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S YNTHESIZER Jörg Stachowiak

David Mertin

Hari Rupp

Oliver Franken

Timo Tsangarakis

Erik Arndt

Moog Little Phatty Stage II Limited red edition

Analogue, legendary synth with THE classic Moog sound. Compact and low priced - a true Moog concentrate! Multiple award winning, the Little Phatty continues a great tradition and convinces with uncompromising sound, technical innovation, extraordinary and timeless design. The strictly limited edition has a breathtaking design and the optional CV option already built in. The Little Phatty will be the centerpiece of every analogue setup or modular system. In terms of color, everything has been adapted to the „red“ theme: the mod- and pitch wheels pulsate in red to the speed of the LFOs and the LEDs, the display and the back are red as well. It looks as dangerous as it sounds! 37 keys • 2 oscillators of the Minimoog Voyager • RAC allows direct access to analogue sound parameters • legendary and patented Moog Ladder low-pass filter • 100% analogue signal path • 100 fully editable user presets • arpeggiator and tap tempo function • analogue ADSR envelope generators • integrated CV option • including USB MIDI input SYN0003872-000




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777 € 1188 €*

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Yamaha MO 6

SALE! 374

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Built off the powerful AWM2 sound engine that‘s at the core of the MOTIF ES, the Yamaha MO6 61-Key Music Production Synthesizer puts that MOTIF sound well within reach of most musicians, yet sacrifices very little of the flagship workstation‘s functional design or sonic power in the process. The MO contains many advanced music production tools. These include a built-in Song sequencer, and a useful Pattern mode. The powerful Arpeggio feature gives you over 1700 sequenced phrases that you can trigger at the touch of a key. The included Editor Software lets you easily connect the synthesizer to your computer. SYN0002616-000

· Fax -876 ·


The two new MOX synthesizers from Yamaha come in a fresh and new design and have been drastically reduced in weight, now only weighing 7 and 15kg, respectively. The sounds were taken from the Motif XS Series. MOX has been perfectly intergrated into Cubase AI, and its built-in audio/MIDI interface complements any studio. The MOX can be incorporated like a VST instrument. Cubase can also be controlled by the controls of the MOX. Steinberg’s Prologue analog synth and Yamaha YC-3B organ emulations are included as VST instruments. An excellent new model at an amazing price! • MOX8: 88 keys, GHS keyboard / MOX6: 61 keys, semi-weighted • AWM2 Tone Generation with 355 MB of Waveform memory of the MOTIF XS • XA (Expanded Articulation), VCM-Effects • 64-part polyphony, 16 Parts Multitimbral • 1.152 Preset and 384 User Voices, 256 User Performances, 65 Preset and 32 User Drum Kits • 6.720 Arpeggio-Types • Performance Creator • lightweight and portable (MOX6: 7 kg / MOX8: 14,8 kg) • Extensive sequencer for songs and patterns • audio input, incl. Vocoder effect • Built-in USB Audio/MIDI interface, DAW integration • Included: Cubase AI, VST3 Editor Software virtual instruments Yamaha YC-3B Organ Emulator and Steinberg Prologue Analog Synth SYN0003881-000 MOX 6 SYN0003882-000 MOX 8

1499 € 1783 € **

Features: • Workstation with 61, 73 or 88 keys. The 73 and 88 key models feature Korg’s finest RH3 Graded Hammer Action. The 61 key model borrows the responsive synth action from the Korg M3-61 • 9 Sound engines, each offering a unique sound-creation synthesis • massive sample library • Hard Disk Streaming (Virtual Memory Technology) • 6 premium-quality effects at once • Smooth Sound Transition: allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes. • user-friendly interface, based around a new large 8” TFT TouchView™ display • KARMA technology with interactive access • Wave Sequencing • Ambient Drums • Vector Synthesis • On-Board Sequencer with16 MIDI Tracks plus 16 Audio Tracks in 24-bit, 48kHz SYN0003852-000


Korg redefines and reimagines the music workstation yet again, revolutionizing the capabilities of the hardware instrument and exceeding the demands of the modern player: introducing the Kronos Music Workstation. Kronos is more than a new instrument. It is a milestone in synthesis and workstation evolution; one that embodies fresh ideas and breakthrough technologies. Kronos unites nine individual synthesis engines in a single instrument, each providing the finest sound creation techniques available. Additionally, it features Virtual Memory Technology (VMT), Hi-Fi effects and a massive sample library. Kronos is equipped with a comprehensive interface, based around a new large 8” TFT TouchView™ display. In combination with the excellent design and intuitive operation Kronos exceeds the demands of the modern player.


Price on request!

Korg Kronos 76

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Price on request!


Korg Kronos 88

Price on request!


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Korg Kronos 61

999 € 1188

SYNTHESIZER Roland Fantom G8

88-key version of the Fantom G with velocity and channel aftertouch from the RD 700 SX! Pianists will love the excellent playing feel. SYN0003240-000

3469 € 4129€ *

Roland Fantom G

Roland Fantom G6

The Fantom-G series is a dream instrument that redefines the boundaries of playability and creativity with its advanced sound engine, revolutionary ARX SuperNATURAL expansion bay, large-sized color LCD, powerful new audio/MIDI sequencer, and more. Driven by a powerful audio processor, the Fantom-G series provides new sonic depth and versatility. With twice the wave-ROM capacity (256MB) of its predecessor, it contains a treasure trove of Roland’s world-famous SRX-quality sounds. ARX expansion allows additional SuperNATURAL sound-sets and fully dedicated synth and effects engines to be added to this already powerful live workstation. Fantom-G series is loaded with a state-of-theart effects engine, with multi-effects available for each Fantom-G sound/part. In 16-part multi-timbre mode, up to 22 effects routings can be used simultaneously. With its plethora of analog inputs, audio can be recorded from just about any source thanks to the phantom-power-supplying combo XLR-1/4inch jack. VSTi-compatible Editor software is also included.



Features: • 61 keys with G6 or 88 keys with the G8 with velocity and channel aftertouch • Polyphony 128 voices • 16 Parts (internal) + 16 Parts (external) + 2 Parts (ARX)+ 24 audio tracks • 256MB ROM wave memory with 2153 waveforms • 1500 Preset Patches + 256 GM2-Sounds, 64 Rhythm Sets and 9 GM2-Drum kits, 512 Live Sets, 128 Studio Sets • extensive Multi-Effects and Mastering Effects Section • 32 MB Sample memory, expandable up to 544MB SYN0003238-000

3039€ *

Roland Juno-Di

Onstage or in the streets, the Juno-Di is a traveling musician’s dream. It’s lightweight, it can run on batteries, and it’s easy to use, yet it performs and sounds like a heavyweight synth. It’s packed with a wide variety of top-quality sounds — over 1,000 to choose from! It has a friendly “direct access” control panel for easy editing and a Song Player for larger-than-life performances. A software editor is also provided if you prefer more advanced editing via PC


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Features: • 61 velocity-sensitive keys • 128 voices polyphony • 1082 Preset Sounds and 256 GM2-Sounds • 20 Rhythm Sets and 9 GM2 Drum kits • 64 Performances • more than 1.000 Sounds with Super Layer Function • Rhythm Guide Metronome with 32 Preset Rhythm Patterns of different genres • Phrases/Arpeggio Generator • 2 USB ports (Song Player and MIDI) SYN0003542-000

599 € 715€ *

with the Juno-Gi. Features: 61 velocity-sensitive keys • more than 1300 Sounds • 128 voices polyphony • 128MB waveforms • 8-track digital recorder with Mic/Line/HiZ inputs • onboard Boss effects • SDHC Slot for cards up to 32GB • battery power supply possible SYN0003773-000

999 € 1189 €*

Roland Juno Stage

Designed from the ground up for live performers, Juno-Stage is the kind of synthesizer that every gigging keyboardist will love. It is decked out with an extra-large display, USB backing-track functionality, a Click output for drummers, dedicated performance knobs, hands-free patch select, instant master MIDI control functionality, and much more.

1199 € 1429€ *


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· Fax -876 ·

Features: 76 large, velocity-sensitive keys • 128 voices polyphony • 128 MB wave memory • reads SMF, wav / aiff and MP3 files • 1027 Preset Patches + 256 GM2 Sounds• 2 SRX Expansion Board Slots • Mic In, XLR In (Phantom Power) • Editor Software for PC SYN0003321-000

WORKSTATIONS Yamaha Motif XF6 61 key version SYN0003760-000 Unit price

2549 € 3033 €*

Motif XF Flashram-Options FL 512 M


FL 1024 M SYN0003783-000

149 € 269 €

2888 € 3631 € **

incl. 2048 MB Flashram SYN281

Yamaha Motif XF7

76 key version SYN0003761-000

2949 € 3509 €*

Yamaha Motif XF8 88 key version SYN0003762-000

3499 € 4163 €

3222 € 4107

incl. 2048 MB Flashram

€ **



Yamaha S 70 XS The S 70 XS is equivalent to the S 90 XS except for its 76 keys instead of 88, hence making it lighter in weight and more handy. SYN0003554-000






Yamaha S 90 XS .DE



2299 € 2735 SYNTHESIZER


2399 €



76-key-hammer 7676 6-k 6 -ke -ke key eyey e y-hammer y-h y-ha ham ha am amm a mme mm mer me er action! e act ac a cti ct tiiio tio ion on! on o n!!


The best musical instruments start with top-quality sounds, and the S90 XS delivers all that. Yamaha has added 142 megabytes dedicated exclusively to high-quality piano waveforms, for a total of 456 MB of instrument samples. It also features 88 balanced hammer effect keys. The S90 XS is a perfect companion for your computer music production system, too, serving both as a master keyboard and a full-function, multitimbral tone generator. Special Remote Editor software lets you change and organize these templates.

2854€ *

Features: • 88 Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard • Initial Touch & Aftertouch • AWM2 Tone Generating Technology with Expanded Articulation • 456 MB Wave ROM Sounds, 2772 waveforms • 6779 Arpeggios and more loadable from Motif XS • SMF playback (0/1 Format) SYN0003555-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! ** Total of the RRPs

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SYNTHESIZER Korg PS60 Performance Synthesizer

Designed for the gigging musician, the affordable Korg PS60 delivers premium sounds and professional effects in an easy-to-use package. Offering dedicated controls, an ample backlit display, and remarkable ease of use, the PS60 is a refreshing change. It gives you instant access to six essential sound categories – Piano, E-Piano, Organ, Strings, Brass, and Synth. The dedicated knobs provide live control of the master modulation, reverb/delay, and EQ effects.

Features: • 61-key natural touch keyboard • 120 voices max • 49 MB PCM-ROM • 136 multisamples • 20 performances • 512 Programs etc. SYN0003684-000

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699 €

892€ *

499 €




Korg M50-61 Workstation

The KORG M50 workstation comes with incredible new sounds, fat & juicy combis, splits and layers, a plethora of ace effects, dynamic Drum Tracks, enhanced polyarpeggiators, classic sequencing tools, up-to-date SD storage, companion editing software and a TouchView interactive display. Both 73 and 61-note versions are available, sporting a new semi-weighted Natural Touch keyboard. The portable 88-key version features RH3 Graded Hammer Action, and provides a satisfying performance experience for the piano purist! SYN0003357-000

959 € 1323€ *

1698 € 2141€ *


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Korg M50-88 Workstation

88-key version featuring the RH3 Graded Hammer Action of the M50. SYN0003358-000

· Fax -876 ·




Features: • 120 voices max. • EDS-i Sound Engine (similar to Korg M50) • 61 velocity-sensitive mini-keys, Natural Touch • 512 Sound Programs, 384 Combinations, 48 Drum kits and 256 GM2Programme • Zweifacher Arpeggiator • USB mit free Sound Editor SYN0003685-000


Designed to satisfy the beginning musician or the accomplished keyboardist, the microSTATION offers unprecedented portability, the stunning sound of Korg‘s EDS-i synth engine, phenomenal effects, plus easy-to-use sequencing tools. At a size and price usually reserved for performance synthesizers, the compact and portable microSTATION features a 61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard, numerous effects, dual arpeggiators, and a 16-track sequencer to transform musical ideas into polished productions.


Korg microSTATION


618€ *



SYNTHESIZER Kurzweil PC3 K8 88 key Synth Workstation

Kurzweil’s brandnew synthesizer workstation is currently on tour with the Cats Musical. It Exclusively provided by Music Store, far before the actual first shipment of these keyboards. This is the stuff the pros play! The Kurzweil PC3 series keyboards introduced some major developments in synthesizer technology, with their anti-aliasing VA oscillators, improved KB3 mode, amazing sound sets, 16 independent riffs and arpeggiators, powerful song and QA modes, sampling, unparalleled MIDI control, and more. The PC3K8 adds even more! With the PC3K8, you can combine more than a decade and a half of K2000 and K2500 legacy sample libraries with the PC3‘s super-powerful Dynamic V.A.S.T. synthesis engine. 88 PC3X-style fully weighted keys make it a blast to play. It even offers a USB host port that lets you plug in standard USB thumb drives so that you can quickly store and retrieve data, as well as load OS updates.

Features: • 88-note fully weighted hammer action, with velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keys • Display: 240 x 64 • 128MB nonvolatile sample flash RAM • 128-voice polyphony, Multitimbral: 16 parts • Dynamic VAST Synthesis Architecture with built-in VA-1 Algorithms • Over 850 stunning factory presets, featuring samples from PC2 Base Sound ROM, String Section ROM, Over 64 KB3 programs • Sequencer • 16 insert effects • 24-bit stereo S/PDIF SYN0003688-000

2499 € 2973

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€ **

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Kurzweil PC3 61 key Synth Workstation

On to the last round! Here’s our amazing clearance deal! Excellent sound and keyboard quality and high-end workmanship speak for itself! Test it and get it while quantities last!

1099 € 1902 €*

SALE! 659 €

Roland Lucina AX-09 B black / white

Liberate yourself and roam free with the Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer. Lucina is compact, lightweight, and loaded with great sounds, all easily selectable with the onboard Category buttons. Plug in a USB stick and add backing tracks to your performances with the Audio Player function, or plug in an MP3/CD player and jam along with your favorite songs. This ultra-light synth is designed to fit all musicians.

785€ *

Features: 37-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, 128-voice polyphony • Stylish, lightweight, compact design • easy-to-use, intuitive user interface • 150 high-quality sounds that cover a wide stylistic range • xternal-In Jack and USB-Memory Audio Player Function • Runs on AC or battery power SYN000703-000 black | SYN000701-000 white

549 € 659€ *

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898 € 1049€ *

999 € 1189€ *

Roland AX Synth

It’s time to escape the keyboard rig and rock the stage. The stylish AX-Synth represents Roland’s new generation of remote keyboards, but for the first time, this one has a sound generator onboard. It’s self-contained and equipped with powerful, solo-oriented sounds from Roland’s latest, greatest synths. Plus it features a Ribbon controller, D Beam, modulation bar, knobs, and easy-to-see display.

Features: • 49 velocity-sensitive keys • 128 voices • Ribbon Controller, D-Beam, Modulation Bar , Volume Knob • Battery powered by 8 x Ni-MH batteries • USB, MIDI In / Out SYN0003421-000

Roland AX Synth black SYN0003774-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

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Features: • 61-note semi-weighted keys • 128 voices, 16-part multi-timbral • 832 Factory Presets incl. PC2 Sound-ROM • GM-Set • 128 User Setups • 2 Sound ROM Expansions Slots • Effects • Global EQ • Arpeggiator • Pitchbend and Modulations Wheel • 9 Faders • 4 analog outputs • Headphone jack • Digital S/PDIF SYN0003445-000


Refreshed and reborn with up-to-date patterns and convenient SD card data storage, the Electribe MXSD remains an indispensible instrument for dance and electronic music, and for creative artists around the world. New preset data has been carefully selected from the latest sounds and patterns produced by creative artists from around the world who love both the Electribe MX & SX. Features: • 16 Parts (9 x Drums & Percussion, 5 x Synthesizer, 2 x Accent) • 256 Patterns / 64 Songs • 3x16 Effects • 2 assignable analog tubes on Master Out • Arpeggiator • Ribbon Controller and Slider for Pitch • Stereo Audio input • 4 single outputs, headphone jack • extrenal AC adapter included • SD Card-Slot bup to 32 GB • incl. Music Store bag SYN0003686-000

Korg Electribe SX SD

The acclaimed ease-of-use, advanced features, and epoch-making sonic power of the Electribe SX are all as strong as ever. With the addition of SD card storage and new patterns to keep up with the ceaseless evolution of dance and electronic music, the Electribe SXSD has reached a new level as „must-have“ gear. Features: 24-Bit/44,1kHz AD/DA converter • 256 Patterns • 64 Songs/16 Parts • Sample fFrmats: WAV, AIFF and ES1 (Electribe S) • Sampling Functions: Normalize, Truncate, Time Slice, Clear Sample, Start-, End-, Time Stretch • Effects: 3 x 16 • Arpeggiator • Ribbon Controller • Sampling Capacity: up to 285 sec. • Stereo Audio input • 4 single jack outputs • Headphone jack • 2 assignable analog tubes on Master Out • SD Card Slot up to 32 GB • incl. Music Store bag SYN0003687-000

each 529 € 654€ *

Korg microKorg XL

Here comes the microKORG XL: a synthesizer that lets you generate your own personal sound, packing a cutting-edge sound engine and powerful effects into a compact, vintagelike body. It features a sixteen band vocoder for voice controlled effects and a gooseneck microphone, so you can begin vocoding right away. 128 powerful sounds are built-in and ready for immediate use, as well as seventeen powerful KAOSS derived effects. Also features is a newly developed natural touch mini keyboard Features: • 37-note mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive • 128 Sound Presets (MMT Tone Generator System) • 8 voices polyphony • XLR gooseneck mic • battery power supply possible • USB port for PC/MAC connection SYN0003398-000


Korg microKorg

The top-selling microKorg features an analog modeling synthesizer, two oscillators with 71 waveforms, an 8-band vocoder, a 6-pattern arpeggiator, and a minigooseneck mic. This compact keyboard is designed for portability and can run on batteries!

559€ *

339 €

Features: 37 velocity-sensitive mini-keys • Analog Modelling Synthesis Tone Generation System • 4 voices polyphony • 2 Oscillators and Noise Generator • 8-Band Stereo Vocoder with Multi Mode Filter • 128 Programs • Effects Section • Arpeggiator • 2 Audio Line inputs SYN0002046-000

511€ *

Korg Wavedrum mini

Korg’s Wavedrum technology finally „to go“. Korg’s Wavedrum now comes in a mini, batterypowered version that you can take with you anywhere you go. 24bit sounds and trigger clip are familiar features from its big brother. 100 sounds, 100 rhythms, 10 audio effects plus built-in speakers turn this mini version into a percussion powerhouse. SYN0003890-000

Price on request!

Korg Kaossilator Pro

With 200 sound programs, a new Electribe-inspired gate arpeggiator, and four loop recording banks that can even record external audio sources, the Kaossilator Pro is packed with features that make it ideal for both live performance and premium productions. In addition, USB connectivity with your computer and SD card memory storage allow the Kaossilator Pro to be used not just for improvised performances, but also as a superbly intuitive, track-making music production tool. Features: • KAOSS X-Y touchpad offers intuitive, realtime control • 200 Sounds • PCM samples provide dramatic drum kits and ready to rock percussion patterns • Vocoder programs • Loop Recording can layer both internal Program sounds and external audio overdubs • Four Loop Record Banks each allow up to four measures of loop recording • Gate Arpeggiator repeatedly triggers sounds in sync with the tempo • Choose a key and select one of 31 musical scales to easily create musical phrases. Limit the X-Y pad‘s note range for even more control • Loop data, user settings and Program Memories can be stored on SD card • Dedicated software lets you manage loop data, MIDI assignments, and user settings from your computer • Performs double-duty as a MIDI controller for external equipment or software applications SYN0003655-000

Korg Kaossilator II

The KAOSSILATOR’s user-friendly touch-pad lets you create musical and rhythmic phrases using any of its 100 synth programs, such as leads, basses, realistic instrument sounds, playable drums and drum patterns. The portable, travel-friendly KAOSSILATOR runs on batteries or adapter. Use the it as a multi-instrumental musical instrument, sample source, live rig addition, or just a fun way to get your groove on! Features: • A portable synthesizer delivering maximum flexibility • Synth, sound-effects, and drum sounds, for a total of 100 powerful sound programs • 31 scale patterns let you easily play a wide variety of perfect phrases • 50 types of gate arpeggiation • Loop Recording allows multiple phrase overdubbing • Sampling Frequency: 48kHz • D/A Conversion:24 Bit linear • optional KA 199 adapter SYN0003045-000

355€ 149€ 440€ *


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202 € *


Price on request!

Roland Jupiter-80

One of the most legendary synthesizers of all time is back! Roland brings back the Jupiter-80 to the stage, one of its legendary flagship synths. It comes in the fabulous retro design but features all the latest technology. It is fit for live applications and packed with massive sounds, SuperNatural Technology, color touch screen and touch sensitive controls. The Jupiter is a heavy counterpart to hightech synthesizers like the Motif XF and Kronos. Let the battle begin!

le ktuelr a s e g Ta se unte de Prei sicstore. Features: w• 4w • 76 keys, velocity-sensitive and Aftertouch • 256 voices max. Parts - Upper, Lower, Solo, Percussion • 256 pre-installed registrations • 2560 Live Sets total • Huge Effects Section • USB Player and Recorder with one Stereo Track • Playback of WAV, AIFF, MP3 • WAV Format Recording • Touch-sensitive color display with 800 x 480 pixels • Extensive Connectivity: LINE, Audio IN, MAIN Outs, Sub Outs, Digital Out, USB for Audio and MIDI, USB Memory etc. SYN0003885-000

tt atteessk orr lla F Fo c c ee k:: dee h h c c s s e e c p orree..d prriic ussiiccsstto u m w..m ww w ww a os a l en: i c e r P ía del n e d r s o c .musi www

Roland Gaia SH-01

With its massive sound, hands-on ease, and affordable price, the Gaia SH-01 is a high-performance value with old-school charm. The triple-stacked engine puts potent virtual analog synthesis under your fingertips, yet the control panel is so fun, friendly, and inviting, even first-timers can create great sounds. The signal flow is simple to grasp, with logically arranged knobs, sliders, and buttons. Hands-on control and fat sound make this little powerhouse a joy for music students, songwriters, session players, and live performers of all styles and skill levels. Features: • three virtual analog engines onboard, each with a dedicated oscillator, filter, amplifier, envelope, and LFO • up to five simultaneous effects • 64-voice polyphony • 37 full-size keys • runs on AC or battery power • D Beam, arpeggiator, and Phrase Recorder onboard • USB ports for saving user patches to USB flash drives, and for audio/MIDI connection to computers SYN0003702-000


619 €

739€ *


Novation Ultranova

UltraNova is a Nova series analog-modeling synthesizer with a powerful effects processor. It is a single-part synth taking the legendary Supernova II synth engine as a starting point and packing it with the latest technology. It now has brand new features including wavetable synthesis, even more powerful filters, a software editor and a revolutionary new touch-sense performance mode. UltraNova also has a 12 band vocoder and ships with a dynamic gooseneck microphone.


599 €

Features: • Synth Engine with up to 18 voices, 14 filter types, 36 wavetables, 5 effect slots • Automap Function • Touch-sensitive Encoders • 18 voices polyphony • Voice optimized 12 band vocoder with gooseneck mic • External audio input • 37 full-size keys with Aftertouch • Built-in 2 in 4 out USB audio interface, can be bus powered • Software Editor for Synth Sounds (PC/Mac) SYN0003778-000

679€ *

M-Audio Venom

The M-Audio Venom 49-key synthesizer combines the character of classic analog synths with modern digital processing. Wet your appetite with the included presets, sink your teeth into creating original sounds, easily tweak parameters from the intuitive top-panel interface, or explore endless sound design and configuration possibilities with the included software editor. You can even use Venom as an audio interface with Pro Tools M-Powered* and other music software forming a powerful production machine to take your music to a new level. Features: • 12-voice polyphony, each voice including: 3 oscillators with 41 waveforms and 53 drum sounds sampled from vintage analog synths, FM digital synths, and drum machines • pulsewidth modulation, sync, FM, and ring modulation • resonant multimode filter • 3 LFOs with selectable sample-and-hold • 3 AHDSR envelopes • 16 modulation routes • 4-part multitimbral operation • 512 onboard Single patches • 256 onboard Multi (layered) patches • Arpeggiator • built-in USB 2.0 audio/ MIDI interface (USB 1.1 backward compatible), 2 x 2 24-bit, 44.1 kHz operation • 2 inputs and outputs • included Vyzex Venom software editor SYN0003854-000

549 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

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VIRTUAL ANALOG Waldorf blofeld limited

The Waldorf Blofeld limited edition synthesizer module combines incredible-sounding analog-modeled circuitry with the power, convenience, and accessibility of modern digital features. The elegant black aluminum chassis is uncluttered and easy to use, with solid aluminum control knobs and well-placed buttons for accessing parameters and functions in the Blofeld. The large, easy-to-read display allows you to navigate through the Blofeld‘s 1,000-plus sounds and settings. In addition to its incredible tweakability, you get easy USB 2.0 connectivity for editing and management functions on the Blofeld. • Black desktop version of Waldorf Blofeld • Class compliant USB MIDI for PC, Mac and Linux • powerful arpeggiator • 16-part multi timbral • up to 25 voices • more than 1000 sounds • 3 oscillators, 2 filters per voice • aluminum control knobs • backlits 128 x 64 pixel LCD display • sturdy metal chassis SYN0003862-000

Blofeld Limited Edition! Waldorf blofeld Keyboard black


389 € 449

The Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard synthesizer takes the renowned Blofeld synth module to its next logical destination: integrated with a quality, special edition black keyboard! This version also boasts 60MB of sample memory that lets you import your own sample library for a limitless amount of sonic flexibility! There are over 1,000 sounds available right out of the box and virtual analog, wavetable, and sample based oscillators coupled with the comprehensive effects section let you push your creations into new territory. German technology at its best!


Features: • 49 weighted keys and Aftertouch • 60 MB sample memory • Class compatible USB MIDI for PC, Mac and Linux • complex Arpeggiator • 16-part multimode • Maximum 25 voices polyphony • Over 1,000 sounds • Three oscillators, two filters per voice • Selectable drive curves • Powerful effects section • Pitch bend and modulation wheel • Extensive modulation capabilities • Virtual analog, wavetable, and sample based oscillators • MIDI in/out • Frequency modulation for oscillators and filters • Three LFO, four envelopes per voice • Stainless steel rotary encoders • internal power supply • Backlit 128x64 pixel LCD• Sturdy metal case • Weight: ca. 8 kg SYN0003863-000


699 € 879 €*

While supplies last!

each Ultimate AX 90

349 € 389€ *

Now available in 6 colors! The sturdy Quad Pod base design of the AX90 is the most stable stand for any size keyboard or performance. The four legs provide increased tip resistance and improved center of gravity. Load Capacity: 84 kg per tier, 168 kg total. SYN0003566-000 red | SYN0003564-000 blue

Arturia Origin Keyboard

Origin Keyboard is Arturia’s new version of Origin for the keyboard player. It keeps the outstanding modular system of Origin Desktop, putting it on a panel that closes on a high quality keyboard controller. The intuitive interface is kept in place, along with all of the modules from the most famous synthesizers (Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, Jupiter-8, Minimoog and Prophet 5 and Prophet VS) and organs (Tonewheel, Rotary). Features: • High quality semi-weighted 61-keys keyboard, with velocity response and channel aftertouch • New exclusive duophonic aftertouch • Ultra sensitive 40cm ribbon controller • Modulation and pitch-bend wheels • Create your own patch by connecting independent modules • TAE® engine (24 Bit/44.1 kHz) • Advanced Joystick Mode • Analog Audio Connectivity: 2 audio ins,10 audio outs • Digital Audio: SPDIF out • 1 USB 2.0 Interface SYN0003819-000

2890 € 2990 € **


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ANALOG Moog Music Inc. Minimoog Voyager XL

Designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager XL is a sonic powerhouse that pays homage to important milestones in the Moog synthesizer legacy. From the current Voyager lineage, the XL inherits a 100% analog signal path with stable oscillators, patch storage, touch surface, pot mapping and extensive MIDI control functionality. To all this, add a ribbon controller and 61 note keyboard and you have a monster analog monosynth built on a 40 year legacy of sonic exploration.

Features: 61-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard with After-Pressure • Ribbon Controller with Pitch and Gate CV Outputs • External Audio Input • Effects Loop Insert • 2 Active Attenuators • 4-Input CV Mixer • Lag Processor • Additional LFO Source with Multiple MIDI-Syncable Waveforms • 3 Four-Way Mults • 20 Control Voltage Outputs • 3 Gate Outputs • 10 Control Voltage Inputs • 4 Gate Inputs • 2 Modulation Busses • Solid Oak Cabinet • Tilting Control Panel SYN0003787-000

4790 € 4990 € **

Moog Music Inc. Slim Phatty

Designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager XL is a sonic powerhouse that pays homage to important milestones in the Moog synthesizer legacy. Features: • 61-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard with After-Pressure • Ribbon Controller with Pitch and Gate CV Outputs • External Audio Input • Effects Loop Insert • 2 Active Attenuators • 4-Input CV Mixer • Lag Processor • Additional LFO Source with Multiple MIDI-Syncable Waveforms • 3 Four-Way Multis • 20 Control Voltage Outputs• 3 Gate Outputs • 10 Control Voltage Inputs • 4 Gate Inputs • 2 Modulation Busses • Solid Oak Cabinet • Tilting Control Panel SYN0003818-000

799 € 849 €*


20x incl. Shirt! Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 + Octatrack S-Shirt

The Octatrack is designed to revolutionize the concept of sampling. It is an 8 track performance sampler. Recording of sounds is a breeze thanks to the intuitive user interface, but the fun really starts once the samples are inside the machine. All audio content can be heavily processed and radically transformed. The Compact Flash card compability allows for huge amounts of samples to be constantly accessible. The USB port is ideal when transfering sample libraries between your computer and the Octatrack. The optical fader can be assigned to any of the parameters, adding a wealth of live control possibilities. The DJ can sample in real-time, add effects and blend in pre-recorded loops to really add a twist to a set. The performer needing gigabyte large backing tracks during a live gig will appreciate the sample streaming functionality of the Octatrack. Streamed samples can still be subject to time stretch and effects processing. Includes: • Octratrack DPS-1 • USB cable • adapter • manual • 4 GB memory card with 2 GBs worth of royalty free loops and samples


SYN287 Size M | SYN288 Size L

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Access Virus TI 2 Polar

Access Virus TI 2 Desktop SYN0003428-000


1770 €

Access Virus TI 2 Synthesizer Version 4

The Virus is known as much for its flexibility and powerful sound as for Total Integration, our award winning way to interconnect a hardware synthesizer with your DAW. The Access Virus TI2 Desktop features three main oscillators and one sub-oscillator per voice. The Virus TI 2 Polar is also available in a limited edition „Black Version“ at the same price as the other models! OS4 for the entire Virus TI line of synthesizers brings 6 more distortion flavors to the table and brinsg you the Speaker Cabinet Simulation. External effects now become unneccesary. OS4 for the Virus TI series introduces a powerful new feature that allows you use the arpeggiator pattern to modulate any of the parameters available to the modulation matrix. The Vowel Filter is a simple and effective way to vocalize any sound. The TI2 Series is a highlight for any studio or live setup!


eld Limited Edition! feld

2359 € 2788 € **

While supplies last!

Features • 3 Versions available: TI2 Desktop, TI2 Polar (white with 37 keys) and TI 2 Keyboard (61 keys) • Polyphony between 20 and 90 voices • 512 RAM and 3328 ROM Patches + 128 Multimode Slots • 6 balanced outputs with +4 dB level , 2 unbalanced inputs, S/PDIF digital I/O • 92 khz D/A converters • Various oscillator models including Virtual Analog, Wavetable, HyperSaw, Grain- and Formant Table types • 3 LFOs with 68 waveforms to choose from. 2 fast ADSTR envelopes • A maximum of 192 parallel effects in total • 32-step user-programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch • 2 independent multi-mode filters • Virus Control VST/AU/RTAS compatible virtual instrument plugin included • Total Integration Technology, Integration via USB

Radikal Technologies Accelerator

Radikal Technologies have created the Accelerator synthesizer, featuring 3 oscillators, 3 multimode filters, FM modulation, wave shaping, advance aftertouch and a built in accelerometer that modulates the sounds when you move the keyboard. See and hear these at our store! Features: • 61 lightweighted keys with channel aftertouch • 3 oscillators with sweepable waveforms, time linearity modulation, phase modulation, ring modulation between Oszillator 2+3, oscillator synchronisation and linear detuning • 6 envelope generators, 4 LFOs (3 voice, 1part LFO) • noise with noise filter (multimode filter - LP, HP, BP and Notch 12 / 24 dB) and independent amp & envelope • 2 multimodefilter per voice - LP, HP, BP and Notch with 12/24 dB per filter switchable independent oscillator to filter feeds, flexible serial and parallel filter routing • up to 8 step sequencers with chord memories, 32 steps and three lines for parameter control • powerful modulationmatrix • Arpeggiator • Acceleration sensor for parameter control • 512 sound memories • additional 3 band full parametric EQ per voice • 2 external outputs • 2 SPDIF outputs • 4 analog outputs • MIDI In, Out,Thru • USB SYN0003707-000



Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW MK II+

The Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII, where UW is short for User Wave, is a drum machine equipped with numerous drum synthesis methods as well as a sampling engine. It has a 16-tracl sequencer and contains up to 128 patterns, 32 songs, 16 dual waveform LFOs and numerous digital effects, such as an EQ, Distortion, Delay and Reverb. Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW is the ultimate hi-tech beat workstation!


Features: • SPS-1 with Sampling Function to store and load samples • pattern-oriented • 16-track sequencer with up to 64 steps pattern length • 128 Patterns • 32 Songs • 16 Dual Waveform LFOs • various digital FX: EQs, Distortion, Delay, Reverb • 4 internal synthesizers SYN0003717-000

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 MK II

The Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII is a drum machine based on four original drum synthesis methods. Add the track effects, the resonant multi mode filters and the LFO’s and you will be able to come up with any percussive sound imaginable. Use the sequencer to both control and shape sounds in great detail. The Machinedrum can also be used as an extremely potent effects unit. The two audio inputs will let you process, twist and bend external sounds. This is drum synthesis in a class of its own!

969€ 384

SYNTHESIZER - EXPORT PHONE: +49 Details 221 925791-777 Achtung: Neue Telefonnummern ab 16.05.2011. auf Seite 3!

Features: • up to 64 step pattern length • 16-track percussion sequencer • 16-part track effects system • 4 internal synthesizers • full real time control • 128 Patterns • 32 Songs • 16 Dual Waveform LFOs • various digital FX: EQs, Distortion, Delay, Reverb • universal AC adapter SYN0003062-000

· Fax -876 ·

ANALOG POWER Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest is a collaboration between Smith and longtime friend and fellow instrument designer Roger Linn. Though they‘ve consulted with each other on past projects, Tempest marks the first time a product will carry both the Dave Smith Instruments and Roger Linn Design logos. The design of Tempest reflects a rethinking of what a drum machine needs to be in the current era. It‘s not so much a drum machine as a new musical performance instrument for the creation, manipulation, and arrangement of beat-oriented music, with an intuitive and efficient use of human gestures. Features: • analog voices has 2 analog oscillators plus 2 digital oscillators • Dave‘s classic analog low-pass filter with audio-rate modulation, an additional high-pass filter, analog VCA with feedback, 5 envelopes, 2 LFOs, an extraordinary variety of analog modulation routings • performance-oriented operating system • 56 x 64 OLED display • 16 pressure- and velocity-sensitive lit pads are arranged in a 2x8 configuration • Two pressure- and position-sensitive Note FX slide controllers • Analog (!) Effects Section: Compressor, Distortion, Delay and Stutter • Swing Einstellbar SYN0003853-000


Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

The Mopho Keyboard is a small, yellow analog mono synth with all the features of the desktop version plus a high-end 3 octave keyboard. This turns the Mopho into a directly playable on stage lead and bass machine. SYN270

698 € 594 €*

Dave Smith Instruments Tetra

Tetra is a four-voice, analog poly synth, a sort of “mini Prophet.” It‘s a four-part, multitimbral synth with separate outputs, essentially four Mophos in one very compact box. And it’s a voice expander for other Tetras or the Prophet ’08.

Unit price SYN0003651-000

689 €

699 € 822

Features: • 100% analog signal path • 2 oscillators per voice • 4 banks with 128 programs each • 4 part multi mode • 128 combo-programs • USB • MIDI IN/OUT/THRU • expandable polyphony in connection with other Tetras, Prophet 08 and Mopho • Arpeggiator SYN0003556-000

763€ *

€ **

Dave Smith Instruments Gigbag SYN0003808-000

Mopho is a monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is identical to a single voice of the Prophet ‚08, but with a couple of unique twists to distinguish it from its sibling. It has an audio input that lets you process external audio and mix Mopho‘s own audio output back in pre-filter Features: • 100% analog signal path • 2 oscillators • 1 classic Curtis low-pass filter (switchable 2- or 4-pole) • Analog VCAs • 3 envelope generators (ADSR plus delay) • 2 sub-octave generators • External Audio Input • 16 x 4 Step Sequencer • Arpeggiator • 384 Sound Programs SYN273

399 € 558 € **

Dave Smith Instruments Tetra / Mopho Case Case for Tetra and Mopho SYN0003848-000

333 € 499 €*

Unit price SYN0003361-000

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Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

ANALOG POWER Doepfer Dark Energy

Dark Energy is a monophonic stand-alone synthesizer with a USB and MIDI interface. The sound generation and all modulation sources are 100% analog, except for the USB/MIDI interface, which contains digital components. Dark Energy is built into a rugged black metal case with wooden side plates. High quality potentiometers with metal shafts are used and each potentiometer is fixed to the case. Made in Germany! SYN0003500-000

Doepfer Dark Time

Dark Time is an analog sequencer, which basically an addon for the Dark Energy. It can also be used in combination with other MIDI, USB or CV/Gate equipment. It features 16 steps with on/off, skip, reset and stop switches for each step. It has available CV/Gate outputs, MIDI and USB. It is equipped with an internal clock oscillator but can be synced to MIDI clock as well. SYN0003743-000











389 €



444 €

MFB Nanozwerg

Despite its compact dimensions, Nanozwerg is a full-featured monophonic analog synthesizer. With VCO, an additional sub-oscillator and its 12dB slope multi-mode filter, Nanozwerg offers multiple bassand lead-sounds. In addition, it features a noise-generator and also works as an effects processor using its external audio input. SYN0003743-000

219 €

555 €

MFB Kraftzwerg

MFB Kraftzwerg is the semi-modular version of MFB’s Synth-II. It trades memory locations and MIDI control for 37 patch connectors that allow breaking and modifying the internal routing. Put single Kraftzwerg components under analog sequencer control or let the whole unit interact with your existing modular synthesizer system. MFB Kraftzwerg offers a complete set of powerful and versatile syntheses: three VCOs with hard sync, 24-dB-lowpass-filter with resonance, noise generator, ring-modulator, two envelope generators, two LFOs and VCA. SYN0003432-000

MFB Urzwerg

The step-sequencer Urzwerg is a universal control center for Kraftzwerg and Schlagzwerg as well as for future Zwerg models. Urzwerg offers 32 steps that can either be used in two sequences with 16 steps each, or as four sequences with 8 steps each. Hence, up to four synthesizers or CV-parameters of a modular system can be addressed simultaneously. When in 4 x 8 mode, Urzwerg is able to control four Nanozwerg units polyphonically. Another examples are the independent control over pitch, pulse width, filter cut off and LFO speed on a single Kraftzwerg. In combination with a modular system, possibilities are versatile. Features: • 32-step controls for direct access • modes with 2 x 16 or 4 x 8 steps • 4 x CV/Gate outputs (5V or 10V) • adjustable gate length • continuously variable range between 1-10V SYN0003739-000

359 € 380€ *


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Korg monotron

The true analog monotron fits in your pocket and is ready to play. Although small enough to hold in one hand, it delivers ginormous and dazzling sounds. The controls have been streamlined for ease of use. Concentrating on the most important sound parameters, the panel contains only five knobs and one switch. The monotron‘s circuit is radically simple: one voltage-controlled oscillator, one voltage-controlled filter, and one low frequency oscillator. The monotron starts with the same highly acclaimed VCF circuit as the original MS-20 semi modular synthesizer, and adds extra oomph to the resonance. Features: • analog synth power • classic analog filter found in the legendary Korg MS-10 & MS-20 • easy-to-play ribbon keyboard • internal speaker/headphone jack & battery operation SYN0003690-000

59 € 77 €*

Korg Monotribe Analog Groovebox Synthesizer

Korg Monotribe - the analogue Groovebox with charm. After the overwhelming success of the Monotron, Korg has taken the idea of an analogue synth in pocket format even further. Drum-section with 3 parts and an 8-step sequencer with creative editing options have been added. The filter of the original MS10/MS20 style is still included as well. Sync ports allow the combination of multiple Monotribes to a small modular system. Very addictive for analogue freaks and sound creators! SYN0003889-000

Price on request! Jomox T-Resonator

„T“ stands for Time. The T-Resonator transforms timely events into an analog feedbacked filter network. Incredible bass gains or screaming scratch sounds are no problem! Features: • 1 x Stereo In • 1 x Stereo Out • 2 x Filter • 2 x Delay Lines /Chorus /Reverb • 8 Algorithms • nvelope follower with LFO • Positive feedback loops • Cross Feedback • FM Feedback • Power 9V~ AC SYN0002898-000

1295 € 1599€ *

Jomox X-Base 999

The X-Base 999 is based on the 909 model but provides much more features. Triple the sound capacity and 9 instruments ranging from kick drum to toms and more. They can be programmed via the internal step sequencer.

259 €


Features: • 9 Instrument, all polyphone • Real analog sound production and MIDI-control of all parameters • 16 knobs with 3-color LED indicating parameter status • Improved kick drum • Analog Tom Toms • Internal step sequencer • Bank select has now own switch, 4 banks with 16 A/B patterns each • Analog step sequencer with X-filter • Analog input: stereo signal can be inserted and sliced by VCA with own envelope via step sequencer • 2 LFOs • Analog Hi Hat Bandpass Filter • 4 Character LCD display SYN0002898-000

299€ *

Jomox MBase 11

Jomox M Brane 11

With the M Brane 11 from Jomox two analog oscillators become electronic membranes. Then add a little noise and a little envelope and the brand new Jomox electronic percussion synthesizer is ready. Everything is storeable and controllable via MIDI. SYN0003636-000

249 €

The MBase11 can do only one thing, but that it does right: phat kick drums! It is the logical follower of the MBase01 and offers even better performance, more versatility and an even phatter sound! It generates analog bass drums, ranging from extremely powerful to soft and it covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned. The LFO has 8 different waveforms including true sine that can be used to create different envelopes. SYN0003531-000

222 € 249€ *

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Yamaha Tenori-On Orange

The new lower priced Orange model is functionally exactly the same as the original White except its 256 orange LEDs and it does not operate on batteries. The Tenori-On Orange combines a MIDI controller, tone generator, sampler and stunning visual user interface. It will appeal to producers, music production home studios and anyone who wants to start instantly making music visually.

649 €

772€ *

Features: • 16 x 16 LED Matrix • AWM2 Tone Generator • 239 Preset Voices and 14 Drum Kits • 3 User Sample Voices • 32-note polyphony • 16-parts multitimbral • built-in stereo speaker • MIDI port via adapter cable • SD Memory Card Slot • User Voice Manager Software and AC adapter included SYN0003619-000

379 € Ketron KlaviPro

KlaviPro is a professional class piano module. It may be small in size but it delivers an innovative, high quality stereo Grand Piano sound. This is achieved by meticulous, multi level samples that are captured note by note from one of the finest Concert Grand Piano‘s in existence. KlaviPro features 2 Grand Pianos and 2 Electric Pianos with multi layered samples & articulations, 2 FM pianos plus several electric and acoustic patches. Incredible sound quality is coupled with true voice characteristics due to Ketron’s new Voice Character Emulation (‚VCE‘).

le ktuelr a s e g Ta se unte de Prei sicstore. Features: • 12 Piano Voices. Grand Piano 1, Grand Piano 2, Rock Piano, Upright, .muElectric, House, El. Piano 1-2-3, FM Piano1-2, Pianomix. • 64 notes polyphony • Effects : Reverb, Chorus • MIDI www : In, Thru. Midi activity led. • Outputs : Left & Right Outputs. Stereo headphone. Volume : Slider volume control. KEY0002926-000

tt atteessk :: orr lla F Fo c heecke ss cch .d dee e e c i c r i r r o r p p sstto e. c i c i s s u u m w..m ww w ww

333 € 599€ *


Acoustic pianos and vintage instruments are the specialty of the GEM RP-X sound module. With grand pianos sounds and the best Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet sounds – truly unique on the market. With the same technology used in the Promega & Realpiano series, the RP-X offers the musician best sound quality and a selection of the best electric and acoustic paino sounds incl. the legendary Fazioli F308 RP-X. Features: 72-voice polyphony • 48 stereo/mono PCM/Physical Modeling sounds • 4-part multitimbral • performances: 99 (sound combinations) • digital effects like reverb, chorus, phase, tremolo, stereo delay, etc. KEY0002087-000

a os a l Preciel día en: e d .d orden usicstore m . www

379 € Roland SD-50

459€ *

The Mobile Studio Canvas includes the Roland SD-50 Sound Module and Cakewalk’s SONAR 8.5 LE DAW Software, it is ideal for laptop use on the road! Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Features: • 128 polyphony, 1,125 GM2/GS/SD-50 Solo Tones and 32 drum sets • 2-in/2-out, 24bit/44.1 kHz audio interface with XLR/.” inputs/Phantom Power/Hi-Z input • Built-in hardware DSP FX for Reverb, Chorus, and Mastering • USB memory drive for quick playback of MP3/ WAV/AIFF/MIDI files • Transport Controls for file playback including the ability to change keys, tempos, A/B Loop, Repeat, Center Cancel (for Karaoke) and more SYN0003644-000

Miditech Pianobox

99 €

With the Pianobox every masterkeyboard changes to a complete synthesizer! Just connect your guitar to the instrument input and make your own session with the 100 drumpatterns inside the Pianobox! Features: • GM soundmodule with 128 GM sounds and full GM implementation • 16 channel multimode • 9 user memory programs• Drumcomputer/metronom with 100 drumpatterns • High-end black aluminum Case • LED Display • HI-Z guitar jack input • PLAY/STOP button, Direct button • 10 function buttons • MIDI I/O • LINE OUT TRS jack 6,3mm • Headphone output TRS jack 3,5mm SYN0003606-000


The Korg microSAMPLER makes sampling easy and performing a blast. The latest addition to the Korg „micro“ series serves up sampling with a powerful performance punch! The microSAMPLER delivers multi-mode sampling, resampling, Pattern Sequencing and over-the-top effects. Also, it is a complete sound design studio for creating upto-the minute loops and phrases.

Roland SP 404 SX

Features: • 37 mini-keys • Sampling: Loop/One Shot/Gate/Auto Next/Key Gate • 8 User banks with 36 samples each, 1 ROM-Bank • Sampling Time: approximately 160 seconds per bank at 48 kHz • aximum 14 notes (seven notes if using time strech playback) • Pattern sequencer with 16 patterns per bank • 21 effects types • gooseneck microphone SYN0003575-000

Roland’s acclaimed SP-404 performance sampler takes an exciting leap forward with the new SP-404SX. In addition to the fun, fast, hands-on features of the original, the new model offers enhanced sound quality with pure 16-bit linear sampling, improved DSP effects, smooth FX switching, a more versatile pattern sequencer (with a new shuffle feature), and easier data management with SD-card compatibility. It’s a creatively stimulating, powerful tool for DJs, musicians, producers, and live-sound engineers who trigger jingles. Features: 12 voices • built-in mic and battery power • 29 DSPEffects • 3 control knobs 12 Trigger-Pads, Sub Pad • Seamless effects switching for smooth, perfect performance • Pattern sequencer with quantize mode and new shuffle feels • 1 GB SD card included; expand sample storage up to 32GB with SDHC • Import audio files from computer, assign samples to pads with bundled software SYN0003573-000


369 € 439€ *

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435 € 594 €*

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Fairlight CMI-30A 30th

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the sale of the first CMI systems, the newly-formed Fairlight Instruments is producing a limited edition 30th Anniversary model, the Fairlight CMI–30A. The original CMI was by necessity complex and bulky, with a correspondingly huge price tag. The CMI-30A utilizes the immense power of the latest Fairlight Crystal Core media processor (CC-1). It not only faithfully reproduces the original sound but goes well beyond the original capabilities in a smaller, less expensive and more reliable physical form. The 30A looks and performs like the original CMI. The look and feel of the user interface is modelled on the original, with classic retro green on black graphics. A replica of the original music keyboard is also available as an option. The Fairlight 30A has twelve analog and one digital (MADI) output. However, unlike the earlier CMIs, any one physical output can offer dozens of voices. All the original Fairlight sound libraries from both the CMI-IIX and the III are included, plus a huge selection of samples collected from the past 30 years.

Only device in Germany! Ready to test at our store on short notice!

Features: • New version of the legendary Fairlight CME30Awith modern technology • System includes Mainframe, Keyboard, 17“ Lightpen-TFT and Keyboard (QWERTY Layout) • 500GB hard drive • DVD R/W drive • USB Port • 6 Audio outputs (balanced, XLR) • 2 analog outputs (front panel access) • 2 Mic/Line inputs, XLR Phantom Power option • MIDI I/O (with MIDI Timecode) • LTC I/O • Word Clock I/O • BNC MADI Output (64 channels) (!!!) • 76-key TP40GH High Quality Fatar Keyboard with weighted keys and hammer action • Keyboard with velocity-sensitivity and Aftertouch • Modulation and Pitch Bend Wheels • 17“ LCD Display witht 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution • Lightpen Pointer with left/right click button • adjustable sound quality (up to 24 Bit floating point) •24 tracks and channels based on CMI-30A System, expandable to 240. SYN0003883-000

21190€ MPC1000 inherits all of the essential MPC features such as 32-voice stereo sampling, 64-track sequencing, and 16 velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads, fitting all the production capability into a compact, affordable package. 16MB of on-board memory comes standard and can be expanded up to 128MB. You can save your work to a Standard Compact Flash Card (up to 2GB). A preloaded CF card with popular Akai Pro samples is included to get you going. Features: • 32 voices at 16 Bit/44,1kHz • 16 MB RAM, expandable to 128 MB • 5 MB Flash memory • 16 touch sensitive pads - 4 pad banks • audio input thru function, (the input signal can directly be sampled and assigned to a pad for playback) • 24 programs • 64 tracks for each sequence /max. 100.000 notes • Filter section, Effects section, Master effects • compact flash slot (up to 2 GB) • USB • backlit LCD display • patched phrase function • 2 Q-Link controllers for realtime control • USB harddrive support SYN107


Incl. 128 MB! SYN062

479 € 694


€ **

Akai MPC 500

MPC500 is a 48-track sequencer with a 32-voice stereo sampler. It has 12 velocity and pressure-sensitive rubber MPC pads. 16MB of memory comes standard and can be expanded up to 128MB. When connected to a Mac or PC via USB, you can drag and drop data between the computer and your MPC500‘s CF card, just like a hard drive. Because MPC500 is compatible with other MPCs, MPC500 is the perfect way to extend your studio into your mobile lifestyle. SYN108

Free Frre Fre ree ee e e with wit wi ith it th purchase purch pu pur p urc rch rc ch cha has ha as ase a se e of o a sampler! sampl sam sa am amp a mpl pler! pl ple p ler le err!! er! e

Incl. 128 MB! SYN062

649 € 1084 € **

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! ** Total of the RRPs

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Akai MPC 1000 V2 Black


The perfect choice for controlling your computer music software – in production or in performance. The microKEY is slim, lightweight, USB powered and compatible with all of you computer music software; use it to create your own compact and customized command center. Features: • 37 velocity-sensitive mini keys • Octave Shift and Key Transpose • Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels • Dual USB Ports are ideal for adding Korg‘s nanoPAD or nanoKONTROL • Includes Korg M1 LE, EZ Drummer Lite and Lounge Lizard Session Licenses SYN0003780-000

95 € 117€ *

Korg nanoKEY 2

The nanoKEY2 is equipped with 25 velocity-sensing keys and an advanced design for reliable recording. For entering drum parts, the nanoPAD2 is the top choice. It boasts 16 responsive pads and an X-Y touchpad, plus knobs, switches, and faders – perfect for controlling any computer based DAW or numerous types of other music production software. This simple and stylish system is perfect for your music production needs. A version of the KORG M1le Ssynthesizer plugins is included.

Price on request!

Features: • 25 velocity-sensing keys • 4 different adjustable velocity curves • CC Mode buttons send Control Change data • Octave-Shift-, Modulation- and Pitch-Bend button • definable miniumum and maximum values of controller • Incl. KORG M1le white SYN0003332-000 | black SYN0003401-000

Arturia Analog Experience The Player Arturias Analog Experience The Player comes with a special version of the Analog Factory with 1000 sounds of the established Arturia synthesizer emulation. The Smart Preset browser allows fast finding of the desired sounds. The high quality USB keyboard was designed for Arturia and gives you direct access to sound selection, sound parameters and four Snapshots. You can play and edit sounds without having to reach for your mouse. The robust 25-key keyboard and the solid metal housing combines with the versatile software instrument make the Analog Experience The Player the ideal mobile solution. SYN0003718-000

239 € Arturia Analog Experience The Factory

The Factory version of Arturia‘s Analog Experience Set has the Analog Factory 2.5 software with 3500 sounds! The keyboard is different as well and comes with a pitch bend and modulation wheel. The 3500 sounds are taken from 7 synthesizer legends that have shaped the sound of modern music for decades. From the funky lead sounds of the 70‘s to the path Hip-Hop basses, from 80‘s synth pads to current effect sounds - the Analog Factory 2.5 has everything you are looking for. The smooth running full-size keyboard provide a great playing feel.

149 €

Features: • Includes the Analog Factory 2.5 with 3500 sounds • sampled synths like Minimoog, Moog Modular, Jupiter-8, ARP 2600, CS-80, Prophet 5 Prophet VS • slim 32-key keyboard in aluminum housing and wooden laterals, after touch and touch sensitive, 1 encoder with click function, 10 encoders, 4 faders, 11 buttons, pitch bend and modulations wheel SYN0003719-000

Akai LPK 25

The LPK25 laptop performance keyboard is a USB-MIDI controller for musicians, producers, DJs and other music creators. It measures less than 30 cm across and weighs less than a pound to easily fit into a laptop case, backpack or messenger bag for extreme portability. Features: • 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard keys • Arpeggiator, sustain button, octave up and down, and tap tempo controls • USB bus powered• Plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC requires no driver installation • Four programmable memory banks PCM0009213-000

49 € 59€ *

Akai MPK Mini

89 € 107€



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The Akai Pro MPK mini is an ultra-compact mini-keyboard with an impressive array of buttons, knobs and pads to provide „hands-on“ performance and production control no matter your location. MPK mini strikes the perfect balance between portability and comprehensive software control by melding together the complete control offered in the popular Akai Pro MPK family with the grab-and-go convenience of the LPK25 and LPD8. With a 25-note keyboard, 8 back-lit, MPC-style pads, a Tap-Tempo and a sustain button, plus 8 Q-Link knobs, the MPK mini is the ultimate portable controller to get your music moving. Features: • Ultra-portable software MIDI controller, 25-note, velocity-sensitive mini keyboard • Eight backlit, velocity-sensitive MPC-style pads (2 banks, 16 total) • Pads can send note information, MIDI CCs and program changes • Eight assignable Q-Link knobs to adjust virtually any parameter• Arpeggiator • Program Recall button to restore up to 4 separate global settings SYN0003813-000

· Fax -876 ·

MASTERKEYBOARDS Fame Digital Tweak 25

The top-selling FAME Tweak 25 provides total control and sturdy quality on stage and in the studio. It‘s the ideal partner for beginners and professionals alike. No matter if you’re playing bass lines on the semi-weighted keyboard or firing samples via the trigger pads - the Tweak 25 always looks sharp. Entire setups can be easily and quickly accessed via the 6 preset buttons. The encoders allow for easy soft synth control and the transport buttons let you control the sequencer’s drive functions. Features: • 25 semi-wheighted, velocity-sensitve, full-size keys with assignable aftertouch • integrated USB/MIDI-Interface • LC-Display showing all important parameters • 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads • 8 freely programmable MIDI-Encoders • 8 function buttons with shift function • 6 transport buttons • Pitch- and Modulation Wheel SYN0003693-000

99 € 189€ *

Fame Digital Tweak 49

Fame Tweak 25 master keyboard’s big brother comes with 49 keys and 9 additional, freely assignable faders. Features: • 49 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys • 9 freely programmable MIDI-Encoders and Faders SYN0003693-000

Fame Digital Tweak 61

Inpreparation and available at an amazing price starting May – the 61-key version of the Tweak Series! Available with 61 instead of 25 or 49 velocitysensitive keys! Features: 61 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys SYN0003849-000

149 € 249€ *

129 € 219€ *

Fame Digital Tweak 100 The top-selling Fame KC 25 brings you an excellent price-performance ratio featuring a simple yet sturdy keyboard and 25 velocity-sensitive keys, which provide a great playing feel. Additionally, it comes with 4 endless rotary encoders for parameter control. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a 25-key keyboard at such an affordable price with this kind of quality anywhere else on the European market.

79 € 189

Features • 25 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys • Pitch Bend and Modulation Controller • 4 endless rotary encoders • MIDI Out • Master Volume Fader • input for Foot Controller • USB • Class compliant (no driver installation necessary) MAC & PC PCM0009751-000


Fame Digital KC 25



Features • 25 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys • Pitch Bend and Modulation Controller • 4 endless rotary encoders • MIDI Out • Master Volume Fader • input for Foot Controller • USB • Class compliant (no driver installation necessary) MAC & PC SYN0003070-000


49 €

The top-selling Fame KC 25 brings you an excellent priceperformance ratio featuring a simple yet sturdy keyboard and 25 velocity-sensitive keys, which provide a great playing feel. Additionally, it comes with 4 endless rotary encoders for parameter control. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a 25-key keyboard at such an affordable price with this kind of quality anywhere else on the European market.

Fame Digital KC 49 black limited The sturdy 49-key velocity-sensitive version of the KC Series keyboards. SYN0003558-000

Fame Digital KC 61 limited

59 €

Great price: the 61-key version of the popular KC Series master keyboard! SYN0003545-000

105€ *

89 € 189€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

Achtung: Neue Telefonnummern ab 16.05.2011. Details auf Seite 3!


MASTERKEYBOARDS Miditech i2-Control 25 black

The space efficient and portable controller now in black instead of white: the i2-Control 25! It is fully USB powered and works class compliant under Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X! The i2-Control 25 combines great look with extensive functionality to an attractive price! Now even with a cool new blue display! Includes assignable rotary encoders for parameter control, Pitch & Mod wheels and Volume slider. Features: • 25 full sized dynamic high quality keys • Pitch bend/modulation wheels • 8 controller v-pots • Data Entry Slider • 3-segment blue LED display • Function buttons for octave +/- • easy controller programming via keyboard • USB connector for PC connection/ Midi In/Out • Connector for sustain pedal and AC adaptor • Incl.: USB-cable/PC-software Magix Samplitude SE SYN0003777-000

69 € 99 €*

Miditech Midistart Music 25

The Miditech Midistart Music 25 comes in a black aluminium case! It is fully USB powered and works class compliant under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X. It combines great look with extensive functionality! Features: • black heavy-duty aluminum housing • 25 full sized dynamic high quality keys • Pitch bend/modulation joystick • 4 possible velocity curves • 10 user memory slots for own setups • Oktave Switch, Transpose Function • MIDI output • Class compliant: plug and play Mac OS X / Windows XP / Vista and Windows 7 (no driver installation necessary) SYN0003508-000

59 €

Miditech Midistart Music 49

This master keyboard has one of the best keyboards among ist price category. It has 49 key and comes in a sleek black design plus Samplitude Silver 11 software. Each black Midistart keyboard is shipped with a full version of Imageline’s software synthesizer Poizone. Poizone turns any keyboard into a full-value, high-end synthesizer!

89 €

Features: • 49 full sized high quality dynamic keys • Pitch bend-/modulation wheel • Switches for octave +2 / -2 • inputs for Sustain pedal and adapter • MIDI output • class compliant: Mac OS X / Windows XP / Vista and Windows 7 (no driver installation necessary) SYN0003506-000

Miditech Midistart 3

Midistart 3 has an even better price-performance ratio and is available in a silver finish. Next to the black version it is the best MIDI keyboard in the beginner category. It does not include the Poizone software but comes with all the same technical specifications and is even more affordable. Features: Does not include Imageline’s Poizone, but comes in a silver finish, and otherwise the same features as the Midistart Music 49 SYN0003010-000

Miditech i2-61 black

The Miditech i2-61 black edition now comes with 61 keys and in a great black design at an affordable price!


69 € 99 €*

The Th he e price-performance pricepr pri p price-perf ric ri ice iic cece e-p e -pe performance pe per p errf erf e rfo for fo orrm orm o rrma man ma an anc a nce nc ce e winner! wiiinn win nne ner ne err!! er! e

99 € Features: 61 velocity-sensitive keys • Pitch Bend/Modulation Wheel • Data Entry Slider • 3-segment blue LED Display • USB port for easy computer connection • Inputs for sustain pedal and AC adapter SYN0003721-000

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· Fax -876 ·

139€ *

MASTERKEYBOARDS Behringer‘s controller keyboard series is proof that good workmanship and production in the Far East do not have to be a contradiction. You will notice this right away when playing the keyboard, which ranks at the same level as higher priced models!

Behringer UMX 490 U-Control USB/MIDI

119 € 142

Features: • USB MIDI keyboard with 49 velocity-sensitive keys • same features as UMX 250 SYN0003641-000


99 € 118€ *

149 € 177€ *

Behringer UMX 250 U-Control USB/MIDI

Behringer UMX 610 U-Control USB/MIDI

Features: 25-key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with USB/Audio Interface (included) • plug and play with Mac OS X, Windows XP and Vista operating systems • separate MIDI Out • input for Sustain Pedal • 8 real-time encoders plus 10 assignable switches • Octave +/- switch SYN0003640-000

Features: • USB MIDI keyboard with 61 velocity-sensitive keys • same features as UMX 250 and UMX 490 SYN0003642-000

FATAR Studiologic Numa Nano

The 88-key hammer action NUMA Nano is one of the lightest master keyboards at only 11kg! Despite its much lighter weight it can easily keep up with its much heavier competition. It still has the very realistic playing feel of a piano. The 88 keys can be split into 4 zones and the dynamics can be adjusted according to the user‘s needs. An external AC adapter, a PS100 foot switch and a music rack are all included.

Features: • 88 Keys Hammer Action Keybed (TP/100LR) • Pitch Wheel • Mod Wheel • Easy Control System • 4 programmable zones • 3x factory dynamic curves • Aftertouch • 1x USB, 1x MIDI Out, 2x Pedal In • Class Compliant, no drivers required for Windows XP, Vista or MAC SYN0003561-000


698 € Infrasonic M49

Infrasonic brings you a 49-key keyboard in a great design featuring a combination of encoders, a joystick and a rare touch pad.

139 € Features: • 49 key velocity sensitive USB MIDI controller • transport control buttons and assignable jog wheel • 8 assignable MIDI controller knobs • Fully assignable X-Y pad and joystick • 3 digit 7 segment LED display • Editing Software SYN0003750-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

Achtung: Neue Telefonnummern ab 16.05.2011. Details auf Seite 3!



Take control over any parameter of your favorite music software with the new QX49. With a 49-note keyboard, the QX49‘s pitch range is perfect for performing with software instruments and samplers while still remaining highly portable. Furthermore, the QX49 provides keyboard players with a full compliment of controls including pitch and modulation wheels and octave up/down buttons. The extensive layout ensures appropriate feel and proper response with its eight sliders and rotary knobs, four backlit drum pads and dedicated transport controls. Additionally, it features USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI jacks for easy connection to Mac, PC and MIDI hardware. The QX49 comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition software for performing, recording, and sequencing music right out of the box. SYN0003867-000

149 € 179 € **

Akai SynthStation25

The SynthStation25 transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable music production studio for mobile music creation. This 25-key synth keyboard features a built-in dock for iPhone or iPod touch. SynthStation gives you three powerful synthesizers for creating and modifying sonic textures used for melodies, chords, and bass lines. Drawing on the newest MINIAK synth, the SynthStation app sounds great and offers wide-ranging sonic flexibility with its virtual analog synthesis. Features: • 25-key velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard controller • Pitch and modulation wheels, octave +/-, and sound-bank buttons • Stereo RCA line outputs and headphone jack • USB/MIDI • Seamlessly compatible with Akai SynthStation app SYN0003700-000

199 € Akai Platin 49

49-key Keyboard Controller with Drum Pads and iPad® Dock SynthStation49 is the most advanced, intuitive music controller designed specifically for use with the iPad. Working seamlessly with SynthStation software, SynthStation49 provides unparalleled music creation capabilities. It is the only full-featured, professional keyboard controller allowing direct MIDI performance recording onto an iPad. Bridging Akai Professional’s popular MPK controllers with the previously released SynthStation25, SynthStation49 provides immense software control with forty-nine, full-size velocity-sensitive keys, nine backlit MPC-style drum pads and full transport buttons. An adjustable-angled dock for iPad allows the user to easily slide their tablet into the SynthStation49’s cradle and position the screen to their preference. The USB port can be connected directly to a Mac or PC computer to receive power in addition to transmitting MIDI to and from music software. Professional ¼” outputs and extreme portability ensure you’ll be able to take your sequences straight to the stage. Features: • Portable, velocity-sensitive keyboard with pitch and modulation wheels • Nine velocity-sensitive MPC-style drum pads which light when triggeredg • Dedicated transport control buttons • Built-in, adjustable dock charges your iPad while positioning the screen at the perfect angle • USB port for connecting to a Mac or PC, receiving power and controlling MIDI music software • Professional ¼“ stereo outputs with volume control to connect mixers, speakers and recording equipment • Headphone output • Supports CoreMIDI or AkaiConnect apps SYN0003851-000

89 € 107 €*

Akai MPK 49

In addition to the 25-key version the MPK 49 comes with 49 keys and 8 ffull-sized rotation pots, each with 3 banks. SYN0002979-000

Akai MPK 25

25-key semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch • 2 genuine MPC pads with pressure and velocity sensitivity • MPC pads access four banks each for instant access to 48 samples • Assignable Q-Link controller section for flexible control of most software parameters • Two banks of 12 Q-Link knobs and four buttons, two banks each • Dedicated transport controls • MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing, and arpeggiator aid in creative process • MPC Full Level, MPC 12-Level, Tap Tempo, and Time Division assist with tempo and dynamics • MIDI output over USB, bus powered, class compliant: plug and play with one USB cable SYN0003436-000

239 € 299€ *

359 € 439 €*

Akai MPK 61

The MPK 61 has the same features as the 49-key version! SYN0003559-000

499 € 599 €*


SYNTHESIZER - EXPORT PHONE: +49 Details 221 925791-777 Achtung: Neue Telefonnummern ab 16.05.2011. auf Seite 3!

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MASTERKEYBOARDS Novation SL MkII 25-key Midi Controller Keyboard

SL Mk II has been designed to give you complete control over your music making software. Each of the 56 knobs, faders and buttons control the things in your software that you need them to control. SL MkII can directly control your plug-in instruments and FX. It also comes with Automap 3 software which enables you to instantly map software parameters to faders, buttons, knobs and other controllers.

299 €

Features: • 25, 49 und 61 halbgewichte Tasten • 8 Pots (270 Rotation) with touch-sensitivity and 11 segment LED rings • 8 Sliders with touch-sensitivity • 32 Buttons with integrated LEDs (37 in MIDI mode) • 8 soft feel Trigger pads • Xpression Pad • Xpression Stick • Touch sensitive Speed Dial • Octave up/down buttons with LED indicator • incl. Ableton Live software among others SYN0003510-000 - 25 key version

339€ *

369 €

Novation SL MkII 49-key Midi Controller Keyboard

419€ *


Novation SL MkII 61-key Midi Controller Keyboard SYN0003512-000

449 € 499€ *

Novation Nocturn 25 and 49

169 €

Features: • 25- and 49-key version • Automap Technology • Automap control Software allows you to instantly ‚learn‘ controllers to plug-ins, enabling you to see exactly what is assigned to what • 8 Encoders (Infinite Rotation) with touch-sensitivity and 11 segment Led rings • all elements are touch-sensitive, hence simplifying the operation • 33 MIDI assignable controls: 8 trigger pads, 8 dials, 14 buttons, modulation wheel. Sustain and expression pedal control can also be added • USB bus-powered• Octave Up/Down and Transpose Up/Down buttons SYN0003571-000 25 key version SYN0003572-000 49 key version

229 € * recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

Achtung: Neue Telefonnummern ab 16.05.2011. Details auf Seite 3!



Nocturn‘s 25 and 49 controller keyboards come with Novation‘s Automap control software, which enables knobs, faders and buttons to instantly control plug-in instruments (including AU-, VST-, RTAS- and TDM/FX), as well as your sequencer‘s mixer, transport controls and more. Nocturn‘s eight touch-sensitive rotary-encoders (knobs) each have LED rings around them. The keyboards have a very clear design and all complicated setup function are controlled by the included Automap Pro software.



Zoltan Junker

Jasmin Pulo

Erkan Ucar

BY KORG! Korg PA3X-61

The 61-keys version of the PA3X. KEY0003141-000

Korg PA3X


for best price!

Finally, the successor of the PA-2 is available! Better than ever. The Korg Pa Series has a new flagship: the Pa3X, available as a black „international version“ and a silver version titled MUSIKANT, which is geared towards the dance musician with specific dance styles and German labeling. PA3X is the most realistic, powerful, and easy-to-use arranger workstation ever produced. For years, Korg’s Pa Series has been the most respected, envied, and successful line of interactive arranger workstations on the planet. Once again, Korg has raised the standard of excellence by offering new, richer, and more realistic sounds; creating amazing new features, and offering a fresh – yet elegant – design. Korg’s RX (Real eXperience) Technology blends the great Korg history with powerful new technology and ideas from musicians around the world to deliver a new standard in professional arrangers. The result is a musical jewel that packages technological magic into a luxurious design. PA3X is our recommendation for live and home applications. An optional super high-fidelity speaker/amplification bar has been specifically designed to connect directly to the keyboard. Useful for both home use and on-stage monitoring, the PaAS uses Korg’s “Easy Connect” system: no additional support, no cables, no power supply needed to deliver crisp, clean full range sound. The Pa3X comes in two different configurations. First is the compact and lightweight 61-key model. Also available is the 76-key version. Features: • 500 Styles, 1200 Sounds (incl. KORG SV-1 Sounds) • 900 Song Book entries • German labeling of most important parameters • many available levels of sound articulation (DNC) • Ambience Drums Technology for authentic drum sound • Self-refreshing PCM Data memory backup, ensures fast startup • Vocalist: TC-Helicon® VoiceLive2 • Audio Chord Detection of MP3-Files • WAVES-Mastering: MAXX AUDIO™- Suite • 8 Stereo Effect slots (Master and Insert) • 160 GB harddrive • Ribbon Controller • 4 x Fill-In (incl. Auto Fill Function) + 1 x Break • New Search facility for quickly locating musical resources • Chord Sequencer function • Adaptive Mic Setting provides a virtual sound engineer • Double MP3/MIDI files player and recorder with Advanced Vocal Remover • TouchView™ TFT display; 76-key model features a motorized tilting display • Available versions: 61 keys or 76 semi–weighted keys • International Version (Pa3X) available in black • Optional: Pa AS external speaker system (easy connect) KEY0002377-000

Korg PA3X-76

The bigger 76-keys version of the PA3X. KEY0003132-000


for best price!

Korg PA-AS Amplification

Matching loud speaker system KEY000?????-000

Korg PA3X Musikant The PA3X „Musikant“ Edition in silver. KEY0003156-000


for best price!


KEYBOARDS - EXPORT PHONE +49 221 925791 -777 / Fax: -876 ·


for best price!

The large 10“ touch display provides intuitive operation and a range of diverse setup options.

only 2590 €

Wersi Pegasus Wing

For the very first time you now have the musical quality of the „big“ WERSI instruments in one compact keyboard including rich organ sounds and real drawbars you can actually touch! Not even the current top of the line arranger keyboards can provide the voluminous organ sounds the Pegasus Wing can generate! Next to the typical Wersi organ voices and rotary effects you can also find fantastic Hammond sounds. Whether you want to play Rock, Jazz or Classic, Pegasus Wing provides the best sound quality. The sounds were taken from the Wersi top models or have been newly programmed specifically for the Pegasus Wing. Furthermore, you can also purchase and upload entire sound banks and styles online, so your Pegasus is always up to date. The accompaniment arrangements have been programmed in Halsbach. 200 styles including real drums (live recorded drums) are also included as well as extensive connectivity options. Even an onboard CD/DVD burner is available so you can produce your own CDs. The large touch display guarantees intuitive operation and all important functions are easily and immediately accessible. No complicated menus or hidden sub-folders. The Pegasus Wing unites all the advantages and sound qualities of a large organ with the qualities of an arranger keyboard. A matching bass pedal is optionally available. And the best thing ist he price! In the past, Wersi instruments came with hefty price tags. But no more - the Pegasus price will be tightly and favorably calculated as you are used to with Music Store! Large quantities, small price!

Features: • Large 10“ color touch screen (touch-sensitive) • 76 keys, semi-weighted & velocity-sensitive • Preset Memory Slots: 100 Total Factory Presets, 500 User Presets (One Touch - OTS) • 950 excellent OAS sounds (taken from top Wersi models or sepcifically programmed for Pegasus Wing) • Real Sinus drawbar system, 9-part righ, 7-part left WERSI and B4 Drawbars • 200 well-arranged preset styles with 4 variations, intro/ending • REAL DRUMS: live recorded drums and rhythms • New, additional styles loadable from CD/DVD and USB (compatible with styles and MIDI files in „Yamaha“ format) • Audio-Player: WAVE, MP3, MIDI • Memory slots for own styles MIDI-Files, MP3, WAVES • 32 GB Solid State harddisk (SSD), latest technology • Standard CD/DVD burner. Audio format adjustable on instrument • Connectivity: MIDI, Line, foot swell, headphone & USB 2.0 • Jack for bass pedal (pedal optionally available) • High-end, light metal housing • Dimensions/Weight: 1220 x 450 x 120 (L/W/H) – only 18kg! • Matching keyboard stand optionally available KEY0002882-000

Our WERSI specialist: Jasmin Pulo

Wersi Pegasus Wing Professional Stand Matching Keyboard-Stand for the WERSI Pegasus Wing. KEY0003180-000


199 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl. prices) • Prices subject to change without notice



The new star in the middle class - Korg PA-500! 61 touch sensitive keys • EDS sound generation • plus RX-sound technology of the Pa2Xpro/Pa800 • 80-voice • 16 oscillators per sound • 3-Band EQ with tuneable mids per sound and style track • over 880 sounds • 320 styles included • TouchView display with simplified easy mode • intelligent guitar mode • songbook function • fully programmable music data bank with up to 9999 song entries • double MIDI file player • 16 tack sequencer • backing sequencer • 4 stereophone effects processors • each with 124 different effects types in studio quality • SD card slot • MIDI in/out • USB to host • integrated speaker system (2x 15 watts) • help function in 5 languages • dimensions: 1074 x 404 x 183 mm • weight: 9,9 kg. KEY0002377-000

999 € 1546

999 € 1427



Korg PA-500 Musikant

This special version of the PA-500 has been developed from entertainers for entertainers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is the first keyboard on the market with sounds and styles especially for traditional folk and dance music in German language! Much to our liking, Korg has labeled the most important controls in the style, sound and performance menus in German! That way, you will easily find your way. Thank you Korg for listening to your customers! The most important features: • 61 touch sensitive keys • over 880 sounds + 320 styles • EDS sound generator plus RX sound technology from the Pa2Xpro/Pa800, 80-voiced • 3-Band EQ with tuneable mids per sound and style track • touch sensitive display with simple EASY mode • intelligent guitar mode for authentic guitars in styles and MIDI files • double MIDI file player / 16 track sequencer • backing sequencer • 4 stereo effects processors with 124 different effects types each • SD card slot • USB MIDI interface • speaker system with 2x15 watts + 3-Band master EQ • just 9,9 kg. KEY0002417-000

Korg PA-800

In a compact body, the PA-800 has the professional sound generator of the top model PA-2X pro. The technical data is almost identical as well. Aside from the PA-2X, it is the only arranger keyboard with a complete synth workstation. The PA-800 is basically a 5 octave version of the PA2X pro. Here is the list of the most important technical data: • keyboard: 61 touch sensitive keys with aftertouch • polyphony: max. 120 • 970 sounds, digital drawbars, 8-voiced • sampling: record, edit, time slice, load/import, export • PCM RAM memory 64MB standard • styles: 320 styles, 4 variations each, 96 user + 320 favorite • help function: multi language • vocalist: TC Helicon voice technolog, 3-voice harmonizer • 2 x 22 w speaker system, 2-way, bassreflex • USB: 2 host and 1 device • dimensions: 1110 x 388 x 181 mm, 13,3 kg KEY0002080-000

1999 €

2736€ *

Warwick RS 22041 B/SB Height-adjustable x-frame keyboard stand with adjusting screw pinlock system for fine tuning of height. Keyboard supporting bar can be removed.

Features: • non-slip, plasticizer-free rubber cushion • rubber feet • Material: steel • Color: black KEY0003191-000

Ketron Audya 5

3749 €

Audya 5 represents a modern arranger keyboard with a powerful audio multiplayer, a high quality sound engine and unique automatic accompaniment features. The rich set of interfaces includes versatile video support, configurable audio connections and three USB ports to connect to computers and other multimedia devices. Audya 5 provides a unique arranger section with over 560 Styles and 370 Audio Drum sequences plus powerful Percussions (Live Drums). The live backings from the audio arranger will make you feel like playing with a real backing band. The audio player provides real time stretching for timing (bpm) and transposition of MP3 and WAV files. Features: 61 keys with Aftertouch • 320 x 240 TFT Display • 80 GB Hard Disk • 360 MB PCM Wavetable Sounds • 384 Orchestral Preset Sounds • 32-part multitimbral • 197-voices Polyphony • 9 digital drawbars with controllable sliders • Sampler • Professional Multiplayer • Real Audio Arranger 2-track Audio Song Recording • Transpose: /- 24 halftones • DSP Effects • 2 Mic Inputs • Voicetron: 5 Voice Harmonizer • Outputs: Left/mono, Right; 4 separate Outs (2 Stereo or 4 Mono)SP/DIF In/ Out • Inputs: 2x MIC In, 2x Line In • Video Interface KEY0002911-000


KEYBOARDS - EXPORT PHONE +49 221 925791 -777 / Fax: -876 ·

29 €


Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha’s engineers have created an update for the Tyros 4. The top model among arranger keyboards has been dramatically improved in regards to sound, vocal harmony, content, drum mixer, usability and expandability. The improved sound comes from the new CPU, making it more realistic and expressive than ever. The vocal harmony engine has been renewed and will amaze you, just like the new voices and styles. Tyros‘ new „Clearview“ LED keys make its operation simpler and much more clear. A recording mode and MP3 Technology have been added to the Audio Recorder / Player Function. The expansion boards have been converted to Flash Technology, enabling you to access sounds immediately and without loading times. Tyros 4 XL also comes with a newly developed pair of speakers. This synth workstation is certainly more of a revolution rather than an evolution - now available for testing at our store! KEY0003037-000

3679 € 3999 €*

Yamaha Tyros 4 XL Without stand but with speakers! KEY0003036-000

Yamaha Tyros 4 XXL Incl. stand and speakers! KEY0003038-000

3954 € 4298


4167 € 4529



1024 Mb Flashram for Tyros 4 SYN0003783-000

269 €


512 Mb Flashram for Tyros 4 SYN0003782-000


149 €

1149 € Yamaha PSR S 710 & PSR S 910

The arranger keyboards PSR-710 and PSR-910 possess features from Yamaha‘s top of the line keyboards such as Super Articulation Voices, which give strings, reeds and brass sounds real-time expressiveness previously unattainable on a keyboard. You can simulate the slide effects of a guitar or the breathing sound of a saxophone player. PSR-S710 delivers numerous effects, a 16-track sequencer and audio recording. It is a tremendous benefit for all musicians -- beginner, hobbyist or pro. Yamaha PSR S 710 Features: • 61 velocity-sensitive keys • Sounds: 387 + 480XG • Organ Flutes! • Styles: 232 with 4 variations each • Polyphony: 128 • One Touch Settings: 4 per Style • Music Finder • Display: monochrome; 5.7“ with lyrics and note display • Song Recorder: 16-track • Internet Direct Connect • Registration Memory: 8 per Bank • USB-to device / USB-to host • Amplification System: 12 W +12 W, Bass Reflex The PSR-S910 has a 7“ X 7“ color display and more Super Articulationa, Mega and Cool Voices and a microphone input with Vocal Harmony Processor. KEY0002773-000

1899 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl. prices) • Prices subject to change without notice



100x SELL OUT!

Casio CTK-720

The CTK-720 includes 61 Full-Size keys, 100 Tones, 100 Rhythms, 100 songs, LCD Display, Dual Speakers, Transpose and Tuning Function, MIDI, Microphone Input and Volume for Sing Along. KEY0003056-000


99 € Casio CTK-810

• 61 touch response keys • 515 sounds • HL sound engine • 120 styles • 120 one touch presets • split function • layer function • transposer function • LC-display • piano bank mode • 3 level learning system • 32 polyphon • internal 2 track sequenzer • 8 digital effects • GM-mode • 1x headphone jack • 1x USB (Midi) jack • 1x pedal jack • 2x loudspeaker: 2x 2,5 Watt • Power adapter included!! • can be powered by battery powered • dimensions (W x D x H): 945 x 373 x 131 mm • weight: 4,8 kg KEY0002199-000

149 €



Roland BK-7m

A Band in a Briefcase! Add a world-class backing band to your show with the new BK-7m, a state-of-the-art module that packs an interactive band into a sleek, slim package. It is compatible with MIDI-capable pianos, keyboards, accordions and organs. No bigger than a book, the BK-7m is a dream machine for the entertaining artist or solo musician who needs a backing band onstage, in the studio, or at home. With over a 1000 great tones, 400 music styles, and rhythms onboard the BK-7m will make you sound like a pro ensemble onstage. Choose from the library of built-in styles or play your own music files directly from USB for play-along accompaniment. You can even record your performances directly to USB memory for distribution and archiving. KEY0003133-000

898 €

1069€ *

Ketron Audya 4

Audya 4 represents a new state-of-the-art modern Expander and Arranger Module. It has a powerful audio multiplayer, a high quality sound engine and unique automatic accompaniment features. The rich set of interfaces includes a versatile video support, configurable audio connections and three USB ports to connect to computers and other multimedia devices. KEY0002925-000

3299 € Korg M10 Pro

2022€ *

1699 € 400

The MP-10 Pro is the perfect musical companion for mobile entertainers, solo keyboardists, singers and amateur musicians. This revolutionary all-in-one product brings together MP3 playback, MIDI song play, vocal processing and more in one easy-to-use entertainment center. From performing as the consummate DJ, hosting a karaoke night, or even programming your own musical interludes as your band takes a break, the MP-10 Pro is ready to provide professional results with over-the-top extras, wherever and whenever you are. KEY0002878-000

KEYBOARDS - EXPORT PHONE +49 221 925791 -777 / Fax: -876 ·



Casio WK-210 OPENING DEAL!!! 419€ *

199 €

Casio WK-210

61 normal keys with touch response • 48 notes polyphony • 400 sounds • 150 styles • 110 internal songs • 3 level learn system • pitch bend wheel • transposer • LC display • metronome • 1x audio in with 3,5 stereo jack • 1x USB jack (Midi) • 1x sustain pedal jack • 1x headphone/line jack • 2x loudspeaker 2x 2,5 Watt • Power adapter included!! • can be powered by battery • dimensions: (W x D x H): 945 x 371 x 135 mm • weight: 4,8 kg KEY0002495-000

Casio CTK-3000

The CTK-3000 has more to offer than just great sound and styles. At a very affordable price it also comes with a microphone input and a built-in sampler for audio effects that also lets you play MP3‘s via the integrated audio input. The Step-Up Lesson System helps you to make faster progress in your play.

179 €

Features: • 61 key, velocity-senistive • 48-note polyphony • 400 Sounds • 150 Styles 110 exercise tunes • 3-step lesson system • Pitch Bend Wheel • Transpose • LC Display • Metronome • Stereo Audio Input • USB port (Midi) • Headphone/ Line Jack • Sustain pedal jack • speakers: 2 x 2,5 Watts • AC adapter included! • battery power supply possible • Dimensions (W x D x H): 945 x 373 x 131 mm • Weight: 4,8 kg KEY0002495-000

Casio CTK-6000

With the CTK-6000, Casio expands the CTK-series with another model for beginners. The new High-Grade series offers committed keyboards a total of four high quality brand keyboards that adapt to your musical style and needs. Features: AHS sound source (dual element) • 61 keys, pressure sensitive • 48 voice polyphony • 670 built in sounds • 10 user tones (tone editor) • 10 user rhythms • high quality DSP effects • 200 rhythms (rhythm editor) • SD card slot (for cards up to 32GB) • LC display, backlit • speaker system with 2x 6w • dimensions: 945 x 378 x 132mm • weight: 5,8kg KEY0003063-000

379 €


Casio WK-6500

The WK-6500 can be adapted to meet your own musical requirements and is therefore best suited to dedicated keyboard pros. Edit and create new tones and rhythms, add effects and save individual creations — using the various composition tools, every musician can easily compose and produce their own hits. Besides the internal mixing desk (32-channel mixer) and 48-note polyphony, this high-grade keyboard offers numerous popular tones and rhythms.

475 €

Features: • AHL tones (Dual Element) • 48-note polyphony • 76 piano-look keys • 670 AHL tones • 200 rhythms • LC Display, Data Entry Dial • 100 DSP Effects • Arpeggiator • tone and rhythm editor • 16-track sequencer (recorder) • 32-channel mixer • Auto Power Off • SD Card Slot, Audio-In, Line-Out, USB • speaker system witht 2x6W • Dimensions: 118,7 × 39,9 × 14,9 cm • Weight: 7,9kg (without batteries) KEY0003065-000

Casio CTK-7000

Follow in the footsteps of legendary stars with the CTK-7000: Over 300 music presets offering practical default settings for rhythm, tone, tempo effects and more for your favourite songs. In addition to 800 rich sounds, 250 rhythms and a 32-channel mixer, this 61-key high-grade keyboard includes SD card-supported audio recording and a microphone input. You can also create and store up to 100 of your own tones and mix them with just as many DSP effects. Features: • AHL tones • LC Display • touch-sensitive piano-look keys • two-way speaker system (7W+7W) • 16-track sequencer (recorder) • 32-channel mixer • Pattern Sequencer • Rhythm Editor • Audio-Recording/ Playback (directly via SD card) • high-end DSP Effects • Drawbar Sounds via nine slide controls • Arpeggiator • registration function • SD-Slot (up to 32GB) • Plug & play USB interface for easy data exchange (MIDI communication) • Pitch Bend Wheel • Dimensions: 945 × 378 × 132mm (LxDxH) • Weight: 6,8kg KEY0003064-000

Casio WK-7500

The 76-keys version of the Casio CTK 7000. KEY0003066-000

549 €


649 € * recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl. prices) • Prices subject to change without notice




199 €


Yamaha PSR E233

149 €

The PSR-E233 features 385 high quality, natural sounding voices. It has 100 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Various Ultra Wide Stereo presets can be selected. Use the Portable Grand button to instantly call up an authentic stereo grand piano sound. The PSR E-233 has rich Reverb effects, adding concert-hall ambience to your performance. Yamaha‘s Education Suite makes practicing your favorite songs more easy than ever before. Features: • 61 keys, organ style • sppr. 400 sounds • 100 preset styles • 102 preset songs • 1x One Touch Setting pro Style • includes Yamaha Education Suite • 32 note polyphony • 1x headphone/Line Out • LC Display • pedal jack • Midi In/Out • Speaker System 2x 2,5 Watts • Dimensions appr.: 945 x 348 x 110 mm • Weight 4,9 kg • incl. Yamaha PA-3 adaptor KEY0003183-000


Yamaha PSR E333

The PSR-E333 features a touch sensitive keyboard. It has 497 dynamic, high quality, natural sounding voices, 106 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Music database provides one touch set-up of the keyboard, to play the selected songs. The Easy Recording feature lets you record up to five of your original songs. You can save them into the onboard memory: great for practicing and composing. Yamaha PSR E 333 Features: • 61 dynamic keys (5 octaves) • appr. 500 Sounds • more than 100 accompaniment styles • over 100 Preset Songs • Reverb, Chorus and Harmony Effects • Keys to Success“ Lesson Functions • compatible with SFF and SMF • Music Database • 2-track recorder • Flash-ROM • MIDI In / Out • Dimensions appr.: 94,5 x 13,2 x 36,9 cm / appr. 4,9 kg • includes adaptor KEY0003184-000

Yamaha PSR 323 OPENING DEAL!!! 375€ *

Yamaha PSR 323

The low priced previous model of the PDR 333 at an unbeatable opening deal price!!! KEY0002446-000

139 €

Roland Prelude

The new Prelude offers versatile performance options and should lead Roland to some success in the hard fought middle range. With the professional 128-voice sound generator and the multi format player, there are features you won‘t even find in more expensive keyboards.

Features: • 61 touch sensitive keys • sounds: 896 + 256 (GM2) + world • effects: 78 MFX, reverb (5 types), chorus (3 types) • USB multiformat player for SMF/MP3/WAV/ AIFF playback directly from an optional USB stick incl. center cancel function for audio files • 130 music styles • user memory for 100 styles and 200 SMF songs • 2 x 11 watts power • output (L/Mono, R), ext. input, 2x headphones, MIDI in/out, sustain pedal, control pedal, USB MIDI, USB memory • CD-ROM (Style Converter 3.0, Playlist Editor), music stand included • dimensions: 1044 x 317 x 121 mm / 7,8 kg KEY0002630-000

898 €

375€ *

Roland GW 8

This small allround talent is a real „mini workstation“. The many new features like the new sound generator from the Sonic Cell or the USB multiformat player that plays both SMF and audio files such as MP3, WAV, AIFF directly from a USB stick are unique in this price range. Just like all Roland keyboards, the GW-8 has the same warm and full sound.

769 € 402

919€ *

The most important features: • 61 touch sensitive keys • sounds: 896 + 256 (GM2) + 100 user sounds, 128-voice polyphony • arranger: 120 preset styles and 100 user styles • 16-track sequencer • multi format USB player: SMF, MP3, AIFF, WAV • center cancel function to fade out vocals• inputs: Midi in/out - USB Midi, audio out L/R, ext in, headphone, hold/control pedal, USB to device 2.0 • incl. style converter, supply unit (PSB-1U), USB stick protector • dimensions: 1045 x 318 x 102 mm / 6.0 kg KEY0002472-000

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NEW! Medeli MC-49A

66 €

Beginner keyboard with 49 small keys. Perfect for children or for trecording to a PC. Features: • 49 small keys • 49 instruments + 16 percussion sounds • 30 rhythms • 50 songs with lesson function • 5 assignable drum pads • LCD Display • Record & Playback • MIDI out • Dimensions (W x D x H): 66,5 x 22,5 x 8 cm KEY0003126-000

Medeli M-20

The Medeli M-20 beginner keyboard is perfectly suited for beginners who don‘t want to spend a large amount of money. Children will learn their first pieces with this instrument with accompaniment, rhythm and many different sounds. It comes with 157 different sounds ranging from piano and organ to brass, 100 rhythms and an accompaniment function for quick learning results. M-20 has a recording function, which lets you record and playback entire songs including accompaniment. Features: • 61 keys / 5 octaves (C2-C7) • LC Display • 157 sounds • Dual Mode • 32-note polyphony • 100 Styles • Single Finger and Multi Finger chord recognition • 100 Songs to play along • This keyboard has rating functions and 3 learning modes to help you with your progress • 2 Demo Songs • Memory loctaion for own songs • Metronome • MIDI out for PC connection • incl. AC adapter, battery power supply possible KEY0002833-000

99 €

Medeli MC-860

The perfect beginner‘s instrument! This keyboard features excellent tone generation, a large collection of rhythms, a USB port, an SD-slot and a sequencer. Everything a starting keyboardist needs!

Medeli A-800


The current Medeli keyboard can be produced at an amazing price-performance ratio due to high-end manufacturing processes. The A-800 comes with 660 sounds and 260 accompaniment styles, providing a vast array of sounds hardly ever seen before in this price category. It further includes an internal sequencer, which can record and playback entire songs. You can store your songs on an SD-card and connect your A-800 to a computer via the USB port or MIDI in/out. The integrated lesson function is yet another highlight! KEY0003127-000

249 € 44 €

Keyboard Basics German Language! NOT0005031-000

Medeli MC-37A

With the MC37A, Medeli introduces the successor of the popular beginner model with even more functions. The days of „no fun“, because a cheap price meant the lack of essential features, are gone! This keyboard is ideal for those who are just starting. The medium sized keys make it a great instrument for kids as well. KEY0003052-000

12,95 € * recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl. prices) • Prices subject to change without notice



199 €

Features: • 61 keys • 350 sounds/2 drumsets/GM • 115 styles with 2 variations • 100 play-along songs • one-touch-setting per style • USB port • SD Card Slot • sequencer • Dimensions: 968 x 390 x 153 mm • Weight: 6,2 kg KEY0002074-000


NEW! Our specialist in the Oriental-Center: Erkan Ucar

Korg Wavedrum Oriental

The limited ORIENTAL edition of the WAVEDRUM features very authentic, powerful Arabic percussion sounds., which can be played via the WAVEDRUM‘s dynamic head or rim. SYN0003855-000

Erkan Ucar

599 € 713



NEW! 549 € 649 €

Casio AT-3 Oriental / AT-5 Oriental

For the first time ever Casio has created Turkish instruments for the German market. The affordable beginner instruments are equipped with an excellent set of features and great sound quality. The AT-3 Oriental Keyboard includes numerous oriental rhythms, allowing the user to set up and store quarter tones on the keyboard using the memory function. Authenticity and fullness of sound were the main focus when developing the oriental sounds and styles package, so a huge sound range is guaranteed! The oriental scale buttons give musicians the ability to select different scale templates, and to set up their own scales by fine-tuning the notes. Arabic scales, with tones that typically lie „between“ the intervals of a piano octave, can therefore be played authentically. The gold-coloured housing and Arabic script make the AT-3 the perfect instrument for a very special musical performance.


The new AT-5 Oriental Keyboard not only features samples of key oriental instruments and accompaniment functions with oriental rhythms, but also the option to set up and store quarter tones on the keyboard using the memory function. From a technical point of view, the AT-5 Oriental Keyboard is based on current high-grade models, meaning it offers the same comprehensive options for creative sound design and professional song production. 83 of the total 250 rhythms available and 54 of the total 800 tones can be used to create oriental music, so the keyboard user has whole host of options for generating sounds to reflect a specific musical background. Whether you want to play modern Turkish pop or classic Arabic folk music — the AT-5 Oriental Keyboard brings unique worlds of sound to life. Casio‘s AT keyboards are available in 2 versions: the displayed AT-5 with 76 keys and the AT-3 with 61 keys. KEY0003137-000 Casio AT-3 KEY0003138-000 Casio AT-5

349 € 416 €*

Ecomusik USB 01 PA2 USB-Stick

This USB stick has been developed for musicians from turkey, Greece, Albania, Iran, Morocco and Balkan countries. It features a very high sample quality and modern Oriental pop music styles (e.g. Eco Pop Harika, Eco slow ethno Latin, Party Halay, Eco 4/4). It can be used for studio and stage applications. Many solo instruments such as Bouzouki, Clarinet DNC, Baglama DNC, Kanun DNC, and Nay DNC are provided. Free new styles can be downloaded at PCM 120 MB, 90 Drumkits, 380 User Sounds • 120 new ECO Styles • 90 Drum kits • ECO „ Version 10“ 40 new Styles • 40 new Pads KEY0002651-000

Yüksek Sample ses Kalitesini, Korg PA2 X Pro Kullanicilari ECO USB,le Farki Tanidi ve Yasadi. ECO USB nin En büyük Özelligi ise, Ayni Anda Hem ECO arti baska bir Setle calisilma Imkani. ECO Stick Yüklendikten Sonra, USER BÖLÜMLERI USER 1, USER 2, USER DK (128) Bos kalacaktir.ECO nun Kendine Ait Ses bankasi vardir. Süper yazilmis olan Style Paketleri, Sahnede hatta Stüdyo da da bile kullanila bilinmesi. Styler ve Sample Sesler büyük bir Itina ile Sizlere hazirlanmaktadir. Profesyonel bir sekilde (Türkiye,Yunanistan, Balkan Ülkeleri, Iran, Irak, Marrokko) Yani Tüm Oriental Dünyasini Kaplamaktadir.

Yamaha PSR A 300

319 €

The PSR A-300 is a great keyboard for beginners. It includes natural oriental sound elements - most of them identical to the sounds of the big brother PSR A-1000. The quality of the sound is natural and the price-performance ratio is great. An ideal starter keyboard for the oriental music direction. KEY0001863-000

120 mb PCM, 90 Drumkit, yeni Hazir Perfonmanslar, 380 adet User Sound • 120 ECO Style`s ( Levo 2/4,Levo 9/8, Yeni Poplar ve Halaylar)

Ecomusik USB 02 PA3-X USB-Stick


The best-selling Oriental stick will soon be available for the Korg Pa 3x! The ECO USB stick for Korg keyboards features new drum, percussion and sound samples. It is compatible with Korg Pa 3 X, Pa 2 X and Pa 800 (with RAM expansion). Free regular updates for new sounds included. Features: • PCM 128 MB • 100 User Drumkits • 380 User Sounds • 100 new Styles (Pa3X format) • 40 new Pads KEY0003200-000


Yüksek Kalitemizi PA 3 X dede Yasayacaksiniz! Yeni USB mizde, Büyük Süprizler sizleri beklemektedir. Yeni Live Drum Sampler, Otantik Türk Perkusionlari, DNC Agirlikli Sesler, Oriyental ve Bati Müziginin harika bir soundla bulustugu tek Adres olma özelligini Koruyacagiz. !!!Özellikler !!! • Live Drum Sample • Yeni Darbuka setler • Üflemeli Instrumanlar ( DNC) • Sistem, PA 800 256 mb,PA 2X,PA3X icin Uyumludur • Sample boyutu 128 MB

Roland GW-8E Oriental

899 €

Sounds and arrangements at a professional level. The sound generation known from the SonicCell offers modern sound on the keyboard and for the expressive music styles. The USB multi-format player works with SMF and audio files. The GW-8 is a versatile performance keyboard for a wide range of styles. KEY0003146-000

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NEW! Roland AT 350 C Stage Combo Orgel

The AT-350C Combo is a stylish, modern organ for all keyboard players, who can appreciate the versatility of a 2 manual console instrument when on stage. In combination with a PK-7a or PK-25a foot pedal, the expressive possibilities of this professional instrument are expanded further. With its ca. 25kg, the AT-350C proves to be exceptionally compact and easy to transport. As is to be expected from a professional organ; The AT-350C features a complete drawbar section for both manual consoles and pedal as well as a waterfall keyboard. The contemporary USB Host connection as well as the possibility of audio recording and playback completes the features of this Combo Organ. KEY0003139-000

3999 € 4759 €*

ROLAND V-Combo VR-700

1749 € 1945€ *

Tired of big, bulky, expensive keyboard rigs? Meet the new V-Combo VR-700, a multi-function keyboard that covers every base onstage. The V-Combo offers powerful real-time performance capabilities and a simple user interface. With a legendary Virtual Tone Wheel organ and dedicated harmonic bars onboard, plus a first-class array of essential ensemble sounds the V-Combo melds an entire rig into one convenient instrument for easy transport and fast setup. Features: 76 waterfall keys • dual manual stimulation • extensive selection of ensemble sounds • WAV/AIFF/MP3/SMF-Playback via USB • Rhythmu-Patterns • XLR-outputs • Width: 1260 mm, Depth: 395 mm, Height: 128 mm • Weight: 16 kg KEY0002859-000

Studiologic Numa Organ

Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano

The SV-1 Stage Piano is designed to appeal to all sorts of keyboard musicians from the piano purist to the cutting edge electronic keyboardist. The retro-flavored design is not just about looks; it even recreates the feel and satisfaction that only a vintage instrument can offer. The front panel features knobs pertaining to various functions with only LED indicators to cue the performer with regard to the keyboard´s settings. There are eight „favoritesË buttons that allow you to save and have instant access to your preferred settings. KEY0002784-000 >>> SV1 73 KEY0002785-000 >>> SV1 88

1798 €

1899 € * recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl. prices) • Prices subject to change without notice



1549 €

The renaissance of tone-wheel organ. Numa‘s Organ is a realistic reproduction of Joey de Francesco‘s original tone-wheel organ of the 50s. More than 2 years were spent on analyzing and measuring the artist‘s instrument in order to make it sound as close to the original as possible. From the humming of the motor to the crosstalk of adjacent tone-wheels or the typical clicking of old switch contacts - every detail of the original can be found in the physical Numa Organ model. It‘s up to you how „old“ you want the Numa Organ to sound - either with the typically nostalgic grunge or modern and clear. The rotary speaker simulation sets a new standard for an authentic, lively sound. The Numa Organ simply sounds like the original, is even 70kg lighter and equipped with the most modern and reliable technics. You will be amazed! KEY0002992-000

Wersi Verona GS 500

The Verona GS 500 is equipped with a 2x5 octave weighted and dynamic claviature, an integrated speaker system (audio surround), CD-ROM and Floppy drives, and Advanced Sound System and One Touch Control, all at an attractive price-performance ratio. The organ has an elegant design, requires little room and is fit for any home or surroundings. Wersi wants you to have fun and create music with the Verona so an easy and intuitive operation is key. Enjoy the great sounds and accompaniment rhythms - simply turn on and play! The legendary Wersi drawbar sound is created by 9 drawbars on the upper manual and 7 on the bottom manual. The OX7 real-time drawbars are optionally available for the Verona. No matter if you want to play pop or classic, bigband or rock‘n‘roll - the entire world of music lies within the Verona! Cool sounds or hot rhythms - with the real drum feature and perfect accompaniment you can have it all! The Verona also has a new feature - a large, optional 25 note pedal board. Now you can control your Verona not just by hand but with your feet as well.

12.500 €

Wersi Scala GS 700 plus

The Wersi Scala features 2x5 octave, weighted hammer-action keyboards and a 25-note pedal board. The Advanced Sound System comes with 4 sounds for the upper and 3 sounds for the lower layer. The One Touch Control feature lets you recall fany arrangements live via the push up a button. Recording Software and an optional CD burner let you create your own music production. Whether you want to play guitar like Django Reinhardt or John McLaughlin - it‘s up to you! Scala provides all the sounds! You can load music and software CDs into the Scala in order to „teach“ her new songs, sounds, function or rhythms. There are no limits! Scala is also a digital recording studio. You can generate MIDI recording or multi-track harddisk recording in combination with the corresponding software (e.g. Cubase). The touch screen provides visual control of all parameters and acts as a control panel. Musicians like Mark Whale use Scala in the studio and on stage because „you can see how it sounds!“ In order to achieve perfect sounds - ranging from a Grand Piano (30MB) to a symphonic orchestra, or from a classic choir to a Jazz band - Wersi incorporated a 4-channel surround speaker system into the organ. No additional speakers required. The Scala is available in a special pearl white finish or in polyester black, making it a highlight on stage or at home. „OAS in its most beautiful design“ is the general opinion of Wersi artists. Next to the standard edition in an elegant real wood walnut veneer, Scala is also available in a real wood oak or mahogany veneer.

19.900 € 406

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Wersi Louvre GS 1000

Wersi has always been known for performing quantum leaps in technology and in the art of instrument construction. They did so in 1976 with the Galaxis, in 1984 with the Atlantis SN1 and today with the LOUVRE GS1000. This instrument includes everything Open Art has to offer, with no limitations. Invite the world‘s best musicians into your home! The classic design and perfect workmanship of the Louvre make it a real eye catcher. Take a seat and get comfortable - the electrically adjustable seat will make it easy for you! Louvre is also available in many different special finishes and real wood veneers upon request. You can dim the light of the console and foot well and adjust it according to its surroundings and depending on the application. Whether you are at a sports banquet, a pool party or a summer fair - anything is possible! The One Touch Control System lets you take full control. And it‘s easier with 3 manuals instead of one. The Louvre comes with a versatile sound collection that can be expanded by accessing the huge library of AKAI-compatible sounds. Louvre provides accompaniment styles as well as live recorded rhythms (real drums) and audio tracks in Wave and MP3 format plus MIDI files, where you just need to add melodies and vocals.

39.900 € Wersi Software Packs

You‘re very familiar with your WERSI by now. But do you know how much potential she still has? With the WERSI sound packs you will advance into new acoustic worlds! And the best of all: you decide how far your sound journey will take you because you only have to purchase the sound pack that interests you. Get inspired by the numerous new sounds for all WERSIs with OAS System version 7.1 R43 and higher. Owners of older OAS versions can download the latest version on the internet for free or have the CD mailed to them. Discover the new potential of your WERSI with the WERSI sound packs - exclusively at Music Store!


KEY0002904-000 (S) 250 New Drum Sounds (4003065) Studio drums recorded live on noble drum kits by experienced drummers – the ultimate drumming experience!


KEY0002906-000 (S) Best of Accordions (4003085) Tango, waltz, folk musik, carnival and pop are just some of the examples where accordion sounds are applied – an asset for any contemporary arrangement.


KEY0002897-000 (S) Sakral Sounds (4003040) A kingdom for organ players and friends of the ecclesial sounds! The Sacral Sounds consists of 34 first-class tones of the most beautiful sacral instruments.


KEY0002905-000 (S/P/Sty) Franz Lambert Ed. (4003080) Franz Lambert not only put together Presets but Patterns and Styles as well in order to create this amazing package of tones and rhythms. A must - not just for fans! KEY0002901-000 (S) Galaxis Sounds (4003310) This sound pack comes with 21 tones in the Portamento effect.


KEY0002896-000 (S) World of Synthesizer (4003030) This sound pack catapults your OAS WERSI into a new dimension with these aboslute classic synthesizer sounds!


Software: 295,-

KEY0002909-000 MultiRecord Software (4003220) für OAS Multirecord turns your WERSI into a digital multi-track recorder incl. digital mixing console. Record your songs like a pro - with this MultiRecord license your dream can become reality!



KEY0003021-000 OAS Software B4 (4003100) Emulation The emulation of the world-famous Hammond B4 – finally on your WERSI. The drawbars are optimally applied for the ultimate organ experience. The authentic sound of the B4 paired with so much playing fun now at a sensational price!


KEY0002910-000 Open Art Arranger (4003190) für OAS The Open Art Arranger brings the orchestra to your WERSI. The tone richness and great detail will impress you! Breathe new life into your arrangements with the Open Art Arranger.


KEY0002908-000 Rhythm Designer Software (4003195) für OAS Rhythm Designer is an additional application for the Open Art Arranger and brings an upgrade of 4 additional tracks to the the ochestra on which you can put additional loops from a huge library.

KEY0002894-000 (S) Grand Pianos (4003010) Play grand piano sounds in the quality you deserve! The Grand Pianos Expansion 25 provides you with tones of 2 different piano models and an array of new possibilities. KEY0002903-000 (S) Helios Comet Sounds (4003330) The “Best Of” the Helios and Comet organs in one package! 19 vibrant tones in Ady Zehnpfennig’s „Marco Polo“ tradition now at an unbelievable price! KEY0002902-000 (S) Helios Klangfarben (4003320) Bell-like sounds with sustain - Klaus Wunderlich‘s passion. This sound pack comes with 19 fondly programmed tones including drawbar sounds, strings, winds and many more!


KEY0002899-000 (S) Portamento Sounds (4003060) It‘s finally here – the Portamento effects with a total of 21 tones. Now Portamentos can be authetically re-created with strings and guitars. An asset for any arrangement!




KEY0003004-000 Selector Plus OAS Expansion Expands your OAS-WERSI by an additional 3 tone-selectors. Register from now on as was previously only possible with the instrument flagships SCALA and LOUVRE (for IKARUS, ABACUS, VERONA, XENIOS, EX-1 and GIGA-Pianos)!


KEY0002898-000 (S) Theatre Sounds (4003050) The theater organ has a long and glorious tradtion. This has generated a following, which has been waiting for this sound pack with a total of 20 theater tones.

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl. prices) • Prices subject to change without notice



KEY0002900-000 (S) CD Line Sounds (4003300) The CD-Line sound pack brings the 26 best tones of the legendary Spektra to your home.


KEY0002895-000 (S) World of Organs (4003020) The legendary models of the 50s are reincarnated in this pack of fantastic tonewheel console emulations with 9 drawbars, percussion, key klick and shimmering rotor sounds!


Casio Privia PX-130

NEW! 649 € 649 €

The compact beginner model! Casio present a new Privia line-up. The Privia PX-130 features a new Tri-Sensor 88-note scaled hammer action keyboard. Casio’s superior engineering has resulted in an authentic piano touch that captures every detail and nuance of your performance. This scaled hammer action provides the weight, feel and resistance without sacrificing the portability of the instrument. Compact, lightweight housing in a straightforward design, available in white or black with a metallic effect, making it perfect for almost any interior furnishing. Music library with 60 titles. Features: • 88 weighted, scaled „Tri-sensor“ hammer-action keys • 128-note polyphony • 16 tones • effects section: Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3), Acoustic Resonance • transpose -12 to +12 semi tones • Duet mode, for two simultaneous players • 2 Track, 1 Song Recorder • 2 headphone jacks • built-in 8W speakers KEY0002759-000 Black KEY0003166-000 Red

Casio Privia PX-330 KEY0002764-000

849 € Casio Privia PX-3BK

The new Privia PX-3 redefines the stage piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance features in a lightweight design that is supremely portable. Featuring tone editing, insert effects, MIDI controller capabilities, an Ivory Touch 88 note scaled hammer action keyboard and weighing only 23.6 lbs., the Privia PX-3 is ready to take stage. KEY0002952-000

949 € Casio Privia PX-7WE

CASIO has created a new generation of beginner keyboards with the PX-130 and the PX-330 models of the Privia Series. The outstanding features of the new PRIVIA keyboards are the improved tone generation and the scaled hammer-action keyboard. It is based on the keyboard of a concert piano and provides an authentic playing experience. A third sensor in the keyboard allows players to use particularly fast techniques without the notes sounding unnaturally cut off. It comes in a compact and lightweight body and is available in a matt white or metallicblack finish. KEY0002953-000

1049 €


KEYBOARDS - EXPORT PHONE +49 221 925791 -777 / Fax: -876 ·



299 € Korg Micropiano

NEW! 299 €


499 € 499 €

The portable Grand Piano KORGs microPIANO well designed and moreover an immensely practical mini piano, which can even be opened! The microPIANO is equipped with a 61 natural touch small keyboard, which plays unusually well and dynamically. The full piano sound is based on the same stereo-samples as with the big digital-pianos from Korg and allows, with its 120 voices; enjoyable, expressive playing. With this instrument, playing the piano becomes a joy. Thanks to its small dimensions and weight, this instrument finds a place under any arm. In total, 61 tone colors from various sources, 25 phrases as well as 40 demo songs are available. The microPIANO delivers its ambience in a tasteful note, guaranteed. Additionally the MicroPIANO can be battery powered - take it with you!!! KEY0003154-000 >>> Black KEY0003165-000 >>> Red

Korg SP 170

That‘s Piano - leightweight, compact and trendy …and most of all affordable! New to the Korg SP line of digital pianos, the SP-170 spells out portability and affordability in a smooth design that reveals no visible digital piano-like controls. The SP-170 features concert grand piano sounds and eight additional keyboard tones: Electric Piano (x2), Harpsichord, Clav, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Electric (Drawbar) Organ, and Strings. In addition, the digital piano features a full 88-note, piano-style keyboard, 3 touch curves that match the key response to any playing style, and Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) that reproduces the touch and graduated weight of acoustic piano keys. It also has a built-in sound system with a pair of full-range oval speakers housed in an internal bassreflex cabinet. It is available in black or white and includes a music stand and sustain pedal. A matching stand is optionally available.. KEY0002854-000 >>> Black KEY0002855-000 >>> White KEY0003033-000 >>> Red

Korg SP 170 Stand KEY0002856-000 >>> Black KEY0002857-000 >>> White


(not pic.)

109 € 118


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Korg SP 250 Deluxe-Set

Korg has developed a piano that simply looks different. It comes complete with stand and pedal. Especially great: the pedal can be attached to the stand and therefore won‘t slip. Aside from the piano sounds, the strength of this e-piano is the powerful speaker system. • 88 key hammer action RH-3 • 30 internal sounds, 60-voice polyphony • reverb- and chorus effects, metronome • 2 x 11 watts speakers (bassreflex) music stand and sustain pedal are included, just like the original stand. • dimensions: 130x38x14 cm / 19 kg KEY500


759 € 1109

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389 € 498

Fame Stage SP 3


The novelty of 2010 - finally here! New Fame Stage Piano with great sounds any many contemporary features. Features: 88 weighted hammer-action keys with authentic piano feel, quick mechanism and good pressure point. The excellent sounding piano and e-piano sounds are fresh and clear. MIDI files can be directly played via MIDI standard when connected with the SD-card slot or via the built-in USB MIDI port when connected to a PC. The on-board 2-track sequencer allows users to record their ideas, which can also be stored on an SD-card in standard MIDI format. A sustain pedal and AC adapter are included. Features: • 88 hammer-action keys • 559 Sounds, 203 Styles (3 User Styles) • 100 internal Songs • 2 x 15 Watts • 64-voice polyphony • Fade Dual Mode • Split Mode • Metronome • DSP Effects • Learn function • Pitch Bend • Transpose function • Headphone output, Stereo Aux in/out • Midi in/out USB Port • Design: silver • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1360 x 370 x 143 mm / 19,6 kg KEY0002885-000

Well-structured positioning of all buttons for a better handling

Great overview because of the big LC-Display

SD-Card Slot for saving own compositions

Fame SP 5100 incl. Stand


369 € 749 €*

The SP 5100 impresses with strong piano and grand piano sounds that can be played in an authentic way on the 88-key hammer action keyboard. The keys aren‘t too heavy, which makes this instrument great for beginners, yet it reacts fast enough to play demanding pieces as well. The SP-5100 offers 20 different sounds like piano, e-pianos and strings with clear playback through the integrated speaker system. The built in card reader allows playback of song directly from an SD card. Easy connection to a PC via USB port. With the internal 2-track sequencer, you can record without a PC as well. The songs can then be saved on an SD card in standard MIDI format. You won‘t find a more balanced instrument with features like that in this price range. The most important features: • 88-key hammer action with adjustable touch sensitivity (4 settings) • 20 sounds like piano, e-piano, strings,.. / plus General MIDI standard • dual voice and split functions • 20 piano accompany rhythms • 60 songs • illuminated buttons • SD card slot • DSP FX processor for reverb, chorus, etc. • integrated metronome • MIDI in, MIDI out, USB port • including original stand • music stand, supply unit and sustain pedal included KEY931

Fame SP 5100

The SP 5100, but without stand. KEY0002335-000

Fame SP 5100 Stand KEY0002336-000

Tastendrücker German Language NOT0005447-000

19,95 € 410

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333 € 49 €


Compact and transportable, the Kawai ES-6 is a multi purpose digital piano. After Kawai has re-designed the AHA 4 hammer action again, it feels even better and more realistic. Also new: the programmable accompany computer. This rhythms section has 100 styles with 2 variations each and the arrangement of an entire band. With its elegant satin black surface, the ES-6 will look great in your living room as well. The 192-voice polyphony and the powerful speaker system are top of the line in this price range as well.


1259 €

Features: • 88-key AHA 4 F hammer action • 88-key piano sample (harmonic imaging system) • 32 sounds: 8x piano, 4x e-piano, 4x organ, 8x strings, 4x bass, etc. • max. 192-voice polyphony • 5 reverb types / 7 additional effects like chorus, delay, rotary.. • rhythm section with 100 styles (2 variations) • 2-track recorder for 4 songs • virtual technician (for intonation, string resonance,..) • 2 x 12 watts sound system with 6 speakers • MIDI, USB, line in, line out, 2x headphones • dimensions: 1362 x 345 x 139 mm / 21,5 kg The ES-6 is also available in a silver finish (ES-6w) KEY0002516-000 Silver KEY0002517-000 Black


Kawai MP-10

The MP10 is a revolutionary new take on Kawai’s flagship stage piano. Utilizing the new Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging with 88-key piano sampling, this instrument offers the finest concert grand piano sounds available in a stage instrument. There are actually three types of piano sounds – traditional, jazz, and pop. The MP10 also boasts a section of new vintage EP sounds with several types of amp simulations available for further realism. The instrument also offers a third section of additional sounds useful for layering with the acoustic and electric piano sounds, as well as a section for external MIDI control. For touch, the MP10 uses the very latest in Kawai’s line of award-winning wooden-key actions – the RM3 Grand action. Noted by many to be the finest action available in a digital stage piano, the RM3 features extra long wooden keys that are balanced on a pivot point. Let-off and Ivory-touch key surfaces are additional features of the RM3 Grand action. There are a total of 27 ultra-quality instrument sounds on the MP10 and users can store their settings for each section in any of the 156 User Setup memories. It has USB to Host and USB to Device capabilities. Additionally, the instrument can play and record digital audio to USB – both MP3 and .WAV formats.

2249 €


Kawai MP-6

The MP6 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps as an 88-note stage piano and 4-zone controller. It features new concert grand piano sounds created using Kawai’s proprietary Progressive Harmonic Imaging with 88-key piano sampling. The MP6 also has new tine, reed, and clavi type vintage Electric Piano sounds. An amp simulator function adds to the realism of these EP sounds while a tone wheel organ simulator allows players to dial in their favorite organ sounds. For touch, the MP6 utilizes the new RH (Realistic Hammer) action with Let-off and Ivory-touch key surfaces. The instrument has a total of 256 instrument sounds. Settings for each of the MP6’s 4 internal/external zones can be saved to any of 256 User setup memories. It has USB to Host and USB to Device capabilities. Additionally, the instrument can play and record digital audio to USB – both MP3 and .WAV formats. Features: • RH hammer-action with Let-off and IvoryTouch surface • 192-note polyphony • 88 keys Sampling • 256 Internal sounds/256 Setup memories • ToneWheel Simulator 12 Tonewheels • USB Record: MP3/ WAV • USB to Host and USB to Device capabilities & play and record digital audio to USB in MP3/WAV formats. • 100 Drum Patterns KEY0003059-000

1479 € Studiologic Numa Piano

The Studiologic Numa Piano is a stage piano with master keyboard functions. With 12 selected strains and 128-voice polyphony, the Studiologic Numa Piano has enough reserves for the demanding musician. Also splits or layers of 2 sounds are possible. The built-in effects units in the Studiologic Numa Piano refine the sound with chorus, flanger, rotary, tremolo and 3 different reverb algorithms. The “you-play” system allows to design and save user-specific dynamic curves in addition to the supplied three preset curves, all on a touch-sensitive pad.

1099 €

Features: • 88 keys • Stereo-Multi-Sample DSP with True-Sound Technology • 128-voice polyphony • 12 sounds • Effects processor with 3x Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Rotary, Tremolo • Pitch Wheel • Modulation Wheel • 2 zones for Split / Layer • 3x velocity-sensitive presets • 10x User (velocity-sensitive) • 32x factory presets • 64x user presets • MIDI Master keyboard functions • sound module control • effects processor control • Output and EQ • 2x Audio Out (L/R), 6,3mm jack • 1x Stereo Audio In, 3,5mm mini jack • 2x Headphone Out • 1x USB • 1x MIDI In / Out / Thru • 2x Pedal (Sustain / Expression) • Power supply: DC 9V / 500 mA or USB • Dimensions: 130 x 31 x 13 cm • Weight: 11,3 kg (ES-6w) KEY0002929-000

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Features: • RM3 Grand action with Let-off, 88 wooden keys with IvoryTouch surface • 192-note polyphony • 9 Piano Sounds, 9 E-Piano Sounds, Sub Section with strings • AMP Simulator , Master EQ • AUDIO Recording via USB device, Records: MP3/WAV with Overdub • Line In jacks route audio to the USB audio recorder KEY0003060-000



549 € 634 €*

The P-95 gives musicians the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response they expect from Yamaha, along with a high-quality built-in speaker system. All this packed into a slim, exceptionally affordable instrument that‘s always ready to play when you are. All das in einem schlanken und preisgünstigen Instrument. No compromises, just Yamaha quality. This instrument features an array of commonly used sounds such as grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichords, vibraphones, strings and new choir and Jazz organ. KEY0002847-000 Black KEY0002848-000 Silver

Yamaha P-155

1259 €

The P-155 includes a USB port for recording performances directly to a USB storage device or playing Standard MIDI file piano recordings. It also provides a two-track sequencer that´s ideal for onehand practice or layering two parts. Features: • 88 keys Graded Hammer (GH) Keyboard • 128-note polyphony (max.) • Pure CF Sampling with 4-level Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling • Key-Off samples, Stereo Sustain samples and Damper Resonance • USB connectivity for storing and playing music • Effects • 50 Songs • Recording Function • Metronome • 2x Headphones • Sustain Pedal • MIDI In/Out • AUX OUT [L/L+R][R] • AUX Pedal • Amplifiers: 12W x 2 • Speakers: (12cm x 6cm) x 2 • Please note: Original stand L-140 is not included! • Finish: Black & Mahogany • Dimensions (W x H x D): 133.4 x 14 x 35.1 cm • Weight: 18,6 kg KEY0002632-000 Black KEY0002634-000 Silver

Yamaha CP50

Professional sound in a portable leight weight! The Yamaha CP50 digital piano utilizes core sounds and technology of the CP1, but its flexibility and portability make it perfect for the working pro on the go. The CP50 features not only Virtual Circuit Modeling effects but also many effects taken from the Motif XS line of synthesizers. The CP50 has a graded hammer action and a lightweight, portable design.

1599 € 1902 €*

Some of the highlights: • New Sound System: Spectral Component Modeling (Sampling, & Modeling) • Vint. E.Pianos & A.Piano Sounds play like the CFIII, S6B, CP80, Rd I, Rd II, Wr, DX7 models • more than 200 additional sounds, drum part, recording function • easy to use, intuitive sound editing KEY0002834-000

Yamaha CP5

The Yamaha CP5 digital piano takes the core sounds and technologies of the CP1 and offers them in an instrument that is both flexible and affordable. In fact, the CP5 adds a wide range of AWM sounds to the CP1. Moreover, the CP5 features not only Virtual Circuit Modeling effects, but also many more effects taken from the Motif XS line of synthesizers. The CP5 has the same NW-STAGE wooden action keyboard as the CP1. KEY0002838-000

2299 €

2735€ * Yamaha CP1

After Roland came out with the V-Piano, Yamaha now provides a premium-class stage piano on their own. A unique new Spectral Component Modeling tone generation system faithfully recreates the 17 selected sounds of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos and responds to the player‘s touch to provide more creative expression than ever before possible. The new 88-key NW-STAGE wooden keyboard offers the perfect playability for stage performance . It minimizes keyboard vibration, and the synthetic ivory keytops feel great when your are playing. KEY0002837-000

4299 € 412

5353€ *

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1899 € Roland RD-300 NX

Step onstage and step up to the world´s most impressive stage pianos, with amazing pianos and EPs onboard, plus audio-play and master control features. The RD-700GX is powered by Roland´s latest sound engine for incredible sound quality. The flagship RD-700GX leads the market with its SuperNATURAL instruments and a PHA II Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. Features of the Roland RD-700 GX: • USB host and USB MIDI • keyboard: 88 keys (PHA II Ivory Feel keyboard) • sound generator: GM 2 • piano sound: 88-key stereo multisamples, 128-voice polyphony • 240 sounds plus 256 GM 2 sounds,

Super Natural e-piano sounds and tonewheel organ • 2 multieffects x 4 systems, 125 types, 6 reverb types, 3 chorus types • sound control: 3-Band compressor, 4-Band digital EQ • SMF / Audio File Player (MP3, WAV, AIFF) • MIDI: in, out1, out2, thru / out3 • USB for MIDI and memory • controls: zone level fader x4 (assignable), EQ control, reverb control, chrous control, multieffects control x2 (assignable) • arpeggiator: 148 styles • rhythm patterns: 205 • expansion slots: 2x SRX expansion board • dimensions: 1444 x 375 x 148 mm / 25.0 kg • including DP-8 sustain pedal and Sonar LE recording software KEY0003134-000

2859 € The RD-700NX sets a milestone for digital stage pianos. The superb workmanship paired with Roland‘s latest SuperNATURAL sound engine, a deluxe PHA II Ivory-Feel keyboard and the latest Escapement mechanics as well as a new Sound Focus function that protects even quiet passages from getting lost in the mix, provide a huge range of new options and sounds for a sweeping performance.

The most important features: 88 key PHA III Ivory-Feel keyboard with Escapement mechanics • 128-voice polyphony with SuperNATURAL engine • 300 live presets, 100 user preset • 200 rhythms • Sound Focus feature • audio file player and recorder KEY0003017-000


2149€ *


Roland FP-7 F BK/WH

The new FP-7F takes Roland’s popular FP-7 piano concept and injects four major components into the top-selling design: a SuperNATURAL Piano engine, an all-new PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement, an onboard Looper, and a mic input with companion harmony effects. This compact, contemporary piano is available in black and white finishes. Features: • 88 keys, PHA III Ivory-Feel-S keyboard, hammer-action, velocitysensitive • 128f-note Polyphony • 351 sounds • Onboard Looper for instant sound-on-sound layering • Built-in speaker system with 2x 12W • Note storage: appr. 30.000 notes • Effects: Reverb and Leslie for Organ tones • built-in mic input with Harmony Effect (from BOSS VE20) • Dimensions (without stand), (WxDxH): 1346x369x137mm • Weight: 24kg KEY0003018-000 Balck KEY0003019-000 White

Roland FP-4 F BK/WH

The FP-4 F features a Ivory Feel-G keyboard and is a worthy successor of the FP 4. It is equipped with the SuperNatural Piano Technology of the V-Piano and provides a great sound at an affordable price. Further features are the GM2 Sounds, USB and 80 integrated rhythms. At only 16,6 kg it is particularly suited for traveling musicians. Features: 88 hammer-action keys, Ivory Feel-G keyboard • GM2 compatible tone generation - SuperNatural Piano Sound – total of 345 sounds – 128 voices – Session Partner with 80 Rhythms - USB – and much more KEY0003198-000 Schwarz KEY0003199-000 Weiß

NEW! Clavia Nord Stage 2


2859 €

The Stage 2 comes in three models: The Stage 2-88, Stage 2-76 and Stage 2-73. Apart from the keyboard type and the number of accessories available, all three models have identical features. Clavia Nord Stage 2 88 has three sound generating sections: Piano, Organ and Synthesizer. The Nord Sample Library give Stage 2 owners access to the huge free library of world-class sounds, including the famous vintage Mellotron and Chamberlin samples. 400 programs can now be organized. KEY0003144-000 Nord Stage 2-88 >>> 3499,- rrp: 4163,-* KEY0003143-000 Nord Stage 2-76 >>> 3299,- rrp: 3925,-* KEY0003143-000 Stage Compact >>> 2990,- rrp: 3558,-*

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Roland RD-700 NX



1090 €

Walther Corsar 96 Bass

High quality „Made in EU“ for ambitious players.

1153 € *

• 96 basses 37 descant keys • 4-chorus in treble with 11 register keys • 4-chorus bass, 5 bass registers • Weight: 8,9 kg • Incl. case KEY0001853-000

Walther Pirat 72 Bass

This instrument with wood-housing is suited for the advanced player. Made in the EU! With strap and case.

666 € 719 €

• 72 basses 34 descant keys • 3-chorus in treble with 5 register keys • 4-chorus bass, 2 register keys • Weight: 8,8 kg • Incl. case KEY0001851-000


Walther Teeny 48 Bass

The sympathetic beginner instrument! Made in the EU, it combines a sturdy construction with a sleek design. Includes strap and case. • 48 basses, 26 descant keys • 2-chorus descant • 4-chorus bass • Weight: 5,7 kg • Incl. case KEY0001852-000

848 € 920 € *

Zoltan Junker

Jasmin Pulo

Our Music Store Accordion Specialists!

769 €

Hohner Bravo 72

879 € *

Hohner Bravo 48

This versatile student accordion is suited for beginners and provides a great sound and nice look. It features textile straps and a padded bag. Available in three colours: red, black and blue! • 48 Basses, 26 descant-keys • 2-chorus in treble with 2 register keys • 4-chorus bass • Weight 5 kg • Incl. rucksack KEY0001842-000 Red KEY0001807-000 Black KEY0002278-000 Blue

A sturdy instrument! An accordion with excellent playing feel and full sound! With textile strap and padded rucksack.

999 € 1179€ *

• 72 basses 34 descant keys • 3-chorus in treble with 5 register keys • 4-chorus bass • Weight: 7,4 kg • Incl. rucksack KEY0001808-000 Black KEY0002054-000 Red KEY0002168-000 Blue

Hohner Erica

Small and lightweight diatonic hand harmonica with a long tradition. Easy to play and transport.

649 €

• 21 keys, 42 tones • 8 bass buttons • wooden housing • Weight: 2,7 kg KEY0002066-000

769 € *


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Fame Accordion 48 Bass

299 €

The affordable beginner instrument! This is a solid beginner instrument for an affordable price. It features a great design, a pleasant sound and includes a sturdy, padded case. • 48 basses, 26 descant keys • 2-chorus in treble with 3 register keys • 4-chorus in bass • Weight: 5 kg • Incl. case KEY0002393-000 Black KEY0002394-000 Red

399€ *

Fame Accordion 72 Bass

299 € 399€ *


The affordable instrument for advanced players! Suited for players looking for more sound options. Also includes padded case. • 72 basses, 34 descant keys • 3-chorus in treble with 5 register keys • 4-chorus in bass • Weight: 6,5 kg • Incl. case KEY0002395-000 Black KEY0002396-000 Red

369 € 479€ *

369 € 479€ *

Fame Accordion 96 Bass

A low priced model with expanded options: Larger range in treble and the accompaniment chords. Features: 96 basses 37 descant keys • chorus: 3 in treble with 7 register buttons • 2 bass register • weight 8,5kg • incl case KEY0003001-000


499 € 699€ *

849 €

4999 €

Fame Accordion 120 Bass

The low priced entry into the upper class. The additional piccolo voice allows many additional sound combinations, including the bi-octave tuning and the full 4-chorus tutti sound. Features: 120 basses 41 descant keys • chorus: 4 in treble with 13 register buttons • 6 bass register • weight 9kg • incl. case. KEY0003002-000

999€ *

Roland FR-3X

This digital accordion is suited for beginners and advanced musicians alike. It comes with integrated speakers, straps, AC adapter and bag. • 120 Basses, 37 descant keys • 10 accordion sets • 4-chorus in treble with 10 register keys • 5-chorus bass, 7 registers • Weight 8,1 kg • incl. bag. KEY0001950-000


2520 €

Roland FR-1

This small, leightweight instrument combines accordion and orchestra sounds! Battery power supply possible. Includes strap, AC adapter and bag. • 72 basses, 26 descant keys • 7 accordion sets • 4-chorus in treble • 5-chorus in bass • Weight: 5,5 kg • Incl. bag KEY0002558-000

Roland FR-7X

The new flagship of the Roland digital accordions! Traditional design and high-end features! USB-stick port for uploading of new sounds and for recording/ playback of MP3 songs. • 120 basses 41 descant keys • 80 programmable accordion sets • 6 Bass & Chord Modes, 5 Free Bass Modes • 14 registers (descant) • 26 orchestra sounds • Weight :11,7 kg • Incl. bag KEY0002780-000

Roland FR-181

The world‘s first digital diatonic hamonica with a USB MIDI port to connect to a PC and USB Memory port for data storage on a USB stick.

999 €

Features: • right hand: 37 buttons, velocity-sensitive • left hand: 18 bass buttons, velocity-sensitive • Polyphony: 128 voices • 12 accordion sets • wieght: 5,3 kg • Incl. bag KEY0003151-000 BLACK KEY0003152-000 RED

1697 €

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7.990 €

9.990 €



Kawai GM 10 Topseller!


A real grand piano Measuring 150cm in length, the GM-10 offers the same attention to detail and quality found in Kawai‘s larger pianos... in a petite size to fit any room. With it‘s resonant tone and classic good looks, the GM-10 will be an impressive addition to any home. PIA0000941-000

Yamaha GB 1 K Topseller!

The beautiful GB1 with the extraordinary design concept of the popular Yamaha C-series provides an amazing sound across the entire dynamic range. Thanks to its cost-effective advantages and a considerable improvement of the materials and the workmanship, this exceptionally low priced instrument is better than ever before. PIA0000697-001

3.250 € Yamaha B 1

3470€ *

The b series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology; a pleasure to play and to own. Yamaha have been making pianos for over a century but the new b series is something of a departure for us. PIA0000776-000

Setprice 509 € Fame DP-100

499 €

• good Piano Sound • 88 keys Hammer-Action keyboard • 10 sounds • Hall • Transpose • 2 pedals: Soft, Sustain • Headphone Jack • MIDI out • dimensions: 1380 x 520 x 830 mm • weight: 45 kg PIA0001447-000





16.890 €

18.760€ *

Kawai RX 2

The 5‘10“ RX-2 combines the stately presence of a Classic Grand with an exquisite clarity of tone unmatched by other grands in its class. It is a popular choice for home, school, church & teaching facilities around the globe. PIA0000022-001

3.250 € Kawai K-15 E

A brand piano at a superb price Highend sounding board! The Kawai wood technology makes use of all senses ..seeing, smelling and tasting, when the best woods are selected. The sounding boards are made from solid spruce with very even grain patterns. Carefully selected, arched and scientifically tested to meet the high Kawai standards for optimum resonance and sound. PIA0000475-000

Setprice 499 € Fame DP-680

4.590 €

3660€ *

4930€ *

Yamaha B1 SI

Piano is so much more than a musical instrument. It becomes part of your life and, well chosen, will be with you for life. Yamaha have been making pianos for over a century but the new b-Series is something of a departure for us. PIA0000819-000

s nd e! sou pric l a tr zing es ch ama r O n -in r a ilt . Fo u b d n th Wi us ba l p

1498 €

479 € 839€


• 88 keys Hammer-Action keyboard • 599 sounds • DSP Effects • Hall • 2 x 20 watts • Transposer • 3 pedals • 2x Headphone output • MIDI in/ out • AUX in/ out • USB Port • dimensions: 1380 x 520 x 830 mm • weight: 62,5 kg PIA0000980-000

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Fame Grand 500

2490 € *

• 88 keys Hammer-Action keyboard • 559 sounds • 203 Styles • Hall • Transpose • 3 pedals • MIDI in/ out • AUX in/ out • SD Slot/ USB Port • weight: 83 kg • dimensions: 144cm x 98cm x 102cm • loudspeaker: 2x 25 watts PIA0000982-000 black polished EPI0000591-000 white polished

Pianos Grand Pianos Ensembles

23.590 €

31.990€ *

26.290€ *

Yamaha C3 Topseller!

The Yamaha C series - classic instruments with world class features that represent the heart of Yamaha‘s grand piano line. The grand pianos of the Yamaha C series have set standards for a while now. They are very popular among competent pianists. PIA0000249-000

call for best price Although the smallest of the grand pianos made by Bösendorfer at just 170 cm long, it has an unsurpassed volume of sound and dynamic range. Beauty of sound cannot be measured in centimetres. The 170 model, the smallest of Bösendorfer‘s grand pianos, is specially designed for smaller living spaces – which means you can even enjoy the inimitably rich sound of a Bösendorfer at home. PIA0000701-001

13.350€ *

32.490€ *

6.490 € Wilh. Steinberg IQ 16

8.150€ *

The versatility and warmth of a WILH. STEINBERG Grand Piano are hard to describe with words. You must experience this wonderful instrument to understand why it has won so many new friends in recent years. PIA0000098-000

62.242€ *

Bösendorfer 170

The most purchased Schimmel grand piano. A masterpiece of German piano engineering. Finest workmanship in every detail and made from slowly dried woods. A classic grand piano par excellence in the popular 189 cm size. PIA0000494-000

Schimmel SP 189 T

Schimmel K 122

call for best price

call for best price

K122 Elegance - Modern, noble and timeless The creativity with which the specialist journalists of musical periodicals describe our grand and upright pianos in the instrument tests in France is a pleasure in its own right. PIA0000485-000

Bösendorfer 130 CL

call for best price

Bosendorfer the ultimate upright piano for the connoisseur in ebony high polish finish.. Naturally it benefits from all the expertise of our craftsmen just as our grand pianos do. Many think it is the best upright piano in the world. PIA0000030-000

SET 59 € 99

169 € 185



FAME PB-102 Piano Throne Burghardt • height adjustable 51 cm up to 60 cm B5 Piano Throne matte black PIA0001432-000 black polished PIA0001433-000

height adjustable black PIA0000208-000

24,95 €

We offer a set for every digital piano! It consists of the Music Store PB-40 bench (height adjustable, with velour upholstery) and the MS-300 headphone. It is self-evident, that the bench has the same color as the digital piano.

Voggenreiter Das Klavierhandbuch Der Bestseller in deutscher Erstausgabe! • Book and CD • 288 pages NOT0004112-000


* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Setprice 1079 €

Yamaha CLP 320

1049 € rrp 1230

At 1.000,- a fantastic deal! The CLP- 320 is a solid basic model with litlle frills but a great keyboard and excellent piano sound. Proven CLAVINOVA quality at a low cost! PIA0001203-000 Rosewood


799 € 854€


Yamaha YDP-141

• 88 weighted keys • GHS- keys • 64x polyphonicy • 6 Sounds • Hall • Dual- Function • Sequencer (2- Track) • 2 x 6 watts loudspeaker • 3 pedales • 44 kg PIA0001448-000 Rosewood


Setprice 2379 €

Setprice 1029 €

999 €

Yamaha ARIUS YDP-161


• 88 weighted keys • GHkeys (Graded Hammer) • 64x polyphonicy • 2-Track Recorder (11.000 notes) • 10 Sounds • Transpose Function • Hall 4 Typen • Dual Function • metronome • Midi IN/OUT • 2 x headphone outputs • 3 pedales • 2 x 20W loudspeaker • weight: 49 kg EPI0000604-000 Black

3999 €

• Natural-Wood-keys • Syntetic Ivoriy- coating • 88 Graded Hammer action • 256x polyphonicy • RGE (Real Grand Expression) Sound Engine • Smooth Release • Sustain- and KeyOff-Samples • 14 tones with Variation • USB-Audio Recorder (WAV) • String Resonance • 40 watts x 2 • MIDI, AUX ports EPI0000629-000 Rosewood EPI0000630-000 Polished Ivory 2699,-

• Natural-Wood-keys • Syntetic Ivoriy- coating • 88 Graded Hammer action • 256x polyphonicy • RGE Sound Engine • Smooth Release • Sustain- and KeyOff-Samples • String- and Damper Resonance • 38 tones + 480 XG tones + 12 Drumkits • USB-Audio Recorder (WAV) • 16 Track-Recorder • String Resonance • (2x 60 watts + 2 x 20 watts) • MIDI, AUX ports EPI0000631-000 Rosewood EPI0000632-000 Polished Ivory 4.399,-

2512€ * Yamaha CLP 480


2459€ *

• GH 3-keys • Syntetic Ivoriy- coating • 256x polyphonicy • RGE Sound Engine • Smooth Release • Sustain- and KeyOff-Samples • String- and Damper Resonance • 14 tones with • USB-Audio Recorder (WAV) • 2 Track-Recorder (10 Songs) • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) • 40 watts x 2 MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, AUX in, out • black satin EPI0000633-000


Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181

1389€ *

• Graded-Hammer-keys with 88 keys • 128x polyphonicy • dynamic Stereo Sample • 14 tones • DualFunction • 2- Track Recorder • 7-Segment Display • USB to Device • 2 x 20 watts PIA0001452-000 Rosewood

4277€ *

Setprice 2429 €

2399 €

2559€ *

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501

• 88 keys (GH) • 791 Sounds • 191 Styles • 128x polyphonicy • 3 pedales • Hall, effects • 16- Track Sequencer • loudspeaker 2x 16cm • 2 x 20 W • 58kg PIA0001402-000 Rosewood


2299 € Yamaha S 406 BS

1299 €


2349 €

Yamaha CLP 470


Setprice 3689 € Yamaha S 408 PE

3659 €

3914€ *

• Natural-Wood-keys • Syntetic Ivoriy- coating • 88 Graded Hammer action • 256x polyphonicy • RGE Sound Engine • Smooth Release • Sustain- and KeyOff-Samples • String- and Damper Resonance • 14 tones • USB-Audio Recorder (WAV) • GP Resonance Damper Pedal • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) • 40 watts x 2 • MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, AUX in, out • black polished EPI0000634-000

5249 € Yamaha MODUS F01

5622€ *

• Anschlagsdynamik in 4 Stufen verstellbar • Sustain Sampling and Key-Off Sampling • 14 Voice Demos • Dual- and Split-Voice • Effektprozessor with Reverb • Effect and Brilliance • 2-Track Recorder for 3 Songs • LED Display • 3 pedales: Damper (with half-Pedal Effect) • Soft and Sostenuto • metronome, Pitch, Custom Scales • 2 headphone outputs • 2x 40 watts PIA0000955-000 Polished Ebony

ACCESSORIES - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


Yamaha CLP 330

If you don‘t necessarily need the latest model: the CLP-330 is one of our top sellers! The new series is about to arrive and we have obtained all remaining CLP- 330 at an excellent price. GH-3 keyboard, 3-part piano samples, 2 x USB port, very well-balanced, dynamic sound; you won‘t miss anything with this D-piano! PIA0001206-000 Rosewood

Setprice 1459 €

1429 € rrp 1710 €*



1549 €

1649 €




Yamaha ARIUS YDP V-240

• GH 3-keys • 128x polyphonicy • RGE Sound Engine Damper Resonance • 14 tones • USB-Audio Recorder • 2 x 30 watts • MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, • AUX in, out EPI0000621-000 Mahogany EPI0000622-000 Black EPI0000620-000 Cherry EPI0000619-000 Rosewood

• GHS keys • 3-step Samples • Half-Pedal Control • 64x polyphonicy • 131 Sounds • 361 XG Sounds • 12 Drum-Kits • 160 styles • USB • Song Recorder PIA0001453-000 Rosewood

Setprice 3579 €

3549 €

• 88 keys (GH3) • 897 Sounds • 272 Styles • 128x polyphonicy • 3 pedales • Hall, effects • 16- Track Sequencer • loudspeaker 2x (16cm+5cm) • 2 x 40 W • 71kg PIA0001404-000 Rosewood

8996€ *

Yamaha MODUS H01 VR

• 88 weighted keys GH-3 Mechanic • Stereo Piano-Sample • 10 tones • 64x polyphonicy • Dual Voice and Split Function • 50 Preset Songs • 2 headphone outputs • Verstärker: 2 x 40 watts EPI0000502-000 Red

2138€ *

• GH3-keys (GH3) • Syntetic Ivoriy- coating • 256x polyphonicy RGE Sound Engine • Smooth Release • Sustain- and KeyOff-Samples String- and Damper Resonance • 14 tones • USB-Audio Recorder (WAV) • 2 x 40 watts • MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, AUX in, out EPI0000626-000 Mahogany EPI0000627-000 Black EPI0000625-000 Cherry EPI0000624-000 Rosewood

6949 €

5060€ *

7081€ *

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-509 R

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-505 R

• 88 keys (GH3) • color TFT Display • 1195 Sounds • 362 Styles • 128x polyphonicy • Hall, effects • USB Audio Recorder • loudspeaker 2x (16cm+5cm) • 2 x 40 W • 76kg PIA0001406-000


7999 €

1999 €

Yamaha CLP 440 C

4729 €

3798€ *

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-503


Yamaha CLP 430 M

Setprice 2229 €

• NW wodden keys • 5 step Piano Sample • color TFT Display • iAFC Sound-System • 1317 Sounds • 442 Styles • 128+128x polyphonicy • USB Audio Recorder • Master Compressor • loudspeaker 2x (16cm+5cm+3cm) • 2x75W + 2x20W (iAFC System) • 82kg PIA0001409-000 Rosewood


3549 €

6199 €

3796€ *

Yamaha Clavinova 465 GP

• Graded Hammer 3-keys (GH3) • 128x polyphonicy • RGE Sound Engine • Damper Resonance • 14 tones • Dual-Function • USB-Audio Recorder (WAV- 2 x 40 watts IAC MIDI IN, OUT, THRU, AUX in, out • black polished EPI0000635-000

Yamaha N 1

6849€ *

The class-leading CN43 boasts improved sound specifications and a selection of premium features including 192 note polyphony, a powerful 2 x 50W speaker system, integrated accompaniment styles, and the ability to record and playback MP3, WAV, and MIDI files directly from USB memory. EPI0000636-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!


499 € 799€


Fame DP 680 GW

Fame DP-100 GW

1899 € 2309€


With Roland´s groundbreaking SuperNATURAL Piano technology onboard, the DP990F brings a new dimension of acoustic piano realism to the digital domain. A great-feeling PHA II keyboard is built into a stylish, space-saving cabinet with a unique lid which can be used as a music rest when open and as flat surface when closed. EPI0000587-000

Setprice 1189 € Kawai CN-23 SB

Casio PX-730CY

899€ *

Roland F-110 SB

1199 € 1299€

1649 €


Roland HP 302 SB

Roland RP 201 RW

1749 €

1699€ *

Kawai CA-13 SB

• RH Mechanic, 88 keys with Ivory Touch • 323 Sounds + 12 Drumsets, GM2 compatible • polyphonicy max. 192 notes • 5 Hall effects • DualModus, Split-Modus • USB-Recorder • MP3/WAV/MID • metronome / 100 Rhythms • 3 pedales Sostenuto, Piano • ports: 2x headphones, Line In, Line Out, MIDI In/Out, USB EPI0000605-000 Rosewood

949 €



Casio PX-830BK


1790€ *

• 88 wodden keys (RM3) with Ivory Touch Surface • 8 Sounds • 88 keys Piano Sampling • 96x polyphonicy • metronome • Recorder, 3 Songs, 1 Track, ca. 15.000 notes • 4- Hand Modus • 2 x 15W • 59 Kg EPI0000600-000 Black EPI0000599-000 Rosewood

949 € 999€

1969€ *

• 88 keys (PHA II -keys with • 128x polyphonicy • 337 Sounds (incl. 8 Drum Sets, 1 SFX Set) GM2/GS / XGlite SuperNATURAL Pianosound • ports: In (L/Mono, R), Out (L/Mono, R) USB, MIDI (In, Out) headphones (Stereo) • speaker with 2 x 12 watts • 53 kg EPI0000566-000 Satin Black

• keys: 88 keys (PHA alpha II) • polyphonicy: 128 voices • Piano Stereo Multisample • Hall effects(10 steps) • metronome • Recorder: with 3 Tracks • 2 x 12 watts EPI0000573-000 Rosewood

Kawai CN-43 R

1195€ *

The newest member of Roland´s compact digital-piano lineup is the eye-catching F-110. Featuring an attractive wooden cabinet in gorgeous Satin Black or Satin White finishes, it offers a fresh look that will blend well with any home environment. PIA0001372-000 satin white

1599 €

1199€ *

Distinctive, Stylish Digital Piano with New Sound Source and Keyboard Technologies. The Privia PX-730 is ideal for the home, recording, or that concert performance where an acoustic piano is unavailable. If you need a digital piano that can deliver performance that‘s closest to acoustic authenticity, then this piano is for you. KEY0002766-000


Setprice 1229 €

1159 €

• keys: RH Mechanic • 15 Sounds • polyphonicy: 96x • Hall, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay • Dual Modus • fourhand mode • Recorder 1 Song, 1 Track, max. 15.000 notes EPI0000576-000 Satin Black EPI0000575-000 Rosewood

Setprice 979 €

999 €

599 €

The price hit among pianos. The Fame DP 680 has a 88-note hammer action keyboard, 559 tones (28 per key selectable), 203 styles (accompaniment) and 100 preset songs tunr this Fame piano into a real highlight! EPI0000590-000

• good Piano Sound • 88 keys Hammer-Action keyboard • 10 sounds • Hall • Transpose • 2 pedals: Soft, Sustain • Headphone Jack • MIDI out • dimensions: 1380 x 520 x 830 mm • weight: 45 kg EPI0000589-000 white polished

Roland DP-990 F SB

Setprice 619 €

Distinctive Stylish Digital Piano with State-of-the-art Sound Source and Keyboard Technologies. The new Casio PX-830 offers the playability and sound quality of a grand piano in a slim, stylish body with a front-to-back depth of only 275 mm. KEY0002767-000 Black

PIANO - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

999 € Yamaha AP 220 BN

1099€ *

Set the tone with the AP-220: The 16 AiF tones on this elegant digital piano deliver ultra-fine nuances thanks to advanced sampling technology and reproduce the complex sound of a grand piano extremely authentically. The scaled hammer-action keyboard has three sensors to reflect even the softest nuances in touch. These excellent piano features on the AP220 are matched by the stylish design. PIA0001398-000 Rosewood

s nd ! ou rice s p al g str zin he ma c Or n a -in r a iu lt . Fo b d n th Wi us ba pl

Setprice 1079 €

1049 €

1399 €



Casio Privia PX-7 WE


Kawai CN-33 W

• 88 keys • keys with mattierter Surface Ivory Touch“ • 2x20 watts • 16 tones •polyphonicy: 128 voices USB Schnittstelle, Line-out • weight: ca. 40 kg KEY0002953-000

Roland HP-305

1999 €

2799 €




Roland HP 307 SB

Setprice 3079 €

2290€ * Kawai CA-93 SB

• RM3 Grand Mechanic, • 88 wodden keys with Ivory Touch Surface • Sounds: 60 Sounds Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging (UPHI) • 3 Band Equalizer •polyphonicy: max. 192 notes • Hall • Chorus, Tremolo, Delay • Dual Modus, Split Modus, fourhand mode PIA0001441-000

Casio AP 420 BK


4299 €

5119€ *

Roland LX-10 F

• 88 keys • PHA-III Ivory Feel-keys • 337 Sounds • 128x polyphonicy • Transposer • Dual Function • metronome • Hall • 3 pedales PIA0001321-000 black polished

3049 €

1659 €

3190€ *

Kawai CS-3

• keys: RM-3 Grand keys • Sounds: 80 Sound Ultra Progressive Harmonic Imaging (UPHI) • polyphonicy: max. 192 notes • Hall, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay • Dual Modus, Split Modus, • fourhand mode • USB Recorder • Audio, MP3, WAV: USB • Audio Recorder MP3: 44.1 kHz PIA0001443-000 Rosewood

1449 €



Full of expression and joie de vivre: The AP-420 unites truly authentic piano sounds and exceptionally realistic keystroke behaviour with versatile modern features such as an SD card slot and line-out. With this extensive range of sound and functional options, the CELVIANO is perfect for players at any level. PIA0001399-000 Black

Casio AP 620 BK

1499€ Casio AP-6 BP

The top model in the CELVIANO range boasts brilliant sound, highquality workmanship and excellent design. The AP-620 is ideal for advanced playing techniques and offers players an extensive automatic accompaniment feature. Even a simple piano piece sounds special on this instrument. Just listen to the difference! PIA0001401-000

1750€ *

• 88 keys RH Mechanic and Ivory Touch Surface • 96x polyphonicy • 16 Sounds • 1 Track Recorder, ca. 15.000 notes• Dual Modus • 3 pedales • 2 x headphone outputs • Midi in/out • 2 x 20 watts EPI0000608-000

1199 € 1299€

2490€ *

• 88 keys Hammer • 559 Sounds • 203 Styles • Hall • Transpose • 3 pedales • MIDI in/ out • AUX in/ out • SD Slot/ USB Port • weight: 83 kg • 144cm x 98cm x 102cm • loudspeaker: 2x 25 watts EPI0000591-000 weiß hochglanz poliert

• 88 keys • PHA-III Ivory Feel-keys • 337 Sounds • 128x polyphonicy • Transposer • Dual Function • metronome • Hall • 3 pedales • 2x headphone outputs • USB port • 4-Band Digital Equalizer • 2x 60W • 80 kg EPI0000571-000 Satin Black

2249 €

Setprice 1229 €

Fame Grand 500

• RH Mechanic • 36 Sounds •polyphonicy: 96x • Hall, Chorus, Tremolo, Delay • Dual Modus, Split Modus, • fourhand mode • Recorder 3 Songs, 2 Tracken, max. 15.000 notes EPI0000583-000

• 88 keys (PHA II Ivory Feel-keys • 128x polyphonicy • 337 Sounds (incl. 8 Drum Sets, 1 SFX Set) GM2/GS / XGlite SuperNATURAL Pianosound • ports: In (L/Mono, R), Out (L/Mono, R) USB, MIDI (In, Out) headphones (Stereo) • 58.5 kg EPI0000567-000 Rosewood

Kawai CA-63 R


1498 €

1899 €

1999€ *

• 50 AiF-tones • 128x polyphonicy • 88 keys • 180 Rhythems • Sequencer (17 Tracks/5 Song) 10.000 notes • String Resonance • 8 Digitaleffects • 60 Songs • metronome • Stereo LINE IN / OUT • MIDI-In/Out • 2 headphone outputs • 3 pedales • loudspeakersystem with 2x 30 watts • SD-Card-Slot EPI0000595-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!




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