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Virtual Convocation! 2020-2021


rgyle ISD hosted its annual Convocation for all employees, and this year’s event was held virtually. This is traditionally a large gathering of all staff, but it was adjusted this year due to safety guidelines. The campuses scheduled time to watch this year’s Convocation presented on video. It included a message from Dr. Wright and district leadership with the theme of “Zooming Into the New Year.” Dr. Wright was featured at Texas Motor Speedway, where the 2019-2020 school year ended with the Class of 2020 Graduation ceremony. Argyle ISD student groups were featured in the video and the event included popcorn and candy served to staff to enjoy while watching the video. Our teachers and staff were excited and ready to welcome our Eagles in-person and virtually on Monday, Aug. 17 for the first day of school. Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •








he Argyle Board meetings are scheduled for the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the AISD Administration Building, 800 Eagle Drive, Argyle, Texas 76226. Time is allotted each month for public comments. For additional information and the next scheduled meeting, contact the Superintendent’s office at 940.464.7241.

Craig Hawkesworth Secretary

Jeff Williams Member

Deana Steeber Assistant Superintendent

Renee Funderburg Argyle West Principal

Dr. Dawn Jordan Argyle Intermediate School Principal

Scott Gibson Argyle Middle School Principal

John King Argyle High School Principal

Todd Rodgers Athletic Director

Chance Westmoreland Girls Athletic Coordinator

Jason Bird AISD Band Director

Rick Herrin Communications Director

Pamela Arrington Marketing Director

Greg Royar Technology Director

Dr. John Bitter Vice President

Brad Lowry Member

Dr. Leona McDade Member

Ritchie Deffenbaugh Member


Chris Daniel Deputy Superintendent

Dona Lumsden Hilltop Principal

Elizabeth Stewart Chief Financial Officer

Sam Slaton Board President

Dr. Telena Wright Superintendent

• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

Albert Rutledge Transportation Director

Tommy Ledford Maintenance Director

Amy Bresnahan Student Nutrition Director

Chief Cairney AISD Police Chief

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Back-To-School Virtual Convocation!


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16 New Eagle Partner -The Real Estate Station

30 Living for Zachary Heart Screenings Save Lives! 32 Choir & Remedy A Cappella

40 7 Tips on How to Start Teaching Your Kids About Money

17 Welcome Home Mr. Herrin

18 Argyle Intermediate School Principal

20 What a Great First Day in Argyle ISD!

22 New Eagle Academy 2020

45 UIL Honors Eagles Boys Basketball Team

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Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •


MESSAGE from Dr. Telena Wright, Argyle ISD Superintendent


e are so excited and thrilled to have our Eagle students and teachers back in the classroom and online! The first day of school was like none we have ever experienced and was a great success. After months of learning new COVID-19 guidelines, discussions, preparation, planning, and meetings, we welcomed back our students both face-to-face and virtually for instruction on August 17. Our Eagle parents were provided the option for in-person or virtual instruction for their child. Nearly 20 percent of our students started the school year with virtual instruction. For students in elementary, we have a dedicated certified teacher delivering virtual instruction at each grade level. In the secondary grades, our students join the instruction virtually and our teachers have done a tremendous job learning this new way of teaching and serving our Eagles. Our Eagle staff worked tirelessly to prepare for this school year, and I am so appreciative of all of their efforts in implementing the plan that is keeping our students safe and protected in a wonderful learning environment. One parent commented, "This has been a really smooth week. I know you all worked really hard to make this happen." Another commented, "It's great to be back in person. My kids love their teachers and classes." "It's exciting to be back. I have great teachers," one Eagle student said. As much as it was great to see our


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

students and parents again, it was just as great to hear their feedback and appreciation for our beloved teachers. On our five campuses, Eagle teachers and staff are doing a tremendous job emphasizing safety and establishing a routine with our health protocols to best serve our students. We have seen great diligence by our students, teachers, and staff in following our safety guidelines and measures. The following measures are in place and we will continue to reinforce Argyle ISD's safety messaging to our Eagles families. • All campuses have touch-free temperature scanners installed at building entries. • Students and staff are required to wear face coverings or face shields and must cover their mouth and nose. Face coverings are required for all students 4th grade and above. • Hand sanitizer is required for students as they enter classrooms and board school buses. Hand sanitizer is readily available on our campuses and facilities. • Electrostatic sprayers are used daily in the classrooms. • Each campus has an additional mitigation cleaning specialist as part of the custodial staff. Due to safety guidelines, visitors are not allowed inside our campuses. This obviously had a major impact on the first day of school, which is always a special

occasion and one of my favorite days to greet our Eagles. Although parents were not allowed inside our campuses, the excitement of the first day was just as special. The only difference was their children waved bye from the sidewalk rather than the classroom. It was a day to remember and simply watching the joy of our families seeing their children off to school certainly outweighed the restrictions and guidelines that are now our regular practices. Thank you Argyle ISD community for partnering with us during these unprecedented times and supporting our teachers, leaders, staff, and board of trustees. Dr. Telena Wright Argyle ISD Superintendent


he health and safety of our Argyle ISD community is vitally important to us.

by parents, a prohibition on visitors

Students, faculty, and staff all participate in preventative measures designed to

entering campus facilities, enforced

minimize the spread of infectious diseases. These measures, drawn from many expert

mandatory facial covering for 4th-12th

resources such as the CDC and county and state health officials, have become as

graders, and numerous other types

ingrained in our daily school routine as the bells that start the school day.

of personal protective equipment for all grade levels. For a complete list of

Keeping The Lines of Communication Open Guidelines, rules, and regulations are

vital information flowing to parents, guardians, and the wider community. Our district Health Services department

only effective when they are effectively

is also tightly involved in responding

communicated! A week before school

to questions and concerns from the

started, we made a series of public

community. All five campus nurses form

announcements and news posts about

a response task-force, coordinated by

our new health protocols. We also

R.N. Kris Wildeveld (Argyle Intermediate

created two special websites, our Return

School). Email and contact information for

to Learning and COVID-19 Screening

the nurses can be found on the COVID

sites. (You can see those at www.

Screening site. and Additionally,

Active Prevention & Mitigation Our active prevention plan

the AISD Communications team,

includes, but is not limited to, on-site

led by veteran director Rick Herrin,

temperature scans when entering

keeps a steady supply of updates and

buildings, symptom pre-screening

prevention and mitigation protocols, please visit the Health Protocols section of the Return to Learning site.

Fall 2020

The fall semester is sure to present many exciting opportunities for Argyle students, and also many new challenges to address. The most important part is that we, the greater Argyle ISD community, work diligently to create a safe, supportive environment for our students. If you have any questions or concerns, share your feedback with us on any of our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), or send us an email at

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •




OF The


rgyle High School Biology teacher Deserae Good was honored last

year by being named the winner of the Lisa M.Z. Endowment Award in teacher excellence. The award is presented by the Argyle ISD Education Foundation. Congratulations to Ms. Good on being recognized as the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year in Argyle ISD. Chatting with Deserae Good! WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE BOARD GAME AND WHY? “Boggle! I love the simple competition and vocabulary practice. Plus, it is something all of my children can play with us. We let the little girls find the threeletter words, but sometimes they find ones we didn't even see.” WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO DURING QUARANTINE? “We went on walks and bike rides every day as a family, and we baked a lot. My children have taken after me in this way and enjoy making a lot of sweets. I also was able to pick up some book series I have been wanting to read for a long time.” WHAT ALWAYS BRINGS A SMILE TO YOUR FACE? “Obviously, I love seeing my kids after a long day, but I also love seeing my students each day in class. They get my energy up and when they come back and visit after they have graduated. It makes my heart happy.” IF YOU WERE A SUPERHERO, WHAT SUPERPOWERS WOULD YOU HAVE? “To heal the sick. Doctors already have that superpower in a way, and I would be a doctor if I wasn't teaching. “ IF YOU COULD HAVE A TIME MACHINE WOULD YOU GO BACK IN TIME OR INTO THE FUTURE AND WHY? “I would go back in time to see people I have lost and to spend time with them the way I should have and appreciated them more. More than anything, I would have taken more photos with them.” FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OR INSTAGRAM, AND WHY?


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

“Instagram. Quick and to the point.” WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A TEACHER? “A freshmen biology professor at UNT gave me a pep talk. He told me he originally planned to go to medical school just like I did but realized it wasn't just the science he loved, but the part when he got to explain it to someone else and seeing the lightbulb go off that made his day. That is when I realized that is exactly what I enjoy doing is explaining concepts to people in a way to excite them and get them to think about science differently.” WHAT'S A SECRET TALENT THAT MOST OF US WOULDN'T KNOW YOU HAD? “I can talk in a Stitch voice from Lilo and Stitch, and sing in it as well.” NETFLIX SERIES RECOMMENDATION AND WHY? “Stranger Things. 1.) The 80s, who doesn't love the 80s. 2.) The Sci-Fi component is awesome, plus Millie Bobby Brown!” BOOK RECOMMENDATION AND WHY? “Outlander! I love the books and the TV series. The character development is enthralling, and you begin to feel connected to them. Plus, so many scenes make me laugh out loud.” WHAT IS THE BEST ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE SOMEONE PLANNING

“Getting to see the students have ‘wow’ moments when something turns out a certain way they didn’t expect, or when they learned something new.” TO BECOME A TEACHER? “Understand that you are not alone, and everyone around you has been exactly where you are. They are always willing to help and take advice that works with your personality and your classroom. Give grace to your students because they have more on their shoulders than we ever did, and that is hard for people to understand sometimes. You are valued more than you may think and you make an impact on student's lives beyond the classroom.” WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE BAND AS A TEENAGER? “Oh man, ask me each year and I would give you a different genre. If I narrowed it down, I would say No Doubt.” WHAT SKILL DO YOU THINK EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN? “How to budget their bank accounts, spend wisely, and how to understand their credit.” WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING A STUDENT IN YOUR CLASS? “Flex seating!” WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB? “A Sears employee working in a small dealer store in Granbury.”

WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR DAY? “The drive home when I get to hear about each of my children's day.” COFFEE OR OJ? “Coffee with a lot of flavoring.” FAVORITE THING TO DO DURING YOUR SUMMERS? “Go to a waterpark with the kids.” BEACH OR MOUNTAINS AND WHY? “Mountains. I don't like the way the sand feels, plus I will take cooler temperatures over hot any day.” HOW WOULD YOUR STUDENTS DESCRIBE YOU? “Loud, a bit random, talks a lot (especially about my children), wants to make learning fun, honest, and upfront.” WHAT'S THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A TEACHER? “Getting to see the students have ‘wow’ moments when something turns out a certain way they didn't expect, or when they learned something new. Plus, watching my students grow up from 9th grade to 12th and into adults in college; it's amazing and when they visit and tell me how life has turned out I get excited. They really are my children.“

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



Hilltop Principal T

he Argyle ISD Board of Trustees approved Dona Lumsden as the new Hilltop Elementary School Principal during the Special Board Meeting on Aug. 3. Lumsden joined Argyle ISD in 2018 and served the past two years as an Argyle Middle School Assistant Principal. She has more than 15 years of experience in public education and five as a school administrator. Before joining Argyle ISD, Lumsden served in Lake Dallas ISD from 2004-2018 and was promoted to Lake Dallas High School Assistant Principal in 2015. She held this position for three years. During her career, Lumsden has served as a math teacher and math department head at the middle and high school levels, academic advisor, and lead counseling department advisor. She was

named the Lake Dallas ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2009-2010. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to join the team at Hilltop Elementary, and I thank the district leadership and School Board for their confidence and trust in me,” Lumsden said. “It is so exciting to begin this new journey and my commitment to the staff, students, and parents of Hilltop will be to work tirelessly

“It is so exciting to begin this new journey and my commitment to the staff, students, and parents of Hilltop will be to work tirelessly to deliver excellence in everything we do.”


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

to deliver excellence in everything we do.” Lumsden was named an Assistant Principal at Argyle High School earlier this summer and shifted into her new role leading Hilltop Elementary as the district prepared for the first day of school on Monday, Aug. 17. Hilltop Elementary serves grades Pre-K through 3rd grade. “Mrs. Lumsden is an excellent administrator, and we are very excited to have her leading the Hilltop Elementary campus,” Argyle ISD Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright said. “She has been a valuable member of our leadership team since she arrived in Argyle, and we look forward to continued success for our students and staff at Hilltop.” Lumsden has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Master of Education Administration from Texas Woman’s University.

Argyle Tennis


Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •


THE MASKS Argyle High School • Argyle Middle School • Argyle Intermediate School


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020


• A r g y l e We s t E l e m e n t a r y S c h o o l • H i l l t o p E l e m e n t a r y S c h o o l

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



W E LCO M E from the Principal W

e are planning for the beginning of a new school year like no other we have seen in history. We thought last year was strenuous in opening a new school when only getting possession of the building two days before school started, but this year brings a whole new challenge. However, our focus will remain the same and that is to ensure that: • Every child, every day is finding a way to feel loved and valued. • Every child, every day is being challenged by new learnings and experiences. • Every child, every day knows they have a champion they can turn to. Spring of 2020 challenged staff and students to find a new normal for learning, connected us in new ways, and required our teachers to champion from afar. What I have most learned through this process is how much I appreciate the expertise our teachers bring to Argyle West, the ways in which our students continue to work hard to grow, and, overall, an appreciation for the little things in life such as giving a high five, a hug, or being able to laugh out loud with many people around. What I most appreciate about Argyle West is how, even under circumstances we have never

experienced, we still maintain a positive attitude and proceed with a lot of grace and flexibility. Normal is such a simple word, and it is our goal at Argyle West to not only find our new normal but to use this time as a learning experience that will forever impact the learning environment of Argyle West. Every week, there are new types of learning experiences teachers are researching, and much of what is learned will continue to be used in the future. Our fall may not be “normal,” but our learning will not only continue but also thrive. We can’t wait to move on to the next phase of learning under COVID-19 and we know, all returning and new students to Argyle West, whether virtual or in-person, will be welcomed with open arms (from 6 feet away) to our community. We will continue to grow! Argyle ISD is a small district with a reputation for high expectations of

“Champions come in all shapes and sizes, and at any point in time. There will be champions by your student every day, with relationships built over time, but some champions just appear when you need them the most.”


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

excellence, which we know is why many of you entrust us with the education of your children. Our staff prides itself on ensuring that our students are safe, loved, and learning at high levels. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards so that there will be no shortage of opportunities for your student to feel challenged on a daily basis with high-quality instruction, again, no matter in-person or virtual. Champions come in all shapes and sizes, and at any point in time. There will be champions by your student every day, with relationships built over time, but some champions just appear when you need them the most. It is our mission to make sure every child knows that when they need a champion, Argyle West will provide. Our theme this year is Be a Light! We want to be a positive light in the lives of our students, parents, and community during a time of unknown, unrest, and uneasiness. We will persevere and come out better in the long run! #TogetherWeAreArgyle This school year will be one to remember!! Be a Light!! Warm Regards, Mrs. Funderburg Argyle West Principal

tes a d p U


October 7, 2020 Sounds of Springtown marching contest

hard at work preparing the UIL

October 14, 2020

competitive show “All Things Bright

Possible marching contest or percussion contest

and Beautiful.” Students have spent hours outside with each

October 18, 2020

other working on music, building

UIL Region marching contest (Celina High School, Bobcat Stadium)

relationships, and creating memories. The 2020-2021 school year will be a unique one for the Argyle Marching Band. Not only because of the pandemic but also because it is a UIL State Marching Contest year for Class 4A. The 4A State Marching Championships only happen in

October 31, 2020 Marching contest - To be announced

December 8, 2020 UIL Area marching contest (Princeton High School, Panther Stadium)

December 14, 2020 UIL State marching contest - San Antonio Alamodome

even-numbered years. Traditionally, UIL holds its marching competitions in October and November. However, this year they will be held in November and December. The State Marching Contest will be on December 14 in San Antonio at the Alamodome. Please come cheer us on during our SMC journey at all the Varsity and


Junior Varsity home games. Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



rgyle ISD would like to welcome The Real Estate Station in Argyle as a new district level Eagle Partner for the 2020 2021 school year. The Real Estate Station started supporting Argyle ISD over 15 years ago, even before their two children became Argyle Eagles, long before the Argyle ISD Eagle Partners Program was in existence. The Real Estate Station has always felt that it is important for local businesses to support the school district and community. They wanted to become Eagle Partners because they wanted to further their support for the district. Dave and Kathy, the owners of the Real Estate Station have lived in Argyle for over 20 years and have been married for over 25 years. “She is the best thing about me, I learn from her everyday how to care about others more and how God wants us to live,” said Dave. It is not unusual to see the Salisbury Family at Argyle ISD sporting events, community events, fundraisers or just volunteering around Argyle. Kathy Salisbury volunteers in many ways in the Argyle area and has for years. She is a member of Keep Argyle Beautiful, The Alex Betzhold Memorial Fund - Shoot for the Stars Planning Committee, she volunteers with the Argyle Chapter of


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

the Young Men’s Service League, helps out with the Community Food Drive at Thanksgiving, the Annual Argyle Angel Tree Event and is a member of the Argyle Lions Club. Kathy can also be found on the campuses of the schools, as she volunteers at them when needed. Their Daughter Kaitlin is a junior at OU studying Interior Design. Their son Luke is a junior at Argyle High School and is a member of the AHS Golf Team. “Both of our kids are great students and I think that is the testament of how great our school district is.” Dave Salisbury takes pride in giving back to the community in various ways as well. One way he does this is by giving out free Argyle Eagle baseball caps and t-shirts each year. He provided caps to some of the new teachers at the new Eagle Academy that was held in August and provided more to the district to be given out to teachers on the campuses. Each year they make more than the year before and they are gone as fast as they get them in. Dave also volunteered for AYSA football and baseball and has donated baseball shirts and school folders. He has also acted as a chaperone for many district events. The Real Estate Station opened their office in 1986 with a different owner and it was the first real estate office in the Argyle area. Since then, they have sold over a billion dollars in real estate. Dave and Kathy have owned the office since 2008 after Dave had been an agent there for 2 years prior. “I saw long ago the opportunity that Argyle and this area was going to present and we have been

very blessed with huge success,” said Dave. The Real Estate Station has agents that specialize in all areas of real estate, from land, to homes, new construction, investment wealth building, property management, development, rentals and lease properties Their office currently has 12 agents, with some agents having teams that they started along with real estate assistants to better serve the area. Due to the fact that the Real Estate Station is locally owned, all of their agents live in the area and have kids or have had kids in the district. “Being the first and now the largest real estate office in Argyle, we have been on the most parcels of land and in most of the homes in the area, we have a personal knowledge of these when they are for sale.” “That is our edge….no one knows Argyle like we do!!” “We understand the area and have seen it grow.” If you would like to contact Dave Salisbury with the Real Estate Station, you can call him directly at 469.576.4881. You can call their office and reach an agent 24/7 at 940-464-1111. You can also email Dave Salisbury at dave@realestatestation. com. If you are interested in becoming an Argyle ISD Eagle Partner, please email for information. Content and photos provided by: The Real Estate Station in Argyle


HOME Mr. Herrin by Brooke Ezzo


n his closet was a vintage Argyle Eagles T-shirt his mother, a former Argyle ISD educator, gave him years ago. While working for other districts, the shirt was

only worn around the house. But now, Rick Herrin is wearing that shirt everywhere with pride. As an Argyle native, Rick and his family are excited to be back to his hometown, to put down more roots, and to assist and inform the families within the Eagles’ district. “This is such a rewarding experience returning to my hometown to serve in Argyle ISD,” Rick said. “Coming back has been such a flashback of so many great memories growing up in this wonderful community.” Rick is the new Director of Communications for the district. His position includes internal and external communications and building strategic communications for the district to effectively keep staff, students, and parents connected, informed, and engaged. “This is a critical time for our Eagle families with the start of school amid a pandemic, and our communications are so vital to keeping them informed regarding our safety protocols and guidelines to keep our children safe,” Rick said. Rick has a Broadcast Journalism degree, has an impressive journalism background, and with over 10 years in education, he is a great addition to the Eagle system. There is a lot to know about Rick, his education, and former work experience. But at Murray Media Group, we thought asking Rick the hard-hitting questions to get him to open up would be better. Luckily for us, he didn’t hold back.

What is your favorite movie(s) of all time? Star Wars and The Shawshank Redemption What is your biggest fear? Snakes. My fear of snakes is a running joke in my family. Favorite genre of music? Well, that would be several… Classic Country, Red Dirt Country, 80s and 90s hip hop and rock! What is your favorite sport to play? To watch? Basketball. College Football. If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be and why? Bora Bora. It looks like a tropical paradise completely off the grid. We love fun in the sun and beautiful beaches and this would be a dream getaway. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Jon Gordon Would you rather live by the ocean or the mountains? Ocean. No Question. What is your favorite thing about your job? The real enjoyable part of this job is that very few days are exactly the same. The diversity of workload allows the position to be refreshing, challenging and rewarding. Helping students find a passion and skill they didn't previously know they had is very exciting to experience. Hobbies? Family? I enjoy fishing, playing pickup basketball and golf. My wife, Brooke, and I met while in college at Oklahoma State and we have been married 25 years! Our son Hunter is 20, and our daughter Haley is 17. Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •






rgyle Intermediate School teachers, virtual and face-to-face, wanted to make sure all students had an outlet to express how they felt about returning to school. They know our students would have an array of emotions ranging from excitement, to uncertainty, to fear.

Through the writing assignment titled First Day Emojis, students were able to share their feelings. Argyle Intermediate School (AIS) student Graham was not going to let the new guidelines get him down, writing, “The pandemic is not going to stop me from loving school! Go Eagles!” Not everyone was this excited. A fifth grade virtual student wrote about feeling “the slightest bit sad that summer was officially over.” Of course, there was concern about what wearing a mask would be like, but the overwhelming feeling was one of excitement and happiness. Fifth grade student Morgan summed it up best by writing, “In 2020, a lot has happened, but starting fifth grade and going back to school was like a breath of fresh air!” An article from Successful Child, Why Your Behavior is Such a Powerful Influence on Your Kids, reminds us that “Kids are

mirrors and imitators. In fact, they are hypersensitive to everything you do.” Our kids are so happy to be back in school, and I know I have the amazing parents of our AIS students to thank. The author of this article also states, “You are lending your kids strength” when you show them how to take charge of their emotions, behavior, and attitude. This strength gives them the confidence to handle the circumstances they are faced with each day. They know they have a choice on how they confront and feel about change and adversity. This knowledge allows them to choose happiness and have a positive outlook regardless of what life throws their way. And it has thrown a lot our way lately! We are facing difficult times in our country and world, but by choosing to be positive, we also choose happiness. You

“The pandemic is not going to stop me from loving school! Go Eagles!”


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

certainly made a positive choice by being part of our community and school! We are working very hard to create a normal school environment for our students. We look forward to bringing back the “House System” and student leadership program. We will celebrate our grandparents with a Grandparents Day drive-through parade, and celebrate world cultures through art and music. We may be wearing masks and social distancing, but we still know how to bring fun into learning! The staff is dedicated to our students’ success, and we look forward to another awesome year at the Intermediate School!

Dr. Dawn Jordan Principal Argyle Intermediate School

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



Great First Day IN ARGYLE ISD!


he district welcomed back students for the start of the 2020-2021 school year on Monday, Aug. 17. Students returned to learning both in-person and

virtually on all five campuses. This marked the first time students were in classrooms since early March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The return to learning was much different from the traditional setting with several safety guidelines and procedures in place to help protect students and teachers. "It was such an exciting day for our district," Argyle ISD Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright said. "To see our Eagle students learning together again both in-person and virtually was unforgettable. Our teachers and staff did a tremendous job implementing the health protocols to help our Eagles feel safe from the moment they got on the bus or walked inside their campus. I am so grateful for the hard work of our teachers and administrators throughout this process that led to an incredible first day." Argyle ISD welcomed more than 3,600 in-person and virtual students on the first day. Parents were given the option before the start of school, whether they preferred in-person or the virtual instruction model for their child. About 20 percent of students are receiving virtual instruction. Students in 4th grade and above arrived in masks and applied hand sanitizer and had their temperatures taken upon entry to the campuses. Argyle ISD campus staff were throughout the building helping new and returning students find their classrooms. The new learning experience included virtual learners joining in-person learners via webcam at the secondary levels. At the elementary level, virtual instruction was led by a dedicated teacher who hosted class online from her classroom computer. Students who are receiving virtual instruction are committed to this model for at least nine weeks (grading cycle). To help with social distancing at the secondary levels, schedules were on staggered releases to help with hallway congestion. Argyle ISD implemented additional safety measures for the start of school with the installation of two temperature scanners at the entries of each campus. The district also added a mitigation cleaning specialist on each campus as part of the custodial staff. For more information regarding Argyle ISD's Return To Learning plan and Health Protocols, visit the website.


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •




2020 O

ne thing is for certain for the 2020-2021 school year, the newest Argyle ISD teachers and staff will never forget their first year as an Eagle.

The first back-to-school event for the school year was the New Eagle Academy. It was held over four days at the end of July and beginning of August. With the return to school and the safety protocols and measures in place, this was a much different version of New Eagle Academy. Argyle ISD welcomed 60 new teachers and staff for these four days of orientation to Eagle Nation. This overview includes a welcome and district update from Superintendent. Dr. Telena Wright, introductions of district and campus leadership, technology training, and additional staffing orientation. This year’s

event was held in the Argyle High School cafeteria and lecture hall. “Everyone in Argyle has been very welcoming, and it’s a very warm environment and a very close-knit family feel,” said Troy McCartney, Argyle High

School World Geography teacher. “It’s by far the best, and I truly believe that which is one of the reasons why I’m here.” The new hires were the first employees to enter the buildings this summer after the spring closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And entering the building took on a different form with the Argyle ISD safety protocols in place for this event.


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

“I am so excited to be here, and it’s going to be an awesome new challenge,” said Mary Pennington, Hilltop Elementary Kindergarten teacher. Each morning before checking in at Argyle High School, the new hires were required to have their temperature taken. Also, they were required to wear face coverings at all times. It was a new experience for the newest of Eagles. “I am super excited to be a part of this district and be a part of Argyle West,” said Lindsay Carrier, Argyle West Elementary Reading Specialist. Argyle ISD is also grateful for the assistance of the Eagle Partners, who helped provide breakfast and lunch each day for the new members of the Eagle team.



he topic of returning to the classroom this fall was part of many

community discussions across the nation this summer. Argyle ISD Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright had the opportunity this summer to provide some insight to the district's plan as one of the featured speakers at the Metroport Chamber Luncheon in August. Dr. Wright, along with Northwest ISD Superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren and Westlake Academy Executive Director Dr. Mechelle Bryson, provided details about the return to learning plans in each of their respective schools. The luncheon was held at the DFW Marriott Hotel & Golf Club. Dr. Wright's presentation included a look back at how students and teachers pivoted during the spring school closures to remote learning and how Argyle provided a memorable Class of 2020 graduation at the Texas Motor Speedway. The discussion shifted to the time and preparation Argyle ISD staff dedicated to the Return To Learning plan for Argyle ISD families with the option of in-person or virtual instruction. Each year, Dr. Wright has the opportunity to update the chamber on the great things happening in Argyle ISD and highlights all the accolades and successes of our Eagle students. Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



ho could have imagined that in 2020, the classroom would be coming home with the student! This remarkable year presents new challenges for Argyle students and their families as instruction goes virtual. Here are some tips to help ease the transition for your virtual learner. Creating an effective classroom space for your student is important. It can be anything from a place at the kitchen table to a desk in the student’s bedroom. Your solution will be unique to your home. The important part is creating a clean, quiet, dedicated space set aside for learning. Keep your student’s Chromebook plugged in and charging whenever possible, and try to find a place with good wifi signal strength. Don’t stress: There will be hiccups! New challenges mean new approaches and new solutions, but glitches are unavoidable. Stay calm, keep the lines of communication open with instructors and administrators, and don’t stress. When


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

asked to give advice to parents about virtual learning, Argyle teachers’ most common comment is, “Check your email daily – or more!” KNOW THE CODE: TECH LINGO USERNAMES Argyle student usernames follow the same formula: firstname.lastname@stu. Long or hyphenated last names may be shortened in the username field, and students with common names may have a number at the end of their last name. If your student is having login issues or needs a password reset, let their instructor know immediately. CHROMEBOOKS Chromebooks are a type of laptop computer that is not a Macbook or a Windows laptop. Instead, they use ChromeOS, which is linked with student Google accounts. Chromebooks have issues like any other piece of technology. If you’re having trouble, please reach out to your student’s instructor for more help.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM Google Classroom is a website and classroom management tool that comes with every student account. At Argyle ISD, students are automatically enrolled in their classroom sections. Teachers can assign virtual work, quizzes, and other types of assignments in a “one-stop-shop” location. Google Meet and Webex Meetings: Google Meet and Webex Meetings are two different types of video conferencing software. Students will receive specific instructions from their teachers on which one to use and links to specific meetings for each class. CLASSLINK Classlink is where your student will go to access almost every piece of software, textbook, or web asset required by their teachers. It’s a ‘single sign-on” (SSO) website, which means that your student will only ever need to know their Google account login to access Classlink and any other login required inside Classlink.

Greetings From The

Hilltop Elementary Principal W

elcome students and families to the new school year at Hilltop Elementary. We are taking off with a lot of new this year. A new principal, new health protocols, face-to-face, and virtual learning.

What I’ve seen are kids who are happy to be here and teachers that are overjoyed to be back with their students. That goes for both virtual and face-to-face classes. There is a lot of energy in the building and in the virtual classrooms. I hope your children are coming home or logging out daily with good experiences. As we head into the first semester of this different time, there are some things I don’t want to lose sight of. One of those things is the partnership with parents. I’ve enjoyed meeting you in the car line, or drop off, and those other small moments as our day begins and ends. I look forward to the ability to have visitors on campus and school functions where we are all together. Until then, I hope we can stay connected by conversations,

the use of technology, and using some innovative ideas to bridge that gap. I also hope to have many of our same events, even if they are virtual or in some other non-traditional way. Our teachers are getting to know their students and their needs. They have lessons ready to help all students achieve maximum growth and have success along the way. I’ve seen a teacher during week one have deep conversations with students caused by smearing shaving cream on their desks and writing in it. It was so much fun but at the same time meaningful. They practiced letter formation, related a book they had read to their own lives, and explored appropriate ways to talk to each other – all starting with a little squirt of shaving cream. That’s just one example of teachers

“We want to be what they need. We want to make this a year they will remember.”

doing more than just teaching. They are reaching their students. Who wouldn’t want to write in the shaving cream? I did, and some students were happy to let me share with them. Elementary is a wonderful world. It’s a happy place. These kids make me smile every single walk down the hall. They are truly happy to see you, and just a wave back to them can put the biggest smile on their face. We thank you for sharing them with us. We want to be what they need. We want to make this a year they will remember, and not because of what is different. We want them to remember it because of how much they grew, and how we made them feel while they were here. I look forward to a great and memorable year.

Dona Lumsden Hilltop Principal Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



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At Least For Some by Steve Gamel | photo courtesy of UIL


he fall sports season has started. Well, at least for some. The University Interscholastic League announced a tiered 2020-2021 athletic calendar on July 21 that would allow some schools to start fall practices on-time on Aug. 3 while delaying others until Sept. 7. As part of the plan, Class 1A-4A fall

allows students to participate in the

sports programs like Argyle started

education-based activities they love in a

volleyball games Aug. 10. Cross Country

way that prioritizes safety and mitigates

and team tennis started on the 17th.

risk of COVID-19 spread.”

The Eagles’ football team plays its season opener on the 27th. Meanwhile, Class 5A and 6A schools can’t start practicing until Sept. 7, with games starting in the weeks after. This new start date for the UIL’s two highest classifications is roughly five weeks later than normal and is in direct response to COVID-19 concerns. For Murray Media’s coverage area, the 5A/6A schools affected are Guyer, Lake Dallas, Marcus, Flower Mound, Hebron, The Colony, and Justin Northwest. “Our goal in releasing this plan is to provide a path forward for Texas students and schools,” UIL Executive Director Charles Breithaupt said in a press release. “While understanding

There haven’t been any games at the high school level since the UIL suspended

school and every school district around the state.” Webb was spot-on. The new plan changes the entire makeup of the typical athletic calendar. Not only have teams been forced to alter their game schedules to fit the new plan, but playoffs and state championship games also have significant date changes. The state title games for 1A-4A in

practices and games in mid-March as

volleyball and football remain Nov.

concerns over the coronavirus were

18-21 and Dec. 18-19, respectively. But

running rampant. The UIL allowed schools

the larger school playoffs begin in early

to begin strength and conditioning and sports-specific training in early June, but questions continued to linger over whether or not athletics would resume in the fall. That all changed with the

December for football — as opposed to November. The title games will be in January. Meanwhile, the volleyball state tournament for 5A and 6A schools

latest announcement, though the UIL

will be Dec. 11-12 rather than

made it very clear that this is a fluid

before Thanksgiving.

process and that plenty can change if there is another spike in confirmed coronavirus cases. “At some point in time, we’ve got to set dates, and we’ve got to say, ‘These are the dates. We’re playing,’” Guyer

situations change and there will likely be

football coach Rodney Webb told the

interruptions that will require flexibility

Dallas Morning News. “It was going to

and patience, we are hopeful this plan

be impossible to make it ideal for every

As you attend games, you may notice fewer spectators. Part of the UIL’s plan was also to limit spectators to a 50% maximum capacity for each stadium or gym to allow for social distancing to continue. Everyone must wear face masks. A calendar provided by the UIL is included with this article.

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Supporting Argyle ISD W

hen Northlake Dentistry found out the date that the new teachers and

staff were starting back to school in Argyle ISD, they immediately dropped off over 500 N95 masks for the teachers and staff in the district to use. Northlake Dentistry always shows their community support by going above and beyond with their outreach. Whether it is dropping off lunch for the teachers, sponsoring the cost of the new Eagle mascot uniform, sponsoring a New Eagle Lunch, volunteering or giving away toothbrushes and gift cards, Northlake Dentistry shows they care in so many ways. Not only have they become Eagle Partners with Argyle ISD, but many of our administrators, teachers and staff can truly call the staff at Northlake Dentistry their friends. Northlake Dentistry is a private practice owned and operated by Dr. Kevin Nguyen. They are conveniently located in the new Town Commons development right next to Northlake Town Hall. Dr. Nguyen is a general dentist serving patients of all ages and dental backgrounds. He is extremely enthusiastic about family dentistry. He treats each patient with attention and excellence that is raising the standard of oral health care in North Texas. You can visit them online to learn more


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Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •


Choir & Remedy

A Cappella

Choir Insights


he Argyle High School Choir program is known for responding to any difficult situation with positivity and flexibility. That is why when COVID-19 shut down school in person, we responded by making sure students would still have the opportunity to perform for the Class of 2020 Graduates one last time. Through the use of technology, students learned an entire graduation arrangement at home, recorded the audio and video using nothing but cell phones, and published the video on the same night students walked across the finish line at Texas Motor Speedway. This special project was made possible with the help of our audio and video friends Jill Clark and Andrew Berkowitz. To watch our performance of “Found/Tonight” a mashup featuring songs from the Broadway musicals Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, head on over to one of our social media

channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube where it has been viewed more than 5,000 times! Argyle High School Choir also participated in a virtual Choir Banquet through YouTube where we honored 11 seniors and their incredible contributions to our program. We are so proud of the Choir Class of 2020 and cannot wait to see you all accomplish amazing things in the future! Argyle High School Choir does not have any set in stone dates for this Fall due to the current state of the pandemic, however, you can follow us on social media to stay up to date on possible virtual performances, outdoor events, and indoor socially distanced alternate performances. You can

also visit our brand new website, for more information on the upcoming semester. We are excited to be back on campus this Fall and finding creative ways to make music together. Music education will never be the same when we are not making music with one another and even though we may have some restrictions, the Argyle Choir family will continue to persevere and grow stronger because of our commitment to excellence and our commitment to one another. Thank you to all of the Argyle Choir parents who selflessly devote so much time to helping our program be successful. Thank you to the Argyle ISD Administration for working tirelessly throughout the summer to make our return to campus this Fall safe for everyone. We hope to see you at a Choir Concert very soon. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and Love Your Neighbor!

“Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.” - Vidhi Dixit


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Remedy A Cappella Insights Remedy is so excited to announce the release of our second studio album “Waves” which is an EP we recorded this past school year before the COVID-19 pandemic canceled in person school for the remainder of the year. With the help of Mel Daneke and Viridian Productions, Remedy has created an incredible musical journey that we hope you experience and share with your friends and family. We want to thank everyone who donated to our Living Tree album fundraising campaign. Because of your generosity, we were able to fully fund our album! We know that your resources are valuable and we greatly appreciate your support of Remedy A Cappella and Music Education. We cannot thank you enough! Our second studio album “Waves” will be released on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music sometime in early September and all the information will be available on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Channel, and website. “Waves” tells the story of a person who gets lost in a relationship, finds a renewed sense of confidence from within, boldly shares that confidence with others, and eventually steps out in faith to pursue a life of purpose and passion. This project is filled with the emotional highs and lows that all humans experience. These songs will make you dance, cry, shout, and smile, but no matter where you are in your own journey, we hope you find a story inside this record that makes you feel like you are not alone.

Remedy is looking forward to an incredible 2020-2021 school year in which we be releasing our album, filming and debuting multiple music videos, competing in the Varsity Vocals International Championship of High

School A Cappella, and possibly recording another album as we await the end of this pandemic. We hope you will stream and share “Waves” once it is released. Thank you for your supporting vocal music education in Argyle ISD!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

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Mr. Gibson students and staff know we are saying

“You can’t tell, but I am smiling at you,” is a phrase that has been uttered a few times since our return to school on August 17.

hello. We are also seeing more waving; Anything to help us communicate without others seeing our face. I find myself wanting to be in the lunchroom to see students’ entire faces

“You're never fully dressed without a

to walk the hall, smile at a student, and

smile,” is from the musical “Annie.” Most

then realize I must now use my voice to

of us would agree that we miss seeing

let them know I am acknowledging them.

each other's smiles while our masks are on. Students returned to school wearing

I think we are also learning to “talk with our eyes” during this time. Raising the eyebrows or moving the forehead

– to begin to learn names! Our students, once eating at a table, may remove their masks while they eat. Once up from the table, students put the coverings back on their faces. Getting to see their smiling faces reminds me of how we take non-verbal communication for granted,

many different styles and types of face

can all work to help communicate

coverings, which block everything from

more effectively when our mouth is

and how important it is in the

the nose to the chin. This has been

unavailable. The lifting of the eyes can

communication process.

an eye-opening experience for me to

simulate a smile. Making your eyes

see how much we really do rely on

bigger can also help communicate an

unprecedented 2020 year, is that we will

non-verbal communication with simple

acknowledgment of the person on the

learn that many of these communication

exchanges in the hallway, classroom, or

receiving side. The nodding of the head

skills we take for granted are extremely

cafeteria. It is not uncommon for me

has also come into play more to let

important to use each day.

My hope, as we get through this

Scott Gibson Principal Argyle Middle School


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n November 2017, Argyle ISD voters approved a $166 million bond for multiple projects across the district. Two of the four new construction projects in the package have been completed.

Phase II of the high school is scheduled to be completed in August 2021 and New Elementary School #3 is planned to open its doors in August 2022. Elementary School #3 is scheduled to open in August 2022 and is located in Canyon Falls. The new administration building, which will be located next to the new Argyle High School, will also open in August 2021. Projects completed in the bond include Argyle West Elementary School, which opened in August 2019. The 12-classroom addition at the current Argyle High School was completed in 2018 as part of the bond’s new construction projects. The bond also included renovations and updates at the high school, Argyle Intermediate, and Hilltop Elementary. “Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about our daily lives, school construction has had only small impacts,” said Jeff Koehn, Argyle ISD Construction Manager, “Because of the closures in the spring, we have been able to accelerate some activities that were scheduled for summer as well as make more progress in general with an unoccupied campus. We

are finishing the new artificial turf field which will be ready to use by the middle of September. We are excited to see the progress of the projects and our new campuses will provide our students and staff the space needed as the district’s enrollment continues to grow.” Argyle High School - Phase II Based on demographic projections, Argyle ISD’s maximum capacity at the current high school campus will be exceeded by the 2021-2022 school year. The current middle school is being expanded to provide the needed capacity for the high school. When the project is completed, the current middle school and high school campuses will be switched. The new middle school location on Highway 377 is not projected to reach maximum capacity until the 2027-2028 school year, based on 7th and 8th grade only. Scope of Work • Architect: Corgan, Inc. • Construction: Steele & Freeman • Location: 6601 Canyon Falls Dr. Existing MS campus

• Cost: $65,850,0000 Tentative Project Schedule Construction July 2019 - August 2021 School Opens August 2021 Grades Served 9th - 12th Elementary School #3 Based on demographic projections, Argyle ISD’s maximum elementary school capacity will be exceeded in 2022-2023. The new elementary school will be located on district-owned property in the Canyon Falls master-planned community, northwest of Argyle Middle School at the corner of Denton Creek Blvd and Prairie Ridge Rd. Scope of Work • Architect: Corgan • Location: Denton Creek Blvd. & Prairie Ridge Rd. • Cost: $35,900,000 Tentative Project Schedule Design Procurement Construction School Opens Grades Served

June 2020 - Dec 2020

Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 Jan 2020 - May 2022 August 2022 Pre-K 5th Grade

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Ga ve e t S


he dog days of summer are drawing to a close, which means back-to-school prep is right around the corner. But outside of the typical stuff like buying supplies, showing up for teacher orientations, scheduling sports physicals, and sifting through the latest fashion trends, most parents have one more key item on their to-do list: figuring out after-school care. Just because school ends at 3 p.m. for the kiddos doesn’t mean our work schedules do. For many of us, we’ve still got another

two or three hours left on the clock, and when you factor in the occasional early dismissal, teacher in-service day, etc., that can

create a stressful balancing act for any parent. It would really help

out if we had somewhere safe for the kids to go, and luckily, that’s


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

where after-school care comes into play.

Below are a few tips on how to pick after-school care that fits you and your child’s needs:

SEE IF YOUR KIDS’ SCHOOL OFFERS ANY PROGRAMS Before you start looking to the myriad of childcare options

throughout Denton County, keep in mind that many school

districts have after-school programs with staff available as late as

6 p.m. The benefit is that your child doesn’t need to be bussed to

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS If you are forced to look outside your kids’ school, write down a list of your top questions ahead of time as you call facilities. Here are a few to get you started: 1. Who is watching my child and what type of training do they have? 2. What schools do you service? 3. What activities do you offer and will my child have time to do homework? 4. How do you ensure all children are getting along? 5. How long have you been in business? 6. What are your hours? another location and will be surrounded by the same people and classmates they see in the halls each day.

CHECK WITH YOUR SCHOOL FOR A PREFERRED-PROVIDER LIST Many times, your school’s administration will have a preferred-provider list for after-school care. Even if they don’t, simply asking someone in the front office may yield a few decent options. This will at least give you a short list to work from while also

providing peace of mind that these

outside facilities have been referred.

LOOK TO COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Safe and healthy after-school care

can normally be found at community

organizations such as the YMCA, Boys &

Girls Clubs, churches, and more. Many of these

programs are perfect for families who need more

affordable options and require flexibility for those situations where there is early dismissal, snow days, etc.

7. Does the facility cater to kids with special needs? A major concern for parents of children with special needs is whether or not the after-school program is set up to handle children with special needs or learning disabilities that likely require individualized care and 1-on-1 instruction.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX The tips above should definitely help you find an after-school program that can meet you and your child’s needs. But if you don’t feel comfortable, a few additional options include hiring an after-school nanny with experience in education or finding a family member or friend who can pick your children up after school – especially if it’s a friend whose kid goes to the same school or is in the same class as your child. At the end of the day, we as parents want nothing but the best for our children. Selecting the right after-school program is another piece to that puzzle, and it takes careful consideration. Rather than wait until school starts, now is the time to start researching your options. Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •



& Covid-19 R

iding the school bus hasn’t changed much over the years. All around the country, the big yellow bus carries millions of students to their schools. But in 2020, students and drivers in Argyle ISD are living with some new safety requirements designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Argyle ISD Transportation takes a proactive approach to the health and safety of students. This is beyond masks and social distancing, which have become a sort of “new normal” for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Transportation has developed a set of guidelines for bus riders and drivers to follow. The following safety guidelines and procedures are in place for all bus driver and rider for the 2020-2021 school year. • All bus drivers are required to wear a face mask, which covers the nose and mouth, while driving the school bus or inside any district facility. • All students are required to use the provided hand sanitizer prior to boarding the school bus. • All students riding the school bus are required to wear masks at all times. Due to space and the close proximity of riders, this safety measure is necessary. • To prevent airborne transmission through bus AC systems, windows will be placed in the down position and the buses will not run the AC units until the outside temperature reaches 91 degrees


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

or above (measured at the bus barn). • High-touch points, like seatbelts (if equipped) and seats, are sprayed with disinfectant at stops between campuses while the bus is empty. • Drivers disinfect and wipe down

high-touch points upon completing AM routes, PM routes, Mid-day routes, and after any field trips. • Driver access to communal areas inside the bus barn is restricted. The design of school buses’ tall padded seat-backs, crumple zones, and compartmentalization features make it

nearly impossible to make any modifications to a school bus without approval and testing by state and federal agencies. School buses are also not designed for social distancing. School buses are designed to carry three students in each seat and up to 78 passengers depending on bus configuration. The Transportation Department routes buses to ensure we are utilizing this resource effectively. Parents are strongly encouraged to transport their children to and from school, as this will allow additional space for students who ride as a necessity. During the school year, Eagle families are encouraged to follow Argyle ISD’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for updates on bus delays or transportation news throughout the year. The district will send notifications as soon as delay alerts are available and the campuses will be notified as well, especially on mornings when inclement weather impacts pickup times and arrivals at campuses. Argyle ISD is committed to keeping our Eagle families regularly updated on potential lengthy delays that will allow them to best prepare in the morning afternoon. If you need to contact the transportation department, please call 940-464-7241 x6010.




ollow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our website www.argyleisd. com to stay connected with all the latest district news, academic achievements, sports updates and more in Argyle ISD! Be sure to follow us on all of these social media platforms as these are also used as important notification tools for the district. So if there’s a bus delay or inclement weather in the area, these alerts will keep you connected to all breaking news. We’d love to hear from you too! Drop us a line on social media, or send your comments and story ideas to If you have great news to share, we’re ready to share it with Eagle Nation!

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• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

by Steve Gamel


any of us vaguely remember the day mom and dad first grabbed an old mason jar from the cabinet or bought a cute piggy bank from the dollar store and began taking the first steps toward teaching us about money. It was a critical time in our lives as we learned what money is, the value of it, and the importance of saving. Looking back, those memories should also be a perfect reminder that it’s never too early to teach our own children. But where do we start? Is it literally as simple as grabbing a piggy bank and a few quarters and nickels? The short answer is yes, but there are so many other tips and tricks that can make the process easy for both yourself and the kiddos.

In no particular order, here are seven

tips on how to start teaching your kids about money:

ENCOURAGE SAVING Yes, you can still grab a clear jar to create a visual experience for your child as they

GIVE THEM AN ALLOWANCE Remember, though, that an allowance

is something that’s both a privilege and

earned. As financial guru, Dave Ramsey, once wrote, “Don’t just give your kids

money for breathing.” Give them money

see their money grow, but piggy banks

for chores they complete around the

like PointBank even offer a free piggy bank

up their bedroom. More importantly, set

kids fill up their piggy bank on their own

chore is worth a dollar while another is

the bank. The important piece here is to


watching. They see what your spending habits are – good, bad, and indifferent

– and they are listening when you argue about financial troubles with your

significant other. Don’t just talk to your

kids about money, take it a step further by living what you preach every single day. And if you mess up, don’t be shy about

work just fine, too, and many local banks

house, like folding towels or cleaning

if you open a kids’ savings account. Your

a value for each chore – perhaps one


time, and they look forward to taking it to

worth 50 cents.

As your children take hold of a debit

make a big deal out of it and reward them for how much they save. PAY YOURSELF FIRST

Kids are so used to playing their Nintendo

pros and cons of credit and how to make

Switch or Playstation nowadays, but us

the adage of paying yourself first. Your

chance to physically hold “play money”

old enough to have a job and pay their

It’s a great teaching tool and something

to take a percentage out and immediately

another fantastic teaching tool.

first item on this list, it’s important to stress

Games like Monopoly give your kids a

kids will understand this more as they get

as they work through different scenarios.

own bills. With each paycheck, teach them

you can do together. The game Life is also SET A GOOD EXAMPLE

used to pay her 50 cents for a chore only

Even adults make poor choices with

savings account.

remember that if you have kids, they are

to take 25 of it away and sock it in her

card for the first time, it’s easy for them to think money just magically appears

adults grew up playing board games.

here at Murray Media told us how her dad



To piggyback (no pun intended) off the

put it in their savings account. A coworker

explaining the consequences to them.

money; it happens all the time. Just

on it every time they use it. Explain the

responsible decisions, particularly with their bank accounts. BE PATIENT

This is perhaps the most important tip of them all. Your children will undoubtedly be exposed to different scenarios, wins,

and even losses as they continue to learn

about money and saving. It is important as the parent to be patient and to keep the communication lines open so your child

feels like they can talk freely with you. This is huge when it comes to money.

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •


Thank You


rgyle ISD would like to thank Point Bank for sponsoring the Argyle ISD 2020 - 2021 district calendars and the district t-shirts. Thank You - Point Bank, for supporting our teachers, staff and students.


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

Back to School

SAFETY by Dr. Rebecca Butler, Board Certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics


ith the reopening of schools, both parents and educators have concerns about keeping our children safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that students return to the classroom this fall. Schools provide not only the social interaction that children have been missing, but also help with the development of their emotional skills, access to mental health support, and physical activity that online learning has not been able to provide. For many children, school is where they are able to get healthy meals, internet access, and other vital services. What can schools do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19? • Masks for all adults and older

students • Teachers rotate classrooms, not students • Keep desks 3-6 feet apart • Clean & disinfect high-touch surfaces and areas • Fewer students and staff in the classroom • Wash hands • Use outdoor spaces when possible • Lunches at desks • Flexibility to go virtual if virus surges How to keep children healthy • Teach and reinforce everyday preventive actions such as hand washing. • Remind kids to wash their hands before eating food, after using the toilet, and after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing.

• Use hand sanitizer when hand washing isn’t possible. • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Teach your child to cough or sneeze into a tissue — then toss it. If it isn't possible to reach a tissue in time, remind your child to cough or sneeze into the crook of his or her arm. • Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. • If your child is sick, keep them home from school. • Stay up to date with well child examinations and immunizations. • Get your annual flu shot. When in doubt about any health concerns, please contact your pediatrician’s office. We are here to help make sure your kids have an enjoyable and safe return-to-school experience.

940.455.7200 |

74 McMakin Rd., Ste. 100 • Bartonville, TX 76226

Mon, Tues, Thurs: 7:30am-6pm | Wed: 7:30am-1pm | Fri: 7:30am-5pm | Sat: 9am-12pm

Fall 2020 • Argyle Insights •




elcome back to the 2020-2021 school year! I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer break and are ready for the upcoming year. My team and I at the high school have been working diligently over the summer months to prepare for what we believe will be an outstanding year. Of course, things will look a bit different as we all manage the ever-changing world around us. This year, we will be offering both virtual learning and face-to-face learning. Our teachers have been preparing and training all summer to be able to teach both of these groups of students at the same time. Our hope and belief is that this can and will be a great experience

for everyone. Communication with one another will be the key to everyone’s success this year. With that said, please feel free to reach out to us anytime you are in need of assistance or help. All of our fall activities are well underway on the campus. On the sports side of things, football, volleyball, team tennis, golf, and cross country have all begun their seasons. I know that everyone is excited about being back on the fields and court of competition, and all of the teams have high expectations for a great season. Our band, cheerleaders, and drill teams are working hard as well, and each of these groups is primed for another great year. It is such a blessing to see everyone

“I want you to know that the faculty and staff of Argyle High School are committed to making this school year the best it can possibly be.”


• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020

working so hard and ready to compete at very high levels. I want you to know that the faculty and staff of Argyle High School are committed to making this school year the best it can be. As educators, we understand the impact that we have on the lives of the students under our care. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. I hope you know that we are here to partner with you in this process. If we can ever be of any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to the new school year and working with the youth of Argyle.

Mr. John King - Principal Argyle High School


he Argyle Eagles basketball season in 2020 was unlike any other. The team reached the UIL State Tournament and was part of the final four to compete for a state championship in Class 4A. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, the Eagles lost the opportunity to compete at state in San Antonio after the tournament was canceled. But this summer, the UIL was committed to honoring all the boys’ teams that lost the chance to play for a state championship. The UIL celebrated all the teams with a live Zoom video awards ceremony. Each team and all players were announced and the head coaches were

provided an opportunity to speak about the season and the journey to get to state. Argyle Eagles coach Russell Perkins honored his team and was awarded a state tournament trophy for reaching the prestigious stage. The video can be found on the Argyle ISD Facebook page and the UIL website. The Eagles will also be honored with a banner in the high school gymnasium. The other three teams that reached the Class 4A State Tournament included Houston Yates, Stafford and Oak Cliff Faith Family Academy. “We won our last game and you always want to do that,” Perkins said. “I love my seniors and what they were able to do and accomplish. We, just like the other three teams [in the 4A bracket], think we could have won two more games. It would have been fun to try and I thank them for taking

our community on a great ride.” The Eagles went 33-4 last season and earned their fourth trip to the state tournament (three previous in 2004, 2012, 2017) in the program’s history. The Eagles graduated five seniors from last year’s team. The Eagles’ playoff run included victories against Stephenville, Synder, Krum and Clint before facing Pampa in the Class 4A Region I championship. Argyle’s final game of the 2020 season was a 45-29 region title victory.

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• Argyle Insights • Fall 2020