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THE GIFT of Critical Thinking “…your tactics typify a toxic blend of laziness and group-think that are all too common today – a hot mess of hashtags and intolerance that deepen the chasm currently dividing our country.” - Mike Rowe My son came home the other day and

The fact that we have to do our own

He said some of his teachers were talking

is pathetic, but that’s another

asked what I knew about net neutrality.

about how the recent decision to abolish

net neutrality would ruin the Internet. He was genuinely concerned and wanted to learn more.

I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t

know a lot about it either. So the two of us sat down to conduct some research. We watched reports from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and read articles from the

Washington Post and other news sites. NOT ONE of these sources gave both

what was so bad about abolishing net

Address: 1011 Surrey Lane Building 100, Ste. 101 Flower Mound, TX 75022 Lantana Living is published monthly by Murray Media Group. Opinions expressed in articles or advertisements do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. Lantana Living is not responsible for omissions or information that has been misrepresented to the magazine. Advertisers and its agencies assume all liability for advertising content. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted without the permission in writing from the publisher. © 2018 Murray Media Group

column altogether.

I was reminded of this story when I sat

down with CPA Steve Buchanan to discuss the new tax bill for 2018. To say it’s

Editorial and Advertising Inquiries call 972.899.3637 or email

research just to understand a news story

sides of the story. They all talked about neutrality, just like the teachers, but no

one even bothered to explain the other side of the story.

I had to turn to one of those ultra right

wing sites to finally get the whole story.

complicated would be an understatement. The main thing to remember is to do your research or better yet, have a numbers guy like Steve explain it to you.

I wrote all of that to say this: we have some very bright very wonderful kids here in

North Texas. Let’s not shortchange them by giving them OUR opinions or letting

them understand only one side. Let’s give them the gift of critical thinking skills that

have been lost on so many people today. It’s hard to take that time in our busy

world, but who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something, too.

Sincerely Susan Neuhalfen

Writer for Argyle Living, Lantana Living, Life in Castle Hills and Lake Cities Living 972.899.3637 Ex. 101 6 | LANTANA LIVING




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44 New Playground at E.P. Rayzor FEBRUARY 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 7

TAXES Legal Article

New Rules in 2018 by Susan Neuhalfen


hances are you are already wrapping up your 2017 taxes and getting them ready for your CPA. The good news is most of the recently passed Tax Reform provisions kick in on January 1, 2018, which means that they won’t affect 2017 tax filings.

For your tax year 2018 filing, however, there are a lot of tax law changes to sort out. “There are a lot of changes for 2018,” said Steve Buchanan of Buchanan & Co. PLLC, CPAs of Lantana. “You need to put a plan together now so you’re not surprised when you file your taxes next year.” Here are just some of the changes that are part of the new tax plan:

PROPERTY TAX / MORTGAGE CHANGES If you pay more than $10,000 in property tax, anything over and above that $10,000 is no longer deductible as an itemized deduction. The $10,000 deduction limit applies to the total of all your state and local taxes, including property tax. Similarly, mortgage interest deductions are only allowed for new home purchases of up to $750,000. That means you can’t write off the interest on what you’ve mortgaged over and above $750k. This does not apply to existing mortgages. Additionally, interest on home equity loans or HELOCs are no longer tax deductible but IRS guidance on what home equity that may qualify is still being worked. There’s no grandfathering provision for existing home equity loans. “If you’re making key changes in your life such as buying a new home, starting a business, or changing your business structure to hope to take advantage of the new law, talk to your tax advisor first,” said Buchanan. “We can help prepare you for those important decisions that often are expensive to undo or potentially permanently or temporarily irrevocable.” 8 | LANTANA LIVING

| JANUARY 2018

CHANGE IN TAX BRACKETS, DEDUCTIONS The overall tax tables have gone down a bit for 2018, which helps most taxpayers. For most taxpayers the new 2018 tax brackets mean potentially more money in your pocket. Buchanan said that many of his clients have chosen to invest that money which, as a licensed investment advisor, is something he can handle for them.

CHILD TAX CREDIT The new tax bill doubles the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 for families earning up to $500,000. There is also an allowance for those invested in the 529 college savings plan to pay up to $10,000 per year for K-12 schools. For example if you have a K-12 child in private school, you can dip into your 529 and pay for part of that tuition if you choose.

SOME BUSINESS CHANGES Businesses may be paying a lower tax rate but there is planning needed. According to Buchanan, you need to find out if your business is structured the right way to qualify for the recent tax cuts. “There are a lot of layers to this, “ said Buchanan. “I have to know your fact pattern to advise if you qualify for the recent tax cuts for small businesses or if restructuring your business is advisable. It comes down to several factors including a provision that affects businesses providing services such as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, realtor, financial advisor, qualified business income, etc.” “Before running out to create a corporation or revoking an S-Election, talk to a CPA.”

SUMMARY “A lot of people ask me if they need to worry about the new tax laws and the short answer is ‘yes’,” said Buchanan. “The best thing is to seek advice from a good CPA or tax attorney to figure out the best plan for you and your family.” Buchanan cautions against making moves without an overall plan. He notes that tax planning should evolve with changes to tax code, economy, as well as changes to your personal situation, and your investment plan should be developed in concert with your tax planning. Special Thanks to: STEVEN BUCHANAN, CPA, MBA Buchanan & Company, PLLC Certified Public Accountants (940) 455-2084 •





With Guyer Softball Coach

Keith Medford by Steve Gamel

he 2018 softball season is just now getting underway at Guyer. Head coach Keith Medford has been at the helm since the school opened and has made the Lady Wildcat program a consistent playoff powerhouse.

able to breathe because I’m laughing

Coach Medford sat down with us recently to play an old-fashioned game of 20 Questions, where he dished on everything from his love of softball to the last movie he took his wife to see. If you could not coach softball, what sport would you coach and why? I’d have to say baseball. I think that’s more in line with my background. I’ve thought about football, but I just don’t have as much experience. If you couldn’t coach at all, what would you do for a living? I’ve always wanted to be an architect. I’m not sure if I’m smart enough to do that, but I’ve always thought it’d be cool to design a field house or athletic facility. They can do so much these days with technology.

What do you do for fun during a night off

so hard.

from the field?

What is your favorite food?

I like to spend as much time with my family

Mexican food. I love all of it.

as I can.

What was the worst coaching decision

What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

you’ve ever made?

I’d say the biggest thing is that I used to

There was one year I had a bunch of lefty

be a drummer back in the day and I’m

hitters in my lineup, so I thought it’d be

cool to alternate right and left throughout

the lineup. It didn’t work out so well for us that day.

What type of student were you in high school? Very average. I would go so far as to

say there are probably some teachers

out there from the past who would be surprised that I’m a teacher now.

How many years of coaching do you think you have left in you? I’ve always told myself that I’d walk away if

still pretty good at it. I had the mullet and whole nine yards. Captain America or Iron Man? Iron Man Batman or Superman? Superman If you were stuck in an elevator with one person, who would you want that to be? I’d say my wife, Jennifer. There’s no question on that.

the day came and I was miserable going

What are your hobbies?

to work. I haven’t remotely come close to

I really don’t have any other than chasing

feeling that way. I still love my job.

around my kids in select ball.

Do you have any phobias? None. I don’t have any, really.

Favorite color?

Have you been overseas before and where?


I’ve never been overseas, but going to

What is the dumbest thing you ever did as a kid? I had just got my license and was driving down the road and decided to change lanes real quick. Well, I hit a cop car when I did it. It was an unmarked cop car, but still a cop.

Guyer has a lot of rivals. Which one do you take the

Europe is on our bucket list.

most pleasure in beating?

What’s the last movie you saw in a movie theater?

Who is the funniest coach at Guyer High School? Jonathan Ponsonby. There have been times in my office where I haven’t been

Falls Rider over the years. Lake Dallas is

you hate the most?

right down the street.

be horrible.



I’d have to say Ryan. We are very similar and we have a ton of respect for one

another. But with that said, you are right.

Don’t laugh – I saw Girls Trip at the theater with Jennifer and some friends.

We’ve had some crazy battles with Wichita

What is the one chore around the house that

another one because of the fact we are

If I had to clean the toilets. I’d say that’d





Ask The Expert: Gardening

Groundhog, Forget The


Spring Is Coming To Texas

unxsutawney Phil saw his shadow

sign everyone is off and running into

that look functional and that you could see

but you’d better go ahead and get

2018. When looking at the outdoor

those 2018 patio and landscape

project list it’s always a good idea to start

your family enjoying. Letting designers

plans started. Spring-like weather gets the

with the BIG stuff (i.e. patio extension,

patio builders busy drawing up plans and

outdoor living space, pool, etc.). Getting

the landscape designers busy designing. Although it will be another month or so until spring flowers start to arrive in masses, getting a jump on things is always a good idea. Cut the beds in, get that stone work going and the larger bucket sizes

a great looking multi-

“Once you’ve got the BIG stuff knocked out you can focus on then smaller items.”

planted now so you can be ahead of the curve and have a better idea on that spring color (how much, what kind and where) when it gets here. We definitely consider ourselves

functional outdoor space put together that you can enjoy year round is where you need to begin. You should ensure that it looks great from the inside or out whether using it or not. To keep all your fields of view open from the house is

also key. Paying those lot premiums then cutting off the view is too often something want a place to sit and watch the game with friends, a place to cook and entertain, or both. Hire a designer that can provide

10-12 patios in January, it’s a for sure

you with an impressive portfolio, patios

photos courtesy of PJ Kratohvil


you entertain, whether you want to enjoy the space rain or shine, etc., will help give them direction when putting a custom plan together for you. Once you’ve got the BIG stuff knocked out you can focus on then smaller items like accenting the space with accessories or pots to bring in color, balancing the backyard with added landscape. Beds, raised gardens and individual sitting areas are all great ideas and can help you create your own oasis...

we come across. Determine whether you

“small business” and with contracting


know things like the typical size group

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions








any families are looking to do something fun for Spring Break, but there’s simply not enough

time to go out of state or even somewhere exotic. The good news is there are plenty of options relatively close to home.

Here are a few of those fun family ideas – all located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area:

Kids will have fun making friends, getting

that glides 100 feet off the ground, a

super kid-friendly sport center.

air at 70mph and being strapped to a 165-

exercise, and learning new skills in this CINNAMON CREEK RANCH

It’s the new bowling! Bring the kids for a

fun-filled day of archery. There is so much to do here, and the great instructors are

happy to help the newcomers get the feel of the bow and arrow. It’s perfect for the whole family.



Escape Rooms HQ is a one-of-a-kind

rocket ride that sends you straight into the foot propeller with speeds up to 60 mph

in just seconds. We’re talking 4Gs of force. Talk about your wild rides.


This is a seven-acre combination obstacle course and zip line park for people ages six and older. It has more than 20 zip-

lines as well as cargo nets, rope bridges, and other obstacles spread out over six


fantasy entertainment facility where

courses. Go at your own pace, as long as

This is incredible for kids of all ages. Go

of the clues to escape their mystery room.

time limit.

pits, gymnastics tumble tracks, a kid zone,

a series of codes, locks, and puzzles that

more. The facility is located across from

especially good for older kids and fun for

players race against the clock to solve all

you don’t take longer than the three-hour

crazy with 30,000 square feet of foam

Your team will be charged with solving


basketball dunking lanes, dodgeball, and

reveal clues to enable the escape. This is

Golden Triangle Mall in Denton.

the whole family.



Lodge Resort offers everything from

During Spring Break, there are

For the older kids looking for some

crafts, food, entertainment, lodging, and

jumping, a 16-story free fall, a sky-coaster

luxurious hotel to maximize your fun.

outrageously fun camps for children ages 2 1/2 and up for three hours or all day. 18 | LANTANA LIVING


Talk about a family getaway that doesn’t break the bank! Located in Grapevine near Grapevine Mills Mall, Great Wolf

indoor waterslides and pools to arts,

serious thrills, there’s this: bungee

shopping. Stay for a day or stay in the

Dubbed the Star of North Texas, the Frank Buck Zoo offers all your traditional zoo

experiences and more without having to drive into Dallas or Fort Worth. This is a


great venue to have a birthday party at or


Encounters and Training Demonstrations are always interesting for a behind-the-

even have a private guided tour. SHARKAROSA WILDLIFE

experience other nearby venues.



Another hidden gem in North Texas,

Much like the zoo, it’s hard to go

wrong with a trip to the aquarium. It’s

educational, it’s fun, and it’s cool to see

sharks. There also aren’t a ton of lines, so you and the family can go at your own pace and enjoy every exhibit.


is radical.

The Arboretum is beautiful with

for the kids to see and do. The Keeper

learning for everyone. Even the building

The zoo is always fun, and there’s plenty

save with CityPass if you’re planning to

of interactive things to do, and it’s great


Pokemon Go on their website. You can

and the kids will love it. There are lots



scenes look. There’s even a guide to

Perot Museum. This is anything but boring,

Sharkarosa is a non-profit ranch licensed

breathtaking gardens at every turn. For the kids, there is the Rory Meyers Adventure Garden for Children overlooking White Rock Lake. There are more than 150 individual kid-friendly activities, and the children’s garden features The Texas Skywalk, The Moody Oasis, a Walk in the Clouds, and more.

and regulated by the USDA. Families


experience featuring endangered exotic

can get an up-close-and-personal zoo


wildlife – without spending an arm

Adults and children alike would definitely

and a leg.

miss out by not checking out the unique –


and odd attractions – at Ripley’s. Ever seen

When you think of museums, you think

hung out with wax replicas of Superman

a two-headed animal, a shrunken head, or

quiet and sometimes boring. But NOT the

or Cher? Here’s your chance. It’s worth it. FEBRUARY 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 19

Ask The Expert: Edit This


e live in a technology-driven world where it’s easy to sit down with a cup of coffee and a laptop and start writing away. But how many of my fellow writers out there still use a pen and paper to start at least some of your writing projects?

While I don’t use a pen and paper for everything, I still rely a great deal on this “old-fashioned” process. An example was over the holidays. I wrote six blogs for two clients – all on paper – before I turned to my laptop to perfect them. For me, writing by hand often makes the writing process easier. I can write down entire articles or just collect my thoughts, jot down an outline for what I intend to write on my laptop, and even do a little freewriting without worrying about typos or missing commas.

Here are five reasons why using a pen and paper first can be good for writers:

You’ll never lose those great ideas If you’re not near your computer or phone to write something down, a notepad and pen conveniently placed in your car, at your bedside table, or on the kitchen

You can stay focused longer I love my MacBook Air, but it’s so easy to

get distracted from writing by the Internet, email notifications, and friends’ social

media posts. Last time I checked, your

favorite pen and notepad don’t have Wi-Fi capability. Use that to your advantage.

counter serve the same purpose. Write

Grammar rules don’t exist

into the abyss.

grammar as I’m writing on my laptop,

down your thoughts before they vanish Avoid blank computer screens You hear all the time about how writers

find themselves staring at a blank screen

waiting for a hint of inspiration. You rarely hear people say the same thing about a

blank piece of paper. Writing things down first helps you write before you’re ready. 20 | LANTANA LIVING


I’m constantly editing and focusing on which can lead to lost ideas and overall train of thought. Using a pen and

computers and smartphones? We wrote everything down. I love technology, but writing things down forces us to use more of our brain while improving learning comprehension. It’s also very calming. Thanks for reading! If you need help telling your story, whether it be business or personal related, give Edit This® a call. We handle all your writing and editing needs, from blogs to content writing for websites, newsletters, and more

paper allows me to throw rules out the window and focus on getting my raw thoughts down on paper. 

Writing by hand = happy brain What did we do before there were

by Steve Gamel Edit This 469.360.3611

The Next Upcoming Magazine Will be Our

HEALTH ISSUE It includes tips on health and fitness for the whole family Are you a medical professional interested in advertising?

Call us at 972.899.3637 or email us at


Ask The Expert: Restaurant Review

a mound of candied pecans. It is sprinkled with blue cheese chunks and served with the most delicious balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

I could lie and tell you that I’ve tried all kinds of different main dishes, but the

truth is if you don’t get the filet you are

missing out. This is arguably the best steak I have had in my 50 years of existence,

and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot of steak. The beef is all-natural (hormone and

antibiotic free) from 44 Farms in Cameron,

Texas. The meat is shipped fresh and then cut and seasoned at the restaurant. The

940.241.3500 | 2664 FM 407 E • Bartonville, TX 76226 by Susan Neuhalfen

steak will melt in your mouth. Just try it. You won’t be disappointed.


o doubt about it, Marty B’s is more than a restaurant. It’s a destination. Visiting at 5:30 on a Saturday,

it was already completely packed with

families inside and outside. This gorgeous modern ranch building looks like

something you’d see in the Hill Country

of Texas complete with corn hole games, community fire pits, outside heaters, picnic tables and lots of seating.

If you visited in the first few weeks of its opening, just know all the kinks have

been worked out and it’s running like a

well-oiled machine. Our server, Mandy,

was only on her second day and she was efficient, sweet and Johnny-on-the-spot

for everything we needed. Marty himself visited our table – as well as every table in the restaurant –to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. My

thing we’ve experienced on the appetizer menu is the brisket queso. It’s a nice change from just having ground beef shoved in a bowl

somewhere at 7,

sprinkled tortilla

we would have.

chips. It’s topped

It’s a great open

with pico de gallo

space and the music

and Marty B’s BBQ

is at comfortable level.

sauce. Exclusive to Marty

B’s, the BBQ sauce is vinegar-

based with fresh pepper, not the thick

molasses-type. The original sauce is just a touch sweet with a nice kick. My 13 yearold son judges a restaurant by its queso (he’s a connoisseur) and right

is delicious

without being



I will, however, leave you with these three little words: GET THE FILET.

topped with lots of

fresh Asiago cheese. The

strawberry salad, however, is spectacular. The plate is lined with sliced strawberries

and in the center of the fresh spring mix is

photos courtesy of Marty B’s Facebook

and the truth is,

much onion or spice. However, the best

would recommend planning accordingly.

queso ranks #1.

The Caesar

guacamole has a nice flavor without too

The parking is challenging and

they also don’t take reservations so I

now, Marty B’s brisket

three times now

Let’s start with appetizers. The

great country tunes, we both

hadn’t had to be

the paprika

a few salads.

that it only gets better.

area and heard Willie Lain playing some

and enjoy. If we

beautifully with

the restaurant

back. We all agree

when we left through the outside pavilion

at a picnic table

meat and pairs

We have tried

we can’t wait to go

Obviously we were too full for dessert, but

wanted to sit down

with cheese. It’s fresh

family has visited


spice rub is mixed with butter and the


Legal Article

Is Your Home Business

PROTECTED? What You Need To Know In The State Of Texas by Madison Reid


| JANUARY 2018


First of all, though, the business has to be

hen it comes to home-based businesses in Texas, there are certain considerations. Many

treated as just that: a business. To take

people have legal questions when starting

out. If that business is in the form of a multi level marketing business, things are a bit

advantage of tax write-offs for home-

based businesses, the business has to be for-profit not merely a hobby. How the

IRS treats business income versus hobby

different than for some other businesses

income is different, and tax write-offs for

being run from home.

However, other businesses such as those that are based upon food preparation would require a permit.

For those running a multi level marketing business, the focus should not just be

legal questions but also a consideration of tax implications. Far too often, homebased entrepreneurs overlook the tax advantages of their businesses.

only be deducted up to the level of income generated.

trap? Devote significant time to it. Work

Is there a space exclusively dedicated to

by the state of Texas to get started.

If it is considered a hobby, losses can

of profit.

multi level marketing business from home Road, etc., there are no permits required

fall into the hobby business category.

How do you make sure that your

that are being undertaken in the pursuit

such as Mary Kay, Rodan + Fields, Celadon

provided that the business does not

businesses are reserved for enterprises

One of the legal questions that arises is how to get started. For those running a

the income generated by the business,

business does not fall into the hobby to become profitable within a reasonable

the business? If so, you can qualify for

amount of time. Be certain to keep good

the space really must be specific to the

business is more about profit than the

purposes. This particular deduction is one

the products being sold. Of course, these

the home office deduction. However,

records. Be certain that your home-based

business and not be used for personal

mere personal pleasure of engaging with

that the IRS is quite picky about.

are all things that one should be doing

Inventory is another deductible expense.

anyways in order to grow a strong home-

the business, not personal use.

A small business offers plenty of

Has the business taken a loss? You can

opportunities for tax deductions. Just be

These items must be for the purpose of

write off business losses even beyond

based business.

sure to follow IRS rules.

Here are 12 tax deductible tips that even savvy small-business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes forget.

Home Office

Office Supplies


Other Equipment

Software & Subscriptions


Travel, Meals, Entertainment and Gifts

Insurance Premiums

Retirement Contribution

Social Security

Telephone Charges

Child Care FEBRUARY 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 27

Ask The Expert: Fitness


ig life changes start with small steps. In today’s world, everyone is looking for the quick fix to get in physical

shape. Not all gyms are created equal

and not all workout styles lead to positive

results. Here, we will detail the benefits of

working with a professional fitness trainer

and how our personal training style differs from many current fitness trends.  Personal Fitness Training:

At Jesse James Fit, our team is filled with

life changers who live and breathe fitness. Everyone on our team has their own

story and they started somewhere just

like our clients and members. Personal

training certifications aren’t quick or easy

to obtain. They require extensive training on anatomy, nutrition, body mechanics, muscle building, and performing

Science has proven that short bursts of

which ultimately is a more effective and

and burns more body fat providing faster

reps as fast as you can with as much

anaerobic training builds more muscle

results. With the versatility of our training

structure and multi-joint movements, our

workouts never get boring and challenge our members every single day. It’s been

scientifically proven that the best way to avoid a plateau is to shock the muscles by utilizing different training styles and movement patterns during exercise. Members who have been

consistently training with us for years have seen faster results than other methods, plus

they’ve had a ton of fun along the way!

exercises to reach a desired result safely.

Current Trends:

in corrective training, senior training,

current fitness

Additionally, many on our team specialize stability, balance, athletics, coaching and mentoring. The versatility of personal

training goes beyond a workout. At Jesse James Fit, we help members and clients

make life-long changes through intention

and planning, rather than simply providing a good workout.

Backed by Science:

Everyone needs a little change. The same goes for your workouts. At Jesse James

Some of the

trends over the

efficient workout. Completing as many weight as you can is not a sustainable

style of training if you plan to exercise the rest of your life. After weeks of

yanking, swinging, flailing, jerking and

jumping, the body wears down and injury becomes a more possible outcome.

If you ever find yourself in a position

where “crushing today’s workout” means potential lifelong physical injury, stop and consider a different

routine or gym. Avoiding injury and training smart keeps

you in the game (and the

gym) far longer than the

opposite, which should always be your top priority.

To learn more about

how our world-class

personal trainers can help

last 5 years tend

make a difference in your

movement. Fixating on speeding or give us

to overlook quality and intent of

through exercises contributes to a

risk for injury. The focus should be on proper technique and quality,

rather than speed. Personal training focuses on quality of movement

and utilizing all fibers of the muscle,

life, contact us today at

a call at 972-335- 2639. We

would love the opportunity to connect with you and

help develop a plan to help accomplish your

fitness goals.

Fit we use over 7 different modalities of training in our workouts to create

an anaerobic and aerobic training state. In 30 minutes our HIIT style of training keeps

the heart rate up and the body fat burning. 28 | LANTANA LIVING


by Jesse J. Leyva, Owner of Jesse James Fit, Outlaw Bootcamp & Outlaw Fitcamp •


Business Spotlight

Expect the


UNEXPECTED by Susan Neuhalfen

ost relationships between client and insurance agent consist of the client sending

a check and the insurance agent sending a birthday card.

insurance for things such as lawsuits that

may arise from injury on your property. As

Courtney explained, you don’t expect bad things to happen, but when they do, we

unfortunately live in a “sue-happy” country

That’s not true if Courtney McManis with Farmers Insurance is your agent.

and you need to be covered.

“For just over $200 a year, you can have a

“We are not just transactional in this

$1M policy,” said Courtney. “These are the

36 years of combined experience in the

Courtney has a very experienced staff

office,” said Courtney, whose staff has over insurance industry. “We take the time with

every single client to go over every option and find where we can expand their

protection while saving them money.”

things we talk to our clients about.”

handles all of the checks and balances on a policy in order to keep the

client completely covered. Courtney

agencies in the country. Think about that, one of the top 3 new agencies in the United States right here in little old Lantana, Texas. As a Lantana resident, Courtney is also heavily involved with her community. She is on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of North Texas and Cloud9 Charities. She is a member of the Lantana Ladies League, the Lantana Golf Club and loves to sponsor Lantana events such as Music on the Green.

oversees everything and never misses

“I’m lucky that Farmers is very supportive

personally. That’s how her agency

Courtney. “I love Lantana and any chance I

Courtney talked specifically about

an opportunity to interact with clients

of community events as well,” said

liability coverage over regular homeowner

became one of the top three new Farmers

have to help the residents here, I will.”

umbrella insurance, which provides

McManis Insurance Agency

940.489.4090 | 3600 FM 407 E., Ste. 120 | Lantana, TX

Call us for a no obligation quote.


Yourself EDUCATING For The

UNEXPECTED by Steve Gamel

Local lawyer Charla Bradshaw has a message every married couple should hear.


harla Bradshaw is a human encyclopedia of family law, and her knowledge of divorce-related matters, in particular, is unmatched. In a matter of 10 minutes, the Denton native and well-known attorney of 24 years can rattle off every nuance of the divorce process, from what temporary orders are, to the many motions that can be filed on your behalf or against you. And she can do it all in a way that truly makes you believe she’ll have your back every step of the way. While Bradshaw doesn’t expect her clients at KoonsFuller Family Law to know all the ins and outs of the legal process, she is amazed and concerned how woefully unprepared many spouses are when it comes to their household finances. “I see it every day,” said Bradshaw, managing shareholder of the Denton office of KoonsFuller Family Law. “They don’t have that basic knowledge of their accounts, where those accounts are located, or the account numbers, or even what bills need to be paid. Usually, it’s because most couples have one spouse in charge of the finances, and in the case of a divorce or death, the other spouse is placed at an extreme disadvantage as they are forced to get up to speed in an already stressful situation. “Because they don’t know about their finances, assets or debts, they have no idea what is being done to them.” According to a survey by TD Ameritrade, two-thirds of married Americans don’t have a financial plan in place and often overlook the possibility of divorce or losing a loved one in their financial planning. Per that same report, approximately four in ten marriages eventually end in divorce and about a quarter of Americans age 65 and older are widowed.



Bradshaw believes it is her responsibility

accounts you have. You need to read your

they are as prepared as they can be

people out there just sign their tax return,

the case of a spouse’s death. That alone

happens, or their spouse passes away

out in a world where clients have plenty

the dark. This is such a huge pocket of

in Denton, Plano, Houston, Dallas, and

Furthermore, if you are in a relationship

as a local lawyer to educate citizens so

tax return, too. I can’t tell you how many

before they walk into her office, or in

or not, and move on. Then, when divorce

has helped her and KoonsFuller stand

unexpectedly, they are left completely in

of options. KoonsFuller has five offices

stress that can be 100 percent avoided.”

Southlake. Bradshaw is at the center of it

all and has gained a state-wide reputation while litigating some of the most difficult cases, both locally and internationally. Her vast experience in family law has made

her a clear choice as

an expert for speeches and appearances, with regard to family lawrelated matters.

Oh, and by the way,

she even contemplated

going into marriage and family therapy before

becoming an attorney.

She completed all of her

about the finances, that is a major red flag that needs to be identified and changed

“Usually it’s the spouse that doesn’t have access to the household money, or doesn’t have knowledge of the finances, who has a lot more attorney fees...”

at Texas Woman’s University in marriage and family therapy. That family-first

mindset is proof that she cares about her clients more than the mighty dollar.

“I want my clients to know that they were represented to the fullest, and when

it’s over, that we have resources to help them,” Bradshaw said. photography by Kent Barker

and does not want you to know anything

quickly. Bradshaw

masters, but the thesis,

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where your spouse manages the money

Bradshaw said the first step in the process — above everything else — is getting educated on your finances.

“Usually it’s the spouse that doesn’t

have access to the household money, or

doesn’t have knowledge of the finances,

who has a lot more attorney fees involved in the divorce process. That’s because you’re asking the attorney to go get

information from the other spouse — who knows everything,” she said. “You need

to know where all the money is and what

suggested that both spouses annually sit down together and

“If more couples would simply put themselves in a position where both are educated on the household finances, they’d be better prepared in the event of divorce or death. It’s far less of a burden in an already stressful situation,” Bradshaw said. “At the end of the day, I want to be there for as many people as I can. That includes people who are going through a divorce, are thinking about it, or couples who are completely happy but unsure about their finances. I want to help in any way I can to get the message out. But at the end of the day, it takes a spouse who does not have the knowledge to step up and obtain the information.”

go over their finances,

share responsibilities in paying bills, and share passwords to bank

accounts and other

financial information, including income tax returns.

With that type of education and

knowledge, you can be far more prepared if you find yourself getting divorced, or your spouse passes away. Some other

tips Bradshaw shared include, but are not limited to:

• Know your finances and protect that money before you or your spouse files for divorce.

• Assess what retainer will be necessary to hire an attorney.

• Know that the less knowledge you

have about your finances, the more expensive your divorce may be.

• Find a lawyer who is willing to walk

you through the process and answer all your questions.

• Provide as much of the information

your attorney asks for, so they don’t have to spend time doing it for you and charging you to do so.

Charla Bradshaw has been practicing family law for more than 24 years and is co-author of the book Protecting Your Assets from a Texas Divorce. To learn more, visit her page at FEBRUARY 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 33

St. Paddy’s Texas Style Saturday, March 17, 2-10pm Wayne Ferguson Plaza, Lewisville This is a FREE family-friendly event includes kids’ activities like a 40-foot zip line and other inflatable attractions, live music, plus food and beer. 2 pm - Maguire Academy of Irish Dance 3 pm - Reel Treble - traditional, up-tempo Celtic & bluegrass music 4:30 pm - Rathmore - Celtic Rock (last seen at Rocktober) 6 pm - Two Tons of Steel - Texas Country North Texas Irish Festival Friday, March 2 - Sunday March 4 Fair Park 1121 1st Ave, Dallas St. Patrick’s Day is usually celebrated with green beer and live music. However, there are some other ways to spend the weekend and not everyone celebrates only on March 17. Denton Celtic Dancers Community Dance Class Sunday, March 18 at 5pm Green Space Arts Collective: 529 Malone St, Denton …and now for something completely different…This is an ongoing Sunday event from 5-7pm $1 per session, FREE for students at Patterson-Appleton Arts Center and Ema Ruth Russell Rehearsal Studio Come see and participate in a Celtic Dance class. Experienced dancers start at 5 PM, newer dancers start at 6 PM but may watch the other session. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes. To learn more, call (940) 321-0012 or visit www. 39th Anniversary Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade & Festival Saturday, March 17 at 11am Step Off: Greenville @ Blackwell St. Parade End: Yale Blvd/SMU Blvd @ 75 Central Expressway Everyone loves a parade, especially if it’s the Largest St. Patrick’s Parade in the Southwest. It’s usually followed by the Dallas Observer St. Patrick’s Day Concert but this year the concert happens a week early (see above). For more information go to 34 | LANTANA LIVING


St. Patrick’s Day Triathlon Sunday, March 11 at 7:30am Keller Natatorium 1000 Bear Creek Pkwy, Keller If you’re a little more ambitious, the St. Patrick’s Sprint Triathlon in Keller is the kick-off to the Dallas-Ft. Worth triathlon season. The race will begin at 7:30am. The course consists of a 300 meter swim in a 50-yard indoor pool. The bike is a two-loop, 12.6-mile ride and a 3.1 mile run. For more information go to

This is a family fun weekend event hosted at Fair Park. Enjoy traditional Irish food, music and performances. The festival also has tons of local vendors from all over Texas. Friday Night 6pm to 7pm FREE, after 7pm - $10, Saturday is $20 and Sunday is $15. Tickets are available at Tom thumb or online at Old Town Brewhouse 5K (formerly known as Cobra Brewing Co) Saturday, March 17 at 9:30am 146 Whatley Ave., Lewisville 1st Annual Old Town Brew House St. Pat’s 5k run/walk is a great way to work off all of that beer you’re going to drink (wink!). The two-loop course is 3.1 miles and begins at 9:30am. Shannon Brewing Company 5k Saturday, March 10 at 9am 818 N. Main St., Keller The Fourth Annual Shannon Brewing Festival begins with the St Pat’s 5K Walk/ Run. The race will start 9:00am followed by post party fun, music, pancakes, and of course the award winning hand crafted Shannon Brewing beer. It all starts at 9am and who knows when it will end?


Ask The Expert: Dentistry

The Era Of



e all know kids have an enigmatic fascination with video games. It is an ongoing

You see, the digital age of dentistry is

upon us. As a dentist, I am capable of

taking our 3D CBCT x-rays to measure

encounter of countless hours of precious

the precise amount of space needed

When I used to teach, it was the popular

implant to engage optimum bone while

to place an implant, digitally plan that

response that my students wanted to

avoiding anatomical structures, integrate

“invent video games” when they grew up. As an adult, even I often wish I

could replace those formative years of gaming with productive pastimes like learning another language or studying market trends, for example. However, I recently attended a continuing education course to train on

crown only to fabricate the crown and

seamlessly restore the implant in a way that would allow, in

Your child’s hours of video games may pay off with a future as bright as their smile.

equipment currently employed in our office. As I learned the processes for operating this machine to take digital impressions, digitally design crowns, and then fabricate them in the office within half an hour, I thought to myself, I am so glad I played video games. 36 | LANTANA LIVING

it with a digital impression to design a


some circumstances,

to replace a tooth in a

single day. This type of technology is just short

With these advances in dental technology and more, only time will tell what is in store for making dental care more predictable and more comfortable. Who knows? Your child’s hours of video games may pay off with a future as bright as their smile. Happy gaming and happy smiling!

of beaming a tooth into the mouth.

With digital impression,

we are capable of digital

designing orthodontic and Invisalign

treatments so that the final proposal of a patient’s smile can be predicted before beginning treatment while allowing

progress tracking throughout. Digital bite scans can be used to determine

areas of offset occlusion or bite patterns.

by Dr. Matt who is a owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

photography by Your Candid Memories (

youth spent within a digital universe.

Functional 3D x-rays can determine abnormal jaw opening and closing patterns, or evaluate restricted airways. Intraoral cameras are capable of using decay detection to discover decay within the tooth before an actual cavitation occurs.


by Susan Neuhalfen


ead Across America is happening on March 2, which would have been Dr. Seuss’ 114th birthday. Dr. Seuss will be celebrated by kids all over the country, so what better way to celebrate with your kids than to feed them green eggs and ham? It’s not a typo when we say to use blue food coloring because eggs are yellow and yellow + blue = green. See? There’s another learning opportunity. Here are a couple of recipes to help you out. They both serve 4.

(with food coloring)

GREEN EGGS AND HAM (without food coloring)



4 eggs 

Diced ham

• • • •


• •

2-3 drops blue food coloring Salt and black pepper, to taste

Directions Set skillet on stove to med/low heat and add a small amount of oil or butter if

desired. Crack eggs into a bowl. Add blue food coloring until desired green color is reached and whisk together. Add diced

ham. Pour into preheated skillet. Stir while cooking to keep eggs from overcooking or burning. Take them off the heat when they still look wet, but not runny. Serve immediately.



4 large eggs  1/2 cup packed fresh spinach leaves Salt and black pepper, to taste 1/4 cup shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese (optional)

Directions Combine the eggs and spinach in a blender. Mix until well combined. It will be frothy. Heat a skillet over mediumlow heat and spray with cooking spray. Add the egg mixture and cook, stirring occasionally, until eggs are cooked through and fluffy. Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve with mozzarella or cheddar cheese (if desired). Recipe courtesy of


Ask The Expert: Makeover



alon regular Amy Carey nominated her boss Andrea Fernandez for a makeover. She said that Andrea deserved it because despite working full-time and going to school, she remains a positive influence on her co-workers and always maintains a great outlook. According to Amy, because of her busy schedule, Andrea doesn’t take time for herself and she deserves a little pampering.  Hair by Taylor Laine Compton Taylor took Andrea’s silver root, golden brown hair and went in a very different direction, choosing a deep copper red. She cut a classic Bob with a slight side bang, accenting her face shape.  Makeup by Stacey Van Cleve


Waxing by Hannah Claire Hannah Claire did a fantastic job with Amy’s waxing.

Makeover and clothes provided by

214.415.4806 Want to be the next Makeover? Email and tell us why you deserve it! 40 | LANTANA LIVING


Photography by Jeff Stephens


Stacy went for a subtle everyday look, using browns and greens for eyeshadow and a light pink blush. The lipstick was a brown red mix that blends well with her new red hair color.


by Susan Neuhalfen


uring spring break vacation your kiddos can get bored, and when they get bored. . . well you know the rest. Luckily, the Lantana Community Association is planning a kid’s activity schedule for every day of the week of Spring Break. If you have to work, it's a fantastic way for your children to engage in enriching activities while they are out of school. If you also manage to get some free time while they are at a camp, even better! Enjoy some time alone and get re-energized for when they return. Here are some other Spring Break Day Camps that are offering events for the kiddos.



Winkids 3000 Waketon Rd., Flower Mound 972-355-9988

Flower Mound Community Center

They will have camps every day during Spring Break. For ages 2.5-5, parents may choose either a morning or afternoon half day of fun for the little one. For ages 5-12 children, parents may choose to go half day or full day either in the morning or afternoon. This is a place where they can truly get that energy out and you don’t have to worry about the weather. For more information go to

Explorer Camp: 1st- 5th graders:

AquaKids Flower Mound 3409 Cross Timbers Rd., Flower Mound 972-724-1528

Studio Art House 6100 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 800 214-285-0084

Denton Parks and Rec

AquaKids will be holding an open swim Monday through Friday from 1-3pm for kids ages 3+. If your child is under 3, an adult must swim with the child. They also have private lesson mini camp every day M-F offered during Mornings, afternoons and evenings. Lots more information is available on their website at

If you have an artsy kid on your hands this is the perfect camp. During Spring Break they offer half day camps and week long camps for ages 5-16 both in the morning and afternoon. There are too many different activities on different days to list. Just go to click on camps and then the Flower Mound campus.

All-day camps are available during Spring

Hoop Hunter Basketball 10600 Durham Rd., Roanoke 817-491-9602

Spring Break Natural Discovery Camp 2018 Bob Jones Nature Center 355 Bob Jones Rd., Southlake

Lionheart Children’s Academy at Cross Timbers Church Argyle 940-369-0700

Ages 5-6, 7-9, and 10-12 Tuesday, March 13 at 10:00 AM – Thursday, March 15 at 2:00 PM

This licensed daycare facility is open from 6:30am until 6:30pm. They will have activities and crafts for any kids currently enrolled in public school K-12. They will also have 1-2 field trips and lots of fun activities.

This is a great basketball game for kids from 2nd grade through 12th grade. There are two 2-day camps offered as follows: Monday and Tuesday March 12-13 8am-10am: 2nd- 3rd graders co-ed 10:15am–12:15pm: 4th - 5th graders co-ed Wednesday and Thursday March 14-15 8am-10am: 7th -12th grade boys 10:15am-12:15pm: 7th -12th grade girls Participants will learn everything from the rules of the game (for the younger kids) to advanced ball handling to competitive play. Go to for more details and to sign up.

1200 Gerault Rd., Flower Mound 972-874-7275

Adventure Camp: 6th- 8th graders Every day from 7a-6pm there will be

activities galore for these kids. They will

swim, play games, have gym time and do

arts and crafts. Adventure Campers go on field trips every day. To sign up go to the

website at or go to the address listed above.

The focus at this camp is on studying the Wild Turkey, Nine-Banded Armadillo, and Texas Spiny Lizard. Kids will learn about the animal groups they belong to, all while making nature art, playing fun outdoor games, exploring the pond, and experiencing a live animal presentation from a special guest. Register at

Lantana Taekwondo 2650 FM 407 Ste. 110, Bartonville (Town Center) 940-241-1020 This is a great opportunity for the kiddos to enjoy some good exercise. They will be offering weapons training and martial arts training every day during Spring Break. They open as early as 8 and close as late as 4. The camp is from 9-3 every day and they will also have a craft for the kids. Call, check out their Facebook page or stop by to sign up. Kids ages 5-11.

321 E. McKinney St., Denton 940-349-7275 Break. There are five camps to choose from: Game-A-Rama, Into the Deep, Shoot for the Stars, Splish Splash and Sports Spectacular. To find out more go on their website at and click on departments, go to Parks and Rec and then click on camps and childcare.


New Playground at E.P. Rayzor In December 2017 EP Rayzor Elementary broke ground on a brand new playground made possible by a generous donation from the Lantana Education Foundation. The playground was dedicated to the foundation in January and is being well utilized by both the elementary school’s students and the other local Lantana residents.

photos courtesy of Jennifer Clark




Business Spotlight

Changing The Way Students


SUCCEED by Steve Gamel


e’ve all had those moments when epiphany strikes. It’s an amazing feeling, especially

when that vision benefits others on a

larger scale once it is fine-tuned and put into practice.

For Manu Shahi, her epiphany struck while sitting in the

a coffee shop.

Shahi, the former owner of Kumon

Learning Center in Highland Village and a certified

motivational speaker

guidance from coaches and mentors. It’s not tutoring, but a way to empower kids to create a system, Shahi said. She gives students a proverbial toolbox full of life skills in a laid-back environment they are emotionally accepting of. She builds their

one place that would tie it all together –

in a relaxed setting while receiving

All of it is done in a cafe where students can complete assignments in a relaxed setting while receiving guidance from coaches and mentors.

and academic life

self-confidence while challenging them to cultivate their skills over time. “The funny thing was that all my research was being done while sitting in a Starbucks,” Shahi

coach, is changing

the way middle school

students learn and succeed with

a venture called Homework in a Cafe.

said of her goal of learning the “why” behind a child’s lack of motivation when it comes to studying. “I’d be sitting there, and these kids would

everything from homework to academic

hours but only get 30 minutes of work

communication. All of it is done in a cafe

wasn’t math and reading. The struggle

to coach students on an intimate level in

come in and be there in the cafe for four

life skills, time management, and

done. At that point I realized, the struggle

where students can complete assignments 46 | LANTANA LIVING

| JANUARY 2018

was the system.”

“These children are focused in the cafe,” Shahi said.”They don’t want to be on

Instagram or Snapchat when they are here; they are interacting and getting immediate feedback from their peers and mentors. We’ve found what motivates them. I’m excited to see all of this going in the right direction.” Homework in a Cafe is held after school from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday. For more information, visit the Facebook page: Homeworkinacafe.

Sponsored Content

This revolutionary system allows Shahi

Not only has Homework in a Cafe received buy-in from students – Shahi had 35 kids immediately express interest – but she now does her sessions at Epic Gelato and Snow Village Cafe in Flower Mound and Liberation Coffee Company in Coppell. Nearby school districts and universities are also taking interest.




The 2018 Women of Flower Mound (WOFM) Spring Fling Fashion Show is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2018, from 11am to 1pm, at The Shops at Highland Village. All

proceeds will be used to award college scholarships to Flower Mound area high school seniors. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, call Angie Cox at 972-743-5735. For more information go to


It’s the perfect afternoon break! Come to the Lantana North Group Fitness Room on Wednesday, February 28 for a great afternoon of Bingo from 1 to 2:30 p.m. This is a great time for everyone, regardless of age. Meet lots of your neighbors and have lots of fun. Everyone is invited and prizes will be awarded.


The Flower Mound New Century Lions Club will hold its Charter Night on March 9 at the Lantana Golf Club. Social hour/ cash bar starts at 6pm followed by a grilled chicken buffet dinner at 7pm. There will be a silent auction and a guest speaker. Dress

Women of Argyle Leaving a Legacy presents Leading our Greatest Legacy. Learn the leadership skills to lead a legacy for the next generation. The conference is March 22 from 9am-2pm

is business casual. RSVP by March 2 to 940-725-3181 or email

at Cinnamon Creek Ranch in Roanoke. For more information go

to or call 940-464-9990.




RUN AND BINGO Saturday, April 27 will be a day to be remembered at Blanton

Elementary starting with the Blanton Fun Run and ending with Bingo Night at Blanton at 6pm. Please consider volunteering to be on the committee for these events by contacting Kristin Stelmazewski at

READ ACROSS AMERICA Denton ISD’s elementary schools will celebrate Read Across America from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, March 2, which would have been Dr. Seuss’ 114th birthday. Community volunteers are asked to read to students for 30 minutes on campuses across the district. Sign up at


Guyer HS Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Allen (Away) Tuesday, Feb 27th starting at 7:30pm in Allen Guyer HS Girl Varsity Soccer vs. Allen (Home) Tuesday, Feb 27th starting at 7:30pm

GUYER ALL-STATE Three students at Guyer High School were selected to perform with the best musicians from Texas during the annual TMEA Convention in San Antonio from Feb. 14-17. Jordan Meza made the All-State Band, Haley Dortch, the All-State Choir and Ethan Nguyen, the All-State Orchestra. All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. Only 1,780 students are selected to perform out of the 70,000 who audition.

KINDER WOLVES If you have an incoming Kindergartener

Guyer HS Boys Varsity Baseball vs. Frisco HS Saturday, Feb 24 starting at 3:40pm at the Lewisville HS (1098 W Main St. Lewisville, TX 75067)

(Fall 2018), there are several upcoming events available to learn all about E.P. Rayzor Elementary beginning with the first event on Thursday, March 22 from 5:45pm-6:15pm on the playground at E.P. Rayzor. Come meet Principal Mrs. Dunlevy, Asst. Principal Mrs. Critton and kindergarten teachers Mrs.

Guyer HS Boys Varsity Baseball vs. Byron Nelson HS Saturday, Feb 24, starting at 6pm at the Lewisville HS (1098 W Main St. Lewisville, TX 75067)

Watson, Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Clark as well as other future kindergarteners. FEBRUARY 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 49

Ask The Expert: Counseling


our day was a terrible, awful, no

good, very bad day. You hung out with some friends and when the

police pulled you over, you had no idea you were over the legal limit. It happened so fast and it’s never happened before. Now, Uber is your best friend. What do you do now? How can you keep this from

Maybe you have a loved one who struggles with knowing when to call a cab and when to drive. This class can help prevent problems before they begin. With a short assessment, information on laws and limits, as well as practical ideas on how to have fun while staying safe, this class helps you have more choices with

happening again?

better information.

I can help. The laws around alcohol and

Need help recovering from a traffic stop?

drugs and driving can be complex. My

Call me, Al Wade, LPC. Register for the

class, DWI Certified Education, teaches

class held each month on the 3rd week of

you to identify areas where you struggle

the month, Tuesday thru Thursday from

and helps develop plans and habits to reduce legal liability. We will cover information about traffic safety problems that come from alcohol and drugs and the laws that regulate them. You’ll learn how to tell if you have a dependence problem

6-10. The cost is only $75 and can really help you get your life back on track. I also have open appointments for adolescents and adults with substance abuse issues. Call me at 940-222-8703 ext 702 or email me at Al@AcornCounseling.Services.

or simply some bad habits. The best part, if you have lost your license for the first time due to a traffic stop, I can help you get it back through the state approved DWI Certified Education Class.



by Al Wade, LPC Acorn Counseling Services 940.222.8703


Dream STEAM Lab at Rayzor

Two teachers at E.P. Rayzor Elementary had a vision. by Susan Neuhalfen


eacher and Librarian Melissa Leonard and Art Teacher Carleen Michener

wanted to create an area at the school where they could keep up with technology advancements for the students without having to spend a lot of money each time something changed or needed to be updated. Instead of sitting on their hands and waiting for the money to be allocated they co-wrote and applied for a grant to set up this space. The grant was recently awarded by the Denton Public School Foundation (DPSF) through funds donated by

opportunities and lots of new tools for the

that can easily be adapted for every grade

wood shop and tool area, Lego wall and

want it to encompass different interests

making and more.

constantly changing, we envision a space

students to use such as a sewing center,

level in the school,” said Leonard. “We also

building area, green screen area for video

that the students may want to explore,” said Leonard.

“We believe kids need a space to be able to explore and create where their interests are driving the learning process.”

the CoServ Charitable Foundation. Now Leonard and Michener can set up their


They are most excited to see how the students will grow in such a different

STEAM stands for

learning environment. The hands-on

engineering, art, and

and they are excited to see the students’

were given was full of old

a new piece of technology. They are

have now cleared out

collaboration and problem-solving that

The next step is to paint

will promote.

science, technology,

learning is very important to both teachers

math. The room they

reactions as they try a new tool or explore

computers which they

also very interested to see the student

and one wall removed.

this type of learning environment

the room and fill it with furniture and materials for the students.

The STEAM room will be a flexible

learning environment perfect for student-

led learning. There will be many hands-on


“Living in a world where technology is

“Our hope is that this will eventually

become the norm in every school - as

normal as a computer lab or a library,” said Leonard. “We believe kids need a space to be able to explore and create where their

interests are driving the learning process. “

Mrs. Michener

Mrs. Leonard

photos courtesy of Melissa Leonard

After the computers were removed

Super excited teachers

Removal of the middle wall





he Guyer football team is used to being placed in a tough district lineup every year. That won’t

change next season, though there is the

added incentive of exacting revenge on a few opponents of the past.

Head coach John Walsh and company learned they would join a revamped

District 5-6A lineup that includes the likes of Trophy Club Byron Nelson, Southlake Carroll, Keller, Keller Fossil Ridge, Keller

Central, Keller Timber Creek, and Haslet

three teams it has lost to in recent years. Keller Central beat Guyer 24-21 when

they were in the same district in 2015. Last year, Nelson shocked Guyer with a win in the first round of playoffs. It was the first time in Guyer’s history that it lost in the

first round of the playoffs. It was also the

first time Nelson had ever beaten Guyer. Then there’s Southlake Carroll, which has always had a solid rivalry with

Eaton. The news was released during

biennial reclassification and realignment

Carroll, including a

the University Interscholastic League’s

against Southlake

day on February 1.

48-35 playoff win over

The new district lineup is for the 2018-20

school years and is for all sports at Guyer – not just football.

There are several positives with this new district lineup. For starters, it will cut

down on Guyer’s travel while at the same

the Dragons in 2015.

Walsh told the Denton Record-Chronicle he is extremely excited

about the potential for

it a point to schedule the best teams possible in nondistrict. From an athletic program as a whole, Guyer is also better suited to handle



this district.


Not that this new lineup isn’t tough in

fans get that rivalry feeling," Walsh told

a district with defending Class 6A state

and it kind of continued through the

McKinney schools.

district matchup."

hope to have games where your kids and

its own right, but the Wildcats did share

the DRC. "We created that back in 2010

champion Allen along with the Plano and

playoffs. It's good to make it a


during that stretch, and Walsh has made


tough district slate the last two seasons.


They’ve flip-flopped classes regularly


"When you look at your schedule, you

realignment pits the Wildcats against

5A and twice in 4A) while winning two.

team is two of the

time taking the edge off what has been a

Another coup is that the latest

competed in three titles games (once in

tough competition. Its boys basketball

the Wildcats.

Guyer is 3-2 all-time

be any different. Since 2010, Guyer has

Walsh always feels his teams are prepared for tough sledding, and this year won’t

top programs in the state, and its baseball, softball, and volleyball teams are consistent playoff contenders. The girls soccer team won a state title not too long ago, as well. This year’s nondistrict schedule for football

includes Aledo, which has won six state titles over the last nine seasons. The Wildcats will then face Cedar Hill and Mesquite Horn before district starts. "If you're at Guyer High School, you're going to play a tough nondistrict schedule,” Walsh told the DRC. “We'll be ready for district play after that."


Ask The Expert: College Prep



anguard College Prep has been working to provide holistic preparation in the Denton community over the last 5 years. Instead of a taking a cliche one-sizefits-all approach prevalent in the education industry, we address the college application process through meaningful test-prep, individualized college counseling, and essay consultation that is tailored to each student.

When it comes to competitive college


to getting into your dream school.

you’re interested in, keep in mind class-

admissions, these are the three key steps KNOW YOUR STUFF

In showcasing your smarts, there’s no

faking it. The best way to achieve high

scores is through engaging in meaningful learning with the content and aligning your focus to the test. Discover your

areas of weakness, and seek to better understand those concepts. Keep

practicing, and take full, timed tests.



While you build the list of colleges

size, location, and program specialities.

Consider what you’re looking for from a social and academic environment. Visit

negligible has never been more important for families. Start early. Find out your Expected Family Contribution to know how much to save. Know what scholarships you qualify for, and prep wellwritten essays to win.

colleges early, so you have a chance

to see these factors in action. Discover what you want, and work to tailor your applications to the colleges that fit. PLAN FINANCIALLY

As tuition costs rise, keeping debt

Vanguard College Prep 214.488.4333 Rockbrook Dr., # 307 Lewisville, TX 75067


Transitioning into

Spring by Rebecca Grunewald


t’s never too early to start thinking about your new spring look – especially here in Texas. Here are some great looks put

We have accessorized all of the outfits with pieces from the new Kendra Scott Spring Collection. This collection features

together by our friends at the Palm Tree

a fresh twist on her iconic silhouettes and

Boutique with three North Texas locations

a color palette that ranges from vivid to

in Denton, Plano and Grapevine.

the softest pastels.

Navy floral top / olive joggers: This navy, cold

While you are freshening up your

shoulder top with ruffle accents and a

wardrobe for spring, don't forget to pick

bold floral print hits all of the top trends

up something for your home. You can find

for spring. We love the easy fit of these tie

the full line of Joanna Gaines' new home fragrance collection, Magnolia Home, at any one of our locations. Joanna brings scents such as bloom, restore and dwell into your home and not only do they smell amazing, but they look just as beautiful. waist joggers and the olive hue transitions perfectly from fall to spring.

Fringe cardigan / jeans: Fringe is back again double dose of this trend with this cute

and casual outfit. Easy layers such as this open knit, pocket cardigan are essential

for that in-between weather and you can

never go wrong with a neutral palette. Our perforated suede wedges are the only

shoes you need for spring and go with just about everything!

“off the shoulder” trend still isn't going

anywhere and stripes are abundant this

season (especially in blue and white). We

love the fun details of this top: a ruffle trim

bell sleeve and a cascade of buttons down 58 | LANTANA LIVING


the back.

photography by Amber Nasser

Stripe top / jeans: As you can see, the

Styling: Tasia Shadden Burns, The Palm Tree

(really it never left) and we are loving the

L Re anta sid na en t

MEASLES Six Cases and Counting “ six confirmed cases among unvaccinated people” state health officials have said. by Dr. Rebecca Butler


would like to take this opportunity as a healthcare provider in a dramatically changing industry to impress upon our community that the

consequences that where once imminent as vaccine

rates began to decline, are now very real and way too close to home.

The Texas Medical Association published an article at the end of January with good

information for physicians and patients

regarding the current measles outbreak in Ellis County. In the article, Keller

pediatrician Jason Terk, MD, a member of the TMA Council on Legislation and past president of the Texas Pediatric Society, says; “the outbreak should

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SE IS H ASON Plea ERE s . you e sche dul r flu sho e ts.

STAGES OF INFECTION 1. Incubation critical mass is eroded. We are seeing the result of that erosion right now in Ellis County.”’

If you are unsure if your child has received their

vaccinations or you know that they are not vaccinated please be very cautious and be aware

Diseases like measles are kept at bay when a critical mass of people are vaccinated against it.

serve as a public reminder of the


of these signs and symptoms. Call your pediatrician for questions or

concerns and immunize yourself and

your children as soon as possible if it is recommended.

More information can be found on DSHS’ website.

There are also plenty of resources to

The incubation is 6 to 21 days (median 13 days). 2. Prodrome A two- to four-day prodrome phase is characterized by fever, malaise, and anorexia, followed by conjunctivitis (red eyes), coryza (runny nose), and cough. 3. Exanthem (rash) The rash usually begins on the face as flat, red spots and then spreads down the neck and trunk to the rest of the body. The rash resolves in five to six days, fading in the order it appeared. 4. Recovery

importance of routine immunizations. Diseases like

help prevent measles and other infectious disease

Cough may persist for one two weeks after measles. The

are vaccinated against it. Outbreaks occur when that

TMA’s Be Wise – Immunize webpage.

rash suggests a measles-associated complication.

measles are kept at bay when a critical mass of people

outbreaks and educate patients on immunizations at

occurrence of fever beyond the third to fourth day of

Dr. Rebecca Butler is Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is proud to be a resident of Lantana and the owner of Lantana Pediatrics. For more information on Lantana Pediatrics, Dr. Butler and/or Melanie Bitzer, CPNP or to schedule an appointment with one of these providers, call the office at 940.455.7200.

940.455.7200 | 74 McMakin Road, Ste. 100 • Bartonville, TX 76226 NEW HOURS: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am-5pm • Wed: 7:30am - 12:30pm Fri: 7:30 - 4pm • Sat: 9am - 12pm



Through Poetry by Susan Neuhalfen


t’s hard to believe that less than four years ago Harpool 8th grader Fien Meuleman couldn’t speak a word

of English. Her family moved in 2014 from Belgium to Lantana. At that time, Fien was enrolled in 5th grade at E.P. Rayzor. Encouraged by her teacher, Mr. McLaughlin, she began reading and writing in her journal every week. Since then she has fallen in love with the English language and hasn’t stopped writing. When she moved on to Harpool Middle School, she had another influential teacher, Mr. Young, for two years. That is when she started to write short stories, plays and poetry. She was even given an old typewriter by a nice lady on which to begin her work. She also began working in theater at Harpool and is part of the stand up crew and will also perform in an upcoming play. Some of her poems even got published in “The Gazette van Detroit”, a Flemish newspaper in Dutch and English, targeting living in the United States and Canada. Her proud mother, Katleen Speelman, couldn’t help but share some of her work with friends and on social media. “Once in a while I would post one of her poems on my Facebook page and a lot of people reacted,” said Katleen who owns



photos courtesy of Katleen Speelman

Flemish immigrants and their descendants

the European Academy of Bright Stars,

will run until the end of March. They are

teaching French, Dutch and European

featured on the “Start to Fame Wall”.

history in a room she has turned into a classroom in their Lantana home. Fien’s poems also touched and inspired the Belgian artist Ann Vervoort. Ann started to paint watercolors to match Fien’s writing and the project “Within Reach” was born. Fien and Ann were asked to have an exhibition in the “De Loods” art gallery in Duffel, Belgium which

It is Fien’s dream to study literature at a top university. She is already raising money to pay for her college education by creating small booklets containing her poems along with Ann’s illustrations. They are $5. So, in addition to being a poet and writer, she is an entrepreneur. To get a copy of the book, email her mother, Katleen, at


Women of Argyle Leaving a Legacy:

RAISING LEADERS by Susan Neuhalfen


ALL or Women of Argyle Leaving a Legacy will be changing things up this year for their newest leadership conference. This year’s focus is on the next generation,

our greatest legacy.

WALL is an all-day leadership conference, focusing on many topics that affect women as well as men. The conference will be held on Thursday, March 22 from 9am-2pm at Cinnamon Creek Ranch, 13794 Old Denton Rd in Roanoke.

The general topics that will be discussed at the conference include:

• OH These Millennials – Learning to Communicate at Every Level • Financial Fitness – Spend, Save, Share

open to and included men both as speakers and participants, and raising leaders

• Respect for Self & Others – Teaching Self-Respect & Discipline to Today’s Youth

counselors, educators and anyone who is striving to develop leaders and influence the

• Today’s Technologies – Protection, Limits & Ramifications

Though originally designed as a women’s conference, this conference has always been is a topic that affects everyone: employers, parents, grandparents, youth leaders, next generation.

To attend, register at or by calling 940-464-9990. Register by March 1 to get a discount on the price of the ticket. REGISTER NOW

• Strength Finders for Children – Identifying & Working within Strengths • Forming your Learning Environment – How to Study & Setting your Schedule • Dating – The Levels of their Dating Endorphins


Lantana Living Magazine February 2018  

Lantana Resident's favorite source for local news, events and community notices.

Lantana Living Magazine February 2018  

Lantana Resident's favorite source for local news, events and community notices.