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TRUSTEES The Argyle Board meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the AISD Administration Building, 800 Eagle Drive, Argyle, Texas 76226. Time is allotted each month for public comments. For additional information and the next scheduled meeting, contact the Superintendent’s office at 940.464.7241.

Sam Slaton Board President

Craig Hawkesworth Secretary

Jeff Williams Member


Dr. Telena Wright Superintendent

Chris Daniel Deputy Superintendent

Deana Steeber Assistant Superintendent

Elizabeth Stewart Chief Financial Officer

Mandi Murphy Hilltop Principal

Renee Funderburg Argyle Intermediate School Principal

Scott Gibson Argyle Middle School Principal

John King Argyle High School Principal

Todd Rodgers Athletic Director

John Bitter Vice President

Brad Lowry Member

Dr. Leona McDade Member

Ritchie Deffenbaugh Member



• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

Chance Westmoreland Girls Athletic Coordinator

Jason Bird AISD Band Director

Pamela Arrington PR Director

Greg Royar Technology Director

Albert Rutledge Transportation Director

Tommy Ledford Maintenance Director

Amy Bresnahan AISD Food Services Director

Chief Cairney AISD Police Chief

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


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• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

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A Message

from Dr. Telena Wright, Argyle ISD Superintendent


ith record-breaking enrollment, Argyle

year, six third-grade classes will be held in

The team had a 37-0 perfect record, which

ISD is off to an excellent start for the

portables at Hilltop Elementary. Portables will

only three teams in UIL history have had. The

not be needed after this year.

team won a state championship and a national

2018-2019 year. For the first time in school history, enrollment exceeded 3,000 with 3,006

The next project will be to convert the

students enrolled. This is over a 10% increase

middle school into the high school. Additional

in enrollment since last year.

bonds will need to be sold from the

Excitement is always high at the start of a

authorization before this can start. The high

new school year as the new year promises

school should be ready at Canyon Falls by

new adventures and new learning experiences.

2021. This phase of the high school will take

The 2017 bond for $166,000,000 passed

the building capacity to 1,750 students. An

by the voters of Argyle ISD is making the

additional project is a third elementary which

addition of facilities to accommodate the

will be at Canyon Falls.

growth possible. Twelve new classrooms at AHS will give space for 300 more students each period when completed in mid-September to early October. Additions include two science labs, one art

12 new classrooms at AHS will give space for 300 more students

Additional bleachers were added this year at the stadium to provide more seating for general admission.

named national coach of the year.

The District will be in the second year of the implementation of the strategic plan this year. The six strategies include technology, facilities, and learning spaces, recruiting, retaining, training employees, instruction, both extracurricular and classroom, safety, and finance. Contact me at with any questions you may have.

AHS will be presented with a seventh consecutive, ninth total, Lone Star Cup on September 7 at halftime of the La Vega game. The seventh consecutive cup

classroom, family and consumer science lab, and eight general

breaks a state record for most consecutive

purpose classrooms. Renovations this summer

wins. The cup is given to one school in each

included cafeteria, kitchen, restrooms, and VCT

classification each year. Fine arts, athletics, and

in corridors.

academics all count in the total number

An elementary school in the Harvest

championship, and Coach Ricky Griffin was

of points.

subdivision is under construction and will be

Baseball team members will be receiving

completed by August 2019. For the current

their state rings on August 31 at the pep rally.

Dr. Telena Wright Argyle Superintendent Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


Vision for the Year W

hile enjoying a long jog this summer,

about what the class expectations will be

we want to invite them to the most exciting

a question popped into my head:

when they start curriculum the second week.

part of our day – Recess! We will keep our

“What could go wrong with a campus of 900

We loved the result when we started school

parking lot open for grandparents to park.

children under the age of nine?” I had plenty

the second week! Children and parents met

They will enjoy a Rotation of Stations with

of answers to that! As my pulse increased, I

their teacher, and they knew their classes were

their grandchild. There will be a creation

came up with a better question: “What could

balanced and structured for ideal learning.

station, Interview Hub, Photo opportunity, and

The Cottages

playground show and tell. We are excited to

go RIGHT on a campus of 900 children under the age of nine?” Now that is a question to empower a great school year! There is no doubt the week and a half of training and preparing demonstrated how much professional development our staff participated in over the summer. Teachers shared amazing areas of learning in the curriculum, student management, and social and emotional support. The staff came ready for each child in their classroom.

Principal Round Table Our first roundtable was well-attended. Many families that joined me were new to Hilltop. This offered a chance for parents and members of the community to ask any questions about what we do and why. By the end of the evening, parents left with a better understanding of Hilltop’s procedures. We believe the relationships parents foster for their children cultivate the small town feel that we all love about Argyle. It was great to watch families walk out with newly developed friendships.

Kindergarten Practice The first week of school, kinder students are put in class pods. Teachers and staff move through the classes in a rotation that allows them to evaluate the dynamics of the children. We believe we can take the time to get to know our children, which will enable our staff to create better classes. It is difficult

We made room for our numbers! Our Hilltop building is full! If anyone can use oversized, movable buildings and fill them up

Demonstration of Graciousness Thank you to our parents and friends

can! I can not be more proud of our teachers,

of Hilltop who compliment our teachers

staff, and students. They transformed a difficult

and staff for their grit and influential service

situation into a fun adventure. Thank you to

hearts. It amazes me daily how hard people

AISD Maintenance crew for supporting all of

work to make every day a fresh learning

our transitions and growth.

opportunity for children. We know parents

The cottages have a “Demonstration of

and visitors observe the masses of children

Learning Wall” in the making. All of our indoor

walking in and out, but there is no doubt

classes hang their “Proud Work” on the walls

this is a positive place for each one of them,

near their rooms so all children can walk

and it’s due to the hard work of the men

our hallways to see the concepts mastered

and women in Hilltop. I can say “Thank you”

in those classes. We needed a wall for our

a million times; however, the support of our

cottage students. Thankfully, the Tribe Church

community means so much. I thank you for

has donated time and funds to our school.

sharing in our pursuit of the best year ever

They will have a wall available to be seen

and “all things are possible” attitude.

by students while they are at recess. We are excited to see their work hanging!

Schedule Changes and Lunches We have separated grade levels on the playground and in some grade level specials. This has allowed us to keep our crowd levels in fast-paced areas in a more controlled environment. Our lunchtimes have changed,

My vision for this year is that each child makes academic, social, and emotional strides. I believe we are capable of manifesting a safe environment for children to learn, develop, and laugh. Our employees will engage with children to assure they are known, valued, and supported. We are prepared to love each one.

too. Be sure to check the Recess, Specials, and Lunch schedule located on the Hilltop Webpage before coming to visit.

Grandparents’ Day Our cafeteria is FULL from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.; therefore, we cannot host a grandparents

children inside our building enjoy learning

lunch. We still want them to come to visit, so

• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

welcome them into our world.

with learning, friendship, and laughter – Hilltop

for parents during that week; however, the


have them join us as we try this new way to

Mandi Murphy Principal Argyle ISD

F LOW E R B E D S AT HILLTOP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL content provided by: Mr. Michael Ball, photo provided by: Mrs. Daphyne Miller


illtop Elementary parent Aaron Deeter, who owns Deeter Lawn and Landscape Service, led the charge in beautifying the flower beds at Hilltop Elementary this summer. On June 24, Deeter, along with a large group of around 25 volunteers including men, women, and children, met at Hilltop to plant everything. The entire job was complete in about two hours thanks to everyone’s help. Thank You Deeter Lawn and Landscape Services for supporting our district!

The Great Argyle Read A Library Info provided by: Mary Ann Riley

rgyle ISD Libraries are excited to

teachers may also visit The Great Argyle

announce for the first time ever a new

Read Google Site (coming soon!), which

District-wide reading promotion called The

was created specifically for this promotion

Great Argyle Read! This program will be

to view book trailers, student and teacher-

tailored to students and teachers at each

created videos sharing why a certain book

individual campus. Each library will roll out this promotion sometime during the second Nine Weeks period by hosting a week of voting in which students

is their favorite, author videos, and more! During the final week of the promotion, students and teachers will vote for their

and teachers may vote

ONE all-time favorite

for their favorite two to

book title. The book

five book titles.

UNITE Argyle Eagle Day at UNT Saturday, October 13th UNT vs Southern Miss Kick off is at 1pm at the UNT Apogee Stadium. All AISD students get a FREE ticket! Discount tickets will be available for all AISD parents and staff. There will be a pre-game event for all AISD students to go out on the field.

receiving the most votes

From voting results, each library will

will be declared that campus’ Great Argyle

compile a list of the top 20 book titles for

Read. We are looking forward to sharing

that campus. Students and teachers will

our favorite books with everyone on our

be encouraged to read any books on their

campus, as well as with the District.

campus list they have not ever read before

Let’s find out which books are the

during the next six weeks. Students and

favorites in Argyle! Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •



• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018





Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


A Message from the

Argyle Intermediate Principal


We are also excited about a couple of

ear Argyle Eagle Families, Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!

We have several after-school clubs available

new classes that will be a part of the specials

for students to join, including choir, robotics,

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and

rotation this year. The Argyle Education

Drama Kids, archery, chess, and pickleball.

is ready for another fantastic year at AIS! The

Foundation provided us with the opportunity

Look for the sign-up information to be sent

first week of school was a huge success, and

to offer STEM. Brenda Williams will be the

out in emails and flyers. We had our Fall Book

teacher for this class. Students will also have

Fair from September 10-14 with our annual

a keyboarding class. We have found that with

Grandparents breakfast on September 11 at

the use of Chromebooks, keyboarding is an

7:00 AM in our multipurpose room. Parent

important skill that our students will need to

Conference Day is coming October 1st, so

teacher. Carrie Becker is also joining our

be successful now and in the future.

feel free to schedule a time with your child’s

5th-grade team as a math teacher. Kelly Little

Amy Gatlin, one of our paraprofessionals,

teacher. Picture Day is Tuesday, October 9th.

we have welcomed about 85 new students! This makes our total enrollment of about 440 students. We would like to welcome some new additions to our Argyle Eagle Staff! Brenda Pugh is coming as a 5th-grade ELAR

will lead this class.

is coming over from Hilltop to take Holly William’s place on our 4th-grade team. She will teach science and social studies. We wish Mrs. Williams all the best in her new position as the district ESL coordinator. We also welcome Cody Vanderford as PE teacher with Coach Baker and the high school boys golf coach. Brady Bell will now be my assistant principal full time. Everyone is excited about their new positions and

Parent Conference Day is coming October 1st so feel free to schedule a time with your child’s teacher. Picture Day is Tuesday, October 9th. The end of the first nine weeks will be here before we know it on October 12th.

thrilled to be starting this year with our fabulous students! We look forward to welcoming all our new fourth and fifth grade students while providing an environment in which all students feel accepted and successful in the classroom. I encourage our Argyle students to assist the new students in adjusting to our community and standards of high expectations. This can

The intermediate school concept is a great transition from elementary school in preparation for middle school. Fourth grade is still an extension of the elementary concept with a little more freedom given to students. When students get to fifth grade, their classes are designed

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the AIS office at 940-4645100. Your involvement and commitment to your child’s education is a vital part of our success. We value our partnership with the parents and look forward to working with each of you this school year to make it spectacular. Thank you again for your continued support.

the comfort of fewer teachers and a smaller campus than

the middle school. Additionally, you will see an increasing level of specialization among the educators. No longer will you have one teacher teaching most of your materials, but between three and four (each skilled within their own field) teachers educating the students within their disciplines. I can’t tell you how many parents tell me they appreciate

a show of support, or inviting them to join

how well our campus prepares our students

you at lunch. I know our new students in the

to be successful in middle school. We hope

district will quickly feel right at home and

you will find that same experience if you have

welcomed by our AIS family.

students starting on our campus this year.

• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

before we know it on October 12th.

more like middle school with

be as simple as introducing yourself, offering


The end of the first nine weeks will be here

Renee Funderburg Principal Argyle Intermediate School

THANK YOU POINTBANK OF ARGYLE For Sponsoring The District T-Shirts!

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •



• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018



& other GI Pathogens:

o the kids are finally out of your house and back in the schoolhouse sharing all of their germs and spreading around illnesses. Our office is recognizing a continuing theme of stomach complaints from the summertime activities as well as a shift to coughs, colds, congestion and runny noses. Gastrointestinal complaints have remained quite abundant with the start of the school year, so let us focus on these nauseating bugs.

By the time a stomach virus or other acute

the first sign of a stomach bug in children,

GI infection has manifested in one child, the

and children tend to vomit more often than

most important focus is hydrated that child

adults. As the infection moves through the

and protecting the other family members from

stomach and intestines, vomiting usually stops

contracting the illness.

after about 24 hours. On occasion this phase

Hand washing and keeping things clean are your best defenses from getting ill with a stomach bug. Not surprisingly, this is particularly true after touching or carrying your child and when preparing food and eating. Many viruses will survive on surfaces for days, and some viruses (i.e Norovirus) can even survive hand sanitizers and wipes. So while carrying around those little magic bottles of germ killer can be better than nothing, always try to wash with soap and

quickly or children eat more solids than they are ready for, even if the first meal is 1 to 2 days into eating again, they may begin vomiting again. If this happens you have to start back a ground zero with clear liquids and again advance slowly to a regular diet. Children rarely need medication when recovering from gastroenteritis. Talk with your child’s pediatrician if you feel your child is vomiting excessively, longer than 24 hours or he/she is becoming dehydrated.

water. I know, easier said

Remember that vomiting

than done. Every caregiver

and diarrhea are a protection

knows that when the

reaction of your child’s body

vomit is flying, it is almost

to clear infection. Do not give

impossible to adequately contain all of the

anti-diarrheal agents/medications to children

splatter, especially when it’s coming from more

as it can prolong the illness and increase the

than one child. So simply commit to do

severity of the infection.

your best.

Sponsored Content

may last longer. If you advance liquids too

Diarrhea usually follows the vomiting and

Change the sheets and clean up areas of vomit

can last several days. Even so, our children’s

and diarrhea immediately and wash yourself

resilience will long astonish us. Protect

thoroughly with soap and water after carrying

their skin from rashes and sores, keep them

or supporting your child. Wash surfaces in the

hydrated, avoid sugary foods and beverages,

household as soon as possible after an event,

and consider cutting out all dairy until all issues

use extra hot water for the laundry, and use

have resolved for at least 5-7 days. Re-introduce

high heat in the dryer. Consider using a dilute

dairy very slowly and monitor symptoms.

bleach solution to clean hard surfaces and even your children if necessary.

Dr. Rebecca Butler is Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is proud to be a resident of Lantana and the owner of Lantana Pediatrics. For more information on Lantana Pediatrics, Dr. Butler and/ or Melanie Bitzer, CPNP or to schedule an appointment with one of these providers, call the office at 940.455.7200.

If your child has severe stomach pains, high fever, or blood or mucus

With a typical gastroenteritis, vomiting doesn’t

in their stool you should see your

usually exceed 24 hours. Vomiting is most often

pediatrician immediately.


74 McMakin Road, Ste. 100 Bartonville, TX 76226

FLU SEASON IS HERE. Please schedule your flu shots. Mon-Thurs: 7:30am-6:00pm Friday: 7:30am - 5pm • Saturdays: 9am - 12pm Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •



STEM TEACHER AT A R G Y L E I N T E R M E D I AT E Brenda Williams

1. How many STEM classes are offered at

roof for a house based on a certain climate,

STEM-related concepts, I hope students will

AIS this year?

creating an animal that is adapted for survival

pursue a job in a STEM field.

Every fourth and fifth grader is participating in

on an island with specific biotic and abiotic

STEM this year thanks to funding by the Argyle

features, designing a Scribble Bot using a

Education Foundation. That equals a total of

DC motor, creating a car that is powered by

30 STEM classes per week.

magnetism, designing a rocket for a stomp-

develop a passion for STEM while sparking

rocket system, and learning to code using

students’ imaginations. I want students to

know that studying STEM can lead them to

Students will participate in TEKS-based

3. What do students learn in STEM?

amazing places.

projects that integrate the four principles

The engineering design process guides STEM

5. How long have you taught? How long

of STEM – science, technology, engineering,

lessons and focuses on real-world issues and

have you taught in Argyle ISD?

and math. Throughout the year, the lessons

problems. The lessons immerse students in

This is my 20th year to teach and my 10th

will encompass such concepts as designing a

hands-on, open-ended exploration while

year in Argyle.

2. What type of activities/projects will the students be participating in?

building teamwork, cooperation skills, critical thinking, and problemsolving skills. Students apply math and science

I am looking forward to inspiring students to

6. What classes have you taught in the past? I have taught first, second, fourth, and fifth grade. 7. What do you love most about teaching?

English and language arts

I love teaching because I can share

skills such as researching,

my passion for science, make

listening, and speaking.

a difference in the lives of

STEM lessons allow for

others, and continue to

multiple right answers,

learn new things every day

and students learn from

while having fun.

retesting their products. By exposing students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore

• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

most this year in your STEM classes?

concepts while practicing

failure when testing and


4. What are you looking forward to the

Golden Eagle TEACHER O F T HE YE AR Photos - AISD PR & Communication • Info provided by: Mrs. Kimberly Mac


rs. Kimberly Mack received the Lisa M. Z. Endowment Award and was named the Golden Eagle Teacher of the Year for Argyle ISD for 2018. Mrs. Mack attended UNT for her Bachelor’s degree and received her Master’s Degree from TWU in Administration. She taught and was an Assistant Principal in Lewisville ISD before teaching in Argyle ISD. She has taught for 27 years total. This is her fifth year in Argyle ISD. Mrs. Mack lives in Argyle with her husband and daughter, Faith, who is a freshman at AHS. She has a stepdaughter at Texas A&M. She loves working for Argyle Schools because she feels empowered to be creative and inspire children to love learning. “The administration and school board at Argyle have been supportive and encouraging to me, allowing me to be the best teacher I can be for my students,” said Mack. As the 2018 - 2019 Texas Teacher of the Year, she serves as a spokesperson and representative for teachers and students. Mrs. Mack’s philosophy of teaching has truly evolved over many years of working with students, parents, educators, and the community. Embedded deeply in her

philosophy of teaching is her belief that the purpose of education is to develop students’ ability to think critically, solve problems, and become independent thinkers to create a better future for themselves and others. She believes that effective teachers serve as guides and facilitators in assisting students to set goals and to achieve those goals. She believes in empowering students to be actively engaged in their learning and believes that educators should inspire individuals to achieve their personal best in school and life, ultimately creating a love of learning and desire to be a life-long learner and contribute positively to the world. Mrs. Mack believes that meaningful learning occurs when students are allowed to confront real problems, make choices, make mistakes, and find real solutions. She implements and encourages a growth mindset in her classroom. This begins with modeling to her students that she makes mistakes. She provides an environment that promotes a growth mindset by encouraging students to take on difficult challenges, supporting them when they fail, and encouraging them to succeed. By encouraging students to have a

growth mindset and to risk failure to achieve success, she has seen student growth in both motivation and achievement. There are a wealth of learning opportunities beyond the school walls. She involves parents and the community within every project. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication are foundational to everything she teaches. This cannot be accomplished through a lecture, books, or even online research alone. Real world connections take real-world experiences. Reaching out to parents, experts, and community members and inviting real-world presentations and learning opportunities into the classroom provides a diverse and rich learning experience for the students. She has included all school board members, Dr. Wright, AISD Superintendent, principals from each Argyle campus, the Argyle Town Council, and other local professionals to be actively involved in classroom projects. Involving community members and providing real-world experiences in the classroom deepens students’ understanding of how education is meaningful in their own life – making learning relevant. Her educational philosophy is deeply rooted in facilitating, guiding, and encouraging students through meaningful lessons and learning experiences to promote student success in a world where change is constant and learning never stops. She cannot “teach” students enough to make them successful in an ever-changing world. She stated that she, however, provides an atmosphere for students where they can develop and obtain 21st-century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problemsolving, technological literacy, and social responsibility. Mrs. Mack believes that this is accomplished through a partnership with students, parents, administrators, and the community, and it is her goal as an educator to provide this for her students. In conclusion, this is her message for all teachers: “To engage and inspire children to love learning, to provide lessons that are interactive and meaningful, to see each child for the individuals they are, and finally, to never forget what it is like to be a child and to meet all children every day where they are regardless of their circumstances. It is my passion.” Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


New Elementary COMING FALL 2019


rgyle ISD broke ground on its second elementary school last spring. The new school is located in the Harvest community at the southwest corner of Old Justin Road and Harvest Way and is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018





elcome back for the 2018-2019 school year at Argyle Middle School!

Argyle Middle School welcomes in a new video class for this school year that

This is going to be an incredible time as we

will present the news and showcase our

have now settled into our building for the

school utilizing technology. This class will

start of the third year in this facility. Over

allow us to convey the accomplishments

the past few years, we have seen significant

and awards of our outstanding students.

growth in Argyle ISD. We expect to add

Environmental science is an elective choice

close to 100 new students and approach

for seventh and eighth-grade students that

an overall enrollment of 800 students

utilize the greenhouse that was finished last

this school year. Due to the increase in

year. STEM (Science Technology Engineering

enrollment, there have been eight additional

and Math) continues to be a popular choice

teaching positions filled at AMS.

among students.

Last year, AMS welcomed our newest counselor, Jessica Wade. This year we celebrate the addition of a second assistant principal position, which has been filled by Dona Lumsden. Ms. Lumsden comes to us from Lake Dallas High School where she served as an assistant principal, academic counselor, department chair, and teacher. Ms. Lumsden joins the rest of the AMS administration in helping us meet the needs of our teachers and support our student population. I look forward to having an incredible year working with the students of Argyle middle school.

Scott Gibson Principal Argyle Middle School 940.246.2126 Ext. 3002

Have Photos or Events You Would Like to Promote? If you have suggestions for student/teacher spotlights, local events or special news to share send you suggestions to by November 20th, 2018!

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


Introducing New Positions in AISD M

rs. Alisha Roach joined Mrs. Margo Bigbee and Mrs. Kathy Arendt as a third counselor at Argyle High School. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas her graduate degree from Texas Women’s University. She worked in Lewisville ISD for the past 25 years. Mrs. Roach has been both a middle school and high school teacher and has been both a middle school and high school counselor. She is excited to have the opportunity to partner with students, staff, and families of the community of Argyle. She is looking forward to building relationships and being a part of AHS students’ pathway toward graduation and beyond high school.


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018


rs. Haynes will join Assistant Principal, Mrs. George and Principal, Mrs. Murphy, at Hilltop Elementary. Mrs. Haynes graduated from Tarleton State University in December 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She graduated from Lamar University in August 2010 with a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. Her certifications include EC-4, ESL, Special Education, and Principal. She has been teaching in Argyle for 12 years. She started as a third-grade teacher, then moved to teach ESL and has been the District ESL Coordinator for the past two years. Mrs. Haynes is looking forward to getting to know more families and students in the community.


rs. Lumsden joins Assistant Principal, Mr. Trevor Baker, and Principal, Mr. Scott Gibson, at Argyle Middle School. Mrs. Lumsden has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from TWU with a Master of Education also from TWU. This is her 15th year in Education; she spent all of the first 14 years at Lake Dallas ISD. Mrs. Lumsden was at Lake Dallas Middle School for seven years. She was a math teacher, basketball coach, volleyball coach, and track coach. She was at Lake Dallas High School for seven years where she taught math, coached basketball and volleyball for one year, was an Academic Advisor for three years, and an Assistant Principal for three years. She is excited about the people in Argyle. Every single person she has met has welcomed her as one of their own and done everything they could to plug her in. She stated that she has found that everyone at the school has an “all hands on deck” mentality and she is so excited to work in that environment. “The kids give me my energy, and I honestly can’t wait for them to come back.”

An Evening Under the Stars


here was standing room only as George Dunham and the Birddogs entertained in the beautiful outdoor setting of Bumbershoots on April 28. The sold-out crowd enjoyed their choice of entrées deliciously prepared by Earls, Bumbershoots, and Fuzzy’s Tacos. Preceding this special event, An Evening under the Stars, local students livened up the crowd by showcasing their musical talents. A silent auction raised proceeds benefiting the Alex Betzhold Memorial Fund.

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


BACK TO SCHOOL BAND CAMP Band Update from Evan Fletcher, Director of Bands Argyle Middle School

NATIONAL RECOGNITION Members of the Argyle Middle School Band were selected to perform in the Music For All National Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 14th-17th. After a rigorous evaluation process, the Argyle Middle School Honor Winds will join seven other middle school band programs from across the country for this prestigious event! We are very excited about this opportunity to represent our families, program, district, and community on a national stage!

STATE WINNERS The Argyle Middle School Honor Winds were selected as a state winner in the ATSSB Outstanding Performance Series. Recordings of “Arabian Dances,” “Songs of Old Kentucky,” and “The Footlifter” will be distributed on a CD across the state of Texas as a reference recording for those compositions. This is a HUGE honor and is attributed to the hard work of the students involved!

SUMMER BAND TRIP A number of young musicians traveled to Seguin, TX to attend the Texas Lutheran University Summer Music Academy. This five day overnight camp was attended by students from all over the state of Texas. Our students were able to hone their skills on an instrument, get to know other students from around the state, and develop the independence that will permeate into every aspect of their lives!


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

Incoming 7th and 8th graders participated in our back to school band camp! During this time, we caught up with our friends and, most importantly, had a TON of fun! Students got to work preparing music for our upcoming school year and also for pep rallies and other community events. This was a great start to the year!

BEGINNER MUSICIANS GET STARTED The band hall has been buzzing with excitement as 120 new musicians begin their journey in the band! We have been hard at work learning all about music and our instruments! In addition to the social events and musical concepts, students will learn band, strengthen many character traits that will lead them to success in the classroom, on the field, or in the gym. There is a place for everybody in band! We will begin to test current 5th graders on instruments around spring break, so be on the lookout!

See Page 41 for Upcoming Performances

The Talon upgrades to 4k Article by: Mr. Chris Sayler and Photo by: Mr. Greg Royar


rgyle ISD Technology builds cutting edge computers for The Talon’s

student editors. Providing students and staff with the best

machines. The order? Five new, high-end video

into a compact-but-refined Mini-ITX frame.

and editing computers for The Talon, Argyle

Additionally, Dell UltraSharp InfinityEdge 4k

High School’s student-run news publication.

displays provide accurate color reproduction

For The Talon’s requirements, Technology

and maximum image fidelity for photo and

available computer hardware and software is

Director Greg Royar and Assistant Director

the principal mission of Argyle ISD Technology.

Josh Bates researched and hand-selected each

Usually, this means ordering the best product

component to find the best combination of

is not a trivial job, but The Talon had a specific

for the best price from major manufacturers

performance and price.

need for powerful devices at a reasonable

like Dell, Microsoft, or Apple. But sometimes the best product can’t

Each workstation contains an eighth-

video manipulation. “Building reliable custom hardware in-house

price. “ said Bates, “Rather than spend a

generation Intel i5 8600 “Coffee Lake”

fortune on computers that might be out

be bought straight off the shelf. When that

processor, 16 gigabytes of high-performance

of date in a few years, we made something

happens, AISD Technology knows it’s time to

RAM, premium solid state storage, and a

that can be upgraded continuously at a

roll up their sleeves and roll out custom-built

nVidia GTX 1070ti graphics card, all built

comparatively low cost. “

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New Class at AMS

NEWS BROADCAST Info provided by: Mrs. April Dominguez


rgyle Middle School has a new class this year. The class title is News Broadcast,

composing stories, practicing professional delivery of, and editing content for distribution

and Mrs. April Dominguez teaches it. The

district-wide. In addition, students will have

News Broadcast class gives students who are

the opportunity to build the news set -

creative and outgoing an opportunity to use

including lighting and design. The broadcast

their talents to benefit the culture of their

class is a highly collaborative, creative,

school. Students in the course will discover a

dynamic environment in which students are

world of emerging technologies. They will have

accountable for meeting deadlines.

the opportunity to create, publish, and market

The collaborative broadcasts will include

the school’s weekly news segments, and will

student created and led segments, news

assume ownership over individual and group

stories, commercials, teacher-student

audio/video projects. In this course, students

interviews, special reports, messages from

will learn photography and video techniques,

the administration, and various other ideas

digital camera operation, and applications for

they have throughout the year. The idea for

designing and editing content. Students in the

the AMS news program came when April

AMS News Broadcasting class will collaborate

Dominguez observed the rapid rate at which

to create school news videos, writing scripts,

their campus was growing. “The goal is to


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

document student achievement and foster a collaborative and inclusive culture,” said Mrs. Dominguez. Mrs. Dominguez hopes that everyone will feel as though they are a part of a team. Online media has taken over traditional media and is a large part of their daily lives. In addition to responsibility, deadlines, organization, and public speaking, this class will prepare students to create and distribute digital content in various fields in their future. Make sure you check out the AMS New Broadcast class on the Argyle Middle School Youtube channel.

The Music Academy of Argyle A 2018 - 2019 AISD DISTRICT SPONSOR T

he Music Academy of DFW has a brand new music academy in Argyle. They are

also the proud district sponsors of Argyle ISD. They are so excited to be an Eagle Partner

The Music Academy is a proud Affiliate Partner with Music & Arts and a licensed Roland dealership. The Manager of the Argyle Music Academy,

with the Argyle ISD and are looking forward

Philip Williams, earned his M.M. Voice

to serving the Argyle community! The Music

Performance/Pedagogy at the University of

Academy offers professional Private Lessons

North Texas and B.A. in Voice Performance at

for students in guitar, piano, and other string

Pepperdine University. His performance roles

instruments along with vocal disciplines. They

include Major General Stanley in Gilbert &

want to prepare your future Argyle ISD Band

Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance (UNT), Jupiter in

or Choir student. All of their instructors

Offenbach’s Orphée aux Enfers (FAVA 2010),

are professionally degreed musicians and

Schaunard in Pepperdine Opera’s production

educators with a passion for inspiring kids to reach for the spotlight!

of La Bohème, Papageno in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and The Baker in Into the Woods (2009), an adaptation in Hollywood, CA. Mr. Williams has also performed in opera scenes during

Mr. Scott Himmel is the owner of the Music Academy. He started the Music Academy in 1997, and for the last 21 years

the Heidelberg, Germany Opera Program (Summer 2008), where he played Eisenstein in Act 1 of Die Fledermaus. Philip has sung with the world-renowned UNT Acapella choir and has performed with The Fort Worth Chorale,

has been serving the North

under the baton of Dr. Jerry McCoy. Philip has

Texas area. He is honored to

directed choral ensembles and taught private

work with Argyle ISD in support of AISD Choir Director, Mr. Griswold and AISD Director of Bands, Mr. Bird, and is looking forward to supporting Argyle ISD’s Fine Arts programs.

vocal lessons throughout Texas. He actively performs around Dallas/Ft. Worth and is currently working to expand musical education opportunities to North Ft. Worth. In the photo - L to R - The Music Academy Owner - Mr. Scott Himmel and Argyle Music Academy Manager - Mr. Philip Williams Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •



AHS Welcomes New Principal Mr. John King

he Argyle ISD School Board approved Mr. John King in a special meeting on Monday, August 6th to be the principal of Argyle High School. Mr. King started with the district in 2007 and had held the roles of teacher/coach and assistant principal of Argyle High School. The district congratulates Mr. King on his new role. Mr. King is looking forward to building on the relationships that he has with AHS’ returning students and staff members as well as building new relationships with everyone that is new to the campus. HIs goals for this school year are to build a “family” type atmosphere between students and teachers, achieving 97% attendance for the AHS student body for the year, and improve on their already amazing state and national test scores. When


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

asked how he feels about AHS receiving their seventh consecutive and ninth total Lone Star Cup, he states that receiving the Lone Star Cup for the ninth time is a true honor for the school and the community. “It represents the hours of hard work and preparation by our students, teachers, staff members, coaches, and parents.” This is a true community award, and it shows everyone that we truly are the best high school in Class 4A,” said King. In addition to the excitement about the Lone Star Cup, there is also a lot of excitement regarding new classes that are being offered this year. Students have an opportunity to take the following new classes - ASL II, World War II/ Civil War, Food and Nutrition, Dance II, and AP French 4/5. The high school, currently

undergoing renovation and updating, will have 12 new classrooms, remodeled bathrooms, new flooring throughout the building, and a remodeled kitchen and cafeteria when all of the construction is complete in October. The high school welcomed 10 new teachers and one new counselor this school year. There is a total of 92 staff/faculty and 915 students at Argyle High School this school year. Mr. King would like to say thank you to his administrators, teachers, and staff for welcoming him into his new position and for their patience during the construction this summer. Also, he wanted to thank them for their dedication to our students and community.

John King Principal Argyle High School

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AHS Baseball Team - 4A State Champions 2018 - A PERFECT SEASON - UNDEFEATED


he AHS Baseball players and coaches received their State Championship rings during a presentation at the first high school pep rally this fall. Dr. Telena Wright presented the players with their rings along with Head Coach Ricky Griffin.



he Argyle Education Foundation is proud to put over $189,000 back into the classroom in 2018-2019 by funding 3 STEM teachers, a STEM grant, & 4 campus grants in AISD! Learn more today by visiting


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Sound Music T H E AT R E D E P A R T M E N T P E R F O R M S



by Melissa Toomer


he auditorium will soon come alive with the sounds of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. This classic musical is based on the real-life story of the Von

Trapp Family singers, one of the world’s best-known concert groups in the era immediately preceding World War II. Set in Austria on the eve of the Anschluss in 1938, the musical tells the story of Maria, who takes a job as governess to a large family while she decides whether to become a nun. She falls in love with the children and eventually their widowed father, Captain von Trapp. He is ordered to accept a commission in the German Navy, but he opposes the Nazis. He and Maria decide on a plan to flee Austria with the children. Many songs from the musical have become standards, such as “Edelweiss,” “My Favorite Things,” “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” “Do-Re-Mi,” and the title song “The Sound of Music.” The cast attended musical theatre boot camp July 23 - August 3. Students learned all of the music and choreography during this time.

The show is September 20th, 21st, and 22nd at 7:30 pm and September 23rd at 2:00 pm in the Argyle High School Auditorium. Tickets are $5 for students, $10 for adults, and 50% off for AISD Employees. Use the link to buy tickets online. The Theatre Department also hosted a mini theatre camp day for Pre-K thru 5th-grade students. Students participated in vocal warm-up technique, improv skills, and learned a song from the musical. Students will perform a song during intermission of The Sound of Music. The mini-camp was held on September 15th from 9 am to 12:30 pm in the AHS Auditorium. The fee was $40 per student and included a shirt and snack.

Cast: Maria Katie Haynes

Max Colby Raascch

Captain Von Trapp Jackson Barnes

Mother Abbess Gracie Arthur

Liesel Von Trapp Raleigh Turner Frederic Von Trapp Grady Henexson Louisa Von Trapp Peyton Deffenbaugh Kurt Von Trapp Grant Wright Brigetta Von Trapp Bella Zindel Marta Von Trapp Kadyn Kozminksi

Nuns Berret Buvinghausen, Kimmy Giese, Kass Rosengren, Avery Winter, Mikayla Simmons, Savannah Peters

Sister Sophie Lauren Van Zee

Postulants Gracen Siben, Amaris McCasland, Jenna Schnabel

Sister Margeretta Mattie Kelton

Contestants/Neighbors/Guests Izzy Wolfe, Payton Connaster, Aidan Monticino

Sister Berthe Sarahbeth Meraz Rolf Jake Wetteland


Franz/Von Schreiber Slade Monroe

CHOREOGRAPHY Hayley Martinez

Gretel Von Trapp Carlin Clark

Frau Schmidt Kate Repp


Elsa Baroness Carly Haynes

Herr Zeller Alex Govea

DIRECTED BY Melissa Toomer and Jessica Reynolds Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


Eagle District Sponsors:


Eagle Partners:


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018


ow, I can’t believe it is time for the fall

is derived from the Poster Contest the year

if it was left behind in their assigned seat.

issue of our Insights magazine. It feels

before. While on the topic of safety, I want to

However, sometimes students move seats

like it was yesterday when the summer issue

remind everybody to stop for students loading

during the route to sit next to a friend and

came out for publication.

and unloading school buses when the red

forget to take their belongings with them.

The first week of school went

lights are flashing. We receive radio

smoothly due to the hard work

calls daily of drivers illegally

and long hours preparing for

passing stopped school

it. Our drivers performed

buses throughout Argyle

Please be sure to mark your student’s items with their name so we can return the item to them. Each year the Transportation Department donates hundreds of unclaimed

multiple dry runs to

ISD. When possible,

items to a local charity because the items

ensure they knew their

our drivers write down

were never claimed.

route before the first day

license plate numbers and

of school. Some drivers

turn them into the Argyle

worked extra hours to

ISD police department for

pass out bus passes and bus

investigation. In years past, the

applications at Meet the Teacher

Argyle police department followed

Now that the first few weeks of school are behind us and things are settling into a routine, drivers and students are looking forward to the next school holiday. The school year goes by quickly, and Christmas break will be here

night. Our office staff worked long hours

buses and issued citations to drivers that failed

before we know it. Please go over Argyle ISD

adding students to routes and making bus

to stop for our red lights.

School Bus Safety Rules and Consequences

passes for our Hilltop and Intermediate school

If your student regularly rides the school

students. I want to thank every one of them

bus, they should have been given an assigned

for their hard work and dedication to the

seat by their bus driver. Students are assigned

students of Argyle ISD.

to seats to help the driver learn your student’s

National School Bus Safety Week is

name and to monitor student behavior more

October 22nd–26th. It is designed to promote

effectively. It also helps the driver

school bus safety. School districts throughout

return found items to your

the country observe School Bus Safety Week.


The theme this year is “My Driver - My Safety Hero!” The theme of National School Bus Safety Week

to ensure everybody has a safe ride on the yellow school bus.

Glen Tri t s e r p Fo YL E ARG






• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018




e are excited for another year of entree, up to three sides, and a glass of milk. serving Argyle students, staff, and Middle school and high school students can families. We have been hard at work creating create their own side salad each day from our new and exciting menu items for our fresh salad bars. Argyle ISD also has a chef students to enjoy. Some of the most popular on staff this year. Chef Diez was a culinary new items so far has been our instructor for 12 years and has a We have also Homemade Lasagna, Chicken degree in Hotel and Restaurant started a new Burritos, and Stir-Fried Rice. We Management. We are also program called also continue to increase the proud to offer free breakfast The Blue Plate number of high quality “clean and lunch to all Pre-K students Special where all label” ingredients and fresh this year. Pre-K has their own uniformed police seasonal fruit and vegetable menu, which is posted on officers who dine offerings on our menus. our website. We have also with our students Breakfast for grades K-5 started a new program called during breakfast is $1.50, and lunch is $2.90. The Blue Plate Special where or lunch time get Breakfast for grades 6-12 is all uniformed police officers to eat for free. $2.00, and lunch is $3.50. This who dine with our students time of year, there are a lot of questions about what comes with a meal. A lunch for grades K-5 includes the student’s choice of entree (the whole grain & protein part of the meal), up to two vegetables, two fruits, and choice of milk. For grades 6-12, students may select their choice of daily

during breakfast or lunchtime get to eat for free. Over the summer, the Student Nutrition Department hosted a knife skills training class. AISD administrators and AISD School Board members along with the Student Nutrition staff took part in the specialized training.

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


Excellence Commended Winner – ’15,’16 • 43 Total All State Musicians since 2010 • Member of the prestigious University of Houston Wind Ensemble • Member of Catalyst Saxophone Quartet • Fischoff Chamber Music Competition, 1997 1st Prize

AISD New Director of Bands

LEADS THE WAY Info provided by: Mr. Jason Bird


r. Jason Bird is currently in his 18th year of teaching and his first year as the Director of Bands at Argyle High School in the Argyle Independent School District. Prior to arriving in Argyle, Jason served as the Director of Bands at Richland High School. During his tenure at Richland, the concert ensembles were awarded consistent Superior Ratings at the UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contests. The Richland High School Honors Band was named a finalist in 2008, 2014, 2016, and 2017 for the TMEA Honor Band Competition, and in 2014, the Honors Band was a National Wind Band Honors Winner. The marching ensemble was awarded consistent Superior Ratings at UIL Marching Contests with advancements to UIL State Marching Contest in 2006, 2008, 2012, and 2017. Additionally, the marching ensemble was a consistent finalist at BOA Regional, Super Regional, and Grand National events. In 2011, Mr. Bird collaborated with the Haltom High School and Birdville High School Bands to perform in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. A native of Fort Worth, TX, Mr. Bird attended the University of Houston Moores School of Music and received his Bachelors in Music Education. While attending the University of Houston, Mr. Bird was a member of the prestigious Wind Ensemble and the Catalyst Saxophone Quartet. The Catalyst Saxophone Quartet was named the Wind Division Champion


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

in 1997 for the Fischoff Chamber Music Competition, the Coleman Chamber Music Competition, and the Carmel Chamber Music Competition. Mr. Bird is an active adjudicator and clinician for concert and marching bands. He is a member of Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Bandmasters Association, Texas Music Adjudicators Association, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Phi Beta Mu. Mr. Bird currently resides in Keller with his wife, Amanda, and sons, Jonah and Jacob. He has won numerous awards including: • TMEA Honor Band 6A Finalist - ’14,’16, • TMEA Honor Band 5A Finalist (2nd Place) – 2017 • Music For All National Wind Festival Featured Ensemble - 2017 • UIL Marching Straight Superior Ratings - 2001-2017 • UIL Varsity Concert/Sight-Reading Superior Ratings - ’11,’12,’13,’14,’15,’16,’17 • UIL Non-Varsity Concert/Sight-Reading Superior Ratings - ’04,’06,’07,’08,’09,’10 • UIL State 6A Marching Contest - ’06,’08,’12 • UIL State Marching Contest Finalist - ’08,’17 • BOA Regional Finalist - ’05,’06,’07,’08,’09,’10, ’11,’12,’13,’14,’15 • BOA Super Regional Finalist - ’05,’06,’07,’09, ’10,’11,’12,’13,’16 • BOA Grand National Finalist - ’05, ’07 • Foundation for Music Education Mark of Excellence National Winner – 2014 • Foundation for Music Education Mark of

• Coleman Chamber Music Competition, 1997 Award for Woodwinds &Brass • Carmel Chamber Music Competition, 1998 1 st Prize Mr. Bird has been involved with music his entire life. His mother taught him piano lessons at an early age, he stated that he has been reading the musical language longer than any other language. Mr. Bird comes from a band family. Mr. Bird and his family spent many Friday nights attending Friday night games supporting family members and friends on the field and in the stands. “I’ve loved the idea of making music and band my life since I was in Middle School,” said Bird. When asked what his favorite instrument was he stated that his first instrument was piano, however his first band instrument was Saxophone. He said that he really doesn’t have a preference of what instrument he likes the most, but if he had to choose, it would be the piano. Mr. Bird’s favorite quote is - “Do or do not. There is no try” - Yoda. He has found that the most important skill being a member of the band teaches is persistence. “Today, our students expect instant gratification and music doesn’t offer that. It takes patience and persistence to learn to read and play music. It is even more challenging to do this with a group of 100+ other musicians,” said Bird. When asked why students should join band, he stated that music plays an important role in education. There is a mountain of evidence that supports this. Though he is an advocate for band, he truly believes that every child deserves a music education through band, choir, or other means. The AHS Band offers students of music an opportunity to learn life-long skills. It teaches commitment, responsibility, discipline, patience, and creativity. It gives opportunities to perform and build positive relationships.

Argyle High School


Photos and article provided by: Mrs. Kellye Wright


rgyle High School Powerlifting has been one of Argyle’s best-kept secrets since Casey Grounds won the Texas High School State Powerlifting meet in 2006 followed by Liz Fenley in 2009. The team, trained by David Muns, has placed third at Arlington Oakridge in 2018 and second at Forney. Nick Golden, Brock Martin, Naton Edwards, Josh Hicks, Henry Robinson, Greg Stringfellow, Chance Cruz, Owen Petrie, Jayton Polley, and Madison Mills won Argyle its first team trophies. Nick Golden, a 2018 graduate, set a 2018 NASA National record with a 600-pound deadlift. Golden also won a best lifter trophy at the Arlington Oakridge meet, and a best deadlift trophy at the Region 6 Division 2 meet in the heavy class. Brock Martin, a senior, also won a best deadlift trophy at the Region 6 Division 2 meet, which qualified him for the state meet. Martin said he believes the hardest part about powerlifting is maintaining the mentality he needs to be successful. “[Powerlifting] has shown me the importance of discipline and perseverance,” Martin said. After training to prepare for a meet, the work isn’t over. Martin and the rest of the team have to be proactive to prevent injuries, he said.

“Fighting for first and winning makes the work worth it,” Martin said. Senior Naton Edwards said that while powerlifting isn’t easy, it’s always worth it. “The coolest thing about powerlifting is getting up to your last deadlift, ripping it off

mind that I’m lifting a certain weight, I’ll begin to doubt myself, and soon enough I wouldn’t have enough confidence to lift what I want to.” The most rewarding part of the sport is setting a new personal best and to meet new goals, Cruz said.

the ground and standing there with nothing

“It’s satisfying because you’re the one that

but joy and adrenaline rushing through your

was able to accomplish it with your strength,

body,” Edwards said.

not anyone else’s,” he said.

Cruz said he

Powerlifting gave Cruz more

believes the most

self-confidence and allowed him to

challenging part

make more friends, he said.

of powerlifting is motivating yourself. “It’s easy to say you’ll lift a certain weight, but it’s harder actually to lift what you said you’ll do,” Cruz said. “You have to train to accomplish your goals, and it is challenging to keep it up. It’s the same for every other workout or exercise too that you have to tell yourself to do it and to do it right.” “Powerlifting like lots of sports is a mental game, “Cruz said.

“I’m pretty grateful for what the sport has done for me, and I don’t think I’ll regret how it’s changed my high school experience,” Cruz said. There is a lot of work to be done every day to be successful at powerlifting, David Muns said. “It’s usually not fun, and it can be boring. But, the good lifters embrace training,” he said. The best part of coaching is the relationship between the lifter and the coach, he said. “Getting to watch their personality change

“To get ready for a meet, I try to avoid

as much as the way they look. Being able to

thinking about what weight I’m going to lift,”

lift heavy weight brings giant confidence and

Cruz said. “If the thought gets stuck in my

builds tremendous work ethic,” Muns said.

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •


Band: Working Hard O

ur band is sounding AMAZING, all their hard work, early mornings and late nights these last weeks of summer have paid off. Your Argyle Band Students get up early every morning to practice, make perfect and repeat to get ready for state marching contest. The parents couldn’t wait to preview the marching show “Starstruck” and the students couldn’t wait to preform the show at the annual Band Family BBQ, on Friday August 17th. We started the evening with hamburgers and hotdogs and a quick Band Booster presentation, while the band warmed up. The Band Families got to preview a portion of the show and then had the opportunity to learn how to march from their band student. The parents and siblings learn very quickly, that marching is not as easy as it seems. This is a great annual tradition and always fun to watch and photograph. The Band is working very hard preparing for their first competition at Golden Triangle Marching Contest at CH Collins Stadium (Denton) on September 29th. We would love for you all to come out and cheer us on, please visit our new Band Booster Website for more information and future contests.

Britt Lintner Flaten Band Mom, Supporter, Fan, Photographer and Huge Supporter


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018



he AISD 2018 Convocation was

production which starred the AHS Choir,

mentoring and leading youth. Again, we were

Incredible! The entrance of the school

Cheerleaders, and Majestics Drill Team. Mr.

honored to have Logan Stout as our keynote

was lined by the AHS Band, cheerleaders,

Logan Stout was the keynote speaker. He is an

speaker. The Argyle Education Foundation

and members of the Majestics Drill Team. Dr.

accomplished business owner, philanthropist,

presented and recognized the Lisa M.Z.

Telena Wright, AISD Superintendent, dressed

entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote

Endowment winner and handed out gift cards

in theme as Edna Mode from the Incredibles

speaker, and leadership trainer. He is the

to teachers. PointBank of Argyle sponsored

movie. She opened convocation with her

owner of IDLife, a business directed in the

district t-shirts that were handed out at

annual welcome back presentation. All AISD

area of health and wellness. Logan is also

convocation, and DATCU was on hand with

Administrators dressed in Incredibles themed

the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots

its annual planners along with representatives

shirts and took part in an on stage opening

baseball organization, where he focuses on

from ATPE. A special thanks goes out to Mr. William Griswold, Mrs. Melissa Toomer, Mrs. Laura Truebenbach, Mrs. Erin Lemish, Mrs. Haley Martinez, Mr. Michael Lemish, Mrs. Misty Whitworth, the AISD Maintenance, and AISD Technology Department for all of their help in making the AISD 2018 Convocation so successful.

Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •



SPORTS Schedules








@ Keller Central Scrim




vs Frisco Lebanon Trail



AUG 9-11

@ ASC Carrollton Classic JV


AUG 9-11

@ Pearland Tournament



AUG 14

vs C F Brewer



AUG 17

@ Colony/Hebron



AUG 16-18 @ Northwest Classic



AUG 21



AUG 23-25 vs Sawyer Camillo



AUG 28

@ Melissa



AUG 31

vs McKinney HS


5:30 & 6:30


vs Callisburg




@ Nike ASC



SEP 11

@ Liberty Christian



SEP 14

@ Celina



SEP 18

@ Aledo


4:30 & 6

SEP 21

@ Springtown



SEP 22

@ GCISD Tournament





SEP 25

vs Decatur




Liberty Eylau



@ Krum


4:30 & 6


@ Sanger



@ Braswell




@ Boswell (Red Team) 5:30


vs Bridgeport (Homecoming) F/JV/V

4:30 & 6

OCT 11

vs North Lamar



vs Springtown (SR Night)



OCT 18

@ Paris


OCT 12

@ Decatur



OCT 25

vs Melissa


OCT 16

vs Krum




@ Anna


OCT 23

@ Bridgeport


5 &6


vs Celina


vs Boswell

• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018




@ Tyler Chapel Hill



Liberty Eylau



vs Sanger (Homecoming) 7:00

OCT 12

@ North Lamar


OCT 19

vs Paris (Pink Out)


OCT 26

@ Melissa



vs Anna (Senior Night) 7:00


@ Celina

NOV 16

Bi-District @ TBA TBD

NOV 23

Area @ TBA TBD

NOV 30

Regional @ TBA TBD


State Quarter Finals @ TBA TBD

DEC 14

State Semi-Finals @ TBA TBD

DEC 21

State Championship @ TBA TBD


Junior Varsity

Lady Eagles Basketball

Upcoming Band



OCT 27

vs Colony/Lone Star (S)



NOV 30

vs SLC/Duncanville (S)




vs Birdville



NOV 8-10

@ Grapevine Tournament


NOV 8-10

@ Colleyville Heritage


NOV 13

@ Lake Country


NOV 15-17 @ Flower Mound Tournament



NOV 19

vs Quinlan Ford



NOV 20

vs South Oak Cliff



NOV 27

@ Melissa



NOV 29 - Dec 1 @ Jack Frost Tournament



@ Keller



DEC 11

vs Aubrey



DEC 14

@ Sanger



DEC 18

vs Ranchview



DEC 20

vs Liberty Christian



DEC 29

@ Frisco Centennial



DEC 31

vs Ponder





October 19th Middle School Night! 7:00 PM Argyle Eagle Stadium October 30th Beginner Band World Premiere! 7:00 PM Argyle HS Auditorium November 1st Advanced Bands Fall Concert 7:00 PM Argyle HS Auditorium December 10th Middle School Winter Concert 7:00 PM Argyle HS Auditorium January 18th All-Region Concert Time TBA Argyle HS Auditorium


@ Bridgeport



JAN 11

vs Springtown



JAN 15

@ Krum



JAN 18

vs Decatur



JAN 22

vs Bridgeport



JAN 25


JAN 29

@ Springtown




vs Krum (Senior Night)




@ Decatur








• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018



happening in the Argyle Choir, please follow nly a few years ago, the Argyle ISD Contest in April. To cap off the year, the Choir program was made up of 11 Argyle High School Choir will be traveling to us on our social media platforms! You can students in grades 7th-12th on one campus. Nashville, TN during the month of June for an follow our entire program on Instagram at @ While small in number, they were mighty in incredible four day experience in Music City argylechoir and follow our THE ARGYLE spirit and continuously worked together to with the opportunity to visit recording studios, HS acapella group at @ CHOIR FAMILY make beautiful music. These students built the museums, famous concert venues, a clinic with argyle_remedy. You can CONTINUES foundation for what the Argyle Choir program nationally recognized choral directors, and also find us on Facebook TO GROW stands on today. It took patience, passion, and perform in three different locations including at Argyle ISD Choir and perseverance to see the Argyle the famous Grand Ole Opry. Remedy Acapella. Lastly, to watch our past MORE THAN The Argyle Choir family continues Choir program grow, but the performances and see highlights from our wait has been worth it. In the to grow every day, and once you are events you can subscribe to our Youtube 2018-2019 school year, more in the family, you are always in the channels, Argyle ISD Choir, and than 240 students, in grades family. One of the best aspects of our Remedy Acapella. 6th-12th, across two campuses, STUDENTS Choir program is that our students Argyle ISD Choir would like to thank all of performing in seven different are well-rounded and participate in the people who have facilitated the growth choirs, will embark on an incredible such a wide variety of activities throughout and transformation of our program. Thank you journey together. the district. Choir members this year can be to Dr. Telena Wright and her administrative This year’s journey began with Choir Camp seen on the field and in the gym for football, that kicked off in August. Students participated basketball, tennis, volleyball, track, soccer, team for helping us expand Choir in team building, made new friends, and sang cheerleading, and powerlifting. They will also opportunities to all four campuses every single for the first time together since returning be involved in the theater program, day of the week. Thank you to Mr. from the summer. They also competed in student council, dance, UIL academics, INCREDIBLE John King and Mr. Scott Gibson for the annual Choir Olympics on the last day of and many other clubs. Our students supporting singing in our district and camp! Throughout the school year, all students come from different backgrounds continuing to guide our programs will sing in our three major concerts, Fall and have many diverse talents, but through uncharted territory. Lastly, (October), Winter (December), and Spring singing always brings them together thank you to all the real heroes, the parents. (May). Remedy Acapella will compete in the in one room. When together, the sound their Parents, you have supported our program first round of the voices can make is beautiful. When they are COMPETED IN ICHSA competition emotionally committed to their craft, their from the beginning and given your children the opportunity to pursue the performing THE ANNUAL in February with performances are truly incredible. arts. Both of these decisions mean so much CHOIR OLYMPICS hopes of advancing The Argyle Choir program will perform to our program. The memories, experiences, to National Finals in NYC. The 7th-12th-grade throughout the community at many and lessons that your children take away from choirs will perform in the UIL Concert & town-wide events throughout the year Choir will truly last a lifetime. Argyle Choir is Sight-Reading process during the month of such as the Argyle Tree Lighting, Valentine’s ready for an incredible school year, and we March. All Argyle Middle School Choirs will Day Showcase, Shoot for the Stars, and hope you are too! compete in the Hurricane Harbor Choral others. To stay up to date with everything




The Well Church Hosts

Night to Shine Prom A

rgyle, Texas February 8th, 2019 – The Well Church of Argyle announced today that they would serve as one of nearly 500 churches around the world already registered to host Night to Shine 2019, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, simultaneously on Friday, February 8 of next year. Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older, hosted by local churches in all 50 states and across the globe all on one night. The Well if Argyle is excited to be a part of this worldwide movement that God is using as a catalyst to change how culture embraces people with special needs and to rally the


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

church worldwide to stand up for those who are differently-abled. Every guest of Night to Shine enters this complimentary event on a red carpet complete with a warm welcome from a friendly crowd and paparazzi. Once inside, guests receive the royal treatment, including hair and makeup stations, shoe shining areas, limousine rides, corsages and boutonnieres, a catered dinner, karaoke, prom favors, and a dance floor – all leading up to the moment when each guest is crowned king or queen of the prom. “I am blown away by how we are seeing God use the Church to step into this space as an advocate for people with special needs.

It’s not about my foundation or the churches themselves, but about communities coming together to love and celebrate people with differences. Every town, every village, every state, every country needs a Night to Shine for their special needs community – a chance to be a part of something significant and life-changing and to be blessed in the process,” said Tim Tebow, founder of the Tim Tebow Foundation. As a sponsor of Night to Shine, the Tim Tebow Foundation will provide each host church with the official 2019 Night to Shine Planning Manual, the official Night to Shine Prom Kit, complete with decorations and gifts for the guests, and personalized guidance and support from a Tim Tebow Foundation staff member. The foundation also has committed millions of dollars in financial support to hundreds of churches needing assistance in hosting the event. For additional information on the Night to Shine hosted by The Well Church, in Argyle, visit




Major is in 5th grade and plays Argyle ickey and Stacie Mickenheim have been married for 12 years and have four football, baseball, and tees it all up with a side children that attend AISD. They live in The Hills of Fortnite. (Aren’t they all?!) of Argyle near several of their best friends, Rebel is in 3rd grade and plays Argyle which makes life just a bit more fun when you volleyball as well as softball, too! She loves are surrounded by people you love. Pictured animals and raises her own bearded dragon, on the cover with the Mickenheim family is Liz, who loves carrots and crickets. They have one of their neighbors, Jennifer Purifoy, and two dogs, Tobi and Tripp, and an outdoor cat her son, Cort, a 1st-grader at that has nine lives named Tuff. Hilltop. Jennifer owns Hello When they aren’t busy with It is their hope that Daffodil Boutique at Lakeside carpool or sports, they are this small token, in Flower Mound, which was probably eating Mexican food. combined with the named Best of Denton County That has been at minimal the many other generous 2018 for the second year Friday go-to for the past donations from fellow in a row. 10 years! Argyle residents, can The oldest of the four The Mickenheim family make an impact and Mickenheim children is Scout moved back to Argyle from continue in the effort Farda, a sophomore at Argyle Highland Village in 2014 on to strengthen our High School. He plays football a whim! They received a text school system! on the JV team, and in the message from a friend with a Spring, he runs track. His best picture of a house attached races are the 110 and 300 Hurdles. He is that read “Come buy this house across the a member of YMSL and currently serves as street from us!” Mickey, having built his first secretary on the board. home in Argyle in 2002, knew he wanted to Piper is in 6th grade and loves volleyball. back in the area – so they struck a deal! Now, She is the libero for the club team Summit they live caddy corner from Mickey’s original in Plano. She loves hanging out with her Argyle house. girlfriends and spending time serving that Mickey and Stacie have always enjoyed volleyball – clear over the house it having friends and family over, and there is seems sometimes! always food! So, when Mickey and Stacie

were looking for a business to call their own, something related to entertaining and the outdoors only seemed natural. They opened Charred Grills and Outdoor in November of 2018 and were recently named Best of Denton County 2018. Their goal is to be a one-stop shop for all of your grilling needs. In doing so, they are adding new products to their shop weekly and offering a wider range of services such as grill maintenance and repair. Charred also builds outdoor living creations including patio covers, pergolas, kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, all types of concrete addition/construction, landscaping, and even the installation of indoor/outdoor gas logs. They will build your personal hideaway, private sanctuary, or a secret backyard haven by blending multiple textures, interesting shapes, and beautiful landscape to create the perfect outdoor kitchen or living area. The Mickenheim family won the cover in the Argyle Education Foundation gala live auction fundraiser. They are happy to be a part and contribute when able. It is their hope that this small token, combined with the many other generous donations from fellow Argyle residents, can make an impact and continue in the effort to strengthen our school system! Summer / Fall 2018 • Argyle Insights •



Argyle Eagle


he New Eagle Academy was a huge success. The district welcomed over

50 new teachers and staff to the district. Independent Bank of Argyle kicked off the week with a sponsored breakfast for all of the new teachers and staff. There were many more sponsors who provided breakfast and lunch and took time to meet with the new teachers and staff. The district would like to recognize the following: Independent Bank Matt Portz - State Farm DATCU Credit Union Kris Baker with First United Mortgage Mathnasium Denton Peggy Krueger with First United Mortgage Melanie Saba - New York Life Insurance PointBank of Argyle


• Argyle Insights • Summer / Fall 2018

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AISD Insights Summer/Fall 2018  

Read up on what's happening in Argyle ISD!

AISD Insights Summer/Fall 2018  

Read up on what's happening in Argyle ISD!