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November 11, 2011


Vol. 30, No. 13

Board MeMBer LeaveS riCh LegaCy


elvyn Berlinsky, whose 40year tenure on MUSC’s board of trustees spanned its ascent from a state university hospital to a leading national academic health sciences center, died Nov. 4. Berlinsky had been the board’s lay representative from the 1st Congressional District since 1971. He was the board’s vice chair from 1990 to 1994. He served as a member of the research committee, the hospital and patient care committee, and as chair of the education, faculty, and student affairs committee. He also served as the trustees’ representative to the Hollings Cancer Center board. Several university leaders credited Berlinsky with helping to spur the institution’s rapid growth dating back to the 1980s. “When I became president of MUSC in 1982, Melvyn was on the board of trustees and was someone I looked to for guidance and advice,” said President Emeritus James B. Edwards, DMD. “In addition to our professional relationship, he was a close personal friend as well. He took great pride in his affiliation with MUSC, and, judging by its unprecedented growth during his tenure on the board, he did everything

He had such a love for the medical university. He was always there troubleshooting any problems and involved in the development of a lot of the projects. Ernest F. Hollings

Above is Melvyn Berlinsky and his wife, Joan, at a recent function. Pictured below is Berlinsky (third from left) at the 2008 groundbreaking of the Clyburn center.

He loved the institution and attended virtually every public event and even maintained an office on campus so that he could be close to what was happening here. Dr. Ray Greenberg

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overheard aT MuSC Sheila Prynkiewicz was selected to attend the firefighter’s international burn camp.


Thank you


Medical Center Excellence

Medical center and university employees also serve as soldiers.


Meet John




2 The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011

Overheard at musc Who? Receiving an honor usually firefighters are granted, Sheila Prynkiewicz, R.N., in the MUSC Pediatric Emergency Department, was chosen to go to the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF)

Registered nurse Sheila Prynkiewicz, right, and Camp ‘Can’ Do camper Hannah Patenaude in Washington, D.C.

Burn Foundation International Burn Camp in Washington, D.C. the week of Sept. 24. Prynkiewicz, who puts her heart and soul into her work at MUSC, said the patients in her department are motivating. “These children inspire me to be a better version of myself, especially after conversations about their everyday life. They constantly have to cope with daily adversities such as people staring at them in public, surgeries, body image, school, peer acceptance and dating.”

WhaT? In Washington, Prynkiewicz represented MUSC Children’s Hospital and S.C. Firefighters’

Editorial of fice MUSC Office of Public Relations 135 Cannon Street, Suite 403C, Charleston, SC 29425. 843-792-4107 Fax: 843-792-6723 Editor: Kim Draughn Catalyst staff: Cindy Abole, Dawn Brazell,

Burned Children Fund’s Camp ‘Can’ Do, an annual five-day camp for children and teens who have suffered a severe burn injury. Each year, Jill Evans, R.N., coordinator of Camp ‘Can’ Do, nominates one counselor and one camper to attend the IAFF event. Pyrnkiewicz was the first non-firefighter volunteer chosen. The IAFF camp is an all-expense-paid experience that incorporates historical and cultural activities in the Washington, D.C. area. This year, Prynkiewicz and Hannah Patenaude, a camper from Mount Pleasant, visited the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol building, had lunch at the House of Representatives and got VIP treatment at a Washington Nationals baseball game. They also met with South Carolina state representatives who lobby for fire safety laws.

MoST MeMoraBLe experienCe Prynkiewicz said that her favorite moment at the IAFF camp happened while having lunch at the Naval Academy. Prynkiewicz said that when one of the Naval Academy high-ranking officers welcomed the campers to lunch, he told them he knew he was surrounded by the best of the best. “He told every camper that he would be honored to have any of them attend the Naval

The Catalyst is published once a week. Paid adver tisements, which do not represent an endorsement by MUSC or the State of South Carolina, are handled by Island Publications Inc., Moultrie News, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, S.C., 843-849-1778 or 843-958-7490. E-mail:

Academy. He told them that if they were interested in attending, then they needed to see him after lunch.”

LeSSonS Learned There are many things from the IAFF camp that Prynkiewicz plans to share with the staff at Camp ‘Can’ Do. She wants to incorporate most of the songs and campfire activities used by IAFF. She also wants to hold similar peer sessions as those she sat in on. Prynkiewicz says that, ideally, she wouldn’t have to choose which IAFF ideas to borrow. “The IAFF camp changes you. It makes you want to take that entire experience to the staff and children at Camp ‘Can’ Do.”

Why She WaS ChoSen? Evans, who also is coordinator of Pediatric Burn Services in the MUSC Children’s Hospital, said Prynkiewicz was the obvious choice for this honor. “Over the years, Sheila has brought her funloving spirit and hard work to Camp ‘Can’ Do, focusing on making the experience a great one for all the campers. We were proud to have Sheila represent us at the international camp.”

The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011 3

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4 The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011

Medical Center

‘Making a difference every day’ Kathy Kurowski, CH 7E “There is no single event that makes Kathy a great nominee for Employee of the Month. Everything she does for the patients, team and unit is deserving of this recognition. Most recently, she started a theme of the month party on the unit where everyone can get involved. Kathy not only affects the staff, her enthusiasm permeates over to patients as well.” Nominated by Carla Pascoe Shannon Harmon, Clinical Neurophysiology “Shannon takes the initiative when things need to be done and volunteers to do things that are far above her job requirements. She most recently suggested and organized a drawing for the stroke fair raising money to support the National Stroke Association.” Nominated by Toni Mullins

Annie Bass, 9W

“Annie will stay late, come in extra and visit patients after discharge. She returned a patient’s shoes to them after rehab and bought a patient coffee who was here long-term. She never refuses to help another team member or patient and is often seen jogging around the unit to make time to do more. Overall our unit would not be the same without Annie’s wonderful attitude.” Nominated by Kelly Vincent and Aaryn Markham

Laura Dias, 9E

“Since meeting Laura I have noticed her above-ordinary, caring and professional attitude toward her patients. However, on Aug. 15 she did the extraordinary thing for my wife. Laura, knowing that my wife had neck pain, brought her a memory foam pillow. My wife, who suffers from a brain aneurysm, told me that after using the pillow for


Employees of the Month

about an hour her neck felt wonderful. Thank you Laura for this unselfish act of kindness.” Nominated by Charles Hesson, family member of a patient

DAISY winner Claudia Miller, Hollings Cancer Center “I have worked in multiple institutions. Without any hesitation Claudia Miller is the single best nurse I have ever worked with. She is the thoracic oncology clinical coordinator and her job is to triage patients to one of six physicians depending where they most appropriately fit. Most of the time it is a patient being told they have or may-have cancer. They are afraid and confused. Claudia is their lifeline and I can’t tell you how many patients have wanted to meet her to say thanks and give her a hug. Claudia is a strong patient advocate and a phenomenal nurse and an all around spectacular employee.” Nominated by Becky Cherrington


The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011 5

Meet JOhn

NEW NEIGHBOR In your NEIGHBORHOOD PJ Johnson 2138 Ashley Phosphate Rd. Suite 101 North Charleston, SC 553-7272

Department Finance & Administrations/Operations How long at MUSC 14 years Branch of service United States Navy, Lt. Commander

On this Veteran’s Day, Bee Street Lofts honors all our military veterans who have sacrificed much to keep us free.


Josephine Traina, Broker Associate




John Runyon

Thank you Medical University of South Carolina for making the Bee Street Lofts the number one choice for medical professionals and personnel.

P rov i d i n g I n s u ra n c e a n d F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s


Colleges Virginia Military Institute and Charleston Southern University

Tickets at and at the Patriots Point Ticket Window.

Service deployment Lebanon in 1983 and Desert Storm Who in history would you like to meet Ulysses S. Grant Last book read HMS Surprise (Master and Commander series) Favorite quote “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”— George S. Patton Greatest moments in your life The birth of my sons, Michael and Robert

Favorite place in the world Key West, Fla.



Meal you love to cook Ribs, slowed cooked on the grill

6 The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011

After 40 years, POW bracelet has new home

By cindy aBoLe Public Relations


er story starts with a simple, engraved bracelet—a trinket from her teenage years reflecting a different time and place. On it was the name and date of someone Anita Feliciano, an administrative assistant in the Division of Neonatology, didn’t know. But that rare link, just like the metal band, was unknowingly well-forged between two people more than 40 years ago. Feliciano grew up in a military family. As a teenager living in Germany in the early 1970s, she purchased and wore two POW/MIA bracelets and often reflected on the men of the names inscribed. One was Lt. Michael T. Burns, who was declared missing on July 5, 1968. The other bracelet was that of Capt. Jon T. Busch and the date, June 8, 1967. It was at the height of the Vietnam War and she, as were many others, was affected by the nation’s struggle about America’s presence in this unpopular conflict. Following the fall of Saigon and the war’s end in April 1975, Feliciano put the bracelet aside for safekeeping — never forgetting its significance and its symbolism in commemorating the servicemen missing or dead. She continued on with her life, serving in the U.S. Air Force and raising a son to understand the significance of these bracelets. She joined the South Carolina Chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders, part of a national group of motorcyclists whose mission is to protect and honor fallen American heroes, including military members, firefighters, police officers and first responders. The group provides escort rides during funerals, offers support during deployment

Anita Feliciano holds a picture of herself and Lt. Michael T. Burns following their Oct. 13 lunch in Florida. Feliciano gave Burns a bracelet with his name that she purchased more than 40 years ago. ceremonies and veteran’s activities and assists as honor guards at the invitation of the deceased individual’s family. Feliciano didn’t realize how her interaction and involvement during funerals with this group would lead her to want to learn more about the military’s Joint Prisoner of War POW/MIA Accounting Command. The command is responsible for investigating, excavating and identifying the remains of all POW/ MIAs. She checked with a couple of websites

Teddy Bear Clinic

MUSC nursing student Allyson Dodson and Tyler Heckman with Ruff Ruff puppy.

( and and learned that Busch’s remains were positively identified and returned to his Ohio family in 1988. What surprised her was reading that Burns was alive and living in Sarasota, Fla. Almost immediately she began composing a heartfelt letter to Burns. In it she introduced the story of her bracelets and how each one touched and affected her during that time and the years that followed. She mailed the letter asking for his permission to present

Going to the doctor isn’t so bad when your favorite stuffed animal can come along, even if it is almost life sized, such as Eli Jackson’s Mickey Mouse, pictured right. Eli had Mickey checked for an ear infection at MUSC Children’s After Hours Care during the Oct. 29 Teddy Bear Clinic. More than 30 children brought in their favorite animals to see the doctor. Children and their favorite plush animals received a doctor’s exam and left with a prescription to read to their toy before bed. The clinic staff is pediatric trained and sees patients from birth until age 18. Located in North Charleston on Highway 78 (near Charleston Southern University, right behind Zaxby’s), the clinic is open 4 until 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from noon until 7 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

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Employee Wellness

Nine months ago, Sodexo initiated the “Eat This, Learn That!” taste testing program to educate MUSC employees about the Wellness & You recipe offerings available for purchase at World Cuisine in the university hospital cafeteria. During the taste Susan Johnson tastings, “Eat This, Learn That!” participants learn about the healthy ingredients contained in the featured dish. They learn about Sodexo’s initiatives to identify healthy items in the cafeteria and how to identify them using Wellness logos and Sodexo employees. Participants also receive a 10 percent discount on their next purchase of a wellness dish at World Cuisine. The final educational taste-testing of the year is scheduled from noon to 12:30 p.m., Nov. 16 in Room 103, Colbert Educational Center & Library. The topic will be “Add Boost not Bulk: Effortlessly Build Your High-Fiber Diet” during which time healthy comfort foods will be discussed while participants sample the featured wellness dish, chicken harvest grain salad, which includes heart healthy barley and quinoa. Registered dietitian, Katherine Boyce,

Health at work

POW Continued from Page Six

the bracelet to him, and waited for a response. On Oct. 13, Feliciano got a chance to meet the bracelet’s owner in Florida. She and Burns, who is now a lawyer, met for a three-hour lunch at one of Sarasota’s Gulfside marinas. It was an incredible and emotional meeting for them both, said Feliciano. They talked about many things and experienced a comfort and rapport with each other almost immediately. “We both knew and respected where each of us had come from.” And at the right moment, she presented Burns with her bracelet — in her eyes, always the rightful owner. Additionally, she gave him Bush’s bracelet and presented him with a letter, a Patriot Guard “Standing for Those who

The Catalyst, November 11, 2011 7

will lead the question and answer session at the conclusion and participants will have the opportunity to purchase “ART of Healthy Cooking” cookbooks for $26. A portion of the proceeds from the cookbooks fund the Heart Health program, which is a pediatric weight management program complete with nutrition and fitness interventions offered at MUSC. For information, visit http://www. events/eatthislearnthat. Employee Wellness events q Wellness Wednesday: Visit staff from Charleston Acupuncture Clinic from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Nov. 16 in the Children's Hospital lobby q Wellness Wednesday—flu shot clinic: Visit Employee Health for free flu shots for employees from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., Nov. 16 in Ashley River Tower. q MUSC Employee Fitness Series: A free yoga class will be held at the MUSC Wellness Center from 4:15 - 4:45 p.m., Nov. 16. E-mail musc-empwell@musc. edu. q Holistic Wellness Fair: Interact with businesses and practitioners who specialize in a array of complementary health and wellness disciplines from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Nov. 29 in the Horseshoe. Email to become involved in employee wellness.

Stood for Us, Mission Accomplished” pin and commemorative Rolling Thunder “Freedom Isn’t Free” pin. Feliciano’s son, who is currently working in Afghanistan, reminded her that if one does not understand history, then they can’t change the future. She now advocates for the support and recognition of the country’s servicemen and servicewomen. “Let us not forget those men and women before us and encourage those serving now and in the future; let us never forget those who can never return home and help those home that can go home; let us never forget our current war POWs and that they too will come home soon; and finally make sure that our nation takes care of our past and current wounded warriors — their war will never end.”


8 The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011

MUSC employees also serve in military capacity


ach day MUSC employees are valued for their efforts and contributions in the education of health care professionals and providing patient care. MUSC employees also share an important dual role as citizensoldiers working with National Guard, active duty or reserve troops.


Herman Allen, Efren Almonte, Richard Anderson, Durwood Bach, Jerome Baker, Tod Baldovin, John Barry, Barbara Bell, Ronald Bell, Dionne Bennett, James Benson, Max Berry, Connie Best, Robert Bethea, Robert Black,Ted Blevins, Wallace Bonaparte, Kenneth Bostic, Michael Bouissey, Teresa Bourne, Hazel Breland, Frank Brescia, Arthur Brown, Stephanie Brown-Guion, KeithBrowning, Charles Bruker, Marcus Brumbaugh, AlfredBryant, Walter Brzezinski, Timothy Bussey, Melvin Butler, Ronald Bycroft, David Callahan Sr., Joseph Cantey, Burgess Canty, James Carter, Rudolph Chapman, Jerimaine Chatman, Theodore Clark, Donald Collins, Rodney Coons, Samuel Cooper, Mullen Coover Jr., Fred Crawford Jr., Arthur Crumbley, Theresa Cuoco, John Cusack, Casandra Daniels, Robert Davis, Charles Davis Jr., George Dawson, Samuel Deveaux, Angienita Deveaux, Leroy Dingle, John Dodson, Christopher Drake, Anthony Dunbar, Raymond Edwards, Bruce Elliott, Dallas Ellis, Arthur Fayne, Anita Feliciano, Charles Ferguson, Thomas Fernandez, Nathaniel Fickett, Milton Foust Jr., Louis Franz, Melissa Freeland, Geoffrey Freeman, Gerald Garza, Stephen Giallombardo, Joseph Good Jr., Emuel Green, Susan Greene, Richard Gross, Bradley Hammond, Joshua Haumschild, James Hensley Jr., Kristin Highland, Kenton Holden, Clint Infinger, Gabriel Ingraham, David Ivey, Paul Jacques, Ronald Jaruzel, William Jenkins, Allen Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Fredrick Jones, Lasonya Jordan, Peter Kobes, Andrew Kraft, John Lazarchick, Brian Leach, Richard Leinster, Laura Link, Larry Littman, Paul LoCicero, Karla Locklear, Joseph Losek Jr., Howard Lucas Jr., Timothy MacFall, Ceferino Magpantay Jr., Robert Malcolm Jr., Stephen Malley, John Malmrose, Lawrence Manaker, Tommy Maw, Catherine McClure, Augustus McConnell Jr., Allen McCreary, Clifton McDonald, John McGillicuddy, Alexander McGillivray, Gerald McKee Jr., George McLauchlan, Hugh McPartlin Jr., John Metcalf, Arnold Metz Jr., David Mills, Lawrence Mohr, Joa-

quin Molina, David Moses, Bryan Moten, Kelly Mullen, Mark Narowski, Robert Neuner, Donald Newburn, Ronald Nickel, Edwin O'Brien, John O'Connell, Philip Oherron, William Olmstead, Jeffery Osmer, Henry Othersen Jr., Jeffrey Parrish, Lloyd Pate Jr., Robert Peiffer, Howard Peskin, Ross Pollack, Carl Queener, Carlos Ramirez, Jon Rampton, Jeff Randall, Michele Ravenel, James Ravenel, William Register, John Reigart, Paul Riehle, Natalie Riley, David Rivers, Jacob Robison, Roger Rowell, Timothy Roylance, John Runyon, Robert Sade, Joseph Salley, John Sanders, Rodney Schlosser, Howard Schomer, Bradley Schulte, John Selby Jr., Gerald Shealy, Warren Sholl Jr., Cephus Simmons, Shenikqua Simmons, Christine Skope, Sabra Slaughter, Michael Slowey, Charles Smith, Michael Smith, David Smith, John Smith Jr., William Sneed, David Soper, William Southgate, Emmie Steadman, Robert Stickney, Marvin Swindle, Michael Tabor, Tyeebna Taylor, Anthony Thomas, Goodwin Thomas Jr., Joseph Thompson Jr., William Turner Jr., Paul Underwood Jr., Bruce Usher, James Van Dorsten, Michael Vanderhurst, Kenneth Vanek, Roy Vaughan, Christopher Wagner, John Walker, John Walton, Edgar Weiss, Thomas Weslager Jr., Scot Wetzig, Anthony Whaley, David Whittaker, Harry Williams, Rasheera Wilson-Burgess, Robert Woolson and Susan Zayac.

MediCaL CenTer Jason R. Abbott, Charles D. Ackerman, Herbert Albrechtsen, Connie L. Alge, Thomas Daniel Altman, Juan Rafael Anavitate, Sharon Ancrum, Thomas Anderson, Michael George Andrews, Melanie Ann Archer, Lucy Parsons Arnold, James Atkins, Rosebelinda Augustus, Kenneth Bachewicz, Brian Russell Baker, David Simon Ball, Jennifer Nicole Ball, John Ballard, Michele Marie Ballister, Charles Prescott Barnes, Christopher Barrett, Norris Barrineau, Harold Wayne Barron, Darrell Basinger, Johnathan Bass, Frederick Bennett, Elizabeth Ann Betz, Robert Blackburn, Laronda Jeanette Boddie, John Boolen, Donna Kay Bouissey, Ted Bouthiller, Pamela Bowens, Kenneth Bowman, Eugene Ralston Boyd, Hurley Braddy, Chad Breeden, Michael R. Briggs, Mary Margaret Brigman, Kenneth L. Brinkman, Deborah Rosette Brown, James Clabon Brown, Janet. Brown, Robert Thomas Brown, Wilhelmena Gail Brown, Devonna. Brown-Williams, Juan Antonio Calderon, John Campbell, Debra Jean Capps, Kimberly John Caver, Bruce Arthur Chambers, Cory Chapman, Stephanie Chomos,

Marsha Mccarty Cisa, Ronald Clark, Debra Clontz, James Cyril Coatsworth, Jason Eugene Collins, Walter Couch, Alfred Cox, Michael Craine, Morris Oneal Crockett, David Crout, Paul Croy, William Crummer, James Cummins, Timothy Daniell, Marcel Darrieux, Leroy Davis, Richard Davis, Scott De Pung, Reginald Dean, Phyllis Marie Decoursey, Donald Deland, John Deremer, James Dewitt, Francine Dionne, Joseph Doss, Maria Julianne Dowling, Frances Duffy, Christopher Duvall, Matthew Ebersold, David Ferguson, Bernard Ferrette, James Ferris, Julius P. Fielding, James Flood, Shaune Lee Flournoy, Stephanie Ann Foster, John Franklin, Robert Frawley, Dennis James Frazier, Glenn A. Gadsden, Julia Melissa Gallant-Lee, Baley Marie Ganger, Tracy Yvette Garner, Calvin Michael Gathers, Patricia Kathryn Gaylor, Lydia Inez Gethers, Allison Devon Gibbs, Christopher Gibbs, Walter Goodwin, Christopher Graham, William John Graham, Shareen Celeste Grant-Hill, Sherry Rebecca Graves, Brett Edward Green, Dale Green, Rickey Alexander Greene, Robert Gregowicz, Caitlin Leigh Grewe, Edward Griles, Kenneth Grismore, Dana Grissom, David. Guarino, James Guest, Jimmy Gunter, Shane David Guyett, Matthew Habrat, Gregory Hackworth, Michael Anthony Haddle, Lee Robert Haggerty, Wilson Ham, Dawn Marie Handlin, Larry Harding, Sharon Harris, Joshua Haumschild, Jozetta Latoya Haynes, Aaron Henderson, David Henderson, Joanna Sarba Heywood, Todd Ephraim Hixson, Louis Hoffman, Ernest Hood, Jerome Hopkins, Lee Howard, Douglas Howell, Thomas Hubbard, William Huck, Jesse Hudson, Ronald Ingram, Edmond Inigo, George Isgitt, Amanda Jager, Dan Jenkins, HaroldJensen, James Francis Johnson, Karen Elaine Johnson, Laureen Renitta Johnson, Rodger Johnson, Thomas Lockwood Johnson, Brian Jones, Floyd Patrick Jones, Kimberly Jones, Joyce Justice, Elvis Kirby, Stephen Buist Kirby, Rosetta Marie Kitt, Sarah Knauff, Walter Krzyzaniak, Carrie Marie Laird, Paula Jean Lajeunesse, Lori Walker Langston, Sonia Larson, Edward Lee, Kevin Anthony Lee, Peter Letarte, Jeremy Lloyd, Alan Louis Lopez, Leanna Marie Loud, Irving Jerome Loyd, Tamika Lynch, Anthony John Lynes, Robert Paul Maciarello, Steven Michael Mackin, Sharon O'Mara Macon Martin, Stephen Maddox, Gary Mahanes, Richard Lee Majure, David Marcum, Johnnie Martines, Kenneth Massingale, Judith Karen Masters, Barry Landon Mathis, Eric Cheroy Maxwell, Mark Mccaslin, George Mccubbins, Davis Augustus McDougald, Brenda McElveen, Marisa Heitman McEntire, Marshall McFadden, Terry Dewayne Mc-

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The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011 9

Nurse manager finds balance between military, MUSC By cindy aBoLe Public Relations

When it comes to choosing a leader, many managers look for qualities that define character such as courage, selfdiscipline and humility. These qualities easily describe 10West’s Mike Sawin, R.N. Such as several MUSC employees, Sawin’s medical career involves dual roles. Full-time, he is the nurse manager in the university hospital’s orthopaedic/ trauma unit. His part-time job is as executive officer with the U.S. Army Reserve 7224th Medical Support Unit. To him, each role complements one another as it relates to leadership, job skills and work ethic. “Working at MUSC has provided the perfect balance for me between serving as a nurse-officer in the Army Reserves and being a nurse manager and leader at this hospital.” Although Sawin’s career began with the military, his career path to nursing and health care was not so direct. After studying computer science in college, Sawin felt unfulfilled and chose to follow the tradition of military service as had other members of his family. He enlisted in 1985 with the Pennsylvania National Guard and later served in the U.S. Army as an active duty soldier. A defining moment came in 1996 while on assignment at an observation post in the Middle East. He assisted an

Nurse manager Mike Sawin, center, and the 10West staff hold up the Excellence banner honoring the unit for achieving the highest patient satisfaction score for adult inpatient and adult emergency department. Army captain-nurse in the treatment of a Bedouin man with a severe hand injury. After treating the man and evacuating him to a nearby hospital, Sawin realized that he just helped save a man’s hand and that he felt great about it. The Army nurse responded with a challenge, “If you really want to make a difference, consider becoming a nurse.” Those words resonated with him. Four years later, Sawin completed his nursing degree specializing in critical care nursing. It also was during this time that he switched jobs with the National Guard to the Army Reserves as a combat medic, which according to Sawin, was more aligned with his career nursing goals. He relocated to Charleston in 2003 to work as an emergency room nurse at a local hospital, and later joined MUSC’s hospital options pool

VeTerans Continued from Page Eight

Fall, Karen McGee, Ronald McKinnie, Darin McNeal, Mary McNeal, Justin Seigler McNealy, John Kenneth McNiece, Theadore Middleton, Frederick Miles, Barbara Miller, Douglas Miller, Carla L. Mitchel, Rebecca Jane Moore, Julia Viola Morrow, Paul Moss, Tonnia A. O. Mullen, Stewart Murphy, Gordon Mutter, Steven Michael Naert, Albert Nance, Frederick Logan Nash, William Nelson, Donald Neuroth, Pamela Nevill, Nash A. Newsome, Shawn Yvette Nimons, Thomas Noble, Robert Dennis Nolan, Jackie Richard Nolen, Stephanie Teretha Norris, Donna Jean Oden, John Oliver, Jodi Ondrus, Sam A. Ormont, James Burns Owens, Donna M. Padgette, Angie Suzette Palmer, Gwendolyn Heyward Parker, Alison Teresa Parson, Kelly Robyn Pate, Derrelle Renee Patrick-Green, Leif Pedersen, Roger Peebles, Charles Henry Pegram, Ishmael Pendergrass, Martha Lynn Perry, Craig Phelps, John Henry Phillips, Michael Phillips, Randy Pilch, Jose Izon Pizarro, Christophe Plavney, Holly Nicole Polaski,

in 2005. In February 2009, he was selected by current boss Nancy Tassin, R.N., Musculoskeletal Service Line administrator, to lead 10West’s 43 employees. According to Tassin, Sawin has been working with 10West staff responding to their needs and ensuring quality nursing care is provided to patients, especially those who’ve gone through traumatic events that often result in orthopaedic injuries. He’s been able to apply his skills and demonstrate a level of leadership that allows his team more interaction and empowerment with unit decisionmaking in managing safety issues to doing peer interviewing for new hires. As one of Sawin’s first acts as a manager, he established the 10West leadership council composed of nurses, patient care technicians and secretaries from the unit.

Cassandra Annette Poole, Anthony Gene Powell, Jack David Pugh, William Angus Pursley, Mansle Raines, Richard Campbell Ramage, Steven Ratliff, Susanne Ratzlaff, Glenwood Redden, Persephone Murray Redden, Archie Reid, Latoya Alice Reid, Rie Michele Reid, William Rentz, Beth-Ann Beaver Rhoton, Stacey Jaye Ribble, John Richardson, Tyrone Sidney Rivers, Quantella Rivers-Bradley, Glenn Robinson, Jose Rodriguez, Cedric Marcel Rogers, Christian Romanchek, Michelle Rosecrans, David Rosen, George Rossi, Willicia Nachay Ruffin, Lee Russ, Nancy Sampson, Stephen Randall Sanchez, Charles Anthony Sander, Jason Santanna, Pacifico Santiago, Stephen Daniel Schaer, Charles Schleich, Donnalynne Jeanette Selvyn, James Morris Sheppard, Beverly Shine, James Earl Shinn, David A. Sholl, Cephus Simmons, Christopher Simmons, William Simmons, Marcellus Singleton, Stephen Courtney Sistare, Ralph Smith, Sally Ann Smith, W. Stuart Smith, Michael Snyder, Sanford Solomon, William Bennett Spring, Charles E Stevens, Ronald Straub, Kathleen

The group can openly discuss topics, share ideas and resolve issues. Results have enhanced staff efficiency and improved patient care. When Sawin was unexpectedly deployed in 2009, his supervisor and unit staff pulled together to keep things going. Unit nurse Karen Boyd was one of two people asked to help manage 10West’s operations. “Mike is a great leader, a good listener and fair. It’s evident that he puts his whole heart and soul in his work and genuinely cares about the welfare of everyone in our unit. All of us wanted him to come back safe and sound.” Tassin also shared the same admiration for Sawin’s strengths and leadership ability. “Mike’s absence gave the unit a renewed sense of purpose. And the culture of this unit has changed dramatically since then.” Within the last year, 10West’s patient satisfaction scores have been consistent and surpassed set goals. This past spring, the unit was recognized with the MUSC Excellence banner award for patient satisfaction. It also has achieved seven of 10 responses in the 75th percentile in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers Systems survey, which is this year’s organizational goal, Tassin said. According to Sawin, leadership is something that’s taught at all levels in the Army and the military branches. He

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Struthers, Gary Stubblefield, Christopher John Summers, Preston Tanner, Lonnie Taylor, Reginald Leonard Terry, William Alexander Thomison, Tanya Victoria Thompson, Vernell Threat, Lori Celeste Tisdale, David P. Tobin, David Lowell Travis, Ronald Treiber, Angela Marian Trogdon, Mark Douglas Uhler, Karen W. Van Maanen, Orlando Velez, Vincent Richard Vernacchio, James Spencer Verner, Conrad Ewen Vogt, Gayle Rochelle Wadford, Deborah Wallace, Carlyle Wanamaker, Anthony Washington, Steve Stanley Washington, Teresa Watt, Matthew Weas, David Lee Wendorf, Alisa Ranee Wetzig, Brenda Whaley, Nathaniel Whichard, David White, Olivia Whitehurst, Floyd Allen Whittington, George Whitton, Mark Wilberding, Deidre Lacrectia Williams, Nathaniel Williams, Raymond George Williams, Stacia Luella Williams, Bobby Wilson, Clyde Wilson, Kyra Nicole Abney Wilson, Sherri Belinda Wilson, Michael Allen Wolfman, Annabel Woodman, David Perry Wright, Robert Andrew Young and Frances Zinko.

10 The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011

Legacy Continued from Page One

in his power to make it one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers. His 40 years as a board member provided a steadying influence as we sought to provide the people of South Carolina a place where they could not only receive compassionate, competent health care, but also a place where breakthroughs in biomedical science could become commonplace,” Edwards said. MUSC President Ray Greenberg, M.D., Ph.D., said Berlinsky’s devotion to MUSC was such that he was a constant presence on campus. “He loved the institution and attended virtually every public event, and even maintained an office on campus so that he could be close to what was happening here on a day-to-day basis,” Greenberg said. “He was known and highly regarded by faculty, students, and staff across campus and will be missed deeply by

all. Melvyn and his wife, Joan, adopted my wife, Leah, and me when we arrived in Charleston,” Greenberg added. “His family always treated us as if we were part of their own.” Layton McCurdy, M.D., College of Medicine Dean Emeritus and Distinguished University Professor, knew Berlinsky for 43 years and said he could always count on his support. “He was dedicated and always available to help in difficult situations,” McCurdy said. “I will always remember his kind and thoughtful manner.” Retired U.S. Sen. Ernest F. Hollings, for whom MUSC’s cancer center is named, said he was one of the finest civic leaders he has ever known. “He had such a love for the medical university. He was always there troubleshooting any problems and involved in the development of a lot of the projects they had going on.” Larry Mohr, M.D., professor of medicine, said Berlinsky was an

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realized that early as an infantry squad leader. “People’s lives depended upon my decision making, assignments and the skills we brought to every situation in the battlefield. Leadership is leadership, and it can be

exemplary public servant, who devoted almost half of his life to transforming MUSC into the nationally prominent health sciences institution that it is today. “His main focus was always to improve the lives of the people who make our university what it is: students, faculty members, staff members and patients. He knew that people were the heart and soul of our university and providing them with an environment to excel was the most important factor in its growth.” A devoted husband, father and grandfather, Berlinsky also was a wonderful friend, Mohr added. “He will be missed, but his memory will live in my heart forever.” Berlinsky, who served in the U.S. Army in World War II and completed his education at The Citadel following the end of the war, owned and operated Berlinsky’s Men’s Wear/New York Tailors with his father until his retirement in 1984. He was appointed

taught to anyone with the right knowledge and training. These are much of the same values that are being taught through MUSC Excellence.” To Sawin, an Army Reserve captain, working at MUSC has provided him with a sense of balance, pride

and accomplishment. “As a nurse-officer in the Army Reserves, I’ve found that my work as a civilian nurse manager enhances the skills I’m able to offer in the Army and in the same way my Army career skills help me become a better leader at MUSC.”

Harleston Village


in the heart of Mount Pleasant NEW CONSTRUCTION

to the local Board 10 Selective Service Commission by President John F. Kennedy and reappointed by President Richard Nixon. He was chairman of the Region 9 Law Enforcement Task Force and served on the U.S. Department of Justice Servicemen in Planning for the Criminal Justice System. He was a member of the Elks, Masons, Shriners, Lions, Association of Citadel Men, St. Francis Development Foundation and Hebrew Benevolent Society and a founding member of the Creekside Tennis Club. Surviving are his wife, Joan Berlinsky, his children, Bruce, Fred and Shelli, and Lee and Claire; grandchildren, Harris, Drew, Tyler, Alex, Ryan and Niki. Berlinsky was born Dec. 9, 1926, the son of Hyman and Tillie Berlinsky. Funeral services were held at Synagogue Emanuel Cemetery (Maryville), on Nov. 6. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to MUSC Foundation — Melvyn Berlinsky Fund.

We provide the highest quality of physical, spiritual and emotional care to our patients and their families. We are committed to meeting your needs any time including evening and weekend consultations and admissions. Your team of professionals includes Physicians, Registered Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Chaplains and Certified Nursing Aides.

by Dobson Homes $


MLS# 1112747

Laurel Lakes

We need volunteers. Call us for information on how you can help.

Charming 2-story carriage house in historic downtown Charleston with private garden, heart of pine floors, updated marble kitchen and bath, large picture window and stunning staircase. 1 bedroom, 1.5 baths. 2 off-street parking spaces. Walk to fine restaurants, museums and parks.

John Popelka | 843-270-7600


Lisa Edwards

IP03-640955 1

Offered at $595,000 MLS# 1105732

843-860-4868 IP04-637315

The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011 11

CLASSIFIED P AGE • Household Personal Items for MUSC employees are free.

All other classifieds are charged at rate below. Ads considered venture-making ads (puppy breeder, coffee business, home for sale,



PAID ADS are $3 per line (1 line = 28 characters) DEADLINE: TUESDAY – 10:00 AM * CLASSIFIED ADS CAN BE E-MAILED TO, OR MAILED (134 Columbus St., Charleston SC 29403) Please call 849-1778 with questions. *Must provide Badge No. and Department of Employment for employees and Student I.D. Number for MUSC Students. IP01-213824a

Share Rental

Roommate for WA apartment. Private BR/BA. No smokers/ pets. Avail 12/1 $500/mo 843647-9616

Rental Properties 1243 Savannah Hwy. at Parkwood Professional Blding. 1,199 sq. ft. $1200 per month (former dental office) and 1,950 sq. ft. $1500 per month Call 843 532-6786.




PETER DAVID BROWN, P.A. 749 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite A Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 • 843-971-0099 PRACTICING LAW IN CHARLESTON FOR 23 YEARS


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who are doing business in today’s market Friday, November 25th & Saturday, November 26th, 2011 • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

53 CLOSED transactions

Omar Shrine Convention Center Patriots Point Blvd, Mt. Pleasant FREE ADMISSION, PARKING & DOOR PRIZE Food Donations to East Cooper Community Outreach (Bring this ad to enter a special drawing) For more information call 843-813-4141 CM07-637753

so far in 2011 & another

12 under contract as of 11/3/11

Visual Tour of the Week.

Call Matt Poole at 830-0027 or Randall Sandin at 209-9667to learn more



HAFA Short Sale Certified REALTORS Call us to see if you qualify for this Short Sale Program

12 The caTaLysT, November 11, 2011

Unprecedented Offers from Mercedes-Benz G HWY 31MP


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2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Sedan




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$2,000 Due At Signing/10,000 Miles Per Year/*42 Months* Stk. #INBND *Pymts based on 42 mos lease (48 mos for the C250 Sedan) with 10,000 miles/year. $2000 total due out of pocket, w/a.c. Autopay required. Photos for illustration only. Offers expire 11/30/11. *For details, exclusions and limitations on Mercedes-Benz Star Service Prepaid Maintenance, contact your dealer, visit, or call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES. **per MBUSA & government estimates.


www. .com 1511 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407



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