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That Matter

he theme of this issue is to celebrate 40-under professionals. These are the top go-getters in their industry; the small-business owners you look at and say, “Wow, they’ve got it all together. How did they become so successful — and all before the age of 40?”

As I sit here scarfing down a chicken salad Not to brag, but we feel pretty proud while trying not to mess up my keyboard of the publications we continue to churn as I type, I am reminded that the days of out each month, whether it’s one of our being under 40 have long since passed numerous monthly magazines or our for Scott and me. I’m not yearly issue of Best of Denton going to admit how old County. And we’re extremely From growing up in we are, but I can promise proud of the business owners Canada to moving to you we’re not too old to Texas to raise a family, whose stories we share forget where we’ve been I can’t remember a day every day. and how far we’ve come. where I didn’t have a So as you scan the pages From growing up in vision of being the best of this month’s issue, take a Canada to moving to I could possibly be. second to really pay attention Texas to raise a family, to the young business owners I can’t remember a day we have highlighted. Their stories are where I didn’t have a vision of being the sure to inspire. best I could possibly be. It didn’t matter how young we were. We knew what we wanted and went after that proverbial brass ring as hard as we could. Having our own company, being successful, and surrounding ourselves with amazing employees who share that dream is a dream come true.

Sincerely, Kelly Murray

Publisher of Murray Media Group




On the Cover is: Jayme Potter of RPM Construction


On Top Of It All

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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHTS 08 F45 Training Lantana: Functional Training In Under An Hour 11 JJ’s Designs & Boutique: A Flair of Western Bling


19 Community Corner 24 Foodie Friday DFW with Jay Marks Real Estate 25 Breakfast in Bethlehem 26 Local Student Earns Major Role in Hollywood

12 Holiday Shopping? Think Small

36 How to Get Your Man to Go to The Doctor

A Never Happy Story

18 Dental Advancements To Be Thankful For

32 The Gift of Travel

15 Inside Education


17 STD’s

06 Inspirational Quotes

14 Inside Community


38 Sheriff’s Corner with Sheriff Tracy Murphree



Find your local, top professionals under the age of 40 years old in your area.



40 & Under Top Professionals

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES From Young Professionals In Denton County

by Steve Gamel

Allison Liberio, Family Hearing Practice PLLC

(photographed to the left)

“Find someone who knows how to run a business and ask them to mentor you. You don’t know what you don’t know. During my first year in business, my goal was to not run out of money. After that, I didn’t really have a goal. I needed some direction. My business coach has been critical in helping me to find out what I want out of my business and the steps I need to accomplish them.” “You decide your stress level. You can choose to be stressed over the business and its growth (or lack thereof), or you can choose to see every day as an opportunity to pursue your dream. I love my job. It doesn’t often stress me out. I am privileged to get to chase my dreams.” photo courtesy of Allison Liberio

Chris Bowen, Bowen Pools (photographed to the right)

“I make it a point to attend WAVE (for young professionals in the pool industry) events and network with other entrepreneurs. I attend chamber meetings and other various networking groups to try and meet likeminded people. It’s important to help each other even when in the same industry because you never know when you’ll be the one who needs help.” “Things don’t always work out the way you think they’re going to, so be prepared! There’s also no obstacle that can’t be overcome with hard work, grit, and determination.” photography by What’s That Guys Name? Guy T Photography 6 | ARGYLE LIVING


Awstin Gregg, Connections Wellness Group

(photographed to the left)

“Take the leap! Chase your dream! You’ll regret the things in life you don’t ever do more than you will the things you do. Find a problem in the community, solve the problem, and create a business plan around that solution. You’ll never reach a point where you feel you have sufficient courage or preparedness to start your own business. So, don’t wait for this mystical reassurance. Celebrate your failures as much as you do your successes. No matter the outcome, you are a better person for it.”

photography by What’s That Guys Name? Guy T Photography

“I am afraid of failing every single day, and to be honest, I hope that fear never goes away. The fear of failing helps ensure I constantly improve, am constantly vigilant, and constantly never forgetting the value of a hard-working employee, of a little win, and of the vision for the company. True growth happens outside of the comfort zone. If there is ever a day I am no longer fearful, then I’m no longer growing or pushing myself. And, that in and of itself, is something to be afraid of, too.”

Jennifer Balmos, Balmos Law

(photographed to the right)

“Having a support system is vital, whether it is family, friends, or other professionals. I think being a leader doesn’t mean having all of the answers; I think it means being humble enough to admit when you need to research further or confer with a colleague.” “From my own perspective, there have been so many instances where I’ve been the only woman at the table — or the youngest person at the table. That was intimidating to me at the beginning of my career. Fifteen years into my practice, I’m usually not the youngest anymore! And I’ve been around long enough to know how to deal with those who might not take me as seriously.” photo courtesy of Jennifer Balmos

Tracee Elrod, CoServ (photographed to the left)

“I think it is important for young professionals to get together to strategize and to discuss wins and obstacles they are facing. Young professionals bring new ideas and new ways of doing things to the table, but we cannot, and must not, discount the older generations and the value they bring to the table through their experiences! It’s a joint venture that can boost an up and coming business with new ideas, plans and technology, as well as not wasting time on repeating a past mistake or idea that hurt or held the business back.” 

photo courtesy of Tracee Elrod

“As I look back on my 11.5 years at CoServ, and where I am today, I want to give credit to my mom and dad. They taught me to work from the ground up.  That hard work and perseverance, in the beginning, will open doors in the future. I cannot thank my mom and dad enough for the education, experiences, and advice that have given me and continue to give to me to this day. ”



Business Spotlight

Functional TRAINING photo courtesy of F45 Lantana

In Under An Hour by Steve Gamel


veron Edwards vividly remembers being in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean on a cruise when he first heard a friend mention a wildly-popular fitness facility called F45 Training. His friend was hooked on the concept, which delivered on its promise of getting an intense workout in under an hour and seeing his enthusiasm prompted Averon to check it out. As it turned out, he and his wife, Jennifer, found a location in Corinth and instantly

fell in love — so much so that they opened their own F45 Training franchise just more than a month ago in Lantana. “We have a strong member base, but still have plenty of room to grow,” Averon said. “The biggest thing for us is creating a fun place to train and creating more awareness for F45 Training Lantana and our awesome trainers/coaches. If you walk up to 10 people and ask them if they know what F45 is, the odds are high that none of them would know yet. But we’re getting there. We feel like those who have

experienced it are hooked. The workouts are great, and the atmosphere is amazing.”

One of the biggest selling points for Averon and Jennifer was that they had the autonomy to give their Lantana location their own look and feel. Every single one of their personal trainers is certified, which means the clients receive an unrivaled personal training experience while still working out in a group setting.

F45 is the world’s fastest-growing

On Saturdays, they hold a one-hour session and invite a DJ to play live music.

so much hype because, unlike traditional

“It’s 45 minutes, in and out. Also, all of our classes are different. So you never end up repeating the same workout,” Averon said. “Our personal trainers provide that oneon-one feel and are there to help correct your form, get you through the workout, and prevent injuries. We found this and love it. This was definitely a good fit.”

functional training community. There is workout clubs and gyms, F45 specializes in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and resultsdriven. The “F” in the name stands for functional training, which incorporates a mix of circuit and HIIT-style workouts geared toward everyday movements. The “45” represents the amount of minutes it takes to get through the workout.

To learn more about F45 Training, visit or call 972.685.1998.

972.685.1998 | | 3600 FM 407 E., Ste. 180 & 185 • Bartonville, TX 76226







Business Spotlight

photo courtesy of Judi Delagarza

A Flair Of


BLING by Steve Gamel


udi Delagarza had been in the mortgage business for 27 years when her career came to a crashing halt. So she did what any woman with vision and strong business smarts would do. She went out and charged a bunch of purses and t-shirts to her credit card, popped the trunk of her SUV, and started selling items on the side of the road. “That’s basically what I did. I peddled out

Their seemingly endless inventory

what you’ve got to do.”

sweaters, and jackets to boots, sandals,

of my car,” Judi said with a laugh. “You do By the looks of what she’s created since then, those days seem unimaginable — and so very long ago. Delagarza is the

proud owner of JJ’s Designs & Boutique shop in Justin, where she’s been for the last 13 years. Far from a passing fad on

includes everything from dresses, dusters, ball caps, jewelry, handbags, decor, and

more. They offer a variety of new arrivals

and sales while also carrying many of the top brands available, such as Aratta, Kyla Sea, Love Kyla, Corral, Double D Ranch, Consuela, Keep it Gypsy, and Lane.

the side of the road, JJ’s Designs &

“It’s a pretty big store,” Judi said.

trendy chic funky boutique with a flair

with me since I was in the little building

Boutique can best be described as a

of western bling. They carry all sorts of

clothing and apparel and can dress you for literally any occasion.

“I have customers who have been

nearby. They’re still with me today.

And I’ve also got new people moving in. It’s been very successful.”

Perhaps what really makes JJ’s Designs & Boutique unique is its social media presence. Judi has gained an incredible following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and regularly does Facebook Live videos on Wednesdays. Beyond her storefront, she’s built her brand all over the state at various flea markets, trade shows, barrel races, antique shows, and high-end horse shows. “I bought those initial purses and t-shirts and never charged another dime on my card again. I’ve managed to build the inventory into what it is today, and built a good name along the way,” she said. “I stay busy all the time.” To learn more about JJ’s Designs & Boutique or watch one of their Facebook Live videos, simply tune into Facebook on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. You can also visit

940.648.1161 | | 107 W. 4th St. • Justin, TX 76247 | Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10am - 5:30pm



Holiday SHOPPING? Think Small by Susan Neuhalfen


he holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start shopping for your family, friends, co-workers, and

loved ones. Do I hear a collective “ugh”? How about trying something different this year? Shop small. In between Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes probably the most important shopping day in our community: Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday happens the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it’s a chance to celebrate the brick and mortar/mom-and-pop shops that are like family to us. Why is it important?



1. Small business benefits the community For all of the big box stores and mega marts, it’s the small businesses in our communities that make North Texas unique. Taxes are paid on state and city levels by businesses, and the taxes paid in these small stores go to their local community. If you travel outside the area to go to a big box store, you’re giving your money to that city instead. 2. Small business gives back to the community

You’ll find unique gifts at great prices, and you’ll also benefit your local community while you shop. SMALL


When was the last time you heard of a bigbox store sponsoring the local little league baseball team? That’s not to suggest it doesn’t happen, but local businesses are engaged in their communities and willing to serve in any way possible.

3. Small businesses create jobs According to the 2019 Small Business Profile, small businesses added 1.8

million net new jobs during the latest

year studied. There are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States, which

employ 47.3 percent of the state’s private

workforce. Additionally, the independent local businesses go into their community to buy unique products and services that they need, employing even more of the workforce in our area.

4. Customer service is outstanding We don’t know about you, but every time

we go into a big hardware store, we spend

an hour just trying to find someone to help us find the right aisle. Small businesses are

happy to help you find what you need with friendly service.

5. Prices are competitive It’s not accurate to think that you’ll pay more at a small business. Not only are prices competitive, but they also have more unique merchandise made by

local craftspeople. If you don’t believe us, visit a local boutique. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

While there are plenty of great malls

and plazas in the area that you will also

frequent, don’t forget about the little guy

this holiday season. You’ll find unique gifts

at great prices, and you’ll also benefit your local community while you shop.

There are boutiques, salons, restaurants, brewpubs, local coffee shops, even second-hand stores — all with rare

merchandise that makes for great gifts that can’t be replicated by others.

Remember, Saturday, November 30,

2019, is the day to celebrate and support small businesses in the area. But don’t

just celebrate this one day out of the year. These are your friends, your neighbors,

your kids’ parents, and most importantly, this is your community.



INSIDE COMMUNITY OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING Sat., Dec. 7 | Close to Dusk | First Baptist Church of Argyle 414 US-377 • Argyle, TX 76226 This year the tree lighting event will go back to its roots by returning to First Baptist Church of Argyle, where historically the tree was illuminated in years past. This year’s theme of returning to a simpler time encourages residents to come experience a vintage small town celebration. There will be Christmas music and entertainment, hot cider, cookies, photos with Santa AND a live nativity scene! Come enjoy old time activities such as cutting snowflakes, sand art, bobbing for apples, string popcorn, and ornament making. And, don’t miss the carol sing-along around the lit Christmas tree!

photo courtesy Keep Argyle Beautiful

TOWN OF ARGYLE SILVER AWARD RECIPIENT The Town of Argyle is a Silver Award Recipient for 2019-2024, earning the Scenic City Certification Program designation! This means that Argyle was recognized for its commitment to high-quality scenic city standards, and making our community beautiful and picturesque for citizens and visitors. On October 10, Town Manager Kristi Gilbert accepted the award on behalf of the Town at the Texas Municipal League Annual Conference in San Antonio. photo courtesy Town of Argyle 14 | ARGYLE LIVING


DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS ART COMPETITION Every year the Texas Department of Transportation and the “Don’t Mess With Texas” organization opens up a Litter Prevention themed art contest to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Keep Argyle Beautiful teamed up with AISD art teachers to submit student entries. The students were to draw what litter prevention looked like to them. Congratulations to first place winners; Jemma Barnes, Meleal Reivitt, and Ella Rader. The runners up include Jocelyn Rogers, Evangeline Edmonson, Chloe Blue, Sydney Payne, Samantha Foster and Rylie Folmer. To see the statewide winners visit KeepArgyleBeautiful.

ARGYLE ARCHERY Mon, Tues, or Wed 5-6pm or 6-7pm | Archery Arena 800 Eagle Dr. • Argyle, TX 76226 The archery program is now part of Argyle Youth Sports Association and the new season is open for registration. Bullseye practices are at the Archery Arena located behind Argyle Intermediate School. Archery is open to 4th-12th grade students and the program needs coaches! If you would like to register your student visit and if you would like to be a parent volunteer or archery coach email Katey Harbison at

INSIDE EDUCATION CONGRATULATIONS TO BRENDA WILLIAMS STEM teacher at Argyle Intermediate School, Brenda Williams, is the recipient of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. This is the highest recognition a math or science teacher may receive in the United States. AISD is so lucky to have her! On October 15, Brenda was awarded in Washington, D.C. Thank you for being an inspiration to our students! photo courtesy of Argyle ISD

PROFILES IN COURAGE ESSAY CONTEST Liberty Christian School student, Kelly Becker, advanced to the

AWE Christmas Cultures Around The World Night Dec. 3 | 6:45 – 8:45pm at AWE Gym, AWE Cafeteria The Well Gingerbread Night Dec. 4 | 5:30 - 8:30pm at HS Cafeteria AHS Theater Showcase Dec. 6 | 5 - 9pm at Auditorium Foyer

second round in the 2019 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest and her essay placed in the top 10 percent of the more than 2,500 that were submitted from across the country. The contest is based on Kennedy’s 1957 book “Profiles in Courage.” Kelly wrote about former Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear who restored the voting rights of convicted Kentuckians. Congratulations, Kelly! photo courtesy of Vivian Nichols

GRAND CHAMPIONS On Saturday, October 12 the Argyle High School Band competed in the 6th Annual Sound of Springtown Marching Showcase. Competing against 19 other schools these incredible students marched their way to FIRST PLACE! They beat out schools classified as 5A and 6A! The AHS Band won Best Drumline, Best in Marching, Best in Music, and became Grand Champions! Congratulations! photo courtesy of Britt S. Falten

PTF Campus Christmas Decorating Nov. 18 to Nov. 20 Campus Wide Adopt a Senior Day Dec. 2 LS & PS Classrooms Spotlight Christmas Show Dec. 6 and 7 | 7pm at Blackbox Theatre Misty Baptiste 2nd Friday Jeans Day with $3. Donation Dec. 13 NOVEMBER 2019





Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics


transmitted disease and rarely manifests

Other general recommendations and good practices for those younger than 25 years include the following screenings:

We would like to inform you of

untreated, it can lead to serious pelvic

taking place in our office at Lantana

inflammatory disease, and ultimately

C. trachomatis genital infection, annually

recommendations from the CDC,

astounding numbers despite reports of

N. gonorrhoeae genital infection, annually

that other pediatric and family care

compared to previous generations.

HIV screening, one time (or with greater frequency for those at high risk of infection)

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TDs on the rise and routine screens can help stop the spread and protect your child.

Chlamydia is the most common sexually any symptoms in females. If it goes

a new screening process that is

infections including abscesses, pelvic

Pediatrics in compliance with the latest

infertility. STD cases are on the rise in

USTF, and the AAP. I can only hope

less sexually active teens and young adults

offices are caring for adolescent

females 16 years of age and older (especially high risk 16-25 years).

We are always working to improve

the quality of care that we provide to

our patients. The newest measure for

improving quality of care for our patients is implementing this recommended

The screening is performed with a

simple urine sample sent at the time

of your visit. If your screen is positive, you will be contacted immediately. An antibiotic will be prescribed to

adequately treat the infection in hopes to prevent long term complications.

screening for chlamydia in all females 16+

It is recommended that any sexual

recommendation comes from the United

also be treated. All positive results will

to an astounding increase in chlamydia

as it is a reported disease that is being

if it goes undetected and untreated.

in infections that go untreated.

years of age (younger if high risk). This

partners be notified so that they may

States Preventive Services Task Force due

be reported to the Health Department,

infections and subsequent complications

tracked closely for a successful decrease

Following these recommendations is one of the best ways to protect your teen and young adult from future complications. We at Lantana Pediatrics have implemented this screening to care for our patients in the most comprehensive way as their primary care doctor. Please inquire about screening as it can significantly impact your child’s future. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: (partner notification)

940.455.7200 | | 74 McMakin Rd., Ste. 100 • Bartonville, TX 76226

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am-5pm | Wed: 7:30am - 12:30pm | Fri: 7:30am - 4pm | Sat: 9am - 12pm




To Be Thankful For


by Dr. Matt Artho who is a proud resident of Argyle and his kids attend all four schools in the district.

Bridges • Implants Dentures • Invisalign® Root Canals Orthodontics Cosmetic Dentistry Same-Day Crowns

ith Thanksgiving right around the corner, gratitude is in the air with so many things to be thankful for: the turkey, the dressing, the pumpkin pie, etc. Though I could go on and on, I know how important it is to remember to thank those that help behind the scenes to make Thanksgiving great, like our family and friends. With modern dentistry, we tend to be thankful for all the ways dentistry has evolved to make it more comfortable. But behind the scenes, there are great advancements that actually improve dental treatment, as well.

There is no doubt that a comfortable experience at the dentist is something every dental practice should strive to obtain. Offices have implemented many amenities to improve comfort, including comfortable chairs, televisions in every room, headphones, and even video game consoles. These office additions are great for improving the overall experience at the dental office and make dental appointments enjoyable for patients and the dental staff. In addition to a comfortable appointment, dental office amenities should also include those that actually improve the dental treatment. Digital impressions not only provide for a more

info@cou ntrylakes den



comfortable experience but also provide more accurate detail for predictable restorations. Digital impressions combined with smile design software can also be utilized toward Invisalign® treatment or Same-Day crown technology like CEREC to improve treatment time and outcomes. Cone beam 3D radiographs are beneficial for preplanning dental implant treatment or properly diagnosing and completing root canal therapy. The progress of dental advancements appears to be limitless, not only for the sake of comfort but also in treatment predictability. If your office is able to offer both, then you definitely have a reason to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Smiling!

940.455.76 www.Cou 45 n t ryLakesDen | t a 74 McMa kin Rd

. • Bartonv ille, TX 76226



photo courtesy by Commissioner Dianne Edmondson

by Denton County Commissioner Precinct 4 Dianne Edmondson


ith Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m very thankful to God for the privilege of living in this wonderful country, this awesome state and this amazing county. I also want to give thanks for the efforts of many in Denton County who go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the best services to you – our customer.

It is important to all of us that we hold ourselves accountable in all aspects of our operation. We understand the importance of providing quality assistance whether you are registering a vehicle, voting in an election, dealing with our sheriff’s deputies or driving our roads to get to and from work and home. Our role is to serve you. And we are thankful for the opportunity to do so. Denton County Budget and Purchasing Departments recognized as among the state’s best … AGAIN! Please join me in congratulating the Denton County Budget and Purchasing Departments for recently receiving significant recognition for their work. These honors demonstrate how important it is to me and the entire Commissioners Court that we continue to provide quality services to our residents by ensuring we follow the best practices possible.

Denton County Public Health Honored As Patriotic Employer Denton County Public Health (DCPH) Director Dr. Matt Richardson was recently honored by Bob Martinez, DCPH Public Health Preparedness Coordinator, with recognition from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The certificate from the Office of the Secretary of Defense honors both Dr. Richardson and DCPH as a Patriotic Employer for contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.

photographed above is Denton County Commissioner Precinct 4 Dianne Edmondson

the names of 21 co-workers who demonstrated commitment to excellence and dedication to the people of Denton County. Budi Yulianto, who has worked for Denton County in the Department of Technology since October 2001, was this year’s recipient. He was honored during a recent Denton County Commissioners Court meeting and at the annual employee picnic. Other employees who were also recognized as runners up for the award include: Ali Silva (442nd District Court), Laura Medcafe and Jennifer Harbour (Purchasing), Brittney Lasley and Shannon Ward (Juvenile Probation) and Joe Paul Gallo (Public Health).

Denton County Recognizes Employee With John A. Scott Award

I want to personally thank each of these honored employees for all they do for Denton County, and I want to thank you, our citizens, for the trust and responsibility you have placed in your County Commissioners Court.

Every year, one of our more than 1,700 employees is honored with the John A. Scott Award, named for a former Director of Facilities. Employees submitted

If you would like to receive a newsletter, please contact Precinct 4 Commissioner Dianne Edmondson at and ask to be placed on the email list. OR CALL AT 972.434.3960. NOVEMBER 2019


ON TOP by Steve Gamel

any business owners under the age of 40 will tell you one of the biggest obstacles they face is being taken seriously by clients and colleagues alike. For whatever reason, there’s an unjustified stigma that comes with being the youngest expert in the room. Jayme Potter has been there and done that. But at 5 feet, 3 inches tall and 110 pounds soaking wet, she continues to earn respect while carving a unique path in an industry typically dominated by men.

“I told a potential client the other day that having an insurance adjuster at your property without having a general contractor you trust is like going into court without a lawyer,” Jayme said. “Yes, I pride myself on being very good at what I do. But the biggest thing is that I legitimately care about people and want to do business the right way.” She added, “Age shouldn’t matter. There are people who think I don’t know what I’m doing — until I go show them.” Jayme started RPM Construction in 2014 because she saw the unethical side of the

roofing and construction business. She wanted to give Denton County residents — many of whom had been her neighbors for years — a better option. And how could they not trust her? This is a down-to-earth wife and mother who built her company from the ground up while her daughter, Stormy, was strapped to her during long work days. In many ways, Jayme would love to see Stormy, who already has a fascination with listening to roofs be put on houses, take over the family business. In the meantime, Jayme has added a full team of industry pros to her arsenal. And that has helped RPM continue its model of being a one-stop-shop. Their services include everything from commercial, residential, and specialty

roofing to flooring, garage doors, fencing, new siding, and everything in between. Their customer list ranges from homeowners to commercial clients and city and government contracts.


469.238.9381 | | 203 Main St., Ste. 100 • Lake Dallas, TX 75065



photography by What’s That Guys Name? Guy T Photography

As the owner of RPM Construction in Lake Dallas, Jayme is the person you want fighting with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a basic inspection, measuring siding, tarping a roof, or going a few rounds with stubborn insurance companies. She can spot a poorly installed roof with her eyes closed and can talk building codes as if she were reciting the alphabet.

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Of It All

They recently completed work on Lake Dallas City Hall and a charity project for the Lake Cities Fire Station. Their process is by-the-book, too. When it comes to hail damage, they first meet with the homeowner to make sure there’s enough damage to file a claim. They even have a professional drone when they do inspections, which keeps them from doing any damage on specialty roofs. If there’s not enough damage, they will advise the homeowner to wait to file a claim until the next storm. If a claim needs to be filed, Jayme says RPM Construction won’t be the lowest bid. Again, they do everything to code, and they only use the best materials to do the job right and guarantee their work. “Your roof is what protects your family and everything important to you. And it unnerves me when honest and hard-working people are taken advantage of by dishonest contractors who cut corners or insurance companies that only want to approve the bare minimum,” Jayme said. “We don’t cut corners, and I specialize in claims that you really have to fight for. I love going to bat for my clients, and when it comes down to it, we’re going to do all we can to win that battle.” Industry pros have been sold on RPM for years. It is the only female-owned Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and is one of only 20 contractors out of more than 5,000 total in North Texas with that special designation.

“Jayme is dynamic, energetic, and loyal,” said Todd Sandri, an area sales manager for Owens Corning. “There’s nothing she has told me she would do that she hasn’t done. She’s been through every level of contractor program with us. That says it all right there. The big thing is they sell roofing systems, not roofs that are pieced together with different parts.” Clearly, RPM is proving the youngest expert in the room is the best option after all.


“The biggest thing for us is that we have customers who keep coming back to us for years and years,” Jayme said. “That’s not something every roofing company or general contractor can claim. We could make a lot more money, but I choose to live the Christian life in all aspects. Love God. Love people. Change the world. That’s how we live.”


JAYME POTTER CEO of RPM Construction STORMY Daughter







by Brooke Ezzo

typical summer in Texas for kids might look like days at the neighborhood pool, riding bikes

along the sidewalks, or when it’s too

hot outside playing video games in the air-conditioned house. But, for Argyle Intermediate School student Violet

Siewert, this past summer was spent

creating her first literary masterpiece.

short stories. A Never Happy Story is her first of many short stories to come.

The story tells a tale of three children

who are out for a fun day in the woods

when something happens, and they are forced to solve a mystery to save their family. Will they stick together or fall

apart? You will have to read it to find out! When asked how she felt about

Violet has always wanted to write books

having her first book published, Violet

is very excited to do. At only ten years old

and smart.

and screenplays, and it’s something she

said it makes her feel happy, excited,

and in the fifth grade, she has become a

“I plan on writing many stories based on the

published author.

The idea for A Never Happy Story was

born while on vacation with her family in Florida and she worked on and off

during the summer until the final draft was completed. She started with a story called Drama Drama that she wanted to have as a screenplay. With her father’s help, they decided to break it up into a series of

characters in this one,” exclaimed Violet. Following in the footsteps of her father and grandparents, Violet’s passion for

writing is in her genes. Her grandparents

are published authors; her grandfather has done screenplays, and her grandmother was once a magazine editor. Her father,

Chad Siewert has published several books through Kindle Direct Publishing.

Photographed above is Violet Siewert. Photo courtesy Chad Siewert “Once she typed up the story, I helped her edit it,” Chad said. “Teaching her the proper use of quotation marks and introducing characters.” Although her father helped her with the edits, the idea for her short story and the writing was all Violet. She even helped format the story so the Kindle publishers could take it to print. Violet hopes people enjoy her story and realize there are a lot of kids out there just like her who love being creative. She wants others to embrace that creativity and create spaces for literary outlets no matter a child’s age. Because not many people can call themselves published authors, especially not many ten-year-olds. Well, maybe one. Violet Siewert, and she has a story to tell! You can find her short story on Amazon!



Foodie Friday DFW: Thanksgiving Restaurants

Thanksgiving R E S T A U R A N T S


photos courtesy of Foodie Friday DFW

ho doesn’t want a Thanksgiving where they don’t have to cook anything? If you’re anything like us, you’re looking for restaurants who can help you out with just dessert or even the whole meal!

These Foodie Friday DFW restaurants are offering food for Thanksgiving, whether it’s pre-order or they’re open the day of. Carvao Carvao in Lakeside is also usually open Thanksgiving Day serving their usual menu as well as traditional Thanksgiving favorites. Call 972.539.8555 to make your reservation.

Swirl Bakery

Salerno’s Salerno’s serves a Thanksgiving buffet each year, usually from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They serve traditional Thanksgiving items as well as some Red Snapper, lasagna, and penne pasta. Reservations are required, so call to make yours today at 972.539.9534.

Every year, Swirl Bakery offers fully cooked Thanksgiving feasts for pick-up that just need to be heated up before serving.

That’s our kind of meal! You can choose

from Thanksgiving Breakfast, Thanksgiving Dinner, or Thanksgiving Dessert items and can place orders by phone at

214.513.1334 or in-store. Orders must

be placed by Wednesday, November 20. Marty B’s

Hive Bakery

The Tavern at Lakeside Head over to Lakeside DFW where The Tavern will be open from 3-11

Marty B’s is taking holiday catering orders

p.m. serving a traditional Thanksgiving

sure your Thanksgiving guests would love

Crispy Brussel Sprouts will be in the mix!

for Thanksgiving must be placed by

encouraged to ensure you have a seat!

at! And we’re

buffet. We’re hoping some of their

a true Texas-style meal. All pick-up orders

Reservations are not required but are

Friday, November 22, so get them in fast!

Call 469.293.3441 for reservation.

We’ve sampled the pies Hive Bakery has on their Thanksgiving menu, and they’re awesome! Our favorites were the Dutch Apple, Pecan, and Pumpkin. In addition to pies, you can order bread loaves, cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, and yeast rolls. Orders must be placed by November 22 by calling 972.316.7625 or emailing

972.724.2540 | 1013 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 102 | Flower Mound, TX 75022 24 | ARGYLE LIVING


BREAKFAST IN BETHLEHEM Sat., Dec 7 | 10am - 12pm Argyle United Methodist Church 9033 Fort Worth Dr • Argyle, TX 76226 Breakfast in Bethlehem is an event that includes activities for the whole family and is open to the public. Join us for a pancake breakfast, a live nativity, and craft marketplace. There will be a photo booth and petting zoo! For more events at the church during the holidays visit



I had my first week on set, but I must admit that I still do get mesmerized.”

Local Student Earns



hree months ago, Slade Monroe was unpacking bags and settling into what he thought

was his new life in college. Now, he has a lead role in an upcoming major motion picture alongside some

manage to rally a broken nation during the height of the Great Depression.

Also starring in the film are Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen, and Robert Duvall.

“I must say, it is a very strange feeling

big-name Hollywood actors.

working with people that I have grown

Slade, who graduated from Argyle High

working with them that can be feel bizarre

School last year, will make his film debut as Wheatie, the quarterback of the Mighty Mites football team, in the upcoming film 12 Mighty Orphans. The Ty Robertsdirected drama is based on the popular novel by Jim Dent. It is a true story of a group of Fort Worth orphans who compete for a state championship and



up watching,” Slade said. “It isn’t just

or unreal. Waking up every morning and having normal conversations and eating

lunch with these veteran actors who have far more experience than I do has this

surrealness about it. I get to see the side

most other people don’t which took a lot of getting used to. At this point, it is easy for me to snap out of awestruck attitude

He added, “There were far too many emotions to count when I found out I got the part. Excitement was among the largest, of course.” He first became interested in acting at the age of 10. His mother immediately enrolled him in Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film Studio in Lewisville. He spent the next several years honing his craft and studying all aspects of film while also taking on lead roles in the Argyle theater department. A few of those roles include Grease the Musical, Murder at the Malt Shop, and Paragon Springs. He proved to be a quick study while at Cathryn Sullivan and completed every level of training possible. He earned the attention of the Kim Dawson Agency, which represents him and helped get him the initial audition for 12 Mighty Orphans. Production for the film is ongoing at various sites throughout Fort Worth and Weatherford. An official release date has yet to be announced. “I take a lot of pride in my craft, and if I can live happily through it than I will give everything in my power to do so,” Slade said. “Who knows, maybe I will eventually move out from in front of the camera and instead get behind it. I do see myself being a producer or director in the future. But until then, I am going to ride this wave as long as I can and share my passion with the world.”





Gardening: Ask The Expert

Fall In Texas T

he cooler air is here, rains been falling & the days are shorter. Fall in Texas is probably one of my favorite times of the year, it’s also a great time to make some improvements around your property.

FIRE FEATURES Fireplaces, pots & troughs are all great ways to add a feature to your space. Fire tables can also be a big hit! Their sleek design and easy usage make them a great choice for larger groups, whereas fireplaces are ideal for those looking for a more intimate experience. You can’t go wrong Incorporating that fire element with-in your outdoor space. Whether you’re

outside enjoying the warmth or inside just looking out, functioning or purely aesthetic it’s a win-win. ADDING COLOR •



Texas Aster or Fall Aster



LIGHTING With less hours of daylight this time of year, lighting is a great option to extend your usage. Adding some string lights along a handrail to create a boarder, putting some bulbs in a seasonal wreath for interest, or running some Edison lights to light up the sky all will enhance your space. When it comes to safety and showing off the dynamics of your property, we suggest LED fixtures. These will help visitors navigate walkways & split level patios while highlighting features at the same time.

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions







Travel by Jenna Anderson, Ears of Experience,

he holidays are quickly approaching. Soon you will be searching for the “perfect” gifts. Armed with your family’s wish lists, you’ll be on a mission to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want. How many of those “perfect” gifts will be in back of the closet untouched or even unopen when it’s time for spring cleaning? All that time and money spent shopping for those gifts could have been spent in other ways.

More families are opting to gift each other with the gift of travel. If you want to do something memorable for your family this holiday season, consider the gift of a trip to a Disney destination. If you believe Disney is just for small kids, let me ensure



spend the day shopping and dining in Disney Springs. A trip on a Disney cruise offers similar options. Each ship has areas designed specifically for kids, teens, and adults plus a variety of exciting port adventures at each stop. As a member of the Ears of Experience team, I can plan the perfect trip for your family. In addition to handling all parts of the quoting and planning process, you will receive a personalized itinerary created specifically for your family. The best part is all these services come at no additional cost to you. Save yourself some time this holiday season and let me plan the perfect gift for each member of your family. Material gifts are temporary, but experiences are timeless.

you that all Disney destinations have something for everyone in the family to enjoy. If the parks aren’t calling your name, you can choose to spend a day on one of the PGA golf courses at Walt Disney World. If your golf game is rusty, you can







How To Get


by Steve Gamel


f you start a conversation about men and their total avoidance of going to the doctor like they should, the ears of every wife in the room will instantly perk up — quickly followed by an eye roll. After all, it doesn’t make much sense why many men don’t see the need to have a professional give them a routine once-over to ensure everything is fine. Going to the doctor helps maintain overall health and prevents heart attacks and cancer. But tell your man that he’s got a nasty cold, and he’ll say, “I’ll wait it out in bed.” Remind him that it’s time for a physical, and he’ll say, “Why? I feel great!” A lot of guys hate going to the doctor and avoid it like the plague, even when they have the plague. Others are lazy

or scared of what they might be told. Here are a few tips if you’re a concerned wife who wants her man to go to the doctor:

Encourage him instead of nag — While it’s usually up to the woman to make sure their man gets the preventative care he needs, odds are you will always fight a losing battle 36 | ARGYLE LIVING


if you nag, yell, or make it sound like a chore. Come from a position of caring. Focus on gentle reminders about an upcoming appointment and stress how much he means to you and the family. Encouragement shows him that the doctor isn’t a bad person, and it’s better to go now than when he’s really sick. Schedule it for him — Some guys know they need to go, but easily get caught up in work and other things they deem to be more important. So check with his schedule first and then make the appointment for him. You may even suggest a particular doctor that you trust if he hasn’t seen one in several years. Go with him — The odds are that most men won’t want their wife to go with them to the doctor, but you never know. It may be the one thing holding him back, and it may ease the tension if you ask questions on his behalf that he’s not thinking of at the time. Either way, offer to make the trip with him, even if he makes you stay in the waiting room. Talk numbers with him — Guys can appreciate a persuasive argument. If his father went through similar health scares at his age, point out that earlier detection can help him avoid going down a similar path. Throw some stats his way that highlight the benefits of visiting the doctor regularly, or how unlikely his biggest fears are. Offer an incentive — Men can be like kids, so sometimes it’s better to bribe them with something. Maybe agree that he can finally have that long-overdue poker night with his buddies or buy that expensive tool he’s been wanting. If you’re desperate, tell him he won’t have to do any chores around the house for an entire month. Thanks for reading! What tips and strategies have worked for you over the years? Guys need to go to the doctor, and women everywhere would love to know how to increase those odds. Share with us on social media.




CORNER with Sheriff Tracy Murphree



ederal Law allows The Denton County Sheriff’s Office or any agency with a Federal Forfeiture fund to give $25,000 per year to a nonprofit organization. Sheriff Tracy Murphree and The Denton County Sheriff’s Office concentrates on organizations that help children.

To quote Sheriff Murphree, “I like the idea of using drug dealer money to help our kids.” The first two years Sheriff Murphree was in office, the federal drug seizure money went to the Children’s Advocacy Center



for Denton County (CACDC). CACDC’s mission is to empower child abuse victims, their families, and the community through education, healing, and justice. This year, The Sheriff’s Office received approval from the Denton County

Commissioners Court to give the $25,000 federal drug seizure money to CASA of Denton County. CASA is the abbreviation for Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA trains and supports passionate adults who fight for a child’s right to be safe, to be treated with dignity, and to learn and grow in the security of a loving family. WE ARE HIRING DETENTION OFFICERS! If you are interested in a career in Law Enforcement, join our family and be a part of a great organization. Detention Officer I positions start at $38,752.00 per year. Visit our website to apply. dentoncounty 940.349.1600 127 N. WOODROW LN., STE. 300 DENTON, TX 76205 DENTONCOUNTY.COM/DEPARTMENTS/SHERIFF.ASPX

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