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An Even Stronger Legal Team

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Mother’s Day:

Oh The Memories!


ow that Mother’s Day is almost here, I am reminded of a funny joke I usually play on my kids. Each year, I pull out the box of old cards, poems and artwork, and while sitting at breakfast, chime in with, “These are a reminder of all the nice stuff you used to say about mommy!” Naturally, their eyes get all big and wide, and they immediately start saying stuff

like, “Oh, mom, stop!” and “You know we still love you.” But I keep on reading in a cute mommy voice …

Like the card that says, “My mommy is pretty because she has striped hair.”

Or, “My mommy is the best mommy there is, and that’s all I have to say about that!” My kids are so much older now, so the

entire charade embarrasses them a little

bit. In their defense, everything I do is just

Address: 3513 Yucca Dr., Ste. 200

mom and wife, and I really do get treated

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for show. I am incredibly blessed to be a like a Queen on Mother’s Day.

Not sometimes, or most of the time – but all of the time.

My husband, Scott, always goes out of his way to make sure I have the best gifts and even brings me breakfast in bed from time to time. The kids, no matter how fast they are growing up, are quick to make me the homemade stuff I adore so much – the poems, trinkets and cards. I love those because it means they took the time to sit down, think about how much I mean to them and create something from the heart. I keep all of it. And yes, I still like to look back on them from time to time. What are your favorite Mother’s Day memories? Reach out to us on social media and share photos or funny stories. You never know, we may print some of them in the next issue.

Sincerely, Kelly Murray

Publisher of Murray Media Group


| APRIL 2019




On the Cover is: Charla Bradshaw of KoonsFuller Family Law

A Strong Legal Reputation An Even Stronger Legal Team


ASK THE EXPERTS 14 Dentistry with Country Lakes Family Dental

18 Gardening with Complete Solutions

36 Counseling with Hopemead Counseling & Trauma Center

08 Lesser Known Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell

10 Stephanie Wilson: Determination, Consistency & Hard Work

12 Inside Community


In a Land Far Away

13 Inside Education 15 Headache Triggers 16 Every Home Has A Story with Lisa Good

19 District 8-4A All-District Boys & Girls Basketball 2019

26 Foodie Friday DFW with Jay Marks



Real Estate

28 Summer Camp Activities 32 Sheriff’s Corner with Sheriff Tracy Murphree

38 Still the Champs: Lady Eagles

The Real Estate


Learn who your local real estate agents are and tips to help get your house sold. As well as moving tips and packing tricks.

Capture 5th Straight State Title APRIL 2019 | ARGYLE LIVING | 7

Real Estate Article

Lesser Known Tips to Get Your


READY to Sell T

here’s so much that goes into selling your home. From finding the right realtor to deciding how much your house is worth, wading through purchase offers, setting up inspections and getting items repaired or replaced, etc., all of it can feel like you are quickly being buried by one overwhelming task after the other. It’s all going to work itself out – we promise. But don’t forget that perhaps THE most important task on that to-do list is getting your home ready for sale. You know, making sure everything looks its absolute best for the litany of home showings interested buyers will sign up for? If you’re using a lockbox, that means total strangers could be walking through every corner of your house at a moment’s notice – so it’s imperative that you create a warm, appealing atmosphere.

by Steve Gamel


| APRIL 2019

We scoured the Internet and found obvious tips to prepare your home for the market, including getting your carpets cleaned or replacing and repairing items that are broken, but here are some lesser-known strategies:

Declutter Your Entire Home OK, so this first one is obvious, too. But you’d be surprised how many people think picking everything up off the floor will do the trick. Decluttering means throwing away things you no longer use that may be taking up important “showing” space in a living area, closet, bedroom, or garage. Don’t get rid of everything, but the idea is that the less stuff there is to distract a potential buyer from falling in love with the house itself, the better. Your home will look bigger and less busy as a result.

Give Your Pets a Vacation We all love our fur babies, but the shedding, the smells, the dog bowls and even the cat yarn can make a home less than desirable in a hurry. Not to mention, keeping the home clean for multiple showings can be a chore if they are around. Consider boarding your pets or having them stay at a friend or relative’s house while your home is in showing mode.

Keep Up With The Laundry As we mentioned earlier in this article, you will likely have plenty of potential buyers in your home throughout the week, so it’s imperative to keep everything as tidy as possible during that time and beyond. That includes laundry, where a few full baskets or clothes still sitting inside the dryer can be an unpleasant site for some. A tip here is to fold and put items away each time you do a load of laundry, thus making the entire laundry experience less painful.

Tidy Up The Landscaping Everyone always focuses on the inside of their home, but curb appeal is just as important. Make sure your lawn, flower beds and other landscaping is adequately maintained and eliminate any areas of overgrowth, broken branches, weeds, etc. If you have a gazebo or outside living area, make sure it is in peak condition for potential buyers to view.

Put White Towels in All The Bathrooms This goes along with the idea that your home and everything in it should be as neutral as possible (neutral paint, accent pieces, carpet and rugs, etc.). By staying neutral, you make everything easier to view, and nothing says clean and new like having white towels in all the bathrooms.

Consider Doing a Few Upgrades This is for those of you who may have lived in the same home for 20 or 30 years. Appliances can get outdated in a hurry, same with that shag carpet and older countertops that you never got around to changing out and can’t be prettied up anymore with a few spritzes of cleaning product. Buyers love to see upgrades wherever possible, especially with light fixtures, and it’s something your realtor will use as a selling point.

Keep All Your Lights on & Curtains Open Sure, your house will look like a fish bowl with everything on display but isn’t that the point when your house is on the market? Abundant light is not only inviting for guests, but it also gives the appearance that a space is bigger.

Hire a Staging Company This is an excellent point since most homeowners quickly feel the tension and anxiety of getting their home prepped for the market. If you’ve done everything else and don’t know how else to improve the look and feel of your home, a local staging company can come in like a white knight and make some tweaks and adjustments – think new decor, new furniture, etc. – to make the entire home more buyer-friendly. APRIL 2019 | ARGYLE LIVING | 9

Real Estate Article

or have a business in the Argyle area to

Stephanie Wilson


& HARD WORK 214.862.0665 | (Q) Tell me about

(Q) What are some of the challenges

female business

real estate business, especially trying

your journey as a owner? How did

you get to where you are today,

and did anyone help you?

(A) When I first

started my career in real estate,

my kids were 4 and 7, and my husband

was traveling extensively for work. I knew that what my business looked like then

was not going to be what it would become

or obstacles you have faced in the

to get your business off the ground in the beginning?

(A) I would say a big challenge I had in

the beginning was getting people to see me as a real estate professional instead

of the stay-at-home mom I had been for

the past several years. Also, the market is

saturated with Realtors, so it was essential to find ways to provide added value and set myself apart. I also had to learn the

importance of being self-motivated and

in the future – I had a lot of limitations in

have great discipline because in this

to start somewhere so I did what I could,

for people to come to you. If you end up

those early days. I spent my first year with

of making phone calls, well, that is on you.

that season of my life. But I knew that I had

business you cannot sit back and wait

and I learned as much as possible in

spending your afternoon at Target instead

Keller Williams in Flower Mound where

each other’s businesses.

(Q) Do you have any specific advice for

other’s who are thinking about starting their own business?

(A) Stay focused, work hard, and have fun. Set short term and long term goals. Have

an accountability partner. Hire people who are good at the things you are not. (Q) What is the biggest lesson

you have learned in all your years as an entrepreneur?

(A) If you are willing to take risks, and you

are willing to work consistently hard, there WILL be rewards. Don’t miss that word

“consistency” – It is the main ingredient. (Q) Were you ever afraid of failing? If so, why? If not, why not?

(A) Absolutely! But having a healthy fear of failing is a good thing!

Most truly successful people have failed

at one thing or another. But they get back up, learn from the failure, and try again. When I started The Argyle Insider

(local resource page on facebook) about a year and a half ago, I had no idea how

people would react to it. Not to mention I had never done a video in my life or

knew how to edit one. But I knew I wanted to provide a free resource service to the Argyle community, so I just swallowed all my fear and pride and went for it.

As a result, I have been able to help many local businesses and non-profits promote

(Q) How important is it for real

themselves for free to thousands of

other up? What role, if any, do you

Wednesday videos. In turn, I have seen

learned about leadership?

extremely rewarding and also a lot of fun,

skyrocketed as a result. He set goals for

relationships with other local realtors

that make up the Argyle community that

then I surpassed them. My entire team at

clients. It’s also important for local

I am today. I had no idea the importance

relationships, and that is why last January

and collaborative environment.

for business owners that live in Argyle

they provided excellent training for new

estate business owners to lift each

people with my weekly What’s the Deal

currently play in that? What have you

my business grow as well. It has been

these last 2.5 years, and my business has

(A) It’s important to have strong

plus I have met so many amazing people

me that I thought were ludicrous, and

because, in the end, it benefits the

Magnolia Realty has helped me get where

business owners in general to have good

of working in such a positive, motivating,

I started The Argyle Connector. It is a place

agents. Fast forward about five years into my career when I met Will Woods, who is now my team leader at Magnolia Realty. He has become my mentor and coach


| APRIL 2019

I love with all my heart.

photo courtesy of Stephanie Wilson


connect, share ideas, and help promote


INSIDE COMMUNITY DFW RAYALASEEMA PICNIC Sun., Apr. 28 | 11am - 4pm | Pilot Knoll Park 218A Orchid Hill Ln. • Argyle, TX 76226

It’s time for the 6th annual DFW Rayalaseema Picnic. Get together with friends and families and enjoy the authentic food, games, kids activities and entertainment. Registration via eventbrite (free) is required for each attendee. An optional donation can be contributed towards picnic expenses as well. Please register as early as possible. There will also be a picnic potluck so be sure to sign up at

MOTHER’S DAY GOAT YOGA Sat., May 11 | 10:30am - 12pm | Farmhouse Coffee 1300 Homestead Way • Argyle, TX 76226 You are cordially invited to Goat Yoga in Argyle, TX! Come and get your yoga on while our tribe of pet goats graze and jump around (or on) you! We will be on the Harvest by Hillwood event lawn across the street from Farmhouse Coffee & Treasures! Tickets range from $7 - $20 and can be purchased on or email for more info. photo courtesy of Goat Yoga Event page 12 | ARGYLE LIVING

| APRIL 2019

KEEP ARGYLE BEAUTIFUL CEMETERY CLEAN UP Sat., May 18 | 8:30am - through lunchtime

Graham Argyle Cemetery on Country Club Road Come help us clean up the historic Graham Argyle Cemetery. Bring tools and gloves if you have them, annual work involves pruning, raking, digging...Drinks & desserts will be provided by the volunteers on the Graham Argyle Cemetery board. Come meet a new friend & learn some history of Argyle. All ages invited. More info on Keep Argyle Beautiful Facebook, Twitter & Instagram,

INSIDE EDUCATION SHOOT FOR THE STARS Fri. - Sat., Apr. 26 - 27 | Argyle High School

photo courtesy of Argyle ISD

Come join us for our 3rd annual Shoot for the Stars event celebrating life, family and faith. Friday the 3-on-3 game for our younger players will start around 4pm. Saturday, April 27th our 8th grade vs adults game will start around 9am. The event will also offer free heart screening, food & drink for purchase and will end the night with a music festival in the courtyard of Fuzzy’s off 377 in Argyle. For more info and registration go to

RHYLE MCKINNEY photo courtesy of the Denton Record Chronicle


Argyle junior Rhyle McKinney continues to dominate the basketball courts after leading Argyle to it’s fifth consecutive Class 4A state championship. She also has racked up a long list of awards over the past several weeks with being named the District 8-4A MVP, the Region I all-tournament MVP, the 4A state tournament MVP, a consensus allstate selection and the Texas Girls Coaches Association Class 1A-4A player of the year.


Argyle HS students just set a new school record with the number of State Qualifiers for the UIL Theatrical Design contest. They had 9 students qualify with their designs for the theoretical production of Willy Wonka. This year’s qualifiers are: Gracie Johnson, Lauren Van Zee, Berret Buvinghausen, Kate Repp, Mackenzie McCormick, Aidan Monticino, Tatum Earp, Paige Pakebusch, Chase Dillinger


EVENTS AHS Drill Team Spring Show May 3 - 4 | 7 - 9:30pm At AHS Auditorium Senior Scholarship Night May 6 | 6 - 7:30pm At AHS Cafeteria AHS/AMS Spring Choir Concert May 10 | 7 - 9pm Argyle HS Auditorium


EVENTS Dance Team Tryouts May 2 | 4:30 - 7pm LC Competition Gym

Top Golf Tournament May 3 | 9am - 12pm Top Golf - The Colony 8th Grade Wilderness Trip May 5 - 10 APRIL 2019 | ARGYLE LIVING | 13

Ask The Expert: Dentistry




ave you ever been in a social situation where you just did not fit in? Like showing up to a costume party that’s not a costume party, or a function with your significant other where you don’t know anyone? My wife’s advice to me is always the same, “Don’t try to be charming, witty, or fun … instead, just be yourself.”

These days, most are aware of the

Well, writing a dental article in an issue dedicated to “real estate” is much the same. So, instead of trying to suffer making a dental link to “real estate,” I will instead discuss some “real state-of-the-art” advances in dentistry.

of equipment, cone beam radiography


| APRIL 2019

novel technology of digital x-rays with their minimal amounts of detected radiation and the ability to view in an instant. However, one of the

most amazing realities in radiology

advances is the accessibility to digital 3-dimensional radiographs. Once an

incredibly expensive and difficult piece is becoming a standard for streamlining advanced dental procedures. Its use

can vary from identifying pathology to

tracing the intricate canals of a tooth root structure before a root canal, and more.

Most dental procedures currently can utilize digital impressions in ways that allow for a more comfortable and convenient experience without trays or goopy material. Integrating digital impressions with certain 3D software and milling lathes allows for same-day fabrication of dental crowns and bridges, preventing the use of temporary crowns and long waits for dental labs. Digital technology is improving the overall dental experience, creating a more accurate, more predictable, and more comfortable treatment. If you have not yet encountered these advances, you’re in for a “real state” of delight.

Happy Smiling! by Dr. Matt Artho owner of Country Lakes Family Dental



Enforce regular bedtimes, even for teens

Don’t allow kids or teens to use screens an hour before bed

Encourage regular physical activity to help relieve stress and anxiety

by Dr. Rebecca Butler, Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics

Use stress management techniques to reduce anxiety and stress

Ensure kids eat healthy foods and do not skip meals

Give kids a reusable water

Keep a headache journal including activities and foods before the headache starts to identify triggers

Teach kids the importance of wellness, including healthy diet, regular exercise and quality sleep


eadaches in children of all ages may be more common than you think. Often, a child’s headaches

are incorrectly thought to be related

to sinus or vision problems, frequently

delaying treatment. Because young kids may not be able to communicate what’s

puberty. These headaches may be cyclical, occurring around the same time in the girl’s menstrual cycle.

bottle to keep with them to prevent dehydration

avoid light or noise, or just want to lie

down when they develop a headache. Kids can get the same types of headaches





and vomiting


Tension headaches, which may


When your child does have a headache, you can likely treat it with over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen, rest, water, and a healthy snack. If headaches are severe, you may need to see your physician for prescription medicines for your child’s headaches.

as adults, including: Reference:

Hormonal changes: Headaches caused by hormonal changes are more likely in teen or pre-teen girls who are going through

Certain foods: Certain food additives, especially in processed foods, are common headache triggers. These additives may include:

wrong, you may notice they stop playing,

Sponsored Content

When eating or sleeping patterns are thrown off, it may cause headaches or make them more frequent. These tactics may be helpful for preventing headaches:

Migraines, which cause moderate to severe pain and often nausea

be related to tight muscles and increased stress

Cluster Headaches or frequent

episodes of intense pain around an eye that can occur over many days

Chronic daily headaches that occur on at least 15 days of the month

It’s important to know how to recognize the different types of headaches.

Knowing what type of headache your

child is suffering from and what is causing that headache can help you treat it and prevent it from occurring in the future. COMMON HEADACHE TRIGGERS Many children experience headaches after being exposed to a trigger.

By avoiding or recognizing triggers,

you can help stop headaches before they start. The most common triggers include:

Stress: Just like in adults, stress can cause headaches in children. Children may feel pressure to perform in school or sports, which can cause stress. Stress can also keep kids from taking care of their bodies, leading to headaches. Anxiety: Children who experience anxiety and depression tend to have more headaches than other children. These conditions can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and medicines. Sleep deprivation: Sleep deprivation affects many aspects of a child’s health, even causing headaches. It works the other way around as well – headaches that wake children from sleep cause sleep deprivation. Consult your child’s physician if headaches are interrupting sleep. HOW TO PREVENT HEADACHES IN KIDS

If your child’s headaches wake them up, cause vomiting, or prevent them from functioning in school, you should see your child’s physician to help uncover the cause of and treat headaches and migraines.

940.455.7200 74 McMakin Rd., Ste. 100 Bartonville, TX 76226 Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am-5pm Wed: 7:30am - 12:30pm • Fri: 7:30am - 4pm Sat: 9am - 12pm

photo courtesy of Lisa Good

Real Estate Article


Has A Story | 214.212.0017 |

(Q) What is your name and how long

historical value. I’m passionate about writing, discovering, and telling that story

marketing techniques and networking.

(A) I’m Lisa Good, and I’ve represented

alongside my clients.

(Q) What is the biggest lesson

have you been in real estate?

distinctive buyers and sellers since 2001 in northern Denton County. (Q) Why are you passionate about real estate?

(Q) What makes you different from your competition?

(A) Through Sotheby’s, I have access

to the fascinating global presence and

(A) Every home has a story in why it’s

marketing tools of our brand. But I also

being purchased or sold. Most are happy

tend to differentiate myself from my

stories of a first home or growing family.

competition by thinking beyond the

Some are bittersweet in relocating or

traditional and outside the box when

empty nesting. And some properties have

it comes to buying or selling a home


| APRIL 2019

utilizing social media as well as creative

you have learned in all your years as an entrepreneur?

(A) The largest takeaway advice of

being a real estate entrepreneur is

you must dedicate time to your clients

each and every day because what actions you take today is what produces the sale of their home tomorrow or finds your buyer their future home the moment it comes to market.


Ask The Expert: Gardening

The Secret To



ipolar weather patterns with a little rain and sinus infections in full forceSPRING IS HERE. Being one of the

most transitional times of the year here in North Texas, there’s a long list of things

to do if you’re trying to keep up with the

grass thinning and dying out. If you can’t

remember or are new to the property, the quickest way to tell if it’s time to aerate is

by sticking a knife down into the ground. If it stops 1.5-2.5” down, then call your

property maintenance yourself. We are

grass guy, if it goes further, then you’re

it comes to your grassy areas in this article.


going to highlight some key points when

probably good for another year.


A good rule of thumb is to ensure your

that you aerate every third year at a

water per week. Obvious water restrictions

soil to get hard, cutting off the amount of

into account. If you have not done so,

With our terrible North Texas soils, ensure

grassy areas get on average 1 inch of

minimum. Not doing so will allow the

and weather conditions should be taken

nutrients and oxygen and resulting in your

NOW is the time to get the irrigation


| APRIL 2019

system on and evaluated. Broken pipes, busted heads and/or clogged nozzles can all lead to under or over watering. Either direction will have a negative result on your yard space. Fertilization Another way to ensure your grass is thick and healthy this season is to establish a fertilization schedule and stick to it. Being consistent with this CAN offer immediate results BUT more often will take a few treatments before you really see improvements. Being realistic with your goals and paying more for quality products are two things to keep in mind. Typically, cheaper chemicals will not treat as well and will wear out a lot faster than a name brand product with a slower release schedule.

by PJ Kratohvil of Complete Solutions




Offensive MVP: Max Valentino, Argyle Newcomer of the Year: Nate Atwood, Argyle FIRST TEAM Brandon White, Argyle Hunter Lavelle, Argyle Jackson Maupin, Argyle

GIRLS BASKETBALL 2019 MVP: Rhyle McKinney, Argyle

Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Brooklyn Carl, Argyle Sixth Man of the Year: Bailey Timmons, Argyle FIRST TEAM Abby Williams, Argyle


A STRONG LEGAL REPUTATION An Even Stronger Legal Team by Steve Gamel


| APRIL 2019


o matter how many times Charla Bradshaw has been seen walking into a courtroom, you can rest

assured she and her clients are backed

by the largest and most comprehensive family law team in the state.

Don’t get us wrong, Bradshaw can

hold her own in the legal world. For more than 25 years, she has built a reputation

have an entire team working together

chair of the Texas Academy of

As Bradshaw said, clients receive a

chair of the State Bar of Texas District

to make sure all bases are covered.

different level of representation when they put their trust in KoonsFuller –

and their bread and butter is the team

approach. Bradshaw pointed to a recent contested custody case where she and

Darnell teamed up to represent a client.

of trust and superior knowledge while

“Sarah picked the jury, while I was able

more complex divorce-related cases both

information during

having her name linked to some of the

locally and internationally. But when she

merged her firm with KoonsFuller in 2008 and became the managing shareholder Sponsored Content

for the Denton office, she and her team did so with the promise of providing clients limitless resources.

“When someone hires us, they have

access to all of our attorneys, of which we have every level. On top of that, there’s this amazing support staff,”

Bradshaw said. “We do things differently and comprehensively, and it starts with

to gather valuable jury selection. We have jury trials in

Texas for custody

and certain divorce

matters, and we are

very experienced to handle such cases,” Bradshaw said.

“We pooled our

talents and the entire

Family Law Specialists and is a past 14 Grievance Committee.

Darnell has extensive litigation experience in family law. She graduated law school

in 2006, and in 2012 she became Board

Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Ms. Darnell is an

associate member of the Annette Stewart

American Inn of Court

“When someone hires us, they have access to all of our attorneys, of which we have every level. On top of that, there’s this amazing support staff,” Bradshaw said. “We do things differently and comprehensively, and it starts with the team approach.

team together for the

benefit of our client. And there are plenty

and is a Texas Super Lawyers Rising

Stars Honoree. Abeyta has practiced family law in Texas

since 1997. He has

helped many clients

achieve out-of-court settlements through

informal negotiations, mediation, and

collaborative law. Abeyta is also Board

more examples.”

Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board

of taking remarkably good care of our

KoonsFuller uses the team approach,

named to the Texas Super Lawyers list

is largely due to referrals and word

team approach is having a supervising

the team approach. We have a reputation clients. Our firm’s growth over the years of mouth. We can handle any family law matter.”

and one of the models for the KoonsFuller attorney, an assisting attorney, and a legal assistant.

KoonsFuller provides the community with

“We handle emergencies, which can be

for its advocacy and care of clients.

when a child has been taken away, and the

a family law firm with a strong reputation They have offices in Denton, Plano,

Dallas, Southlake, and Houston, and their services include matters such as divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, paternity, and the modification and enforcement of orders.

The Denton office has five attorneys:

Bradshaw, Sarah Darnell, Sean Abeyta,

James Logue, and Nicole Carroll. The firm also has a full-time licensed professional counselor, Jenny Gomez, who provides

litigation support for KoonsFuller clients. So how does it all work? When a client is working with an attorney such as

Bradshaw or Darnell, for example, they

severe in a family law matter. For example,

client has been excluded from their house. There is constant coverage of a client’s case.” Bradshaw said.

Bottom line, every client receives a high-

level of representation regardless of which attorneys handle their case.

Bradshaw, a Denton native who has been

listed among The Best Lawyers in America in family law and family law mediation as recognized by Best Lawyers, LLC since

2011, has all but her thesis in a masters in

marriage and family therapy: she went on

of Legal Specialization and has been since 2014.

Logue studied law at Texas Tech University

School of Law in Lubbock, TX. He received the CALI Award for the highest grade

in Legal Research & Writing, as well as the American Jurisprudence Award in Accounting for Lawyers and Criminal

Law. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Texas Bar Association, and Texas Aggie Bar Association.

Carroll has been practicing law for almost 22 years and is most passionate about navigating clients through the divorce process and using creative solutions

on complex issues. She strives to help couples resolve issues smoothly.

It’s a team Bradshaw can’t imagine being without.

to law school before completion. She is

“I am blessed to have such an amazing

Board of Legal Specialization. She is past

know our clients appreciate it, too.”

Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas

team around me,” Bradshaw said. “And I



by reading books and crafting bedtime

stories with their own children. In doing so,

Far Away: by Steve Gamel





they build a bond that lasts a lifetime while reading material that teaches life lessons,

values, and explores teachable moments. “It’s been nice to see Isabella doing

something like this with her grandma,”

said Lisa Walker, Isabella’s mother. “Too many kids these days are playing video

games. It’s nice to see them pick up a book.” The Adventures of Princess Isabella the Leprechaun was a picture storybook.

Missing Pots Mystery is a continuation of that story but is more of a chapter


he already has two published books,

was the featured guest at a handful of book signings with her grandmother,

and still has enough material from countless bedtime stories to create two or three more best-sellers if she wants to. Oh yeah, and she’s only in the fourth grade. She is Lantana resident and Blanton Elementary fourth-grader, Isabella Walker, who has created a literary tag to recently publish their second book, Missing Pots Mystery. They held a book signing at Kimzey’s Coffee in Argyle on March 12 and 17.

“These books are a product of our

relationship,” said Linda, who found herself writing down

notes during her and

Isabella’s many nights of reading bedtime stories and solving playful

mysteries. “It started

as bedtime stories, but

Isabella has always loved to draw. We’ve spent the

last two years putting this new one together; she

would draw, and I’d write.”

When Isabella was in the second grade, they published The Adventures of Princess Isabella the Leprechaun. With each project, grammy Linda wrote the stories


magically came to life.

| APRIL 2019

The goal is to convince parents to see value

in having those same

meaningful interactions

book for more mature readers. Princess Isabella, a recurring character, is joined

in the second book by cousins, Ava and Ella, and her Grammie Linda to help

Patrick Dennis Michael O’Shaun figure

out how and why pots used for gold at

rainbow’s end are missing. Readers are promised to be swept away to a

land far way as they team up to solve the mystery. “The key is to follow the direction of the child,”

Linda said. “If she decides she wants to take it to the

next level, then that’s fine. My hope is others can use this as a tool to build relationships

between themselves and their children."

photos courtesy of Lisa Walker

team with her grandma, Linda Romblom,

while Isabella drew pictures so everything



| APRIL 2019


Foodie Friday DFW: Seven Loaves Catering & Events

SEVEN LOAVES Catering & Events “It’s not a miracle, we just work really hard.”


hat’s the motto of local catering company, Seven Loaves Catering & Events, owned and operated

by Phillip and Leslie Smithwick and their family.

We’ve known the Smithwicks for years, and have even utilized their catering

services for some open house events

over the years in our real estate business. They are one of the hardest-working,

kindest families in town. And in addition to their abundance of delicious food options for your events, that’s what makes them so successful.

and you can count on as many things

being made-from-scratch as possible.

So, Phillip and Leslie, will you adopt us?! And as we mentioned before,

that’s why they are so successful

at what they do! The day we were there, we counted 35 catering orders on their

production wall - with events like breakfast for their corporate clients, weddings, parties, and more.

So, the question you may now be asking

is, what areas of DFW does Seven Loaves cater? And the answer is... pretty much anything. Especially now that so many

While we were in their kitchen,

wedding venues are popping up on the

make no less than six completely

you have a need, give them a call and

menu. Everything from stroganoff that

Moral of the story is, no matter what kind

we witnessed Phillip and his team

outskirts of the Metroplex, Phillip says if

different kinds of food from their catering

they’ll figure out if they can make it work!

will remind you of your grandmother’s

to brisket tacos to a stunning peach and chipotle glazed chicken.

of event you have going on, and no matter what kind of food you want to serve, give Seven Loaves Catering & Events a call

And just about everything Seven Loaves

to help you out. You will absolutely love

kitchen. Down to the tortilla and potato

your guests will swoon over the food!

caters is made from-scratch in their

working with the Smithwick family and

972.293.5111 1305 S. Highway 121, Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75067

chips they serve on the side. (Heck, even

the seasoning that goes on the tortilla and potato chips is made-from-scratch!)

Phillip told us he wants their catering

clients to feel like they’re getting a little taste of what it’s like in the Smithwick

home. You’ll never eat the same thing over and over again, you’ll never leave hungry,


| APRIL 2019

972.724.2540 | 1013 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 102 | Flower Mound, TX 75022


by Barbara-Scott Kolb


ummer is just around the corner! Are you looking for some fun camps that will keep your kids active —physically, mentally and spiritually?

Summer Camp at Briarwood

Coding with Kids Camp

Briarwood is an outdoor ministry dedicated for children of all ages to join in fellowship, as they learn about Christ and his Creation. Along with Bible studies and worship services, kids will also enjoy activities such as archery, obstacle courses, fishing, swimming and much more. Kids will spend time with animals, compete in outdoor games, and end the day by the campfire. While connecting with God, your child will make lifelong friendships; overnight camps and day camps are available. Briarwood is located at 670 Copper Canyon Road in Argyle.

Have a little tech prodigy in the house? Coding with Kids offers a fun approach to computer science. Kids will spend five days learning all about coding and programming. Building on those skills, kids will begin designing their own computer games! Located at Argyle United Methodist Church, the first camp will begin June 10-14, followed by a second session August 5-9.


| APRIL 2019

The Kingdom – Chess Camp For those interested in chess, Hilltop Elementary Chess Club Coach Michael Ball, is dishing out his expertise in a camp you have to “check” out. Compete with other players and learn how to take your game to the next level! Campers will receive a hot lunch each day, a camp t-shirt, a chess notebook and an award presented at the ceremony at the end of the week. Visit to view available camp sessions.

New Song School of the Arts Summer Camps Parents, are you searching for a summer program for your artist or musician? Whether your kid wants to learn about the art of acting, musical theatre production, how to rock out in a garage band, compose music, try out a new instrument, or create an art project, New Song School of the Arts has a camp for every child! Go online to save your spot at a camp that will hone your child’s craft in music and the arts. All camps are located at 7861 Tudor Lane in Argyle.



CORNER with Sheriff Tracy Murphree



he mission of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office is to provide services which exceed the public safety expectations of the citizens of Denton County, and in doing so, we will provide the most cost-effective, accountable, progressive, and professional law enforcement services possible to diligently ensure the safety and security of our communities and roadways for the citizens and public at-large who live, visit, work and do business in Denton County.


| APRIL 2019

The mission of the Denton County Sheriff’s Office is to provide services which exceed the public safety expectations of the citizens of Denton County, and in doing so, we will provide the most cost-effective, accountable, progressive, and professional law enforcement services possible to diligently ensure the safety and security of our communities and roadways for the citizens and public at-large who live, visit, work and do business in Denton County.

ATTENTION THE DENTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE IS NOW HIRING DETENTION OFFICERS. Detention Officers are responsible for overseeing individuals who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to serve time in a secured facility. This is a fast-paced work environment where you can make a difference. Detention Officer I position starts at $37,623 per year + benefits, with pay increases for prior experience and education. Join our family and be a part of a great organization! Apply online at www.governmentjobs. com/careers/dentoncounty 940.349.1600 127 N.WOODROW LN., SUITE 300 DENTON, TX 76205 DENTONCOUNTY.COM/DEPARTMENTS/SHERIFF.ASPX



| APRIL 2019


Ask The Expert: Counseling

Your Neural Awakening®:



eople are often under the illusion that they need to be perfect to be loved, accepted, appreciated,

congratulated, rewarded, or valued.

We learn as children that mistakes are

not acceptable and should be avoided at all costs. Our parents might unwittingly

shame us into never repeating a behavior again. Oftentimes, the “mistakes” made are spilling a glass of water, falling off a

When is our best good enough? Were

we designed to be perfect and behave

perfectly? Are we not human, and can we never make mistakes? I have often heard the “we learn from our mistakes,” and

that failure is healthy because it will teach us how not to fail again. So how is it that

when we do fail, we are shamed, scolded, yelled at, humiliated, or punished?

bike that we are learning to ride for the

The truth is, perfectionism grows out of

baseball game, or not achieving a

future. Perfectionism is about fixing our

first time, not getting a hit at our

shame and a fear of feeling shame in the

good enough grade.

negative beliefs about ourselves that


| APRIL 2019

were formed as children. It also breeds contempt for and arrogance towards others (i.e. if I am perfect and do everything perfectly, I am superior to others). Accepting our imperfections begins to open the way for grace, self love and more. Knowing that we are perfectly imperfect means that we are taking back our power, and that we can become comfortable with who we are in the world. Doing our best is good enough. What would it have been like for you had you been supported and encouraged as a child, rather than shamed and punished for making mistakes? How would you be different today? What will your Neural Awakening® look like this season, and how will you be perfectly imperfect? by Gretchen Hentsch-Cowles, MS, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Hopemead Counseling & Trauma Center


Still The


Lady Eagles Capture 5th Straight State Title by Steve Gamel



hat else would you call what the Argyle girls basketball team has created over the last five years? Since losing in the state tournament in 2014, the Lady Eagles rattled off five straight state titles wins – including last month’s 49-41 victory over Sour Lake Hardin-Jefferson.

Keeping that streak alive seemed improbable coming into the year, but at this point, it’s a safe bet this program will be at the top of the Class 4A mountain for many years to come.

To join such illustrious company, they had to beat each of the state’s four top-ranked teams to close out the year (No. 1 Canyon, No. 2 Levelland, No. 4 Dallas Lincoln, and No. 3 Hardin-Jefferson). Perhaps the

most impressive of those wins was over “All year we were doubted, and these girls Joe Lombard’s Canyon squad. played with a chip on their shoulder while at the same time going Lombard has won 19 state out there and playing good titles during his more than “All year we were basketball,” Argyle coach 40-year career. doubted, and these Chance Westmoreland Oh yeah, and star said. “I’m just so proud girls played with a chip sophomore Sydney of these girls.

on their shoulder while at the same time going out there and playing good basketball...”

They deserve this.”

To put Argyle’s streak of championships into perspective, the Lady Eagles just became just the third girls basketball team in UIL history to win five straight titles, joining Nazareth and Brock. 38 | ARGYLE LIVING

| APRIL 2019

Standifer didn’t

even play this year because of a seasonending knee injury this

summer. Standifer, who is committed to Clemson, was named MVP of the 2018 state title game when Argyle won its fourth crown in a row.

Stepping up in a big way this year in Standifer’s absence was junior Rhyle McKinney, who became a dominant offensive weapon and turned her efforts up three notches once the playoffs started. McKinney scored 25 points, including 21 in the first half, in Argyle’s win in the title game. “When we lost Sydney, I felt like we were still good enough to be in the mix, but I also knew how difficult the playoff route was going to be for us,” Westmoreland said. “We had to switch things up and play better defense, but then Rhyle emerged.” The scary part is that Argyle appears primed to win a sixth title next year. Not only is McKinney back, but Standifer will create a dynamic few teams will be able to match up with. Brooklyn Carl, Kiley Lavelle, Abby Williams, and Bailey Timmons complete a very dynamic team. “It was an exciting year for these girls and the community,” Westmoreland said. “We had to beat the top four teams in a row, and I’m not sure that’s ever happened. We have a great chance to do it again next year, but we are going to enjoy this one and then get right back to work.”

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