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Put it to prac ce Learn again the lessons of S̈aläh, morality, service, generosity and evil-eradication; Y o u w i l l b e as si g n ed t h e v i ceg er en cy o f p r o p h et s .

Suc c essf ul Life a nd Salvation in the Hereafter

Preserve it

(I swear) by the Time, man is indeed in a state of loss, except those who believed and did righteous deeds, and exhorted each other to follow truth, and exhorted each other to observe patience. (Qur'än: S.103) O Believers, save yourselves and your families from the fire. (Qur'än 66:6)

pon worth ₹20 or 25. If you can’t afford it, then you may, at times, remain Brothers, sisters and youths! As Saläm u Âlaikum wa Raḧ atulläh i wa Barakätuh hungry and feed others. This has been highly appreciated in the Qur'än. The Dïn of Isläm teaches Alläh’s worship and service to Alläh’s servants. Place drinking water in front of them. The former includes belief, doctrine, S̈aläh, fasting, Z̈ak̈äh and Ḧaj, while At homes, shops, factories: Distribute food-packets and seasonal the latter includes morality and etiquettes of life, service to parents, duties fruits at mosques. On the Day of Judgement, it would be declared: If a servtowards relatives, neighbors and the poor, service to humanity, lawful earn- ant provided food or drink to Alläh’s servant, or visited a sick servant, he ing, kindness towards non-Muslims, etc. In addition, Isläm prohibits evils would find Alläh (His pleasure) near that servant. (From Muslim 4661) like falsehood, fraud, alcohol consumption, theft, watching television, internet porn, dowry, worldly dispute, quarrel, murder, plunderage, etc. Shock- Road Sanitation: Keep roads, markets and homes clean. Remove obstructing objects. Do not cause trouble to anyingly, 80 per cent of Muslims are away from Isläm and from the holy customs of Alläh’s Prophet ‫ﻉﻝَﻱْ ِﻩ َﻭﺱَﻝَّﻡ‬ َ ُ ‫ﺹﻝَّﻯ هللا‬ َ . But the fact is that we can make body nor get troubled yourself. Follow traffic rules and do not get in a hurour life successful and obtain redemption in the Hereafter only by following ry. Thus, protect yourself from accidents. Honor the queues. the model of Prophet ‫ﺱﻝَّﻡ‬ َ ‫ﺹﻝَّﻯ هللاُ َﻉﻝَﻱْ ﻩِ َﻭ‬ َ which the holy Companions, ḦadïthInstead of worrying for bread, cloth and house, make effort scholars, pioneers and Alläh’s loved servants followed too, and by loving all Education: to provide education to a member of every poor family so of them. This alone is the solution to all problems, is the secret of health and that he becomes an Â̈lim, graduate, junior engineer (Polytechnic), junior cure for diseases. In our days, preaching of the Dïn is common, but irreli- doctor (MBBS, PMP), etc. This will lead to eradication of poverty and popgiousness and evils are far more common. In this context, Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e ularization of education. Education gives rise to compassion, and compasMuâ̈sharah wa Iz̈äla e Munkarät comes up as an action-oriented move- sion is the basis for morality, and morality is the basis for humanity. Dïn is ment for promoting holistic practice of Isläm and for preserving it. Clerics based on intellect, intellect is based on education and education is based on of all schools of thought, leaders of numerous organizations and intellectu- steadfastness only. als from all fields have supported the movement and requested the people to is not man’s enemy. Rather, Satan is everyassociate with this movement. In short time, it has been able to publish two Forbidding Evils: Man enemy. He wants to take all to Hell. If you important books for the general public: Reformation of Society and Eradica- see an evil act, prevent itbody’s using your hand or you tongue. (From Muslim 70) tion of Evils and Qur'änic and Moral Rules. Both have been published in Acts of Hell: Consuming alcohol, unlawful copulation, obscenity, watching Urdu, Telugu, Hindi and English. The first contains the descriptions of day- television, stealing, bribery, interest-exaction, dowry (ghorä-jorä), murder, to-day life of Alläh’s prophet, Muḧ mmad ‫ﺱﻝَّﻡ‬ َ ‫ﺹﻝَّﻯ هللا ُ َﻉﻝَﻱْ ﻩِ َﻭ‬ َ . The second missing S̈aläh, keeping away from Dïn, not feeding, not caring about the book is intended mainly for children and youths. Each of them is meant to reckoning of the Hereafter, etc. Q: Is this world a pasture? Is this world an be read at mosques and houses, and studied at madrasahs and government- illusion? A: No. In fact it is a place for trial. Note: Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs oriented schools, as also to be gifted to friends and relatives. And above all, and Christians should come together to eradicate evil. they are meant to be followed in practice. Appeal: Please include these books in the curricula of Islämic seminaries, Appeal to well-off people, youths, traders, honorable schools and colleges. Â̈lims, political leaders and general public: Offer the five Regularity in S̈aläh and Populating Mosques: S̈alähs regularly Extend help in forming Committees of Alläh’s Servants at the levels of towns and districts, so that mutawwa`s (JIMIM officials) and rewhether you are at mosque, shop, house, ground, farm, or garden. Observe mandals, formatory ladies may be appointed. The mutawwa`s will work at their refasts, pay Z̈ak̈äh (obligatory charity) and perform Ḧaj. locations and strive to form Jamäâts of 10-20 people who will be For Morning Mosque Classes, ask the locality’s children of 10 years and spective trained at weekly congregations. After training, they will be asked to go on ̈ above to gather at the local mosque before Fajr Saläh. Start the classes Jamäât trips for 3 days to mosques of a nearby poor locality or village, for ̈ immediately after Fajr. Aim at making the strength of Saläh-offerers in Fajr, 10 days to a nearby mandal, for 30 days to a nearby district, or for 100 days ̈Zuhr, Âs̈r, Maghrib and Îshä equal to that in Jumâh. Conduct practical traina nearby state. There, they will work according to JIMIM scheme. This is ing of S̈aläh for the children every day. Provide breakfast or ration to poor to as Reformatory Jamäât Trip. Women accompanied by a Maḧram children. Make the children of seven and above habitual with offering regu- termed work in their respective localities only. Take out time of 3, 10, 30 or lar five S̈alähs, and beat them on missing a S̈aläh when they are 10 or will days to propagate the observance of five S̈alähs, moral values and above. (Abü Däwüd 418) Send the students of schools, colleges and madras- 100 etiquettes of life, service to Alläh’s servants, exemplary generosity, forahs with their teachers for field study once a year. In this they get practical bidding evils, repentance, contrition and reformation, and to train training in things like road sanitation, knowledge of traffic rules, morals and yourself and others. Afford your own expenses and provide for the exetiquettes of life, serving humans and serving mosques. Contact Mutawwa`s penses for a poor brother so that he too gets reformed. This will be an (local representatives of Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Iz̈äla e act of unending reward. Munkarät or JIMIM). We have to leave behind all our wealth, are re- Exemplary Generosity: plots, houses and estates in this world. So, For Mosque Committees and Mosque Imäms: They quested to ask it is better to invest 1/3 of it for improving our Hereafter prospects. It may the local people to populate the mosques and participate in mosque- be awarded for charity through a will, or by giving directly for the following cleaning. Also organize practical training of S̈aläh, etiquettes of life and projects. For more information, contact a mutawwa`. Family Society  Islämic values. Encourage the people to participate in public meetings of Marriage Centers Populating mosques and establishing Baitul Mäl other organizations and at other mosques. No Muslim should remain un- (Islämic treasury) Muslim Finance Centre (for providing credits to poor practising or S̈aläh-delinquent, as Prophet ‫ﺱﻝَّﻡ‬ َ ‫ﺹﻝَّﻯ هللاُ َﻉﻝَﻱْ ﻩِ َﻭ‬ َ has expressed S̈aläh-offerers) Morning Mosque Classes, with provision of daily breaksevere displeasure upon them. He said: I feel like burning the houses of fasts or monthly rations Vocational training for Â̈lims and Ḧäfiz̈ s  ̈ Muslims who hear the Azän (call to Saläh), yet do not come to mosque. Forming Committees of Alläh’s Servants at mandal-, town- and district(From Bukhärï 608) He also said: My comfort has been provided in S̈aläh. levels. Start these projects in your respective localities. Form societies and (Nasai 3878) If you associate yourselves with mosque, surely Alläh’s help trusts to participate in them. For details of these projects, refer the book will come to you. Reformation of Society and Eradication of Evils. your parents. Paradise Ḧadïth: The one who looks after and works for a widow and for a poor Duties Towards Alläh’s Servants: Serve lies under mothers’ feet. (Jamûl person, is like a warrior fighting for Alläh's cause or like a person who fasts Jawämi` 1/11607) The father is the central door of Paradise. (Tirmizï 1822) during the day and prays all the night. (Bukhärï 951) Whoever firmly holds Behave well with relatives, neighbors and the poor, and help them financial- my Sunnah when my Ummah has gone wayward, will get the reward of a ly. hundred martyrs. (As Silsilat-uz̄ Z̄aï̀fah 326) Study Qur'än translation again Saläm among Muslims day and night, and again. Study the Sürahs which made our Prophet ‫ﺱﻝَّﻡ‬ َ ‫ﺹﻝَّﻯ هللاُ َﻉﻝَﻱْ ِﻩ َﻭ‬ َ aged, Popularize Saläm: Popularize at homes, at markets and at offices. Greet non- i.e. Hüd, Naba', Mursalät, Waqiâh, Takwïr, Infi är, Inshiqäq, äqqah and Muslims according to the general custom and shake hands with them. For Yäsïn, and cry. You will be reformed. example, say: “Saläm, Brother”, “Ädäb, Brother”, “Namaskär”, “Good again and again the hardship of Call yourself to account: Remember morning”, “Hello”, etc. death, punishment of grave, horror of the Remember Alläh-Ïshwar all the time. Day of Judgment, torment of Hell. Prepare the provisions for Hereafter. Duly To Non-Muslims: Brother! Serve your parents. Greet everybody. Feed the observe Tahajjud. Punish your tongue before sleeping. Recite Durüd Sharïf 63 hungry. Alcohol consumption, unlawful copulation, theft, bribery, in- times: Allähumma s̈alli âlä sayyidinä Muḧammadiñ was âlä äli sayyidinä Muterest-exaction, murder, quarrel, dispute etc. are Satanic acts. Satan is ḧammadiñ wa bärik wa sallim ( ‫ﺍﺭ ْﻙ‬ َ ‫ﺱﻱِّ ِﺩﻥَﺍ ُﻡ َﺡ َّﻡ ٍﺩ َّﻭ‬ َ ‫ﺁﻝ‬ َ ّٰ‫ﺹﻝِّ َﻉﻝﻯ‬ َ ‫َﺍﻝ ّٰﻝّ ﻩُ َّﻡ‬ ِ ّٰ‫ﺱﻱِّ ِﺩﻥَﺍ ُﻡ َﺡ َّﻡ ٍﺩ ﻭَّ ﻉَﻝﻯ‬ ِ ‫ﺏ‬ ِّ‫ﺱﻝ ْﻡ‬ our open enemy who wants to take us to Hell. Man is man’s brother. َ ‫)ﻭ‬. َ Repentance: Ask Alläh’s forgiveness 100 times a day, reciting: ْ ‫ﺍﻉﻑُ َﻉﻥَّﺍ َﻭ‬ Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Î̈säï: Ham haiñ sab bhäï bhäï (All of us are broth- Astaghfirulläha waêfu ânnä waghfir lanä warḧamnä ( ‫ﻑﺭْ ﻝَﻥَﺍ‬ ْ ‫ﻑ ُﺭ هللاَ َﻭ‬ ْ َ‫ﺃ‬ ِ ‫ﺍﻍ‬ ِ ‫ﺱﺕ َْﻍ‬ ers). ‫)ﻭﺍﺭْ َﺡ ْﻡﻥَﺍ‬. َ May Alläh protect all of us from ostentation! May He be pleased with a person amongst the hungry and poor every- us! May He unite all Muslims and all Islämic organizations. May He create Feed the hungry: Feed day. Either do this in your neighborhood, among love among Muslims and Non-Muslims and may He guide them to the right relations or hand over the amount or the food to JIMIM so that it may be path! Ämïn! Ämïn! Ämïn! Jamäât e Islä e given to poor S̈aläḧ offerers. Buy a food cou- Appeal: Âlims, äfizs, Imäms of mosques, presidents and secretaries of mosque committees, Muâsharah wa Izäla

PTO for Address

journalists, intellectuals, well-off people, advocates, doctors, engineers, officers, leaders, etc. are requested to become members. In addition, members of other organizations and religious associations, and political leaders may also become its members, so that we may mutually cooperate in the above-mentioned fields. May Alläh grant you the best reward!

e Munkarät (JIMIM)

Reforma on, Educati n and Training of Women (by female teachers, Â̈lims and ä zs)

Add: Telephone Exchg.Bldng (Saif Complex),Bahadurpura,Hyderabad; Phone: 9396 525 706,9866 287 1 31,9396 420 658 Fax: 040-2447 2967; Vijayawada: 9390 277 412,Nizamabad: 9393 042 395,9396420658,Warangal : 9701 351 237, Cuddapah: 9949 193 248, Medak: 9866 207 131;,,; Managed by: IS̈LÄḦÏ CHARITABLE TRUST, Nizamabad, A.P., India

Scheme of Work for Reformatory Women Female Teachers and Aged Women (to work with a Maḧram) Daily tours from rich localities to poor localities and villages Door to door meetings from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM: Teaching Kalimah (Islämic creed), S̈aläh, ceremonial purity, morality, etiquettes of life, social interactions, cooking, serving the husbands; training the children; promoting technical education; solving local disputes In markets and localities Educating about issues concerning women, preventing evil, obscenity and lewdness at public places Scheme of Work for Students & Children

(For putting the above agenda into practice)

Jamäâts are to be constituted by the local commanders and should include 10-20 persons

3 days 10 days 30 days 100days


) Reformatory trips ( Youfive are Srequested to go onetiquettes Jamäât trips ̈ alähs, morals For practicing and learning: daily and of life, serving Alläh's servants, exemplary generosity, serving at mosques, forbidding evils, repentance and penitence For reforming, educating and training yourself and others, take out time for trips of

regular offerers of the five S̈alähs. Train them in morality and etiquettes of life. Then, Alläh will provide protection, else Satan may take them out of their homes and engage them in evils which take one to the Hell. May Alläh protect us! Training should be taken under reformatory lady trainers of Jamäât e Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Iz̈äla e Munkarät. Remember that televisions and cell phones are domestic temptations towards evil. So women, girls and brides should not use them. This is extravagance and also an established temptation towards evil. So make proper use of them. Regular Prayers: the Secret of Social Reform: Send children to the nearest mosque to learn Arabic. Teach them Qur'änic and Moral Rules. Habituate the boys and girls with regular prayers when seven years old. When ten years old, separate their sleeping beds, and if they miss a S̈aläh, beat them. (Abü Däwüd 418) Do not cook meal if somebody in the house misses a Saläh and let all miss one meal, so that they know the importance of S̈aläh. Repeat this as many times as needed. In Shä Alläh, all will become regular Saläh-offerers, and the society will be transformed for the better. Stop and think: if parents are strict with children in this age regarding S̈aläh and teach them good morals, they will be obedient in future, else the parents will regret! What should we do every day? (For women): Women should themselves regularly offer the five S̈alähs, and make the children offer them. They should serve their husbands. Pray to Alläh to put an end to your husband’s evil manners. Provide the best education to children. Work hard yourselves. Keep away from begging. Popularize Saläm. Feed a poor person every day. Recite Durüd Sharïf 63 times every day: Allähumma s̈alli âlä sayyidinä Muḧammadin wa âlä äli sayyidinä Muḧammadin wa bärik wa ّٰ ْ ‫ﺍﺭ‬ sallim )‫ﺱﻝ ِّ ْﻡ‬ ‫ﺱﻱ ِّ ِﺩﻥ َﺍ ُﻡ َﺡ َّﻡ ٍﺩ َّﻭ‬ َ ‫ﺡ َّﻡ ٍﺩ َّﻭ‬ َ ‫ﺹ ِّﻝ‬ َ ‫ﻙ َﻭ‬ َ ‫ﻉﻝﻯّٰ ﺁ ِﻝ‬ َ ‫ﺱﻱ ِّ ِﺩﻥ َﺍ ُﻡ‬ َ ّٰ‫ﻉﻝﻯ‬ َ ‫ )ﺍَﻝﻝ ّ ﻩ ُ َّﻡ‬Repent and ِ َ‫ﺏ‬ ْ َ ‫ )ﺃ‬and waêfu reproach yourself 100 times, saying Astaghfirulläh (‫ﻑِ ُﺭ هللا‬ ‫ﺕ َ ْﻍ‬ ‫ﺱ‬ ânnä waghfir lanä warḧamnä )‫ﺡ ْﻡﻥ َﺍ‬ ‫ ( َﻭﺍﻉْﻑُ َﻉﻥ َّﺍ َﻭﺍ ْﻍ‬Before sleeping, َ ْ‫ﻑِ ْﺭ ﻝَﻥ َﺍ َﻭﺍﺭ‬ take hold of your tongue to punish it. Recite the Qur'än and read its translation and cry over it. Read the books Reformation of Society and Eradication of Evils and Qur'änic and Moral Rulings. (1) Regular S̈aläh (2) Serving your husband (3) Guiding Do these three: your children Indulging in radio and television programs, Don’t do these three: (1) and internet porn. (2) Unwarranted customs and extravagance (3) Falsehood and veillessness of the organization, accompanied by Daily trips of Is̈lä ï ladies: Women their Maḧrams, will undertake visits to houses and contact the residing women, in the course of their daily 10:00-5:00 door-to-door visits, to reform, educate and guide themselves and other women of the locality. Well-off people are requested to make financial contributions for this purpose. ̈ lims, Ḧäfiz̈ s, retired teachers, lecturers, Appeal for Membership: Â well-off women, and educated, pious women are requested to cooperate with Is̈läḧï women, become members and make others members. Jamäât Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Iz̈äla e Munkarät District Headquarter (Women’s Wing) and Madrasah Jämiâh Az̈ Z̈ahrah lil Banät, Masjid e Ârafät, Aḧ adpurah Colony, Nizamabad. Phone: 9848 086 211, 9848 755 804. Contact us accompanied by your Maḧrams. Contact addresses for other districts may be found in the following figure:

(1) Serving Alläh's servants at house, locality and in markets Reformatory Patrols and Meetings: Publicizing Saläm to Muslims and Non-Muslims Feeding the hungry and the poor Inviting people towards S̈aläh Serving Alläh's servants: Implementing traffic rules Establishing stalls for drinking water Encouraging the establishment of mobile dispensaries Forbidding evils: Alcohol consumption Unlawful copulation, obscenity, nudity  Evil use of television and internet  Interest-exaction Bribery Theft Dowry Music and danceQuarrels and backbiting Reciting Sürah Al Âs̈r when departing (2) Serving at mosques (in slums, poor localities and villages) Cleaning the mosque Practical training of S̈aläh  Moral lessons and reading an excerpt from the book Is̈läḧ e Muâ̈sharah wa Iz̈älae Munkarät Demonstrations of etiquettes of lifeWeeping while reciting the holy Qur'än to achieve soul-purification Meetings with men of fortune, intellectuals and clerics Encouraging them to give as charity or make a will for giving a third of their assets, plots and estate Encouraging them to start the following projects in their respective localities: Establishing family societies Establishing marriage centers (with a package of ₹10,000 Running Muslim Finance Centers for providing loans to poor S̈alähofferers (Namäz̈ïs) Employment course for Â̈lims and Ḧäfiz̈ s Populating mosques and establishing Bait-ul Mäl (collective treasury) Organizing morning Forming classes at mosques with provision of breakfasts and monthly rations Servants' Committees in sub-divisions, towns and districts

Work Agenda for Committees of Alläh’s Servants

your school-, college– and Request to parents and husbands: Make office-going daughters and wives

Service at localities and markets Promoting Saläm to Muslims and NonMuslims, inviting Muslims for S̈aläh, cleaning the roads, implementing traffic rules, departing after reciting Sürah Al Âs̈ r. Service at Mosques and cleaning them Practical training of S̈aläh, collective meal, explaining the etiquettes of life, asking them to promise to attend morning madrasahs, organizing the program “Children! What do you want to be”, distributing S̈aläh cards, teaching The students of religious madrasahs, and of governmental and private schools and colleges are urged to go on aJamäât trip once a year with their class teachers from 9:00 AM to Maghrib, with their own tiffins.

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ActionOriented Pan-Islämic Movement

Respectable mothers, sisters and daughters, As Saläm u Âlaikum wa Raḧmatulläh i wa Barakätuh It is Alläh’s favor upon us that He created us in Muslim families. Nevertheless, the life of this world is a trial from Alläh. He wants to test how we act in this temporary world, where all of us have to die. It is thus incumbent upon us in this short span of life that we do acts which take us and our entire family into the Paradise and protect us from the Hell-fire. Satan comes in between us and our goals by inciting mutual quarrels, by making us more devoted to our professions than to Alläh, and by making us inclined towards evils like veillessness, alcohol consumption, unlawful copulation, theft, lies, deceits, dowry-exaction, begging, missing S̈alähs, interest-exaction, bribery, family disputes, disobedience to parents and husbands, etc. We find that evils are quite widespread in our society. This necessitates that special attention be paid towards reforming, educating and training girls and women in matters of Dïn to bridge the wide gap between them and their Dïn. For this, we have developed a detailed strategy, glimpses of which follow: Reformatory female teachers, each accompanied by a Maḧram (close male relative) will visit you at your homes and also interact with you in markets with the purpose of reforming and educating, so that all of us are saved from the Hell-fire. We cannot miss the point that there will be more women in the Hell, according to the holy Prophet’s ‫ﻉﻝَﻱْ ِﻩ َﻭﺱَﻝ َّﻡ‬ َ ُ‫ﺹﻝ َّﻯ هللا‬ َ ḧadïth: “I was shown the Hell-fire. I found that the majority of its dwellers were women.” (Bukhärï 28) It is an indisputable fact that mother’s lap is a child’s first school. So, if the woman is reformed, the entire society will be reformed, too. S̈aläh and offer the five prayers regularly. Learn Home-work: Learn morality and etiquettes of life. Also get trained in the day-today Islämic way of life, in cooking, serving husbands, training and educating children, and realize the importance of charity.Keep away from evils like television serials, veillessness, needless shopping, dowry transaction, dispute, interest-based transaction, making irrational demands of husbands, etc. Be vigilant towards your husband’s earnings. If his income includes earnings from bribery, fraud, bullying, dishonest politics, interest-exactions and other dishonest means, then keep yourself and your children away from them. If at present, you are living off unlawful earnings, then spend all the unlawful assets and capitals in charity at the earliest, well before you die. Unlawful wealth may bring upon us curses, diseases, accidents, horrible forms of death, etc. May Alläh protect all of us from them! (If your husband is poor,) earn something yourself to eat before you die. For this purpose, you may take training in business or technical education to get employed. You may then deservedly hope that Paradise lies in wait for you. Do not harass your husband with undue demands. Do not seek to have undue ceremonies, extravagance, unwarranted ornamentation and ostentation in weddings. Do not make demands for houses, plots, etc. Do not annoy your husbands. Do not say, “What knowledge do you have?! Just shut up.” Beware! Do not make yourself among the people of the Hell knowingly. May Alläh protect us! women accompanied by Maḧrams will keep a Market-work: Reformatory watch on women at markets. So, no woman should go outside their houses without a Maḧram. They may go in a company of two to three women. Do not go out without veil. Steps will be taken to provide aid to mad and cloth-less women. Do not roam around talking over cell phones, engaging in useless conversation, and in frivolity. In any case, women should leave markets before 5 p.m. It is preferable that you leave home only with your husband’s permission. Take his permission for all that you do like eating, dressing, etc. It you do this, you will enter Paradise. If the husband is pleased, Alläh is pleased too.

Translation and Graphics: Musarhad (9396655326,


Education: Road Sanitation: Forbidding Evils: Regularity in S̈aläh and Populating Mosques: Popularize Saläm: At homes, shops, factories: Cal...

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