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International Executive Office Update


Fraternity Mission Statement: Mu Phi Epsilon International Professional Music Fraternity is a coeducational fraternity whose aim is the advancement of music in the community, nation, and world through the promotion of musicianship, scholarship, and music education, with emphasis on service through music. EDITOR Melissa J. Eddy

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contents FALL 2015 | VOLUME 109, ISSUE 3

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2015 Awards


New Website Launched in October

Outstanding chapters and individual members of the year. New look and improved functionality at


IEO Update Meet new INEST Mark Gehrke and other management team members.


2015 Composition Contest Winners Top young composers of the year.

10 Tale of a New Logo How our newest graphic symbol was developed.

14 Mu Phi Treasure Trove Introduction to the fraternity's Library and Archives.

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ACME Honorees pursue artistic growth and excellence. Founders Day The sum of talents and treasures. Upon Listening Pianist You Ju Lee plays Chopin. Alumni Corner High noon: getting it done, making it happen. Collegiate Connection Transformation: new aims, new directions, help needed. International Corner Summer adventure in Paris on a Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation scholarship.

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I’m excited. Every time I think of what is happening in Mu Phi Epsilon, I am simply excited about the future and all the possibilities for our beloved fraternity. You may be wondering what has me so excited. Well here are some of the reasons.

I’m excited about our new public look. Our new logo is clean, engaging, professional, yet projects a joyfulness we all share as members of Mu Phi Epsilon. Our crest remains at the heart of our fraternity, but we now have a modern, eye-catching option when communicating with each other and those outside of our fraternity.

I’m excited about our new database platform. We have been hanging on to an Excel spreadsheet and a card file going back to the early days of Mu Phi. But as our membership numbers grow, so does our list. The new database is partnered with a new website and you are going to love it. It is smart, professional, and most all information can be found with no more than two clicks. Members will be able to complete forms on-line, pay fees (including dues) on-line, find other members, and so much more. Those seeking more information about Mu Phi Epsilon, will find just what they need, including how to begin a new chapter and join Mu Phi Epsilon. I know you will love it.

I’m excited about our collegiates and how they are reaching out more than ever to their District Directors, Advisors, and each other, to learn and continue to strengthen their chapters. Their Facebook pages, and their communications with each other are not just smart, but so much fun when sharing with other Mu Phi’s. I’m excited about our alumni members who are always challenging the IEB to think about all aspects of membership and how we can continue to reach out to our unaffiliated members. With the streamlining of the special election process, we are seeing more and more alumni chapters welcoming new members from their musical communities. The IEB examined the Allied membership category to make it more inclusive and encourage more unaffiliated members to re-affiliate.

I’m excited about the 2017 convention (yes, already) and beginning the planning for another wonderful event. This time Denver, Colorado the host city, with chapters in the Pacific Northwest and West Central as host chapters, the convention is sure to be another opportunity for us to meet in person and celebrate Mu Phi.

I’m excited that we can see change within the organization, but still remain true to the mission of Mu Phi Epsilon, advancing music in our communities, nation and world, promoting musicianship, scholarship, therapy and education with an emphasis on service through music. I believe and live it every day and you do too. We are so fortunate to be members of Mu Phi Epsilon. As we dive into the fall season, let’s all be excited about Mu Phi Epsilon. Make music, be a friend to your fellow members and reach out to others through music, and you’ll be excited too!

Rosemary Ames International President

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE




Allison Jayroe Phi Xi, Baylor University

Professional achievement: Flutist, Waco Symphony Orchestra, Baylor Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, Baylor Flute Choir, masterclass competitions. Fraternity service: Chapter offices including president; district conference organizer; international convention delegate. Campus & community service: Marching band performer & photographer, private teacher in 3 local school districts, church orchestra. Academic: Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, National Merit finalist, numerous scholarships, 3.99 GPA.







Sandra O’Hare Lambda, Ithaca College

Sam Melnick Phi Tau Univ of North Texas

Emily Schoen Nu Univ of Oregon





Kate King Zeta DePauw Univ

Steven Olson Beta Omicron Western Illinois Univ

Amelia Roberts Mu Eta Univ of the Pacific




Katie Metzler Alpha Zeta Radford Univ



Zach Weir Beta Pi Nebraska Wesleyan Univ

James Lesui Beta Alpha CSU Fullerton




Hailey Raetz Gamma Gamma SW Oklahoma State Univ

Allison Jayroe Phi Xi Baylor Univ

No Nominations: Atlantic, Great Lakes,

MARY ALICE COX AWARD FOR LIFELONG LEARNING Deborah Rebeck Ash, Gamma Omicron, Ann Arbor Alumni After retiring from a fifty-year performance career as a flutist, Deborah is changing her focus to conducting. She currently directs the 5th Michigan Regiment Band, a historic re-creation of a band originally formed in 1861. The award funded conducting workshop attendance and individual lessons. MARIAN BOWKER DAVIDSON COLLABORATIVE PIANIST AWARD Aurelien Bastien Boccard, Alpha Kappa, Kansas City Alumni Aurelien will use the award to produce a CD showcasing solo piano works and collaborative works for piano and voice. C O M P O S I T I O N C O N T E S T W I N N E R S on page 9.






Ann Arbor

Phi Tau, University of North Texas



Atlantic Eastern Great Lakes Great Lakes East Central Southeast South Central Central North Central West Central Pacific Northwest Pacific Pacific Southwest

Atlantic None eligible Eastern Great Lakes Delta Mu, Slippery Rock Univ Great Lakes None eligible East Central Zeta, DePauw Univ Southeast Alpha Zeta, Radford Univ South Central Phi Tau, Univ of North Texas Central Alpha Mu, Southwest Missouri State Univ North Central Beta Pi, Nebraska Wesleyan Univ West Central Gamma Gamma, Southwestern Oklahoma State Univ Pacific Northwest Nu, Univ of Oregon Pacific Mu Eta, Univ of the Pacific Pacific Southwest Beta Alpha, CSU Fullerton

Boston Rochester Ann Arbor Indianapolis Atlanta Dallas Kansas City Minneapolis/St. Paul Denver None Eligible Sacramento Palos Verdes/South Bay


Palos Verdes/South Bay, Dallas, Los Angeles, Kansas City OUTSTANDING NOTEWORTHY PROJECT Los Angeles



Beta Alpha, California State Univ Fullerton Beta Omicron, Western IL Univ

MOST SERV HOURS Palos Verdes/South Bay




OUT” EVENT Kansas City


Zeta Delta, LaVerne Univ Honorable Mention: Alpha Nu, West Texas A&M



Palos Verdes/South Bay

Lambda, Ithaca College

OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATIONS YEARBOOK Alliance, Rochester, Palos Verdes/ South Bay, Los Angeles NEWSLETTER Ann Arbor, Minneapolis-St Paul, Palos Verdes/South Bay WEBSITE Palos Verdes/South Bay, Los Angeles, Dallas

OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATIONS NEWSLETTER Alpha Zeta, Radford Univ Beta Alpha, CSU Fullerton WEBSITE Phi Tau, Univ of North Texas Mu Eta, Univ of the Pacific Beta Kappa, Trinity Univ







Isabel De La Cerda SC4

Ashley Kimmel SC2

Cassandra Eisenreich Delta Mu Slippery Rock Univ

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE


2015 A W A R D - W I N N I N G C H A P T E R P R O J E C T S





Beta Alpha, California State University-Fullerton Beta Alpha carried out two facility improvement projects on campus: creation of a special reed room and cleaning of practice rooms. For the reed room, the chapter fitted out one practice room to meet the unique needs of double-reed instrumentalists. It has been heavily used and received special appreciation from the School of Music. The other project was to deep-clean every practice room on campus once a semester, including all individual spaces and the band, choir, and musical theater rooms – hard, unglamorous, but important work.

Los Angeles Los Angeles Alumni sponsored visiting Mu Phi collegiates in August. The Beam Street Quartet came to Los Angeles from Mu Eta (Univ. of Pacific – 350 miles!), and performed a free, public concert in the home of member Deon Nielsen Price. A very special element of this performance was a live stream of the concert that had people from as far away as Mexico watching and listening.

Beta Omicron, Western Illinois University Beta Omicron also did two projects. Early in the academic year, the chapter ran a book and music sale to benefit the school’s music library. Members organized and sold donated items including music textbooks, scores, CDs, records, cassette tapes, solo and group literature, and reference materials. Sale proceeds of over $500 were donated to the library to buy new materials. In April, the chapter marked Stress Awareness Month. It provided posters and fliers about stress and the body to other student musicians, and hosted a free relaxation night where music therapy majors led participants in stress management interventions including a drum circle, guided imagery in music, and progressive music relaxation.

Dallas Since 1937, the Dallas Alumni chapter has organized an award-winning, free concert series on Sunday afternoons, September through May, at the Central Public Library in downtown Dallas. The concerts feature outstanding local, regional, and national artists. The series is publicized in local newspapers, at libraries and community colleges, and on the chapter’s website. Community demand is high for excellent, free classical music, so attendance is consistently good. The series is underwritten by a joint Public Library/Dallas Alumni fund, and chapter members volunteer at each concert as ushers and in other key roles.




Zeta Delta, LaVerne University Zeta Delta held a Kids Club Concert on Halloween and structured it as a Trunk-or-Treat that was open to the public in LaVerne. Chapter members loaned their trunks which the event committee decorated around themes like The Great Pumpkin, Gotham City, Pokemon, Witches’ Brew, and more. The event was offered as a safer alternative to community trick-or-treating, so lots of candy was given out to children and free food was available to adults. For suitably spooky music, the chapter invited several student barbershop quartets to sing Halloween themed songs. Zeta Delta was recognized in the school paper for the event’s big turnout, and later was named the university’s Club/Organization of the Year, in part due to this event.

Palos Verdes/South Bay The Palos Verdes/South Bay Alumni chapter’s theme for 2014-15 was “What’s New with You,” and each meeting had a special time to showcase members’ travels, new accomplishments, and recent experiences, thus strengthening the chapter’s bond of friendship. To extend multi-generational ties, area collegiates were invited to attend and perform at several meetings. Musical selections reflected the theme. A thematic highlight was a meeting that included multicultural, multimedia performances by the chapter’s top three Scholarship Audition award recipients: vocalist Pauline ‘Ofa Vaitafa Tamale from the Kingdom of Tonga, vocalist Gabriella Chea, whose parents are from Liberia and Sierra Leone, and composer Bronson Buskett, whose compositions are created electronically through recorded sampled sounds of actual instruments.

Alpha Nu, West Texas A&M University (honorable mention) Alpha Nu members spent the day at a local daycare to help kids create their own instruments and make music.





NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED IN OCTOBER The completely redesigned Mu Phi Epsilon website and the powerful database behind it were launched in late October. Over a year in planning and design, our new site has many new features to facilitate communication and connection – not only between the fraternity and members, but between individual members as well. You’ll be delighted at the site’s simplified navigation, attractive graphics, and improved organization. The best way to learn about the website is, of course, to visit and explore to your heart’s content. Here are a few highlights of what’s new.

CALENDAR Right on the homepage is a calendar with important upcoming dates like report deadlines, district conferences, and other major fraternity events. EASY ACCESS Because of the

comprehensive membership database that’s integrated with the website, you can now access and update your own member information. The first time you visit, just follow the instructions to create your own user account. Then you can update your contact information, add a photo, and build your profile. ONLINE FORMS Good news for

ONLINE PAYMENTS Ever wish you or your chapter could pay dues online? That option is coming your way! For the rest of the 2015-16 year, collegiate chapters and Allied members may pay dues online through the website, and that option will also become available for alumni chapters in 2016. And when it’s time to register for the 2017 convention, that function will be available online too. SEARCH FOR MEMBERS Want to reconnect with collegiate sisters or brothers you’ve lost track of since your school days? With the new site’s search function, now you can find the fraternity’s most current information about them with a few clicks.

You’ll be delighted at the site’s simplified navigation, attractive graphics, and improved organization.

chapter officers! No more tedious searching through your files or recontacting your district director yet again to get the forms you need for required chapter reports. Now all the forms are online, and you will complete and submit them electronically.

SONG COLLECTION Need sheet music for a Mu Phi song to use at your next chapter event? From the homepage, navigate About/Songs to find PDFs for five different arrangements of “Our Triangle,” more than two dozen other Mu Phi songs, and songbooks from the last three conventions. Just download and print, or have your members access directly on their own devices.

These are just a few of the exciting features you’ll find at Visit soon and often!

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE







UPDATE ON THE INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE OFFICE The International Executive Board made a big decision in 2014 to switch the fraternity’s administration to an association management firm. Fort Collins-based Synergos was hired, the International Executive Office was moved there, and Synergos employee Jenny Maeda became International Executive Secretary-Treasurer. Although it’s been a year of learning for both Mu Phi Epsilon and Synergos, the fraternity is already reaping the benefits of the association management model. In July 2015 Jenny Maeda left Synergos to pursue new opportunities. Without so much as a hiccup in fraternity operations, her colleague Susan Casey stepped in to cover the office while Synergos hired a replacement for Jenny. We’ll continue to work with Susan in the future, as she is an experienced conference/events coordinator who is primed to help with the 2017 convention.

MEET THE NEW INEST In September we welcomed Mark Gehrke as our new INEST. Mark has over four years of experience in nonprofit work at Delta Upsilon International Fraternity headquarters, where he guided the organization’s growth to the largest membership of its 180-year history. He also oversaw the day-to-day management of all chapters. Mark is an accomplished speaker and facilitator who volunteers not only for his own organization, but for other fraternity and sorority headquarters, universities, and other national nonprofits. Although not a professional musician, Mark is familiar with the music world. He played trombone for over nine years in wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz and marching band, including lead trombone his freshman year at Boise State University, where he earned a B.A. in political science. Mark frequents music festivals and concerts and has been learning electric bass over the past year. Mark oversees the Mu Phi team and is the person to contact with your Mu Phi questions. With the launch of our new database platform and website, three other Synergos team members are proving invaluable to the fraternity. Check out their many musical connections!

OUR SYNERGOS TEAM MEMBERS By day Kyle Moyer’s job is to keep the fraternity’s database clean and organized, and by night he is a musician. He started guitar lessons when he was ten and piano soon after, and over the years has played in many groups in all styles of music. He attended Belmont University in Nashville and was musically active on campus, performing with the Nashville Symphony and Ballet in a performance of Carmina Burana. He was also a member of the Belmont Guitar Ensemble and had the privilege to perform twice on NPR. He currently lives in Fort Collins, his hometown, where he plays in two local blues/rock groups. He also builds and repairs amplifiers for a local music store and is constantly searching for new and creative ways to make music.


Our website designer/manager Kelsey Turner (left) graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a bachelor’s degree in art with emphases in graphic design and interactive media and a minor in web development. While attending school, Kelsey worked as a graphic designer for the Office of Student Development and the student newspaper. She won several awards from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association for her work with the newspaper. She also completed internships with Draper, Inc. and the S. June Smith Center. Andrea Starks-Corbin (right) has also been working on our database and website. She has over eight years of experience in communications ranging from content creation, social media maintenance, and website development to document design, editing and proofing, and professional correspondence. She received a B.S. in English with an emphasis in professional writing from Missouri State University. As a former president of Sigma Kappa sorority, she understands the unique needs of a fraternal organization. Andrea says that while she can play the piano, her abilities are more suited to appreciating music in general. These are just a few of the Synergos employees whose various areas of expertise are available to us. We are thrilled to have such an accomplished team helping Mu Phi Epsilon grow, expand, and continue our mission of service through music.



Marco Herrera-Rendon Mu Eta

Laurel Federbush Gamma, Ann Arbor Alumni

“The Wind and the Flower”

“Tribe Tales for Harp”



Alex Armstrong Mu Pi

Rachel Brandwein Gamma, Minneapolis/St. Paul Alumni

“Fouetté en Tournant”

“Suite de Nature”

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE





TALE OF A NEW LOGO are distinguished by our high standards of musicianship, scholarship, and service. We added that the new logo should reference a triangle, contain the color purple, and be distinctive and instantly recognizable. Then it became the designer’s job to translate these concepts into something visual. The first two rounds of design suggestions were heavy on triangles. Lots of triangles. A team member researched triangle logos online and found thousands, many of which looked much like those proposed. Not distinctive enough. Oh, and we had assumed the designer would know – but we didn’t specify – that our logo must somehow refer to music. Back to the drawing board.

In search of a music symbol For years the International Executive Board has received comments, primarily but not only from collegiate members, that the fraternity logo could use an update. Many said that our official crest, in use for almost a hundred years, is old-fashioned, unsuitable for social media, and does not convey the vitality of our organization. Others, of course, still like the shield just fine. Having discussed the continuing comments for several years, the IEB decided that in conjunction with the website overhaul, 2015 was the time to create a new logo. Along with an excellent professional designer on the Synergos staff, a logo design team was appointed, consisting of International President Rosemary Ames, International Editor Melissa Eddy, and then-INEST Jenny Maeda, with input from other IEB members.

A complex process We soon learned that creating a new logo is not an easy or quick process. We began by responding to a few questions about what we wanted the new logo (also known in marketing lingo as the brand) to represent. What is the essence of our organization? Its personality? How are we distinctive from our competition? Not so easy to answer; there could be as many different (and equally valid) responses as there are Mu Phis. After much thought and discussion, the team’s answers were that our essence is “accomplished,” our collective personality is “professional, giving, and joyful,” and we


The third round included designs with a bass clef, treble clef, and music notes. While the music references were clear, the symbols were commonplace, not distinctive. We also wrestled with whether a bass or treble clef might suggest gender specificity, not appropriate for a coeducational organization. So much to think about! Searching for inspiration, during the conference call a team member did a quick online search for “music symbols.” She was excited to find a type of fermata with a straight-line “tent” over the dot rather than the usual curved line, and when she shared the image with other

The fermata, as used in our new logo, has symbolic meaning for Mu Phi Epsilon. As we all know, in musical notation a fermata indicates that a note or rest is to be prolonged. What better symbol than a “hold,” as it’s often called, for the prolonged bonds of music, friendship, and harmony among Mu Phis? We hold each other, and music, in our hearts for life.

team members, they were too. The shape referenced a triangle and music, and was clean, contemporarylooking, and versatile. Two weeks later, the designer revealed a new set of logo concepts incorporating the “tent” fermata, and we knew we had our new look.

Final touches After some tweaking, three iterations of the new logo were finalized and enthusiastically approved by the full IEB. In August, the logos were posted via social media for members’ use, and are available for download from the new website. The two horizontal versions (one with the triangle/fermata “mark” at left of the organization’s name, the other with the mark above the name) may be most suitable for letterhead and fliers, while the square version makes a good social media profile image. But chapters and members are free to use any version, however you like.

Comments Since the new logo’s unveiling in August, members have expressed opinions. As is true of any kind of change, some are enthusiastic, others not. Here’s a sampling. “I love the new logos! I cannot wait to use them with our Rush this week!” – Collegiate “I am not really crazy about it. I guess I like tradition with the history behind it.” – Alumna “I like the new artwork very much. It’s simple, clean, uncluttered, and very readable.” – Alumna

FAQs Q: The left side of the logo seems to fade when I print it A:

out. Is it supposed to? Yes, that’s part of the design.

Q: I still like the shield better. Can my chapter still use it? A: Yes. The shield is still the fraternity’s official crest. It will continue to be used in ritual materials and chapters may continue to use it as before.

Members and chapters may use any of the four logo versions (here and opposite) on any official fraternity or chapter items.

Q: Is it OK to use the graphic alone without the fraternity name?

A: Yes. The graphic (or in marketing lingo, the "mark") may be used alone in appropriate contexts, such as Mu Phi-related products like chapter t-shirts. If you have other questions about the new logo, please contact your district director or IEB Advisor (collegiate or alumni).

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE









IN PURSUIT OF ARTISTIC GROWTH AND EXCELLENCE I was recently asked what ACME stands for. The dictionary defines “acme” as a peak, pinnacle, or highest point. Our acronym ACME means Artists/Composers/Musicologists/Educators, and it stands for an honor bestowed by Mu Phi Epsilon upon members who have reached the acme of excellence in one of these musical fields. “You have to do stuff that scares you,” said Jake Heggie, composer extraordinaire and recipient of the 2014 Mu Phi Epsilon Citation of Merit. “If you just do stuff that’s comfortable ... you never grow as an artist.” Following are examples of ACME honorees’ pursuit of growth and excellence over the past year.



Mary Au (Mu Nu, Los Angeles Alumni) gave the west coast premiere of “The Single Petal of a Rose: from Duke Ellington’s Queen’s Suite and also performed in Harbin, China. Additionally, Au performed works of Adrienne Albert (see below) in multiple recitals in collaboration with saxophonist Chika Inoue (Mu Nu, LA Alumni) and flutist Rik Noyce (Omega Omega, Gamma Sigma).

Adrienne Albert (Phi Nu, Los Angeles Alumni) had multiple commissions and premieres across the U.S. and in Europe. Two commissioned works for flute quintet, Visions of Grace and Across the Seas, were premiered at the National Flute Association convention in August. Upcoming commissioned premieres include Malala, a choral work for Cornell University, and War Stories for the Zinkali Trio.

Andrew B. Cooperstock (Mu Kappa, Denver Alumni) with violinist William Terwilliger (Epsilon) performed as Opus Two at Broadway hotspot 54 Below along with singer-actress Ashley Brown. Richard Kravchak (Gamma Sigma, Allied) performed on a 19th century Golde oboe at the International Horn Society convention and premiered two new oboe concertos at the Huntington New Music Festival. He is the founding director of the School of Music and Theatre at Marshall University in West Virginia.

Victoria Bond (Epsilon Psi) enjoyed premieres of her fully orchestrated Bridges by the Michigan Philharmonic; How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place, a setting of Psalm 84 for chorus and organ; and violin concerto Soul of a Nation. Also, the Young People’s Chorus of New York City has commissioned and in December will premiere Bond’s eighth opera Miracle! based on the story of Hanukkah.

Maquette Kuper (Beta, Sacramento Alumni) and the Davis Youth Flute Choir, of which she is founder and director, represented the city of Davis in a cultural exchange program in sister city Wuxi, China.

Lydia Lowery Busler (Omega Omega, Los Angeles Alumni), formerly Busler-Blais, celebrated premieres of her commissioned works Reverence for flute, horn, bass and piano, El Sombrero Atrapado for horn and cello, Irrational Happiness, and flute quartet The Wagonmaker Awakens. Also a hornist and improviser, Lidia is about to launch an online video lecture series.

Arietha Lockhart (Beta Gamma, Atlanta Alumni) presented and performed a recital featuring commissioned music by Atlanta based composers including works by Mary Boyle (Omega Omega, Atlanta Alumni) and Mary Lynn Badarak (Beta Lambda).

The Metro Chamber Orchestra commissioned and in May premiered Triple Flute Concerto with String Orchestra by Deon Nielsen Price (Gamma, Los Angeles Alumni). Deon recently completed proofing the engraved full score of her eighty-minute Christus: Oratorio for Soloists, Mixed Choirs, and Orchestra.


Mary Lou Newmark (Mu Chi, Los Angeles Alumni) collaborated with artists, filmmakers, and composers from across the U.S. for the world premiere of her Bosque Birds. Carol Worthey (Phi Nu) had multiple premieres of works in Malaysia, Austria, and Hong Kong, including The Ice Cream Sweet for solo piano.

EDUCATORS A documentary by Hansonia Harriford Caldwell (Gamma Sigma) entitled Amen, the Life and Music of Jester Hairston, is now available for purchase at Matthew Hoch (Lambda, Allied) was recently tenured and promoted to the rank of associate professor at Auburn University. Berkeley Price (Mu Upsilon, LA Alumni) has been promoted as the inaugural Chair of Performing Arts at Antelope Valley College. Kurt-Alexander Zeller (Mu Chi, Atlanta Alumni) received the honorary title of University Professor in recognition of career achievements in teaching, scholarship, and service at Clayton State University, as well as the Barbara Conable Award for Outstanding Teaching from Andover Educators. We are proud of ACME honorees’ accomplishments. Chapters and members who wish to nominate qualified fraternity brothers and sisters for this prestigious honor may contact the ACME co-chairs for detailed nomination procedures. We look forward to growing the ACME family, expanding ACME’s presence on the Mu Phi Epsilon website, and developing more opportunities for networking, performance, composition, and mentoring. ACME CO-CHAIRS Arietha Lockhart Beta Gamma, Atlanta Alumni, ACME Chairman (404) 291-5162, Mary Au Mu Nu, Los Angeles Alumni, ACME Co-Chair (310) 508-8116,

© Epic11 | - Abstract Purple Triangle Background Photo

Alex Shapiro (Phi Nu, Los Angeles Alumni) was elected to the ASCAP board of directors as its sole symphonic & concert writer representative. She is active as a commissioned composer, speaker, advocate, writer, and photo blogger of wildlife on the remote island where she creates.

Founders Day Message On November 13, we once again pause to celebrate our Fraternity’s 112th anniversary. It all started with a vision and a group of young women willing to embrace that vision. Who were those students, as we once were, who saw the vision and had the courage to conceive and build this wonderful Mu Phi Epsilon of ours? All were students at the Metropolitan College of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio – thirteen close friends who wished to share their ideal of friendship with others. They shared their love and study of music, and committed to reaching outside their group to share music with others. From their friendship, our founders created Mu Phi Epsilon. The principles upon which they did so – music, friendship, and harmony – are as important today as they were in 1903. “Every sorority has as its foundation some common interest. When we become a member, we take upon ourselves a certain amount of responsibility – that of forwarding, as far as we are able, that primary object, music. Have we done our best, our very best, to forward our music?” (Ruth Row, Omicron, writing in Mu Phi Epsilon Quarterly, 1913) What makes Mu Phi Epsilon so special, then and now, is the sum of the talents and treasures our individual members bring to the good of the organization. We are unique in our individuality but united in our common commitments. We gain confidence in knowing that what none of us might be able to do as one, we can achieve together. Collectively we continue to recognize scholarship, musicianship, and develop bonds of friendship. This is the essence of Mu Phi Epsilon. On behalf of the entire International Executive Board, I wish you a very happy Founders Day!

Rosemary Ames International President On page 2, International President Rosemary Ames (left) with Leslie Odom Miller, President of SAI, and Kimberly Martin-Boyd, President of Delta Omicron, at the Professional Fraternity Association meeting in September.

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE







A TREASURE TROVE AVAILABLE TO EVERY MU PHI A Mu Phi Epsilon library has existed in some form or another since the organization’s early years. For most of that time, organizing and housing it fell on the shoulders of the International Presidents, and thus, each time a new president was elected, the materials were transferred to her. This cumbersome and expensive process ended in 2000, when the holdings (see sidebar) were transferred to their current location in Kansas City. Many more historical fraternity materials were transferred from IEO to the Library & Archives in 2003 and 2014.

Making materials more findable One of the first concerted efforts to provide a finding aid for library materials was in 1954 (just after our 50th anniversary) when Norma Lee Madsen printed the first edition of Mu Phi Epsilon Composers & Authors. Several supplements and updates followed over subsequent decades. In our Centennial year of 2003, the fraternity published my much enlarged two-volume edition of Mu Phi Epsilon Composers & Authors, and I am currently working on an update. All library/archive materials are available for members’ research and performance needs. I am working on several improvement projects, including a discography of Mu Phi Epsilon performers, full-level cataloging for materials in the library, and a finding aid for archival materials other than music. Another project in the works is to make information about our holdings available via online search.

Accessing library content

borrowed through inter-library loan. Some of our print holdings are now in the public domain (published 1923 or before) or are Mu Phi Epsilon property because of previous contest submission rules, and these can be made more widely available. I will gladly provide guidance on the best way to obtain what you’re looking for.

... access it for research or to find music by a Mu Phi composer.

The fraternity’s Library and Archives is not a lending library, but I am always pleased to assist any collegiate or alumni member who wishes to access it for research or to find music by a Mu Phi composer. Although many of our holdings are no longer in print or otherwise available for purchase, we must still observe Federal copyright laws. Limited-use access to such materials may be possible through me, or public and university libraries may own copies that can be


Wendy Sustrunk (left) and International President Rosemary Ames peruse library materials.

New library/archive website at

I hope all Mu Phis, alumni and collegiate alike, are remembering to include music composed or authored by fellow fraternity members on your recitals and other musical programs. To that end, I have recently launched a web site specific to the Mu Phi Epsilon Library & Archives as an online resource to identify Mu Phi composers, authors, and in the future, performers. It is still a work in progress, so please visit soon and often to see what’s new.

Updating the library holdings is a constant, ongoing process. New collections of music and books by Mu Phis

BY THE NUMBERS The current MPE Music Library & Archives contain approximately: • 2000 published scores • 1500 unpublished scores (manuscripts) • 300 videos • Hundreds of periodicals issues including The Triangle • 75 sound recordings • 75 published books • 65 photos

arrive on occasion; I am grateful to all who have made donations. Performers’ output (audio or video) is also welcome. I encourage members to donate copies of your own work as well as your Mu Phi historical materials. Wendy Sistrunk is a professional music librarian whose current position is Head, Special Formats Metadata & Cataloging, University of Missouri-Kansas City. Contact her at 816-836-9961 or

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE







lthough he wrote exclusively for piano and was himself a virtuoso pianist, composer Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) despised playing in public. Not You Ju Lee (Delta Zeta, Atlanta Alumni), who presents a brilliant and exciting all-Chopin program on this recording. Her superb interpretation and flawless technique are captivating throughout. The recording opens with Andante Spianato and Grande polonaise brillante op. 22, a lesser known Chopin work. You Ju’s interpretation of the Andante is reminiscent of a lullaby with the character of a nocturne, a dreamlike quality created by her lovely light touch and beautiful musical intuition. The Polonaise begins with a fanfare and launches into one of Chopin’s more attractive dance tunes – joyful, aristocratic, but light and delicate. The piece concludes with a brilliant coda. When Chopin’s etudes were written in the 1830s, they were by far the most difficult piano music in existence. The F Major Etude op. 10 (Sunshine) was published when the composer was 23 years old. It is a right-hand endurance test, as rapid sixteenth-note runs soar up and down relentlessly yet must be played evenly and legato. The left hand, which carries the melody, is simple, but pedaling is tricky because the melody must be sustained while keeping the runs clear. You Ju succeeds in turning this challenge into a musical experience instead of a technical study.


Chopin’s fifty-seven mazurkas, derived from music for the Polish mazur dance form, comprise his most numerous group of works. All are in triple time and have characteristic rhythms that lean toward irregular accents and rubato. The Mazurka in B-flat minor makes stunning use of chromaticism to create a paradoxical tone, and You Ju plays it with superb dynamics, excellent interpretation, and just the right touch. Next she plays the Eflat Major Valse (Waltz), op. 18, at a somewhat rapid but comfortable tempo, feeling one pulse to a measure for a musical and freeflowing performance. The Nocturne in D-flat Major is the epitome of Chopin’s beautiful cantabile style; its haunting melodic line perfectly shows the tranquility and elegance of the night. You Ju floats the right hand’s melody over the gentle swells of the left hand’s accompaniment; then, in the last section (with the big booming chords Chopin is so fond of), her emotional playing brings the music to a proper climax.

Genre: Category: Label: Release:

Classical Music Instrumental Self-produced May 1, 2014

Available through Amazon album $8.99 individual track $0.99 iTunes album $9.90 individual tack $0.99

The Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor (Funeral), the largest work on this recording, is among Chopin’s greatest compositions. In the stormy opening movement, You Ju’s playing is dazzling, executed with authoritative conviction. She makes the second movement’s virtuosic Scherzo feel effortless, and plays the profoundly emotional third movement “March funebre” with marvelous phrasing and meticulously controlled tempo. Finally, the brief Finale-Presto ends this great sonata in an exhilarating whirlwind. There is not a weak track on this disc. You Ju Lee’s playing is exceptionally strong, forthright, and tonally beautiful, with elegant and poetic phrasing throughout. It is a wonderfully expressive recording well worth adding to your collection.

F OFU ON UD NA DTAITOIN ON Meet the New Foundation Board Members

Liana K. Sandin, Vice President Liana K. Sandin (Beta Pi, Lincoln Alumni) received her BM degree in vocal performance from Nebraska Wesleyan University and pursued graduate work in the same field at the University of Nebraska’s School of Music. A past president of the Lincoln Alumni chapter, and the current Chaplain and Notification Chair, Liana is also District Director for North Central 2. Active in local music groups, Liana has helped facilitate the merger of two performance clubs, each with over one hundred years of history, and is the first president of the resulting newly-formed Musical Arts Review. She sits on the boards of the Nebraska Chamber Players and the Lincoln Friends of Chamber Music. She sang with the Lincoln Choral Artists at Carnegie Hall, and has been a church musician for over thirty years. As President and Executive Director of The Pearle Francis Finigan Foundation, she selects and manages grants for music and the arts to local educational, humanitarian, and religious institutions. Recently funded projects include endowed music scholarships and stained glass installations. Liana is also an expert seamstress who travels around the country giving classes and trunk shows featuring Italian designs to both local and national audiences.

Kristín Jónína Taylor Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor (Alpha Kappa, MinneapolisSt. Paul Alumni) is an Icelandic-American pianist who has been enthusiastically received for her performances of Nordic piano works. She has performed widely in the U.S. as well as in Iceland, France, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Belgium, Sweden, and Austria. Kristín was the Grand Prize Winner of the Naftzger Young Artist Competition and a national finalist in the MTNA Collegiate Competition. She was a soloist with several orchestras and also was featured in the internationally prestigious Reykjavík Arts Festival. Kristín was the recipient of two Fulbright grants to Iceland, the first for research on Jón Nordal’s Piano Concerto, and the second to research the music of Þorkell Sigurbjörnsson. Her debut CD recording The WellTempered Pianist: The solo piano works of Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson was released by the Iceland Music Information Centre. Her second album, which is selftitled, was released by Pólarfónía Records. Her third album, Thorkell Sigurbjörnsson: Short Stories for Flute and Piano, was released by Smekkleysa Records in 2014. Kristín Jónína Taylor is a Steinway Artist as well as Associate Professor of Piano and Music Department Chair at Waldorf College.

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* Designates scholarships significantly funded through generosity of the Eleanor Hale Wilson Charitable Trust

*MERLE MONTGOMERY DOCTORAL GRANT: To a bona fide doctoral candidate whose advanced work toward the degree is at a significant stage of completion. Value $1,000 Chairman: Taylor


*GRANT-IN-AID: For a specific purpose essential to completion of an exceptional musical project or undertaking well beyond the planning stage. Value $1,000 Chairman: Taylor (2 grants available) MABEL HENDERSON MEMORIAL GRANT FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDY: To support study outside the United States in a country other than the country of the applicant’s birth or citizenship, awarded on the basis of high achievement in the applicant’s major field. Applicants must be 21 years of age by June 1, 2014. Value $1,000 Chairman: Taylor HELEN HAUPT ALUMNI CHAPTER PROJECT GRANTS: To support one or more special projects undertaken by an alumni chapter. Previous winners of this grant may re-apply for consideration of a significantly different project. Value up to $2,000 Chairman: Abegg *WIESE-ABEGG COLLEGIATE CHAPTER PROJECT GRANTS: To help support one or more special projects undertaken by collegiate chapters. Value up to $1,000 Chairman: Abegg

composition & theory *LILLIAN HARLAN RAMAGE GRANT FOR GRADUATE STUDY IN COMPOSITION: To a graduate student in composition. Value $1,000 Chairman: Wyche *ELLEN JANE LORENZ PORTER GRANT FOR GRADUATE WORK IN COMPOSITION: To a graduate student working on an advanced degree in composition. Value $1,000 Chairman: Wyche RUTH DEAN MORRIS SCHOLARSHIP: To a student majoring in Music Theory or Composition. Value $1,000 Chairman: Wyche


JOHN AND MARY VIRGINIA FONCANNON CHORAL CONDUCTING OR SACRED MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP: For study in choral conducting or sacred music. Value $7,000 Chairman: Curea JOHN AND MARY VIRGINIA FONCANNON CONDUCTING/COACHING SCHOLARSHIP: To support study of conducting/coaching. Value up to $7,000 Chairman: Curea

instrumental *ALBERTA DENK SCHOLARSHIP FOR VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO: To support a music major's study of music performance. Value $1,000 Chairman: Kennedy *GERKE COLLEGIATE ARTIST SCHOLARSHIPS: Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings. To an undergraduate music major with a minimum 3.0 GPA in music and a 2.0 GPA in all other subjects Value $1,000 Chairman: Kennedy (2 scholarships available) BETH LANDIS VIOLIN SCHOLARSHIP: For undergraduate or graduate study in violin. Value $5,000 Chairman: Kennedy JEAN LOUISE MARTIN SCHOLARSHIP: To an undergraduate or graduate instrumentalist (brass, woodwinds, strings or percussion) for study in music performance. Value $2,000 Chairman: Kennedy ELEANOR HALE WILSON CELLO SCHOLARSHIP: To an undergraduate or graduate music education, music therapy, or performance major whose primary instrument is cello. Value $2,000 Chairman: Kennedy

chamber music JAMES AND LOLA FAUST CHAMBER MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP: To a chamber ensemble with one or two Mu Phi Epsilon members (depending on total number of members) demonstrating a performance history of at least two years. Value up to $5,000 Chairman: Curea

FOUNDATION arts management


EDYTHE G. BURDIN SCHOLARSHIP: To a student studying arts management. Value $1,000 Chairman: Abegg

BERNSTEIN-CROSMAN SCHOLARSHIP: Piano scholarship for study outside the United States in a country other than the country of the applicant’s birth or citizenship. Value $1,000 Chairman: Weng

music education MADGE CATHCART GERKE SCHOLARSHIP: To an applicant in music education with no professional classroom teaching experience who will complete certification requirements at the end of any term of the current academic year. Value $1,000 Chairman: Florjancic BETH LANDIS MUSIC EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP: For undergraduate or graduate study in music education. Value $5,000 Chairman: Florjancic *HAZEL B. MORGAN SCHOLARSHIP: For graduate study in music education. Value $1,000 Chairman: Florjancic NADINE WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP: To an applicant currently enrolled in an accredited program of graduate study in music education. Value $1,000 Chairman: Florjancic INES PRATT JAMISON SCHOLARSHIP: Value $2,000 (see Voice)

music technology BETTYLOU SCANDLING HUBIN SCHOLARSHIP FOR MUSIC TECHNOLOGY: In memory of Lucie Benefiel Scandling for a project or study involving music technology. Value $1,500 Chairman: Bohm

music therapy LA VERNE JACKSON MEMORIAL MUSIC THERAPY SCHOLARSHIP: To an applicant who is enrolled in an accredited music therapy program and will be doing a preinternship/internship with a special population. Value $1,500 Chairman: Flojancic

Complete information, qualifications, requirements, and application are available on Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation website at:

ELEANOR B. WEILER and MILDRED B. FRAME PIANO SCHOLARSHIP: To support piano study in France (preferably Paris). One or more scholarships available. Value up to $6,000 Chairman: Weng HELEN HAUPT PIANO SCHOLARSHIP: To a pianist. Value $1,000 Chairman: Weng WIHLA HUTSON ORGAN SCHOLARSHIP: To an organist. Value $1,000 Chairman: Weng

world music BETTYLOU SCANDLING HUBIN SCHOLARSHIP FOR WORLD MUSIC/MULTICULTURAL MUSIC: Awarded in memory of Lucie Benefiel Scandling. Value $1,500 Chairman: Bohm

voice *ELIZABETH BOLDENWECK VOICE SCHOLARSHIP: For undergraduate study in voice. Value $1,000 Chairman: Sandin *MIKANNA CLARK TAURMAN VOICE SCHOLARSHIP: For postgraduate study in voice. Value $1,000 Chairman: Sandin *SARA EIKENBERRY VOICE SCHOLARSHIP – UNDERGRADUATE: To a deserving mezzo-soprano or contralto voice student. Value $1,000 Chairman: Sandin *SARA EIKENBERRY VOICE SCHOLARSHIP POSTGRADUATE: To a deserving mezzo-soprano or contralto voice student. Value $1,000 Chairman: Sandin INES PRATT JAMISON SCHOLARSHIP: To a music education major who is studying voice. Value $2,000 Chairman: Sandin BRENA HAZZARD VOICE SCHOLARSHIP: To any Mu Phi Epsilon member pursuing vocal study, awarded on behalf of the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter. Value $5,000 Chairman: Sandin

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FOUNDATION ELEANOR HALE WILSON SUMMER SCHOLARSHIPS For study at any American or International Summer Music Program. Scholarship application may be made before program acceptance is confirmed. Value $1,000 (6 awards) Chairman: Taylor Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation is also proud to support, through our philanthropic gifts, the following summer programs: > > > >

Aspen Music School Banff Center for the Arts Brevard Music Center Chautauqua Institution

> > > >

Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony International Festival at Round Top Music Academy of the West Tanglewood Music Center

Members of Mu Phi Epsilon applying to the above institutions for their summer programs should advise them of your membership in the Fraternity for consideration of scholarship funds distributed directly by said institution.

SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMEN Dr. Keith Bohm School of Music Sacramento State Univ. 6000 J St. Sacramento, CA 95819 916-213-4085 Marie Brown (Ginger) Curea 489 Wynola Street Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-4244 310-459-5150 Linda Florjancic 7959 Wright Road Broadview Heights OH 44147 216-219-4955

Eileen Kennedy 2875 77th Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70807 225-357-0310 Liana Sandin 6321 A Street Lincoln NE 68510-5010 402-560-7126 Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor 139 Indian Avenue Forest City IA 50436-2320 641-590-0547

Dr. Lei Weng School of Music University of Northern Colorado Campus Box 28, Frasier Hall Greeley, CO 80639 970-351-2615 Marcus Wyche 2729 Nicholson Street, Apt. 103 Hyattsville MD 20782 301-484-3652 Grant/Scholarship Coordinator Beverly W. Abegg 8 Phillips Drive Westford, MA 01886 978-692-7353

The above information plus all details of the requirements along with the application form for applying for scholarships and grants is available at under the Foundation tab.


FOUNDATION GRANT AND SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Descriptions and additional requirements available in Foundation Newsletter and at All Application Materials Postmarked by March 1, 2016 Summer Scholarships Postmarked by April 15, 2016 Grants & Scholarships must be used by March 1, 2017. Applicants must be dues-paying members as of December 31, 2015. Applicants may apply for more than one scholarship/grant. Each entry requires a separate fee and application material. Previous winners are ineligible to apply for the same scholarship or grant, except for the Helen Haupt or Abegg-Wiese Chapter Project Grant. I am applying for the following grant/scholarship: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Please print clearly. Name in full (no initials) ________________________________________________________________________ Current address ______________________________________________________________________________ Summer address

________________________________________________Date effective ________________

Preferred telephone E-mail address

____________________________Summer telephone ______________________________


Name at time of initiation Chapter of initiation


______________________________________________Date of initiation ______________

Chapter of current affiliation ____________________________________________________________________ Send this signed application form and all supporting materials to the appropriate chairman. Include a selfaddressed mailer with sufficient postage for return of materials, if desired. (See Helen Haupt or Abegg-Wiese Chapter Project Grant for the only exceptions to the following requests.) Application Materials: Check that you have provided all required items below. Current resumÊ, including Mu Phi Epsilon participation Two current letters of recommendation, each sealed in an envelope and signed over the seal by the writer Most recent college transcript, official or unofficial (electronic submission acceptable) One professional head shot, 300 DPI resolution or higher, emailed to appropriate chairman CDs if required; must be of professional quality and playability. DVDs required for Foncannon Scholarship. Any additional supporting materials noted in specific grant /scholarship descriptions Please list any summer festivals you plan to attend: __________________________________________________ Application fee $25, by cashier's check or certified money order only, made payable to Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, or credit card. No personal checks will be accepted. Application fees are non-refundable. Method of Payment: MasterCard Visa Money Order/Cashier’s Check Credit Card No

________________________ Exp. Date______ Signature of Cardholder __________________

Required Signature: I, ___________________________________________________, agree that if I receive this award, I will send to the appropriate chairman a summary of what is accomplished with the assistance of this award. I also agree to return the award to the Foundation if I decide not to use the money as intended. Signature

______________________________________________________Date ________________________

This form may be copied as needed. Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE







HIGH NOON GETTING IT DONE, MAKING IT HAPPEN Hello, Alumni Friends! It has been wonderful to receive the Fall newsletters from your chapters and see your plans for our new year, 201516. I hear freshness and new energy in your collective voices – interesting themes, new meeting plans, fabulous music, and a dedication to furthering music appreciation and music education in your communities, as well as a commitment to helping your local collegiate chapters.

website and a sleek new logo. We also have a new International Executive Secretary-Treasurer (INEST). Jenny Maeda has left our association management company Synergos for other opportunities, and she is succeeded by Mark Gehrke, an experienced fraternity administrator. We are excited about these changes and know they will help us move further forward into the digital age, develop a more modern look, and increase our communications with one another. We also hope our new look will compel people who might be looking for a music fraternity to take a serious look at what we have to offer.

Let’s boldly seize this special moment in our Fraternity’s history.

Our International Executive Board has also made plans for our new year together. Our 2015-16 theme is “High Noon” – a commitment to the implementation of new ideas that were discussed at our 2014 convention in Sacramento. Last year’s theme was “Sunrise” – the beginning of putting those ideas and plans into practice – so this year’s theme is about getting it done and making it happen!

Join me in embracing our new technology! While not quite the “shootout at the OK Corral” (thank goodness), our High Noon of 2015-16 is an opportunity we can all grasp (albeit without Gary Cooper). Let’s boldly seize this special moment in our Fraternity’s history.

Well, Mu Phi Epsilon already is “making it happen” at the international level – we have a fully-redesigned new

© Fotoeye75 | - DSLR Digital Camera Photo © Welcomia | - Vacation Photos And Camera Photo

WE WANT YOUR NEWS AND PHOTOS With expanded communication capabilities through our new website and social media, we need content. Almost everyone has an excellent digital camera (aka smartphone) on your person at all times. So when you or your chapter has a musical or service activity (or something just plain fun), take out your phone, snap a few photos, and email us the best ones. Be sure to include date and description of the occasion as well as identification (name and chapter) of those pictured. Likewise, we want to hear about your significant chapter and individual activities. Did you just complete a cool new service project? Did a hundred people attend your recent recital? Did you or your chapter receive an award or honor from your school or community? Write up a short item or brief article and tell us about it. Send your news items and photos to Please attach photos as jpg files, not embedded in a written document. No deadline; send content any time you have it. We can’t wait to know – and share – what you’re up to!




TRANSFORMATION: NEW AIMS, NEW DIRECTIONS NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP Dearest Collegiates, As you plan your year ahead, considering all the wonderful activities, service projects, and musical endeavors you’ll undertake, I want to present some exciting updates and changes that will be transforming our fraternity into an organization more ready for the future than ever. At the 2014 International Convention, many of you gave input on needs and desires for us to be more successful in recruitment of new members and retention/affiliation of alumni. Long before that, we’ve had feedback for years that our fraternity’s operations and accessibility need to be updated. We listened! This fall and winter will see many of those items addressed. As you can see in this issue of The Triangle, we have adopted a new, crisp, professional logo. Feel free to use it on signs, letters, websites, shirts, whatever! We hope it will be an easy way to convey our image and values.

We also hope to increase our social media footprint, and would love to see your chapters do the same. Therefore, a new award for 2015-16 will be “Best Use of Social Media Platform.” Our aim is to increase Mu Phi presence and prestige across several social media platforms. This will help us build toward a more engaging future and allow us to connect or reconnect with alumni, no matter what their preferred method of communication might be.

Add a special fundraiser for International These changes are a substantial move in a new direction. To accomplish them fully, Mu Phi Epsilon will need collegiates’ help to ensure we are fiscally responsible. The fraternity has incurred significant costs to make these changes and do them right. In short: you asked for it, you’re getting it, and now is the time to step up and help us pay for it!

Members are asking each collegiate chapter to can search for We plan one dedicated fundraiser solely to help supplement the costs of these professional updates. The nature of the fundraiser doesn’t matter, as long as the goal is to connections. The raise funds for International. It’s not possibilities are often that we ask more of you than the enormous amount you already give of many! yourselves as members, both time-wise and

Our website, with a totally new design and improved functionality, has been launched imminently. It is easy to navigate and has tools for members and chapters to use. Chapters can fill out forms electronically and pay dues and fees online. Website content will be frequently updated and added, and it will be a more realistic representation of the vibrant nature of our fraternity.

Along with the new website, membership management is being transferred to a new database system, accessible from the website. Each member will have an editable profile to keep your records up-to-date, and other options like selecting your interests (that become searchable by members) and uploading your professional resumé. Members can search for professional connections. The possibilities are many! Work is beginning on a major overhaul of our international bylaws, rituals, and manuals. We have compiled useful information (including your feedback) on substantial changes that need to be made to these documents. We hope to make them more useful and easy to understand.

financially. You all are cornerstones of your schools and communities. But we need your help if our fraternity is to thrive through this transition into the digital information age. This transformation is extensive, and thus leads us to make one more push for extra means to get it done. Presidents will receive more information about this soon, including where to send your chapter’s contributions. It’s always my pleasure to hear from you, share in your successes, and help you in your times of need. I’m excited to hear about what you think about the direction of our fraternity and our transition. Mu Phi love, Jenny

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE


APPLAUSE news from members Keith Bohm (Alpha Delta, Sacramento Alumni, ACME) is artistic director of the Annual Festival of New American Music in Sacramento and concert manager of the 2014 Mu Phi Epsilon Concert Artist. A saxophonist, he concertized throughout California in the past year, including a performance on the New Millennium Concert Series.

communities that otherwise would not have opportunity to experience world-class ensembles and productions.

Vocalist and educator Matthew Hoch (Lambda, Allied, ACME) has published his second book, Welcome to Church Music & the Hymnal 1982, released by Morehouse Publishing.

Victoria Bond (Epsilon Psi, ACME) gives pre-concert lectures for the New York Philharmonic at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, and for the Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts at Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY. Hansonia Harriford Caldwell (Gamma Sigma, Beverly Hills Alumni, ACME) serves on the board of the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles and as program chair of the Southwest Heights Affiliate Committee of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Vocalist Rona Commins (Alpha Delta, Sacramento Alumni, ACME) has presented her Mary Alice Cox Award-winning book Forever Florence: True Tales of Italian Intrigue at several conventions, state fairs, and to societies. Katherine Doepke (Phi Beta, Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumni, Past International President) has been elected president of her retirement community’s residents’ council. She plays piano regularly there, for AAUW meetings, and sometimes for fellow residents before their blood pressure checks. Ann Arbor Alumni patron Ken Fischer and the University Musical Society, which he directs, received the National Medal of Arts from President Obama at the White House in September. The Society was honored for presenting the performing arts to Michigan


Performer and educator Portia Hawkins (Delta Zeta, Atlanta Alumni, ACME) served as adjudicator at the Southeastern Regional Piano Competition of the National Association of Negro Musicians.

Former Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation board member Louise Huddleston (Epsilon Zeta, Washington D.C. Alumni) traveled on a May 2015 cruise to Costa Rica, where she enjoyed a zip-line adventure.

Flutist Penny Fischer (Epsilon Lambda, Ann Arbor Alumni) received the 2015 Distinguished Service Award from the National Flute Association. A member for more than forty years, she has served the association in many capacities including convention coordinator, convention program chair, and national board president. Conductor Lisa Foltz (Beta Beta, Atlanta Alumni) participated this year in several professional development activities including an Eastman School of Music masterclass, The String Orchestra of Brooklyn’s conducting workshop, and the International Institute for Conductors in Romania. She is assistant conductor for the Big Bend Community Orchestra and an adjudicator for student orchestra auditions.

APPLAUSE news from members Classical guitarist Aaron LargetCaplan (Beta, Boston Alumni) has released his latest recording The Legend of Hagoromo on U.S. label Stone Records. Visit him on Facebook, YouTube, or at


Cynthia Shaw-Simonoff (left) and Monica Verona.

Michael Lasfetto (Epsilon Sigma, Portland Alumni, PNW3 District Director) has joined the horn section of the Portland Wind Symphony, where he performs with Heidi Fraiser (Delta Tau) who is in the clarinet section. Michael is in his third year teaching music in a local elementary school and singing tenor with Consonare Chorale, directed by Georgina Phillipson (Phi Lambda). Also a pianist, Michael also has formed a cello-piano duo. Nancy Doris Metzger (Nu, Sacramento Alumni, ACME) recently participated in a roundtable on harpsichord pedagogy at the annual meeting of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America. She is chair of the All Saints Concert Series in Sacramento. Frances Nobert (Beta Alpha, Fullerton Alumni, ACME) recently performed Music, She Wrote: Organ Compositions by Women for the Long Beach Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

New York City Alumni historian Cynthia Shaw-Simonoff (Mu Rho, NYC Alumni) played the part of Mrs. Winemiller in Summer and Smoke by Tennessee Williams, produced in May at NYC’s Terry Schreiber Studios. Chapter president Monica Verona (Omega Omega, NYC Alumni) attended a performance. Violinist Diana Steiner (Epsilon Psi, Los Angeles Alumni, ACME) is in her 27th year as a board member of the Debussy Trio Music Foundation, which supports commissions by American composers and concerts by The Debussy Trio in schools throughout the country.

Vocalist, choral director, and first-generation PolishAmerican Marianne Szydlowski (Iota Alpha, St. Louis Area Alumni) received the prestigious Cavalier’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland on May 2, 2015. The national honor, bestowed at a Polish Consulate ceremony in Chicago, recognizes Marianne’s extensive work with the Polish-American Cultural Society of Metropolitan St. Louis, of which she is past president and where she continues as a tireless volunteer to build membership and create cultural programs. Marianne is a 50+ year Mu Phi and past president of St. Louis Area Alumni. She is also active in the Rubinstein Music Club, St. Louis Symphony Volunteer Association, and Music and Arts Committee of the College Club of St. Louis.

Lynn Swanson (Gamma Pi, Atlanta Alumni) is the new director of the William Baker Festival Singers. She continues to direct the Cobb Festival Singers and recently conducted their production of Israel in Egypt for which Arietha Lockhart (Beta Gamma, Atlanta Alumni, ACME) was soprano soloist. Flutist Sophia Tegart (Mu Beta, Portland Alumni) performed with her Blue Box Ensemble at the National Flute Association convention in August. In October she gave a faculty recital at George Fox University.

Marianne Szydlowski with the Honorary Consul from St. Louis, Robert V. Ogrodnik.

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE


APPLAUSE & ENCORE news from members and chapters Pianist and educator Paula Thomas-Lee (Zeta Omicron, Atlanta Alumni) received the 2015 Faculty Research and Scholarship Award at Reinhardt University, where she teaches, conducts research, and is faculty advisor for Zeta Omicron. Paula presented a paper at the Music Teachers National Association national conference in March on teaching piano proficiency requirements, and attended course work in June to accomplish Level III certification for Orff instructors.

Ann Arbor Alumni recently produced a CD of three commissioned works by chapter patron and Pulitzer Prize winning composer Leslie Bassett. The works were premiered at a chapter event in 2000, reprised at the 2003 Centennial Convention with the composer in attendance, and subsequently recorded. However, due to lack of funds, the CD was not produced until this year, when a Mu Phi Epsilon Helen Haupt Alumni Chapter grant provided the necessary support. The CD is available for purchase through the Ann Arbor chapter. Ten enthusiastic Mu Phis gathered in late September at the home of Martha MacDonald (Phi Xi, ACME, former IEB and Foundation Board) to rejuvenate the Austin Alumni chapter. Keyboard artist Sophia Gilmson (Gamma Tau), right, presented a lecturerecital that previewed her public performance in October of Bach's complete Goldberg Variations on both piano and harpsichord.

Vocalist and educator KurtAlexander Zeller (Mu Chi, Atlanta Alumni, ACME), recently directed a staging of Donizetti’s Elixir of Love for Peach State Opera.

Members of Denver Alumni and Colorado Springs Alumni visited with International President Rosemary Ames this summer while she was in Denver to look at hotel prospects for the 2017 convention. Above, seated from left: Cynthia Stadig, Emily Joy, Rosemary Ames. Standing: Virginia Imig, Carolyn Gentle, Janet Davidson, Nancy Lawrence, Anne Hamilton, Bev Fernald, Paula Palotay. In back: Jackie Scripture. Present but not pictured: Greta Lea Johnson.





Mary Frances Cathcart Cox Phi Xi, December 2, 1942 Died August 19, 2014 Music educator, vocalist. Mary taught elementary school music for several years and was a church soloist. Judith Ann Gardner Hoffman Mu Gamma, April 27, 1958 Champaign-Urbana Alumni Died July 15, 2015 Music educator. Primarily an organist, Judith also played bassoon and violin and studied dance. She taught public school music in Nebraska, Colorado, and Illinois, where she rebuilt a high school string program despite budget cuts in arts education. She later taught college level music appreciation. An active arts advocate, she served as president of the Champaign-Urbana Symphony board and also of its Symphony Guild. Rose Theresa Hrametz Schiele Lorencz Mu Omicron, April 25, 1948 Cincinnati Alumni Died April 25, 2015 Music educator. Rose taught music privately and in public schools. She was a member of the Hungarian Club in Dayton. Mary Ann Ciko McCulloch Gamma, January 11, 1970 Ann Arbor Alumni Died May 17, 2015 Pianist, music educator, church musician. Mary Ann taught piano privately and in public schools. She also obtained degrees in nursing



and became a registered psychiatric nurse. She was a past president of Ann Arbor Alumni. Janice Simpson Miller Epsilon Pi, November 19, 1974 Died March 31, 2015 Pianist, church musician. Janice taught private piano lessons and directed church choirs. A member of PEO and other volunteer organizations, she celebrated her 105th birthday early this year. Edna Mae Nadeau Beta Epsilon, December 6, 1986 Died July 19, 2015 Pianist, music educator. Edna Mae taught piano students for more than sixty years and was active in many music organizations. Gratian Alice MacRae Nugent Phi Omicron, May 14, 1950 Cleveland Alumni Died June 15, 2015 Pianist, organist, church musician. Gratian served as a church organist and music director for 35 years and was active in music philanthropy. Mary Elizabeth Moore Grenier Skalicky Mu Chi, November 13, 1950 Died December 31, 2014 Pianist, organist, carilloneur. Mary studied the carillon in The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, and several U.S. institutions. She received a number of honors and awards as both organist and carilloneur, including first place in the National Federation of Music Clubs auditions and membership in

the Guild of Carillonneurs of North America, where she was one of few female members. Mary received invitations to perform at several notable venues, among them Rockefeller Memorial Carillon at Riverside Church in New York, where she became the first woman to play the mammoth 74-bell carillon. She later was on the faculty at Howard College and served several churches as organist. Carolyn “Nickie” Holub Wilbanks Phi Omega, November 20, 1947 Dallas Alumni Died July 25, 2015 Violinist, pianist, organist, church musician. Nickie was a charter member and violinist with the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra. As a church musician, she sang in the adult choir, directed a children's choir, and oversaw installation of a new organ. She was a member of American Guild of Organists. Ronita Elaine Packer Woolsey Epsilon Epsilon, May 14, 1955 Denver Alumni Died May 11, 2014 Clarinetist, pianist, music therapist. Ronita studied clarinet and dance before switching to music therapy, which she practiced as several institutions. Later in her career she was managing editor of a professional society’s journal and taught piano and clarinet privately. She was a member of the Jefferson Symphony Society.

Send Final Notes to: Ann Gibbens Davis 7200 3rd Avenue C-134 Sykesville, MD 21784 410-795-9437

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE







t has always been my dream to visit Paris, and this summer my dream came true. As a recipient of the Eleanor B. Weiler and Mildred B. Frame Piano Scholarship, generously provided by the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, I finally had the opportunity to study there. My studies in Paris centered on researching my dissertation project, an analysis of En Vers by Japanese composer Akira Miyoshi. Before going to Paris, I went to Japan to begin my research at the University of Tokyo Musical Arts and the National Diet Library in Tokyo. While there, I found a book no longer in print that I had not been abe to obtain in the U.S. (Naminoawaini). In Paris I visited libraries at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF). I was able to locate two solo piano pieces by Miyoshi’s composition teacher Raymond Gallois-Montbrun, and two other scores, Melodies et Proverbes and Mosaïque, that are out of print. I also was able to interview piano professor Karolos Zouganelis at the Conservatoire and French pianist Joséphine Ambroselli Brault about the piece I am working on. They were very accommodating and had interesting comments about En Vers. I visited many museums, including the Musée du Louvre, d’Orsay, l’Orangerie, Picasso, de la Vie Romantique, Marmottan, and Centre Georges Pompidou. It was thrilling to see paintings that I had previously only read about in art or music history textbooks. Paris is


filled with the arts. I attended as many concerts as I could, learning about them through a weekly information booklet called “Pariscope.” The large number of classical music performances shows how much this music is loved in Paris. Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, and Schumann are prominent on concert programs. I went to see the opera Alceste by Gluck at the Opera Garnier. The inside is filled with lots of ornamentation and beautiful craftsmanship. Although Alceste was written long ago, the use of the stage was amazing and modern. They used a blackboard and white chalk to draw the background while the opera was performed, and the singers wore only black and white. This modern twist was refreshing. This trip was the biggest event in my life, and I truly appreciate all

those who guided me. I enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing the surprises life had planned for me. I breathed the French air, discovered and listened to French music, saw countless art collections, felt the city’s age through its buildings, and ate French cuisine for a month. We learn so much about a culture by living it rather than reading a book. I am convinced that seeing is believing, and this experience has been invaluable to me. I hope other members can have a chance to go abroad, experience a completely different lifestyle, and learn from what other countries, cultures, and people have to offer. Thank you again to Mu Phi Epsilon!

A L U M N I P R E S I D E N T S D I R E C TO RY ALLIANCE, OH Russell Newburn 330 821 7877

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Janet Davidson 719 572 5716

LOS ANGELES, CA Susan Dietz 310 658 4360

SAN DIEGO, CA Jean Fortna 858 451 6709

ANN ARBOR, MI Deborah Rebeck Ash 734 995 4417

DALLAS, TX Phyllis Wilson 214 499 4759

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL Elizabeth Woolner 507 289 5658

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Ruth Koenig 415 479 0807

ATLANTA, GA Rebekah Healan Jones 706 540 7845

DAYTON, OH Christina Smith 937 890 6689

Lynn Shackelford 952 903 9631

SAN JOSE, CA Carol Herndon 408 294 3285

Arietha Lockhart 404 284 7811

DENTON, TX Peggy W. Capps 940 391 8332

AUSTIN, TX Contact: Martha MacDonald 512 656 5066

DENVER, CO Carolyn Gentle 303 981 3608

BATON ROUGE Eileen Kennedy 225 357 0310

DETROIT, MI Donna Chranowski 586 751 7276

BERKELEY, CA Karen Ashford 925 682 6412

FRESNO, CA Gloria Debatin 559 229 6800

BLOOMINGTON, IN Jane Gouker 812 332 0058

FULLERTON, CA Barbara Stearns 562 947 5112

BOSTON, MA Carolyn Frost 781 891 1633

INDIANAPOLIS, IN Elizabeth Levin 317 881 5850

CINCINNATI, OH Marva Rasmussen 513 290 6278

KANSAS CITY, MO Julia Scherer 816 225 2987

CLEVELAND AREA, OH Janet Brown 440 248 5651

LAWRENCE, KS Lynn Basow 785 550 6960

Kathy Musat 440 886 2494

LINCOLN, NE Carol Meyer 402 202 3300

MUNCIE, IN Contact: Mary Hagopian 765 288 5500 NEW YORK CITY Monica Verona 212 663 7808

ST. LOUIS AREA, MO Ann Geiler 314 961 7648 TACOMA, WA Svend Ronning 253 988 9562

PALOS VERDES/ SOUTH BAY, CA Julio Sequeira 213 384 8699

TERRE HAUTE AREA, IN John McIyntyre 812 243 2993 TOLEDO, OH Elaine Moore 419 474 9143

Wendy Reyes 323 304 7120 PHOENIX AREA, AZ Mary Malm 602 955 4387 PORTLAND, OR Everett Barr-Hertel 360 224 6711 ROCHESTER, NY Sally Ann Hart 585 352 3883 SACRAMENTO, CA Jacque Wright 916 283 6955

SAN ANTONIO, TX Wednesday Ball 210 683 8381

URBANACHAMPAIGN, IL Marlys Scarbrough 217 586 5726 WASHINGTON D.C. Marcus Wyche 301 484 3652 WICHITA, KS Marilyn Hitchcock 316 942 6607 Janis Danders 316 686 8228

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE




DISTRICT A1 Stephanie Berry 574 596 8285 DISTRICT A2 Susan Todenhoft 703 323 4772 H 703 509 0224 C

EASTERN GREAT LAKES DISTRICT EGL1 Danielle Stoner 585 217 6597 DISTRICT EGL2 Cassandra Eisenreich 724 728 2440 DISTRICT EGL3 Nancy Jane Gray 330 688 7990

GREAT LAKES DISTRICT GL1 Susan Owen-Bissiri 734 971 1084 DISTRICT GL2


EAST CENTRAL DISTRICTS EC1, EC2 & EC3 Sean Kilgore 317 750 3206

SOUTHEAST DISTRICT SE1 Marshall Pugh 252 599 2492



DISTRICT SE3 Stephanie Sandritter 407 538 2371 DISTRICT SE4


SOUTH CENTRAL District SC1 & SC4 Isabel De La Cerda 210 204 6425 DISTRICT SC2 Ashley Kimmel 972 765 3252 DISTRICT SC3 Chrisalyne Hagood 580 383 8011

CENTRAL DISTRICT C1 Cathy Woelbling Paul 314 567 3281 DISTRICT C2 Linda Chen 913 486 3337

NORTH CENTRAL DISTRICT NC1 Teresa Rowe 612 926 5854 DISTRICT NC2 Liana Sandin 402 483 4657, 402 560 7126

WEST CENTRAL DISTRICT WC1 Chrisalyne Hagood 580 383 8011 DISTRICT WC2




DISTRICT PNW2 Kathryn Habedank 206 405 4645 DISTRICT PNW3 Michael Lasfetto 971 275 3800

PACIFIC DISTRICT P1 Lestelle Manley 916 485 0415 DISTRICT P2 Kira Dixon 408 439 6076

PACIFIC SOUTHWEST DISTRICT PSW1 Jane Davidson 626 487 6201



Rosemary Ames, International President 13 Travis Dr, Framingham, MA 01702 508 872 5818

ACME Arietha Lockhart (Chair) Beta Gamma, Atlanta Alumni 3159 Springside Crossing Decatur, GA 30034 Charlotte Brown, 1st VP/Extension Officer 404 284 7811

12578 Barkley St, Overland Park, KS 66209 913 345 8999

Jenny Smith, 2nd VP/Collegiate Advisor 1137 Esters Rd #1524, Irving, TX 75061 214 662 5087 Ruth Cuccia, 3rd VP/Alumni Advisor 3408 S. Denison Ave, San Pedro, CA 90731 310 832 7433 Jan Scott, 4th VP/Music Advisor 6223 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63130 314 727 6876 Kayla Lisa, 5th VP/Eligibility Advisor 7881 Reflection Cove Dr #208, Fort Myers, FL 33907 434 987 9191 Melissa Eddy, Editor & Webmaster 220 Link Drive, Kingsland, TX 78639 512 217 1264 Fax: 325 388 0914 Mark Gehrke Executive Secretary-Treasurer International Executive Office P.O. Box 1369, Fort Collins, CO 80522-1369 888 259 1471 Fax: 888 855 8670

Mary Au (Co-Chair), Mu Nu Los Angeles Alumni 2363 W Silver Lake Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90039 323 666 2603

President Linda Florjancic 7959 Wright Road Broadview Heights, OH 44147 216 219 4953 Vice President Liana Sandin 6321 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510 402 560 7126

BYLAWS & STANDING RULES Kathleen Early Midgley Alpha Delta, Sacramento Alumni 1704 Haggin Grove Way Carmichael, CA 95608 916 485 4017

Treasurer Beverly W. Abegg 8 Phillips Dr. Westford, MA 01886 978 692 7353

FINANCE Evelyn Archer, Omega Omega St. Louis Area Alumni 5312 Sutherland Ave. St. Louis, MO 63109 314 481 2361

Secretary Eileen Butler Kennedy 2875 77th Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70807 225 357 0310

INTERNATIONAL Marlon Daniel, Mu Xi New York Alumni 45 Tiemann Place, Apt 5F New York, NY 10027-3327 212 641 0305

Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor 139 Indian Avenue Forest City, IA 50436-2320 641 590 0547


MUSIC LIBRARIAN & ARCHIVES Wendy Sistrunk, Mu Mu Kansas City Alumni 1504 S. Ash Ave. Independence, MO 64052 816 836 9961

Lee Clements Meyer, Phi Xi 8101 Club Court Circle, Austin, TX 78759 512 345 5072

WEBSITE David Champion, Gamma Sigma Palos Verdes/South Bay Alumni 229 15th St. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 310 545 3442

Frances Irwin, Epsilon Upsilon 6464 Rhodes Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109 314 752 2585


President of Mu Phi Epsilon International Fraternity Rosemary Ames 13 Travis Drive Framingham, MA 01702 508 872 5818 Artist Concert Manager Dr. Keith Bohm School of Music Sacramento State 6000 J St. Sacramento, CA 95819 916 213 4085

Fall 2015 | THE TRIANGLE


International Executive Office P.O. Box 1369 Fort Collins, CO 80522-1369 888 259 1471



One Hundred Years Ago in The Triangle In the October 1915 Mu Phi Epsilon Quarterly, Supreme President Mary Tausley Pfau (Alpha) wrote a missive to her sister Mu Phis. Its message, excerpted here, is as timely now as then: “It has always been the underlying principle of [Mu Phi Epsilon] to be of service to the serious student body. Let the [person] who is making Music a pleasant pastime join a social sorority, not ours … in Union there is Strength, [and] so will it be with our Sorority, if we gather together [members] whose minds and efforts are concentrated almost wholly on music. Such a powerful union cannot help but form an organization that shall be a permanent good in music … Through experience and thirteen years of dreaming, planning, and working, we have gained strength and gathered into our fold musicians of the best type … Mu Phi’s fortune is still in the making, and we should consider ourselves fortunate to be chosen as the builders.”

Profile for Mu Phi Epsilon

The Triangle, publication of Mu Phi Epsilon, Vol. 109, Issue 3, Fall 2015  

In this issue: Transitions - New Look, New People, New Energy. Redesigned website; International Executive Office update; 2016 Grant & Schol...

The Triangle, publication of Mu Phi Epsilon, Vol. 109, Issue 3, Fall 2015  

In this issue: Transitions - New Look, New People, New Energy. Redesigned website; International Executive Office update; 2016 Grant & Schol...