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MARCH 15, 2019 - APRIL 19, 2019

REINVENTING THE WHEEL With Meaningful, Holistic Wellness Care Direct Mailed to the Following Areas: Argyle - Canyon Falls - Harvest - Robson Ranch



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| MARCH 2019

COME PARTICIPATE IN THE 3RD ANNUAL KIDS FISHING TOURNAMENT March 30th | 8am - 11am Located at the Argyle United Methodist Church North Central Texas College and Argyle United Methodist Church are hosting a kids fishing tournament. Event proceeds go to North Central Texas College Students that are in need of additional financial support and Denton Wesley Foundation/Shiloh Food Pantry! Pay Online at OR Pay At Event

PRE-REGISTRATION: $20 per child (ages 4-12) DAY OF EVENT: $25 per child (ages 4-12) Entry fee includes T-shirt, breakfast, bait, hook, bobbers, limited number of rods/reels.


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f you haven’t noticed, we’ve been sending out notifications here and there over the last month or so about our annual Best of Denton County contest. It’s funny because people keep coming up to me – including past winners who are looking forward to defending their title – and saying, “Already! It feels like we just wrapped all that up.” Well, there’s still three months to go before nominations begin on June 12, but yes, it will be here before you know it. Which reminds me – please take a few moments, especially before the craziness of BODC season, and visit some of the amazing small businesses we have here in Denton County. It doesn’t matter if you live in Flower Mound, Lantana, Argyle, or downtown Denton, we are surrounded by the best of the best. Whether it’s electricians, car repair shops, yoga studios,

lawyers, dentists, or someone else, you really can’t go wrong.

You simply need to see for yourself, especially if this will be your first

experience with Best of Denton County. We are a very tight-knit community, and it really means so much to our organization to be able to call so many of you our

friends and family. We all work so hard

every single day; we pour our heart and soul into what we do for a living, and it means so much to put a smile on a customer’s face.

There are a lot of big-top companies out there who have forgotten the point of

being a business owner. Small-business owners, especially those right here in Denton County, never forget.

Shop Local. Promote Local. Look forward

to Best of Denton County. It’s almost here!

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

Sincerely, Kelly Murray

Publisher of Murray Media Group


| MARCH 2019




On the Cover is: The Wonderful Team at Connections Wellness Center in Denton

Reinventing the Wheel with Meaningful, Holistic Wellness Care




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Sheriff’s Corner with Sheriff Tracy Murphree

Counseling with Hopemead Counseling & Trauma Center


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School Days with Valorie McGilvra


4 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Measles


Gardening with Complete Solutions


2019 Easter Services



Your Oral Health Matters

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2019 Liberty Christian & Argyle National Signing Day



Foodie Friday DFW with Jay Marks Real Estate


Queen of The Chisholm Challenge Mary Nelson

10 Lesser Know Ways to


Congratulations to Argyle ISD

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Putting on The Glitz


The 3rd Annual Kids Fishing Tournament


Brain Injury Awareness Month:


Classic of Denton Honors Local Military Veteran

The Health

ISSUE Look for the icon above to learn more about your health and how to stay healthy.


Health Article

Brain Injury Awareness Month:


CONCUSSION by Steve Gamel


f you were to give most people a few minutes to think about it, they could probably tell you how old they were when they suffered their first diagnosed concussion. Granted, they may be a little fuzzy on the details for obvious reasons, but whether it happened during a game of dodgeball in PE class, while roughhousing with an overzealous sibling, or in the first half of a football game, it’s a memory that will always stand out in some way.


| MARCH 2019

And why? Well, any injury to the brain – especially if it’s your first – is scary and presents a ton of unknowns since everyone is affected by a blow to the head differently. On top of that, recovery time also varies, which means you could be dealing with the effects for a long time if you’ve had repeated blows to the noggin. Depending on the severity of the injury, concussion symptoms include:

Memory Loss

Chronic Headaches

Vision Problems, Including Sensitivity to Light

Vomiting and Nausea

We share all this with you because March just so happens to be Brain Injury Awareness Month, which

is designed to engage in public

awareness campaigns that educate the

general public about incidents of brain injuries and the needs of people with brain injuries and their families.

To that end, the folks here at Murray Media Group thought we’d remind everyone that while many of the stories we hear

the lesser known ways that may be contributing to the high number of unreported concussions. Some may sound silly but perhaps listing out a few of these will help more people consider visiting with a concussion specialist to improve their immediate and long-term health. • Slips and falls, especially in the elderly • Hitting your head on the nightstand

about concussions involve athletes from high-impact sports such as football and

• Volleyball (it’s one of the highest-rated concussion sports below football)

soccer, no one is immune from suffering

a concussion. Furthermore, while various statistics from the CDC and the Brain Injury Research Institute say that an

estimated 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions occur in the United States each year,

• Rollercoasters • Whiplash from a car accident • Intense workouts

millions more go unreported.

• Explosions or work-related injuries

There are obvious ways to get a

• Willingly spinning or shaking your head violently

concussion, but here are a few of

Difficulty Concentrating

Depression and Anxiety

• Violent shaking

the youth level all the way to the pros in

Neurological Issues

• Previous concussions (The more concussions you have, the more susceptible you are to them)

Once you feel you have a concussion, or if you suspect you do, follow these important steps:

• Avoid performing the actions that led to the concussion in the first place • Get plenty of sleep • Drink lots of water • Avoid strenuous mental activities • Consult with a doctor before taking pain-relieving drugs

Your friends at Murray Media Group want to remind you the best way to maintain your overall health is to live a healthier

lifestyle, be aware of what your body is

trying to tell you, and always consult with your physician.


Ask The Expert: Counseling


having an emotion. I am not my emotions.” Some people have been taught, “because you feel this way, you must be this way.”

This is not true. It is possible for us to be polite, compassionate, and fun-loving persons who experience anger (or

disappointment, sadness, fear, etc.). The

experience of an emotion does not make us that emotion. When we separate our

sense of self or “I” from the emotions, we can become more objective. An overidentification with emotion will almost always elicit some sort of behavior or


o, I’ve pondered this more than once, “Who am I?” This question, so deep, and maybe a little hippiedippie, can create some profound introspection. Yoga teaches us that our personal life experience is created by many different perceptions of self, the Koshas. The yoga term Kosha translates to “veil.” It is a term used to describe the things that hide our true self.  “I am” is the most powerful statement when it comes to self-identification.  All too often, we use the phrase “I am” out of context.  We can begin to identify with things around us and in us that is not us. I like to refer to this as a form of mistaken identity. Meditation and movement in a yoga class help us to clearly identify what we are not so that we can in some way begin to know ourselves; also known as self-realization.


and enables us to realize, “I am a human

| MARCH 2019

On this path to self-realization, a yoga

therapist can help us to identify harmful “I am” statements that we connect to

our emotions. Notice when you feel an emotion and how you communicate

it. Let’s use the emotion of anger as an

example. When you’re feeling angry, do you

say, “I am angry,” or “I

am feeling angry?” The phrases are so similar.

However, the language

we use can in some way tell us if we are self-identifying with an emotion (being an emotion) or observing the emotion

(having self-awareness). Thinking, “I am angry,” is the form of mistaken identity. The “I am” statement can be self-

prophesizing and creating more anger, thus, keeping us in a perpetual state of

disease. The phrase, “I am feeling angry”

helps us to depersonalize the experience

action that is out of character. Objectivity keeps us connected to our sense of

self, and thus, we stay more emotionally centered, and act more like ourselves. So, as we ponder, “Who am I?” as a

question, it can be helpful to use the

process of elimination. Identify the body,

breath, mind, thoughts, perceptions, and emotions, then declare: “I am not my

body, I am not my breath, I am not my

mind, I am not my thoughts, perceptions,

and emotions.” So, what are we left to be? We are all being human. Human beings or humans being. Affirming our human experience, we can simply affirm, I am alive.”

by Skila Ramirez, C-IAYT, 500 ERYT, Yoga Therapist Hopemead Counseling & Trauma Center



GOLF TOURNAMENT Mon., Apr 8th | 8am - 3pm | Lantana Golf Club 800 Golf Club Dr. • Lantana, TX 76226 Golf for a cause at the 5th annual Cloud 9 Charities Giving & Golf Tournament. Registration is at 8am with a 9am shotgun start. It will be a 4 man scramble. Only $1200 per team and includes cart and green fees, breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages and a gift. Register ahead of time at




Starting Every Sun., Mar 24th | Denton Country Club 1213 Country Club Road • Argyle, TX 76226

Sun., Apr 7th | 1 - 8:30pm | Tour 18 Dallas 8718 Amen Corner • Flower Mound, TX 75022

The Denton Country Club will be offering cotillion lessons to the general public. There will be two classes, one for 4th and 5th graders and one for 6th and 7th graders. They will be instructed in dance and social skills along with the art of first impressions, respect and courtesy, communication and much more. To register visit

Join the Glenn Garcelon Foundation for a fun day of golfing that benefits brain tumor patients and their families. This event includes a box lunch, raffle, door prizes, wine pull and dinner. You can purchase tickets by visiting and clicking the events tab. Hurry because tickets sell fast!


| MARCH 2019



We mourn the loss of a beloved husband, father, and coach, John Loutherback.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Kendra, their three children, his family and friends. Mr. Loutherback coached several athletes in Argyle ISD through the AYSA

Sports Program. Many students who knew

him wore their Argyle Jerseys to school on February 19th in his honor.



Thurs., Mar 28th | 6:30pm | LC Stage Area 1301 S Hwy 377 • Argyle, TX 76226 Join the 5th Grade Musical Theater students as they perform Junie B. Jones JR. It’s a fun-filled,


EVENTS AHS Eagle Soccer vs Springtown Mar 22nd at 5:30pm at Springtown High School

AHS Softball vs Krum Mar 22nd at 5:30pm at Krum High School AHS Softball vs Bridgeport Apr 2nd at 5:30pm at Bridgeport High School

high energy musical that captures audience’s attention with a cast of colorful characters. The musical is based on the famous book series and admission is FREE!

AHS BAND BOOSTERS SPAGHETTI DINNER Fri., May 17th | 6 - 10pm | AHS Cafeteria 191 S. Highway 377 • Argyle, TX 76226

Support your local high school band by

purchasing tickets for their Spaghetti Dinner by April 26th. There will be pasta, chicken alfredo, salad, garlic bread, cake, lemonade, water and tea. Food is provided by Bistecca- An Italian Steakhouse. Tickets are only $10 on their website



1st Grade Field Trip to Dallas World Aquarium Mar 26th at 8:30am All School Spring Pep Rally Apr 8th at 2:25pm at the Competition Gym Good Friday No School Apr 19th MARCH 2019 | ARGYLE LIVING | 15



with Sheriff Tracy Murphree

aptain Jeff Davis is the SWAT Commander for the Denton County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team. The SWAT team is made up of 18 deputies who volunteer for this position, and all come from divisions within the Sheriff’s Office. SWAT team members have to apply and then pass a rigorous tryout which consists of a physical test, cognitive test, and firearms test. After the tryout, a board composed of senior SWAT personnel will meet to evaluate the applications and success of each candidate on tasks during the tryout. Recommendations are then made and sent to the Sheriff, who makes the ultimate decision. The Denton County SWAT team is responsible for mutual aid responses to smaller agencies in Denton County that require a SWAT response. The SWAT team also acts as advisors to smaller agency SWAT teams in Denton County and assist federal agencies with operations within Denton County. The Denton County SWAT team is also used for special operations – for example the recent online solicitation operation involving multiple agencies that was conducted in Denton County.


| MARCH 2019


Citizen Academy

Every Mon. for 10 Weeks Starting on March 18th | 6:30 - 8:30pm Denton County Sheriff’s Office This is an awesome opportunity to experience how your Sheriff’s Office operates. The first class will start at 6pm. Go to

Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP)

March 23rd Denton County Sheriff’s Office This is a self-defense class for females. You must register at Go to our facebook page for information on a regular basis about our WEP.



MEASLES by Claire McCarthy, MD Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing (some areas amended by Rebecca Butler, MD)


e are in the midst of a measles outbreak here in the United States, with cases being

reported in New York City, New York

State, and Washington State. In 2018,

preliminary numbers indicate that there were 372 cases of measles — more than triple the 120 cases in all of 2017 — and

already 79 cases in the first month of 2019. Five cases involving children between

12 and 21 months old have been reported in three Houston-area counties. Another

case has been confirmed in Bell County, and a seventh was

2. It’s Hard To Know That A Person Has Measles When They First Get Sick

The first symptoms of measles are a

high fever, cough, runny nose, and red,

watery eyes (conjunctivitis), which could be confused with any number of other viruses, especially during cold and flu

season. After two or three days, people

develop spots in the mouth called Koplik spots, but we don’t always go looking in our family members’ mouths. The

characteristic rash develops three to five

days after the symptoms begin, as flat red spots start on the face at the hairline and spread downward all over the body. At

that point you might realize that it isn’t a garden-variety virus — and at that point,

the person would have been spreading germs for four days.

3. Measles Can Be Dangerous Most of the time, as with other childhood viruses, children do fairly well. But there

can be secondary complications. Children

less than 5 years old and adults older than 20 are at highest risk of complications. Common and milder complications include diarrhea and ear infections

(although the ear infections can lead to

hearing loss), and one

reported in Denton

out of four will need

County. There are four

to be hospitalized.

things that everyone

But there also can be

needs to know

serious complications:

about measles.

• Five percent of

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1. Measles Is

people with measles

Highly Contagious

get pneumonia. This

This is a point that

is the most common

enough. A full 90% of

the illness.

cause of death from

can’t be stressed

unvaccinated people

inflammation of the brain, that can

staying away from sick people will do the

lead to seizures, deafness, or even

trick, think again. Not only are people with

live in the air for up to two hours after an

infectious person coughs or sneezes. Just

imagine: if an infectious person sneezes in an elevator, everyone riding that elevator

for the next two hours could be exposed.

The measles vaccine, usually given as part of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine, can make all the difference. One dose is 93% effective in preventing illness, and two doses gets that number up to 97%. In general, the first dose is usually given at 12 to 15 months and the second dose at 4 to 6 years, but it can be given as early as 6 months if there is a risk of exposure (as an extra dose — it doesn’t count as the first of two doses and has to be given after 12 months), and the second dose can be given as soon as 28 days after the first. The MMR is overall a very safe vaccine. Most side effects are mild, and it does NOT cause autism. Most children in the U.S. are vaccinated, with 91% of 19to-35 month-olds having at least one dose and about 94% of those entering kindergarten having two doses. To create “herd immunity,” which helps protect those who can’t get the vaccine (such as young infants or those with weak immune systems), we need about 95% vaccination, so the 94% isn’t perfect — and in some states and communities, that number is even lower. Most of the outbreaks we have seen over the years have started in areas where there are high numbers of unvaccinated children. If you have questions about measles or the measles vaccine, talk to your doctor. The most important thing is that we keep every child, every family, and every community safe.

get encephalitis, an

will catch it. And if you think that just

they break out with the rash, the virus can

4. Vaccination Prevents Measles

• One out of 1,000

exposed to the virus

measles infectious for four days before

subacute sclerosing panencephalitis or SSPE. While it is rare (four to 11 out of 100,000 infections), it is fatal.

brain damage. •

One to two out of 1,000 will die.

There is another possible

complication that can occur seven

940.455.7200 74 McMakin Rd., Ste. 100 Bartonville, TX 76226 Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am - 5pm Wed: 7:30am - 12:30pm • Fri: 7:30am - 4pm Sat: 9am - 12pm

to 10 years after infection, more

commonly when people get the infection as infants. It’s called


Ask The Expert: Home Design


Focus On The Porch First

hen it comes to any home upgrade, one of the first places we as homeowners turn to for change is the interior. We’ll load up on new light fixtures, buy new furniture, choose a warmer shade of paint, install granite countertops, hardwood floors, and switch out older appliances for stainless steel.

But what about the outside of the home – our “curb appeal?” You’re probably thinking, “Well geez, Mike! There are a million directions I could go with that. It’s overwhelming.” It’s true there are a billion design ideas to enhance the outside appearance of your home, from subtle changes like improved landscaping and a charming new mailbox to those that completely alter the facade. But how about starting with the porch? Think about it: a porch is the first thing visitors see when they walk up to your house. I’d venture to guess it was probably the first thing you noticed when you bought your house. You hesitated to do anything about it then, so why not now? At the ML Group, Inc., we design for the way you live – even if your style


| MARCH 2019

has changed over the years. Here are

We realize the thought of beefing up your

architectural tips to give that older,

project, so start small. And in terms of

just a few crafty and budget-friendly

outdated porch a much-needed facelift. •

Change the style or color of your

front door by painting it; use different hardware or buy a new door.

• Add appropriate light fixtures to match the desired style you are going for.

• Enhance architectural details to the

ceiling (bead board, dropped beams, or a pattern like herringbone).

curb appeal can feel like an overwhelming budgets, many of these ideas can be

accomplished by repurposing the money you would normally be happy to spend redefining the interior of your home.

The ML Group is not just a build-from-

the-ground-up architect. Our reputation for creativity, experience, attention to

detail, and sensitivity to economics and

environmental issues consistently delivers results. Give us a call today!

• Change the look by staining or scoring the concrete floor. Most builders start by using plain concrete.

• Enhance details, like adding cedar or metal accents, corbeling, or shutters.

by Mike Love ML Group, LLC. 972.355.8700



THE WHEEL With Meaningful, Holistic Wellness Care by Steve Gamel


| MARCH 2019


wstin Gregg has three master’s degrees, is currently enrolled at Harvard, somehow finds time to teach masterslevel students at TCU, and at 28 years old has already been the CEO of a local hospital. So why did such a smart guy with seemingly everything going for him at an incredibly young age have problems sleeping at night?

For Awstin, an Argyle resident, it all

boiled down to connecting the people of his community to the meaningful, life-

improving care they needed to truly heal.

That sounds like a too-good-to-be-true scenario, but it really isn’t.

The idea is that with one phone call,

a patient can have a team of doctors

“I think it says a lot about the family we’ve created here when our clients refer their friends and family to us,” Sydney said.

“We’re not just trying to create a family with our staff but with clients, too. We

So he did what any person with three

under one roof working together to solve

and set out to reinvent the wheel.

to more complex issues like depression,

“Before I resigned from the hospital,

prepared to accompany a patient on his

The wide array of services Connections

ailment, what Awstin and his team have

attention of the medical community. Not

master’s degrees would do – he resigned

I didn’t have problems paying my bills, photography by Your Candid Memories (

but I did have problems sleeping at

night,” Awstin said. “It robbed me of

my peace of mind knowing the gaps

between levels of care existed. Seeing

individuals discharged from the hospital only to return a few days later due to

there not being adequate connectivity between after-care providers plagued

my conscience every night. I saw large, pervasive fractures in the process and between providers. I thought, instead

of having different providers, in different cities, with different specialities,

why not have one dynamic treatment

team that could meet all of their needs

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in one place?”

He added, “I took the largest leap of faith

in my entire life when we didn’t even have a single client yet.”

everything from the flu or a stomach ache anxiety, and marital issues – all while being or her journey to wellness. No matter the created is an opportunity for patients to get out of the rat race where they are

forced to visit one practitioner in Denton

and perhaps another in Southlake or Fort

Worth just to find a solution to their issues.

only are they expanding and bringing in more practitioners, but in February, the

practice passed a joint commission survey and received national accreditation for quality in the healthcare field.

Typically, this accreditation is so difficult

They have two locations, one in

downtown Denton off the square and

their newest location at 2701 Shoreline

Drive in the Unicorn Lake development.

A third location that will provide additional services is on the way across the parking lot.

“We’ve been able to recruit family

therapists, professional counselors,

psychiatrists, internal medicine doctors,

Denton, which started with one client on

best care possible and keeping everyone

who are seeking solutions in areas such

them,” said Awstin, who manages his

ensuring we are always providing the

August 22 and now has more than 500

connected to what matters most to

as psychiatry, medication management,

own caseload, as well. “From a cultural

and more.

Wellness offers is quickly grabbing the

that problem.

at Connections Wellness Group in

treatment, play therapy for children,

out for ourselves.”

This accreditation is something no other

one call to Connections Wellness solves

and more to support that mission of

wellness and illness visits, trauma

everything to this little corner we’ve cut

Rather than jump through all those hoops,

Awstin is now the owner and therapist

couples and family counseling, routine

have clients who are planning to move

standpoint, I’m so lucky to have like-

minded professionals under one roof.” Operations manager Sydney Reece agreed.

private practice in DFW has achieved.

to achieve, and the standards are so high, only hospitals who have large senior

leadership teams are able to successfully pass these surveys. It tells clients

Connections Wellness has, and upholds, quality standards that slot them with an elite community on a national level.

“The idea is that we are not going to be cutting corners,” Awstin said. “When an individual walks through the door, our

goal and expectation are that they feel

like our only client. This was the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life,

and the fact that more and more people come here to get better, I don’t think I

could truly capsulate how fulfilled that

makes me. To be in a space where you are making genuine improvements in people, and the people who are providing that care are fulfilled, I can’t think of a more soul-fulfilling thing.”

940.222.2399 | | 2701 Shoreline Dr., Suite 151 | Denton, TX 76210





9033 Fort Worth Dr. • Argyle, TX

633 Hobson Ln. • Denton, TX

April 20th Family Service & Egg Hunt 5pm

April 21st Easter Sunday Service 7am, 8:30am, 9:45am, 11am

April 21st Easter Services 7am, 9am, 11am FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF ARGYLE 414 Hwy 377 • Argyle, TX April 21st Easter Worship 10:45am

ST. MARK CATHOLIC CHURCH 6500 Crawford Rd. • Argyle, TX April 21st Easter Services 7am 9am, 11:30am, 1:30pm (Spanish)


| MARCH 2019

DENTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 801 North Texas Blvd. Denton, TX (UNT Campus) April 21st Easter Service 10:30am

CROSSROADS BIBLE CHURCH 8101 Justin Rd. • Double Oak, TX April 21st Easter Services 9:15am, 10:45am


Ask The Expert: School Days


Homework STRUGGLES by Valorie McGilvra


esearch shows that students earn higher grades, get better attendance, are more motivated, and less likely to drop out of school when their families are involved in their education. By creating a home environment that encourages learning and schoolwork, you will set your child up for success and eliminate evening struggles. Establish a special place and daily routine for homework, support your child by helping them break down assignments into manageable chunks, and hire a tutor if necessary.

Getting Started Help them organize their papers and

create a plan of action. If their work is

broken down into manageable chunks, they won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Provide Your Child with Scaffolds Think of a scaffold used by a builder.

It supports the worker as they work in

hard to reach areas. The goal is to give your child more structure and support

then gradually take away a little at a time

as you see they can work independently. Get a Tutor If you don’t have the time to sit down

and help your child, or there is a struggle, Designate a Study Area that is Special

Establish a Daily Routine for Homework

Personalize the study area with your child’s accomplishments, pictures and a basket of supplies that are only used for homework. Encourage family members to support this study time so that there are minimal distractions around.

Make a homework plan with your child so it is clear to everyone. Discuss with them what they like and don’t like. Try asking: Do you want to study right when you get home, or do you need a break? Once you’ve established a routine, stick to it.


| MARCH 2019

then tutoring might be an option.

The Denton Public library offers free homework help for members.

Homework may be tough to get your

child to do. However, there are so many

benefits that your time and commitment are worth it.

Dr. Matt Artho is a proud resident of Argyle and his kids attend all four schools in the district.



by Dr. Matt Artho, dentist & owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

specific author I enjoy reading delivered an inspirational “selfhelp” book in which one of his

lessons for life is to “take care of yourself

as though you are taking care of someone you care about.” It seems like a trivial

Bridges Implants Dentures Invisalign® Root Canals Orthodontics Cosmetic Dentistry Same-Day Crowns

940.455.7645 74 McMakin Road | Bartonville, TX 76226

message, but it happens all too often that some will focus on ensuring their loved

ones are following a strict health routine

while disregarding their own. Moreover, even certain health priorities are put

on the back-burner, even though they

constitute a greater precedence of our overall wellbeing than we assume. I witness these situations often as

I observe patients disregarding their

oral health for the sake of their loved

ones – or even at the expense of their overall health.

More so, these days, we are discovering strong links that associate dental

health with overall systemic conditions. Coincidentally, a recent article further supports a strong relationship to

periodontal health and Alzheimer’s. As

dentists, periodontal health is a concern

as bacteria within the gums not only can

result in loss of the supporting bone around teeth but can also enter the

bloodstream – aggravating common health conditions. The new study

explains how the periodontal bacteria, p. gingivalis, can result in an immune

response that can kill neurons resulting

in symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s. In addition to the previously

mentioned oral health association,

patients with gum disease are at risk for certain heart diseases. Accumulated

oral bacteria that spread throughout the bloodstream can provoke or augment

certain heart conditions like endocarditis. Proper oral hygiene is also crucial

for people with diabetes, as strong

associations between diabetes and

gum disease exist. Of course, any dental

infection possesses the risk of spreading to crucial anatomy that can result in compromising complications.

Let’s make a concerted effort to appreciate all aspects of our health are important,

including our oral health. Remember, by

taking care of ourselves; we can continue to take care of those who need us most.



| MARCH 2019


Classic of Denton

Local Military Veteran by Steve Gamel


t’s no secret that giving back to the community is an everyday practice for the team at Classic Chrysler Jeep

Dodge Ram and Classic Mazda of

Denton. But in all the years they have selflessly served those around them,

they hadn’t had the opportunity to give back to the Military veterans who risk their lives to protect our freedom.

That all changed this February when

General Manager Rick Wick, along with longtime owner and Argyle resident,

Richard Allen, presented United States Marine Corps Sergeant Kenneth Rolon with a 2019 Ram Lonestar Crew Cab Classic.

The presentation was part of a joint effort between Classic, Wells Fargo Bank, and

the Military Warriors Support Foundation, which honored Sergeant Rolon, a Denton native, through its Transportation4Heroes

presentation on February 9 at a UNT men’s basketball game. On February 21, Classic hosted a separate event at its dealership, where Sergeant Rolon officially received the keys to his new truck.

“It was a very quick deal where we only had two weeks to pull it all together. I visited with Richard, and he said let’s

go for it,” Rick Wick said. “Our military

veterans deserve to be recognized. They risk their lives to protect us and our

country. They go through so much, so this is one way to give back and show our appreciation.”

Sergeant Rolon grew up in Queens, New York and chose to join the Marines after

the events of 9/11. He began his service


also recognized with a National Defense Service Medal, two Combat

wife, Jodalys, met as

teenagers and have been

| MARCH 2019

Wick said Classic was chosen by Wells

Fargo and the Military Warriors Support Foundation, which chose Sergeant

Rolon but were in search of a dealership to partner with. Wick said those

organizations reached out to UNT, which suggested Classic as the perfect partner.

Denton Independent School District,

Sergeant Rolon and his

was part of a

family,” Wick said.

honorably discharged in 2012.

Ribbons, among others.

Sergeant Rolon

him and his

homeless yet attend school in the

Sea Service Deployment


pleasure meeting

Marine Expeditionary Unit before being

Action Ribbons, and four

well as mentoring

and it was a

adopted 119 children that are

Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism

transportation as

earth individual,

This year alone, Classic of Denton

successfully transition back to civilian access to reliable

“He’s a down-to-

had a tour in Afghanistan and as part of a

He is a Purple Heart recipient and was

life by providing

12 years.

in 2004 and twice went to Iraq. He also

program. The Transportation4Heroes

program is designed to help veterans

married for

and provided 330 learning cards

to the Gonzalez School in Denton. Classic also adopted 134 children

for the Friends of the Family Denton

organization, which gives assistance to mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual

assault. The organization adopted 56 children of Giving Hope, Inc., which

is a Denton-based organization that assists individuals and families who

photos courtesy of Slade Meadows

are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by providing financial aid, assistance with housing, job training, transportation, childcare, and basic necessities. Classic of Denton’s giving campaign didn’t stop there as it adopted 24 children for Lake Cities Church and 21 children and six mothers through Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home, which has a proud history of offering healing and hope to vulnerable children, teens, and families. It also donated sheets, gift cards, backpacks, and hoodies to the Monsignor King Outreach Center of Denton. The outreach center opens on December 24 every year for the homeless and is also open anytime the temperature outside is above 80 degrees or below 38 degrees. Our Daily Bread, which provides nutritious meals, special services, and referrals for other services to those in need, received a cash donation of $3,000 along with prepaid gift cards – all courtesy of Classic of Denton. Through the efforts of the Classic of Denton employees, customers, and vendors, over $40,000 was collected. The Friday before Christmas, all Classic managers contributed $2,100 as a gift to Crosstimbers Church, on behalf of owner Richard Allen. Mr. Allen then matched a check for $2,100 for a total of $4,200 to Crosstimbers Church. Last, but certainly not least, Classic donated $3,000 to the Bedtime Rescue Program, which was founded in December 2012 through Cloud 9 Charities. Adding military support to their endless good deeds was a no-brainer, Wick said. “The spirit of giving back is definitely infectious throughout our entire dealership staff,” Rick Wick said. “Our employees are determined to set the goals higher every year and challenge themselves to make the biggest impact we can for those in need right here in Denton.”


Ask The Expert: Gardening


In Spring Shape


e’ve had some cold days and still might be in for few more but with the Bradford pear trees starting to turn and dogwoods blooming, Spring is approaching! We’re focusing this article on information that should be helpful in the preparations of your own lawn/landscape.

Such a mild winter could have you looking at a lawn full of weeds about now. If so, and you’re not ready to call the chemical company just yet, then let’s get to work! For some immediate results find a point and spray post-emergent (add some color so you can track what you’ve covered as you go). Your first pre-emergent should

have been down a few weeks ago. If not, don’t waste time back-tracking, stick with the spray treatments (most retail sprays are going to be recommended on a bi-weekly basis) and consistent bagged mowings. As the grass starts to turn, train it to a conservative watering schedule, consistent chemicals and mowing. It’s simple but the consistency is KEY. Do this and you will see results.

Make sure you cultivate the bed soil and add fertilizer while it’s exposed. Our soil can get hard over the course of a year. Turning it over and allowing the oxygen/ nutrients to really penetrate is always a good idea. Consider your plant needs, sun exposure and soil conditions when choosing a mulch. Color typically dictates what direction people go, but there are so many other benefits to consider than just aesthetics. We could write 10 pages on spring landscape prep. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer then you’ve probably already got a plan in place. If not, get on it or call a professional before you walk outside, notice everything is overgrown, and it’s too late to cut it back without damage.

If things weren’t cleaned up in late fall, then get it all cut back, reshaped and ready for that spring growth. If you haven’t taken the time to remove the old mulch before adding new for the last couple growing seasons, then do so this year.

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions

2 019

Liberty Christian & Argyle


Pryor Thomas, Harvard

Brandon Lancaster, Texas Wesleyan


Brett Huff, Hill College

JD Crowder, Tulsa

Cameron Baller, Dartmouth

Boys Soccer


JayQuan Smith, Southwestern Oklahoma State

Brayden Kelley, Lubbock Christian University

Chad Ricker, UTSA

Logan Graham, Southern Nazarene



Andre Washington, Oklahoma State


Rebecca Sutton, Ohio Wesleyan


Preston Wilson, Oklahoma State

Beach Volleyball

Joe Wolf, Seward County College

Connor Homeyer, Incarnate Word

Mabry Ward, Tusculum

Mason Packwood, Wheaton College

Blake Ramsey, Colorado School of Mines


| MARCH 2019



| MARCH 2019


Foodie Friday DFW: Verf’s Grill & Tavern


VERF’S Grill & Tavern

ome of our Foodie Friday DFW restaurants are especially near and dear to our hearts. And Verf’s Grill &

Tavern in Flower Mound is one of those. The first time we visited Verf’s, we were

just a little-known food blog run by a real estate team – we were still trying to make our reputation and name known. But

topped with shrimp and a poblano cream; their Thick Cut Salmon Steak; and their Fish’n Chips!

And some of our other favorite “honorable mentions” on the menu are “The Bread” for an appetizer and their Chocolate Mousse Pie for dessert!

the whole team at Verf’s was incredibly

And we haven’t even mentioned their

entire experience special. And they’ve all

beers on tap, as well as a fabulous menu

excited to have us there and made our remained great friends ever since. Fast forward to last February, Chef

Florencio and his team helped host an

INCREDIBLE 50th birthday party for me.

incredible bar yet. They have over 50

of hand-crafted cocktails. If you’ve never

had an Old Fashioned from Verf’s before, you need to! It’s one of the smoothest you’ll ever have.

The food was spectacular, the staff helped

Verf’s Grill & Tavern is the perfect location

care of, and the atmosphere (even with the

some drinks at the bar and watch a game,

all of our guests feel welcome and taken

torrential rain) was so fun and enjoyable. It was definitely a birthday I’ll not soon forget thanks to them!

In addition to those particular fond memories of Verf’s, we’ve spent

anniversary dinners, client dinners,

Valentine’s dinners, work lunches, and

more with them. And each time, it’s been an out-of-this-world experience between the customer service and the food.

to eat out whether you just want to grab

sit out on their patio on a beautiful day, or enjoy a romantic evening out.

Chef Florencio promises that after you get to know them and what they do,

you’re going to keep coming back. And

he’s absolutely right! We (obviously) have

become big fans of Verf’s and are frequent visitors thanks to all of the fantastic experiences we’ve had with them.

972.317.3390 2221 Justin Rd., Suite 101 Flower Mound, TX 75028

So, let’s talk a little about the food, shall

we? When we visited this last time, Chef Florencio whipped up some of our

favorite dishes (which also happen to be some of their most popular), including: their Bone-In Pork Chop finished with

972.724.2540 |

Enchiladas stuffed with chicken and

1013 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 102 | Flower Mound, TX 75022

a Wild Mushroom Sauce; their Verf’s


| MARCH 2019


Queen of The


MARY NELSON by Barbara-Scott Kolb

n 11-year old girl from Argyle decided to pursue a dream, and she is quickly becoming a shining example of ambition and fearlessness to young boys and girls who want to follow her lead.

joy,” Mary’s mother, Kate Nelson said. “She takes her training very seriously, as she should, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to work at Stable Strides Farm.”

Mary Nelson, who was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy at six months old, has taken her passion for horses and turned it into a successful career in the sport of horse showing. She participated in her first horse show at the 2018 Chisholm Challenge and earned 1st place in Wheelchair Showmanship and is now among the first competitors to participate in a power chair at the American Quarter Horse Association shows.

Although spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is become quite fond of. a rare disease, it is often quite aggressive; “I was a little bit nervous, but Captain and I the condition has no cognitive effect had a great time at the Chisholm but is identified by the loss Challenge. I enjoy working of motor neurons, which with horses because they weakens the muscles and “I was a little bit nervous, impairs mobility. This but Captain and I had a are very calming and can great time at the Chisholm disorder could have also be your best friend,” Challenge. I enjoy working damaged Mary’s lively, Mary said. “Showing with horses because they are vivacious spirit, but her horses is a great way to very calming and can also be mother guaranteed meet new friends and your best friend,” Mary said. that whatever activity she work with animals. And wanted to pursue, they trust your horse, because would find a way to make it your horse trusts you.” happen. With the assistance from

Utilizing her power chair and a robotic arm, Mary has been able to groom and train horses for competition and is enjoying every minute of it. She is currently in a training program at Stable Strides Farm, where she began working with owner Mandy Cleveland to improve her showmanship. After joining the program, Mary has partnered up with a stallion named Captain, and the duo have been competing throughout the country ever since. “I grew up showing horses and competing in AQHA shows, so to see my daughter compete in a power wheelchair in one of these shows made my heart burst with 36 | ARGYLE LIVING

| MARCH 2019

orthotic devices and appropriate training programs, Mary continues to flourish in her career of horse showing.

The Nelson family’s goal is to spark a fire within the hearts of young boys and girls to reach out of their comfort zone – and beyond their disabilities – to pursue any dream that might be tucked away because of fear or lack of ambition. Through her own perseverance, Mary encourages others and continues to stand as a constant example of fearlessness.

Enduring the nerves of competing at the recent Chisholm Challenge, located at the John Justin Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, a headstrong Mary gleefully approached the competition with a horse she has

The Nelsons hope Mary’s journey and success will inspire fellow equestrians and encourage horse shows and training facilities to implement a more suitable program for those with disabilities. Mary is anxiously awaiting her next opportunity to compete, which will take place this May. Mary stated, “Working with Captain and volunteering to help other horses get ready for competition has given me more confidence and a sense of responsibility.”

photo courtesy of Kate Nelson




Congrats to the Argyle ISD PR and Communications Department, where they were awarded two Gold and two Silver State level awards, at the TSPRA Annual Conference. photo courtesy of Pam Arrington



old glitter will make the Denton Benefit League charity ball, “Putting on the Glitz”, sparkle on Saturday, April 6, at the Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Hotel and Golf Club at Champions Circle. The black-tie preferred seated dinner and dance will be joined with the In10city Band with a mixture of up beat dance music, country tunes, and some ballroom selections. There will also be a silent and live auction. Cocktails are at 6:30 p.m. and a seated dinner begins at 7:30 p.m.



| MARCH 2019

The mission of Denton Benefit League is to raise funds for local philanthropic purposes and to promote volunteerism in the community. This organization shall be nonpolitical, nonsectarian, and nonprofit in all its policies and activities. Since 1973

fund raisers. The members of DBL contribute over 21,000 volunteer hours per year in the community.

For more information or additional information on how to purchase tickets please visit

press release by Denton Benefit League


Attendees can buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a pair of diamond peek a boo earrings donated by First People’s Jewelers for $25 per ticket or 5 tickets for $100.

DBL has awarded over $5.6 million to Denton County non-profits. This year 36 non-profit organizations were awarded over $240,000. The ball, the underwriters, and traditional tabloid are the biggest

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