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Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture - Music Store Grand Opening Edition

l! a e d g penin

O d n a r G

Stereo Valve Distortion For the grand opening of the new Music Store we present a limited edition of the legendary Culture Vulture, one of the most coveted tube devices ever! Handmade in England, this Grand Opening Edition is limited to 20 devices worldwide - only available at the Music Store! This version of the Culture Vulture has significantly more options to radically alter the sound. With 10 selectable distortion steps from smooth distortion to frequency doubling and over compression. The overdrive section has been expanded as well. The +4dB stage allows you to cut the overdrive in half to give the Culture Vulture even more variety. The Grand Opening Edition comes with tubes from Mullard and Siemens, two of the most recognized tube manufacturers in the world. REC0008632-000

• Only 20x worldwide! • Music Store exclusive! • Selected Siemens and Mullard tubes! • Handmade in England! 290

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

1999 € 2250 €*



3332€ *

TC Electronic Reverb 4000

1199 €

TC Electronic is now introducing Reverb 4000 a Single Engine Stereo version of System 6000 -featuring the best reverbs and presets from System 6000 and M5000 plus emulations of immortal classics. Reverb 4000 is also the first stereo Reverb capable of rendering credible space onto two discrete sources, or to truly process a composite stereo source. Utilizing the latest hardware technology and software based upon 30 man-years of development, Reverb 4000 offers the most immense and innovative selection of State-of-the-Art stereo Reverbs - at the touch of a button. Designed as a single rack space module with an extremely easy to use instant access interface, and with the option of using the ICON software editor for PC and Mac OSX in DAW environments, the Reverb 4000 is the ultimate choice for live- and studio applications working in stereo. REC0002391-000

only 30x

579€ *

ART PRO Channel

299 €


The Pro Channel by ART is a 1-channel tube mic/line preamp with a combination of Pro MPA (tube mic/line amp), Pro VLA (tube compressor) and tube EQ. The 3 hand selected vacuum tubes and the independent modules, the ART Pro Channel gives you silky sound and maximum flexibility. Features: • Warm, silky sound • precision grid potentiometer • measuring point of the VU-meters can be selected (microphone preamp output, compressor output or master output) • LED signal chains for tube saturation and pad • balanced XLR inputs/outputs, unbalanced jack inputs/outputs • loop inserts between preamp and compressor as well as compressor and EQ • 3 hand selected vacuum tubes REC0000920-000

400x ESI ESU 22

The ESU22 is the Swiss army knife of USB Audio interfaces. But at first sight the looks seem to be in complete contrast with the functions. Because no one would believe how many features are in this little thing with out seeing it for them selves. All In- and Out- puts deliver high quality 24bit resolution and offer excellent sound for microphones and instruments. A headphone output is naturally also available, as well as Plug’n’Play without the instillation of additional drivers for Mac and Windows! PCM0010537-000

59 €

99€ *

50x ADAM A5 White (piano finishes)


370€ *

199 €

One of the best mid-price Monitors now for an unbelievable price! The A5 uses ADAMs proprietary transducer technology (ART). The woofer consisting of a sandwich construction of carbon fiber and Rohacell®, in 5“ size . The built-in amplifiers with 2 x 25 W power control the drivers directly. On the rear side there is a panel with numerous possibilities to adapt the loudspeaker to the specific room acoustics or personal preferences. Also, the A5 features both ballanced (XLR) and unballanced (RCA) inputs to ensure connectivity to virtually any application in professional studios or at home. A useful special feature is the Stereo-link®, an exclusive technology of the A5: There are two additional in- and outputs for the second stereo channel which enable the user to adjust the volume of both loudspeakers with one control only. REC0005965-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!





1599 € 3002 €*

425 €

552€ *

Tascam DP-02 Digital Portastudio

The DP-02 is based on Tascam’s popular DP-01 digital Portastudios™ that have been updated with a fresh new look, new effects, and an improved menu and display. The DP-02 has a 40GB harddrive for 8-track recording at CD quality and offers a pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power as well as dedicated controls for volume, pan, high and low EQ per track. The DP-02 has a multieffect processor, stereo reverb, chromatic tuner and a slot-type CD burner for CD masters and song backup. It also features workstation-style editing and a USB 2.0 port for computer backup or external processing. REC0005749-000


Avid 192 I/O

3594€ *

Universal Audio LA-610 MK II/ UAD-2 Duo Bundle

For a limited time only - free UAD2-Duo with the purchase of an LA-610 MKII!! The LA-610 is the epitome of the ultimate, classic tube channelstrip. It has been perfected in the second generation. Together with the DSP power of the UAD-2, you can use the full potential of the legendary Universal Audio sounds. REC0007540-000

1888 €

192 I/O, the flagship of the Pro Tools|HD interface family, is the best-sounding audio interface ever offered from Digidesign, rivaling similar products costing more than twice its price. In addition to support for up to 16 channels of analog and digital input and output, 192 I/O features a wide range of analog and digital I/O options to choose from, including 8 channels of high-definition, pristine-quality analog I/O, 8 channels of AES/ EBU, 8 channels of TDIF, 16 channels of ADAT, and 2 additional channels of AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital I/O. PCM0001880-000

5x 2023€ *

888 €

Avid 96 I/O Audio Interface

The 96 I/O offers Pro Tools users a high-resolution, multi-channel audio interface with excellent sonic performance. An affordable 16-channel audio interface for Pro Tools|HD, 96 I/O features a wealth of I/O options, including 8 channels of high-definition analog I/O, 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O, 2 channels of AES/EBU and S/PDIF I/O, and Word Clock I/O. • 16 simultaneous useable in-/outputs with up to 96 kHz • 8 analog in-/ outputs 8 ADAT- and 2 additional AES/EBU- or S/PDIF-in- and outputs • Dynamic range: 115 dB PCM0001884-000


555 € 1315

Avid 192 A/D Expansion Card

Pro Tools|HD Accel Processing Power. By way of an expansion bay, 192 I/O allows you to increase I/O options with one of three available expansion cards — 192 AD, 192 DA or 192 Digital. Whether you want more analog inputs, outputs or digital I/O, 192 I/O is flexible enough to be custom tailored to suit your needs. The 192 AD card complements 192 I/O‘s stock configuration with eight more channels of DB25-based input, for a total of 16 channels of high-definition analog input. Simply install the 192 AD card in 192 I/O‘s easily accessible back panel expansion bay, and you‘re ready to go. PCM0001881-000

Avid 003 Rack+ Factory

Record the entire band in your home/project studio, garage, or even live! Avid 003 Rack+ Factory is ideal for musicians, recording engineers, and producers looking for a professional Pro Tools® music recording and production solution that’s more affordable and portable. With best-in-class sound quality, eight premium mic preamps, and a wide variety of I/O to connect instruments, MIDI gear, and other analog and digital devices, 003 Rack+ Factory works with your computer, providing the power and capacity to record an entire band, vocal or instrument ensemble, or completely mic’d up drum kit — all at once. PCM0008412-000




PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

1519€ *

999 €


Professional 24bit stereo/surround audio recorder Now anybody can record high quality stereo and surround recordings: for a very affordable price ! It‘s real fun to make use of the HR-4: stable and well aligned keys are waiting for your transport commands and configurations. The backlit OLED Display is well readable, also in dark environments. The big record button will guide you through the recording process.


mobile fieldrecorder. Amazing sound quality at the best price!!! The Fame HR-2 is the perfect choice for all who want to record anywhere in best sound quality. The linear PCM recorder records in Wave format 24Bit/ 44.1 kHz (better than CD quality) or in MP3 (all formats) and this for 5 hours with one kit of batteries. Even if you want to record concerts, reportages or recordings in nature, they will succeed in best performance. Caused by the easy handling, simply turn on the HR-2 and record. If you need to connect external microphones, the HR-2 offers a Mic-/Line-/ Guitar-Input.

Intergrated DSP functions will either give you a load of effects (Chorus, Pitch Shift, Delay, Reverb) or other convenient processing (Bass Compensate) REC0007326-000

To expand the internal flash memory (128 MB), you can insert SD cards (2 GB max) or SDHC Cards (4 GB max). Now you can record for hours! REC0006028-000

Features: • 4 internal electret mics for stereo and surrond recordings • file formats: 44.1/48 kHz 16/24 bit WAV or MP3 with 64-320 kbps • 2 gain steps, Auto Gain • Bass Compensate, Chorus, Pitch Shift, Delay, Reverb • Repeat A-B and Loop Playback • Ins: 3,5 mm stereo phone jack for mic/line signals • Outs: 3,5mm stereo phone jack for headphones or oder line out • internal speaker • USB To-Host for data transfer • power: 2x 1,5V AA (Mignon) • thread for photo stands

Features: • Internal Flash Memory: 128 MB • recording formats: Wave: 16 Bit 8/11/16/22/32/44,1 KHz, MP3: 128 Kbps 44,1 KHz • Playback formats: Wave: PCM WAV with 8,16,32,44,1,KHz, MP3: all Formate 32K to 0 Kbps • Frequence: 20 Hz -20 kHz • Mikrophones: built in omni directiona condenser mikrophones • Line input • Guitar input • microphone input • 1/8“ stereo headphone output • 1/8“ line output • Build in speaker • USB connectionfor Mac and PC


Four built in high quality electret microphones give you the flexiblity you need for creating stereo and also stunning surround recordings. The mic/line input may be adressed alternatively in any stereo/surrond combination.

Included Accessories: • incl .2 GB SD-Card - (maximum size: 16 GB) • incl. Power Supply • incl. USB Cable • incl. 2 alcaline Batteries • incl. engl. Manual

179€ *

95 €

included accessories: • 2x high quality clop microphones (Lavalier/clip with wind shield) • 2x AA batteries for 5 hours of recording or 6 hours of playback • 1x USB cable • 1x earphones

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

169€ *

79 € 293

w!! N Neew

w!! N Neew

Tascam DR07 MKII


The ultra compact DR-05 offers high-quality stereo recording in MP3 or WAV format with up to 96-kHz/24-bit, using microSD or microSDHC media. The A/B-oriented omni-directional pair of microphones handles up to 125 dB SPL but also has the sensitivity to capture every detail. External microphones or line-level sources can be connected through the mini-jack stereo input which includes plug-in power for microphones that need it. The DR-05 is quick and easy to use with one thumb. Operations like recording, adjusting levels, deleting bad takes and adding marks are only a button press away. Internally, the DR-05’s digital and analogue circuit boards are built separately to increase noise performance, with a low-impedance design to further decrease hiss. A separate supply voltage is used for the A/D and D/A converter for even better audio performance. The result is clean sound quality with high signal-to-noise ratio, very little distortion and wide frequency response. Two AA batteries can power the recorder for more than 17 hours, even while recording at CD quality. Operation by USB bus power or an optional AC adapter is also possible. REC0008638-000

The brand new DR-07 MKII is a portable PCM/MP3 recorder in pocket format. Thanks to the simple operation, compact size and high quality microphones with adjustable angle, this device allows you to make high quality recordings wherever you are. Features: • EQ for sound editing during recording • display of ID3-information (up to version 2.4) • built in speaker • headphone/line output • built in reverb • chromatic tuner • cutting function • function for administration of files and folders • key lock • easy to read, backlit display • USB 2.0 connection for file transfer to a computer • power supply via 2 Alkaline batteries or NiMH-accumulators (size AA), USB or optional Tascam PS-P515U supply unit • stand adapter (1/4“, 6,35mm) on the bottom • dimensions: 68 x 158 x 26 mm REC0008637-000

179€ *

159 € Tascam CD-Trainer Series

Tascam GB-10

The GB-10 is a trainer/recorder for guitar and bass. Like the well-known Tascam CD and MP3 trainers and recorders, this model can slow down and loop MP3 or WAV audio files without changing their pitch to help musicians learn new songs and licks. A 2-GB SD card is included with the unit, and the new tabletop design makes it the perfect tool for music students, hobbyists or professionals to perfect their skills. REC0008169-000

w!! N Neew 169€ *

149 €

The family of Tascams portable cd trainers has a new member, the CD-GT2. Just like the popular, classic CD-GT1, you can slow down the playback while keeping the same pitch. Singer, musicians and teachers have the option to directly learn from their favorite artists and even figure out fast or rhythmically challenging parts and solos.

CD-GT2 Guitar Trainer REC0005635-000


w!! N Neew

198€ *

CD-BT-2 Bass Trainer REC0005637-000

149€ *

179 € each 129 €

Tascam PT-7

Tascam GTR-R1 Guitar/Bass-Trainer

A unique combination of tuner, metronome and recorder - the Tascam PT-7. REC0007179-000

129€ *

The Tascam GT-R1 is the ideal recording and practicing solution for the guitarist and the bassist. The handy unit combines the merits of a Tascam MP-GT1 Guitar Trainer with the recording possibilities of Tascam’s successful handheld recorder DR-1—so now users can not only practice to existing music, but can unleash their creativity and record their own pieces or make overdubs with pre-recorded tracks. REC0006273-000

119 €

Tascam DR-100

Handheld-Recorder. The rugged TASCAM DR-100 offers high-end recording features to musicians and engineers who demand more from their portable recorder. It features four built-in microphones, two cardioid and two omnidirectional, with analog limiting and filtering for great-sounding recordings. A pair of XLR microphone inputs with phantom power welcomes pro-grade condenser microphones, and line in and out connectors are also provided. REC0006688-000

499€ *

119 €

CD-VT2 Voice Trainer

Tascam LR-10

The LR-10 is a trainer/recorder for strings, wind players, keyboardists, vocalists or any other musician and the ideal tool to practise and transcribe your favorite music, record lessons or capture new song ideas. The LR-10 features CDquality recording with overdub to build up an arrangement. A 2-GB SD card is included with the unit, and the new tabletop design makes it the perfect tool for music students, hobbyists or professionals to perfect their skills. REC0008168-000

139€ *

329€ *

266 €

Tascam BB-800

Portable SD-card recorder. With the Tascam BB-800 you can record and play back wherever you are. Extremely easy to use with knobs and buttons for almost every function. REC0007173-000

449€ *

385 €

375 €

Tascam BB-1000 CD REC0006696-000

699€ * Tascam DR-2d

The DR-2d is a compact linear PCM recorder that captures hours of high-resolution audio material to SD memory media. A built-in stereo condenser microphone allows the user to record from almost anywhere in uncompressed WAV or compact MP3 file format at up to 96 kHz/24bit. Users may also use their own set of microphones using the mic input with switchable plug-in power, and a line input is available for other sources. REC0007481-000




569 €

Tascam DR-08

The DR-08 packs serious audio quality into a handheld dynamo that fits in your pocket. It captures audiophile-quality 96 kHz / 24-bit WAV files – or web-friendly MP3 files – to robust MicroSD media. The built-in microphones have a unique mechanism to tailor the width and angle of the pattern for the perfect recording. There‘s even a built-in kickstand for placing the recorder right where you want it. A pair of AAA batteries allows you to record for hours to the included 2 GB card, then transfer the recording to your computer using high-speed USB 2.0. REC0007476-000

288 €

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

249€ *

182 €



WAVE/MP3 Recorder The compact R-05 is easy to use, affordable, and packed with bigticket features that raise the bar in its price class. Experience crystal-clear 24/96 capture, enhanced recording and editing features, and extended battery life (over 16 hours per charge). On stage, in rehearsal, at school, on the street, in the boardroom - whenever inspiration strikes, let the R-05 capture the moment with convenience and quality. REC0007656-000

Track Recorder Capture and preserve all of your inspired moments with the SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder. Completely selfcontained, the SOS allows an unlimited number of overdubs, delivers generous effects, provides dozens of rhythms and even a handy chromatic tuner. REC0007499-000


225 €


297€ *

R-09 HR


335€ *

Portable Linear PCM Recorder The PCM-M10 is a portable digital field recorder with 96 kHz/24-bit capable and electret condenser stereo microphones, 4 GB of internal flash memory and a microSD/Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) slot for expanded memory. Key features of the PCM-M10 recorder include a built-in speaker, cross-memory recording, digital pitch and key control, digital limiter, low-cut filter, track mark functions, a 5-second pre-recording buffer and A-B repeat capability. The recorder includes a USB high-speed port for simple uploading and downloading of native .WAV or .MP3 format recorded files to and from Windows® PC or Macintosh® computers. The M10 offers durable construction and long battery life using conventional AA alkaline batteries. REC0007317-000

Rekord M

WAVE/MP3 Recorder It has an integrated stereo microphone that allows you to record anything directly virtually anywhere. It also has a stereo line input with adjustable input gain, allowing you to record your mix directly from the output of a mixer for example. You can even connect an external dynamic microphone to the microphone input. Rekord M also features a headphone output that can be used as line output and even a built-in speaker for direct monitoring of your recordings. REC0008014-000

179€ *

99 €


Fieldrecorder The portable digital recorder M3 allows easy adjustment, comfortable monitoring and playback, records line and microphone signals as well as MP3 files with 128, 256 and 320 kbps and WAV files. You can either record on the included SD card or connect a USB memory unit; direct file transfer with a computer via USB. REC0007515-000


299359€ €*


Pocketrak C24

Pocketrak W24

24Bit/96kHz recording • 2 GB internal memory expandable with micro SD cards • recording: WAV (24Bit/16Bit) / MP3 (up to 320 kbps) • attachable clip • omnidirectional stereo microphone • tuner and metronome • peak limiter • combined line/microphone input (3,5 mm) • headphone output (3,5 mm) • weight 57g (incl. battery) • internal speaker • battery operation: 26 hours (MP3) • incl. Alkaline AAA battery • incl. clip • incl. Cubase AI5 DVD-ROM • incl. manual. REC0007467-000

201€ *

• 24bit/96kHz recording capability • 2 GB internal memory (External memory: microSD/ microSDHC) • records: WAV (24bit/16bit) / MP3 (up to 320 kbps) • Wireless Remote Control included • Extremely sensitive, top quality X-Y mic • BuiltinTuner and Metronome • Peak Limiter • combined Line/Mic input (1/8“) • 1/8“ headphone output • pocket size, weighs only 92 grams • Onboard Speaker • battery life: 56 hours (MP3) • incl. USB cable • incl. AA battery, windscreen, remote control, Cubase AI5 DVD-ROM and mic stand adaptor. REC0007466-000

169 €

320€ *


Point, record, play, and burn — the new CD-2i makes recording and CD production more convenient than ever. Everything is self-contained, with no computer or external gear required. And it’s super simple to use! The clear LCD screen, backlit buttons, and Easy Guide feature make using the CD-2i effortless. REC0007652-000

739€ *


The Marantz PMD620 is a high performance handheld digital recorder that records to SD flashcard media in either PCM (.WAV) or MP3 audio formats. The light weight compact form (just 62 x 102 x 25mm), ergonomic design and ease of operation recommend the PMD620 to a wide range of users, including journalists, reporters, programme makers, podcasters, musicians and sound recordists everywhere. Features include an inbuilt stereo condenser microphone array for a point and shoot recording and an intuitive control surface for single handed operation, with thumb operated transport wheel and tactile, red illuminating, record button. A high contrast, low power draw organic LED (OLED) screen provides vivid display of menus which guide the user through the optimum set up and operation for their application. REC0005721-000

329€ *

299 €

619 €


317 €

WAVE/MP3 Recorder The R-09HR is Roland’s highly innovative personal recorder that you can use in a host of situations. For musicians who want to experience precise audio reproduction of live music and rehearsals, the R-09HR is ideal. For songwriters, whenever that moment of inspiration strikes, it ensures you can instantly capture your idea. REC0006008-000

269 €

PMD 661

Based on the innovative design of our hugely popular PMD660, the rugged and robust Marantz PMD661 incorporates a wide range of technical advances and convenience features that help it excel in virtually any application. Big enough to accommodate dual XLR microphones and light enough for handheld use, the PMD661 offers exceptional recording quality in literally any location. • Digital recording at 44.1/48/96 kHz sample rate at 16 or 24-bit quantization • Uses stable, reliable SD or SDHC memory cards • WAV (Broadcast WAV File) or MP3 recording format REC0006223-000

589€ *

548 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



PCM Recorder The latest addition to Olympus’ award-winning LS Series, it combines pocket-sized design and creative flexibility with audio performance of the very highest calibre. Essentially a mobile mini sound studio, the LS-5 records 24bit / 96kHz PCM audio files that can be edited directly on the device – all at the touch of a button. The built-in memory can be expanded to 32GB (using the SDHC-compatible SD card slot) and the batteries stay going for up to 23 hours. With its ergonomic design, sensitive microphone and Auto Recording feature, this powerful recorder makes it easy to capture crucial detail when you’ve got your hands full. The LS-5 comes supplied with Olympus Sonority Audio Management Software. • portable digitaler recorder • 24 Bit/96 kHz & • PCM-recording • internal Microphones • Records in WAV, WMA and MP3 • large, backlit display (1,8 „) • 2 GB internal memory • SD/SDHC-Cards • internal stereomonitors • Housing out of metal • USB 2.0 • Optional Remote • Dimension: 48 x 131,5 x 22,4 mm (LxHxT) • Weight: 165 g (incl. Battery) REC0007843-000

Olympus LS-11

PCM Recorder A Compact, Lightweight Powerhouse of Audio Recording. Drawing on 40 years of experience, Olympus has put a feature-packed audio studio in one 5-ounce PCM recorder. The LS-11, with two high-sensitivity microphones and 8GB of internal memory, is the star of the show when it comes to capturing and playing back crystal clear audio, whether for personal enjoyment, hobbies, or even important business functions. Features: • 24 bit/96 kHz Linear PCM Recording • Multiple recording formats • Responsive Pickup, Precision Design • 8 GB of internal memory, 23 hours of battery life • An extra 32 GB of memory is available with an SD or SDHC card. • Move files easily between internal and external memory. • At just over five ounces,easy-to-operate interface • aesthetically pleasing design • Two built-in 16mm round dynamic stereo speakers • Recording preferences can be fine-tuned with a Level function • Create Index marks during recording or playback in PCM mode REC0007131-000

349€ *

280 €

A-513 AC

AC-Adapter REC0005983-000


45 €


69 €

Directional microphone, including windscreen, including bag. REC0007200-000

185 € 249 €*

Directional microphone REC0006614-000

139 €

accessoires For Olympus LS-11

ME30 W

Silicone Case black

Conference Kit REC0006543-000


Silicone Case white

299 €



14 €

Zoom H-2 Handy Recorder Bundle

Zoom H1/ Samson PH60 Bundle

Incl. Beyerdynamic SX 10 white The new Handy-Recorded has incredible fetures that seemed impossible in this price range! • 3-capsule alignment for multiple recording techniques incl. MSstereophony • switchable capsulewidth for 90° or 120° recording • cardioid or omni directional characteristics for front and rear switchable • recording in 96/48/44,1 kHz WAV and MP3 up to 320 kbps • built in USB interface for USB microphone. REC031 *

Audio recording incl. headphone. The Zoom H1 records in stereo wave format (up to 24Bit/96kHz) and saves the recording on microSD/SDHC cards. • 10 hour recording capacity • incl. 2 GB card REC0008695-000

118€ *



165 €

99 € 50x


w!! N Neew

all!! D Deea

Zoom Q3 HD

Zoom brought unrivaled HD audio to your movies with the Q3 Handy Video Recorder. Now, with the Q3HD, there’s only one handheld camcorder that does it all in 1080p! REC0008276-000

99 € 237 €*

296€ * REC0007331-000


Zoom H-4 N

249 €


Zoom Q3

The Q3 uses the same microphone capsules as our industry-leading H4n Handy Recorder and is perfect for recording anything where great audio and video are a must. From live musical performances and rehearsals, interviews, conferences to video podcasts, journalism, education, recitals, weddings or sports, the Q3‘s pristine audio quality takes your videos to another level.


PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

The built-in tuner allows for quickly checking the pitch of a vocalist or tuning an instrument. The selectable metronome sound can serve as a guide rhythm during recording and is also great for practicing. The H4n even has a built-in reference speaker to let you check recordings without earphones. It is also handy to preview playback when selecting recorded files. The H4n is now a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device, meaning that files can be transferred to a computer at the highest rate available. Then use recording software for editing, create your own original CDs, post your recordings on your myspace page or send out your recordings by e-mail... the possibilities are endless. REC0006758-000

416€ *

329 €

w!! N Neew

499 €

8-track digital portastudio With its built-in stereo microhpones and effective mastering-tools the DP-03 is even more powerful, practical and compact as the predecessor DP-02. It can record two channels at a time and offers 8 channel playback with pan, volume, eq and reverb.The input can be switched between microphone with +48V, instrument or line-in. The finished production can be polished with mastering-tools like multiband-compression, 2-band eqor normalization and directly burned to CD or transfered to your computer via USB 2.0. REC0008481-000


Tascam DP-008

* Digital Portastudio TASCAM‘s DP-008 is an eight-track recorder that captures CD-quality audio. Features: • portable, compact multi track recorder • easy to use, intuitive user interface • 44.1kHz/16-bit recording resolution • Records to SD or SDHC Card media, up to 32GB supported • 2-track simultaneous recording • uilt-in stereo electret condenser microphones • simultaneous playback of 8 tracks • Level, Pan and 2-band EQ controls per channel • Locator functions • playback repeat • Undo/Redo function • 2GB SD Card, USB cable, AA batteries included REC0007286-000

Tascam DP-004

TASCAM´s DP-004 is based on 30 years of easy to use cassette Portastudios, updated with four tracks of CD-quality digital recording. Simultaneously record two microphones at once, layer and mix tracks. A built-in stereo condenser microphone makes it even easier to record anywhere you go. REC0006452-000

235€ *

Boss Micro BR

189€ *

199 €

4-track playback Digital Recorder Meet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and recording studio. Only slightly larger than an iPod, the tiny-yet-powerful MICRO BR is a dream for musicians on the go. The MICRO BR offers four simultaneous playback tracks (plus 32 V-Tracks), MP3 compatibility, onboard multi-effects, built-in rhythm patterns, a tuner, USB, an SD Card slot, and more. No guitar case or gig bag should be without one! REC0004830-000

777 € 899 €*

Tascam 2488 Neo Recorder Bundle

475€ *

Incl. Fame CM-2 and Cable! Music Store Highlight! Featuring 8 mic inputs, this recorder is up to the challenge of recording and mixing a full band. Create a fully mastered CD with excellent mastering effects; reverb, amp simulation, compression and EQ processing. TASCAM utilizes an easy-to-use interface, powerful preamps and all the effects needed to light up the charts. The 2488 Neo is the ultimate 24-track production machine. Fame has designed this valuable studio condenser microphone to offer you an absolutely attractive advanced level mike for an entry level price! This microphone will fulfill the demands of beginners as well as of any ambitious home recordist. REC149

429 € Boss BR-800

BOSS continues its top-selling tradition of portable, affordable multi-trackers with the new BR-800, a battery-powered studio to go. The sleek new design is made possible by touch-sensor switches and SD-card recording media. Up to four tracks can be recorded simultaneously with eight tracks of simultaneous playback plus an additional stereo track dedicated to the built-in rhythm generator. The BR-800’s powerful onboard effects processor includes GT-10/10B effects, VE-20 vocal effects and harmonies, and COSM®-based acoustic-guitar body modeling. EZ Recording feature interactively guides through the recording process. A stereo microphone is also built into the BR-800 for instant „Song Sketch“ recording. No matter where you roam, you’ll never miss a moment of musical inspiration with the BR-800. REC0007655-000

989€ *

799 €

Boss BR-1200 CD

166 €

The Boss BR-1200CD Digital Recording Studio may be the most comprehensive hard disk recorder you can get, but it‘s also easy to use. 2-track simultaneous record and 12-track simultaneous playback with 192 virtual tracks, plus professional I/O makes the BR-1200CD a versatile recording partner. It‘s packed with great COSM effects and amp models derived from BOSS‘s GT-6/6B multi-effects processors, plus a great-sounding bass and drum rhythm programmer for instant backing tracks. Just press the Audio CD Write/Play button to jump to the CD Burning menu and finalize your project. Pro touches include an icon-based user interface, XLR inputs with phantom power, and an USB port for audio export/import in WAV format. PAH0003315-000

Zoom R8 Recorder 8-Track

With the R8, Zoom introduces a low priced 8-track recorder. The R8 comes with 2 microphone inputs, 2 line outputs a headphone output, a pedal input and 2 built in condenser microphones (for a real A/B studio recording). Via USB you can overwrite the samples on the up to 32GB capacity memory cards to use the device as a true sampler. REC0008567-000

w!! N Neew

355€ *

329 €

Zoom R24

Recorder, Interface, Controller Sampler The successor of the popular Zoom R16 has even more great features. As you can assume from the name, the R24 allows the simultaneous recording of 8 tracks with up to 24-track playback. REC0008079-000

569€ * Zoom R16


(not pictured)

469€ *

485 € 349 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! Background Photo ©



549€ * Tascam DP-03



2390€ *

JoeCo BBR1-U


Black Box Recorder The BLACKBOX RECORDER is a novel concept in live recording technology - a multi-track for the 21st century. it is no longer necessary to dismantle your home studio or recording studio to take a complete Digital Audio Workstation into a live venue to capture your live performance. The BLACKBOX RECORDER plugs into any standard live mixing console via the normal insert points and not only allows for the capture of the performance but also will record the sound check to help set the foldback mixes and allow the performers to hear the live mix for themselves. In difficult acoustic spaces it also lets the sound engineer achieve the best balance without exhausting the band with endless rehearsals before the gig. REC0007624-000

JoeCo BBR1-B REC0008208-000

JoeCo BBR1-A REC0008209-000

JoeCo BBR1-D REC0008206-000

2590€ * 3190€ * 3690€ *

2549€ 3149€ 3649€

w!! N Neew

575€ 379 € 469 €

Tascam CD-200iB

655€ *

Tascam CD-200

455€ *

iPod Dock / line Input (o. iPod) The CD-200iB has has all of the CD-200i’s features plus balanced XLR outputs for professional installations. REC0008568-000 REC0007094-000

Tascam CD-200i REC0007095-000

iPod Dock / line Input iPod Dock / line Input

469€ *


5490€ *

Tascam HS-P82

8/2 Field Recorder TASCAM‘s HS-P82 offers 8-track recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit to a pair of Compact Flash cards. You can record to both cards simultaneously for extra security. It comes in an all-aluminum chassis and is rugged yet lightweight. It is easy to read and operate using a pivoting TFT Color Touch Panel interface. REC0007180-000

Alesis HD24

1800€ *


24-track hard disk recorder HD24 is the world‘s first 24-track hard disk recorder designed to fit into any ADAT environment and match ADAT‘s legendary performance and affordability. HD24 is built exclusively for the purpose of recording music instead of data, resulting in remarkable stability and performance. HD24 enables engineers to record up to 24 tracks of high-resolution 24-bit recording at 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates. Two

Denon DN-A300M

429€ *

399 €

Denon DN-C620

629€ *

599 €

579€ *

529 €

Stereo Preamp Denon® Professional is introducing the DN-A300M Professional Integrated Amplifier. Based on feedback from leading industry contractors and system integrators, the DN-A300M is a 3U high, 2 x 100 Watt (8 ohm) integrated amplifier/Background Music (BGM) paging system. REC0006159-000

Denon DN-F400

599€ *

549 €

Solid State Audio Player The DN-F400 builds upon the professional quality and innovation that has long made Denon Professional the undisputed leader in innovative audio design. Delivering powerful performance in a compact, single RU half-space package, the DN-F400 is designed to deliver dependability in critical applications where audio runs continuously or must be triggered at a moment’s notice, including background music, music-on-hold, continuous or repetitive messaging or emergency announcements. REC0007219-000

Denon DN-F650R

799€ *

779 €

Solid State Flashcard Recorder The DN-F650R was developed for demanding playback and recording tasks in AV-installation, audio productions, live sound, theater and broadcasting and is a professional and contemporary replacement for PC based recording systems, CDR, DAT, MD or tape recorders. Balanced, analogue XLR inputs and digital in- and outputs in AES/EBU format are provided. Furthermore there are unbalanced analogue inputs as well as an S/PDIF interface. REC0008067-000

Denon RC-F400S

The RC-F400S Remote Controller’s intuitive control panel features a large, easy-to-read OLED display, with full navigation and transport control and features like Power-On Auto Play. Audio and Sound FX files can be easily assigned to each of its twenty Hot Start buttons for instantaneous triggering of any sound file, making it an ideal choice for the most demanding live situations, including sporting events, theaters, radio and TV stations. REC0007220-000

349€ * 298

329 €

Broadcast CD Player Built on the success of the award-winning DN-C640, the new DN-C620 from Denon Professional is a full-featured, rack-mounted CD player. With a combination of fl exible fi le formats, comprehensive inputs and outputs, backlit control surface and a large, bright display, this machine gives the familiarity, versatility and reliability that Denon Professional has always included as standard. REC0006644-000

Denon DN-F450R

Professional Blu-ray / DVD/ CD Player The DN-F450R offers a simplified, cost competitive solid state recording and playback capability. Derived from the DN-F650R, the half rack size unit provides for recording and playback to and from SD and SDHC flash memory cards, with USB connectivity to PC for file management and transfer. Balanced analogue inputs on XLR are featured alongside unbalanced I/O. REC0008167-000

Denon DN-F300

409€ *

389 €

Solid State Player The Denon DN-F300 Solid-State Audio Player is a solid-state audio player with an infrared wireless remote control and a microphone input making it perfect for dance and fitness applications, as well as background music applications. Variable Speed and Pitch Control ±16. Master Level control, A-B repeat, random, repeat, repeat all play modes. Microphone input with independent level control and music ducking (automatic music mute for PA announcements). RC-1135 Infrared Remote Control shown right. REC0007218-000

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


Tascam CD 500

CD-player for fixed installations The CD-500 is available in a standard and a pro version. It is a slot-loading CD player with a new transport, featuring brushless motors, a slim housing, and a multitude of features for use in recording studios, theaters and gyms. REC0008516-000 + symm. I/O and AES/EBU REC0008517-000

699€ *

Tascam CD 500 B

829€ *

Tascam SS-R05

CF-Card Recorder Premium solid state recorder with just one height unit for installation. The recorder was developed to replace tape and/or mini disc recorders and uses CompactFlash card to save the recordings in WAV or MP3 format. The difference between the SS-R05 and the bigger models are the missing XLR inputs and the missing remote control. REC0007177-000

Tascam SS-R1

CF-Card Recorder

Incl. symm. I/O REC0005832-000



598 €

495 € 1098 €

579€ *

Tascam SS-CDR1 CF-Card/CD/RW-Recorder Incl. CD-burner REC0005834-000

1219€ *

Tascam CD-RW 900 SL

CD/RW-Recorder The CD-RW900SL is a rugged CD Recorder for high-quality audio recording on CD-R and CD-RW media. Analogue material can be recorded via RCA connectors with two independant input level controls for the left and right channels on the front panel. For digital signals, there are optical as well as coaxial SPDIF inputs and a digital volume control accessable over the menu. REC0005627-000

Tascam CD-RW901 SL REC0005631-000

629 € 739 €

765€ *


1099€ *

699 € 998 €

Tascam DV-RA1000HD

High-Definition Audio/DSD Master Recorder The DV-RA1000HD is an extended version of the DV-RA1000 Master Recorder with an internal hard disk drive and powerful copy functions. It records highdefinition audio at up to 192kHz/24bit to DVD+RW or DVD-RW media or hard disk and is able to create standard audio CDs (16-bit/44.1kHz) on CD-R and CD-RW discs. It also features the DSD format, which is the basis for the audiophile Super Audio CD (SACD), as an available recording format. With the DSD method, audio is being directly recorded as a high-resolution, uncompressed digital signal to reproduce the original analogue waveform in excellent quality. REC0005011-000

2699€ *

2145 €

Tascam HD-R1 Card Recorder

1359€ *

1239 €

19“ 1HE, Solid-State-Audiorecorder The HD-R1 is a two-channel, single rack-mount recording and playback device created with the sound contractor in mind. Utilizing the highly reliable CompactFlash card, the HD-R1 records 44.1/48 kHz, 16/24-bit PCM or MP3 files. File transfer can be accomplished via Ethernet, USB, or a card reader. The ability to control the unit remotely is provided via RS-232, Parallel, and RJ45 100-Mbit Ethernet. REC0005743-000

APart PC-1000 R

261€ *

249 €

Professional CD/MP3/USB/SD player The Apart PC1000R is a professional multisource CD/USB/SD card music player equipped with multiple independent analog outputs (XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced), a coaxial and optical digital output and a RS232 port for use in automated systems. It also includes an integrated drive and internal DA converters. REC0007588-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



w!! N Neew



Tascam MU-1000

Meterbridge for DM-3200 and DM-4800 REC0003804-000


Tascam IF-AD/DM

ADAT I/O Interface ADAT expansion card for Tascam digital mixers. REC0001900-000

239 €

265€ * Tascam IF-AN/DM

Tascam DM-4800

Price without meterbridge (see above)

6545€ *

4595 €

The DM-3200/DM-4800 is the latest member of Tascam’s DM digital mixer series. With 48/64 mixing channels, 16/24 busses and 8/12 auxes it is currently one of the most powerful portable digital consoles at all. At the same time, it offers lots of convenience: The so-called full-channel section, for instance, allows all channel parameters like dynamics, EQ settings, aux levels and panning to be manipulated with dedicated controls. 16/24 motorised channel faders and 16/24 rotary encoders with ring LED indicators additionally give access to virtually any module setting available. Price without Meterbridge. REC0004888-000

Tascam DM-3200

REC0003567-000 Price without meterbridge (see above)

3725€ *

w!! N Neew

Behringer X32

Analogue Interface Analogue card for DM-24, DM3200, DM4800 with 8 I/Os. REC0001901-000

559€ *

299 €


Firewire-IF Firewire expansion card for Tascam digital mixers. REC0004709-000

2695 €

565€ *

349 €

Phonic Summit Expansion Card-Set

all!! D Deea

incl. Expansion-Card SUMMIT is a digital mixer for live and studio applications. Features include extremely high-end audio signal processing, noise-free pre-amps and high-end AD/ DA converters., all in a slim and attractive housing and at a low price! REC303

Price on Request!

1785 €

Digitalmixer 32-Channel, 16-Bus Total-Recall digital mixing console for live and recording applications at an amazing price! Features: • 32 channels • 16 mix buses, configurable as subgroups • Main LCR and all 16 mix buses featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQ‘s and dynamics processing • 16 analog XLR outputs plus 6 additional line in/outputs, 2 phones connectors and a talkback section with integrated or external mic • 48-channel digital snake ready* via AES50 ports featuring KLARK TEKNIK’s SuperMAC networking capability • Built-in expansion port for Firewire/USB/ADAT card • Virtuelles FX Rack mit 8 true-stereo FX Slots • Virtual FX rack featuring 8 true-stereo FX slots for high-end simulations of famous outboard gear such as KLARK TEKNIK DN780, EMT250 etc. • 32-Bit floating-point DSP • nearzero latency between in and outputs • 6 mute groups and 8 DCA groups on 8 dedicated 100 mm motorized faders • Intuitive workflow REC0008523-000

2082€ *


Inkl. PlugIns!

Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2

Yamaha 01V96 VCM

2974€ *

2499 €

The 01V96VCM delivers the performance and reliability of Yamaha‘s acclaimed digital live sound and production consoles in a remarkably compact design that is perfect for home and professional applications where space is limited or maximum portability is required. It may be small but it can handle up to 40 inputs, and can be cascaded if more are required. And now, in addition to the many improvements that were implemented in the 01V96 Version 2, the 01V96VCM comes with a selection of Yamaha‘s unsurpassed VCM effects built in. Of course the entire console - effects included features 24 bit/96 kHz operation for ultimate resolution and sound quality that will satisfy the most demanding applications. REC0006031-000


3695€ *

3333 €

incl. Audiointerface Fully programmable digital mixer with built-in 32x26-FireWire audio interface, 24 mic inputs and 24 Line inputs. Features: • Internal sample frequency 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz • Tape In (2x RCA) • 2x EffectsReturn (stereo) • Analog Inserts • 10 Aux Sends • 2 Effects Sends per channel • 4 sub groups • 3x XLR Out • 18x balanced jack (Main, Aux Sends, subgroups) • Tape Out (2x RCA) • headphone (stereo jack) • S/PDIF (coaxial) • 24 analog, balanced direct outputs (3x D-Sub-25) • high-definition analog-to-digital converters (118 dB dynamic range) • 2 Master-DSP effects (Delay/Reverb) • 31-band graphic equalizers • Access to Fat Channel functions • phase reverse, high-pass filter, compressor, limiter • fully controllable Noise Gate with Key Filter, full parametric 4-Band-EQ, Panpot • 50 „FatChannel“-Presets • 49 user locations • 29 high-end 100-mm-Fader • 32 LED-chains • Total Recall • Talkback-unit with XLR mic input (48 V), • Incl. 32-track Recording-Software („Capture 1.1“) • Incl. DAW-Software „StudioOne Artist“ • cascadable with all FireStudio-Models • JetPLL“-Jitterr reduction REC0007584-000

Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2

Live- and Recording-Digitalmixer with 22x18 FireWire-Audio-Interface REC0005991-000 *

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


2222 €


360€ *

299 €


16-Channel Mixing Console The MultiMix 16 USB FX includes an internal effects processor to quickly and easily add new colors to your mix. Reverb, Delay or Phaser can be dialed up simply by adjusting the pre or post-fader knobs located within each channel strip. The MultiMix 16 USB FX also contains Aux Out and stereo Returns, as well as Insert jacks on channels one through four to allow for audio to be processed by external effects engines. Each channel features multi-band EQs, with channels one through four featuring sweepable, parametric midrange control for perfectly tailoring the sound of microphones. REC0008537-000

Alesis Multimix 4 USB

four-channel mixer with USB REC0006877-000

120€ *

99 €



Alesis Multimix 6 USB

six-channel mixer with USB REC0007471-000

156€ *

129 €

3899 €

Desktop Recording Mixer Boasting a stellar feature set that includes our premium-grade XENYX mic preamps, “oneknob” compressors, British EQs and 24-bit onboard FX, the new BEHRINGER UFX1604 is one of the best-sounding compact mixers you’ve ever heard! The UFX1604 is light-years beyond your average mixer, thanks to its built-in 16 x 4 USB/FireWire Interface and 16-Track USB-Recorder. Imagine being able to record your next live gig directly to a USB stick or even straight to your PC/Mac computer. REC0008530-000

1039€ *

899 €

178€ *

Behringer 1602

119 €

16-channel rackmixer The RX1602 is an incredibly versatile 16-channel line mixer that works perfectly for monitoring multitrack recording projects, submixing multiple keyboards, sub-mixing samplers or mixing a small live set-up (for example, one keyboard and one microphone preamp). Its simple interface and intuitive features make it an invaluable addition to any recording enthusiast’s or live performer’s gear arsenal. If you want to get technical, the RX1602 actually features a total of 24 channels, since the 8 stereo inputs can be used as 16 mono inputs. Any way you add it up, that’s a lot of flexibility in one compact line mixer. REC0002705-000

699€ *

595 €

Phonic Helix Board 18 Universal

Audient ASP 2802

8 Channel analog mixing Desk The mixing desk designer and manufacturer Audient presents the ASP2802, a very intelligent combination of a classic 8-channel analogue desk with an integrated, dedicated DAW-controller. Thanks to Audient‘s innovative Dual Layer technology, the ASP2802 is entirely coupled with a computer system via Ethernet and offers the user convenient switching options between analogue surface - the classic mixing path through the desk - and the DAW surface within the computer session. REC0008111-000

Firewire + USB The mixer features a FireWire interface that can individually stream up to 16 independent channels of audio to the computer and return two tracks for monitoring, all at screaming fast transfer rates of up to 24-bit/96 kHz with a near-zero latency. An onboard 24-bit digital multi-effect processor provides 16 popular programs plus one main parameter control, tap delay and foot switch jacks. There are 8 extremely low noise Mic preamps, each with phantom power, spread across six mono Mic/Line channels with 75 Hz low cut filters, and four stereo Line channels. Each Mic channel has a 3-band EQ (six with swept mid), and two stereo channels have a 4-band EQ. REC0006221-000

Price without meterbridge

Toft Audio Designs ATB32

32-channel Inline-Mixer The ATB32 is super-compact 32-channel Inline-Mixer, packed with every feature of a big studio-console. Highend sound for home- and projectstudios! Features: • 32 Premium Channel Strip Module • 8 Mix Busses with outputs • Direct Outs on every channel • Inline Monitoring for every input channel strip • Additional 8 Monitor Returns in Group Section • Vintage Series 80 EQ for every input channel • 6 Aux Sends every input channel strip • 8 Fully-Dedicated Stero Aux Returns • Super Accurate 12-Stage LED Meter • Optional ADAT/SPDIF digital output • Fully balanced outputs • 51“ (128cm) wide X 22.5“ (57cm) deep X 5“ (12.5cm) high REC0008254-000

Toft Audio Designs ATB08 8-channel Inline-Mixer REC0008251-000

4599€ *

3799 € Price with meterbridge!

Toft Audio Designs ATB16 16-channel Inline-Mixer REC0008252-000

5949€ *

4999 €

7699 €

9350€ *

Toft Audio Designs ATB24

24-channel Inline-Mixer REC0008253-000

7250€ *

6199 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! Background Photo © Manni Schmidt



w!! N Neew

Behringer Xenyx UFX 1604

w!! N Neew


w!! N Neew SM PRO AUDIO MPatch 4M

486€ *

408 €

Passive Monitor Controller The MPatch 4M delivers an ideal all-in-one solution: monitor control with mute, mixing, level-matching, headphone monitoring, stereo- to-mono summing, and talkback. Control room outputs are automatically ducked 20dB when talkback is engaged; use the built-in mic or plug in your own, and control it from the front panel or a remote switch. Master attenuator features a discrete film-resistor network for exceptional accuracy at all volume levels. Designed for desktop or rackmount use. REC0008534-000

SM PRO AUDIO Nano Patch Plus - black

Monitor Level Controller The Nano Patch+ passive monitor controller has been developed especially for musicians and audio enthusiasts wanting to produce, mix and master audio productions without active elements, thereby allowing audio signals to be attenuated transparently and without coloration REC0007319-001

59 € 95 €*

TC Level Pilot

monitor level at your fingertips. Level Pilot is a stylish, high-resolution volume solution that fits into any active speaker setup quickly and easily and with a minimum of clutter and wires. This results in convenient and high-precision control over your levels where you would ideally want it: right at your fingertips. Whether you are a passionate hobbyist recording in your bedroom, a musician with a small home studio setup or working at a pro recording facility, Level Pilot makes sure the volume is always exactly where you need it, when you need it. REC0006538-000


Monitor Controller BMC-2 is a dedicated Digital-to-Analog Converter and high quality ‘hands-on’ Monitor Control that’s an ideal solution for you, whatever your audio production or monitoring set-up – be it digital or analog. REC0006864-000

299 € 378

SM PRO AUDIO Nano Patch Plus - silver

58€ *

49 €


SPL 2 Control Black

Speaker & Headphone Monitoring Controller with Crossfeed-Control for Headphones. REC0008057-000

549€ *

499 €


The SMC surround monitor controller was developed to provide professional sound engineers with an easy way of playing back surround mixes in various formats. REC0002454-000

699€ *

749€ *

644 € 689 €

SPL MTC 2381

Volume control an speaker management of Stereo-Monitoring with comfortable Talkback- and Cue-functions in an ergonomic desktop housing. It offers 6 stereo inputs (4 symmetrical and 2 unsymmetrical) aswell as symmetrical XLR-outputs for 3 loudspeaker pairs. REC0003058-000

99 €

154€ *

Samson C-Control

A unique solution for studios with multiple monitors, headphone mixes and tape or digital sources. Provides easy, heretofore impossible to achieve, instant monitor mixes or dubs. Select from three pairs of speakers with dim and mute. Use the talkback mic to give instructions to the musicians in the headphone mix. Push-to-talk also records slates. Includes a headphone amp with level control. Three sets of stereo ins and outs are included, with dubbing capability to three outputs. REC0002466-000

Mackie Big Knob

279470€ €


Studio Command System The Big Knob is a simple yet powerful desktop audio control center that lets musicians and engineers get right to the business of making music in four major ways: Level Control, Studio Monitor Selection, Input Source Selection and Talkback & Headphone Control. REC0003001-000



Presonus Central Station

649€ *

555 €

Monitor Management System 19“- studio-monitoring interface with various connection options. • 5 stereo inputs (2 digital with 24Bit/192kHz-converters and a dynamic range of 121dB) • 3 separate stereo outputs for varius studio monitors • separate cue-section with line- and adjustable headphone outputs • dual 30-segment LED for metering • talkback microphone with volume to feed headphone and cue output • optional console remote control. REC0003024-000

Presonus Monitor Station

Volume control an speaker management of Stereo-Monitoring with comfortable Talkback- and Cue-functions in an ergonomic desktop housing. The full analogue construction without VCAs, DACs and allows for loss free signal processing. It offers 6 stereo inputs (4 symmetrical and 2 unsymmetrical) aswell as symmetrical XLR-outputs for 3 loudspeaker pairs. REC0005761-000

339€ *

285 €

Audient Centro

1678€ *

1299 €

Monitor Controller Centro is a Master Section designed to give DAW users all of the intuitive control of a large format console. Switching, routing, cue mixing and talkback all happens Centro-lly. ...this is a very nice monitor controller that ticks all the boxes for build and sound quality... Listen to any of 6 digital and 6 analogue stereo sources. Audition multiple analogue sources simultaneously, even throw in a digital source if you like. At the same time, you can route any digital source to the dedicated digital output which means no more replugging or repetitive patching. Control zero-latency monitoring for performers with 2 stereo cue outputs fed from dedicated Rec and Foldback sources, or from the control room selection. You can even offer praise or chastisement with built-in talkback! REC0005218-000

520 € 713 €*

KRK Ergo

ERGO is a digital room analysis/correction system and consists of the ERGO Unit, a microphone and control software. These three pieces are used to measure and analyze phase/frequency problems within a listening environment. Features: • 400MHz Blackfin DSP • RoomPerfect Algorithm Sample Rate - 96KHz • 1024 tap FIR filter for room correction • Audio Spec A/B Speaker Select and Control • S/PDIF In (32KHz-96KHz) • 118dB SNR and Dynamic Range • Mac, WDM, and ASIO Driver support • Measurement Microphone • Simultaneous 4 in, 6 out REC0006017-000

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


With VRM Box, you can mix in your studio, wherever you are! Pocket sized and built to last, VRM Box places Focusrite’s proven and patent-pending VRM – Virtual Reference Monitoring – technology in a robust, palm-sized audio interface. REC0008520-000

w!! 99 € N Neew 111€ *

444€ *

399 € Lehmann Studio Cube Black

The Studio Cube Black is a high-end headphone amplifier, which creates an amazing & professional tool for mixing and mastering in combination with studio headphones. REC0007663-000

Lake People G93

Headphones amplifier with highest transmission quality and compact dimensions to drive 2 headphones. REC0003421-000

Auditor Black Edition

The Auditor is our interpretation of a high-end headphone amplifier. We strictly followed a purist approach to achieve the highest sound quality. REC0008060-000

238€ *

229 €

699 € SPL Phonitor Black

1395 €

SPL Phonitor Silver

Samson S-phone

headphone preamp Headphone preamp for homerecording, in the rehearsal space or for your home cinema. Can be connected to the headphone output of your tape deck/cd player or the mono/stereo output of a mixer, 4 stereo headphone output with separate level controls. Power supply unit included, durable metal housing. REC0003543-000

79€ *

Behringer HA 400

59 €

headphone preamp The Behringer HA400 is an ultra-compact 4-channel headphone preamp and distributes one stereo-source to for headphone outputs. REC0003581-000

36€ *

20 €

Presonus HP 4

headphone preamp The HP4 features four discrete headphone outputs on the front panel each with its own volume potentiometer and 150mW of amplification per channel. REC0004609-000

139€ *

99 €

Samson S.Amp Mini

4-channel headphone preamp A 4-channel headphone amplifier ideal for home recording. 4-channel headphone amplifier • Four 1/4“ stereo headphone outputs • Individual volume control for each headphone output REC0003082-000

70€ *

475€ *

55 €

419 €

200 Watt 1HU Studio Amplifier • Dynamic program power, both channels driven • Bridge-mono operation 8 ohm : 750 W • 2 channel mode 8 ohm : 200 W / ch • 2 channel mode 4 ohm : 350 W / ch • 2 channel mode 2.7 ohm : 450 W / ch • Dynamic capacity at 2 ohm, both channels driven : 600W/ ch. REC0007589-000

ART Head Amp 6 Pro

739€ *

569 €

4-channel Amplifier The ART SLA-4 studio linear power amplifier delivers the clean power you need for any professional audio application . The SLA-4 is a true four-channel amplifier in a single rack-space that can be switched easily from Multi-channel, Stereo and Bridged Mono Modes. REC0006274-000

ART SLA 2 REC0005019-000

379 € 379 €*

279€ *

199 €

The ART Headamp 6 Pro is an 6 Channel Headamp in 19“ with 2 outputs on the front and on the back per channel. Every channel has its own EQ, Pan, stereo Aux and LED. REC0005949-000

165€ * Behringer Powerplay Pro XL HA4700

88 €

The HA4700 is the successor of the of the sucessful headphone amplifier HA4600. The new version is equipped with 4 high performance amps for up to 8 ohms, and has an improved sound aswell as wideranging new routing and mixing function not found in any other headphone amplifier. PAH0002176-000

Behringer Powerplay Pro HA8000

189€ *

115 €

The HA8000 is an 8 channel headphone amplifier system. It has 8 separate stereo amplifiers on 1 unit, aswell as 2 stereo main inputs and per channel 2 stereo outputs plus a separate direct input. It provides a high sound quality with almost every headphone at maximum volume. PAH0002303-000

Presonus HP 60

339€ *

299 €

6 CH headphone amp • Six independent ultra low noise, high output headphone amplifiers (150 mW per channel) • Two sets of stereo inputs (A and B) with balanced TRS connectors • Stereo external input point on each channel for “more me” with trim control • Mix control between inputs A and B • Talkback with external XLR microphone with control • Direct stereo line output on each channel REC0005586-000

Samson Servo 201 A




ART HeadAmp 4

APART Champ 2

213€ *

The S-Phone is a 4- channel headphones amplifier that can operate up to 12 headphones simultaneously. • 4 independant channels • 2-band EQ per channel • master volume controlable • master AuxIn, as well as additional AuxIn per channel • mute switch per channel • stereo/2-ch switch per channel • volume and balance control per channel • one 6,3mm stereo headphonesjack per channel on front panel • per channel 2 additional headphones jacks on back of panel • daisy chain on back of panel, linkage of additional S-Phone possible • 8 segment LED chain for master level, as well as per channel for channel-level. REC0001835-000

261€ *

199 €

200 Watt 1HE Power Amplifier Samson introduces the Servo 201a, a compact power amplifier that provides the reliability and versatility associated with this renowned series. Ideal for powering near field monitors or installation sound, the Servo 201a offers 100 watts per side at 4 ohms in stereo or 200 watts at 8 ohms in bridged mono. REC0006121-000

Alesis RA150

Power Amplifier REC0001593-000

201€ *

169 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



1599€ *

With their innovative product history in mind, there is reason enough to expect some fresh ideas when engineers at SPL engage themselves in a new issue, and the field of headphone amplifiers with the brand new Phonitor as the result of SPLs development engagement makes no exception.REC0008270-000



169 €

249 €

259€ *

FAME 5050 AM

Low price box with a high class sound!!! The Fame 5050AM is the least shoot of the Fame studio-monitor line! Its body is build out of high value, extremely rough and extra aligned for this box MDF. The beautiful look gets the box from its brown side parts out of matt brilliant veneer. Technical identical with it´s brothers 5080AM and 5060 Am, you get this Box with an 5” woofer and a complete new 3⁄4 “ Tweeter. The Fame 5050 AM is amplified with 50W for the woofer and 25W for the Tweeter. REC0006095-000

398€ *

FAME 5080 AM

The flagship of the Fame studio monitor series. 8“ woofer in sandwich cone construction and a 1“ tweeter with titanium diaphragm. Combo input (adjustable from 10 to +4dB) for connection of all sources with XLR or jack cables. The Fame 5080 AM doesn‘t have to hide behind expensive „studio standards“. The sound is very balanced and doesn‘t add any „colour“. Very honest and direct sound. It is plain fun to create music with the 5080. REC0006097-000


FAME 508 Sub

199 € 318€ *

FAME 5060 AM

Active Studiomonitor. Low price box with a high class sound!!! The Fame 5060AM is the least shoot of the Fame studio-monitor line! Its body is build out of high value, extremely rough and extra aligned for this box MDF. The beautiful look gets the box from its brown side parts out of matt brilliant veneer. Technical identical with it´s brothers 5050AM and 5068 Am, you get this Box with an 5” woofer and a complete new designed 1 “ Tweeter. The Fame 5050 AM is amplified with 80W for the woofer and 45W for the Tweeter. REC0006096-000

149 € 239€ *

The compact Fame 508 Subwoofer is the ideal partner for the Fame studio monitor 5000 am series. You can expand the frequency response of the Fame System to 35 Hz, with nearly no distortion and a pounding clear sound. Thanks to the 8” Woofer, the powerful 100w amplifier and the variable crossover network, the system gets a very snappy and close bass with an unbelievable fast response. Surely this subwoofer will get a lot friends who call a little project studio their own, because there is no other subwoofer on the market with so many bass in this price category! Result: Sensational cost/ performance ratio, sensational sound! REC0006179-000

149 € 275 €*

Fame A-400 II

Unbeatable rates! The revised version II has now a LED-display that gives you a steady information of the incoming level. Further the well built A 400 II has no fan and multitude of possibilities to connect. All protective circuits and lots of power let this amp play in the premier league of high end amplification. The use is unlimited even in Studios, Bars or in Hotels. This Amp is first choice and the price is unrivalled convenient. REC0005826-000

FAME P-62 + FAME A-400 II Set

High-end starter pack at a sensational price! It consists of the brand new, excellent sounding P62 combined with the popular A200 II amplifier. These perfectly matched components generate a spatial representation with powerful basses and fine treble. Features: 2 x 100 W, mono bridge, fanless, 6,5” bass woofer, 1” tweeter, clean frequency response up to 100 Hz. REC030

Fame A-200 II


With the new version II, the Fame poweramps offer a 6 digit LED chain for reliable level info. Furthermore, the fan free Fame poweramps convince with their great workmanship and a large number of control options. The enhanced safety and power make these studio poweramps your first selection. REC0005810-000

199 € 436 €*

119 € 225 €*


PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


w!! N Neew

Behringer Behritone C50A

Behringer B 1030A Ultra-linear studio monitor with true active design. • Precision Class A/B amplifiers with active protection circuits: 50 W for LF / 25 W for HF • Ultra-high resolution, ferrofluidcooled 1“ dome tweeter for ultimate sound reproduction • Long-throw 5.25“ woofer with deformation-resistant Kevlar cone for ultimate bass response • Ultimate dispersion characteristics and extremely large „sweet spot“ owing to advanced wave guide technology REC0006983-000

Full-range reference studio monitors let you hear what your mixes will sound like on real-world systems such as car stereos, computers, televisions, iPod stations and other bass-challenged systems. Each 6.5“ cube contains its own dedicated 30-Watt Class-D power amp and a specially designed 5-1/4“ full-range speaker for crystal-clear audio reproduction. Both models accept balanced XLR and 1/4“ TRS, as well as unbalanced RCA connections, and are magnetically shielded so they won’t disrupt your computer video monitors. REC0008525-000

w!! N Neew

155€ *

Pair 237€ 198 € *

99 €

Behringer B 1031A REC0007468-000

Behringer Behritone C5A

Pair 308€

Vintage Variant REC0008526-000

139€ *


89 €

278 €

2-Way Active Ribbon Studio Reference Monitor with Kevlar Woofer Features: • Ultra-linear frequency response with individual frequency diagrams • Built-in 75 and 35-Watt power amplifiers with enormous power reserve • Ultra-high resolution, 2” velocity ribbon transducer for ultimate sound reproduction • Long-throw 6 ¾“ woofer with deformationresistant Kevlar cone and aluminum die-cast chassis for ultimate bass response • Controlled dispersion characteristics and extremely large • „sweet spot“ owing to the unique BEHRINGER wave guide technology. REC0005824-000

Behringer B 2030 A Truth

The TRUTH B2030A has all of the great features of an active TRUTH monitor packed in a compact cabinet! It’s a high-resolution, active 2-way reference studio monitor that is perfect for nearfield monitoring applications: from small mixing environments to multi-channel surround setups. Despite its small size, the TRUTH B2030A can achieve a peak output level in excess of 113 dB SPL. Powered by separate 75- and 35-Watt built-in amplifiers with an active crossover, these monitors provide ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz. REC0002829-000

Pair 356€


Pair 392€

266 €


Pair 474€




298 €

Behringer B 3031A Truth

Behringer B 2031A Truth *


314 €


345 €

The current state of technology in the recording and reproduction of sound is at a very high level today thanks to tireless efforts of a handful of pioneers. This relatively small group of researchers and innovators, all of whom were continually striving for sonic perfection included Horst Klein and Walter Hummel. In 1945 they courageously founded a company that was exclusively dedicated to the perfect reproduction of sound.

K|H O300

Neumann K|H Studioline 120

The new Neumann K/H Series The KH 120 studio monitor is designed for use as a near-field loudspeaker or as a rear loudspeaker in larger multi-channel systems. It has a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide (MMD (TM), flexible acoustical controls, analog class-AB amplifiers, a large headroom analog input and an extensive mounting hardware range. REC0008112-000

Authentic and neutral playback. The O 300 is 3-way studio monitor which draws upon all of Klein + Hummel’s years of experience in monitor design, which has been fine-tuned through extensive computer simulations. It delivers superlative sound absent of colorations, precise bass response, picture-perfect dispersion patterns, and a stunningly real soundstage with remarkable image focus and depth Left Monitor: REC0005209-000 Right Monitor: REC0006266-000


3798 € 3924€ *

studiomonitor also available in silver.


1296 €

1642€ *

Left Monitor: REC0006269-000 Right Monitor: REC0006137-000


3958 € 4044€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! Backround-Photo - © The Black Sheep



Behringer B 3030A Truth



Nearfield Monitor The smallest big sound! ADAM Audio‘s A3X is the smallest monitor of all time to this day. It features an X-ART tweeter. The sound qualities of this technology are muchvalued in recoding studios worlwide. Since several years this is the standard for precise and crystal clear sound. REC0007533-000


Adam Audio AX-Series

The AX models come with excellent converter technology and are located in the lower price range. The A7 and A5 monitors have been entirely refurbished: from drivers and cabinet to amplifiers - all sound relevant features have been reviewed and improved.


Nearfield Monitor The A5X has similar dimensions as his predecessor but has been entirely refurbished. As with all model of the AX-Series, the A5X comes with the X-ART tweeter. A5X‘s excellent technology and sound qualities have been verified through numerous reviews, hence making it the top of its class. REC0007534-000

438 €

480€ *


678 €


Nearfield Monitor A7X‘s predecessor, the A7, has been reviewed more than three dozen times and has won several awards (check out sas well as a huge fan base in a very short time, making it the most popular of all ADAM monitors. Even now, the A7 is still the reference in many small and mid-size recording studios. ADAM‘S A7X is a monitor with similar dimensions and technology but has been improved and reviewed in various areas. REC0007535-000


700€ *

998 €


Nearfield Monitor The new A8X complements the AX-Series by an additional, larger model. It can be used as a nearfield or midfield monitor thanks to its power and dispersion. This is an excellent monitor for getting started in this area because it convinces due to its unique sound and high-end workmanship. REC0007536-000

Pair 1318 €

1400€ *

1060€ *

elty! v o n show e d a r T



1898 €

2200€ *


The latest member of the AX-series. Equipped with two 7" woofers and the proven X-ART tweeter, the A77X allows increased acoustic pressure and is therefore also great as near field monitor. • X-ART tweeter • 2x 7" carbon/rohacell/fiberglass spear • 50w/2x 100w • standby switch and volume control on front • tweeter control on back and two shelve filters • 38Hz - 50kHz • XLR & RCA • 122dB max peak SPL per pair • 5 year warranty REC0002494-000

Sub7 has been designed to complement the A5 and A7 monitors of the A-Series. The Sub7‘s small footprint allows for easy placement in small spaces. The front panel features two motorized controls for input level and crossover frequency settings for dialing in the optimal settings for each environment. These knobs can also be controlled with an included wireless remote control. REC0005962-000

460€ *

365 €

Adam Audio SX Serie




1898 € 2000 2790 € 3000 3998 € 4200 €*


Nearfield Monitor The S1X with a 6“ woofer delivers high quality sound in a very small cabinet. It is the first choice in all environments that require high quality within a small space, whether it is a smaller studio, an OB vehicle, or a 5.1 installation. REC0006833-000




Nearfield Monitor This 2-way Nearfield Monitor with a 7“ Woofer brings together the virtues of the ‘classical’ 7” woofer and tweeter combination by using ADAM innovative technologies and top-class materials. REC0006834-000



Midfield Monitor The S3X-V 3-way Midfield Monitor with a 9“ woofer features the highly developed 4” midrange HexaCone and 9” HexaCone woofer. Combined together with the X-ART tweeter it creates the unique S3X-V control monitor. REC0006835-000

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

525 € 590



The Sub8 is a small yet powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any nearfield monitoring system. It houses a robust 8“ woofer with a large 50 mm voice coil, and is driven by a 160 W ICE Power amp. REC0004371-000


ARTist 3

Digital input: USB The similar dimensions and name could make one believe that the ARTist 5 is nothing more than a revamped version of the multiple awards winning A5. Comparing the sound of the A5 to the ARTist 5 however leaves no doubt that the ARTist 5 is much more than that. Just like all other models of the ARTist-Series it features the proprietary X-ART tweeter. The very data of this technology shows that it is at the forefront of what tweeters can accomplish. Numerous listening tests have confirmed this. black: REC0008548-000 white: REC0008555-000 *

Digital input: USB With the ARTist 3, ADAM Audio present their smallest monitor to date, making it perfectly suited for all environments where space is limited but sound shouldn’t be constricted. The ARTist 3 combines minimal dimensions with the much acclaimed ADAM sound quality, by using the X-ART tweeter for the higher frequencies. A guarantee for crystal clear music reproduction. black: REC0008547-000 white: REC0008554-000

700€ *



598 €


798 €

ARTist Sub

Our subwoofers are dedicated to ADAM Audio’s primary goal: the best possible authenticity in the reproduction of music. For our subwoofers, this means combining power and precision while simultaneously avoiding “impressive” bass volume at the cost of accuracy. Their task is it to complement the highly acclaimed lucidity and transparency of the ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies. black: REC0008560-000 * white: REC0008558-000

ARTist 6

The visual elegant floorstanding ARTist 6 with its black glossy or white glossy finish is a feast for the eyes in every living room. Whether as a stereo system or as part of a 5.1 setup, the ARTist 6 is a symbolization of a clear and high-defined sound within your own four walls. The new XART tweeter is driven by a specifically designed A/B amplifier and makes even the most subtle details of the high range frequencies audible The low range shows impressive power accompanied by outstanding accuracy.

1400€ *

Pair 1198 €


Active 8“ Studiomonitor The LSR2328P Bi-Amplified Two-Way Model is based on an 8“ (203 mm) long excursion woofer and a 1“ (25 mm) soft dome tweeter. It includes balanced XLR, balanced 1/4“ TRS, and RCA unbalanced input connectors to allow connection of professional mixing consoles, computer audio interfaces, audio visual equipment, and consumer audio systems. A detented level control allows fine adjustment of individual speaker levels to balance each speaker in the system. REC0006729-000





399 €

ARTist 6H

Also great for multi-channel applications and surround sound. For example, a 5.1 system consisting of 2 ARTist 6 as front and 2 ARTist 3 as rear speakers - an elegant and great sounding system that only needs a center and a subwoofer. black: REC0008550-000 white: REC0008557-000 *



1110 €

JBL LSR 2325

Active 5“ Studiomonitor Low Frequency and High Frequency Trim controls let you tailor the speaker’s response to preference or room acoustics. A neoprene rubber pad on the bottom of the speaker provides acoustic isolation and increases stability when the speaker is placed on a speaker stand or a console top. Mounting points are included and the enclosure has been reinforced for safe mounting using industry-standard mounting hardware. REC0006759-000


518 € 546 €*


10“ Subwoofer In a surround sound system the sub provides stunning reproduction of the LFE (low frequency effects) channel. The LSR2310SP is packed with professional features including two sets of balanced XLR, 1/4“ and unbalanced RCA input connectors, selectable crossover settings and two sets of balanced outputs to allow connection of Left and Right main speakers. A detented level control allows independent adjustment of the subwoofer output to balance the subwoofer in the system. REC0006730-000

524€ *

459 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Features: Mid-Woofer: 2 x 120 mm (4.5“) Tweeter: 56 mm (2“) X-ART Amp. power RMS music: 35 W / 50 W Analog input: XLR / RCA / 3,5 mm jack Digital input: USB Height x Width x Depth: 865 mm (34“) x 135 mm (5.5“) x 185 mm (7.5“) Warranty: 5 years black: REC0008549-000 white: REC0008556-000




Pair 298 €

Pair 318 €

398€ *

398€ *

Woofer: 8“ glass aramid composite woofer. Tweeter: 1“ Neodymium soft dome tweeter. Input: XLR (3-pin), RCA & 1/4“ TRS - 10k Ohms, balanced / unbalanced. Amplification: active, 140 Watts bi-amp, 24 dB octave filters. Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz. Video shielding. black: REC0006205-000 white: REC0007352-000


Pair Pair 598 € 666 € 712€ *

Active Studiomonitor The domed tweeter (comprised of true silk for fast transient response) and the new woofer design (with its stiffer, lighter cone that provides low distortion and extended low-end) both have vented formers to remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression - enabling these monitors to maintain their sonic signature. black: REC0005406-000 white: REC0006868-000

794€ *


Active Studiomonitor The domed tweeter (comprised of true silk for fast transient response) and the new woofer design (with its stiffer, lighter cone that provides low distortion and extended low-end) both have vented formers to remove heat and reduce the effects of power compression - enabling these monitors to maintain their sonic signature.



438 €

530€ *

All of the great stuff that Rokit’s have been known for (front-firing bass port, soft-domed tweeter, glass aramid composite yellow cone) are still there, but the G2 Rokit’s feature refined voicing and a new curved baffle that looks great, reduces diffraction and provides even better monitoring accuracy. Studio Monitor Series from KRK Systems. For years the Rokit series has been a popular choice for accurate monitoring in studios large and small. black: REC0006206-000 red: REC0007665-000 yellow : REC0006870-000 white: REC0006869-000 gey: REC0008165-000

• Woofer: 6“ woven kevlar • Tweeter: 1“ silk dome Ferrite • Input: XLR-1/4“ TRS combo • 10k Ohms balanced • Amplification: HF: 30 Watt + LF: 60 Watt • 3.15A 100VAC 50Hz • 3.15A 110-120VAC 50/60Hz • 1.6A 220-240VAC 50/60Hz • Frequency response: 49Hz - 22kHz +/-1.5dB • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 36.8cm x 26.3cm x 24.6cm • Weight: 12,25 kg. REC0005407-000


798 € 1070€ *



• Woofer: 8“ glass aramid composite woofer. • Tweeter: 1“ Neodymium soft dome tweeter. • Input: XLR (3-pin), RCA & 1/4“ TRS - 10k Ohms, balanced / unbalanced. • Amplification: active, 140 Watts bi-amp, 24 dB octave filters. • Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz. Video shielding. • Dimenasions: 38,1cm x 26,5cm x 33,0cm (HxWxD). Weight: 15 kg REC0006207-000




Active Studiomonitor Woofer: 8“ Woven Kevlar, Tweeter: 1“ Silk Dome Ferrite • Woofer: 8“ woven kevlar • Tweeter: 1“ silk dome Ferrite • Input: XLR-1/4“ TRS combo • 10k Ohms balanced • Amplification: HF: 60 Watt + LF: 120 Watt • 4.0A 100VAC 50Hz • 4.0A 110-120VAC 50/60Hz • 2.0A 220-240VAC 50/60Hz • Frequency response: 37Hz - 22kHz +/-1.5dB • Dimensions: (HxWxD) 43.8cm x 31.8cm x 30.0cm • Weight: 18,6 kg REC0005408-000



988 € 1426€ *

Active Subwoofer KRK’s KRK10s powered subwoofer is the perfect compliment to KRK Rokit, VXT, or any other 4”-8” studio monitor. The KRK10s is designed to extend the low-frequency performance of an existing monitor system so that the lowfrequency portion of the mix can be properly engineered. The KRK10s also feature a great looking cabinet that echoes the curved edges of the Rokit and VXT monitors. The front-firing bass port and KRK’s trademark yellow glass-aramid composite woofer ensure accurate and powerful low-end punch. REC0006345-000

529€ *

395 €

Event Opal

Active Studiomonitor After two years of development, monitor manufacturers Event have taken a giant leap towards their goal of creating a cost-effective, mid-sized, two-way speaker capable of delivering the same dynamics and mid-range clarity as the best three-way systems, by launching the Opal. Features: • active Hi-End-two way-Nearfield monitor • high compressed aluminium box • Class-B-amp • 750 W, THD <0,005 % • 8”-woofer • 1”-Beryllium/Neodym-tweeiter • Bassreflex-Ports with asymmetrischem profile • 30 Hz – 20 kHz • Inputs XLR/Jack REC0006315-000


PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


2690 € 2990€ *


Yamaha HS 80M

Yamaha HS 50M

Nearfield Monitor If you‘re looking to choose for a reference-monitor for mixing and production, precision and accuracy are prime issues. Loudspeaker that soand „good“ at first are not neccessarily precise. What you really need is an honest reference and an objective soand impression of our mix, instead of a monitor whose soand is coloured and that gives you a completely different impression of your mix. REC0004058-000

Nearfield Monitor If you‘re looking to choose for a reference-monitor for mixing and production, precision and accuracy are prime issues. Loudspeaker that soand „good“ at first are not neccessarily precise. What you really need is an honest reference and an objective soand impression of our mix, instead of a monitor whose soand is coloured and that gives you a completely different impression of your mix. The new HS series reference monitors have been developed by Yamaha‘s studio monitor specialist team to produce linear and unaltered playback that you can depend on. The HS series has therefore been developed in the tradition of the legendary NS10M REC0004057-000

518 €

Yamaha MSP 3

616€ *

Active Studiomonitor The MSP3 Powered Monitor Speaker is a 2-way powered monitor speaker system that delivers quality audio and excellent cost performance. Designed for use in personal music production systems, each unit features a built-in 20-watt amplifier that drives both the 10cm (4") cone and 2.2cm (7/8") tweeter. REC0001845-000



390 €

Yamaha MSP 5


Yamaha MSP 7

Yamaha HS 10

464€ *

• Frequency Response 30 Hz -180 Hz (-10 dB) • 8" Bass horn (150 Watt) • symmetrical XLR and unsymmetrical Cinch Inputs • symmetrical XLR Outputs • (1x Extra Sub, 2x L&R) REC0004060-000

612€ *

Pair 1090 €

589€ *


1298€ *

368€ *

Active Subwoofer Activ subwoofer for expanding the frequency range of studio monitors.

514 €


310 €

495 €

Avantone Active MixCube

Powered Full-Range Mini Reference Monitor The Avantone ACTIVE MIXCUBES (Pair) are designed to be high resolution, full-range powered mini-reference monitors for fixed or remote locations. The secondary engineering facet was to create a timeless design that compliments a single full range transducer. Studios primarily use 2-way and 3-way large monitors designed to represent a wide range reference viewpoint at higher listening levels. However, in the newly developing age of High Definition Audio, there is still a need to hear what your mix will sound like when played back over small “bass-challenged” systems such as televisions, clock radios, computers, car stereos, ipod docking stations, etc. It is important to make mixing judgments based partially on listening to reference monitors that will not impart tonal anomalies caused by crossovers or inferior full range drivers. Particular attention is always paid to the critical mid-range vocal/guitar/keyboard areas. This is where having a full-range monitor without a crossover is truly revealing. REC0006347-000

Avantone MixCube Studiomonitor passive REC0005618-000


656€ *


328€ *

Samson Resolv A5

Active Studiomonitor Precise engineering and stylish elegance. With a complete redesign of our Resolv reference monitors, Samson has combined precise engineering and the highest-quality components with an elegant new cabinet design, providing extremely accurate monitoring for recording studio, post-production and other multimedia applications. REC0005917-000

Pair 237€

199 € 249 € 299 €


Pair 296€ Pair 356€

The Samson Rubicon Active Ribbon Studio Monitors feature 2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducers that compliment a 2-way active system capable of reproducing playback in its most natural form. Ribbon technology gives you clean accurate and precise listening, which is why these monitors sound so natural and lifelike, just like a studio monitor should. REC0003680-000





299 €

415€ *

349 €

Samson Rubicon R8A REC0004382-000


Samson Resolv Sub 120A

Active Subwoofer A powerful 120 watt low frequency amplifier drives a heavy-duty 10“ transducer, reproducing tones between 40–180 Hz. The unit has a builtin active crossover, a phase switch, an auto sleep mode and a convenient mute switch jack allowing the user to easily switch on and off the subwoofer on the fly. REC0002292-000

237€ *

356€ *

Samson Rubicon R6A


Samson Resolv A8 REC0005919-000

Samson Rubicon R5A


Samson Resolv A6

499 € 249 €

179 €

475€ *

399 €

Samson Rubicon R10s

Active Subwoofer incl. Remote the Rubicon R10s is a powerful 150 watt active subwoofer featuring a 10“ low frequency driver with a Butyl surround, providing extended range and tight low frequency response.In order to maximize the sound of your monitor system, the R10s has a built-in active crossover, with variable crossover frequency, for connecting to your satellite speakers. REC0004384-000

475€ *

349 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!





w!! N Neew

Mackie HR 824 MKII Mackie MR 5 mk2 Studiomonitor active

The MR 5 mk2 studio monitors are completely re-designed to meet the demands of the modern project studio. The neodymium magnet-driven silk dome tweeter is both smooth and accurate, the hyperbolic curved cone woofer, inverted dust cap and long voice coil winding work in tandem to deliver smooth, consistent output with controlled low frequency performance. The dual precision Class A/B amplifiers have been re-voiced to specifically match their new driver components, ensuring that your sound is minimally impacted by distortion, artifacts or changes in frequency respons. REC0008495-000




Mackie MR 8 mk2 REC0008496-000




Tannoy Reveal 501A

The original Tannoy Reveal Active near field monitor hasbecome an iconic fixture in recording studios across the world since itsarrival in the mid-nineties, widely recognised as the product that defined thecategory and has been the active monitor of choice for thousands of amateur and professional recording, creative composition and postproduction facilitiesworldwide. Building upon this world-class reputation, the all new Tannoy RevealActive series represents the latest evolution of Tannoy’s high resolution activereference monitor technology. REC0007671-000


298 €

The BM 5A monitors have become something of a legend in monitoring circles, thanks largely to their accuracy, clarity, and that they can deliver a punch well above their weight. Now Dynaudio have taken the original design and made it even better. The result: BM5A MKII nearfield precision monitors with ultra-accurate handcrafted driver technology. REC0007670-000


€* Dynaudio BM 5A Compact REC0004165-000



1098 €

Mackie HR 624 MKII REC0005451-000


898 €

Tannoy Reveal 601A

The original Tannoy Reveal Active near field monitor has become an iconic fixture in recording studios across the world since its arrival in the mid-nineties, widely recognised as the product that defined the category and has been the active monitor of choice for thousands of amateur and professional recording, creative composition and postproduction facilities worldwide. Building upon this world-class reputation, the all new Tannoy Reveal Active series represents the latest evolution of Tannoy’s high resolution active reference monitor technology. REC0007672-000

498 €


Tannoy Reveal 601P REC0007673-000


258 €

Dynaudio BM 6A MKII

Dynaudio BM 5A MKII


The HRmk2s surpass the legendary performance of our classic HRs to deliver even better sound quality, in a stunning new package. The precisely engineered contours of the cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle™ minimize diffraction for a crystal clear image of your mix, and control sound waves so you get detailed lows, full, articulate mids, and shimmering highs—whether you’re on axis or off. Working in concert with the baffle’s contours, the unique passive radiator design delivers astonishing bass extension that’s super-tight and always distortion-free. REC0005450-000


Active 2 Way Monitor This two-way active analog nearfield monitor with a 6.9“ woofer and a 1.1“ soft dome tweeter delivers distinctive Dynaudio clarity and accuracy, exposing every audible detail for the critical and demanding engineer. Onboard LF/MF/HF placement filters, as well as subwoofer highpass filters allow the monitor to easily adapt to any environment. REC0005292-000


1490 €

Dynaudio BM 6A REC0001361-000



1498€ *

1898 € 1900


Dynaudio BM 15A

Dynaudio BM 12A

The BM 12 A is a two-way active analog monitor with an 8" woofer and 1.1" soft dome tweeter featuring proprietary Dynaudio Acoustics neodymium driver technology. This model includes switchable EQ contour filters for optimizing speaker placement, as well as high-pass filters for use with subwoofers, like Dynaudio Acoustics BM14S. REC0005293-000


1990 € 1998€ *

Studio monitor active, left The BM15A is a revolutionary nearfield monitor offering exceptionally high performance. Its full range extended bass response makes it the perfect nearfield monitor, particularly for commercial studios, project studios and post production facilities. Features: • 2-way active nearfield monitor • Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB) 30 Hz - 21 kHz • max SPL 1m, pair (IEC Long Term) 124 dB RMS • max SPL 2m, 5.1 (IEC Long Term) 125,5 dB RMS • input level for 85 dBSPL @ 1m (+4/-10) -18 dBu RMS / -34 dBu RMS • input level for max. peak SPL (+4/-10) +16 dBu peak / -1 dBu peak • power consumption idle: 40 W / Max: 300 W • amplifier power tweeter: 100 W / woofer: 200 W • cabinet volume 27,5 liter • bass principle: bass reflex • weight: 18,6 kg • dimensions: (WxHxL) 290 x 454 x 388 mm REC0006265-000

Dynaudio BM 15A Studio monitor active, right REC0001360-000

Pair 310

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

2650€ *

2498 €

w!! N Neew

Genelec 8020 BMM

Genelec 6010 AMM

w!! N Neew


Aktive Studiomonito The Genelec 6010A is a very compact active loudspeaker optimized for close proximility listening applications. It´s small size, amazing sound quality and rugged construction make it an ideal sound system for the traveling professional user and a constant source oflistening enjoyment. black: REC0008573-000

Compact Studiomonitor If you need transmission quality and there is lack of space the genelec 8020 is the first choice for nearfield-monitoring, project/home-studios, workstations, installation a.s.o. black: REC0008574-000

Genelec 6010 APM

Genelec 8020 BPM



anthracite: REC0007213-000

anthracite: REC0005994-000

Genelec 6010 AWM


white: REC0005996-000

460 €




Genelec 8020 BWM


white: REC0007214-000


498€ *



Genelec 8030 APM

Frequency 55Hz (-3dB), 108dB SPL (peak per pair with music material at 1m distance), 5“ woofer with high level of effectivity (40W), 3/4“ metal dome tweeter with DCW (40W),bass-reflex housing made of aluminium, active frequency separation filter and effective safety circuits, magnetic shielding,various mounting possibilities. REC0003216-000

1038 €

1158€ *

Genelec 8030 AWM white: REC0004084-000


1098 € 1210


Genelec 8260A DSP

The new Genelec 8260A 3-way DSP system is a masterpiece in electro-acoustic design which features major advances in audio driver technology integrated to a sophisticated enclosure design. This breakthrough in coaxial driver design provides more accurate imaging and improved sound quality both on the acoustical axis as well as off-axis.


1690 € 1820

Genelec 8040 BPM


2750 € 2990

Price upon request!



Lower boundary frequency 45Hz (-3dB), 115dB SPL (peak) per pair with music material at 1m distance,bass-reflex housing made of aluminium, switchable EQ for adaptation to room acoustics , active frequency separation filter and effective safety circuits, recessed connections, magnetic shielding. APM: REC0003217-000 anthracite AWS: REC0004416-000 white

Features: • aluminim enclosure with optimal acoustic characteristic • Ultralinear coaxial mid/high driver • accurate imaging • DSP filter • system calibration for stereo and surround setups • analog and digital inputs (AES/EBU 32-195 kHz) • frequency response 29 Hz - 21 kHz (±1dB) • 120 dB SPL (peak) per pair with music metarial @ 1m • 19 mm coaxial tweeter • 120 mm Konus mid driver • 255 mm woofer • amplifier power: 150 + 120 + 120 Watts • dimensions: 593 x 358 x 344 mm (HxWxD) • weight: 27,5 kg REC0007506-000

Genelec 8050 BPM

Lower boundary frequency 35Hz (-3dB), 120dB SPL (peak) per pair with music material at 1m distance, 8“ woofer (150W), 1“ metal dome tweeter with DCW (120W),bass-reflex housing made of aluminium, switchable EQ for adaptation to room acoustics, active frequency separation filter and effective safety circuits, magnetic shielding, recessed connections. REC0003218-000 anthracite

Genelec 7050 BPM

The 7050B extends the LF response down to 25 Hz with amazing bass articulation. REC0003885-000

936€ *

487€ *

830 €

Genelec 7060 BPM

Subwoofer 120 watts, perfect for surround systems with 1029A/8030A and stereo systems with 1030A/8040A. REC0004909-000 (not pictured)

1829€ *

449 €

1599 €

Genelec 5040

Active Subwoofer The Genelec 5040A active Subwoofer is designed to complement up to five 6010A´s with accurate and dynamic bass response reaching down to 35 Hz. The subwoofer conveniently features a remote volume control allowing adjustment of the entire sound system as well as vesatile acoustic controls for perfect room integration. APM: REC0005997-000 - anthracite ASM: REC0005998-000 - slver AWS: REC0005999-000 - white

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! Backround-Photo © Perzonal War





Foul compromise with small PC speakers are finally a thing of the past. At an extremely low price. ESI offers a magnetically screened, active near field monitor especially for Audio-/Multimedia-Workstations, small Projectstudios and cutters.

The nEAR 05 are equipped with an active diplexer and 2 independent amps for Bass and Treble with a total of 70 watts power. Symmetical Audioinputs and a volume control are located on the back. For additional Bass, a 120 watts Subwoofer (SW-8s) is available. PCM0002735-000


Pair 299€ 222 € *

The new Samson Mediaone Series


79 € 94 €*

Samson Mediaone 3a

3“ Active Monitor black The Samson MEDIA ONE 5A (PAIR) Active 20W Multimedia Monitor with 5-inch Woofer and 25mm Tweeter. Perfect for project studios, video production suites or for enhancing gaming and music experiences at a computer workstation. REC0005931-000

Pair 99 € 118€ *

Samson Mediaone 4a

4“ Active Monitor black • Precision-tuned, rear-vented enclosure • 4-inch copolymer woofer • 25mm silk dome high frequency driver • 2 x 20 watts of Class A/B internal power • Front panel level control, headphones and stereo input jack • Convenient RCA inputs • Attractively finished in black satin vinyl covering • AV shielded for multimedia applications • Passive crossovers utilizing a multi-pole design for linear response • 2 meter, 20-gauge speaker cable included REC0005932-000

Samson Mediaone 5a


129 €

Features: • Precision-tuned, rear-vented enclosure • 5-inch copolymer woofer • 25mm silk dome high frequency driver • 2 x 20 watts of Class A/B internal power • Front panel level control, headphones and stereo input jack • Convenient RCA inputs • Attractively finished in black satin vinyl covering • AV shielded for multimedia applications • Passive crossovers utilizing a multi-pole design for linear response from bottom to top • 2 meter, 20-gauge speaker cable included REC0005933-000

Samson StudioDock 4i 4“Active USB Monitors und IPod Dock Record, mix, sync and go! StudioDock™ is a total solution for listening to your music. With its on-board iPod® dock and USB interface, StudioDock lets you record, mix, sync and take your music with you. And because you use USB to send your music digitally, you get extremely high quality audio from one convenient, incredible sounding set of desktop monitors. REC0006026-000

Pair 154€


169 €

iPod not included

Samson StudioDock 3i with USB Port and IPod Dock • integrated iPod® dock to sync, charge and play music • SB input to stream digital audio from your computer • 3.25-inch magnetically shielded, inverted cone, copolymer woofer • 25mm silk dome high frequency driver • Bass reflex vented cabinet design • 30 watts (2 x 15) of internal power • front panel 3.5mm stereo aux input jack, headphone output jack and volume control • RCA inputs • passive crossovers utilizing multi-pole design for linear response • USB and speaker cables included • solid Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) construction for maximum SPL REC0006025-000

all!! D Deea

Pair 154€ 129 € *

iPod not included


Pair 154€

5“ Active Monitor black The Samson MEDIA ONE 5A (PAIR) Active 20W Multimedia Monitor with 5-inch Woofer and 25mm Tweeter. Perfect for project studios, video production suites or for enhancing gaming and music experiences at a computer workstation.

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


Setprice 129 € 298€ *


black PCM0007715-000 white Prodipe Pod3 is a professional sound system available at an amazing price! The speaker system provides several connectivity options for your computer, laptops, DVD player, SAT-receiver, Hi-Fi system, keyboard, etc. The intergrated docking station offers excellent sound quality of your MP3 player. You can control your iPod via the remote control and you can use the Prodipe Pod3 system as a charging station for your MP3 player.


Features: • iPod universal dock incl. playback adapter • remote conrtol and charging of iPod • Speaker: 3“ Woofer and 1“ Tweeter magnetically shielded • Input Impedance: 10K Ohms unbalanced • Power: 30 W Bi-amp Dynamic Power • 2 RCA inputs • Aux-input • Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 22 kHz • Power Requirements: 230V/50Hz • Dimensions: 204mm (H) x 138mm (W) x 154mm (D) • Weight: 4,8 kg (pair) • Color: white • USB-port for synchronization and charging of MP3 player PCM0007245-000

PRODIPE Pro5 Ribbon

PRODIPE Pro8 Ribbon

black An affordable and powerful allround monitor for studio and multimedia applications. Despite its compact dimensions its 75 watts of power provide powerful and transparent sound!

black A bi-amplified amplifier with 140 Watts per speaker. All inputs are available as RCA, XLR and jack. The frequency response transmits up to 45Hz.


350 € 370



424 €

450€ *

Behringer MS 20

Pair 45 €

59€ *

Behringer MS-16

Active Monitor The BEHRINGER MS16 is a compact 2-way stereo speaker system for home studio or multimedia applications and instrument or vocal monitoring. Two high-power amplifiers drive the 4’’ woofers and the high-resolution tweeters. The front-mounted volume control and individual bass and treble controls make accurate sound adjustments a breeze. Two stereo line inputs (RCA and 1/8’’ TRS) allow simultaneous use of two stereo sources, so you can play back CDs, MDs or MP3s and use an electric guitar/keyboard at the same time. In addition, the 1⁄4’’ TRS microphone input lets you mix vocals with a stereo track. Magnetic shielding and compact size make these speakers perfect for placement near video monitors or computer displays. REC0003013-000

Alesis M1 Active 320 USB

The FP10 (formerly FirePod) is a complete 24-bit/96k recording system combining eight high-quality PreSonus XMAX microphone preamplifiers, 24-bit/96k sample rate conversion and as an added bonus, the PreSonus Pro Pak Software Suite featuring Steinberg's Cubase LE 4 48-track recording software, over 25 real-time plug-in effects and over 2 GB of drum loops and samples for music production. Features: • High-Speed FireWire (IEEE 1394) Audio Interface • Up to 96K Sampling Rate • 8 XMAX Class A Microphone Preamplifiers (+60dB gain) w/ Trim Control • 8 Analog Mic/Line Inputs, 2 Instrument Inputs • 8 Analog Line Outputs • S/PDIF Digital Input and Output, MIDI Input and Output • Balanced Send / Return for Channels 1 and 2 • Zero Latency Monitoring • Separate Main and Cue Mix Outputs • Daisy-chain multiple FP10's for additional inputs/outputs • FREE ProPak Software Suite including Cubase 4 LE • •Audio Production Software Included PCM00007515-000

Pair 149€ 119 € *

active 2-way Studiomonitor, ideal for Computer-Studios, Audio-/MultimediaWorkstations and Keyboard-Monitoring. • integrated 2x10Watts amp with an enormous power reserve. • powerful woofer and high resolving tweeter providing a ultra-linear frequency. • ultra-high-resolving 24 BIT/192kHz D/A Converter providing high dynamik. • optical and coaxial inputs accepts almost every digital audio format. • 2 analog inputs with 3,5mm stereo-jack and... respectively phono-leads can be used at the same time or can be mixed with any digital sound-source. • individual volume control for both inputs and EQ-control for Bass and Highs REC0003965-000

73 €


Behringer MS 40

121€ *

111 €



146€ *

Alesis M1 Active 520 USB

Uncolored audio reproduction and USB studio interface. M1Active 520 USB is a studio monitoring system designed for professional studio use with an internal digital-audio interface. M1Active 520 USB is a pair of active, bi-amplified, two-way reference monitors that play from 20,000 Hz all the way down to 56 Hz to cover nearly all frequencies audible to human ears. You can take digital signal out of your computer via USB and input it to M1Active 520 USB thanks to their digital input. Priced attractively for any studio's budget, M1Active 520 USB perform with linearity, clarity, and neutrality typically reserved for monitors that cost much more. REC0006873-000

Pair 309€ 259 € *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Features: • 8-inch Speaker • 140 Watt • 1 XLR Input • 1 TRS Input • 1 RCA Input • IEC Mains Connector • VOLUME Control • HF LEVEL Control • Blue LED Power Indicator • Dimensions (H x W x D): 381 x 265 x 316 mm • Weight (per unit): 13 kg PCM0008797-000

Features: • 5" active ribbon monitors • 75 watt dynamic bi-amplified 75 • Weight (per unit): 10 kg PCM0008796-000


Fame W-200

Studio Workstation dimensions: height lower rest (adjustable in 3 steps): 69, 73, 77 cm width: 175 cm depth: 61 cm height upper rest: 100 cm width: 196 cm depth: 38 cm height extractable shelf (three steps, depending on upper rest): 60, 64, 68 cm width: 77 cm depth: 36 cm REC0005758-000

318€ *

199 €

Fame W-212 Rack

This rack is also great for integration into the ZLine (e.g. end table for the workstation tables), dimensions: height: 76 cm, width: 68 cm, depth: 60 cm. REC0005759-000

366€ *

Fame W-201

127€ *

229 €

79 €

Fame W-150

Studio-Workstation zu einem Hammerpreis! Die neue Generation der Studio-Workstations bietet ideale Lösungen für das Home- und Projektstudio. So besticht die Fame W-Line durch ihre Ergonomie und bietet ein einmaliges Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis! Beachten Sie bitte auch die Bundle-Angebote mit dem W-212 Studio Rack.

Studio Workstation With the W-150 Fame brings a Workstation in a functional design with many thoughtful features, to make the producers daily work easier. The advantageous shape of the Z cast aluminum frame allowed Fame to build a top-plate for the studio monitors next to the large main panel and an additional pull-out plate for the keyboard. REC0006711-000

Maße: • Höhe untere Auflage (drei Stufen einstellbar): 69, 73, 77 cm • Breite: 175 cm • Tiefe: 61 cm • Höhe obere Auflage: 100 cm • Breite: 130 cm • Tiefe: 38 cm • Höhe ausziehbare Ablage (drei Stufen, abhängig von oberer Auflage): 60, 64, 68 cm • Breite: 77 cm • Tiefe: 36 cm • Höhe der Lautsprecherablagen: 90 - 119 cm • Breite:37 cm • Tiefe: 30 cm. REC0005757-000

206€ *

129 €

Fame W-228

Fame DF 25


Extremely robust 19“ trolley with wheels. Features: • 12 units • 9 units beneath • 4 Wheels • extremely rough. REC0001790-000


39 € Fame DF 084

Fame DB029 XL Mit gr. Auflageplatte REC0006701-000



25 €

75€ *


mixer stand Strong mixer stand made of steel, black anodized, Z - form, very flexible. The height is from 590 - 900mm and the width is adjustable from 600 - 1000mm. The maximum load is 70kg and is therefore suitable for most applications. REC0004068-000

Also available: 14 HU (W-214) : REC0006712-000

Fame DB 036

Fame DB029

speaker stand Steel loudspeaker stand, black anodized, suited for small active and passive near-field monitors up to 12kg, implementation for TV-, broadcast- project- and sound studios. Adjustable height 4001000mm, the support plate measures 152x100mm and the tripod has a diameter of 390mm REC0004067-000

28 HU Studiorack The 28” W-228 was build, as its smaller brother, the W-214, by Studiorack furniture specialist Fame in a lean, elegant, but also functionally design. The excellent processing, and the robust build, with an upper cross allows the rack to carry up to 120 Kg. The W-228 is also, like its small brother, easy to build, and by the excellent access to all sides of the rack or the hardware, these devices are installed and connected in minutes. REC0006713-000 *

Fame DB039

speaker stand Heavy loudspeaker made of steel, black anodized, suited for active and passive monitors up to 23kg, implementation for TV-, broadcast, project and sound studio. Adjustable height 600-1300mm, the support plate measures 230x230mm and the tripod has a diameter of 450mm. REC0004066-000

64€ *

33 €

speaker stand The new rough DB-036 Nearfiels Monitorstands guarantee a very stable halt for your Nearfield Monitors. The resilience of the stands is 57 kg and the circulation Area is about 28x28cm. The black anodized columns can be filled for a better halt with sand and the height of the stands is 92 cm. REC0006448-000 Also available in height of 106cm. (DB 042): REC0006449-000

93€ *

35 € 39 €

Custom cases! We build cases in any size and equipment according to your wishes! Phone: +49 221 - 925 791 860 eMail:


PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

49 € 39 €

Fame DB 100

speaker stand Solid speaker stand made from black anodized steel. Made for smaller active and passive near-field monitors up to 12 kg. Great for TV, broadcasting and project studios. The height is adjustable from 410 via 760 to 1110 mm in 3 steps with threaded rods. The support plate is relatively small with 125 x 100 mm. The base has an edge length of 390 mm. Accessories like screws for various thread sizes included. REC0007344-000

75€ *

49 €

All MS Racks are available in a straight or 7° angled version: 4



from 79 €




from 79 €




from 83 €




from 85 €




from 89 €




from 95 €




from 105 €

17+6 HU


from 159 €




from 379 €

MAXXstation LE

The Maxxstation LE comes with a workspace from 2x1m, this means enough space for controllers, screens, mixers etc. . The Table is made of 18mm birch or book and a 5cm thick tapbletop out of the same wood. Visual and haptical you get a high quality desk at an affordable price with a 10 unit Rack. Optional there is a table structure rack with 6 HE. REC0007394-000

from 369 € from 499 €


Workstation incl. ball bearing keyboard pull out, angled 10H rack, partly assembled, width: 150 cm, depth: 90 cm. 18mm multiplex, table top and shelf 30mm, table rack 6HU angled, aluminum rails including set of screws. REC0003584-000

from 679 € BIGGstation

2x1m Gallery/Stainless Steel/Pullout This ergonomic workstation is the perfect solution for music or video producers. Its 2x1m work space provides enough room for controllers, monitors, mixers and more. It has been designed from 18mm multiplex panels and is shipped for free within Germany right to your doorstep! The tabletop‘s edges have been reinforced, making it sturdier and more elegant looking.The 2 subracks provide space for 10HU. The table top stands on stainless steel tubes and can be used for monitors. REC0002646-000


Our successful workstation - adjusted to the needs of modern, computer based homerecording working environments. incl. keyboard pull out, lacquered, partly assembled size: width: 148 cm, depth 93,5 cm. 18mm multiplex, table top and shelf 30mm, table rack 6HU angled, rack 10HU, movable plate for PCkeyboard, aluminum rails including set of screws. Width: 148 cm, depth: 93,5 cm Birch lacquered REC0003122-000

MEY Sit-Stand AF5 H PU5

Solid sit-stand for live- and studio applications. • seat in polyurethane foam PU black • height adjustment by gas damper: 670 mm 900 mm • seat width: 325 mm Ø 90 mm • base of round tube • powder coated • with gliders • weight: 7,5 kg • colour: black • 5 years manufacturer‘s warranty • german safety seal REC0008411-000

237€ *

199 €

from 659 €


• padded seat and back • artificial leather (KL) black • seat: depth 470 x width 480 mm, • back: height 410 x width 425 mm • oscillating back, height and tilt adjustable • height adjustable via gas spring • chrom-plated steel feet • adjustable from 670-920 mm • included footrimFR5 REC0008609-000

399€ *

339 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!




German craftsmanship!! Workstation incl. ball bearing keyboard pull out and 2 angled 10H racks, partly assembled, size: width 200cm, depth 100cm. 18mm multiplex, aluminum rails including set of screws. REC0003587-000


MS Acoustics burling foam

Anthracite burling foam in 1x1m pieces

Piece price

37€ * Anthracite 20

0nly 20 € from

Fame ISO Pad Flat

29 €

MS Acoustics SpeakerPad Set

This speaker pad set consists of 2 pieces of very dense polymer foam mounts, which are excellent for effective at decoupling most studio monitors. Dimensions are 200 x 50 x 330mm per piece.


Anthracite 40 40mm REC0004099-000 Piece price

7,90 € 13,90 €

Anthracite 65 65mm REC0004098-000

Monitor Speaker Isolator Pad This absorber pad provides a solid base for your speakers on every surface and prevents recoil movements and disturbing resonance coupling between the speaker and the surface it stands on. Thanks to the much high stability of the speaker, the sound is much more exact and clear.

4,90 €

20mm REC0004100-000

Anthracite 100

19,90 €

100mm REC0004097-000



Absorber PYRAMID



99 €


Recoil Stabilizer The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique speaker mounting device that at once eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand, while providing a stable base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion. Made from three basic components, the Recoil Stabilizer is essentially a platform for the loudspeaker that features a high-density urethane base that isolates the speaker from the shelf, monitor-bridge or stand. This effectively decouples the loudspeaker to eliminate vibration-borne resonance to the substructure. A heavy laser-cut steel plate is added and sandwiched between the isolation layer and a no-slip neoprene top. The steel plate introduces significant mass to the structure and serves to stabilize the speaker.

33 €

49€ *

Auralex MoPads Speakerpad-Set


38 €

Auralex Mo Pads / 4 piece Once you‘ve bought the best gear and acoustically treated your room with Auralex acoustics, what‘s left? How about improving the accuracy of your monitors with a set of the Auralex MoPADs! If you rely on your studio monitors for accuracy, the Auralex MoPADs from Auralex are for you! REC0004624-000

Due to it‘s pyramidtype structure the surface of each plate is enlarged: resulting in high grade absorption values in the mid and high frequency range. REC0001969-000

Absorber B1, light gray B1


45 €


Illbruck wafers are conform to the high standards of german DIN standardisations. Due to this they are also hardly flammable. REC0001882-000


The modular series from MS Acoustics gives you the possibility to master acoustic problems at an unbeatable price. The modules are perfectly suited for recording and control rooms.


REC0004373-000 REC0004374-000

REC0004324-000 REC0004326-000




Absorber-Set Small

(anthracite) Consisting of 2x acoustic foam modules for high and mid frequencies dimensions per module 600mm x 600mm x 70mm. REC0004373-000

Absorber-Set Standard

(anthracite) Consisting of 2x acoustic foam modules for high, mid and low frequencies dimensions per module 600mm x 600mm x 120mm. REC0004326-000

Absorber-Set Big

(anthracite) Consisting of 8x acoustic foam modules for high frequencies dimensions per module 300mm x 300mm x 40mm. REC0004325-000

Music Store Acoustics Sets

Will solve your acoustic problems easy and cheap! • reduces „waves“ • absorbs „echos“ • absorbs reflections • fire retardant. Foam plastic data: room weight (DIN EN ISO 845) kg/m3 25+3/-2 compression density 40% (DIN 53577) kPa 3,5 +- 0,35 tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 1798) kPa >110 breaking elongation (DIN EN ISO 1798) % >130 compression set (DIN EN ISO 1856) % <7 burning behaviour MVSS 302 (DIN 75200) max. 100mm/min.

19 € 33 €

55€ *

55 €

89€ *

consists of: 4x corner module (300x300x600mm each module) 4x cube module (300x300x300mm each module) 4x standard module (600x600x70mm each module) 32x small module (300x300x40mm each module) REC206

199 €


(anthracite) Consisting of 2x acoustic foam corner modules for low frequencies dimensions per module 300mm x 300mm x 600m REC0004324-000

Absorber Room Kit/Small

RRP: 394 € 316

Absorber-Set Qube

31€ *

Absorber-Set Corner

(anthracite) Consisting of 2x acoustic foam corner modules for low frequencies, the edges increase amount of absorption. dimensions per module 300mm x 300mm x 600mm. REC0004323-000

Absorber-Set CornerRole

(anthracite) Consisting of 2x acoustic foam Quader-Modulen for low frequencies ideal for finishing corners for CornerRole- or Corner-Sets dimensions per module 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. REC0004374-000

Absorber Room Kit/Standard

19 €

31€ *

29 €

49€ *

49 €

81€ *

Absorber Room Kit/Big

consists of: 4x corner module (300x300x600mm each module) 8x standard module (600x600 x70mm each module) 16x small module (300x300x40mm each module) 4x big module (600x600x120mm each module) REC207

299 €

RRP: 558 €


PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

consists of: 8x corner role module (300x300x600mm each module) 8x cube module (300x300x300mm each module) 32x small module (300x300x40mm each module) 8x standard module (600x 600x70mm each module) 8x big module (600x600x120mm each module) REC205

599 €

RRP: 986 €*


Vovox Link Direct e.g. XLR/XLR, 3.5m REC0003995-000


Mogami Microphon Cable REC0007221-000

44 €


Vovox Link Protect A e.g. jack/jack, 1m REC0005383-000


Mogami Line Cable




Vovox Sonorus Protect e.g. jack/jack, 1m REC0006776-000

from from




55 €


31 €

Mogami Multicore Analog REC0007255-000

Vovox Link Protect S e.g. XLR/XLR, 1 Meter REC0004678-000

28 €

Mogami Instrument Cable

Vovox Sonorus Direct e.g. XLR/XLR, 1m REC0007605-000

27 €




Studio Multicore Pro 8

Analogue Signal Loom for multi-channel cabling - transfers 8 balanced audio signals. - D-Sub 25 male on both ends equipped with Neutrik plugs REC0003750-000



139 €

High end AES-EBU cable for single AES connections. 2-wire conductor with double screen and solid rubber/-plastic cladding. 110 ohms impedance and 43pF/m capacity guarantee a safe signal. With Neutrik connectors. e.g. MTM 1.0 FM3-Metal AES-cable REC0001789-000


15 €

BNC -75 Wordclockcable

High end wordclock cable with 6mm diameter, one wire (0,6mm) with flexible cord and complex copper screen. 75 ohms wave resistor and 67 p/f capacity. The cladding is made from green PV. The cable also works great when permanently installed and over long distances. Professional BNC plugs with great values. e.g. MTB 0,5 BNC-75 Wordclock cable REC0001684-000

14,90€ *

33 €

8-pair AES/EBU specific multicore with highend Perivox digital loom, capable of 192kHz. 25-pin D-Sub male with full metal cap and 44mm chrome Randall screws, 2x inch/2x metrical 2,5mm, highend MTI Tour-Line plugs, XLRmale/ XLRfemale. AES layout in Yamaha/Mackie format. e.g. CD8 AES110 1.5 FM3-Metal Core REC0002665-000

129€ *

from 99 €

optic cable

AES cable

27€ *



8-pair AES/EBU specific multicore with highend Perivox digital loom, capable of 192kHz. 25-pin D-Sub male with full metal cap and 44mm chrome Randall screws, 2x inch/2x metrical 2,5mm, highend MTI Tour-Line plugs, 4x XLRmale/4x XLRfemale with black Neutrik 3-pin gold contact plug. AES layout in Yamaha/Mackie format. e.g. CD8 AES110 1.5 FMX3-Gold Core REC0003320-000


45€ *

39 €



Analogue loom Music Store studio multicore with 8 plastic -cladded balanced wires (2-wire screened), MTI Tour-Line plug, black, spliss on both sides 0,3m. e.g. 1,5m / XLR female > XLR male REC0003607-000



Fibre optic cable with highend polymeric monomode fibre for S/PDIF and Adat connections and Toslink/Toslink plug system. Constant light fibre with exact cut on the ends, therefore very light sensitive, exact transmission over long distances. REC0001450-000

7,90€ *


4,50 €

SPDIF –coax- cable

High end wordclock cable with 6mm diameter, one wire (0,6mm) with flexible cord and complex copper screen. The cladding is made from green PVC and the cable also works great when permanently installed and over long distances. Professional BNC plugs with great values. e.g. MTD 0,5 CCSG2 Coax-digicable REC0001774-000

13€ *



* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! Backround-Photo ©



Studio Multicore Eco



The PS100 provides 48V phantom power for condenser microphones when a microphone preamp, mixer or audio interface does not provide phantom power. It´s an ideal addition to any studio environment that employs a collection of various, non-standard audio equipment. REC0006960-000

Acoustically Optimized Absorber The ultimate tool to optimize your recording. If you‘re on the road a lot or don‘t possess a recording room you‘ll be impressed with this little helper. It‘ s easily assembled and protects from reflections, so only the pure sound is recorded. An amazing helper, even for professionals! REC0006944-000



39€ *

69 €


external 1 channel 48 Volts phantom power supply. Robust metal enclosure, no sound colouring REC0002728-000

Fame Mic Reflexion Filter

Sound Isolator The Fame Mic Reflection Filter is an extremely convenient and fast applicable alternative for acoustical optimizing of speech-, vocal- and instrumental recording. No other sound isolator on the market is nearly easy to install like the Mic Reflection Filter. Only put the two locking screws in the right high of the Mic Stand, open the Reflection Filter and install the Mic directly in front of it. Now the Filter cares for a perfect recording without any reflections. REC0006460-000

147€ *

Our new Absorberset. The brand new reflection Screen Pro is the all-purpose weapon to optimize your Recordings. Now with the ultra-strong Fame RS stand in a SET. This set is suitable for anyone who‘s got no recording booth. The handling is easy. 2 minutes to build up and all your problems with undesired reflections are gone. You can start up with this set nearly everywhere, all you need is a good microphone and the Fame Screen Pro Set. Take it, and you´ll get the desired direct signal of the mic! A great tool. For beginners and professionals! REC0007587-000

193€ *

After 3 years and many poor imitations of sE now industry standard design, they have gone back to the drawing board to produce what many budget concuos customers have so desired... an entry level Reflexion Filter product which actually does the job properly! Due to patents pending on their original design, competitors who have tried to emulate the success of the original RF Pro have not managed to do so succesfuly since their designs are limited, and as a result, so are their performances. REC0007518-000

129 €

SEELECTRONICS Reflexion Filter Pro

The Reflexion Filter is basically a portable device for recording live sound sources with reduced room ambience. It is an advanced composite wall which is positioned behind any microphone by means of a variable position stand clamp assembly which ships with the product. The main function is to help obtain a ‘dry’ vocal or instrument recording. This is especially useful in studios without proper acoustic treatment, but can also be used to help record takes in control rooms, where the performer also has to operate the recording device, or in rehearsal studios to reduce ambient noise. REC0004455-000

309€ *

259 €

Pauly PR 120-T 30 Poppkiller

Just released in 2005, the Superscreen is now available with a completely silent gooseneck. Very stable and plyable, the gooseneck has an attachment that allows the screen to be placed at any angle. You can now use your Superscreen with any microphone, regardless of size, and place the screen at any distance from the microphone. It has a beautiful finish that matches the screen and has a non-reflective surface. Just like the screen, this is not just any gooseneck! REC0003886-000

161€ *


149 €

29 €

ART Phantom II Pro

2-Channel Phantom Power XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputs. REC0007529-000

89€ *

75 €


Boom Arm This boom arm provides variable mic positioning for voice recordings, conferences, radio applications and all other applications requiring a quick and flexible change of mic direction. The feather mechanism even keeps heavy mics in place. REC0004725-000

99 €

SEELECTRONICS Reflexion Filter ProjectStudio

154€ *

58€ *

79 €

Fame Mic Reflexion Pro Set

20 €

78€ *

Fame DT 138

Stable Microphone Desk Stand with clamp and Screws REC0007530-000

39 €

69€ *

33 €


79€ *

29 € Fame MicroPort EX MIC-USB-Adapter

USB Adapter Just connect the signal source (usually a microphone) to the sturdy stick, level it and control it in real time via headphone. REC0006030-000

XLR - USB Adapter Perfect for multi-track recording, the X2U features built-in headphone monitoring with zero latency, and easy controls to balance microphone and playback audio, just plug and play for better-than-CD quality sound. PAH0008291-000

154€ *

119 €


40€ *

36 €

Cordial CDG-20-200

Damping adapter. Cordial CDG 20 InLine damping adapter reduces signals by 20dB hence ideal for miking loud instruments. REC0005736-000

139 €

155€ * Earthworks LP 1530 Level Pad

For those preamps or mixers that will not handle high signal levels at their inputs, the LP1530 LevelPad™ is an ideal solution. REC0006946-000

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

44 €

48€ * Sontronics ST-Pad/Phase

The ST-PAD/PHASE is an inline switch with two -10dB attenuation/pad controls (giving a total of -20dB) plus a 180° phase invert control. REC0007505-000

167€ *

139 €

Earthworks KickPad

Damping adapter. Cordial CDG 20 InLine damping adapter reduces signals by 20dB hence ideal for miking loud instruments. REC0006612-000

VIDEO SOUND/STUDIOTOOLS Rycote Windshield 4 KIT WS4 + WJ4 + MED. SUSPENSION. A Full Windshield Kit is comprised of the following three main components: Modular Suspension, Modular Windshield and Windjammer. All Mono-Windshields have a diameter of 100mm. Both end caps can be removed, facilitating easier placement of the microphone inside the basket. Windshield Kit 4 comes with Basket 4 (length appr.. 330mm) for microphones up to 320mm. REC0005356-000

595€ *

Sound Devices 788T

7628€ *

529 €

7449 €

Portable field-recorder with 8 ins / 12 tracks / time code Sound Devices 788T and 788T SSD are powerful eight input, twelve-track digital audio recorders designed for production sound. Building on the success of the proven 7-Series architecture, the recorders offer greatly expanded input and output connectivity while continuing the 7-Series heritage of extensive control in a compact package. REC0006858-000

34 € 40€ *

Rode Dead Cat

The optimum wind protection for outdoor recordings. The Dead Cat windshield is designed for minimising any wind noise when recording in high wind conditions. Its artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent. REC0003872-000

89€ *

222 € Rode Blimp

249€ *

Windshield System The Rode Blimp is a complete windshield and shock mounting accessory for the NTG-1, NTG-2 and NTG-3 microphones, as well as any third party shotgun microphone up to 325mm in length. Includes dual hoop suspension system and XLR cable. REC0007039-000

99 €

Rode Boom Pole

Professional boom pole, aluminum, max. length 3m. Made from black anodized aluminum, pole extends from 84 cm to 3 m. Low weight of just 845 g, internal cable routing possible, 3/8“ steel thread, incl. carrying bag. REC0003874-000

389 € Audiotechnica AT 8022

stereo microphone, XY This microphone produces and exact stereo picture thanks to the unique capsule arrangement. REC0005742-000

Multi-track Mixer, Stereo with 2 Aux and Direct Outs. The AD 256 provides excellent audio values and elaborate routing. Features: • low-noise mic pre amplification • simple but effective 3 Band EQ • balanced inputs. Screened from frequency insolation • High Pass Filter • balanced Main Out • balanced mono-output • 2 balanced outputs • Limiter on in- and outputs • unbalanced Direct-Outs • 2 LCD meters. REC0007893-000

8901€ *

8549 €


571€ *

555 €

Beachtek DXA SLR

Professional audio inputs for DSLR cameras. The BeachTek DXA-SLR is a two-channel, active XLR adapter with built-in preamplifiers for attaching external microphones and other audio gear to any DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera that has a built-in mic jack. The predecessor „DXA-5D“ was sold out in a short period of time and finally has it successor: the passive adapter DXA-5Da and the active DXA-SLR adapter incl. Phantom Power. REC0007753-000

44 € 64 €*

Extremely sleek 1/4“ Patch Panel with grounding possibility offering 2 rows of balanced sockets, a total of 24 front pairs and 24 rear pairs fully PCB-wired (without nut fastening), 1U 19“ rack-mount and identification strips for front and rear panel included. REC0000907-000

Behringer PX 3000 Ultrapatch Pro

Mulitfunctional 48 Patchbay with symmetrical 6,3mm Jackinputs and three modes. PAH0003000-000

55 €

70€ *

Signex Isopatch

The Signex Isopatch CPJ48T is a professional patchbay with 48 type A Jacks (TRS) and direct solder rear termination. REC0008297-000


49 €

209 €

217€ *

199 €

Radial J48 Active DI Box

Active 48-Volt phantom powered direct box. Minimal power draw with high rail voltage. Will not choke when driven hard. Low inter-modulation distortion. REC0004844-000

59€ *


A „bump-box“, S-Convert is a problem solver for interfacing and level matching consumer and professional audio equipment. REC0004591-000

58 € Samson S.Mix Mini

20 €

Behringer HA 400 MICROAMP

49 €

65€ *

ART ProSplit

A miniature 5-channel mixer packed with high-end features. REC0004590-000


It is a passive DI that employs a Jensen isolation transformer for optimum audio performance offering outstanding linearity at all frequencies, combined with extraordinary level handling without introducing distortion. REC0004849-000

3599 €

Eliminate Ground Loop Noise in Any Audio Signal! REC0004559-000

70€ *

Radial JDI Passive DI-Box

3999€ *

70€ *

Samson Convert Mini

199 €

Shotgun Microphone The SuperCMIT defines a new category of shotgun microphones, with directivity that goes beyond anything previously known. It offers the recording engineer entirely new possibilities. REC0008145-000


Neutrik NYS-SPP Patchbay

217€ *


38€ *

Compact 4-channel stereo headphone amp • suitable for all headphone types • 4 powerful stereo poweramps • highest sound quality even at maximum volume • separate volume control for every channel • 12V power supply unit included REC0003581-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

55 €

Transformer Isolated Mic Splitter. The ProSplit provides one direct output and one transformer isolated output from a single microphone. REC0005952-000

89€ *

69 €

ART Clean Box Pro

The CLEANBoxPro provides two channels of unbalanced to balanced level conversion and two channels of balanced to unbalanced level conversion in a rugged, compact, and portable unit. REC0007528-000


Behringer MA400 Micromon


The Monitor Headphone Amplifier MA400 features Mic In and Mic Through XLR connectors with an integrated Ground Lift switch. It’s ultra-compact in size but big in features. REC0004282-000



Audio Development AD 256/8 Multitrack Mixer



44 € 75

39 € 75€



Fame CM2

€ NEW 49 89€

Fame Studio C05

High quality recording is not a privilege any more! The Fame CM2 is the ideal all-round microphone for beginners, ambitious musicians, home-studio users and podcast producers. Like any other condenser type microphone the CM2 needs a power supply distributing 48 V Phantom Power. REC0008046-000

Fame Studio CM1

All components of this condenser microphone have been carefully selected to please both beginners and ambitious homerecording users. One has to wonder, how such quality can be offered at this price. Our answer: typical Fame! REC0004714-000

69 € 126€ *


Fame‘s C05 is carefully manufactured without compromise and it is setting a new benchmark within it‘s price range. Years of development influenced the circuit design which relies on FET amp circuit concepts that have been enormously successful for decades. Fame C05‘s circuit design is giving a contemporary and very noise-free transformation of those FET concepts. REC0008047-000

Fame Studio C010

The ideal beginner microphone with allround qualities in classic nickle colour design. The absolutely unbelievable price-performance ratio allows every beginner to achieve professional results. REC0001546-000


Ribbon Fame Classic ck Pa eo er St


C Fame Single Stereo Pack


149 € 318€


mono Set

88 € 175

stereo Set


119 €

143€ *

High quality small diaphragm stereo set with exchangeable capsules in cardioid, omnidirectional and super cardioid characteristics. The distinct sound and low noise are unbeatable in this price range and make the 3-change set a very flexible microphone set for stereo capture and instrument recording. REC0003239-000 mono REC0003240-000 stereo

The smooth sound of this highend ribbon microphone gives your recording the charm of the 50ies Big Band and Soul productions. This reminiscence to the history of recording technology should not be missing in your collection! REC0004723-000


63€ *

Fame SingleC

This absolutely studio capable small diaphragm condenser microphone is great as an overhead or any other instrument recording. Also great as a stereo pair and on any stage! REC0004720-000



Boundary Fame AT37 stereo Pack

0 Fame CM 55 Stereo Pack


49 €

88 €

49 €

198€ *

158€ *

95€ *

29 € 79€ *

Sensational TOP DEAL ! High-Quality condenser boundary microphone with cardioid characteristic. PAH0003518-000


29 €

271€ *

Fame 3-Change

Fame Classic Ribbon

Fame CM 550

126€ *


69 €



55 €


Fame AT 37s

59 €

This very extremely economically priced boundary microphone is aimed for any recording which needs signal transfer with well articulated room reflextions. REC0004718-000

99€ *

Fame Minigun CL21 shot gun microphone

This minaturized shot gun microphone offers a true innovation! The spherical joint placed at the top piece will give you the opportunity to align the microphone in any direction. Beside this smart feature the cardioid pattern gives the perfect flexibility for the desired application. REC0004719-000

ACCESSORIES - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

Fame Micro Mix

1x Single C small diaphragm condenser microphone 1x C010 REC232

89 € 189 €*

99 € 207€

119 € 223€


Fame Studio C03

Studio technology proven for centuries was used in the concept of this microphone, but the technical data and the very low inherent noise show its modern nature. Great for any vocal applications. REC0004717-000

129 € 254€


Fame Studio C02

The ideal allrounder for high quality home studios for vocals. As a double diaphragm microphone with switchable cardioid/omnidirectional characteristics, the C02 is also great for room microphone applications. REC0001545-000

Fame Vintage F47

Inspired by a classic of the 50ies, this large diaphragm microphone with cardioid characteristics, is predestined for high quality vocal, piano, electric and acoustic guitar recording. The sound convinces with classiness and musical warmth. REC0004715-000

59 € NEW 99

The CU2 is based on a well-thought-out membrane technology. Reduced to an 1/2 inch-sized Back Electret Condenser Capsule, the CU2 is enabled to deliver higher output levels while maintaining a low noise floor. This is indispensable due to the USB-based voltage distribution. Therefore the CU2 delivers more professional sounding results than most of it‘s competitors. REC0008045-000

13cm grid tube, 35cm gooseneck, screw terminal... REC0004730-000

28€ *


Fame EA 18/25

Elastic holder for 18-25mm diameters. Attachment of the microphone with rubber rings. REC0003467-000

Fame EA 18/28


Elastic holder for 18-28 mm REC0004727-000

32€ *

9,90 28€ *

Fame EA 201 W/B

Elastic microphone holder, from 40mm diameter. nickled EA 201 W REC0002711-000 black EA 201 B REC0002727-000

Inspired by a classic of the 50ies, this large diaphragm microphone with cardioid characteristics, is predestined for high quality vocal, piano, electric and acoustic guitar recording. The sound convinces with classiness and musical warmth. REC0004711-000

79 € 126€ *

The brand new CU3 USB microphone by Fame has an unexpected, great sound at an absolute low price. No other USB microphone in this range has a similar linear frequency response with ultra precise transient reproduction. With these features, unlike most other USB microphones, the CU3 is predestined not just for vocals but also for acoustic instruments or as overhead for drum recordings. REC0008142-000

Fame PF 130 Windscreen

4,90 25

Fame Vintage T47

Fame Studio CU3 USB

Fame Studio CU2 USB

USB large diaphragm condenser microphone with integrated preamp and A/D converter. Ideal for Podcasting, internet radio, skype, iChat, mobile recording, documentation purposes, demo productions, and more. No drivers needed under Windows XP and Mac OSX! REC0004726-000

398€ *

55 € NEW


Fame Studio CU1 USB

249 €



Fame PF 160 Windscreen

Efficient, 2-ply built, silk-covered windscreen. REC0004728-000

37€ *


* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

Fame PF 135 L Windscreen Very low change in sound, gooseneck, clamp. REC0004729-000

39€ *


Fame PF 150 D Windscreen

Efficient, 2-ply built, silk-covered windscreen. REC0006029-000

46€ *

24,90 321

99 € 142

199 € 213


289 € 296


Audio Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica´s stringent quality and consistency standards set the AT2020 apart from other mics in its class. Its low-mass diaphragm is custom-engineered for extended frequency response and superior transient response. With rugged construction for durable performance, the microphone offers a wide dynamic range and handles high SPLs with ease. The AT2020: the new standard for affordable side-address studio condensers. REC0003504-000


Audio Technica AT2035

Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this side-address cardioid studio condenser delivers exceptional detail and low noise REC0006277-000

Audio Technica AT2050

The versatile AT2050 provides consistent, superior performance in switchable cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-of-eight polar pattern settings. Its dual large diaphragms are gold-vaporized and aged to achieve optimum characteristics over years of use. Equipped with a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and 10 dB pad, the microphone is ideal for studio and live sound use on vocals and various instruments. REC0006285-000

LIFETIME WARRANTY for the AT-40 Series!


Audio Technica AT4040SM

The AT4040 has exceptionally low noise, a wide dynamic range and high-SPL capability for great versatility. Its transformerless circuitry virtually eliminates low-frequency distortion and provides superior correlation of high-speed transients. The precision-machined, nickled-plated brass, acoustic element baffle provides enhanced element stability and optimal sensitivity, while the open acoustical environment of the symmetrical housing assembly minimizes unwanted internal reflections. REC0002045-000





Audio Technica AT4050SM

Flat, extended low-frequency response, exeptional transient response, high sound pressure level capability and very low noise ,true capacitor, large-diaphram element for studio quality sound on stage. Optimized performance for live-sound enviroments, rugged design with superior internal shock mounting, dynamic range 129 dB, 1 kHz at max SPL, impedance 200 ohms, frequency response 20Hz-20kHz. Incl. elast. holderREC0000421-000

Audio Technica AT4050ST

Stereo Condenser Microphone. The AT4050ST is a side-address condenser with cardioid and figureof-eight elements configured in a Mid-Side arrangement. The microphone’s dual-diaphragm capsules maintain precise polar pattern definition across the full frequency range. REC0007365-000

NEW Audio Technica AT2022

159 € 177€ *

The AT2022 is a condenser microphone designed for stereo recording and field sound capture. The switchable low-frequency roll-off minimizes pickup of unwanted lowfrequency noise. REC0008698-000

Audio Technica AT2031

249 €

55 €

93 €

59€ *

Audio Technica AT6250

Stereo Condenser Video/Recording Microphone. The ATR6250 provides extremely affordable, highquality stereo pickup in a single microphone. Its compact design is ideal for use with video cameras and portable audio recorders. Provided with a range of professional accessories, this price/performance leader is ruggedly built to endure the realities of day-to-day use. REC0007310-000

Audio Technica AT4081

Phantom-powered Bidirectional Ribbon Microphone. Audio-Technica’s handcrafted AT4081 offers a robust build for long-lasting performance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers. With its low-profile stick design, * this microphone is a natural for use on a wide range of instruments and guitar cabinets in recording studios Phantom-powered Bidirectional Ribbon Miand live-sound settings. crophone. With the groundbreaking AT4080, REC0007367-000 Audio-Technica achieves the coveted ribbon microphone sound while solving the problems of fragility and low output that have historically plagued ribbon mics. Delivering the warm, smooth sound of a classic ribbon microphone, Audio-Technica’s handcrafted AT4080 Ribbon * Microphone offers a robust build for long-lasting, reliable performance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers. REC0007366-000

999 € 1059€

Audio Technica AT4080

Ideal for home studio and live applications, the low-profile AT2021 offers an extended frequency response, high maximum SPL and wide dynamic range. The microphone is outstanding for acoustic guitar, overheads, piano and group vocals. Its low-mass element offers a superb transient response. REC0008697-000


1390 € 1416


296€ *

95€ *

Audio Technica ATR6550

Crisp & intelligible pickup far away or up close. In its „TeleË range setting, this cardioid condenser is engineered to pick up dialogue and sound effects at a distance, while bypassing ambient noise such as traffic, air-handling systems, room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations. Designed especially for use with video cameras. REC0007100-000

799 € 821€

88 € Audio Technica BPW 470

The Whisper Series shields are ideal for cameramounted microphones as well as stand, handheld ‘reporter’ mics and boom-mounts. Affordable and easy-to-use, the BPW 470 is designed for ENG, Theater and film and is easily set up with no noise. The mic can be easily pulled out in order to shift the filter switch. REC0008146-000

ACCESSORIES - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

129 €

Audio Technica 142€ * PRO 24-CM incl. Windjammer

The PRO 24 sets a new price/performance standard in stereo microphone technology. Designed for professional recording and DAT field use, it offers the convenience of affordable, highquality stereo pickup in a single microphone. Its compact, lightweight design is perfect for camera-mount use. The microphone features a pair of cardioid elements in an X-Y configuration to provide the spatial impact and realism of a live sound field. REC0007443-000

Neumann TLM 102 Limited Edition

Neumann TLM 103 Studioset

Condenser Microphone incl. Elastic Suspension and Dust Cover. The new TLM 102 is the most affordable Neumann ever and defines a new generation of Neumann studio microphones! Now as a Limited Edition including an elastic suspension and a dust cover! Small Size, Small Price, Big Sound! REC0008337-000 nickled REC0008338-000 black

The new standard for home recording and the music industry. The mic for everyone who, despite budget limitations, does not want to do without the uncompromising Neumann sound. Cardioid directional characteristic and very low self-noise. The TLM 103 is the ideal large diaphragm microphone for all professional and semi-professional applications requiring the REC0003312-000 nickled REC0003360-000 black

625 €

725€ *

with swivel mount

989 € 1169

REC0007197-000 nickled REC0007196-000 black

569 €


Neumann TLM 49

Neumann TLM 67 SET

1399 €

The TLM 67 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone in the classic Neumann style, with a unique dual-color design. The stylish pearl-gray of the microphone body combined with the classic Neumann nickle lends the microphone a touch of distinctive individuality. The legendary, frequently imitated design of the Neumann U 67 was the first to be developed by Neumann employees in collaboration with the famous German designer, Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg. The design of the TLM 67 represents a contemporary development of that of the U 67, transferring its positive impact to the present era. The enhanced exterior design thus links past and future microphone design trends. incl. EA 87 ni Elastic Suspension REC0007362-000

Studio SET

1600€ *

Neumann U 87 Ai

1899 € 2290 €*

Neumann M 149 Tube

The U87 is probably the best known and mostwidely used Neumann studio microphone. It is equipped with a large double-membrane capsule equipped with omni, cardioid and figure-eight characteristics, that can be selected using a switch on the mic capsule. A switch an the back causes a 10 dB predampening. This enables the mic to withstandd up to 127 dB without distortion. Furthermore the lower frequencies can be dampened to compensate for close-talk effect for instance. REC0000322-000 nickled REC0000323-000 black

The M 149 Tube is a variable dual-diaphragm microphone. The K 49 capsule Í well-known from the legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones Í is followed by a tube functioning as an impedance converter. In contrast to earlier concepts Í utilizing a transformer Í the tube is complemented with a transformerless output circuit design. The M 149 Tube can thus feed long microphone cables without any coloration. Two slide switches are located below the large, acoustically very open headgrille. The switch at the front allows selection one of nine directional patterns. The slide switch at the rear operates a seven-step high pass filter. It allows a very fine adjustment of the cut-off frequency. REC0000316-000

2399 €

2745€ *

REC001 Set mit Spinne

2599 € 3145€

3995 €

4575€ *


Neumann KM 184

Small diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic. Suitable for universal implementations, especially suited for recording situations where incoming bleed from other instruments has to be cancelled coming mainly from the space behind the microphone. Also ideal as stereo-pair in XY and ORTF- application, support mic, overhead (close-) recording for example strings, brass, percussion, piano, Leslie, guitar amps etc. includes wind-screen and mount. REC0004973-000 nickled REC0000310-000 black

625 €

Neumann KMS 104 / KMS 104 plus

With the KMS 104 plus, the Berlin microphone manufacturer is presenting a new mic in the series of Neumann stage microphones, which have now become established worldwide. The KMS 104 plus has a cardioid directional characteristic, an extremely transparent sound for optimal intelligibility of the lyrics, and maximum reliability with respect to feedback, to ensure a secure, flawless stage performance. KMS plus REC0006905-000 black KMS plus REC0006906-000 nickled KMS REC0004337-000 black KMS REC0004338-000 nickled

495 €

743€ *

589€ *

KM 184 Stereo Set REC0002034-000 black REC0002336-000 nickled

1149 €

1506€ *

KMS 105

With cardioid characteristics including stand adapted and nylon sheath. REC0000314-000 black REC0000313-000 nickled

495 € 589€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Studio microphone with Retro look. Warm sound, optimized for vocal recordings. Uses the capsule of the legendary M 49 and U 47.Cardioid polar pattern. Set includes elastic suspension. The TLM 49 is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance. It is supplied as a set, with an elastic suspension. REC0004370-000


AKG Perception 120 USB

The Perception 120 is a 2/3inch diaphragm true condenser microphone, the solid build quality, excellent performance, and excellent Value for money offers. 20 to 20,000 Hz Incl. shock mount REC0005856-000

The Perception 120 USB is the very first USB-equipped microphone from AKG, offering studio-quality sound performance without requiring any installation or drivers. With the widespread USB standard and its ease of use, this new model allows users without any recording experience to make professional-quality recordings from their home. It is a real plug-and-play device enabling customers to do podcasts, voiceovers and studio-quality rehearsalrecordings quickly and easily. REC0007328-000

89 € 118 €*

AKG Perception 170

87 € 154

The Perception 170 is an externally polarized condenser microphone that convinces with solid workmanship and excellent price-performance ratio. Incl. shock mount REC0005857-000

155 €


179€ *

AKG Perception 220

AKG Perception 420

Large diaphragm condenser microphone. The Perception 220 offers a classic, warm and transparent sound. High quality AKG recording microphone. Including case and shock mount. REC0005858-000

Large diaphragm condenser microphone with switchable characteristics for demanding, professional studio work. Cardioid, omnidirectional and figure 8 characteristics, 20 20.000 Hz. Including case and shock mount. REC0005859-000

159 €

229 €

237€ *


AKG C-3000

AKG expands ist Perception Series with the 820 Tube, a tube microphone with an external AC adapter. Besides the familiar audio quality this microphones comes in an extremely sturdy, precisely built Zinkal-housing with a deformation-proof grille. Its silky smooth, powerful sound enables even hobby producers quality recordings, which have so far only been possible with much more expensive mics. REC0006749-000

649 € 712€ *


AKG C4000B

Large diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid characteristics, bass and level limiter with a high output, low-noise, includes 9-52v phantom power and a very transparent and punchy sound. Ideal for speech and song performances. REC0006750-000

AKG Perception 820 Tube

Features a large diaphragm transducer for typical AKG sound, selectable polar patterns for universal use in the studio and on stage, ultra low self-noise and high overload capability Incl. elast. Holder H 100 REC0000412-000

AKG C 214

The AKG C 214 is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone featuring a one inch edge-terminated diaphragm for a smooth and wide frequency response and high transient detail. AKG C 214 features include outstanding dynamic range with increased SPL capability and ultra low noise circuit. REC0006102-000

558€ *

AKG C 214 ST matched Stereo Set

428 € 570€

355 €

Demonstrating the outstanding performance and versatility of the C 214 microphone, AKG launched the C 214 Stereo Set at NAMM. The rugged construction of the C 214 delivers a highly detailed and accurate sound not only in the studio, but on the road as well. REC0006694-000


199 € 239 €*

915€ * AKG C414 XLS


incl. Popscreen,Windshield, and elast. Holder REC0007447-000

incl. Popscreen,Windshield, and elast. Holder REC0007446-000

999 €

945 €

1195€ *

1129€ *

AKG C414 XL II Stereo Set

AKG C414 XLS Stereo Set

incl. Popscreen,Windshield, and elast. Holder REC0007457-000

harmonised, incl. Popscreen,Windshield, elast. Holder and Stereorail REC0007452-000

2195 € 2619€


698 €


ACCESSORIES - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

1895 €

2285€ *


189 € 219


RØDE MS-1000

MusicStore Edition - only 250 Microphones with a noble Design, an extraordinary price and 10 Years Guarantee of the manufactor! And the Sound - outstanding! With its ultra low 6 dBA self-noise and transformer less SMT circuitry, the RØDE NT1000 exhibits exceptional performance when recording both vocals and instruments in the studio. REC0008115-000


The RØDE NTG-2 is a lightweight condenser shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications within the film, video, television and production industries. The NTG-2 comes complete with mount and windshield. 10 Years Warranty! REC0003792-000

189 €

RØDE NT1-A Anniversary Edition


True condenser shotgun microphone, RF-bias technology, almost completely resistant to moisture, a durable anti-glare finish, incredibly low handling and selfnoise, high sensitivity, high level of immunity to radio frequency broadcast, includes weather resistant aluminium storage cylinder. 10 Years Warranty! REC0006178-000

549 €

mit Batteriespeisung REC0003792-000

589€ *

209 €

RØDE NT2-A Studio Solution Set

COMPLETE VOCAL RECORDING SOLUTION 15 Years Anniversary! • NT1-A large diaphragm microphone • Deluxe suspension shock mount SM 6 • High-quality XLR-Cable (6m) Dust-Bag, DVD „Studio Secrets. EC0007202-000

209€ *


299 €


239€ *

The popular Rode NT2-A is now available in complete studio solution set including not only the NT2-A, but the SM6 deluxe shock mount, a high-quality cable, a tutorial-DVD and a microphone-bag. A real bargain! REC0008301-000

RØDE NT-5 Matched Pair

RØDE NT 55 Matched Pair

The nickle coloured small diaphragm condenser mics NT5 with JFET impedance interface in cardioid characteristic are best suited for recording acoustic guitars or for percussion/ overhead use. Available as stereo-set incl. mounts and wind screen. REC0002041-000

Small diaphragm condenser microphone with gold evaporated 1/2“ cardioid capsule and exchange capsule with omni-directional characteristics; highpass filter and predamping can be adjusted in 3 steps, satin nickle plated metal body. Incl. omni-directional capsule NT45O, stand clamp and metal box. REC0005316-000

333 €


319€ *


RØDE NT-5 Single

RØDE NT 55 Single

169 € 189





279 €

NEW 199 €

219€ *


The Rode PinMic is a lapel microphone that features a detachable capsule head. With three pins it is mounted onto the microphone‘s backplate and can be located on clothing and fabrics. With the new MiCon connectors it is possible to connect to nearly any type of wireless systems, XLR or small jack. REC0008191-000


RØDE has all your audio requirements covered with the reliable and intuitive HS1 headset. Featuring the pure, clear audio and low handling noise that RØDE is celebrated for, the HS1 is built to deliver and to last. Subtle, ergonomic design including three axes of mechanical adjustment, a malleable, ultra lightweight tube arm and headband ensure the perfect fit and function for each individual. RØDE is offering an innovative five year warranty that gives you total piece of mind for five years after purchase. REC0008100-000 black REC0008101-000 beige


RØDE NT-4 Stereomicrophone


The advancement on the NT-K with seamlessly selectable characteristics, high dynamics and low noise-level with the expected high-quality workmanship. And all of that with a 10 Years manufacturer guarantee. Includes power supply unit, cable, shock-mount. REC0002685-000

X/Y Stereo Multi-Power Studio and Location 1/2“ Condenser Microphone. The Stereo wonder. The NT4 solves the age-old problem of stereo recording by eliminating the need to purchase matched pairs and the associated complex set-up bars and adaptors to get professional results. The NT4 comes supplied in a custom carry case with a windshield, XLR to mini-jack and dual XLR cables for portable DAT or professional balanced input connection. REC0002040-000

599 € 679

444 € 479 €*



RØDE Video Mic Pro


The Rode Video Mic Pro is a compact hypercardioid microphone for camcorders. It‘s powered by a 9V battery, has a integrated hot shoe and a 3,5mm stereojack. Therefore you can run the Video Mic Pro with nearly any camcorder. REC0008531-000


RØDE Stereo VideoMic


Compact and super light stereo microphone for mounting on video cameras. Integrated, elastic mount. Switchable highpass filter, on/off switch, 9V battery power, control LED. Incl. pop screen. The SVM is ideal for users of digital video cameras that want a studio quality sound. REC0004897-000


RØDE Procaster

169 €

189 €

Professional broadcast quality dynamic microphone, specifically designed to offer no-comprimise performance for voice applications in the broadcast environment. Featuring a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response, the Procaster is perfect for every application where a great sounding, rugged microphone with superior ambient noise rejection is demanded. REC0006280-000

RØDE Podcaster

Special microphone with USB output, perfect for narrator voices. Integrated A/D converter, integrated headphone output (controllable) for direct monitoring, switchable high pass filter, body mounted „on air“ LEDs, control software as free download. Incl. USB cable (5m). REC0004860-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



222 € 299


The Sennheiser MK4 is a large-diaphragm microphone for vocal- and instrument recordings. Like its simple but elegant design, the MK4 doesn‘t need plenty of extras and features. Produced in Germany, following the high standards of Sennheiser, this microphone brings high-end sound and is a real bargain. incl. shock-mount REC0008539-000


375 €

Sennheiser MKH 8020

The omni-directional MKH 8020 is ideal for recording large and small sound sources, for a „Decca TreeË or for use in an OSS „Jecklin DiskË array. As it does not suffer from a proximity effect, it is also a good choice for close-miking. If the acoustic ambience is right, this microphone will provide very impressive recordings. The extra octave at the bottom end makes the MKH 8020 perfect for recording pipe organs, grand piano and acoustic double-bass. REC0005771-000

399€ *


without shock-mount

299 €

Sennheiser MKH 8040

349€ *


1195 € 1288€ *

Sennheiser MKH 8050

cardioid REC0005772-000

Supercardioid REC0005773-000

Sennheiser MD 421-II

The MD 421 II is one of the best known microphones in the world. Its excellent sound qualities enable it to cope with the most diverse recording conditions and broadcasting applications. The five position bass control enhances its ´all-round´ qualities. Colour: black, sound inlet basket: refined steel, black. REC0000298-000

159 € 220€ *

Sennheiser MKE 400

General Description Rugged, compact and versatile for great video sound: The MKE 400 is a small shot gun microphone for cameras with a lighting shoe mount and external microphone input. Delivery Includes MKE 400 with coiled cable (3.5 mm stereo mini jack) 1x battery (size AAA) 1x foam windshield REC0005880-000

369 € 449€ *

251 € Sennheiser MD 46 reporter´s microphone

289€ *

The MD 46 is a high-quality reporter´s microphone with cardioid pick-up pattern. It has been specially optimised for rough use in live reporting and broadcasting environments. The MD 46 is a very ´good-natured´ microphone whose design avoids wind and handling noise problems. Colour: black, sound inlet basket: refined steel, black. REC0004273-000

799 € 1100€ *

Sennheiser MKH 416 P48

The MKH 416 is a short gun interference tube microphone. Its excellent directivity and compact design, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection make the MKH 416 a superb all-round microphone for film, radio and television, especially for outside broadcast applications. REC0000296-000

Studio Projects LSM Little Sqaure Mic

The Studio Projects Little Square Mic (LSM) is a smart allrounder. You can directly connect it to your computer via USB or simply use it as a recoding microphone and connect it to any ‚normal‘ preamp with 48V via XLR.

Studio Projects B1

The Studio Projects B1 is an extremely low-noise condenser microphone for professional and project-studios. Great sound at a nice price! • Pressure-Gradient Transducer, 1“ 3 um mylar capsule • Selectable filters: 75Hz and 150Hz • Selectable Pads: -10dB and -20dB • Type: FET 3 micron 1“ large single diaphragm • Polar pattern: Cardioid • Frequency response: 20 - 20000Hz • Sensitivity: -34dB,(0dB=1V/Pa) • Output impedance: <200 Ohm • Maximum SPL: 132db • Noise: 12dB-A • S/N: 82 dB REC0008260-000


177 €

LSM Mic pink

189€ *


LSM Mic white REC0008272-000

LSM Mic red

329 €

Sontronics DM-1B


355€ *

The DM-1B is a large-diaphragm, end-fire condenser microphone that has been designed specifically to capture and reproduce the various characteristics of a kick drum. It has a switchable -15dB pad that allows the microphone to deal with a whopping 155dB, and its sturdy build plus the aluminium flightcase mean it will perform equally well in the studio and in live applications. REC0008603-000

119 € 129€ *


Sontronics DM-1T




LSM Mic black


129 € 140€ *

Sontronics DM-1S Snare Drum Mic REC0008601-000

The DM-1T was designed by Sontronics founder Trevor Coley, to capture the real characteristics of a tom. It has a slightly different frequency response graph than the DM-1S to get exceptional results from each drum. Thanks to its small body, the DM-1T can be easily postioned and does its job really well both live and in the studio. REC0008602-000

ACCESSORIES - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

329 €

Sontronics Delta

355€ *

Following on from the worldwide success of our iconic SIGMA ribbon microphone, the Sontronics DELTA has been born. Where SIGMA has found its place in the heart of the studio and recording world, DELTA‘s incredible capability in miking guitar cabinets sets it up to become a new standard in live sound reinforcement. REC0006884-000

STUDIOMICROPHONES Brauner Phantom Classic

The Brauner Phantom C was the result of a design approach aimed at creating an affordable microphone that still maintains aspects and characteristics Brauner microphones are famous for. A sonic character that is natural and lifelike, clear and transparent without being harsh boasting excellent technical specs and true german built quality. No compromise, Nowhere. These are the benchmarks that made Brauner microphones world famous. REC0005731-000

Brauner VM1

The mic amplifier is a pure Class A, and a Brauner designed, hand wound, twin core transformer with specifically chosen core material assure the user of the highest possible performance. A heavy machined frame holds the VM1 workings solidly inside the heavy anodized case. REC0001229-000

999 €

4198 €

1446€ *

4665€ *

Brauner Phantom V

Brauner VM1 pure cardioid



2189 €

3235 €

2428€ *

Brauner Phanthera

Not only the name Phanthera reminds of the grand wild cats. It appears powerful, dynamic, ductile and charming. It is hard to put its sonic character into simple words. Therefore we urgently recommend giving the Phanthera a serious try within the well-known environment of your own studio. As general for Brauner microphones all components are of highest available quality and all microphones are completely manufactured in Germany. REC0005444-000

3594€ *

Brauner VMX

With the VMX you get the Vintage Sound of the VMA in a microphone on it´s own. The incomparable sound was build in close co-operation with known tone engineers, to meed their needs in a microphone with the tone of the classics. REC0005157-000

1449 € 1672€ *

Brauner Phanthera V REC0005977-000

4399 € 4891€ *

Brauner VMX pure cardioid

2439 € 2713€ *

Brauner Valvet X

On occasion of the VALVET‘s 10th anniversary we are releasing a new version of this very popular tube microphone: the VALVET X - escpecially designed to excel in delicate vocal and solo recordings. The VALVET X has a pure cardioid pattern and its overall tonal character was optimized to fit this very task. Experience a microphone with exceptional sonic detail, transparency and intimicy which you probably won‘t find in any other microphone of its class. REC0006540-000

1999 € 2529€ *


3398 € 3784€ *

Brauner VMA

The VMA is two microphones in one. A toggle switch is being used to select between two different operation modes. The classic VM1 mode (the sound that made Brauner famous´) and a stunning vintage sound, created after the best of the best famous old vintage tube microphones. This is of course not dealing with simple filters! The signal path of the VMA is changed through the position of the switch and the tube as well as the capsule, get biased in a different way. REC0002942-000

6329 € 7021€ *

Brauner Valvet REC0001095-000

2575 € 2856€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



w!! N Neew 469€ *

Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Producer

429 €

Voice Processor/Pitch Correct With the TA-1VP Tascam combines the world-renowned Auto-Tune Pitch Correction and Microphone Modeler technologies with state-of-the-art vocal processing modules to a massive voice processor. Packed with tools like compressor, de-esser, expanding-gate, parametric EQand doubler, the TA-1VP offers everything to produce stunning vocal tracks in any musical style. Live or in the studio, the TA-1VP lets you instantly select from a large library of sounds. Factory presets are included for a wide variety of vocal styles and the interface makes it easy to create your own signature sounds. Thanks to its compact size it is also the ideal device for live performances. REC0008509-000

w!! N Neew

280€ *

VoiceTone Pitch-Correction Effects Pedal Correct XT provides everything a singer needs: TC-Helicon’s natural autochromatic pitch correction, studio-grade compression, de-ess and adaptive Shape EQ and automatic anti-feedback. It can be chained to additional VoiceTone pedals. REC0008290-000

249 €

296€ *

249 €


296€ *

149 €

Imagine a vocal pedal that creates up to four humanized overdubs - live! With TC-Helicon’s VoiceTone Double, overdubbed vocals can be “tight and intimate” or “loose and lively”. Double, with its timeless combination of natural and effected doubling, finally makes live vocals sound like the CD. Features: • Analog Inputs • Connectors Balanced XLR • Input Impedance 1 kOhm • Mic Input Sensitivity @ 0 dBFS -44 dBu to +2 dBu REC0005847-000

w!! N Neew


169 €

Hardtune and Correction Pedal From the wildly popular HardTune effect to subtle pitch correction, VoiceTone C1 opens up new vocal territory in an easy-to-use stompbox. Correction can be guided by key, chromatic or guitar input. REC0008331-000

Now you can get those “ear candy” vocal effects that producers call on every day to create hit tracks. VoiceTone Create XT improves on the original Create by incorporating HardTune and the rich, front-of-house quality reverb from its famous big brother, VoiceLive 2. We’ve also made Create XT easier to use with individual on/off buttons for the effects blocks, new tweak controls, an input for an optional Switch3 footswitch and more. REC0007494-000

356€ *

239 €


356€ *

295 €

w!! N Neew 149 €


Doubling and Detune Pedal VoiceTone D1 thickens your live vocals with realistic doubling emulations, octaves, and detune effects in an easy-to-use pedal. Single and multivoice natural doubling styles are available including octave shifted variants, classic fixed detune effects and even a group shout for extra fun. REC0008332-000

Voice Live Touch

TCs VoiceLive Tour is a great effects and harmony unit with built-in looper. Excellent effects and innovative design make this unit special. The VoiceLive Touch can be connected to every common stand in a complete new way (see picture). The completely new developed „TouchInterface“ is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Recommended for all vocalists who are looking for an easy to use and great sounding effects unit. REC0007849-000

559€ *


Harmony-G XT

Create XT

Correct XT

t.c. electronic Vocal Harmony & Effects for Keyboard Players VoiceTone Harmony-M is the smartest vocal harmony and effects device you’re likely to plug your mic and MIDI keyboard into. Harmony-M simultaneously gives you two backup harmony singers and realistic vocal doubling with effortless MIDI control. Also included are live engineer effects that automatically optimize your vocals with adaptive compression. REC0005849-000


327€ *

299 €

w!! N Neew


Specifically designed for the singing guitarist, VoiceTone Harmony-G XT marries the simplicity of the original Harmony-G with state of the art processing right from VoiceLive 2. Whether creating vocal harmonies that automatically follow guitar input, smoothing vocal performance with the live engineer effects or applying one of the 18 combinations of specifically tailored combinations of effects, Harmony-G XT can transform any vocal performance into a fully produced masterpiece. REC0007383-000

w!! N Neew

149 €

Vocal Tuned Reverb Pedal With reverb algorithms ported from TC-Helicon’s flagship VoicePro processor, VoiceTone R1 is capable of surrounding your voice in a warm ambience. It features eight pre-set reverb styles and a studio quality mic preamp. REC0008333-000


499 €

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

VoiceTone Synth brings together a collection of extreme exotic and contemporary sonic effects, including jagged HardTuneTM effects, classic Vocoder effects, a voice-controlled synthesizer and vocal distortion and megaphone effects. Now vocalists or anyone looking to add a modern edge to their live performances and studio productions can dial-in these effects instantly with the press of a footswitch. REC0007032-000

129 €


adapt. Tone and Dynamics Pedal VoiceTone T1 adapts studio-quality compression, de-ess and EQ to your individual voice to bring out your most exciting vocal tone. The multiband EQ compares your vocal frequencies to an ideal target and brightens and removes mud accordingly while the compressor works to keep your voice sounding smooth whether you’re right on the mic or farther away. REC0008330-000

Voice Live 2

Vocal Effectprocessor VoiceLive 2 is the ultimate vocal floor processor. It employs a simple to use performance interface that drives an endless array of vocal harmony and, effects and intelligent global effects like adaptive Tone. VoiceLive 2 makes getting any vocal sound a simple task on stage. REC0006710-000

799€ *

739 €


Vocal-Effectpedal • Vocal-Effects Dynamic Compressor-De-Esser • Enhancer • Pitch Correction • Delay • Reverb • 2- Harmonist and Pitch Correction • LCD Display • Looper Mono, 38 Sek. • Sounds: 30 (Preset) + 50 (User) • connector IN (XLR / jack), OUT L/MONO (XLR), OUT R (XLR), PHONES/LINE (Stereojack) • Incl. power supply Boss PSA-230 (102842) GIT0017001-000

499 € 599€ *

Roland VP-7 Vocal Processor

For musicians in need of great background vocals, the new VP-7 vocal processor is ready to sing! Create harmonies instantly, from a single voice to a full-scale choir, with a microphone and a MIDI connection to the midi-sinstrument of your choice. It’s simple. Just select a sound type from the front panel, and play. REC0007473-000

569€ *

499 €

Digitech Vocalist Live 3G

Digitech Vocalist Live 3D

Desktop Harmony Processor The VL3D offers 3-part harmonies using DigiTech’s exclusive MusIQ™ Technology, which analyzes the singer’s voice and adds the most musically correct harmonies while offering real-time pitch correction and gender control. Featuring single-level programmability and five user defined voicing patches; the VL3D can be programmed on the fly without missing a note. The VL3D’s inputs include Midi In, Out/ Thru, guitar or line level, and XLR. REC0006943-000

Digitech Vocalist Live 2

Vocal Harmony/Effect Processor 2-part vocal harmony with no programming – just sing and play.Vocalist Live 2’s MusIQ technology does the rest • Selectable voicing: unison, 3rd, 5th-above or below your lead vocal • Vocal enhancement effects matrix • Separate Harmony and Effects pedals • On-board guitar tuner with LED display • XLR mic /line input with level adjustment, low-noise preamp and 48V phantom power • 1⁄4“ guitar input, 1⁄4“ guitar passthrough •Stereo 1⁄4“ line out and mono XLR line out • Power supply included. PAH0005519-000

349€ *

705€ *

249 €

669 €

The Vocalist Live Pro is a rack processor based on the Vocalist Live™ 4 that includes a new MIDI interface that works with keyboards as well as guitars. Utilizing the patent-pending musIQ™ - technology combining new Note Detection algorithms with state-of-the-art Harmony Generation - and the raw power of AudioDNA2, the Vocalist Live Pro can create real-time harmonies with your live voice that are in key and perfectly on pitch. With all that processing power, we were able to pack it full of other features as well, including world-class Lexicon® Reverbs, Soundcraft® low-noise studio-grade mic preamp, real-time pitch correction for each voice, individual persona and gender selection per voice, configurable outputs, tuner, 99 user factory presets and more. REC0006070-000

439€ *

399 €

Users no longer have to compromise between the instant control of plug-in effects and the warm, complex depth of a dedicated hardware-based processor. The MX400 acts as a “hardware plug-in” within any VST/AU-compatible workstation environment. Live, the intuitive front panel design indicates which effects are active and provides control for each 24-bit processor (48kHz and 44.1kHz sample rates). 99 carefully crafted factory presets offer stunning reverbs and effects (including dbx dynamics!), with 99 programmable slots, and 25 Factory and 25 user surround programs. REC0004456-000

Lexicon MX-300

338€ *

299 €

Lexicon MX200

252€ *

229 €

Save your RAM for virtual instruments and get world-class Lexicon reverb to boot! The MX300 puts the great sound of a hardware Lexicon reverb—plus the ability to put that power to work as part of your DAW workflow via PC VST and Mac AU plug-ins—in one unit. Even better, the ultra-affordable MX300 comes packed with a significant portion of the capabilities from the powerful MX400. REC0005306-000

The MX200 dual hall- and effect processor integrates two effect units in 1 rack unit. Both effects have their own operating element for quick and easy editing of the active effects. This makes the MX200 the ideal Multi-Effect-Processor in the live sector. Two 24-bit Hall- and effects processors (Dual Processor), 16 legendary Lexicon Hall algorithmns (eg: halls, chambers, plates, ...), Lexicon Delay & Moulations effects, dbx Dynamic-algorithmn, VST Plug-In architecture over USB interface, four routing-confi gurations, digital S/PDIF interface, analog 24-bit in- and outputs, 99 presetsand 99 user programs, Tap Tempo key, MIDI interface. REC0003729-000

349€ *

339 €

Digitech Vocal 300

Powerful vocal effects processor with built in expression pedal, 38 fully programmable effects in studio quality, 7 effects can be used simultaneously. 40 factory presets and 40 user programs, CD input, jack input, XLR input and XLR mono output. Stereo line output and headphone output. Unbeatable in this price range. REC0002545-000

235€ *

229 €

TC Helicon VoiceWorks Plus

Advanced Vocal Processing for Stage and Studio Voice Works Plus has all of the features you need to make your vocals shine brighter. It continues on from the success of its predecessor, Voice Works, with an updated feature list including 4th generation TC-Helicon harmony technology, Voice Modeling, and the Transducer and micromod blocks from Voice Pro. REC0005291-000

345€ *

295 €

TC Electronic M 350

226€ *

179 €

TC Electronic M-One XL

499€ *

449 €

TC Helicon VoiceWorks REC0002388-000

Dual Engine Multieffect and Hall Processor M350 is an extremely user-friendly dual engine rack processor which is equally suited for live and studio applications. It combines 15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression. Studio engineers and recording musicians will benefit from the included AU/VST compatible software editor, which allows for seamless control and editing integration with DAW systems. Through the included software editor, parameters and preset recalls may be fully automated or real-time controlled. High density 24 bit processing and AD/DA conversion delivers the full transparency of TC reverbs and effects. REC0004435-000

Multi Effectprocessor The XL Reverb Technology benefits from the TC Reverb heritage and takes advantage of both complex Early reflection patterns and dense Reverb decays in order to bring more natural reverbs to all applications. This technological development combined with XLR connectors make the M-One XL especially suited for LIVE applications! REC0001865-000

TC Electronic D-Two

660€ *

599 €

Multi Tap Rythm Delay Our heritage of Classic delays inspired us to introduce the truly musical Rhythm Tap feature: Not only tempo, but actual rhythm patterns can be tapped directly - or quantized according to a specific tempo and subdivision. The delays and rhythm patterns can be up to 10 seconds each. Control the exact number of repeats with Absolute Repeat Control. . REC0000882-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice! Background-Photo © Perzonal War




Lexicon MX-400

199 €

3-Part Intelligent Harmony & Pitch Correction for Guitarists Want to really connect with an audience and capture their attention? Let the Vocalist Live 3 triple your voice with warm, natural-sounding harmonies. The Live 3 automatically follows your vocals and chord progression using patented musIQ® technology so you don’t have to program a song’s key or key changes. Just step on the footswitch while you’re playing to fill the room with pitch-perfect backup vocals. You can even have the harmonies sound male or female, and increase their human factor for an organic, realistic sound. REC0007701-000

339 € 349

Digitech Vocalist Live Pro

245€ *












API VR-Rack + Powersupply

The API VPR is a rugged 10-slot, 3U rackmountable chassis for your modular 500 series gear. Powered by a tri-polar L200PS power supply which comes included, it accepts 500 series-format modules as well as thir-party modules from Chandler or Great River. Now you can customize your rig to fit your exact needs! REC0007158-000


Chandler Little Devil EQ

799 €


Daking Mic Pre 500

999 € 999 € 849 €


Roger Schult Universalfilter W2377 - LOW

1139 €



API 512C MICPRE REC0007160-000



Mic Preamp

„Feedback type“ Compressor




Great River Harrison 32EQ


Chandler Little Devil Compressor






SPL Stereo Vitalizer MKII

599€ *

1299€ *

1095 €

The Transpressor surpasses the limitations of common compressors by combining the two most important dynamic processing techniques: level-independent compression and treatment of transients. This allows to emphasize dynamic structures in spite of simultaneous compression. REC0007622-000

w!! N Neew

Dynamic Processor The new SLATE PRO AUDIO DRAGON is unlike any dynamic audio processor you‘ve heard before. Simply put, the DRAGON was created to be the most versatile compressor, limiter, and sound shaping tool that the pro audio industry has ever seen. The DRAGON starts with a classic FET compressor circuit, reminiscent of vintage units from the 60‘s and 70‘s. But the SLATE PRO AUDIO engineers enhanced the circuitry of the unit with a mastering grade signal path, including a CLASS A output section based around a custom-made transformer. The result is a compression quality that is rich and warm, but is also capable of sharp and aggressive tones. But this is only the start of what the DRAGON can do. REC0008052-000



4390 €

The S3 Stereo Three Band Tube Compressor incorporates the very latest in Ivor Drawmer designs and the aim from the very beginning was to create a ‘no technical compromise’ circuit using only the highest grade components. The S3 forms the basis of a ‘Signature Series’ and offers previously unattainable control and tonality over each of the three bands - gain control at each stage provides precise spectral balancing. REC0005090-000



1239 € 599 €

Vintage EQ

1Channel Preamp

REC0008561-000 Also as Mid-Band:: REC0007997-000 and Hi-Band: REC0008562-000


BuzzAudio Tonic Equalizer REC0008586-000

Prodigy Bella 1-Channel Preamp REC0008597-000

Manley Massive Passive

799 € 799 € 799 €

4890€ *

4690 €

Stereo 4 Band EQ, All-Tube Design It is designed to be a fundamentally different EQ but incorporates the best strengths of Pultecs, choice console EQs, parametrics and graphics. REC0000460-000

SPL M/S Master

1449€ *

1255 €

The M/S Master allows a fully adjustable separation of stereo L/R signals (X/Y) into middle/side signals (M/S). M/S separation and positioning, as well as the stereo image, are defined by the Balance and Level knobs, while a switchable frequency filter for the Side signal controls the lower frequencies and the room ambience. REC0007621-000

1799 €

Slate Pro Audio Dragon

Drawmer S3


975 €

539 €

The Stereo Vitalizer Mk2 is the next generation of Stereo Vitalizer in which SPL have translated the customers‘ wishes and demands using our latest knowledge of the Vitalizer-filter network. The result is a totally new circuit design which adds new filters and controls to the existing parameters to fulfil the demands of the rapidly changing recording industry. It is designed for mastering, post production work and sound reinforcement. REC0000731-000

SPL Transpressor

1083€ *

Chandler TG1

4532€ *

3689 €

Stereo Compressor/Limiter The Chandler Limited TG1 Abbey Road Special Edition is a recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late 60‘s. The TG Limiter was originally designed to be like the Fairchild 660/670 which was loved by many EMI engineers, including Geoff Emerick, but ended up with a very special sound all its own. These rare pieces were never commercially available and only EMI owned studios had access to them. REC0003622-000

Tube-Tech SMC-2B Stereo Compressor

3889 € 4106


The TUBE-TECH SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor features three independent optical stereo compressors. The signal is divided into three bands (Low, Mid & High) by 6 dB/octave x-over networks with variable frequencies: 60-1200 Hz for Low/Mid band and 1,2-6 kHz for the Mid/High band. REC0002194-000

PROF. REC. - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

629€ * AVALON U5 „Black“

535 €

The U5 high-voltage DI-preamp combines a unique passive tone selector with a variable gain preamp and filter. The high input impedance accepts a wide variety of signal levels and instruments from acoustic guitars to high-output active bass guitars and keyboards. The U5 direct box is loaded with sonic character and user features professionals demand. REC0008110-000 Also available in silver: REC0001587-000

1709€ * AVALON M 5

1439 €

The Avalon M5 Pure Class A microphone preamplifier is the most musical, low noise full function preamplifier available today. Designed to optimize absolute signal integrity and musical performance, the M5 combines an advanced transformer input stage with twin high performance Class A cascode FET and bipolar discrete amplifiers for sonic excellence. The M5 is ideal for vocal and acoustic instruments, active DI input for the direct recording of bass, guitars and keyboards. The M5 comes with a mic input and a high-Z input in a 9,5” rugged steel case. Gain range input is +64dB in 2dB steps. REC0001586-000

AVALON VT 737B Black Edition

The Avalon VT-737SP features a combination of TUBE preamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space. High quality tube preamp ( 3 inputs: Mic/Line/Instrument) with 4 vacuum tubes, opto compressor with direct signals and 4-band sweep EQ. One of the best voice channels. REC0006328-000 Also available in silver: REC0000474-000

2085 €


Stereo Class-A Optocompressor Very soft and smoothe 6-band program EQ. For preparation of signals of stereo busses, stereo keyboards and mastering - Stereo opto compressor with spectral control/6-band passive EQ, PRE and POST switcheable/TSP twin signal path/60dB stereo output meter in high definition/Input headroom with +36dB/Spectral sidechain/Noise level at –92dB/Completely symmetric. REC0001504-000

2629€ *

Avalon AD 2022

2245 €

Microphone Preamplifiers The AD2022 is Avalon‘s fourth generation of fully discrete, symmetrical Pure Class A microphone preamplifiers. The dual mono AD2022 includes the original sonic capabilities and transparency of the M2, M22 and M5 preamplifiers plus several additional features, including selectable microphone source loading for optimized cable/mic matching, improved high-voltage Class A regulated power supplies, two high Z instrument inputs, variable-passive high pass filter, teflon/silver wiring and doubled plated circuit boards for superior low level signal transfer. REC0001588-000

2659 €


Opto-Compressor Transparent and with noise reduction, includes adjusteable attack and release, sidechain for ulitmative control of soft compression up to hard limiting • Dual mono or stereo/Low noise –96dB/Huge headroom +30dB/Threshold, ratio, attack and release adjusteable/Completely symmetric/Includes external power supply. REC0000476-000

3219€ *

2659 €


4-Band EQ AD 2055 combines Class A technique with high quality passive and active filters. Hugge headroom, high frequency range, very low noise leves. Precise filters, very natura´l sound. - 4-band EQ/Dual Mono/Controllable midsvia frequency and gain/Low and high switcheable via frequency and gain/Completely symmetric. REC0000475-000

4279€ *

3595 €


Mastering EQ The AD2077 mastering equalizer is an ultraistic design optimizing absolute signal integrity. Design features include 100% discrete pure class A signal amplifiers, state-of-the-art passive and active filter topologies and a DC coupled minimalist signal path. These unique designs offer the professional mastering engineer alternate tone selections in both filter domains while delivering the highest resolution and wide dynamic range with very low noise. Custom gold rotary switches give accuracy in 0.5dB, 1dB and 2dB steps. 104 switched frequencies per channel with X I0 range selectors provide frequency selections from 12Hz to 25kHz at 1/4 octave intervals. The Avalon AD2077 mastering equalizer is the most musically transparent analog EQ available today! REC0002234-000

13369€ *

10949 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



2429€ *



w!! N Neew 1999 €

Universal Audio 4-710d

Four-Channel Tone-Blending Mic Preamp with Dynamics The Universal Audio 4-710d is a boutique quality, four-channel microphone/line preamplifier with unique tube and solid-state tone blending capabilities — perfect for a wide range of microphone and instrument sources. This versatile multi-channel preamp offers selectable 1176-style compression circuitry on each channel, plus four additional line inputs feeding eight channels of pristine analogto-digital conversion. Building upon UA’s classic analog design approach, combined with smart modern features, the 4-710d is the most flexible preamp in the UA lineup. At the core of the 4-710d are four channels of tone-blending “Twin-Finity” mic preamps with true-bypass 1176-style compression, including specially tuned „fast“ and „slow“ settings. Each of the four mic preamp channels allows for continuously variable phase-aligned tone, between a 100% tube and 100% solid-state signal path. Send and return jacks are available for external processing or signal access. The eight analog inputs are digitized via ultra high-quality 24-bit A/D converters at selectable sample rates up to 192 kHz. Digital output is available via dual ADAT “lightpipe” or AES/EBU DB-25 connectors, facilitating integration with most popular audio interfaces. REC0008274-000

Universal Audio 6176

2399 €

Channelstrip Advances in digital recording technology are providing users with tremendous power and flexibility for increasingly less money. All too often, however, the audio quality of these systems is limited by their input stages. Many users who demand the power and flexibility of today‘s recording technology find themselves yearning for the warmth and tone of yesteryear‘s handbuilt analog circuitry. Now with the release of the 6176, Universal Audio, for the first time, combines their highly acclaimed 610 tube microphone preamp with their legendary 1176LN compressor to create the ultimate single channel signal path for everything from vocals to vibraphones. REC0002547-000

1599 €

Universal Audio LA-610 MKII Classic Tube Recording Channel

The LA-610 defined the affordable, ultimate vintage tone channel strip. So how can UA improve on tonal perfection and what was already a hit product? Enter the sequel... LA-610 Mk II, a second-generation revamp of the original 2005 LA-610 design. While the preamp and compressor are identical to the original LA-610 that users have come to know and love, user-requested features such as true compressor bypass, larger metering, improved output signal, an autosensing power supply have been added bringing the end user an enhanced user experience. The LA-610 Mk II also features the highly popular “black on black” cosmetics of the LA-610 Signature Edition. REC0006508-000

2749 €

2099 €

Teletronix Compressor/Limiter Universal Audio now announces the rebirth of the Teletronix LA-2A, a Universal Audio Classics product. Painstaking care has been taken to ensure that every new LA-2A provides the performance and characteristics of the original. Each unit is hand built, each component carefully evaluated for authenticity. No expense has been spared to guarantee that this LA-2A will bring that classic sound to your recording. Features: True to the original in design, manufacturing and performance • Lag free, distortion free optical attenuator system • Distortion less than 0.5% THD • 0 to 40 dB gain limiting • Balanced stereo interconnection • Frequency response 1 dB, 30 to 15,000 cps • Output level of 10 dBm and 40 dB gain • Low noise - less than 70 dB below +10 dBm output REC0001877-000

Dual Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier The Universal Audio 2-610S is based on the legendary Universal Audio 610 modular console. Designed by Bill Putnam, the Universal Audio 610 was among the first modular recording consoles. Early Universal Audio consoles were used in all of Putnam‘s studios including Universal Recording in Chicago and United/Western in Los Angeles. Many prominent engineers such as Bruce Swedien began their careers in these studios with this classic rotary knob console. The 610 was particularly well noted for its preamplifi er, and has left its mark on countless classic recordings from Frank Sinatra to Van Halen, to the seminal Brian Wilson recording, Pet Sounds. REC0005305-000

Universal Audio LA-2A

Universal Audio 2-610S

Universal Audio SOLO/610

Universal Audio 2-1176 Stereo Compressor

1-CH Tube Mic/Line Preamp The SOLO/610 delivers the classic Putnam 610 console sound to the single channel format in a rugged, highly versatile form factor. The all-tube SOLO/610 provides the silky vintage warmth of the original UA 610 console used by artists ranging from Sinatra to Van Halen. It will flatter the cheapest to the most esoteric microphone with its signature sound. Unlike stationary rack gear, the SOLO/610 can be conveniently used in the control room or recording room, on stage or desktop, due to its portable „go anywhere“ design. Functionally lean but sonically mean, the SOLO/610 was carefully created to maintain all of the character of its vintage predecessor REC0004133-000

2799 €

The 2-1176 builds from the circuit design of UA’s hugely successful 6176 Channel Strip and combines two 1176 channels from that unit-- an uncompromising design, with all the same components- stereo matched to boot! Features: • Sound and Features of the Original 1176LN • Classic Custom 1176LN Output Transformers • Stereo or Dual Mono Operation • Totally Independent Compression and Gain Controls in Dual Mono Mode • Matched FETs and Output Transformers • Rack Space Convenience of Two 1176s in a 2U Rack Design REC0003202-000

799 €

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JoeMeek oneQ

829€ *

712 €

1-Channel Channelstrip The JoeMeek oneQ is packed with everything you need for a perfect recording: micpre, opto-compressor, enhancer, de-esser, 4-band eq and digital out. The ideal frontend! Features: • 19“ 2U Channelstrip • digital ot (opt. and koax.) • Wordclock in/out • MicPre • Opto-Compressor • 4-band EQ with semi-par. mids • De-Esser • Enhancer • VU Meter • Mic/Line/Instrument Input • P48 V, Iron, Pad, Line, HPF and Phasereverse switchable REC0008247-000

JoeMeek threeQ

289€ *

199 €

1-Channel Channelstrip The JoeMeek threeQ offers everything you expect from a professional channelstrip in a compact 9,5“ box: mic-pre, opto-compressor and a 3-band eq. Perfect for homerecording and live-applications. Features: • micpre • opto-compressor • 3-band EQ • VU meter • mic/line inputs • +48V phantom power • 1.2kohm/20kohm input impedances (mic/line) • 0dB to 60dB pre-amp gain range • 10Hz to 70kHz frequency response (-3dB) • +19.5dBu/+44.5dBu maximum input before clipping (mic/line) • +4dBu/-10dBv switchable nominal output level • 12V ac mains adaptor REC0008246-000

359€ *

PreSonus Studio Channel

299 €

The Studio Channel is a professional channel strip combining Class A tube preamplifier, VCA-based compressor and three-band parametric equalizer perfect for the professional and project studio. Great for all types of microphones, instruments, keyboards and synths, the Studio Channel has the sonic power and flexibility to achieve any tone you can dream of – luscious in your face vocals, crystal clear acoustic guitars, fat solid bass guitar, dynamic acoustic piano, cracking snare, punchy bass, huge MPC tracks and more. REC0006856-000

ART Voice Channel

The ART MPA Gold and Digital MPA professional Two-Channel microphone preamplifiers use differential input Class-A two-channel tube microphone preamp design with variable input impedance and selectable tube plate voltage to create the most versatile high performance microphone preamplifiers in their class. They deliver unmatched warmth, presence and clarity and in the case of the Digital MPA, the added convenience of direct digital output. REC0005884-000

795€ *

595 €

TLA Ebony A-3

1070€ *

699€ *

SPL Track One

699 € 645 €

Channel Strip 1HU 19“ The new model 2960 brought a facelift to one of our best-selling products. Now the new SPL design represents the common origin of our channel strips Frontliner, Channel One and Track One. However, technically we did not change anything to continue with tried and tested quality. The Track One is a complete mono channel strip with a very attractive price/performacne ratio. It is a perfect tool for the fast and safe recording of voices and instruments and especially popular in the German broadcasting industry. The Track One meets highest demands in sound quality and reliability and covers an unlimited application range from studio over live to post production applications. REC0006819-000

SPL Channel One

The new model 2950 brought a facelift to one of our best-selling products. Now the new SPL design represents the common origin of our channel strips Frontliner, Channel One and Track One. However, technically we did not change anything to continue the success of the Channel One with tried and tested quality. The Channel One comes with all tools onboard for recording voices, instruments and digital or analog audio sources with the highest sound quality. REC0006818-000

1099€ *

SPL Frontliner

999 €

With the finest ingredients from SPL, the new flagship of SPL‘s channel strips establishes the basis for world-class recordings – and each of its particular processing stages can be inserted into studio environments or DAWs like analog plug-ins! The brand-new Frontliner has all tools on board to record vocals and instruments in perfect quality. Positioned even above our bestseller Channel One, it merges preamp, de-esser, EQ and compressor. REC0006817-000

1599€ *

1499 €

2620€ *

2590 €

w!! N Neew API The Channel Strip

MicPre,EQ, Comp, Line Driver The Channel Strip is a complete input module with mic pre, dynamics processing, precision EQ and output level control. With extensive signal metering, multiple balanced insert points and an output mute switch, The Channel Strip contains the best features of a large console input channel in a single rack space. It‘s the perfect choice for anyone looking for that high-performance API console sound. The result of thoughtful engineering, The Channel Strip includes everything needed to record an audio signal. It all starts with the famed 512c Mic Preamplifier, which includes the benefit of additional Mic, Line or Instrument input switching. Next is the 527 multi-mode Compressor with fully adjustable Threshold, Attack, Release, and Ratio controls on detented pots. The patented THRUST® circuit in the 527 gives your track the „in-your-face“ punch that has made this circuit an award winner. Also included in The Channel Strip is probably the most recognized and revered API EQ of all time, the 550A three-band Equalizer with its switchable frequencies and 12dB of boost or cut. REC0008600-000

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Discrete Class A and Tube Mono Channel Strip Hand assembled in England to the highest standards, the Ebony uses stylish, quality chrome knobs together with a high gloss black finish to make the exterior look just as smooth as the circuits sound. REC0005790-000


w!! N Neew 30 € 58 €*

Fame MIC-10

Focusrite ISA One analog

489 €

565€ *

Mic/Line PreAmp / DI The ‘ISA One’ microphone pre-amplifier delivers Focusrite‘s prestigious ISA transformer-based preamp in a rugged and portable chassis, at a groundbreaking price. ISA One features the classic vintage microphone pre-amplifier topology from the original ISA110 module, including the Lundahl L1538 transformer and bespoke zobel network. The original 110 pre amp formed the cornerstone of each channel of Focusrite‘s legendary Forte console. The pr e-amp is complemented by a line input (XLR and TRS Jack) and an independent D.I. channel, complete with dedicated gain control, active or passive impedance switch, a TRS Jack output for routing to an amp and an independent XLR output on the rear. A variable impedance circuit has been added, allowing the user to switch between four carefully selected input impedance settings. REC0005875-000

Focusrite ISA One digital REC0007851-000

819€ *

725 €

Microphone PreAmp Finally a cost efficient, but still high quality solution for ambitious “Home Recorders”: The Fame MIC 10 delivers all the technical features of professional products and transfers the sound signals of the connected microphone without any audible loss. Making the MIC 100 the perfect partner for various applications. Whether connecting a condenser microphone to a PC sound card, or sophisticated analyzer applications. Thanks to the 48V Phantom power and the noise and distortion free amplification, the MIC 100 always delivers the best results. The additionally built in 3.5 mm jack output is suited for home studio set ups with conventional PC sound cards. An additional high-pass filter reliably eliminates unwanted impact noise, while the Gain-LED monitors the input level. REC0007048-000

True Systems P Solo

Mic Preamp The True Systems P-SOLO is a single-channel microphone preamp designed primarily for small recording studios on a budget. Priced at around $600 retail, this preamp is a robust addition to any studio looking to upgrade their microphone preamps for even more detailed recording. Priced right in a stylish package, the P-SOLO is a small investment for a huge upgrade in sound quality from stock preamps. REC0006313-000

749€ *

875€ *

699 €

True Systems P Solo Ribbon Mic Preamp REC0006314-000

799€ *

755 €

Daking Mic-Pre One

Used to be, engineers on a budget had to purchase a Daking Mic Pre IV, separate the individual channels using a bandsaw and sell the three unused channels for a significant loss on eBay. Such gear-rending has been rendered unneccesary by the new Mic Pre One, which does for Daking Mic Pres what Kraft Singles did for Cheese. Featuring the same gain structure, class „A“ electronics and „fully-discrete transistor“ circuitry of the Mic Pre IV, the „One“ also mimics the bigger unit‘s switching options: switchable phase, 20 dB mic input pad and +48V phantom power, plus a selectable 1/4-inch line / hi-z instrument input. REC0006307-000

749 €

Great River ME-1NV

Behringer MIC 100 Ultragain

The TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC100 is a vacuum tube mic/line preamplifier with integrated limiter for studio, live and hard disk recording applications. It features a carefully selected 12AX7 vacuum tube with UTC technology for exceptional warmth and lowest noise. Thus, the MIC100 can be used to eliminate the „dull“ sound of standard digital recorders and sound cards. REC0002535-000

1199 €

1612€ *


32 € 58

MIC 200 Tube Ultragain REC0002977-000

74€ *


38 €

ART Tube MP Studio V3

The Tube MP Studio V3 delivers warmth and fatness to any audio source while maintaining an exceptionally low-noise signal path. While its primary function is as a microphone preamp with +48V phantom power, variable gain and phase reverse switching, the Tube MP is also an exceptionally versatile tube driven direct box for any instrument source. REC0002070-000

115€ 334

Single Channel Preamp Classic 70s Vintage Circuit The ME-1NV (single channel mic preamp) greatly modernizes and improves classic British design. This desktop (and rackable) preamp offers the same definitive sonic fidelity and expert craftsmanship as all Great River products, with the ability to fine-tune gain effects like 1970‘s-era 1073‘s. Transparency and vintage harmonic structure are both achieved with NV-Series preamps. REC0005541-000


85 €

Studio Projects VTB1

144€ *

118 €

Single-Channel Tube Blend Mic Preamp The Studio Projects VTB1 offers unbelievable sound for a small price! With the ‚tube-blend‘ knob you can blend over between the crisp solid state sound and the warmer and smoother tube sound. Great preamp! REC0008262-000

99 € 139 €*

Presonus Tube Pre

The TubePRE is the highest quality vacuum tube preamp in its class. Loaded with PreSonus award winning dual servo preamplifier, the TubePre affordably delivers low noise tube warmth for vocals, guitars, bass guitars, synths and sound modules. The TubePre noticeably outperforms preamps in low cost mixers and recording interfaces making it an easy choice for anyone desiring to enhance their recordings with the magic of tubes. REC0002363-000

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121€ *

85 €

1349€ * SSL XLogic Alpha VHD Pre

1190 €

Ultra-clean, high-grade mic preamps with line and instrument level switching. Four independent Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) circuits (from the accalimed Duality console) introduce a blendable mix of 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion to your source material, taking it from gentle valve-style warmth through to trashy transistoresque grunge. REC0005481-000

Prodigy Engineering Anima

6687€ *

4999 €

8-Channel Preamp, Remote Controllable The Anima from Prodigy Engineering is not just another vintage clone. It is a convincing and discrete pre-amplification system with an impressive design and high-end workmanship, which guarantees a unique sound. A highlight is certainly the „Digi Pre“ Plug-In. It lets you remote control the pre-amp directly via Pro Tools or the included Mac OS X software. REC0008598-000

Focusrite ISA 428 MKII

1699€ *

1495 €

The ISA428 MkII provides four of Focusrite’s prestigious transformer-based microphone preamps. It features the same classic circuitry and renowned audio quality found in the original at a new level of affordability. With selectable input impedance, direct instrument inputs and an optional eight channels of high-quality analogue to digital conversion, the ISA428 MkII creates the perfect front end for the discerning recording professional. REC0008099-000

Focusrite ISA 828

2639€ *

2349 €

Every channel of the Focusrite ISA 828 has the classic mic preamps of the legendary Focusrite Forte mixers, wich is for many engineers the best console ever! Utilized are the ISA 110 modules of the console, together with the original Lundahl LL1538 transformer and the custom build Zobel network. REC0005680-000

Focusrite OctoPre MKII Dynamic

629€ *

ART TubeOcto 8

799€ *

True System Precision 8i

3190 €

8-ch. Mic Preamp The Precision 8i is the international version of the acclaimed Precision 8, designed to provide the detailed, transparent sonic performance necessary for the highest quality direct tracking and live sound applications, throughout the world. Like its USA version, the i includes a unique combination of features which make it useful as a complete input system for MDM‘s, HDR‘s, and DAW‘s, while offering a reliable solution for international power demands. REC0006537-000

Focusrite Octopre MKII

multi-channel mic-pre Combining award-winning Saffire PRO pre-amps with high quality digital conversion and JetPLL™ jitter elimination technology, OctoPre MkII is the best sounding multi-channel mic-pre in its class. The digital output allows users to make the most of often-neglected ADAT inputs; ideal for expanding the number of mic-pres for interfaces such as the Saffire PRO 24. REC0007181-000

649 €

8 Cannel MIC preamp with ADAT The ART TubeOpto 8™ is the ideal Eight Channel input / output expander for any ADAT lit-pipe equipped audio interface, direct-to-disc recorder or DAW. Eight high quality second generation discrete Class–A vacuum tube microphone preamps are packaged in a single rack space unit with eight channel 24-bit digital I/O. REC0007525-000

Audient ASP008

1333€ *

999 €

1928€ *

1299 €

8-Kanal Mikrofonvorverstärker The ASP008 is a compact, 1U rack mount unit featuring eight ultra high quality mic preamplifiers developed from the renowned mic-pre design used in the acclaimed ASP8024 recording console. Each Mic amp also features switchable input impedance, allowing the user to explore the subtle variations in microphone character that are determined by output termination. REC0003186-000

Audient ASP008 ADAT AES With AES/ADAT Out REC0003184-000

499€ * Presonus DigiMax D8

333 €

8-CH Mic Preamp, ADAT-OUT The DigiMax D8 is an 8 channel preamplifier featuring 8 award-winning class A XMAX mic preamps with 24-bit ADAT digital output. All eight preamps include variable trim control, 48V phantom power, ultra-fast acting LED metering and 20 dB pad. In addition, 2 instrument inputs are located on the front panel for direct Hi-Z instrument input. Balanced TRS direct analog outputs are located on the rear panel for routing and flexibility. The DigiMax D8 also includes word clock sync input for ultra-low jitter and robust synchronization. REC0005992-000

Presonus DigiMAX FS

729€ *

569 €

8 Class-A microphone preamps The DigiMax FS is an eight-channel microphone preamplifier, with 24-bit/96k ADAT dual SMUX I/O and word clock I/O. Loaded with direct outputs and inserts on every channel, the DIGIMAX FS is the perfect hardware expansion for your FireStudio or any digital recording system with optical lightpipe expansion capability including DigiDesign’s HD and 002 systems, RME, YAMAHA, Alesis, Mackie and many others. REC0004290-000

261€ * 3330€ *

599 €

8-channel Mic/Line/Dynamic PreAmp With eight channels of Focusrite pre-amplification and a built-in 24-bit / 96 kHz ADAT output, OctoPre MkII is Focusrite’s powerful input upgrade for your Pro Tools system, or any digital audio workstation. It’s also a great expansion for any analog or digital console, or hard disk recorder. REC0007182-000

Behringer ADA 8000 Ultragain Pro-8

179 €

The ULTRAGAIN PRO-8 DIGITAL ADA8000 is an 8-channel 24Bit/48kHz A/D- D/A-interface with 8 Mic/ Line preamps and phantom power. On a 19“, and one unit, it offers the possibility directly connect analog audio signals with digital multitrack recorders or similar over an ADAT®-interface. This can also work the other way around. REC0002567-000

399 € 449 €*

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Behringer Ultragain Mic 2200

2-Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier/Line Driver/DI Box The MIC2200 is the ideal extension to your console, MIDI setup or hard disk recording system. Its integrated parametric EQ’s give you extra sound-shaping power, while its built-in tube adds warmth and transparency to your signal. In addition, the ULTRAGAIN PRO features direct injection and level conversion functionality. PAH0000101-000


Apogee Symphony I/O Base Unit

1599 €

1695€ *

Symphony I/O builds upon the award-winning design approaches of Apogee´s X-Series* and Rosetta Series converters*, the Big Ben master clock and the Trak2 mic preamps. It also refines and updates these proven designs with fewer but more advanced components while optimizing their performance with efficient power distribution. These enhancements allow audio to travel through less circuitry, offering lower converter latency, more accurate clocking and even more transparency and clarity in your recordings. PCM0010093-000

1899 €

Apogee 1995€ * Symphony I/O Module 16 analog In + 16 optical Out

The Magic is in the Modules. The I/O Modules are the sound and soul of Symphony I/O, and represent 25 years of Apogee R&D and design excellence. These powerful Modules deliver Apogee´s core competency, superior sounding digital audio recording. With 5 available I/O Modules, you can choose from standard configurations or customize the following: channel count, analog to digital input, digital to analog output, mic preamps and digital I/O. You compose your Symphony I/O. PCM0010097-000

1899 €

Apogee 1995€ * Symphony I/O Module 16 analog Out + 16 optical In PCM0010098-000

1199 €

Ferrofish A 16 MK-II

1845 €

2099€ *

SSL Logic Alpha Link MADI AX

Professional MADI to ADAT & AD DA converter Featuring up to 64 channels of digital MADI I/O at 48kHz (or 32 channels at 96kHz), 24 ADAT Lightpipe digital inputs and outputs at up to 48kHz (12 ADAT Lightpipe digital inputs and outputs at up to 96kHz), 24 analogue I/O and much more, the Alpha link MADI AX delivers a dependable, versatile, high quality MADI Interface to ADAT Lightpipe based conversion solution. PCM0007192-000

1399€ *

Sonic Core Ferrofish A16 Mk-II 32 Channel AD/DA Converter Details The A16 ultra from Sonic Core (Creamware) now has a worthy successor: In cooperation with Sonic Core, Ferrofish created a state-of-the-art 2 x 16 channel AD/DA converter, that leaves nothing to be desired, and is unique concerning quality and features. Besides improving the excellent audio performance of the A16 ultra even more they also added some exciting features. For example, the two TFT displays make configuration and control a breeze, and with the new MADI interface its easy to attach it to your other professional equipment. Features: • 16 x in, 16 x out, balanced jacks • 24 bit AKM converters, 32kHz – 192kHz • Input-gain and outputlevels individually adjustable for each channel • optical MADI interface (incl. MIDI over MADI) • two ADAT interfaces for 16 channels at 48kHz • ADAT and MADI support S/MUXup to 192kHz • Wordclock I/O via BNC • MIDI In/Out/Thru ffor complete remote control via MIDI • crossbar function • detailed status display for monitoring all inputs • keyboard lock • remote control via PC software PCM0010443-000

1239 €

1344€ *

RME Octamic II Digital

8 channel preamp The OctaMic II provides 8-Channel 192 kHz / 24 bit AD conversion with eight hi-class microphone and line pre-amplification channels, featuring a combination of sophisticated components and approved RME technology. REC0005684-000

RME Quadmic

4 Channel Pramp Features from the RME QuadMic: 4 x Mic Preamp Input (XLR/TRS Combo) 4 x Line Output optional battery powered operation PCM0002738-000


359 €

440€ *

3798 € RME Micstasy

4421€ *

8-Channel hi-end mic/line preamp Micstasy is an 8-Channel hi-end mic/line preamp and AD-converter combining typical RME features with a number of previously unseen features. It can be used analog (Mic/Line In to Line Out) and digital (Mic/Line In to Digital Out), with both signal paths operating simultaneously. Special highlight: the device is fully remote-controllable via MIDI (also MIDI over MADI). REC0004748-000

MAC- PRO AUDIO -EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


RME‘s M-16 / M-32 AD is a 16/-32-channel high-end AD converter, easy to operate yet having a comprehensive feature set. The unit combines excellent analog circuit design with the latest converter chips and RME‘s superior SteadyClock, resulting in a state-of-the-art AD conversion - 32 times! The unit‘s unique set of features includes analog limiters, three hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu, MADI and ADAT I/O up to 192 kHz, 6.3 mm TRS and D-sub inputs, remote control via MIDI, and operation across a wide range of mains voltages, all packed into a 2U enclosure. PCM0008847-000 M-16 AD

2995 € RME ADI-2

PCM0008845-000 M-32 AD

4195 € 2995 € 598 €

665€ *

1249 € 1416€


8-chanal universal format and sample rate converter The ADI-192 DD is the successor to the highly successful ADI-8 DD. The completely re-engineered device was designed to be the most powerful format and sample rate converter ever. Hence the ADI-192 DD not only features considerable improvements compared to the ADI-8 DD, but also adds a number of new and unique features. REC0003772-000

995 € Antelope Isochrone DA

PCM0008846-000 M-32 DA

PCM0008848-000 M-16DA

Stereo High End Converter The ADI-2 is a both compact and extremely flexible 2-Channel Hi-End AD/DA-converter. The small 9.5“ unit offers top notch AD/DA-conversion from/to SPDIF, AES and ADAT, at up to 192 kHz. Its ability to use SPDIF, AES and ADAT format provides outstanding compatibility. Whatever it is - simply get connected! Key features of this extraordinary flexible converter are balanced inputs and outputs, monitoring via headphone out, SteadyClock for optimal converter quality, 3-stage hardware input and output level control, and its capability to run on a wide range of power supplie. PCM0003451-000


RME M-16 DA / M-32 DA

RME‘s M-16 DA is a 16-channel high-end DA converter, easy to operate yet having a comprehensive feature set. The unit combines excellent analog circuit design with the latest converter chips and RME‘s superior SteadyClock, resulting in a state-of-the-art DA conversion - not less than 32 times! The M-16 DA extends RME‘s MADI line with multichannel conversion in reference quality - at an unbeatable price/performance ratio!

4195 € 598 €



* AES to ADAT and ADAT to AES converter RMEs ADI-4 DD is a highly cost-efficient AES to ADAT and ADAT to AES converter. Support for up to 96 kHz and a built-in jitter suppression are just two of several outstanding features. The device basically consists of two converters: four AES-3 inputs to double ADAT outputs, and double ADAT inputs to four AES-3 outputs. The double ADAT ports enable full 8 channel support, from 32 kHz up to 96 kHz (S/ MUX). The unit provides one XLR I/O directly. A DB-25 connector allows for a use of industry standard AES-3 I/O breakout cables. Setting an internal connector easily changes the DB-25 connector to meet the pinout of Tascam (Digidesign), Yamaha and Euphonix cables. PCM0003353-000

2598 €


2725€ *

8-Channel hi-end AD/DA converter RME‘s ADI-8 QS is an 8-Channel hi-end AD/DA converter with an unrivalled bunch of features. The device combines excellent analog circuit design with outstanding low latency AD/DA converter chips of the latest generation. Along with the integrated SteadyClock, the QS offers an AD- and DA-conversion of the highest quality. . REC0004747-000

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1095€ *

The Isochrone DA is a new, unprecedented approach to clock distribution. As digital technology proliferates, clock distribution is more critical than ever, and the DA is the definitive solution. Designed to provide far more than clock distribution, the DA‘s unique regeneration technology will both synchronize the studio with unmatchable precision, and also make connected devices sound better than anyone thought possible. The Isochrone DA was created to benefit any studio, not just ones that need more clock outputs. PCM0009929-000

2295 € 1195 € Antelope Isochrone OCX

1295€ *

Antelope‘s Isochrone OCX emerges as the new quality standard in professional master clocks. A master clock is the heart of the digital studio, essential to maintaining stability and preserving sonic integrity. It is crucial that a master clock be flawless, and the Isochrone OCX exists to meet this need. Uncompromised design has created the most stable, best sounding master clock available. PCM0009930-000

Antelope Isochrone TRINITY

2495 €

In the fickle world of Audio & Video formats, the new Trinity will * be the Master Clock that stands out from the crowd for years to come, with the kind of features that other manufacturers can only aspire to. With dedicated functions and controls, The new Trinity is the best sounding and most versatile Master Clock available anywhere. There are unique features that are only available on the Trinity - such as Audio up to 384kHz, Varispeed, Nine completely independent generators, and a Triple display! Of course, all of this comes in an intuitive menu-free user interface, just as you would expect from Antelope. PCM0009932-000


2395€ *

Antelope Zodiac +

Whether you are a sound engineer orchestrating delicate mix or mastering sessions, an audiophile searching for superior sound, or simply monitoring a DAW at 192kHz, Zodiac+ is especially designed to cross-link these worlds and allow you to enter a new realm of detail and satisfaction with your musical creation or listening experience. PCM0009927-000

2695 € 2995€ *

Antelope Zodiac Gold

Zodiac Gold is an advanced digital audio converter engineered to deliver pristine audio with keenly articulated pitch and a spectacular soundstage. This unique sound is based on Antelope‘s 64-bit clocking technology used by the world´s top audio engineers. PCM0009928-000

Antelope Zodiac Gold + Voltikus HD PCM0010651-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!

3195 € 3495€ *



RME M-16 AD / M-32 AD


649 € 949 € 1299 €*

Steinberg MR816 and MR 816 CSX

With the MR816 CSX and the MR816 X, Steinberg introduces two high end Firewire interfaces with a potential far beyond the capabilities of traditional audio interfaces. Aside from flexible audio I/O options and DSP based onboard effects including the renowned REV-X reverb, the two devices also offer never before seen software integration. Together with Cubase they “melt” into a latency free recording and monitoring solution. Basically, the MR816 CSX and the MR816 X are the same device. The only small, but important, difference is the fact, that the MR816 CSX has a Sweet Sport Morphing channel strip. This DSP effect includes an innovative EQ and compressor and is provided 8 times in the MR816 CSX. All other features, among them converters, pre amps and I/Os are identical. The impressive REV-X DSP reverb is also built into both units.

Features: • True integrated monitoring: no latency, DSP based effects and complete Cubase control room support • comprehensive Cubase user interface integration • direct access to all settings in Cubase without external software mixer or other additional applications • 8 high quality analogue “D-Pre” mic preamps with combined XLR and TRS analogue inputs • switchable phantom power for every channel • ADAT and S/PDIF I/Os • real Plug&Play integration with simple routing of the inputs to Cubase channels via buttons on the hardware MR816 CSX: Up to 8 simultaneous DSP based onboard effects including compressor and EQ with “Sweet Spot Morphing” technology and REV-X reverb - direct access in Cubase while mixing. MR 816: Incl. DSP based onboard REV-X reverb - direct access in Cubase while mixing. MR816 X: PCM0007777-000 | MR816 CSX: PCM0007778-000

Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

Liquid Saffire 56 is Focusrite’s new flagship 24Bit/192KHz FireWire audio interface with 28 in- and outputs each. Also included are 6 established Focusrite mic preamps and 2 liquid preamps, which can simulate a multitude of vintage analog preamps. Onboard-DSP processing is also part of the Saffire 56, creating amazing routing options only achievable with a virtual mixer interface. Further available are features such as MIDI IN/OUT, S/PDIF IN/OUT, Word Clock and 2 ADAT IN/OUT for connecting or cascading of additional converters. PCM0008564-000

699 € 819 €*

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

The Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 represents the new generation of Focusrite multi-channel firewire audio interfaces. It features 8 inputs and 8 balanced analog outputs in renowned Focusrite quality, MIDI, S/PDIF and ADAT interfaces, on-board DSP mixer/router and a virtual mixing interface. This makes the PRO 40 the ideal studio interface. Features: • 24-Bit/96 kHz • 20 Inputs and 20 Outputs • FireWire/DSP-Hardware • 8 Mic-Preamps • 8 analog I/Os (2 Mic/Line/Instrument Combo XLR, 6 Mic/Line Combo XLR) • 8 ADAT I/O • 2x S/PDIF I/O • 2 Monitor Outs + 2 Loopback-In • Monitor controls• 2 headphone busses • Midi In/Midi Out • 2 Firewire-ports • Saffire PRO 40 Control Zero-latency DSP Mixer/Router • Construction: 19”, 1U • integrated AC adapter • incl. Plug-in Suite • Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 45 x 265 mm • Weight: 3 kg PCM0008272-000

469 €

529€ *

Focusrite Saffire Pro 14

249 € 593€ *

FireWire audio interface with 8 in- and 6 outputs and two Focusrite preamps. The audio interfaces of the Saffire series by Focusrite are not only popular and award winning, you can also find them in studios around the globe. The Focusrite audio quality is the right choice for every task and budget. Saffire Pro 14 is the smallest FireWire interface of the series. Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 has two award winning preamps with a number of in- and outputs combined with the latest control software for seamless integration, excellent routing flexibility and solid driver stability. Features: • two award winning Focusrite preamps in highest quality • the best sounding interface of this class • high quality 24Bit USB interface • low latency, JetPPL Jitter-Elimination technology • 4 balanced analogue inputs, mic/line/instrument, 6,3 mm jack & XLR, 24Bit/96 kHz • 4 balanced analogue outputs, 6,3 mm jack, 24Bit/96 kHz • S/PDIF in/output, coax., 24Bit/96 kHz (I/O 5+6) • software loop-back input in driver plus MIDI I/O • Saffire MixControl: DSP-mixer/router • Focusrite VST/AU PlugIn suite and Xcite+ software bundle PCM0010132-000

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

With its 16 inputs and 8 outputs, the Saffire PRO 24 is ideal for mobile recording and stationary studios. Compact and cearly laid out, it offers the legendary Focusrite sound quality as well as a number of analogue and digital in- and outputs of all common formats. The Mix Control software allows easy integration into every setup and has the right routing options for every session. Two exceptional Focusrite preamps will save you additional, expensive outboard equipment. The Focusrite plug in suite with Focusrite compression, reverb, gating and EQ. The extensive Xcite software package provides great sound & recording tools. Furthermore, the interface has an absolutely steady running driver. Features: • 24Bit/96kHz • 16 in- and 8 outputs • 2 Hi-Z instrument inputs• 2 high quality Focusrite microphone preamps • 8 analogue I/Os (2 mic/line/inst combo XLR, 6 line jack) • 1x ADAT/optical S/PDIF input • 1x headphone output • MIDI in/out • Firewire • 48v phantom power • Saffire mix control latency free DSP mixer/router • LED display on the front • Focusrite VST/AU plug in suite PCM0009017-000

289 € 339€ *

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Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP

359 € 429€ *


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The “Virtual Reference Monitoring” of the Focusrite Saffire 24 DSP, short VRM, is a DSP based monitoring system in this high-class audio interface. Recognized by its second headphone output, the Saffire Pro 24 DPS has all features of the Saffire Pro 24 with an additional DSP which allows you to send latency free monitor mixes though 10 different, virtual monitor box system - with 6 different positions! Additionally you can do A/B comparisons with consumer HiFi speaker systesm, PC monitors or TV speakers with different positions in normal rooms. The DSP also allows latency free hardware compression, EQ and reverb controlled via a special graphic mixing board. PCM0009134-000

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NEW €*

MOTU Audio Express Hybrid

Thanks to MOTU´s Hybrid interface technology, the Audio Express connects to any current Mac or PC via FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0. Connect your mic, guitar, keyboard, and digital input, and you are ready to make pro-quality recordings in your personal studio. PCM0010736-000


499 € 619€

* Turn your computer into a powerful digital audio workstation with eight mic inputs. Or add eight high-quality mic/instrument inputs to your current system. The 8pre FireWire audio interface delivers everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful 24-bit, 96kHz digital audio workstation. The 8pre provides eight microphone/instrument preamps with pristine 96kHz analog recording and playback, combined with 8 channels of ADAT optical digital I/O. Expand your system by connecting additional 8pres or other MOTU FireWire audio interfaces. PCM0006034-000

740 € MOTU Traveler MK3

954€ *

Engineered for high-end mobile recording applications, the Traveler-mk3 delivers four very high quality mic inputs, bus power, optional battery power and DSP-driven mixing and effects processing. The Traveler-mk3 provides eight channels of pristine 192 kHz analog recording and playback, combined with twenty channels of digital I/O in ADAT optical, AES/EBU and S/PDIF formats. Expand your system by connecting additional MOTU FireWire audio interfaces or the 8pre mic input expander. PCM0008504-000

494 € 599

MOTU 896 mk3

999 €

* The Ultralite-mk3 Hybrid is MOTU‘s most compact and versatile audio i nterface, featuring hybrid FireWire/USB2 connectivity to your Mac or Windows computer, on-board mixing and effects, superb sound and reliable performance. PCM0009540-000 Features: • Hybrid FireWire/USB2 connectivity • 6 analog Inputs on balanced 1/4“ TRS • 2 Mic/Hi-Z Inputs on XLR/ TRS combojack w/ digital gain • 8 Analog Out‘s on balanced 1/4“ TRS • 1 stereo headphones output • 1 S/PDIF I/O • 1 Mains Out on balanced 1/4“ TRS • 1 MIDI I/O • All analogue in- and outputs running up to 24Bit/192kHz • DSP Mixer w/ FX and low latency monitoring • CueMix FX software • Classic reverb • Analog EQ • Vintage compressor

The all new 896mk3 FireWire audio interface delivers high-end performance, superb sound, innovative new features and enhanced standard features that * remain unique. The 896mk3 provides eight channels of pristine 24-bit 192 kHz analog recording and playback, combined with sixteen channels of optical digital I/O, stereo AES/EBU, S/PDIF and separate analog main outs. Expand your system by connecting the 8pre mic input expander or other MOTU audio interfaces. The 896mk3 is equally well-suited for studio and stage, with or without a computer. As an interface or standalone mixer, the 896mk3 provides 28 separate inputs and 32 separate outputs, including dedicated main outs on XLRs and two front panel headphone outs. PCM0008070-000


Motu 828 MK3 Hybrid

NEW 775 € 799€ *

The new MOTU 828mk3 provides flexible connectivity to any Mac or PC via FireWire or USB 2.0. Ten channels of 192 kHz analog recording and playback, sixteen channels of ADAT digital I/O and stereo S/PDIF enable to connect all of your studio gear, including microphones, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines and even effects processors. Expand your system by connecting additional MOTU audio interfaces or the 8pre mic input expander. The MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid is also predestined for live usage: After programming the on-board mixing in the studio, unplug the 828mk3 from the computer and take it on the road for operation as a stand-alone mixer with effects. All mixing and effects parameters are adjustable using the front panel backlit LCD. PCM0010555-000

1949 € 2099€ *

RME Fireface UFX 60

60 channels of audio! Digitally controlled high-end preamps, reference class converters and full 192 kHz operation. Ultra-low latency operation with USB and FireWire, combined with the legendary RME driver stability and maintenance. Including active jitter suppression, professional reference level support, advanced stand-alone functionality, RME‘s unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox, and - of course - nearly identical operation and features on Windows PC and Mac. PCM0010312-000

819 € 974€

RME Fireface 400

1159 € 1486€ *


The Fireface 400 is not the smaller brother of the Fireface 800, it is a completely new device. It is the only interface in its class with active jitter repression, complete stand alone capability and control directly on the device. Super flexible, analogue I/Os in professional quality and an unequalled 648 channel matrix router - and all that with up to 192kHz. PCM0005548-000

RME Fireface 800

The Fireface 800 is the world‘s most powerful FireWire audio interface ever. Up to 56 channels record/ playback, up to 192 kHz sample rate, and true FireWire 800 sum up to an unsurpassed high-end, high performance and high speed FireWire audio interface. Since the Fireface first shipped in July 2004, the unit became the reference for FireWire audio - and still is today! PCM0003546-000

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370 € 399

MOTU Ultralite-mk3 Hybrid


The next Generation Avid Mbox 3 Pro

Designed by the same engineering team behind, Avids top- of-the-line Pro Tools|HD systems, the Mbox Mini interface features advanced recording technology for exceptional quality. A premium analog signal path and high-performance converters deliver pristine 24-bit, 192kHz sound. Stringent testing standards ensure rock-solid performance in the most demanding environments. And of course, Mbox Mini is designed for ultra-tight integration with the included Pro Tools LE® software, which is based on the same platform trusted by professional musicians, engineers, and producers around the world. PCM0010184-000

649 € 910€ *

Avid Mbox 3 Pro + Pro Tools 9 incl. ProTools 9 PCM0010663-000

Features: • Includes Pro Tools LE software • Compatible with most major audio software (Pro Tools LE®, Logic, Live, Cubase, and more) • FireWire connection • Professional grade circuitry and converters deliver exceptional audio performance • Up to 24 bit, 192 kHz sample rates* • Soft clip limiter lets you track hot signals without clipping • providing a classic overdriven tape • saturation sound • Built in guitar tuner Onboard DSP offers flexible cue mixing and reverb effects • Assignable Pro Tools multifunction button on interface gives you fast access to software functions • Connect up to three pairs of monitors or do 5.1 surround mixing** • 8 x 8 simultaneous channels of I/O • 4 mic inputs with 48 V phantom power and high pass filter (2 XLR/DI combo, 2 XLR) • 4 1/4 TRS line inputs 2 unbalanced Alt line inputs (2 RCA, 1 mini 1/8) • 6 1/4Ë TRS balanced line outputs • 2 discrete 1/4 stereo headphone outputs with separate volume controls Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O • 1 MIDI input, 1 MIDI output • Word clock I/O • Monitor • control section with Mono, Mute, Dim, Alt Source, and Speaker A/B/C switching controls • Dedicated monitor volume knob

1149 € 1189€ *

Presonus FireStudio Tube

649 €

The FireStudio Tube is a complete 24-bit/96k professional FireWire recording system loaded with the perfect combination of inputs and outputs for bands, producers, musicians and engineers to produce commercial-quality recordings. PCM0007780-000

Presonus FireStudio 26

899€ *

598 €

The PreSonus FireStudio is the next generation in FireWire recording systems from PreSonus. Based on the award-winning Firepod, the FireStudio combines superior analog circuit design with new advanced platform technology to deliver enhanced performance for music recording and creation. PCM0005470-000

779€ *

249 € Presonus Firestudio Mobile

339€ *

Finally, a new-generation, studio-quality FireWire interface that you can use anywhere! The PreSonus FireStudio Mobile combines the superior analog-circuit design and advanced platform technology of our acclaimed FireStudio rack-mount interfaces with the ability to run on bus power in field applications. Now you can have enhanced audio performance for music recording and creation anywhere you can lug your laptop! Features: • The first mobile interface with PreSonus´ renowned studio-interface audio quality • Plug-and-play, high-speed FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394) • 24-bit resolution with 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz sampling rates Record/playback 10 inputs and 6 outputs • 2 XMAX PreSonus microphone/instrument preamplifiers with true 48V phantom power for condenser mics • 8 line inputs, 2 line outputs • Stereo S/PDIF and MIDI input/output Î DB9 break-out cable included • Zero-latency monitoring • Headphone output with gain control • Software router/mixer • Powered via FireWire bus or using included power supply Windows- (32- and 64-bit) and Macintosh-compatible • Universal Control control-panel software • DICE II Chipset - extremely efficient data transfer • JetPLL jitter-elimination technology Road-rugged construction • Shockproof, reinforced metal chassis • Silky-smooth, sealed rotary controls • Militarygrade circuit board • Chassis-mounted input/output sockets resist strain from jacks • Full shielding from external interference • Daisy-chainable with the PreSonus FireStudio family of products. PCM0009568-000


Presonus FireStudio lightpipe

544 €

The PreSonus FireStudio LightPipe is a 24-bit/96k ADAT light pipe to FireWire computer recording system for both PC and Macintosh computers. * The FireStudio LightPipe allows you to convert up to 32 channels of ADAT optical light pipe input/output to FireWire providing a multi-channel computer interface for digital mixers, AD/DA converters or ADAT recorders. FireStudio Lightpipe features JetPLL jitter elimination technology for ultra-tight synchronization and improved imaging and clarity along with a 34x4 DSP matrix mixer allowing you to create dual stereo latency monitor mixes. Fast-acting input/output LED meters are located on the front panel for quick and easy visual monitoring of all signals. PCM0007781-000

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383 € TC Impact Twin

446€ *

Impact Twin is a brand new, state of the art audio interface that features ground-breaking technology to ensure that the music you record sounds as good on the inside of your computer as it does on the outside. PCM0009626-000

187 € TC Desktop Konnekt 6

FireWire Audio Interface | Monitor Control Desktop Konnekt offers the same high quality recording features as the rest of the Konnekt line of interfaces, but in a desktop design that allows you to focus on performance rather than technology. Bundled with Cubase LE4 Desktop Konnekt has all the features you need to instantly record instruments and vocals into your Mac or PC. PCM0007616-000

Apogee Ensemble Firewire-Interf ace

1789 €

Apogee Ensemble, Apogee quality, Apple integration, very easy to use. * Ensemble is the first fully digitally controlled, professional audio interface for your Apple. Ensemble has 36 simultaneous audio channel, 8 of them with Apogees legendary AD/DA conversion, 4 digitally controlled 75dB microphone preamps, 8 channels ADAT I/O, 2 channels S/PDIF coax and optical and a FireWire interface for connection to your computer.


Furthermore, Ensemble provides high end Apogee technology like „Soft Limit“, „UV22HR“ and „Intelliclock“. These technologies combined with converters that have set standards, make Ensemble the first choice for pros who are looking for a high end, integrated audio solution that is super easy to use. Ensemble is the first and only multichannel audio interface that is completely integrated into Logic Pro. Everything from mic pre to the output level, the Bitrate, the sampling frequency, can be controlled via the Apogee Control Panel directly in Logic. Precise digital encoders allow adjusting the level or the microphone pre amplification directly on the device without having to use a mouse. PCM0005322-000

999 € TC Studio Konnekt 48

Apogee DUET

Duet is a portable audio interface that features the amazing sound quality that made Apogee Electronics famous. With control functions built directly into Apple´s Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro and GarageBand software, Duet empowers you to create professional recordings effortlessly. PCM0007228-000

Apogee DUET Carry Case Carry Case for Apogee Duet PCM0007481-000

5490 € Metric Halo ULN-8

5699€ *

Simply the best - of everything! Building upon the experience gained with the Mobile I/O 2882 and ULN-2, we set out to design an integrated product to literally provide the best performance in each of its component sections while still providing all of the benefits of tight integration in a single field-capable package. The ULN-8 is the result of that development program. PCM0009364-000

Metric Halo Mobile I/O ULN-2

419 € 495€ *

25 €

3699 € Metric Halo LIO-8

3799€ *

The LIO-8 is the mic-pre‘less version of the ULN-8. But this doesn‘t mean a limitation in future use. The microphone preamps can be user-upgraded in 4 channel boards to expand usability. Also the +DSP licence is optional too. Nevertheless the converters are the same exceptional models like in it‘s renowned big borther, the ULN-8. For all people without the need for mic pre amps and the +DSP licence the LIO-8 is a real bargain. PCM0009812-000

1595 €

1749 €

1685€ *

The ULN-2 Expanded is the result of a dream to create a piece of audio gear that provides unbelievable audio quality while at the same time offering a degree of mobility and convenience that until very recently was simply not possible. The successful integration of world-class analog stages, excellent A/D/A conversion, and the amazing digital mixing, routing and FireWire connectivity that has already made the Mobile I/O line famous, places the ULN-2 in a unique position among computer audio interfaces. The ULN-2 Expanded is a portable, highÍquality, modular FireWireÍbased multi-format audio converter, interface, and processor for professional audio applications. The ULN-2 is equipped with two balanced analog inputs on Neutrik combo connectors, two channels of Digital I/O (AES/EBU and S/PDIF), eight channels of ADAT optical I/O with switchable TOSLINK support, two balanced analog outputs (1/4“ TRS), two balanced monitor outputs for connecting directly to power amps and self powered monitors, as well as wordclock in/out and 2 IEEE 1394 FireWire connectors that support 400 Mbs operation. PCM0008149-000

1660€ *

Studio Konnekt 48 is the member of the FireWire powered Konnekt audio interface family offering the most comprehensive feature set that the world has ever seen in an audio interface. It is the most complete product TC Electronic has ever made, and it represents a milestone to the computer recording world. Studio Konnekt 48 offers a comprehensive array of professional features that make recording, mixing and monitoring a breeze. All essential recording tools are in one box including world-class DSP effects, a wealth of I/O options, speaker management and many other powerful tools to take your recordings to the next level. PCM0007196-000

1838€ *

Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882

The Granddaddy of them all, the 2882 just keeps getting better. A seminal piece of gear, the feature set of the 2882 represents a list of firsts in the industry. The 2882 was the first Mac-only FireWire interface on the market and was the first bus-powerable FireWire interface ever Î 7 years and counting! It is also the first (and only) FireWire interface to offer onboard fully instantiable DSP processing with our unique +DSP processing environment. The first 96k FireWire interface, and the first to feature digitally controlled analog stages, the 2882 has inspired an entire genre of gear. PCM0008150-000

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296€ *


199€ Tascam US-600 USB

6 audio inputs with 4 XLR mic preamps - the new US 600 USB. The time has come where Tascam covers every desired range of USB audio interfaces!

Tascam US 1800

With the US 1800, Tascam introduces a USB interface with 16 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs and MIDI at an incredible price. Drivers and ADDA converters have the well known Tascam quality. Great price-performance ratio!

Features: 6 audio inputs (4 analogue, 2 digital) 4 audio outputs • MIDI I/O • 24 Bit and 96 kHz • hardware monitoring • 4 mic preamps with switchable 48V phantom power • adjustable headphone and line output • Cubase LE 5 PCM0010589-000

Features: 16 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs as well as MIDI input and output • 8 microphone/line inputs with 48V phantom power and peak display • up to 96 kHz sampling rate at 24 Bit resolution • Steinberg Cubase LE 5 (Mac/PC) included. PCM0010399-000

339 € 369 €*

498 €

Tascam US-2000 USB

559€ *

The flagship among the Tascam USB 2.0 audio interfaces with 16 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, 8 of them as balanced microphone inputs with high quality preamps. This device won’t leave you asking for more!

Tascam US-200 USB

The brand new Tascam US-200 USB provides everything you need for a small production in a project studio or on the road. The two microphone preamps offer phantom power for professional condenser microphones as well as switchable high-impedance for the connection of instruments. Cubase LE 5 included. Features: 3 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs and MIDI I/O • 24 Bit and 96 kHz • latency free, analogue hardware monitoring • high quality microphone preamps with 48V • switchable instrument input • headphone output and line output • USB Bus-powered. PCM0010588-000

Features: 24 Bit, 96 kHz • S/PDIF digital input and output, switchable to AES/EBU • powerful headphone output • direct listening for latency free monitoring of the inputs • solid metal housing with aluminum front, etc. PCM0009410-000


Tascam US 122 MKII The US 122 MKII is one of the top selling 2 channel interfaces thanks to its great quality and reliability! A superb all-round interface for all recording applications.

139 €

Features: 2 XLR/line inputs with 48V phantom power • USB 2.0 and 1.1 • MIDI I/O • direct monitoring PCM0009321-000

185€ *

IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 + Stealth Plug

Powerful combination of guitar amp simulation software and a special guitar USB audio interface. Now at an incredible reduced price! Features: Amplitube 3 download full version: 160 models to choose from • authentic sound • Stealth Plug: USB audio interface with guitar input and headphone output PCM0010429-000

Tascam US-800 USB

The US-800 shows what range USB audio interfaces can have. 8 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, 6 microphone preamps with high-class AD converters at a sampling rate of 192 kHz at 24 Bit!

Miditech Audiolink II

Micro XLR input, line and instrument input as well as hardware reverb at a low price but great quality. Switchable 48V phantom power. The Audiolink II is great for every imaginable recording situation! Features: 16 Bit/48 kHz USB stereo interface • adjustable XLR mic preamp with 48V phantom power • Hi-Z (guitar/bass) and line switchable • adjustable hardware reverb • adjustable headphone output • signal and peak display PCM0009632-000

29 € 49€ *

45 €

Miditech Guitarface II USB

Small, cheap and with 2 switchable inputs; the Guitarface II is a compact partner for jamming and recording guitars, bass, microphone and line instruments. Ultra compact with comprehensive connection options! Features:„class compliant“ USB audio interface under Mac OS X, Windows XP, Vista 32/64 and Win 7 32/64 • ASIO drivers for Windows XP/Vista 32/Vista 64, Windows 7 32/64 • incl. PC software Magix Samplitude Silver 11 and IK Multimedia Amplitube X Gear. PCM0009704-000




355€ *

Features: 8 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs (2 analogue, 2 digital) as well as MIDI input and output • up to 192 kHz at 16/24 Bit resolution • built in DSP mixer • 2 microphone/line inputs with combo ports (XLR/jack) • 48V phantom power switchable for all microphone channels • 2 headphone outputs • Cubase LE 5 included. PCM0009676-000

59€ *

159 € 344

249 €

Miditech Audioface II

59 €

Fast ASIO drivers and cool design - the Audioface II. If you are looking for a simple interface, this is the one for you! Features: ASIO driver for all Windows systems of XP and up as download • „class compliant“ for Mac OS X, Windows XP, Vista 32/64 and Windows 7 32/64 PCM0009705-000

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USB AUDIO INTERFACES Focusrite Scarlett 18i6


Focusrite‘s new Scarlett USB 2.0 audio interface series comes in a cool, red housing and shines with professional converters and perfect sound quality with a great price-peformance ratio. The 18i6 is similar to the Saffire Pro 24 with the same converters and chipset. The differences are the different PLL clock, more I/Os and the USB 2.0 Bus instead of Firewire. Features: • 18 inputs (2 mic/line in, 6 line in, 8 Adat, 2 S/PDIF) • 6 outputs (2 analogue, 2 S/PDIF, 2 headphone) • MIDI I/O • 2 high quality mic preamps with 48v phantom power • microphone inputs switchable to Hi-Z for instruments (guitar, bass) • DSP low latency mixer for low latency monitoring (1,4ms) • incl. Scarlett VST/AU plug-in Suite and XCite software bundle PCM0010729-000

Focusrite Scarlett 8i6

The Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 is an 8 in/6 out USB 2.0 audio interface in well known Focusrite quality! Two award winning Focusrite preamps and other inputs are provided to be integrated into your studio environment via fast drivers and a large software package. Professional A/D & D/A converters with Jitter-Elimination technology in highest quality guarantee superb audio quality and reliable synchronization. The 2 internally routed software inputs can record 2 channels from every other software.


Features: • 8 inputs (2 mic/line in, 2 line in, 2 S/PDIF, 2 internal loopback) • 6 outputs (4 analogue, 2 S/ PDIF) • MIDI I/O • 2 high quality mic preamps with 48v phantom power • microphone inputs switchable to Hi-Z for instruments (guitar, bass) PCM0010730-000

Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 6

Features: • 6 in/6 out interface in solid metal housing • high end sound quality with the latest 24 Bit/96 kHz converters by Cirrus Logic • 2x mic/line/Hi-Z inputs (XLR combo port) with phantom power • 2x 6,3mm jack input with signal and clip LEDs • S/PDIF (stereo) • 4 outputs • MIDI I/O • incl. Cubase LE 5, Komplete Elements, Traktor LE 2 PCM0010135-000

The Komplete Audio 6 is a high end interface by Native Instruments for producers, DJs, songwriter, bands, live performers and everyone who is looking for a reliable companion in the audio I/O range. The latest generation of the Cirrus Logic converter make high end sound portable. The integrated microphone preamps allow recording with both studio condenser and dynamic stage microphones as well as guitar and bass instruments. You can also connect external line sources like keyboards or MP3 players, as well as digital sources via S/PDIF.

While supplies last!



89 €

Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ

NIs latest strike: The Audio 2 DJ is a compact USB 2.0 audio interface for the mobile DJ with the same converter quality of the bigger interfaces Audio 4 DJ and Audio 8 DJ. With the same compact dimensions of the Guitar Rig Mobile, the Audio 2 DJ has 2 stereo outputs and is therefore ideal for the mobile DJ who works with Traktor Duo or Traktor Pro. Keyboarders who work with a PC and virtual instruments will also love the Audio 2 DJ since it comes with Kore Player and a Kore Soundpack of your choice for great sounds to experiment with. Features: • 24Bit/96kHz, USB 2.0 • 2 stereo line/headphone level outputs • volume control per stereo channel • hi-gain outputs for optimum volume and punch sound PCM0009210-000

Apogee One

222 €

The Apogee One is the latest audio interface for Apple computers. Similar to the Apogee Duet, it provides a high end, 1-channel A/D conversion of a line, instrument or microphone signal (phantom power switchable). Furthermore, the Apogee ONE allows you to record in high quality with the built in condenser microphone. An ideal recording solution for the road, for creation of professional Podcasts or recording tool for your song ideas. With a size of just 117 x 57 x 27mm, it is sure to fit into every pocket. PCM0009100-000

179 € 189€ *

Focusrite Saffire 6 USB

Focusrites only USB interface to date has the same design as the Firewire audio interfaces. Equipped with 2 award winning Focusrite mic-preamps, this interface provides best quality for easy, highend USB recording. Incl. top software package: the Focusrite Plug-In Suite with compressor, reverb, gating and EQ VST/AU plug-ins, as well as the Xcite+ bundle, Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station and a Loopmasters sample library. PCM0009317-000

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150x SALE! 219 €

Roland UA-25 EX A great recording quality of 24 Bit/96 kHz, perfect drivers and all that in a solid aluminum housing make the UA 25 EX a topseller. The unique ground lift eliminates any unwanted noise. Features: High resolution 24 Bit/96 kHz power with pro grade microphone preamps • analogue on board compressor/limiter • two microphone preamps and XLR/ TRS combo ports with 48V phantom power • Hi-Z input • optical S/PDIF I/O • MIDI in/out PCM0009332-000

79 € 94

599 € 719€ *

Roland Octa-Capture


Roland Duo Capture

With 8 inputs, 8 outputs, 8 VS-preamps and incredible 24 Bit/ 192 kHz converters, the OctaCapture is the flagship of Rolands transportable USB 2.0 audio interfaces. One of the great features is the Auto-Sensing of the high quality VS-preamps for optimum level. This allows you to concentrate on other things during recording.

The new Duo Capture by Roland at a sensational, low entry level! A 2-channel USB audio interface, hence the name. It is aimed at musicians who are looking for a small, transportable interface to use their VST‘s on the road with low latency. The Duo Capture has two parallel headphone outputs.

Features: 8 in- and outputs, analogue • 8 premium VS-preamps (from the V-Studio 700 mixers) • stereo S/PDIF digital I/O • Auto-Sens automatically adjusts the level of the preamps • extremely stable VS streaming driver • four independent monitor mixes possible • rack mounting angles included • Cakewalk Production Plus pack included. PCM0010147-000

Features: Compact stereo audio interface with in and out • 2 headphone outputs • ASIO drivers with low latency • Cakewalk Sonar X1 LE PCM0010585-000


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289 € Roland V-Studio 20

349€ *

Guitar and vocal recordings - fast and easy! The allrounder for all guitarists and singers. Quick and easy comprehensive recordings with the hardware & software of the V-Studio 20. A built in guitar multieffect and the integrated microphone preamp with vocal effect supports the creative workflow. The included Cakewalk Guitar Track software can be controlled on the device! Features: Zero latency thanks to hardware FX-unit (PC only has to record and play audio) • built in stereo microphone for fast recording of song ideas • acoustic guitar and bass simulator • 25 Boss effects, 10 distortion modelings, 12 amp modelings + mastering effects • harmonist and pitch correction for microphone, etc. PCM0009789-000


559 € Roland V-Studio VS 100

665€ *

Thanks to its crossover features, the VS 100 can pretty much do it all! Aside from a DAW controller and an audio interface, the VS 100 also has a stand alone mode to allow recording and mixing without a computer on an internal SD card! No matter if live or at the rehearsal space, or even recording new tracks to an existing playback this interesting allrounder can do it all! Features: 8 in + mix / 6 out 24 Bit/96 kHz converter • two XLR mic preamps with 48V and input level control • two 6,3mm jack inputs • Hi-Z guitar input • ASIO, WDM, WASAPI and Core Audio support • standalone SD recorder • easy data transfer to a computer via USB • built in metronome PCM0008843-000

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·


The Tri-Capture is a new, easy to use USB interface in a mixer look for guitarists, singers and other musicians. In combination with the reliable Roland/Edirol drivers, you will get an interesting, high quality interface at a moderate price.

Price on request! Roland Quad-Capture

Features: XLR microphone input with phantom power, jack input with HI-Z switch for guitar • stereo AUX input with separate volume control • balanced jack outputs and headphone input with metering • Cakewalk Sonar X1 LE included. PCM0010586-000

The successor of the popular Cakewalk UA 25 EX: the Roland Quad Capture interface even looks similar to the US 25 EX CW. Two VS-Premium mic preamps and the same robust and compact design. If desired, the preamps automatically adjust the input level via the new „Auto-Sens“ function. It was never this easy to achieve a perfect recording! The innovative „ground lift“ switch is included as well! Features: • USB 2.0 audio interface in robust aluminum housing • 2 premium mic preamps with 48v phantom power, combo XLR port with 6,3 mm jack input, switchable to line • Auto-Sens - automatic input level adjustment • stereo line out • MIDI I/O • S/PDIF I/O • ground lift switch PCM0010727-000

122 € RME Babyface blue / silver Based on the newly developed RME Hammerfall Pro Audio Core technology, the Babyface achieves revolutionary low latency with all I/Os and a performance that was impossible for USB audio interfaces until now. Features: 10 input / 12 output channels • 2 analogue I/O with mic preamps (balanced or unbalanced) • 1 channel can be used as Hi-Z input • 1x ADAT I/O or PDIF I/O optical • headphone output • MIDI I/O • Bus-powered operation possible • TotalMix FX (high end DSP mixer with effects). PCM0009791-000 blue | PCM0010471-000 silver

879 € RME Fireface UC

974€ *

The compact RME Fireface UC was optimized for top output under Windows and Mac - with revolutionary low latency even with the use of many channels. The latency is simply amazing, no matter if you use PC or Mac! The smallest selectable buffers under Windows Vista are just 48 samples in size, under Mac OS X just sensational 14 samples. With USB 2.0, the RME has a similar performance as a PCI-Express interface. The dream of a perfect and future-proof mobile pro audio recording solution has become reality!

each 549 € 599€ *

Steinberg CI 1 Simply amazing! Steinbergs smallest member of the CI family, the CI1. Puristic white design without the AI knob. The audio section including the two high quality mic preamps is identical with the bigger model. Features: • Including Sequel LE and Wavelab LE 7 PCM0010040-000

109 € 119€

Steinberg CI 2+ If the CI2 is not enough for you, the CI2+ offers even more. The audio section is identical with the CI2, it has the same high quality mic preamps as well as the 24 Bit A/D-D/A converters. Additionally, the CI2+ has more buttons for the transport control. Features: • AI knob for easy mouse-over control of all Cubase parameters • interactive recording mode for hands-free-recording functionality in Cubase • incl. Cubase AI 5 with many integrated effects like guitar amp simulator, tone booster, etc. PCM0010039-000


Steinberg CI 2

299 € 339€ *

Steinbergs CI2 USB controller audio interface has the same innovative Advanced Integration technology as the big CC 121 controller. Features like interactive recording, the project assistant or the AI knob provide a perfect working environment with Cubase! PCM0009220-000

179 € 229€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Features: 18 inputs / 18 outputs • 8x analogue I/O • 1x ADAT I/O or 1x SPDIF I/O optical • 1x SPDIF I/O coax • 2x MIDI I/O • 1x USB 2.0 • 2x mic preamp with digitally controlled gain • SteadyClock for maximum jitter elimination and clock refresh • extended stand alone function and operation via display and endless encoders • TotalMix PCM0010586-000


Avid Mbox 3 mini

Designed by the same engineering team behind, Avids top- of-the-line Pro Tools|HD systems, the Mbox Mini interface features advanced recording technology for exceptional quality. A premium analog signal path and high-performance converters deliver pristine 24-bit, 48kHz sound. Stringent testing standards ensure rock-solid performance in the most demanding environments. And of course, Mbox Mini is designed for ultra-tight integration with the included Pro Tools LE® software, which is based on the same platform trusted by professional musicians, engineers, and producers around the world. Features: • Includes Pro Tools LE software • Compatible with most major audio software (Pro Tools LE®, Logic, Live, Cubase, and more) • Bus-powered USB connection for maximum mobility • Professional-grade circuitry and converters deliver exceptional audio performance Up to 24-bit, 48 kHz sample rates • Mix control for zero-latency recording • Hardware configuration: 2 x 2 simultaneous channels of I/O • 1 XLR mic/line combo input with 48 V phantom power • 2 1/4” instrument inputs (1 DI, 1 line/DI) 2 balanced 1/4 monitor outputs • 1 1/4 stereo headphone output PCM0010182-000

299 € 399€ *

Avid Mbox 3

Designed by the same engineering team behind, Avids topof-the-line Pro Tools|HD systems, the Mbox Mini interface features advanced recording technology for exceptional quality. A premium analog signal path and high-performance converters deliver pristine 24-bit, 48kHz sound. Stringent testing standards ensure rock-solid performance in the most demanding environments. And of course, Mbox Mini is designed for ultra-tight integration with the included Pro Tools LE® software, which is based on the same platform trusted by professional musicians, engineers, and producers around the world. Features: • Compatible with most major audio software (Pro Tools LE®, Logic, Live, Cubase, and more) • Icludes Pro Tools LE software • Bus-powered USB connection for maximum mobility • Professional-grade circuitry and converters deliver exceptional audio performance • Up to 24-bit, 48 kHz sample rates • Mix control for zero-latency recording • Hardware configuration: 2 x 2 simultaneous channels of I/O, 1 XLR mic/line combo input with 48 V phantom power, 2 1/4” instrument inputs (1 DI, 1 line/DI), 2 balanced 1/4” monitor outputs, 1 1/4” stereo headphone output • Dedicated monitor volume knob PCM0010183-000

495 € 709€ *

149 € MOTU MicroBook USB Audio Interface

229 € 299,95€ *

Professional recording and mixing that fits in your pocket The MicroBook turns your Mac or PC computer into a personal 4x2 recording studio with all the audio I/O and mixing you need for professional-quality recording and playback. Plug in your mic, guitar and keyboard (or other instrument) and record up to four inputs simultaneously. You can even connect your iPod for rehearsing or sampling. Mix your tracks with on-screen CueMix FX software and apply DSP-powered effects such as multi-band EQ and compression. PCM0010034-000


Presonus AudioBox USB

169€ *

The AudioBox USB is a USB bus-powered interface with 2 mic/instrument preamps with 48V phantom power, 2 balanced TRS outputs, MIDI in/out, and a playback mixer knob on the front panel allowing you to adjust the volume level between your recording and existing tracks. The AudioBox USB ships complete with the PreSonus Propak software suite including Studio One Artist as well as a bundle of third party plug-ins, loops and drum samples. Features: • USB Bus-powered interface • 2 microphone/instrument preamps • 48V phantom power • 2 balanced TRS outputs PCM0007782-000

MAC- PRO AUDIO -EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


2990 €


3390€ *

Innovation „Made in Germany“ - SCOPE XITE-1 is the newest and most powerful hardware of the SCOPE technology products. It delivers a production tool with computing power that is going to redefine the limits of digital audio proccessing. The device combines a DSP-based accelerated audio processor with a high-end audio interface. The external 19inch/1U rackmount unit is connected to a PC or Notebook via PCI-Express interface. Using state-of-the-art SHARC signal processors allows for an increase of processing power by a factor of 10 compared to the classic 14DSP SCOPE-Board. Released at the same time, the latest SCOPE software (Version 5) will be available for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X. PCM0007765-000

1079 €


The MOTU Audio 24I/O interface fulfills the promise of host-based hard disk recording: to record, edit, mix process, and master multitrack recording projects entirely inside the computer. * It provides 24 high quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources. PCM0005493-000


1799 €

2390€ *


This external 19“/ 1HU rack unit is connected to your PC or notebook via via PCI-Express. XITE is the big DSP based audio interface from Sonic Core. The Sonic Core Hardware utilizes SHARC-DSPs from analog devices which are specially engineered for audio applications and are exclusively used for 32-bit audio calculations. The current software version 5 is available for Windows Vista, and Windows XP. PCM0010474-000

639 €

MOTU 2408mk3

This box contains everything you need to turn your computer into a powerful 24-bit/96kHz digital audio workstation. * The 2408mk3 provides 8 channels of pristine 96kHz analog recording and playback, combined with 24 channels of ADAT and Tascam digital I/O - the most ever offered in a single rack space audio interface. Connect up to four interfaces to the optional PCI-424 card for an expanded system capable of 96 simultaneous active input and output connections at 96kHz. PCM0005492-000


1449 €

1659€ *


The MOTU HD192 high-definition 192-kHz audio interface is designed for those who demand the very best audio quality available. Equipped with the latest generation 24-bit, enhanced multi-bit 128x oversampling 192-kHz converters, the HD192 achieves a remarkable A-weighted signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB with balanced XLR connectors throughout. Ideal for surround applications, the HD192‘s 12 inputs and 12 outputs can support two simultaneous 5.1 mixes. And the HD192 is full of advanced features, like AES/EBU I/O with sample rate conversion both in and out. PCM0005494-000


Compatible with Apple Powermac (DualCore) and Windows Systeme with PCIexpress-Slots. For Motu 24I/O, 2408MK3 und HD192 PCM0005495-000

299 €

329€ *

RMEs HDSPe ExpressCard MADI is a true PCI Express solution, which consequently takes full advantage of the new format, achieving significant performance gains in multitrack audio. The ExpressCard is built according to PCI Express Base Specification v 1.1. The connection between ExpressCard MADI and breakout box is established using ordinary firewire cable (IEEE 1394, 6-pin). However, the data transfer does not use FireWire protocol. The supplied cable is 1 m (3 ft.) long. The ExpressCard MADI serves as power supply for the breakout box, freeing you from the hassle of additional wall warts. PCM0007790-000

1345 €

1416€ *



HDSPe AIO is the newly developed PCI Express version of the HDSP 9632. A newly developed genuine PCI Express core consequently takes full advantage of the new format, achieving significant performance gains in multitrack audio and lowest latency. Thanks to RME‘s secure flash update technology, firmware improvements, adjustments, and bugfixes can be installed easily at any time. PCM0007558-000

594€ *

525 €

548€ *

499 €



32 chanal 24 Bit/96 kHz I/O board This card makes the dream of an All-In-One solution for every possible application come true. As usual, RME has not made any compromises: Latest AD- and DA-converters with more than 110 dB signal to noise ratio, all inputs and outputs simultaneously operational, easy-to-install optional analog expansion boards, the famous TotalMix, a newly developed, high-quality clock generator with total jitter suppression of external clock signals. PCM0002750-000

459€ *

339 €

HDSP 9652 offers 3 x ADAT optical I/O, ADAT-Sync In, SPDIF I/O and word clock I/O. On top, there are 2 MIDI I/Os and TotalMix, a DSP-based real-time mixer/router, with hardware-calculated level metering and complete MIDI remote capability. The HDSP 9652 also supports Expansion Boards (EXB). Two internal ADAT inputs and two internal ADAT outputs allow you to realize up to 16 analog inputs, 16 analog outputs, or up to two TDIF ports directly inside the computer. PCM0002389-000

653€ *

585 €

HDSPe RayDAT is the newly developed PCI Express successor of the Hammerfall DSP 9652 which can be regarded as the studio standard for ADAT I/O cards. Some ten thousands of installations worldwide are proof that RME´s ADAT solutions are the perfect partners for all software-based DAWs. Still based on the award-winning Hammerfall DSP technology, combining superb handling and stability with extremely low latency, the addition of PCI Express and several new features make RayDAT the ideal solution from recording up to the final mastering. PCM0007721-000


356€ *

319 €

The PCI Express card uses RME‘s own audio bus, already known from the PCI version, operating in combination with Multiface II, Multiface, Digiface and the RPM DJ interface. RME is especially proud on the fact that all users of RME interfaces can easily expand their system so that it operates with the latest and fastest PCI Express computers and Windows Vista, not loosing all the money formerly invested in audio hardware. As additional option the HDSPe PCI card can be used directly with RME‘s Time Code Option Module, offering an SMPTE controlled operation. PCM0006896-000


1416€ *

1348 €

HDSP MADI is fully compatible to all devices with MADI interface. In combination with the ADI-648 an 8 x ADAT optical PC interface is realized, unbeatable in price and performance. With the ADI-6432 a bidirectional AES/EBU frontend with 64 channels is available. PCM0006581-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!




Avid HD I/O

3769 €

Get the absolute highest audio quality and unprecedented I/O flexibility with HD I/O, a high-performance Pro Tools HD Series audio interface that´s designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools|HD systems. While its sleek look resembles its prior generation interfaces, HD I/O has been completely redesigned on the inside with high-quality electronics, giving you pristine, best-in-class A/D and D/A conversion and the lowest possible latency. Plus, with three configurations to choose from and a modular design, you can expand and customize the interface for your connection needs. PCM0010148-000

Avid PRE 2010

2195 €

Capture pristine, high-quality sound with PRE. Featuring eight discrete, matched-transistor, hybrid mic preamp circuits, PRE provides a transparent signal path, and easily accommodates your mic, line, and direct instrument (DI) level inputs on all eight channels. Plus, you can place PRE anywhere in your studio, thanks to its remote-controllable operation, which you can access through Pro Tools HD software or an Avid control surface. And because PRE also functions as a standalone device, you can get the same sonic quality when working with any application and outboard sound module. PCM0010143-000

Avid HD I/O

2989 €

Get the absolute highest audio quality and unprecedented I/O flexibility with HD I/O, a high-performance Pro Tools HD Series audio interface that´s designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools|HD systems. While its sleek look resembles its prior generation interfaces, HD I/O has been completely redesigned on the inside with high-quality electronics, giving you pristine, best-in-class A/D and D/A conversion and the lowest possible latency. Plus, with three configurations to choose from and a modular design, you can expand and customize the interface for your connection needs. PCM0010139-000

Avid Pro Tools|HD 1

Developed for professionals, Pro Tools|HD® 1 is Digidesign´s entry-level core system, delivering rock-solid performance, low latency, guaranteed track counts, and exclusive TDM plug-in processing. The system combines a single core DSP card with the processing power of your Windows- or Mac-based computer* for powerful productivity. Pro Tools|HD 1 also comes with industry-standard Pro Tools HD software and a comprehensive bundle of over 40 professional sound processing plugins, virtual instruments, and compatible applications, allowing you to compose, record, edit, sequence, and mix music projects or sound for picture. PCM0005123-000

Avid Pro Tools|HD 2

Call for best price!

Designed for handling large I/O and track count requirements, the powerful Pro Tools|HD® 2 Accel system combines two dedicated DSP cards with the processing power of your Windows- or Macbased computer*, giving you rock-solid performance, low latency, guaranteed track counts, and more dedicated DSP for greater plug-in processing. Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel also comes with industrystandard Pro Tools HD software and a comprehensive bundle of over 50 professional sound processing plug-ins, virtual instruments, and compatible applications, allowing you to compose, record, edit, sequence, and mix music projects or sound for picture. PCM0005122-000

Call for best price!

In Stock! Avid HD OMNI

2249 €

Capture pristine, high-resolution audio through premium mic preamps and monitor your sessions in up to 7.1 surround with the all-in-one HD OMNI interface. Designed to completely integrate with Pro Tools|HD, HD OMNI is an ideal choice for individual musicians, composers, post-production studios, and anyone else who demands top sound quality and the convenience of an all-in-one interface. Experience best-in-class A/D and D/A conversion, mic preamps, the lowest possible latency, and a full monitoring sectionÎall in one compact interface. PCM0010140-000


Avid Pro Tools|HD 3

The most powerful of the base Core systems, Pro Tools|HD® 3 Accel supports extremely large and complex sessions, leveraging the power-on-demand capabilities of three dedicated DSP cards along with the processing resources of your Windows- or Mac-based computer*, delivering rock-solid performance, low latency, guaranteed track counts, and extended plug-in processing power. It´s also the best starting point for building an expanded system. Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel also comes with industry-standard Pro Tools HD software and over 60 professional sound processing plug-ins, virtual instruments, and compatible applications, allowing you to compose, record, edit, sequence, and mix music projects or sound for picture. Learn more about Pro Tools® software. PCM0005121-000

Call for best price! Avid Pro Tools|HD 9.0

3769 €

Discover the most innovative audio production platform in the world! Open yourself to the possibilities. Pro Tools 9 redefines the world´s most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform with a completely re-architected, open version of Pro Tools software, giving you what you asked forÎand so much more. And the best new features - The Software know works with every Hardware! PCM0010386-000

Expand your Pro Tools|HD workflow to integrate with MADI-equipped devicesÎincluding routers and digital mixing consolesÎwith the all-digital HD MADI interface. The perfect solution for integrating Pro Tools|HD into post-production and broadcast environments, HD MADI gives you great connection flexibility, fuss-free use through built-in sample rate conversion, and the ability to send and receive up to 64 channels of audio between your Pro Tools setup and MADI devices up to 2 km (1.24 miles) awayÎall with a single rack unit interface. PCM0010141-000

Avid SYNC HD 2010

1795 €

Keep even your largest Pro Tools|HD and audio-video productions in total sync. SYNC HD attains near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode (through RS-422), LTC, or bi-phase/tach signals, incorporating a high-fidelity, low-jitter master Word Clock that supports operations up to 192 kHz, as well as standard pull-up/pull-down rates for film and video applications. PCM0010142-000


Avid Pro Tools|HD 9.0 Upgrade

MAC- PRO AUDIO -EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

499 € 299 €

Avid Pro Tools|HD Native

Music, post production core system Create professional-quality, richly detailed productions, quickly and easily, with the lowest latency of any host-based DAW. With Pro Tools|HD Native - a new generation of Pro Tools HD core system that harnesses the power of your computer - you get the full Pro Tools HD software feature set, support for up to 64 channels of I/O, robust stability, and the absolute best performance possible on the host. Unlike USB- or FireWirebased DAWs, which are inherently prone to latency, Pro Tools|HD Native employs a high-speed PCIe core card, greatly improving your recording experience. By eliminating distracting latency and increasing your I/O capabilities, you get a professional native solution that meets the highest audio standards. Combine it with one or more Pro Tools HD Series interfaces (such as HD OMNI or HD I/O, sold separately) to achieve pristine audio clarity. Whether you create music or sound for picture, equip yourself with the tools you need to easily compose, record, edit, and mix with great speed and reliability—and hear what you’ve been missing.

2649 € 3135 €*

Features: • sessions with up to 192 audio tracks and up to 64 channels of I/O • Work with industry-standard Pro Tools HD software in a lower-cost solution for projects that don’t require the DSP acceleration of Pro Tools|HD • attain the lowest latency and highest performance of any native digital audio workstation • low latency monitoring • compatible with any Pro Tools|HD interface • advanced automation, surround mixing, input monitoring, AFL/PFL solo, destructive punch, and other professional features • Share sessions with Pro Tools|HD users without any loss of data • synchronize to timecode and video reference, with frame-edge accuracy, when using SYNC HD • hands-on control over your mixes using ICON or C|24 • Get total flexibility - work with Mac or Windows, Pro Tools HD or third-party software, and more. PCM0010271-000

Avid Eleven Rack Guitar Recording System

Eleven Rack is a revolutionary new guitar recording and effects processing system designed to eliminate the challenges guitarists have faced in the studio and on stage. Say goodbye to the lackluster guitar amp „modelsË of yesteryear: Eleven Rack utilizes a unique tone cloning design and one-of-a-kind, custom-designed True-Z input to re-create the experience of playing through a full guitar rig. By combining studiostandard Pro Tools® software with a DSP-accelerated high-resolution interface, Eleven Rack puts professional recording into the hands of every guitar player. Whether you´re tracking in the studio or playing on stage, Eleven Rack delivers fresh, mind-blowing, hyper-realistic guitar amp and effects tones that will inspire your best performances. PCM0009373-000

849 €


915€ *

Try out the new D-Command ES at out store! You can make an appointment for an individual session with briefing and demonstration. Contact: Avid D-Command ES Main Unit

Mixing desk for Pro Tools The Pro Tools|HD® based ICON D-Command ES is a medium sized mixing desk for direct control of Pro Tools projects with numerous ICON exclusive features, great for smaller studios because of the compact dimensions. The D-Command ES presents itself in a dark, attractive look and allows the control of editing, routing and automation functions directly via the channels as well as separate access to EQ and dynamic PlugIns via the main user interface. PCM0008476-000

Avid D-Command ES Fader Unit PCM0008477-000

Call for best price!

Avid C|24

Sleek and stylish, the new 24-channel Digidesign® C|24® control surface provides direct handson control of Pro Tools® mixing, recording, and editing, a complete array of high-quality analog inputs, and a 5.1 analog monitor section to use with your Pro Tools I/O. As the natural evolution of its predecessor Î Control|24, one of the best-selling consoles ever in its class Î C|24 integrates the latest advancements in Pro Tools software with many new features and improvements to provide an incredibly powerful and richly featured console option that´s easy to use and aggressively priced for Pro Tools|HD® and Pro Tools LE® user. PCM0007275-000

If requested, we can make you an individual offer for the system of your dreams. Of course we can configure your entire Pro Tools system as well.

7549 € 8969€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



399 €

Euphonix MC Transport



MC Transport is a compact media controller that offers professional, hands-on control and navigation of all your favorite audio and video applications. MC Transport‘s ultra-high resolution jog wheel and shuttle ring, ergonomic transport controls and programmable Soft Keys deliver one-handed access to almost every facet of your project for an unmatched editing experience. PCM0008840-000

1449 € Euphonix MC Control V2


898 €


PCM0009987-000 Euphonix, leading manufacturer of large format mixing boards and controllers for over 20 years, introduces the MC Control and the MC Mix, two professional controllers of the new Artist series. This series consists of products that combine revolutionary ergonomics with a great, flat housing and the unbelievable speed, resolution and integration in DAWs of the large Euphonix highend boards for personal studios. Both the MC Control and the MC Mix offer perfect and easy integration into every studio. They both find room between your computer keyboard and the screen. You can combine up to four devices.The MC Control and

Euphonix MC Mix

1399€ *

PCM0007510-000 the MC Mix both have EuCon highspeed control protocol that has been developed by Euphonix. Thanks to this protocol, it is possible to control multiple applications or workstations at the same time. Via Ethernet, this protocol is 250x faster and with a resolution 8x better than MIDI. EuCon automatically detects, which application is running and assigns the high resolution touchscreen, the OLED display, the motorfaders and numerous other controllers the correct parameters.

The Mackie Control Pro controllers provide all the functions you need to control your DAW software (e.g. Logic, Pro Tools) effectively and comfprtably. You get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug-in parameters, real-time visual feedback, and setup is plug and play!

1398 € Mackie Control Universal Pro

1974€ *

ULTIMATE CONTROL FOR A COMPLETE EXPERIENCE Without Mackie Control Universal Pro, your music production software just isn´t complete. MCU Pro rounds out your software´s functionality to deliver the ultimate in handson command. In fact, your software was designed with MCU Pro in mind. Developers access the MCU Pro via its unique communication protocol - pioneered by Mackie - and determine precisely how MCU Pro works for you. That means MCU Pro integrates with your software like no other hardware controller. Say goodbye to sub-par responsiveness to your mix adjustments, trying to remember which knobs are assigned to which parameter, and the tedious process of MIDI mapping. With MCU Pro, you get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug-in parameters, real-time visual feedback and set up is plug and play - without any MIDI mapping whatsoever! CHANNELS, FADERS AND BANKS Every Mackie Control Universal Pro comes equipped with nine 100mm motorized touch-sensitive faders from Penny + Giles - one for each channel, plus a master fader - for that pro console look and feel. With support for an unlimited number of banks, MCU Pro can handle as many channels as your music production software can throw at it. PCM0006539-000

799 € Mackie Control Extender Pro

1184€ *

The Mackie Control Extender Pro is an eight-channel control surface extender Pro ension for MCU Pro. PCM0006541-000

SSL Nucleus

Solid State Logic, the world´s leading manufacturer of professional analogue and digital consoles, presents Nucleus; a unique, high quality DAW Controller and SuperAnalogue audio hub for professional project studios.

4199 € 4283€ *


Features: • HUI & MCU control; compatible with ProTools®, Logic®, Cubase/Nuendo® and all major DAW applications • Switch between 3 connected DAW´s with a single button press • Two banks of 8 channel controls plus centre section controls • Touch sensitive 100mm motorised faders • Digital Scribble Strips with assignable V-Pots and soft keys • Completely user customisable DAW & Key Command mapping • Large heavy duty transport buttons and high quality jog/shuttle wheel • Standard 1/4 Jack footswitch connection • Excellent visual feedback via self illuminating buttons, LED´s and DAW Level Metering • Remote Logictivity Browser for effortless configuration • SD card for non volatile project storage • Four USB sockets for use as a 4 port USB hub • Benchmark SuperAnalogue quality output to separate +4dBu & -10dBV connections • High quality USB audio interface stereo record and playback path for your DAW • Two Combi XLR mic/line/instrument level inputs to audio interface and monitor outputs • Digital S/PDIF I/O to the AD/DA of the audio interface • Zero latency Rec monitoring with wet/dry control to balance input and DAW playback • SSL SuperAnalogue Mic Pre´s, identical to those used on SSL Duality and AWS consoles • Mic inputs have 80Hz High Pass Filters, Phase Reverse and Phantom Power • Insert send/return connections switched between inputs and DAW playback for mixdown • Additional ´external´ SuperAnalogue input monitor path for another audio interface • Two headphone outputs and one iJack monitor input PCM0010355-000

MAC- PRO AUDIO -EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·


379 € 485€ *

Steinberg CC121 Advanced Integration Controller

149 €

The CC121 was especially developed for productions with Cubase and allows an extensive and easy control of Cubase. The innovative control concept of the CC121 combines an extremely flexible „AI Knob“ with assigned controls for important Cubase functions and provides an extremely fast workflow. High quality workmanship.

222€ *

Features: Advanced Integration Controller Know with innovative „Point & Control“ support • controls every parameter of Cubase, as well as the integrated effects and VST instruments with easy mouse-over selection • instant start thanks to Plug & Play with „Cubase Ready“ LED • motorized 100mm touch sensitive fader • assigned controls for the channel settings in Cubase mixer • complete Cubase EQ section as hardware with 12 knobs, mode and bypass switch • free assignable user section and much more PCM0007779-000

Presonus FaderPort

The Faderport supports your work with common recording software. It has buttons for most tasks. You can easily select tracks, place them in the stereo picture (pan), record, mute, isolate (solo), and much more. The „Window View“ button allows you fast switching between the mix, project and transport windows of the recording software. The touch sensitive motorfaders are capable to record automation sequences. In the „Touch“ mode, the Faderport automatically switches from „Read“ to „Write“ as soon as you touch the fader. This feature allows you to access your session at any time you want. As soon as you stop touching the fader, the mode is switched back to „Read“. Once you are happy with the mix, you can simply switch off the motor function. The back has a jack input for a footswitch to use you foot for punch in/out orders.

Novation Zero SL mk II

Thanks to the optical feedback of all control information, the Novation Zero SL controller is perfect for live and studio operation! The included Automap 3 Pro software is possibly the most advanced control software on the market. A comprehensive software package completes the features. Features: 8 touch sensitive endless encoders with 11 segment LED circle • 8 touch sensitive knobs (270 degrees) • 8 touch sensitive 60mm faders • 32 buttons with integrated LEDs (37 in MIDI mode) • 8 „Soft Feel“ trigger pads • touch sensitive speed dial (like the Nocturn) • crossfader • USB - 2 MIDI Out - MIDI In - MIDI Thru • incl. comprehensive software package SYN0003513-000

Features: • compact USB transport and automation device for DAW studios • touch sensitive 100mm Motorfader • 19 function buttons • transport key • panpot • punch in/out footswitch input • for Mac and PC • supports all common recording software • incl supply unit PCM0006101-000

With its touch sensitive encoders and the multi-functional ribbon controller, the Frontier Alphatrack sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. Possibly the best equipped on-fader-controller in its class. Aside from the transport functions, you can also control pan, EQ, sends, plug-ins as well as automation. The ribbon controller allows a fast navigation even through large arrangements. PCM0006520-000


Frontier Alphatrack

239 € 409 €*

222 € 239€ *

Akai EWI 4000s


Since the EWI USB is specialised for the use with computers via USB, it comes at a really low price. In combination with a true VST instrument, it becomes might creative tool! The EWI USB allows you to choose from multiple fingerings for a perfect feeling according to the players needs ranging from beginner to pro. Features: breath & mouth sensor • 13 playing sensors • Plug & Play compatible USB device • MIDI Out via USB SYN0003397-000

The electronic wind instrument Akai EWI 4000s is a very creative instruments and takes new ways and options to the stage and studio. The internal sound generator is based on a virtual analogue synthesiser and has easy to reach controllers for breath, vibrato, glide time and bend width for a great performance. Incl. editor software.


Features: Analogue Modeling Synthesis • 100 preset sound • basic editing on the EWI 4000s, extensive editing in editor software • chorus, delay and reverb effects • MIDI In/Out, 6,3mm jack output • battery power possible SYN0002623-000

369 € 449 €*

629 € 759€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



The new Korg nanoPad 2 comes with improved hardware quality, 16 touch sensitive pads and the X/Y touchpad of the PadKontrol. Great quality by Korg! Features: 16 trigger pads • X/Y touchpad • 6 function buttons • 4 banks • super slim design

49 € 59

PCM0010628-000 white PCM0010629-000 black


Akai LPD 8

The LPD8 laptop pad controller is an extremely compact USB MIDI controller for musicians, producer and DJs in a great quality for this price range! Thanks to its small size, it will find room in every laptop case or backpack. Based on the legendary MPC series, the pads can be used to send note values, MIDI CC or program changes to the software. The assignable Q-Link controls can operate almost every software parameter. Features: USB MIDI controller, no drivers required • 8 backlit, touch sensitive drum pads • 8 Q-Link controls • 4 programmable memory banks • software editor for Mac and PC included PCM0009214-000


The Korg padKONTROL is a full size pad controller for drum and percussion programming. The 16 illuminated pads are not just great to play drum sounds with „feeling“, they are also great to send all sorts of MIDI controller data. There are 16 memory slots for your own setups.

169 € 273 €*

Price on request!

Price on request!

Features: • 16 touch sensitive trigger pads with LED illumination • X/Y pad • two assignable knobs • footswitch input • 16 user memory slots • MIDI In/Out, USB

Korg nanoKONTROL 2 black/white

Korgs reissue of the nano devices convinces with much improved hardware quality! With 8 faders, 8 encoders and 3 buttons per fader, the nanoKontrol 2 is a comprehensive mini controlstation for every controller capable music software. The transport section completes the functions. PCM0010630-000 black PCM0010631-000 white

NI Kore 2

Kore 2 is the universal hardware controller for seamless integration of software instruments and effects, elaborate real time control of sound parameters and efficient, intuitive access to sounds and libraries. Kore 2 comes with a diverse library with over 500 Kore sounds. The studio optimised sounds are based on the integrated engines for ABYNTH, FM8, GUITAR RIG, KONTAKT, MASSIVE and REAKTOR. The intelligent sound browser gives your quick access to the sound library and is supported by the Kore 2 hardware for controller functionality. PCM0006707-000

379 € 352

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·

CONTROLLER Native Instruments Maschine V 1.5

The Groovebox by NI in a massively overhauled new version! Maschine bridges the gap between hardware drum trigger pad and a modern computer system much more intense and direct than any other manufacturer. The integration of drum machine, groove sample and flexible software platform make Maschine the perfect next generation groove production studio. Features: 16 pressure sensitive, illuminated pads • 100% live and stage capable • endless encoders and pads with adjustable touch sensitivity • 6 GB fresh, inspiring sounds in studio quality: 15.000 samples, 7.000 one shot sample, 400 loops, 300 drumkits • 288 multi-instruments and 55 demo projects • 2 high resolution displays • 8 knobs • transport controller • pattern oriented sequencer with layers • 41 keys • easy sampling and re-sampling, powerful slicing functions • more than 20 high quality effects with integrated automation and flexible routing • classic groove box functions: 16 velocity levels, note repeat, sampling emulation of MCP60 and SP 1200 • comprehensive MIDI In and Out functions • MIDI controller mode • stand alone or plug-in under VST, AU or RTAS PCM0008550-000

New Ne ew e w Version! Ver Ve Versi errs ers e rsio rsi siio ion on! on o n!!

79 € 189



The Tweak 100 is the ultimate partner for beat production tools like Motu‘s BPM or NI‘s Battery - at an incredible price! For small money you will get a great tool to produce fresh beats and grooves. No keyboard and mouse can provide that! On top, you get 8 high resolution encoders. Features: Mac/PC class compliant - no drivers required • MIDI or USB input • 16 touch sensitive pads in MPC style • 4 switchable pad banks for a total of 64 pads • 8 high resolution encoder, free assignable • 6 free assignable slider • display • presets can be stored for recall PCM0009751-000

Akai MPD 26 MPD26 - the MIDI/USB pad controller including the unique MPC pads that made devices like the MPC 2000 world famous. The heart and soul are 16 touch and pressure sensitive MPC pads and thanks to 4 different pad banks, you have fast access to up to 64 samples. The MPD26 combines intuitive MPC control with a simple USB connection to bring you that classic beat production feeling in the digital world of music production on your computer. Six assignable Q-Link fader and knobs make sure that you spend less time with the mouse and more time focusing on music. The device has a transport control as well. PCM0009658-000


Fame Digital Tweak 100

189€ 227€ *

109 € 139

Akai MPD 32

A typical Akai MPC but for the computer: the MPD 32. With MPC typical functions like 16 levels, full level or the MIDI clock synchronised note repeat feature with MPC-Swing, Akai provides musicians and DJs with a powerful tool for control of software synthesizers, DAW programs and external MIDI devices. Features: • 16 touch and pressure sensitive pads in MPC 2500 style • 4 selectable pad banks for a total of 64 pads • 16 levels and full level functions just like an MPC • editor librarian software for Mac and PC included PCM0007597-000


249 € 299 €*

Akai MPD 18

The small „cleaner“ on the pad controller market - the MPD 18! You won‘t find a cheaper original MIDI/USB pad controller made by Akai! The MPD 18 has 3 banks with 16 touch and pressure sensitive MPC pads each for the access to a total of 48 samples. Two assignable Q-Link controllers provide you with fast access to software parameter for realtime performance. Features: • MIDI controller for production and performance • real MPC pads: 3 banks with 16 touch and pressure sensitive pads each allow access to a total of 48 samples • 2 assignable Q-Link controller: fader and button • MIDI-via-USB or MIDI connection PCM0008863-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!


PC SYSTEMS/COMPUTER Music Store Audio PC 1-2011 i5-2400

• noble Chieftec Aegis Mid Tower housing • 550 watts supply unit • brand mainboard with Intel chipset and 4x SATA 3GB ports, 10x USB 3/2 ports, 1x PCI, 2x PCIe, 8 channel HD audio on board • Core i5 - 2400 with 3,1 GHz, 6 MB cache and Intel HD 2000 graphics • 4 GB DDR3-1333 RAM • 1x 2 TB SATA2 harddrive • 22-fold DVD burner • Firewire card with 3x FW400 • USB card reader internal 30in1 • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit/MUI • mouse, keyboard PCM0010716-000

vice r e s e -sit e) n o s h ar nt 36 Mo (PC hardw

899 €

Music- and post-production as well as sound design is a task for modern high end computers. When it comes to PCs, the Music Store is standing at the front line with the „Audio PC“ line. It is reconfigured year after year to meet the highest standards. We bring our entire know how to the table and combine it with the latest components to provide you with the most powerful and compatible systems. Our PC line is established among professional musicians for notation, recording and use of VST instruments. The Music Store PC series uses the latest Intel processors of the i-series 2400, 2500K and 2600K with 4 cores each. They are even faster than the predecessor generation, require less energy, have integrated fast 3D graphics and provide more power for your VSTi‘s. The Audio PC 2 and 3 models have a modern SSD harddrive for lightning quick program starts and file transfer with maximum speed. Windows 7 starts a lot faster with these computers! The new Chieftec housing has professional quality and ventilation design. The pre-installed version of Windows 7 Ultimate allows changing the system software to various languages.

Music Store Audio PC 3-2011 i7-2600k

• noble Chieftec Aegis Mid Tower housing • 550 watts supply unit • brand mainboard with Intel chipset and 4x SATA 3GB ports, 10x USB 3/2 ports, 3x PCI, 2x PCIe x16, 2x PCIe x1, 8 channel HD audio on board • Core i7 - 2600K with 3,4 GHz, 6 MB cache and Intel HD 3000 graphics • 16 GB DDR3-1333 RAM • 1x 128 GB SSD boot harddrive • 1x 2 TB SATA2 harddrive • 12-fold BluRay/DVD burner • Firewire card with 3x FW400 • USB card reader internal 30in1 • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit • mouse, keyboard PCM0010718-000

Each Music Store PC incl. Software Bundle iinnccll..

m meerr m u m r u r D D E Z- L EZ Liittee 354


eleven by


1599 €

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·

1199 € Music Store Audio PC 2-2011 i5-2500k • noble Chieftec Aegis Mid Tower housing • 550 watts supply unit • brand mainboard with Intel chipset and 4x SATA 3GB ports, 10x USB 3/2 ports, 1x PCI, 2x PCIe, 8 channel HD audio on board • Core i5 - 2500K with 3,3 GHz, 6 MB cache and Intel HD 3000 graphics • 8 GB DDR3-1333 RAM • 1x 64 GB SSD boot harddrive • 1x 2 TB SATA2 harddrive • 22-fold DVD burner • Firewire card with 3x FW400 • USB card reader internal 30in1 • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit • mouse, keyboard PCM0010717-000

APPLE Mac Pro Workstation

The Mac Pro is now equipped with the Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processor. Its single-die, 64-bit architecture makes 8MB of fully shared L3 cache readily available to each of the four processor cores. The integrated memory controller, along with fast 1066MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM, also gives Mac Pro up to a 2.4x increase in memory bandwidth over previous generations. The new Mac Pro introduces Turbo Boost: a dynamic performance technology that automatically boosts the processor clock speed based on workload. If you’re using an application that doesn’t need every core, Turbo Boost shuts off the idle cores while simultaneously increasing the speed of the active ones. When it’s time to upgrade, a quick slide of the retention bar frees up the four expansion card slots for easy access. Thanks to a thumbscrew PCI bracket, you can swap out cards without any tools. All four slots are now PCI Express 2.0 for up to twice the performance of the previous generation. And since the graphics slot in the Mac Pro is double-wide, your graphics card won’t cover an adjacent slot. For even more graphics horsepower, upgrade to the ATI Radeon HD 4870 with 512MB of GDDR5 memory. A Mini DisplayPort connects the new 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Display with ease. A dual-link DVI port connects a 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display or any other DVI display. Includes Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and iLife`09.

Mac Pro 2,8 GHZ 4-Core

Features Apple Mac Pro 2,8 GHz 4-Core: • 1x 2,8 GHZ Quad Core Intel Xeon „Nehalem“ processor • fast 1600MHz Frontsidebus • 1 TB Serial ATA (7200 rpm) HD (up to 4 TB, 4x1TB) • 3 GB (3x1GB) 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM up to 16 GB • 18x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±R/CD-RW) • ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1 GB GDDR5 RAM • 3 PCIe Slots ( 1x PCIe2.0) • 4x FireWire 800 • 5x USB 2.0 Port • integrated Bluetooth + EDR • integrated Dual 10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit-Ethernet • incl. new Apple-Alu-Keyboard and Mighty Mouse PCM0010124-000

2249 € Mac Pro 2,4 GHZ 8-Core

Features Apple Mac Pro 2,4 GHz 8-Core: • 1x 3,33 GHZ 6-Core Intel Xeon „Westmere“ processor • fast 1600MHz Frontsidebus • 1 TB Serial ATA (7200 rpm) HD (up to 4 TB, 4x1TB) • 6GB (6x1GB) 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM up to 16 GB • 18x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±R/CD-RW) • ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1 GB GDDR5 RAM • 3 PCIe Slots ( 1x PCIe2.0) • 4x FireWire 800 • 5x USB 2.0 Port • integrated Bluetooth + EDR • integrated Dual 10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit-Ethernet • incl. new Apple-Alu-Keyboard and Mighty Mouse PCM0010125-000

When purchasing a new Apple computer our Apple-certified employees will provide you with a complete care package! • Free of charge support for all your questions regarding your Mac.

Talk to us by eMail at or phone 0221-925 791-805!

MacBook Pro

The fastest and most powerful MacBook Pro of all time!

3179 € Mac Pro 2,66 GHZ 12-Core

Features Apple Mac Pro 2,66 GHz 12-Core: • 2x 2,66 GHZ 6-Core Intel Xeon „Westmere“ processor • fast 1600MHz Frontsidebus • 1 TB Serial ATA (7200 rpm) HD (up to 4 TB, 4x1TB) • 6 GB (6x1GB) 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC SDRAM up to 16 GB • 18x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±R/CD-RW) • ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1 GB GDDR5 RAM • 3 PCIe Slots ( 1x PCIe2.0) • 4x FireWire 800 • 5x USB 2.0 Port • integrated Bluetooth + EDR • integrated Dual 10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit-Ethernet • incl. new Apple-Alu-Keyboard and Mighty Mouse PCM0010126-000

4599 €

for any graphics packed application. MacBook Pro also comes with the latest

The current MacBook Pro line comes yet again with excellent features and

Thunderbolt technology so you can connect high-performance peripherals and

boasts a multitude of superlatives. It makes use of Intel I5 and I7processor to

high-resolution displays to a single port, and transfer files at lightning speeds.

guarantee speed. The graphics processors are of the latest generation, where

The I-Sight has been revised and is now HD capable, making application like

the ATI processors achieve optimum value. Hence, the Pro is highly suitable

Facetime much better.

MacBook Pro 13“ 2.3GHz i5

MacBook Pro 15“ 2,0GHz i7

also available with 2.77GHz PCM261

also available with 2.2GHz PCM263

• 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5 Dual-Core Prozessor • 4 GB Ram • 320 GB HD • Thunderbolt port • Intel HD Graphics 3000 max.1280 x 800 Pixel • FaceTime HD Camera incl. LA Robe Notebooktasche black & white PCM260


1149 €

• 2,0 GHz Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Prozessor • 4 GB Ram • 500 GB HD • Thunderbolt port • AMD Radeon HD 6490M max. 1440 x 900 Pixel • FaceTime HD Camera incl. LA Robe Notebooktasche black & white PCM262


1749 €

MacBook Pro 17“ 2,2 GHz i7 • 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Prozessor • 4 GB Ram • 750 GB HD • Thunderbolt port • AMD Radeon HD 6750M max. 1920 x 1200 Pixel • FaceTime HD Camera incl. LA Robe Notebooktasche black & white PCM264


2449 €

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



The new iMac

The ultimate all-in-one! The new iMac comes in a sleek and slim housing and powerful performance and features a 21.5-inch or 27-inch display in widescreen format. It comes with integrated wireless technology, Mac OS X Snow

Leopard and the new iLife ´09 software package. Within minutes the iMac is set up and ready to go, so you can start working creatively, share photos, make movies or design websites.

iMac 3,06GHz, 21,5“ i3

iMac 3,2GHz, 27“ i3

iMac 2,8GHz, 27“ i5

1169 €

1669 €

1995 €

• 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 • 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB • 500GB Serial ATA Drive • ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM • 8x double-layer SuperDrive • Apple Wireless Keyboard • Magic Mouse • Mac OS 10.6 (SnowLeopard) also available with 3,2GHz i3 • iLife 09 PCM0010083-000 PCM0010082-000

• 3,2GHz Intel Core i3 • 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB • 1TB Serial ATA Drive • ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM • 8x double-layer SuperDrive • Apple Wireless Keyboard • Magic Mouse • Mac OS 10.6 (SnowLeopard) • iLife 09 PCM0010084-000

• 2,8GHz Intel Core i5 Quad • 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM 2x2GB • 1TB Serial ATA Drive • ATI Radeon HD 4670 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM • 8x double-layer SuperDrive • Apple Wireless Keyboard • Magic Mouse • Mac OS 10.6 (SnowLeopard) • iLife 09 PCM0010085-000

All iMacs are available with a tethered keyboard and number pad instead of the wireless version upon request and at no extra charge.

The new MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air. 11“ in size, up to 128 GB flash storage, amazing design and light as air at only 1 kg. This super flat computer is a true Mac, capable of everything the big brothers can do, minus a 1-2 kg of weight. Despite its very slim design it houses big features, such as powerful NVIDIA graphics processors, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, lightning-fast flash storage and a long-lasting battery. MacBook Air is loaded with software and lets you use it intuitively and with lots of fun - that‘s why a Mac is a Mac!

MacBook Air 1,4GHz 11“

• 1,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo • 2 GB Ram • 128 GB Flash-Memory • NVIDIA GeForce 320M • Höhe: 0,3 bis 1,7 cm • 1,06 kg PCM0010370-000

1139 €

MacBook Air 1,86GHz 13“

• 1,86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo • 2 GB Memory • 128 GB Flash-Memory • NVIDIA GeForce 320M-Graficcard • Height: 0,3 to 1,7 cm • Width: 32,5 cm • Depth: 22,7 cm • Weight: 1,3 kg PCM0010373-000

1289 €

The new Mac Mini

More powerful than ever! Even smaller - even more stylish - even more power! With its sleek aluminum design, a removable bottom panel for easy access to memory, and a space-saving built-in power supply, Mac mini is pretty incredible. Mac mini has plenty of ports to connect the peripherals you already have — including your HDTV. And it’s got more graphics horsepower and lots of storage. But what you do with Mac mini, well, that’s all up to you. Mac mini is the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer. It uses less than 10 watts of power when idle. It’s also highly recyclable and requires even less packaging than before.

Mac mini 2,4GHz

• 2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo • 2 GB DDR3 RAM • 320 GB HD • 8x SuperDrive Double-Layer • NVIDIA GeForce 320M • Mac OS X Snow Leopard PCM0010008-000

699 €

Mac mini 2,66GHz Server • 2,66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo • 4 GB DDR3 RAM • Dual 500 GB-HD • NVIDIA GeForce 320M • Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard PCM0010009

999 €

Apple Care Protection Plan Every Mac and Apple display comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. Extend your coverage to three years from your hardware product’s original purchase date with the AppleCare Protection Plan. You get direct, one-stop access to Apple’s award-winning telephone technical support for questions about Apple products. And you get global repair coverage for your Mac and Apple display through convenient service options. Protection Plan Mac mini PCM0004302-000

139 € 249€



ProtectionPlan iMac PCM0002339-000

149 € 179€


Protection Plan MacBook/MacBook Pro 13“ PCM0002340-000

209 € 249€

Protection Plan Mac Pro PCM0002341-000

239 €


MAC- PRO AUDIO -EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·



Protection Plan MacBook Pro PCM0002342-000

299 € 439€ *


Apple Magic Trackpad

65 €

Desktop users, your time has come. The new Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer. It uses the same Multi-Touch technology you love on the MacBook Pro. And it supports a full set of gestures, giving you a whole new way to control and interact with what’s on your screen. Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. And inertial scrolling makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever. Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Use it in place of a mouse or in conjunction with one on any Mac computer — even a notebook. PCM0010087-000

Apple Magic Mouse

69 €

We’ve built a better mouse. It began with iPhone. Then came iPod touch. Then MacBook Pro. Intuitive, smart, dynamic. Multi-Touch technology introduced a remarkably better way to interact with your portable devices — all using gestures. Now we’ve reached another milestone by bringing gestures to the desktop with a mouse that’s unlike anything ever before. It‘s called Magic Mouse. It‘s the world‘s first MultiTouch mouse. And while it comes standard with every new iMac, you can also add it to any Mac with Bluetooth wireless technology for a Multi-Touch makeover. PCM0009448-000

MAGMA Keyboard Cover Apple Logic ALU

Designed in conjunction with Orren Merton, pro audio writer and co-author of the upcoming book „Logic Pro 8 Power“, the new Logic Pro/Express Keyboard Cover includes over 130 default keyboard shortcuts for the popular Logic Pro 8 or Logic Express from Apple®. Available for MacBook Pro/PowerBook®, the Apple® keyboard or the latest Apple® ultra-thin aluminium keyboard. PCM0008366-000

MAGMA Keyboard Cover Logic Mac Book / Mac Book Pro ALU

29 €


Apple Keyboard Alu

48 €

The Apple Keyboard has been completely redesigned, inside and out. It features an elegant, ultra-thin anodized aluminum enclosure with low-profile keys that provide crisp, responsive feel. It also has function keys for one-touch access to a variety of Mac features such as screen brightness, volume, eject, play/pause, fast-forward and rewind, Expose, and Dashboard. Its extended layout includes document navigation controls and a numeric keypad. And two USB 2.0 ports provide high-speed connectivity for your iPod, Mighty Mouse, digital camera, and other USB-based electronic devices. PCM0007049-000

29 €

rumfang t im Liefe

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Apple Snow Leopard - Upgrade

Shuttle Ex

The world´s most advanced operating system Upgrade from MacOS X Leopard. Mac OS X is renowned for its simplicity, its reliability, and its ease of use. So when it came to designing Snow Leopard, Apple engineers had a single goal: to make a great thing even better. They searched for areas to refine, further simplify, and speed up Î from little things like ejecting external drives to big things like installing the OS. In many cases, they elevated great to amazing. Here are just a few examples of how your Mac experience was finetuned. PCM0009297-000

35 €

129 €

Apple Logic Pro 8 Keyboard

The design of this keyboard is based on the original Apple aluminum keyboard. Superslim, modern, stylish and instantly ready to use once connected. The Logic Pro 8 shortcut keys simplify and speed up everything thanks to their colouring and labelling. PCM0008651-000

NEW Apogee Jam

92 €

JAM brings the legendary sound quality of Apogee to iPad , iPhone® and Mac. Now guitarists can have a pocket-sized, plug in and play interface at an unprecedented price and experience ultimate tone with the guitar amps and effects in Apple´s GarageBand software or other compatible applications. PCM0010726-000

49,90 59,49€ *

IK Multimedia iRig Mic

IK Multimedia is pleased to introduce iRig Mic, the first quality condenser handheld microphone for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iRig Mic is ideal for the singer, vocalist and songwriter on the move, but also perfect for recording speeches, instruments, performances or any other sound sources in the studio, on stage or in the field. Musicians will be able to record and accurately reproduce acoustic instruments, amplified instruments or even band performances and concerts. Non-musicians will have an indispensable tool for recording high quality podcasts, speeches, lessons, interviews, video soundtracks or any other source that can be recorded on the go with their mobile device. PCM0010431-000

29,90 € 36 €*

IK Multimedia AmpliTube® iRig

The new iRig interface adapter is the easiest way to get your instrument´s signal into iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Simply plug iRig into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the iRig, plug headphones or amplifier to the output and you are ready to rock!

34,90 Peavey AmpKit Link

Peavey Electronics and leading iPhone applications developer Agile Partners have joined forces to launch AmpKit, an unparalleled guitar amp and effects iPhone application, and AmpKit LiNK, a high fidelity audio interface for the iPhone, iPod touch* and iPad. Together, AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK provide musicians of all skill levels with a powerful and convenient way to jam with high quality tones anytime and anywhere. PCM0010071-000

29 € IK Multimedia iKlip

Clip for for attaching your iPad to a Mic stand. Dimensions: 195 x 190 x 130mm Weight: 0.24kg PCM0010430-000

35€ *

The iRig is the ideal companion not only to the mobile AmpliTube app, but also works with any other recording, processing or tuning app. Plus, you can also use the iRig with line level signal sources such as synthesizers, keyboards or mixers. Features: • Real time guitar and bass mobile multiFX app • Full rig made by 3 simultaneous stompboxes + amp + cabinet + mic • 11 Stomps, 5 Amps, 5 Cabinets, 2 Mics available • Import and play with songs or backing tracks with real time effects • 36 presets can be saved/ recalled on the fly • Includes tuner/metronome • Free, LE and Full versions available • Free and LE versions expandable with a-lacarte downloadable gear • Same low-latency as Mac/PC systems PCM0009910-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!


AUDIO SEQUENCER Avid Pro Tools 9.0

Ready to test at the Music Store! Discover the most innovative audio production platform in the world! Pro Tools 9 redefines the most popular and advance music and audio production software. Overhauled, open version of the Pro Tools software with everything you need. The best part - the software is hardware independent! Features: • voices (simultaneous audio playback): 96 • audio recording (simultaneous): 32 • instrument: 64 • MIDI: 512 • aux tracks: 160 • Busses: 256 • video: 1 • automatic delay compensation • Beat Detective (multitrack) • AAF/OMF/MXF data exchange • supports Core Audio/ASIO (up to 32 channels) • MP3 export • Destructive Record • quick punch • timecode • variable stereo pan depths PCM0010380-000

499 €

Magix Samplitude 11 + Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 PCM271

699 € 1028 € **

419 € 499 €*


Apple Logic Studio 2009

Logic Studio 2009 contains Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3 as well as a huge selection of instruments, effects and audio loops. With powerful new functions and over 200 workflow optimisations, Logic Studio has everything musicians need for composing, texting, recording and producing. One of the new features in Logic Studio is Flex Time, the comprehensive editing of audio timing and tempo. New plug-ins like amp designer and pedalboard for guitar rigs, new MainStage 2 functions, playback and loopback, etc… Over 80 plug-ins in studio quality allow everybody to create their own styles. 1000 instruments and 20.000 Apple loops for inspiration and creativity. Features: DVD with Logic Pro 9 incl. MainStage 2 and Soundtrack Pro 3 • 40 software based instrument plug-ins • 80 effects plug-ins • WaveBurner 1.6 • Compressor 3.5 • incl. Apple Loops Utility • QuickTime 7 Pro • 6 DVDs with Jam Pack collections, sound effects and much more PCM0009180-000


Features: • unrestricted compatibility with GarageBand projects - simply open and continue working • Flex Time editing of audio timing and tempo • new plug-ins amp designer and pedalboard for cool guitar rigs • 36 instrument plug-ins and 70 effects plug-ins • incl. program DVD with Logic Express 9 • incl. DVD with Logic Artist Spotlight demo titles • incl. printed and electronic documentation PCM0009183-000



With the „small“ Samplitude version you will renounce the maximum number of tracks, Samplitude 11 „only“ has 128 track for audio and MIDI. You can use a maximum of „just“ 16 VST plug-ins per track. There are no „Revolvertracks“ and 5.1 surround mixes are only possible in the pro version. MIDI Machine Control, Elastic Audio „Pro“ and the amp simulation Vandal are missing as well. Samplitude 11 is the right choice for this who want to use the same audio engine as Samplitude Pro but doesn‘t need the features that are missing. PCM0009107-000

888 €


Fully compatible with Garage Band - Garage Band files can be opened in Logic Express 9. With the innovative production tools and the more than 100 instrument and effects plug-ins of Logic Studio, it is really easy to capture your musical inspiration in a professional recording.

222 € 323

Samplitude 11 Crossgrade from every Sequencer!

Magix Samplitude 11

159 € 199 Apple Logic Express 9


999€ * Magix Samplitude eleven pro

444 € 499 €*

The top sequencer by Magix Samplitude 11 Pro impresses with great features: up to 999 audio tracks and 999 MIDI tracks are possible. What‘s exceptional about it is, all steps from composing via sound generating with VST instruments to burning of the CD are done within one software. Ultimate tools like the support of standard interfaces (ASIO, VST, ReWire, WDM, DirectX, MME), automatic latency correction in the entire signal path, automation, batch processing, side-chaining, MIDI recording and editing via matrix, listen-, drum- and score-editor, mapping of hardware controllers, realtime convolution reverb and much more. With essentialFX you‘ll get a complete suite of alternative basic effects ranging from dynamics, modulation and other sound editing tools in one user surface. The modern design, the effective display of the single parameters and the easy operation make this power sequencer a great choice. Samplitude 11 Pro - high quality algorithms made by pros for pros! Top Features in version 11: 999 tracks • 64 Busses (groups) • unlimited VSTi • sMax11 high end limiter / maximizer • channel equalizer EQ116 with oversampling or phase linear algorithms • groove quantize allows extraction of grooves from recordings or loops • groove templates as basis for quantization • essentialFX suite with all important effects PCM0009108-000

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·


Steinberg Cubase 6 Sequencer D/F/I

With Cubase 6, Steinberg has raised the bar for everyone yet again! Cubase is one of the most popular software solutions for Windows PCs and Mac OS X. Steinberg has eliminated all older Windows versions and Cubase 6 only runs under Windows 7. The many new, spectacular features possibly make Cubase 6 the most comprehensive DAW available today. All the small optimizations make working with Cubase 6 very inspiring. A large number of new features, intelligent transient detection for more precise quantizing and slicing of audio files, new time stretching algorithms with the Zplane algorithm were especially adjusted for tonal, complex, onevoiced and percussive audio material. Cubase 6 allows you to quantize multi-track drum recordings as easy as MIDI notes. With the VST 3.5 interface, Steinberg revolutionizes the editing of MIDI tracks. For guitarists, there is the VST Amp Rack for more drive, energy and transparency in your guitar tracks. The proven user interface has been enhanced as well.

349 € 399 €*

539 € 599 €*

Steinberg Cubase Artist 6

New features in version 6: drum editing „deluxe“ thanks to powerful new transient and tempo detection • phase stable audio quantizing and comfortable drum replacement • lightning fast Multitake Advanced Comping • group editing for faster editing of multitrack recording • VST Expression 2 with completely new options for MIDI editing • VST Amp Rack: virtual guitar amp and effects • HALion Sonic SE with 900 production ready sounds • LoopMash 2 with even more options for creative remix projects • VariAutio: editing and pitch correction in monophone recordings • improved quick controls with MIDI learn and direct parameter assigning • inspector area: central control interface for important MIDI tools and functions • Syncrosoft Dongle included • version languages: German, French, Italian PCM0010569-000

The brand new Cubase Artist 6 is perfect for creative musicians and combines the latest technology with a large selection of musical features. Cubase Artist 6 has many of the functions of Steinberg‘s high end studio software Cubase 6 like the virtual guitar suite VST Amp Rack, the versatile VST workstation HALion Sonic SE or the inspiring creative tool LoopMash2. The brand new Take Comping, Windows and Mac 64Bit support as well as the many proven and new features make Cubase Artist 6 the ideal system for talented newcomers and experienced musicians. Features: 64 audio tracks • 128 MIDI tracks • 32 VST instruments • 32 I/Os • 32 group tracks • 8 FX sends • 64 FX returns • 8 VST FX inserts • 32 VST instrument slots • incl. 42 audio FX plug-ins • incl. 6 VST instruments • incl. Syncrosoft dongle PCM0010576-000

149 €

Upgrade: From Cubase 4 and 5 to 6!



ion ore! t o m pro usic Sletnnddeerr Liveew Mdee//tteerrmmiinnkkaale n e wss..mmuussiiccssttoorree..d at hhtttttph ew p::////nne

99 € Steinberg Cubase Elements 6

The proven Cubase technology with 24Bit and max. 96kHz, professional pitch correction and many softsynths at an unreal price! Features: up to 64 MIDI and 48 audio tracks in DVD quality (24Bit/96kHz) • includes premium virtual instruments: the workstation HALion Sonic SE, the drum machine HALion ONE and the virtual analogue synthesizer Prologue • 33 studio effects including PitchCorrect for fast intonation correction of vocal recordings and a high end amp simulator • cross platform for 32/64Bit Windows and Mac OS X Intel PCM0010733-000

each 22,95 € Voggenreiter Die HipHop Formeln

Everything beat makers and produces need to know to write successful tracks. Ths most important chord progressions and the right melodies nicely explained in many useful audio examples! With CD. NOT0004975-000

Voggenreiter Die Pop Formeln

This is how stars write their hits. This book changes your outlook on pop and rock. After reading this book, you will write different songs than before – and they could become hits! NOT0004368-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!


AUDIO SEQUENCER Novation Launchpad

The central multicolor grid with 64 launch buttons for triggering and manipulating clips is the centerpiece of Novation‘s product highlight Launchpad! Controller specialist Novation and the Berlin bases software company Ableton present their joint venture. A dream for all Ableton fans and live performers: every button has 3 different colors. Even with the heavy use of fog machines in a club, you can tell the status of all your clips. You cannot only control clip wit the mighty grid, you can also control volume, sends, pans and other functions. Launchpad provides a unique optical interaction with Ableton Live for composing and live performance. Features: 64 backlit grid buttons • optimum expansion for any existing controller setup • incl. Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Edition • 0,75 kg light • more compact than a 13“ notebook • bi-directional communication with Live • power supply via USB • Automap PRO with drag & drop PCM0009316-000

159 € 199 €*

Incl. "sampler" with purchase on May 23rd at the new Music Store!

99 €

599 €

109€ *

699€ *

Ableton Live Intro German

Ableton Suite 8

With Live Intro, beginners and pros alike get all necessary tools for composing, beat programming, recording, remixing, DJing and live performance based on Ableton Live at an unbeatable price. Aside from the easy operation, a 7GB sound library helps your creative process..and Live Intro is cheaper than a plug-in!

Ableton Suite has 10 virtual instruments and expands Live 8 to a „no worries“ package when it comes to sound. No matter if electric or acoustic, you won‘t find yourself asking for more. The new Collision instrument reproduces sounds of percussion instruments like xylophone, marimba or Glockenspiel based on physical modeling. Sound designers will love this product, too! The popular FM Allround Synthesizer Operator has been improved, with intense filter types, numerous modulation options and wavetable synthesis included. PCM0008553-000

Features: multitrack recording with up to 32 Bit / 192 kHz • MIDI sequencing • realtime warping and time stretching • file support for AIFF, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC • ReWire • premium content package with loops and beats, 500 included instruments, drum racks, Simpler and Impulse instruments • 200 integrated audio and MIDI effects • VST/ AU support PCM0009443-000

189 € 229€ *

Akai APC 20 Ableton Control Surface Developed in close collaboration with Ableton, the APC20 in an interesting controller for artist who want a perfect performance. The second model of the APC series is smaller than the APC40 and changes working with Ableton Live from simple dragging around of tracks on the computer to a musical, creative process. The clip matrix gives you a great overview of the status of ever single clip: which clips are loaded, which clips are played, which clips record and so on. Every status is visualized by a different color. Made for Ableton live, an assignment of the control elements to the software is unnecessary. PCM0009657-000


399 € 449€ *

Ableton Live 8

Live 8 comes with a large number of new features like a new groove engine that spices boring audio loops with a little swing for example. Audio grooves can be transferred to MIDI files in no time. Live convinces with a unique workflow and a comprehensive effects library. Aside from dynamics tool like multi-band compressor and limiter, there are 2 additional interesting special effects with frequency shifter and vocoder. Overdrive provides you with the necessary bite. The super easy to use Looper plug-in is a great tool for sound-on-sound looping. Perfect for creative musicians: the completely overhauled warping engine, crossfades in the arrangement, the improved MIDI editor and the group tracks. A topseller with a growing fanbase! Features: 32 Bit / 192 kHz multitrack recording • non-destructive editing / unlimited undo • realtime time stretching and warping of AIFF, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and MP3 files • built in software instruments: Simpler (software sampler), Impulse (drum sampler) • supports VST and AU effects • REX file import • video import • ReWire support • Mac & PC PCM0008552-000

399 € 479 €*

Akai APC 40

Created by Akai and Ableton, the APC40 is a comprehensive performance controller for Ableton Live. Modeled after the needs of Ableton Live users, the focus lies on the comfortable integration of the software. No more assigning controllers! Simply connect a USB cable to the laptop and you‘re ready to go. The 40 triggers and the 16 LED rings of the clip matrix show you the status of the software in realtime: which clips are loaded, which clips are played, which clips record and so on. A topseller that redefines the term „controller“. Features: 16 endless encoders • 40 trigger clip matrix with multicolor LEDs • 9 faders (45mm) • a total of 72 dynamic assignable controllers • DJ crossfader • nudge button (to „push“ the tempo) • top tempo button • no controller assignment necessary for Ableton Live • Ableton Live Lite APC40 Edition included • Plug & Play via USB • MAC & PC PCM0008576-000

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·


Sonar X1 Promotion Workshop at the new Music Store on 18.05.2011!

89 € 106€ *

Cakewalk Sonar X1 Sequencer Series

179 € 213

389 € 463 €*


Cakewalk Sonar X1 Studio Sequencer

Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer Sequencer

Features: unlimited audio tracks • unlimited MIDI tracks • 64 Bit and Win 7 capable • AudioSnap 2.0 • Roland V-Vocal • surround mixing • T and S series effects • Rapture LE Synth • RGC Synth Suite • IK Multimedia Amplitube X-Gear (32 Bit) PLUS: all features of Sonar X1 Essential PCM0010358-000

Features: unlimited audio tracks • unlimited MIDI tracks • 64 Bit and Win 7 capable • ProChannel • Dimension Pro • mastering effects • channel strip effects • TruePianos Amber • Session Drummer 3 • Guitar Rig 4 LE • Rapture LE PLUS: all features of Sonar X1 Studio and Essential PCM0010357-000

Not just a new version - this series has skipped an entire generation and is the new Sonar X1. The product range has three different version with various complexity levels: Essnetial, Studio and Producer. Despite massive improvements, the prices of the Sonar X1 version are much lower than those of comparable predecessors. The new, shapeable user surface has a been designed for a better workflow. Shortened mouse paths, unified tools and flexible, lucid remote controls drastically improve the working environment. Presets, effects parameters and much more can be assigned to the tracks by simple drag & drop. The inspector can display all relevant information for the clips, tracks and channel with one mouse clock. The MultiDock combines important windows like console, the step sequencer the piano roll and instruments or effects. The MultiDock can be placed anywhere on the screen or even a second monitor. All settings in the windows affect all contents or the MultiDock. The complete layout of all windows can be saved in comfortable screen sets for a quick use in your production process. The Producer version has the new „Pro Channel“. It provides a great sounding 4-Band EQ for every channel as well as different, legendary types of compressors with important parameters like tube saturation and flexible routing.

Cakewalk Sonar X1 Essential Sequencer

The cheapest version of Sonar X1 Features: 64 audio tracks • unlimited number of MIDI tracks • adaptive user interface • Win 7 capable • matrix view • Step Sequencer 2.0 • Essential Instruments • Essential Effects • IK Multimedia Amplitube X-Gear • video import/export PCM0010359-000

FL Studio Fruity Edition 9

89 € 99


FL Studio Fruity Edition 9 is a creative music software and an elaborate MIDI sequencer for Windows that has everything you need to get from composing to a finished piece of music on your computer. Fast and easy and the included synths, effects, instruments and other sound generators allow you to create songs and arrangements. There are loads of effects and editing tools for the perfect mix with that typical „Fruityloops“ sound. Features: pattern and track based sequencer for Windows • comprehensive step sequencer with 4 to 64 steps • Playlist - Piano roll - Piano Typing • unlimited number of channels • full automation of all parameters • mixer with 64 stereo channels and 8 effects sends • TS 404 + 3OSC synthesizer incl. plug-in support VST2, DXi, FL, Rewire • ASIO support • import/export WAV, MP3, OGG & MIDI • stand alone or VSTi client PCM0009349-000


165 € 199€ *

FL Studio Signature Bundle 9

FL Studio Producer Edition 9

The Signature Bundle 9 includes the big FL Studio 9 version and all instruments and plug-ins by Imageline. Studio quality recordings with multiple tracks and extensive editing and arranging.

Aside from the elaborate step and track sequencer, the Producer Edition 9 includes a complete and comfortable audio engine. Additional features to the FL Studio Fruity Edition: Audio/MIDI sequencer for Windows • comprehensive step sequencer with 4 to 64 steps • audio recording and comfortable audio editing • direct-to-disc recording and offline rendering Additional integrated plug-ins (FL format) • Slicex • Advanced Vocodex • Edison Audio Editor • FL Synthmaker PCM0009350-000

279 €

Features: Audio and MIDI like FL Studio Producer Edition • additional plug-ins (FL format): Direct Wave (full version) • Sytrus Synthesizer • Videoplayer • SoundFont Player • Maximus - Multiband Maximizer • Hardcore Synth PCM0009351-000

299€ *

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!


AUDIO SEQUENCER Tagesaktuelle Preise unter

Propellerhead Record Reason Duo

This bundle consisting of the brand new Record and Reason 4 gives you the cumulative performance- and producer-power at a relatively low price! PCM0009139-000


For latest prices check:

349€ *


Precios a la orden del día en: €

599 €

719€ *

Propellerhead Reason5

The all-in-one battleship returns for round 5 - in better shape than ever before! Reason 5 is packed with killer features like Neptune (pitch correction), Dr. Octorex (8-fold Rex player) a voice synthesizer as well as the Blocks sequencer mode (blocks). The successor of the Rex player Dr. Rex is now called Dr. Octo Rex and allows you to load up to 8 Rex Loops in one entity. You can easily switch back and forth between them. You don‘t have to fire up the entire fleet of loop players to bring some variety to your arrangement Blocks: The division into blocks is an awesome feature in the arrangement part of the program. It allows you a pattern oriented style of composing. After you have created the song blocks, you can switch into song mode and arrange the blocks. Neptune: To just call it a pitch correction tool wouldn‘t do Neptune justice. You have to experience the possibilities! PCM0010068-000

MOTU Digital Performer 7

Digital Performer by MOTU is an integrated MIDI and audio sequencer for Mac computers. Used around the globe in studios and for live audio production, movie sounds, live performances and remixing. A very underestimated state of the art product! The easy to understand and intuitive Digital Performer is equipped with all tools that are needed for an audio-MIDI-production. Unlimited number of tracks, unlimited undo, 64 Bit mastering tools, sample exact edition of audio and MIDI data, automatic tempo calculation and adaption and much more. DP7 is adapted for Core Audio and Care MIDI functions in OS X. It has been exclusively developed for Mac users and supports sample exact MIDI time stamping, Core MIDI patch lists, Audio Unit plug-ins and virtual instruments, the use of multiple Core Audio drivers (PCI and/or simultaneous FireWire, USB) and much more. Digital Performer runs under OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6. PCM0009369-000

Propellerhead Record

Developed by musicians for musicians. Intuitive and comfortable recording with a great mixer and cool effects. Propellerhead created a program that doesn‘t distract the user with too many complicated functions, instead it makes use of current computer architecture and supports the musical flow. The idea was to provide the feel of an expensive studio with the simplicity of a tape deck. Guitarists are provided with the built in POD guitar amps by Line 6 with a wide range of sounds. The mixer in Record is modeled after the state of the art SSL 9000 mixer - with the welll known flexible routing, dynamic processors, EQs, high quality effects and complete automation. You won‘t have to waste any energy thinking about number of tracks, latency, additional effects and so on. The interface always supports the musical flow. PCM0009138-000

239€ 279€ *


PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·


Presonus Studio One Pro

The new Studio One software by Presonus is a nice alternative to the common standard sequencers. Easy, intuitive working - with great solutions! Even if you have never worked with a music software on your computer, you will get fast results with Studio One. Start a new project, record tracks and add effects. Studio One comes with modern 64Bit technology and works on Mac and PC. Features: • elegant 1-window interface • might drag-and-drop functions • unlimited audio/ MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, busses and FX channels • content browser with useful options and preview player • integrated mastering suite with automatic updating, Red Book and CD burning • MP3 import and export • AU, VST2, VST3 and ReWire support • automatic delay compression • advanced automation • 64Bit audio processing • sidechain • integrated sampler • intuitive MIDI mapping, realtime audio timestretching and resampling • K-System metering • compatible with ever ASIO, Windows Audio or Core Audio compliant audio interface • uses key commands of Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic • Native Effects 64Bit FX library with 26 dynamics processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulator, etc. • 4 virtual instruments • Native Instruments Kore Player with 150 instruments • Custom SoundPack for Kore Player with 200 additional instruments • Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE • Toontrack EZ Dummer Lite • almost 1400 drum loops (1,4GB!) by Bandmate Loops PCM0009630-000

379 € 449 €*

199 € FXpansion Geist Next Generation

Geist: Sample, slice, sequence, mix, arrange, effect, resample. Geist is the integrated sampling station of today. Aside from the option to sample directly in the plug-in there are many tools for loop based working as well. Many slicing tools, and high quality Dirac3 time stretch algorithm. Features: • sampling & resampling option • Dirac3 timestretch/pitchshift algorithm • 30 effects types (incl. DCAM and Overloud Reverb algorithms) • pattern sequencer • scene switching • integrated song mode • step automation for parameters • built in browser • full MIDI and audio export • standalone operation as well as VST/AU/RTAS • incl. exclusive sound and preset selection PCM0010700-000


198 € 219 €*

Presonus Studio One Artist

Studio One Artist is not just a reduced „Lite“ version of Studio One Pro. The Artist version is the exact same creative recording and production platform - with an unlimited number of tracks and the same intuitive operation! Features : • elegant 1-window interface • might drag-and-drop functions • unlimited audio/ MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, busses and FX channels • content browser with useful options and preview player • automatic delay compensation • advanced automation • 32Bit audio processing • easy to use sidechain routing • impressive virtual instruments • user friendly sample • intuitive MIDI mapping system • realtime audio timestretching and resampling • K-System metering • compatible with every ASIO, Windows Audio or Core Audio interface • uses key commands of Pro Tools, Cubase and Logic. Native Effects 32Bit FX library with 20 dynamic processors, reverbs, modulations effects, amp simulations, etc. • Ampire - amp modeling • Auto Filter - envelope filter • Beat Delay - tempo synchronized delay • Binaural Pan - stereo panning effect • Channel Strip - dynamics processing and EQ • Chorus - mono/stereo chorus • Compressor - mono/stereo variable compressor • Flanger - stereo/mono flanger • Limiter - mono/stereo limiter • Mixtool - phase and MS utility • MixVerb - mono/ stereo/reverb • Phase Meter phase correlation analysis • mono/stereo phaser • Pro EQ 7-Band parametric EQ • Red Light Distortion processor • stereo/mono room reverb • Spectrum meter • Tricomp 3-Band compressor • tuner • X-Trem mono/stereo tremolo Four virtuelle instruments • Impact Sample trigger drum instrument with 32 drumkits by Ueberschall • Presence Sample Player virtual instrument with 200 sampled instruments by Digital Sound Factory • SampleOne sampler virtual instrument • Mojito analogue modeling subtractive synthesizer • Native Instruments Kore Player with 150 instruments • Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE • Toontrack EZ Drummer Lite • almost 1400 drum loops (1.4GB!) by Bandmate Loops • up to 5 installations and activations • free Jambalaya recipe! PCM0009770-000

555 € 599 €*

94 € Steinberg Wavelab 7

Wavelab 7 provides unique tools for professional mastering tasks. The new „Workspace“ concept allows fast and flexible operation of all important WaveLab elements for organized working. Furthermore, Wavelab 7 includes a number of analyzing functions to detect errors and unwanted noise even if they are hidden deep within the frequency range. Additional functions like the integrated 3D frequency analysis, the phase correlation meter and the FFT spectrum display complete the feature set of Wavelab 7. The maximum sample rate of 384kHz and the precise audio processing meet the highest demands. New burner engine and audio restoration plug-ins by Sonnox included. Features: • professional tools for mastering, audio editing and restoration• powerful audio analysis and metering displays • flexible and intuitive session and window management • high end audio restoration plug-ins by Sonnox • premium collection of VST3 plug-ins like StudioEQ and Post Filter • comprehensive function for batch processing • simultaneous editing of multiple titles • integrated burner engine with DDP support • DIRAC 2.2 timestretching and pitch shifting algorithms. PCM0009792-000

Steinberg Wavelab Elements 7

Wavelab Elements 7 is based on the same professional technology as Wavelab 7 and provides essential tools for audio editing, master, audio restoration and Podcasting. The range of functions is perfect for typical applications in your homestudio. The Elements version also includes the high end Sonnox restoration plug-ins! PCM0009794-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!


VST-INSTRUMENTS All Waves plug-ins are delivered in the form of serial numbers. Through our online ordering process we can guarantee immediate availability of all Waves plug-ins. In addition, we can provide you with your individual Waves update and upgrade options and also update your Waves account. iLok required! Call us or e-mail us at

1025 €

469 €

379 €

169 €

4269 €

495 €

580€ * Waves 491€ * Waves 241€ * Waves 5176€ * Waves 642€ * Waves 1295€ * Waves Diamond native Masters native Silver native Native Power Mercury native Gold native PCM0003233-000






402 €

Waves 679€ * CLA Classic PCM0009145-000

325 € UAD-2 Satellite Duo Core Firewire DSP-System PCM0010563-000

UAD-2 Satellite Duo Flexi Firewire DSP-System PCM0010562-000

UAD-2 Satellite Quad Firewire DSP-System PCM0010561-000

UAD-2 Satellite Quad Flexi Firewire DSP-System PCM0010560-000

UAD-2 Satellite Quad Omni Firewire DSP-System PCM0010559-000

899 € 1076€ 1199 €


357€ *

Softube Tube-Tech CL 1B

PlugIn of the famous compressor. Tube-Tech CL 1B is a true studio classic, heard on tons and tons of records for the past 20 years. Like its hardware counterpart, the Tube-Tech CL 1B native plug-in sounds soft, smooth, groovy and can compress an insane amount of dB‘s without sounding bad. PCM0009390-000

1438€ **

1499 €

1801€ **

1799 €

2152€ **

4499 €

185 €

5366€ **

Softube FET Compressor Solid State Compressor Native

When creating FET Compressor, Softube set out to make the most accurate emulation of the most famous solid state compressor. Instead of modeling individual features and putting them together digitally we have modeled the unit in its entirety: input and output stages, gain reduction feedback loops, bias differences of different transistors, etc. It‘s been by far the hardest project we have taken on, but we feel that the result speaks for itself PCM0008768-000

199 € UAD-2 Solo

incl. Analog Classics bundle* & 50$ Voucher PCM0008203-000

UAD-2 Solo Flexi

incl. Analog Classics bundle* & 500$ Voucher PCM0008206-000

UAD-2 Duo

incl. Analog Classics bundle* & 50$ Voucher PCM0008204-000

UAD-2 Duo Flexi

incl. Analog Classics bundle* & 500$ Voucher PCM0008207-000

UAD-2 Quad

incl. Analog Classics bundle* & 50$ Voucher PCM0008205-000

UAD-2 Quad Flexi

incl. Analog Classics bundle* & 500$ Voucher PCM0008208-000

UAD-2 Quad Neve

incl. aller Neve Plug-Ins, ME* & 100$ Voucher PCM0008208-000

UAD-2 Quad Omni

incl. mehr als 35 Plug-Ins & 100$ Voucher PCM0008580-000


399 € 475€ 699 € 776€ 899 € **

Softube Trident A-Range EQ

224€ *

The A-Range plug-in from Softube is the first and only native and TDM plug-in that has been fully endorsed by original designer Malcolm Toft and Trident Audio. The channel features four bands of equalization and high and low pass filters. PCM0009701-000


1076€ **

1199 € 1438€ 1499 €


1801€ **

1799 €

2152€ **

2199 € 2401€


4499 €

4510€ **

Flux ICRAM Verb

765 € 827€ *

VERB is an algorithmic room acoustics and reverberation processor. It has a modular construction, employing a recursive filtering reverb engine, reproducing and synthesizing the specific acoustical characteristics of any spatial sound environment. PCM0010258-000

MAC- PRO AUDIO -EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 / Fax -876 ·

VST-INSTRUMENTS Motu MasterWorks Collection

299 €

Available by popular demand! The MasterWorks Collection features a series of MOTU‘s highly respected processors, available for the first time ever for all major DAWs. This 3-in-1 value gets you the decidedly British-sounding MasterWorks EQ, the LA2A-inspired MasterWorks Leveler, and the advanced yet CPU-efficient ProVerb. Let‘s take a look at each plug-in in the bundle. First up is the MasterWorks EQ. This sweet-sounding, very musical EQ plug-in draws its inspiration from legendary British console EQs. In fact, even the look and feel of the plug-in hearkens back to those analog console days. Best yet, though, you get to massage your tracks with that console-style EQ sound, while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of an RTAS, AU, and VST plug-in. Studio professionals and all-around audiophiles have been talking about the MasterWorks EQ for years. Now it‘s yours, at a really nice bundle price. PCM0010410-000

Rob Papen RP-Verb

144 €

You´ve spent hours on your track-working and reworking every part to bring your musical vision to life. And you know that the quality of your reverb can be the difference between the rich sounding mix you´re after and one that comes off as flat and artificial. Face it - When it comes to pristine, authentic reverb, it´s the algorithm that counts. RP-Verb is the fruit of Rob Papen´s decades-long study of reverb and endless hours of exploring, testing, and tweaking by Rob and Jon Ayres. The result is exactly what you would expect - a stunning, musical reverb that brings unmatched dimension and fullness to your mixes. PCM0009219-000

Lexicon LXP Native Reverb

VST / Audio Unit / RTAS Software Reverb Plug-in PCM0010033-000

599 €

628€ *


NEW! iZotope iZotope Shutter Edit


LS Software Lars Schmidt Sonoscope 2.0

SONOSCOPE is a collection of professional audio measuring tools in one Windows program. The main program part is the realtime spectrum analyzer, which makes frequency plots visible and comparable. Other tools are FFT analyzer, VU-meters, phase meter, stereo-meters and a samplesignal-display. SONOSCOPE is hardware independand and works best with digital interface cards. An internal compensation features allows precise results when working with analogue I/O‘s. PCM0010361-000

iZotope RX Audio-Repair Toolkit

129 €

229 €

329 €

iZotope RX is the most complete audio repair toolkit on the market, enabling you to remove , eliminate and restore audio, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resynthesize missing audio and much more. Features: • Stand-alone audio repair toolkit • removes noise, hiss, buzz and hum, eliminates clicks and crackle, restores clipped audio • declipper module PCM0009729-000


79 € 99

It‘s an effect. It‘s an instrument. It‘s Stutter Edit an innovative tool for both studio and stage, designed by BT and developed by iZotope. Tear up your tracks in real time, building thrilling fills, complex effects, shimmering sweeps, and staggering stutters that will leave your listeners screaming for more. They‘ll think you spent hours slaving over the slices but all it took was a press of a key. (Don‘t worry, we won‘t tell.) Push your performances and production into a new realm of musical intensity with Stutter Edit. PCM0010593-000

iZotope Ozone 4

Ozone 4 combines seven essential mastering processors into one complete plugin, letting you give your mixes a finished, full and professional sound. Ozone‘s critically acclaimed IRC Loudness Maximizer gives you commercial volume and fullness. An eight band Paragraphic EQ combines linear phase precision with the warmth and character of analog equalizers and even lets you intelligently match your mix to reference tracks. Innovative Multiband Dynamics, Harmonic Exciter and Stereo Imaging tools add depth and polish to your music. PCM0009727-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Synthesizer Rob Papen eXplorer Bundle The brand new Rob Papen Explorer bundle is a software with all current Rob Papen instruments and effects and a super low set price. Features: • Blue (creative synth with FM-synthesis, Phase-Distortion-synthesis, Wave-Shapingsynthesis and of course the subtractive synthesis in one software) • Pedator (VST synth with many top sound banks from Hip-Hop, Jump, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Techno, House, DnB and other styles) • Rhythm Guitar (RG) (groove plug-in: with the RG you can create classic rhythm guitar grooves and synthesizer guitar grooves) • Rob Papen Delay (delays, filters, reverser and much more) • Rob Papen Verb (comprehensive reverb plug-in with numerous presets) • SubBoomBass (synth bass grooves and finest sounds) supported formats: VST/AU/RTAS, fpr WIn XP/Vista/Win7/Mac OS X 10.4 and higher PCM0010617-000

p o h s k Worop Papen R .2011! with 6 on 4.

549 € 585 €*

89€ Zero-G Deep Impact

Deep Impact - 2 DVDs packed with action sounds to give your production that real Hollywood sound. Deep Impact is filled with typical atmospheres, special effects, sound scapes, textures, sci-fi drones and much more. First choice for producers of movie, TV and game sounds! This superb library has 650 instruments in EXS24, Kontakt and NN-XT format as well as Acidized Wav files and Apple Loops in great 24 Bit resolution. Recorded by a professional sound designer with high end hardware.. PCM0010007-000


364€ Spectrasonics Omnisphere

The mega software synth by Spectrasonics is much more than a successor of the popular software synth Atmosphere. Omnisphere is a might hybrid synthesizer with 10 times the power of its predecessor. Aside from sample playback, it is also capable of synthesis forms like FM, Graintable-synthesis and much more. Highlights are: over 20 different filter types, a comprehensive arpeggiator section and a 50GB library. Via composite morphing, the sound characteristics of 2 sound can be faded into one another in realtime. Generate entirely new soundscapes that no other software synth can offer. Features: • 50 GB library • modular effects rack • flexible arpeggiator with 8 parts • morphing • granular synthesis • FM-synthesis • over 20 different filter types • Flex-Mod modulations routing system • polyphony ring modulation • dual multimode filter PCM0008212-000

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·

199€ 229€ *

Waldorf Largo

Largo is the first pure software synthesizer with complete Waldorf DNS. It provides 3 oscillators, 2 of them with sub oscillators that come with analogue waveforms as well as a collection of PPG and Waldorf Waves. A 16 step arpeggio, phat filters with 12db and 24db slew rate and a large range of effects are provided. Features: Up to 256 voices per instance (depending on your CPU) • up to 4 layers of sound • 5 oscillators, 3 of them main oscillators, 2 sub oscillators • 2 independent multimode filters • 3 fast LFO‘s • VST and AU SYN0003438-000




Native Instruments Komplete 7

The Komplete 7 Suite is one of the most attractive all-in-one packages on the market. Komplete 7 comes with Battery 3, Massive, FM8, Reaktor 5.5, Guitar Rig Pro 4, Absynth 5, Kontakt 4.1 and a huge selection of sounds from all styles. The complete collection for modern producers - modern production with mighty sound tools at a pocket money price. Over 10.000 presets and 90 GB sample material. Never before have there been this many great sounds and tools at such a price. PCM0010076-000

49 €

Native Instruments Komplete Elements


Komplete Elements is a Suite at a simply unbelievable price. Perfect for all those who love to browse through presets instead of creating everything from scratch. It is also an ideal alternative for those who want to get a taste of the world of Komplete. The huge 12GB sound and effects collection is an all around carefree package. Included: Reaktor 5 Player, Kontakt 4 Player, Guitar Rig 4 Player, Kore 2 Player and a load of sounds from VSL Orchestra, Abbey Road Drums, Urban Beats, Modern 6 Vintage Electronic and much more. PCM0010708-000

111 € Garritan Jazz & BigBand 3rd Edition

Garritan‘s Jazz & Big Band 3 is the state of the art program that reproduces the sound of the instruments in a Jazz or Big Band as realistic as possible. The award winning collection is the first library of its kind and sets new standards! Over 50 single instruments for fast and easy creation of convincing Jazz and Big Band sounds. Instrumente: 16 saxophones • 6 trumpets (with dampers) • 5 trombones (with dampers) • 7 additional wind instruments • 10 keyboards • 4 guitars • 8 basses • 3 drum kits • percussion PCM0010035-000

359€ East West Goliath

The mega workstation with 32 GB of the popular East West Colossus plus additional 8 GB of new sounds. Goliath included more than 180 instruments with over 600 patches: drums and percussion, guitar, bass, acoustic and electric pianism keyboards and mallets, pop brass, orchestral instruments, choirs and vocals, ethnic instruments, new age ensembles, morphing atmospheres, synth basses, synth leads and pads. Requires optional iLok-Key. PCM0007979-000

229 € Best Service Titan

In just one plug-in Titan provides 5500 multisamples in best sound quality of 200 classic analogue synthesizers and modular systems, from the biggest and most famous digital synths & workstations of the 80‘s and 90‘s to the latest virtual instruments and current synths. All instruments have been sampled and looped in perfect quality. Features: 36GB sample library • 5500 multisamples • super fast sound loading • direct switching through the sound pool • analogue modeling for original reproduction of analogue synth sounds and much more. PCM0009200-000

239€ Steinberg Halion Sonic

The sound experts of Yamaha and Steingberg have created over 1000 sound presets for the HALion Sonic VST workstation. They have also set new standards for performance, versatility and user friendliness. HALion Sonic provides a massive collection of synths, acoustic instruments and hybrid sounds for every style of music. The audio and snythesis engine of the HALion Sonic is based on Steinberg‘s groundbreaking VST sampler HALion 4 that is currently developed. HALion Sonic provides 4 modes: powerful sample disc streaming, the slice-loop mode for creative work with loops and beats, a special drum mode as well as a completely equipped virtual-analogue synthesis engine. The full bandwidth of synthetic sounds for sophisticated sound experiments. The extensive effects section completes HALion Sonic. PCM0010022-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!




89 € 222 € 249€ *

Best Service Galaxy Steinway 2 K4

Equipped with the completely new Kontakt 4 player engine, Galaxy Steinway 2 K4 offers an ultra realistic grand piano feeling with an easy to use graphics interface and extremely flexible sound shaping.

239 € Steinberg The Grand 3

Native Instruments Alicia‘s Keys

Alicia‘s Keys is the meticulously sampled piano of the superstar. The exceptionally dynamic and soul-y instrument for the Kontakt 4 Player or Kontakt 4 offers authentic sound and many innovative features. Features: the sound of Alicia Keys‘ personal Yamaha C3 Neo Piano: almost 3000 single samples, 12 velocity layers per key with and without pedals - 17 GB of uncompressed WAV files! • Alicia Keys herself has been recorded playing in her studio with her sound engineer • developed together with the artist, shaped after her needs in the studio and on stage • sampled sustain and release phases • integrated convolution reverb • user friendly surface and documentation of all settings PCM0009740-000

5 expressive piano models of the high end range sampled with the latest technology - Grand 3 provides you with an excellent selection of breathtakingly realistic software pianos. The Grand 3 reproduces the expressiveness, sound and playing feel of three of the noblest and most famous concert grand pianos in the world. An incomparable, realistic feel with an impressive sound quality! Features: includes: Yamaha C7, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial, Steinway D, Yamaha CP0 Electric Grand and Nordiska Upright Piano • up to 20 different velocity samples per key • VST, AU and standalone • RAMSave technology PCM0009143-000

Features: • Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (Steinway D in stereo and 5.1 surround) • Vienna Grand Imperial (Bösendorfer 290 with 97 keys) • 1929 German Baby Grand (vintage Blüthner Baby Grand) • more than 6000 samples, 29 GB • real resonance and sympathetic string resonance • release, hammer, damper and pedal noises PCM0010080-000

279 €

299€ *

MOTU Electric Keys

Electric Keys gives you a touch of music history in the shape of very rare and legendary keyboard sounds. Play all those great Rock, Pop, Funk and Jazz songs of the past 4 decades with the sounds as you know them. Models by Fender, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Hammond, Wurlitzer, Hohner, Elka, Farfisa, Mellotron, Moog, RMI, Arp and many others. PCM0007717-000


149 € Magix Vandal

The new Vandal is the unique, virtual guitar and bass amp for PC and Mac. It doesn’t simply work with impulse responses - every single step, every tube, every part of the amp and even the speaker coils are virtualized. The result: authentic, breathtaking, musical and lively sound! Features: • groundbreaking amp simulation based on physical modeling PCM0009739-000


214 € Spectrasonics Trilian

THE complete solution when it comes to bass. Play bass sounds on your computer as expressive as never before! The successor of the multiple award winning megaseller Triology combines a wide range of different bass types in one great sounding virtual instrument. PCM0009430-000

189€ Best Service Musiclab Real Guitar 2 L

Real Guitar turns every keyboarder into a rhythm guitarist - live in realtime! Chords played on a MIDI keyboard are automatically converted in the according 6-string chords. You can select from 5 different acoustic guitars and 1250 guitar rhythm pattern! Mac and PC. PCM0004394-000

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·

189 € MusicLab Real Strat

RealStrat gives you all the sounds, articulations and playing techniques a professional guitarist can produce on a Strat. Incredible playability thanks to the unique performance mode. PCM0006716-000



Exklusive Exk Ex xkl xk klu k kl llu lus usiv usi us siiv siv ive ve att ve Music Mus Mu usic usi sic ic Store! ic S Sto St tor ore re re! e!


59€ 99€ *

485 € 595

819 € Gary Garritan Pocket Orchestra Lite

A complete orchestra - under your control. Music Store exclusive! Garritan‘s Personal Orchestra is a multiple award winning instrument collection that has established itself as the worldwide industry standard for orchestra sounds. For the first time, the manufacturer has released a „Lite“ version with the best, hand-picked sounds and an unbeatable price. Power by the ARIA Advanced Instrument Engine, this software lets you experience the huge orchestra sound on almost every PC or Mac DAW. Stand alone mode for live use.

You won‘t find more orchestra anywhere! The Complete Composer Collection by East West included seven reissued instruments of the play series, including Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete, Symphonic Choirs, Stormdrum 2, Voices of Passion and more. This superb orchestra collections comes on a 1TB harddrive (select between Mac or PC). No more wasting time copying loads of files from a DVD. Purchasing the bundle saves you 60% compared to the unit prices. PCM0010649-000 Mac PCM0010650-000 PC

VSL Dimension Brass

This collection has been recorded at the renowned Silent Stage, played by finely coordinated and attuned ensembles of 4 brass instruments each. Every instrument has been recorded with its own microphone. This technique allows you the individual access to every single voice while maintaining the homogenous sound of the ensemble no matter if the instruments are played by themselves or in a group. Attention: Dongle required, not included! PCM0010558-000


Instrument groups: • 9 woodwind instruments • 12 brass instruments • 7 percussion instruments • 1 harp • 2 keyboard instruments • 5 solo strings instruments • 1 string section • 1 pipe organ PCM0010389-000

East West Complete Composer HD


323 € Best Service Vienna 90 Special Ed. Std.

The VSL Special Edition is a complete orchestra with an intuitive, easy to use interface in an affordable package. Hand selected from more than a million sounds, the samples of this collection are a representative cross section of the entire sample pool of the Vienna Symphonic library. Mac & PC, standalone, VST, AU. PCM0006743-000

259 €

111 € Gary Garritan Personal Orchestra 4

The complete symphony orchestra in Garritans Personal Orchestra 4 shines with strengths like sound quality, authenticity and playability. The latest version of the popular orchestra VST instrument is geared for Finale and Sibelius. Of course it works just as well with other audio sequencers like Cubase or Samplitude! More than 150 solo and ensemble instruments of the string, brass, wood wind and percussion sections, a Venus concert harp, Steinway Grand Piano, Wurlitzer, church organ and harpsichord are included. PCM0009700-000

308€ *

Motu Symphonic Instrument

8 GB of orchestra sounds. Motu Symphonic Instrument is a plug-in for Windows and Mac systems with fast access to the enormous 8 GB of high quality orchestra sound for your composition, sequencing and creation of realistic orchestra performances. The built in convolution reverb allows you to place the ensemble in authentic, acoustic rooms - from orchestra stages via famous concert halls to majestic cathedrals. Our recommendation, Mac systems only. PCM0004361-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



Drums Toontrack EZ-Drummer

The mega-seller EZ drummer is one of the most popular VST instruments and the best selling drum plug-in by a wide margin! Top sound and flexible use and also available as low priced update from the EZ Drummer Lite OEM version! 7500 WAV sound files in 16 Bit/44.1 kHz and more than 6000 MIDI files for Mac & PC. PCM0005678-000

99 €

EZ Drummer Expansions:

each 55 €



Funkmasters Metalheads Jazz PCM0006299-000



Sonivox Pulse


Drumkit from Hell PCM0006299-000

EZ-Drummer upgrade:

Pulse is the Evolution of modern beat production - an MPC as plug-in. Whether you want to start right away with one of the over 400 included sets, use the variety of the existing MPC sample library or even sample yourself - all this is possible directly within the plug-in. Comprehensive slice functions open up new creative ways and the „inApp“ sampling function makes sure that your workflow is never interrupted by having to switch programs.

89 €

Features: • stand alone or plug-in • 8 free assignable FX Busses with delay, EQ and reverb • 8 free assignable stereo outputs • realtime sampling within the program • 64 pads with unlimited layering and multiple playback modes • simple MIDI learn & save for external MIDI controller • multi-mode step sequencer imports: WAV, MP3, AIFF, ACID, MPC 60/II/3000/2000/2000 XL/2500/500/5000 PCM0010675-000



169 € 209 € FXpansion BFD 2

The acoustic drumkit BFD 2 convinces with extreme realism and breathtaking sound quality with seamless plug-in integration in ever DAW. The built in groove engine offers „humanization effects“ for lively rhythms. Create large drumkits within seconds. Microphones and hardware can be moved around just like on a real drumkit. Incl. submixes and sidechaining.

219 € 259

Features: 55 GB library • 96 velocity layers • built in effects • comprehensive MIDI mapping and support for e-drum kits PCM0007087-000



PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Drumsounds on the highest level - Toontracks Superior Drummer 2. Sound quality, handling and musicality are simply top-notch! Live played MIDI files by top drummers that can be loaded & played via the MIDI engine. To enhance the sound even more, there are classic drum effects like 5-Band EQ, Hi- & Lo-Pass filters, compressor, gate and more. The option to use Superior Drummer 2.0 with e-drum kits has been optimized (stand alone) and the drumsounds load a lot faster. PCM0008086-000



op n h s k r Wo op Pape R .2011! with 6 on 4. Rob Papen Punch

Rob Papen‘s latest software escapade Punch combines sampled and synthetic drums to a high quality percussive instrument that will make your speakers shake. Punch provides finest synthetic drums in unmatched sound quality and breathtaking options for modern music production. You can create your own drumsounds with the internal synthesis options or load you own samples to create sounds from. The sounds are processed with high quality filters and effects known from other Rob Papen instruments. The sequencer allows you to program beats. There are multiple drumkits included and the entire arsenal of Punch is used. Features/Drums: • 2 bass drums with 4 different models and 18 on board samples • 2 snare drums with 2 models and 33 on board samples • 2 open hi-hats and 2 closed hi-hats, with 3 models and 12 on board samples • 3 toms with 2 models and 8 on board samples • 2 claps with 3 models and 13 on board samples • 3 user drums with 5 models and 37 on board samples • 8 dual sample slots, each with own amp/pitch envelopes & filters with filter env.

285 € 349 €*

149 €

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX Xpanded

Spectrasonics has made a name for itself with Omnisphere and Stylus! The 13GB sound package of the Stylus RMX Xpanded comes with the RMX expansions Backbeat, Retro Funk, Burning Grooves, Liquid Grooves & Metamorphosis. There is an additional multi library with hundreds of multi-groove-patches and a bonus library with samples from various CD ROMs! Hundreds of grooves and patterns for almost never ending material for drum and beat creation. Simply great! PCM0007511-000


Features/Sequenzer: • internal step sequencer with 8 different patterns with 16 steps each • modulators: 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs and 8 modulation slots • mixer: volume & panning plus additional FX mix & panning. • Easy Screen: the most important parameters for direct access • FX 1 to 4: 4 FXs with 25 different effects types each • Manager Screen: preset and bank administration, including search function. PCM0010568-000

219 € Steinberg Groove Agent 3

The version 3 of Groove Agent comes with the classic Groove Agent module and two completely new „Agents“ - Special Agent and Percussion Agent. The Special Agent gives you an extremely realistic studio drummer including acoustic drumsets while the Percussion Agent specializes in high quality percussion grooves. The Dual Mode allows you to use two of three Agents at the same time - a virtual highend drum and percussion session. Features: • 123 styles • 4 GB library on DVD • Special Agent Live drummer module • Percussion Agent module with 8 group percussion grooves • Dual Mode (two Agents in the same VST instrument) • Auto Fill • sample import (WAV or AIFF) • FX section with various high quality effects • 12 stereo outputs with 9-Band EQ and a compressor PCM0005856-000

279 € East West SD-2

The original Stormdrums was one of the most successful percussion libraries of the past years. SD2 - The Next Generation is a completely new and expanded concept. Almost 10 GB with instruments from three world class percussionists offer amazing percussion sounds. SD2 offers a large selection of Midi performances and no loops. This allows the used to change everything around without having to worry about loss of sound quality. Additionally, the SD2 offers 100 movie score oriented Midi performances with many variations, intros and endings from bombastic to hypnotizing. Requires optional iLok key. MAC & PC (Vista compatible) PCM0007062-000

169 € Native Instruments Battery 3

With sophisticated features and tools for drum and loop programming, Battery 3 is the gapless groove specialist. Some of the highlights are convolution reverb, delay, time stretching, 30 brand new drumkits as well as support of REX, Apple Loop, ACID and Beat Creator files. The configurable drum matrix and complete audio editing speed up your workflow. More than 100 professional drum kits with approx. 12 GB cover a wide range of styles. PCM0005981-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!



ion ore! t o m pro usic Sletnnddeerr Liveew Mdee//tteerrmmiinnkkaale n e wss..mmuussiiccssttoorree..d at hhtttttph ew p::////nne

The SmartScore X Pro Edition is the complete solution for fast, precise scanning and editing of sheet music. Complete implementation into a fully editable format. From editing, transposing of voices, creation of single voices from a score to the direct generation of MIDI, MP3 or WAV files for your own audio demos - SmartScore X Pro. Highest precision and easy operation, even Karaoke versions can be generated

555 €

Makemusic! Finale 2011

Finale has always provided you with the power to compose all the music that you have imagined. Finale 2011 takes the creative process to the next level. The way of creation is now as flexible as the creation itself because Final 2011 adapts your method of operation! New features: • improved lyric notation • Garritan sounds • new fonts • Finale AlphaNotes fonts • Instant Capo chords • new ARIA player

Features: • maximum scan of 32 note systems in one grouping • text detection and editing - guitar tabs and chord symbols • sheet music printing and editing • MIDI recording • export of MIDI, WAV, MP3 and Finale files PCM0008094-000


System requirements: • Windows: XP/Vista/7 (64 Bit); 600 MB for software, 2 GB for VST sounds. • Mac: G4 and 10.5-10.6 and higher (UB), 750 MB for software, 2 GB for VST sounds • DVD drive, display with min. 800x600, soundcard for virtual instruments PCM0010195-000


Only for purchase on May 21st at the new Music Store! Finale 2011 instead

Musitek SmartScore X Professional

159 € 599 €*

555€ *

Smartscore Pro instead 329€


149 € 349

329 €


89 € Finale Printmusic 2010

You need high quality sheet music that are easy to create and have a low cost? Finale PrintMusic for Windows and Mac is the program for you. The fastest way to play notes, print them or create them out of every MIDI file. The program is easy to learn, incredibly fast and produces sheet music in the same quality as the leading publishers in the world. Print entire scores or just single voices. The Finale technology included in PrintMusic guarantees best results. With 24 systems and the SmartMusic soft synth you also have great sounds for playback. Save the result has an audio file to create a CD. (formats: .MP3, .WAV, .AIF). PCM0008788-000


69 € Earmaster 5 Pro

EarMaster 5 Pro - a great program for aural training! When your playing music or simply listening to music, your ear perceives notes, intervals, chords, major and minor keys, scalars on so on. But are you able to tell the difference between major and minor, a fourth and a fifth interval or m7 and dim7 chord? EarMaster Pro is an interactive and didactic program that helps you to improve your musical aural in no time. No matter if you are a singer or an instrumentalist, the large range of lessons in EarMaster has everything you need to train you skills. Be able to tell tone pitches, chords and rhythms. EarMaster Pro has lessons about intervals, scales, tonalities, chords, transcription of rhythms and melodies and much much more. Features: • interactive and fun • direct feedback about your skills • lessons are never the same • individual skill levels • much better than books and audio CDs about aural training! • Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP PCM0009779-000

PC - EXPORT PHONE: +49 221 925791-777 · Fax -876 ·

45 € Finale Songwriter 2010

Write your own songs, listen to them and then print great sheet music. Process your SongWriter songs with the free, downloadable Finale Reader and let your friends and family experience your music - or save your music as an MP3 for you iPod or website. Experiment with melodies, discover different arrangements.. experience your music.. with Final Songwriter 2010, you have all the tools you need to create sheet music, edit and take your work to the next level. PCM0009779-000


The all-in-one audio workstation and intelligent accompaniment program is more than just a fully equipped sequencer and digital recording program. It can also automatically create audio and MIDI tracks. Unlike other sequencer programs, RaldBand combines the legendary Band-in-a-Box and PowerTracks Pro Audio DAW with PG Music‘s revolutionary new RealTracks. Create your own arrangements for your songs with a style of your choice! Play the chords, add RealTracks and RealDrums (that automatically follow the chord changes) and add you own tracks. Edit all the tracks and create a finished song without ever having to leave the program! RealBand comes with a load of great features that help you to arrange songs just like in a studio. The EverythingPAK includes: • over 40 new functions in RealBand 2011 • includes RealTrack Sets 1-121, RealDrums Sets 1-29, Styles Set 0-77, Solist Sets 1-13 & 16-20, Melodist Sets 1-8 • Band-in-a-Box Video Tutorial PAK, 101 Essential Phrases & Riffs Series, 50 Country guitar solos, 200 Folk songs, 50 novelty piano riffs, Fakebooks, CopyMe, Duest, Master Swingin‘ Jazz piano solos, Master Blues piano solos, Master Jazz guitar solos Vol. 1-4 and Master Flatpick guitar solos. PCM0010528-000

PG Music Band-In-A-Box 2011 MegaPAK PCM0010526-000

259 € 269€ *

PG Music Band-In-A-Box 2011 UltraPlusPAK PCM0010527-000

119 € 569 €

PG Music Band-In-A-Box 2011 EverythingPAK PCM0010528-000


435 € 539 € 569€ *

Pageflip Pedal

le ktuelr a s e g Ta se unte de Prei sicstore. .mu www

Simply great: Bluetooth pedal for page flipping in digital contents like sheet music or eBooks. Emulates keyboard input, select 5 modes directly on the device. A Bluetooth adapter for computers without Bluetooth is included. PCM0010731-000


77 €

tt atteessk :: orr lla F Fo c heecke ss cch .d dee e e c i c r i r r o r p o t p sst e. c i c i s s u u m w..m ww w ww a os a l Preciel día en: e d .d orden usicstore m . www

Avid Sibelius 6 Professional

Sibelius was called „Part of Avid“ in version 5, but version 6 is now officially „Avid“. Avid has improved the latest version of the most popular notation software even further. With Sibelius 6, you won‘t have to waste any time to „clean up“ your sheet music. The program makes sure that everything is at the right spot while you enter the notes - and it stays there, too! Sibelius 6 is a quantum leap in the world of notation software. Amazing functions and expansions for even faster, easier and more effective working. Magnetic layout, compare function, live tempo control, an internal player, new sounds, the synchronization with DAWs via ReWire and so on and so on...

599 €

Features: • Magnetic layout • compare versions • enter commentary • integrated player, new Sound Essentials library • live tempo • new chord symbols and diagrams • keyboard and fretboard windows • ReWire • Jazz, Modern and other notations • incl. AudioScore Lite (upgradable) • Power Tools PCM0009418-000

* recommended retail price • All prices incl. 19% VAT • No liability for printing errors (incl.prices) • Prices subject to change without notice!