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| AUGUST 2018


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t’s that time again! Are you ready to slide into another new school year? Time to purchase back-to-school

supplies, school clothes, and get the endless amount of preschool forms completed.


Time for parents and children to transition


teachers, new friends, and for many,

Your Candid Memories

back into daily routines, meet new

a whole new school. For parents, this can either be a blessing or a time of


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stress and sadness. But it’s always a time for everyone to get excited about the anticipation of a fresh start. Even for

me, although I am clearly beyond school

age, I still love the excitement that a new school year brings. I also look forward to all the stories my kids will share – at least for the first week or so before they go

back to their usual response “good” to my “how was your day” question. This

year our family will welcome a freshman into college, a sophomore into a new

school, and a 7th-grader returning to her of excitement around our house, to say the least.

I don’t know about you, but each year during this time it’s like a “mini” New

Year’s for me, where I set my resolutions

for a better year. I think things like “This year I am going to read every school

email within 24 hours of it arriving” and “I am going to cook more family meals” or activities.” The list goes on. But, just like

| AUGUST 2018

we are celebrating Women In Business, and I think it’s a perfect time to remind parents - especially Mom’s – that you are doing a great job. It’s ok not to be perfect because no one is regardless of what you see on Facebook or “Fakebook” as I like to call it. Many of the amazing women featured in our publication would be happy to tell you how they struggle to balance home and work, they sometimes feel guilty and have days where they feel they fail at both work and at home. That being said, I hope everyone keeps this in mind. And the next time you see a parent who forgot their child’s lunch, is late to pick up their kiddo from school, etc. instead of judging them maybe offer them a smile or a word of encouragement because I genuinely believe we are all just trying to do our best. I hope you enjoy this issue and we wish you and your family all the best in the 2018-2019 school year!

current school. So we should have plenty

“Be more organized with the kids’ school


most of my New Year’s resolutions, by about week three I am back to just trying to keep my head above water. In this issue

Sincerely, Kelly Murray

Publisher of Murray Media Group


CONTENTS THIS MONTH: We’re focusing on business women. Look for the icon to get to know your local female business owners.


On the Cover is Cassandra Homer owner of Cassandra and Co.




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S E M mel

Ga teve S y b


ike Love was already living the American dream. He had a great job working for an

established architecture firm in Las Colinas, he was young and newly married to his sweetheart, Jenni, and they had a brand new house with a beautiful lawn.

In many ways, it was the perfectly designed life. But then he got the calling to quit that job and start his own firm.

700 om 5.8 5 3 as.c . 205 . Tex 972 te p u ro q., S 75028 G S L r M ke TX Par nd, 0 u 0 o 6 M wer Flo

“When you’re newly married, your wife is like, ‘What are you doing? It’s not just you anymore?’” Mike said with a smile. “I was young, vulnerable and didn’t know

anything about running a business. We hadn’t been

in that house for a year yet, and I remember cutting the grass thinking, ‘This is probably the last time I do this.’”

He added, “It’s a big risk to go out and do your

own thing. You will have times where you’ll worry if you’ve made the right decision.”

To say his decision panned out is an

understatement. Mike Love is the proud owner of The ML Group, Inc. in Flower


| AUGUST 2018

architecture, family

size, the economy, or

the natural rise in living standards

that have played such a pivotal role in added), but there was the one

Mound, long

known as one of the

premier residential design firms

in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He built a successful company using his passion

for architecture along with a client-first

mindset and always surrounding himself with the right people – all of whom he

credits for helping lay the foundation for everything the firm has accomplished. On August 8, The ML

Group celebrated their photography by Your Candid Memories (

30th anniversary.

“It takes a lot of hard work,

and a lot of all-nighters in this profession,” he said.

When Mike sat down with

gentleman who believed in Mike so much that he told him he should go into business for himself. That same man gave him his first office space as he started to get his feet wet. Then there were the region and division presidents for some of the largest volume builders in America who became his first clients and permanently set the wheels of success in motion. The ML Group has worked closely with all the big names while uniquely positioning themselves to handle the

“It takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of allnighters in this profession,” he said.

Argyle Living to reflect on the

last 30 years, his mind and words were filled with a riot of heartfelt emotions

and candid memories that he has carried with him for a very long time. First and

foremost are the countless people – big names whose influence spreads far and

wide in both the architectural and home building world – who unselfishly guided

him in the right direction when they didn’t have to.

Mike said there isn’t room to mention

them all (“they know who they are,” he

entire home design process. Their reputation for creativity, experience, and attention to detail has landed them both custom and volume projects as close as Flower Mound and nearby Argyle to as far away as scenic Lake Placid, New York and Destin, Florida.

the evolution of home design. But the company continues to adapt.

“People say all the time, ‘What are you

known for?’ Well, I like to think we can do anything,” Mike said.

Beyond pouring down praise on his

business colleagues, Mike has always said one of the reasons for The ML Group’s agility is his team. They have one of

the more talented groups of architects, designers, office professionals, and

project managers you can find. All of them have pledged themselves to bring every client’s vision to life.

Mike, of course, is the ringleader – and his passion for the industry knows no limits.

He once created a version of his resume written with architectural lettering to

impress a prospective boss. There isn’t a

vacation he’s taken that hasn’t included a drawing board strapped to the top of his

Tahoe, and that new house we mentioned

“I’d be nothing without them,” Mike said. “Over the years, I’ve continued to build on those personal relationships – because we all mean so much to each other. Even recently, I reached out to a former business partner, Mark Wainscott. We got into this thing 30 years ago and then parted ways. Now we’re circling back to do more work together.”

earlier – that was five homes ago, and he’s

The ML Group’s longevity is quite an accomplishment. So much has changed since 1988, whether that be advances in

when I ride off into the sunset, I want this

thinking about another.

Clearly, everything worked out. And he

can’t wait for the next 30 years to play out. “I have great people around me, and that’s the secret,” he said. “I know my name is on the front door, and I know I sign the

checks. But I want them to understand that place to go on and for them to make it theirs. Because it is.”


Foodie Friday DFW: The Catch




e talk about “Coming Soon” listings all the time within the realm of real estate. So, at

Foodie Friday DFW, we like to talk about

Coming Soon restaurants every once in a while, too!

You may have heard of this restaurant in

Lewisville called The Catch that’s serving up delicious, home-cooking-inspired,

Southern seafood with a hint of Cajun flair.

If you haven’t been to The Catch before, just imagine the perfect combination of

Texas and Louisiana Seafood Specialties. They have a catfish basket that’s one of their best-sellers. Or if you’re needing a little Cajun pizzazz, their gumbo and po boys are some of the best I’ve ever had. Right here in our backyard! They make all of their food fresh, madeto-order with their own

And they’re doing it in a fast-casual environment

which we love even more! For the past year, they’ve

been collecting mega-fans here in the area. Trust us - we know! We’ve heard

from a lot of them about

how we NEED to visit this

place! And we’re glad we listened to them!

...just imagine the perfect combination of Texas and Louisiana Seafood Specialties.

In the next few weeks, The

Catch will be opening their location in

Flower Mound at FM 407 and FM 2499 –

special recipes. You can dine in the restaurant, or order your food to-go for a big family dinner at home. But just keep in mind that if you dine in, their margaritas and beers are always FREE! (No catch - get it?) Long story short, we’re

completely stoked for their Flower Mound location to open. And in the meantime,

right across from the Shops at Highland

we’ll be chowing down on more of their

about it because we had people peeking

And you all should be too!

Village. And we know people are excited their heads in the door asking about it

delicious food at the Lewisville location!

Lewisville 724 W. Main St., Ste. 500 Lewisville, Texas 75067 Flower Mound Off FM 407 in the old Mod Market space

while we were there filming. So, don’t worry. You won’t have to wait too much longer!

Owner, Micheal Davis, is a native of Flower Mound and a graduate of Marcus High

School, so he’s very excited to bring The

972.724.2540 |

all of his friends and neighbors.

2624 Long Prairie Rd. | Flower Mound, TX 75022

Catch to his hometown and start feeding


| AUGUST 2018


Barre Businesswomen Article

photo courtesy of Natalie Dunn


pictured above is Natalie Dunn of Pure Barre Flower Mound


ell me about your journey as a female business owner? How did you get to where you are today, and did anyone help you? I will start by sharing my personal Pure Barre journey: I started taking Pure Barre in May of 2013, and my first class was in Denver. I am a distance runner, and I started taking Pure Barre classes for my cross training. Once I took a few classes, I was hooked, and it became my passion. I was a client for about four years, and then realized I wanted to turn my passion into my career. I had been at the same company for over 17 years, so this was a huge leap of faith for me, especially never having run a small business before. However, I knew without a doubt that having a Pure Barre studio was exactly what I wanted to do moving forward. I explored different opportunities and found that my current studio, which had been open for four years, was for sale. I was a client at the Flower Mound studio for a few years, and the timing was perfect. I have had so much support from family, friends, clients, and the community, and I am so incredibly grateful. I could not do this without them! (Q) How important is it for female

(Q) Were you ever afraid of failing? If

different challenges and obstacles every

What role, if any, do you currently play

(A) Every single day. However, failure is

go exactly as planned, and that’s OK!

business owners to lift each other up? in that?

(A) I feel it is critical for female business

owners to lift each other up and support

each other in their endeavors. We are all

seeking to follow and pursue our dreams, and it is impossible to do without the

support of others. Very rarely do we get to find what truly sets our souls on fire,

and when we find that passion, and can

turn that into a career, it’s a blessing. It’s

also an incredible amount of work. Small

business ownership is a seven day a week job, so when we have the opportunity to

so, why? If not, why not?

not an option. My focus is 100 percent

Learn from your mistakes, as you cannot

Change is constant, and you have to

(Q) How do you achieve

on my clients and staff and their needs. embrace it in order to be successful. There are a lot of competitors in the

fitness industry that offer great things, so embracing that, creating partnerships,

and listening to all feedback is essential. Pure Barre can truly benefit everyone, regardless of their fitness routine,

and I strive daily to create a welcome, empowering culture in our studio.

support another woman and her passion

(Q) What is the biggest lesson you have

been in leadership for over a decade, and

(A) To take it one day at a time. Things

to elevate ourselves and our studio to be

to embrace the change and adjust

my core beliefs is that individual success

process oriented and a huge planner,

example every single day.

mindset was key. Business owners face

it makes us a stronger community. I have

learned over the past year?

my team and I are always looking for ways

change constantly, and you have

the best stewards for our clients. One of

accordingly. For someone that is very

drives team success, and I strive to lead by

taking a step back and changing my


| AUGUST 2018

single day and very rarely does my week

be successful without them. work-life balance?

(A) Honestly, I’m still a work in progress when it comes to work-life balance! I LOVE what I do, so I spend time in

the studio almost every day. I feel so incredibly blessed that I am able to

do what I love and spend time with an

absolutely incredible group of women. These women are my family, and I look

forward to seeing them every single day. We celebrate together, grow together,

and empower and encourage each other.

Pure Barre Flower Mound is not my studio, it is OUR studio, and I could not do any of this without my amazing teachers,

Barretenders, and clients. It is so important to incorporate self-care into your daily routine, and Pure Barre is an essential part of that!


Ask The Expert: Gardening

Prepping For



o far, August has been good to us. We’re enjoying these cooler temperatures, but don’t get caught

because I’m betting it will turn back into

our typical Texas summer heat wave soon! Now that school has started, and the

vacationing is over, it's time to get out the “to-do list” and focus on prepping for fall. It's a great time to get the ball rolling on

promised and not drag you through a long list of change orders and weeks of frustration! As a contractor, it's our job to establish ourselves in the community, build a solid

way. The only way to make our community better is to SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE GIVING BACK TO IT! In our area, there are a ton of talented people who have built great businesses on being creative, building relationships, and doing things the right way the first time. 3 things to remember when hiring a contractor

1. Ask to meet with the job foreman, can you take me to a project he is managing? 2. What is your payment schedule?

comfort moving forward with anything

3. Are you insured and registered here

we do. Make us work for it – look through the initial pricing and into the company

yourself by keeping an eye out for quality.

comparison to the finished product you're

are going to be able to deliver on what's

some jobs, and speak to your neighbors.

But as you do, remember to protect

behind it, go through the details in

Ensure the estimates you are entertaining

being promised, check references, look at

| AUGUST 2018

in the community or gives back in some

reference list, and give you a level of

that outdoor space or landscaping project.


Make sure your contractor has an anchor

in our city?

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions


CORNER with Sheriff Tracy Murphree

GET TO KNOW YOUR SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT Chief Deputy Dewayne “Doc” Dockery

1997 where he served until 2002. In 2002, Chief Dockery

Chief Dockery was born and

was one of the few

raised in Paris, Texas. After

promoted into the elite

graduating high school, he

law enforcement group

enlisted in the United States

of Texas Rangers. Chief

Army before joining the Texas Department of Public Safety in 1987. He was promoted to Sergeant in the Highway Patrol in

Dockery was appointed to Chief Deputy of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office by Sheriff Murphree on January 1, 2017.

Assistant Chief Deputy Larry Kish (Operations Division)

Larry Kish was born and raised in Gainesville, Texas. He started his law enforcement career in 1988 working for the Gainesville Police Department. In 1995, he joined the Denton County Sheriff’s Office working as a Crime Scene specialist. Sheriff Murphree appointed Larry Kish to the rank of Assistant Chief Deputy on January 1, 2017. Assistant Chief Deputy Barry Caver (Detention Division)

Barry Caver was raised in Lufkin Texas. He started his law enforcement career as a patrol deputy in 1976 working for Angelina County Sheriff’s Office. He was promoted into the elite Law Enforcement group of the Texas Rangers in 1989. He retired as a Captain of the Texas Rangers in 2008 before working in the private sector for several years.








he Guyer volleyball team is used to being in a tough district. It doesn’t matter who they are lined up with;

each week is guaranteed to be a dogfight. And not much will change this season as they find themselves pitted against the likes of Southlake Carroll and Byron Nelson.

say that we weren’t supposed to have

considered starters. Either way, they’ve all

really good players,” Guyer head coach

said. “They’ve been playing volleyball non-

been that good and that we have some Heather Van Noy said. She is entering

her second year with the program. “We

may have surprised people then, but they know now.”

She added, “It’s not going to be easy.”

But if there’s any team that can compete on such a big stage – and win – it’s the Lady Wildcats.

Despite losing three Division I players

– Kate Cowan (LSU), Angel Felan (Texas

A&M-Corpus Christi) and Mallory Pittman

Coming off a stellar rebound season

where it won 31 matches and made the playoffs after a one-year absence, Guyer is loaded with returning talent and appears to be one of the darlings of Class 6A volleyball. The only thing

left is to go out there and prove last season wasn’t a fluke.

The team started its season

(Texas State) – to graduation, Van Noy has plenty of bullets in her proverbial

chamber. That includes outside hitter

Hailey Schneider, who recently

Guyer was the only team on Hebron’s playoff schedule to win a set against them.

on Aug. 7 and is quickly

approaching district play. Their new District 5-6A includes Southlake, Byron Nelson, Keller, Keller Central, Keller Fossil Ridge, Keller Timber Creek, and Northwest Eaton.

“We snuck up on a lot of people last year, and I hear it all the time from people who 16 | LANTANA LIVING




ve G Ste

| AUGUST 2018

committed to Arkansas, and middle blocker Rachel

Tullos, who is committed to Arkansas State.

The list goes on and

on. Sophomore Jordyn

Williams had 328 kills last

year at middle blocker and is

a highly-touted Division I prospect.

Then there’s Shea and Brooke Slusser,

who are primed for a huge season. Van Noy also pointed to players like Ciara Brown and Hope Kennedy.

made massive improvements,” Van Noy

stop, and it’s my job to rally them together as a team and keep them healthy.”

For Guyer, it helps to have a coach like

Van Noy pacing the sideline. The longtime Denton-area coach spent the first six

seasons of her coaching career as an

assistant at Guyer before taking over at

Lake Dallas just down the road. She spent six seasons at Lake Dallas, compiling a

143-91 record while taking her team to the third round of the playoffs twice.

She is quickly rebuilding a Guyer program that was in the third round of the playoffs

just three seasons ago in the state’s largest classification before their down season in 2016.

Last year, they finished in a tie for second in district and lost in the first round to

eventual state champion, Hebron. But Guyer was the only team on Hebron’s

playoff schedule to win a set against them. Bottom line, this is a program that knows how to win, and Van Noy won’t hesitate

to do what she needs to do to make her team successful.

“We have four starters back and another

“This is definitely a salty group,” said

time on the court but may not have been

really good.”

two who played a considerable amount of

Van Noy. “We have a chance to be


Bartonville by Steve Gamel


or those Denton County residents who crave fresh produce and quality meats

but are looking for another option besides their local grocery store, look no further

than your neighborhood farmers’ market. There are a variety of popular markets throughout the area, including Flower

Mound and Lewisville. One, in particular, the Bartonville Farmers’ Market, is open every Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to sell-out at the Bartonville Town Center. This market, which has been going

strong for eight years with help from Doug’s Country

Market, offers locally-grown fruits and vegetables,

an unrivaled selection

of grass-fed meats, fresh

bread, honey, and more.

customers are repeat customers who

I got lazy and began eating things I should

The rest is by word of mouth; it’s our

back to raising my own stuff.”

have been with us for quite a long time. customers telling others about us.”

peak of freshness, so be sure to get there early and often.

“We try to bring some of the highest quality meats and produce you can

raising his own animals for consumption

foods. Their products are never irradiated,

deserves to be confident in how and

meats contain chemicals, preservatives,

in the local area can enjoy grass-fed beef,

reputation as the go-to source for fresh

under the belief system that everyone

or nitrogen flash frozen. None of their

where their food is grown. Now, anyone

hormones, fillers, inks, dyes,

or MSG. They even hand-

pick their produce options to ensure there are no

pesticides. There is also

a large selection of great jams, salsas, all-natural chicken, raised pork,

cinnamon rolls, granola,

trail mix, pickles, relishes, and much more.

As Doug says, they take

pride in every aspect of production

and packaging so you get the freshest,

healthiest protein money can buy. After all, better taste means better health.

find,” said Doug Swafford, owner of

“We used to raise our own meat in Ponder,

one there right now, and many of our

up,” Doug said. “But just like anybody else,

Doug’s Country Market. “We are the only


| AUGUST 2018

Since 2011, Doug has been farming and

Doug’s Country Market has a long

Everything offered is at the peak of freshness, so be sure to get there early and often.

Everything offered is at the

not have and got sick. That’s when I went

and that’s how I ate when I was growing

farm-raised pork, free-range chicken, and fresh produce.

“You won’t find meat like ours at your grocery store,” Doug insists.

Doug has been serving tens of thousands of customers at three Farmers’ Markets in the area. There’s the Bartonville Farmers’

Market every Saturday and a separate one for Robson Ranch residents only every

Friday from 8-11 a.m. year-round. His third Farmers’ Market, which like Bartonville is open to the public, runs from March through December at the Red Barn Pavilion in Harvest.

For more information on the

Bartonville Town Center, call Bartonville Town Center property manager Nan Gamel at 940.241.3035 or Doug’s Country Market at 940.387.3323.


Bobcat or Coyote?

Learn about the wildlife you co-exist with every day in your neighborhood in the first “Wild About Flower Mound” program (sponsored by The Flower Mound Foundation) on Thursday, September 13 at 7 p.m. at the Flower Mound Public Library. Chris Jackson, author of the “DFW Urban Wildlife” blog, will discuss the critters that live in our urban areas, seen or unseen.

HE WILL ALSO COVER WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE A COYOTE OR BOBCAT IN YOUR YARD. This will be a great opportunity to bring your wildlife questions as well. To register, please email or call 972.874.6165.


Ask The Expert: Organization




s you send your children off to school remember that their most important and influential teacher is you, and home is their first learning environment. Expecting children to be involved in the care of their home and belongings teaches them valuable life lessons: responsibility, a sense of pride, feeling accomplished, and practicing problem-solving skills. These lessons will serve them well in school and beyond. How do you help your children develop good decluttering habits? I’m glad you asked! CLEAR AND DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE EXPECTATIONS NEVER ASSUME.


Your children won’t always instinctively

up the playroom. The key is to do it

them over and over. That’s parenting.

every night – not every so often, not

Don’t give up. Creating good habits

when you aren’t too tired to supervise,

takes time.

and not when they feel like doing it. Do it every single night. Stick to it. It

Hearing the expectations is helpful, but

will eventually become a habit.

hearing and seeing the expectations is better. Use visual reinforcement. A

chore chart, check list, and modeling are

examples of visual reinforcement.

themselves, make sure you are doing

developmentally appropriate. Don’t set tasks that are too difficult will create

very observant. They are taking it all in expect your children to pick up after

It’s crucial to keep expectations

the bar too high or too low. Assigning

TEACH BY EXAMPLE. Children are

even when you don’t realize it. If you


the same. Trust me, they notice! •


frustration for both of you. Frustration

is a learning process for everyone

chaos not create it.

how to pick up after themselves by

creates more chaos. We want to reduce On the flip side, setting expectations

involved. At first, show your kids

them many times. Gradually, give

is good!

Eventually, they will be able to do it


| AUGUST 2018

PRAISE. Make sure your children are aware that you notice their effort. Look for progress, not perfection. When they put in the effort say, “Thank you for doing a good job.” or “I can tell you put a lot of effort into that.” Hugs and high-fives work too. Praise creates positive action and gives them the confidence and motivation to do it again.

Helping children develop good decluttering habits doesn’t happen in one day, one week, or even one month. Be patient as you go through this process and never expect perfection. Remember to be consistent, set good examples, and practice with them. Eventually, you’ll start to see a shift in habits.

working alongside them. Do this with

too low doesn’t allow for growth. Being slightly challenged from time to time

Fingers crossed!

Children thrive on routine and

spend 10 minutes each night picking

to tell them. Sometimes, you have to tell

have to remind them.

BE CONSISTENT. This is so important. consistency. For instance, maybe you

know what you expect of them. You have

all on their own. You might not even

them more and more of the workload.


Businesswomen Article photo courtesy of Lantana Pediatrics




pictured above is Dr. Rebecca Butler Owner of Lantana Pediatrics

ow did you get to where you are today, and did anyone help you? I have been extremely blessed with support from many people throughout my life. But I would have to say that the core of who I am today and the successes and failures I have experienced are rooted in my upbringing.

My parents taught me that if I tried and failed, that was a success, but that if I never tried, I was missing an opportunity to grow and learn. This alone has made me less fearful in embarking on challenging and intimidating adventures and endeavors. I gained confidence through trial and error and they let me learn that on my own with just the right amount of support and encouragement. “Fake it until you make it! Act as if you had all the confidence you require until it becomes your reality.” — Brian Tracy (Q) What are some of the challenges or obstacles you have faced as a woman in business, especially trying to get your business off the ground in the beginning? (A) Just two months after opening our doors, and meeting my first several families, I was diagnosed with cancer. This did not defeat me. I pushed through multiple surgeries, radiation treatment, and other complications related to treatment while continuing to work full-time as a solo provider in my dream career. It was extremely challenging at times and both mentally and physically

(Q) How important is it for female

when a decision was a bad one and

What role, if any, do you currently

for the better.

business owners to lift each other up? play in that? What have you learned about leadership?

(A) A common identity and a sense of shared purpose is what female

business owners provide for each other. A second, third, and fourth set of eyes and ideas can make a huge difference when it comes to running a business. Peer interactions easily develop into real-world gains as we are agents of change for each other – whether we intend to be or not.

exhausting. There were times I doubted

There is power in numbers, and the more

I could keep things progressing in the

women there are who step out of their

right direction for the practice to be successful, but with the support of my husband, my family, many prayers, and a growing faith in God, I made it through that journey a stronger person and a more compassionate and motivated physician. “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill 22 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

comfort zone and chase their dreams, the stronger we become as leaders and role models. Leadership for me means humility, integrity, and respect for and dependence on others. Leaders do not

subsequently changes her plan and vision (Q) In your opinion, what are some

additional roadblocks/obstacles that women still face today?

(A) The only roadblocks are the ones we put up. As women we have as much potential as anyone to inspire, lead, and be strong role models for our

communities. New challenges and bigger obstacles are present daily. These are not roadblocks but freshly laid paths to new and greater opportunities in which to

grow and evolve. Adopt this mindset and you are unstoppable.

(Q) Do you have any specific advice for

women who are thinking about starting their own business?

(A) “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney.

Decide to silence the inner critic holding

stand alone. They understand that their

you hostage and follow your heart.

success requires others, and they are not

(Q) How do you achieve

fearful of making and admitting that they have made mistakes. A strong leader is a person who asks for help and admits

work-life balance?

(A) Ha! This most definitely is a work in progress. Advice is welcome.





VIRAL by Steve Gamel


hen Lieutenant Jimmie Gregg and the rest of the officers at the Corinth Police Department realized they’d been challenged by the nearby Hickory Creek PD to take part in a social media lip sync battle, they were prepared to act fast.

“We knew [the lip sync battle] was hot and

morale, these lip sync challenges have

have some fun with it,” Gregg said with

officers from nearby Corinth, Hickory Creek,

trending, so we had already decided to a laugh. “When they challenged us, the timing was perfect. We had it out there within an hour. There weren’t any professional cameramen. It was done with an iPhone and an app. We were old-school.”

Greg added, “It was a blast. We wanted

to show everyone our lighter side, too.”

The Corinth PD’s song of

Miley Cyrus. It’s been more than a

month since that video dropped and it has

Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, San Angelo and Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk’s

video of Uptown Funk, among others, has been featured by USA Today.

Locally, Hickory

Creek did a hilarious

rendition of Summer

Days from the movie

Grease, Lake Dallas

tossed its hat into the ring

with Eye of the Tiger, and

Flower Mound sang Meghan

Trainor’s Me Too.

more than 240,000 likes and 330 shares.

Most of the earlier videos simply had the

as a simple way to boost department

cruisers. Since then, shoots have become

After appearing to start up in Central Texas

| AUGUST 2018

Lake Dallas, Denton, and Flower Mound to

“I think this humanizes officers from all over who do a tough job every single day”

choice? Party in the U.S.A. by


spread like wildfire and include crews of

officers singing behind the wheel of their

much more elaborate with camera crews, aerial shots, and a host of “extras” like

members of the local fire department,

property and evidence employees, and even the bomb squad.

“I think this humanizes officers from all over who do a tough job every single day,” said Molly Fox, the director of

communications for the Town of Flower Mound who also pointed to the Harlem Shake and Ice Bucket Challenge as

previous examples of officers showing

their fun side in an effort to engage with their communities. “When you’re in the

middle of a traffic stop, you’re probably

not going to see this side of the officers,

but these are great people. And the way

we thought of it was, ‘If we are going to do this, we have to be all in.’”

Lake Dallas police officer Allen Sawyer agreed.

“There are a lot of great videos out there, but we never viewed it as a competition,” Sawyer said. “We wanted to have fun,

and in many ways, we were winging it out there.”

Not only are these videos going viral locally, but many police

departments are getting comments

and shares from overseas. Gregg said Corinth has heard from people in

Uruguay, Belgium, and even Tasmania. Sawyer said he’s heard from viewers in England and Sydney, Australia.

“Putting it out there and seeing the

responses have been great,” Gregg said. “As you can see, there’s like 12.8 million

views on our video, and our friends total

went from 9,700 followers to 40,000 in two weeks. The messages are coming from all

over. They’re not only just liking it, but they

also want their police to engage with them in this manner. We wanted to humanize

the badge. We are people, too; we like to

sing, dance, have fun, and work as a team. It all worked out.”

Thank you, officers, Can we get more videos, please?



NORTH TEXAS FAIR & RODEO Get your cowboy boots and put on your Stetson hats, the rodeo has returned once more! From August 17th- 25th, you can enjoy fair food, rodeos, livestock shows, and amusement rides. We’re really excited for the music line up of 30 bands, which includes the Josh Abbott band, Pat Green, Conjunto Nube, Eli Young Band, Ben Haggard and so many more. If you haven’t been before, you’re totally missing out. It’s worth the drive for a fair that’s been around for 90 years.

Lantana’s own Wyatt Reaves was a finalist for “America’s Favorite Baby” in the Live with Kelly and Ryan baby photo contest. On Tuesday July 10th, the top 5 babies were featured on the show, and viewers voted for the grand prize winner who would win a family trip for 4 to Fiji. Although Wyatt didn’t make it as a grand prize winner, residents and readers can agree he is certainly “Lantana’s Favorite Baby.” Just look at that adorable smile and tell us that didn’t just bright your day.



Keep an eye on your pets and small children when playing

The Lantana Community Association is having its annual Run

residents. Dave Kershen even managed to take a video of it

event that welcomes runners and walkers of all ages. Online

outside. A bobcat has been spotted near homes by several

prowling around. He said the cat was, “taking a serious interest in a neighbors poodle before a larger dog came out and

scared it away.” Remember, if you spot one, keep your distance, DO NOT RUN, and if possible, make your way inside until it decides to leave. (see page 19 for a wildlife event near you) 26 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

Lantana 5k & 10k on September 15 at 8:25 am. It’s a family

registration is now open, hurry and sign up before August 31 to receive discounted pricing. The run benefits Ranch Hands Rescue. Last year the event raised over $12,000 for Ranch

Hand Rescue. To date, Run Lantana has raised over $60,000 for local charities. Visit for more info.

photo courtesy of the Reaves family


photo courtesy of the Guyer Band Facebook

INSIDE EDUCATION THANK YOU FROM GUYER BAND Guyer band would like to thank the family, friends and community members who pledged to help their 2018-2019 season. With the communities help, they were able to get over $23,000 in pledges. This will help provide much needed staff, instruments, equipment, meals, uniforms, and repairs for the program. GO WILDCATS!

GUYER OFF-CAMPUS LUNCH Did you know that if your child has outstanding grades and stellar attendance, they can qualify for the GHS Renaissance Academic Achievement Off-Campus lunch program? All they need to do is download the form from the Guyer high school website and have you sign it. Be careful as students will lose this privilege if: a) student is late to 4th block class. b) Is found to be on another school campus during regular school hours.

GUYER SPORTS EVENTS Varsity Football vs Aledo Home Game Aug. 31 at 7:00pm

Jr Varsity Volleyball vs McKinney Away Game Sept. 4 at 5:30pm Varsity Volleyball vs McKinney Away Game Sept. 4 at 6:30pm

PREVENT BULLYING BEST BUDDIES CLUB School can be difficult for many children.

They have to learn not only how to balance homework and responsibilities, but they

also have to deal with bullying at school.

All Denton ISD campuses use SafeSchools Alert for reporting issues at school, such

as bullying. It can be done anonymously

through the Denton ISD website. All they need is the name of your school and a

summary of the incident. There is also the

option to submit the report via text or email.

The Best Buddies Club at Guyer High School brings students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and students without IDD together to create one-on-one friendships. It’s a life changing club that is helping many people who may feel isolated in high school. There is a back to school party August 23rd and a lunch get together during lunchtime in B149. For anyone is interested in participating, email or text @guyerbbmem to 81010.

Varsity Football vs Cedar Hill Away Game Sept. 7 at 8:30pm Varsity Volleyball vs Southlake Home Game Sept. 11 at 6:30pm Varsity Volleyball vs Byron Nelson Away Game Sept. 14 at 6:30pm Varsity Football vs North Crowley Away Game Sept. 14 at 7:30pm AUGUST 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 27

Businesswomen Article

Who Knew Success




ow did you get to where you are today, and did anyone help you? I knew in culinary school that my goal would be to open my own bakery; I also knew that I needed to take my time and gain the necessary work experience. I worked as a baker and eventually bakery manger/pastry chef at a Dallas restaurant for 10 years to gain the experience needed to run my own bakery. I learned so much working in restaurants, met some of my favorite people whom I now call family, saw some crazy stuff and had a whole lot of fun. There is no way I could have done this alone. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, in my case, it takes one to start/run a business. I attribute the success of The Flour Shop to hard work, long hours and everyone who has helped, taught and supported me: previous bosses, family, friends and my Flour Shop family... a little blood, sweat and tears too. (Q) How do you measure success?

I shop at female owned businesses and

for the last seven years (and for many

customers to them. I’ve met so many

(A) Being able to bake for our community years to come) is how I measure success. We started as a bakery that no one had

heard of. We had a little bit of social media presence when we started and very little

money, but we grew through being active We face challenges almost everyday, we

are successful because we work through them, together.

incredible female business owners in this community over the last seven years and both The Flour Shop and I are better for knowing, learning from, and working with them.

(Q) Were you ever afraid of failing? If so, why? If not, why not?

(A) Absolutely! However, I made up my mind that failing is not an option so we

(Q) Why do you do what you do?

work hard to make sure that doesn’t

coolest job I can think of! I do this because

close within the first year; this is a tough

kitchen. The kitchen is my happy place.

(Q) How do you achieve

(A) I get to bake for a living. That’s the

happen. Most food service businesses

I love to bake, I love to be in my bakery

industry, for a lot of reasons.

(Q) How important is it for female

work-life balance?

What role, if any, do you currently play

challenge. Owning a small business

(A) Extremely important! It’s important for

being available 24/7. The balance for me

business world for us to not stand up and

I provide jobs for others and a service to

business owners to lift each other up?

(A) After seven years this is still a

in that?

requires a total commitment including

women in general. It’s too difficult in the

is loving what I do and taking pride in that

support each other. Whenever possible,

the community...a delicious service.


photo courtesy of The Flour Shop

in our community and word of mouth.

refer friends, family and Flour Shop

| AUGUST 2018

pictured above is Chef Cara, owner of The Flour Shop Bakery




himala Group with Keller Williams on July 27th hosted an amazing School Supply Drive in Bandera for Denton County Schools. They collected $400 in cash plus enough school supplies for 40 backpacks. Everyone was extremely grateful for all the local participation.

photos courtesy of Heather Shimala


| AUGUST 2018


Evolving with


940.584.0800 | | 3600 FM 407, Ste. 185 | Bartonville, TX

photography by Your Candid Memories (

she does for a living. Not that her previous partnership was bad; in fact, it was an

amazing experience as she quickly cut her teeth in a competitive industry. But now she doesn’t have anyone outside of her

own team telling her how to service clients or run her business. She can put her own

stamp on everything from ideas on growth and what steps they can take to make the clients’ life easier to how she goes about training and developing her team.

Her firm is different from the traditional


brokerage in that she doesn’t treat her

hose who know Cassandra Homer best would tell you she’s never been afraid to pull the trigger on any major decision in her life. She is intentional with everything and insists on growing and evolving every day as a wife, mother, and small-business owner, to the point where even a brand-new client can sense that same air of confidence.

But Cassandra admitted recently in

what has mattered most to hundreds of

even she paused ever so slightly when

County was that Cassandra Homer’s name

an interview with Lantana Living that

considering the risks of leaving the No. 1 real estate franchise in the nation to start her agency, Cassandra & Co.

“I pull the trigger, and the kickback is

me going, ‘Was that the right move?’” Cassandra, a Lantana resident, said with one of her trademark giggles. “I wondered if I’d

come in the next morning and everyone’s keys

would be on the desk, and I’d have angry

emails from sellers. But

everyone was fine. And so was I.”

She added, “I never want to

buyers, sellers, and leasers across Denton was attached to their transaction. They

having fun, you’re not doing it right.”

Everyone has embraced her decision to go from franchisee to business owner because no matter whose name and

branding was previously on the outside of the building, or at the top of the

they approach taking care of their clients.

Her hope is that approach will allow them all to flourish and lead to even more happy clients.

In many ways, having more control over running a business has been the only

piece that’s been missing over the years. “I think there is a comfort level and

sense of the real estate market, and she’s

comes with being at the top for as long

mentor, and coach to help them make

unwillingness to grow and evolve that

always delivered an unmatched level of

as the previous company has been,”

commitment to the community as well as a consistent understanding of the individual needs of her clients.

Then there’s her

bubbly and engaging personality, which

draws everyone in like

a tractor beam.

“I’m like this all the time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s my

grandmother, my husband,

or clients,” Cassandra said.

“Authenticity is big to me, so I always say

don’t fake the funk. I really do enjoy what I

do. We came back from an amazing family vacation, and the first thing I did was hug

my assistant, Lexi, and tell her how happy I was that I was back.”

paperwork, clients and teammates knew

Cassandra & Co., which has been going

working just as hard for them. Since 2013,

Cassandra’s love and commitment to what

they’d still have Cassandra in their corner

in the success of the company and how

knew they had a trusted partner, friend,

I never want to stop growing, And if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.

stop growing, And if you’re not

agents as solo agents. Instead, they share

full-force since March, is a mirror image of

Cassandra said. “I want to grow and evolve every single day, and there’s something to be said for having more control over the output. Creativity wise, I get to do what I want. We’re having a lot more fun doing

that, and the best part is we’re still busting our butts for the client.”

Behind it all is a small-town girl who is as

authentic as they come. She moved out of her parent’s house with 88 dollars in her

pocket to chase her dream of being in real estate. She worked her way up the ladder and even became a successful business coach along the way. Somehow, she

balances all of that with being a devoted wife while also living vicariously through her two-year-old daughter, Sloane.

Cassandra and her husband are expecting a baby boy after Thanksgiving.

“This all happened so quickly, but I

love my life, and I’m happy with me,” Cassandra said. “I’m excited for whatever happens next.”


E H T S ’ T A WH e by Stev

only rule he made for himself was that it

couldn’t be a job every 14 or 15-year-old kid in the neighborhood would be willing to do.

That pretty much took

mowing lawns, washing cars, and babysitting scooped up the only

remaining option that

made the most sense. Introducing Zack’s

Doggy Doody, where

your dog’s “business” is Zack’s business.

quite the following. He created his first

Facebook post and immediately landed three repeat clients. A follow-up post netted him four more. His service is

perfect for residents who don’t

have time to follow behind

their four-legged friends

in the yard. Zack offers

customizable packages that include once-aweek visits to every other week or the

one-off clean up

before your next party

or get-together with

friends. He’ll clean your

yard and completely remove

“Most kids would think, ‘That’s so gross.’

But everyone [picks up dog poop],” said

Zack, a Bartonville resident. “I just thought what can I do that’s fast and easy and that no one else is doing.”


entrepreneurial spirit has landed him

| AUGUST 2018

your dog’s business from the property

neighborhood ice cream business in

Lantana but eventually got away from it. It wasn’t long after that Zack decided to try his hand with a new venture. On the company’s Facebook page, one of his

cuter posts mentions that he’s typically on

“poop patrol” at his house and to give him a chance to clean up after your pet.

His mother, Crystal, drives him too and

from his appointments since he isn’t old enough to drive.

“We used to live in Lantana, and that’s

where he is working his business right

now,” Crystal said. “Eventually he might

expand, and I couldn’t be more proud of

him. He’s a motivated kid who is willing to do whatever he needs to do.”

As for Zack, he doesn’t see himself

rather than throw it in a nearby trash bin.

stopping anytime soon.

This isn’t the first time Zack has tried his

“Maybe I’ll do it for another one or two

and his brother once started a successful

another job,” he said.

hand at small-business ownership. He

years – at least until I’m old enough to get

photo of Zack courtesy of Crystal Crabill

out of the mix. So he

In just less than a year, Zack’s

logo photo courtesy of Zack


hen Zack Crabill began looking for a job so he could start saving up for his first car, the



Adoption of the month

Hi, I’m Fred

I am a 1 year old male, Lab mix. I love to be petted and active. My favorite thing to do is go on long walks. I'm very friendly especially with children. I'm microchipped and have no rabies. All I want is to find a loving home and family! Flower Mound Animal Services 972.874.6390


| AUGUST 2018

photo courtesy and information from Flower Mound Animal Services





RECORD With Lone Star Cup Victory by Steve Gamel

(70) rounded out the Top 5. Conroe The Woodlands won in 6A, followed by Prosper in Class 5A. Brock won in Class 3A and Mason was named the top school in Class 2A. Nazareth won in Class 1A. “There are many excellent schools out there, especially when you consider Liberty Hill, Abilene Wylie, and even Midlothian Heritage,” Hill said. “Those are well-rounded schools, so the competition is there. I’ve been the principal at other schools in the past, but there’s just a different feel here in Argyle. I’m proud of these kids.” Argyle has won a Lone Star Cup in three different classifications dating back to 2006, including every year since 2009. This year, Argyle was the only school in


t this point, maybe the University Interscholastic League should consider renaming its annual Lone

Star Cup award for Class 4A in honor of Argyle High School.

Hill added, “Our kids take a lot of pride

any of the state’s six classifications.

The UIL Lone Star Cup, which began

Winning schools in each classification

during the 1997-1998 school year, is

awarded annually to one high school

and a record-breaking seventh year in a row, Argyle was named the best high school in Texas in its classification when the UIL released its standings July 2. The

in each of the state’s

“This is a lot of people, coaches, and kids who pull this off year after year, and I couldn’t be more proud. To win this, you have to be strong in everything.”

Eagles scored 119 points to run away with the win. Their nine total wins is second most all-time. “It’s pretty mind-boggling, and it’s something we never want to take for granted,” Argyle principal James Hill said. “This is a lot of people, coaches, and kids who pull this off year after year, and I couldn’t be more proud. To win this, you have to be strong in everything.”

| AUGUST 2018

Denton County to finish in the Top 10 in

in that.”

For the ninth year overall,


Heritage (72 points) and Fredericksburg

six classifications and is based on points accumulated from

victories throughout the

receive the Cup trophy and a $1,000 scholarship. Below are the final Top 10 Class 4A standings for the 2017-18 school year, as provided by the UIL. 1. ARGYLE – 119

year in athletics, fine

2. Abilene Wylie – 89

Argyle took home

3. Liberty Hill – 83

arts, and academics. state championships in academics, girls

basketball, and baseball while finishing

runner-up in marching band, volleyball, and boys golf.

The Eagles’ 119 points was the most points scored by any school in any

classification. The next closest was Conroe

4. Midlothian Heritage – 72 5. Fredericksburg – 70 6. Melissa – 69 7. Texarkana Pleasant Grove – 67 8. Kennedale – 66

The Woodlands in Class 6A with 117

9. Boerne – 61

Argyle in the 4A standings with 89 points,

10. Carthage, Dallas Carter,

points. Abilene Wylie finished behind

followed by Liberty Hill with 83. Midlothian

Salado – 56 (tie)


Ask The Expert: Fitness

How Fitness




ave you ever wished that you had more confidence? People who set fitness boundaries report

experiencing a boost of confidence. Think about it: when you set a higher standard

for yourself confidence grows naturally. As you lose weight and feel better than ever

By accomplishing goals, you prove to yourself that you are tough enough,

strong enough, and brave enough to accomplish what you want. Physical

success in fitness comes from the mind as one does not start out strong, lean, quick

etc. It is through the mental toughness of

you become proud and confident about your fitness journey, which transfers into confidence in other areas of life. Exercise is the greatest confidence booster and mental toughness creator. It takes discipline to acheive success in

overcoming each obstacle day in and day

fitness and teaches discipline in other

means feeling certain and good about

Essentially, through fitness, you prove to

perseverance to acheive a goal plays in

what one can accomplish. It’s feeling like

physically, but mentally as well!

fitness you learn about yourself, what you

your confidence will sky rocket.

Self-confidence is important to have, it

out to which these goals are acheived.

areas of life. The passion, drive, and

yourself and having self-assurance about

yourself that you can do anything not just

other areas of our lives as well. Through

you can achieve what you set your mind to; a belief and/or conviction that you can succeed.

Lacking self-confidence can seriously

restrict what you do in life. A person with low self-confidence could be hesitant

to many things such as interacting with people. This can lead to difficulty in

creating and maintaining relationships. Also, one could be hesitant to trying

new hobbies or getting involved in the community. Imagine how much life is actually being missed out on.

Fitness can improve you not only

Each time a goal is set and acheived, you gain the sense of acomplishment and

feel proud about yourself. Those feelings

are rewarding and naturally you move on to bigger goals in an effort to progress. Fitness is a marathon and not a sprint!

are made of and what you can do. Going from a couch potato to a runner or gym avoider to gym rat, the fitness journey instills confidence and belief in oneself. Time and time again we have seen many members change their lives both

The pattern of creating smaller goals and

phyically and mentally through fitness.

you succeed physically and mentally.

fitness, members walk with their head

the mirror over time and mentally you

overcoming obstacles and enduring the

you can accomplish as you look back

The sky is the limit and you are capable

moving on to acheive bigger goals helps

With new found confidence through

Physically you actually see changes  in

held high knowing they are capable of

gain confidence in yourself and what

uncomfortable to reach their fitness goals.

at your progress. After feeling hesitant,

because you know your strength!

physically but mentally as well. Most

turn to fitness for a variety of reasons to

improve some aspect of the way the body functions — to make it stronger, quicker, healthier, leaner, etc. You accomplish these improvements through goals. 42 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

by Jesse J. Leyva, Owner of Jesse James Fit, Outlaw Bootcamp & Outlaw Fit Camp •


Businesswomen Article

Women in BUSINESS Inspirational quotes from successful businesswomen in Denton County by Steve Gamel

Debbie Sardone, Buckets & Bows Maid Service “As a cleaning business owner, I had very few obstacles associated with being a woman. I think cleaning has always been perceived as “women’s work” so no one got in my way. But, when I was ready to invest in my growth, a local Flower Mound bank would only give me a business loan if my husband co-signed. I refused and decided to grow my business without the loan. It worked out.” “Give, give, give. Struggling business owners tend to be desperate, and giving is the last thing they have on their mind. If you want to grow beyond your wildest dreams become an authentic giver. This doesn’t always have to be monetary. Find ways to give and serve others, not sparingly, but in abundance. When you give in abundance you reap in abundance. When you give sparingly you reap in scarcity. Adopt the go-givers mindset and you will be successful. Just don’t mistake giving for being a door mat; there is a difference.” Jayme Potter, RPM Construction “It is NOT easy! There are many times you will feel very alone. When you get to those points look at how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished so far. Then refer to your business plan to get excited and motivated about the not so easy road you have ahead of you. You will find out who your true friends are. And sadly for me it wasn’t many. Do what you do with confidence. But most of all, once you start just keep going. Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve come!” “There were a few times I was afraid of failing, but I think that’s natural – especially going into construction. But as long as you treat your clients the way you want to be treated and just keep working you won’t fail.” 44 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

Kim Southwell, Reading Ranch Tutorial Center “Don’t listen to the naysayers, because there

photo courtesy of

“Stay focused and stick with the process. Dig your heels into the dirt and don’t budge.”

will ALWAYS be critics. Surround yourself

with people who are passionate, positive,

and understand the concept of hard-work.

Lazy doesn’t cut it when you’re a business owner. And most importantly, keep your

faith strong – you’ll need to get on your knees and pray for strength to guide you and get you through the junk

that life as a business owner throws at you. But, the rewards are endless.”   

“Stay focused and stick with the process. Dig your heels into the dirt and don’t budge.”

Cassandra Homer, Cassandra & Co. “There really is no playbook for starting a business. A lot of people want to make it a very simple formula, but I think it comes down to knowing what you want and not being fully tied to the outcome. I have failed a hell of a lot more than I have succeeded and frankly, succeeding can be a little boring. Not having enough experience in certain areas of running a business were major pitfalls for me. People don’t often realize in a small business, you are human resources, you are accounting, you are operations - you are EVERYTHING! Learning to master all of these skills can be very daunting and not having the money to outsource it, leaves you with very few options. You have to dive in!” “A huge problem facing women today is believing we still have to wait for permission. I’m not waiting for equality, I’m demanding it. I don’t need someone to tell me I’m just as good as a man, I know I am. Needing other people’s validation is something that will always make me cringe. You can’t please everybody, so why try? Be true to yourself and don’t wait for someone to allow it. Speak up. Be yourself. And you will be heard. The glass ceiling will always be there just reach up and bust through it!” Christy Graham, Acorn Counseling “Focus on your long-term mission and try lots of stuff that may get you there. Then get rid of what doesn’t work for you. Revel in the flexibility while still making sure you can meet your responsibilities day to day. Find great people to delegate to and then trust them with it. This may mean they fail but as long as your basic business is sound, that will be ok.” “My biggest challenge as a woman comes from my greatest source of strengthmy relationships. Balancing work and important family relationships challenges even the most organized person. Add to that the networking relationships that I build to grow and strengthen my business relationships, and time management continues to be an issue. As far as being a female professional, some people continue to be concerned about men seeking counseling from women and I simply have to educate our referral sources.” AUGUST 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 45

Ask The Expert: Counseling


BALANCING WHAT’S IMPORTANT caregiving extremely rewarding, but

the challenges

their career and family. Women can find

almost all mothers experience some form of ‘Mommy Guilt." Here are some quick

tips to help combat these stressors. Men can use them too, as they have similar stresses in their lives.

1. Get organized, even if you are not usually organized. Use an online

calendar or make lists. This way, if one

of the parents has a moment, they can address the next thing.

2. Practice grace towards yourself and those around you. Many times, we

find ourselves more forgiving towards others than ourselves. Be sure to give

yourself the grace and understanding you would give your best friend!

3. Plan for rest. No one and nothing

help you meet

in your work and


home life.

4. Prioritize ruthlessly. Family will always

be there, but work

changes. If you have to

choose, choose family. Work opportunities come and go, but if there is a true family need, prioritize.

Even if you have mastered the four tips, your life may still feel unbalanced and

in helping families address issues of imbalance. Call us today for a short,

15-minute conversation about how we

can assist you in finding a good work-life

minutes, even!] and weekly for some

are working moms.


| AUGUST 2018


overwhelming. Acorn specializes

works well when it is going all the

time. Choosing a time every day [5


downtime will


Many working mothers feel torn between



riving up to my house, I always take a deep breath to switch gears. Sometimes it can be so hard, but I know I have to do it. In my heart, I am still overwhelmed by work and just can’t let that last thing go – I jump into the chaos at home, hoping that I’ve not missed something.

balance. You aren’t alone. All our clinicians

by Christy Graham LPC Play Therapist Supervisor Acorn Counseling Services 940.222.8703


Mothers & Daughters



t didn’t take long for Argyle resident Michele Brown to experience first-hand how popular National Charity League, Inc. had become over the years for so many women across the country. The non-profit, established in 1925, has 70,000 members and 256 chapters across 27 states and is dedicated to mothers and daughters serving communities together. Brown knew she and daughter, Natalie, would be a perfect fit back in 2016. She also knew it would create some valuable mother-daughter bonding time. But no matter how many local chapters she visited, she was continually turned away. “They were all full,” Brown exclaimed. “They told me I could get on a waiting list, but I wasn’t really interested in that.” Not to be deterred, Brown called the national headquarters in Los Angeles and learned there were more than a handful of women who were facing the same obstacles she was. It was suggested at the time that they consider starting their own chapter, and Brown leaped at the chance.

According to Brown, the Lantana chapter is made up of mothers and daughters from the Argyle, Flower Mound, Ponder, and Denton areas. To date, they have logged thousands of volunteer hours and continue to serve more than a dozen local organizations. Some of those nonprofits include well-known names such as the Children’s Advocacy Center, Serve 48 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

“We are quite the little army,” Brown said with a laugh. “None of us knew each other when we first started, but we decided to

Brown said the program has done wonders for her daughter, Natalie, who recently graduated from Argyle. During her time with the organization, Natalie was

do it, and here we are. We were the 210th chapter to join, and I feel like we’ve had a tremendous impact on this area.”

able to work alongside girls from Liberty

National Charity League, Inc. was the nation’s first mother-daughter charity. Daughters in grades 7th through 12th grade can join, and the mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. In doing so, the organization hopes to develop strong women leaders serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come.

with her mother toward the same cause.

Christian, Argyle, and Guyer. And naturally, there was the opportunity to work closely “It’s an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and do something good for the community,” Brown said. “Natalie even won an award for having the most service hours. It’s a bonding thing, and you also benefit your community.” For more information on National Charity League, Inc., visit

...the organization hopes to develop strong women leaders serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come. photo courtesy of Michele Brown

The result was the Texas Lantana Chapter, and it has grown to more than 250 members since 2016.

Denton, and the North Texas Food Bank.

Photos were submitted by area residents. If you’d like to submit your photos for publication or if you have any questions please email us at AUGUST 2018 | LANTANA LIVING | 49


HELPS OTHERS by Lindsay Mears


oung cancer survivor, Sadie Keller, was surprised with the trip of a lifetime when she and her mom, Sarah, were invited to meet President Donald Trump in June.

"It was very short notice," Sarah said. "But we asked ourselves, 'Why wouldn't we want to go?’" They received a phone call the day before the president was to have a bill signing ceremony for the Childhood Cancer STAR Act.

The Childhood Cancer STAR Act is the most comprehensive childhood cancer legislation ever taken up by Congress. It represents important


| AUGUST 2018

bipartisan legislation designed to advance pediatric cancer research

and child-focused cancer treatments, while also improving childhood

cancer surveillance and providing enhanced resources for survivors. "It was super cool to meet President Trump," Sadie said. "He was

so nice and funny. It was so insane; when he walked in, I thought I

was watching the news. I couldn't believe he was actually there." Sadie was able to stand right next to President Trump during the bill signing ceremony. When all was said and done, he

handed the pen he had just used over to Sadie and let her keep it.

President Trump's daughter, Ivanka had gotten the ceremony up and running, but wasn't able to be

present for it. She wanted to meet Sadie, so she invited her and Sarah to dinner the next day.

"We got to stay an extra day because of

it," Sadie said. "She was really nice to me, and it was really cool that someone like her wanted to meet me."

Sadie was diagnosed with acute

lymphoblastic leukemia in 2015, when she was seven years old. Not long after being diagnosed, she began making videos of her journey and posting them online for the world to see, so that other kids with cancer knew they weren't alone.

"I'm just a person who wants to help

children with cancer and make them happy," Sadie said.

Her videos went viral, and were picked up by local news stations. They even went so

far as to be played on ESPN during Jimmy V week.

"I went through some tough times with

my treatments, so I wanted to help other kids not be so afraid," Sadie said about her videos.

“He was so nice and funny. It was so insane; when he walked in, I thought I was watching the news. I couldn’t believe he was actually there.”

In May 2017, Sadie had her last chemotherapy treatment.

"It's funny," Sadie said. "When most kids

are finished with chemo, they're done with cancer. They don't want to think about it

photos courtesy of Sarah Keller

anymore. I want to help."

Sadie and Sarah started the Sadie Keller Foundation in 2016. Its purpose is to raise awareness of

childhood cancer so that a larger percentage will be donated to help save

children. "When

I heard that only 4 percent of

funding goes to childhood cancer, I

thought, 'that's

not enough,'" Sadie

said. "I thought that if

we could raise awareness

and raise more money, kids

could get better treatment and more kids would survive."

Sadie and Sarah do quite a few things to see these kids smile. Part of the foundation is called Milestone Gifts, in which kids who are in the hospital receiving treatments will receive larger gifts if they reach some kind of a milestone. This can be anywhere from ending chemo to getting to go home, and the gifts can be anything from a set of Legos, to a doll house, to an iPod. "I know what it's like to go through treatment, and I missed out on a lot. I don't want kids to forget how to be kids," Sadie said.

couldn't imagine what it would be like

In December of 2015, after being in the hospital for months, Sadie was concerned that Santa wouldn't be able to find the kids who had to stay in the hospital. She

can either help by donating for Milestone

to stay in the hospital over Christmas, so

Sadie started a toy drive so the kids could have a better Christmas. The first year,

her goal was to collect 300 toys, and she

ended up collecting over 1,500. In 2016, they collected 5,000 toys and in 2017,

they collected over 10,000 toys. For this

Christmas season, their goal is to collect over 10,000 toys again.

Sadie also has a love for art, and attends

classes at the Art House in Flower Mound, which is a local art studio and school. "It's really cool to see my paintings displayed on the wall," Sadie said.

If you'd like to help Sadie raise

awareness, you can donate on the

website,, which is a non-profit organization. You

Gifts, Sadie's Sleigh (which will have drop off stations closer to the holidays), or

purchase Sadie's paintings on the website. All proceeds go towards her foundation.


Ask The Expert: Makeover of the Month





nnette has always been a dedicated mother, and after many years of working two jobs in order to put her daughter through college she finally has the time to focus on herself. Cloud 9 Salon decided that a new makeover would be a great start doing just that. Hair by Jeremy Ruiz New stylist to Cloud 9 Salon Jeremy Ruiz was here to help. He took her complexion and fun personality for inspiration and went with a rich auburn color. He used copper gold for the base color with a few thin highlights weaved in that really gave her a nice pop of spring and summer. For the shape he went with a short layered textured cut and the results were terrific. Her new look brought out her eyes, complexion and her beautiful smile. Makeup by Brea Photography by Jeff Stevens

Makeover and clothes provided by

214.415.4806 Want to be the next Makeover? Email and tell us why you deserve it!


| AUGUST 2018

L Re anta sid na en t

A I D E M L A I SOC Teens:

by Dr. Rebecca Butler, who is Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is proud to be a resident of Lantana and the owner of Lantana Pediatrics. For more information on Lantana Pediatrics, Dr. Butler and/or Melanie Bitzer, CPNP or to schedule an appointment with one of these providers, call the office at 940.455.7200.

&ducated & Involved

Get E


s parents, teachers, and loved ones we try our best to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the strange and convoluted world of or teens, but we often fall short of knowing and understanding most all of the slang language, social media comments, and day-to-day interactions between each other.

Social media consumes the attention of the majority of teens, and adults for that matter, which is why teenage code has become more and more complex and well hidden from regular adults users. I strongly feel that parents, caregivers, teachers or any other advocates for children should have an understanding of the ins and outs of social media.

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I will use instagram as an example of how social media can be potentially harmful and enabling for teens looking for an outlet or those in trouble searching for support similar troubled teens or young adults. Instagram is a social media site comprising photographs followed by comment. Teens post everything from their daily happenings to their deepest feeling and desires on sites like this. Instagram uses “hashtags” (#), which are types of labels or metadata tags used on social media networks and micro-blogging services that make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme and content. These hashtags are used to link users to certain secret “Secret Society”.

For example, if a teenage girl was interested in cutting or was cutting and wanted support he/ she would search “#cat” and they would be linked to several social communities with the related topics. Another example, #MySecretFamily is a very popular hashtag that connects teens struggling with a variety of mental illnesses. Teens are instructed to put various names into their profile to identify which mental illness they are battling. These include but are not limited to; Anorexia, Bulimia, Paranoia, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Self-harm, Depression and Suicide. An example of how these can be harmful is in the case of Non-suicidal self injury (NSSI) or the self destruction of one’s own body in the absence of suicidal intent. This is very common in middle school aged children and the exposure to peers with NSSI behaviors may increase the risk of engaging in these behaviors. They become somewhat “normalized” by social media acceptance and may lead to other co-morbidities.

Parents need to be educated about monitoring and how to monitor their children’s use of social media. Understanding and identifying may be a tool for early intervention and in turn life-saving. Parents who openly communicate with their children are more likely to receive the same approach in response. It is critical that your teenager feel safe in talking to you, because fear of punishment can result in isolated or rebellious behavior. During the difficult teenage years, your child will want to test boundaries. They will want to do and say things that you would not approve of. This is basic human nature. It’s important that you understand and respect this, while letting them know they can talk to you about anything. At the same time, you should lead by example and initiate those difficult discussions with your teen. Even if you only get one-word responses, they are still listening. Most parents are surprised to learn that their child has social media accounts on sites you probably didn’t even know about. Talk to your child and make sure you know every site they are using and how those sites are used.

Here are some of the most popular social networking sites used by teenagers:




Google +




Ask your teen to show you how these sites are used. Express interest and have them teach you something about social media. This educates you and creates a space to bond with your teen. Please talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns.

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Businesswomen Article photo courtesy of KoonsFuller Law




pictured above is Charla Bradshaw Owner of KoonsFuller Law

ow did you get to where you are today, and did anyone help you? My mother was my inspiration, and especially for my business life. She was a career woman with her own business: real estate. From the time I was little, I saw my mother take care of our family and me, tend to all household needs, and at the same time manage an incredible real estate career. She taught me that to succeed you must respect all people and never judge. She taught me that in a client-oriented business, that unless you have clients, you have no business. She taught me that people have to trust you with their needs and feel confident you will be there for them. I took a temporary job as a paralegal, filling in for a girl who walked out on her bosses. I knew nothing about family law, or how to run an office. I was 19. I quickly learned while listening to the clients and their numerous needs that family law was for me. I love helping people. I then knew I had to figure out a way to pay to finish college and get a law degree, but nothing seemed impossible with the foundation I had learned from my mother. (Q) What are some of the challenges

events for my women friends, and I join

explore financing. I would also suggest

woman in business, especially trying

in keeping women together. It is vital to

business endeavor.

or obstacles you have faced as a

to get your business off the ground in the beginning?

(A) After law school, I was fortunate

enough to have a great friend of my

parents, Mike Gregory, believe in me

and hire me to practice law with him. I

other women’s groups to try to participate have a mentor.

(Q) In your opinion, what are some

additional roadblocks/obstacles that women still face today?

(A) I think in life, roadblocks and obstacles

career counseling before starting a (Q) What is the biggest lesson

you have learned in all your years as an entrepreneur? (A) Patience.

are mostly created by those who see

(Q) Were you ever afraid of failing? If

is important to gain skills to persevere

(A) Anyone who is successful will never

school, I am fortunate to have not seen

the most successful. I don’t think that

those who are the most successful in

woman in business.

is much better than it used to be. I think

failing. The fear of failure was and is a

(Q) How important is it for female

is the most difficult.

Failure will occur, but it is how you handle

am so thankful for him believing in me.

them as roadblocks and obstacles. It

so, why? If not, why not?

and paid for college. After attending law

through adversity. And those who do are

say they weren’t afraid of failing. In fact,

many challenges or obstacles to being a

equality has been achieved, but I think it

business will tell you they were afraid of

financing for a woman starting a business

driving force for anyone who is successful.

The challenges and obstacles I faced as a woman were early on while I worked

business owners to lift each other up? What role, if any, do you currently

(Q) Do you have any specific advice for

about leadership?

their own business?

women in business is so important. I think

important to plan your work and work

who are positive, are important to be

best. Financing a business is vital, so

it that is important.

play in that? What have you learned

women who are thinking about starting

(Q) How do you achieve

(A) I think camaraderie amongst positive

(A) Everything begins with a plan. It is

(A) I plan time for my work, and I plan

that those who can lift each other up, and

your plan. I think incremental goals are

around. I have events at my home, I plan

before pursuing a business, I would


| AUGUST 2018

work-life balance?

time for my life, and the two do not

intersect. Keeping the distinction, and

not feeling guilty while doing the other,

is very important.


Bailee Utter

COMPETES In Miss Texas Outstanding Teen Pageant by Lindsay Mears


photos courtesy of Bailee Utter

hen Argyle teen, Bailee Utter, was first approached during her freshman year of high school with the question of if she’d ever considered the pageant world, she was not interested at the time. Bailee had been a dancer since she

was a little girl, and it has always been

her dream to continue on that path. As soon as she started to attend Liberty

Christian School in Argyle, she knew that she wanted to be the captain of their

dance team. She learned that one of the qualifications, as well as something that would help her in the long run, was to have a firm grasp on the interview process. She thought back to the question she was asked earlier that

year, whether or not she’d

be interested in being in a

pageant, and knew

that this is where she could learn

the skills she needed for the dance captain position. 56 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

“I believe the Miss America Organization impacts our society by empowering women through scholarship and community service opportunities...”

Bailee’s very first pageant was competing for Miss Southlake, and she won first runner-up. From there, she went on to compete

in, and win, Miss Hunt County’s Outstanding Teen.

But this was only the beginning. From

there, she went on to compete for Miss

Texas Outstanding Teen, and finished in the top 10 out of 46 girls.

Going through this pageant, Bailee was a busy bee, attending different

appointments, dress fittings, runway walks, and mock interview practice.

“This was only her third pageant,”

Monica Utter, Bailee’s mom said. “And

here she was going up against girls who

had been doing this their entire lives. She

“I believe the Miss America Organization impacts our society by empowering women through scholarship and

This pageant consisted of four phases:

fitness, evening gown, interviews, and a

talent competition. Bailee’s talent was, of course, dancing.

“She did a jazz routine,” Monica said. “It was super fun and lively!”

kids love having an athlete read to them, too,” Monica said.

honored to be a part of this organization,

Bailee - the daughter of Bill Utter, the

to have expanded my platform, ‘Leading by Reading.’” Leading by Reading is a program that began when Bailee noticed that a star athlete in her class could not read aloud when their teacher asked him to.

“When Bailee witnessed this, her heart sank. She had no idea there were kids around her that didn’t know how to read. Immediately, she wanted to do something to help,” Monica said.

Bailee went on to win the phases of

evening gown and onstage questions

put a smile on Bailee’s face. The younger

community service opportunities. I am

made so many friends, and met so many great people.”

“Just to see him feel good about himself

owner of Bill Utter Ford - continued the

program by holding book drives across five different car dealerships in DFW.

They donated thousands of books to school libraries.

“Bailee believes that reading is a way we can get back to intentional relationships with all of the social media in our lives,” Monica said proudly. “She truly is just a

real person - our blonde hair, blue-eyed, all-American girl.”

When asked what’s next for Bailee, Monica stated that she would probably take a

couple of years off from pageantry until she’s old enough to run for Miss Texas. She said that Bailee will now focus on

during the preliminaries.

Bailee implemented a mentorship

The Miss Texas Outstanding Teen Pageant

program so that upperclassmen could

America, but for girls under the age of 18.

in Bailee’s class decided to take part in

is a program like Miss Texas and Miss

read to kids in younger grades. The boy

On the pageant website, Bailee said,

this program.

school and being the captain of the Liberty Christian dance team. After

school, Bailee hopes to attend Texas

Christian University and wants to try out for the TCU Showgirls, which is their school dance team.


Ask The Expert: Dentistry

It’s Never Too Late for



s school bells are ringing and our kiddos scamper back into daily routines of classrooms and

lessons, we parents deserve a pat on

the back for accomplishing a seamless

sendoff. With the new school year, and

maybe a little extra time in our days, this could be the opportunity to focus on

dental care that may have been neglected or delayed, specifically one that I see

parents too often defer: orthodontics. When it comes to adult orthodontics,

there are many misconceptions. One is

that orthodontic treatment is for the young

or a once in a lifetime necessity. The

reality is that our teeth constantly move

throughout our life. Unless retainers are

constantly employed, the results can lead

to cases of lower tooth crowding or upper tooth spacing.

Another misconception is that

orthodontics is esthetic only, but health is often beauty. Teeth are designed

to function according to their proper

placement. Improper biting forces can result in excessive wear of teeth or a

breakdown of enamel along the gumline known as an “abfraction.” In addition,

photos courtesy of Jessica Marr

Lantana Community Church VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL


| AUGUST 2018

excessive crowding or improper tooth contact can create areas of plaque retention that can lead to decay or gum disease. Consequently, correctly positioned teeth will function with longevity and are easier to clean. Advances in orthodontic treatment also allow for faster and more esthetic treatment for adults. Digital impressions and design can help avoid any potential delays. Bracket types can be utilized that will expedite the process and minimize appointments, and clear brackets help if appearance is a concern. No matter the reason, it is never too late or too unimportant to treat your dental orthodontic concerns as an adult. Happy smiling! by Dr. Matt who is the owner of Country Lakes Family Dental Bartonville, TX



Made Easy A s a parent, you just want your kids to have the best outfits for the first day of school and beyond. After

all, every day is class picture day, right?

But sometimes, what you think looks good doesn’t jive with what your kids want, and that can lead to some pretty hair-raising mornings as you try to get your kids dressed and out the door on time.

So how do you meet in the middle with

your child, whether we’re talking about a five-year-old boy or a teenage daughter, as you’re finishing up back to school clothes shopping? Here are five tips and tricks.

Take your child shopping with you

Some parents say shopping alone means fewer distractions and getting more

accomplished in less time. But consider

making it a team thing when it comes to what your kid will be wearing at school.

Remember they’re the ones that have to

a great idea. Before school starts, and

after you’ve bought everything for the

upcoming year, separate everything into two sections: school clothes and play

clothes. Granted, there will likely be some crossover, but for the most part, your

child will learn the difference and choose the appropriate attire. This is also helpful considering some schools only allow

certain clothes (ex: no logo t-shirts and flip flops, etc.).

Keep receipts

What looked good under the bright

lights of the store doesn’t always translate to your home when your child is trying everything on for the first time. Take a

hard look at how your child looks in their new outfit and, above all, ask them how comfortable they are. If the clothes are

not right, it’s easier to take them back and choose something else.

wear the clothes, so take their comfort

Don’t get upset when plans change

mean you must only buy what they want,

Your child could love the clothes you’ve

clothes in their closet, then they are more

out themselves, only to flip a switch and

and style into consideration. That doesn’t

Sometimes, you just can’t win as a parent.

but if your kids are excited about the new

chosen, and even the ones they picked

apt to put them on in the morning.

hate everything 24 hours later. The last

Have your child pick out their clothes the night before

Choosing what they’ll be wearing the

thing you want to do in this situation

is get upset when plans change. Don’t

let your temper take over the situation.

night before takes all the guesswork out

Instead, show patience and empathy and

child the freedom and know-how to

defuse the situation a lot faster.

of the morning rush. Plus, it gives your

see where that takes you. Odds are, you’ll

make decisions on their own. Another key

What tips do you have for other parents

component to this strategy is shopping for pieces that mix and match. It makes things so much easier for everyone.

Organize their dresser drawers

We read this somewhere online, and it’s 60 | LANTANA LIVING

| AUGUST 2018

when it comes to back to school clothes shopping? Share them with us on our

Facebook page. We’d also love to see your first day of school pictures when the day finally arrives.

by Steve Gamel




PREVIEW by Steve Gamel


he 2018 high school football season starts next week. As you prepare to follow your favorite team through the regular season and, hopefully, the playoffs, we

Head coach: John Walsh 2017 record: 7-4 bi-district finalist Returning starters: three on offense, five on defense District opponents: Southlake Carroll, Keller Fossil Ridge, Trophy Club Byron Nelson, Keller Central, Northwest Eaton, Keller, Keller Timber Creek. Projected finish in District 5-6A: 2nd place Key players: Grant Mahon, DL; Seth Meador, WR; Brent Jackson, DB; Kaedric Cobbs, RB; Eli Stowers, QB; Cole Ramsey, LB; Chad Aune, DE; Isaac Carrillo, DT; Devin Goree, DE.

want to get everyone clued in on what all the football experts are saying.

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine, regarded as the Bible of football in Texas, recently published its preseason magazine with previews of more than 1,400 high school teams. Here is a brief recap of Guyer.

Lauren Moore

Accomplishing Her Dreams


press release by Aleisha Moore

auren Moore is a Lantana resident and will be a junior at Guyer High School in the fall. She has maintained

a 5.0 GPA at Guyer, excelling consistently

Amidst all of her accomplishments, Lauren’s true purpose lies with service. She works in her church’s nursery and ushers every 2nd Sunday. She is a part of

in her all Pre-AP and AP class schedule,

two service organizations at her school,

giving her a rank of 1st in her class of

UNICEF (where she is the Secretary), and

about 650 students. Recognized as a student leader at her school Lauren was elected as the president of her class for both freshman and sophomore year (and plans to run for

initiative called Guyer Helping Houston, a toy/relief drive where Guyer clubs and organizations provide goods to Sheppard, Texas (one of the most economically disadvantaged towns affected by Harvey), and give the kids in the town a Christmas.

a third term). 62 | LANTANA LIVING

Key Club. Lauren also began a service

| AUGUST 2018

Lauren has played volleyball and

basketball for nearly a decade of her life. Lauren was a part of the Guyer Wildcat Freshman “A” team for both volleyball and basketball. Throughout her time

playing sports, Lauren was recognized

as a team leader by coaches and fellow teammates. At the end of her volleyball

season, Lauren was awarded the “Wildcat” Award, an honor presented to a player for their leadership and positivity. However, after eight years of playing both sports

passionately, Lauren decided that her torn labrum was too sore to keep rigorously using, afraid of causing permanent damage.

Lauren plans to continue to excel

academically, lead and serve among her community, and encourage students to embrace their literary talents. Lauren is excited about the year to come as an

upperclassmen at Guyer, and is constantly looking for opportunities to grow as a person and leader.

Profile for Murray Media Publishing

Lantana Living Magazine August 2018  

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