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MTS e-Magazine Issue 1 06/19/2012 by Camille Myers Breeze We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Museum Textile Services eMagazine, which debuts for Summer 2012. The fully illustrated, 28-page digital publication features project updates, fun textile tidbits, and helpful resources. We hope that the e-Magazine will help spread the word about the great field of textile conservation, including the individuals, museums and cultural agencies that work so hard to preserve our heritage. Museum Textile Services e-Magazine is an initiative that stemmed from our 12-month working relationship with Erica Holthausen of Honest Marketing Revolution. We have thoroughly enjoyed the crash course in marketing that Erica has provided the MTS team, and this blog, the new website, and our popular Facebook page are all part of our new daily outreach activities. As "Chief Instigator," Erica has also been lots of fun to work with! She really gets the special blend of expert conservation treatment, friendly customer service, and pure unadulterated passion that are the core values here at Museum Textile Services.

Sarah Berlinger wielding some of the tools of our trade. Work is already underway on Issue 2 of the Museum Textile Services e-Magazine but there is plenty of time to include information and feedback from YOU! We'd love to hear how you liked the magazine and what textile conservation topics you'd like to learn more about. Click HERE to use our feedback form. Thank you for reading!

Announcing MTS eMagazine Issue 1