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s I hopped into bed after a day of Church and hanging out with family, my wife leaned over, kissed

me on the cheek, and said, "Hey! Happy Anniversary!" Like most guys, I hesitated for just a second to internally think this potentially awkward situation through. Wait? Did I forget our anniversary? No! That was earlier in March. Whew! But if that's the case, what anniversary is she talking about? "What anniversary, honey?" I finally said out loud.

dreams – and we're only four years in!!

So, what is Edit This? Edit This is a writing and editing services company in Denton County. I help small-business owners find the right words to communicate

with their customers, and I do so in a

variety of ways, including blogs, content writing for websites, press releases, and so much more.

I also do a ton of freelance writing, which ultimately led to an opportunity to team

up with Murray Media Group. From what you will be able to see from reading

through the remaining pages of this

"For Edit This®," she said with a surprised

magazine, they clearly keep me very busy.

look on her face. "It's been four years."

I enjoy getting to meet and write about

She was right. Apparently, I had mentioned the upcoming anniversary of my writing and editing company a day or two earlier, but naturally, I forgot when the day came. And who could blame me? It fell on April 1, the same day as Easter and

business owners and residents in this

community, and I can’t wait to tell your

story next. We hope you enjoy reading this month’s magazine. If you’ve got a story you’d like to see, send me an email at

April Fools Day.

In the meantime, thank you for all the love

"Oh yeah," I said. "Thanks! It's been a fun

looks bright!

ride so far." I've been a writer and editor for a little more than 20 years, but when I went off on my own four years ago (April 1, 2014), Edit This was a very small, niche thing. I had no idea if it would catch on. Well, through the grace of God, my dream


company has grown beyond my wildest

and support over the years. The future

Sincerely, Steve Gamel

Writer & Editor


cover photography by James Gates Photography



On the Cover from left to right: Mario & Kim Ortiz


Kim Ortiz Photography: Passion for Portraits ASK THE EXPERTS


08 Edit This with Steve Gamel

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26 2018 Home Trends 28 A Holistic Journey to Better Health and Well Being


We’re focusing on home design. Look for the icon to read the best ways to get your interior / exterior home in shape. MAY 2018 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | 7

Ask The Expert: Edit This


What’s the DIFFERENCE?


elcome to another grammar lesson brought to you by Edit This®. Today, we’ll be talking about the difference between Reign, Rein, and Rain. Do you find yourself getting tripped up on the proper usage for all or some of these?

Please don’t feel bad if you do. I’m here to tell you that even the most veteran writers and editors (including yours truly) either stumble on these or find themselves at least pausing to think about which one

they need to use in a particular sentence.

Let freedom reign. Rein, on the other hand, refers to those

fancy straps we use to control a horse. It is also used in common phrases such as “rein in” or “give free rein.”

That’s because Reign, Rein, and Rain are

Make sure to hold those reins tight.

same but have different meanings and

My wife has free rein to decorate

include complement and compliment, or

Sometimes, you must rein in a

homophones — words that sound the

spellings. Other examples of homophones there, their, and they’re.

So let’s dive right in, shall we? Reign, Rein, and Rain – What’s the difference?

Reign refers to a period of time in which

someone rules or occupies a throne, such as a king or queen. It also means a period of dominant power, or that someone or something is the best.

The King’s reign lasted 40 years. Her reign of terror dominates this office. High school football reigns supreme in Texas.

He is the reigning champion, and no one can beat him.


our house.

difficult employee.

We are trying to rein in our excitement for the trip, but we can’t.

It is important to keep a tight rein on your finances.

And last but not least ... Rain. Rain is,

well, those water drops falling from the

sky. It can also refer to a large amount of

My son’s baseball games always get rained out this time of year. In Texas, a hard rain every so often during the summer is a great thing. Thanks for reading! If you need help telling your story, whether it be business or personal related, give Edit This® a call. I like to say we handle all your writing and editing needs, including blogs, content writing for websites, press releases, and more. When it comes to owning your own business, what I have found is that many owners don’t have the time to write or double-check their work. In some cases, they admit they are not good writers. This leads to mistakes in grammar or an important message coming across the wrong way. Edit This® can bridge that gap, and the passion I have for what I do for a living shows in the quality of my work. With a little brainstorming, there’s no telling what we can accomplish together.

something and can be used figuratively. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.

The rain washed all the dirt away. It’s raining cats and dogs outside!

by Steve Gamel Edit This 469.360.3611

C&C Pop Art

Create a custom portrait of your pet or person with the help of C&C Art. June 13th 6:30 - 9:30 at TKO Libations Register: Email photo: Sign up before June 6th = $75, Sign up after June 6th = $80 After registering on the website, email C&C Art a photo of your pet or person that captures a bit of personality. C&C will prepare a 16x20 canvas for you to paint. At the party, they will help you pick a “Pop Art” color scheme! photo courtesy of C&C Art Facebook MAY 2018 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | 9


by Steve Gamel


our years ago, Yvonne Estes had no clue what the Texas Leadership Salute was or anything about its history. All she knew

was her son, Joe, was in line to win a college scholarship and received a professional photo

shoot out of the deal. Today, Estes not only is the driving force behind the program, but she has selflessly taken ownership of what was once a small concept graciously operated and passed down over the last 34 years by area photographers to showcase the good deeds and amazing accomplishments of area high school students. “When I go to bed at night, I’m usually thinking about what made me happy that day,” Estes said. “This makes me happy.” The mission of the Texas Leadership Salute is to celebrate and showcase high school leaders in the North Texas area with their families, educators, peers, and others who may not know them in the community. TLS aims to recognize one or more outstanding students with a scholarship and a portrait display as a tangible acknowledgment of their high school leadership and academic achievements. 10 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | MAY 2018

All scholarship and portrait dollars are raised and made available from area businesses and various donors. The

program, which was started in 1984 by

servicing only Denton High School to as many as 12, including Lake Dallas, Guyer, and Argyle.

photographer Don Barnes and wife, Dee,

Estes took the reins this year, following in

Estes has expanded the program to

Peter Horn. He and wife, Marla, had

originally awarded one $500 scholarship.

the footsteps of her photography mentor

$1,500 split between two first-place

operated TLS for approximately 10 years,

winners and two runner-ups.

and Peter helped guide Estes – a former

This year’s winners were Nathan Hardwick from Flower Mound High School and Swastika Sah from

Denton High School. Jackson Crandall of

Frisco Reedy and Abbey

Harrison from Lake Dallas were the two runner-

ups. Estes, the proud

owner of Yvonne Estes

Photography in Hickory Creek, said there were

a total of 280 applicants this year. That list was whittled down to 98

educator of 20 years – as she looked to chase her passion for photography. When Mrs. Horn mentioned that

That servant attitude is what makes Estes the perfect person to carry on such a long-standing tradition.

before final selections were made.

“It’s hard work, but I wanted to do more,” Estes said. “I get more pleasure from

doing things for people and seeing that

smile and getting the thank yous than I do when they pay money.”

That servant attitude is what makes Estes the perfect person to carry on such a

they were thinking about passing the TLS torch to a new photographer, Estes was their obvious choice. “I remember telling them that I didn’t have any money to buy it, but they wanted to give it to me,” Estes said.” Estes said the next step is to continue expanding the program as a 501c3, which

would allow bigger companies to jump on as sponsors in the coming years. After all, the students she acknowledges have proven the sky is the limit when it comes to what they can do with their future. Why not reach for the stars with Texas Leadership Salute?

long-standing tradition. From its humble

“This is important to me, and it obviously

Barnes, the program has grown from

doing it if it didn’t.”

beginnings under the direction of Mr.

drives me,” Estes said. “I don’t think I’d be


Ask The Expert: Reading Development

Crafty Ways To Work


Summer During The


chool will be out in a few months, and I see more and more in the hallways at The Reading Ranch®

where parents are excitedly talking to their kids about upcoming family the gamut, whether it be that

It’s OK to get wrapped up in the hoopla of vacation

planning; I love seeing their little eyes bug out at the

thought of a much-needed

break with mommy and daddy. Just make sure to incorporate

Summer is a critical time where your kids either leap ahead or fall behind in their

reading and writing skills. Their teachers aren’t there during the summer, so the

expectation is that you take on that role.

You might be wondering where your child could make time for reading during an

Take an active interest in what they have been reading. Ask questions and have them point out areas in the book

you have. Let the kids pick out books

explain what’s going on in the book.

A child’s ability to read and comprehend goes beyond burying their noses in a book.

your plans.

4. Engage your children

Treat this step the same way you would

destination-related books so

some reading time into


1. Take a pre-trip to the bookstore

they’d like to read and suggest a few

long-awaited trip to Disneyland Cayman Islands.

are a few easy tips:

any other pre-trip shopping plans

vacation plans. The itineraries run

or an exotic getaway to the

already-packed vacation schedule. Here

they can learn more about where they are going.

2. Use downtime wisely

What downtime? Well, there’s that plane ride, the long car trip, even time spent sitting in the airport. With a good

book in hand, your child will

have something calming and

educational to do while traveling.

3. Visit a museum or historical site A child’s ability to read and

that they really liked. Also, have them 5. Suggest each child keep a travel journal

This is a nifty way to get them to write simply by thinking about the events of the day. It will help them improve their writing skills and foster comprehension. It’s also a cool keepsake. For more information on any of our

six convenient locations, or if you have interest in franchising opportunities with The Reading Ranch, visit or call 972.984.2348.

comprehend goes beyond burying

their noses in a book. A friend recently

took his family to Boston and visited the Paul Revere House. His kids had a blast reading aloud the various interactive markers in the house.

by Kim Southwell, Ph.D. Founder, Owner & Director Reading Ranch Tutorial Center


INSIDE COMMUNITY Come down to the Castle Hills Village Shops & Plaza on June 16 from 6:30 - 9:30 pm to see Kraig Parker the World Premier Elvis Presley Tribute Artist. Kraig Parker will be performing his tribute to Elvis Presley that fans of the King will not want to miss! The event is family-friendly and will also have bounce houses, balloon artist, petting zoo, and

©Olga Popova/123RF.COM


local food trucks. The concert and activities are free!


Yoga Digest is hosting a morning of yoga at Legacy Hall Box Garden on Sunday,

June 10 at 9:30 am. The class is inclusive to all levels of yoga. Tickets are $25 and reserves your yoga mat spot, a yoga digest goodie bag, detox juice samples from The Juice Bar Dallas, and a complimentary mimosa or bloody mary. A portion of ticket proceeds will go to the One Love Movement benefiting underserved youths around the world.

Austin Ranch is kicking off the summer with a FREE 5K and

1-mile fun run. There will also be live music, a beer garden and more! The event takes place on Wednesday, May 23 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch (6900 Sumner St., The Colony). To register, please visit Thousand Oaks at Austin Ranch on Facebook. 14 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | MAY 2018

AMERICAN CRAFT BEER WEEK Rotolo’s Pizzeria will be celebrating American Craft Beer Week by featuring a different Texas craft brewery each night. If you buy a pint, take home a signature Pint glass from the featured brewery, while supplies last. Saturday May 19th: Deep Ellum Brewing Co. featuring their famous Dallas Blonde from 1 - 4pm. Abita Brewing Co. from 5 - 8 pm. Sunday May 20th: Saint Arnold Brewing Co. from 5 - 8 pm.

Photo courtesy of Rotolo’s Pizzeria Facebook.



BEGINNING BAND SPECIAL Photo courtesy of Castle Hills Elementary School Facebook

Killian Middle School Beginning Band made their way to the Sandy Lake Fun Fest Competition. The band received straight 1st division ratings, the highest award given, from all 3 judges at the competition. Congratulations on an amazing performance Beginning Band! Photo courtesy of Killian Band Facebook.



Krrish Jagatap, a 5th grader at Castle Hill Elementary School, has been recognized by NASA for his amazing talents. Krrish is 1 out

of 10 finalist in the nation wide NASA competition, which looks for students who can find ways to spin off NASA technology into the everyday world. Krrish hopes to use NASA’s Aerogel to protect oil rigs and stop natural gas leaks. Good luck!

To the families, children and staff of CHE, We want to say thank you

for making the 2018 school

year a good one with us. We all enjoy getting the kiddos to school and back home safely each day.

Your kind smiles and waves keeps us going; come rain


we have made. We will miss

from Hebron High School competed at

embark on new adventures

33 Technology Student Association members the Technology Student Association State Competition. They competed in 30 event categories, and qualified for Nationals in 10 of them! Nationals are June 22-26 in Atlanta. Congratulations and good luck at state! Photo courtesy of Hebron High School Facebook.

The Colony High Schools National Art Honor Society completed their final mural for The Colony Parks and Recreation Center. The NAHS students have been adding to mural over the last three years. The mural that was created this year measures 55 feet long! Amazing job! photo courtesy of The Colony Paw Print.

or shine or cold and hot!

We cherish the friendships our 5th graders as they

and look forward to a new

year of new faces. See you next year!!

Much love,

Maryann, Lisa and Manny


Cover photo by James Gates Photography Interior photos by Kim Ortiz Photography

PASSION For Portraits S

by Steve Gamel

itting on the corner of Kim Ortiz’s desk at her photography studio is a small picture frame with an inspirational phrase inside that reads, “Do what you love, love what you do.” She makes no secret of the fact she cut that quote off the back of a corporate recruiting brochure years ago, and it’s perhaps the oldest keepsake she has in her office.


But it’s a constant reminder that she’s

finally doing what she was meant to do. “I’ve carried it with me to every corporate job – and I look at it every day,” said Kim, who owns Kim Ortiz Photography in the Castle Hills Village Shops. “We all have

our strengths and our calling. This is what I was meant to do, and I love what I do.”

When Life in Castle Hills caught up with

the longtime Castle Hills resident earlier this month, it didn’t take long to realize she has a lot of strengths. Would you

believe this wife and mother of two girls

Kim is different from most photographers in that she has her studio, complete with a myriad of professional backdrops and state-of-the-art equipment and lighting. She spends thousands of dollars a year on continuing education and has done

sessions with hundreds of families from

Castle Hills and surrounding areas – most of whom seek her out because they want to also include their pet in their family portrait. Most family sessions include

pets because they are only with us for a limited time.

daughters, Ashley and Ariel. Of course, Mario and their daughters would say she spends the most time with her dogs. Kim has a passion for animal rescue efforts and has used her photography business to create a calendar fundraiser where people enter their pets to be on the calendar. Over the past six years of the calendar fundraiser, she has donated over $12,000 to rescue groups. This year, Kim is donating $100 to her favorite rescue group for each family or pet session booked at her studio.

All of that combined has helped create a

Now that’s a woman with a genuine passion for her work.

accounting and finance? She’s also a CPA,

“I capture moments in time to create

is very active in her community, has a

people so they can remember their

“My goal as a photographer is not to be just any photographer,” Kim said. “I want to create art for a family so they can have images to pass down to their kids and grandkids. You want to keep those memories forever.”

and five dogs (she calls her fur babies

the Fabulous Five) has a background in

holds a Master in Business Administration, passion for rescuing dogs, and currently

serves as a District 1 D board member for the Denton County Fresh Water District. But after 24 years of working in the

corporate world, Kim took a leap of faith with her passion for photography and

built her studio at the Castle Hills Village Shops in 2014 to launch her career as a professional full-time photographer.

Take one look at the walls when you walk into her studio, and it’s easy to see Kim

isn’t your everyday photographer. Some of those pieces include a beautifully

framed mixed media painted portrait

of her dog Lexie, who passed away late last year, and a canvas of Makai, a dog she rescued from Kauai. There’s also a

product you don’t see all the time.

high-end heirloom wall portraits for

families, kids, and pets,” Kim said. “I want to give people an heirloom wall portrait

that they can pass down to their children and grandchildren.”

Originally born in Vietnam, she and

her family came to the United States as refugees in 1975 when she was eight.

“I don’t have any images of me before age nine,” Kim said candidly. “Even when we came here, we were still very poor and

never had a professional family portrait

done. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to capture a photo of the entire family

before my dad passed. I did one of my mom last year, and I’m going to paint it soon.

beautifully painted family wall portrait,

“I think all families

framed metal art piece of two children

moments captured. I

canvases of high school seniors, and a dressed in pajamas while having a magical experience with Santa.

should have those

want to be the one to help them with that.”

“They interact with Santa, and I create the

When Kim is not working

all about capturing the wonder of a child

as much time as she can

magic,” Kim said with a heartfelt smile. “It’s at Christmas.”

in her studio, she spends

with husband, Mario, and

972.814.9642 |

HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS | FAMILIES | PETS | HEADSHOTS Boutique studio located at the Castle Hills Village Shops 2520 King Arthur Blvd Suite 171, Lewisville, TX 75056 MAY 2018 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | 17


Upgrade Your


ummertime is almost here, which means we’ll be spending more of our free time outdoors. For many

of us, that means taking a long, hard

look around the backyard to see what

can be spruced up, added, or upgraded to either prepare for a slew of backyard

get-togethers with friends or create that well-deserved quiet oasis.

That can seem like an overwhelming

project this late into May, but it doesn’t

BUILD A SEAT WALL If you’re creating a fun and inviting living space in your backyard, you need plenty of seating areas, right? Seat walls are a custom and functional addition to any

landscape design. With a seat wall, there’s no need to take up space with traditional chairs or benches. And the best part is

by Steve Gamel

Home Design Article

it the pop it deserves, then the project is

totally worth it. The right lighting can give

your backyard depth and make certain areas feel bigger than what they actually are. ADD A WATER FEATURE Any time you walk into a friend or

neighbor’s backyard and see a water

they come in all shapes and sizes.

feature – no matter how big or small it may


your own. These, too, come in all different

be – it makes you wish you had one of

have to be – and it doesn’t have to be

Admittedly, lighting can get pretty

shapes and styles (stacked stone, stacked

upgrade ideas to keep in mind as you

looking backyard living space and light

because of the sights and sounds, add a

super expensive, either. Here are 7 smaller move forward with your summer:


expensive. But if you already have a snazzy

vase, a traditional fountain, etc.) and,

fixtures are the only thing needed to give

tranquil ambiance to any landscape.

CLEAN UP YOUR LANDSCAPING Sometimes, just rolling up your sleeves and clearing out dead bushes or plants from your landscaping and adding fresh mulch will make a world of difference in the overall appearance of your backyard. Also, think about adding unique elements such as custom steel boxes and ovalshaped pots for your plants. UPDATE YOUR POOL’S COPING Coping is a term used for the stone or concrete material used to cap the wall around your pool. There may be nothing structurally wrong with your pool, but it could be in massive need of an update if it were installed 15 or 20 years ago. Natural stone coping and decking are useful swimming pool renovations and can add some much-needed style. RE-STAIN YOUR FENCE AND PATIO COVER

This is another quick way to update the look of your backyard if you’re not in the market to add any new elements. Maybe do a quick power wash and use a different color than the stain you’ve been using. STAMP OR STAIN YOUR CONCRETE One of the more well-used techniques for giving ordinary concrete a decorative and formal look is through staining and stamping. Staining concrete is literally changing its color while stamping involves stamping a pattern and/or texture into freshly laid concrete. Many of the projects listed above are not overly complicated. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, there are plenty of trustworthy companies out there who can transform your outdoor living space into the envy of the neighborhood. Two, in particular, is Complete Solutions in Flower Mound and Green Meadows in Castle Hills. MAY 2018 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | 19

Ask The Expert: Counseling


Sometimes, however, certain issues cause a couple’s relationship to come to a dead stop. Patience grows thin, gestures are

often offered, and the insistence of one’s

goal as more important that their partner’s causes a gridlock in the relationship.

Gridlock problems are problems based on differences that have been poorly handled and have turned into something quite


negative. When a couple is gridlocked

over an issue and try to discuss it, it feels like they are “spinning their wheels” and getting nowhere. They seem to have

the same conversation over and over again, making little, if any, headway. Over time each individual becomes

more and more entrenched in his or

her position, more polarized and more


n many cities, traffic is an everyday offensive gestures are occurrence. People trying, for example, offered up. Every man for to get to and from work often find himself, insisting on getting to their themselves barely moving. Usually, this destination regardless of others. No is resolved in a relatively short one gets where they’re going. period of time. There’s that This is called gridlock. moment when everything Gridlock Couples often find starts to open up, and problems are problems themselves in a similar traffic begins to flow, situation. Problems based on differences that have and people eventually tend to slow down been poorly handled and have arrive at their a couple’s ability, destination. Sometimes turned into something for a time, to relate due to design, patterns, quite negative. and connect to one or unforeseen events, another. But, just like daily traffic comes to a halt, traffic, they eventually either and nothing moves. Patience resolve or move around an issue. grows thin. Suggestive and downright


extreme. Conversations on the issue lead to frustration and hurt, with little-shared humor or appreciation when they talk

about the problem. They may start vilifying one another with both feeling criticized, rejected, and unaccepted. Learning

to move from gridlock to dialogue is

essential for the health and success of the relationship.

If you would like help moving from gridlock to dialogue, start the

conversation. Live well. Let us help. by Wayne Cagle, MEd Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor Lifeworks


ALL-DISTRICT DISTRICT 14-5A ALL-DISTRICT THE COLONY BOYS SOCCER 2018 Co-MVP: Blake Henson, Lake Dallas; Xander Shelton, Prosper Offensive MVP:  Guy Esquivel, Carrollton RL Turner Midfielder of the Year:  Angel Lopez, The Colony Co-Defensive MVP: Spencer Magalhaes, The Colony; Cade York, Prosper Co-Goalkeeper of the Year:  Trever Jackson, Carrollton Creekview; Kaleb Irving, Lake Dallas Utility Player of the Year:  Trevor Martineau, McKinney North Newcomer of the Year:  Esteban Ramirez, Carrollton RL Turner Coach of the Year: Ryan Rogers, Prosper FIRST TEAM  Xander Shelton, Prosper; Cade York, Prosper; Chris Nayler-Gress, Prosper; Andrew Crawford, Prosper; Alex Cartabedian, Prosper; Ivan Flores, Prosper;

Goalkeeper of the Year: Matti Sandoval, The Colony Depaoli, Lake Dallas; Guy Esquivel, Carrollton RL Turner; Jordan Sherey, Carrollton RL Turner; Esteban Ramirez, Carrollton RL Turner; Omar Ballona, Carrollton RL Turner; Patrick Caylor, The Colony; Angel Lopez, The Colony; Spencer Magalhaes, The Colony; John Carter, The Colony; Trevor Martineau, McKinney North; Alex Vazquez, McKinney North; Carson Ritchie, McKinney North; Horacio Gamez, Carrollton Creekview; Brandon Connell, Carrollton Creekview; Luis Sanchez, Carrollton Creekview.

Utility Player of the Year: Emilie Torres, McKinney North Newcomer of the Year:  Kiley Hart, McKinney North Coach of the Year: Rafael Flores, Prosper FIRST TEAM  Lauren Miller, Prosper; Reese Cross, Prosper; Maycie McDougal, Prosper; Cameron Larsen, Prosper; Kristin Knipe, Prosper; Peyton Jefferson, Prosper; Taelyn Blomster, McKinney North; Katie McGee, McKinney North; Thalia Soto, McKinney North; Brittany Casarez, McKinney North; Zoe Baker, McKinney


North; Ashley Waggoner, Little Elm; Anna

MVP: Kat Rogers, Prosper

Carrollton RL Turner; Payton Taylor,

Co-Offensive MVP: Landri Townsend, Little Elm; Kaitlyn Giametta, Prosper Co-Midfielder of the Year: Sierra Wilson, Little Elm; Jamie Murff, McKinney North

Palasciano, Little Elm; Kiki Molinar, Little Elm; Isabella Lopez, Little Elm; Lauren Campos, The Colony; Loren Sanner, The Colony; Reagan Keiser, The Colony; Makayla Nunn, The Colony; Kim Barcenas, Carrollton RL Turner; Ana Reyes, Carrollton RL Turner; Tori SiFuentes, Carrollton Creekview; Kaylee Rust, Carrollton Creekview; Julianna Sicilian, Carrollton Creekview; Sydney Frazier, Lake Dallas;

Blake Henson, Lake Dallas; Kaleb Irving,

Co-Defensive MVP:

Addie Buesing, Lake Dallas; Erin Chung,

Lake Dallas; Joseph Clyatt, Lake Dallas;

Lauren Francis, Carrollton Newman Smith;

Carrollton Newman Smith; Lyndsey Rolen,

Julian Fernandez, Lake Dallas; Sergio

Lauren Lapomarda, Prosper

Carrollton Newman Smith.


DISTRICT 5-6A ALL-DISTRICT HEBRON BOYS SOCCER 2018 MVP: Chase Drackett, Marcus Co-Offensive MVP: Kevin Navarette,

Trinity; Dylan Beccera, Flower Mound Defensive Player of the Year:

Brock Bennison, Southlake Carroll Midfielder of the Year: Jardelle Kuate, Trinity

Goalkeeper of the Year:

Landon Leach, Flower Mound Newcomer of the Year: Harvey Castro, Marcus

Co-Utility Player of the Year: Juan Martinez, Lewisville;

Ryan Shaughnessy, Marcus Co-Coach of the Year: Chad Rakestraw, Marcus; Tracy Duren, Trinity FIRST TEAM 

Matthew Doyle, Hebron; Mark Roby,

Marcus; Matt Heffernan, Marcus; Jack Coad, Marcus; Austin Willis, Marcus; Burl Shepherd, Marcus; Run Cung, Lewisville; Josue Romo, Lewisville; Cole O’Haugherty, Southlake; Trent Stewart, Southlake; Colby Parton, Trinity; Ahmet Ramovic, Trinity;

Co-Utility MVP: Georgie Phelps,

Southlake; Sam Hanking, Flower Mound Co-Goalkeeper MVP: Stephanie Starr, Captain, Flower Mound; Gabe Segovia,

Marcus; Madison Martin, Southlake

Byron Nelson; Jonathan Villegas, LD Bell.

Co-Newcomer of the Year:


Caitlyn Matthews, Flower Mound;

Lloyd, Marcus; Grant Prokasy, Marcus;

Co-Freshman of the Year:

Diego Hernandez, Hebron; Dalton

Nick Rabehl, Marcus; Tomas Pondeca, Marcus; Porter Pomykal, Marcus; Ricky Pierce, Lewisville; Tin Shew, Lewisville; Preston Meyers, Southlake; Miguel Fryer, Southlake; Chen Adjei, Trinity; Angelo Lagos, Trinity; Zac Moreno, Trinity; Seth Dinger, Trinity; Christian Adams, Flower Mound; Scotland Crook, Flower Mound; Will Moss, Flower Mound; Tanner Keough, Byron Nelson; Ryan Newsome, LD Bell.

DISTRICT 5-6A ALL-DISTRICT HEBRON GIRLS SOCCER 2018 Co-District MVP: Taylor Moon, Marcus; Taylor Tufts, Southlake

Co-Forward MVP: Madi Drenowatz,

Southlake; Maddie Turlington, Byron Nelson

Co-Midfielder MVP: Kennedy Dahlin,

Garrett Bonar, Trinity; Mateo Gonzalez,

Byron Nelson; Maddie Algya, Marcus

Trinity; Noah Kubala, Flower Mound;

Co-Defensive MVP: Amber Crews,

Brock Clayton, Flower Mound; Jackson

by Steve Gamel


Lewisville; Emily Chase, Southlake

Brielle Dehaven, Hebron

McKenna Russo, Byron Nelson; Adamaris Manjarez, Lewisville FIRST TEAM

Lauryn Mazick, Southlake; Karina Owens, Southlake; Tara Sumer, Southlake;

Madeline Bryant, Southlake; Leslie Fields, Southlake; Kendall Gilpin, Southlake; Abby Glockzin, Hebron; Sydney

Demski, Hebron; Olivia Hasler, Hebron; Briley Weatherford, Hebron; Brooke Weatherford, Hebron; Abby Smith,

Flower Mound; Lauren Frady, Flower

Mound; Elena Reyna, Flower Mound, Alex Augustyn, Flower Mound; Lexi Burke,

Byron Nelson; Corey Borer, Byron Nelson; Maddie Harper, Byron Nelson, Jessyca Lopez, Byron Nelson; Hannah Gage,

Byron Nelson, Holly Madden, LD Bell;

Erin Keohane, LD Bell; Micaela Owen,

Lewisville, Vyviene Spaulding, Lewisville;

Monique Sais, Lewisville; Francesca Amoe, Marcus; Katy Brown, Marcus; Kassey

Peralta, Marcus, Kaity Hemperly, Marcus;

Avery Hudson, Marcus; Kelly Van Gundy, Marcus; Belerica Oquendo, Trinity.


Foodie Friday of DFW: Legacy Hall

LEGACY HALL A Culinary Experience Unlike Any Other


hen you first walk through the doors of Legacy Hall in Legacy West of Plano, you might feel

a little bit of sensory overload between all of the bright colors, the industrial

they have to have great Happy Hours to go along with them! You can enjoy happy hour specials at Legacy Hall’s bars every Monday-Friday from 3:00-7:00pm.

One of our favorite features of Legacy Hall is their Box Garden, the ultimate beer on the first floor alone. garden and entertainment spot which uses reclaimed shipping containers to Which, ironically, is exactly what the create some of the structure. The Box creators of this unique three-story food Garden also has at its center a 600 square hall want you to feel. They created Legacy foot event stage where they host live Hall based on the idea of food halls in music and festivals. They just Europe where customers can celebrated the Box Garden’s peruse all the various food At Legacy Hall, you’ll Grand Opening on May 17thstalls and experiment with find everything from 20th, kicking off a summer full foods from all over the world. Indian Sharma to of amazing music brought to At Legacy Hall, you’ll find Chinese Baos to good you by local musicians. everything from Indian Sharma ol’ American BBQ. When you visit Legacy Hall, to Chinese Baos to waffles to we encourage you to try good ol’ American BBQ. And something you’ve never tried before! just about everything you could imagine And keep going back to try out new food in between. stalls and new drinks. Each vendor has They open at 9:00am every day and been hand-selected out of hundreds of close between 11:00pm and 1:00am other local restaurateurs and food trucks depending on the day. So whether you because they are the best of the best at need breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late what they do. night out, Legacy Hall should be your You’ll have such a blast when you visit and destination of choice! I promise you’ll want to stay and enjoy the If you have a sweet tooth, you can atmosphere for a while! find freshly-made popsicles, gourmet architecture and the 21 food stall vendors

972.846.4255 7800 Windrose Ave., Plano, TX 75024

donuts, shaved ice and macarons (just to name a few).

And, in addition to their 23 food stalls, Legacy Hall also has nine bars (both

indoor and outdoor) where you can enjoy a cocktail, wines on tap, or one of the

972.724.2540 |

And with all those fabulous bars, of course

2624 Long Prairie Rd. | Flower Mound, TX 75022

beers they brew right there at Legacy Hall.




Home Home Design Article


TRENDS by Madison Reid


s the years pass, we know styles are always changing. Now, this does not only apply to clothes and cars and things as such. It also applies to the changing trends of our homes. A lot of people take pride in their home and how beautiful it looks or how big it is. As the new year rolls in, there are different preferences to what the stylish home trends are when it comes to remodeling in North Texas. Interior Home Trends Home trends 2018 are filled with fun and daring differences. First off, if not most importantly, the kitchen. It is official that white themed kitchens are out, and a more modern looking kitchen is desired. You can get this modern looking kitchen with the incorporation of stainless-steel appliances or soft colored wooden cabinets. In the past we have seen cabinets in dark or light brown, but this year grey is the new brown. The incorporation of these two features alone can have your kitchen looking up to date and stylish. An upcoming trend that may be a bit unexpected is floral print. There has been a huge increase in the popularity of floral print recently. In order to successfully incorporate this into your home, you have to be sure to not use too much.

Keep it subtle, such as a floral throw pillow or floral curtains. This can add a nice tone to the room overall. Exterior Home Trends As there are changing trends of the interior of your home, there are also new exterior trends. Some outdoor trends that are becoming popular in 2018 are outdoor kitchens and beautiful patio furniture. In order to incorporate a lot of the 2018 trends, it is good to have a nice canvas. Xeriscaping, is a new trend in North Texas. Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation and ends hassle of daily watering. Another trend we are seeing a lot of are sun shades. Sun shades are a great way to allow you to use your outdoor space even when the 100 degree temperatures arrive. They not only provide shade from the sun, but they are also a great way to protect your outdoor furniture from the scorching sun and prevent fading. When it comes to the outdoors, it is nice to have thick wood and soft tones when it comes to your furniture and pops of color to brighten up the space. Gone are the days of only having an outdoor table and a few chairs. Today we are seeing everything from complete living room suites to even outdoor beds. Whatever your taste is home improvements in North Texas are proving to be a solid investment. MAY 2018 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | 27


JOURNEY to Better Health and Well Being by Steve Gamel


any Vue’s eyes tear up every

“I knew with chemotherapy – it was

Shaman™, a franchise dedicated to

time she talks about her cousin,

horrible, and the survival rate wasn’t

bringing wellness to the world through

high,” Many said. “I was desperate; he

ultra-concentrated terpene rich hemp

a gentle soul and former pastor who passed away two years ago after a courageous three year battle with stomach cancer. Before her cousin’s passing, Many was desperate to find something – anything – that would provide natural healing

was like an older brother to me. When something like cancer hits so close to home, it hits really hard.” Many’s research during that difficult time in her family’s life

rather than watch him go through rounds of chemotherapy.


from all-natural, high-quality industrial hemp. Their store, conveniently located in Carrollton, has been open since April and offers a bevy of

led her and husband,

products containing high amounts of

Bee, to discover

Cannabidiol and 100 percent natural

CBD American

pictured above from left to right: Many, Bee & Veronica

oil and water-soluble CBD derived

C02 Extract.

Before you jump to conclusions or hold

Many said her inspiration came from her

fast to traditional medicines, hear Many

family. Her grandmother, grandfather,

out. Hemp oil has many therapeutic

and uncle were all shamans. Her

properties and is effective in healing a variety of illnesses, including cancer*, and conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, and stress. But even more effective is their CBD water soluble, the only one of its kind. It has nanotechnology, which allows for 90 to 100 percent absorption into the body. This means it lasts longer and is more effective than oil or anything else on the market today. There are no harsh chemicals – just pure organic essence – and it can benefit

grandmother was a medicine woman, and people trusted her as she used natural remedies derived from the earth. “Seeing that as a young girl had a big impact on me as a person,” Many said. If you are suffering and seek to make a dramatic change in your well being, CBD American Shaman can help. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee. “I always ask, ‘What is your health worth to you?’” Many said. “I have confidence in using what God gave us. CBD applies

men, women, children, and animals.

to anyone, and we want to help.”

“This was an easy franchise to jump

For more information, visit

into because we believe in it and it touched my heart,” Many said. “I had severe shoulder pain, and this cured that pain for me. I have a friend who had breast cancer and is now cancer-free. Our partner, Veronica, has had six back surgeries, but is now doing well because of this new holistic journey we are on.” naturalremedy

or call 469.263.0056. 2009 W. Hebron Pkwy., Ste. 104 Carrollton, TX 75010

Follow us on facebook and twitter @ CBD Natural Remedy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Ask The Expert: Gardening

What to Do



hen you ask people what they think of their patios, some will say, “it’s a boring slab of

cook with ease can greatly enhance your

“definitely not enough space back there.”

of the space. You don’t have to go huge,

concrete,” or “it’s way too hot to use,” or, Others think up endless ideas but go

round and round never really being able to nail down what they envision much

less how to get to the point of breaking ground. Your patio space should be an extension of the house – furnished and

functional. More than anything, it should be a space that’s designed to fit your

needs. This allows you to effortlessly get

outdoor experience. Putting in a side

burner, extra storage, or even a fridge can all add to the usability and convenience

features to your patio space not only creates interesting destinations but also brings people together enabling you to enjoy the space that much more.

super luxurious, or over the top with it –

Once you’ve gotten your patio footprint

importantly, make it functional for you.

your hard space with a combination of turf

just build to suit your needs, and most

With our economy continuing to boom

together, it’s always important to balance and landscape areas. Much like the patio

and no slowing down in sight for the

itself, landscaping could definitely be a do

and should be at the top of our lists.

installation are better left to be thought

construction industry, creating privacy is Whether it be some taller landscape

it yourself task, but sometimes design and through by a local professional. We get calls and visit homes on a daily basis

out and enjoy the outdoors.

that creates a screen wall, simple curtain

Having a cover over your space really

and-forth as needed, or some remote

only to find out it’s not large enough. It

control, creating that element of privacy

had envisioned, or better yet, they have

make all the difference when your home

doesn’t necessarily specialize in layout/

allows for more useable time throughout

the year no matter the weather conditions and gives you the opportunity to truly

make it feel as if it’s just another room in

the home. Sometimes a good balance of

covered as well as uncovered patio space

is the answer – just ensure you’re investing in a vision that’s going to fit your family’s needs the best.

Having the ability and an adequate

amount of counter space to grill out during the week or entertain on the

weekends allowing you to prep and 30 | LIFE IN CASTLE HILLS | MAY 2018

and rod set up that you can pull back-

where people have put together a space

solar screens that offer UV as well as bug

doesn’t offer the function or privacy they

and really finishing the space off, can

given their ideas to a “patio builder” who

and trying to unplug.

Fireplaces, fountains, fire pits, and other features won’t only set your space apart

design. Now, they need to manipulate what they’ve already paid for into something more usable.

from others but will also provide some

function to your outdoor living. Whether

it’s that focal point that a fireplace offers, a relaxing sound you get off of a water

feature or fountain or being able to gather around the fire pit on a cool night. Adding

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions

Life in Castle Hills Magazine May 2018  

Castle Hills Resident's favorite source for local news, events and community notices.

Life in Castle Hills Magazine May 2018  

Castle Hills Resident's favorite source for local news, events and community notices.