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LDHS STUDENT Selected as All-State Musician

Is Your Home Business PROTECTED? New Rules for 2018




How To

Being Blindsided In


Corinth - Hickory Creek - Shady Shores - Lake Dallas







ore than two dozen local charities received a helping hand from a familiar donor this December when PointBank donated just over $27,000 as part of its ongoing mission to be a trusted partner in the communities it serves.

We want everyone to know how grateful we are to be part of this community. These donations are just a small token of our appreciation.”

welcome when they come into one of our nine branches, we want to have that same relationship with our community.”

The donations were raised during PointBank’s annual golf tournament and distributed to 25 charitable organizations throughout Denton County. Some of those non-profits include area food banks, Christian Community Action, Hearts for Homes, and Health Services of North Texas.

PointBank is Denton County’s oldest community bank and has grown from a single-location bank of around $18 million in assets to nine locations and roughly $475 million in assets today. The David family, which has managed the 133-yearold bank since 1984, has created a deeplyrooted culture of superior customer service, local decision making, and giving back through monetary donations, school sponsorships, and volunteer work.

“These 25 charities represent the heart and soul of our community. This is our way of saying thank you to each and every one of them,” PointBank CEO J. Raymond David Sr. said. “Just like we want customers to immediately feel warm and

“This is who we are,” PointBank President, Ray David, Jr., said. “This is a family-run business, and you have to remember that our employees live right here in the community as well. That is proof that we’re all invested for the long haul.

photos courtesy of PointBank

Congratulations to Lake Dallas Invitational Lady Falcon Tennis Medalists

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Haley Gwinn 2nd Place Girls Singles Kiona Cole 3rd Place Girls Singles


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his month is always much

events you have to choose from and we

anticipated as we approach the

are excited to highlight them in this issue

day we all get to share love with

of Argyle Living.

those that mean so much to us. Be it a spouse, parent, child and/or our close friends. This is that time of the year set aside to express how much we care about the people in our lives that mean so much. Flowers, cards, boxes of delicious chocolate and candlelight dinners are all wonderful ways to express love!

Take time to remember and express your love to those you care about.

“Take time to remember and express your love to those you care about.”

And never forget there are many around us who don’t have someone to show them, reach out when you can and care about those outside of your circle. You will only reap blessings from doing so. As always, enjoy your time of

Our Inside Community is packed with many exciting upcoming

browsing the pages of this month’s issue.

events. Shoot For The Stars, Masquerade

I’m only a phone call away and would love

Gala and WOFM Spring Fling Fashion

the opportunity to help you in

Show are just a few of the many exciting

your marketing.

Sincerely, Becka Materne Corbitt

Community Relations and Advertising Consultant Lake Cities Living 214.326.6706 6 | LAKE CITIES LIVING





On the Cover: Charla Bradshaw of Koonsfuller Family Law



Educating Yourself for The Unexpected



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Is Your Business Protected?

All-State Musician

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Coach Keith Medford 30 Coming in Handy

THIS MONTH: We’re focusing on the law. Look for the icon. FEBRUARY 2018 | LAKE CITIES LIVING | 7

TAXES Legal Article


New Rules in 2018 by Susan Neuhalfen

hances are you are already wrapping up your 2017 taxes and getting them ready for your CPA. The good news is most of the recently passed Tax Reform provisions kick in on January 1, 2018, which means that they won’t affect 2017 tax filings.

For your tax year 2018 filing, however, there are a lot of tax law changes to sort out. “There are a lot of changes for 2018,” said Steve Buchanan of Buchanan & Co. PLLC, CPAs of Lantana. “You need to put a plan together now so you’re not surprised when you file your taxes next year.” Here are just some of the changes that are part of the new tax plan:

CHANGE IN TAX BRACKETS, DEDUCTIONS The overall tax tables have gone down a bit for 2018, which helps most taxpayers. For most taxpayers the new 2018 tax brackets mean potentially more money in your pocket. Buchanan said that many of his clients have chosen to invest that money which, as a licensed investment advisor, is something he can handle for them. CHILD TAX CREDIT The new tax bill doubles the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000 for families earning up to $500,000.

There is also an allowance for those invested in the 529 college savings plan to pay up to $10,000 per year for K-12 schools. For example if you have a K-12 child in private school, you can dip into your 529 and pay for part of that tuition if you choose. SOME BUSINESS CHANGES Businesses may be paying a lower tax rate but there is planning needed. According to

Buchanan, you need to find out if your business is structured the right way to qualify for the recent tax cuts.

“There are a lot of layers to this, “ said Buchanan. “I have to know your fact pattern to

advise if you qualify for the recent tax cuts for small businesses or if restructuring your

business is advisable. It comes down to several factors including a provision that affects businesses providing services such as a doctor, lawyer, accountant, realtor, financial

advisor, qualified business income, etc.” “Before running out to create a corporation or revoking an S-Election, talk to a CPA.” 8 | LAKE CITIES LIVING


PROPERTY TAX / MORTGAGE CHANGES If you pay more than $10,000 in property tax, anything over and above that $10,000 is

no longer deductible as an itemized deduction. The $10,000 deduction limit applies to the total of all your state and local taxes, including property tax.

Similarly, mortgage interest deductions are only allowed for new home purchases of up

to $750,000. That means you can’t write off the interest on what you’ve mortgaged over and above $750k. This does not apply to existing mortgages. Additionally, interest on

home equity loans or HELOCs are no longer tax deductible but IRS guidance on what

home equity that may qualify is still being worked. There’s no grandfathering provision for existing home equity loans.

“If you’re making key changes in your life such as buying a new home, starting a

business, or changing your business structure to hope to take advantage of the new

law, talk to your tax advisor first,” said Buchanan. “We can help prepare you for those important decisions that often are expensive to undo or potentially permanently or temporarily irrevocable.” SUMMARY “A lot of people ask me if they need to worry about the new tax laws and the short answer is ‘yes’,” said Buchanan. “The best thing is to seek advice from a good CPA or tax attorney to figure out the best plan for you and your family.” Buchanan cautions against making moves without an overall plan. He notes that tax planning should evolve with changes to tax code, economy, as well as changes to your personal situation, and your investment plan should be developed in concert with your tax planning.

Special Thanks to: STEVEN BUCHANAN, CPA, MBA • Buchanan & Company, PLLC • Certified Public Accountants • (940) 455-2084 • FEBRUARY 2018 | LAKE CITIES LIVING | 9

Ask The Expert: Edit This


wo people told me at a networking event this week that they had been thinking about me a lot recently.

They aren’t clients of my writing and editing business, Edit This®, but I bump into them a lot and have built a trusting relationship. One of them, an owner of a heating and air conditioning company, was dying to get me to look at a letter he crafted and even pulled it up on his phone to get my thoughts. The other was a lady who found herself giving her mother pointers that previous weekend on how to get more clients. For one reason or another, she thought about me. Around the same time all this was going on, I saw one of the organizers of the meeting motion to someone and say,

Here are a few tips that have worked for me over the years:

Networking is king

situation. I think more business owners

should be solutions-minded. People will naturally look to you for answers.

I spend a healthy amount of time

Advertise vigorously

at various events, including breakfast

of people, whether physically or through

mixers. I do this because I love people and

the more you will be remembered. There

social interaction. Not to mention, building

one is saying you must spend an arm

ways to grow a successful small business.

other small-business owners who live by

see you a lot, they’ll think of you first.

think about blogging more and sharing

networking with other professionals

The more you put your business in front

gatherings, luncheons, and after-hours

some form of marketing or advertising,

it’s fun to learn from each other. I crave

are a million ways to advertise, and no

authentic relationships is one of the best

and a leg. Start by cross-promoting with

If people feel like they know you, and they

referrals and word of mouth, then maybe

Never focus on the sale

What’s more important, the sale or your

reputation? We all want to make money,

but if you go into a conversation thinking only about what feeds your bottom line,

those posts on social media. You can also sign up to be a speaker at networking

events or seminars. From there, you can

gradually find different ways to improve brand awareness.

you will fail. Even if you do win business,

Do good work

on what you can do to help someone,

work and take care of your clients, they

will follow organically.

needs arise. They will also be more apt

Be solutions-minded

refer you to friends, family, and other

“Have you had a chance to meet Steve?”

people won’t see you as genuine. Focus

At the end of the day, if you do quality

I apologize if I’m tooting my horn. That’s

even if it doesn’t result in a sale. The sales

will always think of you when other

not my intent. I’m simply trying to drive home the point that it’s important to put you AND your small business in a position where clients think of you first. We live in an environment where competition is fierce, and it feels like everyone peddles the same products and services. How you differentiate yourself so that clients think

this one, provide solutions or advice.

While I don’t know everything, I have

learned a thing or two and try to share

that knowledge. I also ask fellow smallbusiness owners what strategies work

best for them and apply that advice to my

of you first is critical. 10 | LAKE CITIES LIVING

Many of the blogs I write, including


to celebrate your successes with you and business colleagues.

by Steve Gamel Edit This 469.360.3611


Ask The Expert: Gardening

Groundhog, Forget The


Spring Is Coming To Texas

unxsutawney Phil saw his shadow

sign everyone is off and running into

that look functional and that you could see

but you’d better go ahead and get

2018. When looking at the outdoor

those 2018 patio and landscape

project list it’s always a good idea to start

your family enjoying. Letting designers

plans started. Spring-like weather gets the

with the BIG stuff (i.e. patio extension,

patio builders busy drawing up plans and

outdoor living space, pool, etc.). Getting

the landscape designers busy designing. Although it will be another month or so until spring flowers start to arrive in masses, getting a jump on things is always a good idea. Cut the beds in, get that stone work going and the larger bucket sizes

a great looking multi-

“Once you’ve got the BIG stuff knocked out you can focus on then smaller items.”

planted now so you can be ahead of the curve and have a better idea on that spring color (how much, what kind and where) when it gets here. We definitely consider ourselves

functional outdoor space put together that you can enjoy year round is where you need to begin. You should ensure that it looks great from the inside or out whether using it or not. To keep all your fields of view open from the house is

also key. Paying those lot premiums then cutting off the view is too often something want a place to sit and watch the game with friends, a place to cook and entertain, or both. Hire a designer that can provide

10-12 patios in January, it’s a for sure

you with an impressive portfolio, patios

photos courtesy of PJ Kratohvil


you entertain, whether you want to enjoy the space rain or shine, etc., will help give them direction when putting a custom plan together for you. Once you’ve got the BIG stuff knocked out you can focus on then smaller items like accenting the space with accessories or pots to bring in color, balancing the backyard with added landscape. Beds, raised gardens and individual sitting areas are all great ideas and can help you create your own oasis...

we come across. Determine whether you

“small business” and with contracting


know things like the typical size group

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions


Yourself EDUCATING For The

UNEXPECTED by Steve Gamel

Local lawyer Charla Bradshaw has a message every married couple should hear.


harla Bradshaw is a human encyclopedia of family law, and her knowledge of divorce-related matters, in particular, is unmatched. In a matter of 10 minutes, the Denton native and well-known attorney of 24 years can rattle off every nuance of the divorce process, from what temporary orders are, to the many motions that can be filed on your behalf or against you. And she can do it all in a way that truly makes you believe she’ll have your back every step of the way. While Bradshaw doesn’t expect her clients at KoonsFuller Family Law to know all the ins and outs of the legal process, she is amazed and concerned how woefully unprepared many spouses are when it comes to their household finances. “I see it every day,” said Bradshaw, managing shareholder of the Denton office of KoonsFuller Family Law. “They don’t have that basic knowledge of their accounts, where those accounts are located, or the account numbers, or even what bills need to be paid. Usually, it’s because most couples have one spouse in charge of the finances, and in the case of a divorce or death, the other spouse is placed at an extreme disadvantage as they are forced to get up to speed in an already stressful situation. “Because they don’t know about their finances, assets or debts, they have no idea what is being done to them.” According to a survey by TD Ameritrade, two-thirds of married Americans don’t have a financial plan in place and often overlook the possibility of divorce or losing a loved one in their financial planning. Per that same report, approximately four in ten marriages eventually end in divorce and about a quarter of Americans age 65 and older are widowed.



Bradshaw believes it is her responsibility

accounts you have. You need to read your

they are as prepared as they can be

people out there just sign their tax return,

the case of a spouse’s death. That alone

happens, or their spouse passes away

out in a world where clients have plenty

the dark. This is such a huge pocket of

in Denton, Plano, Houston, Dallas, and

Furthermore, if you are in a relationship

as a local lawyer to educate citizens so

tax return, too. I can’t tell you how many

before they walk into her office, or in

or not, and move on. Then, when divorce

has helped her and KoonsFuller stand

unexpectedly, they are left completely in

of options. KoonsFuller has five offices

stress that can be 100 percent avoided.”

Southlake. Bradshaw is at the center of it

all and has gained a state-wide reputation while litigating some of the most difficult cases, both locally and internationally. Her vast experience in family law has made

her a clear choice as

an expert for speeches and appearances, with regard to family lawrelated matters.

Oh, and by the way,

she even contemplated

going into marriage and family therapy before

becoming an attorney.

She completed all of her

about the finances, that is a major red flag that needs to be identified and changed

“Usually it’s the spouse that doesn’t have access to the household money, or doesn’t have knowledge of the finances, who has a lot more attorney fees...”

at Texas Woman’s University in marriage and family therapy. That family-first

mindset is proof that she cares about her clients more than the mighty dollar.

“I want my clients to know that they were represented to the fullest, and when

it’s over, that we have resources to help them,” Bradshaw said. photography by Kent Barker

and does not want you to know anything

quickly. Bradshaw

masters, but the thesis,

Sponsored Content

where your spouse manages the money

Bradshaw said the first step in the process — above everything else — is getting educated on your finances.

“Usually it’s the spouse that doesn’t

have access to the household money, or

doesn’t have knowledge of the finances,

who has a lot more attorney fees involved in the divorce process. That’s because you’re asking the attorney to go get

information from the other spouse — who knows everything,” she said. “You need

to know where all the money is and what

suggested that both spouses annually sit down together and

“If more couples would simply put themselves in a position where both are educated on the household finances, they’d be better prepared in the event of divorce or death. It’s far less of a burden in an already stressful situation,” Bradshaw said. “At the end of the day, I want to be there for as many people as I can. That includes people who are going through a divorce, are thinking about it, or couples who are completely happy but unsure about their finances. I want to help in any way I can to get the message out. But at the end of the day, it takes a spouse who does not have the knowledge to step up and obtain the information.”

go over their finances,

share responsibilities in paying bills, and share passwords to bank

accounts and other

financial information, including income tax returns.

With that type of education and

knowledge, you can be far more prepared if you find yourself getting divorced, or your spouse passes away. Some other

tips Bradshaw shared include, but are not limited to:

• Know your finances and protect that money before you or your spouse files for divorce.

• Assess what retainer will be necessary to hire an attorney.

• Know that the less knowledge you

have about your finances, the more expensive your divorce may be.

• Find a lawyer who is willing to walk

you through the process and answer all your questions.

• Provide as much of the information

your attorney asks for, so they don’t have to spend time doing it for you and charging you to do so.

Charla Bradshaw has been practicing family law for more than 24 years and is co-author of the book Protecting Your Assets from a Texas Divorce. To learn more, visit her page at FEBRUARY 2018 | LAKE CITIES LIVING | 17

LDHS Student Selected as Texas All-State Musician by Susan Neuhalfen


or the first time in nine years, a member of the Lake Dallas High School Falcon Band will perform with the Texas All-State 5A Symphonic Band.

Kaitlyn Kennedy, a French horn player at LDHS competed against over 70,000 other Texas students on District, Region and Area levels to be selected to play with the Texas All-State 5A Symphonic Band. Kaitlyn is the daughter of Denise Kennedy, Director of Bands and Director of Jazz Studies at LDHS. “I feel so honored,” said Kaitlyn who is a senior this year. “I’m excited about what I’ll learn from rehearsals, other students and our clinicians.” All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. Only 1,780 students are selected to perform in one of 15 ensembles (bands, orchestras, and choirs) sponsored by the Texas Music Educators Association (TEMA). She credits much of her success

to her parents,

Scott and Denise

Kennedy, as well as

some other influential teachers.

One is Dr. Benjamin Raviotta, her

private lesson instructor, whom she

credits as both a mentor and a friend. She For Katilyn and other students, there said that he prepared her well for the Allwill be three days of intense rehearsals State symphonic band audition directed by nationallyas well as all of the countless recognized conductors as other auditions and well as clinics that the Kaitlyn Kennedy performances that she students may visit. It has had. competed against over all culminates on Saturday, February 70,000 other Texas students She says she also 17 at the Henry owes a lot to on District, Region and Area B. Gonzalez Assistant Band levels to be selected to play Convention Center Director and when the Texas 5A with the Texas All-State 5A Symphonic Director Symphonic Band Juan Nunez whom Symphonic Band. performs for the public. many times had taken Kaitlyn has been playing the French horn since the 6th grade and plans to study music education at Oklahoma State University in the fall. 18 | LAKE CITIES LIVING


photo courtesy of LD Band

These All-State performances are held as part of the annual TMEA Clinic/ Convention, the nation’s largest music educator’s convention. Over 29,000 people from Texas and around the world attend over 280 workshops, 100 performances, and visit over 1,300 exhibit booths.

her out of ensemble

class and worked with her

individually. Frankie Burke, Associate Director of Bands and Percussion

Director for LDHS, has watched Kaitlyn grow through the program and has always been there to encourage her. She noted that she’s been surrounded by people who encourage success and she is grateful. “Only a very small percentage of students in the State of Texas make it to All-State band,” said Kaitlyn. “This opens up a lot of opportunities for me.” For the All-State concert schedule and conductor information, go to the Performances section of



Fitness ? ?

Ask The Expert: Fitness




o cut to the chase, boot camp is defined as a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training. No doubt the first thing that comes to mind when you read boot camp is military-related exercises. While yes, many of the exercises involved in a fitness boot camp are similar to those of the armed forces (pushups, pullups, crunches, aerobics, anaerobes etc.), there is no drill-instructor screaming in your face or crawling through a field of barbed wire with a weapon. Rather, a fitness boot camp is a congregation of like-minded, common-goal oriented, individuals who all work together to build strength and overall fitness.

Physical Benefits of a Fitness Boot Camp:

everyone undergo boot camp? Aside from

build you up and push you to reach your

“don’t skip leg day?” This typically refers

previous section, the camaraderie among

environment anywhere else, especially on

Have you ever heard of the phrase

to someone who goes to a gym and

does nothing but upper-body workouts due to lack of direction and purpose. A

fitness boot camp is the exact opposite.

Here, members and clients perform fullbody workouts that build strength and

endurance contributing to overall peak physical fitness. Boot camp workouts

are challenging, physically demanding,

and versatile, but most importantly, they

deliver high quality results. For example, here at Outlaw FitCamp our boot camp

members and clients have collectively lost hundreds of pounds of fat and replaced that with lean muscle.

Social and Psychological Benefits of a Fitness Boot Camp:

Why is it that the armed forces require that 20 | LAKE CITIES LIVING


the physical benefits we detailed in the participants not only builds friendship, but motivation to be the best you can

be. Odds are, at some point in your life

you made a resolution of some sort. You

fullest potential. You can’t get that type of your own.

Are you up for the Challenge?

If you are ready to finally get in elite

most likely started off strong and even

physical shape, make the commitment to

along the way, personal motivation

We believe in helping our members and

end up right where you started. With a

for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

each other. When you feel the burn and

goals, all you have to do is show up!

your friends and instructor are there to or give us a call.

made some progress, but somewhere

join us at here at Outlaw Fit Camp today!

turned into weary forgetfulness, only to

clients develop lifelong fitness regimens

fitness boot camp, everyone depends on

We’re ready to help you achieve your

motivation becomes harder to come by,

For more information, visit us online at

by Jesse J. Leyva, Owner of Jesse James Fit, Outlaw Bootcamp & Outlaw Fitcamp •


Legal Article

Is Your Home Business

PROTECTED? What You Need To Know In The State Of Texas by Madison Reid




First of all, though, the business has to be

hen it comes to home-based businesses in Texas, there are certain considerations. Many

treated as just that: a business. To take

people have legal questions when starting

out. If that business is in the form of a multi level marketing business, things are a bit

advantage of tax write-offs for home-

based businesses, the business has to be for-profit not merely a hobby. How the

IRS treats business income versus hobby

different than for some other businesses

income is different, and tax write-offs for

being run from home.

However, other businesses such as those that are based upon food preparation would require a permit.

For those running a multi level marketing business, the focus should not just be

legal questions but also a consideration of tax implications. Far too often, homebased entrepreneurs overlook the tax advantages of their businesses.

only be deducted up to the level of income generated.

trap? Devote significant time to it. Work

Is there a space exclusively dedicated to

by the state of Texas to get started.

If it is considered a hobby, losses can

of profit.

multi level marketing business from home Road, etc., there are no permits required

fall into the hobby business category.

How do you make sure that your

that are being undertaken in the pursuit

such as Mary Kay, Rodan + Fields, Celadon

provided that the business does not

businesses are reserved for enterprises

One of the legal questions that arises is how to get started. For those running a

the income generated by the business,

business does not fall into the hobby to become profitable within a reasonable

the business? If so, you can qualify for

amount of time. Be certain to keep good

the space really must be specific to the

business is more about profit than the

purposes. This particular deduction is one

the products being sold. Of course, these

the home office deduction. However,

records. Be certain that your home-based

business and not be used for personal

mere personal pleasure of engaging with

that the IRS is quite picky about.

are all things that one should be doing

Inventory is another deductible expense.

anyways in order to grow a strong home-

the business, not personal use.

A small business offers plenty of

Has the business taken a loss? You can

opportunities for tax deductions. Just be

These items must be for the purpose of

write off business losses even beyond

based business.

sure to follow IRS rules.

Here are 12 tax deductible tips that even savvy small-business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes forget.

Home Office

Office Supplies


Other Equipment

Software & Subscriptions


Travel, Meals, Entertainment and Gifts

Insurance Premiums

Retirement Contribution

Social Security

Telephone Charges




Always dreamed about joining your local police department. Well you’re in luck!

The Hickory Creek Police Department is currently hiring. Please stop by the Police Department at 1075 Ronald Reagan Ave, in Hickory Creek or call (940) 497-3520 if you are interested in joining this great team of men and women in blue.

photo courtesy of Hickory Creek police department facebook

TOP EAGLE PROJECT Troop 771 Eagle Scout Evan Eshelman has won the Eagle Scout Project of the Year

award for the Frontier Trails District. His design of the prayer garden / labyrinth at the First United Methodist Church of Denton was an intricate design that took a great deal of preparation. Evan is a senior at Denton High School. He plans to attend college and study biomedical engineering. 

LAKESHORE BAPTIST TURNS 50 Our own local Lakeshore Baptist Church will be holding its 50th Anniversary celebration on Sunday, March 4 at 10am. They will serve lunch following the service. Come and celebrate this incredible milestone at Lakeshore Baptist Church, 276 E. Hundley Dr. in Lake Dallas. RSVP to Kim at 940-497-2219.




The Lake Dallas High School Band Boosters present the annual Italian Dinner and Silent Auction on Saturday, March 3 from 6-8:30pm at Lake Dallas High School. The auction helps raise funds to support the band. They have nearly reached their long-term term goal to replace the band trailer so every little bit helps. Tickets may be purchased through the LDHS band students.

INSIDE EDUCATION GRADUATE FIREFIGHTERS The first Lake Dallas High School Fire Academy class has officially graduated. The 14 LDHS Fire Academy Class 8 graduating seniors include Gretchen Buch, Cody Collier, Cameron Grimes, Ben Jackson, Laura Lewis, Natalie Price, Eric Robinson, Daniel Soileau, Matthew Stockard, Kristin Taylor, Robert Venegas, Sam Trotter,


Katie Webb and Alex Wiser. They will complete EMT training before graduating from Lake Dallas High School in May.


READ ACROSS AMERICA Denton ISD’s elementary schools will celebrate Read Across America from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, March 2, which would have been Dr. Seuss’ 114th birthday. Community volunteers are asked to read to students for 30 minutes on campuses across the district. Sign up at



Lake Dallas, Corinth and Shady Shores

The Kid2Chef Healthy Cooking School is

Elementary Schools combined forces to put on the most unforgettable Kindergarten registration event ever! The Kindergarten

p.m. in the Corinth Elementary cafeteria.

Carnival hosted at Lake Dallas High School,

Parents, students and anyone who wants to

included booths operated by various

learn to cook healthy meals are invited. Learn

LDHS organizations and sports teams for the kids. Each participant received a Class of 2031 hat and a bag with Kindergarten

how to make food fun for kids, combat picky eaters and provide nutritious meals your kids

registration information. Even if you missed

will enjoy. Kids’ activities will be provided by

it, registration is open until September 1.

LDHS Ready, Set, Teach. Best of all, it’s free.

Lake Dallas High School To

being held Thursday, March 8 from 6-7:30

Girls Basketball For letting The Original Joey O’s help with their pre-game meals again!





With Guyer Softball Coach

Keith Medford by Steve Gamel

he 2018 softball season is just now getting underway at Guyer. Head coach Keith Medford has been at the helm since the school opened and has made the Lady Wildcat program a consistent playoff powerhouse.

able to breathe because I’m laughing

Coach Medford sat down with us recently to play an old-fashioned game of 20 Questions, where he dished on everything from his love of softball to the last movie he took his wife to see. If you could not coach softball, what sport would you coach and why? I’d have to say baseball. I think that’s more in line with my background. I’ve thought about football, but I just don’t have as much experience. If you couldn’t coach at all, what would you do for a living? I’ve always wanted to be an architect. I’m not sure if I’m smart enough to do that, but I’ve always thought it’d be cool to design a field house or athletic facility. They can do so much these days with technology.

What do you do for fun during a night off

so hard.

from the field?

What is your favorite food?

I like to spend as much time with my family

Mexican food. I love all of it.

as I can.

What was the worst coaching decision

What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

you’ve ever made?

I’d say the biggest thing is that I used to

There was one year I had a bunch of lefty

be a drummer back in the day and I’m

hitters in my lineup, so I thought it’d be

cool to alternate right and left throughout

the lineup. It didn’t work out so well for us that day.

What type of student were you in high school? Very average. I would go so far as to

say there are probably some teachers

out there from the past who would be surprised that I’m a teacher now.

How many years of coaching do you think you have left in you? I’ve always told myself that I’d walk away if

still pretty good at it. I had the mullet and whole nine yards. Captain America or Iron Man? Iron Man Batman or Superman? Superman If you were stuck in an elevator with one person, who would you want that to be? I’d say my wife, Jennifer. There’s no question on that.

the day came and I was miserable going

What are your hobbies?

to work. I haven’t remotely come close to

I really don’t have any other than chasing

feeling that way. I still love my job.

around my kids in select ball.

Do you have any phobias? None. I don’t have any, really.

Favorite color?

Have you been overseas before and where?


I’ve never been overseas, but going to

What is the dumbest thing you ever did as a kid? I had just got my license and was driving down the road and decided to change lanes real quick. Well, I hit a cop car when I did it. It was an unmarked cop car, but still a cop.

Guyer has a lot of rivals. Which one do you take the

Europe is on our bucket list.

most pleasure in beating?

What’s the last movie you saw in a movie theater?

Who is the funniest coach at Guyer High School? Jonathan Ponsonby. There have been times in my office where I haven’t been

Falls Rider over the years. Lake Dallas is

you hate the most?

right down the street.

be horrible.



I’d have to say Ryan. We are very similar and we have a ton of respect for one

another. But with that said, you are right.

Don’t laugh – I saw Girls Trip at the theater with Jennifer and some friends.

We’ve had some crazy battles with Wichita

What is the one chore around the house that

another one because of the fact we are

If I had to clean the toilets. I’d say that’d


Business Spotlight

A Passionate


Like No Other! “My patients are my everything!”

says Dr. Suzanne Thai, owner of Swisher Dental.


he is just as dedicated to her patients, her team, and the Lake Cities community as she was

when she opened her Corinth practice 7 years ago.

She has continued to innovate and strive to make her patient’s dental experience

beyond what they could have imagined. “I am very proud of the work we do,” said Dr. Thai. “I love how we are able to teach

and show our patients better ways to have a healthy mouth and to help them keep their teeth for the rest of their lives.”

Dr. Suzanne Thai takes a lot of time with each patient, as shown on many of her

patients’ testimonials online, making sure to explain exactly what she is doing and to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

I want my patients to be a part of the whole process,” said Dr. Thai. “It’s

important that they are informed and

understand how to prevent any problems For example: have you ever seen acid eat away at something? This is what happens every day when you drink acidic liquids such as soda, lemonade, coffee, tea

and energy drinks. It causes our teeth 28 | LAKE CITIES LIVING


Dr. Thai recalls a patient who didn’t show much emotion. He was quiet and very reserved. He spoke very little and never smiled. After his cosmetic dentistry procedures were finished, he was a changed man. He was smiling from ear to ear. When Dr. Thai walked him to the front she said he smiled so big and gave her the biggest bear hug. “To see such a change in him and his confidence was the greatest feeling,” she said. “I’ll never forget him.” “We offer music, TV, blankets, pillows, oral sedation, nitrous oxide - whatever you need to be comfortable,” said Dr. Thai. “We’ll take the very best care of you.” Testimonial

For This Month

Includes digital x-rays, photos, and other early detection procedures for a thorough exam.

100% money back

GUARANTEE If you are not pleased with your experience.

Award Winning Dental Practice Best Family Dentist

Best Cosmetic Dentist

Best Cosmetic Dentist

Best Family Dentist

Best General Dental Practice

Dental Leadership Award

I can honestly say I have never had a bad

experience at Dr. Suzanne Thai’s office and I have been going to her for years. She

takes the time to listen to any concerns or

problems that I had and always, always has the calmest, sweetest manner whether she is simply cleaning teeth or addressing a more serious problem. — Susan J

(940) 222-6807 3941 Farm to Market 2181 Corinth, Texas 76210

photography by Magg Shots

from happening again.”

Her favorite thing about the job, though, is changing lives through oral health and cosmetic dentistry.



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“Some dentists just call out numbers but

to decay. Dr. Thai is so passionate about helping her patients actually deal with the real problems.


Coming in Handy by Susan Neuhalfen

photos courtesy of BCLD


ity code enforcement is important to maintain a healthy and safe environment for residents, but

sometimes it’s a sticky wicket. On one hand, it’s great for neighbors to keep

lawns and homes maintained for property value purposes as well as overall safety.

However, there are those who are unable, either physically or financially, to keep up on their properties.

When the former Lake Dallas City Manager decided to do more about code enforcement, Senior Pastor Lucas

Pinckard of First Baptist Church of Lake Dallas approached him with

an idea. He asked that Code Enforcement

Officer Daniel Rusnak

contact him whenever

in Canada. “Once we make sure it’s something we can take care of, our group heads out to handle it.” Pinckard said that when Garry Dick and Jason Swann of the church’s men’s ministry learned of the opportunity, they immediately assembled a team to work on repairs. Many of them specialize in certain home repairs and they’ve helped several citizens to date. One of their first calls was about an elderly lady whose door was off the hinges and in need

“I asked that before the City of Lake Dallas ticketed anyone, they give us a call to see if we can help out”



hinges,” said Pinckard. “Our elder care program then began visiting the same lady to bring food and realized that she needed heat. We were back out to bring heaters to keep her comfortable.” They’ve replaced fences and performed all sorts of odd jobs, helping people to not only avoid paying the fine, but to live in a safer environment. They’ve braved both the heat and the cold, all to help out needy citizens in the area. “They just jump at

Pinckard. “I am

unable to fix the problems.

performed a similar task as a missionary

afternoon we had the door back on the

to help,” said

was either physically or financially

if we can help out,” said Pinckard, who had

“They called us that day and by that

truly blessed with Lucas Pinckard

a congregation that is wiling and desires to take care of our community.”

photography by Natasha Teague

that involved someone who

ticketed anyone, they give us a call to see

so Pinckard and his team went to work.

any opportunity

there was a code violation

“I asked that before the City of Lake Dallas

of repair. A cold snap was just about to hit

Lake Cities Living Magazine February 2018  

Lake Cities Resident's favorite source for local news, events and community notices.

Lake Cities Living Magazine February 2018  

Lake Cities Resident's favorite source for local news, events and community notices.