseFest set times be released? The full LooseFest set times will be released in early July. Here’s a rundown of the weekend schedule and different stage sets.

SATURDAY 30TH JULY Open Air Arena: Black Eyed Peas, Clean Bandit, Example, Jess Bays, Low Steppa, Paul Woolford, Shane Codd, Young T & Bugsey and special guest Joel Corry. Glitterbox: Dimitri from Paris, DJ Spen, Mousse T., Roger Sanchez, Sophie Lloyd, Spiller, with local support from Peverell. Kaluki: Patrick Topping, Alisha, Manda Moor, Pirate Copy, Solardo, Sorley, Waff, Yousef. Lovedough Marquee: French the Kid, SwitchOTR, Kenny Allstar, Jbee, Simba, Bl4ckstar, Cee, Cueball, Dawkins, Etchells, Jamal, Mwangi, Sourboy Dvotion Megadome: Belters Only, Alex Collins, Charlie Hepworth, Chris Shaw, Dan Stafford, El Chappo, Fryer, Hoolz, Isolate, Max Hales, Sandwich, Woolard, Visualize.

Mixtape Marquee: Tinchy Stryder, Andy Whitby, Flip n Fill ft. MC Keyes, Ian Van Dahl, Joey G, Olly James, Phats & Small, Ultrabeat (stage hosted by MC Finchy, Silkey & Lukey P). Utopiar Megadome: Bassjamz, Eurasia, Felix Leiter, Jack Diamond, Jerome Price, Joe Ponente, Josh Weekes, Ladebare, Mac Pearson, Michael Walls, Nath Brown, Thomas Hannett, Verner. MABEL : ‘Good Luck’ is the brilliant new single from Mabel, Jax Jones & Galantis with Mabel quoting; “‘Good Luck’ is the empowering song you need when getting ready to go out: when you’re feeling low about someone, and your friends will take you out to get that person off your mind.” JOEL CORRY : A master on the decks, the incredible DJ had 2020’s longest running consecutive No.1 single with ‘Head & Heart’ featuring MNEK. Featuring on MTV UK and the reality show Geordie Shore, he regularly tours across the UK, Europe and Australia. One of the founding members of LooseFest, Dean Saunders said; “We’ve been excited to release this for a while now and hopefully the full line-up shows everyone our vision for LooseFest and just how incredible we want the WHOLE weekend to be!”.

SUNDAY 31ST JULY Open Air Arena: AJ Tracey, Disciples, DJ Fresh, Ferreck Dawn, Jonas Blue, Luude, Sigala, and special guest Mabel. Repopulate Mars: Jamie Jones, Alan Fitzpatrick, Christoph, Detlef, Latmun, Lee Foss, Maine. Worried About Henry: Wilkinson (DJ set ft. AD-APT), Hybrid Minds ft. Tempza, BruC, Kings of the Rollers & INJA, Bou & Haribo, K-Motionz & IC3, AMA & IC3, Kara, Kaz, GH B2B JTD;

The coveted bash will feature ‘instaready’ installations, carnival big top tents and a food village with multiple food offerings, overseen by a top chef as well as VIP areas and “posh loos”. ​ imon Sykes, also one of the S founding members of LooseFest said. “The LooseFest team have a wide span of festival, event and food experience and this year’s music festival will be our biggest to date. A range of day and weekend tickets are now available, along with VIP and corporate hospitality options – there’s something for everyone”.


The sun was shining on Nottingham this June when the inaugural Meadowlands Festival opened its gates at Victoria Embankment. The first festival appeared to be a success, with a lineup that included The Kooks, Black Honey, The Reytons, The Mysterines, and, of course, headliner Gerry Cinnamon.

All photos by Phil Drury -

Didn't get the chance to go? Don't worry, our cameras were there to capture the day for your viewing pleasure. As well as the main stage, Meadowlands hosted a BBC Introducing stage, featuring acts like Rats, The Rosadocs, and not forgetting Michael Aldag, who we tipped as a 'One to watch for 2022'. All in all, the festival went down well with fans and performers alike. Hopefully, this will be the first of many Meadowlands Festivals to come.

and much more

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -

All photos by Phil Drury -


release melancholic fuzz-ladened single 'Emotion Motional Ocean' Southwest-based metal fourpiece Sail are pleased to announce the release of their latest single Emotion Motional Ocean (EMO), released today. Formed in 2016, Sail draw influences from modern sludge, post-rock and grunge movements while bringing in unique elements of psychedelia and synth-driven flair, veering manically from catchy pop bangers to absolute noise. The band released their debut album 'Slumbersong' via Hibernacula Records in March 2017, which saw them championed by the likes of Kerrang!, New Noise Magazine and Soundscape Magazine and tour the UK with the likes of Cybernetic Witch Cult, Morass of Molasses, Kylver and Morag Tong and Ireland with ZhOra and Everest Queen. With a handful of successful singles and a live EP under their belt since, the band are back with their latest single Emotion Motional Ocean.

Produced and mixed with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw, Mother Vulture, Krooked Tongue), at Stage 2 Studios in Bath, Emotion Motional Ocean is their breeziest single yet. While still doused in fuzz, the song also delivers an addicting mix of soaring vocals, distorted guitar tones, and hooky choruses that are hard to resist.

Speaking about the single, vocalist and lyricist Tim Kazer says, "You know the end of Pinocchio with the Whale? Monstro I think. I went back and watched a clip and Gepetto will not stop talking about dying. Like I don't think there was a single person who made that film thinking "this one's for the kids!". Emotions can be that way sometimes though, like being eaten alive. That's what Emotion Motional Ocean is. One big alt rock emotional monster munch." Alongside the release of the single, the band have also released two remixes of Emotion Motional Ocean; A glitchy, dubstep remix by Glitchtrip and another more liquid / chillout remix by Kynan Destroyer.


The ‘A-Pop’ Prince Bahjat makes a triumphant return with his fierce, hybrid pop banger “I’M HERE” – released independently via The Orchard from his forthcoming EP entitled APOP. A defiant proclamation of intention, the solo penned lyrics for “I’M HERE” encapsulate Bahjat’s journey of making his mark while fighting for acceptance within the industry and within himself. A perfect balance of his Western and Arabic influences, the trap-infused pop of “I’M HERE” contains all the grit of Bahjat’s determined energy, alongside a powerful message of persistence. Continuing to carve out a globally appealing aesthetic with an Arabic soul and a touch of vintage nostalgia, the striking music video for “I’M HERE” sees Bahjat taking a major risk with his image, incorporating harsher environments, full choreography and bold fashion looks to bring to life the track’s theme of risk-taking. Bahjat made the following statement about “I’M HERE”: “I wrote "I'M HERE" during quarantine in 2020. Not only was it such an uncertain time in our lives in general, but I was also getting a lot of pushback from people in the industry who were questioning my vision and my decision to mix Arabic & English lyrics. It's kind of my "comeback" song in a way, because it captures the moment

I got fed up with all the criticism and decided to carve my path on my own terms. Sonically, I wanted to pay tribute to the K-Pop community and the sound of the artists’ debut songs, because I feel like I’m debuting all over again with my new take on global Arabic music, which I’ve been calling ‘A-pop’.” Born and raised in Tripoli (the capital of Libya), Bahjat and his family were forced to flee to Malta during the beginning of the Arab Spring in 2011 an event that changed the course of the young artist's life forever. Proud to embrace his Arabic roots, Bahjat continues to weave his heritage into his artistry where possible, such as 2021’s “El Radio”, and has worked with some of the region’s biggest and best producers, including the awardwinning Hassan El Shafei for their hit “Galbek Ween”.

Forging his own path in the industry, Bahjat’s commitment to his vision is at the forefront of his music - writing, coproducing and recording all his work. Going against ongoing comments which have told him to change his sound, stick to one language, or change his image, Bahjat’s vision as a creative extends to taking charge of his own branding and visuals, having directed many of his videos and designing his artwork. With over 35M on-demand streams and 150M+ combined YouTube views, Bahjat is now one of the biggest artists in the world with Libyan heritage, holding the title as the artist with the moststreamed Libyan song in history on Anghami (the biggest music streaming platform in the Middle East & North Africa). However, it was Bahjat’s standout smash “Hometown Smile” that catapulted him into the eyes and ears of global audiences; an enchanting tropical tale of relearning the meaning of 'home' as other than the physical place you're in. “Hometown Smile” proved Bahjat’s innate ability to develop a connection with listeners via music, racking up over 15M on-demand streams as well as continued viral success across YouTube with over 50M views and a ginormous reach of 630M views on Tik Tok - all organically without any ads. Continuing to expand the global boundaries of what pop can be, Bahjat’s trailblazing career as the first crossover artist from the Middle East continues to propel him to the attention of the masses – stay tuned for the release of his new EP A-POP later this year.

Michael Kiwanuka


Photos and Review by David Weddle

It has been a long time coming and, as with many live events recently, the tour succumbed to three unfortunate cancellations, the first due to laryngitis, and then lockdown hit.

They have waited in anticipation of seeing the man himself play his own brand of indie, folk rock, soulinfused, uplifting music. Was it worth the wait? Well, read on and find out.

Showing that patience and perseverance can pay off, London-born singer songwriter Michael Kiwanuka's UK tour hit Newcastle's O2 City Hall. Many of the fans have held on to their tickets for a couple of years now. The first show was scheduled for March 2020, with the next two rescheduled dates in September 2020 and September 2021 both needing to be cancelled.

With Michael on the tour were indie rock group Wild Front and the award-winning Tawaih, alongside her collaborator Myrrh. Wild Front kicked off proceedings with a rousing sixtrack set, including unreleased track 'Staring At The Floor', which went down well with the audience. Next up, Tawaih played a stunning set, with help from collaborator Myrrh, which took the room on a journey from birth to death in an exceptional performance. The whole audience were really into it and showed their appreciation with a huge applause as Tawaih left the stage. After a very long wait, years in fact, it was finally time for the main man to take to the stage. The heat in the room was building, as was the excitement. As a crew member placed a small incense burner on the stage, the atmosphere was positively electric. The band walked on and took their places. The audience were eager to see Michael, and after a short musical build up Michael walked on to a roar of cheers from the crowd.

Proving to the Newcastle audience that it was a show worth waiting for, Michael and his band gave value for money, but more importantly, a performance that felt good for the soul and brought together a room full of strangers in a show of admiration for the Mercury Prize winning singer. The show is one that will be remembered by the fans for all of the right reasons, there is no doubt about it, Michael Kiwanuka is a born entertainer, multi-talented musician, fantastic singer and songwriter and quite possibly a music legend in the making.


On stage with Michael were his awesome band and backing singers/percussion section, who gave a superb performance and really made the night special. Playing a concise set of eighteen songs, from the opener "Piano Joint (This Kind of Love)" and "One More Night" to the glorious performance of "Hard To Say Goodbye", Michael put on an emotionally charged show full of touching moments and real up lifting highs.

Support provided by Australian rockers The Stroppies. Find out more about them at For more update on Paul Weller and his band head over to

Photos by D.Weddle 2022

Photos by D.Weddle 2022



Review by David Weddle

Sea Girls have been hard at work touring the UK promoting their new album 'Homesick' with a series of intimate shows. We caught their show in Newcastle upon Tyne at the Boiler Shop. With an 8 o'clock start time, the venue filled up quickly with fans eager to hear the Sea Girls do their stuff.

Playing a twelve track set list including a mix of old and new tunes, the Sea Girls gave the crowd the show they were hoping for. With singer Henry Camamile bringing attention to the daylight streaming in, giving the gig a festival vibe, he asked the crowd if they were looking forward to seeing more festivals this year, to which the Newcastle audience cheered their answer.

The album has already seen success in the short time since it's release, and these smaller, up-front and personal shows are the perfect way for the band to show their appreciation to their fans.

Here is the full setlist: Sick Do You Really Wanna Know? Friends Paracetamol Blues Someone's Daughter Someone's Son Violet Cute Guys Lonely Hometown Sleeping With You DNA All I Want To Hear You Say

One thing was for sure, the Newcastle crowd were ready to be rocked. The drinks were flowing and the atmosphere was building with happy faces everywhere. When the Sea Girls took the stage at 8 p.m., the audience erupted in cheers.Promising a great night, Sea Girls kicked off the show with their massive hit "Sick". This was the final night of their outstore tour, having played Nottingham the night before, yet the band were as fresh as a daisy and were clearly enjoying themselves onstage.

This was a strong performance from the enigmatic four piece and the crowd lapped it up. If you missed them this time round, don't worry Sea Girls are back on the road soon with their Hometown tour.

Photos by D.Weddle 2022


NEW MUSIC October Drift release new single 'Webcam Funerals' October Drift have released their brand new single ‘Webcam Funerals’, the latest song to be taken from their forthcoming album I Don’t Belong Anywhere out September 23rd via Physical Education Recordings. ‘Webcam Funerals’ is a punchy rock track that mixes the personal and universal to devastating effect. Its infectious groove, hard-hitting riffs and exceptional lyricism reflect a pivotal moment for frontman Kiran Roy and the rest of the world. The track is available on all streaming platforms now here, and a video capturing the incendiary live shows of their headline tour earlier this year can be seen here. "I don’t want to go into too much detail out of respect,” begins Kiran, “but this song was written at the time of losing a friend during the height of the pandemic and lockdown. She passed after a long battle with cancer. Her son, a very close friend of mine, was living with me at the time of the funeral. I watched online from my front room, while many others did the same from their homes. This song was a response to the strangeness and sadness of friends and family members not being able to be at the funeral or there for each other at that time."

‘Webcam Funerals’ is taken from the forthcoming album I Don’t Belong Anywhere, a taut, visceral record, and a step forward for the band into an even more powerful, brutal sound following their highly acclaimed debut album Forever Whatever in 2018. Far less introspective than their debut, I Don’t Belong Anywhere is October Drift’s totem for bringing us all together again. “A feeling of not belonging is something everyone feels or has felt,” explains Kiran. I Don’t Belong Anywhere features previously released singles including the dark grungy ‘Insects’, “a coming-of-age song, about feeling life pull you in different directions”, and the biting reflection on the harsh backdrop of 21st Century living ‘Airborne Panic Attack’. The album is about connection and one that’s truly from the heart, rich with added layers of meaning it finds the band poised to explode across 2022 with their most thoughtful and exciting record yet. October Drift have been treating fans to songs from the forthcoming album live at festivals this summer. Their next festival is Vestrock in the Netherlands on June 3rd and have more to be announced soon.

F*CK ME (I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO SAY) Liverpool-based four-piece CRAWLERS today share their stunning new single 'F*ck Me (I Didn't Know How To Say)'. The single, the band's second release on Polydor Records, is a compelling concoction of big, grungy riffs which continues to mix the personal with the issues that matter to many in our world. 'F*ck Me' sees lead singer Holly Minto pivoting the lens inwards as she examines her relationship with her own body. It's yet another example of the bold, probing songwriting that makes CRAWLERS such an important new band and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

"I know I used to be in love," she whispers on the song. "The kisses that led to sex were close enough." Holly elaborates, "F*ck Me (I didn't know how to say)"' is a song very personal to us as a band. The song covers two ideas behind sex. First the trauma and disgust after sexual assault, and then the idea of how at the time of writing it I haven't felt loved and only used for my body and for sex rather than the love I really wanted at the time." "There's a song that goes 'You kiss me just to kiss me' and I was like, 'Damn, I've never been kissed just to be kissed'," she explains. "I just sat there and had a little moment about it and was like, 'Have I just been letting people use me so I can feel loved?'"

Since their inception, CRAWLERS have been putting the work in, giging across Mereyside, working on songwriting and steadily building an impressive following on social media. Their debut EP - released through Modern Sky/Lab Records in October – has now clocked up over 40 million combined streams and landed the band their first hit with 'Come Over (Again)', which crashed into the Official UK Singles Chart thanks to fan power alone. To date it has racked up over 28 million streams on Spotify, 1.5 million views on YouTube and was a Radio 1 Tune of the Week. After signing to Polydor Records in January, the band released new single 'I Can't Drive' which was Jack Saunders Tune of the Week on Radio 1 and garnered support from the likes of NME, Kerrang, Clash, DIY, Dork and Sunday Times Culture. With a sold out debut UK tour under their belts, the band announced a nationwide autumn tour with 10 headline shows including London's O2 Islington Academy on November 2nd. Prior to this, CRAWLERS will play a monthlong headline tour of North America in June and perform at Lollapalooza.

Review by David Weddle


Wolfsbane have just released "Genius", their fifth studio album. Available to stream with CDs also available on their website The legendary masters of metal, Wolfsbane, are back with a brand new album. "Genius" is the band's fifth studio album and their first in a decade. Fear not though, as the band have not lost their touch and kick off the album with a guitar-driven "Spit It Out", making it clear from the start that the lads mean business. That sound that made Wolfsbane unique within the genre is still there, and to be honest, I think they sound better than ever. From the experimental sounds of "Zombie", to the more classic heavy rock feel of "Impossible Love", Wolfsbane put the skills they have learned and nurtured over the years into this record. There isn't a bad track on this album, and that is testament to the band's experience and, obviously, their musical abilities and creativity. There is something for everyone on this album. MUSIC NEWS MONTHLY

Whether it's the anthemic "Small Town Kisses" or the optimistic outlook of "Things Getting Better", there is little doubt that the band have put their all into making "Genius" an album to remember. The standout track for me is "Rock City Nights", which is rock at its best. Also, a nod to the creative story telling skills of Blaze in the last track on the album, "I was born in '69," was a welcome surprise. It's no surprise that this album receives our first-ever 5 forks in Ls out of 5. Stream the album wherever you stream your music. Physical copies are also available at


Review by David Weddle


Metal, rock, blues, groove? Why choose one when you can have it all? Motor Sister have just released their latest album "Get Off", a twelve track album which is available to stream or on CD and a glorious Crimson Red Smoke vinyl. Whichever format works for you, "Get Off" is sure to get you going. From the first track "Can't Get High Enough", Motor Sister make it quite clear that their intention is to rock your ruddy socks off, and that is exactly what they are going to do. The band, formed by Anthrax axeman Scott Ian, is a collective of some of the crème de la crème of Rock and Metal and it shows in the quality of each track. Every single song could be an A side with absolutely no filler. Staying true to their roots, Motor Sister tipped their hat to Los Angeles based Mother Superior with an awesome cover of "Rolling Boy Blues". If you haven't already heard "Get Off" by Motor Sister then what on earth are you waiting for? Head over to their website and get your fill.


Whether you are into Metal, Rock or just music in general there is something for everyone on this album and it is definitely going to be having a regular outing here at Music News Monthly Towers. Motor Sister are: Vocals/guitar: Jim Wilson (Mother Superior) Guitar: Scott Ian (Anthrax) Bass: Joey Vera (Armored Saint) Drums: John Tempesta (White Zombie, The Cult) Vocals Pearl Aday (Pearl) "Get Off" was released on Metal Blade Records.


The hook is great, don't be surprised if you find yourself humming it throughout your day. It is very catchy. Technically, the production is on point and the musical arrangement is expertly crafted. The subject matter is definitely dark despite the upbeat tempo of the track, taking an unexpected and quite sinister turn towards the end of the track.

London based singer songwriter Jonathan Wilson aka Superdamned is back with a brand new track, "Finally". If guitars, heavy hitting drums and melodic vocals are your thing, then you are in for a real treat. With this latest release, Superdamned has put their own stamp on the heavy rock genre.

Rock quintet The Wits have delivered a masterpiece with their debut single "Memory". Opening with drums and bass guitar rather than lead or vocals is a nice touch and grabs the interest immediately. When the guitar and vocals kick in, there is a real, raw chemistry in the band that shines through and gives the track a well rounded feel.

From the start, Superdamned gets the blood pumping with a stunning guitar intro and a beat that draws you in and holds your attention. There are plenty of gritty vocals and heavy guitar riffs to satisfy even the most ardent rock fan while showcasing Superdamned's musical prowess.

Our rating 4/5 Fork in Ls


The guitar hook is class, and combined with the stunning chorus, The Wits have really kickstarted their career with a proper earworm. Once you hear "Memory", you certainly won't forget it (pun absolutely intended).

tFinally", is the follow up to Superdamned's 2021 release, "Waiting For The Night," and is available to stream right now. Check out more from Superdamned at

If this is a sign of things to come, then it is clear The Wits have a very bright and interesting future. The way the world is these days, you have to have your wits about you and thanks to the magic of streaming apps, you can have The Wits with you wherever you go. Find out more about them and their new track at

HOLY COVES New psych pop single 'Grey' out 10th June North Wales Psychedelic Indie band 'Holy Coves' are set to release their shimmering brand new single 'Grey' which will be released this Friday 10th of June via prolific North Wales Label 'Yr Wyddfa Records'. Dropping swiftly into the slipstream and following on from the successful 'The Hurt Within' and 'Desert Storm' singles, 'Grey' shows off Marsden's ability to write a killer pop song enhanced by Holy Coves distinct sound, and coupled with a hazy indie pop filter and flourishes of post-punk, 'Grey' is a perfect pre-summer single. Through long time friend and Producer David Wrench, 'Holy Coves' were put in touch with Texan Producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels / Explosions In The Sky) and have built quite a magical working relationship, one where Wofford found himself on Mixing and Mastering duties for the material and certainly contributes to their new sound.

HOLY COVES UK TOUR DATES 2022 AUGUST 19th August - The Parish, Wrexham 20th August - The Shed, Leicester 26th August - Front Room, Rhyl SEPTEMBER 1st September - Cluny 2, Newcastle 2nd September - Jimmy's, Liverpool 9th September - Audio, Glasgow 10th September - Pressure, Kilmarnock 11th September - Bannermans, Edinburgh 15th September - The Bullingdon, Oxford 16th September - Rascals, Bangor 17th September - Queens Hall, Narberth 23rd September - Satan's Hallow, Manchester 24th September - The Brickyard, Carlisle 30th September - Boom, Leeds OCTOBER 1st October - Salty Dog, Northwich 2nd October - Portland Arms, Cambridge NOVEMBER 3rd November - Underworld, Camden 4th November - The Loft, Southampton 11th November - Y Llew Goch, Machynlleth 12th November - Doldrum Escape Project, Dolgellau 25th November - Clwb Ifor Back, Cardiff 26th November - Cwrw - Camarthen DECEMBER 2nd December - Ucheldre, Holyhead 3rd December - Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda

Stereotyped are a teenage band from Manchester who bring back the grunge with the intensity and melody updated for these difficult times: loud distorted guitars perfectly soaring over aggressive Pop melodies. They just dropped their fourth single "Angel Tears" via Grunge Pop Records and now they've unleashed a video for it. Directed by young filmmaker Hayden Appleton, here's what the band said about the video: "Angel Tears is all about fear and the uneasy sensation of being watched. It's a bigger departure from our other songs but It's my favourite of our songs. It has darker tones reminiscent of Alice In Chains and Mudhoney and I hope people will enjoy it." Follow Stereotyped on instagram: @Stereotypedofficial

New Release It's all about phases by May Rei 11 ELECTRONIC SONGS THAT AWAKENS MEMORIES OF SYNTH POP AND THE PULSING RHYTHMS OF DANCE May Rei's third solo work, IT'S ALL ABOUT PHASES is a series of snapshots of life, a cycle of portraits that immortalizes the artist as a being growing in stages over time.

It’s all about phases sums up the multiple identities of May Rei / Mariangela Diella, experimenter of electronic rhythms already part of Hertzen - a duo with the Brazilian producer Marcelo Ribeiro Dias / Self. From beat programming to composing, from writing the lyrics to mastering, every creative and operational phase of this third solo work was carried out by the artist herself, closing then the circle with the distribution via Einklang Records, a label that she founded in 2019. It's all about phases is the result of studies on beat and other rhythmic elements, created by manipulating electronic and virtual instruments, analoge and acoustic; combined with simple melodies, the chosen and carefully designed sounds trigger emotions that the voice translates and amplifies while enhancing its meaning. The 11 tracks tell the cyclical change of existence: from the shape of the sound to the rhythmic passage of the moon, from the different moments of our life to the musical growth, everything is divided into phases, in multiple identities, moods and faces worn according to the environment. Words and sounds move from the hectic work life - Akku Leer - to the magical atmospheres that enrich the daily life - A Kind of Magic; they describe the natural changes that involve the generations - Gen X - and the much more dramatic ones that transform the ecosystems of the planet - Super-GAU. Her music never fails to surprise the listener thanks to the use of instruments unrelated to electronic tradition, such as the sitar or the guitar, shifting the focus from East to West, suddenly veering from a club sound to ambient, from sweetness to nostalgia - Clouds in My Head - until a real liberation is achieved - Void.

MAY REI IT'S ALL ABOUT PHASES Distributed by Einklang Records from May 26, 2022 Physical and digital format, 11 tracks, 41’07” Tracklist: 01. Feeling Your Love [03’42’’] 02. Gen X [03’03’’] 03. Akku Leer [03’59’’] 04. A Kind of Magic [04’03’’] 05. Clouds in My Head [04’17’’] 06. Laura [03’49’’] 07. Pandora [03’42’’] 08. Claustrophobia [03’37’’] 09. On Hold [02’40’’] 10. Super-GAU [04’48’’] 11. Void [03’40’’] Composition, arrangement, programming, lyrics, voice, mix, mastering: Mariangela Diella / May Rei Artwork: Mariangela Diella Label: Einklang Records

Find out more at:



Polish Epic Doom Crew MONASTERIUM will release their third album, Cold Are The Graves, on June 10 via Nine Records. A lyric video for album track "The Stigmatic" is out now on their Youtube channel. The vinyl LP version of Cold Are The Graves is set for September release. Cold Are The Graves follows 2019's acclaimed sophomore album Church of Bones, one that raised the bar even higher compared to the band's selftitled debut album. Cold Are The Graves includes eight heavy doom songs full of emotions, adventures, and epic myths. On offer are classic heavy doom riffs in the vein of 80s masters like Candlemass and Manilla Road.

Female President's third single "Sacred Voyage" has a beautiful message that shines through tragedy The track is dedicated to family members lost during the pandemic, and for all those who suffer with mental illness and depression.

"Bored" is the 4th single & video release out of Fuzzhead's debut album "The War Is Near". The single was released in May 22nd 2022 and it comes with the live version of the same song taken from Petros Fuzzhead "live at EHM" as well as its home demo version as a bonus track on all streaming platforms.

Progressive Trad-Metal Trio SLEEPLESS Release "Diviner of Truth" Video. Metal Warrior Records released Host Desecration on CD format April 15. A limited edition (500 copies) vinyl LP version will be released on June 21. The album is also available for purchase and streaming on Bandcamp. Christy Bellis announces epic 80s-inspired power ballad ‘This Girl’ Stunning Music Video shot on picturesque Formby coastline. "This Girl" is released on 10th June and will be available to stream, find out more at:

NEW MUSIC Nils Bloch releases new single “The Park”

Danish singer-songwriter Nils Bloch has just released his 3rd single “The Park”. The song signals the release of an EP later this year and follows up debut singles “The Marsh” and “Iolanda”. “The Park” is an intimate indie-folk tune in the vein of fellow scandinavian artists like Agnes Obel and José González. A hypnotic guitar pattern carries Bloch’s vocal as cellos weave like smoke among the words and a distant choir haunts the background. Bloch says of “The Park”: “I wrote ‘The Park’ for a friend I lived with in Berlin. We lived close to a huge park on the outskirts of the city. When life became overwhelming for her she would go there in the middle of the night to gather strength. Although a park at night is probably not the safest place, I understod that this was her safe space. Alone among the trees. I would play her the song and I sense that, like the actual park, it has provided her with some kind of refuge from time to time, which makes me endlessly proud.” “The Park” is available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Suede Announce New Album Autofiction Due For Release 16th September 2022 via BMG Speaking about Autofiction, Brett Anderson said: "Autofiction is our punk record. No whistles and bells. Just the five of us in a room with all the glitches and fuck-ups revealed; the band themselves exposed in all their primal mess."

Voodoo Drummer It's an experimental, instrumental version of "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" (by Roger Waters), where Tubular Bells, Cello and Musical Saw prevail! In this 7/8 rhythm the melody mixes with the theme of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" while the Greek traditional tune "Milo mou kokkino" closes the recording. Voodoo Drummer: Drums, Bells & Percussion Stavros Parginos: Cello, Tasos Papapanos: Bass feat. Adrian Stout (of The Tiger Lillies) on Musical Saw.

Billie Eilish has announced Overheated, a multi-day climate-focused event set to take place at The O2 during Eilish's Happier Than Ever, The World Tour dates at the London venue, in collaboration with Support + Feed and REVERB. Across six days - 10th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 25th and 26th June 2022 - Overheated brings together climate activists, musicians and designers to discuss the climate crisis, and the work they are doing to make a difference. Topics will range from greening practices in the music industry to the benefits of a plant-based diet, and sustainable fashion. Each day will feature unique programming including panel discussions, live performances, a documentary viewing, and opportunities for the public to take climate action.

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