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‘COMFORT’ Is Still Our Middle Name

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Congrats to Denton Area Teachers Credit Union (DATCU) Mary Jacoby for Flower Mound Chamber Citizen of the Year.

Photos were submitted by area residents. If you’d like to submit your photos for publication or if you have any questions please email us at 4 | LAKE CITIES LIVING

| MARCH 2018


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he rain showers have arrived and

and more people are making their way out

Spring is approaching rapidly. I sure

to shop while enjoying the local flavors

do love this time of the year. Everything

and taking advantage of local events

about Spring is welcome indeed.

inside the community. Check out the Upcoming Events section in this Issue of

This month’s issue is all about health. You will have the

“. . . many

opportunity to learn from

opportunities to

your local health experts

get back on track

as they share many ways to keep you and your family healthy and informed. With

with your health, your fitness, and

Spring and Summer coming our way, this gives many

finding ways to enjoy the great outdoors.”

opportunities to get back on track with your health, your fitness, and finding ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

It has been great to see the enthusiasm in the community as I’ve made my

Lake Cities Living. There are always an array of events to participate in and support.   In other news, my husband and I have recently found the community we will be settling into to purchase our first home together. This has reminded me once again how important community is to

each of us. Being involved, supporting our local causes, and staying in-tune with our local current events is what creates the heartbeat of community. We always hope that the stories, the business advertising,

way around town visiting many local

and the expert information here in Lake

businesses. This time of the year not only

Cities Living will be beneficial to you

brings warmer weather but also brings

and draw you further into knowing and

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supporting your local community.

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On the Cover: Jamie Mergell, BJ Lloyd, Robert McDaniel, Ken Lancaster, Steve Stewart, Shane Dendy & Veronica Mapp

FEATURED: ‘Comfort’ Is Still Our Middle Name ASK THE EXPERTS


10 Fitness with Outlaw Fit Camp

08 Facebook News Feed Changes Affect Businesses

14 Edit This with Steve Gamel 18 Gardening with Complete Solutions 28 Makeover with Cloud 9 Salon



22 6 Rules for Eating Healthier 24 Inside Community 25 Inside Education 26 20 Questions with Guyer Soccer Coach


THIS MONTH: We’re focusing on health. Learn from your local experts what you can do to be happier with your health. Look for the icon.



The Recent News Feed Changes &


YOUR BUSINESS by Steve Gamel


acebook is doing an overhaul of its news feed algorithm to again make changes to what we see and

interact with on the popular social media site. While this is nothing new to any of

us – how many updates have there been over the years? – the latest change will reportedly affect businesses the most.

Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg

said his goal with the latest change is to prioritize posts from friends and family

who we are likely to have “meaningful”

conversations with and de-prioritize posts from public content – including the many

small-business pages you willingly follow but don’t interact with as much.

In other words, more posts from friends and family and a lot less from everything else.

So why is this happening? Zuckerberg said much of the original intentions of

Facebook had been lost with the addition of “extra stuff” to everyone’s news feeds. For example, you may see two or three posts from Uncle Bob in Michigan and fake news sites, quizzes to see which

Brady Bunch character you most closely

identify with, mindless videos, and pages you follow.

Zuckerberg said Facebook received complaints from users whose news 8 | LAKE CITIES LIVING

| MARCH 2018

©Marcel De Grijs/123RF.COM

your mom in Houston, and 10 posts from

feeds are bogged down. Zuckerberg

said it’s putting people in a bad mood, and he would rather prioritize posts that spark meaningful

relationship driving rather than a boring

Diversify your social media presence

sales pitch will drive more likes, shares,

Hopefully, you are using more social media sites to engage with clients than just Facebook. If not, look into sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc. Another way to increase your audience and reach.

and comments. Tell your clients about the


Where this can hurt

small businesses who are merely trying to foster organic

relationships with

their clients – many of

those clients are family,

Zuckerberg said much of the original intentions of Facebook had been lost with the addition of “extra stuff” to everyone’s news feeds.

by the way – is that there

will be fewer opportunities

“see first” option Even though Facebook is making changes, those who love the popular site can still choose what they want to see more.

Direct followers to your

Ask your audience Have you considered asking your followers what content they’d like to see more? Listen to what matters more to them and fulfill those needs. Change your post frequency

first” under news feed settings.

Try to avoid multiple posts in a day. Think about how many times you post and exactly what you want to post.

Join more Facebook groups

Live Video

engagement moving forward:

Facebook groups are extremely popular,

Create meaningful content

and there are many out there that are

On Facebook, Live Video is now a much higher priority instead of standard content

The goal is always to engage your

specifically catered toward business

content that is value-added and written for

your audience.

to advertise or share blogs,

updates, and upcoming specials. While this won’t affect every business, here are a few tips to improve your

audience. Live videos, photos, and

page and ask them to select “see

owners. Take advantage and increase

with blocks of words. Live Video will be shown more in the feed algorithm. Be sure to post live to get the most out of this strategy.


Ask The Expert: Fitness

What Drives Someone



o many people say that they want to change. They say they want results, a different body, or to be healthier. They say they want to wear the pants that have been hanging in their closet for six years, be able to buy clothes, and actually feel good wearing them. But how many people actually change?


In all, very few actually do. Instead, they wait. They procrastinate. They excuse themselves out of what they want and instead embrace that feeling. We all know it - it’s that feeling like you’re wrapped in a warm blanket near a cozy fire on a cold day.

schedule, but action in spite of the


guides you.

excuses that can hamper an otherwise amazing transformation. The drive and discipline needed to make these changes occur comes from within you. It’s not an exterior force that drives your motivation, it’s the reason, the call, that

Change, progress, and forward motion occur not when we are comfortable but when we are UN-comfortable - when we no longer excuse our actions as “just okay” and begin down a path of accountability that acknowledges our current state and calls us to make a change.

Find your reason, and remind yourself

It’s that call, that reason, that is so important.

stopped. Don’t let your past stop you

Even when some people get uncomfortable, it only lasts a short period of time. We’ve been programmed, from a very early age, to revert back to habits that we’ve been taught or created, whether good or bad. Action is the ultimate key to creating a successful habit. Not action when it’s convenient or when it works into your

of that daily. Take action daily. Stop making excuses. Create a goal, put a plan together, and execute. This isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Accomplishing what you set out to do stirs a beast within you that cannot be today. Go out and get what you want, create the life, the body, and the world you want by taking action daily through motivation created by your reason. Do it now. If you don’t, tomorrow will come and you will be exactly where you are today. To create a better you, takes action daily. Go ahead, wait one more day, then look back and tell me how many of those days you waited, you actually WASTED.

by Jesse J. Leyva, Owner of Jesse James Fit, Outlaw Bootcamp & Outlaw Fit Camp •


| MARCH 2018


Ask The Expert: Edit This

Reasons Why I

LOVE Being a Writer W

riting isn’t easy. It’s hard work and can be unnecessarily

frustrating at times. But I love it.

Here’s an example: I’m sitting around

on Tuesday killing time before covering

1. I can write about anything, from anywhere. 2. I am constantly learning something new. 3. It’s a chance to tell someone’s story first.  4. I can use my imagination.

Thanks for reading! Are you a writer, too? What are some of the many reasons you love to write? And as always, if you are a small-business owner who needs help coming up with the right words

a basketball game when I decide to jot

5. I love that moment when inspiration strikes. to communicate effectively with your

It’s supposed to be pressure-free writing,

6. I love the journey to becoming a better writer.

down some thoughts for my next blog.

but 20 minutes later I’m thinking, “Wow, I got nothin’!”

Just like that – yes, I’m about to be super

cheesy – that song Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake starts blaring on the gym speakers. You know the one ...

I got this feelin’ inside my bones. It goes

electric, wavy when I turn it on. All through my city, all through my home. We’re flyin’

7. I can build relationships with total strangers. 8. I can educate (writers, clients, students). 9. I can share stories about my life and family. 10. I am constantly meeting interesting people.

get to be a writer and editor for a living at Edit This®.

There are a million reasons why I love being a writer. For the sake of brevity, here are 20:


| MARCH 2018

resumes, newsletters, and more. Many business owners don’t have the time to write or double-check their work. In some cases, they freely admit they are mistakes in grammar or an important

14. It’s a chance to refine a rough canvass.

my bones, and it’s incredible to think I

press releases, editing, ghostwriting,

12. Every day is a different writing opportunity.

I don’t know why, but those lyrics

– anything. It really is a feeling deep inside

blogs to content writing for websites,

not good writers. This situation leads to

13. It’s a chance to research and use statistics.

I have when I sit down to write something

anything involving the written word, from

11. I love that words are like puzzle pieces.

up, no ceilin’, when we in our zone.

immediately made me think of the feeling

clients, give me a call. I like to say I handle

15. It’s just me and my computer.

message that doesn’t come across the way they hoped it would. In this day and age, business owners might say they can’t afford to hire a

16. My clients value my ability to write.

professional writer. We say you can’t

17. It’s a chance to bring joy to people’s lives.

afford not to.

18. I have won cool awards along the way. 19. I get to partner with other business owners. 20. The finished product is worth writer’s block.

by Steve Gamel Edit This 469.360.3611


‘COMFORT’ Is Still Our Middle Name by Steve Gamel

Southern Comfort Mechanical excited to keep doing what they do best.


outhern Comfort Mechanical has been keeping families in Denton County cool in the summer and warm in the winter for the past 10 years and will continue to do so under the leadership of its new owner Steve Stewart.

The timing was not ideal, taking ownership of an air conditioning company in the middle of summer in the heart of Texas. But Stewart said he hit the ground running.

Steve Stewart Owner of Southern Comfort Mechanical


| MARCH 2018

“It’s been cool to see the relationships this company and this team has with its clients,” he said. “The clients call, and they know everyone. They even ask for their favorite technician like Shane, BJ, and Robert. It’s about long-term relationships.”

Steve is committed to continuing

Steve just wants to take all that to the next

Southern Comfort’s legacy of a friendly,

level. Pulling from experiences in prior

family business with excellent client

roles at Toyota and McKinsey, he wants

service. Although it wasn’t an easy

to stress the importance of preventative

decision for Laurie and Jason Fraser to sell their business, they believe in the future of Southern Comfort and are extremely confident with their choice of the new owner. brings with him 30 years of experience. Growing up in Belfast, Ireland he started as a welder then worked in manufacturing plants around England for Lucas Industries making fuel injectors for trucks and ships and fuel systems for to Toyota UK as an engineer working on new model launches. Steve then moved to Cleveland, Ohio to work for McKinsey & Company consulting for Fortune 500 companies;

before there is a system failure. He on our cars these days on tire pressures


and oil changes, Steve said. “It’s great because we can call clients and let them know there’s an issue before that issue affects them, which will keep equipment heating and cooling through the tough Dallas seasons. We’ve also got

“The clients call, and they know everyone. They even ask for their favorite technicians... It’s about long-term relationships.”

Container Company running a group of plants in Pennsylvania. For the past 10 years, he has worked on the private equity team of Highland Capital Management working around the world on turnarounds and executive roles. He lives locally with his wife, Gail, who is from Birmingham UK, and two children, Jemma Photography by ANM Photography

will provide early detection of problems

other new processes that

then to Consolidated

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using tools like Nexia Diagnostics which

explains, “it’s similar to the alerts we get

Steve has a Degree in engineering and

aerospace. He then moved

maintenance in the spring and fall while

and Ben. So after years of traveling the world turning around other businesses Steve decided to start looking for an opportunity that he could call his own. Southern Comfort Mechanical stuck out like a sore thumb. “This isn’t a company that needs to be turned around. It already has an incredible reputation,” Steve said. “It’s about the

help us improve your home comfort, such as air balancing so you

Veronica Mapp Office Manager

Jamie Mergell Customer Service

don’t have the feeling of one room being too hot and another being too cool.” So it will continue to be

business as usual at Southern Comfort Mechanical with a core of dependable employees that you have

BJ Lloyd, Technician

Shane Dendy Technician

Robert McDaniel Technician

Ken Lancaster Technician

come to count on like Shane, Robert, BJ, Veronica, and Ken along with fresh new faces Jamie, Toni, and Wayne to help meet client needs. They are also a Best of Denton County winner for the last four years and have quite the loyal following. Centrally located in Lewisville, Southern Comfort built its reputation on providing reliable service for residential and light commercial clients from the Lewisville and Flower Mound area to Dallas and Denton. They can service any need: duct cleaning, insulation, WiFi thermostats and Air quality & purification.

people, the products, and the processes.

Steve and the team are extremely excited

The core elements will stay the same.”

about the future.

Call Now 972.420.1700 174 Lake Park Rd., Lewisville, TX 75057 MARCH 2018 | LAKE CITIES LIVING | 17

Ask The Expert: Gardening

Get Your Lawn in

Spring Shape R

eady or not, with the Bradford Pear

simple but the consistency is KEY. Do this

place. If not, get on it or call a professional

trees starting to turn and dogwoods

and you will see results.

before you walk outside, notice everything

in full bloom, spring is definitely

upon us. We’re focusing this article on information that should be helpful in the preparations of your own lawn/landscape. Such a mild winter could have you looking at a lawn full of weeds about now. If so, and you’re not ready to call the chemical company just yet, then let’s get to work! For some immediate results find a point and spray post-

If things weren’t cleaned up in late fall, then get it all cut back, reshaped and ready for that spring growth. If you haven’t taken the time to remove the old mulch before adding new for the last couple

“It’s simple but the consistency is KEY.”

emergent (add some color so you can track what you’ve covered as you go). Your first pre-emergent should have been down a few weeks ago. If not, don’t waste time back-tracking, stick with the spray treatments (most retail sprays are going to be recommended on a bi-weekly basis) and consistent bagged

growing seasons, then do so this year. Make sure you cultivate the bed soil and add fertilizer while it’s exposed. Our soil can get hard over the course of a year. Turning it over and

allowing the oxygen/ nutrients to really penetrate is always a good idea. Consider your plant needs, sun exposure and soil conditions when choosing a mulch. Color typically dictates what direction people go, but there are so many other benefits

We could write 10 pages on spring

it to a conservative watering schedule,

landscape prep. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer

consistent chemicals, and mowing. It’s

then you’ve probably already got a plan in

| MARCH 2018

without damage. We consider ourselves to be “small” local business, only servicing a few hundred lawns a week and having done so for the past 6+ years. In that time, the number of unlicensed, illegal and uninsured maintenance workers has at least tripled. We encourage everyone this year, especially in our competitive markets, to try and see past the benefit of the immediate cheap price and look into the future of our communities. There are hundreds of knowledgeable, tax paying local businesses that do great work, while also giving back and investing in our communities. Please consider supporting those who support our community.

to consider than just aesthetics.

mowings. As the grass starts to turn, train


is overgrown, and it’s too late to cut it back

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions


Business Spotlight

INDEPENDENT Non-Sectarian, Experiential by Steve Gamel


eborah Hof is a self-professed Californian who isn’t afraid to try something new. That mindset

was put to the test in 2016 when she interviewed for the Head of School position at the Selwyn School.

“It’s a funny story because when I got looking for a Head of School that can turn things around, but, as she was warned, there’s a 30 percent chance you’ll succeed and a 70 percent

chance you will fail. Basically, we need to move an entire

school and grow it,’” Hof said

input and focus on quality teacher-to-

worth every minute. Oh, and by the way,

personal education.

over Spring Break – the experience was she and the school defied the odds and succeeded.

Very soon, they’ll add a 5,600 square-foot Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool.

“We may be in a different spot, but

All students study art,

we’re still here, and closer to Lake Cities than before”

drama, physical education, music, and Spanish, and because they are not tied to standardized tests, the school has flexibility

interview. “My answer was, ‘I can do

“There is a serious academic situation

going on here; we have a 100 percent

college acceptance rate. But if you read our mission statement, it doesn’t even mention the college admissions,” Hof

said. “We are putting out kids who are going to change the world. They have

Hof said.

heart, empathy, good sense. That’s the big

The Selwyn School is a

and are going to make a difference. They

popular option for parents

looking for a non-sectarian

and balanced educational

curriculum for their children.

It is the only independent school

picture for me – that these kids leave here

learn what it means to be a member of the world community.”

“If you were to spend a day in this

building, I’m confident there wouldn’t be

this job, because you could feel the

north of Dallas, and their enrollment

a reason to choose another school,” Hof

that was loved and had a community with

Flower Mound to Pilot Point. They are a

exist, and that there is another option

passion in the room. Selwyn was a school can do spirit.’

Hof admits that while she walked into a

includes kids who live everywhere from

said. “We just want to let people know we

member of the National Association of

out there.”

Independent Schools.

daunting challenge – the Selwyn School

The biggest difference with the Selwyn

March 20, 2017, to a 15,000 square-foot

leaders of tomorrow. They value parental

moved from the north side of Denton on

School is its commitment to building

Anyone interested in a tour of the campus or learning more can visit or call 940.382.6771.

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with a laugh as she recalled the

with their studies.

student relationships that allow for more

photogrpapy by Guy T Photography

hired, it sort of went like this, ‘Hi, we’re

facility off Copper Canyon Road in Argyle


Health Article


Rules For


HEALTHIER by Diana Risell


used to joke that I worked out so I could eat whatever I wanted. And I realize looking back that that’s exactly what I was doing: working out to offset my terrible eating. For a long time, it worked. I ate what I wanted – sodas, fast food, deli sandwiches, pasta during my vegetarian phase -- in a diet based on cheap convenience. Then working out stopped working around mid-thirties or so, certainly after my kids were born when I had turned 40. I couldn’t work out enough to stop what came with my poor eating habits – weight gain, obese-level body fat, low energy, and sluggishness. Luckily I hadn’t (yet?) experienced what many in my family have struggled with: morbid obesity, diabetes, heart disease. Working out had helped me maintain the body I had for a long time, but it couldn’t save me from what I was eating any longer.

I lost weight, body fat and dress sizes the old-fashioned way with an Excel spreadsheet. It was like managing a large scale project: me getting healthier. The sodas, fast food, simple carb-loaded diet -- how I had eaten for 40-plus years -- had to go. My nutrition required a complete overhaul from what I ate to when, where, how, and why I ate. I learned that getting healthier was no different than anything else I wanted in my life. I had to work hard, read and get educated, invest time and money, and connect with like-minded people (you are the 5 people you spend the most time with!). I also had to stop saying “I know” (I didn’t!) and I had to apply a new set of rules for eating which helped me build healthier habits over time. These are my six rules for eating healthier. I love that they aren’t complicated to execute, are largely visual, and easy to know if you nailed them or not. Of course, 22 | LAKE CITIES LIVING

| MARCH 2018

they aren’t easy; change is hard! But these six rules to eat by are a great place to start and to live by. 1. Eat in color. Shades of brown or

grey are for home décor. Your plate should be a rainbow. Color equals nutrition so long as it’s natural color. Most of your shopping budget and time should be spent in the produce section loading up on color.

2. Vegetables at every meal.

Carbohydrates get a bad rap, but your body can’t function without carbs, and veggies should be your primary daily source. The six to eight recommended servings of vegetables per day is hard to meet if you’re only eating them at dinner. Veggie omelets or salads for breakfast, chopped vegetables as snacks, and two vegetables at dinner will build a more plant-based diet that is essential for all of us.

3. Eat breakfast. I never ate breakfast.

5. Track. You’re likely not even aware

Some days my first meal came at

of your eating habits. You just “eat”

11:00 am or 1:00 pm when I hurried

like you’ve always done. Keep a log

to the office cafeteria. What a terrible

of everything you eat and drink,

message to send to my body: I might not feed you today! A great breakfast is protein-rich (and remember the veggies): hard boiled eggs, plain Greek yogurt, real protein shakes with veggies and low sugar, and last night’s dinner make breakfast easier. It is the most important meal of the day. 4. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. Sixty percent of your body is water. Don’t hydrate and you’re just recycling the water you are already holding. Yuck! Start with at least 64 ounces of water every day and work up to your target. If you weigh 150 pounds, then 75 ounces is your goal. Don’t drink your calories. Drink water.

including when, where, why, and how for a few weeks. Look for patterns: Are you always grazing at 3:00 pm? That’s something to work with! And you might just stop yourself from eating the donut if you have to write it down. 6. Challenge. What can you do for 30 days? Can you go without alcohol,

Diana Risell Nutrition Coach & Certified Health Coach 469.601.2824

soda, bread, added sugar? Pick one. It doesn’t have to be about deprivation (although that list does tend to yield noticeable results). Can you eat breakfast, drink enough water, and have veggies at every meal for 30 days? This is how you build new habits.

I also had to stop saying “I know” (I didn’t!) and I had to apply a new set of rules for eating which helped me build healthier habits over time.

Here’s to your best health! MARCH 2018 | LAKE CITIES LIVING | 23

INSIDE COMMUNITY 109 TH ANNUAL CHAMBER BANQUET Denton Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet is having a special event where they will be honoring Chamber Members and Volunteers. Join them in honoring the recipient of the Otis L. Fowler Award, along with other awards. They will be incorporating both a silent and live auction into the festivities. Pre-register at, sponsorship opportunities are available. UNT Gateway Center, Thursday, March 22, 5:30-8:30pm.

3RD ANNUAL DENTON FUN RUN In 2016, the Denton Chamber of Commerce created the Denton Means Business 5K and Fun Run to benefit the Mayor’s Summer Youth Jobs Program— providing summer work opportunities for local at-risk students. Part of the money raised from the run provides a student with a summer job. Register at Race takes place on Saturday, April 7 at 9am at Apogee Stadium.



Join the community on Saturday, March 24 from 9am-12pm

Help keep Corinth beautiful by joining the Spring Cleanup

for an Easterville celebration. The celebration will be held

Event on Sat, March 24th from 9am - 2pm. Volunteers will meet

at the Corinth Community Park and will include a petting

at City Hall at 9am and will be split into groups and sent to

zoo, bounce houses, face painting, pony rides, food trucks,

different locations to assist with cleanup efforts. Volunteers will

inflatable slides, balloon twisters, trackless train and more! Visit

be coming from UNT and as always, residents are encouraged for specific age group times. Photo courtesy of 24 | LAKE CITIES LIVING

| MARCH 2018

to attend.

INSIDE EDUCATION Photo courtesy of

BASKETBALL DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP The 8th grade Lady Falcon Basketball team beat Harpool Middle

School 27-18 in the District Championship. The 2017 tournament bracket hung in the locker room as a reminder and incentive to work hard for a different result in 2018. On Monday, after

winning the tournament on Saturday, Coach Rhonda Barr ripped up the bracket and congratulated the girls on finishing what they had started.

On February 12, 2018 the Denton County Public Health Department of Epidemiology issued a letter that addressed the recent Influenza outbreak. In the letter parents were warned on the symptoms of the flu, as well as ways to protect against it. For more information visit

photo courtesy of



On February 16-17, the Lake Dallas Law

At the Regional Visual Arts Scholastic

Enforcement Club competed in the Texas Public Service Association (TPSA) Regional Law Enforcement and Fire Fighter

Event (VASE), 40 of the 46 student artworks received superior ratings, and medaled at the

competition in Granbury, Texas. Five LDHS

regional level. And, for the 17th year in a row,

teams and individuals are advancing

the LDHS Art Department advanced to the

to state competition in their events Tactical Building Search, Disturbance Call, Felony Traffic Stop, Foot Pursuit and First

EVENTS Lake Dallas High School Varsity Softball & Baseball


photo courtesy of


State competition with 4 pieces of artwork. Freshman Emma Harrison and Junior Kyrstin

Responder. The state competition is in

Lake advanced to state and will compete at

Houston, TX on March 23-24.

State VASE in San Marcos on April 20-21.

Girls vs Little Elm: March 23, 2018 at 7pm at the LDHS Softball Field Boys vs RL Turner: March 23, 2018 at 7:30pm at the LDHS Falcon Field


Boys Varsity Soccer vs Plano West Wolves March 20 at 7:30pm Home Game Girls Varsity Soccer vs Plano West Wolves March 20 at 7:30pm Away Game 5601 West Parker Road, Plano TX 75093 MARCH 2018 | LAKE CITIES LIVING | 25


QUESTIONS With Guyer Soccer Coach

Mandy Hall by Steve Gamel


s the soccer season slowly draws to a close, we wanted to check in with Guyer girls soccer coach Mandy Hall. This is Hall’s first season at Guyer after successful stints at Lake Dallas and Braswell. Coach Hall sat down with us recently to play an oldfashioned game of 20 Questions.

Q: What do you love most about soccer?

A: It’s a game that I grew up playing and

that my older brother played. I just like the strategy and tactical side of it along with the athleticism required to do it well. It’s the full package.

Q: Tell us about your time in college?

A: (she played goalie for the University of North Texas). It was an experience unlike

anything else. To be able to compete with

people from all over to make the one team that represents the school was fun.

I first stepped foot on the campus, I’ve enjoyed getting to know these girls.

Q: If you had to karaoke one song, what would it be?

A: I think I’d have to go old-school to

get the crowd into it, so I’d have to say a Brittney Spears hit. I think she’s a pretty solid karaoke hit.

Q: Which would you rather fight, a bear or a lion?

A: A bear. I feel like if they stand straight up, they’d be slower than a lion.

Q: What is the funniest coach at Guyer? A: Jonathan Ponsonby.

Q: Captain America or Iron Man? A: Iron Man.

Q: What is the worst trait you have as a coach?

A: If I am giving them a big speech at halftime, I have no clue how to end it. Q: If you could time travel, where would you go?

A: I would probably go to London and experience a childhood there.

Q: If you could coach any sport besides

Q: If you were stuck in an elevator, who

A: I’d do an indoor sport. I’ve always liked

A: I fear of being stuck in an elevator, so if

profession would you choose?

percent use the stairs. I’d rather be in there

have some friends who do that, and their

soccer, what would it be?

would you want there with you?

Q: If you couldn’t coach at all, what

basketball, but I was never great at it.

there’s a chance to use the stairs, I will 100

A: I guess I would get into consulting. I

Q: What is your favorite sport to watch

with my older brother.

jobs seem pretty cool.

Q: What is the ugliest thing you own?

Q: Do you have any phobias?

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besides soccer?

A: I like Winter Olympics sports like

A: I have a pair of white high-top shoes

A: I am claustrophobic, and I’m also

get made fun of a lot for them.


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Q: What is the one thing you have

Q: What’s the one thing no one knows

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A: A visor. I can’t get on board with those

A: When I was a kid, I used to really be into

snowboarding or speed skating. Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I love the city of Denton, so I’m usually square, so I feel really connected. I also do

never bought and never will buy?

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Q: What do you like about coaching

Q: If you had a million dollars, how

A: Guyer is a 6A, but it’s not massive so

A: I spend all that money on plane tickets

at Guyer?

you can get to know the kids. Ever since 26 | LAKE CITIES LIVING

| MARCH 2018

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would you spend it?

Q: What’s the last movie you saw at the

and travel wherever I could.

A: Proud Mary

movie theater?

Announcing the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central Texas

12TH ANNUAL BENEFIT GOLF TOURNAMENT Lantana Golf Course • Lantana, Texas Thursday, April 26, 2018 • 1:30 p.m.

BGC WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday, May 12, 2018


Ask The Expert: Makeover

Makeup by Olivia Barr





Makeover and clothes provided by



| MARCH 2018

anti-aging moisturizer and a dry oil serum that also works on the skin’s texture and firmness. The foundation used was Expert Finish Cream to give her good coverage that evened out the skin tone with a velvet finish. She wanted to accentuate her beautiful cheekbones and eyes, so Olivia used golds and browns on her eyes and popped her cheeks with a little pink. Hair by Peter Yoon Right away, Peter wanted to put some highlights in her hair to give her lightness and a more youthful look. For contrast and depth, he made her base color two shades darker. Peter cut a good 6 inches off to get a more clean and professional feel.  He also gave her long layers for more versatility and movement. 

Want to be the next Makeover? Email and tell us why you deserve it!

Photos by Hannah Claire


ackie Pennington is a single woman in her early 60s who spent most of her time helping care for her granddaughter, Harper, who suffered from CDKL5 Disorder. For almost six years she helped her daughter, Penny, care for Harper. Unfortunately Harper passed away in January 2016 and shortly after Jackie was laid off her job. The heartbreak of loosing her granddaughter and the loss of her job didn’t stop Jackie though, who always found the light even in the hardest of times. Cloud 9 Salon wanted to help Jackie find a new purpose in her life, and a makeover seemed to be a perfect first step.

Olivia focused on hydrating her face with


Lake Dallas Recognized as

Purple Heart City by Steve Gamel


ake Cities residents and visitors who happen to be passing through town may have noticed a few extra road

signs leading into Lake Dallas. The city was recently designated as a Purple Heart City

in recognition of being the home for many former combat veterans who served in all branches of the military and were either wounded or killed in action.

Lake Dallas has nine Purple Heart recipients still living in the area.

“How could you not be excited about

recipients and is the only veterans service


combat veterans.

(US Army

organization comprised strictly of Funds for welfare, rehabilitation

and service work carried on by the

organization are derived through the collection of used household items,

the operation of thrift stores, through the donation of automobiles and, at

the community level, from the annual

distribution of its official flower, the Purple Heart Viola.

this designation?” Lake Dallas Mayor

Lake Dallas was the latest to join the

in his voice. Barnhart added that the

veterans call home and was recognized

Michael Barnhart said with a pridefulness commemorative signs could be found at

all major entry points to Lake Dallas. “We found out about a month ago, and we

couldn’t be more proud as a community.” There are cities all over the country that have been designated as Purple Heart

cities by the Military Order of the Purple

Heart, an organization formed in 1932 for veterans who have received the Purple Heart honor. Per its website, the Order

is composed exclusively of Purple Heart


| MARCH 2018

– Vietnam),

Don Mauzy (US Army –

Vietnam), Robert

Spinks (US Army –

World War II), and Gus Whittschack (US Army – Vietnam).

“It was a wonderful night. We had five

Purple Heart recipients who could attend,” Barnhart said.

esteemed list of cities many of these

Barnhart said that while having Lake

during a regularly-scheduled city council

City is a tremendous honor, it was also

meeting on February 8.

City officials were presented with the sign, and Barnhart said the city also recognized those combat veterans who could attend with a special certificate. Those former

military veterans who currently live in Lake

Dallas be recognized as a Purple Heart unexpected. Apparently, an anonymous resident wrote a letter to the Military

Order of the Purple Heart to let them know about Lake Dallas. It was not

something brought on by city officials,

who were completely caught off guard.

Dallas are Joe Beaver (USMC – Vietnam),

“I honestly had no idea until about a

Richard Elskamp (US Air Force – Iraq),

the organization,” Barnhart said. “We don’t

Tyler Carroll (US Army – Afghanistan),

Wayne Freeland (US Army – Vietnam), Carl Johnson (US Army – Vietnam),

month ago when we were approached by even know who wrote in on our behalf. We are obviously very excited.”

photo courtesy of What’s Happening - Lake Dallas Facebook Page

the protection and mutual interest of all


Lake Cities Living Magazine March 2018  
Lake Cities Living Magazine March 2018  

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