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Jingle Mingle at Harvest By Hillwood

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unsurpassed equestrian services

Cover Image: Bob Brawley, son Lucas Brawley and Morgan Knochel


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s I sat at the kitchen table to go over a few lastminute details before giving the OK to publish this month’s issue, I couldn’t help but peer over at my husband, Scott. We were in Utah celebrating his 50th birthday and had just finished a big meal with friends and family. He had this huge smile on his face — like a kid in a candy store. “What are you smiling about?” I asked with a laugh. “It was just a really good night,” he said. “Now we’re both hard at work again.” We were just kids when we got married and started our publishing journey all those years ago. And I can’t tell you how many times this same scenario played out where one or the both of us would be burning the midnight oil at the last minute, desperately trying to make sure everything was perfect before going to press. I wouldn’t change any of it. And neither would Scott. I bring this up because, well, it’s the holiday season, and I’m feeling extra grateful. I’m grateful for my 50-year-old hubby, who has been the best business partner I could ask for — and an even better husband and father. I’m also grateful for the friends and family who refuse to miss a single celebration. No matter how busy we all get with “life,” we never let anything get in the way of holiday traditions. Lastly, I’m grateful for the ability to reflect on so many great memories. It’s been a fun ride, and the best part is that it is far from over.

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Proud OF EVERY Scar by Diane Ciarloni | photos courtesy of Kimberly Gastineau


ry writing a children’s book titled My Gastrostomy Tube. But don’t try to say it or write about it until you’ve experienced the painful reality of your child being diagnosed with it.

Kimberly and Tyler Gastineau, Argyle residents, enjoyed a normal, relatively uneventful pregnancy with daughter Carli. The only missing piece being Tyler was deployed in Afghanistan when the actual birth took place.

blood vessel. On a simpler level, Tommy

When Carli was two, the family awaited identical twins Tommy and Jack to join them. Unfortunately, that wait was significantly shorter than it should have been. Doctors discovered the boys suffered from twin-to-twin transmission syndrome, in which they shared a major

Tommy only weighed one pound!

was starving while Jack benefitted from the majority of the nutrients.

The twins were “taken” at 25 weeks. Jack

weighed twice as much as Tommy at birth. That, however, isn’t saying much since “The doctors told me there was only a

25-percent chance they would survive the emergency C-section,” Kim said. “During the surgery, a gastrostomy tube was

sutured to Tommy’s stomach wall. That’s

“We were told Tommy would always be a special needs child,” Kim explained. “He stayed in the hospital the first six months of his life, and I was there with him every day.

“Carli was only two, so I missed a lot of her learning and her ‘first’ this or that. I missed cuddles with her and a lot of the same things with Tommy and Jack. But all three adapted and all three were fighters. Jack was able to stop using his gastrostomy tube two years ago. That doesn’t mean the need may not return but, for now, he’s good.” While Jack didn’t suffer all the ill effects of Tommy, he was still pushed into a game of “catch-up” when it came to things such as

how he would ‘eat.’ They also performed heart surgery at the same time. Tommy’s vocal cord was paralyzed during the

procedure so, even today, he has a very quiet way of speaking.”

Tyler was once again on military duty when all this was happening.

Other than being the size of a tiny puppy, Jack had no major problems. He did

spend some time on a ventilator and

remained in the hospital for four months. 8 | ARGYLE LIVING | DECEMBER 2021

gaining weight and walking. “They finally started gaining weight and Jack was

doing what I called little toddles. They were both 1 ½-years-old before they

began walking. They were catching up with other kids by the time they were three.

“There were so many waiting rooms in

hospitals and doctors’ offices,” Kim said with a half-chuckle. “Carli remembers many of them and, today, she’s like a

little second mom to the boys. They’re all three very affectionate with one another, holding hands and hugging.”

Kim works hard to make sure Tommy

doesn’t see himself as different. “I want

him to be proud of every scar,” she said. “I never want him to think, ‘Why did this happen to me but not to Jack?’

“Tommy’s body doesn’t produce certain immune hormones. For him, breaking a

bone can be extremely serious because

of the possibility of shock. I felt it was so

important for him, as well as for Jack and Carli, to understand all the parts of this

journey. I searched the Internet for short, five-minute reads about his condition. I felt it was so important for them to understand and not live in fear.

“But there was nothing! I finally wrote My Gastrostomy Tube as a form of

a bedtime story. I found out about a publisher in England interested

in special needs children and they accepted it. It’s due to hit the end

of January 2022, and it’s on Cook’s Children’s Christmas wish list.

“The book explains therapies and how the tube is a way to deliver nutrients to the body. There will always be


uncertainties. For example, there may


form of deafness. For someone such


adult – having good, solid insurance is


come a time when Tommy faces some as us – and for Jack, as he becomes an not negotiable.

“But, whatever happens, we want him to


be proud of himself.”



Gardening: Ask The Expert

Winter LAWN CARE by PJ Kratohvil, Owner of Complete Solutions


his time of year always seems like it’s one of the busiest as we move through the holiday season and toward the end of the year. As you’re preparing for Christmas and your own “end of the year deadlines” don’t forget to get outside and take care of some wintertime maintenance. As the trees are losing leaves, it’s an ideal time to get them trimmed up and thinned out. Along with helping to strengthen the tree, trimming will allow more sunlight to your shady turf areas thickening them up come spring, slowing the soil erosion and keeping your lawn looking healthier. Out in the Lantana and Argyle areas, we’ve noticed what seems to be an increase in mice and squirrels this year, so getting those limbs back off the house could also eliminate one of their routes back inside. As the last lawn cuttings (scalpings) of

the year should be happening here in the next week or so (if not already) take advantage of the ground exposure and look for areas where water is either

eroding or pooling up. Winter is a great time to get drainage work done now that the grass is so short and everyone can see exactly how the ground lays out. French drains along with downspout / gutter drains are a great way to help dry out around your property. Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, foundation issues and muddy backyards should be high on our homeowner to-do lists, ensuring yearround use of our outdoor spaces. We hope everyone has a great Christmas season and doesn’t get too overwhelmed by one thing or another. Enjoy visiting with your family and friends and invest your time in what really matters.




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COVID-19 VACCINE REGISTRATION OPEN FOR CHILDREN 5-11 YEARS OLD The FDA and the CDC have now authorized and recommended Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5 through 11 years old. Denton County is now allowing parents and guardians to register their applicable children for their COVID-19 vaccination at a Denton County Public Health (DCPH) clinic. Photo Courtesy of

COLOR ME CHICKENS Keep Argyle Beautiful had the pleasure of giving the gift of Color Me Chickens in the local community of Argyle. The organization had 25 dozen egg cartons donated by the residents of Argyle. Keep Argyle Beautiful asks for the people of the community to continue saving their empty egg cartons and dropping them off at D&L Farm and Home – Denton. Photo Courtesy of Argyle, TX Facebook


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ARGYLE ISD CAMPUSES CELEBRATE VETERANS DAY The Argyle ISD campuses celebrated Veterans Day in a variety of ways. Hilltop Elementary as well as West Elementary hosted veteran guest speakers. The students of Argyle Intermediate celebrated by delivering handwritten letters to the veterans that attended their breakfast celebration. Argyle High school hosted a special panel of veterans who spoke to the social studies classes in the auditorium throughout the school day. Photo Courtesy

ARMY NURSE SURPRISES DAUGHTERS WITH HER RETURN HOME During the Veterans Day ceremony at Argyle West, Army Nurse and Argyle West parent Cheyenne Frazier surprised her three daughters in an emotional reunion. Cheyenne has been serving at Fort Campbell in Kentucky for the past two months and returned for the first time to see her three daughters on the morning of the Veterans Day school celebrations. Her three daughters were very excited to see her. Photo Courtesy


ARGYLE CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING FESTIVAL The town of Argyle held its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, hosted by Keep Argyle Beautiful, at Cross Timbers Church. The people of the community enjoyed the lighting of the Christmas tree as well as the free festival that was hosted by the local churches in the area. The festival offered free hotdogs, popcorn, Christmas cookies, coffee, hot cider, cocoa, wassail, as well as candy canes from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Photo Courtesy of Keep Argyle Beautiful Facebook page

DENTON IMPLEMENTS IMPROVED ECOMMENT FEATURE FOR MEETINGS Denton has now implemented an improved electronic comment feature for its public meetings. This streamlines the process for commenting on individual agenda items. This new and improved system is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed on the Public Meetings & Agenda page at Photo Courtesy of

THE ARGYLE EAGLE BAND DID IT AGAIN Congratulations to the Argyle Eagle Band who was named the Class 4A state champion at the Alamodome in San Antonio. This impressive win at the competition was the school’s 8th Band Championship. The Eagles were one of 26 bands competing for the title and they had the highest marks possible in all five categories. With this title, the Argyle Eagles became the most decorated band in the state of Texas, regardless of classification. Photo Courtesy

ARGYLE HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE TEAM QUALIFIES The Argyle Independent School District’s run of state success this school year has been top-notch and continues on as the Argyle High School Debate team qualifies. This win marks the first time that Argyle has earned all three of the qualifying spots at the UIL Congressional Debate Region competition. Photo Courtesy of


THE FLIGHT OF A LIFETIME by Caylie Howard photo courtesy of Diane Tutini


or many people, working is a necessity and it’s a means to an end. People go to work, they do their job, and then they go home and do it all again the next day. It’s rare that you find a career that becomes something that you fall in love with. It becomes, not just a job, but a passion. It’s something that you eat, sleep, and breathe. It’s who you are. It’s what you know. It’s what you love. It becomes something that you can’t imagine your life without. For Argyle local, John Tutini, being a pilot was exactly that and his passion was rewarded with the prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. The Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award is named in honor of Orville and Wilbur Wright. They were both American aviation


pioneers that are credited with inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful motor-operated airplane.

This career isn’t easy for a family. Sometimes you’re gone for a week at a time and your wife is left to run the household by herself. You miss holidays and birthdays,” John said. “I did all of this with one wife.

Being eligible to receive this honorary award is no easy task. The nominees must hold a U.S. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot certificate. They also must have 50 or more years of civil and military piloting experience or 50 or more years combined experience in both piloting and aircraft operations. They must be a U.S. citizen and they can’t have had any airman certificate revoked. More details of the requirements entail that up to 20 years of the required 50 years may be U.S. military experience, while also having the effective start date for the 50 years being the date of the nominee’s first solo flight or military equivalent. Finally, the 50 years may be computed consecutively or non-consecutively.

John’s flight career expands from military to commercial planes. “I’ve done a lot of

different things in aviation. I’ve had a very varied career and I’ve loved every minute of it,” John said. He retired from his career as a pilot with American Airlines at 65, which is the age policy of retirement for pilots. “I flew with American for 30 years and when I retired they had to drag me out,” John said. “This is a great career path,” John said. “Something that I tell all new pilots is that every pilot has their last flight. Be safe and make sure that when you go to work that day that you know it’s going to be your last flight.”

Following John’s retirement, he went on to become a G4 Instructor. “Most pilots will tell you that there is no better career. And I don’t care what seat you’re sitting in, there’s no better seat on that plane than the pilot’s seat,” John said. John’s love, passion, and tireless dedication to his flight career are some of the many reasons that he is so deserving of the highly regarded Wright Brother’s Master Pilot Award. John said, “If I had one regret in my entire career, it would be that it went by way too quick.”

Throughout his career, John had the loving support of his wife of 45 years as well as his 3 daughters. “This career isn’t easy for a family. Sometimes you’re gone for a week at a time and your wife is left to run the household by herself. You miss holidays and birthdays,” John said. “I did all of this with one wife,” John joked.








Luckenbach is a fun place to dance your way into the New Year. At the Luckenbach Dance Hall, you can enjoy the town’s New Year’s festivities, such as live music, dancing, and even a midnight toast! 2. SOUTH PADRE ISLAND If you’re looking for an exciting New Year’s Eve experience, look no further than South Padre Island. With the small town’s fireworks that light up the sky along with their many events and parties, you’re sure to have a fantastic New Year’s. 3. AUSTIN Our state’s capital always rings in the New Year in style. You can experience the amazing fireworks over Ladybird Lake. And Gatsby House at the Omni has a roaring 20’s party! It’s always a good New Year’s Eve when you choose Austin.


4. GRUENE The famous Gruene Hall is a must when it comes to ringing in the New Year. They have live music, dancing, food, and champagne to toast. However, due to New Braunfels liquor laws prohibiting alcohol sales past midnight, Gruene celebrates the New Year at 11 pm.

5. GALVESTON Galveston always shows up to impress on New Year’s Eve. From the Downtown Lanterns to Lights in Saengerfest Park you’re sure to have a rocking good time. And you can’t

forget the fantastically good times at Midnight in the Gardens New Year’s Eve Gala at Moody Gardens! 6. DALLAS Dallas is full of lights and good times on New Year’s. Unfortunately, it looks as if the city’s

annual celebration Big D NYE won’t be making its grand come back. But there’s no need to worry. Dallas is known for its amazing parties and festivities on every corner. 7. SAN ANTONIO If ‘Celebrate San Antonio’ isn’t on your bucket list to experience, it should be. The festival offers live music, amazing entertainment, as well as the best food that San Antonio can offer. And you won’t want to miss their midnight firework show! 8. FORT WORTH Fort Worth always offers a cowboy good time on New Year’s. Billy Bob’s Texas and Bar

Louie always go all out with their New Year’s Eve parties. Fort Worth is the best place to ring in the New Year with all of your favorite people.

10. GRAPEVINE Kick-off the New Year Gatsby style at Hotel Vin in Grapevine. You can enjoy a five-course meal, drinks, and a night of “gambling”, with wonderfully fun live music to dance to. And you can’t forget the champagne toast at midnight! You’ll have a ball in Grapevine for New Year’s Eve!

9. HOUSTON Houston is a sure-fire way to have a good time ringing in the New Year. With all of the parties, galas, and festivities that take place all over the city, you’re sure to find the perfect place to watch the ball drop with all of your favorite people!


Jingle Mingle


At Harvest by hillwood

Jingle Mingle

At Harvest by hillwood



unsurpassed equestrian services by Jean Eisenmann | photography by Miranda Longoria Photography | photo courtesy Shawn McMillen and Kate at the Ingate

As you approach Brawley Farms from the road, the picturesque sight of more than 17 acres of lush pastures and top-of-theline equestrian accommodations comes into view. A few feet into the driveway stands an impressive iron gate adorned with the Brawley Farms family crest of a unicorn proudly strutting inside a shield. It’s a crest that has been in the Brawley family for two generations. Owner Bob Brawley calls the farm a “little piece of heaven,” and most locals agree. Located in Double Oak, across the street from Lantana and five minutes from Highland Village-Flower Mound, Brawley Farms is a premier equestrian facility. Once past the gates and inside, you fully capture the splendor of the grounds. The glistening lake is now visible, as is the stable with its substantial indoor arena, outside derby field, and turnout paddocks. Overlooking the covered arena you’ll find a comfortable observation lounge where guests may sit on leather couches, drink a beverage, connect to Wi-Fi, watch TV, and observe the horses and riders in the arena. Brawley Farms currently houses 38 horses in unsurpassed accommodations. Most of the horses actively compete nationwide 22 | ARGYLE LIVING | DECEMBER 2021

200 Simmons Road, Double Oak, Texas 75077 | 760.801.6655|

as hunters or jumpers, with a small group of lesson horses for those who do not own their own horses. Lessons are available for all ages, from beginner to intermediate riders. What defines Brawley Farms is that they offer an exceptional full-service show and training program catering to the needs of both horses and riders of any skill level, from first-time beginners to Grand Prix riders. Their trainers focus on developing horses and riders to excel at the highest level in hunters (where you are judged on the horse’s movement and style), jumpers (a timed event over jumps), and equitation (judged on the rider’s style and position). Individual training programs for each horse and rider combination are based on a goaloriented approach.

The Brawley name is both widely known and respected across the country and abroad. Bob Brawley has been riding horses all his life. This includes being on the hunter jumper circuit for more than 30 years, earning recognition for both his quality horsemanship and dedication to detail. With a top-notch team of trainers, clients always receive high-quality instruction whether they attend a horse show or choose to stay at home. All of the show horses on the farm are housed in large, well-lit stalls with automatic waterers and receive top-ofthe-line nutrition daily. The Brawley Farms staff coordinates and oversees all vet, farrier, dentist, and chiropractor visits so that clients can focus their attention solely on enjoying their horses.

Another service Brawley Farms offers is finding horses and ponies for clients to purchase or lease. They take great care in matching personalities and goals so that each partnership between horse and rider is successful. Using a vast network of connections across the country and in Europe, the Brawley team goes above and beyond to match clients with horses that will help them reach their goals and exceed their expectations. The equipment and observation rooms are brimming with ribbons won from competitions held around the country and competition photos of employees and clients alike in various stages of performances with their champion horses. The trainers compete nationally, traveling on the road about 25 weeks out of the year (including most of the summer) to various competitive horse shows across the country. They often earn national awards at the end of the year, which is a big return on their dedication. There aren’t many equestrian facilities providing excellence in such a comprehensive and caring way and with as many years of experience as Brawley Farms. An equestrian’s dream, right here in your own backyard.



eople from all around the world have been celebrating New Year’s for at least four millennia. In today’s society, most of the New Year’s festivities begin on New Year’s Eve which falls on December 31st and continue on into the early hours of New Year’s Day, which is January 1st.

by Caylie Howard

People ring in the New Year in different ways around the globe, but the most common celebrations and traditions are attending parties, eating special New Year’s foods, making resolutions for the New Year, and watching the ball drop at midnight in Times Square. The earliest recorded New Year’s celebrations date back almost 4,000 years ago to ancient Babylon. The Babylonians marked the occasion with a huge religious festival called Akitu that consisted of a different ritual on each of its 11 days. Many people participate in the New Year’s tradition of enjoying food and snacks that are believed to bring you good luck in the New Year. In Spain, people eat a dozen grapes right before midnight. This symbolizes their hopes for the months ahead. Some New Year’s traditional food is more commonly known and practiced throughout the world such as legumes. They are thought to resemble coins and are believed to bring you financial success in the New Year. Some examples of these legumes include lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the southern United States. In some worldly cultures, pigs represent progress and prosperity. Because of this, pork is a common New Year’s tradition in places such as Cuba, Austria, Hungary, and Portugal. In places such as the Netherlands, Mexico, and Greece they celebrate by eating ring-shaped cakes and pastries, while in Sweden and Norway they enjoy rice pudding with a hidden almond inside. It’s believed that whoever finds the almond will receive a year’s worth of good fortune. With so many different traditions and ways to celebrate the New Year, it’s safe to say that this holiday’s history and festivities are special all around the world. 24 | ARGYLE LIVING | DECEMBER 2021


by Caylie Howard | photos courtesy of Jeff Fisher


In today’s day and age, we are becoming more and more focused and committed to teaching the young people of today to be accepting and inclusive of everyone. That’s why having the gift of Miracle League, and all that Miracle League represents, come to Flower Mound is such a huge step for our local community.

The very first Miracle League began in Georgia in April of 2000 as a way to give people of all ages with special needs the opportunity to get out of the stands and onto the baseball field. “We’ve got kids that have siblings that play baseball. They’ve grown up watching them play the game. Now the tables have turned and they’re the ones that are playing and their siblings are cheering them on,” Jeff Fisher, Executive Director of Miracle League North Texas, said.

The town of Flower Mound had its first Miracle League season in the fall. “We were only expecting about 20 kids or so, but we ended up starting with 43. It blew our expectations out of the water. We never closed registration, so we ended up finishing the season with 57 kids,” Jeff said. By word of mouth, Miracle League in Flower Mound spread like wildfire. “We ended up adding a whole new team at the end of the season because of how many players we had,” Jeff said.

On that opening day in 2000, the rosters had grown to more than 120 eager and excited players. And just like that, the wonderful gift of Miracle League spread across the country. Currently, there are 320 active Miracle League organizations including in places such as Puerto Rico,

Miracle League North Texas in Flower Mound found its home at Baker’s Field Park on one of their softball fields. However, Jeff noticed that the kids in wheelchairs didn’t have the easiest time on the traditional fields. “We’re hoping by the fall of 2022, we will have raised

“We’re always looking for players,” Jeff said. “It doesn’t matter how old you are. We are all about being inclusive. We want you to come out and have fun.”

It goes without saying that Miracle League of Flower Mound wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible

Canada, as well as the newest member of the organization, Australia.

enough funds to purchase turf for the softball field, making it easier on the kids,” Jeff said.

support of the Flower Mound Youth Sports Association (FMYSA) and the Town of Flower Mound. “They have both been so incredibly supportive,” Jeff said. Miracle League of North Texas’ mission statement is to provide children and young adults the opportunity to play baseball regardless of their abilities. “The most rewarding part of all of this is getting to see the smiles and pure joy on these kids’ faces,” Jeff said. And thanks to the help of the staff, volunteers, along with everyone who has had a hand in Making Miracle League a success, it’s looking like Miracle League will be creating that joy for many years to come. 214.923.4421







and Happy Holidays T

he holiday season is often an opportune time for crime. The Denton County Sheriff’s Office urges you to take special safety precautions during this holiday season. If you are traveling or away from your home, leave some lights on or consider an automatic timer for your lights. It’s always a good idea as a neighbor to watch your home or park in the driveway if you are going to be away for a while. Also, make sure to keep wrapped gifts out of sight.

WE ARE HIRING If you are interested in a career in Law Enforcement, join our family and be a part of a great organization. Detention Officer I positions start at $38,752.00 per year. Visit our website to apply. careers/dentoncounty

If you are out shopping, stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you. Park in a well-lighted area, lock your car and hide shopping bags or gifts in the trunk. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash while you are out. Whenever possible, walk to your car with someone or ask a security officer or store employee to walk with you after dark. Criminals sometimes pose as couriers delivering gifts. If you are expecting

packages to arrive, monitor when your

packages are expected to arrive. Don’t let

your packages sit for criminals to see. Talk to your neighbors or have your packages delivered to an alternate address if you are not going to be home.

The holidays are a time of celebration. Drinking and driving is a danger to

everyone on the road. If you choose to

drink during your holiday celebrations, don’t drive! Have a designated driver or have an Uber or other service drive you home. Have fun, but celebrate responsibly. Don’t forget to download the new Denton County Sheriff’s Office smartphone app. The app is designed to keep the citizens within Denton County safe by providing the latest updates and information from the Denton County Sheriff’s Office. Some of those features include an inmate

search, general jail information, a map of sex offender locations, the top ten most wanted list, Sheriff’s Office contacts, the ability to submit a tip to Crime Stoppers and current job openings with links to apply. The app also provides users with alerts and notifications on emergencies or events that may impact their area. Search Denton County Sheriff, TX in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download this free app today.

940.349.1600 | 127 N. WOODROW LN., STE. 300 • DENTON, TX 76205 | DENTONCOUNTY.GOV/707/SHERIFF





Lithium coin batteries are found in many household devices. They are small, about the size of a nickel, and if swallowed can cause serious

harm. Select lithium coin products with safety features such as child secure packaging, and when available, a non-toxic bitter coating designed to help discourage swallowing.


to HELP keep kids SAFE

COMMON HOUSEHOLD DEVICES WITH LITHIUM COIN BATTERIES: Key Finders Home Security Devices Remote Controls Wireless Doorbells Key Fobs Kitchen Scales Weight Scales Thermometers String Lights

Dr. Rebecca Butler (Lantana Resident), Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics

FOUR SIMPLE STEPS Look for loose batteries. Get down to your child’s eye level to see what they see. Look in couch cushions, on low tables and shelves, or any other areas that a child can reach. Keep batteries in a secure compartment, up high and out of a child’s reach. Secure battery compartments by tightening the screws or securing them with tape. Tape could ensure the compartment does not accidentally open. Keep a watchful eye. Toddlers and young children are curious by nature so close supervision is key. If you suspect your child has ingested a lithium coin or other small battery, take your child immediately to an emergency room. Your child may not show symptoms at first, but a lithium coin battery can cause a harmful chemical reaction and burn the esophagus within a few hours. This can be life-threatening. An x-ray can properly diagnose unintentional ingestion. If you are not able to drive, call 911 for help.

940.455.7200 | 74 McMakin Rd., Ste. 100 • Bartonville, TX 76226 Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am-6pm | Wed: 7:30am-1pm Fri: 7:30am-5pm | Sat: 9am-12pm



30+ Fun

Christmas Activities To Help You Enjoy The Holidays


MANTELS by Caylie Howard

With stockings hung by the chimney with care, it’s safe to say that the mantel is a centerpiece for all things Christmas décor. There are so many different ways and styles to make your mantel merry and bright this holiday season. A staple in all things Christmas decorating is the classic holiday garland. There are so many different types of garland to choose from. No matter what is in your color wheel for the holidays this year, you can be sure that there is a garland that will fit perfectly into your theme. Garland is commonly used to be wrapped around your banisters, however, it’s also

a fantastic way to spruce up your mantel and bring the spirit of Christmas to the room. Having the festive Christmas garland as your base of mantel décor really helps to add dimension to your display. By adding differently sized and shaped décors such as elves, trees, nutcrackers, ornaments, and candles, you bring a bright and joyful essence to your space. One fun way to dress up your mantel is by adding lighted garland. This is a great option to add ambiance to the room in the evening. With the lights shining from your festive mantel as you relax by the fire watching your favorite Christmas movie,

you are sure to truly feel the spirit of Christmas. Having a jolly and joyful holiday mantel truly helps to tie your holiday space together. And with holiday garland, you’re sure to impress with your merry mantel this Christmas season. But no matter how you choose to decorate your mantel this Christmas, remember to give, love, and be thankful for the year’s blessings with your family and friends during this Christmas season. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.



COUNTYWIDE by Denton County Judge Andy Eads photo courtesy of Judge Andy Eads


Lighting Ceremony 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Parade: Spinks Road to Gerault Park; Events: Gerault Park Reindeer Run 5k & Grinch Sprint 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Bakersfield Park Breakfast with Santa 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. on Dec. 11, 2021 Flower Mound Community Activity Multipurpose Rooms FRISCO

ur area is rich with tradition during the holidays. Many of the festivals are outdoors with lots of activities for young and old alike such as Aubrey’s Small Town Family Christmas on Dec. 3-4 at the Old Downtown Aubrey Festival Grounds or the Justin Old Town Christmas on Dec. 11 in the center of that community. There is also the well-known annual Holiday Lighting Festival on Dec. 3 surrounding our Courthouse-on-the-Square in Downtown Denton.

And, of course, you can’t miss the 32nd annual Town of Flower Mound Christmas Parade of Lights at Lexington and Spinks Road to Gerault Park. This year’s theme is “The North Pole.” At Gerault Park, a tree lighting ceremony with fireworks begins at 7:20 p.m. with choir performances, photos with Santa, kids’ activities, food trucks, local vendors, and more also available on Dec. 4. The Flower Mound Summit Club will be accepting canned good donations along the parade route to benefit CCA. We compiled this list of holiday celebrations so that you can plan your seasonal calendar to join in the fun with friends and family.

AUBREY A Small Town Family Christmas Dec. 3, 2021 – Dec. 4, 2021 Old Downtown Aubrey Festival Grounds Family Storytime with Santa

30th Annual Merry Main Street 3:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Simpson Plaza JUSTIN Justin Old Town Christmas 9 a.m. on Dec. 11, 2021 Old Town Justin KRUM Krumtry Christmas Parade & Chili Supper

4:15 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2021 Aubrey Area Library

6 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Chili Supper, following the parade, Krum High School Cafeteria



Santa on the Square

Lighting Up The Season

4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Historic Downtown Carrollton

5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Lake Dallas City Hall



Denton Holiday Lighting Festival

Lantana’s Holiday Market & Festival

6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Dec. 3, 2021 Courthouse-on-the-Square

3 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Dec. 11, 2021 Lantana Town Green

Annual Argyle Christmas Tree Lighting Festival



4 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Cross Timbers Church Parking Lot

32nd annual Town of Flower Mound Christmas Parade of Lights and Tree

Old Town Holiday Stroll & Christmas Parade



If you have any questions or comments, please let me hear from you. 940.349.2820 | | 34 | ARGYLE LIVING | DECEMBER 2021

8 a.m. – 9 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Wayne Ferguson Plaza LITTLE ELM Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony 6 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Little Elm Park PILOT POINT Christmas on the Square 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Pilot Point Historic Square PROSPER Prosper Christmas Festival 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Prosper Town Hall ROANOKE Roanoke’s Hometown Holiday 12 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021 Roanoke City Hall SANGER 4 Days of Christmas Dec. 7, 2021 – Dec. 10, 2021 Downtown Sanger THE COLONY Holiday in the Park 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 4 Perryman Park, 4930 South Colony Blvd. TROPHY CLUB Christmas in the Park 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 11, 2021 Independence Park East


Ask The Expert: Dentistry


2022 with a T he New Year will soon be upon us, and with that comes new opportunities for declarations of

improvement and resolve. As we usher

into the new year with innovative notions of self-development, the team

at Country Lakes Family Dental would

like to encourage all resolution enthusiasts to take on the New Year with a smile!

Believe it or not, making the New Year

bright could be as simple as beginning with a smile.


technology and advancements that make

improving your dental health comfortable and predictable.

Your smile, like your health, is

undoubtedly an invaluable quality to

your state of being. And like so many

resolutions, sometimes dental care can

easily fall to the wayside. To curb that, we use the current advancements in digital technology and software, along with

thorough planning, to create a smile that is not only efficient but predictable.

We are brimming with ways to help you

Your individual goals can be

improve your look and health beyond

simple as a cleaning with whitening or

achieve that goal with different ways to

the typical methods of straightening your teeth and whitening your smile. As our

patients know, our office boasts the latest

So, as the Holidays and New Year bring new campaigns of exercise regimens and steadfast dietary choices, these newfound determinations should be met with tenacity, enthusiasm, and, most of all, a smile! Venturing into 2022, you can rest assured our team will help you smile with ease!

by Dr. Matt Artho owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

accomplished through treatment as

can be multifactorial by incorporating

cosmetic, orthodontic, or even implant dental treatment.

by Dr. Matt Artho, Owner of Country Lakes Family Dental 940.455.7645 | COUNTRYLAKESDENTAL.COM | 74 MCMAKIN RD., STE. 200 • BARTONVILLE, TX 76226


Things 5TO DO

UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER CONTEST A great way to spice up a Christmas Party

is by adding in an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Each guest can either buy new, use an oldie but goodie, or even create their own. And the uglier the sweater the funnier it is. This is a fantastic way to liven up any party. You could even have a festive prize for the winner.



A fun Christmas Party activity to do with your friends is to decorate Christmas cookies. Everyone at your party is sure to have a ball designing the festive treats. Not to mention the delicious snacks they’ll make after. If you’re not a baker, no worries! There are tons of local businesses that will sell them to you to decorate.

Do you ever debate on the best gifts for your friends to exchange at a party? Why not make it a game and do an ornament exchange. Each guest can pick out a cute ornament that they’d like to bring and add to the fun of the party. It’s always fun to play and everyone leaves a winner.

WRAPPING PARTY Is there anyone out there that waits until the very last minute to wrap their Christmas gifts? Why not have a lastminute wrapping party? Have all of your friends get together for an evening of food, drinks, and last-minute gift wrapping. Having fun with your friends will make the task much more enjoyable.

CHRISTMAS MOVIE MARATHON Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? And there are so many to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of the classics, animation, or even the newer releases, with a Christmas movie marathon everyone will enjoy the party. Don’t forget the festive holiday movie theater snacks!







IT’S TIME TO CLEAN UP! by Debbie Sardone

fter all the excitement of the holidays — spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying

delicious food and drink, and giving and

receiving presents — your happy glow can

and you have to deal with the cleanup.

Hopefully, you’ve been cleaning as you

go, so that this tip isn’t a surprise for you.

received replacements for.

a trip and get rid of old items that you

When you take down a string of lights,

Hire a professional service to clean your

or a piece of cardboard to keep them

Let’s face it — all the spills in the kitchen and

wrap them around a paper towel tube


can be challenging, but these tips will help

Clean as you go

time you spend decorating next year.

untangled and easy to unravel next

Getting your home back into tip-top shape

you’re left behind with the mess.

Goodwill with unwanted gifts, save yourself

phone. The images will cut down the

quickly disappear when guests are gone

when your guests and gifts are gone, and

save the pictures to an album on your

Label your holiday bins with the specific room or area where you use those

decorations and lights. Pack and unpack them accordingly.


increased traffic through the bathrooms

left your home a mess. Instead of bravely

facing the task of cleaning this by yourself, hire a cleaning company like Bucket & Bows Maid Service to deep clean your house.

Let the professionals tackle cleaning kitchen cabinets, stove, oven, countertops, floors,

Deal with holiday cards

dusting and vacuuming the living areas,

pots, utensils, dishes, and cutting boards

Collect all the holiday cards that arrived

house back in shape. What a great way to

or glasses on the counter, put them in the

received cards from. You can use this as a

As you prepare the holiday meal, wash the as you go. Instead of stacking dirty dishes dishwasher immediately.

in the mail and make a list of who you

starting point for next year’s holiday card list.

Take down the holiday lights

Then toss those cards in the recycling bin,

Make next year easier on yourself when you

and counters from the festive clutter.

and decorations

clean up this year’s decorations. •

Take pictures of your lights and

decorations. Then print them out

and put them in your holiday bins, or

immediately clearing your mantle Get rid of unwanted gifts

Don’t feel guilty if you received a gift

that you don’t want. Return it, donate it, or

re-gift it. And since you’re already headed to

cleaning toilets and sinks, and getting your usher in the new year! Smile ... and Relax

Remember how great it feels when the

holidays are over and the cleanup is done? When you aren’t sidestepping twinkling

Santas in the foyer, and you realize how big

your rooms really are? Get the whole family involved. Order in some pizzas or subs and

dance to some happy music. Happy holidays, and don’t sweat the cleanup!

Debbie Sardone is the president and owner of Buckets & Bows Maid Service and a popular national speaker on all things cleaning.


HELPING FAMILIES Navigate Challenging Issues




Thomas Little Lantana Resident

940.489.8440 2904 Corporate Cir., Ste. 123 Flower Mound, TX 75028



FASHION GUIDE 2021 photos courtesy of each respective business


972.899.4060 4081 Waller Creek, Ste. 160 Highland Village, TX 75077 Festive for the upcoming season, this rose gold chevron dress designed by Veronica M, is one our favorites. The flattering neckline, long sleeves and above the knee cut makes this the perfect party dress. The dress can be worn with or without the belt tied at the waist and with a fun pair of boots. This beautiful print is also available as a top. Megan’s Lifestyle Boutique offers its patrons everything from party to casual chic clothes to lounge wear. Plus we have the perfect bags, shoes and jewelry to match. Located in The Shops at Highland Village. Come see us! Thank you for shopping small and local!





817.581.2743 2451 Lakeside Pkwy., Ste. 160 Flower Mound, TX 75022

972.539.4800 5801 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 810 Flower Mound, TX 75028

817.965.0648 400 S Oak St., Ste. 110 Roanoke, TX 76262

Ahh, Winter! This season brings us lasting memories with the holidays, playing in the snow (if we are lucky!) and getting cozy by the fireplace. Your fashion choices can also bring you joy! If you look good, you feel good! Our Texas weather is perfect for layering as shown here. Stay on-trend while not sacrificing comfort in this tie dye pullover. Style with buttery soft black denim from our exclusive brand, Mac and Me and a trendy, chunky bootie. Don’t forget to throw on that cute pom pom beanie before heading out the door for that effortless girl-on-the-go look! Come visit mother-daughter team, Susan and Maddie, for all your winter wardrobe needs!

MadiJaks is a women’s clothing and gift boutique conveniently located in Downtown Roanoke.

The Model is wearing our Claudette Jacket, which features a removable collar for a more sleek feel and who doesn’t love a piece that’s two looks in one. We paired her gorgeous jewel green jacket with black skinny jeans and the Hearts On Fire Necklace. Skip the mall and support local for all the best pieces this holiday season. Stylish tops, custom jewelry and great gifts. Shop local, shop Briesly’s Boutique.

We offer a collection of unique, affordable, and on-trend items that are handpicked with our customers in mind. We strive to bring our customers captivating, fashionable pieces that encourage them to live with confidence. Our Adeline wrap dress is style and comfort all wrapped into one! The loose fit, wrap waist, and mid-thigh length allows you to be comfortable for your entire event and looking great while partying the night away! Pair with a pair of our white boots or heels to accent the details in the dress! DECEMBER 2021 | ARGYLE LIVING | 45


Travel: Ask The Expert




by Terri Guthrie | photos courtesy of Terri Guthrie

n beautiful Branson, Missouri, experience world-famous live entertainment, thrilling attractions, outdoor beauty, delicious food, and genuine Ozark hospitality that will make you feel right at home!

The Branson community is really

Lake, head to Top of the Rock at Big Cedar

values like patriotism, faith, courage,

had countless special occasion meals

refreshing…as it embodies American and generosity that is truly genuine and heartfelt. And, there’s no place more festive at Christmastime!

I’m sharing my ‘Top Picks’ about my

favorite places to have a true ‘Ozark Mountain Christmas Experience.’

My ‘Top Pick’ for Best Christmas Show “JESUS” at the Sight & Sound Theatre!

This is where they produce Bible Stories live on stage and is the most famous Christian theater in the world. In this

year’s show, you’ll witness the magic and

inspiration behind every aspect of Jesus' life. It comes to life with special effects, live animals, and an original script and music score. Don't miss out on seeing one of the most amazing theatrical performances

Lodge. Here at Osage Restaurant, we have and it’s one of our favorite restaurants.

The food, ambiance, architecture, natural beauty, and iconic views are simply

magnificent. The restaurant's lower level houses the Buffalo Bar and the AllAmerican Wine Cellar.

My ‘Top Pick’ for Best Entertainment - An Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City! One of America’s most family-friendly Christmas festivals, An Old Time

Christmas is filled with your favorite

Christmas traditions. Celebrate the season with the theme park's 6.5 million lights. There is also an 8-story, state-of-the-art

Christmas tree reaching 80 feet into the

night sky, with an impressive combination of high-resolution lights, music, imagery, and 1,000 other Christmas trees

throughout the park - all sitting atop one

on earth!

My “Top Pick” for Best Restaurant - Osage at Top of the Rock!

For an outstanding meal and an epic view of the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock

of Missouri's deepest caves! We love this place.

Christmastime in Branson will surely leave you feeling merry and bright and full of the Spirit of Christmas!


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