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| JUNE 2018


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hat happened to summers where children are carefree, get messy, and for goodness

sakes, be kids again?

schedules are crammed. Activities and

summer camps are fun, but wouldn’t it be nice, if we could take a break from

scheduling every aspect of our kids’ lives?

We love our children to the moon

I am certainly guilty of over scheduling.

unintentionally overdo it and stress them

summer camps, trips, and day-to-day

and back, but in loving them, do we

We juggle our time between jobs, school,

out? Their school year is full of schedules

activities. I often ask myself, how do I get

the same? When did it become routine

mounting schedules, and the kids’ even

amount of time, as we possibly can?

rush from one place to the next, and we

present with loved ones? What happened

another. This hinders us from bonding and

from our failures? Have we forgotten to

long for.

and activities. Should their summers be

all this done? Being consumed by our

to pack as many things, into the least

busier schedules, can be draining. We

What happened to just sitting and being

are never able to be fully present with one

to pouring out our dreams and learning

having that sense of community that we

cherish those long summer days, where

Summer is here. This is a chance to focus

we can make memories that will last

forever? How do we go back to taking

time out to live in the moment? How have our lives become so full, while leaving

empty and void relationships? Why do

we find more and more things to do, but

we spend less time for reflecting on what matters the most?

Kids live for the summertime, but it

on making the best memories that you

possibly can make. How you make those memories will be ultimately up to you,

but I hope this issue will help you find fun things to do locally.

No matter what you decide, remember to have a blast. Disconnect from busy

schedules and connect with one another.

doesn’t feel like much of a break if their

Embrace each and every moment of this incredible journey.

Sincerely, Kelly Murray

Publisher of Murray Media Group


| JUNE 2018


CONTENTS THIS MONTH: We’re focusing on fitness. Look for the icon to read helpful tips on how to live that healthy lifestyle you always wanted.


On the Cover starting from left: Tammy Jo, Natalie and Dr. Bob Borkowski


Be Known for Your Smile


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11 Harpool Middle School 10th Anniversary Day JUNE 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 7

Lantana Resident

photos courtesy of Donna Bradshaw

Uses Ministry To Show Support for

VETERANS by Steve Gamel


or several years now, Lantana resident Donna Bradshaw has quietly been making 4x4 pocket prayers and quilts in her spare time to help comfort military veterans all over the country. She’s never once asked for any recognition in return, though her husband, Sid, believes it’s time more people know about his wife’s selfless deeds.

According to Sid, who has been happily married to his sweetheart for 45 years, Donna is responsible for more than 10,000 pocket prayers reaching the deserving hands of veterans all across the world. That doesn’t include the 82 handcrafted quilts she has also mailed out since they moved from California. These gifts of generosity go a long way in providing comfort to soldiers – and their dogs – who may have lost a limb or currently suffer from PTSD.

“It’s a ministry for her, but she’s just an unassuming lady who doesn’t think much about it,” Sid said. “Everyone deserves some recognition and a ‘Thank you’ every once in a while.”

those missions was a handkerchief his

Sid knows first-hand the impact these selfless acts have on veterans. For starters, he is a veteran, too. Having served in Vietnam, Sid miraculously survived being shot down by enemy fire five times, and nestled inside his flight helmet during

He said Donna loved what Sid’s mother

mother made for him with the Bible verse Philippians 4:13 (I can do everything through him who gives me strength) inscribed on it.

did and decided to create her own ministry years later.

Sid is long since retired but is still active

as a clinical psychologist who works with veterans who suffer from PTSD or

These gifts of generosity go a long way in providing comfort to soldiers – and their dogs...

other ailments. He said knowing his wife can also help comfort them in her own way is a

godsend. In fact, Donna

recently made 50 pocket prayers for the Vietnam

Helicopter Pilots Association

in Virginia.

“Sometimes, the Lord puts

these people in your pocket,” Sid

said. “Donna gets the names, many

times by referral, and she makes them a quilt or pocket prayer. We have mailed

these all over the country, even as far as Afghanistan. She just has a big heart. If

you’re a veteran, then look out because she’s going to track you down and give

you a pocket prayer, a hug, and tell you thank you for your service.” 8 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018


Ask The Expert: Makeover of the Month



wen Pierce is a very hard working woman, raising 4 grandchildren and has no time for herself. The Cloud 9 Makeover team came in and gave her confidence back.

Hair and makeup by Gina For Gwen’s makeover we did a full highlight to brighten her up and blend her silver. We used a pH bonder to keep the integrity of her hair and let her treatment sit for about 10 minutes for a smooth, silky texture. We gave her a good trim and went ahead and shaped her up with layers to give her more body. After she dried we gave her a nice loose wavy curl for a playful look. For her makeup, we wanted to enhance her natural beauty, so we used a lot of cream products and a beauty blender to keep her looking glowy and natural. We gave her bronze shadows for a natural contour in her lid and topped it off with a pretty nude pink lip. She looked stunning! Photography by Your Candid Memories



Want to be the next Makeover? Email and tell us why you deserve it!


| JUNE 2018

Makeover and clothes provided by


Harpool Middle School


ANNIVERSARY On May 11th Harpool Middle School celebrated their 10th anniversary. The day was filled with games, opening the time capsule, recognizing the 10 year staff and Tom Harpool's family making a special appearance.

photos courtesy of Harpool Middle School Facebook JUNE 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 11

Ask The Expert: Gardening




e’re barely into June, and we’re already breaking 100 degrees! If we compare to previous years, we could be setting up for one of the hotter summers we’ve experienced in a while. It’s a good idea to pay a little extra attention to some things going into this time of year to ensure your landscapes success.

system up to run shorter times more

frequently. Also, keep in mind that once established your trees and shrubs need less water than the turf so adjust your controller accordingly.

help hold moisture at the base of the sod – allowing you to water less and keep things greener in between cuttings. It’s nice to have a tight, low-cut lawn, but the shorter you go, you expose more of the base of the grass blades and the higher you run the risk of burning.

...but the shorter you go, you expose more of the base of the grass blades and the higher you run the risk of burning. IRRIGATION

With the average household spending 40 to 50% of its summer water bill on

irrigation, make sure you’re water-wise. Sure, everyone says water infrequently and deep, but in most of our smaller

lot communities, you will experience

enormous amounts of runoff or water

loss that never makes it into the ground if you run certain zones too long. Since

all terrain is different make sure you run

a test on your irrigation to ensure you’re


that all your heads are spraying efficiently

amount you prune off of your shrubs as

you don’t have any leaks. If you find

and shrubs can react harshly if you cut

minutes before you see water runoff, then

hot. On your grass spaces, letting the

not experiencing this type of water loss,

When it is hotter outside try to keep the

providing adequate coverage, and that

well as your lawn to a minimum. Trees

you’re only running a zone for a couple of

back too much when temperatures are

it’s going to be better to set your

grass become a little taller/thicker will


| JUNE 2018

MULCHING One of the best ways to grow healthy plants and conserve water as it protects the plantings, helps to hold moisture closer to the roots, prevents erosion, and suppresses weed growth. Three inches of mulch is typically a reasonable amount for this area. Remember to keep it as even as possible and do not to let it build up against tree trunks or bases of the plantings themselves.

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions


Fitness Article


FIX by Diana Risell


e have a sugar fix, and it needs fixing. Two hundred years ago, Americans ate six pounds of sugar per year, on average, per person. By 1999 we were eating 100 pounds, and today we top out at more than 130 pounds. It’s like consuming a whole person made of sugar every year! The average has been trending downward in recent years, but the amount of sugar in our diets would need to drop another 40% to be in a ‘healthy’ range.

Sugar plays an essential role in our diet: all

to add volume and moisture, enhance

carbohydrates break down into glucose,

texture and extend shelf life, none of

a form of sugar, to provide energy for

which sound very appetizing.

our bodies. And sugar appears naturally

With over 60 different names from honey

in nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables (carrots), and dairy products (plain yogurt), which are also full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. This is sugar that our bodies like, and it appears in minimal amounts,

to maltodextrin, added sugars now appear in 75% of all food items in the US. It is the most added ingredient to food. It’s a recent phenomenon, a byproduct of the mid-twentieth century’s no fat/low

is part of a balanced food source and,

fat craze when manufacturers removed

while these foods can be overeaten,

fat, convincing us that fat made us fat.

that’s not a problem for most of us. “Stop!

Sugar is now in everything from obvious

You’re eating too many vegetables,” said no mother ever. Instead, we overeat the sugars in our diet that are not beneficial and offer zero nutritional value. We overeat the sugars that have been ADDED to our food – added by manufacturers,

items like soda, cake, and cookies to the less obvious pasta sauce, salad dressings, chicken broth, ketchup, cereal and ‘health’ bars. And that should scare us. Added sugar is so ubiquitous that we’re stuck in a vicious cycle of sweet cravings.

often straight out of labs, to appeal to

So, what to do with our sweet tooth? Here

our now over-sweetened taste buds and

are 12 actions to fix your sugar fix.


| JUNE 2018

READ labels. Today’s nutrition label

shows a single amount of sugar, but new ingredient labels coming out this year

have to separate out the amount of added sugars. Sweet!

SUBSTITUTE with fruits and spices to COUNT. I bet you’re curious: How muchadded sugar are you eating every day?

As the ingredient labels get smarter, it will be easier to track. But that’s not an excuse to wait. Use online or app-based food

trackers like My Fitness Pal and Fooducate with its very cool bar scanning capability.

Get a baseline for yourself. 50g/day (~12

teaspoons) is an excellent initial goal. Less

sweeten, add flavor. Tea or carbonated

water stands in for soda. No, it’s not the same, but in a few short weeks, you’ll

have pushed through the worse part of

the change. My 6-9 cans of cola per day

became a lot of sweet tea and then a lot of unsweet tea and now lots of water. It

didn’t happen overnight, but patience and

GET MAD. Manufacturers aren’t adding

sugar so you can lead a longer healthier

life. They are using it as a cheap filler and causing you to eat more. That should

make you angry. Food is big business in America. Reject advertising hype.

consistency win the day.

than 25g/day (6 teaspoons) is where you really want to be.

WORK FOR IT. Weak for ice cream? Then

it’s never in your home. You have to get in your car and go to the store for it. So how

badly do you want ice cream? Sometimes, you will get in your car but most times DIVERT your attention. Cravings last 15

minutes. What can you do for 15 minutes to tame your sugar fix? Have a plan

ISOLATE choices. I had a salad for lunch so I can have cake for dessert, right?

Evaluate each food choice individually and ask yourself ‘Is this choice consistent with my health goals?’

you won’t. And know that 95% of taste

Be a PORSCHE! Some of us make better

Don’t eat past the satisfaction!

cars than the fuel we put in our bodies.

satisfaction comes in the first three bites.

because cravings are coming.

choices about the gas we put in our Upgrade to premium.

COLD TURKEY. 30 days without added

sugar will change your life or at least reset the taste buds. Berries on your oatmeal never tasted so sweet.

NO BLAME, Action! Know that you

are not weak. Sugar has been shown to have an addictive effect on the brain. Eat a BREAKFAST rich in protein and

fiber to fill you up and set yourself up for

a healthier day. Eggs, plain Greek yogurt, COOK. You decide what goes into your

food. Choose primarily single/low number ingredients items. Eat in color.

plain oatmeal with a scoop of protein

powder, nuts, and berries. Don’t forget the veggies! Exercising in the morning has the same benefit.

Sugar causes the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which gives you the

warm fuzzies – and who doesn’t want that happy feeling? Broccoli doesn’t create a release of dopamine in the brain. Cake does. Life isn’t fair.

Here’s to your best health. JUNE 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 15

Guyer Spring

SPORTS WRAP UP by Steve Gamel


nother great school year has come and gone. The Guyer Wildcats athletic program as a whole cobbled together an impressive athletic performance during that time, from the football and volleyball teams kicking things off in the fall with a trip to the playoffs to the boys basketball team winning 38 games and narrowly missing out on a trip to the state tournament. Then winter turned to spring, and we saw the girls soccer team find success under new head coach Mandy Hall. Not to be outdone, the girls water polo team finish off a magical unbeaten run to their first state championship, which we highlighted in our May issue. And that’s just part of the story. Below are a few additional storylines as the school year drew to a close. Medford Elated For

His Team’s Strong Season Guyer softball coach Keith Medford has built his program into a traditional playoff power, which made last year’s lackluster season such a tough pill to swallow. The

Basketball Star Jalen Wilson Narrows College Options

Jalen Wilson announced he had narrowed his college choices to six heading into

his senior year. That list includes Baylor,

Marquette, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma

State, and UCLA. The 6-foot, 8-inch seniorto-be averaged 16.1 points last year while helping guide Guyer to a 38-2 record. He

recently told the Denton Record-Chronicle

that he’d make his decision before the end of the year.

Lady Wildcats rebounded in a big way in 2018, finishing with a 23-4-2 record while advancing all the way to the third round of the playoffs. Guyer lost in a nine-inning Guyer Freshman Nearly Wins Gold At State Track Meet

Guyer’s Brynn Brown kicked off her

thriller to Wylie on May 11, but all signs point to Guyer being back to true form as they prepare for another strong offseason.

Eli Stowers Named Starting QB For 2018 Season

freshman year in the fall with a berth to

The Wildcats entered this spring with a

was unable to compete due to injury.

Trace Jewell, a backup last season, and

the state cross country meet, but she

She made sure she made the most of

second chances as she qualified to state again in May – this time in track – and

finished second in the mile run with a

time of 4:54.36. Brown’s silver medal was the highlight for a strong day of running for the Lady Wildcats. Eni Akinniyi and Christalee Kirby also made the trip to

Austin, with Akinniyi placing fifth in the

triple jump and Kirby taking sixth in the shot put.


| JUNE 2018

quarterback competition between junior freshman Eli Stowers. It’s the first QB

competition Guyer has had in its history, and it didn’t last very long. Head coach John Walsh announced early during

spring workouts that Stowers will be the Wildcats’ new signal caller next season

while Jewell, a star in his own right, moves to safety. The news was first reported by

the Denton Record-Chronicle, and Walsh said the move allows him to keep both stars on the field.


Ask The Expert: Dentistry



Guide To


was recently shopping in an attempt to gear up my family for summer. As I paraded the aisles deciding on sunscreen SPF and coast guard approved life jackets, I felt a bit out of my element and figured I could use some professional advice. As it happened, I wandered into the toothpaste aisle seeing a patron feeling the same way, and I quickly rose to the occasion to offer my own professional advice. This month, I would like to share the same information when choosing products for your own oral health

Let’s begin with toothpaste. It certainly

prevent sensitivity. This component

just a few components to be aware of

toothpaste must be used regularly. Some

comes in many varieties, but there are

based on your needs. Fluoride is a key component in toothpaste that helps

remineralize enamel and resist tooth

usually only lasts about a day, so the

whitening toothpaste may contain harsh abrasives, so use these with caution.

decay. Fluoride content varies in amount

When it comes to mouthwash, it is

having less fluoride. Toothpastes for

Alcohol can dry your mouth, allowing

nitrate which fills the pores of teeth to

alcohol-free rinse, and if possible, use

for adult and children with children paste

best to avoid those containing alcohol.

sensitivity have the compound sodium

build-up of bacteria. Instead, choose an


| JUNE 2018

one with fluoride. Even children at risk of tooth decay can benefit from fluoridecontaining mouthwash. Toothbrushes also come in many varieties, but electric toothbrushes have been shown to produce better brushing results. Many electric brushes now have apps that aid in brushing. Soft bristle brushes should always be the brushes of choice. Using hard bristles can result in possible tooth damage or gum recession. Remember that no matter the toothbrush, it’s not how hard you brush but how long you brush. Finally, though they also come in many shapes and sizes, make sure you find a dentist you enjoy that shows a great appreciation for your oral health. Enjoy your summer and happy smiling! by Dr. Matt who is the owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

L Re anta sid na en t

Sunscreen & Sun Safety

by Dr. Rebecca Butler, who is Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is proud to be a resident of Lantana and the owner of Lantana Pediatrics. For more information on Lantana Pediatrics, Dr. Butler and/or Melanie Bitzer, CPNP or to schedule an appointment with one of these providers, call the office at 940.455.7200.


unscreen can help protect the skin from sunburn and some skin cancers but only if used correctly

Use a sunscreen that says “

broad-spectrum” on the label;

that means it will screen out both UVB and UVA rays. •

These products may stay visible on

the skin even after you rub them in,

Sponsored Content

therefore, understanding how well your

More research studies are needed to

sunburn is very important.

or 30 should be fine for most people.

baby can tolerate the heat and preventing

test if sunscreen with more than SPF

Learn how to stop sunburn before it

For sensitive areas of the body, such

as the nose, cheeks, tops of the ears, and shoulders, choose a sunscreen

Dress babies in lightweight cotton clothing with long sleeves and long pants and a sun hat with a wide brim.

Sunscreen may be applied to babies younger than 6 months to small areas of skin uncovered by clothing and hats. Remember to cover all exposed areas of a baby’s skin, including the face, back of the hands, back of the neck, tips of the ears, and tops of the feet.

For babies older than 6 months: Apply to all areas of the body, but be careful around the eyes.

Apply the protection 15 to 30 minutes before going out and reapply every 1.5 to 2 hours particularly if a baby goes into the water.

than an adult’s and burns and irritates

least 15 (up to SPF 50). An SPF of 15

hormonal properties.

A baby’s skin is more delicate and thinner

they are too hot or beginning to burn;

of concerns about mild

Keep babies in the shade as much as possible. It is important to note that most reflective surfaces such as an umbrella or canopy may reduce UVR exposure by only 50%.

Baby Sunburn Prevention

with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at

ingredient oxybenzone because

children enjoy.

more easily. Babies cannot tell you if

If possible, avoid the sunscreen

ages 2 years and older. Including parents!

and some come in fun colors that

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen

50 offers any extra protection.

and Immunotherapy services available for

with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

How to Pick Sunscreen: •

Allergy testing

happens and keep your baby happy, safe, and smiling:  •

Babies younger than 6 months should be kept out of direct and indirect

sunlight because of the risk of heat stroke. Particularly, avoid having a

baby out between 10 a.m and 2 p.m. when the sun’s rays are strongest.

940.455.7200 | 74 McMakin Road, Ste. 100 • Bartonville, TX 76226 NEW HOURS: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am-5pm Wed: 7:30am - 12:30pm • Fri: 7:30 - 4pm • Sat: 9am - 12pm

Enjoy the sun and get some Vitamin D this summer BUT be very cautious and do not overdo it. The heat can be dangerous, especially for young children. Hydrate well and use protective clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses for all outdoor activities.


July 11




enton ISD is filled with so many outstanding students and on Friday May 25th there were 21 Salutatorians and Valedictorians that crossed the UNT Coliseum stage! If a student is named Valedictorian, it usually means that they have reached the highest level of academic achievement out of all of the students in their graduating glass. It is not uncommon for Guyer High School to have several if not dozens of Valedictorians and Salutatorians. They surely must be doing something right.

MORGAN WALTER ALLEN St. Edward’s University, TX Awards: St. Edward’s Academic & Athletic Scholarship, Lantana Golf Club Scholarship, Denton ISD Academic-Athletic Award, AP Scholar, 2nd Team All District SS 6-6A 2017, 1st Team All District SS 6-6A 2018, 1st Team Academic All-State MEKENZIE RENAE ERICKSON Brigham Young University, UT

NATHAN ALEXANDER GATES University of Texas at Austin, TX Awards: Guyer’s Outstanding Male Student , Guyer Top 10 Graduating Scholar


| JUNE 2018

Awards: Distinguished Scholar Award At OU, Denton Public School Foundation 2018, Academic Excellent Cheerleader 2014-2018, Price College of Business Scholarship

JESSICA LYNN HOFFMAN Austin College, TX Awards: Denton Public School Foundation Scholarship from CoServ, Guyer Top 10 Graduating Scholar, AP Scholar, Presidential Scholarship of Austin College

NAFISA ADRITA HOSSAIN University of Texas at Austin, TX Intended Major of Study: Biochemistry

MOLLY ELIZABETH KRINNER University of North Texas, TX Awards: Excellence Scholarship from UNT, Accepted into UNT Honors College

SARA MANSOORSHAHI University of Texas at Austin, TX Intended Major of Study: Biochemistry photos courtesy of DISD

Awards: Half Tuition Awarded from BYU, Denton Record Chronicle Scholarship, PTSA Scholarship

HANNA CAROLINE HINES University of Oklahoma, OK

MAYA LIN HOWE MARTIN Barnard College at Columbia University, NY Award: AP Scholar

GILLIAN RENE SCHAFER University of Texas at Austin, TX Intended Major of Study: Biochemistry

GARETT LANE OZMER University of Tulsa, OK


Award: Presidential Scholarship from University of Tulsa

Awards: Presidential Scholarship from TWU, Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club Scholarship

RACHEL ANNA REED University of Texas at Austin, TX

NICHOLAS GRAY TAYLOR University of Texas at Austin, TX Awards: National Merit Commended, DATCU Scholarship, Academic All-State Elite in Track & Field

Awards: Accepted into Business Honors Program at UT, Student Council Scholarship, State Finalist UASE Art Competition

ISABEL PANIAGUA RILEY University of Texas at Austin, TX Intended Major of Study: Psychology and Plan II

RAJAN VYAS University of Texas at Austin, TX Awards: Denton Public Foundation Scholarship, AP Scholar

MEREDITH KATHLEEN WILDER University of North Texas, TX Awards: Mark of Excellence Outstanding Soloist Award, UNT Excellence Scholarship, Denton Public School Foundation Scholarship, AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Commended Scholar ANDREW ROBERT WINN Texas A & M University, TX Awards: National Merit Finalist Scholarship, AP National Scholar, Texas Boys State Delegate


LAUREN ASHLEY MCKINNEY University of Texas at Austin, TX Award: Guyer Top 10 Graduating Scholar

MADILYN CLAIRE GRAMS Texas A & M University, TX Awards: FFA Lonestar Degree, USAA Golden Eagle Club Scholarship, Blue Ribbon Club Edwin Owen Fulton Memorial Scholarship, Texas Farm Bureau District Scholarship

VISHVANI PATEL University of Texas at Dallas, TX Intended Major of Study: Biomedical Engineering

Retired Cowboys Jason Witten


child of domestic violence, Witten’s goal

through the SCORE Foundation is to raise awareness and to provide aid to families and individuals impacted by domestic violence and abuse. He has positively impacted thousands of children and

families in both Texas and Tennessee,

including domestic violence organizations such as the Denton County Friends of the Family. For more information, visit


ason Witten won plenty of awards on and off the field during his 15 seasons in the NFL. He added another one to the trophy case last month, just one day after announcing his retirement.

The former Cowboys great was presented

in life exceeds any championship you can

the Emmitt Smith Celebrity Invitational

to help, you can transform a person’s life,

with the 2018 Roger Staubach Award at

golf tournament and gala on May 4 and 5. The event, which is in its ninth year, is

a fundraising effort to directly impact the

lives of thousands of North Texas children, families, and their communities. Witten was recognized for 10 years of selfless work through his

SCORE Foundation. “Jason Witten has

been the consummate

professional on and off the field,” said Emmitt

win on the field. When you care enough and it’s everlasting. It trickles down to many other areas.”

Per the press release, the Emmitt Smith

Celebrity Invitational has raised more than $7.2 million over the last nine

"...He is sharing his experience with others and trying to break the cycle of abuse by mentoring young men..."

Smith, co-founder of Pat

& Emmitt Smith Charities, in

a press release. “He has taken what

years in support of Pat &

Emmitt Smith Charities and supported more than

150 charities in North

Texas, including 7,000

Dallas ISD students and

families through their

annual back to school

program and hurricane

relief efforts. Proceeds from

the weekend go to Pat & Emmitt

some people would see as a traumatic

Smith Charities, (PESC), a 501(c)(3) public

ministry. He is sharing his experience with

educational experiences and enrichment

childhood and turned it into his own

charity that creates and funds unique

others and trying to break the cycle of

opportunities for North Texas children.

abuse by mentoring young men. Jason’s character demonstrates being a winner 22 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

Witten’s SCORE Foundation is a perfect representation of those efforts. Once a

And this is just a small sampling of his various outreach programs, building

projects, mentoring efforts, and children’s sports camps. Per the SCORE website,

they recently partnered with Albertsons to

feed 110 children each week at the Boys & Girls Clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Witten announced his retirement from the NFL in an emotional press conference on May 3. He remains one of the top tight ends in NFL history with 1,152 career

receptions and 12,448 receiving yards.

His receiving yards rank him second alltime among NFL tight ends. It is also a Cowboys record at the position.

Along with the latest Roger Staubach

award, Witten won the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award in 2012. That same year, he was presented with the Bart Starr Award. He’s also been named the Home

Depot Neighborhood MVP (2008) and the Pro Football Weekly Humanitarian of the Year award in 2010.

Per the press release, the Rising Stars

gala ushered in the Celebrity Invitational

Golf Tournament, presented by American Airlines, on Saturday, May 5 hosted at

TPC Craig Ranch. Players were paired

with celebrities to create foursomes to vie for bragging rights and the $5,000 purse sponsored by Waste Management.


Don’t Let Your

WISDOM TEETH Stick Around Local Oral Surgeon Preaches Early Removal To Offset Future Problems by Steve Gamel

972.539.1491 |

4421 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 100 | Flower Mound, TX 75028


r. John Shillingburg remembers the days when there wasn’t as much of a rush to remove wisdom

teeth. Yes, wisdom teeth have long been known to be a potential cause



for a myriad of dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay, but if a patient wasn’t in pain, it was

“Between 14 and 16 is typically the

ideal age to remove wisdom teeth,” said Dr. Shillingburg, a board-certified oral

and maxillofacial surgeon at DFW Oral Surgeons in Flower Mound. “I had a

mother come in recently, and she thought it was too early for her son [who is 18

years old] to have his wisdom teeth removed. In actuality, he was at a higher risk than if he

entirely reasonable for dentists to use the “wait and see” approach. As time went on and



more technology and research became available, many

were younger.

Dr. Shillingburg added, “Early removal means fewer complications and a quicker recovery.”

professionals – and patients – quickly changed their tune.


July 11

If deemed appropriate by a surgical specialist, early wisdom teeth extraction is the key to avoiding potential problems before they take root.


| JUNE 2018

Dr. Shillingburg

added, “Early removal often means fewer complications and

a quicker recovery.” So what’s the trouble with

wisdom teeth? Most people

have four wisdom teeth – one

in each corner of the mouth – and

they are the last of our teeth to develop. The problem is many people’s jaws are too small for wisdom teeth to grow in properly. This means they can create

Central Incisor

Canine (Cuspid)

Second Premolar

Second Molar

Lateral Incisor

First Premolar

First Molar

Third Molar (Wisdom Teeth)

overcrowding and grow in any direction. It can lead to pain, infection, cysts, gum

disease, decay in the wisdom teeth and

nearby teeth, and interference with certain kinds of dental or orthodontic work. If your wisdom teeth are causing

pain or infection, your dentist will likely advise removing them. Even if you

don’t have any symptoms, removal may still be recommended.

“What you see is the kids are recovering

Dr. Shillingburg also holds membership

easier whereas someone in their 20s

with the American Dental Association

or older will often take twice as long,” Shillingburg said. “Young teenagers might only need three or four days of healing. It’s Summertime is typically a busy time for

Not only is there a prominent doctor

Dr. Shillingburg and his staff, who see quite a few patients taking advantage of the time away from school to have their

is that a younger teenager’s wisdom teeth

best at what he does. He is trained and

opposed to someone much older whose wisdom teeth may have erupted and

display more solid roots. By age 40, for

example, the roots of the wisdom teeth are solidly anchored in the bone and

create a more difficult procedure. The

second reason is that younger people

naturally heal faster, leading to shorter recovery times.

Anesthesiology and American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

wisdom teeth removed. They choose DFW

are still forming below the gum line, as

American Dental Society of

a much faster recovery time.”

There are two main reasons to have this

procedure done at a young age. The first

and is a Diplomate of both the

Oral Surgeons because Shillingburg is the credentialed in the following:

leading the cause, but DFW Oral Surgeons also has the distinction of being a true outpatient surgery center capable of diagnosing and treating any mouth or jaw condition. This makes the facility’s professional standards and patient care head and shoulders above the competition.

dentoalveolar surgery

facial cosmetic surgery

dental implant surgery

Surgeons is the wise choice.

orthognathic surgery

“My focus is on the patient’s safety –

facial reconstructive oral surgery

dental anesthesiology

Why choose anyone else for your dental needs? Dr. Shillingburg and DFW Oral

every time,” Shillingburg said. “We are compassionate, caring, and competent. And we are specialists.” JUNE 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 25

Foodie Friday DFW: Rock N’ Ice House







here’s a trend in ice cream that’s been sweeping the nation over the last few years, and it landed here in

Highland Village just about five months

Rock N’ Ice House’s most popular flavor is its Rocky Mountain, which is its version of Cookies ‘n Cream. It’s a big hit with kids and adults alike!

ago at Rock N’ Ice House. They’re serving up Thaistyle rolled ice cream, which not only looks cool but has a creamy, velvety texture. It’s unlike any other ice cream you’ve tasted before. To create the rolled ice cream, they start with a plain base and add in ingredients to

Rock N’ Ice House’s most popular flavor is its Rocky Mountain, which is its version of Cookies ‘n Cream. It’s a big hit with kids and adults alike!

flavor it, whether that’s with chocolate, strawberries, or matcha. Once they pour it onto the cold surface (like -18 degrees Celsius cold), it requires a lot of muscle to

Their other flavor options

include combinations like strawberries and Nutella, mint and chocolate, and coffee and caramel. And each flavor

combination must pass the taste test of owner,

Selina Ton, to make sure each ingredient in the combination shines.

Rock N’ Ice House is the

perfect place to stop this summer for a reprieve from the Texas heat. Check them out!

214.222-5239 3195 FM 407, Highland Village, TX 75077

mix it and get it to the right light and fluffy consistency. (Speaking from experience!) Once it’s at the right consistency, they spread it into a square. This makes it easier to roll, and then you can load it up with whatever toppings your heart desires! 26 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

972.724.2540 | 2624 Long Prairie Rd. | Flower Mound, TX 75022





by Steve Gamel

hether you are planning on being extremely hands-on with fireworks this July 4, or you will be around people who will, it’s important to practice good safety habits. Below is a fairly lengthy list of tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. •

Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Save your alcohol for after the show.

Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks.

| JUNE 2018

A responsible adult SHOULD supervise all firework activities. Never give fireworks to children.


Know your fireworks; read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before igniting.

Light one firework at a time and then quickly move away. Use fireworks OUTDOORS in a clear area; away from buildings and vehicles. Never relight a “dud” firework. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water. Always have a bucket of water and charged water hose nearby.

Never carry fireworks in your POCKET or shoot them into

METAL or GLASS containers. •

Do not experiment with

Dispose of spent fireworks by

homemade fireworks.

wetting them down and place

in a metal trash can away from any building or combustible materials until the next day. •

FAA regulations PROHIBIT the possession and transportation of fireworks in your checked

baggage or carry-on luggage. •

Report illegal explosives, like

M-80s and quarter sticks, to the fire or police department.

Don’t bring your pets to

a fireworks display, even a small one.

If fireworks are being used

near your home, put your pet

in a safe, interior room to avoid exposure to the sound.

Make sure your pet has an identification tag, in case it runs off during a fireworks display.

Never shoot fireworks of any kind (consumer fireworks, sparklers, fountains, etc.) near pets.

Never allow young children to

Avoid buying fireworks that

play with or ignite fireworks.

are packaged in brown paper because this is often a sign that the fireworks were made for professional displays and that they could pose a danger to consumers. •

Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities. Parents don't realize that young children suffer injuries from sparklers. Sparklers burn at temperatures of about 2,000 degrees - hot enough to melt some metals.

Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when

lighting the fuse. Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks. •

Never try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully.

Never point or throw fireworks at another person.

Never carry fireworks in a pocket or shoot them off in metal or glass containers.

Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before buying or using them. JUNE 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 29

Ask The Expert: Edit This


few months ago, my wife and I got a postcard reminder in the mail from a local business about

scheduling a yearly checkup. We all get

these from time to time, but when I looked at the mailer, it didn’t take long

for my editor’s eyes to zero in on a spelling mistake.

or inconsistent punctuation, their

If this doesn’t convince you that unclear

be diminished.

then I don’t know what else will.

confidence in doing business with you will Poor attention to detail

To piggyback off the first item, a business that has errors in its correspondence or

marketing materials sends the message

that quality and attention to detail might

“Yearly checkuops.” Oops. Ouch! You may think that’s not the worst thing

in the world, but it’s not good, either. Any spelling or grammar error in business

not be the most important thing. If that’s the case, a customer might think that

attitude will translate to the company’s products and services.

writing – brochures, advertisements, your

Confusing messages

a postcard, etc. – wreak havoc on your

it’s writing your instead of you’re in a

website, blogs, press releases, newsletters,

Mistakes come in all forms, whether

company’s image.

sentence or some other flub. These

Studies consistently show that when

message – leading to confusion and

choosing between two companies, most customers prefer the one with clear and error-free written communication.

Here are five reasons why error-riddled copy hurts your business:

Creating a rough first impression

Starting off on the right foot is the name

of the game. You may do your job better

than anyone else and bend over backward with unrivaled customer service, but if the first thing customers see is written

communication riddled with misspellings 30 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

mistakes alter the meaning of your

misunderstanding between you and your client base.

writing can get your business in trouble, Error-free and clear written content ensures your business is perceived

positively by customers. Take the right steps by using writing and editing

program tools like Grammarly, manually double-checking your work, and having

multiple sets of eyes look everything over before sending it out to the masses. Even reading your copy out loud and taking

a 30-minute break before returning for

more edits can significantly cut down on unnecessary errors.

And when in doubt, hire a local writer and editor.

Edit This® is the local writing and editing service every business owner needs.

Distractions, distractions, distractions

We not only write copy from scratch, but

an error, it’s distracting. Often, customers

created to ensure it’s clear and error-free.

that they lose focus or completely

your message out quickly.

I don’t know about you, but when I find

we can work with the content you have

focus so much on what you messed up on

We save you a ton of headaches and get

stop reading.

Lawsuits and disagreements

There was an article posted recently about a lawsuit over a missing Oxford comma that resulted in a $5 million settlement.

by Steve Gamel Edit This 469.360.3611



Smile for your

Dr. Robert Borkowski Is Committed To Making



here’s still a sense of newness when you walk inside the front door at Renown Orthodontics in Flower

Mound. All the equipment is, of course,

top of the line, the paint on the walls still looks fresh and gives off that new office smell, and there isn’t a speck of dust

anywhere. There’s also an unmistakable feeling of warmness that makes any patient feel like family.

Sitting at a small conference table nearby is a man who gives this quaint new office, which opened last February, instant

credibility. Meet Dr. Robert Borkowski, one of the nation’s leading authorities in orthodontics. During his now 40-

year career, Dr. Borkowski has not only

provided unrivaled care for his patients, but he’s had the honor of lecturing and

teaching in more than 30 countries while

developing partnerships with colleagues on the cutting edge of his profession. 469.444.1640 | 2851 Cross Timbers Rd., Ste 113 Flower Mound, TX 75028


| JUNE 2018

It’s a career worth being proud of,

and now Dr. Borkowski is right here in our backyard.


“Even as I was driving here this morning,

“I’m truly blessed to be associated with

less intensive. After talking to him, I started

here and having my office here,’” said

of orthodontics,” Dr. Borkowski said.

practiced orthodontics for years and years,

I was thinking, ‘Wow, I truly love living Dr. Borkowski, who lives so close that he could walk to work. “What a beautiful area to work in every day. This office is

photography by Your Candid Memories (

new, and I’m committed to making it grow.”

While Dr. Borkowski admits business started slow,

Renown Orthodontics is quickly gaining traction

people who are on the cutting edge

“I’ve always said that I’ve never been an inventor. But people come to me with

It’s a career worth being proud of, and now Dr. Borkowski is right here in our backyard.

because of a staff that delivers results

while turning traditional ortho care on its head. Dr. Borkowski’s treatment

options are vast, but at the heart of it

is the industry-leading Damon® Smile

Braces, which reduce friction between wires and brackets and eliminate the

need for tightening. This makes tooth movement more efficient and comfortable for patients.

Dr. Borkowski consulted with Dr. Dwight

Damon on Damon’s research and applied that system to how he helps his own

patients. But his treatment options don’t

stop there. There is also custom Invisalign

braces. Convenient and fast, Invisalign is a

their inventions, and I’m able to tie them together and

apply them. I think I’ve found my niche in this profession. I

can’t think of anything I could do for a living that would

have made me happier than I am right now.”

Dr. Borkowski didn’t initially set out to

be an orthodontist. A Maryland native

who also spent time in the Navy, he was originally a biology major. With no idea how he wanted to apply his upcoming

degree as he entered his senior year of

college, he searched his heart for ideas on what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

Those searches continued to come up

empty until one summer when he took a side job working for the state doing

highway paint striping. He met an older

co-worker who was home for the summer from dental school.

system of clear aligners which move teeth

“I remember him telling me that he

crooked teeth and unpleasant smiles. Dr.

asked him to tell me more about it,” Dr.

without braces to correct most cases of

wanted to be an orthodontist, and so I

Borkowski has worked with Invisalign for

Borkowski said. “He said it was great and

nearly 20 years.

that it was a lot like plastic surgery – only

looking into it. Eventually, he made it and and I made it through too. Every step

along the way was a little bit of chance.” Dr. Borkowski graduated from the

prestigious Georgetown University and started his practice in Maryland. He

eventually moved to Texas 21 years ago and spent most of his time in the Plano area before moving to Flower Mound.

“Coming to Flower Mound was never on my radar,” he laughed. “I had heard of

it, but it might as well have been on the

other side of the planet. But I knew it was fate when two people told me about an

available office out here. I came out one Saturday and loved it.”

Dr. Borkowski said he felt a sense of home knowing that several former colleagues,

including Dr. Lauri Barge D.D.S. P.A., were within a stone’s throw from his new office. And he hasn’t looked back since.

“I’ve done a lot of neat stuff, but I’ve

also put in a lot of hard work and had

a lot of luck along the way. I found my

niche, which was luck. I found the right

connections, which was luck. People tell

me all the time, ‘well, that’s not really luck.’ But you know what? It is luck. And that’s OK. You have to have a little bit of that,

too. I’ve taken a lot of chances and been well-rewarded for it.”


Ask The Expert: Counseling


Mental Health



very month, new information about how daily habits - diet, sleep, exercise - affect your mental health. Let me break down some of the research and show you just a few habits that can make a long-term difference in how you feel each day.

by Christy Graham LPC Play Therapist Supervisor Acorn Counseling Services 940.222.8703

DIET Can you believe all the different ideas on how to eat or not eat to be healthy? I’m not a nutritionist, but I’ve done my research! As a therapist and my experience as a JuicePlus Distributor, I’ve learned a few things from some brilliant people. Load up on the right foods: fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Much of the serotonin[90%] is made in the gut. Fiber and phytonutrients in these foods are critical for proper gut function. Eat the wrong foods in moderation: sugar, caffeine, alcohol. The ups and downs caused by sugar can destabilize your child’s mood and behavior, but it does the same thing to yours! These foods also interrupt or decrease the effectiveness of your sleep, which is critical to your physical and mental health.

SLEEP Research shows that a good night’s sleep is correlated with all sorts of mental wellness-from stress relief to good driving. Just Google sleep, and you’ll find so many articles and blogs on this, it’ll make your head spin! But here are a few things to start with to get a great night’s sleep. No caffeine or alcohol within a few hours of sleep. Both of these disrupt the natural rhythm of sleep and interrupt the reparative and stress relieving properties of sleep. No TV in your room. Some research shows negative effects from the screens, but you don’t sleep well with light and sound on in the room.

EXERCISE Articles, blogs, and all sorts of advertisements bombard you with great ideas on which and how much exercise you need. Boiling down the research I’ve read, here are some quick ideas: Get some exercise every day. A 20-minute walk works well! Resistance training, yoga, and just plain sweating can make a big difference in your mental fitness as well.

Do you have difficulty with any of these habits? No problem! Therapists at Acorn can help you identify blocks to healthy living and support you in getting to your goals. Call us today at 940-222-8703 for an appointment. 34 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018


Kim Hinkle, Journey to Dream CEO and founder stated, “Since 2004,

we have impacted tens of thousands

DONATION by Lindsay Mears

programs, teen support groups, and community outreach.”

But they didn’t stop there. In May 2017, Kyle’s Place was opened in Lewisville

as the only homeless shelter in Denton County for teens ages 14-18.

The shelter has a multipurpose room for support groups, art therapy and

workshops. The rest of the building

is set up like a home, complete with a kitchen, bathrooms, a family area, a basketball hoop and bedrooms with two twin beds per room.

When Scott and Marci Stancoff of Stancoff

“Journey to Dream has had a significant

Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen

community and these funds will help them

Insurance Agency were awarded the 2018 Award last month for continuous volunteer work in their community, they knew

exactly what they wanted to do with it. The award included a $5,000 donation

that the Stancoff’s immediately gave to Journey to Dream,

a nonprofit organization in Denton County that provides services and programs for at-risk

youth. The donation

was given with a promise of doubling it if Journey

to Dream’s story was shared across social media 200 or more times.

impact on the youth throughout our continue to make a difference.”

Safeco’s Make More Happen Awards

focus on nonprofits in the areas of health and safety, education and civil service.

Per the press release, Stancoff Insurance Agency was selected

“Since 2004, we have impacted tens of thousands of students through prevention programs, teen support groups, and community outreach.”

based on a photo and

application demonstrating

its commitment to Journey to Dream.

According to a press

release on Facebook in

May, many people in the

community, including Scott Stancoff himself, were not aware of the thousands

Scott often visits Kyle’s Place to mentor.

“We go out to Kyle’s House and help teach the teens life after high school, offering

lectures about insurance as a job path that also illustrates the importance of taking

responsibility for their behavior,” Scott said in the press release. “These are great kids. They ask lots of questions and are very

curious. I always wonder if they weren’t here, where would they be?”

The Make More Happen Award will

contribute to Journey to Dream’s goal of being able to accommodate more teens with not only a safe place to sleep, but

also basic necessities, life skills training, counseling, and mentoring. It will also

go a long way to help Stancoff Insurance provide funds for ongoing expenses at

Within 24 hours, Journey to Dream

of teens who are homeless and need a

Kyle’s Place, such as food, furniture, and

given a generous donation of $10,000.

Journey to Dream event, Scott has been

The success stories are amazing and

achieved this goal, and on May 15, were “My team and I have worked with Journey to Dream for four years, and we are

incredibly thankful for being awarded

little extra help. Since attending his first

inspired to do what he can to help these teens who would otherwise be living in terrible conditions.

essential home maintenance.

heartwarming, and include teens who

were once down on their luck, getting accepted into a college they never

the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen

What started as just a vision to help those

thought they could get into, go on

Scott Stancoff said in a press release.

when Journey to Dream came to fruition.

difference of their own.

Award so we can give back even more,”

who need it most became a reality in 2004

to graduate, and wanting to make a

Information from:,, and, 36 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

photo courtesy of

Nets Sizable

of students through prevention



CAR SEAT INSPECTION STATION Argyle Fire District has partnered with Safe Kids Tarrant County to host a monthly Car Seat Fitting/Inspection Station at the Fire Department. Come get your car seat inspected by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. You do not need to live in the Fire District to take advantage of this free opportunity, however it is by appointment only. If you are interested, call 682.885.2634.

LWYFA FOOTBALL & CHEER LWYFA Fall football and cheer registration is now open at! Registration is open to all students that feed into Denton Guyer High School. Cheer is offered for Kinder - 6th graders, flag football for Kinder and 1st graders, and tackle football for 2nd - 6th graders. The first scrimmage takes place at the Cowboy’s Stadium, and games begin the first week in September. Cheerleaders will perform at the Lantana Community Parade on June 30th and practices begin the week of August 13th.



Grace Like Rain would like to thank everyone who participated in

Lantana residents of all ages are invited to participate in

the 5K Color Run on June 2 in the Harvest Community of Argyle.

community bingo! Different games will be held for kids and

The 5k run was followed by a color splash party. This event was a

adults. For children (under 18), a Kids Bingo game will be

huge success with families from all over the community showing

held on June 15th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. For adults 18+, a

up to participate in the fun! photo courtesy of the Grace Like Rain Facebook page

more information, or to register, email


| JUNE 2018

Bingo will be held on June 28th from 1:00 - 2:30 pm. For

photos courtesy of DISD Flickr Album (






arm and ranch divorces face unique complexities. A farm or ranch may be for business or for pleasure, but either way, the complexities exist. Common farm and ranch divorces consist of horses, cattle, deer, and crops. It is not unusual for the spouses, and other family members, to be involved in the day-to-day operations with each family member bringing something unique to the operation.

Divorcing spouses with a farm or ranch

or any other types of businesses for

by one spouse buying out the other

employees, clients, and other partners

will have to decide to divide the business spouse, divide the business by co-owning the business after the divorce, dissolve the business, sell the business, or a combination thereof.

If there is a buyout between spouses,

that matter. If so, it is necessary for key

and investors to be on board. If the key employees and/or the customers are

not on board, the spouses may want to dissolve, divide, or sell the business.

If spouses choose to divide the business

then it is necessary to have the business

by co-owning the business after the

when valuing livestock, such as horses

business. Reformation of the business,

and ranch business is conducted usually

are vital to the business running smoothly

experts are often needed to value ranches

If the spouses choose to dissolve the

and assets valued. This can be complex

divorce, they need to legally reform the

or breeder bucks. And, the way farm

and additional operating agreements,

involves trading and bartering. Outside

going forward.

and livestock if the spouses cannot agree on value. With cattle or deer, the market usually drives the value, but if there are breeding studs/bulls/bucks, these will need to be valued by an expert in the

area. Other collateral assets may need valuing, for example frozen semen or and harvesting equipment, breeding

equipment, trailers, and motor vehicles. It is not uncommon for spouses to co-own farm and ranch businesses post-divorce, 40 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

business is done during the divorce. If

the spouses choose to sell the business, a business broker may be necessary to handle the sale. Some spouses

choose a hybrid approach wherein they agree to jointly own livestock post-

divorce. If so, it is important to have an

agreement regarding expenses (feed, vet,

organization fees, etc.), medical decisions, offspring, frozen semen, income from the livestock, breeding rights and decisions,

Texas is a community property state, meaning everything spouses own at the time of divorce is considered community property, which may be divided by the court. If a party can prove their separate property, which is property that was owned on the date of marriage, or that was obtained by gift, devise, or descent, the court cannot divide it. Complex issues can arise with such things as offspring from separate property livestock, crops grown on separate property land, breedings or breeding fees given as gifts, and claims for reimbursement against separate property farm or ranch land. As a ranch, cattle, and horse owner, and a 24-year Texas State Board of Legal Specialization board certified family law attorney, I have represented many spouses in farm and ranch divorces, as well as numerous other kinds of businesses, and I am very familiar with such assets. Denton

320 West Eagle Dr., Suite 200 • Denton, TX 76201 (940) 442.6677 • (940) 442.6671 fax Principal Office in Dallas

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embryos, the actual land, maintenance

business, then the liquidation of the

showing rights and decisions, winnings, and DNA decisions regarding cloning. Most post-divorce litigation in farm and ranch divorces arises from these issues being unaddressed in the divorce.


by Lindsay Mears

If you are looking for something fun to do in the Denton County area to celebrate Independence Day, these are a few spots to check out. Annual Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department July 4th Parade and Picnic Wednesday, July 4 9:30 AM the parade route will begin at Simmons & Oak Trail (South). The parade will end on Waketon Rd. at the Downing Middle School just past Double Oak Town Hall. Ample parking is provided north and south of Downing Middle School. Come join us for a picnic after the parade with Lantana 4th of July Parade & Picnic Saturday, June 30 On the Lantana Town Green From 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM 42 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

food, live music, and ice cold drinks at the John B. Wright Memorial Park from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Call 972.539.7683 or visit for more information.

Sounds of Red, White, and Lewisville Tuesday, July 3 Wayne Ferguson Plaza 150 W. Church St., Lewisville Desperado (Eagles Tribute Band) 7:00 PM Sara Hobbs (Country Artist) 8:00 PM Farmers Branch Historical Park Independence Day Celebration Tuesday, July 3 2450 Farmers Branch Ln., Farmers Branch Live music, KidZone with bounce houses, vendors, and a low-level fireworks show 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

4th of July in Denton Wednesday, July 4 Quakertown Park 700 Oakland St., Denton Liberty 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk 7:30 AM at Denton Civic Center Yankee Doodle Parade 9:00 AM beginning at Hickory-Locust corner Denton Senior Center Celebration ft. The Young at Heart Band Kiwanis Fireworks Show at Apogee Stadium - end of the night including live bands and a children’s activity area before fireworks begin The Colony Parks & Recreation Liberty By The Lake 2018 Wednesday, July 4 5151 North Colony Blvd., The Colony 1 Mile Fun Run 7:45 AM 5K/10K Races 8:05 AM Stewart Creek Park opens 11:00 AM Liberty By The Lake Festival 4:00 PM “Barks 5th Avenue” Dog Show 4:00 PM, 6:15 PM, & 8:30 PM “TMT” Performance – Main Stage 4:30 PM Watermelon Contest 7:30 PM BMX Stunt Show 8:00 PM Fireworks Finale 9:30 PM **More Info Listed on Website** Roanoke Community Park Independence Day Celebration Tuesday, July 3 201 Park Dr., Roanoke 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM Including rock climbing wall, bounce houses, train rides, food, and fireworks Live Music 8:00 PM

Lake Cities 4th of July Wednesday, July 4 Lake Dallas City Park 101 E. Hundley Dr., Lake Dallas Parade 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Vendors & Entertainment 4:00 PM Apple Pie Bake Off, Bands include Eleven Hundred Springs, Cameron Hobbs, and Guyer High School Jazz Band. Followed by a Dazzling Fireworks Display The Town of Flower Mound Independence Fest 2018 Wednesday, July 4 1800 Timber Creek Rd., Flower Mound Children’s Parade - Lineup at 9:30 AM, starting at 10:00 AM 2121 Cross Timbers Road, Flower Mound: Gates Open 5:00 PM Mark Tyson & The Whiskey Pilots 5:00 PM Le Freak 6:15 PM Pat Green 8:15 PM Fireworks Finale 9:50 PM The City of Haslet Independence Day Celebration Friday, June 29 501 School House Rd., Haslet Haslet Community Park: Independence Day Parade 7:30 PM Nance Field: Fireworks show following Parade

Copper Canyon 4th of July Parade Wednesday, July 4 Copper Canyon Town Hall The Copper Canyon parade will begin at 10:00 AM in front of Copper Canyon Town Hall. Immediately after the parade there will be hotdogs and drinks back at the town hall. For more information please call Carol Owens at 940.241.1455 Castle Hills 20th Annual July 4th Freedom Festival Wednesday, July 4 At the Castle Hills Village Shops 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM The annual Castle Hills 4th of July Freedom Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary with a day of family-friendly activities, live music, food trucks and a stunning fireworks display! The event is FREE and will feature Texas’ largest inflatable maze, a giant inflatable obstacle course, two 27-foot water slides and, of course, a stunning fireworks display, which begins at dusk. Don’t forget to bring blankets, chairs and coolers. JUNE 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 43

Ask The Expert: Fitness



aking healthy life choices now What is Senior Fitness Training? can have long-term, positive Senior fitness training allows for older effects on your health and members to improve their overall fitness in the years to come. While many strength, stamina, coordination, balance, younger people work tirelessly to get in and mobility at a level and pace suitable peak physical shape, to their skills and needs. as the years go by, they Many gyms offer a “one discover it is harder AS SIR ISSAC size fits all” workout and harder to find the NEWTON’S FIRST LAW OF time, motivation, and regimen regardless of a THERMODYNAMICS energy to take care of member’s fitness level, STATES: themselves. Whether it goals, and interests. “An object in motion will be a busy workload, a Jesse James Fit, on the stay in motion.” family to provide for, or other hand, prioritizes in pursuing lifelong goals, numerous, individually fitness seems to take a back seat for many tailored fitness training techniques. people as they enter their 30s and 40s. Whether it be military training, family As adults get into their senior years, they training, group training, weight loss find that working out and maintaining a training, or senior fitness training, a gym healthy lifestyle is even more difficult. At that is capable of meeting the individual Jesse James Fit, we specialize in Senior needs of its members is one that Fitness Training and prioritize healthy living habits for all of our members, regardless of age.


| JUNE 2018

encompasses any and all areas of life. Not just a focus on younger demographics.

Benefits of Senior Fitness Training With senior fitness training, members develop healthy workout regimes and habits that help increase longevity, energy, and functionality. Many ailments and aches can be avoided if proper nutrition and exercises become a regular habit in a senior’s life. As Sir Issac Newton’s first law of thermodynamics states: “an object in motion will stay in motion.” This is especially true the older we get! Members of Jesse James Fit’s senior fitness programs have seen tremendous results in their physical and mental energy and abilities, allowing them to stay healthy, live longer, and to enjoy their family and friends for years to come. If you or a loved one is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider joining a senior fitness program. It’s never too late to decide to be the healthiest you can be. Your body will thank you for many years to come!

by Jesse J. Leyva, Owner of Jesse James Fit, Outlaw Bootcamp & Outlaw Fit Camp •


TOWNSIDE Adds To Continued Growth In Argyle by Steve Gamel


he Town of Argyle continues to expand at an exponential rate as more and more families seek out the quiet, quaint lifestyle that has become synonymous with this amazing country community. Now, residents and newcomers have even more options when it comes to where they want to live.

Hillwood Communities, one of the premier commercial and residential real estate developers, investors, and advisors of

properties in North America and beyond, celebrated the grand opening of Harvest Townside on May 17.

The development, which rests within the

master-planned community of Harvest in

Argyle, features new patio homes starting

at 1,500 square feet with prices starting in the $260,000s. In a press release, officials said Townside offers an attractive price

point for homeowners looking to begin the next chapter in their lives.

The entire project is built exclusively by

David Weekley Homes and D.R. Horton. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this unique patio home product within

Harvest that will appeal to empty-nesters as well as those desiring a smaller, low

maintenance home within the Argyle ISD,” said Fred Balda, president of Hillwood Communities, in a press release.

Adam Cornett, division president of David Weekley Homes, agreed. “Harvest is one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier communities,” Cornett said in the release. “The new Townside models have all of the high-quality features you would

More importantly, the entire development

is conveniently located near what will be a new Argyle ISD elementary school, which is set to open in fall 2019. Argyle ISD

has approximately 2,500 students, with

projected growth expected to top 5,000 students by 2023.

“D.R. Horton is excited to be part of

the new Harvest Townside by Hillwood

Communities, a residential developer that we have enjoyed working with for many years,” said Shannon Roethemeyer, D.R.

Horton DFW west division VP, in the press release. “We believe our environmentally

Homeowners will enjoy a full range of amenities, including resort-style pools, an on-site farm, and a weekly farmer’s market and community gardens. expect in a David Weekley home with the luxurious amenities and convenience of a Hillwood Communities development.”

friendly patio homes, which include smart

Per the press release, Harvest was designed to provide residents with a longlasting, livable, and walkable community, with access to activities that connect them with their neighbors. Homeowners will enjoy a full range of amenities, including resort-style pools, an on-site farm, and a weekly farmer’s market and community gardens. This includes an on-site farmer who grows fresh, organic farm-to-table produce at the community farm.

maintenance lifestyle within the unique

and energy-efficient features, provide homeowners the option for a low-

culture of the Harvest community.”

Hillwood has delivered more than 25,000 single-family lots in 80 master-planned

communities, continuing to raise the bar in terms of quality, innovation, and the

unmistakable sense of community that sets each property apart, the release

said. Hillwood Communities takes the time to focus on the ideals that draw people together — and the everyday

interactions that strengthen those bonds. By purposefully designing its walkways,

gathering spaces, and structural amenities to spark spontaneous encounters For more information on Hillwood Communities visit


| JUNE 2018

and foster shared interests, Hillwood Communities creates community in every sense.

photo courtesy of



Ask The Expert: Home Design





want to brag for a second on one of our interns at the ML Group. Her name is Stephanie Maddamma, a

graduate of Marcus High School who is now a budding architecture student

I am a huge proponent of hands-on

experience and taking your career into

your own hands. Here are just a few quick tips for aspiring architects who can make the most of their summer.

at Texas A&M. Stephanie is currently in Finland for the summer designing restaurants from the ground up. And when I say from the

Tour Model Homes and Commercial Buildings

Attend Seminars and Industry Software Camps

Summer Internships

Interview Architectural Professionals

Work on your Portfolio and

ground up, I mean right down to the silverware. We’ve been blessed to have her work with us during her summer and winter breaks, and our

I am a huge proponent of handson experience and taking your career into your own hands.

hope is she will join us again soon. Honestly, we learn something new from her every day. She is a perfect example of what architecture students need to be doing to chase their passion, perfect their craft, and make the most of their downtime

away from school. Stephanie plans to become a LEED-certified residential

Keep Sketching

We realize the summer is time to relax and go on vacation, but be mindful of your

future and the passion that got you into

this profession in the first place. I’d like to end this column by sending out a special and heartfelt congratulations to the 2018 graduating class of Argyle High School

and Liberty Christian. Make us all proud!

architect, and she is working toward a minor in sustainable architecture and planning. But to truly get a leg up in the industry, she can’t solely rely on textbooks and college professors. 48 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

by Mike Love ML Group, LLC. 972.355.8700


Fitness Article


HYDRATED This Summer by Steve Gamel


he theme of this month’s magazine issue is health and fitness, so naturally, Murray Media Group went

all out to include a myriad of informative articles on everything from fitness tips

and trends from local experts to pieces promoting healthier eating habits and everything in between.

This article focuses on the importance of proper hydration because, well, it’s hot outside, folks!

If you’ve lived in Texas long enough,

you are more than aware the summer

heat in North Texas can quickly balloon

from a manageable 85 degrees to triple

digits, and this summer isn’t expected to be any different. We like to think we can

handle it – you know, tough it out – as we start hanging outside more swimming,

gardening, working out, vacationing, etc., but the fact is we can’t. Our bodies are 50 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

more than 60 percent water. We rely on

Below are a few more tips to stay cool and

it to transport nutrients, regulate body

properly hydrated this summer. Some may

temperature, and sustain healthy organs.

seem like common sense, but when you’re

So naturally, the combination of that

out and about having fun, it’s easy to lose

energy-sapping sun and the fact we lose

track of what your body is trying

more body fluid as we sweat makes us

to tell you.

all prime candidates for dehydration.

• Drink more liquid (preferably

Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, vomiting, tiredness, dizziness, and even delirium. And that’s just the short list. Your friends at Murray Media Group want to remind you the best way to stay hydrated this summer is to drink lots of water. According to the Mayo Clinic, men

water) than you think you need • Wear loose, lightweight clothing and a hat • Limit your exposure to the sun during the hottest parts of the day

require roughly 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of

• When working out or playing

fluid per day. For women, it’s 11.5 cups

sports outside, pace yourself

(2.7 liters). Those recommendations cover everything from water to food and other

• Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.

beverages, but water should always be

Keep water on hand during long

your first choice.

excursions outside

• Limit your caffeine intake • Watch out for each other and stay hydrated together One final thought: We wrote a lot in this article about the importance of

water when it comes to staying properly

hydrated, but don’t forget eating the right

foods throughout the day can also provide the same benefit. If you’re heading out

on a long day out in the sun, munch on

sliced apples, pears, oranges, bananas,

grapes, and blueberries. Besides limiting your caffeine intake, the same can be

said for avoiding heavy and sugary foods. Combine that with drinking lots of water, and you’ll be safer this summer.

Stay safe and thirsty out there, everyone.

And don’t forget we love pictures! Send us anything you’ve got from family vacations to trips to the local water parks. Maybe you’ll be featured in our next issue.


Ask The Expert: Pest Control



FUN Again


ummer is a time for fun as we get to enjoy our backyards, barbecues, pools and other outdoor entertainment with friends and family. If you’re anything like my family, we spend more time outdoors in the summer than we do indoors. With hotter temperatures, mosquito populations begin to thrive and so do the risks with vector born illnesses from mosquito bites. These articles are intended to be helpful even though somewhat intuitive on how best to minimize mosquito breeding in and around the home. I have included some of this information in a previous article but probably worth repeating as mosquito breeding begins to ramp up. Mosquitoes must have water to

reproduce, even as little as a capful,

so diligence and persistence is a must. Clear standing water from the

correctly and not oversaturating the lawn

leaving puddles of water behind until the next

watering cycle. Overturn wheelbarrows and used

water from around the home’s foundation. If ground drains continually hold water, then treat with mosquito dunks

premises. Ensure sprinkler systems are working

ground drainage that is meant to remove

that can help to eliminate the

Our focus is simple, and our niche is outdoors. Prevention, education, and elimination is our number one priority.

plant containers that hold

water. Remove unused tarps, old

larvae. This will not reduce the adult population but will help to minimize

breeding in these sources.

Ensure metal fence posts

are capped. These caps

can be found at your local

hardware store.

tires, pool floats, and other items that can

If you want to keep up to date on

downspouts are free-flowing along with

area, I recommend AccuWeather. When

collect standing water. Ensure gutters and


| JUNE 2018

mosquito pressure in the Dallas - Ft. Worth

on the website, enter the name of the city you want to look at and then click on the mosquito in the top right-hand corner of the page. This will provide current mosquito pressure/ activity in your city. As always, call us if you need professional help. Our focus is simple, and our niche is outdoors. Prevention, education, and elimination is our number one priority. “Make Outside Fun Again.” by Lee & Hollie Woodham, of Mosquito Joe Northwest DFW


Liberty Christian Wins

TAPPS by Steve Gamel


istorically, the Liberty Christian baseball program has had its fair share of problems with Houston-

area teams. But in a matter of one playoff run, the Warriors managed to exercise those demons – and then some.

Liberty Christian won its fourth state

championship, and first since 2013, last month with a 6-4 win over Beaumont

Monsignor Kelly Catholic. The win capped a postseason run in which Liberty beat Houston's St. Pius X and St. Thomas to advance to the title game.

the team trailed Kelly 3-0 and were tied

and had two really good pitchers; one is

inning to secure the win.

Texas A&M. Our kids stepped up, though.

4-4 before scoring two runs in the sixth

Corey McMann doubled in a run, and Joe

the lineup a few times, I could tell we were

getting better at-bats," Isom

bounced the Warriors from the playoffs a

Dawson Barr

year ago.

settled down on

"We definitely have our history with those

and kept the score

final – simply because they are so loaded

every year. This is the first time where our

entire playoff road was against those types of teams.

"These kids stepped up." The Warriors (29-12-1) previously won

state titles in 2003, 2009, and 2013. This

year's run to the top included a 10-1 win

over Pius followed by a come-from-behind 8-4 win over St. Thomas. In the title game, 54 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

area teams hasn't stopped them

as we went through

ending Liberty's season three times. Kelly

face a Houston-area school until the state

against Houston-

Thomas Burbank, and

helped that

playoff bracket, you hope that you don't

Ironically, Liberty's struggles

"Kelly had their ace

said. "It also

Johnny Isom said. "When you map out the

It was great to see.”

Wolf singled in another.

St. Thomas was previously responsible for

schools," Liberty Christian head coach

going to Texas and the other is going to

from winning it

Liberty Christian won its fourth state championship, and first since 2013, last month with a 6-4 win over Beaumont Monsignor Kelly Catholic.

the mound for us

of its final 14 games. The win over St.

Thomas was particularly unusual given

Warriors beat



Baptist in the

state final. In

2013, they beat

The 2003 title season

to get back into

Liberty ended its season having won 13

In 2009, the

St. Pius.

close. That allowed us the game."

all in the past.

is the only year where

Liberty has not beaten a Houston-area

program. They defeated Dallas Christian that year.

that the Warriors did not have their top

Isom said he's excited about the future.

for the game. Isom said he moved several

fourth state title in baseball, the program

things work, and the Warriors answered

Next year should be no different.

two pitchers and starting catcher available

Despite this being Liberty Christian's

players around in the lineup to make

is consistently in the mix year after year.

by rallying from an early 3-1 hole.

"We were making plays everywhere," Isom said. “They’ve ended our season before

"It's special to have been in the mix as

much as we have been over the years," Isom said. "I still can't believe it."


Guyer’s Isabella Washka Excited To Continue Budding Golf Career by Steve Gamel


hen Isabella Washka first picked up a set of golf clubs at nine years old, she was

expected to struggle just like any other young golfer trying to learn the sport.

But she also seemed to be a little further behind the curve than most newcomers. “It’s a funny story because I remember her coach telling me, ‘she’s one of the sweetest kids out here, but I just don’t

think she’s going to be a golfer,’” Isabella’s father, Todd Washka, said with a laugh. “She was very uncoordinated and she

Now, the little girl who struggled to swing

According to her father, no girl at Guyer

the pro tour.

individually as Isabella has.

“I remember my dad taking me out to the

“She was always a quiet, humble girl,”

always felt like it was a really good game,”

scores do the talking.”

a club has a dream of one day playing on

golf course a lot when he played, and I

Todd Washka said. “She’s always let her

Isabella said. “I was never the most athletic

The most important element to this story

kid, and it took a lot of dedication and

hard work because it’s not like golf is the

nicest game to you sometimes. It teaches good life lessons, and I just focused on taking it one day at a time.”

struggled. But he gave her some drills,

Isabella added, “It feels good to know I am

he changed his opinion.”

Isabella has always had great coaches in

and she was dedicated. Two weeks later

has won as many golf tournaments

good enough [to play college golf].”

and something that likely helped open

several doors for Isabella when it came to college golf opportunities has been her commitment to academics. Isabella is a

member of the National Honor Society and

graduated from Guyer with a 4.67 GPA. Her goal is to one day work in the medical field. “Ever since I was in elementary school, I can remember wanting to do well in

Needless to say, Isabella, a Lantana

her corner. She grew up receiving private

years. Not only did she pick up the sport

and Kelly Kuehne and received a ton

better female golfers to grace the green

international tournaments outside of high

Clearly, Isabella Washka is dedicated both

she’ll move on to play Division I golf at

of being coached by Roddy Adams, who is

mean big things for her future.

Kentucky. Isabella had offers from a

Brown. Isabella was named team MVP

the country but ultimately signed with

honoree in three out of her four years, and

school,” Isabella said. “I wanted straight

resident, continued to improve over the

instruction from local pros Marc Brooks

with ease, but she became one of the

of attention from competing in several

at Guyer. Now done with high school,

school. In high school, she had the benefit

on and off the golf course. And that could

Morehead State University in Morehead,

now the coach at Denton Ryan, and Lance

“Golf is an individual sport, but my biggest

slew of Division I and II programs across

all four years at Guyer, was an All-District

Morehead back in November.

consistently shot between 72 and 75.


| JUNE 2018

A’s, and my parents were always there to encourage me.”

motivation is to do what’s best for the team,” Isabella said of her upcoming

college opportunities. “I’m extremely blessed to be in this position.”


Flower Mound

by Steve Gamel

cout McLain is only a fifth-grader, but she’s already a lacrosse veteran and one of hundreds of kids in the

Flower Mound Lacrosse Association who, by the time they reach high school, will have been playing competitively for nearly a decade.

Stacy added, “That number will continue

photos courtesy of Stacy McLain


LACROSSE to grow as players begin playing earlier in elementary school.” Lacrosse may not be considered by many to be a mainstream sport like football, baseball, basketball, or even soccer. But it’s probably been around longer, and

That’s the level of commitment and excitement FMLA has from its loyal following – and participation continues

many of the same skills, agility, and handeye coordination needed to play those so-called “popular” sports are essential to

to climb.

be successful in lacrosse. Scout, who has

“The way we see it, get a lacrosse stick into

carry, pass, catch, and score goals with the

their hands,” Scout’s mom, Stacy McLain said. Stacy is the association’s community outreach chair. “The rest takes care of itself. More and more kids are eager to try something different.”

been playing since the second grade, can best of them. She’s one of what is now 250 to 300 kids (girls and boys) who register each season, and those numbers include first graders all the way up to high schoolers.

Many of those high school players are decorated stars on and off the field.

According to the association’s website, senior varsity player and recent Flower

Mound High School graduate, Ryan Sauer, was recognized as a 2018 Academic All-

American. Six more players were named

all-state, all-district, or honorable mention by the Texas High School Lacrosse

League, including Sammy Cambere, Brady King, Kelly Marion, Vinny Ianiero, Sutton James, and Ben Snyder.

They all owe their success to FMLA. The association, which started in 2009 as a

small program offered through the Cross Timbers YMCA, outgrew its previous

home in a matter of two years. It is now a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to fostering 60 | LANTANA LIVING

| JUNE 2018

and promoting a safe, disciplined,

beyond the sport, we believe heavily in

where boys (1st through 12th grade) and

boys recently built a wheelchair ramp

respectful, and team-oriented program

girls (3rd through 12th grade) can learn the fundamentals of lacrosse, develop

skills to be competitive in the game, as

giving back to the community. Our senior for a family in Fort Worth, and we have

a group of girls who will be working on

various community service projects this summer. It’s a

well as build the essential characteristics

family out here.

of good sportsmanship along

We all care about

with strong character.

each other and are

FMLA hosts all home

around one another

games at the Community


Activity Center in

Credit coaches and

Flower Mound and offers both fall and spring seasons.

officials for not only

creating an inclusive

Its fall season

environment but



also consistently

is primarily a

period where

they can face teams from Southlake,

Frisco, and even McKinney. Kids who

participate during the fall hit the ground running during the spring, which is considered lacrosse season.

The association services athletes from Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village, and the surrounding areas.

“The great thing is that it’s not just the

boys; girls are picking up the sticks, too, and catching on fast,” McLain said. “And

interest at

a grassroots level. FMLA offers a free introductory clinic twice a year – one

during the summer and again in the fall –

for kids who are considering taking up the sport. On top of that, they host lacrosse

booths at various town or school events. “We’ll have the sticks and goals and give kids who come by a chance to shoot a

goal,” McLain said. “As soon as the kids

grab the stick, they get incredibly excited. It’s a chance for them to have fun and try something different.”



| JUNE 2018

Lantana Living Magazine June 2018  
Lantana Living Magazine June 2018